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Frank !L Johnson left Friday for
6is cMm at BSaanfette
Ciatsfi^ safe cheap afc the Federal
-EIevatenrr Warwnv Mmr&.
Miss Dora Meomb left Saturday
*evenmg to attend tk ITnEverstty at
Miss Mimrie Burand of Stephen,
amrrved Saturday- to attend school
Miss Jessie Cross left Saturday
^vemn^toattendithelSbrnialat Sfc.
Miss Eva Pawed returned last
Friday from a visit at River Falls,
Quakfty first, *hen price. Bbth
Taeautifolly blended at the- Peopfe'ss
Benjamm Wentzel left Saturday
evening: for Minneapolis, where
Bee wiH attend the university..
Miss Mabel Abranamson left Sat
urday evening for Chicago* where
she will atfeendi a conservatory of
T. EL Mmftxm. will be the wheat
buyer for the Spanldmg Elevator
Co- at the March Siding and Peter
-Shepard at Radmrat
Sidney Flannigan went to Bemidji
yesterday to accept the position of
operator and treasurer at the
xrea TSorthern depot.
Dr.G. Sv Wattam and Dr. T,
Bratrud left for Fergus Falls Friday
Uo attend a meeting of the Bed River
YaHey Medical association.
Billiga BtEjetter till och frSn
Sverige, Sorge, Danmark och Fin.
Warren, Mnnr,
John Harrison, who is employed
-at the M. A building at Oak
Park, IIL, left Sunday for that place
after vrsdang a couple days with
hr parents Vega.
Every young man: in the Bed
Biver Valley should see the cata
logue of Concordia Coflegev Moor
head, Minn., before he goes to
-sehooL The new Classical course
is just what you. want -it
Mrs. John F_ Mattson entertained
a number of her lady friends on
Triday afternoon last week. Miss
Houise Grindeland favored the
ladies present with a few songs,
~which were much appreciated
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or prow
fession. Bead the display adver
tisement of the six Morse Schools of
telegraphy/,, this issue and learn
bow easily a young man or lady
may learn telegraphy and be assur
a positfom. aiL
John Johnson & Cot.,from Averill,
"Clay countvv aare erecting a general
store at Radium and will soon be
ready for business. The post office
"will also be located in their place of
"business with John Johnson Jr as
"the postmaster,, a petition to that
effect having already been forward
to Washington.
Carl TifardTi has* a decided novelty
In his garden the shape of an
apple tree which at the present time
is loaded with blossoms- I also
blossomed En the spring and put
forth fruit. Jack Frost* however, is
liable to catch the apples of the sec
ond blossonxnng before they get
ripe. I is not Em every country
that appB trees btossom twiee a
Mak Yew Grocer
Bating Powder
Abm BakingPow
ders interfere with
dmeflKxi and ai& nor
Amid the amnt
Gleanings* From the
Home Field.
day to attend school here.
J- Si Bradley went to Winnxpegr
Monday, returning: the same day..
Lulu: Evans, came here Monday to
attend our sehooL
i W^araiHi^ A apprentice girt a
miTTmery store. Apply ta
The So is- erecting- a sectian
house on the right-of-way opposite
J~ Sv BElleboe^s house.
Chas* Wattam, spent Saturday
ami Sunday at Stephen visiting:
WA^ESD^- A good steady bay at
the Eockaway fiestaurant. Steady
jpb and chance for paromotiJcaL
Mr. and Mrs. Rev. Lindberg Ie&
Saturday for Kennedy, where they
will visit friends for a while.
Harold Badham passed through
here Friday on the Sbo gravel train
enraute for Thief Biver Falls.
i Th Warren Dairy Co.
creamy butter and eggs.
ISataonal Bank Building.
I John Mattsson left East Friday
on a business trip to points along
the Minnesota & International rail
E. A Hjertos, one of MMdle
Elver's business men^ visited
Warren Sunday on his way home
from the fair,
Mrs. XX Keye left for Portland,
Chregonv Tuesday evening, where
she will visit relatives and also take
in the exposition.Argyle Banner.
