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The Daily Pioneer
Entered in the postofflce at Bemldji. Minn.,
as second class matter.
Official Connty and City Paper.
Copy for changes of advertisements in
The Daily Pioneer must reach this office by
10 o'clock a. m. in order to insure their
appearance in the Issue of same day.
The order of the interior de
partment relative to the cutting
of 1,500,000,000 feet of logs, from
the Leech Lake group of Indian
reservations before July 1. 1905,
is causing considerable unfavor
able comment on the part of the
press and lumbermen of the
state. The* idea of cutting this
vast amount of timber, burning
the slashings and leaving the
land ready to be sold for agricul
tural purposes, and all within one
cutting season and the part of
another, does not make a favora
ble impression.
The pine is to be sold for the
benefit of the Indians who own
the lands, and the idea of the in.
terior department, as reported
from Washington, is to have it
removed as soon as possible so
the Indians can have the benefit
of the money and the lands can
be sold for agricultural pur
The Minneapolis Tribune says
that from the standpoint of the
practical lumberman it is impos
sible, with the means at com
mand, to remove that amount of
timber in the given time. Last
winter the logging operations in
Minnesota amounted to 875,000,-
000 feet, which is the greatest in
history of Minnesota lumbering.
It takes on an average twenty
men to get out a million feet of
logs-in a season, not counting the
hauling or driving. At that rate
it would require an army of 30,-
000 loggers to fell the trees on
the government tract, not count
ing men who haul the logs to the
Last winter the logging con
tractors scoured the country for
men and teams and then were not
able to obtain enough. If the
government insists on having the
pine cut in the time specified, ac
cording to the Minneapolis pa
per, it would take all the wood
men in the Northwest to do the
work. Then, if the slashings
were piled and burned as fast as
the trees are cut, as must be
done according to the rules is
sued by Commissioner Richards,
another small army of men would
be needed.
Bids for the work will not be
opened till December 5th. If the
orders as already issued are not
changed the opening of the bids
will call for more than the ordi
nary amount of interest. This
is the ago of big undertakings.
Seemingly impossible tasks are
performed. The man may be
living who can take the contract
and carry it out according to the
present specifications, but it does
not look as though there were
any who cared to make the at
IT HAS not as yet been decided
what disposition shall be made of
the electric lights strung through
the city park for the G. A. R.
encampment. The matter will
come up at the council meeting
Monday night. It has been sug
gested as being very desirable
that the
they are
be left where
use on special
HE new town of Funkley is
putting on metropolitan airs. It
now has a newspaper known as
the Beltrami County Bugle, the
first issue of which was published
last Thursday. The appearance
of the Bugle reflects credit on its
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eer now is the time.
Rome, July 25.From sunrise until
sunset yesterday thousands passed be
fore the body of Leo XIII. It was
originally intended that this oppor
tunity publicly to view the remains
should extend through three days, but
the Associated Press correspondent
learns that the time is likely to be
curtailed and that the funeral may
occur Friday instead of Saturday
night, owing to the evidences that de
composition is setting in. This is
due to yesterday's severe heat, from
which no embalming, however per
fect, could completely protect the
The will of the dead pope was
opened at yesterday's meeting of the
congregation of cardinals. It consists
of thirty-six pages, in the handwriting
of Leo XIII., and leaves all the prop
erty of which he died possessed to
his successor for the
Use of the Church.
To each member of nWilamily he
leaves a present to be chosen from the
valuable objects in his apartments.
Similar presents are bequeathed to his
physicians. The total amount of the
property which he left is not yet
The prevailing impression of those
who yesterday passed before the iron
gates of the Chapel of the Sacrament
to view the remains wa one of In
tense pity, combined with a certain
sense, of horror. The body was tilted
up on the catafalque in order that all
might.see the terribly shrunken face.
An ordinary skull in a frame of gold,
lying in a mass of red robes could
scarcely have been more typical of
Except at sunrise, when the crush
threatened a panic, all those wno
wished it had an opportunity of enter
ing St. Peter's. During the day man)
of those who passed in stopped before
the catafalque
To Say a Hurried Pi ^yer.
Hundreds of the women, and even
some of the men, carried children in
their arms.
