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I North Comstock
Our Literature Society met again
Saturday night, March 5th, at the
school, Dist. 132, and the following pro
gram was given:
Song, America, Audience.
Recitation, Clyde Laymon:
Recitation, Evelyn Lull.
Debate, "Resolved, that the incuba
tor is better than the setting hens.'*
The negative side, Mrs. Ernest Otto.
The affirmative side, Mrs. Pm. Potucek
and Lilly Laymon. There were a few
absent. These three did splendidly.
The discussions on both sides were full
-of "pep" Carl Appelquist, Ernest
Otto and Nels Lund were appointed
judges. The decision was in favor of
the negative side.
Mock wedding, Mr. Lull, pastor
After announcing the numbers for
the next program the meeting was ad
journed till March 19th After the
program the rest of the e\ening was
sociably spent in playing games, sing
ing and Aisiting. Everyone enjoyed a
pleasan t~~evening.
Ray Wildes was a Radium caller
Lulls and Wildes \isitod at Eincst
Ottos Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Lu.imon. Mr and Mis
Chas. Potucek and Messrs P. J. Turn
lund, Roy Laymon and Charles Po
tucek were pleasantly entertained
at Emil Potucek's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lamon Mr and Mrs.
Chas. Potucek and Messrs Turn
lund, Roy Laymon and Charles Po
tucek, Jr. were pleasantly entertained
at Emil Potucek's Sunday
Ray McGiegoi was in Wairen on
Agnes Skonovd, who is attending the
Warren high school, spent the- weekend
at her home
If you are going to have
a sale, let's talk it over.
Years of experience.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Prices reasonable.
Write me, or call
Telephone No. 7-9
Angus* Minnesota
Importan Notic
The following were pleasantly en
tertained to supper on Emil Potucek's
birthday, March 3rd. Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Potucek and son vCharles. Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Appelquist and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Potucek and family,
Mr, and Mrs. John Potucek and Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Turnlund and daughters.
The men were entertained after
wards by progressive whist and the
ladies in visiting and the young folks
in playing games and other sports. A
delicious luncheon was served at mid
night and all departed --for their
homes wishing Mr. Potucek many
more happy birthdays. Everyone en
joyed a pleasant time.
Flobergs visited at Lull's Sunday
Grandma Potucek and Mr. and Mrs.
Emil Potucek and family visited at
W. Potucek's Saturday afternoon.
Esther Fagerstrom had some dental
work done in Warren on Thursday.
Smile and the world smiles with you'
Esther Fagerstrom \isited school
last Monday
It being Mr John O Haugen's 65th
biithday last Wednesday. March 2nd.
his neighbors and friends decided to
make it a well remembered event by
giving him a little surprise At about
8*30 in the evening they staited to
walk in and in a few minutes nearly
tilled the house After everybody was
settled a number of young ladies sang
a number of songs and then Mr. Lind
beek arose and extended on the behalf
of the crowd present, suitable greet
ings tor the occasion and also handed
Mr Haugen an envelope containing a
small amount of money Mr. Haugen
responded with hearty thanks The
ladies yrhen ga\e theirs attention to the
lunch baskets and cooked coffee and
a big delicious lunch was ser\ ed to all
As centerpiece among the lunch ar
ticles brought was a big square cake,
which was decorated with 65 candle
After lunch several hours were spent
in quiet games and conversation, after
wliich everybody departed for home,
satisfied that they had profitably spout
their time
The social club met at John Haug
en's Satuiday evening The evening
was spent with a shoit program fol
lowed by a delicious lunch after which
a general good time was enjoyed.
Miss Hannah Meline spent Matmda
and Sunday at her home
Mr. Kramei and Mi. Horn attended
the bale near Aigjle Saturday
Mr and Mrs Kramer and son Wil
liam were buet caller*, at Horns Fri
ihw ening
Mr Lewis was in Warren Monday
the Faiuiei's club meeting held at
Rosebank Friday evening was not
quite as successful as former meetings,
owing to numerous other social activ
ities in the the neighborhood The
ne\t meeting is, scheduled for Frida.v
ening. March 25.
The first meeting of the Swedish
Young Peoples society this year was
held at the Congregational church in
town last Saturday evening and was
attended by a fair sized audience.
