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The Daily Pioneer
Entered in the postofflce at Bemiclji, Miun.,
as second class matter.
Official County and City Paper.
Copy for changes of advertisements In
The Daily Pioneer must reach this office by
10 o'clock a. in order to insure ttieli
appearance in the issue of same day.
The first crop of hunting ac
cident reports is causing the
usual fall discussion as to what
is to be done to restrain the fool
and protect his victims.
Unfortunately there is nothing
in the game laws that permits
discrimination about issuing
hunting licenses. The map who
shoots at the first rustle in the
bush can as easily acquire per
mission to hunt as the man that
waits to see what his mark is be
fore he shoots.
Severe punishment for the
fool hunter whose carelessness
causes mishap to life or limb is
th6 most iikeiy "suggestion, ut
hunting accidents have happened
every fall so far and as yet the
number of guilty parties that
have been brought to justice has
been exceedingly slim.
If an example could be made
of someone it might breed more
carelessness, but in most cases
the man who is brainless enough
to shoot hastily is crafty enough
to make his escape' without in
quiring into the extent of injury
and to remain hidden. Cunning
often takes the place of wisdom
among beings of small intellect.
Duluth Herald.
Dr. Karl Ballod read a paper
the other day before the inters
national statistical conference ac
Berlin on the mortality in large
cities, contending that cities hav
ing a population of a million in
western Europe were healthier
than smaller cities, because the
latter's sanitary precautions
were far inferior to those of the
larger cities.
Berlin, he said, was the most
healthful and London and Vienna
came next. Paris was the worst
of all. Country populations were
the least healthy, but country
people going to the cities were
healthier thantown-bred persons.
Official Figures of Claims Presented
by Foreign Nations.
Caracas, Venezuela, Sept. 25.Tjhe
official figures of the claims presented
by foreign nations to the mixed tri
bunal now sitting in Caracas are as
follows: France, $16,040,000 United
States, $10,900,000 Italy, $8,300,000
Belgium, $3,093,860 Great Britain, $2,-
500,800 Germany, $1,417,309 Holland,
$1,046,450 Spain, $600,000 Mexico.
$500,000 Norway and Sweden. $200.-
Murderer Is Cornered by a Posse and
Kills Himself.
North Vernon, Ind., Sept. 25.Will-
iam Wilkersbn yesterday drove his
family'from home and shot Marshal
Schwake to death when the marshal
entered the house to arrest Wilker
son. Wilkerson started for the coun
try and a posse was organized to pur
sue him. A halt-mile from town
"Wilkerson was surrounded and killed
Prince Alert Paces a Mile in
New York, Sept. 25.Prince Alert,
the pacing hero of a hundred races
and the champion of a score of half
mile tracks, went against the world's
pacing record of 1:59, held by Dan
Patch, and lowered it to 1:5 7 yester
day at the Empire City track.
Twenty-Three Murders Reported in an
Alabama County Since Jan. 1.
New Orleans, Sept. 25.A dispatch
from Evergreen. Ala., says: Breathitt
county, Ky., has a strong rival for
lawlessness and bloodshed in Monroe
county, Ala., where twenty-three mur
ders have occurred since January, two
of the men killed being sheriffs. There
is practically no attempt to enforce
the laws, as juries are afraid to do
anything. Local papers take no notice
of a killing for fear of revenue.
Board of County Commissioners
of Beltrami County, Minnesota,
Adjourned Session.
September IOCS.
Board of county commissioners of Beltrami
county. Minnesota, met in adjourned ses
All members present.
Called to order by the chairman at 10
o'clock a. m.
Moved by Commissioner Johnson .seconded
by Commissioner McDougald. that 6100 In
appropriated out of the county road and
bridge fund to the town of Bemidji to be ex
pended on the county road as it runs between
sections 13 and 24 In said town.
Motion carried.
'Moved by Commissioner Johnson, seconded
by Commissioner McDoutrald. that S1OIH
appropriated out of the county road bridge
fund to the town of Frohn to be expended on
section line between sections is-lit. 17-^0 and
10 and 21.
