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First Wheat Ever Raised in
County Marketed Today at
Winter & Co.'s.
Raised in Liberty Town by A.
Westgaard and Averaged Twen
five Bushels Per Acre.
The first wheat ever marketed
inBemidji so far as all informa
tion at hand at present extends
was bought at the store of E. H.
Winter & Co. this morning from
A. Westgaard, a Liberty town
ship farmer. Mr. Westgaard re
ceived 90 cents per bushel for it.
The grain is of a good quality
and will grade No. 2 Northern.
Mr. Westgaard raised several
acres of it this season and hasname
just finished threshing the crop.
He reports that the average yield
was about twenty-five .bushels
per acre. It was planted merely
as an experiment and r. West
gaard found it so satisfactory
that he will engage in wheat rais
ing on a larger scale next year.
Highly Recommended.
W. T. Sherman: "You can't
boost the 'White Mahatma' too
highly. I have personal assur
ances from traveling men friends
of mine that it is one of the best
things that has ever come to Be
midji. The program, they say,
is simply a wonder of its kind.
I hav3 heard this from several
friends of mine that I know
would not misrepresent. When
we get a good show we want the
people to know it and want to do
business with it. Just tell them
that its one of the best things
that has come to Bemidji this
Hector Townsend, Hen ry
Thomas and John Anderson
were a trio of the toughest char
acters that have ever been in
police court in Bemidji and all
were up this morning for drunk
eness. All entered pleas of
guilty. Anderson was hunched
out of town yesterday but failed
to get out and was sent up for
thirty days. Townsend and
Tnomas claimed to be sailors and
Englishmen. Yesterday Town
send's name was Corbett and
when in liqu he boasted that
he was wanted by the police all
over the country and that his
name was Liverpool Kid. He is
the man who shot up the fixtures
at the Lakeside sa-oon. Thomas is
his pal. Townsend was given
sixty days and Thomas was
given five. The only charge
against him was drunkeness and
he was run in early yesterday.
James Brown, a woodsman, who
was drunk and attempted to
keep the officers from arresting
Townsend went up for thirty
This is the day when people are
looking for big returns from
small investments. You are as
snred good returns if you usecrowned
our want column.
G. B. W. Nelson and family,
who have been residents of Be
midji for some time past, are
soon to remove to Michigan. The
family have many friends who
will learn of their intended de
parture with regret.
One-Half Off on
$ 2.00 Hats now at $ i.oo
3.50 Hatsnow at 1.75
4."0Hatsnow at 2.75
7.50 Hats now at 3-75
10.00 Hats now at 5.00
15.00 Hats now at 7-5
20.00 Hats now at 10.00
We Treat You Right
and Save You Money
Members of the Charter Commis
sion File Qualifications With
Clerk of Court.
Seven members of the newly
qualified charter commission
have tiled their qualification and
oaths at the clerk of cout's office.
Those who have qualified are L.
H. Bailey, C. R. Martin, A. P.
White, George E. Carson, "Matt
Thome, Fred Malzahn and Por
ter Nye.
The other members of the com
mission will probably qualify the
first of the week. As soon as all
the qualifications have been filed
the commission will proceed to
organize by the election of a pres
ident and secretary. Several
names have been mentioned for
both positions.
Innocent in Bad Company.
B. P. Stanley was enjoying
himself at the Blake resort last
night when arrested. Stanley's
and general appearance
correspond with that of the Mr.but
Stanley who recently passed a
forged check at the Markham
hotel. He could not be indenti
fied, however, as the man who
did the business and released
from custody.
Something About Renowned Psy
chist Who is Now in the City
and Will Give Entertainment
summoned before many of the
heads of Europe. He
still carries with him an ele
gant gold watch, presented to
him by the faculty of Sheffield
Scientific school, Yale College, as
a testimonial of its appreciation
of his honesty and worth, and
his opportunities for investiga-
Underwear -Special Values.
Vest and Pants. Ribbed Cotton 25c
Vest and Pants. Bibbed Cotton 50c
Vest and Pants, Ribbed Wool 75c
Vest and Pants, Cream. All Wool $1.00
Vest and rants. White All Wool $1.48
Vest and Pants. Extra Fine Ribbed..$i 73
Union Suits... .59c, $1.25, $1.75 and $3.00
Full Line of Children's Underwear.
Si ice the announcement that
Manager Wheelock has secured
J. Randall Brown, the famous
occult scientist, known as thethem
White Mahatma, for an entertain
ment at the op'.'i'a house next
Monday evening, there is an in
tense interest manifested in his
appearance here, and it is a fore
gone conclusion that he will be
greeted by a large crowd. There
are several prominent citizens of
Bemidji who have witnessed Mr.
