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We mix paints toorder. Jones6t
James Qainn of Nevis is in the
W. H. Welch is here from De
William Gordon of Brainead is
in town.
J. A. Blackey of Becida is in
the city.
J. P. Moore of Crookston is in
E. McBride is in town from
Fred Stark is down from Ten
-strike today.
Tom Harvey at the bat at Reed
& Knudson's. 61-tf
Frank Galvin of St. Paul ar
rived in town today.
For sale, tamarack wood, any
length. C. E? Carson. 8-tf
N. D. McKenzie of Guthrie is
in Bemidji on business.
F. F. Smith came up from
Minneapolis yesterday.
H. N. Sherman of Minneapolis
was in Bemidji yesterday.
H. M. Greenfield of Buena
Vista is here on business.
H. W. Valkenburgh of Duhith
is stopping at the Markham.
G. E. Bronsdon of Jersey City,
N. J., is in town on business.
Leave your orders for paper
hanging, decorating, painting and
sign writing with Steeoo, at PJean
dette's tailor shop. 47tf
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Rutland of
Bagley are visiting in the city.
John Kelley of Verndale, Mmn.,
is in Bemidji for the summer.
Commissioner Sibley was seen
on the streets of Bemidji today.
NoticeTwo fine residence lots
and small house for sale on lake
shore south of the hospital. See
T. Beaudette, the tailor. 60-tf
P. E. Seavey and wife of Mil
waukee are registered at the City
Furnished rooms for rent over
the Boyer building. Inquire
unstairs. 54-tf
Try a want ad in the Daily
Pioneerthe result will speak
for itself.
Ed Kaiser and Chocolate Carl
son left for Long Lake yerterday
on a fishing trip.
Twenty bunches of bananas at
20 cents a dozen, this week, at
Peterson's 66tf
QMr. and Mrs. J. M. Young and
daughter of Solway are regis
tered at the Markham.
Fresh raspberries, direct fro in
growers, every day this week, at
Peterson's. 66tf
Miss Anna Peterson, who has
been visiting with friends in
.town, returned to Grand Forks
Nice 25-foot lots for sale in a
good neighborhood30 and S40.
See T. Beaudette, the tailor. 60tf
S. J. Rudser and Mr. Bergh of
Hendrome, Minn., were guests
at the home of M. A. Clark yes
Leave orders for hand made
silk laces with Mrs. Lillibridge, 919
Bemidji avenue. Collars from
$1.50 to $25. 63-6t
Architect Keck of Crookston is
in Bemidji today looking after
some of the buildings he has un-^
der course of construction.
The Third street bowling alleys
are undergoing extensive repairs.
G. Weetman, the proprietor, in
tends to make the alleys equal to
any in the Northwest, and with
that object in view is making the
repairs and at the same time ad
ding several improvements.
Farm for sale on the west
shore of Lake Bemidji, only one
and one-quarter miles from the
city limits, one-half mile
lake front, and a beautiful spot
for summer resorts: good im
provements. See T. Beaudette,
the tailor. 60-tf
Allen Stewart Declares the
Rolling Match was Not
a Fake.
Allen Stewart, the champion
log roller, who was defeated in
the match on the Fourth by Geo.
Riviere, emphatically denies that
the outcome of the match was
Speaking to the Pioneer this
morning Mr. Stewart said: "I
was fairly beaten. I did my best
to win, and I wish you would tell
the public there was nothing on
the fake order in the match. It
is true that the prize money was
divided equally among the four
of us, but when we entered the
match we had no idea who would
come out winner. If the log had
been lighter so that it could have
been more easily controlled the
match might have resulted differ
ently. It is hard for a man to
use any science on a heavy Nor
way pine nineteen inches through.
I am not complaining, however,
for it was as fair for one as the
Bright vs. Duff.
The suit brought by S. E.
Bright against J. W. Duff for the
recovery of $30 on a promissory
note was tried before Judge Ach
enbach this morning. A Judg
ment for the plaintiff was en
tered. Attorney P. J. Russell
appeared for the plaintiff and At
torney J. L. Reynolds for the
F. B. Hannafin Gets Lots at Cor
ner of Beltrami Avenue
and Third Street.
