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The Daily Pioneer
Entered in the postoftkv at RemiM. Minn.,
as second (-lass matter.
Official County and City Paper.
Copy lor changes of advertisements in
The Dally Pioneer must reach this office
10 o'clock a. m. In order to insure theli
appearance in the issue of same day.
For the purpose of advancing
the interests of the tine arts, to
develop the influence of art in
education, and to foster the in
troduction of art in the manufac
tures, the Minnesota state legis
lature has enacted a law creating
the Minnesota State Art society.
It will be the duty of this
society, in order to accomplish
these objects, to arrange exhibi
tions of art and art-handicraft,
prepare courses of popular lee-.
tures on art and kindred sub
jects, to award prizes, and to ac
quire works of art and artistic
manufacture for a permanent
collection, to become the proper
ty of the state art society.
The law provides for the cre
ation of a governing board, con
sisting of nine members, seven
of whom shall be appointed by
the governor. Of these ap
pointees four shall be artists or
connoisseurs of art, one an arch
itect, one prominently identified
with education, and one directly
interested in manufacture. The
governor of the state and the
president of the state university
will be ex-officio members of this
board. All members serve with
out compensation as such.
Anyone presenting a work of
art, executed by himself, and
which shall be accepted by the
governing board, may become an
honorary member for life. Any
one, upon the endorsement of the
governing board and payment of
two dollars, may become a mem
ber for one year.
The first governing board has
been organized and consists, for
the most part, of residents of
St. Paul and Minneapolis. Greet
ings are being sent to all friends
of the arts in the state. The so
ciety will doubtless work great
benefit along certain lines to the
state. __________
The best advertising medium
in Bemidji is the Daily Pioneer
everybody reads it.
Silver Bullion Is Not Taken to Be
Phillipsburg, Mont., Sept. 20.Fed-
eral officers have made the discovery
that the silver bullion stolen about
two months ago from the Granite
Bimetallic mill was not taken to be
sold, but to be coined. Iso Kovego
vltch, arrested at the time of the rob
bery, is now held on the charge of
being one of a gang of counterfeiters.
In a barn at Drunimond, where Ko
vegovitch was arrested, the officers
have found an outfit for making silver
Julian Richards May Be Continued in
His Old Position.
Des Moines. Iowa, Sept. 20.Infor-
mation t'jceived here states that to
Julian Richards of Waterloo has been
tendered the position of private secre
tary to Speaker Cannon. Mr, Rich
ards held this position under Speaker
Henderson, and it is believed he will
accept Mr. Cannon's offer.
Believed That He Was the Victim of
Grand Forks N. D., Sept. 20.
Alfred Nally. a negro, died at the
Deaconess hospital as a result, of
blows on his head with a stick. Nally
was intoxicated on Sunday night and
it is believed that he had money. It is
thought he was slugged for the pur
pose of robbery.
Railroad Men Guilty of Larceny.
Aberdeen, S. D., Sept. 20.Blackney
and Lawrence, the Northwestern
brakeman and fireman arrested for
stealing goods from cars on the Gro
ton-Doland line, and brought here for
trial, entered pleas of guilty to petit
larceny, and were fined $100 and fif
teen days each.
Peter McKcrcher Appointed.
Washington. Sept. 20. Peter Mc
Kercher has been appointed postmas
ter at Stirum. Sergeant county, N. D.,
in place of John Anderson, resigned.
Passengers Nearly KJ^ed by a Bomb
on the Track.
Butte, Mont., Sept. 20. That six
men were not seriously injured or per
haps instantly killed just outside the
city limits last night was not the
i'ault of some cowardly person who
placed a quantity of explosives on the
street railway track about 300 yards
east of the Northern Pacific crossing,
badly wrecking Car No. 25, which was
on its way from Columbia Gardens.
Fortunately no one was injured, the
passengers and street car employes
j'escaping with bruises, though the car
I was wrecked. Motorman William G.
Schmidt detected the burning end "of
the fuse of the bomb, taking it for the
light of some one wishing to board the
car, turned off the current and ap
plied the brakes. This act undoubted
ly saved the lives of all, as had the
speed teen unchecked the car would
have been directly over the bomb
when it went off. When within about
thirty feet of the bomb the explosion
occurred, throwing all to the floor and
covering them with the debris of the
car. The floor was blown from the
car and the windows shattered to
fragments. The police have discov
eredn trace of the miscreants.
