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Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 29.pletely
Nineteen persons were killed and
thirty-eight Injured in the collision of
two Pere Marquette passsenger trains
near East Paris, Mich.
The extinguishment of the red sig
nal light,at McCords Station by the
high wind was the cause of the wreck.
Two minutes before the westbound
train dashed by McCords Station,
where she was due to stop for orders,
the operator says that the light was
When the train dashed by the oper
ator did the only thing in his power,
telegraphed for medical aid and wreck
ing trains, as he knew that a collision
was inevitable. The blinding blizzard
prevented the engineers from seeing
each other and the trains came to
gether at full speed.
The engines were crushed by the
terrible impact and the cars of both
trains were telescoped and turned
over and over.
On both trains together there were
about 200 passengers and all who were
not killed suffered some injury.
Relief trains soon arrived and the
bodies taken from the wreckage. The
injured were rushed to the hospitals
at Grand Rapids, where several will
probably die.
Investigation by the coroner .and
railroad officials has brought out con
flicting testimony. The engineer on
the westbound train says that a light
was burning at the station, but that it
was not the danger signal and he
thought that all was well.
Ladies' $35 hair seal jackets lined with
Skinner satin now $29 50
Ladies' $50 hair seal jackets, an extra
fine garment, now, 39 50
Ladies' $50 Astrakhan jacket, sable
dyed,opossum collar, revers and cuffs,
now 43 50
Ladies' $35 Astrakhan jackets now 28 50
Ladies' extra fine $52.50 Astrakhan
jackets now 45 00
Ladies'$27.50 Astrakhan jackets now.. 24 50
Ladies' $45 Krimmer jackets now 38 00
Ladies' $37.50 hair seal capes now 31 50
Men's Fu Coats
Men's $30 Galloway calf coats now... .$25 00
Men's $25 Galloway calf coats now 19 50
Men's 29 Galloway calf coats now 20 50
Men's $8.50 full length canvas, sheep
lined coat with fur collar, now 6 75
Men's $10 canvas coat, full length,
sheep lined all the way down, fur
collar, now 8 00
Men's $12 corduroy, sheep lined coats,
wambat collar, now i 8 50
Men's $6."50 black canvas, sheep lined
coats, now 5 00
Ladies' S10 and $11 suits now $ 7 75
Ladies' $14, $14.50 and $15 suits now.. 9 75
Ladies' $20 suits now 145 50
Ladies' $21.50 suits now
Ladies' $18 suits now
Ladies' $22.50 suits now
Ladies' $25 suits now 19 75
Bank at Kiowa, I. T., Rifled by Gang
of Robbers.
South McAlester, I. T.f Dec. 29.
While their sentinels were engaged in
a fierce fight with citizens robbers
looted the safe of the hank at Kiowa.
The thieves gained entrance to the
bank building through a window. The
first charge of nitroglycerin made no
impression on the safe, but the noise
aroused residents of the town and
soon a posse composed of fifty men
was congregated in the stock yards at
the rear of the bank.
A volley of shots was fired at the
building and it was at one* returned
by the sentinels of the robbers, se
creted on the outside of the structure.
An almost incessant fire was kept up
for half an hour, during which time
the robbers continued their efforts to
open the safe. It required three dis
charges to force the door. The third
explosion was terrific and almost com
demolished the safe as well as
the interior of the bank.
Paper money was blown into shreds,
large quantities of mutilated bills be
ing left by the bandits.
After looting the safe the robbers
left the building from the front and
backed off into the darkness, keeping
up a fire on the posse. The men went
in a southerly direction and were fol
lowed quite a distance. It is said that
one of the robbers was injured.
The bank officials place their mone
tary loss at $2,800.
Governor Van Sant Sets Feb. 10 as the
Date for Their Execution.
St. Paul, Dec. 29.Governor Van
Sant has fixed Wednesday, Feb. 10, as
the date of execution of Charles and
Henry Nelson, who were convicted by
the Steele county court of the murder
of Henry Krier, a saloonkeeper, last
The Nelson brothers and William
Sutton were indicted by the Steele
county grand jury and charged with
murder in the first degree. Sutton
pleaded guilty to murder in the sec
ond degree and was sentenced to life
imprisonment. The Nelsons pleaded
cot guilty, were tried and found guilty
on the indictment of the grand jury.
They vainly petitioned the supreme
court for a new trial.
It is understood that the attorneys
and friends will endeavor to have the
sentence commuted at the meeting of
the state board of pardons in January.
Great Sacrifice Sale
O furs,L adies' Suits, Coats and Skirts
We must close out these goods before taking inventory Jan. 31. Now
is the chance to buy these goods at wholesale. All good, fresh stock.
