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The Daily Pioneer
Entered In the postofflce at Bemidji. Minn,
as second class matter.
Official County and City Paper.
Copy for changes of advertisements In
he Daily Pioneer must reach this office by
io o'clock a. In order to insure their
appearance in the issue of same day
For several weeks past many
of the weekly papers of the state
have been giving over the most
of their editorial space to the
making of political predictions.
Every possible and not few im
possible candidates for governor
to succeed Van Sant have been
mentioned and their merits ex
tensively discussed. Something
tangible now appears to
emerging from the sticky mess.
The Minneapolis Tribune of yes
terday has the following to say
on the gubernatorial situation:
'The gubernatorial situation in
this state is developing. From
the present outlook there will be
a three-cornered fight for the
nomination in the state conven
tion next year between Robert
C. Dunn, Frank M. Eddy and
Gov. Van Sant or some man on
whom his mantle will be placed.
Frank Eddy has been an active
candidate for the past two
months at least and makes no
denial of his intention to stay in
the game to the finish.
^"Bob" Dunn and JoelHeatwole,
who affected a partial alliance
during the legislative session
last winter, but who seemed to
have drifted apart after adjourn
ment, met in St. Paul Tuesday
and recemented the former union
in a manner which it is believed
will stick until the convention
finishes its work.
Since that time the agents of
both men have shown renewed
activity throughout the state and
have done some work right here
in Hennepin county, where they
count on Lieutenant Governor
Jones for material assistance.
Gov. Van Sant's position has
not changed. He is not a can
didate yet in the sense of setting
up the pins in his own behalf,
but he is slowly veering around
to the point where he may say he
will accept the third nomination
if it is tendered him.
This is all his friends desire at
this time as it gives them a post
to tie to until the situation devel
ops and they may tind it wiser to
pick out some new man who
stands for the same things that
Gov. Van Sant does.
It is in th mouths oi" a great
many Republicans that Judge
Robert Jamison is that man, al
though he has consistently dis
claimed any such ambition.
A YOUNG man in Duluth
brought ruin upon himself and
his employer, a banker, by em
bezzling $48,000 and losing it in
speculation through a bucket
shop. His salary was $70 a
month. The bucket shop men
knew this to be a fact and yet
they t6ok from him check after
check drawn for amounts rang
ing from $1,000 to $5,000. The
young mau will go to jail. The
bucket shop? Oh, it will keep
on doing business at the same
old standand in the same old
Not Anxious to Succeed Root as Sec
retary of War.
Manila, Aug. 15.It is believed that
Gov. Taft has not as yet received a
definite proffer of the war portfolio to
succeed Secretary Root. He refuses
to be interviewed on the subject. Out
It is known that he does not desire to
leave the islands. His departure would
involve a strong personal sacrifice, as
he would have to abandon his unselfish
devotion to the task of Improving the
condition of the Filipinos. He has said
often that he hopes for an opportunity
to complete the problem and FPP xh"
result of his work. The situation, he
thinks, is f-'st reaching a condition
where results are visible.
Overflow From the Wires in a Con
densed Form.
"Maj." Taylor reduced the world's
bicycle record for 300 meters from
18 4-5 seconds to 18 seconds at the
Pelodrome, Paris.
Henry O. Hallowell, assistant secre
tary and treasurer of the Pennsylvania
Mutual Life Insurance company, died
.suddenly at Atlantic City. He was
forty-six years of age.
B. Frank Gllkeson, formerly bank
ing commissioner, died at his home In
Bristol, Pa., of paralysis. During
President Harrison's administration
he was appointed second controller of
the currency.
Edward Arthur Fitzgerald, a lieuten
ant of the Fifth Dragoon guards,
married Muriel Dowie, the divorced
wife of Henry Norman, the author and
traveler, who is now a member of
parliament from South Wolverhamp
Arnold White, the author who tfas
fined $500 by the high court for con
tempt of court, in writing an article
just prior to Whittaker Wright's ar
rival in England, which it was alleged
was calculated to prejudice Whight's
trial, lias been liberated. Hi fine
was paid by public acubsrciption.
and Latest Quotation* From Grain
Live Stock Centers.