Motion carried.
Board adjourned to meet at o'clock p. m.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
On motion by Commissioner Wright, sec
onded by Commissioner Anderson, forrmil
resolutions were made and filed with the
auditor. orga.nl/Ann the following described
territory Into school districts: Sections22,
i. 24, 2i, 27, 34. 35 and 3t town 151, north of
range 31 west, as School District No. *2 al I of
government town 133 .north of range 31. as
School District No. 83: and sections 4, 5, fi, 7.
s.!). 18. 17 and is, town 1411, range 33 west, as
School District No. H4.
On motion by Commissioner Wright, sec
onded by Commissioner Johnson, that the
application of W. 1'. Welch for a license to
sell Intoxicating liquors at Neblsh. was ap
proved, and the chairman and auditor In
structed to issue said license.
Motion carried.
On motion, the bond of W. Welch, witli
Charles Mangle and Fred M. Mal/ahn as
sureties, was approved.
The following report of the board of audit
was read and appro v.ed:
Bemidji. Minn., Aug. 8.1W3
The board of Audit of Heltrami county,
Minnesota, met in the auditor's office as per
auditor's call at 2 p. m. for the purpose of
receiving and opening bids for additional
depositories for county funds.
Members present: D. L. Sylvester, county
auditor F. O. Sibley, chairman of the l)oard
of county commissioners: K. W. Rhoda, clerk
of the district court.
The following bid was received and opened
Proposal of an Incorporate Bank for the
Deposit of County Funds:
The First National bank of Bagleyin re
sponse to an advertisement for bids for desig
nation by the county lxmrd of auditors as
depositories for funds of the said Beltrami
county, hereby makes application to be des
ignated as a depository for funds for the
said county, and does hereby agree with the
board of audttors of said Beltrami county
that if said bank shall be designated by the
board of auditors as a depository for the
funds of said county that for and in consid
eration therefor it will well and truly credit
all moneys deposited when received, and
will on the first day of each month render to
the county auditor the statements of account
and of Interest, as required by law. and will
veil and truly credit to the county on the
first day of each month the interest due on
the balance for the preceding month, esti
mated on dally balances fur said preceding
month on nil funds payable on demand at
the rate ot2 Ater cent per annum, and will at
the time fi^d forth payment of funds de
positedyfbr any certain length (if time credit
the accrued interest thereon at the rate of 3
-per-ceiit per annum, and will well and truly
hold and safely keep all said funds, with
accrued lnteiest thereon, subject to draft
and payment at all times on demand, or at
the date fixed in case any funds are de
posited for a certain length of time, and will
well and truly pay over on demand, accord
ing to law. all funds lelongin to said
county which may hereafter be deposited, or
which have heretofore been deposited In
said bank and which remains unpaid at the
delivery and approval of agood and sufficient
bond running to said county, which said
bank hereby agrees to furnish to said county
in such amount and wish such sureties its
may be required by the proper authorities
and conditioned upon the faithful discharge
of each and every agreement hereinbefore
Tt lx-'ing further agreed and understood
that the bank whl renew or increase such
security whenever required by the proper
authority with full power reserved to said
lioard of auditors to vacate, revoke or mod
ify such designation if the same be. made.
And on motion by F.O.Sibley and seconded
by F. W. ithoda. the alwve bid of the First
National bank of Bagley was accepted and
Resolved, that the First National bank of
Bagley, and the same hereby is designated
as an additional depository of the funds of
the county of Beltrami for the term of two
years and further
Resolved, that the permanent depository
be made for twenty thousand dollars for the
term of one year, and the auditsr is hereby
directed to notify the county treasurer to
make such deposit upon the tiling with him
of a lwiid of said hank approved by the
board of county commissioners.
On motion of F. W. Rhoda and seconded by
F. O: Sibley, the bond of the First National
bank of Bagley for depository of county
funds was accepted, subject to the approval
of the sureties thereon by the' ioar of
county commissioners.