12250 0
Washington, Dec. 29.Although Sec
retary Hay has not yet replied to the
note of General Reyes preparations are
rapidly going on for the closing of the
Colombian legation here and the de
parture of Colombia's representatives
for home. It is clear that they do not
entertain any hope of a satisfactory
response by this government. Al
ready most of the legation files have
been packed and arrangements com
pleted for placing them in storage
here. For several days General Reyes
has denied himself to callers.
It is believed that, while the reply
of Mr. Hay has not been made, suffi
cient information has been obtained
by the Colombian representatives in
the interviews they have had with the
secretary to enable them to forecast
its conclusions. The preparations go
ing on for closing up the affairs of the
legation would seem to indicate that.
General Reyes and Dr. Herran are
awaiting only as a matter of form and
diplomatic courtesy the official com
munication of Mr. Hay setting forth
the reasons why this government can
not accept their view of the Panama
Small Furs
Ladies' $7 ermine boa now $ 4 50
Ladies' $8 martin collar now 5 95
Ladies' $7.50 beaver collar now 4 98
Ladies' $1.50 boas now 98
Ladies' $12 Siberian squirrel scarf now 8 50
Ladies'$20 electric bo a 54 inches long
now 15 OH
Ladies' $25 beaver collar now 18 50
Ladies' $5 coa ts now $ 3 75
Ladies' $0 coa ts now 4 50
Ladies' $10 and $11 coats now 7 75
Ladies' $12 coats now .,^2 5
Ladies'$14, $14.50 and $15 coa ts now.. 9 75
Ladies' $16 coat now 12 50
Ladies' $18 and $18.50 coa ts how 13 50
Ladies' $20 coats now 14 98
Ladies' $23 and $23.50 coa ts now. 17 50
Ladies'* $25 coats now 17 98
Ladies' $2 skirts now, $ 1 50
Ladies' $2.50 skirts now 1 98
Ladies' $3.25 skirts now 2 50
Ladies' $5 skirts now 3 75
Ladies' $6 skirts now 4 25
Ladies' $8 skirts now 5 75
Ladies' $10 skirts now 7 95
Misses' and children's coats one-third off
from the regular price.
Special for this week only.
One-third off on Toys, Silverware
and Cut Glass.
Representatives of Colombia Prepare to
Leave the Capital Without
Further Delay.
Answer of Secretary Hay to the Recent
Note of General Reyes is Still
situation Detore severing diplomatic
relations with the United States.
Additional American Waships on the
Way South.
Washington, Dec. 29.The fleets of
warships on both sides of the isthmus
of Panama will shortly be reinforced
by several vessels now on their way
to that quarter. The gunboat Topeka
of the Atlantic training squadron has
left Key West for Colon by way of
Kingston as convoy of the torpedo
boat destroyers Truxton and Stewart,
which have been assigned to patrol
duty on the Carribean coast of the
isthmus. Tho gunboat Castine ar
rived at Colon Sunday from Philadel
phia none the "worse for her recent
grounding on a bar In the Delaware
river. The big collier Caesar has left
Culebra for Colon with coal for the
fleet. The converted cruiser Dixie left
League Island Monday for Colon with
the Panama marine brigade, number
ing about GO O men. in command of
Brigadier General Elliott.
Naval movements in the direction
of the isthmus have been almost
equally active on the Pacific coast.
The gunboat Petrel, bound for Pan
ama, arrived at Acapulco, Mex,, on
the 26th inst. and undoubtedly has left
there by this time. The flagship New
York, the gunboat Bennington, the
torpedo boat destroyers Preble and
Paul Jones and the collier Saturn have
been fitted out at San Francisco for
service in the vicinity of Panama and
it is expected that all of them will
start South in a day or two.
Carries Six Hundred Marines and Five
Months' Supplies.
Philadelphia. Dec. 29.The auxili
ary cruiser Dixie sailed from the
League Island navyyard during the
day en route for Colon, carrying GO O
marines and five months' living and
fighting supplies for 1.000 men. Six
companies of marines divided into two
battalions sailed on the Dixie.
Company A is composed of men
from Boston, Company 15 Washington,
Company Annapolis, Company I)
Philadelphia and Companies E and
Trainload of Army Supplies.
San Francisco, Dec. 29.Nearly a
trainloa'd of army supplies, hospital
tents and blankets have arrived here
under rush orders, having been ex
pressed by the government from
Omaha to the superintendent of the
transport service in this city. The
consignment had been carried on the
fastest trains through the West.
Will Assume Part of Debt.
