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Assistant Chief Hildebrand received a Tal
• rday from the X Cross Roads.
will probably charge the jury
in the r ' against Breen & Young
to day.
The military telegraph line from Fort
Maginnis to Poplar river, M. T., has been
abandoned for the winter.
Messrs. Fairchlid & Davidson yesterday
■old lot 8, block 10, Kittson's addition, for
the handsome sum of $11,000.
Coupons representing interest paid on
water bonds were received from New York
by the treasurer yesterday, amounting to
It is thought the Colorado sheriff has got
his warrant to arrest a Minneapolis woman
on requision. He is understood to have
plenty of the needful.
Prof. D. L. Kit-hie, absent for the past
month in the east, and having taken in New
York aud Washington in the trip, will arrive
hom't to-day via the Omaha road.
The board of abatement met yesterday
afternoon aud considered a grist of personal
taxes asking a whitling down. Adjourned
to Monday aitcrnoou to 4 o'clock.
The committee on police, of the council,
held a meeting yesterday afternoon, and con
firmed the appointments of Officers Chas.
Cummings and Joseph Dorion and Detective
The mammoth buffalo head and horns at
the Historical seciety's rooms at the state
house, has been mounted above one of the
entrances to the inner catacombs of the base
Company A, Eleventh infantry, has been
temporarily transferred for quarters from
Fort Sully to Fort Bennett, D. T., the
barracks at the latter place having been
The meeting of the Ramsey County Bible
society will be held at the rooms of the Y. M.
C. association, Saturday, February 16, 1884,
at 3 p.m. The friends are invited to be
Many friends of the family will be pained
to learn of the death of Harry Wentwortb, son
of George Wentworth, of the West side, which
occurred on the 13th. The funeral will take
place, to-day.
Tbe West Side Liedcrtafel, assisted by
3tciu's orchestra, will give their first grand
concert und ball this evening at Pfeifer's
ball. An excellent programme has been
prepared for the occasion.
The Oakes Ames proceedings in the pro
bate court of this county next Thursday are
merely to clear the title to some property
owned by the estate, some two miles from
the city, which has been sold by the heirs.
The first annual ball of the St. Paul rail
road cheek clerks at Market hall last night
was a complete success, there being a large
assemblage present and 200 couples partici
pating iv the dances. Seibcrt's orchestra
were the musiciaus.
Bids were received by Secretary Donnelly,
Df the board of education yesterday, for ad
ditions to the Adams and Humboldt schools,
and for new school houses in Siegel'sand
Rice's additions.The bids will be opened at the
next meeting of the board.
The proposals for the iron work for the St.
Paul workhouse, that were to have been
opened yesterday by the board of directors,
were not opened for the reason that Mr.
Renz and Mr. Lanisou were sick, and Mr,
Watson was not in the city.
Number 2 hook and ladder was exercising
its four-horse team outside yesterday and
I hey ran well. But the fun came in last
night when the leaders took their first lesson
in bursting from their stalls to take their
places at the cud of the pole.
Prof. Bogg gave the third of his very pop
ular Friday evening dancing parties, in con
nection with his dancing school, at Turner
hall last evening. These gatherings are ex
clusive to his scholars and their friends, and
it is needless to say are thoroughly appreciat
ed by them.
Father Cotter, of Winona, C. M. McCarthy
aud J. C. Nolan, of St. Paul, and Father
Gallagher, of St. Michael's parish, will be
present at the meeting of the League of the
Cross society, next Monday evening at the
old St. Michael's church, Sixth ward, and de
liver addresses.
A Renville county man whose feats at
chirography would knock a first-class spelling
school into a cocked hat, has written two let
ters to Gov. Hubbard, complaining that the
"skule hous in his dee6trict is beiu used for
•i chirch aud for other monkey shows," and
he wants "sumthin dun about it."
The stepping stone in front of Taylor &
Craig's, on Fifth street, was voted an abom
inable nuisance by three gentlemen out on a
' unittee meeting early last evening, two
of whom stumbled over it and fell upon the
sidewalk, while the other came so near a
downfall that he hardly knew the difference.
For the benefit of another gentleman
named John Mullen in this city, we are re
quested to state that the one by that name
who went to sleep in a snow bank on the
corner of Wabashaw street and College ave
nue, and was picked up by the police with
frozen hands, was a resident of Goodhue
Judge Simons and the committee appointed
by the district court at the present term to
examine candidates for admission to the
Minnesota bar, consisting of Messrs. W. C
Goforth, John D. O'Brien and Henry D.
