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Plva Hundred Buildings are Destroyed.
Thirteen Churches, Public Libra-
ry, Hospitals, Cky Hall and Five
School Houses.
Boston, Mass., April 18..appar-
ently insignificant fire whioh started
among rags on a dump in the city of
Chelsea yesterday was fanned by a
northwest gale into a conflagration,
whioh obliterated nearly one-third of
the oity.
Five hundred dwelling houses and
public buildings were destroyed, fif
teen hundred families were driven
from their habitations and 10,000 peo
ple made homeless almost without
Three lives are known to have been
lost, and late last night it was re
ported that two other persons had
perished, one a woman, having shot
herself in a frenzy over her inability
to save her property. From fifty to
one hundred were injured.
Accurate estimate of the loss is im
possible. The city solicitor estimates
it at nearly $10,000,000. The insur
ance is estimated at $5,000,000.
The fire, which was the worst
Greater Boston has known in many
years, raged before a forty-five-mile
gale for more than twelve hours,
defying the utmost efforts of the com
bined fire departments of Chelsea and
several nearby cities and a large de
tachments of Boston firemen and
The fire area, which was
form of an eclipse, a mile and
long and half mile wide at its
est part, extended diagonally
the city from a point near the bound
ary between Everett and Chelsea to
the waters of Chelsea creek,
All the banks, more than three
quarters of the churches, half of the
business blocks and nearly all the
schoolhouses were wiped out. One
hospital and a day nursery were de
stroyed. In the turmoil many of
sick and infirm found difficulty in ob
taining assistance and several of them
had narrow escapes.
It was useless for the firemen to at
tempt to check the onrushing flames
before the gale, and their main efforts
were to prevent a spread of the fire
on either side.
in the
a half
Mother and Son Attempt to CrOss
Swollen River and Meet Death.
Lisbon, N. D., April 11.Mrs. Ole
Benson and her son Oscar were
drowned in the Sheyenne river about
ten miles southeast of this city at the
Pindall ford. They had been in town
and returning home in their buggy
attempted to cross the swollen river.
Both lost their lives and the team al
so perished. Coroner Patterson found
the bodies and reported the aocident.
Winnipeg, April 11.Charles Hamil
ton and Andrew Walker,' settlers,
were drowned when crossing Knee
Hill creek on rotten ice, at Carbon,
in Oalgarg.
One Man is Pinioned Under Engine
and Scalded to Death.
Winnipeg, April 10.A huge rook,
tooaened by the thaw of the laat faw
days, fall on a locomotive of a Cana
dian Paoiao railroad axpraaa near e
avora, Ont., 100 miles east of this oity.
paw ooaohea were derailed. Nopaaa
Angara ware hurt, butQaama Lara of
tEanova was pinned under fea angina
ad scalded to death. Taw train waa
owning from Montreal to tbia attgr.
The wraokad ears contained
Farmer Fights Posse.
Hlgkmore, S. J. April ll.-MUtan
Mclzer, a farmer of this county, hold.'
the evening untfr noon the following
day. Shots were fired and Molaer
warned that his life might pay the
forfeit of his folly, but ha persisted in
holding out against the law until an
attorney advised him to surrender.
In the and ha waa bound ovar in banda
I $1,000.
New Ulm, Minn., April 11.The
aeoond suioide within a weak waa dis
covered in this city yesterday after
noon. Martin Remiger killed himself
with a razor by cutting his throat
from ear to ear. Ha was about sixty
years old, a bachelor, and had bean
an inmate of the heme for thaagad at
St. Alexander hospital far the last
four years.
Painters an Strike.
Winona, Minn., April 11.The
painters and paperhangers of this city
have gone on a strike. They sub
mitted a contract to the bosses soma
time ago, but the bosses refused to
sign it. There is no dispute on wages
or hours, but the employes stick for
the clause which states that no
painter or paperhanger may work af
ter 5 o'clock in the evening. If he
does this he is subject to a find. The
bosses hold that frequently to leave
a job unfinished results in serious
Ryan Denies Knowledge of $500,000 Pa*
litical Campaign Fuqd.
New York, Apr. 11.Thomas F.
Ryan Thursday threw cold water on
the recently published story to the ef
fect that he had testified before a spe
cial grand jury that $600,000 of Met
ropolitan Street railway money, osten
sibly used for the purchase of the
Wall and Cortland street ferries line,
had gone into a political campaign
fund. Mr. Ryan wa* a witness in the
Harlem municipal court in a damage
suit brought against certain directors
of the street railway company and was
questioned at length about the $500,000
fund. He said that such a fund was
made up, but he had no idea what was
done with it, except that it was paid
"for the benefit of the company."