F. B. Hannafm yesterday pur
chased from Bacon & Brown the
lot on the southwest corner of
Third street and Beltrami avenue
for 6,000. It is understood that
there will be no changes made in
the building on the lot this year,
but that next summer a brick
block will be constructed on that
"vr. E. H. Marcum Located Here.
Dr. E. H. Marcum, who
cently located in Bemidji, is now
pleasantly situated in offices
above the Palace restaurant,
which are completely fitted with
the latest and most approved in
struments known to medical
science for the practice of his
profession. The doctor is well
prepared for the work which he
has set out to do. He is a gradu
ate of the Hahnemann Medical
college of Chicago, and for two
years was a teacher in the dis
secting rooms of this noted insti
tution. Aside from this he has
for the past year been assistant
to F. H. Honberger in his hos
pital confinement cases. Thus
he is thoroughly fitted to be an
expert in surgery. Dr. Marcum
is also a graduate of the North
western College of Ophthmology
of Chicago, and of the Ustion
Medical Society of the World.
For Saler
S56080 acres two and one
alf miles directly north of the
thriving city of Bemidji: this is
a level piece of land with small
timber it should make a good
general or stock farm includes
them, SW, Sec. 28, Twp 147,
Ege. 33.
81000200 acres in compact
body, five miles north of the town
of Turtle River, two miles from
shipping station, five miles from
Tenstrike my reports show black
loam soil with clay subsoil sev
eral thousand posts and poles,
which will sell readily at neigh
boring stations also includes
good meadow land: this is as good
land as grows in Beltrami county.
SWi of NWi, W$ of SWi Sec. 5,
E* of SEi of Sec. 6. Twp. 148,
Rge. 32.
302 Guaranty Loan Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Government Will Make a Study
of Them in Northern
A study of forest tires- begun
in the South this spring will be
continued during the summer in
Minnesota, Wisconsin and Mich
igan by a party under H. J. Tomp
kins of the government bureau
of forestry. Tompkins^ will in
quire into the methods" used by
the inhabitants in putting out
tires, and determine, if possible,
how these methods may be im
proved. He will then attempt to
devise some general system of
tire control for .the states visited
so that the bureau, if called on,
will be able to furnish their legis
latures with recommendations
for fire laws based OH a thorough
knowledge of the conditions.
This is the,first step in the direc
tion of a thorough examination of
conditions in tLe tint herd sec
tions of the Northwest.
New Sidewalk.
The council met last night, but
transacted little business. There
were two sidewalk petitions in
which it was voted to grant. One
of the walks which it is proposed
to build starts at~The entersec
tion of Eighth street and Minne
sota avenue and will run south
ward along the west side of Min
nesota avenue to Fifth street.
To obtain the best and quickest
results, use the Daily Pioneer
want column. tf
Madame West Leaves Town, Like
wise Debts and a Bad
Miss Hortense Shay, who came
herefrom Eveleth six weeks ago
and established herself as a|
dressmaker under the name of i
Madame West, surreptitiouiy
several debts and a bad reputa
Miss Shay took with her, it is
claimed, cloth tor a dress belong- i
Engineer Slowly Scalds Before Help
less Spectators.
St. Paul, July 7.John E. McGowan,
an engineer on the Northern Pacific
railroad, was killed at 10:30 yesterday
when his engine jumped the track at
Dellwood, White Bear Lake. His right
arm was broken near the shoulder
and his left leg was fractured below
the knee. Death resulted from being
scalded. The train was only a short
distance from Dellwood station when
the track sank beneath the weight of
the locomotive. The coupling of the
engine and tender broke and the en
gine tipped over on the right side,
where McGowan was sitting with his
hand on the lever. He was caught
with his hand under the cab and was
pinioned to the ground. The steam
began to escape and the engineer was
slowly scalded to death while hun
dreds of lake visitors watched htm die
and were powerless to render any as
He Is Unable to Get Up and Is Roasted
St. Paul, July 7.Wtadystaw Mal
ecki, the six-year-old-son of Albert
Malecki, wats fatally burned by falling
into a bonfire early last evening while
playing with some companions near
his home. He died at 11:30 last
night. While he was playing with
some other children they started a fire
with some old paper which they
picked up. The blaze was only a small
one, hut as the child was running to
escape one of his companions who
was chasing him, he stumbled and fell
face down in the fire. He was unable
to get up. His clothing caught fire
and by the time he was dragged from
the Are he was frightfully burned
about the waist, the flesh being roast
ed almost to a crisp.
in to a young girl who was i a large harena laird treedemolished
Believe Heatwole
Will Run.
can hardly be any doubt as to
Mr. Heatwole's real intentions.
