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We mix paints toorder. Jones 6
E. Loodahl of Park Rapids is
in the city.
hT^os.-Porte is in town from
Grand Forks.
J. C. McCallcame up from St.
Paul yesterday.
P. A. Lowe arrived from Grand
Forks yeterday.
C. J. Millard of Blackduck in
down on business.
T. L. Bissiniere of Red Lake
Falls is in the city.
W. C. Truax was an arrival
from Brainerd yesterday.
Follow the crowd to the Lake
side bakery. It will pay you.
J. W. Schmidt of Superior is
registered at the Markham.
Edwin Crawford is spending a
month's vacation in the east.
Miss Mabel Johnson of Osakis
is visiting friends in the city.
Pies, cakes, etc., for outing
lunches, at the Lakeside bakery.
Furnished rooms for rent over
the Boyer building. Inquire
upstairs. 54-tf
Judge Spooner went down to
Cass Lake this morning, return
ing on the afternoon train.
Invite your best girl to accom
pany you to the Lakeside bakery
ice cream parlors.
Miss Lucile Schneider of Min
neapolis is visiting in the city,
the guest of Miss Belle Sims.
Peterson's ice cream parlors
are the coziest and roomiest in
the state. Visit them anyway.77
John F. Gibbons has been
named as local agent for the Be
midji Townsiteand Improvement
Come to Peterson's ice cream
and resting parlors for rest and
comfort. Free reading room. 77
Mrs. A. T. Ankeny and Mrs.cades,
T. P. Mathews, and children, of
IvsiJineapolis, are the guests of
Chester McKusick and family.
If you wish to buy a fine lot or
farm in a good location, see T.
Beaudette, the tailor, before buy
ing. 69 tf
The board of audit is holding a
meeting this afternoon at the
auditor's office to receive bids
for additional depositories for
county funds.
.jp-Have you seen._the_jiice Kim
fball pianos and organs" now on
sale at Beaudette Bros.' tailor
shop? 92-tf
DivE. H. Smith has secured a
2-^ear lease on a suite of three
rooms in the Boston block. This
makes one of the finest sets of
offices in the city.
Leave your orders for paper
hanging, decorating, painting and
sign writing with Steece,at Beau
dette's tailoi shop. 47tf
Prof. Palmpr, a teacher in the
high school last year, has accept
ed a position in the office of the
superintendent of public instruc
tion at St. Paul, and leaves for
that place today.
Rev. Dr. Dodds of Crookston,
presiding elder of the district,
will occupy the pulpit at the
Methodist church Sunday morn
ing and evoning.
If you expect the girls to be
sweet on you, sweeten them at
the Lakeside bakery ice cream
parlors. They will enjoy it.
Matt Mayer, J. P. Ripple and
Ted Smith have been elected as
delegates from the local lodge of
Red Men to attend the Great
Council of the Red Men of the
state, which opens at Minne
apolis Monday, Aug. 10.
Do not forget the opening sale
Kimball pianos and organs now
on at Beaudette Bros.' tailor
shop, 119, E. 3rd St. You can
sfcVfe from $75.00 to 100.iA on a
pia^o during this sale. Call and
investigate. Bisiar & Cordiff,
ag-ents. 92-tf
Want Column
ANYONE desiring' to buy a rotary
sawrail) "4 20,CHK feet capacity write
''Xo. 300," care this office.
FOR SALE A lot of plank,
boards and siding. Inquire of
H.W.Bailey. 92-93
FOR SALETwo thousand cords of
16-inch wood. Wes Wright. 34tf
FOR SALEAll kinds of wood.
J. P. Duncalf, 'phone num
ber 63. 91-tf
FOR SALECheap, a good seven
room house and 50-foot lot. In
quire of L. H. Bailey. 70-tf
FOR SALEBicycle in first class
condition, $25 cash only in
tending purchasers need call
with spot cash. (This is no
factory made wheel). C. P.
FOR SALETwo houses with
50-foot lots, close to school al
so 5-acre lot iniiity limits and
120 acres near town. Wes
FOR RENTLarge, nicely furn
ished room. Mrs. J. E. Hen-the
drickson, Malzahn Block. 83-tf
LANG & CARTER, exclusive agents
for Bailey's addition.
