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OFFICE—No. 6 Washington Avenue, epposite
Nicollet house. Office hours frow 6 a.m. to 10
o'clock p. m.
Sheriff Stoddard left last evening for Sauk
The two Dromios will lecture again this
The real estate transfers filed yesterday ag
gregated $34,290,
The regular meeting of the water board
will be held this evening,
J. B. Sanford, charged with stealing a har
ness, was yesterday discharged.
The Boston restaurant is open night and
day for the accommodation of its patrons.
Judge Lochren is engaged in drawing up
the decision of the three judges in the matter
of the Washburn will ease.
The Woman's Suffrage association will
meet at No. 48 South Eighth street at 3
O'clock to-morrow afternoon.
Judge Ueland officiated yesterday in a mar
riage ceremony, the contracting parties be
ing David Riley and Maggie Cafferty.
Another attachment was served on the
"Wonderland company" yesterday at the in
stance of William Innes, of Livingston, D.
T., to satisfy a claim of £500.
The attorneys for Dr. D. L. Pratt will ap
peal from the decision of Judge Lochren in
the libel suit against the Pioneer Press and
take tlie case to the supreme court.
Rev. H. M*. Simmons, who delivered the
eulogy on Wendell Phillips last Sunday, will
speak on "Dante" at the Judson institute
next Friday morning ot 10:30 o'clock.
J. W. Kemp appropriated to his own use a
carpet, the property of A. C. Bohr, and Jndge
Bailey decreed, in consequence, that he
should sup at the county table for thirty days.
Belle Redncr has instituted a suit for
damages against the city of Minneapolis and
Margaret A. Hunter, for injuries received on
a defective sidewalk. The damages claimed
are §3.000.
George N. Bond has been arrested upon a
charge of purloining a harness from P. Osan
der. He will be given a trial on Tuesday
morning, meanwhile he will languish in
durance vile in default of bail in $300.
The Queen's Lace Han kerchief was pre
sented for the last time at the Grand last
evening, to a big house. It has been the
most enjoyable comic opera season to which
our people have been treated this season.
Another suit for damages has been filed in
the district court against the Minneapolis &
St. Louis Railway company, by Clayton M.
Vaughn, who slipped from a freight ear and
received injuries to the extent of $10,000.
James McBride was committed forty days
yesterday for stealing G. B. Drummond's
overcoat. McBride is a chronic thief and
spt-nds a goodly portion of his life in the bas
A still alarm was turned it at about 10
o'clock yesterday morning, occasioned by a
small fire in the Turner hall. The fire caught
from carelessness of plumbers, but fortu
nately was extinguished with a loss which
will not exceed §50.
Alexander Moertz, a farmer of Osseo
township, was brought to this city yesterday
for surgical treatment. While cleaning his
revolver the weapon exploded, and a bullet
passed through his left hand, necessitating a
partial amputation of the same.
Fred. Collin s, Shade and Tommy LePlant,
three lads,' indulged in a little escapade
which led to .their arrest. They were yester
day before his honor, charged with the lar
ceny of candy from Ives' delivery wagon,
continued until this morning for trial.
Thos. Sellers, the facetious "coon," who
stole a large mirror from a saloon, so tlfat he
could "see his black face once in awhile"
as he loquaciously remarked, was yesterday
held to await the action of the grand jury in
8H00. In default of the requisite bail he "was
remanded to custody.
The Rubljcans will meet in convention on
the 19th, to nominate mayor and candidates
for city offices. To a Globe representative a
Republican remarked yesterday that for tlie
mayorality nomination Geo. A. Pillsbury had
a certain thing. "There's many a slip '"twixt
cup and lip," however.
The following parties received licenses to
wed yesterday: Alfred W. Gilbert and Arra
E. Kimball; H. P. Hagdal and Annie Hus
bey; Charley Jacobson and Lena Souber
gaard, J. M. Bansman and Mary E. Westen
hall; N. A. Anderson and Lena Miller; Cor
nelius Sullivan and Maggie Buckley.
■ -In a runaway accident on First street yes
terday, Andrew Nelson, the driver of a gro
cery delivery team, employed by Henry Mar
shall, of South Minneapolis, was thrown out
and suffered a dislocated shoulder. The de
livery sleigh aud a cutter driven by T. H.
Jackson, of the east side were badly wrecked.
At 7 o'clock last evening the fire depart
ment was called to the corner of Fifteenth
street and "Vine place, but their services
were happily not required. Some children
had overturned a lamp in the nursery in the
Couch block occupiek by Wm. Boward, set
ting lire to the building, but the flames were
easily extinguished.
C. G. Dietrich, the knickerboeker dude
who embezzled D. L. Tife, the agent of the
Household Sewing Machine company out of
8:27, waived an examination in the munici
pal court yesterday, and was committed to
await tha action of the grand jury at the
next term of the district court in default of
bonds in the sum of S300.
The Arctic Cracker and Spice Co. has elect
ed the following officers: President, B. F.
Moore; vice president, C. L. Mendel; secre
tary and treasurer, C. F. Williams; super
intendent cracker department, H. R. Chase;
superintendent .spice department, W. C.
Marsh; board of directors, Wm. Saeger, L.