"It was paid to William C. Whitney,*
said Mr. Ryan. "He suggested that
we put in $100,000 apiece for the com
pany. That was in 1899 or 1900.
There was no entry made in the Met
Street Railway company's
books." He said the only information
concerning the disposition made of the
fund was given him by Mr. Whitney,
who, he said, was the controlling spirit
of the company.
"Late Again."
The late Lord Kelvin was singular
ly unpunctual at meals, and generally
absorbed over the repast in some
scientific abstraction. In his own din
ing-room a favorite parrot greeted
his appearance with "Late again, Sir
William!" Yet he had a keen sense
of humor. Simplicity of speech was
not in his plan, As chairman at a
public dinner, for example, he rose to
announce that "the conversion of cel
lular tissue into chemical molecules
may now begin. Gentlemen, you may
What Becomes of Them.
Philosophers arise upon all sides
pessimists, eleatics, stoics, Pythagor
eans, epicureans, positivlsts, empiric
ists and intuitionists. They arise and
flap their shimmering wings and they
fade into inert innocuousness. The
tidal wave of timeclammy, cruel and
inevitablesurges o'er their forgotten
biers. Their souls are absorbed in
the thin ether of the illimitable cos
mos. They speak their little pieces,
dodge the ever-hurtling egg, and then
shut up forever. Alas!
Truly Popular.
Old Jerry, the butler, was very
proud of the popularity of his young
mistress, who had just made her debut
in society. In describing the glories
of the debut ball and tha subse
quent delights of the debutante's social
career, he said: ^V'/H^
"Yes, sah yes, sah she1
-Is enjoyin' herself, sah. Why, every
day she jes' has dozeni ob rosea and
such like, and I Jes' can't say how
many boxes ob bon tolu^^fc^
A baby boy was born bo Mr. and
Mrs.John Nilson Sunday a week ago.
The town board of EsDelie met
with the board of Movlan at I.
Rockne's place bo open up the town
line between the two towns last
Saturday a week.
John Garlosn and O. Rockne went
up bo Pea Soup Island the other day
on a business trip.
Oscar Hove, of flatton. N. Dak.,the
was up here looking over the land
that he reeenbly bought of Jacob
Victor Booly is busy breaking his
steers now-a-days.
H. A. Halvorson has bought a
beam of horses from John Carlson.
Mr. Carlson also sold his valuable
stallion to Oscar Hove, consideration
Thos. Lewis has been busv hauling
lumber from Thief River Falls, as he
intends to fix up his house in good
E. O. Erickson was aoooinbed road
insDector of this bown and everyone
will now have to work oub their poll
April llbh.We wake UD once in a
while to realize bhab our friends like
to hear from us.
Spring has corne: ibis the season
for new life, and activiby. Hone
animates the breasb and if the farm
er knew whab he is preparing bo pro
duce, he would have much greater
gladness and the hope in his breasb
would be sbronger.
Andrew Underdahl bransacbed
business at Sbrabhcona on Wednesday
of this week.
Mrs. Erick Thorson is still on the
sick list. Bub her friends hoDe she
will soon recover from her illness.
Miss Kibbie Erickson reburned
home on Monday from Crooksbon
afber an exbended visib with rela
Mr. Swenson, of New Maine, pur
chased a pair of oxen from S. O. Hon*
Wednesday of lasb week.
I S. Hoff came up from Middle
River bodav, where he is helping
Andrew Olson to drill for water ab
the creamery.
Miss Clara Roppe and Miss Sarah
Thorson and Richard RoDpe visited
ab Gilberb Thompson's Sunday.
Tom Geler, who has been here his
winber vlsibing John Chrisbianson.
made us a call bodav. He informed
us bhab he was going bo leave bhis
week lor his home ab Leadville
Andrew Underdahl transacted
business ab Strabhcona this week.
I. S. H.
FOR "SALE.80 acres of land, 40
acres broken and a house on it, eight
miles west from Warren, near station
and school, in sec. 3. bown 154, range
49. For further informabion wribe
bo Arab J. Olson,
Redvers, Sask/, Can.
I have the agency for the Marshall
Go. Skandinaviske Farmers' Mutual
Insurnce Co., .for the towns of
McCrea, Comstock and Viking. See
me about renewals- and new in
surance. O. L. Skonovd.
Bad!una, Minn.
AGENTS WANTED.16x20crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames 10 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent
each. You can make 400 per cent
profit or 836.00 per week. Catalogue
and samples free. Frank W.
Williams Company, 1208 W. Taylor
St., Chicago, 111.
How many school children are
bhere who are familiar with the
hisbory of bheir own sbabe?
The management of bhe Sbabe Fair
are inberesbed in learning bo what
extent bhe children of Minnesoba
know of bhe struggles of the early
settlers, and bhev propose a novel
method of ascertaining.
