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The daily pioneer. [volume] (Bemidji, Beltrami Co., Minn.) 1903-1904, December 14, 1903, Image 4

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MissLaura Maver's Name En
tered and She Takes
First Place at Once.
The Party Will Leave For Dalnth
Saturday Noon and See Ben
Hur That Evening.
The vote today:
Laura Mayer
May Vfflemant..
Bertie Brannon.......
Mthel McTaggart
Florence Grrlmoldby...
I Outride town*::
Ida Moien, Bagley.
Mabel Johnson,Turtle River. .312
Miss Cyfc, fcefoatrike.......... 78
^Bemidji and Beltrami county
havehardly hadfcimeyet to real
ize the highness of the Pioneer's
$fer to send a partj ofsix people
to Dujutbi n^xt weelto,see JOaw.
& Erlaiger's grand sr^l^ular
presentetipn'of "Seh Mr,^ in
Tfhich' 350 people appear upon
the stage. Nevertheless consid'
rable interest is already mani
fest and, a few votes are being
Briefly the Pioneer proposition
is this: The Pioneer will, send
to Duluth to see Ben Hur four
people from Bemidji and two
from some town outside of Be
midji. The young lady of Be
midji who receives themostvotes
fcp? the most popular young lady
bi! the city will be allowed,, to,
cjboose three friends to go with
her, an^, the. young lady outside
tne city who receives the most
votes will lie aUbwed to choose
Tjhe entire party of six will be
furnished with transportation,
hotel expenses in Duluth and
theatre tickets for the best seats
in the Lyceum theatre to see
E'en Hur Saturday evening,
December 26.
Twenty-Six votes Will be alf
lowed for each month's subscrip
tion to the Pioneer^ paid tfpj
whether for subscription in ad
vance or for back subscription
foij two months 52 votes, for six
months 156 votes, for one year
8pS votes, etc. One year's sub
scjipiibn to thV weekly will en
title you to 65 votes. Coupons
will also appear in the Pioneer
eatih day and in the weekly, each
good for one vote.
Remember that there are two
separate contestsone for Be
midji and one for towns outside
*Phe Pioneer party will leave
Bemidji for Duluth Saturday
noon, December 26, returning
the following day.
Here is a Christmas present
worth having and worth giving!
Bring in your votes!
Thought Something Was Doing.
The janitor at the court house
threw the scare into several
members of the charter commis
sion Saturday night. The com
mission had been in session until
11 o'clock and a few O the mem
bers lingered until 12:30, talking
over things. Then they started
to go home. They were met at
the front steps by the janitor in
his night robes, armed with a
huge bludgeon,
informed that
He'had not been
the commission
was in session and hearing a
noise up stairs he came up to see
what was doing. The most pro-
Handkerchiefs Ribbons
Purses Wrist Bags
Kid Gloves
Yarn Mitts
Golf Gloves
Shell Goods
Photo Albums
Present Month Outclasses
Decembers Past for Gen
uine Winter Weather.
Yesterday Was the Coldest De
cember Day Five
The present month is estab
lishing anew record in Decem
ber weather. Yesterday was the
coldest December day in five
years according to the govern
ment weather observers in many
cjt the cities.1
attained a minimum temperature
,oX twenty-four degrees and the.ypt^rsqif
highest temperature of the day
.^wasf ieu pelow.
The present winter is what
the old timers are pleased to term
an old fashloned^Minnesoia win
ter. It is the exception ana hot
the rule of Minnesota winters
nevertheless. Snow covers the
ground to a depth of over a foot
on the level, and there was good
sleighing on the fifth day of the
month, something,that has not
occurred for years. While there
have been few really severe
storms, snow has fallen for four
teen consecutive days in more or
less quanties than is usual for
this time of year.
Snowcovered the ground sever
al days before the hunting season
closed the last of November and
in the thick pine woods it will
noyeaye unt$. the first of. May.
This leaves iiT on the ground
almost six months and tends to
bear out the statement that in
Minnesbta ^hefe are only two
seasons June and winter.
There are several good features
about the early wmter, however.