D. Williams, B. F. Moore, C. L. Mendel, H.
R. Chase, C. F. Williams. W. C. Marsh.
Articles of incorporation of the Association
Canadienne Francaise de Minneapolis were
filed yesterday. The object of the society is
the improvement of its members in literary
and social culture, and also to render pecun
iary assistance to unfortunate members,
their widows and orphans. Applicants will
be admitted to membership on paying an in -
itiation fee of §2, and a monthlv contribu
tioc of fifty cents. Th eincorporators are Z.
Demeuls, Adelard M. Brunclle, Joseph Fau
bert, Francais Trepanier and B. Thibault.
There is no capital stock.
The Jackson-Kimball imbroglio will first
be investigated by the grand jury. The case
is that wherein Dr. Jackson called upon L.
Kimball, the printer in the Boston block, to
collect a bill, which Kimball indignantly re
pudiated. The call resulted in the irate doc
tor's dressing down the profane printer with
a cane. Yesterday Kimball instigated the
arrest of Dr. Jackson, upon a charge of as
sault with a dangerous weapon. Judge
Bailey continued the examination, for the
purpose of giving the grand jury an oppor
tunity of making an iuvestigatfon.
Dr. R. J. HiU and wife left last night for
C. A. Pillsbury arrived home yesterday
from the east.
H. N. Maguire, Bozeman, D. T., was at the
Clark house yesterday.
C. N. McLaughlin, Owatonna, was a guest
at the St. James yesterday.
Hon. J. M. Wyckoff, of LeRoy, Minn.,
is visiting friends in this city.
Capt. A. A. Dennie left last night. for
Duluth, and will be back on Saturday.
George A. Frendenrich, of Odessa, Russia,
was registered at the Nicollet yesterday.
Aid. Morse, who has been confined to his
home with an attack of inflammatory rheu
matism, is convalescent and about the city
Paymaster A. L. Scott and H. W. Garfield,
of the Milwaukee road, leave to-day for Mil
waukee to take positions in the general offices
of the company.
C. C. Garland, dealer in pine lands
throughout the northwestern states, started
for Philadelphia last evening to organize a
syndieate of capitalists.
J. G. Smith, St. Cloud; A. M. Pease, San
born-, J. M. Martin, Ada; B. Peterson, Brain
erd; A. M. Kinght, Glencoe; O. C. Hart
man, Duluth; H. F. Miller, Fargo; W. 8.
Holmes, Casselton; were at the Nicollet yes
Mayor Ames will start for Chicago on Mon
day to attend the reception which will be ten
dered the alumni of the Ru6h Medical col
lege by the faculty. To him has been ex
tan ded the honor of responding to the toast
"The Alumni."
A Minneapolis lady in Oakland.
The following is an extract from a private
letter, dated February 6, and written by a
Minneapolis lady, who is spending the win
ter in Oakland, Cal.: "The weather is un
pleasantly cool, to-day. Strange as it may
seem to Minneapolis people, I can go out
and pick the most marvelous bouquet of
sweet violets in my garden, and then be
obliged to hasten into the house and warm
my chilled fingers. Far in the direction of
of the bay we saw moun
tains capped with snow this
morning. It has rained—poured—for near
ly a week, excepting during the usual few
hours in the middle of the day, when the sun
has shone gloriously bright. The rain has
subsided, but still it is cloudy. To-day I
passed under some apple trees in full blos
som. I paused to contemplate, to realize the
season of the year, aud plucking a bunch of
blossoms, I have pressed them. How I wish
we could enjoy such a climate in Minnesota.
I believe Oakland must be the garden
spot of the world. Every cot
tage has its garden of beautiful,
fragrant flowers—rare exotics, we would call
them at home—embracing all the choicest
varieties. Without having seen them you
could scarcely realize how luxuriant they
grow, and they are kept in such exquisite
neatness, proverbial of this city. In Oak
land I have not seen one dirty nor squalied
home, however small it maybe; I have not
seen one barefooted nor poverty-stricken
child, I have heard it remarked by a Chi
cago lady who said: "Barefooted children
are never seen here."
Milling Revieir.
Tha Northwestern Millergives the following
review of the week:
Millers concur in saying that the water
power of last week was the poorest of the
season, at one time getting down so low that
there were not over two or three feet of
water in the West side canal. The operations
of the mills as a result were very unsatis
factory, and the floor production was the
lighest on the crop, notwithstanding that at
least one thousand barrels per day were
turned out by steam power. Tha total output
of the week was 54,794 barrels — 8,133
bbls. per day—against 59,583 bbls. the
preceding week. If water power had
been depended on solely, the daily produc
tion would not have been over 7,000 bbl.s,
or a small one-third of the working capacity
of the city. This week the water has started
off larger in volume, but as a less number of
mills are in operation, and loosened ice is
causing considerable trouble at the lower end
of the platform, the amount of work does not
promise to be largely in excess of last week,
unless it be caused by steam power in the
Pillsbury mills. There is some improve
ment reported in the flour trade, quite an
active inquiry having sprung up, but it is at
old prices. Millers in consequence take
heart and hope that the present is the begin
ning of a reaction, which will place the mill
ing business on a fairly profitable basis.