Brown's entertainment else
where and say he gives the most
wonderful performance they
ever saw.
It will be remembered that
Mr. Brown came before the pub
lic some twenty-five years ago
and created the most profound
sensation through the exhibition
of the wonderful powers of
intuitive perception or telepathy.
He has since appeared before the
faculties of nearly every scientific
institution in this country and
has traveled all over the world,
and indeed has just returned
from a trip abroad, where he was
Lyle Cory, Highwayman, is Ap
prehended by Sheriff Bailey
Lylo Cory, one of the men im
plicated in the recent holdup at
Wilton, was arrosted yesterday
on a farm near Osage postoffice,
in Hubbard county, by Sheriff
Thos. Bailey and was brought
back to Bemidji last night. Cory
confesses his guilt and will be
bound over to the grand jury.
Cory's whereabouts were con
fessed by his pal, who was ar
rested several days ago ano\ who
told Officers Helmer and
ningham, when put in the sweat
box, that he was working in a
logging camp.
Cory tells a somewhat differ
ent story of the holdup at Wilton
than his pal, who is in the county
jail. He says that he himself
bound and gagged the proprietor
and stuffed a handkerchief in
his mouth. The other man says
he was not bound and gagged,
that they left him standing
in the middle of the floor.
Cory was taken by surprise
yesterday or he would no doubt
have resisted arrest. He was
alone at the farm house Where he
was working and was showing a
neighbor some of the stock in the
barn. He had several guns, but
unfortunately none of them were
on his person.
Bad Bunch at County Jail.
There are at present 18 pris
oners at the county jail, and
Sheriff Bailey says they have the
general air and appearance of
being the toughest crowd the
county bastile has ever had
together at one time. Five of
are highwaymen with rec
ords. tion and experience in the realm
of the mysterious have enabled
him to progress far beyond the
average man of science in this
particular phase of phenomena,
Mr. Brown's entertainment is
of a refined and intellectual char
acter- and appeals to the elite.
His audiences are invariably com
posed of the best class of people,
and his extraordinary work_is
looked upon with the greatest
The spiritualistic part of his
seance is quite out of the ordi
nary line and devoid of the usual
rope tying feats and other ordi
nary manifestations. Messages
from the dead, table lifting and
other starting phenomena will be
included in the progam.
A Pioneer reporter was accord
ed an interview with the great
psychical demonstrator at the
Markham today and found him
to be an interesting conversation
alist. Among other things he
told of that notorious test given
some years ago, in which he al
lowed himself to be buried alive
in Minneapolis.
"I possess the faculty," said
Mr. Brown, "of making my mind
a perfect blank and remaining in
a semi-unconcious condition or in
a state of repose for an indefinite
length of time. In the test I
gave in Minneapolis I reduced
myself to this condition, and
with my eyes, ears and nose
sealed with wax, was placed in
the casket and lowered into the
ground, and the earth filled in as
an ordinary case of burial. I re
mained there three full days."
This was one of the most ex
traordinary experiences that was
ever undergone by a human be
ing and Mr. Brown's detailed ac
count of it is interesting to the
highest degreo. This is but one
of his long string of interesting
reminiscences which he recounts.
He is a remarkable man, and any
one who attends his demonstra
tions at the opera house Monday
evening ought to be well enter
i tained.
Women's and Children's Hosiery. j
Women's All-Wool Hose in Black 25c
Women's A11-Wool Hose in Gray 25c
Women's All-wool Hose in Black 35c
Women's All Cashmere Hose in Black.. 48c
Children's All-Wool Hose in Black....20c
Children's All-Wool Hose In Black 25c
Boys' All-Wool Bicycle Hose 40c
Children's Fleeced. ...12 1-2 and 20c
United the Destinies of Miss
Bertha Miller and G. W. Green
Thursday Evening.
Thursday evening at the home
of the bride's parents in this city
occurred the marriage of Miss
Bertha Miller and George W.
Green, two well known and popu
lar Bemidji young people. The
wedding was a quiet home affair
and only relatives and intimate
friends were present.
The groom has been employed
as a millwright at the Crookston
mill during the past summer and
many Bemidji friends. The
bride is an estimable young lady,
universally popular and well
spoken of. Mr. and Mrs. Green
left this morning for Little Falls
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a a a a i a] a! a! a a]
lal 1
they will visit with friends
for a short time. They will make
their future home in Washington
state and after a brief honey
moon trip will leave for their
new location. They will have the
best wishes of many friends for
a happy and prosperous married
Woodmen to Dance.