It is especially auspicious to work
in the woods. There is old say
ing to the effect that a
'Christmas means a full
yard" and if/there is any virtue
in this an early winter is a health
fu1, one. 'A deep December and
an early April" is another that
present conditions make reassur
According to the science of
woodcraft shows in December
indicates a mild winter so far as
cold weather is concerned. When
the moss is green on the north
side of hardwood timber in Nov
ember it is a sure sign, they say,
that the winter will be a mild
The vigorous weather at pres
ent causes something of a hard
ship neverthless. It was not
generally expected and it has
given a decided impetus to the
wood market and the coal market
as well. Despite the fact that on
an average of seventy-five cords
of wood have been marketed in
the city daily for the past twenty
days, prices continue high and it
is impossible to obtain wood of
any kind at less than $2 per cord.
The weather has also given new
life to the stove market and every
hardware store in the cityK
all it can do to keep up with
the orders that are coming in at
present. fuse explanations were necessary
before he could be convinced
that it did not involve a duty upon
him to keep the whole outfit at
the court house until the police
department could be notified.
Christmas Suggestions
Baby Hoods
Pillow Tops
Neck Furs
Bed Spreads
All Ladies and Misses Hats at Half Price. The Largest Stock and Best Values in Ladies and
Children's Underwear and V" \T 17 A Next Door to First Nat. Bank.
Hosiery in the city at OfiWUiitOVW O
Charter Commission For
mally Organized Last
Saturday Night.
1:4*- r*-V-
Work of Draughting a City Char
ter Will Be Taken Up
The charter commission was
formally organized at a meeting
held at the court house last Sat
Urday night at'w)$ih all, mem
bers were present and will begin
at once draughting the hew char
t^rto be submitted for accept
,anoe or rejection to fe legal
t|ie vii^e ojf Bemidji
some time within the next six
The meeting was held at the
offjpe o| C^erk oj .Qouri, Bjhq4a.
Porter J^ye presided as' tem
.jb^ary chairman andE. L. $ayjpr
as sepretaicyv M. D. Stoner was
elected chairman aud^red fehoda
secretary. Mr. Stoner made
a very happyspeech of acceptance
land there were remarks "by other
members of the commission. The
remainder of the .^e^s^^'-':f^&\
Bjgenfj'i^ pu&ning the work of
the commission. 'PlaW,.w.e^el
dtjscus^ed and/the general senti
ment that all should pull together
iqr'the good.. of the. city and?
draught a charter that would
cover well, all of its requirements
was expressed.
It was.agreed to submit several
questions upon which the various
members of the commission were,
not agreed to Judge Spooner and
the meeting was adjourned sub
ject to the call of the chairman.
Big Business at County Jail.
The.books at Sheriff Bailey's
office show that during the time
since the new county jail building
has been occupied there have
been 189 prisoners at the county
jail. This does not represent the
number of committments.. Many
of the prisoners
been com-'
mitted several times. Patrick
Doyle, "Paddy the Pig," has
served at least four terms during
the present year, but his record
is not up to that of John Peter
son, who has served more time
than any man at the jail.
Must be Stopped.
Dr. Morrison, of the local
board of health, announces that
his attention has been called to
the fact that a number of people
are very careless in dumping
refuse on the ice in the lake and
about the streets of the city. The
practice must be stopped says
the doctor so far as the streets
are concerned and the board will
be compelled to proceed against
the first violation to which its at
tention is called.
Dainty Chinaware.
A display of hand painted
chinaware, executed by Olive
McBride, is one of the things
that attracts the attention of the
lady patrons at Winter's store at
present. ^It is one of the very
cleverest things of the sort ever
seen in the city and contains
many of the most dainty indi
vidual pieces which will make
suitable holiday gifts. Every
lady in Bemidji should see the
Why is it that Daily Pioneer
want ads bring such good results?
Corsets Silk Mitts
Dress Goods Patterns
Under Skirts
Table Linens
Table Spreads
Bad Man, Big Gun.
Matt ICnudsoii, who has stunt
ed with the oooze until well nigh
all the little sense with' which he
was endowed by nature has left
him was at the village sheltering
arms this morning charged with
being a bad man and carrying a
big gun. Matt was taken in Sat
urday night while parading the
street with a gun in his hand.
The weapon was of an antiquated
r^tiern md more dangerous to
owner perhaps than anyone
else. Knutson ordered a meal at
several restaurants, ate it and
then backed out with the gun!
pointed at tjhe proprietor .without
paying tor it.... Judge Reynolds
grilled him for five minutes and
ordered him to the tall timber to
perform acrobatic feats with the
cant hook.