Washington, Doe. 29.The state
ment of M. Bunati-Varilla, the Panama
minister, that his government Is will
ing to assume a portion of the Colom
bian debt has been received at the
British embassy and transmitted hy
cable to the London government for
its consideration.
Four Thousand Macedonians Under
Bulgarian Officers.
Salonica, European Turkey, Dec 29.
Th authorities are informed that
4 000 Macedonian revolutionists, un
der the leadership of eighty Bulgarian
officers, are ready to invade Turkish
An order was issued here during
the day requesting the Turkish officers
to exercise extreme vigilance. It is
rumored that the Second army reserve
will again be called out.
Two Hundred Delegates Present.
St. Louis, Dee. 29.The fifty-third
annual meeting of the American Asso
ciation for the Advancement of Sci
ence began here during the day with
about 200 members present, compris
ing some of the most notable men in
the country. The convention will re
main in session all week.
Shot by Enragea HTisband.
St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 29.H. G. Ed
mondeon, a real estate dealer, was
found in a room with Mrs. G. W
Grote in a South St. Joseph hotel and
was fatally shot by the woman's hus
i band, who is a building contractor.
Grote tj^ed a shotgun and fired through
11 the panel of the door. Grote's wife
accompanied the injured man to the
Cotton Prices at New York Touch
New High Record.
New York, Deo. 29.New high rec
ord prices were made amid the great
est excitement at the very opening of
the Cotton Exchange First prices
wore at an advance of 'J3 to 51 points.
Before the call was fairly completed
March had sold at 14.01, May at 14.20
and July at 14.14. Tho advance fol
lowed the surprising strength at Liver
pool, where prices were 17 to 20 points
higher at the time of the local open
ing instead of a shade lower as ex
pected, with private cables ascribing
gain* to heavy buying for Continental,
Egyptian and American accounts. Tho
early market was active and excited.
There was tremendous buying for
both accounts, with New Orleans sup
porting ju3t enough to add to the ap
prehension of shorts, who were ap
parently in a panic stricken condition.
But realizing, too, was very heavy and
after the call prices showed a declin
ing tendency, sagging off several
points from the best during the first
fifteen or twenty minutes, although
the market continued very feverish
and unsettled, with most of the selling
by parties having profits to.take.
After fluctuating very irregularly for
a time, about 10 to 15 points Aider the
bast prices of the morning, the mar
ket turned very strong again in the
early afternoon, reaching still higher
prices on all the active months. The
excitement was intense. There was
liquidation on every fresh upward
movement and toward the close the
market sagged off a few points, but
was finally firm at an advance of 48
to 59 points.
Secretary's Bronchial Trouble Does
Not Yield to Treatment.
Washington, Dee. 29.-The condition
of Secretary Hay remains unchanged.
Contrary to the expectation of his phy
sician the secretary's bronchial trou
ble has not yielded readily to treat
ment and Mr. Hay will probably leave
Washington early In January for
Thomasville, Ga., for a visit to Colo
nel Oliver Payne. The mild climate
there has helped tho secretary before
and it is hoped may again prove an
effective cure.
Unless a decided and unexpected
change for the better in Mr. Hay's
condition occurs within the next few
days Mr. Loomls will officiate at the
breakfast on New Year's day to the
diplomatic corps at the residence of
Secretary and Mrs. Hay. Mr. Loomla
also will be present at the president's
reception in the same capacity.
Reduction of Wages in Union Sheet
Steel Plants.
Pittsburg, Dec. 29.Notices have
been sent out from the headquarters
of the Amalgamated Association of
Iron, Steel and Tin Workers that the
vote of the sheet lodges on the propo
sition to reduce the base of the wage
scale from 3 to 3% cents, thereby cut
ting wages 10 per cent, has been ac
cepted. The new rate will go into
effect on Jan. 1 and it is believed this
decision will result in the starting
next Monday of a large number of
union sheet steel plants that have
been Idle for a long time owing to the
inability of the independent manufact
furors to meet the competition of th'
nonunion sheet mills of the American
Sheet Steel company.
Objects to Being Criticised for Eating
Candy During Services.
Montreal, Dec. 29.Melville church,
the leading Presbyterian place of wor
ship In Westmount, the fashionable
residence suburb of Montreal, was
without the services of a choir Sun
day. In his sermon on Christmas
morning Rev. T. W. Winfleld, pastor
of the church, severely criticised tb
members of the choir for eating candj
during the progress of the service.
As .a result of the criticism a deputa
tion from the choir waited upon the
reverend gentleman on Saturday and
requested a retraction. This he. re
fused to make and as a result
choir, without an exception, went
on etxike.-
Amount Fixed by Express Company
Not Binding.
