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^Office in New State Bank Bldg.
6- & WATTAM, M. J).
01IW Tud Floor Ftm Nation* BankBaDdhur
H. A. TYLER, D. M. D.
OflBce in New State Bank Bldg.
E. T. FRANK, M. D. C.
Graduate of Chicago Veterinary College.
Post Graduate Kansas City Veterinary CoOeze.
Member Minn. State Veterinary Med. As?
Has practiced nineteen years in Warren.
Officetod Floor First National Bank Bunding
(Successor to A. Gnndeland.)
located in office formerly occupiedTby
A. Gnndeland.
Office with Julius J. Olson.
Shop south of Taralseth's store.
Ole Brenna.
Witt cry sales la aay part of Marshall
r aljolalag comities. Satlsfmctlaa
a '3 ^"SC^*
Grsvnd Forks. N
All work Guaranteed Reasonable Price
Proprietors of
And dealers In r*"t
Ul/OOO and GO\L
Areata for the
Standard Oil Co.
Pfaov Warren,! Minn.
Typewriter paper at the Warren
Largest and best secfeted stock of
to be found in Marshall county,
at prices that are ri$Ht A visit
to my store will convince you
that above is correct
fine watch repairing a specialty
Call and see me.
talking machines and
HBrmiirrfiil gaslrr Smiirrs
HsU in Id jSt. Trttrr's
Inexhaustible its mystic signifi
cance, the Holy Week in Rome, how
ever familiar to the memory or im
agination, stirs alwajs a renewed
wonder in those who witness it.
Above all else Rome is a city of
memories The walls and arches of
imperial days, the Renaissance pal
aces, and the churches which mark
everj step the long march from
primitive Christianity to papai su
premacythese stamp themselves on
the mind The incongruous modern
elements are as transitory in their
impression as is the whirling dust
from a motor car blown past the
tombs on the Appian Way
The walls of Aurelian. the statue of
Marcus Aurelius, benignant on the
capitol, the august disarray of the
Forumthese are actual and imperish
able So too. is the spacious splen
dor of St. Peters, with its solemn
sequence of ritual, in which, as the
Holy Week advanc es so mjstic and
superb a drama of divinity is en
There are many moods in which
to approach the great East er services
In the great papal city, from that of
the devote to whom the ever-burning
lamps round the apostle tomb mars
a spot onlj less sacrd than that of
the holj sepulcher itself, to that of
the casual sight-seer, who flutters his
Baedeker unabashed through the aw
ful mjste-y of the mass Perhaps
those do not see least of the signifi
cance who look on the magnificent
ceremonies with a haunting conscious
ness of Rome twofold greatness, and
who ne\er quite lose sight of the city
of the Caesars in the city of the
It is impossible even to approach
S Peter's whe re most of us choose
to see the services, in spite of the ri
val claims of the Lateran. mother of
churchesit is impossible to reach
the curving colonnades and mighty
front without passing by memorials of
an earlier, hostile life and creed Per
haps in driving thither the wanderer
may catch a glimpse of the immortal
pair, the Great Twin Brethren, who
guard in stone the stairs to the capi
tol. Or, it may be. the shattered, ma
jestic columns of the temp le of Mars
Ultor ha ve lifted for a moment their
stem memorial of Caesar's death and
Augustus' vengeance.
Once within St Peter's, however,
conflicting memories fall away, lost,
as is all sense of minor faults in the
building itself, in the impression of
vastnes s, of an all-enfolding and all
reconciling hospitality. That hospital
ity is taxed by the crowds whica
gather for the services of Holy Wee k.