The little BeDe City Threshing
machine is the best rig for one ortun
two smalls farmers to own. See
EcL Franson returned home Sat
urday from Mt. Clemens, Mich^.
and Mrs. Franson and Mrs
Johnson returned on Tuesday. They
have been much benefited by thea
Easton, traveling auditor of
the S EEdarre Lumber Co., came
home yesterday for lavs over coat
which he finds comfortable to have
along while traveling, now that the
weather is getting cooler.
Bev.. Werner Brotts and family, of
Maple Grove, Wis.T arrived yester
day. The old home of Bev. Drotts
is in VTkmg, where he also owns a
farm, and he comes now to take
charge of the Swedish Mission
church at that place as its pastorr
after an: absence of about ten years
He will build upon and improve his
farm wMTe servrngr thecongregatiQn
as its minister.
Bev T^JISTWT, who has had
charge of the Scandinavian Met&o
dist congregations this city and
En Stephen during- the past two
years, has been transferred to
Cooperstownv If. Bt, where he was
engaged in the ministry before com
ing here. has made many
friends En Marshall county during
stay, and his work has been
The Soo depot is nearly completed
and ready for bnsfness. I is ofthem
handsome architectural design, and
presents a pleasing appearance. The
roof supported by ornamental
brackets, projects abaust eight feet
around the entire buiLdirng, and the
four slopes of the roof have the well
knowmSoo monogram, painted! there-
QHL The outside waits are gamted
yellbwr the lower haEf being also
sanded, and red and white predom
inate En the tommimg I is the same
size asthedepotsat TMef^verFaDs,.
AlesEandriai and Betror\ whfeh fact
shows that the company reeogaozes
Waamen as an rmportaiiit business
Cards are oxrif anmauncSig the
marriage of Otto &~ Amesoni and
Mss KeUe Martha EfeHaaxg at
Fisher.. Minn., on Sept. 6thu
the ceremony the happy couple- Iieft
oma wedding trip}to)TOmT-mftft,
other points fromi wMeht they re
turned yesterday cEtyaccom:
paniied by/ Miss Marm ^^laiigv
sister of the bridei. After OctL. 1^.
they will h& ^fawnff to their fin"iPiTy%
at B5nford\, Bl^. where the groom!
s engaged Em tnebaaajkEng basHiess.
The brfide one of HigEg^fflilgp ^eam~
ty/s most p^psBBT 3psara^ kBffies,, feer
in BSigwoodfe.
"-^^A^^wi-^^a^fijfci i
BISuilvaaisfebaeKforavME. Subscribe for t&a SEES&F*:^
Henry Oberg Is bad: from CaE
fbmxss LoskEagr after has farm pcogv
erty herei.
Everybodty interested En
Mvs& Bella Green arrived Satuar-4 roads sfeauM read enaar "Spfit Eegf
article this week.
k. HI Ifanson is oarer from. Ifew
Solum with Bas team to help the far
mers ms this vicinity at thrashing.
The frames on the pictures the
People's store are offering are 3ply
oak and are worth double what they
ask for the complete picture
Tver Gfrunstad and Andrew Holm
aas are over from Marsh Grove to
day proviug up on valuable pieces
of land.
Itch cured in 30 mnnites by Wooi
ford'sSamtary Lotion. This never
failsv Sold hy K. Whitney Drugr
gfet Warren, Minn..
L E. Lundquost went to. Chicago
last week to buy a large stock of
fall and winter goodsQfor the Peo
ples Trading Co.
The Warren Dairy Co. pays the
highest market price for creanu. Im
the east basement First KationaL.
A spur wiIB befput En on the
Great Northern aboutf fonr miles
souths and an elevator will be
built there for handling-
Complete coursesfat Concordia
College, Moorhead, Minn., in vocal
and instrumentalflmusic at very
moderate charges- Write for cata
There is nothing that pleases a
farmer more than to be able to
thresh whenever the grain is ready.
Own your own rig^QQForl sale by
The Bagos employd on the rail
road beat a man Tuesday tor poking
at them and when 'Oscar Boss
man tried to interfere he was knock
down. Later they were sorry for
their mistake..
If you want to pay up your rail
road contract to get deed, or renew
an old loan for better terms, or make
new Ioan,Hank of Warren wants to
know it, so they canCinform you of
their low rates*.
Attorney Beardsieyfsolicitor for
the Soo arrived yesterday and pro'
eeeded to Oslo'to'attend to the in
junction taken out by the East
Grand Porks Navigation Co.torob-
stBuctingiQnavigation -b the Soo
More than half of our studentsare
from Crookston. This shows how
we standi where the people know us.