Williams, met yesterday morning and ex
amined three applicants, taking the matter
of issuing certificates to the same under ad
A suit was commenced in the district
court yesterday by William Thompson against
the city, for the possession of lots 4. 5 and 6,
block 34, West St. Paul proper, and $1,000
damages, by reason of being deprived of
them by the city. Plaintiff alleges that for
more than eight years the city has been un
lawfully in possession of all that part of
said lots across which runs Dakota avenue.
Mr. Henry Schade,of Schmidt's restaurant,
yesterday received a letter from ex-Mayor
Rice, dated at Tucson, Arizona. Accom
panying the letter was the photo
graph of a young Indian maiden, a
perfect beauty, who had become enamored of
Henry's counterfeit presentment which the
mayor had shown her, and wished to open up
a correspondence with a view to raising a
family. Mr. Rice reports himself hale and
hearty, and enjoying a royal good time.
S. R. Wentworth, Duluth, is at the Mer
Z. B. Clarke, Benson, was at the Merchants
John Conger, Hot Springs, Ark., is at the
Philip Skillman, Aberdeen, is at the
Geo. T. Sevasly, of Wahpeton, is at the
J. H. Garlock, of Miles City, is at the
Jno. F. Wassberg, Willmar, was in the
city yesterday.
Hon. Gordon E. Cole, Faribault, was in
the city yesterday.
A. E. MaeCartney, Esq., of Stillwater, vis
ited the state capital yesterday.
Sud K. Cameron and family, Winnipeg,
are registered at the Clarendon hotel.
Y. L. Schmidt, Philadelphia, and A. S.
Dean, Chicago, are at the Metropolitan.
Capt. Stees is confined to his apartments
at the Clarendon hotel with a severe cold.
Mr. James S. Field, formerly of the Metro
politan hotel news stand, left yesterday for
Fort Totten, where he will conduct the post
tradership store.
P. H. Kelly, Esq., went east last night.
He will meet the Democratic central com
mittee and assist in naming the place for
holding the national convention.
Mr. 11. W. Draper, representing the Bige
low Carpet company, of Boston, was in the
city yesterday, the guest of Mr. John
Matheis, the Third street carpet king.
A Small Blaze.
A small barn belonging to Dr. Charles A.
Stein, on Third street, just below Washing
ton, took fire at 12 o'clock last night, and
was partially destroyed. A horse belonging
to P. J. Giesen was in the barn and suffered
a good deal from smoke before he was taken
out. Young Giesen went in and afterwards
Officer Morgan, and finally they succeeded in
getting the animal out. Young Giesen
was affected a good deal by
the smoke and whon he came
out of the stable was bleeding at the nose.
Mr: Giesen also had a top buggy in the barn
which was also got out without much injur}'.
The loss was small and there was no insur
ance. The cause of the fire is unknown.
Eeal Estate and Building-.
Ten transfers of real estate were filed for
resord with the reister of deeds yesterday, the
aggregate consideration amounting to $23,
-450. Following are the transfers:
A. M. DeMontreville to H. M. Ranney, lots 1
and 2, block 1, 11. M. Ranney's sub-division, also
115 acres, sec. 22, township 30, range 23,810,000.
Hezekiah Hall to Hugh Montgomery, w!4lot 1,
sec. 20, township 29, range 22, §1,250.
Same to Charles R. Morton, e'/i lot 1, sec. 20,
township 29, range 22, 5i,250.
Chas. >". Bell to Samuel G. Sloan, lot 8, block
5, Woodland Park add, $1,500.
Chas. P. Noycs to Laura Boorman, lots 10 and
11, block 70, Dayton & Irvine's add, $0,000.
Robert P. Lewis to George Eggendorfer, lot 1
block 15, Lewis' second addition, $400.
Jacob Rumely to Chas. 11. Geist, lot 19, block
2, Weide's addition, §500.
Elias F. Drake to Daniel D. Merrill, lot 7,
block 113, lot 0, block 123, West St. Paul proper,
Isaac Bernheimer to Andrew Simpson, w ]/ t of
s w H, section 2, town 30, range 23, SBOO.