Paul, Aug. 15. Wheat No. 1
Northern, 93 94c No. 2 Northern,
[email protected] No.. 3, [email protected] no grade, 80
@82c. CornNo. 3, 52c No. 4, 51 l-2c.
RyeNo. 2, 47.1-248c. BarleyMalt
ing grades, [email protected] feed grades, 32
Minneapolis, Aug. 15. WheatNo.
1 Northern, 94 3-4 951-4c No. 'I
Northern, 92 3-4 93 3-4c.
Duluth, Aug. 15. Wheat No.* 1
hard, 87 5-8c No. 1 Northern, 871-8c
No. 2 Northern, 85 l-8c flax, 99c oats.
34(034 l-2c.
Milwaukee, Aug. 15. Wheat Nb.
1 Northern, 95c No. 2 Northern, [email protected]
94c. RyeNo. 1, 53c. BarleyNo. 2.
60c. Oats, 37 [email protected] CornSeptem
ber, 62 7-8c.
Chicago, Aug. 15. Wheat No.
2 red, 81 [email protected] No. 3 red, 79S80c
No. 2 hard winter, 7980c No. 8 hard
winter, 77 79c No. 1 Northern
spring, 85c No. 2 Northern spring, 82
@83c No. 3 spring, 7780c.
TSioux City, Iowa, Aug. 16. Cattle
Beeves, $4 5.25 cows, bulls and
mixed, $2.504 mockers and feeders,
[email protected] 70 calvftB and yearlings, $2.50
@3.60. Hoga, [email protected] bulk, $5.15
Chicago, Aug. 15.Cattle-Good to
prime steers, [email protected] stockers and
feeders, [email protected] HogsMixed arid
butchers, [email protected] good to choice
heavy, $5.406.65. Sheep Good to
choice wethers, [email protected] Western
sheep, a 3.80: native lambs, $3.25
@6 Western lambs, [email protected]
Soutn St. Paul, Aug. 15. Cattle
Good to choice steers. $4.25 5 good
to choice cows and heifers, $3.254
veals. $2.i05 steer calves. $23.50
good to choice stock cows and heifers,
[email protected] Hogs Bulk, [email protected]
common to good heavy, $55.25 good
light mixed and lights. $6.40 5.50.
Sheep Good to choice shorn lambs,
[email protected] good to choice yearling weth
ers, $44.25 heavy, [email protected] good to
choice ewes, medium weight, $2.50
2.75 heavy, $3.25 3.60: culls and
stock ewes, $2.50(5)3.
Measure Now Requires Only the
king's Signature.
London, Aug. 15. The house of
lords yesterday agreed to the Irish
land bill in the form formally ap
proved by the house of commons.
The latter house yesterday accepted
all the amendments save two unim
portant ones. The measure now only
awaits the royal assent to become
Rode Bicycle on Sidepaths Without
a License.
East Hampton, L. I., Aug. 15.T^or
riding on sidepaths without a licet.se
tag displayed on his bicycle Sheridan
Miles, the son of Lieut. Gen. Nelson A.
Miles, retired, was arrested by agents
of the Suffold County Sidepath com
mission. His plea of ignorance of the
local statute saved him from a fine.
Chinese Imperial Troops Are Defeated
in Battle.
Hongkong, Aug. 15.The Chinese
imperial troops have been defeated by
rebels at Hwei Chou Fu, in the south
ern province of Kwang Tung. im
perial reinforcements, consisting of
3,000 German-drilled troops have ar
rived at Canton.
Neil Knocks Out Forbes.
San Francisco. Aug. 15. Frankie
Neil of San Francisco won the bantam
weight championship of the world last
night when he landed a left swing in
the pit of Harry Forbes' stomach
the second round of a scheduled twen
ty-round fight. Forbes, by virtue of
holding the championship, was a 2 to 1
favorite in the betting.
Father Asks Arrest.
