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m-IHNH^4^^***4«***+***'k-k’k-k-k'k*'k***‘k’M |[ 'k****************** Rev. Munger who was in the city a_" « "I look back over 1921 with pride in individual post members by post
! * * on business connected with the JWI &!• 1 <*l our past achievements and the officers—using the State Head-
* * placing of the Lyceum Course with S’ satisfaction of work well done; We quarters printing machine for this
* ★ the Ely Mothers’ Club and on a I have seen the Legion of Minnesota purpose.
* r* A
■■AM Aa■ pa PTA T rOIIF AvCS in OllSlllvoO ★ sermon at the Presbyterian church KjOl 1161* honored place among the leading “Call The American Legion what
lOR SALE. ETC. * 1 VUI *>£ * Sunday evening. Mr. Munger was —— ■■ —■■ ■ Legion Departments of the nation, you will, you d d cringing
"* J the guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. O. DO YOU KNOW At Kahsas City we united to secure slackers and traitors, you look
* ★ Strachan while here. That the Government of the for the Legion a great National just as small alongside it as you
DRESSMAKING—W ill do dress- J ★ ■ United States Commander who in a few short did alongside the army, navy and
making for those desiring same. * * The weekly meeting of the Ro- Has paid out hundreds of thous- weeks has proven himself to the marine corps in war days.”— Ex-
Hilda Ekstrom, opposite Com- * * tary club was devoted Wednesday ands of dollars for Adjusted claims? nation as we of the Great North- cerpt from an lowa ex-buck’s Im
munity Center. * There are four ages in the business life of every sue- Jto a continuation of. the reports Hundreds of thousands for de- we st already knew him. During ter to a radical newspaper.
♦ ★ on Boys Work. The larger part of preciated rolling stock of the rail- 1921 we have seen grow up around
FOUND —Box of groceries. Owner J cessful man. - ★ the members have now reported and ways? us a united band of noble patriotic Sheen Brouaht to Amarlfr* -
call at Skala & Erchull’s and de- J J much of value in this phase of Hundreds of thousands cash to Y om « n whose good work as our , h ’
scribe property. * ★ Rotary work has been gained. Great Britain for “ferrying” us Auxiliary is bringing blessings down "J uomesucateu sneep were found
1 , „ * Judge Martin Hughes and Attorney over? upon our heads. We have much to ln America. The big horn or wild
WANTED—to hear from owner of J The first is when, as a boy he begins to earn some ★ Ziegmer were guests of t he Club Hundreds of thousands bonus to be thankful for. Rocky mountain sheep were known to
rm or sa^a - State price. Sirs. < money for himself and to spend money wisely. ★ and both gave short talks of much shipyard workers? All that we have done, all that the first settlers, but efforts to domesti-
W. Booth, Box D, Hipark, Des * . . . j * interest. Rotarian Ed w. C. A. Much more to munition workers? . are » * s but the beginning, cate them and cross them with domes*
Moines, lowa. * There can be no success unless one learns to earn and ★ Jobnson of Virginia was a visitor Much more to civilian help in During 1922 we must face new ticated sheep have proven failures.
HAY FOR SALE:-Best timothy J to spend carefully-otherwi,e there would be nothin* to *at the meeting. Washrngtonß.C.’ See,"we“mJst “wor'k'to Nd °i£ “ ri » InttoducUona were made by
and clover hay for sale cheap. * gave ★ ti,. naL oecr etary jnenon oi tne stronger and finer m-trani™ th « Spanish discoverers and the Eng-
Inquire of Frank Church. j * tertained the mem bers and the co^pTnsatioT wouM coat two hund- tion - Our strength lies in our hsh settlers. Columbus brought Span-
WOOD FOR SALE—Birch wood ♦ v J members of the Auxiliary and red million dollars a year? ne^ rly „ rt hundred Legion posts ish sheep to America in 1493. In 15®
and mixed wood for sale. Have * , ... ★ friends at the Community Center And that it would bankrupt the ai ? d 300 , Auxiliary units. That is Spanish sheep were introduced into
the finest lot of hardwood Can J At this time in life the future business man builds up Wednesday evening and one of the Government? - where the seed is sown, the good Flc. .da and in 1773 into California. la
deliver at once. V. Gustafson. • his Mvings a „ onnt an ,| begins to win the confidence of I finest times was reported Card, And tlmt it would- ]™rk done th e real spirit of the laos sheep were Introduced Into VU-
I ★ were Played by many of those AND- THEN— Legion rostered. jjnja f roin England.