Edward S. Norton to Frank E. Tallnnt, lot 14,
block 4, Ed Dean's subdivision of Smith & Lett's
outlots, JflOO.
The following building permits were is
sued by Building Inspector Johnson yester
Wenzel Tuughaus, one-story frame dwell
ing on Ravoux street, between Rondo and
Martin, $85.
Joseph Marion, one-story frame dwelling
on Minnehaha street, between Mendota and
Forest, $700.
A Typical Ohio Juvenile.
A postal card bearing the following mes
sage was received yesterday by a printer em
ployed on the Globe. It is another proof of
the "git up and git" stuff of which Ohio men
are made. The writer is a six-year-old:
Dayton, 0., Feb. 14, 188-4.—1 thought I
would write to you and ask you to bring home
as many tobacco tags as you can get, and get
three or four of the same kind. The boys
are getting a collection to see how many they
can get. We want as many of one kind, so
we can trade them off for different kinds.
Josie L .
Get your crayons made by the new artist
Mant', the crayon artist, commences wrk
Monday on several orders from the state officers
at tbe capitol building. He takes the cake on
line life sized crayon work, sometimes taking
orde-s for whole families. We intend getting
work done by him soon. Call on him at his
studio at 8M) Point Douglas street, Bt. Paul,
Minn., or address, J. J. (Mason, as above.
Mantz takes the cake on life size crayons.
EfFor a Crabbed Temper, Bad Blood and Irrita
bility tuke Allen's Iron Tonic Bitters. All genu
ine bear the signature of J. P. Allen, Druggist,
St. Paul, Minn.
Cares of Life.
As we come to them they are received, borne
with and passed over with no more than a thought,
if we are in the enjoyment of health, but if suf
fering with piles or skin diseases of any kind
they magnify a hundred fold. A. R. Wilkes, B.
& E. Zimmerman, and E. Stierle, the druggists,
have Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy, an absolute
cure. Sold at 50 cents.
Special Party for Mardi Gras.
Arrangements are progressing for a special
through palace car from St. Paul to Xe-w Orleans,
for the Mardi Gras season, to carry a strictly
solect party of about twenty. Only about twelve
ladies and gentlemen are now required to fill the
party. Can elect when to start and when return.
All accessories, including organ and best attend
ance. For full information, address with name,
J. H. Hanson, Globe office.
Cause and Effect.
At times symptous of indigestion are present,
uneasiness of the stomach, etc., a moisture like
perspiration, producing an itching at night, or
when one is warm, cause the piles. The effect
is immediate relief upon the applicatiin of Dr.
Bosanko's Pile Remedy. Price 50 cents. For
sale by A. R. Wilkes, B. & E. Zimmerman and
F. Stierle, druggists.
A distinguished physician says: "After a
careful examination of Dr. Price's Cream Baking
Powder, I am satisfied that it is a wholesome and
valuable preparation, with which bread and other
articles may be prepared suitable to a weakened
aud disordered digestion. Invalids may indulge
in warm buscuits made with it, and feel the bet
ter for it."
Sauk Centre Academy of individual In
The above school has enrolled ninety-five stu
dents during the past four months. There will
be some vacant places about March 1. The sys
tem is individual recitation. The advantage of
the system is apparent. It does justice to each
student according to his capacity. We prepare
boys for advanced classes in colleges and univer
sities, for certificates to teach in our public
schools, and for business. There are pupils now
in the academy who have completed the elemen
tary course in four months, and in the commer
cial department they also in the same time have
acquired a thorough knowludge of single and
double entry book-keeping; also commission and
banking. We have pupils in our German class
who can hold conversation in German and trans
late German correspondence, and have been
taking lessons in German only three months.
Pupils from March 1 shall receive board, washing,
tuition in any of the subjects taught at the
academy, including Latin, German and book
keeping, for twenty dollars per month. For a
summer school the location is unsurpassed, the
academy being one and a half miles from the
village, on the banks of Sauk lake. Bathing
houses shall be erected early the coming summer.
There will be ample opportunities for boating
and fishing. We refer to the business aud
professional men of Sauk Centre.
D. J. Coqan, Principal.
The Locomotive Firemen.
Among the ven| pleasant social events
of the season none have been more
enjoyable to the participants than the com
plimentary reception tendered by Minnehaha
lodge, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen,
at Pfeifer's hall last night.