On motion the board of auditors ad
(Signed) 1). L. SYI.VESTEII.
County Auditor,
(Signed) F, O. SIBLEY,
Chairman of County Board.
(Signed) F. W. RHOOA,
Clerk of the District Court.
On motion the bond of the First National
hank of Bagley in the amount of fifty thous
and ($50,000) dollars, with Albert Raiser,
Lewis Lohii. James E. Campbell, Lewis I
Larson, Sever S. Stadsvold. William E. Mi
Ken/.ic and Andrew 1). Stephens as sureties,
was approved and ordered Hied with the
county treasurer.
On motion by Anderson, seconded by
Wright.i he following resolut ion was adopted:
Resolved, that S20Q lie and it is hereby
appropriated to the town of Maple Ridge out
ot the-county road and bridge fund to be-ex
pended on the town road on the west section
line of sections 20 and 32 and south section
line of section 32.
Motion made by Commissioner Wright,
seconded by Johnson, that S2,0U0be,.and it is
hereby transferred from the sinking-fund to
the revenue fund to pay witness and juror
fees during the September'lertn of the dis
rict court.
All members voted in favor of said motion.
1 ieclared carried.
Motion made by Commissioner Anderson,
seconded by Commissioner Wright, that
85.000 be and It is hereby transferred, tem
porarily, from the sinking fund to the gen
eral ditch fund.
I aims were
the following On motion
allowed: 11 W 11 ageii. cooking at pest nouse 30 00
Hell rami County News, publishing
notice of teachers' examination
E Olberg. publishing notice of teach
ers'ex am in at ion
E Kaiser, publishing commissioners'
proceedings, 7-23
E Kaiser, publishing board of equaliza
E Raiser, publishing legal notices
E Raiser, publishing notice, sale of
ditch jobs
E Raiser, st uiionery for county officers
Pioneer Press Co. blank books
do doc envelopes printed
do blanks
So book
W E McKlnzie. blanks
Mlller-rDavis Printing Co,5,000 tax re
ceipts, county treasurer
McGill, Warner & Co. two warrant
George Barnard & Co. metal tix
tures-forauditor's vault
George Barnard & Co six volumes.
1903session laws
George Barnard & Curstationei'jr
George Barnard & Co,one flattop
desk, chambers, districl judge
Wallers Root)) & Son. 2 twp manuals..
4 10
21 31 'Js
7," till
li 60 Ofl
SO Ofl
50 45
71 00
41 on
HI 5*1
42 00 IVI
Free Press Printing Co.2f tax list*. 1903IIM 50
Free Press Printing Co, one deed of
record... &
Malrafcn. supplies for poor farm., fl SO
Chailes Nando, supplts for poor farm. 90 W
Sever Sevrson. pulling stumps on
poorfarm 2000
Peter Larkln, taking A JUIlcr. pauper
to poor farm tt 00
Sprague, sundry expense paid on
poorfarm 11 56
Mrs Clara Kidney, cooking at poor
house 5 00
Doran & Lyons, repairs at poor house. 15 U2
George Bright, assisting In taking A
Miller to poor farm 2 44
Graham & Knopke. meats for poor
farm 10 70
O'Leary & Bowser, supplies for poor
farm 4X5
E Winter & Co, floor for poor farm.. WO
A ,1 Hand, axema on survey of county
road, Frohn 2 00
Hand.axeman on survey of county
road. Frohn 2 00
The Austin-Western Co, one road
grader. SHOO: one blade bit, 88 30s 00
Haberlee, chainman 011 survey of
county road. Frohn 2 00
Phelps, labor on Turtle Rive and
Frohn county roads 5 30
Guthrie, labor on Turtle Rive
and Frohn county roads 3 50
Anton Frederick, labor on Turtle River
and Frohn county roads 17 5
Fred Eikstadt. fllagman on survey of
county road, Frohn 2 00
E W Hannah, five and one-half days'
lalx)r on county road.Grant Valley.. 22 00
Nels Wlllet, chainman on survey of
county road, Frohn 3 00
O Sibley, commissioner, per clem,
S3 mileagel $2.60 on 9-H 5 ISO
Wm Belfy, witness at probate court as
to insanity of Joh McLean 4 00
Wilmot, witness at probate court
as to insanity of Albert Hanson 1 12
Martin Erickson. witness at, probate
court as to Insanity of Michael Sulli
van 3 ltt
Haldeman. taking testimony. State
vs William A Shannon 2 00
E Achenhach, justice fees. State vs
Frank Shauls 4 65
Justice court. E Achenbach. justice.
