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its to order. Jones 6
fn of Little Falls is
risey is here from
DIED is in town from
/u&ng left for Park Rap
JL\ W. M. Peck is in the city
^rom Brainerd.
L. K. McConnell of St. Paul is
.n town on business.
Miss Helen Porter of Pinetop
is visiting- in Bemidji.
J. C. McCall of St. Paul is reg
istered at the Markham.
H. C. Johnson and W. C. Kelso
are down from Turtle River.
Follow the crowd to the Lake
side bakery. It will pay you.
H. B. Perrin of Mankato is
transacting business in the city.
Pies, cakes, etc., for outing
lunches, at the Lakeside bakery.
Furnished rooms for rent over
the Boyer building. Inquire
upstairs. 54-tf
C. L. Smith is visiting at
Walker with^his daughter, Mrs.
ftj. W. Duff.
To obtain the best and quickest
results, use the Daily Pioneer
want column.
Invite your best girl to accom
pany you to the Lakeside bakery
ice cream parlors.
The best advertising medium
in Bemidji is the Daily Pioneer
everybodyjreads it.
A. H. Harris filed final proof on
his claim in Hubbard county be
fore Clerk of Court Rhoda today.
If you wish to buy a fine lot or
^Ifarm in a good location, see T.
Beaudette, the tailor, before buy
ing. 69 tf
The six-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Miller died of
appendicitis at 8 o'clock this
House repairing and glass of
all sizes furnished and set by T.
M. Harvey. At Miller's shop,
phone 80. 105d-wt-f
T. F. Hurley, Mrs. H. Hurley
and Miss Frances H. Hurley of
Minneapolis are spending an
outing in Bemidji.
Leave your orders for paper
hanging, decorating, painting and
sign writing with Steece, at Beau
dette's tailor shor 47tf
Judge Achenbach remains in a
very critical condition. An oper
ation which is considered to have
been a suocessf ul one was per
formed on him last night.
If you expect the girls to be
sweet on you, sweeten them at
the Lakeside bakery ice cream
parlors. They will enjoy it.
"You cannot fire a 44-caliber
cartridge in a 22-caliber gun,"
says an eastern paper. Neither
can you fire a "22-caliber cartridge
in a 44-caliber gun.
E. M. Moore is erecting an ad
dition to his big livery and feed
stable, 20x64 feet, for the storage
of buggies. The barn has the
capacity to comfortably house
100 horses.
the eye specialist, here August
22, 23, 24 and 26. Consult him
while the opportunity is at hand.
At the City hotel. 105
Home baking cakes, cookies
and all kinds of pastry a specialty
pies made to order best bread
in the city. Mrs. A. H. Bently,
Q3j& Gould's Harness shop Bel
tr&rhi avenue. 98-tf
Henry Buenther, the taxider
mist, has a most beautiful young
silver grey fox on exhibition at
his place of business, and many
have availed themselves of the
opportunity to see it today. It
will probably be shipped east in
a day or two.
Want Column!
ANYONE desiring- to buy a rotary
r,f 20,000 feet capacity write
'No. 300,*' care this office.
FOR RENTTwo tents on lake
shore furnished complete fori
housekeeping. Inquire of W.
L. Brooks. 105-7
FOR SALENice" buffalo coat.
Call at M. G. Slocum's Music
store. lOo-tf
FOR SALETwo thousand cords of
16-inch wooct. Wes Wright. 34tf
FOR SALEAll kinds of wood.
J. P. Duncalf. 'phone num
ber 63. 91 -tf
FOR SALECheap, a good seven
room house and 50-foot lot. In
ouire of L. H. Bailey. 70-tf
FOR SALETwo houses with
50-foot lots, close to school: al
so 5-acre lot in city limits and
120 acres near town. Wes
FOUNDSatchel of girls clothes
in lake by City dock. Owner
can have same b}* calling at
police headquarters and pay
Repairing, Remodeling and Dye
ing a Specialty. Prices Moderate.
References: R. B. Griffith and
Sig Wolff, Grand Forks Fontaine
& Anglim, Crookston.
at Sig Wolff's Department Store,
Grand Forks, N. D.
Advertise in the Pioneer
Climbing Mountains.
Is a fascinating and invigor
ating pastime. It developes not
the body only, but the mind. The
Alpine Peaks of Switzerland have
their counterpart in our own
country, in the Sierras, the Cas
cades, and parts of the Rockies.