An important political factor was
introduced into the ceremony by the
entrance Into St. Peter's of Italian
soldiers, who remained there through
out the day to preserve order. Their
presence there in such a capacity, un
precedented in the history of modern
Italy, is important as an indication of
better relations between the govern
ment and the Vatican, as it was by the
consent, if not by the desire of the
Vatican authorities, that they yester
day employed the troops of the Quirin
al in papal territory.
Another feature which is causing
comment, along the same lines is the
fact that Cardinal Oreglia, in receiv
ing a group of the city fathers of
Rome who represent the Clerical
party, charged them to thank also
their liberal colleagues for the mani
festations of sympathy which they
showed during the illness of the pope.
Lord Roberts Will Come Over If His
Duties Permit.
London, July 25. The statement
cabled to the United States to the ef
fect that the British cabinet had ve
toed the proposed visit of Lord Rob
erts to the United States is as inac
curate as the original announcement
that Lord Roberts had determined to
make the visit. The truth is that the
whole matter has always been indefi
nite. Lord Roberts has said, and still
says, that he will visit the United
States in the autumn if his duties will
Body of Prominent Louisville Man Re
covered From the Ohio.
Louisville, Ky., July 25.The body
of Paul Cain was found floating in the
Ohio river. He was the son of the late
Col. John S. Cain, who was for twenty
years circuit clerk of Jefferson county.
Paul Cain's mother brought suit one
week ago, accusing her son of wasting
the Cain estate while acting as ad
ministrator. Young Cain was promi
nent socially.
Dowie's New Church.
Chicago, July 25.Work is begin
ning on the new Shiloh tabernacle
which John Alexander Dowie will
bullcTat Zion City at a cost of about
$500,000. The building will be one of
the largest religious structures in the'
world, with 16,000 seats.
Weary of Life.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., July 25.
Weary of life, Fred Podivin of Graven
hurst, Ont., ended it last night by
Bwallowing three drachms of lauda
Board of County Commissioners
of Beltrami County, Minnesota,
Julv 13.1963, i
Hoard of county commissioners mot in reg
ular session, as provided by statute, at 10
o'clock a. ru.
Meuiljers present McDougald and John
On motion, board adjourned to meet at 2
o'clock m.
Board re-convened as per adjournment.
Members present Wright, Sibley, Johnson
and McDougald.
On motion, the petition of Mrs. Gertrude
Anderson and other*,preying that aschxj
district bo organized out of sections 12, 23, 24,
85,26,27, 34,.35 and 30, in township 151 north,
rangeS!,-was approved and an order drawn
and filed setting the same for bearing Sep
tember*. 1!K)3.
On motion by McDougald, seconded by
Johnson, a certified list of grand and petit
jurors, as selected by the different commis
sioners*, was made and filed with the eierkof
On motion, the board adjourned to meet at
7 o'clock p. m.
Board re-convened as per adjournment.
On motion, the board adjourned to meet at
0 o'clock a. m., July 14, 1803.
Board re-convened as per adjournment.
All members present.
On motion, the following territory, to-wit:
sections 18, 19, 21. 28, 29, 30. 31. 32 and 33, in
townstiif) 149, range 35, was organized as
school district No. so, and order drawn and
filed wth the county auditor to that effect.
On motion, the following territory, to-wit:
the north one-half of government town one
hundred and fifty-two, range thirty-one, and
all of government town one hundred and
fifty-two, range thirty-two (n& township 152,
range 31: all of township 152, range 32) was or
ganized as school district No. si and an order
made and filed with the county auditor to
tliat effect.
On motion, the petition of C. B. Wright and
others, praying that the townsite of Nymore
and adjacent territory be organized as a new
school district was rejected, for the reason
that said petition Included territory belong
ing to Independent School District No. 7 of
the village of Bemidji,
On motion, the board adjourned to meet at
1:30 p. m.
Board re-convened as per adjournment..
On motion, the petition of J. C. Scott and
others, to organize a new school district in
the town of Jones was approved and was set
for hearing September 8, 1903, and an order
made and filed with the county auditor to
that elfect.