No Pupil Who Smokes Them Will Be
Allowed in School.
Kenosha, Wis., Sept. 20.The city
of Kenosha has placed the ban on
cigarettes, and hereafter no pupil will
be allowed to attend the city schools
who is a victim of the cigarette habit.
Principal W. H. Hammill issued an
edict yesterday ordering the expulsion
of all cigarette fiends, and his action
will be backed up by the board of edu
cation. The action of the principal is
meeting with opposition on the part
of the boys and from the tobacco
dealers. A general strike among the
students is promised if the rule is en
forced. It is said that fully 50 per
cent of the boys in the high school and
grades are cigarette smokers.
Qne Pastor Urges Advertising as a
Milwaukee, Sept. 20.At two relig
ious gatherings in Wisconsin this
week the necessity of new and novel
methods to attract outsiders to church
and to revivals has been emphasized.
At the Methodist Episcopal conference
in Green Bay, Presiding Elder John of
the Oshkosh district, said it seemed
almost impossible to interest older
people, and advocated a concentration
of work upon children. At the Pres
byterian state meeting just closed
here, Dr. Sanderson urged the neces
sity of advertising the church, in order
to keep it upon the move.
Latest Quotations From Grain
Live Stock Markets.
St. Paul. Sept. 21. Wheat No. 1
Northern, 88 89c No. 2 Northern,
84 85c No. 3, [email protected] no grade,
[email protected] CornNo. 3 yellow, 52c No.
3, 51c No. 4, 50c no grade. [email protected]
Rye No. 2, 50c. Barley Malting
grades, [email protected] feed grades, [email protected]
Minneapolis, Sept. 21.WheatNo.
1 hard, 85 3-8c No. 1 Northern,
84 3-8c No. 2 Northern, 81 7-8c.
Duluth, Sept. 21. Wheat No. 1
hard, 84 1-4c No. 1 Northern, 831-4c
No. 2 Northern, 80 l-4c flax. $1.03 3-4
oats, 37 5-8c rye, 54c barley, [email protected]
Milwaukee, Sept. 21. WheatNo.
1 Northern, 90c No. 2 Northern, [email protected]
89c. Rye firm No. 1, 57 1-2 58c.
Barley firm No. 2, 67c sample, 45
64c. Oats higher standard, 39 3-4
40c. CornDecember, 50 5-8c.
Chicago, Sept. 21. Wheat No.
2 red, 81 l-2c No. 3 red, 80 81c
No. 2 hard winter. 78 l-2c No. 3 hard
winter, [email protected] l-2c No. 1 Northern
spring, 90c No. 2 Northern spring, 88
@90c No. 3 spring, 82 88c. Cash
CornNo. 2, [email protected] No. 3. 51
5114c. Cash OatsNo. 2, 36 1-2
37c No. 3, 36c.
Sioux City, Iowa. Sept. 21. Cattle
Beeves. [email protected] cows, bulls and
mixed, $2.254 stockers and feeders,
[email protected] calves and yearlings, $2.50
3.75. Hogs, [email protected] bulk, $5.60
Chicago. Sept. 21,CattleGood to
prime steers, $5.50 6.15 stockers
and feeders. [email protected] calves, $.'5.50
(S6.S0 Texas-fed steers, $3.25^4.65
Western steers. $3.25^4.50. Hogs
Mixed and butchers, [email protected] good
to choice heavy. [email protected] Sheep
Good to choice wethers, [email protected] fair
to choice mixed, $2 3 Western
sheep, [email protected] native lambs, $3.50
@5.50 Western' lambs,[email protected]
South St. Paul. Sept. 21. Cattle
Good to choice steers. [email protected] good
to choice cows and heifers, $3 4
good to choice feeding steers, [email protected]
3.75 good to choice stock cows and
heifers, $2.15 2.35 good to choice
milch cows, [email protected], Hogs Price
range, [email protected]'90 bulk, [email protected]
SheepGood to choice shorn lambs,
[email protected] good to choice yearling
wethers, [email protected] heavy, [email protected]
good to choice ewes, medium weight,
[email protected] culls and stock ewes, $2 25
Man Fatally Wounds Two Police Of
ficers and Then Kills Himself.