The greatest glacial peak of
the United States is Mt. Ranier
in Washington, more than 15,500
feet high. This magnificent
mountain has 15 or more giant
glaciers creeping down its sides
and discharging their glacial de
tritus into the Columbia river or
Puget Sound.
A climb to the summit of this
is a mountaineering feat worthy
of any mountaineer. For 25 centf
Chas. S. Fee, Gen'l Passenger
Agent of the Northern Pacific
railway, St. Paul, Minn.will
send to any address an illustarted
booklet called "Climbing Mt. Ra
nier" describing a climb over gla
ciers to the top of the moun
tain. r
for this advertisement. 5-7
LANG & CARTER, exclusive agents
for Bailev's addition.
WANTEDA girl for general
housework. Mrs. Ed. Kaiser.
Call at residence.
FURS!{fae Rich and Varied Assortment.
All New Styles for the
Coming Season.
Our display is unequaled in the
entire northwest. Now is the
time to make your selections.
Liberal discount on orders placed
now, and we keep goods till
It is Evident
that the quality of
our goods has made
a lasting impression
as well as a favor
able one. It has
made regular cus
tomers of those who
purchase here in the
first place just to see
what our
was like.
Repeated orders
prove that they found
them worthy.
These are some of
the values that bring
our name into favor
able prominence"
Clocks, in hand
some oak case, suit
able for the kitchen
or dining room. ?3.75
Wisconsin Will Keep Out Dis
eased Horses of Minne
sota Camps.
Lumber camps in Northern
Minnesota will be closely watched
during the coming winter by the
Wisconsin state board of health.
Glanders is reported to be on the
increase in Wisconsin, and it is
i claimed that the disease is
brought into the state in many
cases through the lumber camp
I horses from Minnesota.
In this vicinity this diseasehas
not amounted to very much, al
though a few years ago there
was a small scare over it. The
Uumber camp people and the
I railroad companies will be close
ly watched to prevent the
violation of the law regarding the
taking of diseased animals into
Wisconsin. Instructions have
been given by the board to have
the cases investigated and to see
i that the law is strictly obeyed.
i Any evidence warranting a pros
I edition will be followed up. As
i as possible all horses from
th camps will be examined be:,
fore they cross the state line.
Nothing Like It.
Beaty Bros.' moving picture
show consists of 50,000 of the
latest moving pictures and the
latest illustrated songs sung by
Prof. Hartley, of New York.
This show is not to be classed
with the so-called moving picture
shows of which there are so
many traveling nowadays. It is
an acknowledged fact that the
Beaty Bros have the only six
moving picture machines on
earth with the Diamond Project
ing Lens. Beaty Bros, had these
machines made to order last
January. They have six sprock
ets that do away with all that
quiver. Most of the Beaty Bros.'
pictures are colored and cost 50
cents per foot, while the ordinary
picture costs 10 cents per foot.
Beaty Bros.' come to our city
very highly recommended.
Saturday night at the opera
$10,000 For a Cook,
Cornelius Vanderbilt, the elder,
employed the same cook for
a great many years at a salary of
$10,000 a year. This man knew
cooking in every detail. He
wasn't paid a large salary be
cause he could write, or keep
books, or do anything else but
cook but when it came to cook
ing, he could do that better than
any other man Vanderbilt had
ever known. The man who suc
ceeds today must know some|one
line better than any one else,
and then he must have the
strength to keep "eternally at
it." To do this, you need golden
grain belt beer regularly with
your meals. It tones both mind
and body and should be in every
home. Order of your nearest
dealer or be supplied by John
Essler, Bemidji.
Laboring Men's Choice to Buy a
We have several 40 acre tracts
of good farm land close to north
end of Bemidji lake hieh we
will offer for the next 30 days at
$4.50 and $5 per acre: terms, 810
per 40 cash down, balance SI per
month, with on or before privilege
in payments. Don't miss this
Turtle River, Minn.
Rev. John Wilmann will preach
in the Lutheran church next
Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m. Rev.
Wilmann is well known here,
i having been the first pastor of
the church.