The wheat in store in Minneapolis eleva
tors (including the transfer) on Wednesday,
showed an increase of over 100,000 bushels
over the preceding week, five out of six
public wheat elevators showing additions to
their stock, but only in the ease of one was
the increase material. The stock of wheat at
St. Paul is unchanged. The following tables
exhibit the local stock, as well as that at St.
Paul and Duluth:
Minneapolis— Bus.
In elevators 2,704,000
In mills 370,000
Total 3,074,000
In elevators 2,565,000
In mills 400,000
Total 2,905,000
St. Paul—
This week 1,190,000
Last week 1,190,000
Total 2,380.000
Elevators 2,390,000
Afloat in harbor 202,400
Total 2,652,400
District Court.
S. Allen Eastman vs. A. S. Sampson &
Co.; answer to complaint filed.
Frank J. Meller vs. Ebene«er A. Hodsdon;
summons, complaint and bond for costs
Gustave Booten vs. O. E. Spear; notice of
issue filed.
William Funk vs. Henry L. Weaver, de
fendant, and John F. Appleby and Minne
apolis Harvester works, garnishee.
Probate Court.
[Before Judge Ueland.]
Estate of John Allen Baird, deceased; pe
tition for letters filed; hearing March 10.
Estate of John Rollins, deceased; decree
of distribution made.
Estate of Eliza M. Anderson, deceased;
letters testamentory issued to Ole Anderson;
orders limiting time and appointing ap
praisers made.
Estate of Karl A. Brandis, deceased; let
ters issued to Henry Camehl; order limiting
time to pay debts made.
Municipal Court.
[Before Judge Bailey.J
William Cauliff, disorderly conduct;
paid a fine in §25 and costs, aggregating
William Stone and Hans Peterson,
drunkenness; committed five days each.
George N. Bard, larceny of a harness from
P. Osander; continued until next Tuesday
morning in §300 bail.
L Dr. J. H. Jackson, assault with a danger
ous weapon upon L. Kimball; continued to
the grand jury, without preliminary examin
C. I. Dietrich, embezzlement in §27 from
D. L. Fife; examination waived; held to the
grand jury, •end committed in default of
§300 bonds.
L. B. Sunford, larceny; dismissed.
James McBride, larceny of an overcoat
from G. B. Drummond; changed plea to
guilty, and committed thirty days.
J. W. Kemp, larceny of a carpet from A.
C. Rohr; committed thirty days.
Thomas Sellers, larceny of a mirror and
divers furniture, held to the grand jury, and
in default of bail in §300, committed.
Fred Collins, William Shade and Tommy
LePlant, larceny of candy from A. C. Ives'
delivery wagon; continued until this morn
A $11,000 Conflagaration.
Yesterday morning the cooper shops of
William Stevens, situated at 405 and 407
Main street southeast, were destroyed by fire.
The proprietor of the works estimates the
damage at §11,000, but the chief engineer
thinks it will not exceed§5,000. The engine
and machinery destroyed were worth §2,500,
and barrels worth §1,200, besides four car
loads of staves and three car loads of head
ings fell a prey to the devouring element.
This stock was insured in the sum of §4,500
in companies represented by Ames & Co.
The building at 405 was entirely destroyed,
while the walls of the other building were
saved through the almost superhuman efforts
of the firemen. The building was owned by
Mr. Field, of California, and was valued at
§4,000, the insurance being §1,500 in the
Merchants' Insurance company, represented
by I. C. Seeley, The other building was
owned by eastern parties represented by
Merrill & Co., of St. Paul. Whether it was
insured or not could not be ascertained.
The loss upon it is about §2,000.
The Hitrom-1 Again.
William Cunlifl, the young sprig of nobili
ty described in these columns a few days ago,
was arraigned again yesterday in the police
court, and paid §27.50 into the municipal
treasury for indulging in another escapade.
This time it was at Priest's oderiferous she
bang, on First street south, that the young
baronet was demonstrating his claims "to no
bility, by flourishing a revolver and threaten
ing to perforate the worthless body of a
nymph du pave. He was arrested, and
spent Tuesday night in limbo, reflecting
on his wild career in this democratic city,
and resolving to turn over a new leaf after
paying his fine. Being interrogated as to
what his business was, he snappishly vo
ciferated, "business! business! I have no
business; I am a gentlemen who will become
a baronet when of age."
The lines of Pope sprang instinctively to
the memory of the impecunious reporter,
who could not refrain from repeating in the
the ears of Ihe aristocrat,
"What can ennoble sots, or slaves, or cow
Not all the blood of all the Howards."
Mine. Gerster To-Night.
The sale of single seats at $5 each contin
ued good throughout the day yesterday for
the opening opera in the season of Col.
Mapleson's Her Majesty's Opera company, at
the Grand this evening. "La Sonnambula"
has only been sung in this city once, and
then by the Emrna Abbott Opera company,
with that popular diva in the leading role,
with the limited cast and powers of that com
pany, our people have had but a faint oppor
tunity to judge of the real merits of
the opera, and in the hands
of Mme. Gerster, supported by a
premier company numbering 165 people, it
will be a veritable revolution. Upon the suc
cess of this season of grand opera depends
much the future of our state in seasons of
this character. If it proves the grand suc
cess which indications now tend to predict,
it is perfectly safe to presume that another
season we will be treated to operatic and mu
sical feasts quite as grand, and seasons
which may include Patti or Neilson, as well
as Gerster.