WANTEDPosition by young
man. Willing to work up.
Outdoor work preferred. Ad
dress this office, d-91-tf
WANTEDA Girl for general
housewdrk. Inquire at this
Plans and Specifications for All Kinds of
Buildings, Brick Blocks, Court Houses,
Hotels, School Houses, Churches and Fine
Climbing Mountains.
Is a fascinating and invigor
ating pastime. It developes not
the body only, but the mind. The
Alpine Peaks of Switzerland have
their counterpart in our own
country, in the Sierras, the Cas
and parts of the Rockies.
The greatest glacial peak of
the United States is Mt. Ranier
in Washington, more than 15,500
feet high. This magnificent
mountain has 15 or more giant
glaciers creeping down its sides
and discharging their glacial de
tritus Into the Columbia river or
Puget Sound.
A climb to the summit of this
is a mountaineering feat worthy
of any mountaineer. For 25 centf
Chas. S. Fee, Gen'l Passenger
Agent of the Northern Pacific
railway, St. Paul, Minn.will
send lo any address an illustarted
booklet called "Climbing Mt. Ra
nier" describing a climb over gla
ciers to the top of the moun
of opinion may
exist Ho to the
merits of some
goods hut there is
no difference re
yardin^ ours. It
i.- admitted by all
th they -i'e "f
the highest qual
ity Pi ices are
fair, hut not so
lo.v' tliat Ke ava
'empted I'IIC"
th'-qualiry. When
huj, ing
here yon get good
value for the
money you invest.
Men- 14-karet
Gold Watcher
v. th niiooi.- 1
movement. Th-e
he.^t tinoji' 1
cvci' -oi u.1 $35:
A. E Winter, watchmaker and
jeweler, has purchased the N. M.
'Johnson jewelery stock and will
i handlea complete line of watches,
clocks, jewelry and silverware.
Special attention given to tine
watch and jewelry work. All
work guaranteed. Give me a call.
Yours for biz. A. E. WINTER,
First door from First National
Bank. 82-tf
Revised the Opinion as to the Intellect
ct the Court.
Some yea:s ago t:.ere was an old
judge on the rch in Berks county,
Pa., whose uecisigiiB, h- consequence
of numerous reversals did not always
command universal respect. One day,
in a case in whicn ne was sitting, one
of the lawyer? lost patiei.ce at his in
ability to see t..n.0s in a certain light,
and in the heat of tue moment re
marked that the intellect of the court
was so dark a dash or lightning could
not penetrate it. For this contempt
the judge showed a disposition to be
very severv with the offender, and it
was only after much persuasion by
friends of the latter that he yielded
and decided to accept a public apol
ogy. The following day the lawyer,
accordingly, appeared before his honor
and made amends by saying. "I re
gret very much that 1 said the intel
lect of the court was so dark lightning
could not penetrate it. I guess it
could. It is a very penetrating thing."
Small Boy's Distinction Between Ap
petite and Patriotism.
Gen. 0 O. Howard occasionally ad
dresses juvenile patriotic clubs. An
organization of this type entertained
veteran at a sociable and dinner.
A little chap near the general dis
played a good appetite. "You eat
well, my son," said the old soldier.
"Yes, sir." "Now, if you love your
flag as well as your dinner, you'll
make a good patriot," Gen. Howard's
eyes beamed on the boy. "Yts. sir
hut I've been practicing eating twelve
years and I ain't owned a gun but six
months," was the laconic reply.New
York Times.
Most Expensive Tree in World.
Probably the most expensive tree
in the world is in the city of London,
on the corner of Cheapside and Wood
6treet, about midvay between the
Bank of England and St. Paul's. It
is an enormous oak and is said to be
100 years old. It is protected by a
clause in the deed of the property
which forbids destruction of tree or
branches. Architects were compelled
to plan a rather peculiar building to
avoid the branches. There it stands
in the corner of one of the busiest
streets in London, occupying ground
of enormous valueand positively
the only tree in the city of London
outside of the parks.