Only those having Invitations were
admitted, and, judging from the large and
happy throng in attendance, the cards were
very generally honored. The hall presented
an extremely beautiful appearance, the decor
ations displaying fine taste, one feature con
sisting of the monogram "B. L. F." in large
letters, cunningly made of evergreens. The
dancing programme consisted of eighteen
numbers, the music for which was furnished
by Stein's orchestra. At midnight a sumptu
ous supper was served. The floor managers,
to whom much of the success was due, were
as follows: Jno. H. Kilbane, chairman; Chas.
Montgomery, P. V. Murphy, Frank Maver,
Thos. Cox, F. W. Dyer, Frank Hulme," B.
Bradley, A. Leighton, Wm. Roope.
A Pleasant Surprise.
It has been a long time since any of the
residents of St. Paul have been taken so
completely and pleasantly by surprise as
were Sheriff O'Gorman and his wife last
night, and like all unpremeditated affairs it
proved more successful and enjoyable than
if weeks had been spent in preparation.
About 9 o'clock a company of their friends,
consisting of well known citizens and their
families, marched into the residence of
Sheriff and Mrs. O'Gorman and took imme
diate possession. They brought bundles with
them, and the festivities were inaugurated
at once. To say that the happy host and
hostess were surprised and delighted, would
be drawing it mild. The guests were received
in a handsome manner and made to feel
perfectly at home. Dancing occupied a large
share of the time, and duringthe evening re
freshments were served. It was a most =en-
joyable affair indeed.
The paincipal chiefs of the neutral tribes
have had a meeting and notified Osman
Digna, leader of the rebels, not to invade
their territory, else they would attack him.
anction, at my salestand, corner of Third
and Cedar streets, at 10 o'clock, this morning,
one very fine parlor suite, in good condition, car
pets, stoves, etc., etc.
flat Competitors May Tell Yon!
Gustave Heinemann!
Comer 7th kkhi streets,
25 Per Cent.
Again a Picnic!
Laflies' Muslin lira, ,
Chemise, liipnis,
tetters, Skirts!
50c. to fiO
A Piece, less 25 per cent, discount.
LADIES: This is a special Good thing, and
w^know you will be interested to examine the
stock as soon as possible.
■■■■—P——————— ■ — lllHllllllMlllllliyHllllllll——■———i
11. W. Comer fill & Jackson streets. |
WENTWORTH—In West St. Paul township, at
8:30 a. m., Thursday, Feb. 14, of membranous
croup, Harold Guy, sou of George W. and M.
J. Wentworth, aged 2 years, 10 months aud 10
Funeral from residence at 2 p. m. Saturday.
BRODERICK—In this city, on the 14th inst.,
Mary A., wife of John F. Broderick.
Funeral from Cathedral at 10 a. m. Davenport ,
and Dubuque papers please copy.
PETERS—At the residence of his brother Chris
Peters, 31 East Fifth street, on Friday morn
ing, at 11 o'clock, Arnold Peters, aged 49 yeurs.
Funeral from the Church of the Assumption,
Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Friends in
vited to attend.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitudes of low test,
short weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold
only in cans. Rotal Baking Powder Co., 196
Wall street, New York.
i.iiaii&TijMtj "'mUP-'iJffLllj. BFST
Teeth extracted without pain. All work guar
anteed. Dr.Cullum, 41 East 3d St., Cor. Cedar.
Corner of
Pearl & Tempprance St net s, St. Paul, Minn.
Fresh and Salt Meats of all kinds constantly on
hand. Satisfaction guaranteed to all who trade
with me. 43-132
WANTED— A room mate. Rent moderate.
Every convenience. Apply, 58 West
Fourth street. *
ALL persons having bills against Stees Bros,
and those indebted to them will please
call for settlement at their office, No. 70 East
Third street. 27-57
CULLEN'B LIVERY, Nos. 28 and 86 West
Fourth street—The finest vehioles of all
kinds in the Northwest. Coachmen with or
without livery; a competent agent to attend car
riages at parties, opera, weddings, etc.; a flrst
olass colored man, Bruce Bryant, to attend door
at parties and reoeptions. Invitations delivered
with promptness and dispatch. K. P. Cullen.
IRST CLASS day board at International
Hotel, comer Seventh and Jackson streets.