pvt p wnnn Fa. ♦ older men in business. This is the best possible prepara- ★ present and dancing also took place Within sixty days, Congress did . More taan ten thousand officers
• v. *1 j or ni & nest P nc es Jin the assembly room for which the away with the surtax have just been elected to guide
and Joseph McGrath, S 7 ° PP ° y * ' * White Iron Beach orchestra fur- A tax on such necessities as bundred Mmnesota C|ties a& Thundergtorm Bpotfc
10 E. Second St. Duluth, Mmn. * * evening, a buffet lunch of ice B °Which deprived 1 the C Government units durin £ the New Year. They Th « conclusion has been by
ELY STEAM BATH HOUSE— 5 a A .. , . ★ cream, doughnuts and coffee was of an annual income of over eight WIH do their full share, will give a well-known engineer who has glvm
Open Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s ♦ Thl3 first affe 18 the time 1186(1 in carted. * served. hundred million dollars? generously of their time and energy the subject considerable attention
and Friday’s from 6 P. M. to * Next week we will talk about the second age. * WHAT WE DESERVE IS ->, ust as x tb eir predecessors have that certain cities, if not Indeed moat
11 P. M. Saturday’s from 12 J ★ WORTH FIGHTING FOR. done, but they can accomplish little inland cities of say 100,000 population
o’clock noon to midnight. 5-1 ♦ The annual meeting of the Ely Get together. unleas each of our 35,000 Minne- or morei appear to be “thunderstorm
DTTrLTOTXTr; —• 1 * 1 Commercial Club takes place next the American Legion. L^2!i^ reS * nd Jk O,ooo k spots.” The observation has been
PLLMBING If it is plumbing or Tuesday evening, Jan. 24, at the Unity will bring us victory. iliary members give them hearty made b y E. R Horton of Voorhees-
heating, call at the Service Shop J J Community Center. The ’election P a Y your 1922 dues. and unseffish cooperet.om X; KY? who joints omX
at the corner of Central Ave. and < J of officers for the ensuing year will I* M of us must s£rve “ a shallow lake with sandy margins
Chapman Street. * XT A TTfAM A T A * importance transa^ted £3. IT Each of us knows where and how located in a forest may serve as a
1 rlK\l 1 Allll IAI DR 1111 * requeS ?o be nS ‘‘When you pay your 1922 dues he can serve best. We must go thunderstorm breeder” and cites a.
FOR SALE—SIab wood in stove $ > 11\L? lil £1 11VI 1 £ll-/ off a " d card forward. We will not go back, proof observations made by him
lengths. Inquire of Frank Ver- ♦ * right foot in the excellent work it your name above’ the words hit of us resolve to do over On<da lake. New York,
•nth at the Coal office. J * will continue to do for the benefit J al " unTess bv «nJ If In fU ?
- wanjs L<X State t’he ideala“™ which H' =
= meeting depends °n a larg e h meS Tr f as “ rer Ray Tennant. “If this is building up not only a Legion of /
P Us 1 » The Knights of Pythias are ar- A v«y fine dancing party was s «epenas in a urge meas- not done and tbe card lost> former seryice men but a Leg - on
s- -—'O ranging for an entertainment even- given Friday evening at the Audit- : „ an unscrupulous finder may sign of men and women who are united
■y I'l Ul\.& ZS ing next Wednesday at which lunch, orium after the basketball game K y • your name and use the card for to serve their God, their country, kA/ \
I FI/\ rr ztOz-vk Vi dancing and cards will be featured, and a fine time was had. The mercenary, purposes.” Comrade and those who served loyally at /A /
J \ V a 7; H V? / I A program will also be given. White Iron Beach orchestra fur- Fa n of Fatal to Man lennant suggests that each Legion- home and abroad when danger zV\\ \ 7
vk Vv 1 nished the music. Leopold Stupnica, single and 39 a ls e mser *- his address and tele- threatened our beloved land. (
Grand Chancellor Beers of Win- years of age, was instantly killed g 0 ! 16 number on membership M Ml /
A IL' XI i / I ona will be a visitor to the K. P. yesterday when a small mass of ore eara - To help Minnesota Legion posts "X
—M lodge sometime in the near future People who have been helped by g aV e away burying him under the “Get Out The Gopher Gang,” State ® S r —i
as he reports in a letter to the Tanlac are always anxious and will- f a u This happened on the 9th RECORDS AT MINNESOTA LE- Adjutant Stafford King has offered /w WW ■ jL
local order. ing to tell others about it. James i eve i o f tbie pioneer mine. The GION HEADQUARTERS SHOW to mimeograph copies of Post Pep /B■ ■ ; A $ «\
Jodhn A. Harri was a business Drug Store.—Ad. man was taken from under the ore THAT IN 1921 THE LEGION letters or bulletins to be mailed I—B wk Wik A£ \ .