The big spectacular feature of the
1908 Fair will be known as "Fort
Eidgelv in 62." A reproduction of
the old forb as ib sbood, ab bhab time,
will be consbrucbed in the in-field of
half-mile track, and a portrayal
of the attack by bhe Indians is bo be
One thousand people, including
three hundred genuine Sioux Indians,
will participate in the exhibition.
It is intended bo make bhe enact
ment as consistent as possible, and.
as yet. bhe sbory upon which bhe
action will be based is undecided.
In order to secure a variety of ver
sions of the various abbacks by bheBids
Indians on Forb Ridgely, bhe Sbabe
Fair management inbend offering
eighteen prizes for bhe besb story or
description of the affair, wribben by
a Duoil in bhe Public Sellouts.
The_story may be baken from any
of the*many histories thab are pub
lished on the Sioux War in Minne
soba, or. they mav be wribben from
descriptions of the babbles, as de
scribed by oarbicipanbs. manv of
whom are alive, and living in various
parbs of the Sbabe. The sbory musb
be wribben. however, in bhe wriber's
own style, and not Quoted.
Anv boy or girl living in Minneso
ta, and a pupil of the Public Schools,
mav contest for bhe prizes. A com
mittee of prominent business men
of St. Paul and Minneapolis will act
as judges, and bhe spectacle will be
based on the events as described in
the winning story, which will be
published in the official program of
the Fair, together with a portrait of
bhe wriber.
There will be eighteen prizes given
as follows:
To the one whose story is selecbed
as bhe winner, bhere will be given a
cash Drize of Ten Dollars. ($10.00). a
season bickeb bo bhe Fair, good for
bobh Main Gate and Grandstand, and
in addition a mammoth portrait of
bhe winner will be shown in fire
works, on bhe firsb nighb of bhe Fair.
To bhe one whose sborv is considered
second besb. bhere will be given a
cash prize of Five Dollars. ($5.00),
and a season ticket to the Fair.
To the third Three Dollars. ($3.00),
and a season ticket bo bhe Fair and
bo bhe nexb five a season ticket to
the Fair, and bhe next ten will each
receive a single admission to the
The contest will close at midnight,
June 1st. All sbories musb be wribben
in ink. one side of bhe paper only,
and must be confined to one thou
sand words. The age, name and
school attended should be plainly
written ab bhe bop of the page.
Sbories bo be addressed to C. N. Cos
grove, Secretary Minnesota State
Fair. Hamline, Minn.
Notice is herbey given that bhe
school board of school disb. No. 8. of
the bown of Big^Woods, Marshall co.,
Minn., will let to the lowest bidder
a contract to raise the school house
and put it on a brick foundation and
also ceil it up inside with steel ceil
ing, the district to furnish material.
They will also let the job of hauling
of the material a the same time.
All bids must be in writing and
filed with the clerk, on or before the
16bh day of May. at 7 o'clock p. m.
When the board will meet at the
school"house to open the bids: The
right is reserved to reject any and
all bids.
Dated this 15bh day of April. 1908.
*&&&+-:<:-* lmsdahl,
Disb. Clerk.
Seeding time and the Golden Rule
has the best selection of seeds.jgy
Regular meeting held Aorjl 13,
1908. The following appointments
were made by the mayor: C. E.
Lundquist, acting mayor: E. Dady.
chief of police Ed. Roley. night
watchman. The appointments were
confirmed by the council.
Salaries were fixed by bhe'rcouncll
as follows: E. Dady, $55 per monbh:
Ed. Roley, $45 per monbh: Recorders'
salary, $25 per monbh.
On motion bhe poll tax was fixed ab
two days work or in lieu bhereof $3
in cash.
On mobion bhe pasture and ground
east of the cemetary. was leased bo
J. W. Bren for a rental of $10.
The following bills were allowed:
W. Haney. expense. $6.59.
State Bank of Warren. $9.20.
The Peoples Trading Co..
indse.. $19 37.
Spaulding Elevator Companv,
coal, $245.15.
Stevens Bros, printing, $23.90.
F. Johnson, salary, $17.50.
F. Johnson, coal. $12.45.
Alberbine Nordgren, care Quaran
tine patient. $80.00.
Sb.^Paul Elevabor Company, sup
plies, $9.38.
Nab. Meber Co., supplies, $fi.00.
Am. Elec. Co.. supplies. $10.58.
Buffalo Meter Co., supplies, $3.14.
N. W. Elev. Co., supplies, $9.55.
Plumbing Sbeamfibbiug Supply Co.,
supplies. $5.07.
Geo. W. Lord Co., supplies, $19.74.
Crookstou Mfg.Co., supplies, $15.00.