Of Col. Mapleson's company the Chicago
Inter-Ocean says:
Signor Cheruoini gave a strong and effec
tive representation of Marcello. He is a
finished dramatic artist, as well as a good
singer, the audience giving a hearty indorse
ment to his merit in the latter capacity by
the outburst of applause succeeding his duet
with Valentina in the second act. Signor
Galassi as the sturdy St. Bris, gave a finished
characterization that had admirable qualifi
cations in both music and action. Mile.
Josephine Torkc, who assumed the role of
Urbana, was a disappointment. Perhaps too
much was expected of this contralto, at any
rate the audience gained very little artistic
satisfaction from her singing, and her aria
in the first act failed to elicitany enthusiasm.
The brilliant florid music of Margherita Va
lois found most artistic interpretation in
Mme. Etelka Gerster. The royal role was
acted with a style and grace that qualify
Mme. Gerster as a most finished, natural,
agreeable artist. She received generous ap
plause, as well as numerous and beautiful
floral tributes.
Municipal Court .furors.
Judge Bailey, Mayor Ames, and City Clerk
Matthews reported the following list of jurors
to sit at the present term of the municipal
Whipple Andrews V S Treys
E G Barnsby H L Jones
Eldred Baker F G Lindquist
Ernest Bachner Wm Lenebau
F W Bollard J O F Meagher
Fred D Brown W D McNeico
E I) Brown Jas G Xiud
Alfred Bookdahl John E Ofstie
Jas A Brush J H Paul
Geo Boyd, O Plummer,
J II Bornholdt, L Paulle,
E D Boweu, T Kay,
P Briggs, gam Rothschilds,
C M Cushman, I£ Hees,
I) W Cassiday, G W Smith,
B M Christian, A Sanborn,
C H Dagirett, W J Sheehan,
F Demueles, F Skoll,
C B Eustis, Jacob Stone,
J T Elwell, W H Sargent,
J \V Fitzgerald, Cbas P Stevens,
J W Field, Frank G Stork,
Ed L Farris, M C Foli,
G A Gray, E G Towle,
Frank Glessner, V Truesdell,
J W Grove, Win II Thomas,
J S Beaton, M D Wilson,
R R Henderson, Chas E Wales,
Geo E Higgins, S S Whittier,
X B Hussey, Henry Wenecke,
Henry Hauschild, Joshua Williams,
C II Ireland, James T Wyman.
A Warning to the Public.
The public is warned against the pecula
tions of Louis Fable, a young German, who
has been endeavoring to collect spurious or
fraudulent bills by the use of bill heads stol
en from C. C. Burck, the general agent of
the La Crosse Brewing company.
A "Poor Devil" Wants to Know.
To the Editor of the Globe.
Minneapolis, Feb. 13.—You publish this
morning a very glowing account of the new
mines in the northwest. Will you please in
form a poor devil, anxious to improve his pe
cuniary condition, if the information is relia
ble? If so will you not give a little more day
light and say who and what your informant
is interested in-^trading, speculation or rail
road? You see the point I am driving at. I
know of three or four other persons who de
sire reliable information, obtaining which
they are, with myself, ready to stake their
last dollar in the mines. To spend §100 or
§200 in going to the mines on only vague
rumor would not be wise. Give us all the
information you can, and its source.
Respectfully, "Poor Devil."
G. M. Seymour, Esq., leaves for the east
A. M. Radcliff, of Minneapolis, made the
city a business call yesterday.
Quinsy is said to prevail to an unusual ex
tent among the horses in this city and
The state examiner was yesterday engaged
in looking over the books of the auditor and
Dr. William Jenner, of this city, left on
Tuesday evening for New York, enroute for
Bremen, Vienna and other European cities.
The doctor, it is understood, intends to be
absent four or five months.
Prof. J. F. Downey, of the state universi
ty, delivers the third lecture in the course at
the Universalist church next Monday even
ing, Feb. 18. Prof. Downey comes well
recommended, and will no doubt keep up
the high character already attained in the
A lad by the name of McNiell, who had
left his home in Turtle Lake, Wis., without
consent of his parents, was taken in charge
yesterday by Officer Rearaden. The action
was taken at the request of the boy's father,
who had written to Chief Shortall stating that
young McNiell had made his way to the city,
and asking that he be taken up by the police
and sent back to his parents.
The relief association met at the rooms of
the Y. M. C. A. yesterday afternoon. Re
ports were given by the various committees,
and ways and means were considered. The
iron moulders made a proposition to give the
proceeds of their annual ball to the society,
and also gave the ladies the oprortunity to
furnish supper. The proposition was accept
ed, and a committee of ladies was appointed
to solicit provisions for the supper. It was
also decided to give an early supper for the
patronage of the citizens. The ball and sup
per are to be next Wednesday evening. The
meeting was largely attended.
High Priced Rum.
To the Editor of the Globe:
An item in yesterday's issue of the Globe,
calls attention to the fact that an attempt
will possibly be made this spring to increase
the license for retailing liquor and beer.
With a very few exceptions this clamor is
raised by persons who have no pecuniar}' in
terest in the matter one way or the other,
but who hope to gain a little cheap popular
ity thereby. The exceptions referred to are
the proprietors of certain high-toned estab
lishments who are aware that the closing up
of two-thirds of the saloons would result to
their advantage. Most certainly the advocates
of temperance are occupying advanced mor
al ground when they form a coalition with
the vendors of high priced rum.