Bricklayers Tie Up $2,000,000 in Con
Minneapolis, Aug. 22. Nearly 200
bricklayers refused to go to work on a
number of buildings here yesterday
morning because tl.e laborers on the
jobs could nor. shcr.v union cards. Build
ings in the downtown district to the
value of nearly $2,000,000 are as a re
sult tied up and the present indica
tions ate that not a tap of work will
i be do^e on them before sDrine The
i I
But Child Wanted to Carry
Ice Cream Home in a
A little boy entered Cilmoro's
drug store yesterday and, perch
Ling on a -stool at the ice cream
counter,-asked for a dish of ice
I cream. When the delectable dish
was placed before him ho at
tacked it with a joyous smile.
Soon the smile disappeared.
Half the dish was gone ami he
commenced to eat slower and
slower. Soon he stopped al
together. He dropped his spoon,
rapidly winked his eyes and
gulped hard, but stuck manfully
to his post. The clerk regarded
him curiously and soon the little
fellow began to cry.
'What c\o you want?" asked
the sympathetic man behind the
'II want a sasack, so 1
can carry the re- rest home
with me," came the sobbing
The Court Rules That He Shall
Serve Out His Full
Ben Doyle, Sentenced at the
last term of court to serve nine
and one-half years in the state
penitentiary on three charges,
grand larceny and two charges
of assault in the second degree,
will serve out the full sentence.
Judge McClennahan has so ruled.
The defendant's attorney made
a motion for a new trial. and to
have the sentence cut to five
years. Written arguments were
submitted to the court. The
decision was made known yes
Attorney Scrutchin represent
ed the defendent in the case and
County Attorney Loud acted for
the state.
strike came as a result of the decis
ion of the bricklayers Wednesday
night when they decided to go to work
yesterday morning if the laborers
could show union cards, and if not, to
strike through sympathy for the labor
ers and to l.elp thorn enforce their de
mands upon the contractors.
Steel Trust Gets Lands on the Mesaba
New York, Aug. It.The deal for
the purchase of iron ore lands on the
Mesaba range, Minnesota, by the
United Gtates Steel corporation, which
has been reported occasionally since
the first of the year, and which was
completed some months ago, was certi
fied yesterday by local officers of the
corporation. By this purchase the
steel corporation takes off the market
the last large single block of ore
property in the Mesaba range which is
for sale. It Is stated that the im
portance of the purchase cannot be
overestimated. In all about. 70,000,000
tons of excellent quality of ore, much
of it high-grade Bessemer, has been
measured up on the land acquired, and
it is estimated that an even larger
yield will be obtained. The properties
were purchased from the holdings of
the Chemung Iron Company of I)u-
He Will Address National Forestry
Minneapolis, Aug. 22.Delegates to
the national forestry convention,which
will open nere Tuesday morning- will
be given a reception at the Commercial
Club Tuesday evening. Gov. Van Sant
and Secretary of Agriculture Wilson
will be the guests of honor and will
address the delegates. A general in
vitation has ben issued to the public
to attend the sessions of the convrn
tion, which will last four days. The St.
Paul Commercial Club and chamber of
commerce have united with the Minne
apolis organizations and will assist In
entertaining the visitors. Secretary
Wilson will be the principal speaker
of the convention.
Is Fined for Shooting Harmless Birds
on His Own Confession.
Fergus Falls, Minn.. Aug. 22Arthur
Larson was charged with duck shoot
ing a day or two ago, but s^t up the
defense that he had shot only "hell
divers." Game Warden Jones took
him at hfs word and brought him into
court on the charge of shooting hell
divers, the charge bdn preferred un
der the act forbidding the destruction
of harmless birds. He was convicted
and fined $10 uxA c*t*, amounting ia
rvW ft* ftA.
pr"V W W W W *9
First Class Sample Room.
Beltrami Avenue.
1,000 Rolls of Wall
Paper while it lasts
at 5, 7, 8,10, 12,14, 16, 18 and 20
cents per double roll
Borders to match at the same price per roll
We have the only paper trimmer in the city, and trim our
paper tree of charge
Room Moldings, Plate Rails. Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Kalsomining, Etc.
Phone 20 311 Bemidji Avenue
Anyone desiring a cheap lot
in any partof Bemidji, call on
Local Agent for the
Bemidji Townsite &
Improvement Company
I recently purchased the shop and
have greatly replenished the stock, which
is the most complete in the county. All
work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Repairing a specialty.
Mac's Mint
Geo. McTaggart Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Daily Pioneer Want Ads, One Cent a Word
Choicest Brands.
Bemidji, Minn.

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