Vermillion, S. D.. Aug. 15.Sheriff
Gunderson arrested Fred Jepsen by
request of John Jepsen of Omaha. The
lad, in company with Joe Carr, ran
away from home last week. The fath
er will try to persuade the boy to re
turn home
Lord Salisbury III
I.ondcn. Aug. 15.Lord Salisbury is
r---i-'toi sly indisposed. The late pre
diejc is greatly exhausted, and phy
ricians are in attendance.
Thousands of Victims of Hurricane
Starving in Jamaica.
Kingston, Jamaica, Aug. 15. The
destitution in the hurricane-stricken
districts is appalling. Thousands of
persons, homeless, starving and ill
clad, are hurrying to the towns to ob
tain shelter and supplies, but as all
the churches and public buildings
have bean demolished the misery is
intense. A meeting held at Port An
tonio appealed, with the governor's
approval, the generosity of the
American psople. Foodstuffs and lum
ber are urgently needed and assistance
was implored.
Roosevelt's Good Offices to Be Invoked
in Manchurian Difficulty.
Yokohama, Aut,. 15.A special dis
patch from Pekin to a local newspaper
says that Prince Chlng has secured
Russia's consent to the invoking'of
President Roosevelt's good offices In
connectlon-vwith the Manchurlan diffi
Jur las Case.
Cynthlana, Aug. 15. In the
case of Jett and White, Judge L. P.
Fryer, commonwealth's attorney of
this district, made the closing argu
ment. Judge Fryer said to the Jurors
that If they turned the men loose they
might as well go home and let an
archy and assassination reign. The
case is in the hands of the Jury.
Killed by Cave-In.
Ishpeming, Mich., Aug. 15.Thomas
Lynch, chief of the Republic fire de
partment, was killed in a mine here
yesterday. He was boss of No. 1 pit,
and in making an examination before
the miners began work, was killed by
Livery Stable
New Carriages
and Good Horses
New and Second Hand
Carriages For Sale
Washington, D. C.
933 MASS. AVE. N. W.
Attorney in Land Cases.
All kinds of business before the U. S.
Land Fepartn.ent.
17 years in IT, S. General Land
Office. years in actual practice.
Hon. Knute Nelson, TJ. S. Senate.
Hon. Moses E. Clapp, U. S. Senate.
Hon. H. Steenerson, Crookston, Minn
Hon. John Lind, Minneapolis, Minn.
Hon. J. Adam Bede, Pine City, Minn.
Minnesota $ International
In Connection with the
..Northern Pacific
Provides the best train service be
tween Blackduck, Bemidji, Walker
and intermediate stations and Minne
apolis, St. Paul, Fargo and Duluth
and all points east and west. Through
coaches between Blackduck and the
Twin Cities. No change of cars.
Ample time at Brainerd for dinner.
Effective Sept. 1st, 1902.
Daily ex. STATIONS Daily ex.~
Sunaav Sundtij
7:00 a.m. 1-v Blackduck A 7:05
Tenstrike I.r. 6:-l6
Fin ley..
6:35 6:31
6:05 ,V26
5:02 4:35 4:00
3 A*
7:28.. 7.32.
8:3? 8:4H 8:57
9:2S }t:57....
10:36 Pine River 8:21
10:48 Ten kins 3:0"
10 55 Pen not 8:02
11:13 Hubert 2:45
11:25 Merrifield 2:35
11:55 a. in. Ar Brainerd Lv p. m.2.00
N. P. RY
4:05 p. in. l.v Hi a i nerd Ar. 111. 1:05
2:05 Little Falls Lv, 12:(T
3:04 St. Cloud a. 111. 11:07
5:14 Elk River 10:08
1:37 Anoka 9:48
4:20 Ar Minneapolis Lv. 9:10
4:50 Ar St. Paui I.v. a. m. 8:40
5:10 in. I.v Brainerd Ar p. 12:45
6:58 Aitkin I.v. a. 11:49
3:43 .Carlton 9:50
1:38 West Superior :,5
1:.V Ar Duluth I.v. a. :0
1:25 m. Lv Brainerd....Ar. p. m. 12- 5
4:00 Ar Farpo Lv. a. (rtWJ
General Manager A pent
Crack Postcffije Safe.