Fair Play.
Business Difficulty.
Kansas Citt, Feb. 13.—Gleaner & Ross,
cracker and candy factory, was closed to-day
by the sheriff, on an attachment suit for §28,
000. The money was loaned by Nathan Hill.
The firm has not yet assigned. Liabilities
nre supposed to be §40,000, and the assets are
* Enterprising 1.
New Orleans, Feb. 13.—The Mexicans
have appropriated §200,000 to represent Mex
ico at the World's exhibition at New Orleans.
The Protens Court of Inquiry Con
cludes Its Labors and Makes
Its Report.
It Finds that Garlington Made an Error of
Judgment but does not Hold
ftim Accountable.
Hazen'spntentions the Best but He Failed
to Compreheud the Necessi
ties of the Case.
The report of the Proteus court inquiry was
transmitted to the senate to-day. The court
finds that Garlington made an error of judg
ment in not waiting longer at Pandora har
bor, but the error was committed in the
difficult and unusual discretion for which he
should not be held accountable. It is also
due to Garlington to say, that in the general
conduct of the expedition, prior to the loss
of the ship, he displayed zeal, energy and ef
ficiency, in successfully conducting his com
mand through a long, perilous and laborious
retreat in boats, to a place of safety. "While
awarding eredit to Gen. Hazen for the best
intentions concerning the rescue of the
Greely party, the court is of
opinion iu many particulars, and in
some of the gravest moment
he failed iu the adequate comprehension of
the necessities of the case, and the measures
and the rations essential to meet them. The
court specifies numerous and grave errors in
his action, among them tho following:
First—In informing Garlington that Gree
ley's supplies would be exhausted in the fall
of 1883, when, in fact, he was provisioned
for more than three years from the summer
of 1881. The effect of this was to urge Gar
lington to undue haste to reach Lady Frank
lin bay.
Second—His persistent rejection of the
suggestion to make on the northward voyage
a relief ship a depot of supplies at Littleton
Third—In failing to perceive the necessity
for a second vessel until late in the sea
Fourth-VThe lax, negligent and defective
method of keeping the records of public busi
ness, and conducting the correspondence at
the signal office, as illustrated in the action
of the chief signal officer in regard to the so
called supplementary instruc
tions or order to Gar
lington, which, the court says, was in fact no
order at all, though published to the country
as such, and made the basis bf the charge
that he had been guilty of disobedience of
orders. The court is of opinion that neither
was this memorandum an order, nor did it
properly carry any force, even as a sugges
tion to Garliugton. The court comments se
verely on this mischievous manner of con
ducting official business, and says, while
grave errors and omissions mentioned, either
directly led, or largely contributed to the
failure of the expedition, yet, as they were
due to the lack of sound judgment, and un
attended by any wilful neglect, no further
proceedings before the general court martial
is called for.
Gone to France.
New York, Feb. 13.—The Queen ofTahite
has sailed for France to-day, on the steamer
St. Laurent.
Verdi has been elected honorary member
of the Circolo Artistico, Genoa.
219, 231, 223 First Aye. South.
W. W. BROWN Sole Proprietor.
Messrs. Warren and Morton, Louise Oarland,
Bessie Carlton, Frank Carlton, James Dalton,
Clara Boyle, May Smith, Irene Someru, Lillie
Morris, Kittie Melville, Lottie Laviere, May
Hoi ton, Libbie Maretta, Maggie Hale, Carrie
Diamond, Mamie Yagor, Betsie Graham, and
the regular Stock Company.
Matinee every Thursday afternoon at 2:80
o'clock. Popular prices.
MR "t£r-
Will Cure
All kinds hard or soft corns, callouses and bnnloni
causing no pain or soreness, dries Instantly, wll
not soil anything, and never fails to effect a cure
Price, 25c; by mail, 80c. The genuine put up lr
yellow wrappers and manufactured only by Job. R
Hofllin, druggist and dealer in all kinds of Patent
Medicines, Roots, Herbs, Liquors, Paints, Oili
Varnishes, Brushes, etc. Minneapolis, Minn.
Endorsed by press and public; now located at
Washington, D. C, for the winter. Office 520
■ 8th street;residence Willard's hotel. Will return
to Minneapolis in May. Magnetic Medical Balm
wiU cure nearly all diseases; sent by mail or ex
press. Send for Magnetic Journal; mailed free;
containing names of hundreds cured. Prof. A.
J. DEXTEB, the World's Healer, Washington,
D. C. 20
Baal Estate, Loans and Business Brokers
804 * irst Avenue South,
We buy, sell and exchange Baal Estate, bnsinea
nlarv ■ collect claims, par taxes, etc.
420 Hennepin Avenne, - Minneapo
Begular Dinner, 25o.
IV*Breakfast and Supper on the European PUr
W. C.ICOLE, Prop' v
Feb. 14,15 and 16,
With tlie gifted Mme GlMER, supported by Col. Mapleson's
Entire Company, including 165 Members,
REPORTOIRE: Thursday, LaSonnambnla; Friday. Rigeletto; Satorday Matinee, Lneia,
Prices: Parquette and Circle, $5.00; front balcony, $5.00; rear balcony, £3.00; gallery reserved.