State vs. Carlson. 5 iK.i
Rldenour, taking testimony. State
vs A Olson 17 55
E Achenbach. justice fees 93 50
A It Henderson, lalior on hammers
ditch.survey 30
Ray Malthy. axeman on survey of
Lammers' ditch so
Sever Hraaten. one day extinguishing
forest fires. Frohn 1 50
John Rydland, two days extinguishing
forest fires, Lammers 3 00
Jason O Carter, live days and one-half
extinguishing forest fires, village of
Tenstrlke 11 00
Charles Dickinson, one day with team
extinguishing forest fires, Lammers.. 2 50
Andrew Larson, threeda.vsextingulsh
i'rig forest flres^'Lammers 00
James Wynne.threedaysextinguish-
lng forest fires, Lammers 5 00
Edwin Llndell. one day extinguishing
forest fires. Lammers 1 50
Johnnie Llndell. one day extinguishing
forest fires, Lammers 1 50
Johnson, one day extinguishing
forest fires, Lammers 15 0
Henry Piatt, one day extinguishing
forest fires, Lammers 1 50
Henry Richards, one day extinguishing
forest fires. Lammers 15 0
Hubert Guertin, one day extinguish
ing forest Ares, Lammers 1 50
Sylvester, one day attending
board of audit 3 00
Village of Bemidji, water rent. Jan 1st
to July 1st, 1903. $40. at 30 00
Ellis, extra janitor work at teach
ers'examination 5 00
Charles Narigle, lawn grass seed for
court house yard 11 15
E Reynolds, placing steel fixtures in
auditor's vault 2 50
Warfleld Electric Co. light for court
house and jail for July 45
E Carson. 700 loads of top soil for
court house ground 70 00
Dufresne. annotation for 1S94 stat
utes S OO
E Winter & Co, supplies for county
jail IS 40
E II Winter Co. supplies for court
house 9 25
Charles Nangle, lawn grass seed for
court house groundss 8 50
On motion. Becker county order No
7S7. Heath & Co. was ordered paid 54
On motion the board adjourned to meet at
,10 o'clock a. m.
The board reconvened as per adjournment.
Memler present: Commissioners Ander
son, Johnson, McDougald and Wright.
Motion made by Commissioner McDougald.
seconded by Commissioner Anderson, that
*!00 lie.and the same Is hereby appropriated
out of the county road and bridge fund to lie
expended under the supervision of A Knud
son. of Nehish, on county road lieglnning at
section 5, town 148, range 33. running north to
section 20, town 149, range 33.
On motion, the lioard adjourned until 2
o'clock p.
Board reconvened as per adjournment.
On motion, thecluhn of the village of Far
ley for expenses incurred in thecareof quar
antine matters to the amount of S602.00. was
allowed atfi-ft.O.
On motion, the following claims were al
lowed: A Wilcox, work on court house
Price, labor on Hag pole
Price, superintending work on
court house grounds, #52, allowed at.
E Chapman, hauling dirt for and lev
eling court house grounds
E II Winter Co, supplies for county
A Gilmour & Co, drugs and medicine
for county prisoners
Price, building 180,feet sidewalk,
court house grounds
7 03
13 00
25 00
17 00
8 20
10 05
I recently purchased the shop and
have greatly replenished the stock, which
is the most complete in the county. All
work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Repairing a specialty.
There Is Land
Still Left in
the Northwest
And the Northern Pacific has a ntw and very Low Rate
for Colonists and Horneseekers in effect from September
15 to November 3Q, 1903.