Sioux Falls, S. D., Aug. 15. The
postoflice building at Sherman was
entered by cracksmen 3 e: terday morn
ing, who blew open the safe and cai
ried off its contests. The robbers es
caped and there is no clue. Notes to
the value oi $1,500, $300 in cash- and
$150 worth of stamps were carried
Board of Equalization, Beltrami
County, Minnesota.
Bemidji. Minn.. July 20.1903.
Board of equalization met as provided by
statute. Members preset, Cbairman Sibley.
Commissioners Johnson, Anderson, MCDOUK
ald. Wright and Auditor Sylvester.
After iiuallfyin? as required by law, the
board proceeded to compare the different as
sessment returns.
P. A. Smith, representing the Rat Portage
Lumber company applied for cancellation of
certain assessment of logs in 3rd assessment
district, claiming double assessment. O
motion tl matter was referred to the state
board of equalization for adjustment.
On motion, the assessment of the Crookston
Lumber company in the village of Bemidji
was revised as follows: Addition to assess
ment of real estate for new buildings, 10.000
instead of $20,000 personal property class
17 raised from S6.400 to 814.340.
On motion, the assessment against S%S "EH
ond SYi SWM. section 20. T. 149. R. 34 was re
duced from 82.100 to S1.100.
On motion, the board adjourned to meet at
1:30 p.m.
Board reconvened as per adjournment,
On motion, the following changes in the re
turn of assessor of class 16 in the village of
Bemidji was raised so as to make the total
assessments as follows:
L. L. Berman, 82008 to 83000: I. Meyer, S1850
to84000: Fred Malzahn, 81874 to84000 McCuaig
& Ludington. 85150 to 88500: N. Nangle,
82325 to 83378 O'Leary & Bowser. 87000 to
88500 Schneider Bros., 88000 to 85OO0: P.
Young. 81255 to 81500: E. H. Winter & Co..
87195 to 88500 The printing outfit of M. E.
Ibertson from 8275 to 3400.
he following assessments were raised un
er class 26:
Clavin & Tanner. 8300 to $650: J. P. Duncalf.
8565 to8700 Frank Gagnon. 8747 to 900 Albert
Hall. 8405 to 8500 A. J. Hanson. 8211 to 3400
Chris Olson, 8260 to 8600 Frank Sllversack.
8561 to 8700: Cora K. Smith, 8510 to 8700 James
Thurston. 8400 to 3600 F. C. Tyson. 8727 to3800
J. P. Taylor. 8250 to 8400: H. P. Thompson.
3353 to 8500: Thome & Myers. 3620 to 8800: M.
Williams. 8300 to 8500: John Splan. $250 to 3400:
Die Anderson. 8771 to 81000: E. K. Anderson.
8200 to 8400 Brink Bros.. 8302 to 8400 M. E
Brlnkman. 8810 to 81000 Bacon & Brown. 3350
to 3*500 A. E. Gunswan. 3308 to $400: Gennes &
Lyons. 8508 to 3700 L. H. Bailey, class 27
raised to maxe total assessment$1100 instead
of 8331: Dulut Brewing Co.. class 2(5 raised to
make total assessment 8500 instead of $300
Fitger Brewing Co.. do. from $295 to S500
Glueck Brewing Co.. do. from 3125 to $300:
Minneapolis Brewing Co.. do. from $100 to
8500: Pabst Brewing Co., do. from 8200 to $400
8250 ordered added to the personal property
assessment of Wm. Blocker under class 26
Red Lake Transportation Co.. (not assessed)
ordered assessed for 1600 cedar poles, class 17.
8l(i0O: Anna Clavin. original townsite of Be
midji. lots 13.14 and 15, block 9. for new build
ings from 8600 to 39C0 Lake Shore Hotel,
original townsite of Bemidji, lots 1 and 2,
block 19. for addition to former buildings
(not assessed) 8600 F. A. Blakeslee. for added
buildings (not asseseed) 3400 on E% SWM and
W% SEJ4 section 6. township 146, range 33
E- .1, Sweedback, lots 11 and 12, block 11. in
original townsite of Bemidji (not assessed)
81200 George Kirk, for new buildings ad
ditional value to lot 9. block 1, Lake Park ad
dition to Bemidji. 3400.