$4.50 dot week, 854-84 i
Tipe (Mi
The yonng men of St. Paul and vicinity, are
buying lots in Wright's addition, as we predicted.
They see that their money invested out there is
better than in a Savings Bank. Other people see
it too, and are buying for homes and for invest
Li at tie Man
We have other property for sale in that direc
All of Block 11 Summit Park addition.
Most of Block 13 Summit Park addition.
Most of Block 11 Holcomb's addition.
Many lots here and there in the same neigh
Also, plenty of choice business property.
We Lenfl Money!
On improved city property at current rates, and
have now
Immediately available, which we are ready to put
in one place or several.
Cochran & Newport,
S, W. corner Jackson and Fifth sts.
(Successor to D. A. Robertson & Co., the oldest
real estate agency in Minnesota.)
No. 7 McQuillan Block", cor. TMm& WaUasnaw.
St. Paul, ... Minn.
(Twelve years established in Saint Paul as)
Corner Third and Robert streets, in the Savings
Bank block, ST. PAUL, MINN.
N. B.—Special attention given to property and
interests of non-resident clients. Investments
guaranteed to net 7 per cent. Capitalists will
do well to correspond. 364
Corner of Wabashaw and Fourth streets.
Oyer Express Office, 870
~VTURSERY and landscape gardener. A Swede
-Ll desires situation in spring as a foreman in
either of these branches. Can present good rec
ommendations. Address E. L., this office.
TT7* ANTED—A situation as coachman, by a
TV man who thoroughly understands the
business, has bad long experience. Best of refer
ences. Address M. Dempeey, Globe office.
"tr/" ANTED—A good German girl to do general
T V housework, at 516 Brewster street, corner
of Sherburne. 46-53
ANTED—A girl at No. 349 Franklin street,
for general housework. SmaU family.
German preferred. 45-51
WANTED —Girl for general housework; to a
good reliable girl good wages given. Ap
ply No. 503 Deßow street. 45-51
WANTED— A competent cook. Apply in the
forenoon before 12 m. at 603 Jackson
street. 43*
"YTT ANTED.—Boy to take care of office. Call
TV only from 4 to 5 p.m. Dr. Merritt, cor
ner Seventh and Jackson streets. 44-50
TO RENT—Store—Threo story and basement,
with elevator. One block from Merchants
hotel. E. S. Norton, 322 Jackson street. 47-49
TO RENT—Forbes street—Two good, eight
room houses, Phalen water. $30 fer month
rent £. S. Norton, 322 Jackson street. 47-49
TO RENT—Corner Mcßoal and Douglas streets
—Five new houses, seven and nine rooms.
Aery complete. E. S. Norton, 822 Jackson
street. 47.49
FOR RENT—A boarding house of sixteen
rooms. Will rent from now until the first
of May for $30. No. 222 Acker street. 345*
FOR RENT—Dwelling, 284 Rice, corner of
Summit avenue; $35. Also, furnished
dwelling, 282 Rice street, near Summit avenue;
$55. Reference required. Apply at premises,
or to A. R. Kiefer, 190 East Seventh street.
IriOß RENT—A cottage with four rooms,
Pantry and closets, good water und every
convenience. Apply to J. C. McCarthy, Sixth
ward. 270*
TIIO RENT—House of six rooms on Ohio
J- street. Inquire of P. It. McDonnell, grocer,
corner George and Ohio streets, Sixth ward.
SUNNY, warm front room, nicely furnished, in
private family; geutlemun only, 123 West
Fourth street. 47-49
I7IINE furnished rooms to rent in central block,
No. 18 West Third street; also, the same in
Steel block, No. 424 Wabashaw. 47-49
FOR RENT—Six rooms on second lioor over
Job. Haag's hardware store, with water and
closet, 309 West Seventh street. 30*
I BURNISHED Rooms, single or iv suite, be
tween Windsor hotel and postoffice. 22
West Fifth street. 45-48
FOR RENT—Four roomß suitable for house
keeping. Inquire 405 Selby avenue. 45-48
FOR RENT—One nicely furnished front
room, first floor, $12 per mouth. 129 Third
street, near Robert street. 44
FOR SALE—West St. Paul—Some decided bar
guius. E. S. Norton, 322 Jackson street.