Rev Werner Drotts of Viking was
present and delivered appropriate ad
dresses. A dainty ten o'clock lunch
was ser\ed. The next meeting will be
held on Saturday evning, April 2nd.
The Rindal Ladies Aid held a splen
did meeting at the home of Mrs. A. T.
Thoreson last Tuesday afternoon and
was well patronized. Rev. and Mrs.
{IIEvery Farm Bureau member should be
^"present at the ANNUAL MEETING of the
Marshall [County Farm Bureau Association
on MARC 15th beginning at 1 0 a. m. in the
Court- Room of the Court House at Warren.
Township Unit. Directors meet in important
morning business session at 9:30 A, M. Nom-
inal travelling expenses of Directors paid.
7V\ L. Warner
Geo. Larson of Thief River Falls *ere
present and, had .charge of thfe 'enter
tainments. Walter Wendt gave a few
solos to organ accompaniment. The
next meeting will be entertained at
the Mesdames Anderson and Paulson
home on the first Tuesday in^Ajpril.
Rev.s Drotts and Beckman conduct
ed services twice at the Swedish -cnurch
in town last Sunday., Services were
also held there on Tuesday evening,
March 8, by theEvangelists Beckman
and" Seagren in the English language.
Norwegian services were held at the
A. T. Thoreson home 6n Sunday after
Albert Sjolsvold, of Duluth, is' visit
ing with his brothers and other friends
this week.
Steiner Johnson, who has spent the
\amt two weeks visiting with relatives
at Devils Lake, arrived home on Fri
Mrs. Carl Mellem accompanied by
her youngest daughter, spent a few
days this week at the S. S. Nordgaard
home at Viking.
A. O. Bergland has leased his .faini
south of town and left on Friday even
ing for Hibbing where he will seek
summer employment. The Berglands
will have an auction sale this month,
the family will then also leave for
Mrs. John Berglund and son Leunard
returned to their home at Nyinore last
Wednesday, following a months visit
with relatives at this place.
Olof Opseth, who has been employed
at Gomick in company with his brother
Gubt since the first of the jear. came
home on Satuiday for a short staj with
his home folks
Call Mellem was among the business
callers to Viking last Thursday
Cashier A S. Holm, of the Faimeis
State Bank, spent Saturday on busi
ness at Warren
Sam Lorcnt&oiu- of Wylie. is spend
ing the week end with his wite who
teaches school at Willodwale. south of
Sam and Henij Hasby returned on
Tuesday with two loads of fencing ma
tciial from their faun near Steiner.
Benhaid Ranum left on Saturday
Morning for Viking, where he attended
to business between trains.
John Sorenson returned on Monday
from Thief Riier Falls where he spent
a few days to recene medical atten
Statement the condition
Farmersf State Banfk
of Rosewood, Minn.
at close of business on Febiuaiv 21st,
Loans and Discounts $ 25,530 51
Oxoidiafts, 18 68
Bonds and Seem ities othei
than those of S 454 26
Banking: House Furniture
and Fixtuies S 149 04
Due fiom other
Banks $ S 390 3
Cash on Hand 859 37
Cm $4'*7 00
Silvei 3( 90
Othei 17
219 7-!
1 Id 15
Total Cash Vssets
Checks and Cash Items
Paid out foi Expenses etc,
in E\cess of learnings 1,537 87
Total $ 40,086 27
Capital Stock $ 10,
Suiplus Fund 2
Deposits Subject to
Check S 6 583 si
Cashiers Check* 300 18
Total Immediate
Liabilities 6.883 49
Time Certificates 21,202 78
000 00
000 00
Total Deposits ___? 28 086 27 28,080 27
Total $ 40.086 27
State of Minnesota,
County of Polkss
We, Joseph Taglev. President and A
S Holm. Cashier of the abeve named
Bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of our
knowledge and belief.
Joseph Tagley, Presldent-
A. S. Holm, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 26th day of February. 1921
(Seal) O. M. Groven,
Notaiy Public, Polk County, Minn.
My Commission expires April 7,-1923
Correct Attest:
A. D. Stephens,
Joseph Tagley,
two directors.
Pastor Akre, who has attended to
business matters in Minneapolis for a
while, returngj| to his parent's, "Lars
Akre's, pjq*ce: here Friday.
John t1.
Johnson left for Minneapolis
Saturday on business matffra.
Chas. Quitter and son, Harry, visited
with Adam Sahlberg Sunday.