On motion the board adjourned to meet at
9o,clock a. m., July 21,1903.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
All members present.
The board spent the day In reviewing the
different assessments and hearing grievances
and on motion adjourned to meet at!) o'clock
a. m.. July 23,1903.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
On motion the assessment against E. II.
Woodward for FM N'Eh. NWM NEM and
NEk NWM. section 29. township 149. range 34.
was reduced from $2150 to 81200.
On motion the board adjourned to meet at
2 o'clock p. m.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
On motion the addition real estate assess
ment for the town of Nebish was raised 50per
cent Town of Port Hope. 25 percent: Frohn
25 per cent, and item "C. class 1, personal
property. Town of Blackduck. 25 per cent
Froh n, 25 per cent Jones, 33 and per cent
Lammers. 20 per cent Summit, 33 and per
cent, and 2nd assessment district, 20 per
On motion the following individual assess
mets were raised:.
Wes Wright. Village of Bemidji. item C,
class raised $90: Tom Smart, do. 890: Fink
& Dickers Lammers, raised from 375 to
$150 Mrs. J. M. Kink, Lammers. raised 100
er cent Joe McTaggart. Village of Bemidji.
"C." class 1. raised $160: George Wallace, do,
$190: ack McAvo.v, do. $160 llamnis Brewing
Co.. Lammers. class 26. 3250 Brainerd Lum
ber Co., Village of Bemidji, class 1, raised
from $420 to8760, Irwin & O'Brien, do. raised
$800 Marion Johns (not assessed) ordered
assessed in class I. 8200 for 4 horses.
On moion the board adjourned to meet at
9 o'clock a. m.. July 24, 1903.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
All members present.
On motion the following assessments for
personal property in the Village of Bemidji
were made:
F. E. Higgins, 8247. and George Kirk *310.
On motion the assessment of S. C. Jackso
&Co.. in the Village of Tenstrike In class 1
was raised $1000 and the assessment against
said Co.. in the towns of Port Hope and
Hagali were ordered canceled same being
covered or included in the assessment! in the
village of Tenstrike and the assessment
against said firm in the tirst assessment dis
trict was ordered transferred to Martin
Bros., as the last named tlrm retained poses
sion of said propesty on the first day of May.
On motion, the personel property assess
ment against S. Arnold. Bemidji. was re
duced to$4o(: Eckles. to$152. and same against
Bessie Ridenour. Frohn. to8231. Said assess
ments being real estate mortgages and re
ductions made for part payment, the full
amount being assessed instead of balance due
on same
On motion, the following personel property
assessments were raised:
C, H. Allen & Co.. village of Blackduck.
class 16, from $1800 to32S00: Kolden & Thomp
son, do. class 17. 814:.'0 to $1620: O. E. Jackso
& Co.. do. class 16, from 82000 t" 32.500: F. L.
Miller. Lammers. class 26. from $175 to 8300:
E. J. Regan, do. class 26, from $.'00 to 5300: D.
F. Sullivan. Lammers. "C" 1. raised 850. class
"A" raised $25. class 8 raised $20. class "A 10
raised $*: A. E. Underwood. Lammers. class
17. raised from $90 to$250.
On motion, the board adjourned to meet at
1:30 p.m.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
On motion, the auditor was instructed to
transfer the assessment against the First
State Bank of Blackduck to the different
stockholders of said bank as per sworn state
ment-made by thecasliler of said bank, and
he isfurther instructed to cancel the assess
ment against W. L. Brooks on page 5 or the
assessment book of the village of Bemidji for
$1000, as the same Item is entered elsewhere,
making double entry.
On motion, the assessment of Erick Nelson.
village of Blackduck. class 28. was raised
from$110 to$210 E. M. Anderson, do. same
class, from $175 to $275 A B. Maxell, do. class
26. from $225 to $235.
On motion, the application for coreetion of
assessment of logs against the Kewaten Lum
Lmiiber company in the third assessment
district was referred to the state board for
On motion, the board adjourned.
Attest: F.O.SIBLEY.