The most thoro courses ever offered
Free books and ear fare paid
Queen Ciuy Business college,
Crookston, Minn.
j^owis the time to start your
subscription to the SHEAF and ^st
the wuoie story,. The Yoke, ah
fascinating- romance of the time of
Moses. Back numbers will
supplied as long as they Bast
Don't delay. Enter your subscript
tion at once
C*. A kelson and Julius Olson
returned Saturday from their visit
to the Portland Fair and other
points of interest on the Pacific*
coast. The return trip was made
via the southern
woute thus gjvragr
an opportunity to see San
Francisco, Lo Angeles, Santa
CataEne Island, Bensverr Salt Lake
City and Omaha. I fact they saw
pretty much all worth seeing out
there except the famous Death VaE
leyv which they did not dare to
enter, in the top of Pike's peak
they were as near heaven as they
expect to be yetfora whole. They
have many stories to te of their
great tznpt
A Conservatory of Music wJGB be
opened m, the Berget BSfoek* Suti
floor,, m Moudayr October 2nd* by
Miss Louise T. irindeiandl
A thoirQ) eourse rm the a rt of piano)
playing and also singing: has been
carefhiDy se&ctecL PupSsK wiE be
received now at Miss (Sirindelaiadrs
KtV UKCtftff
np^pntiur DAA
1 TTilff
Pcnfffetfiia QtecnpKtaaas Tbaqpixing But
TTwo) B2ad a &csL.
Thsm are ftoimm anCfrofio#cast SB.
tfca- world waicn aepasiratesi strictly
MJembers perila^s lowest down m. tii
aociai acaie are- thoaft knnwn. as "punlc
hums- t&efiellawa=that Loaf on ptitjlic
hendiea and beg- for tneir bread, expect
littlte: above tbat'pun&" means
bread aruf bum, QC course* doea aotnaedi
As aelt-reapeGtnig: tiobo lives qmtaj
weJl, never pays Lesa- tban 15 cents for
Ina bed and! want* a good: clean one, ae
geta a good breaftfast at the rigbi: place
6nr ten. cent*coffee a great bowl of rt
bread and. butter, oatmealf and some
krad of bot meat On Sunday tor 15
cents be- can dfne sumptuously with: a.
bowl of aoup, a roast of cbioken or mut
ton or beef, peas- Qir beans, rice pudding
aad coffee
Th.e- conservative bobo doea not eat
more than, two meals a. day, not want
ing food* to spoil his appetite for drink.
A. correspondent of the Washington!
Star was told by one of the gentlemen.
I Deferred to, that a. hobo of his class
could ilva well on ima dollars a day,
the meals and bed costing as above,
1 and a good doQar and & half left for
drink for himself and frtenxis, fox
liquor meat, *rtiA and family 4a th
hoba, abaoiutefy bxdispenabJe.
In th iatorview grantd the Star by
fenia nic& p9oaa, he garvce some in
tereatrng infoBBfiiott ccmaerning the
means of wcbsteDe of the better fed
and housed hobo, widen Information
does not mate S any bacraaefior faith
In the anfortanste looktoff spectmens of
humanity one aeepddllngrlnthedown
town streets of a large city, bu* it may
be the interview was treating the in
terviewer ta a good story without un
due regard for vesactfcyr and it goes
i without saying- that not all the unfor
tunate looking that try to eke out asub
aiatence in a little trading, are gross
impostors too many cases have come
to light where their efforts met with
but a starvation return.they keep to it
simply as the only means of getting
some daily bread However in this
brief article we shall speak only of the
A. hobo that for some reason or oth.
er has grown weary of the road, perhaps
has met with, an accident in a stolen,
ride and rendered unfit for further ad
venture of that sort, uses his witstothe
best advantage he knows in. working
be{t the people of one city is a. "retired
hobo For awhile he will try the one
arm dodge, 3aid to be very profitable"..