The following report was filed with the
To the Honorable Board of County Commis
sioners of Beltrami County, Minn.:
I hereby submit to you the following esti
mate of the amounts of money necessary to
be raised by taxation for the ensuing year:
For Hie revenue fund S*\H)0
Consisting of the following items:
Officers' salaries 10,200
Clerk of court fees 1.200'
Sheriff's fees and mileage 4,000
District court expenses S.000
Justice court expenses 1,200
Insanity matters 1,000
Coroner's court expenses 200
Kite warden service 100
Assessing unorganized territory 400
Birth and death reports 100
I'ostage, express and freight 300
Com'rs'per diem and mileage 000
Keening prisoners 4,ooo
Light, fuel and repairs 2,000
Hooks, blanks and stationery 3,500
1'ulilic printing 2,000
I'oorrund 10,000
Care and supplies for paupers not
at poor farm S 4,000
Supplies, labor, etc., poor farm... 0,000
County road and bridge fund 7,000
Building fund Si.000
Deficiency in court bouse and jail
fund 4.500
For improving ct. house grounds 3,500
Sinking fund, for payment of in
terest on outstanding bunds 6.500
For payment principal on bonds
aslhey become due 10,500 17,500
Respectfully submitted.
D. L, SYLVESTER. County Auditor.
On motion by Johnson, seconded by Ander
son, the following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That there be and there is here
by levied upon the taxable property of the
county of Beltrami the following sums of
money for the current year, to-wit:
The county revenue fund 38.800
For the poor fund, for care and
supplies for paupers other than
the poor farm 4,000
Supplies, labor, etc., poor farm.. 0.000 10,000
For road and bridge fund 7,000
Sinking fund, for payment of bonds and
interest on-same as they become due 17,000
For building fund 8,000
Motion made by Anderson, seconded by
Johnson, that the auditor and Commissioner
Wright be and are hereby appointed pur
chasing committee for the pest house and
poor farm and. further resolved, that any
claims for supplies not ordered by said com
mittee will not be paid.
On motion by Wright, seconded by Ander
son, the following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, that the auditor be and lie is
lieTcby authorized and instructed to transfer
from the revenue fund to the* incidental
fund 150 for the payment of postage for
county officers and freight and drayageon
county supplies. Motion carried.
Motion by Johnson, seconded by McDou
gald, that Wes Wright be appointed vice
chairman, Motion carried.
Resolution, introduced by Commissioner
Johnson, seconded by Commissioner An
Resolved, That, whereas. Superintendent
of Schools F. J. Dunwood.v, lias failed to per
form the duties of his office, by neglecting
and refusing to visit the public schools of
'Bell rami county during his present term of
office, as required by Section 3742 General
Statutes of 1894, and by failing and neglect
ing to file with the county auditor of said
county, tlie statement provided for by said
section: and. whereas, after repeated re
quests and demands on the partof thecounty
board the said F. J. Duhwoody persists in his
refusal to visit said schools as required by
law. and announces that he will not agree, to
do so in the future.
Now, therefore, after a hearing duly given
said F. J. Dunwood.v. and after hearing the
confessions and admissions made by him at
said hearing bad on the 14tli day of July, 1903.
and after hearing ids statement that he had
not visited said schools as required by law.
and his refusal to prtuni.se to do so in the
future, the county auditor of Beltrami coun
ty la hereby'instructed to not issue any fur
ther county warrants to said 1 J. Dim woody
for salary, until said Dunwood.v complies
wllli the law in regard to visiting schools and
filing the statement required by said Sec
tion 3742,
On motion, the bid of L. G. Townsend for
road work on town road running west from
the village of Dlaekduck. according to speci
fications prepared by the county surveyor,
in lie amount of 8351, was accepted, and the
'.ha.ir.uia and auditor be and they are here
by authorized and instructed to enter lnio a
contract with said Townsend and approve a
bond by him in double the amount of the
Motion made by Wright, seconded by Mc
Dowgald. that 300 be and it is hereby appro
pri ated to the town of Buzzle to be expended
on county road on town line between towns
of Buzzle and Roosevelt, and 300 to the town
of Uoosevelt. to be expended on town line be
tween sections 35 and 36, and thence north
easterly on said road. Motion carried.
On motion, board adjourned to meet at
7:30 p. ru.
Board re-convened as nor adjournment.
On motion, the following resolution was
Resolved, That for and in consideration of
SUH) to be paid to the county treasurer by the
Minnesota & International Railway Com
pany, the auditor and chairman be and they
art hereby authorized and instructed to issue
to the-said Minnesota & International Rail
way Company a deed for two and three
fourths acres for railroad right-of-way
across lots 5 and 6, section 19, township 147,
range 32.
