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The Daily $Pioneer
Entered in the postofflee at Bomidji, Minn
as second class matter.
Official County and City Paper.
Copy for changes of advertisements in
The Daily Pioneer must reach this office by
10 o'clock a. m. in order to insure their
appearance in the issue of same day.
The Northern Pacific Rail
way company is investigating
the wreck which occurred to the
North Coast Limited at Detroit,
Minn., Monday, and will sift the
responsibility to the proper
cause. The officials are as yet
unable to state what caused the
accident, which fortunately re
sulted in the death of but one per
son, and the slight injury of but
three or four others.
The story of the wreck will end
here with the general public, but
it means more than the killing of
one man and the injuring of a few
others. Every railroad wreck,
whether anyone is hurt or not,
means a very close investigation,
which may last for weeks. The
investigation results in the dis
charging of one or more em
ployes. This happens even
though the damage is very slight.
The employe may have been
working for the road for fifty
years and given satisfaction all
the time. The one little slip costs
him his job and h^ thrown help
less upon the wor|$. As a rule
he does not wait till he is tired,
but hands in his resignation and
walks out. It is merely a matter
of choice.
It seems sad that this should
be the case, but it is necessary
that it should be so. A tremend
ous responsibility rests upen
those in any way connected with
the running of trains. A moment
of forgetfulness may mgt the
lives of hundreds. When a man
is caught neglecting his duty the
railroad" officials look upon it as
a duty to the public to discharge
that man. This not only pun
ishes the man but sets an ex
ample to other employes of the
road, and is a continual reminder
of what may happen to them,
which insures a greater degree
of safety all along the line.
THERE are 25,000 school teach
ers at the N. E. A. convention in
Boston. If the Boston children
are what they are reputed to be
they may survive.
gests that the next move of the
sporting fraternity be to arrange
a race around the world between
a cablegram and a wireless
post of the G. A. P.,
headed by Department Com
mander Bailey, is devoting con
siderable commendable energy
to cleaning up the city park in
readiness for the G. A. R. en
campment to be held here this
Occupants of Automobile Are Serious
ly Injured.
Grand Rapids, Mich., July 9.W. S.
Emory and I. Mendells met with a seri
ous accident while out for an auto
mobile ride yesterday afternoon. Go
ing at a rapid gait the machine struck
a street car. Both men were hurled
violently from their seats and the au
tomobile was demolished. Mr. Emery
sustained serious injury on the head
and back. Mr. Mondells legs were
paralyzed from a spinal injury.
Held for Robbery and Forgery.
Winona, Minn., July 9.In munici
pal court Henry Bauer, aged seven
teen, was held to the district court on
the charge of robbery and forgery, in
going through a safe belonging to
Stott & Son.
Stabbed to Death.
Cairo, 111., July 9.Archibald Web
ber of Galatia was stabbed to death
near this city by David M. Dissouette,
a mining contractor. The trouble was
over a woman. Webber belongs to a
wealthy family.
Latest Quotations From Grain and
Live Stock Centers.
St. Paul, July 9. Wheat No. 1
Northern, S4(a84 l-2c No. 2 Northern,
[email protected] No. 3, 8UiH2c no grade.
[email protected] CornNo. 3. 47 1-2c No. 4.
46c no grade, 45c. RyeNo. 2. 48tfv)
49c. BarleyMalting gradps. 4T(g "c
food grades. 39(r 'Ac.
Minneapolis, July 9. WhesitNo.
1 hard, S5 1-4c No. 1 Northern,
84 l-4c No. 2 Northern, 83 l-4c.
Duluth, July 9. Wheat No. I
hard. 85 l-2c No. 1 Northern, 84c No.
2 Northern, 82 1-2c flax. $1,011-4
oats, [email protected] 1-2c rye. 50 l-2c barley,
Milwaukee. July Wheat No.
1 Northern' 8S(T/89c No. 2 Northern,
8G(??87c. RyeNo. 1, [email protected] 5c. BarJey
No. 2, 58?/0'c Oats. 42 1 -2c. Corn
September. .'1 1-*c.
Chicago, July 9.
2 red, 83c No. 3 red,
hard winter, 80c No.
76(g)80c No. 1 Northern spring, 85c
No. 2 Northern spring, 80 3-4^83c
No. 3 spring, 75(n 80c. CornNo. 2,
[email protected]: No, 3. 51 S 51 l-4c.gree.