This gives the Farmers a good chance to go homeseeking,
after crops are harvested, or any others who wish to move
into the growing*, teeming, improving Northwest to visit
it at a trilling expense.
The finest valleys in the Northwest, good for grain, hay,
fruits, root crops, for mixed, stock or dairy farming, for
irrigation or not, as one wishes, are found along the
Northern Pacific or its branch or connecting lines. The
growing, thriving towns arc found there, too. It is a
great country.
Call on any N. I'. R. agent for rates and detailed infor-
mation or write to ("has. S. Poo. ("J on era1 Passenger Agent.
St. Paul, Minn.
Loud, expense Ra Portage tax
case -fl 5 24
W Jones, rasping and painting flag
pole 13 15
Cameron, annotating one set of
statutes and session laws 9 00
Warfleld Electric Co. light, court house
and jail. August 2tt 31
W Rhoda, 1 day attending lioard of
audit 30 0
W Rhoda, clerk of court fees 10 00
W Rhoda. express and postage, clerk
of court's office 4 50
A Clark, postage, judge of probate's
office 22 4
Thomas Bailey, keeping prisoners,
July 22632
Thomas Bailey, keeping prisoners.
August 1M50
Sylvester, auditor's fees, ditch No.
1 9 40
Sylvester, auditor's fees, ditch No.
2 C90
Robert Crase. chainman survey, Lam
mers dltcti 0 so
Heiss. rodman. ditch No. 2 3 50
A Henderson, rodman. ditch No. 2... 19 25
A Henderson, axrnan. ditch No. 2.... 0 50
Waldron. axrnan, ditch Mo. 1 tt 00
Ray Malthy. axrnan. ditch No. 1 9 00
Ray Malthy. axrnan. ditch No. 2 3 00
A Zion, axrnan, ditch No. 1 6 00
I) Stoner, ditch engineer's fees, ditch
No. 1 10* 0
Stoner. ditch engineer's fees, ditcli
No. 2. 3300
S S Shook, witness. State vs Victor Har
ris 340
Haldeman, taking testimony. State
vs Frank Shouls--- 10 0
Haldeman, taking testimony, inquest
body of W Street 40
Wes Wright. 2 days signing commission
ers' warrants tt 00
Wes Wright com per diem Stt, mileage
20 cents Stt 20
Joh McDougald, com per diem S6, mile
age 11 00
A O Johnso com per diem SO. mileage
S.J.411 40
E Anderson com per diem S6, mile
age SI 70 0
E Anderson, viewing road work, town
of Northern. Stt, mileage S2 SO S HO
Joh McDougald, viewing road work,
S3, mileage, *1 10 4 10
John McDougald. viewing road work,
S3, mileage. SI 30 4 30
i'eter N Brondby. lalior on county road
in Turtle Rive 5 20
Timothy Cherririer. lalior on county
road, in Turtle River 4 20
Theodore Snyder, lalior on county road
in Turtle River 1 20
Albert Utech, lalior on coonty road In
Turtle River 10 00
Ernest Guthrie, lalior on county road
in Turtle River 14 0
A Phelps, lalior on county road in
Turtle River 4 70
Sydney Hedjrlin, labor on county road
in Turtle River 3 10
John Guthrie, labor on county road in
Turtle River.:..:. 230 1
Deitch, labor on county road in
Turtle River tt 25
ELNaylor, burial of Joh Anderson.
pauper 3 85
A Wilcox, taking Sykes, pauper, to
depot 1 00
Wes Wright, looking up condition of
Taylor Carlsen family, paupers. 3 00
Village of Farley, expense care of Geo,
Lee, smallpox patient. #51. at 25 50
E Anderson, poor committee work.
looking up Jacob Weber, pauper. $3.