Development of the Electron.
Dr. Kaufmann of Germany, in a re
cent lecture, traced the history of the
development of the electron. The
roots of the idea go back about twen
ty-five years. The growth of the stem
has taken place within the last ten
years, and now we have a flourishing
plant and a large literature on the
subject. Broadly speaking, the latest
theory accounts for inertia, suggests
a cause for gravitation, explains the
leading phenomena of the spectra of
hot gases and co-ordinates hypothet
ically a host of miner phenomena that
seem at first sight to have no discern
ible mutual relationship, says Electri
cal World.
How Snakes Decoy Birds.
That the rattlesnake uses his tail
to decoy birds has been observed a
number of times by a correspondent
of the Scientific American, who says:
"The snake hides himself in the tall
grass and imitates the buzzing of a
bee. The insectivorous birds, such as
the phoebe and kirgbird, are attract
ed by the sound, and become an easy
prey for his snakeship. 1 have seen
rattlesnakes concealed in the dense
foliage of trees twenty feet from the
ground practicing the same deception
on the birds and getting the bird
every time."
Queen Victoria Paid a Debt.
King Edward's apporr tri nt of Sir
Evelyn Wood to be a field marshal
has broucht out the interesting fact
that the family of the king was once
deeply indebted to the grandfather of
Gen. Wood, Matthew Wood, a London
merchant. It was through the gen
erosity of the old merchant that the
eul:e of Kent v. as able to come to
England from Germany so that the
future Queen Victoria could be born
on British soil. The first baronetcy
bestowed by Queen Victoria up her
accession was on Mattnew Wood.
Microbes Hard to Kill.
That the microbes which cause dis
ease cannot be killed by firing them
our of a gun has been proved in off!
c.a. government experiments. Mi
crobes of malignant postule, of ab
scesses and of the intestine were
smeared upon the face of the gun
wad, put next the powder and fired
into sterile gelatin rid agar-agar. In
each case the microbes developed,
eaeh after its Tind, in the medium re
ceiving the wad.
Rather Mixed.
One of the janitors of a public
building, vno has more politeness
than book learning, was stationed in
the hallway of the structure to guide
the crowd which was pressing into
one of the rooms to see an exhibition
of artistic work. "Ladies and gentle-
men," said the janitor, "will you
please make your exit through this
door and go out of the other."Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
A Sad Outlook.
Auntie"Do you let your husband
i.ave a room to him.sell? Mrs. Mc
Bride"Oh, yer of course he must
have a place to smoke in." Auntie
"You poor dear, I see your future
through a rain of tears. He'll sneak
off there and lock himself in whenever
you want to talk to him seriously.
You mark my words."--Life.
And Consequently Did Not Need First
Floor Rooms.
American pushfulness is an unlim
ited quantity. The women are as ir
repressible in society us the_jnen in
commerce. A ?rtain visitor to the
Riviera found tnis out recently. He
was occupying first floor rooms at a
well-known hotel. Au of a sudden,
without any introduction or prelim
inary, a note was brought to him
signed by the wife of a well-known
American millionaire. It asked him
whetuer he would object to giving up
his rooms to her niece. He was much
amazed, but wrote back inquiring
whether the niece drank. Mrs.
wrote in reply, in surprise and indig
nation, winding up with an emphatic
statement that her niece did not
drink. Lord concluded with
the following note: "I.ord re
grets that he cannot give up his first
floor rooms to Mrs. 's niece,
for he is convinced that, as the young
lady does not drink, it is very much
easier for her to get up stairs than it
is for Lord ."London Tat
Little One's Astonishment Natural Un
der the Circumstances.
"I have a little niece," said the ra
conteur of the Sewing Circle, "who
Is never so happy as when she Is al
lowed to visit the kitchen and watch
the servants at work. Fortunately,
her mother has good-natured servants
who rather enjoy having the child
around, so many ar* the charmed
hours which Jessie spends downstairs
making little pies under the cook's
superintendence, and pretending she
is 'grown up.'
"The other day she descended to the
laundry to oversee the family wash in
her busy little way. She gave one
look of utter astonishment as Mary
put on the clothes to boil, and then
fairly flew upstairs to her mother, ex
'Oh, mamma! What do you think?