D. L. SYLVESTER. Chairman.
F. O. E.
Fraternal Order of Eagles. Beminji Aerie No. 351
Meets every Sunday at 8 p.fm..
Uilmore's Hall.
Josepn rlarnngton, W President
H. LeBleu, W Secretary
Visiting Eagles cordially invited.
A Grea Railway
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Pau
Railway owns and operates all equip
ment on its 6.000 miles of road, includ
ing Sleeping Cars, Parlor Cars and
Dining Cars, maintaining an excel
lence of service unequaled on any rail
way in the world.
Its Daylight Express( making direct
connections at St. Paul and Minne
apolis with morning trains from the
North and West) leaves Minneapolis
7:50 a. m. and St. Paul 8:30 a. m.,
daily, reaching Milwaukee 7:00 p. m.
and Chicago 9:25 p. m. same day.
This train is electric lighted, carries
new Coaches of latest type. Observa
tion Buffet Parlor Car, and Dining
Car serving supper.
Its No. 2 (connecting at St. Paul
and Minneapolis with the fast trans
continental lines from the coast) leaves
Minreapolis 5:25 p. m. and St. Paul
6:00 p. m. daily, reaching Chicago
7:00 o'clock next morning, at which
point direct connections are made with
all trains for the East and South.
This train is electric lighted, carries
modern Coaches, first class Standard
Sleeping Cars, and Dining Car serv
ing supper.
Famous Train of the Worldleaves
Minneapolis 8:00 p. m. and St. Paul
8:35 p. m.. reaching Milwaukee 7:00
and Chicago 9:30 next morning. This
train is brilliantly lighted by elec
tricity, inside and out, and carries
Compartment Sleeping Cars, Standard
Sleeping Cars, Buffet Library Smok
ing Car, Free Reeling Chair Car,,
modern Coaches, and Dining Car
seruing breakfast a la carte. The
equipment composing the Piouecr is
the costliest and handsomest in the
In purchasing your tickets to the
East or South, request your home
ticket agent to route you via the Chi
cago. Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. from
St. Paul..
For folders, maps and lowest rates
to all points, write to W. B. DlXON,
Northwestern Passenger Affent,
St. Paul. Minn.
-T O
(Bemidji Schedule.)
No. 40.
..Park Rapid* Line. .7:10a.m.
..Duluth Express.. .12:27 p.m.
12:34 a.m.
Fosston Line 3:26 p.m.
3:12 a.m.
..Park Rapids Line..7:17
Bemidji. Minn
Daily Pioneer
1,000 Rolls of Wall
Paper while it lasts
at 5, 7, 8,10,12,14, 16,18 and 20
cents per double roll
Borders to match at the same price per roll
We have the only paper trimmer in the city, and trim our
paper free of charge
Room Moldings, Plate Rails, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Kalsomining, Etc.
Phone 20 31 1 Bemidji Avenue
Plans and Specifications for All Kinds of
Buildings, Brick Blocks, Court Houses,
Hotels, School Houses, Churches and Fine
Jay L. Reynolds
Office: Over Lnmbermens Bank
St. Louis and
the South
Are conveniently and comfort
ably reached by our two trains
a day.
The Limited, leaving
Minneapolis at 7:2J St.
Paul 8:00 p. m. daily,
arrives in St. Louis the
following: afternoon.
Combination ""Compart-
ment and standard
Sleepers and Reclining
Chair Cars.
The Scenic Express, leaving
Minneapolis at 7:30, St. Paul
8:05 'a. m., except Sunday, ar
rives in St. Louis early next
morning. Sleeping Cars from
Rock Island south.
This is the most direct route'
from Minneapolis and St. Paul
to Clinton, Davenport, Rock Is
land, and all Mississippi river
cities. Close connections with
lines South, Southeast and
Southwest in St. Louis Union
Ar You
Going East?
If so, you have probably de
cided on The Pioneer Lim
ited, or another one of the
four trains to Chicago, via
Milwaukee & St. Paul
The Pioneer Limited now
leaves St. Paul at 9:30 p.m.,
arriving in the heart of Chi
cago at H:30 a. m. It is well
to purchase your ticket and
berth in advance
363 Kobert Street, ST. PAl'I

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