The local lodge M. W. A. plans
a dance and social for the night
of Dec. o. It will be held at the
city hall and the local Woodmen
will spare ho effort to make it a
big success. The music will be
the best that it is possible to se
cure and all arrangements will
be made to make the affair one of
the most enjoyable things that
has occurred in this lineforsome
time. The local lodge of Wood
men is in a flourishing condition
at present and it will outdo all
past efforts at the corning event.
Peter Nylander and Mr. Mat
thews, two patients at St. Anreserves
thony's hospital who were ser
iously ill of pneumonia for some
time, were dismissed from the
hospital entirely recovered, yes
The Home
of the
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[a! i
r-m^^^^S^^^^^^^^SS^^^^S^^^^^^M^S^^f^S^^^^^^^WB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j&, a
Sheriff Bailey Says Carl Swenson
in Not Popular in Wash
ington State.
Sheriff Thos. Bailey was avail
able at the court house this morn
ing for the first time for
weeks. Mr. Bailey went to the
county seat of Washington about
two*' weeks ago with Mrs. Clara
Swenson, the insane woman. Im
mediately upon his return he
took Wm. Reade to the state
penitentiary and as soon as he
had returned from this trip he
went to Osage and arrested Lyle
Cory, who is wanted for high
way robbery. Mr. Bailey says
he is not as favorably impressed
with the coast country as he
might have been. He first took
Mrs. Swenson to her old home at
Newport. He found that her
husband had left there and gone
to Yakima to work. At the coun
ty seat of Stevens county, where
Mrs. Swenson was turned over
to the sheriff, her case aroused
considerable indignation and Mr.
Bailey says it will never do for
Swenson to put in an appearance
there as the people are quite
thoroughly angered. Swenson
is a worthless printer and ha
badly abused his wife and family of
eight children. The oldest, a boy
of eleven years, is working for his
board and attending school at
one of the towns in that vicinity.
Bids For Wood.
Sealed -bids for furnishing
fifty cords of dry birch or jack
pine wood will be received at the
office of the recorder of the vil
lage of Bemidji in the city hall
until Monday night, November
23, at eight o'clock. The council
the right to reject any
and all bids. H. W. BAILEY,
Why is it that Daily Pioneer
want ads bring such good results?
[a"isjag Ji Jt (a IH a. a inin Jg a.. a & &K&K a a" aK nng iKi^kllala a nI a & Mia .aiglj "a"ala [a SI'S: gg]sg ]jfSMgS a.aI'H
and the $20 Overcoats to be worth $30 and $32,
guaranteeing you a saving of from $5 to $12 on Over-
coats at the above prices. Besides we give you a
selection from more Overcoats than any other store in
the city.
Men's Hosiery Gloves, Mittens, Shirts, Neckwear,
Night Robes, Pajamas, Caps, Overshoes, Rubbers, Fur
Coats, Mackinaws, Etc., Etc.
SCHNEIDE BROS., the Place for Values
$10, $12, $15,$18, $20]ljlafa[aM
We positively guarantee the $10
Overcoats to be worth $15 and $16,
the $12 Overcoats to be worth $18
and $20, the $15 Overcoats to be
worth $20 and $22, the $18 Over-
coats to be worth $25 and $28,
Enevold Murder Trial Is On
at Cass Lake But Jury Is
Hard to Get.
County Attorney Will Be Assisted
in Prosecution by Judge Mon
tague of Crookston.
The Enevold murder trial is at
present the order with the ses
sion of the district court in
Walker. Judge McClenehan is
sitting in the case. All of yester
day was put in in examining
jurors. There have been several
special venires and while jurors
were examined all day yesterday
only two had been secured at six
o'clock last night. Judge Mon
tague of Crookston has been ap
pointed by Attorney General
Douglas to assist in the prosecu
tion and the case will be one of
the greatest interest.
The defendant is Martin Ene
vold and the killing was the re
sult of a drunken quarrel that
occurred at Cass Lake on the
night of July 13th. Enevold is
fifty years old, a shoemakp" by
trade and a cripple. He is ordi
nary peaceable except when
drinking. On the evening of the
date mentioned, he with Ole
Moen and Samuel Gilstad en
gaged in a scuffle in a saloon at
Cass Lake, and the other two
got Enevold down on the floor.
No serious consequences result
ed and the bartender made them
let up. It is alleged that he then
proceeded to arm himself, and
although his quarrel was with
Gilstad he returned to the saloon
and Moen coming in he shot him
twice. After lingering two
months Moen died. The plea of
Enevold will be self defense.
The Largest
House in
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