OatsNo 2. 40401-2c: No. 3. 39 1-2
Sioux City, Iowa, July 9. Cattle
Beeves, $4 5.10 cows, hulls and
mixed, $2.50(^4.25 stockers and feed
ers, [email protected] calves and yearlings. $2.50
@3.85. Hogs, [email protected] hulk. $5.50.
Chicago. Julv
prime steers, [email protected] stockers and
feeders, $2.7o'a 4.no
heifers, [email protected] Texas-fed steers,
[email protected] HogsMixed and butch
ers, $5.70(5,5.90 bulk of sales, [email protected]
5.85. SheepGood to choice wethers,
[email protected] fair to choice mixed,'[email protected]
3.75 Western sheep. $2.50(5 4.15 na
tive lambs, $4ffMi.25.
South St. Paul, July 9. Cattle
Good to choice steers, $4.'[email protected] good
to choice cows and heifers, $3.25(5 4
good to choice stock steers, ?,.2oC(p
3.50 good to choice stock cows and
heifers good to choice milch cows,
[email protected] HogsPrice range, $5.40
5.65 bulk, $5.45(0,5.50. SheepGood
to choice shorn lambs, [email protected]
good to choice yearling wethers, $4.50
@6 heavy, $4.25(5 4.60 good to choice
ewes, medium weight. $3.85 4.10
heavy, $3.50(5 3.85 culls and stock
ewes. $2/0j53
Wheat No.
3 hard winter,
France Lavishly Returns Great Brit
ain's Hospitality.
London, July 9. France lavishly
returned Great Britain's hospitality
last night by a dinner given by Pres
ident Loubet to King- Edward at the
French embassy. The scene around
the embassy was most animated. The
king was met at the door of the em
bassy by M. Loubet, who had arrived
there a little earlier than his majesty,
Ambassador Carnbon and the staff of
the French embassy. The Interior of
the embassy was profusely decorated.
The white-walled banquet hall was
transformed into a bower of roses, a
compliment to King Edward. The
guests included Premier Balfour, Col
onial Secretary Chamberlain, Foreign
Minister Lansdowne, the United
States ambassador, Mr. Choate, the
Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and
Turkish ambassadors, the Portuguese
minister, Count Mensdonff the Aus
trian charge d'affaires, Lord Rosebery,
the duke of Devonshire, the French
consul general and the presidents of
the principal French societies of Lon
Henry G. Davis Has Had Rapid Rise
to Affluence.
Henry G. Davis, formerly United
States senator from West Virginia,
does not figure as often in the news of
the day as he once did, but that does
not mean that he is not taking a large
hand In the great matters of business
and politics, reports Harper's Week
ly, He began life as a brakeman on
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and
got his start. Then, when he had
enough money to branch out, he
bought 18,000 acres of West Virginia
wilderness for a few cents an acre.
Extensive coal deposits were found
Against Duty on Works of Art.
J. Pierpont Morgan, Chas. T. Yerkes
and other wealthy men have formed
an association the object of which is
to secure a repeal of the tariff duty on
paintings and works of art imported
into this country. An appeal is to be
made to President^Roosevelt and in
dividual members of Congress will be
asked to use their influence to have
the law changed. Mr. Morgan has
more than $1,000,000 worth of paint
ings stored in London, Paris and Ber
lin. Yerkes has paintings to the value
of $250,000 in his London apartments,
and says he will not bring them here
until the dutv i taken off.
Ancient Costom Still Holds.
Ceres games, instituted in 1314 to
celebrate the return of the Ceres men
from Bannockburn, were celebrated
recently in Fifeshlre, Scotland.
German Socialistic Press.
The Socialist press of Germany
numbers 140 publications, fifty-two
being dailies.
New Cure for Drunkenness.
The latest cure tor drunkenness Is
Milky Sea Is a Puzzle.
The milky sea, as it is known to
mariners, is not yet fully understood.
It seems to be most common in tne
tropical waters of the Indian ocean,
and 1B described as weird, ghastly and
awe-inspiring, and as giving the ob
server on shipboard the sensation of
passing through a sort of luminous
fog in which sea and sky seem to join
and all sense of distance is lost The
phenomenon is probably due to some
form of phosphorescence.