Pair" Sunday initiates the series of
elaborate ceremonies with its beauti
ful rite of blessi ng the palms. A mot
ley throng it is which streams np the
wide ste ps and gathers about the altar
above which glows in a golden halo
the holy dove. There are the foreign
aight-seers, of course, made evident
by their camp-stools and red guide
books, but there are also soldiers in
picturesque variety of uniform, priests
wearing their black draperies in the
classic folds which recall the toga,
shepherds from the Campagna. beard
ed and wild-eyed in their sheepskins
pilgrims from far countries with the
fixed visionary gaze of those who look
on their sacred places after long de
Sacred indeed is the spot to those
who hold the faith of Rome. In front
of the high altar with its baldacchino
the twisted bronze columns tower
ing up superbly, yet dwarfed by the
firmament of the dome aboveburn
the golden, never-dying lamps which
mark the resting place, so tradition
says, of the apostle. ^^tSh/^n
But on Palm Sunday me' attention
Is fixed a the altar in the Cappella
CSiolia, and the pressure of the eager
people increases cruelly a the ba
kats QL oalms are set down the
$ Charles gurrjnw Banks
flpii circle of fftc tflif
Vm Trttt Ac rtwi, lesiriif fit
I fit tfttt vtife fdici tan
TIMilM W of toiBce.
w*w 1 PCUCCI olf frOWt
His tot t^ttto o'cT-odTbt) wortit
it is for an ante wrtirkC
VM trwtM fall ttat rotUat skept
Ooctfeekcattag oceaa's breast,
Jb dosdr Vis Wart fit keeps
Xs iM vsoc 9s coifesseC
O tifer fftc imagk veafcs
Jl perfect rmftart oa Ms coat,
Jfad ckar aaKH tin MUD* leaoes
Ox wiM Vrt spttrts his Hfti arte.
Cfee carvtH awtwaia ratts grace
tic arctiaf axmre's aafk rta
it Ac 4ewtfrop's forai I trace
Cfec saac perfectioa bora of Via.
Ciwrappea vhlrfi its see4 tftc rose
Awaits tbe word uwestioaiig
01 coervvlMre the teats ados*
la resnrectioa of tfee spriag.
Ta Via is anfeefoy fcaov,
OK way, ttK life, tve fiaal toat
O font of toot whose catward flow
Is aeocr-eaolag birth of Scat
altar stairs and the canons slowly
move to their places. The priests are
in violet, the Lent en color. Th deep
hue brightened by wonderful inter
weavi ng of gold and silver, and the
crucifix on the altar is also violet
veiled There is no organ music, and
the deep notes of the chanting swell
with a strange solemnity through the
echoing vaults. Slowly the brilliancy
grows, the candles gleam out on the
altar. The cardinal in his sweeping
robes and scarlet cap advances among
attendant priests and acolytes, the
space before the altar is filled with
figures white or purple-robed, show
ing in a vague richness through the
clouds of incense. The long service
go es on, with the monotonous priestly
recitals, the responses of the people,
occasional bursts of exquisite singing.
At last the sole mn final word and
gesture of blessing ha ve been given,
and one by one the priests lift and
bear away the palm branches. Then
the olive, which is given in their
stead to the people, is brought for
ward in great sheaves, and a priest in
gold-embroidered violet robe holds out
the silvery branches to the hands
which reach and clutch for them, till
all the nearest of the throng have re
ceived their portion and pa ss on twigs
to those behind. Peace and blessing
is that olive to bring to those who
reverenly receive the gleaming leaves.
The distribution completed, the cardi
nal and canons with their attendant
train move in stately procession down
the church, out into the portico, and
so back to the altar. They bear aloft,
with the tall tapers and the shrouded
crucifix, the golden palm branches,
not simple boughs such as we re cast
before Christ by the people of Jerusa
lem. These are fantastically dipped
and twisted till they look more like
furled standards, a significant touch
in that church which is so ready to
turn the martyr sjmbol into the con
quering banner
Mrs. Hitt (trying her gorgeous East
er bonnet)How do you like the ef
Mrs WittWhy, it's wonderful.
You have the right idea There's
nothing like contrasts, is there?
The Church Holiday Gives Employ
ment to Thousands of People.
From religion to busine ss is a big
ju mp in the lives of most mentoo
many people of this world trying to
separate their religion as far as possi
ble from their business, for the reason
perhaps that some of their busine ss
methods might not measure up to
their religious standards. However,
that may be, Easterli ke all church
holidaysh as a pronounced effect
upon the business interests of the
community. What with the great
number of eggs eatenth large num
ber of new cloth es worn, and the num
ber of Eastern novelties placed upon
the market, it Is probably true that
no holiday, religious or civU not
even Fourth of Julywi th the possi
ble exception of Christmas, causes a
greater amount of money to be put
into circulation. That this is so is a
blessing. Hundreds of thousands of
people who would otherwise be with
out work are kept busy half the year
making toys, hats and cloth es for
"Easter and what at first appears to be
a great national extravagance, con
ducted under the guise of religion, be
comes in xealtly a marvelous booa to
The New Cathedral.
