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Warren sheaf. (Warren, Marshall County, Minn.) 1880-current, October 03, 1912, Image 2

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& 7
Principal Events That Have Trans
pcred in the Old Countries
Within a Week or So.
While driving with his sons recent
ly, the king ran down a cyclist with
his carriage. Although the accident
was due entirely to the carelessness
of the bicycle rider, the king stopped
the carriage and went to the assist
ance of the young man, whose ma
chine was smashed. His majesty, who
is very fond of cycling and who re
pairs his own machine, saw that he
could put the broken bicycle in run
ning order again. The young man
seemed helpless and stood looking on
while the king worked for ten min
utes repairing the damaged machine.
When the' king had finished the work
the rider asked him for his card, prom
ising to patronize him whenever his
machine needed repairs. As the rider
stood with wide open mouth looking
at the king's name engraved on th*
card, the royal party drove away.
In Vasterbotten Ian tne governmer"
has advertised 1,069,230 trees for salt.
to the highest bidder.
The Stockholm skating club has se
cured the use of the Olympic stadiuc
for skating contests to be held in cop
nection with the Northern games nex
Of the 1,500 soldiers of the Hel
Singe regiment, 170 asked for permis
sion to leave the army and go to the
harvest fields, and in every instance
the request was granted.
The apple, pear and plum crops are
very poor. The figures given are not
based on the percentage system, but
the average seems to be only about
one-half of an ordinary crop.
Algot Sandberg, the author, did not
spend much time in his hammock last
summer, and the result is six dra
matic works, three of them transla
tions and the rest original.
V. J. Ahlbiix, the Swedish represen
tative at the bathing congress recently
held at Scheveningen, reported that
Sweden ranks among the foremost na
tions of the world with regard to the
facilities for bathing. Only in certain
respects does the United States excel
Sweden in this respect, and all other
nations are considerably behind the
two mentioned.
A genuine African grasshopper was
caught at Gafle. This animal is very
rare, and only a few samples of them
"were seen in Sweden last summer.
They are abpnt three inches long and
Ate direct descendants of the grass
hoppers that ravaged Egypt thousands
of years ago. It is considered very
strange that they should get as far
north as Sweden. The most reason
able explanation is that they were
earriedr by a swift storm from Hun
gary, where they did much damage
last summer.
Horse scared to death. As the
chauffeur of an automobile passing
along the road hear Odeshog was go
ing to meet a farmer whose horse waa
evidently afraid of the machine he
stopped in order to give the farmer a
chance to take the necessary precau
tions. The farmer unhitched his horse
and took him away from the road.
But as the auto was passing the place
the horse again was so scared that ha
sank down and actually died on the
spot. The horse was 18 years old, and
his owner had paid $57 for him a few
days previously.
The importance of the proposed
Wireless connections between Norway
and New York would seem to justify I
a somewhat detailed account of the i
plan. The Marconi company negoti-1
ated with the governments of all the
Scandinavian countries. But Norway
was chosen for the site of the station
at the eastern terminus on account of
its favorable geographical position. If
the station had been built in Sweden
or Denmark the messages would have
crossed England, which would have
made wiring difficult. From Norway,
on the other hand, messages can be
sent exclusively across water, the
shortest line between Norway and
New York passing north of Scotland.
The stations to be built at New York
and in Norway will be by far the larg
est and most powerful of their kind
in the world. The distance between
the two stations will be 3,750 English
Kites. The distance between the pres
ent stations in Canada is only half as
great. The regular rate will be 25
cents a word, while the present cable
rate is 35 cents. The rate for press
messages will be 12% cents a word.
It is estimated that the Norwegian
Station will dost: about fSSO^OOO, and
will be the property of the-Norwegian
government, while the Marconi com
pany is, to be the, owner of the Amer
ican station. The Norwegian govern
ment is to put up the foundation and^
the buildings, but the technical equip
ment will he installed hy%hevcomany:
A great number of legacies of $2 700
r more ha*e been? established in the
course of the past few weeks in dif
ferent parts of the country. The
amounts of the gifts are not large
from an American point of view, but
they are large enough to do much
good, besides showing the good-will
Of the donors, t5y J^|%fc*e! $&i?
Carl Lumholtz, the noted Norwegian
explorer, is about to go on an expedi
tion into the interior of New Guinea,
a wild territory inhabited hy canni
bals. Until 1850 the island was practi
cally unexplored and parts of It are yet
shadowed in mystery.
l"^ J-/
Tb'St*y SatlafiuiwyThMfr
A Monarch Malleable Range
could be placed in every home in the United States, the happiness of -the
American people would be increased 25 per cent.
There's lots of satisfaction in owning a Monarch. Your kitchen drudg-
ery becomes a pleasure your fuel bills are not a hardship.
There are no ife about a Monarch. You don't feel that, if your stove
works right, your meals will be well cooked. Yon know they will. You
don't say to yourself "if the fire starts quickly" and "if the oven heats as
I Irish it." You know they will.
We say to you that
iC you want good service and
if you value economy and
if you desire to lessen your work.a
1 Malleable Range
will accomplish all these things and more. You'll be as enthusiastic over
the Monarch as we are. Call and see ityou'll be interested.
Quality is High
Men's and BaW sheep lined coats and
mackinaws 1
'T wkmsW
Warren Co^erative Mercantile
We are certainly prepared for a big fall business, and our lines are most complete in
every department.
It is to your interest to get in touch with this store, that gives full value for your money,
and at the end of the year's business, divids the net earnings among the non-share holders as
well as the share holders.
This is the people's business center, thru which you can transact all your business at
home. Our aim is to give the best quality for the lowest possible price, and one price to all.
Your Winter Suit and
Overcoat is here.
Men's fur collar heavy quilted lined overcoats at
Kaufman Campus Togs from
Youths fur collar overcoats at
Boy's fur collar overcoats at
MEN'S SUIT|4-English worsteds, navy blue,.
fancy grgys and browns. -Prices from
A full line of%fayer shoes and rubbers for men, women and children
A big assortment of Misses coats, dresses, sweaters, Avia tion caps,v
ladies house dresses, flannel for dressing sacques, k'imonas. l^.^-
Just come in and we'll put yon in possession ef
put tfoilars in your poekete.
Prices are Low
$12 to $20
$6 and $9
$8 to $23
$3.75 to $7.50
^W4'* r? "to ^,*'%#^|fS^t
ITo WillHavetoHurry
If there's a leakage somewhere in your fuel supplyif your coal bill
is higher than it ought to beyou'd better take quick steps to stop it.
You might as well have a hole ih the coal bucket as t# use a heater
that shoots three-fourths of the heat straight up through the efcimney. Ten
to one that's just what, your stove is doing.
Now our base burner is built on a different principle. It- gives yon
one hundred cents' worth of heat for every dollar's worth ef eoal you put
into it. tt heats not only by radiation, but by circukttitom as well its ra-
diating surface is the largest and its circulating sysfeeem she most effective
ever pat into a store..
^^H 3y' rf\.
seete faets that will

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