Minneapolis, Doc. 29.Judge Pond
has rendered a decision stating that
where goods intrusted to an express
company are not. valued In shipment
that the $50 liability limit established
by the express companies is not bind
ing and the full value of the goods
may be recovered.
A local firm sued the Wells -Fargo
company for $1,219 worth of silk
waists which were lost in a wreck.
The company fell back upon its $50
liability rule, but Is now ordered to
pay the full amount of the loss.
Ten Per Cent Cut In Wages.
Pittsburg, Dec. 29.The employes of
the Union .Railway company, with the
exception of the trainmen, have been
notified of a 10 per cent reduction In
wages to take place on Jan. 1. Tho
Union Railroad company is connected
with the Carnegie Steel company and
is a subsidiary company of the United
States Steel corporation.
Blackmailer Threatens Murder.
St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 29.Superin-
tendent Perkins of the Burlington road
has received a letter mailed at Wat
son, Mo., a station on that road eighty
miles north of here, saying that unless
he deposited $5,000 in a spot desig
nated the writer, "Odell Carter," would
kill him on sight.
Tokio. Dec. 29.An important joint
meeting of the cabinet and privy coun
cil took place during the day to con
sider ways and means In view of the
grave situation.
No difficulty is anticipated in provid
ing for the extraordinary expenditure,
including the completion of the Seotil
Fusan railway.
It is believed th: unless Russia
modifies her reply Japan will imme
diately safeguard Korea, though such
a step will not necessarily mean war
with Russia.
Believed Russia Will Make Conces
sions to Japan.
St. Petersburg, Doc. 2'J The con
census of unofficial opinion among
those associated with the government,
but. not responsible therefor, Is Unit
the czar is so peacefully disposed that
he will make such concessions to
Japan as are necessary to prevent war,
provided that no unforeseen events
force the hands of the governments
At the same time the czar, it is
pointed out, agrees with those wli
believe that preparation for war is
the best safeguard of peace and, that
apparent willingness to allow matters
to be suomitted to the test or .arms is
more likely to lead to a satisfactory
compromise than an exhibition of
overmuch peaeefulncss.
This unofficial opinion, however,
believes the controlling party in
sia regards Keren as necessary tn
the consolidation of Russian Interests
In the Far lOast and, therefore. I
termined to prevent the peninsula
falling Into Japanese hands and thaj
any concessions Russia now
Japan will only be with the .!je. i i
deferring the difficulty until a mo
seasonable time.
Russia Can 8ecure Ample Funds.
There is not likely to be much dif'i
rnlty In finding money In case of war.
A foreign loan on accentabte i
probably impossible, but tl
banks and merchants have ai
funds on which the govi IOI co
One reason why the lirlt! i)
1st news falls com
is the pi I lect (111 I- bl
the benefits Great Rd'ati I
a ('Miliniiam of 'he fll tied
tion. It was know
that Great Hi it a In v. a
Occupy Thibet and exi'Mid flic raH nail
to point In the Yn ngl vail I
is rrftt habln by gunboat i from th"' "*i-
Crieat Rrlraln's forwai I offi
this time excites bolh, adi and
rag the former Cor the
lltlcal move, the latter lie au-o Russia
is SO |n eei lUjiiiil 111 IHl
she in unable to prav.cnI Gn al Britain
from creating her In
the Yangtse province. li od
out here that the pi
affords Great Britain the same oppor
tunity as actual ir between Russia
and any third powe
Rush Order In Received for 1 CCO.CCO
Pounds d.
Omaha. Dec. L! Th
ompnny of So.iii (Ima! a 1 Uisl
In receipt of a i it)
pounds ef e.ti r) the
KUSSla-H covernne -i-t 'i
mu i he made fron I
as to reach Srm Fi
2,C 'ii thai date Ru i
will be pi epared lo I fi
with th beef on be ird It I
in Omaha that the
cany a large
rf' of
pli whb are i.i. or
are in prepai.itIon for Qm
various parts ol
All of these suppll
lor the. war depart i Ri
Kansas Cj.t-y, Dec 29..1 ,A
government has just
wli Ioi al i ai kers i
of mess meat for ir i...
to San Francisco The
dellvej the meal at
Jan. 22 The meat
the use of the Rus dun its
destination is said I
British Naval Re6jeV
London, Dec. 29.-
der issued at Port
officers am' men o!
reserve to notify tin
addresses where
sent in ase of erne
be require rl for ir
order is generally
rumors that the tic
is to Tie strong!
whi h, however, the
ignorant e.
William J. Bry.
Hague Monday fro:
I ign minis
Must P? In
Ity or-

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