He-has been regarded all along
as the probable manager for Mr.
Dunn's gubernatorial campaign,
and there are some Minnesota
politicians who still insist thai
Heatwole and Dunn have an
But Mr. Bixby's wager and
his positive manner of declaring
that Heatwole would be a can
[didate. would indicate that ^khe
former congressman is prepar
ing for a campaign.
Fatal Gosoline Explosion Occurs at
Redfield, S. i. July 7.Mrs. George
F. Johnson died last evening ui 9
o'clock a* the result of burns received
from a gasojine stove. Slio loaves a
husband and two children, Harry E.
promhw-nt merchani of
left the city Monday morning on (thisw city, and Grace Johnson Rarflett,
the 3 o'clock train. She
Lead, S. D.
Tornado Does Damage.
La Crosse, Wis., .July 7.A tornado
passed four miles south of Bangor,
mile a
ridnVna'Wa'eei&.arft haailfoes tatkra lowfor a distance of three
miles. No one was injured.
working as her assistant, beside
goods of other of her customers, i
She owed for room rent, electric Chickens Destroyed by Rain.
light rent, board and, -as near as Clontarf. Minn., July 7. Rains In
this vicinity have caused almost a total
can be ascertained, for every-1 destruction of the prairie chicken
thing else she took Upon credit, "crop" this year, as many dead chicks
while in Bemidji. She had a
strange aversion for a cash busi
ness, except when the coin was
coming her way.
and vege-
and eggs are now floating on the
watere of meadows.
Probable Burial Place of Unfortunate
Deer Hunter Is Found.
Clintonville, Wis., July 7. While
looking over timber land in Forest
county Messrs. A. Van Zlle and R.
Miller of this city made a gruesome
find. In the dense forest, where Ore
axe of the woodsman has never re
sounded, they found a grave. The
surroundings indicate that the grave
probably contains the remains of
some unfortunate deer hunter. During
last season three m. went into the
woods in quest of deer and were never
heard of afterward, and this may be
one of them. The conditions of the
ground show that the grave was ring
off som
when the ground was frozent.h
Jamestown Mob Threatens to
Enoch Russell.
Jamestown. N. D July 7.An an?ry
crowd gathered In front of Spanker's
billiard hall last evening and threat
ened to lynch Officer Enoch Russell,
following the faial shooting of W. W.
Hamlin. Russell attempted to arrest
a drunken man in Spangler's and was
resisted. In the tucounter the officer
was thrown to the floor. He drew his
revolver and shot twice, one bullet
entering near the heart of Hamlin,
who was standing near by. When
threats of lynching was made special
officers attempted to disperse the mol)
which gathered and pleas were madn
to let the law take its course. RiiFsell
was spirited away aad the crowd dis
Jay Reynolds
Office: Over Lnmbermens Bank
Wakes a Wager That Heat- The Beautiful Young Birch Carpenters Making the Town
wole Will Be a Candidate
for Governor.
Trees Are Fast Being
Believed Bixby Has Reason to If Necessary A Fence Will Be Indian Sports Will Be Features
P& of the Four Days' Splen
did' Program.
Place About Th
The St. Paul Dispatch pub
lishes the following dispatch
from Washington today: I strong on Diamond Point, where
Chairman Tunis Bixby. chief there is a beautiful growth of
of the Dawes Indian commission
and promoter of the town of Be
midji-, in which he is interested,
for the land office, indulged in a
political prophecy the other day.