Greek Cabinet Resigns.
Athens, July 9.M. Theotokis, the
premier, has telegraphed to the king
tendering the resignation of the cabi
net. The Theotokis cabinet was only
formed ten days ago. No reason for
the resignation has been given.
King Oscar III.
London, July 9. The Manchester
Dispatch says that King Oscar of
Sweden is suffering from an incurable
Internal complaint, and that a most
serious operation probably will occur
In the near future.
Engineer K4M-ed.
Detroit, Minn., July 9.The North
Coast limited was wrecked here and
Engineer Mason was killed. Fireman
Wallace escaped injury by jumping.
None of the passengers were in
Gets Fifteen Years.
"Stillwater, July 9.The population
of the state prison was increased to
610 yesterday by the arrival of Gilbert
Ingham of Clearwater, who gets fifteen
years for manslaughter in the first de-
Big Find of Coal.
Denver, Colo., July 9. It is an
nounced that genuine anthracite has
been discovered in Routt county. The
fields are believed to he fully as ex
tensive as those of Pennsylvania.
33-jjfl 9q} IOJJUO0 O}
sjssnij saiquue qoiii-\v 'surejunora reifi
eqi niojj ssiuoo (spuuod ot'8'8 inoqra)
omur)B[d s,pi.ioto, =q jo 9q u3^-ouiM
pioS ireqt aigrnjBA OJOUI qonui 1154s
si 'uoTSumlxo [^iibaun Aq i\ spuio ion
seop i] ssT3i3 in poppequtj uaqAi, osueo
-aq '.fijninot^jBd a^au-eq^u? ynjesn
si pun '7iorspa.icI jo eiueanuisui suies
uj eictBsneds'jpoi si irojtfM 'nmorrRiri
|BJ3ii!iAi 'NenjBA uinuueid
Physicians of Millionaires Must Be
Up to Date.
Such a man as Rockefeller or Mor
gan is a life study for a physician,
and the man who can keep in perfect
order a human machine of vast im
portance in the community is worthy
of Schwabian compensation. The
big insurance companies are willing
to employ a physician at $100,000 a
year to keep either of the gentlemen
mentioned alive ten years longer.
"My" doctor In such a case must
know what medicine to prescribe
whenever Morgan or Rockefeller
sneezes, frowns, swears, limps,
groans, growls, thunders, kicks over
the waste basket, $ smokes too many
cigars, drinks too much water, eats
too heartily of corned beef and cab
bage, talks too much to his Bible
Rlass, charges too smah a commis
sion for promoting a trust or reor
ganizing a railroad, telegraphs sena
tors to bold up anti-trust legislation,
or commit, any other little indiscre
tion that billionaire flesh is heir to.
He must be familiar with the slightr
est symptom and ready with his dose.
New York Press.
New York Society Woman Divulges
Mrs. Langtry's Secret.
Mrs. Langtry attended a reception
in New York last week and roused
much envy among fashionables who
were present because of her beautiful
complexion, which is really a marvel.
Subsequently a rather faded beauty
exclaimed: "Hew on earth does she do
it? Why, she's 50 if she's a minute."
Another grande dame, who spoke as
though she knew, gave this explana
tion: "It's Jersey, her birthplace. You
know Mrs. Langtry spends six or eight
weeks every season OD her farm there.
She wears a short skirt and thick
bootssometimes no boots at all
goes about In a sunbonnet and lives
like a farm gfrl. The fog of the island
ai the -sat"
Exercise That Will Impart Grace and
Physical Strength.
Those who have seen women /ho
are expert fencers recognize tayt It
is an extremely graceful amusement.
Many ladies are taking fencing les
Strength of leg is necessary, as
well as of wrist, and much activity.
But it is a most admirable exercise,
improving the figure and developing
the muscles, and is worthy to be
made an art.
It is not only physical strength that
Is required for this amusement, bu*
keenness of the eye and dexterity of
the wrist, and these are quite woman
Quickness oi perception and ac
Vim are necessary.
Brain and Mental Activity.
Much the larger part of a brain is
composed of white matterthat is,
Of nerve fiberswhich has nothing
whatever to do with real brain work
and which only carries messages.
Again if research is to be trusted, it
is only the brain cells of very lim
ited (probably the frontal) region
which have to do with the highest
mental operations. When, therefore,
we talk about the size of the head
and brain and the weight of the braip
A Pointer for Women.
