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Hanover Villagers Repel Robber
Band Discovered at*
'Bank. ^"''S^sr1
Hanover, MinnArmed citizens ral
lied from their beds by Miss Leona
Haefer, night telephone operator, open
edyflre on four bandits and balked a
raid on the Hanover State bank. So
fierce was their attack that the des
peradoes fled in an automobile, leav
ingjjehind two blow torches, an acety
lene tank and a set^of burglars' tools
Secretary Predicts Marked Improve
ment in Agricultural Conditions.
ChicagoA marked improvement in
agricultural conditions of the country
during 1923, not only in better actual
prices, but as 'compared with the
prices of other commodities, was pre
dicted by Secretary of Agriculture
Henry Wallace, *in an address be
fore the Chicago Association of Credit
While agricultural prices remain
lower relatively than the prices of
other things, the farmers of the na
tion will get between one and one
half and two billion dollars more total
monev for their crops' this year than
last, he said
Bill to Create System to Be Offered
1923 Legislature.
MinneapolisA bill to cieate a pa
trol system over Minnesota's trunk
highways which would guard the
state's property and supplement activ
ities of police ard sheriffs' forces in
apprehending criminals is practically
sure of being put before the Legisla
ture at the coming session.
The plan would be unlike the pro
posed state constabulary, since the
force of men would operate directly
under the State Highway department
and iald be used primarily to con
trol traffic Qver the highways
Federal Banks May Purchase Banker's
Acceptances Drawn by Growers.
Washington Bankers' acceptances
of six months maturity, drawn by
growers of staple agricultural products
or co-operative marketing associations,
are eligible for purchase or rediscount
by the federal reserve banks, under a
ruling promulgated by the federal re
serve board as a step the direction
of longer term credits for agriculture
American Colleges May Continue Work
In Any Part of Asia Minor.
LausanneIsmet Pasha received a
message from Mustapha Kemal an
nouncing that the American college
at Smyrna, which was closed during
the fighting there, may reopen and
that the Nationalist government has
no objection to the American schools
carrying on their work in any part of
Governor Speaking in Gotham Defies
New York to Block Plans.
New YorkFarmers of the North
west and of Canada will force the in
ternational St Lawrence gateway
project through despite opposition of
of New York and other ports which
would suffer by the scheme, Governor
J* A O Preus of Minnesota, predicted
in an address here
Court F\ules Agents Violated Constitu
tion in Seizing Stock.
PhiladelphiaDeclaring that United
States prohibition agents violated the
fourth amendment of the constitution
in making raids without proper search
warrants, Judge Thompson in the Unit
ed States district court dismissed two
liquor cases involving several hundred
thousand dollars. r~
Hollywood Has No Features of Night
Life, Film J4ero Declares.
ChicagoStories often circulated of
scandalous eonduct in Hollywood,
Calif, were declared "the bunk" by
William S. Hart, two-gun hero of the
films and in real life described as a
quiet gentleman, who was here on his
WW to Hollywood.
8enator Blocks Vote.
WashingtonAction by the Senate
on the nomination of Pierce Butler
|for associate justice of the Supreme
eourt was blocked by an objection from
Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arkan-
Baby Bor#f as *Fwmes Sweep House.
PittsburghWhile the firsj floor of
a frame building on Spruce, street was
being swept by fire, a Child1
Louis C. Cramton
Representative Louis C. Cramton
of Michigan, who has served in con
gress since 1013, sprang into sudden
prominence the other day when he
led the determined and successful
opposition of the "dry" forces to all
amendments offerect by Representa
tive Hill of Maryland, intended to
tie up the $9,000,000 appropriation
for law enforcement during the
next fiscal year. The prohibition
forces in the house are beginning to
look to him as the successor, as
"dry" leader, of Andrew J. Volstead.
Fixed Reparation, German Loan
and Debt Leniency Program.