Evansville. Ind., Sept. 20. After
fatally wounding Chief of Police Fred
Heuke and Police Captain Brennecke
and seriously injuring Councilman
Frank LUtz, Detective Thomas Hutch
ens last night turned his revolver on
himsf-f and committed suicide. Tna
snooting was the result of an old feud
beVwet.n Brennecke and Hutchens. It
oo.o.urrid in the Tristate fail grounds.
Wheat in Shock Is Drying and Inter
est Now Centers in Flax.
St. Paul, Sept. 20. Northern Pa
cific and Great Northern reports yes
terday were that threshing is resumed
through Western Minnesota and in
many North Dakota localities, where
the constant rains of the past few
days have seriously interfered with
the marketing of grain.
President MeJlen, interviewed yes
terday in New York, said that 90 per
cent of the wheat along the line of
the Northern Pacific is safe beyond
all risk. As it relates to Western
Minnesota, St. Paul officials believe
this figure is somewhat high, and that
the Minnesota wheat district as a
whole will not show more than 65 per
cent threshed or safe from damage.
The wheat not protected is mainly
that in shock, which has dried first
and is the first to be threshed on the
resumption of operations. With the
return of clear dry weather the re
ports of damage to wheat are becom
ing less frequent. The present inter
est centers in flax, and all lines are
inquiring into the effect of the frosts
of the past weeek.
And the River Will Continue to
La Crosse, Wis., Sept. 20. The
worst flood experienced in this portion
of the Mississippi valley for years is
submerging thousands of acres of
farm lands along the river, sweeping
away stacks of hay and grain, drown
ing live stock in fields and doin in
estimable damage. The flood has en
tered La Crosse and to the lower por
tion of the North side fifty families
have been forced to move out of their
homes. The river has overflowed the
Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul tracks
on the levee and goods have been
moved out of the lower floors of the
long row of wholesale houses. Three
sawmills in this city have been forced
to stop work and thousands of dollars'
worth of lumber and wood piled up in
the yards is in danger of being
washed away. The local weather ob
server predicts the river will rise
nearly a foot more at this point.
Ill Health Probably Prompted the
Harlan, Iowa, Sept. 20.Edward W,
Davis, pi sident of the Shelby county
bank, committed suicide by shooting.
His body waa found early yesterday in
the furnace room of the bank build
ing. Davis was once a member of the
Iowa legislature from Pcttawattomie
county and was a prominent citizen.
He disposed of much of his bank
stock Wednesday, but his financial af
fairs are said to be in good condition.
He was sixty years old and leaves a
widow and two daughters. Ill health
is thought to have prompted the deed.
Exceeds the Wroonsln State Exhibi
tion in Many Ways.
Elkhorn, Wis.. Sept. 20.Walworth
county is holding a fair which exceeds
the state fair at Milwaukee both in
point of attendance and number and
character of exhibits. This is nothing
remarkable, for the fair has heen con
tinuously successful for forty-four
years and heen much of that time un
der the same management. Yesterday
there was an attendance of over 15,-
000 people, coming not only from this
state but from Illinois, Iowa and Min
nesota as well, and the exhibitors are
from as far away as New Jersey.
Read Daily Pioneer want ads.
You'll find that it will pay you to
do so.
I recently purchased thelshop and
have greatly replenished the stock, which
is the most complete in the county. All
work guaranteed to I give, satisfaction.
Repairing a specialty.
There Is Land
Still Left in
the Northwest
And the Northern Pacific has a ntw and Tery Low Rate
for Colonists and Homeseekers in effect from September
15 to November 30, 1903.
This srives the Farmers a good chance to go homeseeking,
after crops are harvested, or any others who wish to move
into the growing, teeming, improving Northwest to visit
it at a trifling expense.
The finest valleys in the Northwest, good for grain, hay,
fruits, root crops, for mixed, stock or dairy farming, for
irrigation or not, as one wishes, are found along the
Northern Pacific 01' its branch or connecting lines. The
growing, thriving towns are |found there, too. It is a
great country.