To Cruise Government Lands.
Nick Iteyes, one of the best
knpwn and. most reliable cruisers
in this section, left this morning
to cruise the four towns in the
Big Fork country whichare to be
thrown open for settlement the,
13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of the
present month. \fr. Keyes ex
pecte to cruise everj foot of the
land and represents a number of
Do All Kinds
Tin and Iron Work
Steam and Water
Pipe Repairing
a Specialty
you i,sh'
may 1 re
served now
and delivery
will be made
pleasure. It
might be
well to do
your choos-
ing now. for
many rea-
sons. Better
and less
price Is what
keeps us al-
ways busy.
& $15 and $16 Overcoats
$25 and $28 Overcoats
ft Full dress protectors
New and exclusive models.
Pajamas (suits) a to $5.00
Adler's gloves $1.50 to $3.50
Mufflers (silk and cashmere) ascto*3.50
Silk Umbrellas $1.as to $5.00
Underwear 50c to $5.00
Hosiery asctofi.so
Sweaters ..$1.00 to $5.00
Sealskin Caps $4.50 to $35.00
Stetson Hats $3.5oto$*.oo
"V 4f 4* *$ t 4* 4* $
Insolvency of Red Lake
Transportation Co. Is
Embarassment Has Been Known
for Some Time But Failure
'HI iint
The announcement of the in
solvency of the Red Lake Trans
j^rtajion .Conipanv ^ma^e today
causes considerable surprise in
this city. The firm's emharass
ment has been known for some
time but ii was believed that it
would be able to weather out the
storm of financial distress.
The formal assignment for the
benefit of the creditors was made:
the latter jpart of last week, but
was, not^generally known njitil
today. The Red Lake Transpor*
tatiqn Company had large inter-
-if v-i"m!:*v?
tHB e-is5fffiBRs
Wonderful values in high
grade clothingBemidji's
Greatest Clothing Store.
buying means
saving for our patrons. Our
recent purchase of high class
ready-to-wear clothing at big
reductions which we are sell
ing from 2 5 to 3 5 per cent
less than their worth has
simply coralled the clothing
business of Bemidji to our
store. Supreme values and
astonishing low prices is
doing the work.
Ideal stock of Suit Cases, Satchels and Trinkets for gentlemen and ladies1
Finer than usually carried and the best money can buy
Useful holiday presents for father, brother, son, husband and sweetheart:
to $5.00 Knox Hats
ests inthejRedLake country. The]
principal stockholders were
Halvorson & Richards, of Nebish,
and prominent Minneapolis men
were also interested.
The company owns general
stored at Nebish, the line of rail
road between Nebish and Red
Lake Landing, together with the
rolling stock and a line of boats
on. Red Lake. Halvorson &
Richards were also extensive
contractors. They are wellknowii
in this city and the announce
ment oi "their failure occasions
general regret.
A ofMm*****i.Twenty ^LMM
Order of Scandinavian Workmen
i was instituted in the city yester
day by District brjganizer. Emer
son. The order is on the frater
nal insurance plan and only
Scandinavians are eligible to
membership The local lodge
starts out with a membership of
.about-twenty., ---'v.
Fat Driving.
Fast driving upon the streets
of the city must be stopped says
Chief of Police Bailey. A num
ber of complaints have been made
to the police department and they
Will endeavor to keep the scorch
ers within proper speed limits
in the future.
Make Everything
Hot and Cold Water
1 Tanks
Hot Water Boilers
Chimney Jackets
Sinks, Etc.
$10 I $20 and $22 Overcoats
$18 I $30 and $32 Overcoats $20 j
Untst assort*
meat .In tka
choose from
$5, $6,
Pur Caps $1.50 to $4.59
Fur Lined Caps $1.50
Winter Caps asctofa.oo
Silk Suspenders soctofs.oo
Neckwear (all shapes) 35c to 91.50
Silk Handkerchiefs soctoSa.oo
Lion Brand Sh'rts S1.ootoSa.50
Silk Lined Clove* S1.00t0Sa.50
Stein Bloch Salts S1.00 to
Florshehn Shoes
to I$6.00 S
4* 4 *f *l *f 4 4 4- 4*

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