On motion, the following claims were al
lowed I) W Sehreekongast. witness insanity of
Michael McDonald 1 O
S Schreckengast, witness insanity of
Michael McDonald. 160
Frank Hunter, witness Insanity of
McDonald 1 60
A Booth, two days' laK on road.
Elackduck to Battle River 3 50
Clarence Strawbrldge, grading and
grubbing on co. road. Grant Valley.. 50 00
Halvor llalsorson, building bridge
across Blackduck river in section 3.
town 149, range 31, as per contract 312 00
Raul Peltier, ton days' labor on road.
Blackduck to Battle River 17 00
Peter Ifermanson, six days' labor on
Bueha Vista and Hlackducx county
road 10 50
E W Hannah, two and one-half days
labor with team on co. road. Grant
Valley 10 00
Henry Ollbertson, ten days' lalior on
road, Blackduck to Battle River 17 50
Gust Racliey, three days as axman sur
vey co. road, Frohn 7 50
N Willett, three days' work on sur
vey co, road.Frohn 8 25
Gotlob Aberlie. three days' axman sur
vey of co. road, Frohn 5 00
James Potter, six and one-half days'
labor on Buena Vista and Blackduck
co. road 11 38
John McDougaid.oneday viewing work
on co. road. Blackduck and Battle
River, and mileage 4 80
Ed Loedtke, labor on Grant Valley co.
road 19 00
Jabob Miller, 10 days'labor on Black
duck and Battle River co. road 22 50
Jacob Miller. 10 days' labor Blackduck
and Battle River CO. road............ 17 50
Alex McRae, 2 days' labor Blackduck
and Battle River co.' road 3 50
Jacob Miller, 21 days' labor Blackduck
and Battle River co. road.-- 36 75
John McDouga'ld, 1 day viewing bridge
across Blackduck River, township
149, range31 3 90
Edward Johnson, s'/sdays' labor Black
duck and Battle River co. road. 10 62
Olaf Forsmah, 22 days' labor Black
duck and Battle River co, road. 3s 50
John Rasmusen, 7% days' labor Black
duck and Buena Vista co. road 13 12
W Rhoda, clerk of cout fees 00 90
Dun woody, express paid on sup
plies supt, of schools 3 00
Phibbs. recording town bonds 6 .75
W Rhoda, clerk of court fees 48 00
W Rhoda, clerk of court fees 4 55
MDStoner. surveyor's fees, work on
court house grounds 15 00
A E Henderson, coroner's fees 23 80
Christ Krogstad,27y8 days' labor level
ing court house grounds 68 75
A Wilcox,3 days' labor hauling black
dirt for court bouse grounds 12 00
Hennessy, moving old jail and barn
from courthouse block 64 00
James Kelley, 3% days' labor leveling
court bouse grounds 7 00
Thomas Smart, hauling dirt for court
bouse grounds 545 60
W I) Rowe, building 1875 square feet of
cement walk on court house grounds 253 10
Samuel Robinson, 2 days repairing co
jail cesspool 4 50
Crookston Lumber Company, lumber
for jail cess pool 4 73
NJ1 Watson, appraising co. buildings.. 17 50
Tracy Bardweil, 4 days investigating
assessment Burlington Lumber Co... 20 00
E Winter & Co., supplies for county
court house 3 30
Fisher Book Typewriter Co.. 1 record
typewriter 160 00
Smith, cleaning county cesspool
93.00 50 00
E Smith, lumber for sidewalk on
west side of court house block 19 27
Warfield Electric Co., light for co. jail
and court house, March 31 91
Warfield Electric Co., light for co. jail
and court house, April 35 44
Warfield Electric Co.. light for co. jail
and court house. May 30 63
E Winter & Co.. supplies for court
house 2 75
E Winter & Co., supplies for jail 32 50
E Winter & Co., supplies for jail 32 40
Powers Mercantile Co., cuspidors for
judge's chambers 2 36
New York Security Trust Co., commis