WashingtonThe United States, as
the outstanding move in its plan to
avert a collapse in the other world,
is about to invite the European pow
ers to make a final attempt to settle
the German repaiations problem, it
was leawied from the most authori
tative sources
The plan of the United States for
intervention in the Eurppean situa
1Believing that reparations is
the key to the present European
cnsi3, the United States will par
ticipate in a commission or some
other form of official inquiry to
establish an exact figure for Ger
many to pay.
2If a settlement of the repara
tions problem can be effected by
an agreemnt among the European
powers on such a figure, the Uni
ted States can give assurances
that American bankers stand
ready to advance a loan.
3Finally, the United States
government is willing to adopt a
more lenient policy on the ques
tion of collection of the Allied
war debt to this country.
Will Name Subcommittee Precedent
to be Established-
WashingtonTl^e refusal of Rep
resentative Keller, Republican, Min
nesota, to respond to a subpoena re
quiring him to give, under oath, the
information upon which he based im
peachment charges against Attorney
General Daugherty, has created a pre
cedent of such possible farreaching
importance that the House Judiciary
committee decided to refer the whole
matter to a subcommittee for investi
Drumright's Fires Go 'On and Off' as
City, Company Battle.
^^talledTn ZSTF" W
Hnk installed on orders of Mayor W.
erb relative to limiting construction
of warcraft under 10,000 tons was I
J. P. Morgan Refuses Loan.
was born
to Mrs. Peter Kratermskl, on-the? sec
ond floor. The attending physician re
moined with the mother-
:2feSfe I
A Christmas cantata "Yule-tide
Memories" will be rendered at the
Swedish Lutheran church Friday eve
ning by 25 voices. Soloists are Emma
Bystrom, soprano Arthur W. Sands,
tenor Edna Johnson, alto, and Nels
Palm, bass* A number of selections
will be rendered by the ladies chorus.
The following program will be ren
dered by the Young Peoples Society
at the Norwegian Lutheran church
Thursday evening: &- p$&
Song 1 Audience
Scripture reading and prayer
Rev. Brekke
Reports Secretary
Song Choir
Reading C. O. Holt
Solo Mrs. W. F. Malm
Reading Angeline Fregard
Duet Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Sands
Reading Conrad Lodoen
Song Boys "Quartette
Reading George Sands
Song Choir
Announcements Rev. Brekke
Closing Doxology
Drumright, OklaGas heaters were Friday for a ,visit with his family
going again at full blast in Drumright during Christmas.
after a period of idleness which set in I Irene Hall'in, Helen Porten and Ly-Forks,
Sunday when a gang of workmen for dia Swanson, who are attending the
the Oklahoma Natural Gas company State Teachers' College at Moorhead,
cksed a gate valve :n the company's arrived home Friday for a two weeks'
main, shutting off the supply going to
Stands as Framed.
President negotiate with foreign pow-
Mrs, Axe\ Peterson and Mrs. I. N.
Lodoen will entertain the Ladies' Aid
of the Norwegian Lutheran church at
the lattetfs home Tuesday afternoon,
Jan. 2, after the annual business
meeting which will be held at the
Don't forget the Lyceum course on
Jan. 10th:
A splendid Christmas program was
rendered by the school children at the
High School auditorium Thursday
evening in the presence of a large au
A New Tear's Wake will be held
at the Elim Swedish Lutheran church
Sunday evening.
The -following ,were guests at the
C. O. Olson home Christmas eve: Mr.lege
and Mrs. P. C. Sorenson and son Elmas,
mer, Martha, Willow, Raymond and
Harry Johnson, Albert Olson, Martin
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Olson
and daughters
Mr. and Mrs. *Chas. Strandberg,
daughter Ruth, sons Clarence, Hilmer
and Clayton, of Bloomer, were guests
at the M. A. Strandberg home Christ
mas day.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sands and
daughter Darlyne and Lmnea John
son visited at the Pete*Nordlund home
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Johnson and
son Lowell, Martin Johnson and
Harry were entertained to a six
o'clock dinner at the John Olson home
Tuesday evening.