Moved and carried bhab bhe bime
limib for electric light and water ac
counts be bhree monbhs. If nob paid
ab the end of bhe bhree monbhs bhe
light and water will be shut off and
a charge of one dollar made for each
for connecting again, and bhab Supt.
Haney be insbrucbed be make oub
bills againsb all parties three months
in arrears and present same with in
structions that if not paid within 10
days bhe lighb or waber will be cub
Moved and carried bhab the city le
corder be aubtiorized bo adverbise for
bids bo furnish bhe ciby with 600 tons
of Yough. coal delivered in bins.
to be opened may 11, ab 8
o'clock p. m.
Moved and carried bhab the ciby
recorder be aubhorized bo adverbise
for bids bo haul slops, bids bo be
opened, April 27, ab 8 o'clock p. m.
Moved and carried bhab John W.
Bren be appoinbed ciby assessor.
On mobion adjourned until April
17, ab 8 o'clock p. m.
W. N. Powell.
Ciby Recorder.
We have a large assorbmenb of
firsb class trees and plants raised in
our Nursrey here, to offer for bhis
Spring's planbing. Wholesale prices
given on large orders. Send for price
lisb bo: The Red River Valley N ur
sery, Alvarado. Minn. 2b.
My house and lob in bhe ciby of
Warren. Alfred Carlson.
1 mo. pd.
Report of Dist. No. 66. town of
Eagle Poinb, for bhe month ending
April 3. 1908.
No. of pupils enrolled, 26.
No. of days abbended by all
pupils, 427.
No. of days baughb, 20.
Average daily abbendance, 21.
No. of pupils nob absent. 11.
No. of pupils absenb one day, 3.
Pupils nob absenb are: Agnes
Johnson. Signe. Walber and Stanley
Person, Carolvn and Willie Olson.
Rubh and Richard Danielson, Alfred
and Hjalmer Lindblad and Alberb
Those absenb one day are: Peber
Olson, Henry Person and Arvid
Johnson. Annie L. Bjorsness,
WWe "Humane" Horse Collar
Call and See Them.
This is the berry that will
grow here to perfection.
Order your plauts now for
spring planting. I also
sell the Sample, War-field,
Michigan, Pride, Beader
wood, and Splendid. 100
plants for $1.00 by mail.
Golden Valley Nursery
Sealed bids will be received ab bhe
bown clerk's office, town of Warren
bon, for bhe consbrucbion of the new
sbabe road, sibuabed bebween secbions
35 and 36. 25 and 26. 23 and 24, of
bhe bown of Warrenbon, according bo
plans ~and specifications on file at
bhe bown cleric's office, a copy of
which is also on hie ab bhe audibor's
office, ab Warren. Bids musb be in
by Saburday. April 25. ab 2 o'clock
p. m. Each bidder will be required
to bid by bhe cubic yard, commenc
ing ab bhe soubh end.
Successful bidder will be required
bo give bonds for bhe faithful perfor
mance of said work.
The supervisors reserve the right
to reject any and all bids.
Dated bhis 15bh day of April. A.
D., 1908. Bv bhe Supervisors.
C. W. Abrahamson.
Bibles and dictionaries, two of the
best books published, for sale in
Sheaf Book and Stationery store.
DISTRIBUTION. Estate of Fredrick L. Johnson.
State of Minnesota. County of
Marshall. In Probate Court. In bhe
Matter of the Estate of Fredrick L.
Johnson. Decedent.
The State of Minnesota to A ugusba
C. Johnson. William W. Johnsdn,
Alexander V. Johnson, 'Mabel V.
Johnson. Emma T. Johnson.Signa A.
Johnson. John S. Johnson, George
M. Johnson. Theodore Johnson and
Rubv A. Johnson, and all persons in
terested in the final accounb and dis
tribution of the estate of said dece
dent: The representative of bhe
above named decedent, having filed
in this court her final account of
the administration of the estate of
said decedent, together with her
petition praving for the adjusbmenb
and allowance of said final account
and for disbribubion of bhe residue of
said esbabe bo the persons thereunto
entitled: Therefore. You. and Each
of You. are hereby cibed and requir
ed bo show cause, if any you have,
before bhis courb ab the Probabe
Courb Rooms, in Ciby of Warren, in
bhe County of Marshall, Sbabe of
Minnesoba, on bhe llbh day of May.
1908. ab 10 o'clock A. M., why said
petition should nob be granbed.
Wibness. bhe Judge of said courb,
and bhe Seal of said Courb bhis 13th
day of April, 1908.
Peter H. Holm,
(Courb Seal.) Probabe Judge.
Brown & Ecksbom,
Abboneys' for Pebibioner.
Warren, Minn.
.East Side Harness Maker. Warren, Minn.
its 'y-rfyS%

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