Mary's cooking the clothes for din-
ner!'"New York Times.
Cheerfulness Counts.
The Cosmopolitan says the longevity
of the merMcal man is materially less
than that of workers of other profes
sions. Only those witu a sound
physique, other things being equal,
I cai win a struggle for success. The
I sick look with confidence to the well.
Tuey demand the nearty dogmatism
that comes from the overflowing of
animal spirits. Thev enjoy the cheer
ful optimism that comes from a goou
digestion. They lean upon the doc
tor in their weakness and yield willing
obedience to his kindly influence.
Mucn of the power possessed for good
may be outside of pills or potions, cor
rect theories or sound deductions.
American Medicine.
A class in a Sunday school was list
ening to a lesson on patience. The
topic had been carefully explained, aud
as an aid to understanding the teach
er had given each pupil a card bearing
the picture of a boy fishing. "Even
pleasure," said she, "requires the exer
cise of patience. Look at the boy fish
ing! He muF1
Evicted Kaffirs.
The correspondent of a London pa
per, writing from Br'fish South Afri
ca, says the Kaffirs aro bound to in
crease In population more rapidly
than the whites, whom they already
greatly outnumber, and, being barred
I from work in many cases by the fl=
portation of cheap labor from India
and forced to leive their land hold-
ings, which they -ptain only under
lease from the B^ors, to whom it has
been allotted, and under liability of
eviction, a serious uprising of the na
tives is not beyond the possibilities of
I the near future.
Losses by Drought in Australia.
The wheat harvest of 1902 in N-w
South Wales is only one-tenth of the
harvest of 1901, and this represents a
lo?s to the wheat growers of over 2.-
(.00,000. The losses in grain, hay and
vegetables are at least as great in the
aggregate, while the disasters of the
pastoral industry are on a yet more
tragical scale. In the flocks and herds
of the state there is a decrease ot
47,401 horses, 319,461 cattle and 15,-
CC9,632 sheep! Taken at low rates,
this represents an immediate cash loss
of something like 8,000,000.
Had Him in Doubt.
"Is your wife a good manager?"
"I really don't know." "Don't know!"
"No. You see, I always thought I ha-1
pretty much my own way in every
thing but the other day I got hvV:
of an article on the diplomatic1
vtv vi
sit and wait and wait.
He must be patient." Having treated
the subject very fully, she began with
the simplest, most practical question:
"And now can any little boy tell mo
what we need most when we go fish-
ing?" With one voice was the answer
agement of husbands, and since read
ing that I'm not at all sure that my
wife hasn't been managing me right
along. If that's so, you can put her
down as one of the best and cleverest
managers that ever lived."
A Mother to the Girl.
The woman who had lost her maid
at thp moment that she was expecting
visitors went to the Janitor in her
distreEs, hoping that he might be able
to find some one to help her out. He
was Hibernian and effusively sym
pathetic. "Shure an' It's too bad," he
assured her, "an' you afther bein' a
mither to that girl!" As the girl was
as black as a negro could be, the
woman took the compliment with res
I Lakesid Baker
Green Apples, Pine Apples, Peaches,
Pears, Plums, Oranges, Lemons, jjj
Bananas, Watermelons, Muskmel
ons, California Celery, California
Figs, Sugared Walnut Dates, and $
Cocoanuts jj
We have a full and complete line of
Confectionery & Cigars also handle $
the Celebrated Ives Ice Cream
I recently purchased the shop and
have greatly replenished the stock, which
is the most complete in the county. All
work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Repairing a specialty.
First Class Sample Room. Choices! Brands.
Mac's Mint
Geo. McTaggart Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Beltrami Avenue. Bemidji, Minn.
C. Steece
The Sign Man
Is here to stay, and is prepared to do all
kinds of uiD-to-date Painting, Paperhang
ing, Free Hand Relief Work, Kalsomin
ing. Etc
Subscribe for the
Daily and Weekly Pioneer
The two best papers piinted
between Crookston and Duluth
lour Particular Star.
It will never fail*you.
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