sion for paying interest coupons on
bonds 3 12
Jerrard Plumbing Co., plumbing and
repairing at poor farm 119 50
Manisli, transporting paupers to
poor farm.- 5 00
Bemidji Mercantile Co., supplies for
poor farm 7 50
E Winter & Co,, supplies for poor
farm.. 20 11
Young, 10 bushels potatoes for poor
farm 5 00
A Gilmour & Co., drugs and medicines
for poor farm, June 37 20
John O'Brien, 33 days' labor at poor
iarm 33 00
E Winter & Co., supplies for poor
farm 7 59
Geo Francis, medical attendance on
mare at poor farm 5 00
Malzahn, supplies for poor farm... 73 32
W Sehroedor, 1 ton hay for poor farm 15 00
O'Leary & Bowser, Supplies for poor
farm 8 69
McCuaig & Ludinglou. supplies for the
poor farm 24 68
Graham & Knoplce, meats for poor
farm for May 20 83
McCuaig & Ludington, supplies for the 3 75
poor farm 3 75
A Gilmour & Co., drugs and medicines
for paupers, not at poor farm-. 17 60
Rowland Gilmore. medical attendance
on Robt Block, pauper 5 00
Rowland Gilmore. medical attendance
on Jack Elliott, pauper 5 00
Joseph Merkley, conveying Jos Martell
pauper to the poor farm.. 3 35
Conrad Broten, fighting forest fire
Frohn 1 50
Ole Torgrenson, lighting forest fire
Frohn 1 50
Julin Holander, lighting forest fire
Frohn 1 50
Gotleb Aberlie, fighting forest fire
Frohn 1 50
Severt Broten, fighting forest fire
Frohn 1 50
Fred Hollander, fighting forest fire
Frohn 1 50
Max Leue. fighting forest fire, Frohn.- 1 50
Emil Olson, fighting forest fires. 1902
Bear Creek, 5 3 75
Charley Thompson, fighting forest fire
Bear Creek 88
Gust Olson, fighting forest fire Bear
Creek 75
A Ames, fighting forest fire Bear
Creek 75
Martin Heselberg, flighting forest (ire
Bear Creek 75
George II Ames, fighting forest fire
Bear Creek 75
Weyley Ames, lighting forest fire Bear
Creek 75
N Willett. fire warden service.Frohn 4 75
Theodore Snyder, posting fire warden
notices 4 00
II Hancock, repairing pest house wa
gon 2 25
Thompson, feed and stabling pest
house team 1 75
A Gilmour & Co.. drugs aud medicines
for pest-house, May 19 35
PE Peterson. 15 days assisting county
health officer,Quarantine matters... 24 75
E Peterson, expenses assisting coun
ty health officer, Quarantine matters 6 00
McCuaig & Ludington. supplies for pest
house. May 15 95
McCuaig & Ludington. supplies for pest
houser June 13 48
McCuaig & Ladington, 1 whip for pest
house 35
Henry Hagen, cooking at pest house.. 48 00
Thus Bailey, keeping prisoners. May.. 219 .3
Thus Bailey, keeping prisoners. June.. 243 38
Thus Bailey, keeping US prisoners. Apr 20 64
Tlios Bailey, keeping US prisoners.May 30 S2
Thos Bailey, sheriff's fees and mileage 261 00
Marv E Bailey, matron CO. jail. April.. 23 00
Thos Bailey, sheriff's fees and mileage 48 50
A Gilmour & Co.. medicines for county
prisoners 7 90
W A Casler. 27 days' services as super
visor of assessments, at 5 135 00
A Crow-ell, assistant assessor for 1st
assessment (list, 60 50 00
A Otterstad, assessing 1st assessment
district 75 00
ChasIIayden. assessing 2d assessment
district 78 00
Wes Wright, com. per diem and mile
age three days 9 20
O Sibley, com. per diem and mileage
2days--., 8 00
A O Johnson, com. per diem and mile
age. 3 clays 40
E Anderson, com. per diem and mile
age, 2 clays 6 80
John MoDougakl, com. per diem and
mileage. 3 days 14 00Samuel
Sylvester, auditor's fees, public
ditchNo. 1 33 44
Heis, Surveyor's calculations, pub
lic ditch No. 1. 38 oO