Miss Ruby_Rykken, Andy, Hannah,
Maynard, Willie and Lewis Larson,
Mr and Mrs W. F. Malm and sons
were guests at the H. T. Larson home
Tuesday evening.
Ethel and Einer Erickson and Al-tending
bin Hallin visited at the Lars Hallin
home Monday.
Miss Edna Johnson spent last Wed
nesday in Warren, where she took
part in a musical recital at the col
lege the same eyemng.
Mrs. Martin Larson was on the sick
list last week.
Harry O. Johnson, of Le Roy, Sask.,
arrived Friday for an extended visit
with relatives here.
OUie and Albin Iverson drove to
Grand Forks Thursday and returned
Mcodemus mothere Mrs.a
Friday. .Mrs. A,k Nystro
Albert Bjorklund, of Warren, spent
Thursday in the village.
Mrs.t Alfredn Feringn wat an ove
nigh visitor i Warre las Tuesdayr
Mrs. W. O. Johnson and son Lowell,
of Lockhart, arrived Friday for a
visit at the home of the former's par-|
Victor Edman and Angeline Fregard
spent Friday night' in Warren where
they received dental attention.
Albin Iverson, of Park River, N.
Dak., arrived last Tuesday to spend
the Christmas holidays at the parental
Andy Larson arrived from Grand
Forks Friday to spend his vacation
in this vicinity.
W. O. Johnson, of Lockhart, spent
the week end in Alvarado.
Oliver Dahlgren, of Duluth, arrived
Approprlat.on Carrying $325,000,000
WashingtonThe naval appropria- {Lewis Larson home.
tion bill carrying a request that the
passed by the House
The bill, which carries a total Of
$325,000,000, stands precisely as fram
ed by Chairman Kelley's subcommit
tee, and provides for an enlisted nav
al force of 86,000. -4
New YorkJ. P. Morgan and com
pany issued a statement declaring
that they had noticed the German am
bassador to this country "that it was
impossible for us to discuss or cTta
sider a loan to Germany unless and
until the reparations questions were
,fcS ir Mjf,
Warsaw in 8tate of 8igft-3ra&
CopenhagenWarsaw is in, a state
of sieg*e, according to dispatches
reaching here. The assassin of Presi
dent Narutowics is to be^summarily
court-martialed and shot.
Former Empress Sells jewels.
ViennaAccording to Vienna pa
pers, former Empress Zita has lately
been reduced to such financial straits
that she is obliged to sell some of the
Austrian crown jewels which the in*
leri^faatolpok wjth them feto****
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Lars Halhn A Nyblawgd and
^T^^JA S^fffi?son,
yAgnette-Sandse a the hom of her
at Lancaster, arrived
Mis Olliet Porten, a member of the
Sunda to spend her vacation in Al-attack
a pasSenger
from Oslo Monday tow baes the guest of
Mr. and MrsHennin. W. Malm an at thee
df lys
Nyblawdd hom
ss Esther Peterson*? spenNyblawd, a few
{who are attending the University at
Grand Forks, arrived Friday for a
two weeks visit in the village.
Mrs. Victor Edman and son are
guests at the home of Mrs. Agnette
'Sands ^^^gT^
aanas. rWwf-^"" *1
Miss Lydia Iverson, of Grand Forks,'
is spending theAlvaradot. week a the home
her parents in
W. F. Malm, who transacted busi
ness in Warren .and other towns, re
turned Monday morning.
Ole Brager., of Thief River Falls*
arrived Monday to be the guest ^of
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Hanson in Higdem.
The following were guests at a 1
o'clock^dlnner at the Pete Sorenson
home Sunday: Albert Olson, Martin
Johnson and daughters Willow and
Martha and sons Harry and Raymond.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawkin Iverson and
daughter spent Christmas eve at the
H. A. Larson home In Vega.
Conrad Lodoen arrived from North
field Friday morning. VvVal^
Henry Backstrom and A. "John
son were entertained to dinner at the
F. E. Dahlgren home Mondaj.
Misses Myrtle sana Inez Nordlund,
who are attending the State Teachers'
College at Bemidji, arrived Saturday
to spend Christmas In this Vicinity.