visitor to Duluth early in the week. y ou can ’t bave good health with a few minutes after the accident ?9^ TS THE GOPHER STATE <\ ’
a disordered stomach. Correct your -r t. fho but was extinct. Stupnica has DID 43,262 GOOD DEEDS FOR / / / A \
The January Victor Records are stomach disorders with Tanlac and Miller Store Co.’ has bXn quite ill J^ 611 ei P p ! o - yed at th6 j Pioneer io J RXDES d POR 'J’y NTE , C £ M_ slo® Reward, SIOO <■■■ 111 1 V .
great. Smith Jewelry Co.—Ad. you will keep well and strong. the past ten days and h^s been the past 15 years and was consid- HADES In doing this work they of thb , paper - LITERALLY
Attorney Zi« m er of Duiuth of .not W’ ' he *” r
Ziesmer, attended fouk in thi. city b^a A h R „
tins week. the though not yet ,b!e to be ont. , f« > M .S! ’
Tanlac is made of roots, herbs V u ... . . does it take into consideration thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur- Unquestionably True In Part.
and barks and contains no minerals church pst . r anVTTe £ T d SS A editorial noU tn a new
or opiates. James Drug Store—Ad. ! men Maki, Kovall, Judnich, Erick-' sa * 6 ’ a , universe re- made by members of pie American patient strength by building up the con- paper published in a large New Ena-
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kirby of son and Champa are in Minneapolis mains eternally the .ame, though our Legion Auxiliary to sick comiades stitution and assisting nature in doing its (and town made a <;tcnishin»
Miss Sadie Abrahamson, linotype Virginia were in the city this week, where they are attending the meet- conceptions of the universe are sub- £ our government hospitals. There ™*- in Th t te P ™uv O e B DowXr e of Ha"l£ men - who u,
operator for the Miner, accompanied Mr. Kirby being on the jury and ing of the Minnesota Tax Confer- ject to incessant change, so must art I ? r %^TT di Ui?T done m 1922. Catarrh Medicine that offer One ... irh ' r i i i k -
by Miss Ida Abrahamson spent Mrs. Kirby visiting with friends, ence. This meeting is of much im- remain independent of the ephemeral j YUU HELP? Hundred Tiilars for any case that it fails v ' ltn ' v oriu-wiue observances tnla year,
Tuesday and Wednesday in Duluth. Mrs. Kirby was formerly Miss Julia portance both to the state and the conceptions of art. —Heine. •• t °AddV%^ S F nd T f ?^WTrvF'v t A t rn oni 80(1 wh o wrote many Important works,
Habian of this city. municipal governments. - We, Legionaires of Minnesota Obl °- Sold Tfc.’ ' ’ ls chiefl y known as the author of
Clifford Neff who is in charge of . . ‘ ’ ‘Paradise Lost’.” The note concludes,
the Twin City Electric Co. work at however, with this happy sentence:
repay ev«ry
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neff. one’s study.”
We are having a special sale on fl
■ ■■ MB ■■ 9 The Joker the
jMCnrawye evmwf H ®fl fll flfl Iflfl HI HB I Corntossel.