Sylvester, auditor's fees, public
ditch No.2 35 84
Heis. surveyor's calculations, pub
lic ditch No. 2. 00
StOner, engineer's fees, public
ditch. No. 2 HI 2o
Edward Kaiser, pub. ditch notices lo 9o
Edward Kaiser, pub. bids wanted for
fence 5 40
Edward Kaiser, pub. commissioners
proceedings, 6-26 9 00
Edward Kaiser. 500 envelopes, regis
Pter of deeds 3 25
Edward Kaiser, pub. notice of bearing,
liquor license 3 30
Edward Kaiser, pub. notice of school
hearing 20 90
Edward Kaiser, stationery, clerk of
court 18 25
Edward Kaiser, stationery, auditor
and treasurer 30
Edard Kaiser, pub. commissioners pro- A
ooodings. 5-29 26 u5
Free Press PriutingCo., 1 ditch lien re
cor.d IfS)
Free Press Printing Co.. blanks 21 lo
Free Press Printing Co., one record of
wills 11 o0
Free Press Printing Co.. blanks for
sheriff 00
Free Press Printing Co., blanks 13 15
Geo Barnard & Co.. I daily collection
and payment record. 17 50
Geo Barnhard & Co.. one treasurer's
ledger 14 50
Geo I) Barnard & Co., one register jus
tice's certificate, criminal, clerk of
court 50
McGill-Warner& Co.. blanks and books
judge of probate 19 77
Pioneer Press Co.. blanks co. attorney 8 13
Pioneer Press Co.. advertising propo
sals for fence 2 90
Miller-Davis Printing Co., I Hyatt tax
collector and equalization machine.. 45 00
Miller-Davis Printing Co., 2 records... 30 50
Miller-Davis Printing Co.. ditch re
cord "A" 35 00
Miller-Davis Printing Co.. blanks...... 77
Emil Eikstadt. witness, state vs John
Ungerman 1 36
Jas Hanson, witness state vs A Olson 4 00
Peter Glen, witness state vs A Olson... 4 00
Dufour. witness state vs A Olson.. 4 00
Frank Mariow, witnea state vs John
Ungerman 1 36
Herman Eikstadt, witness state vs Un
german 1 36
John Harar. witness state vs Unger
man.. 1'3R
Joe La roue, witness state vs Ed Thomp-
son..... 4.150
John Fredricks, witness state vs: Ed
Thompson 3 40
S S Carter, witness state vs Ed Thomp
son 340
S Carte,witnes state vs Victor Harris 3 40
Thos Donardson, witness state vs Vic
tor Harris 3 40
Fred Wilson, witness state vs Victor
Harris 3 40
Samuel Hayes, justice fees state vs
James Asber 17 15
Chas Johnson, witness state vs A Olson 4 00
Oliver Hill, constable fees state vs Jas
Asber....' 0 25
Champ Petrie, witness state vs James
Ashes 148
Johnson, witness state vs A Shan
non 400
E Rice, witness state vs A Shannon.. 4 00
Cameron, 1 day taking testimony
state vsSam Haytli 10 00
Mrs John Ross, board and lodging wit
nesses state vs A Olson 5 00
Jarvis Rogers, witness state vs Fre
berger 112
Oringer, witness state vs Ed Thomp
son 4 60
Louis Graner, witness state vs Perault 4 00
Frank Henaux, justice fees state vs
Angus Chisholm. 9.15...,.,.,... 6 20
S SJ Certor, constable fees, state vs An
gus Chiskolm 180
Chas Gust afson, state vs Freberger.- 5 20
Victor Petrie, witness state vs James
Asher. 2 48
Catherine Petrie, witness state vs Ja
Asber. 148
Oliver Hill, constable fees state vs Jas
Asber. 7 90
John Benson, witness state vs Frank
Eagen 4 00
Thomas Tate, witness state vs Frank
Eagan 4 00
Mrs S Seibe'rt, witness state vs Per
ault 4 00
Harry Gunsalus, witness state vs An
gus Chisholm 1 15
S S Carter, constable fees, state vs Ed
ward.Lucia i 45
Frank Herroux, justice fees, state vs
Edward Lucia 2 15
On motion,, the board adjourned to meet at
9 o'clock a. m. July 15th. 1903.
Board re-convened as pel adjournment.
Members presentWright, MeDougald, An
derson and Johnson.