Mr. and. Mrs,: John Nystrom and
lab were guests at the Axel Petetson7
Mrs B. Johnson, of Chicago, ar
rived Saturday and is spending a few
weeks at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Johnson.
Miss Mary Johnson, of Oak Park,
is spending a few days as *he guest
of her friend, Mrs Pete Melin.
J\ E. Dahlgren, Rev. J. C. Mattson,
John Strong and Nels Markuson spent
Wednesday evening at the Cv O. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Moe and Emma
Lunke departed for Holt Thursday
evening for a visit with relatives
Hilding Smith spent Monday even
ing at the Pete Iverson home.
The members of the school faculty
departed Friday evening to spend
their Christmas vacation at their re
spective homes.
Miss Ellen Pearson, a graduate
nyrse, arrived from Grand Forks Mon
day for a visit at the home of Mr.
and^ Mrs. Per Pearson in Vega.
Peter Bjorklund, of Mahnomen spent
Christmas with his family in Alvar
Mrs. Christenson and daughters, of
Warren, spent Monday at the Ujalmer
Skoglmid home. Mrs. Skoglund is a
daughter of Mrs. Christenson.
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Nordstrom and
son, of Warren, spent Monday at the
Chas% Johnson home in the village.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edman, Mr. and
Mrs,, John Holnr and daughter Mabel
visited at the Carl Pilgrim home
Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Larson and
children, Maynard Larsbn, Lewis Lar
son and daughter Hannah and sons
Willie and Andy, and Amy Sather
were entertained at the W. Malm
home Christmas eve.
Miss Anna Gustafson, who is at
tending the Gustavus Adolphus Col
at St. Peter, is spending Christ
holidays at the home of her sis-'Wednesday,
ter, Mrs* J. C. Mattson.
Miss Mary Johnson returned last
week from a five weeks' visit at the
home of her brother Olof Johnson in
Grand Forks.
Quite a number of Alvaradoites at
tended the Xmas program in the Vega
Baptist Church Tuesday.
Astrid and Ellen Pearson visited at
the Pete Iverson home Monday.
^Albert Johnson, of 'Sandstone, is
spending the holidays at the Chas
Johnson home.
Miss Nettie Nyblawd, who has been
in tBe western states, re
turned hqme Saturday-.
Mrs Ole Lindblad called on Mrs.
Mattson Saturday
Esther and Emil Pearson, of Bloom
er, were overnight guests at the Ottis
Holt home Monday.
Miss Emma Mossberg arrived from
St. Paul Saturday, where she is at
school for a visit with her
parents, Rev. and Mrs. Mossberg.
Mrs. I. N. Lodoen and son Conrad
called at the Ole Berg farm Tuesday
Lucille Olson, Doris and Vivian
Dahlgren visited with Eleanor Olson
Tuesday* afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Aure and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sands
spent Christmas eve at the Aure
Oscar Lundin, of Sandsville, spent
ansdg Mrsr.s
Peter Me
iste ho
o. ^cici mxr
New 0 i de
.Saturday morninghe ando is spendingn her vacation with par
ents, Mr. and Mrs Charley Johnson^
family Knutso
anda Mr.urday
and Mrs. August Nyblad were enter
tained at the Oscar Nyblad home in
Vega to dinner Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thureen left for
Northland Sunday, where they will
visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Sholes ,of Thief
River-Falls, spent Monday between
trains with their son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs Melvin Olson
Mr. and Mrs Charley Johnson and
family and Mrs. B. Johnspn, of Ch?
cago, spent Tuesday afternoon at the
Walter Johnson farm.
Miss Clara Henrickson, of Grand
and Mr. Reynold Anderson, of
Stephen, arrived Saturday morning
and are visiting this week with the
former's mother, Mrs. Mina Henrick
of Sandsville
Mrs. Gatlin and daughter Pearl of
Warren, *were visitors at the Dan
Dahlstrom home Monday.