Mrs. Adam Sahlberg and Miss Anna
Sahlberg were brief callers at S.
Sloan's and Floberg's in Foldahl Mon
The ^Ladies Aid will meet next time
at the home Mr/and
1 Mrs. Edward
Hanson Feb. 24th, at 2 p.m. All are
Grcfren Valley School Notes.
Those who have perfect attendance
for the last month are Hulda Sahlberg
and Hans Hanson. Those who have
attended 19 days are Edith Sahlberg,
Ethel Knitter and Agda Sahlberg.
Ruth Sahlberg, Harry Merrin and
Bernice Shern are still absent from
school on account of illness.
The girls are, sewing initials on bags
they have commenced to make.
Miss Helen Larson left for Warren
Monday morning to resume her work
at the Spaulding farm, after having
spent seven weeks vacation at her home
Miss Vhian Anderson, of North Star
College. Sundayed at her home in
MIN" Krohn visited at Thief Ri\er
Falls Satuiday and Sunday. She ar
med home Monday morning.
Henry Sustad, manager of the Viking
Fai mer Shipping Association, shipped
one carload of cattle to the cities. Satur
Evangelists Seagren and Beckman, ot
Minneapolis, have been conducting a
seiies ot meetings at the Swedish Mis
sion church, commencing Tuesdaj of
last week and are stil continuing this
weeK F. Pihlstiom. ot Warren, as
sisted with the Satuiday evening and
Sunday serwees Laige crowds are at
tending these inspiring and instruct he
Mellem. of Rosewood, is visiting
this week at his daughter' home. S S
Xordgaaid's. of thte place.
Miss Anna Alden Sundajed at O
Rev Seagren and Pihlstrom, of
Warren, conducted services at the
Sande chinch in Xumedahl Sunday af
ternoon The choir of the Mission
church also attended
Rev Brekke, ot Alvarado, conducted
Norwegian ser\ios at the Lutheran
church Sunday foienoon
Mission Church of Vlkinji.
Rc\ Beckman and Seagren, of Min
neapolis, will pi each cneiy clay this
week at 8 in., and on ne\t Sunday
at 10 30 a 2 30 if m. and 7 30 m.
All aie welcome
mother of first American sol-
dier killed hi France, who gives en-
tire credit for recovery of her Maalth
to the well-wnmvn medicine, Tanlac.
W aff W-tn rs*t*f
The lolloping remarkable statement
was made recently by Mrs. Alice Gres
ham Dodd, the mother of Corporal Jas.
B. Gresham, who was the first Ameri
can soldier killed in France. The state
ment was made at the Gresham Mem
orial Home, which was presented to
her by the patriotic people of Indiana
as an evidence of their appreciation of
the services rendered to his country by
her son.
The shock of her son's death resulted
in a serious breakdown in Mrs. Dodd's
health, but every one will learn with
interest and pleasure that she is now
in splendid health again. Mrs. Dodd
gives the entire credit for her recovery
to the celebrated medicine, Tanlac.
She said: "After my dear boy's death
I had a'general breakdown in health.
At first it was just indigestion. My
food would upset me and I had to diet
myself very carefully. I also haa
rheumatism with severe pains in my
shoulders, back and arms and at times
I would suffer greatly, and mj, joints
would become swollen and stiff. I was
hardly able to do but very little about
the house and at times could not even
cook a meal. I became very nervous
and restless and at night would lie
awake for hours.
"A friend of mine advised me to try
Tanlac. I am glad I did, for it proved
to be the best medimine I have ever
taken. I soon gave me a splendid ap
petite and relieved me entirely of in
digestion. My rheumatism also disap
peared and I am now able to do my
house-work with the greatest ease. My
nerves are steady and strong. I sleep
well at night and my health is better
than in years. I shall always be grate
ful for what Tanlac has done for me."
Tanlac is sold in Gatzke by the
Gatke Mercantile Co., in Newfolden by
Amnndson & Lee, in Viking by S. S.
Nordgaard, and by the leading druggist
w ev% about
riends of My. And Mrs/Berger gather
eoat the Essig home to tender them' a
surprise before leaving for their home
at Springfield, Minn. After a hearty
welcome the evening was delightfully
spent at cards and dancing. The ladies
brought necessities for a splendid lunch
which met with great appreciation
after the question "what's your num-
ber?" was solved, being each and every
confused swain drew a number which
aided him in finding his fair lady. In
the wee small hours of the morning
the guests bethought themselves once
more of their various homes after hav
ing "the time of their life", as they
termed it.