Gallon any N. P. K. agent for rates and detailed infor-
mation or write to Chas. S. Pee, General Passenger Agent,
St. Paul, Minn.
Two Erie Young People Run Down by
Lake Shore Limited.
Erie, Pa., Sept. 20. Thomas L.
Eldridg twenty-two years old, a son
of Postmaster Eldridge of North
SprinKiijld, and Miss Minnie Ruland,
twenty years old, were instantly killed
by the Lake Shore limited near North
Springfield, while returning home
from a party in a carriage. They were
both prominent and popular """young
Will Establish a Ranch in North Da
Fargo, N. D.. Sept. 20. The an
nouncement that John Alexander
Dowie, the second Elijah, is to invade
North Dukota doesn't bring much Joy.
He selected a few townships of land
near Dickinson and will establish
some of his followers on a ranch and
mixed farming. It is said that he was
attracted to North Dakota as a result
of some of the converts in this state
who hare
impressed on him the possi-
bilities of the Northwest.
University President Is Found Not
Guilty of Charges.
Vermillion, S. D., Sept. 20. The
board of regents of South Dakota has
completely _.,-exonerated President
Droppers and Prof. Young of the state
university of charges that they at
tempted to bribe a student to give
false testimony against a member of
the faculty. The resignations of
Professors Todd and Merchant, who
supported the charges, were accepted.
Burn Principal in Effigy on Account of
Football Rule.
La Crosse, Wis., Sept. 20.A large
crowd of students of the local high
school l^st night gathered on the
campus and burned an effigy of Princi
pal Hemmenway because some of
their number has been refused per
mission to play on the school football
team this season, their scholarship
not coming up to the required stand
Bears Kill Stock.
Mora, Minn., Sept. 20 Black bears
are very numerous in the northern
part of this county, and farmers are
complaining of the damage they have
done, lulling sheep and young stock.
Lipton Out of Danger.
Chicago, Sept. 20.The condition of
Sir Thomas Lipton was pronounced
by his physicians last night to be en
tirely satisfactory and it is believed
all danger has passed.
School House Burned.
Mora, Minn., Sept. 20. The school
house in district No. 5, Grass Lake
town, Kanabec county, was burned
yesterday afternoon, after the close
of school.
Will Maintain Legation in Washington.
New York, Sept. 20.The chamber
of deputies recently abolished the le
gation in Washington says a Herald
dispatch from Asuncion, Paraguay.
The .chamber has now reconsidered
the resolution.
Burglars Break Into Bank.
Woodstock, Sept. 20. The State
Bank of Woodstock was broken into
last night. The outer door of the safe
was blown off by dynamite, but the,
burglars failed to get the inner door
The Daily Pioneer want col
umns are good
Try them.
Livery Stable
New Carriages
and Good Horses
New and Second Hand
Carriages For Sale
Washington, D. C.
933 MASS. AYE. N. W.
Attorney in Land Cases.
All kinds uf business before the U. S.
Land Department.
17 years in U. S. General Land
Office. 9 years in actual practice.
Hon. Knute Nelson, U. S. Senate.
Hon. Moses E. Clapp, TJ. S. Senate.
Hon.H. Steenerson, Crookston, Minn.
Hon. John Lind, Minneapolis, Minn.
Hon. J. Adam Bede, Pine City, Minn.
In Connection with the
..Northern Pacific.
Provides the best train service be
tween Blackduek, Bemidji, Walker
and intermediate stations and Minne
apolis, St. Paul, Fargo and Duluth
and all points east and west. Through
coaches between Blackduck and the
Twin Cities. No change of cars.
Ample time at Brainerd for dinner.
Effective Sept. 1st, 1902.
STATIONS Daily ex.
....Blaekd-ick Ar 7:05
....Tenstrike ..Lv. 6:46
Farley 6:35
Daily ez.
7:00 a.in.Lv.
7:17.... 7:28 7:32 Turtle b:31
8:10 Bemidji 6:05
8:32 Nary 5:26
8:43 Guthrie 5:15
8:57.. Lakeport 5:02
9:28 Walker.. 4:35
0:57 Hackensaclv 4:00
10:15 Bockus 3:42
10:36 ....I'm*-River 3:21
10:48 Jenkins 3:09
10 55
11:13 11:25 11:55 a.