TJ(\ FEET front on East Seventh street, Day
i \J ton's Bluff, for $1,250. Easy terms. John
M. Lynch, Presley Block. 40-48.
FOR SALE—Business lots on Seventh, Sixth,
Fifth and Fourth streets. In fact some of
the most desirable business property in the city.
The best investment in the city is in good busi
ness property aud in building substantial stores,
or office buildings. E. S. Norton, 322 Jackson
street. ■ 47-49
FOR SALE—Lots in Stinson's division at a
bargain. Fairchild & Davidson.
FOR SALE—Oue Brunswick & Balke Acme
pool table, and one billiard table, with balls,
cues and cue racks complete; been in use only
six mouths. Apply at 398 Jackson street. 45-74
FOR SALE —Two good houses, all modern Im
provements; located in Woodland Park, on
St. Anthony hill; $8,200. One ten-room house
on St. Anthony hill, good corner lot, large barn,
well, etc; $7,500. Good seven-room house, large
cellar, cistern and well, on St. Anthony hill, for
$3,600. Good house on Iglehart street near Far
rington avenue, at $6,000, and several good
houses on the hill, ranging from $8,000 to $12,000.
E. S. Norton, 322 Jackson street. 47-49
FOR SALE—Good lot on monthly payments.
Fairchild & Davidson.
FOR SALE—Two lots on Marshall avenue at a
low price. Fairchild and Davidson.
FOR SALE—Edwin Dean's Addition. Several
good lots at a very low figure which are sure
to advance in value by next summer. Also,
many good lots just north of University avenue,
near Dale street, that are very desirable, at low
prices and on easy terms. Also, muny good lots
in Woodland Park and Summit Park. E. S. Nor
ton, 322 Jackson street. 47-49
HOUSE and lot on Ohio near George, $1,425;
house and lot on Robie near Concord,sl,soo;
vacant lots on Prospect plateau, $600, on month
ly payments, $200 down. Lots on monthly pay
ments, $25 down, $5 per month, in Woodbury &
Case and Jackson & Bidwell's aiddition. 175 Da
kota avenue. 42-47
(tjfTrrp' will buy a good lot on Prairie street of
tpH O Fairchild & Davidson.
FOR SALE—The hotel property, stock, bowl
ing alley and fixtures, corner Van Buren and
Dale streets. Inquire at Globe office.
FOR SALE—Lot on Rice street near Summit
avenue for $5,000, on easy terms. Fair
child & Davidson.
A PAYING Geueral Retail Stock, in a good
locality, at a great bargain. Trade $40,000
per annum. For terms and particulars inquire of
P. T. Kavanagh, 49 East Third street, St. Paul,
Minn. 30-59
FOR SALE—Lot southeast corner of Arundel
street and Marshall avenue,s2,2oo, on very
easy terms. Fairchild & Davidson.
FOR SALE—II furnished rooms, centrally
located, with extra low rent. Inquire 145
East Seventh street. 4*
FOR SALE—House and lot on Ravine street at
a big bargain. Fairchild & Davidson.
XT7E HANDLE West Side property exclusive-
T V ly. Give us a call—look at our list. List
your property if you desire quick sales. Lawton
Bros., 175 Dakota avenue. 41-47
FOR SALE—House and lot corner of Maria
avenue and Ravine street. Fairchild &
FOR SALE—The following desirable lots: lots
corner of Pleasant avenue and Sixth street,
2 lots on Rice street, between Iglehart and Til
ton streets; 10 lots in Irvine's Second addition,
fronting on Seventh street, (end of bridge) ; 12
lots in Irvine's addition to West St. Panl; also a
well established paying business. Apply to
George W. Turnbull, 343 Exchange street, city.
LIST your property for sale and orders for
purchasers with Geo. H. Hazzard, Real
Estate and Loan Ageut, 170 East Third street, St.
Paul. 30*
on furnitnre, pianos, in residence without re
moval. E. &F. Peters, 283 Sibley street, oppo
site Union depot. 300*
money loaned on furniture, pianos, horses,
wagons and personal property at low rates, with
out removal. Offices, Room 7, Fire and Marine
building, corner Third and Jackson street, St.,
Paul, and Room 7, Mackey & Legg block, corner
of Fourth and Nicollet, Minneapolis. 26-207
LOANS on Life Ins. Policies. L. P. Van
Norman, No. 245, Ist Aye. S. Minneapolis.
FLOUR MILL, roller process, choice loca
tion. All complete and for sale cheap.