He puts his arm in the top ofhis trous
ers a friend straps it tight to his body,
and out upon the street the poor wretch,
goes to make the appeal of an empty
sleeve Probably he will not have to
make any plea nt words An empty
sleeve speaks tor itself, and if it be the
right arm that is missing, the pathos
is greatly enhanced
M. green, hand maybe winfixup his
left arm, but feaams by sad experience
one may starve that way and ere Bong
the left sreeve is substantially rounded
out the right hangs Bmp and empty
The communicative hobo quoted, told
of other remunerative graft, and in de
fense of the methods- employed By has
ficaternity instanced frauds common nt
higfii Hfe, spoke of the rich: fellows who
retire after they have all the graft tiey
want and condemned them thus as com
pared with his land. "TheyHveoff what
they say is their own. money when they
retire* while we retired hobos kve off
other peopled money and are honest
enough, to say soi"
He instanced the easy manner fit
wfiiccfis hie made five dofetrs one evening
He woxrldi accost a mam wxthr "Mister,
can. yam tell me where E can, get aftve
eent bed'" The man, would thunkx here
now is a piiicky fellow, no beggar, and
toss Mm a quarter withs the remarkr
'This'ID settfe the matter fear yom."
And he told of the watch game a cheap*
watchi is bought and engraved am t&&
case a testunumaiE something Eke thasv
"Presented to) Jbhai! Smiths by James
Bfcowu iau grateful! acknowlledgmeni of
{runaway June 12^ J9G4L" Armed withj
the watch the awner entias ssDooni
after the paewnahops axe dosed, and
SBneraHijr ae is, ahfe to dispose off ft to
s.mam that supposes tie getttnga,goo
tflteoag very cfteagt The aooo mfiriuam
aster iSut moneyfflfttailTiwtiaatffflaadtem^.
Bfefims mfetft tfiiEBittaa4a6BsaBfiifflr
Stareet ffwftjgfiiy Urn TOwy lwrniuuim^
gPkm erite*" tftt has fa4Id tte
BvEBgr wmm am msamtomg
Warren Dairy Market.
As reported by tne* Warren Dairy
Cream 21 cents
Eggs 15) cents.
Butter, psdhnsr stock: 15
Above* prices are subject to mark
et changes. Prices quoted are- those
in fiorce on date of issue of paper.
Meals andLancKes at
all Iknirs-
B, Teigseth.
"ills' f^s
a Cfenseiraii
Busmessy ma&eas Beal Estate
liOana ait lowest rartasy "Wrrte*
Ibts-xiBaiiee irelDbb^le- Insmraoiee
oioipanie&r Sel* ticket* to* ami
feoin all Enropeaia Poart*. We
sefiieit jo^ior patrrTi^iS^e i
LOUIS M. OLSOK, Cashier.
Safety and Profit
are two important things to consider
selecting a bank. Money is such, a hard
thing to get and such hard thing to keeps
Warren, Mom.
Institute of Bookkeepings
TypewTritingc and the common
A school soaited to the- wants
of young: and old seeking: a
practical edneationu
Fall Term, opens Oct*
Beally we can't us St, as we
have pfenty besides^
Grfvfng prices eacitday during tn
past week.
Wheat. Flax Barlesu
734 73 72. 73
72 73JS
*Flyer 13a-Local
that it is folly to place it where it will not be absolutely safe-
At the same time, the man or woman who is saving money
naturally wishes ft to earn more money, and therefore the-
monetary institution which combines safety and profit is always
a desirable depository.
AEThese are Found at
Bank of Warren,
The oldest Bank Marshall
96 SB
95 96
39 2B
fftiday Saturday
Monday Tuesday WedneadaT
Flout .35 Patent. Straight .30. Ground"
Feediir a. can. Cam S19 a ton. Bran. US,
a tun. Snortaitt.
95 3D
3-13 a. BL.
8 5ta m.
8 LTp
Farm Loans
R.ea Estate and Insurance.
City Property BouKbt and SoM
Fire, Accident Plate Glaaa. Tftrnado
Inaurance andt Surety Bbnda -written in
aeveraL of tdie Oldest and Strongest Amem
can. Insurance Companies.
Tickets Co audi fin Europe by all arsfr
claaa lines for sate
Office-1st door West of Post Office.
Warren. Minn.
THaai's what i^s ^-and what we're1
terest enacts be Dawes* on tha markeft and payni^ can be*
youir way. *-a%"^
Quar baoik is the feest to?vm to negotiate lo^
W^flfen. Biiii%*
gpmg: to do wtt& &. In

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