mileage Si 40 4 40
II Dlckersoh. supplies for 0 Flan
ders, pauper 5 00
Blackduck Furniture company, burial
of Peter Olson, pauper. SiK) 50. at 25 00
W O Newman, supplies for Fred Jock
man, pauper 12 55
A Gilmour & Co, drugs and medicine
for paupers 10 05
Kolden & Thompson, supplies for James
E Tope, pauper 10 70
Kolden & Thompson, supplies for Mrs
Louisa Larson, pauper 5 30
Bagley, 3 trips to poor farm, Ss 50,
at 7 50
E Winter & Co. supplies for poor
farm^^,,.^^^.^^ B2J9
A Gilmour. drugs and medicine for
poorfarm 44 35
BemidjiMercantileCo.supplies for poor
farm 00 Hi)
Graham Knopke. meats for poor
farm... 13 80
O'Leary & Howser, supplies for poor
farm 5 45
John O'Brien, 92 days labor at poor
farm 02 00
A Gilmour & Co, stationery for super
intendent of schools 1 75
Grand Forks Herald, deed record 22 50
Free Press I'rlntingCo, blanks 15 (S
McGlll-Warner Co stationery and lxioks 10 83
do blanks 1 39
The Pioneer Press Co. blanks 3 50
Geo Barnard & Co. lxioks and blanks 52 00
do blanks and sta
tionery... 23 50
McGill-Warner &Co. tracing cloth and
profile paper for surveyor 23 00
The Pioneer Press Co. 29 tax settlement
books 05 00
On motion, Becker county warrant No 477,
In favor of George Hamilton for 852.57 was
allowed and ordered paid.
On motion, the bid of Jake Miller for work
on Blackduck and Red Lake county road as
per specifications was approved and the con
tract awarded him.
On motion, the bond of Jake Miller in the
sum of S700 with Henry Plummer. O. C. Fred
erickson and Joseph J. Miller as sureties.
was approved.
On motion, the bid of George Detling for
certain corduroying and grubbing on road
leading from Blackduck to Langor and be
tween Quiring and Langor was approved and
On motion, the bond of George Detling with
A Langord, A Kell and A Wagner as
sureties in the sum of $000 was approved.
On motion, the board adjourned to meet
October 20,10OS.
Attest: P. O. SIBLEV.
D. L. SYLVESTER, Chairman.
Ex-bflieio Clerk of Board.
Livery Stable
New Carriages
and Good Horses
New and Second Hand
Carriages For Sale
"Washington, D. O.
933 MASS. AVE. N. W,
Attorney in Land Cases.
All kinds uf business before the U. S.
Land Department.
17 years in U. S. General Land
Office. 9 years in actual practice.
Hon. Knute Nelson, U. S. Senate.
Hon. Moses E. Clapp, U. S. Senate.
Hon. H. Steenerson, Crookston, Minn.
Hon. John Land, Minneapolis, Minn.
Hon. J. Adam Bede, Pine City, Minn.
In Connection with the
..Northern Pacific.
Provides the best train service be
tween Blackduck, Bemidji, Walker
and intermediate stations and Minne
apolis, St. Paul, Fargo and Duluth
and all points east and west. Through
coaches between Blackduck and the
Twin Cities. No change of cars.
Ample time at Brainerd for dinner.
Effective Sept. 1st, 1902.
Dally ex. STATIONS Daily ex.
Sunday Sunday
7:00 a. m.Lv Blaekd-.iek...'... A 7:05
7:17 Tenstrlke Lv. 6:46
7:28 Farley 6:35
7.82.' Turtle 6:31
8:10 Bemidji 6:05
8:32 Nary 5:28
8:43 Guthrie 5:15
..Lakeport 5:02
...Walker 4:35
.Hackensack 4:00
BiK'kus 3 42
..Pine River 8:21
Jenkins 3:09
Pequot 3:02
Hubert 2:45
Merri field 2:35
m. A.r Brainerd rn .2:00
N. P. RY.
9:28.... 9:57....
10:36... 10:48... 10 55...
11:25... 11:55 a.
4:05 p. in. Brainerd
2:0? Little Falls...
3:0-1 St. Cloud....
5:14 ElkKlver....
1:37 Anoka
4:20 Ar Minuet)polls...
4:50 Ar St. Paui....