Queen Alexandra's laces, linens and
silks are perfumed by a method which
almost any woman can copy. The
drawers in which they are kept are
lined with white paper, strewn with
rose petals. On this is placed a layer
of the fabrics to be scented, over that
a layer of rose leaves, vnd so on in
alternation until the drawer is filled.
At the end of twenty-four hours every
thing in the drawer will have a deli*
cate perfume that will cling to it for
m. lone time.
=5tfT7 the fky was gray and gTfm,
By the winter's breath congealed
Bare and gaunt were bush and limb.
White and b'.sak were moor and field.
Rut beneath the frozen sod
Stirred a host of blossoms, sky,
Saying, with triumphant nod:
"Spring is nigh!"
Through the grove a rustle creptt
Neighbor unto neighbor spoke
Dryads who for long had slept
In their cells of bark awoke.
Felt a subtle, eager thrill,
Stretched their arms, by rigor numl),
Passed the word o'er vule and hill:
"Spring Is come!"
'Blind, insensate things:"' I thought,
"All the world is Ice and snow
fours a hope too dearly bought,
As a few short days will show.
Spring, you prate? When deep amid
Frost and drift lie leaf and spuw!"
But, behold, een while I chid
Spring was hor!
Edwin L. Sabin, In New Kngland Maga
It was dinner time when Jumbo Sam
rode up to the Hat Six ranch. Hospi
tality is the first law of the cattle
country, and Jumbo Sam, who had
paten breakfast seven hours before,
was in no mood to transgress it. Hia
saddle creaked as it was relieved of
his 200 pounds, and the jadeti cow
pony shook himself with satisfaction.
"Dinner is now ready in the dinin'
car," sang out the cook. "Come an'
git it while it's hot."
In response to the welcome call the
crowd of cow punchers filed into the
dining room.
"Come on, Jumbo," said Eufi.*
Thompson, foreman of the Hat Si*.
"Better hit the grub trail right now, if
you don't want the cook to work over
time. Them cow hands is liable to
clean off that table as quick as a
beaver workin' in a patch o! fresh wil
lows. They ain't got no more manners
than one o' yer bears when it seta
down to an antelope carcass."
Jumbo Sam was a bear hunter by
occupation, and the simile was sot
lost on him. He made a hasty pre
tense of scrubbing his bearded face
in the water trough at the side of the
kitchen, and followed Thompson into
the dining room.
"9*)t yere, Jumbo, right acrost iron
Peg Simmons. You know Peg. At
least if you don't you'd orter."
Other than an involuntary start.
Jumbo Sam gave no sign that he rec
ognized Simmons. He took the seat,
however, and bent his head so low
over his plate that Jack Fulmer, hia
nearest table companion, said after
ward that he thougut the hunter wa
about to ask a blessing.
This expectation was net realized,
for Jumbo Sam, with head still low'
ered, swept the table with sidelong
glances and heJped himself liberally
to beefsteak, biscuits and potatoes as
the food was passed to him. As he
had a reputation for conversation of
that ..personal variety known as brag
gadocio, his silence was noticeable.
His close attention to the business in
hand, however, seemed to remove any
mysterious cause for this lack of lo
quacity. Not once did he refuse
help himself to the contents ot the
meat platter or pav of biscuits. Had
it not been for his peculiar manner
during the meal his reticence might
have been passed by without com
ment. Not once did he raise Ills eyea
to Peg Simmons. The strange twisi
of his thick neck suggested rheuma
tism, spinal trouble, earache, almost
any ill, in tact, which could be con
tracted by a man who sometimes
tracked a grizzly in fresh snow for
two or three days with stopping until
he found his game.
Peg Simmons on the other iand
seldom looked at his plate. His email
blue eyes rested almost constantly on
the bowed head across the table. He
was a little manhardly five feet
eight, and his slight frame contrasted
sharply with Jumbo Sam's bulky fig
are. Moreover, he was a cripple. One
day while trying to head a refractory
steer in gophr ground his pony had
stepped in a prairie dog hole and
thrown him. Simmons' left leg was
broken so badly that it had to be
"Heerd yon been shootln' off yer
yawp about Nell,* he says,
amputated. The surgeon did the Job
in such bungling fashion that the op
eration had to be repeated. When
Simmons recovered he came to the
Hat 3ix ranch, where he formerly had
been erriloyed. The proprietor gave
him money to buy a wooden leg, and
in few weeks Simmons had won the
nickname of "Pes," and the reputat/on
of being one of the beet cow punchers
in the Big Horn basin In epite of his
misfortune. No man in the outfit was
his superior in roping a steer, noj
according to common reportin hand
Uas a six-shooter.