It was. in fact, more than a
prophecy, for ,\lr. Bixby wag
ered a :-4 suit of clothes with a
former congress man I'rom Minne
sota that Joel P. Heatwole will be
an active candidate for governor i tree destroyers, and the com- town, and the carpenters will be
TnrxTYeaTT" pany proposes to make an e'xH kept busy from now until on-
Coming from this source, there i ample of the tirst offender jcanipmeut time A Japanese
caught It tli.'
not be stopped
fence will be
shore to keep
the White Earth
The White & -Street Townsite No effort is being spared to
Company is finding vandalism make the eoiirittg A. R. en
eanipnient to be held in Bemidji
young birch trees. It is the I district encampment over held in
wish of the company to make any of the central states. It
the Point one of the beauty-spots will equal some of the state en-
of Minnesota, but the vandal campments in size.
with the itching for birch bark! Today a crew of carpenters
is rapidly putting the ghost started work" on the grounds,
trees.at the mercy of wind and There is considerable carpenter
rain by girdling them for the 'work to lie done where the tents
A guard has been pa' on, are to be pitched, also on the
wli-wihuet the names 61 the several arches to be placed about
WISHT O REM AIN^ve seating spaoo.uthViontfor
i several hundred j3eopfe4
Wodnosday, July 22, will be
Indians Do Not \fant to Move to^adies' day. and the program will
be devoted exclusively to the
ladies of the A. R. and W. K.
The presiding officers and
[their respective stall's will be
i i present, and tho ladies'"organiza^
\ccorciing- to reports roeeivonI
Indian bureau at Washing
at ton the officials at While Earth
are halving considerable difficulty
in-removingthe Indians at Mlllo
Lacs in accordance with the pro
visions of the act passed ttt-ttuT
lasi session of congress
Agent Miehelet reports that
while the majority of the reds
desire to go to White Earth many
of them express a preference for
Leech Lake. The Washington
authorities want the Indians to
goto the former agency, as there
is adequate land there for allot
ments, ['revision cannot be made
made for the Indians at Leech
The White Earth agent has
been instructed to make a thor
ough report on conditions at
Mille Lacs and submit an es
timate of the cost, of transporta
tion of the Indians and the
amount that will be necessary to
supply them with the equipment Lhorses and cattle,
authorized by congress. Eyje^ Big Pee_d barn.
effort will be made by the Wash
ington officials to have the Mille
Lacs Indians to White Earth".
The Daily Pioneer want col
umns are good result getters.
Try them.
F. O. E.
Fraternal Order 61 Ka^le*, Bemlnjf Aerie No. 331.
Meets every Sunday at S p. m.,
Oilmore's Hall.
.Iiiscr 1 flarnnifton, W. ('resident
M. LeBleu. \V. Secretary
Visiting eagles cordially invited.
Blacksmith and
Wagon Makers
|EED KNUTSON have opened a blacksmith and wagon shop one
door south of The Pioneer, and are prepared to handle any and
all work in their line and guarantee ati-fa--tio to all comers. Mr.
Reed makes a specialty of horseshoeing and general blacksmith work,
and his work is too" well known to need any introduction to the people
of thi* vicinity.
Mr. Knutson has been in the employ of the St. Hilaire Lumber
company for four years, and comes well recommended by that company.
Give the new firm a chance to show you what
they can do, and you will not be disappointed
Second door south of postoffice, BEMIDJI, MINN.
Ready to Receive the
Old Soldiers.
duly 21, 22, 23 and 24 the biggest
vandal is in can- honse-of comfortable proportions
barbed wire is to be .erected in the park. Thia
built along the will bo tin- headquarters for tbo
off unwelcome QM soldiejjs.
A great variety of seats will be
provided, and it is planned to
tious have proved a royal enter
taimeni. The national pfesid'ents
of both association's will be here.
Mrs. Lodusky ,1. Taylor ot Le
Sueur, Minn., is president of the
W. b\ C.
Every week- new features are
added to the already attractive
program. It has been recently
decided to have Indian dances,
dog feasts, canoe races and other
Indian spoils features of the
four days' program. Chief IJe
midji, the famous peace chieftain
of the Chippewas, after whom
the town is named, will be pres
ent with his tribesmen.
A special rate* of one and one
third fare has been granted by
all the roads from all parts of the
state, and the tickets will be
good for one week.
One hundred and sixty acres of
good pasture and water two and
one-half miles from town for
Inquire at
Want Column.
ANYONE desiring to buy a rotary
sawmill of 20,(Miu feet capacity write
"No. WW," oare this office.
FOR SALETwo thousand corda of
lb-inch wooa. Wes Wright. .'54-tf
LANG & CARTER exclusive agenta
for Bailey's addition.
WANTED Girl for general
housework. R. Mudijett,
Trask house, beyond the saw
mill. ti.Vtf

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