Resolution, introduced by Commissioner
Johnson, seconded by Commissioner An
Resolved, -that F. A. Blakeslee, M. be
and he is hereby appointed chairman of the
county board of health, and that he be re
quired to perform the duties as be maybe or
dered to perform by the board of county
-The compensation of said chairman of the
county board of health is hereby fixed, at the
sum of 175 per month and the use of the team
of ponies now owned by the county, together
with the wagon, sleighs and harness belong
ing to same, which said salary is inclusive of
all expenses of every kind and nature incur
red by said chairman in the'control of infec
tious or contagious diseases in the county of
Beltrami, including medicines, drugs, teams,
drivers, fumigation or disinfection, hotel
bills for himself and assistants or deputies,
excepting only the necessary guards In quar
antine cases: and
Resolved, further, that said F, A. Blakeslee
he and lie is hereby appointed county physi
cian for Beltrami county, and that he be re
quired to care for and furnish medical treat
ment to all poor persons within said county,
who are proper county charges, and are un
able to pay for such medical treatment, and
said county physician shall, at his own cost,
provide and furnish all necessary medicines
and appliances required for the proper treat
ment of such poor persons.
The salary of such county pbysicsan is
hereby fixed at the sum of 150 per month,
which sum includes all drugs and medicines
used or furnished by said county physician
in the treatment of such poor persons.
This resolution shall go into effect on the
first clay of August, 1903, and the employment
of F. A. Blakeslee thereunder shall continue
until the first Monday In January. l!X5
On motion by Mcbbugald, seconded by An
derson, the following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the petition of Ben Ander
son and others for a school distrct to be or
ganized in township 153, range 31. bo and it is
hereby set for hearing September 8.1W3.
On motion, the following resolution was
Resolved, That the following is a correct
list of the uncollected personol property
taxes in Beltrami county for the yeaa' 1902, as
revised by this board, to wit:
Martin, village of Bemidji 12 70
Murphy. do do 9 OS
EASather. do do 6 95
Ed Swanson do do 3 61
Wig, do do 18 20
Flannigan, Roosevelt I9 60
A Johnson & Co., Bemidji 42 70
,1L Richards, do 36 12
Great Northern R.v Co, Bemidji 46 5a
Ingebor Toft, Hoist 3 71
Frank Netelson, Hoist 0 99
Bank of Bagley. Hoist 2 03
S Lee, Hoist 1 63
Fagen Bros.. Hoist. 2 31
Anderson, village of Bemidji 3 92
O Buyer. do do 9 60
KnuleBraatendo do 2 45
Bemidji Lumber Co.. do 39 92
Backus & Brooks, do 17 s9
E II Cornwall, do do" 19 74
Mrs Walter Davis do 5 5J
Abbie Gilbert do 5 06
Carrie Holmes, do 10 26
Chas Hackley, do 10 sO
FCHazelton, do 12 65
CH.Johnson, do 3 18
Kopps Brothers, do 16 SO
Henry Rochert, village Sbevlin 20 4S
Cal Hix, do do 34 52
Henry Peck, do do 8 12
Sibley. Frohn 10 97
Lewy Anderstof. Port Hope 2 12
N Broekman, do 0J 84
Carter. do 11 56
David Dumont, do 10 69
WCMcDoual. do 16 85
W Perrault, do 33 05
Bidder & Wright, do 28 40
Fraukie Wilson. do 50 80
Bank of Bagley. Eddy 9 49
Epps Brothers. do 5 55
EvenEhherberg. do 8 39
Erlck 0 Fritx, do 2 10
Hans Klorm, do 143
Sander Barstad. Greenwood 5 16
Alex Hanson. Greenwood 4 79
Lvnch & Hatcher, Liberty 155 28
Fred Collette. Copley 20 66
MarvH Irvin, do 13 84
Dan McBain do 3 70
John Smith, do 8 54
John O Johnson. do 7 77
E Grinman, do 4 83
EASather, Bear Creek 3 65
CMallyjiClay. do 28 13
Thorpe, do 5 92
A Blakeslee. Moose Creek 7 24
David Quael. Unorganized 4 21
Rat Portage Lumber Co 2479 31
Fred Rodberg 4 49
Louis Snow 8 27
WmWetherby 3 07
S.TYouhill 2 70
WmYoung ^93
Bulman Brothers. 8 05
A Gordon, Sbevlin 7 13
JuliaAKlrt Unorganized i0
Canadian Northern Ry Co 36 95
Edwin Dodge
Yeva Forbes W 4
Lizzie Flatt 13 99
Lake of the Woods Co-operative Co 49 11
W Lnbdle. Langor 4.T
A II Kolden. do 6 04
A Langord. do 29 .0
Larson. do 2 o.