4:05 p. in
result getters.
.Pequot 3:02
....2:45 :...2:35
Me rri field..
N. P. RY.
.Brainerd Ar.
Little Falla Lv. 12:05
.St. Cloud a. m. 11:07
Ar. Lv
Lv m. 1:05
5"!l4 Elk River 10:08
1:37 Anoka 9:48
4:20 Ar Minneapolis Lv. 9:10
4:50 Ar St. PBHI Lv. a. in. 8:40
5:10 p. in. Lv Brainerd Ar.p.m .12:45
6:53 Aitkin Lv. a. 11:49
3:43 Carlton 9:50
1:38 West Superior 55
1:55 Ar Duluth Lv. a. 8:40
1:25 p. in. Lv Brninerd A r. p. 12- 5
4:00 Ar ...Farpo Lv. a. 8:00
General Manasrer- Affent
(Bemidji Schedule.)
No. 40...Park Rapids Line. .7:10a.m.
14...Duluth Express...12:27 p.m.
26 12:34 a.m.
13 Fosston Line 3:26 p.m.
25 3:12 a.m.
39...Park Rapids Line..7:17
Bemidji. N/linn
Subscribe for the Dailv Pion
eer now is the tim e.
Office Over Lumbermens Hank
St Louis and
the South
Are conveniently and comfort
ably reached by our two trains
a day.
The Limited, leaving
Minneapolis at 7:25, St.
Paul 8:00 p. m. daily,
arrives in St. Louis the
following afternoon.
Combination Compart
ment and standard
Sleepers and Reclining
Chair Cars.
The Scenic Express, leaving
Minneapolis at 7:30, St. Paul
8:05 a. m., except Sunday, ar
rives in St. Louis early next
morning. Sleeping Cars from
Rock Island south.
This is the most direct route
from Minneapolis and St. Paul
to Clinton, Davenport, Rock Is
land, and all Mississippi river
cities. Close connections with
lines South, Southeast and
Southwest in St." Louis Union
Indiana and Ohio
Homevisitors Excursion
Very low rates will be made
on Oct. 6. Return limit 30
days, via
Milwaukee & St. Paul
to Louisville, Cincinnati,
Sandusky, Columbus and all
points west in the states of
Ohio and Indiana. Informa
tion on request.
3C5 Robert Street, ST. PAUL,
A Great Railway.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway owns and operates all equip
ment on its 6.000 miles of road, includ
ing Sleeping Cars, Parlor Cars and
Dining Cars, maintaining an excel
lence of service unequaled on any rail
way in the world.
Its Daylight Express (making direct
connections at St.'"Paul and Minne
apolis with morning trains from the
North and West) leaves Minneapolis
7:50 a.m. and St. Paul 8:30 a. m.,
daily, reaching: Milwaukee 7:00 p. m.
and Chicago 9:25 p. m. same day.
This train is electric lighted, carries
new Coaches of latest type. Observa
tion Buffet Parlor Car, and Dining
Car serving supper.
Its No. 2 (connecting at St. Paul
and Minneapolis with the fast trans
continental lines from the coast) leaves
Minneapolis 5:25 p. m. and St. Paul
6:00 p. m. daily, reaching Chicago
7:00 o'clock next morning, at which
point direct connections are made with
all trains for the East and South.
This train is electric lighted, carries
modern Coaches, first class Standard
Sleeping Cars, and Dining Car serv
ing supper.
Famous Train of the Worldleaves
Minneapolis 8:00 p. m. and St. Paul
8:35 p. m., reaching Milwaukee 7:00
and Chicago 9:30 next morning. This
train is brilliantly lighted by elec
tricity, inside and" out, and carries
Compartment Sleeping Cars, Standard
Sleeping Cars, Buffet Library Smok
ing Car, Free Reeling Chair Car,
modern Coaches, and Dining Car
seruing breakfast a la carte. The
equipment composing the Pioneer is
the costliest and handsomest in the
In purchasing your tickets to the
East or South, request your home
ticket agent to route you via the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & S"t. Paul Ry. from
St. Paul.
For folders, maps and lowest rates
to all points, write to "W. B. DrxON,
Northwestern Passenger Agent,
St. Paul. Minn.
Dailv Pioneer

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