Cures Diseases of Plants.
By his method of feeling through
the stems instead of the roots S. A
Mokrsezki, the Russian entomologist,
believes that trees and plants can.be
cured of disease and greatly stimulat
ed in growth. His special apparatus
is intended introduce salts of iron
either solid or in solutioninto
apple and pear trees, and he has used
it. "for applying chemical treatment to
?C0 fruit trees on the southern shore
of the Crimea. The weak and dis
eased condition of the trees was
remedied, while an unusual develop
ment followed.
The New Chinese Minister.
Rev. William E. Griffls corrects a
published statement that Sir Chen
tung Liang Cheng, the new Chinese
minister, is a graduate of Yale. He
merely studied there, being one of
120 students brought to this country
by Yung Wing. The minister ex
plains that the first part of his name,
Chentung, corresponds to the Ameri
can John. The middle part, his fam
ily name, Is pronounced Leeang. His
itle, about which there has been a
good deal of talk,1
ill ill il ili \l it)
ill il
was bestowed by
the British government after the au
thorities of his own country had con
sented that he acce"* it.
Cure for Smallpox.
A subscriber requests the publics*
Won of the following: "I am willing
to risk my reputation as a public
man," wrote Edward Hines to the
Liverpool Mercury, "if the worst case
of smallpox cannot be cured in three
cays, simply by the use of cream of
tartar. One ounce of cream of tar
Vir dissolved at intervals when cold
is a certain, never-failing remedy. It
has cured thousands, never leaves a
mark, never causes blindness and
avoids tedious lingering."Canton
Oaurda.v Roller.
Hotel Savoy's Immense Mirror.
The Hotel Savoy in New York
plumes itself upon the possession of
the largest mirror in tho world. Only
two steamships of the oceanone of
them the Friesland, in which it came
have room in their holds to stow
away such a large package. It is a
Httle mors than thirteen feet square
anu is nearly half an inch thick. To
get this perfect plate five different
glasses had to be cast. It was made
at the St. Gablan elass-works in Paris.
Immense Area Planted to Corn.
The land devoted to corn in the
United States exceeds in area the
whole of the British isles, together
with Holland and Belgium.
Derivation of the Word "Gin."
The word "gin" is not derived from
Geneva, but from "genievre," the
I French word for juniper.
Daily Pioneer Want Ads,TOne Cent a Word
Lakeside Bakery
\\f Choice Candies, Fruits
and Confections in Stock
TE have recently purchased the bakery and confection-
Ives Ice Cream
ill 110 East Third Street. Bemidji, Minn, flj
Prof. SEAT0N
The Celebrated Scientific
Palmist and Clairvoyant
Has arrived and remains a short time only. The
Professor is recognized by press and public as the
foremost and most able Scientific Palmist and
Clairvoyant before the American public, and he
especially invites those to call who have been dis
appointed or deceived in the past by some incompe
tent personthey will notice the difference be-
tween an adept and a pretender.
Do you find that with all of your natural gifts and talents that
you are baffled, discouraged and unsuccessful? If so, come and be
advised and find out the cause of your bad luck, and how you can
change your bad conditions to success, joy and happiness. Thous-
ands live today to bless and give credit of their success and happi-
ness to this wonderful man. Are you sick? If so, come to me
and I will tell you free of charge what ails you. I do not give medi-
cine, but tell you how to be cured without asking a single question.
Come and be convinced. Palmistry and Clairvoyant taught.
Prof. Seaton is located at
Roo 8 Remore Hotel
Decorating Floor Finishing.
Granite Floor Finish
4 Office' Opp. City Boat House.
Jay Reynolds
Office: Over Lumbermens Bank
ery business which was formerly part of the estate
ijjr of the late Mrs. A. E.Milne. The building will be remod-
\|jl eled and thoroughly renovated. We handle the celebrated
g: g-

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