Mr. and Mrs. Berger made many
friends during their short stay who
regret to see them take their depart
ure, but who sincerely hope to welcome
them in our midst again in the future.
Mr. and Mrs. Wildes and Mr. and
Mrs. Lull called at Ernest Otto's Sun
Mrs. Loen, Miss Bloomsness and John
Emanualson spent Wednesday evening
at M. R. Cooks.
Albert Knudsen was very kind in
giving the young folks of Radium a
sleigh ride Sunday afternoon.
Paul Horter bought the runabout
previously owned by Honnas Eckman.
Mrs. Cook called on Mrs. Morrison
Mondaj afternoon.
Peter Turnlund visited at Emil Po
tucek's Sunday.
Esther Fagerstrom was a Warren
caller last Thursday.
Misses Marie Stroble, Rubie Dean,
Hazel and Ruby Cook were among
those who spent a very pleasant Sun
daj zoning at Riebau's.
There will be a basket social and pro
gram in District 132 Saturday evening,
March 19th Eveiybody is invited to
Roy McGregor was a Wan en callei
i Mrs. Joe McGregor-Mill entertain the
Mission Ladies' Aid Saturday after
noon, March 12th.* All are welcome.
The church services held in the Clau
sen hall was well attended. Much of
thot and consideration regarding
changes that are necessary to be
brought about in Radium in order to
bring our children up properly. The
young evangelists were hospitably en
tertained at the O Allen home dur
ing the day
Kittle Hunstad autoed up from
Angus Thm sday evening, taking his
family homo with him Friday morning
Honnas Eckman spent Sunday at the
Schantzen home
We are glad to leport that word has
been received that Mrs Tom Keefe is
on the road to recovery.
Mr and Mrs. Wm Zblewski and Mrs
Hunstad spent Tuesday eieniug at the
Monroe home
Mr and Mrs Otto Essig and Mi and
Mrs Berger autoed to Warren Satur
Schantzen and family isitcd at
Adolph Otfo's home Saturday e\ ening
Nick Kobilka and family, Wm. *tie
bau. Adolph Otto and family were
pleasant afternoon callers at Fred Len
hart's Sunday.
Lpnard Olson of the North Star Col
lege spent Sunday and Monday with
Clarence and Arthur Monroe.
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Oook called at
the Kramer home Sunday evening.
A number of young people were pleas
antly entertained at Carl DahHn's
home Sunday evening.
Miss Olga Bloomsness and Nels Lund
of Radium, attended the dance in
Viking Friday evening.
Miss Olga Bloomsness spent Saturc
day in Alvarado with her mother.^f
Catholic church services were held in
Radium Wednesday morning, at which
a goodly number were present.
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Clausen, Miss
Esther Fagerstrom and Mrs. Fager
strom called at the Kramer home Fri
Miss Dorothy Loen spent Saturday
with her parents in Radium.
The program of the Literary Society
in District 132 was well attended. A
good time is reported by all who at
Milton Schantzen, a recent graduate
of the Fargo Auto and Tractor College,
has his advertisement in this issue de
scribing the nature of the garage busi
ness he is going to carry on in Radium.
Radium Garage and
Auto Livery
Autos and Tractors Repaired
Magnito Repairing Also Done to
Line of Auto Supplies on Hand
Service at all Hours.
Milton Schantzen, Mgr.
Losses of some kind come occasionally to
all. With insurance these losses are expelled.
Are you properly protected against~~losses
with insurance If not call on us.
We can accommodate you with Tornado,
Fire, Hail, Automobile, Tractor and Life In
If you want Standard Test
Highest Market Price
The Farmers State Bank
of Radium
Bring your Cream to
be Sure19
says the Good Judge
That you are getting full
value for your money
when you use this class of
tobacco. The good, rich, real to
bacco taste lasts so long,
you don't need a fresh
chew nearly as oftennor
do you need so big a chew
as you did with the ordi
nary kind.
Any man who has used the'
Real Tobacco Chew will
tell you that.
Put up in two styles
W-B GUT i8^a long fine-cut tobacco
RIGHT GUT is a short-cut tobacco

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