9 Bfl|
x 7? g Bi 181 Bi Bi H H Bl B made up my
! diu rimuu i luniu1 =■=
LINE OF HIGHEST- H ————BBB— H only makes our food moM
payable and nourishing, but also pro-
K ■ serves Medlcln.ll,. adt Uot ll
APPLIANCES. - calculable value, and doctors are find-
I Greatest values I have ever offered on Men’s and I
s phone o ALL vs I Boys’ High-Grade Merchandise. If you are in I
l/rn111! I inil El EPTDin or(1 their tonsils removed, can
ILIiItiII L'.Uil LLLblnlu fl _ J J *ll I keep them In such a healthy condftlon,
I need oi any Winter Goods it will pay you to come I XTr^T.^S? m “
fl e # a • I and tbe laSt at tllat 4XI
B in and get my prices. JI Ji Ji ji J J I Uo ° u un ° wssar? -
The thermometer has been play- ■ I—l l /5\ \ H
ing way down deep the past week | M ]L a/ I
and every morning ha s been around Z— ✓St 'sW|
below fl fl p f -
Probation Officer Pingree R :”« a in I I Men’s and Boys’ I Men’s Jersey I Men’s Caps | Boys’ Caps I I
the city Tuesday on business. Sev- I a i. j a ■ ■ at.*. I r |lla itM I
vStigZtld” pension cascs were in ’ | I Suits and Overcoats I Coats I wohic $1.50 to 3.50 J100101>25 valuM ■
Mrs. Wm. Olds, Jr. is employed B I f. f"' OA 4 I $2.50 VSIUOS I —— X I /
in the postoffice during the absence B A Vz M. K/V ill B ROW ■ OBlxZ ROW /f Vz I
of Miss Ellen Nelson who is in fl 111 H ’ O u-m- »
Duluth taking treatments with fl ■ I 1 EL I H CARELESS
specialists for an affection of the fl B VZI I • | X• / 3 | TEC I He— Darling, I have lost all my
nose - 111 * 9 money.
7T . i H I i^^Bßßßßßßß■■■■■■ | ■■■■■■■■■ | - ■ ■ She—How careless of you. Ths
n T°k n ,j k ukKo was tal E er i to | | ■■ ■ am ■ I** ■ ■■ >*■ ■ . I . fl nex t thing you know you'll be losing
the Probate Court for examination. B Men’s and Boys’ I Men’s Heavy Weight I Men’s Leathsr Mitts I Children’s Tooues II ""
She was sent to the hospital atfl| I ... I wss v ■ vvfuvw m
Falls_for rreotment. ■! MaCklnaWS I UhIOH SUitS I $t25te1 . 60 75c tO f S S Va IU eS | -,eer
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wertin de- rm x I $3.50-3.75 values the sympathetic motorist,
parted last week for Duluth where fl | Xll I I nOW 00W I “Yes,” replied the man who was ta
they will remain for some time be- ■ ■ V * >-* * ■ ROW ■ ■ “Vm «
fore going to California where they fl | | | ' fl Im a preacher by profes-
expect to make their home. | I I $ tea sion. If you 11 just come over here
fl | JTT I a > Illi | | I 111 H and address a few appropriate re-
Stop when passing our window fl | ♦ | fl marks to this infernal flivver of mlns
and prices Rings. | mm■ ■■ | | I’ll be extremely grateful.”
Smith Jewelry Co.—Ad. B
♦ || Men’s Heavy | Men’s White Ribbed | Boy’s Blouses Boys’Sweaters |
Ciafadtorc I 2-ntanA IlnrlapiAfaap I I 18hed serviQ g his prison sentence.”
AVTKTm FTRT?R I I uwwicra ■ u piuuc uiiucrwudr I 1.35t0 I.sovalues | “* suppose he improved the shining
I ss Eft SJ Aft * I ISlmvsi. cj aa I I ■CE hour and left with the best wishes of
JAN. 22 and 23 ■I » 3 - 50 and * 4 - 00 I Worth » 400 I $1.50 value* now 1.0 everyone at the prison?”
•|T’'V'<-’'W A ‘Vf"’ TT I naw I now I ROW “Oh, yes, particularly of the warden.
L-VIHANGE HOIEL fl ■ Ww B M wfao lnvested savings of • life.
|| 2.25 | 2.75 75c. -90 c. I =-s sy-“
I ————— fl Begging the question is assuming a
NkUV I fl proposition which, in reality. Involves
/zS?Z<*X Z*"WO\ I - - fl the erosion- Thus, to say that
hi tl . fl 188 MHIHBBHBMHMI I never meet because
I I \ 7*AtTVl.| fl Rflw> ABP mflß BHHIBHBfI fl H AH rhPy arP is simply to assume
FA U I BWflB li ■ Brß ■ WflJrl thiogthatyo ° pr "
'ssXk * Al Bl o,d Leaend Concern,n o Fox -
i ■■▼BBHfl ■■ HHH
ning owing to the legend that when
Jre fl w-\ WWW —-r , fl a fox is hungry, it lies down in a
| ELY, Gbe Clothier. I I MINN I
WILL BE AT THE ABOVE NAMED fl w A •S| been long dead. Then the ravens and
HOTEL ON DATE STATED. fl fl other rapacious birds come to devour
{t * at whicta lt sod(ienl y ’^p 8 up and
♦ >**••♦*• tears them to pieces.”

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