Must be part cash. Address Lock Box 14, Ano
ka.Minn. 84-61
"' ("UND—SPECTACLES— At Acker Post en
certainment. Call for Lightbourn, at Gloeb
c ;. 47*
JST—The party who took the Spanish laco
scarf at the Grand Opera house Thursday
c ■ aing, and left theirs through mistake, will
11 .ase return it to this office or send their ad
• dress SO the gwn« «aa call tor It. 47-48
ClLTid?r!^ 0h Uat ,o yo Pu r C an alo, itit nf^ aDd Sa" " untll *°v d 0 no9d "
At the two stores of
91 East Third Street and 153 East Third Street.
Have again been made iv both stores.
S. BERGMAN, A^i^.oo.
A.n Immense Stock of Forfeited
All pl« dges unpaid up to Teh. Ist are now put out for pri
constating of Diamonds in Eardrops Veil P „ Bro.
of all kinds Gold-heade
Musical Instruments, rhree i nonets for 3
Glasses; line French Clocks Office Calendar « ks; B
Revolvers, etc., etc. bend for catalogne and list of prices. I
Watch RepairiDg, Diamond Setting and Ed graving,
Pawnbroker and Jewel* >r,
41Jackaon Street, - - - Opposite Merchants Hotel.
Has long slnoe established Its claims to publlo favor and has now entered npon its 18th year nnll
the most favorable ansplosa. Bend ror catalogue giving full particulars. Cor. Sd and Jaokson.
W. A. FADOIB Principal.
wggl SCHLIEK & CO..
liyffiis ii Bouts & te
i^nHnw^^^^ St- Paul Agency for BURT'S, GRAY'S,
"^^KSKwfc REYNOLD'S, and Many Others.
G^" Mail orders promptly filled.
FtiRB^KTIORSEI CO., ■ 371" & ;i"j:i Sibley struct.
Miff 1 If A RIRRY ilstT,iirteet '
"IllUjilll (ftDlllUll, St. Paul, Minn.
08 and 70 Sibley street, corner Fifth, St. Paul, Minn.
Stationery, Druggists' Sundries and Toys,
We also have the sole control of the merchandise constituting the stock of the T. 8. WHITi
STATIONERY COMPANY, which must be sold to close their business. We devote an entire fioo
of oar new store 407 Sibley street, to its display and offer yon some big bargains. Call and see ni
James McMillan & Co.,
Proprietors of the
109 First Aunue .South, MINNKAFOLIS, MINN.
Shioments solicited. Writo 'or circular*.
Acknowledged by Artists the Best in the World.
CT «/•
I know of none superior to the Weber and none that can compete with them
for durability —Teresa Carreno.
The tone of the Weber Piano is so sweet, rich and sympathetic, yet so full,
that I shall always rank you as the greatest manufacturer of the day.—Emma
Weber Pianos excel all others in volume of toue aud iv power of expression.—
S. Mebling
There are no Pianos in the world that sustain the voice like the Weber.—Em«
ma Abbott.
It. C. MLHSTGrTinR, Absent, St. Paul.
Grading Dakota avenue and
Goffe Street in the
Sixth Ward,
Office of the Board op Public Works, ?
Citt op St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 12, ISS4. f
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in said
City, until 12 m. on the 25th day of February, A.
D., 1884, for the grading of Dakota avenue to a
partial grade sixty-six (06) feet wide, from the
south end of the Wabashaw street bridge to
Goffe Btreet, and Goffe street to a full grade
eighty (80) feet wide from Dakota avenue to
Dearborn street, in the Sixth ward in said city,
using the surplus material from Goffe street to
fill Dakota avenue, according to plans and speci
fications on file in the otliee of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a sum
of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the gross
amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids.
R. L. Gobjus, Clerk Board of Public Works.
File Tailoii,
'SSpfjSk State 4 Mon'oe »♦«., Chicago.
XfaiM' WTilnnjOTwH to«nT*dartMlh«lr r TS'&mT
TnK StaaS Drum VUjorH Staffc. and
If \I"H»U, Sundry Band OulbU, lli|lllll«( If \ ]
J/^ti V.»t.rl»U, als« include I jutructtoi »d ■*- /I It
JMS^LBv U" for Amnteur BMVyMKIH II«tSM MS*"^TA

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