5:10 m. X.v Brainerd
6:53 Ait.kin...
3:43 Ca rlton
1:38 West Superior.
1:55 A Duluth....
1:25 p. ni. Brainerd...
4:(K) A Farjro
General Manaper.
..Ar. m.l:05
Lv. 12:05
a. m. 11:07 10:08
Lv. 9:10
..Lv. a. m. 8:40
Ar p. .12:45
Lv. a. 11:49
..Lv. a. 8:40
Ar. p. m. 12- 5
.Lv.a. 8:00
A Kent
i Bemidji Schedule
No. 4U...Park Kapid* Line. .7:10a.m.
14... Duluth Express.. .12:27 p.m.
2H 12::4a.ra
13 Fosston Line 3:2(5 p.m.
25 3:12 a.m.
39...Park Rapids Line..7:17
Bemidji. Minn
Subscribe for the Daily Pion
eer: now is the time.
Jay L. Reynolds
Office Over Lumberme ns Bank
St. Louis and
the South
Are conveniently and comfort
ably reached by our two trains
a day.
The Limited, leaving
Minneapolis at 7:25, St.
Paul 8:00 p. m. daily,
arrives in St. Louis the
following afternoon.
Combination Compart
ment and standard
Sleepers and Reclining
Chair Cars.
The Scenic Express, leaving
Minneapolis at 7:30, St. Paul
8:05 a. m., except Sunday, ar
rives in St. Louis early next
morning. Sleeping Cars from
Rock Island south.
This is the most direct route
from Minneapolis and St. Paul
to Clinton, Davenport, Rock Is
land, and all Mississippi river
cities. Close connections with
lines South, Southeast and
Southwest in St. Louis Union
Sunshine in California
From now on through
the winter season there
is no place so comfort
ably warm and attract
ive as California. The
rates are low. Until
November 30 only
Through tourist car
service every Tuesday
morning from St. Paul
and Minneapolis. The
berth rate is $6. Route
is via the
Milwaukee & St Fan
For additional Information write to
365 Robert Street, ST. PAUL
A Grea Railway.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway owns and operates all equip
ment on its 6.000 miles of road, includ
ing Sleeping Cars, Parlor Cars and
Dining Cars, maintaining: an excel
lence of service unequaled on any rail
way in the world.
Its Daylight Express( making direct
connections at St. Paul and Minne
apolis with morning trains from the
North and West) leaves Minneapolis'
7:50 a. m. and St. Paul 8:30 a. m.,.
daily, reaching1
Milwaukee 7:00 p. in
and Chicago 9:25 p. m. same day.
This train is electric lighted, carries
new Coaches of latest type. Observa
tion Buffet Parlor Car, and Dining
Car serving supper.
Its No. 2 (connecting at St. Paul
and Minneapolis with the fast trans
continental lines from the coast) leaves
Minreapolis 5:25 p. m. and St. Paul
fi:00 p. m. daily, reaching Chicago
7:00 o'clock next morning, at which
point direct connections are made with
all trains for the Ea^t and South.
This train is electric lighted, carries
modern Coaches, first class Standard
Sleeping Cars, and Dining Car serv
ing supper.
Famous Train of the Worldleaves
Minneapolis 8:00 p. m. and St. Paul
8:35 p. m.. reaching Milwaukee 7:00
and Chicago 9:30 next morning. This
train is brilliantly lighted hy elec
tricity, inside and out, and carries
Compartment Sleeping Cars, Standard
Sleeping Cars, Buffet Library Smok
ing Car, Free Reeling Chair Car,
modern Coaches, and Dining Car
seruing breakfast a la carte. The
equipment composing the Pioneer is
the costliest and handsomest in the
In purchasing your tickets to the
East or South, request your home
ticket agent to route you via the Chi
cago. Milwaukee N: St. Paul Rr from
St. Paul.
For folders, maps and lowest rates
to all points, write to W B. Ducox.
Northwestern Passenger Agent,
St. Paul. Minn.
Dailv Pioneer

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