Archbishop John Ireland of S Pan!
will be the principal speaker at the
impressive ceremonies connected with
the laying of the cornerstone of the
1700,000 pro-cathedral now being erect
in Minneapolis at Hennepin and
Sixteenth avenues. A monster de
monstration is planned and when the
event takes place May 31, it is expect
it will be witnessed by from 75,000
to 90,000 persons.
Preparations are being made by the
committee on arrangements of which
L. S Donaldson is chairman, to en
tertain ful ly 76,000 visitors from out
side the twin cities on that day. The
Catholic clergy and prominent men
of the state to the number 1,000 will
be on Hie platform, overlooking the
cornerstone. Catholics from all parts
of the state are coming, and special
train service is being arranged to ac
commodate those living at a distance.
Mathias Baldwin is to be marshall of
the day and a mammouth parade of
45,000 or more is planned. Each pa
rish in line of march will foll ow a
designating banner.
Thousands of Acres Saved.
WashingtonThe supreme court of
the District of Columbia has decided
a case in favor of the secretary of
the interior, the effect of which will
be to turn over to the State of Min
nesota several thousand acres of land,
the timber alone on which la said
to be valued at considerably In ex
cess of $1,000,000. The case was
brought by Gus A. Beauleau, who, act
ing on behalf of the Chippewa tribe
of Indians, sought to restrain the se c
retary from turning the lands over
to the state. The Indians claim the
lands should be sold and the pro
ceeds divided among the m. Secretary
Garfield decided that the lands should
be given to the sta te under an act
of congress giving to it lands that
were swamp in character.
The lands are located on the ceded
Chippewa Indian reservation in Min
nesota, On behalf of Secretary Gar
field a demurrer was filed which set
forth that the State of Minnesota was
an essential party in the case, in fact
a co-defendant, and that under the
eleven th amendment to the Constitu
tion a state cannot be sued by one of
its citizens, and Beauleau's petition
for an iiJunction should be dismissed.
Powder Magazine Explodes.
Minneapolis Exploding with a
crash that was felt for miles around,
the powder magazine at the Univer
sity of Minnesota went off with a
deafening report, completely wrecking
the place, throwing debris high into
the air, breaking many windows and
sending a stream of flame heaven
ward. one was killed or serious
ly injured.
Immediately following the explosion
a tongue of flame shot up to a height
of about 100 feet and the roof of the
cave wherein the explosive was kept,
and which consisted of boiler iron,
was thrown some 300 feet into the
air and came down in a crumpled
The cause of the explosion is not
known, though some boys started a
^rass fire earlier in the afternoon and
that ma-v have been the origin of the
Only a hole in the ground marks
where the magazine was All
a win-
dows in the assav building of the min
ing department were blown in and the
chemistry and law buildings suffered
similarly There was no one in the
neighborhood at the time.
Timber Cut.
St PaulThere is a falling off of
nearly 50 per cent in the timber cut
in Minnesota during the present sea
son as compared with recent preced
ing years, according to figures and
estimates prepared by Forest rj Com
missioner C. Andrew s. sa\s:
'The aggregate output of various
kinds of timber and wood from the
Minnesota forests this past winter, in
round numbers, was: Pine, 800,000,000
feet: mixed timber, including ash, bal
sam, basswood, birch, cedar, poplar,
pine, spruce and tamarac, 79,000,000
feet: number of poles, 213.028: ties.
8,565.750: posts. 1,754,500 cords of
pulpwood, 151,800: cords of wood, 75,-
580 number of feet of mining tim
ber, 500.000 number logging camps,
529 number of men employed, 19,575
a\erage wage s. $26 a month and board
These returns are probably 25 per
cent below the actual output.
St PaulPublic Examiner Anton
Schaefer filed with Gov. Johns on the
report covering the period of the in
combency of Fenton G. Warner as
state oil inspector, which, he says,
shows a shortage of $12,010. The re
port covers what is known as the
Minneapolis division by the Standard
Oil company, including Ramsey. Hen
nepin and twenty-nine other counties.