We are glad to report that Mrs.
Monberg is^ improving after a severe
of heart trouble.
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Melin, JMr. and
Mrs. A. Nystrom and son spent Sun
day at the Ole Lundin home in Sands
Miss Emma Norling, of Lancaster,
departed for her home Thursday eve
ning, having spent a few days at the
Fred Peterson home in Vega.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Olson called on
Mrs. M. Larson Tuesday morning.
Mrs. FlatQs has been on the sick
list a few days.
Miss Judith Porten, who is an in
structor in the schools at Chisholm,
arrived home Monday morning to
spend her Vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Ffeegard and family,
Mr. and Mrs. L. Anderson and daugh
ter, Mr. and Mrs: V. Edman and son,
MPS. Hilma Fering and sons spent
Xmas eve 'at the home of Mrs. Ag
netta Sandsr
Harold' Christenson arrived home
from Oslo Saturday, ^f^^^^^l
SwedlMh Imtheran Cfcjwcli of Alvarad*
Mvery year to begin witPastornew, is
but as the days wear on, becomes old.
New determinations tq live better and
nobler often lose, their attractiveness,
and he who purposes otherwise to live
soon finds himself back"in the same
old ruts of dissipation and disgust.
In short: do live in one's own strength
invariably spells failure.. "Before God
one day is as-valuable as another and
we shall be, held accountable for them
all. Let us" not lose sight of this fact"
but ever remember that He desires to
rule over us and impart to.us of His
fullness, and grace for grace. In the
measure that Jesus is our friend and
Sayion^^dll eu jreat be new.^cr
andflhat all Hm the ftay.^tfof ,w1$
glory. That is the only way to over
come and to live successfully, and the
only life that gives true satisfaction.
With} this in mind, dear friends, we
wish you. all a very Happy'New Year.
Friday evening at :S0 o'clock the
choir will render "Yuletide Memories,"
a Christmas cantata.
No Bible class next Sunday, but
morning service at Alvarado at 11
New Year's wake at Elim, program
to begin at 9 o'clock. A good jatte^ad
ance is desired^ .An offering will be
New Year's Day morning service at
Alvarado at J.1
^"Annual meeting of the Bloomwood
congregation Thursday, Jan. 4th, at
10 a. m. Of the Elim congregation
and their Ladies' Aid Wednesday,
Jan. 10th, 4t 2 P. M. Ol the Alvar
ado congregation and Ladies' lAid at
the parsonage Fiiday, Jan 12th, at 2
M. All reports should then be
Welcome to our services!
Norwegian Lutheran Church of
S. 1. BREKKE- Pastor
No "services Sunday.
Sunday school Sunday morning at
11 '00
Young People's meeting Thursday
evening of this week at 8:00.
Confirmant class meets Friday af
ternoon at 1:30.*
The congregation and Ladies' Aid
will hold their annual business meet
ing on the first Tuesday In January
beginning at 2-00 in the afternoon
Kongsvinger Ladies&jAid will be en*
tertamed by Mrs. Andrew Fmseth
Thursday of next week.
Swedish Baptist Church
Sunday school, 10-30. Services,
11:30. The annual business meeting
will be held January 2, 1923, at 11
A. M. Prayer meeting will be held
Thursday and Saturday
evenings at 7.30 P. M.
The Young People will render a pro
gram New Year's Eve at 8 M. at.
Alvarado Lunch will be served. Ev
erybody jseteome.
The Bloomwood young peoples so
ciety will hold -their annual meeting
at the school house on January 4.
1923, at 7 30 P. M.
Miss Laura Hill returned to Ra
dium on Saturday where she. will
spend the holidays with her parents
Elmer Lindberg arrived Thursday
after having__been employed in vari
ous places.
The Misses Esther Pearson and
Marie Larson returned home on Sat
urday, the former from Luna and the
latter from Strandquist, where they
had been teaching
Harriet Larson, Ella Ekman*jpad
Helen Carlson returned from their
high school duties on Friday to spend
Christmas at their respective homes
Mrs. Lindberg is again able to be
around after her recent illness.