$3.00; gallery admission, $1.00. Admission to lower house, $2.00.
Sale to subscribers opens Tuesday, 10 a. m.; for single performance Wednesday, 10 a. m.
STj 1 |j Seats for sale at Dyer & Howard's Mu-
V*Y\t jj sic store.
g g Ih 1 ? Choicest seats in the house—whole of sections A, (parquette); F,
■' * *A HA I (parquette circle); J, (balcony); and P, in the gallery. Special trains.
Francis Peabody. President.
J. W. Field, X Secretary.
Cash Capital, $300,000.
Value of real estate owned $64,000 00
Market value of all bonds and stocks 356,102 25
Loans secured by bonds and stocks
as collateral. .*. 65,613 54
Cash on hand and in bank 25,269 33
Premiums in course of collection... 42,005 04
All other assets 8,958 51
Total admitted assets $561,948 67
Capital stock paid up $300,000 00
Reserve for reinsurance 120,114 50
Unpaid losses 14,147 55
Other liabilities 3,625 80
Total liabilities, including capital $437,887 91
Net surplus 124,069 76
III. income in 1883.
From premiums received $185,744 06
From interest and dividends 22,206 34
Totalincome $207,950 40
Losses paid $143,044 95
Dividends 29,895 00
Commissions and brokerage 23,172 17
Salaries of officers and employes... 16,557 86
Taxes 5,700 71
All other expenditures 7,395 30
Total expenditures $225,705 93
Total risks in force Dec. 31, 1883 $16,610,000 00
Riskswritten $463,890 00
Premiums received 5,505 99
Losses paid 5,011 41
Losses incurred 5,011 41
Department of Insurance, >
St. Paul, February, 1S84. )
I, A. R. McGill, Insurance Commissioner of the
state of Minnesota, do hereby certify that the
American Insurance Company above named, has
complied with the laws of this state relating to
insurance, and is now fully empowered through
its authorized agents to transact its appropriate
business of lire insurance in this state for the
year ending January 31, 1885.
43-45 Insurance Commissioner.
J. J. Watsos. E. Rice, Jr.
m Jackson Street, (iiliilian Block,
We, tho undersigned liverymen of St. Paul,
having the finest carrsages aud hearses in the
city, do hereby agree to furnish carriages and
hearses for funerals at the following prices, viz
Morning's carriages, $2.00 each.
•' hearses, 3.00 "
Afternoon's carriages, 3.00 "
" hearses, 4.00 '*
KIMBLE P. CULLEN, 23 & 25 West Fort St.
W. L. NICHOLS, 84 West Fourth St.
J. F. ALEXANDER, cor. Eighth and Sibley Sto.
E. W. SHIRK, Overpeck's old stand.
GEO. W. 1URNBULL, 848 Exchange8t.
HEWSON C. SEMPLE, cor. of Tenth and Pine
*m&f 'ET^PB**^ They who work
IlJfss^a t* I 8 P K%* early and l8te tho
Ea ftj^.r. ,„„._,. roundneedoc
healthful stimulus
impaited by a
wholesome tonic
like Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters.To
all its purity and
efficiency as a rem
edy and preventive
of disease com
mend it. It checks
incipient rheuma
tism and malarial
fete*. evnutPM dft symptoms, relieves
&$ Kah«l^B £*$* constipation, dys-
OITT WS H^"?*^ pepsia iind bilious
~^ar 3 § | BuU w v» neas, arrests pre
mature decay of the physical energies, mitigates
the infirmities of age aud hastens convalescence.
For sale by all druggists and dealers generally.
Full Weight and Measure Guaranteed by
41 Eaat Third street. Established in 1864.
At bottom prices. Grate and egg $9.75, stov*
$10; Nut $10, Briar Hill, $8.SO. All gradet
of freeh ir ined bituminous coal at equallv lov
prices. Maple, $6; Birch and Oak. $4.75
Mixed, $3 .75; Bass-wood, $3; Dry Pine Slabs, $8
Pnpil of the eminent pianist, and teacher, S.
B. Mills, of New York, and for several years a
teacher in well known educational institutions,
and of private classes, most respectfully tenders
his services to those desiring a thoroughly com
petent, experienced and conscientious teacher.
Twenty lessons (one hour) $40 80
Twenty lessons (half hour) 25 00
Orders may be left at my studio, over B. C,
Manger's Music Store, 107 E Third street. 20*
General Druggist
Is settled in his elegant New Store
Cow Hi& mi Saint Peter streets.
Wherecan be foun d the finest and best of Drugs,
Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Patent Medicinea
etc. Also, all kin ds of Garden and Flower
seeds ni their seaon.
Fire Insracs Association,
Insurance Company.
T. M. Letton, Manager Western Department,
Market value of all bonds and stocks $560.3.1* 50
Cash on hand and in bank 351.142 or,
Premiums in course of collection.. 74,905 40
All other assets 1,011 94
Total admitted assets $337,407 95
Reserve for reinsurance $433,346 29
Unpaid losses 98,097 03
Other liabilities 15,491 39
Totr.1 liabilities $547,585 27
Net surplus $439,872 OS
in. income ix 1383.