August Lee. do 6 04
Hans Swenson, do 20
Hans Salmonson, do 3 88
Os.ear Vandell, do 2 97
Louis Dokken. Winsor 4 43
Eriek Hedden, do 4.
Carl Ende. Pine Lake 10 21
Guilder Vaa. do 28
Jorgen Sanderlan. Popple 5 81
N Mikkelson. do 13 03
Nick Jonnson. Vil. Blackduck 6 73
On motion the following taxes were can
celed as uncollectable:
Archie Mondeau, Vil. Bemidji 22 39
Herman Peterson 137
Simons &Bols 1128
Walter Scott 166
August Walden, 4 61
MrsHCAVatson 2 41
Phil Lafontaine. Roosevelt 47
W Stanton, Bemidji 34 38
Henry Walden 188
Jorgen Anderson, Hoist 1 40
Samuel McClure 2 07
Rhode, Marlin & Faust, Hoist 36 51
Landsock 53
August Peterson, village of Turtle
River- 05
Kelso Lumber Co., Turtle Lake 14 00
Thom Anderson, village of Bemidji 47
Ruth Bisset. village of Bemidji 2 10
Dan Cok. village of Bemidji 34
W Larson, village of Sbevlin 22 73
Rhode, Marlin & Faust 78 06
Torger II Hauge, Benneville 117
Alfred Knudson 29
Harry Wilcox 4 28
Johnson & Lindell. Port Hope... 12 46
Rosholt & Berg, Liberty 2 84
A Blakeslee & Co 64
Merchants, bank 115
A Stephens. 9 31
George Meyers, Unorganized .35
John Robinson::. 2 32
Olaf Running 3a
Jacob Scbmith.... 43
Myron S't Jolih 100
Charles Green, Murry 54
Peterson 1 19
William Lennon, Battle 4 69
Robert Miller 1 19
North, Unorganized 41
Soiberg 2 25
Andrew Mogdal 2 16
John Clark 3 17
William Deils 44
Patrick Hanberg 2 23
James McArnmancy 1-86
Peter Hermanson. Langor 9 63
WHCrabtree, 2 72
RGHolden 3 88
Maynard 97
George Shields 1 41
Nels Anderson, Nora 1 34
Day 84
John Dahl. 80
Nils Nelson, 2 S3
Henry Falls, Grant Valley ill
Weber 79
Orschin 54
Wm Webber. 29
Ole Hagenson, 41
S Bagley, Lammcrs 13 07
Aug Christiansen 66
E Hartlt. 1 47
Joseph Shaw. Winsor 99
Joseph Genroe, Pine Lake 42
Knute Swanson 77
Lydick & Coldtharst. 23 67
Henry Funkley, Village Blackduck 56
On motion, the petition of Swiegart
and others praying thas government town of
161 north, range 33 west, be organized, was
approved and the following resolution was
Resolved, That government town 161 north,
range 33 west, be and It is hereby organized
as a legal town under the laws of Minnesota
relative to township organization and to be
known and designated the name of Williams:
and further.
Resolved. That the first election of said be
held at the residence of Geo Williams on
Monday the 7th day of September, 1903.
On motion, the Board adjourned to meet
at 2 o'clock p. m.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
On motion of Commissioner Johnson,secon
ded by Commissioner McDougald. the follow
ing resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That there be and there is here
by appropriated out of the county road and
bridge fund 150 to the town of Northern to
be expended on town road as it runs through
sections 16 and 21 of said town, and the aud
itor'is hereby authorized to issue his warrant
for said amount to the treasurer of said
town on his filing bond as required by law
accompanied by a certificate of the commis
sioner of said district to the eli'ect that the
work has been properly performed.
On motion the board adjourned to meet
July 22. 1903.
(Attest) F. O. SIBIEY.
D. L. SYT.VESTEH. Chairman.
Ex-ollicio Clerk of Board.
Decorating Floor Finishing.
Granite Floor Finish
W. G. J0J1ES
Office Opp. City Boat House.
Jay L. Reynolds
Office: Over Lumbermens Baak
Daily Pioneer

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