The report is made by W C. Heil
bron, one of the deputy examiners,
and covers about thirty pages, In
cluding a mass of figures.
Firebug Again Burns Mill.
Grand RapidsNeumann Brothers'
sawmill on Prairie Lake, four miles
north of this city, was partially de
stroyed by fire: the fire being evi
dently of incendiary origin. The lo ss
is estimated at $3,000. This is the
second fire of the same nature in this
mill, the other occurring one year
ago und er similar circumstance s, but
much heavier loss.
MinneapolisAfter having been dis
carded for several days at the Hen
nepin county morgue as worthless,
the coat worn by" Carl Hult, who com
mitted suicide at the S James h
ttl, was found to contain $599.
DEFFrmv/r DA^C
Estate of John G. Petterson, Dece
State of Minnesota. County of
Marshall. In Probate Court. In" toe
Matter of the Estate of John G. Pet
terson, Decedent:
The State of Minnesota to"Anna
C. Petterson. Charley A. Petterson.
Mathilda Friberp. Emma Joseohina
Gostafson. Fred S. Petterson. Levin
Svenson. Selma Sten. Frida Hanson,
and all persons interested in the final
account and distribution of the
estate of said decedent: The reore
sentative of the above named dece
dent, bavin? filed in this '.court his
final account of the administration
of the estate of said decedent, to
gether with this petition Drayingffor
the adjustment and allowance* of
said final account and for distribu
tion of the residue of said estate to
the persons thereunto entitled:
Therefore. You. and Each of you.
are hereby cited and required to show
cause, if any vou have, before this
court at the Probate Court Roms in
the City of Warren, in the County of
Marshall. State ol Minnesota, on the
2nd day of May. 1908. at ten o'clock
A. M.. why said petition should not
be granted.
Witness, the Judge of said court.
and the Seal of said Court, this 7th
day of April. 1908.
Peter H. Holm.
(Court Seal.) Probate Judge.
Julius J. Olson.
Attorney for Petitioner.
Warren. Minn.
Pencils, tablets and school supplies
for sale at the Sheaf office.
Estate of Francis W. Woodward.
State of Minnesota, County of Mar
shall. In Probate Court. In the
Matter of the Estate of Francis W.
Woodward. Decedent.
Letters of Administration, with
will annexed, this da? having been
granted to Harriet W. Davis.
It is Ordered, that the time with
in which all creditors of the above
named decedent may present claims
against his estate in this court, be.
and the same hereby is. limited to
six months from and after the date
hereof: and that Thursday, the 8th
day of October. 1908. at two o'clock
P. M.. in the Probate Court Rooms,
at the City of Warren, in said
Conuty. be. and the same hereby is.
fixed and appointed as the time and
place for hearing upon and the exa
mination, adjustment and allowance
of such claims as shall be presented
within the time aforesaid.
Let notice hereof be given by the
publication of this order in the War
ren Sheaf, a weekly newspaper, pub
lished at the Citv of Warren, in said
County, as provided by law.
By the Court.
Dated April 7th 1908.
Peter Holm.
udge of Probate.
Estate of H. O. Bergquist, Dece
State of Minnesota. Countv of Mar
shall, In Probate Court. In the
Matter of the Estate of H. O. Berg
quist. Decedent.
Letters Testamentarv this dav
having been granted to Frank E.
Dahlsren. of Alvarado. Minnesota.
It is Ordered, tliat the time with
in which all creditors of the abo\e
named decedent may D^esent claims
aeamst his estate in this court, be.
and the same hereby is. limited to
three months from and after the
date hereof and that baturda\. the
11th da\ of Julv. 190S. at ten o'clocK
A M. in the Probate Court Rooms
at the Citv of Warren, in said Couu-
t\. be. and the same herebv is fixed
and apDointed as the time and dace
for hearing UDOU and the examina
tion, adjustment and allowance of
such claims as shall be presented
within the time aforesaid.
Let notice hereof be gnen the
Dubhcantion of this order in* the
Warren Sheaf as rrovid ed bv law
Dated ADHI 3rd. 1908.