From premiums received $727,75! 29
From interest and dividends 23,143 SO
Total income $750,898 15
Losses paid $504,987 88
Commissions and brokerage 120,954 20
Salaries of officers and employes... 0o,C40 S3
Taxes '. 18.339 34
All other expenditures 55,670 90
Total expenditures $700,598 71
Total risks in force Dec. 31, 1883..$62,319,700 00
Risks written $1,071,650 00
Premiums received 16,910 S3
Losses paid 13,904 80
Losses incurred 15,225 03
Department of bmniAHi e, >
St. Pal-i., February, 1884. )
I, A. R. McGill, Insurance Commissioner of the
State of Minnesota, do hereby certify that the
Fire Insurance Association Insurance Company
above named, has complied with the lmvs of this
state relating to Insurance, and is now fully em
powered through Its authorized agents to trans
act its appropriate business of tin.' insurance, in
this state for the year ending January 31st, 1885.
Insurance Commissioner.
J. J. Watson. . E. Iticu, Jn.
watsiw & rice,
363 Jaekson street (Milan Block,
Fire & MaiitaaisCo,
George R. Rogers President.
B. F. Field Secretary.
Cash Capital, 8400,000.
I. AS8ST0.
Loans secured by mortgages on real
estate $42,095 <)•
Market value of all bonds and stocks 013,103 00
Loans secured by bonds and stocks
as collateral 1,550 09
Cash on hand and in'bank 10,620 ,;"
Premiums iu course of collection.. 81,417 09
All other assets 8,158 :i!
Total assets $706,994 25
Capital stock paid up $400,000 00
Reserre for reinsurance 111,880 57
Unpaid loases 14,972 50
Other liabilities 2,125 00
Total liabilities, including capital $528,478 07
Net surplus 178,400 18
III. income in 1883.
From premiums received $186,851 29
From interest and dividends 82,198 11
Total income $218,544 73
IV.fEXPEN dittp.es in 1833.
Losses paid $110,988 71
Dividends 40.0011 00
Commissions and brokerage 81,528 58
Salaries of officers and employes... 14,1175 00
Taxes '. 0.771 49
All other expenditures 11,770 52
Total expenditures $221,140 25
v. miscellaneous.
Total risks in force Dec. 81, 1883. .$20,083,000 00
Fire $571,697 00
Losses paid 6,216 42
Losses incurred 8,701 18
Dei'ai:t3H:nt iif [JTSUBAXCX, I-
St. Paul, Pebrury, Ih^i. \
I, A. R. McGill, Insurance Commissioner of tbe
State of Minnesota, do hereby certify that the
Mercantile Fire and Marine Insurance Company
above named, has complied with the laws of this
state relating to insurance, ;m<l is now fully em
powered through its authorized agents to trans
act its appropriate business of firu insurance, In
this State for the year ending January Hist, 1835.
Insurance Commissioner.
J. J. Watson*. E. Rice, Jr.
363 Jactson street Glllan Block,
Office of the City Theascbeb, )
Bt. Paul, Minn., Feb. 6, 1884. J
All person interested in the assessment for
Grading Bedford street, from
Minnehaha street to North
street, and Decatur street,
from Bedford street to Preble
Change of Grade on Pleasant Av
enue, from Ramsey street to
Third street.
Grading Third street, from
Broadway to Kittson street.
Sewer in St. Peter street, from
Martin street to Summit ave
Grading Maekubin street, from
University avenue to Charles
that on the 4th day of February, 1884, I did re
ceiTe different warrants from the City Comp
troller of the City of St. Paul for the collec
tion of the above named assesments.
The nature of these warrants is, that if you
fail to pay the assessment within
after the first publication of this notice, I shall
report you and your real estate so assessed as de
linquent, and apply to the District Court of the
county of Ramsey, Minnesota, for judgmeni
against your lands, lots, blocks, or parcels there
of so assessed, including interest, cost and ex
penses, and for an order of the Court to sell th*
same for the payment thereof.
86-46 GEO. REIS, City Treasurer.
Notice for Judgment.
Omci or the Citt TnEAsrnra, )
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 13,1884. j
I "-ill make application to the District Court.
in and for the ounty of Ramsey, and State of
Minnesota, at the special term held Saturday,
March 1, 1884, at the Conrt House, in St. i*au!.
Minnesota, for judgments asrainst the several lots
and real estate embraced in a warrant in my
hands for the collection of unpaid assessments,
with interest and costs thereou for the hereinaf
ter named special assessments.
All in the city of St. Paul, conntv of Ramsey,
and >tate of Minnesota, when and where all per
sons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners aud description of real estate are
as follows:
Assessment for Planting and
Protecting Shade and Orna
mental Trees on Both 8ides of
Cooo avenue, from Rice street
to Lot 8, Como Villas.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Assm't.
Cath. Pairo. Part of the following: E'ly of
Como avenue, commencing at corner
of N> ; of NK;! Of Section 36, Town 89,
Range 23, thence X 56 ft. thence W 880
ft, thence S "> ft, thence W 6 ft, thence S
51 ft, thence B 836 ft to beginning (ex
cept Rice street) 310 25
Same. Part W'ly of Como avenue,
of the follow in^: Commencing at SK
comer of N; _. of KEJ6 of Section 86,
Town 89, Range 83, thence N JO ft,
thence W 330 C thenCC S S ft, thence \V
6 ft, thence 8 r>i ft, thence B 388 ft to
beginning (except Rice street) 1 Ot
Morin'a Enlargement to Lafond's Addition.
Snpposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. As-m't.
li Steffens (except N 50 ft
of K 150 ft. S 50 ft of K
125 ft, and Como avenue) 7 i'i §JU jO
La Pond's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Block. Assm't.
It. A. Smith and est of C, Hewitt,
(except N 150 feel of K 10 ft)
part N'ly of Como avenne of.. .81 S"'1 75
Same, I 3 of » Ymio avenue i 31
Same, (except Como avenue) 30 41 oo
Same, (excopt Como avenue) in 41 uo
k A Smith, i N of Como avenue)..20 r> ,'5
Same, (S of Como avenne) •.'>) 61 50
i E Keller, 'except Como avence)13 10 85
Wm Dawson and eat of Q Hewitt, j lo
Humphrey's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. T.ot. Block. Assm't.
Wm 1 law sou 5 o j>* 25
Same I 8 8 25
Same 3 '-i B 85
Same J :J s ?'>
Same 1 3
John Kilbaen 17 -2 « •-'•'•
P i; Oleson 16 2 lo IB
Wm Dawson 15 2 7 25
Humphrey's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Assm t
M M Shel.er 11 '-' I
Same 18 2 s 25
Wm Dawson 11 2 7 25
St. Paul Warehouse & Ele
vator company 15 7 18 25
Same 14 7 10 2:.
Same 18 7 10 •-•:>
Same, W 17 feet of 12 7 3 60
\ U Walsh E 83 ft ..f 18 7 0 75
St. Paul Warehoa :■ A: Ele
vator compan) U 7 10 25
Same 10 7 10 25
Same '■> 7 10 25
Same 8 7 10 25
Same 7 7 lo 25
Same G 7 10 25
Same 5 7 10 85
Same 4 7 io -•:.
Same 3 7 10 28
Same 2 7 10 25
Same 1 7 10 25
Same 0 8 io 25
Same 8 8 lo 85
Same 7 8 iu 25
si. I'aul Warehouse and El
evator company 0 8 $10 25
same 5 8 lo '.'..
Same 1 8 10 25
Same -i 8 10 25
Same 2 8 10 25
Same 1 8 10 25
Xeiirer's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't '.r
description. Lot. Block. Assm't.
A. Neurer l bal$10 25
Same 5 2 7 25
Sauve 1 2 5 25
Foundry Addition.
Supposed Owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. As-m t,
McTeague Bros 4 io $10 25
Same 5 lo 10 25
i;. Banming l 9 8 25
Supposed i nvner, Am't of
and description. Assm't.
R. P. Lew is. S. W. Ji of N*. W. % of Sec
tion 25, Town 29,Range 28,except < lomo
avenue and Dale street 14 75
Supposed Owner, Am't of
ami description. Assm't,
T. Butterfield. That part of X. E. )i of
s. E. )4 of Section 26, Town •.".>, Range
28, E'ly of Como road, (except Como
avenue and Dale street.) 2 25
Alex Ramsey. Part N'ly of Como ave
nue, of S E M of X 1". ': of Bection 26,
town .".". range 2:; (except Dale street) :J31 00
Same, i'art S'ly of Como avenue, of S
E J4 of N E Ji of section 20, tow 11 89,
range 23 328 00
M A Van Doren. That part of X y 2 of
S W H of X E }i of section 20, town
29, range 28, N of Como avenue CG 50
Same. Part S'ly of 1 fbmo avenue, of s w
!.i of X E '.! of section 20, town 29,
range 23 112 00
Como Villas, St. Paul.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Assm't.
■ it.) C Ramsey (except Como
avenue) 15 $8 25
Same (E'ly of Como avenne) 10 30 75
, Same (W'ly of Como avenue) 1G 67 50
Mary A Stedman I except Como ave
nue) 12 6 25
of J C Ramsey (N'ly of Como
nue) 11 51 25
Same (S'ly of Como avenue) 11 20 50
Same (except Como avenue) 10 44 75
All in the city of St. Paul, County of Ramsey
State of Minnesota.
4:;-40 GEUP.GE REIS, City Treasurer.
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural
laws which govern tho operations of digestion
and nutrition, and by a careful application of the
fine properties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr. Epps
has provided our breakfast tables with a deli
cately flavored beverage which may save us
many heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judicious
nse of such articles of diet that a constitution
may be gradually built up until strong enough to
resist every tendency of disease. Hundreds of
subtile maladies are floating around us ready to
attack wherever there is a weak point. We may
eecspe many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselvot
well fortified with pare blood and a properly
nourished frame. "—Civil Service Gazette.
Made simply with boiling watec or milk. Sold
in tins only (>$ lb. and lb.) by Grocers, labeled
II Wes W (ret, si Fui.
I respectfully Invite the attention of UdlM
and gentlemen to my large, moat complete api
elegant stock of new Masquerade Coetumw, for
balls, parti er, theatrical performance*, old fol*»
ooncerts, taboaua, Ac,
Masks at u holeaale.
Country parties, send tat list and prices,

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