The Christmas program in District
No 60 was"given last Friday evening
and was very well attended
A number of young folks from this
community attended the program
give* in District No. 10 last Thursday
The Bloomwood congregation and
Ladies' Aid will have their annual
business meeting on January 4th be
ginning at 10 A. M.
Selmer Anderson is visiting at the
home of his grand parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Fosstrom.
Athel McFarland came home on Sat
from Grand Forks where she is
employed,^as a stenographer.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Lundeen enter
tained/the following to diner Sunday:
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Meline and Mr.
and Mrs. A. Nj'Strom and son Earl
of Alvarado, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lun
deen and family and Morton Morrison..
Miss Ruby Belle Swanson, ~who is
attending high school at Warren, is
home in'"Sandsville.
Mrs Ed. Hunstad made t^ brief call
at the P. Lundeen home last
Misses Selriufand Emma Obergj^
Christine Thompson and John Hen
drickson were guests at a six o'clock
dinner at the home of Mrs. Thomas
Roy Swanson is employed ftat the,
March Farmers' Elevator. jM
Misses Huldah, Elfrieda and Lena
Lundeen called on Miss Ethel Drink
wine at the G. F. Bosard home last
Thursday evening. TO W
Miss Esther Lundeen was a week
end guest at the A. H. Nystrom home
in Alvarado.
Miss Marie sVanson visited with
her lister Ruby Belle, at Warren,
Thursday and Friday.
Miss Julia Farstad, who attends
High School at Grand Forks, arrived
last Saturday to spend the holidays
with the home folks.
Miss Ethel Drinkwine called at the
A. Swanson home Thursday of last
Rr. Ricnard Ormiston, who is?
ing atrthe John Ormiston home, made
a businessKtrip to Dakota Sunday af
Miss Ethel Drinkwine left for her
home in Mentor last Saturday where
she will spend her vacation. "J
Messrs. Roy Swanson, Martpn Far*
stad and/Ed. Johnson called on Henry -r
Bucholz Sunday afternoon.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
the Mother's Favorite.
The soothing and healing properties
of Chamberlain's Sough Remedy, its
pleasant taste and prompt and effect
ual cures have made it a favorite with
people everywhere. It is especially
prized by mothers of young children
for colds, croup and whooping cough,
as it always affords quick relief and
is free from opium and other harm
ful drugsWarren Pharmacy.
iir? ^SE"
Your Money Back If Rat-Snap Doesn't
Come*Up to These Claims.
RAT-SNAP is absolutely guaranteed
to kill rats and mice. Creamates
them. Rotients killed with RAT-SNAP
leave no smell. aRts pass up all food
to get at RAT-SNAP. Their first meal
is their last. RAT-SNAP comes in
cakes. No mixing. Cats and dogs
won't touch it. Three sizes,* 35c, 65e,
$1.25. Sold arid guaranteed by War
ren Pharmacy and "Peoples Trading
Dealer in
Phone No. 318
D. Tarrell, Jeweler
Warren, Minn.
Largest and best selected stock
Musical Instruments
to be found in Marshall County,
at prices that are right A visit
to my store will convince yon
that the above" is correct
Edison Phonographs and Records
Eastman Kodaks and Supplies.
riting Paper that
"Welcomes the Pen
How often letter wnting made unpleasant by stationery that is
unreceptiye both to yeur pen and to your thoughts. But what a
pleasure it is to write on good paper! The very ease with which the
pen moves over the surface stimulates a like ease in your ^""iffhtw
and language. The purchase of your first box of
will be the beginning of an increased pleasure in letter writing. Its
erfea writing surface inspires the word* which sometimes seem so
to find.
vfe are offering it in all the popular sizes and colorswith the
.newest of envelopes and naps,
It will b a pledture to ghqw our line to you
Fine watch repairing a specialty.

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