Peter Holm.
ud ge of Probate.
(Probate Court Seal.)
Carl Christenson
Builder of
Cement Sidewalks
Crossings, steps, foundations
and all kinds of ornamental
work in Cement
Will Guarantee my work to be
Durable and First Class.
Let me figure with you on any
work you may have in my line.
March 12April 16.
Default having been made in the
conditions of that certain mortgage
du ly executed and delivered by
Kasper Shiadek. a siugle man.
mortgagor, to Nedeilandsch
Amerikaansche Hypotheekbank.
(The Netherlands American Mort
gage Bank), of Uithuizen. The
Netherlands. mortgagee, bearing
date the 20th day of November. 1906.
and with the power of sale therein
contained du ly recorded in the office
of the Register of Deeds, in and for
the County of Marshall, State of
Minnesota, on the 30th da of
November, 1906. at ten o'clock. A
M.. in Book 47 of Mortgages on Page
198. and
Wherear, I is provided in and by
the terms of sa id mortgage that ide
fault be made in any of the terms and
conditions thereof, the mortgagee
or holder of said mortgage might
declare the whole principal sum of
sa id mortgage due and payable, and
Whereas. Under the terms and con
ditions of sa id mortgage and the
power of sale therein contained, the
sa id mortgagee and holder of said
mortgage has duly elected and here
by does elect to declare and do es
hereby declare the whole principal
sum of said mortgage due and pay
able at the date of this notice, and"
Whereas, There is actually due
and claimed to be due and payable
thereon at the date of this notice,
the sum of Sixteen hundred nineteen
and 15-100. (81619.15.) Dollars, and
the power of sale having become
operative and no action or proceed
ing having been instituted at law or
otherwise to recover the debt re
maining secured by said mortgage,
or any part thereof.
Now. Therefore. Notice is hereby
gi ?en that by virtue of the power of
sale contained in said mortgage and
pursuant to the statute in such case
made and provided the said mort
gage will be foreclosed by a sale of
the premises described in and con
veyed by sa id mortgage, namelv:
The Southwest quarter. (SW
4// kinds of Machinery Repaired and Rebuilt
Threshermen's Supplies and Extras,
Steam and Hot Water Heating, Plumbing and Tinning.
Sampson Wind Mills, Eave troughs, Cisterns and Tanks.
Warren, Minnesota
FarmlLoans, Real Estate and Insurance
It yr wish to Buy, Sell or Bent City Property,
Call on me it will be to your Advantage.
I write Fire. Accident,
Burglary, Theft, Plate Glass
and Tornado Insurance in
several of the Oldest and
Strongest Companies at
lowest rates consistent with
safe and sane business.
Through the Metropolitan
Surety Company I can fur
nish Probate, Insolvency,
Judicial and Fidelity Bonds
and miscellaneous Bonds
and Guaranties on' bids and
Steamship Tickets to and from Europe by all
First Class lanes tor Sale.
Office In
i*m^^, Warren, Minn.
section twenty six (26). in townshiD
one hundred and fiftv seven. (lo7).
North of range forty six (46). West
of the fifth principal meridian, con
taining according to the United
States survey, one hundred and
sixtv. (160). acres, more or less, in
Marshall County. Minnesota, with
the hereditaments and appurten
ances, which sale will be made bv
the Sheriff of said Marshall County,
at the front door of the Court
House in the City of Warren, said
countv and state, on the 25th da\
of ADril. A 1) L908. at eleven
i o'clock A of that da at Dublic
vendue to the highest bidder for
cash to oav the said debt of sixteen
hundred nineteen and 1 -100
(5lhl9.15). Dollars and interest and
taxe s, if anv on saia premises, and
Seventy h\e. ($75.00). Dollars at
torney's fees stioulated in and b\
said mortiraue in case of foreclosure
aud the disbursements allowed bv
la* subject to redeniDtion at anv
time within one vear from the date
of sale as orovided by law
Dated March 10, A 1908.
Hvootheekbanfc. (The Netherlands
American Mortga ge Bank).
Brown & Eckstrom.
Attorneys for Mortgagee.
Warren. Minn.
J^l \t

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