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St. Paul daily globe. (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, April 21, 1884, Image 2

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lUU ±±j£L V Hi Jt±lhJ±.±i>lJ \n JtiO-M.. ± JbxiijJML .iLi-i-Li!
You Have Heard of all the wonderful Bargains that Others may have Offered
LnL^.J II fcisby 'Al J . .. . ... u a
Commencing TO-DAY, fflONID^Y. April 21st,
I will offer a large and itofL DISCOUNT 01
to take advantage of. I shall also throw upon the Counter To-Day, about 10,000 varus of i i Grcs C 1 Fancv
uniform price of 10 ( J PER YAKD.
I will, upon y, at ten o'clock in the morning, comn b11 the entire stock remaining of the ] ek of Dr
all the Staple and Fa Ided, at PUBLIC AUCTION. Ev< [ to the highest
that can be found in \ y Goods . This announcement is mad his early
closing out of over $30,1 orth of Sea: [e Goods. If you. want goods, come at once, to WA
the rush will be immense.
Four I
an Io
Two Fine Farm—

.v to
column will a] '•: every

Turii Edil
To Advi
i.i :di
position In the wi if desi
Local .'/«.
The wn stallioi
late Dr. Mini
I en sold by Dr. Jones, of this citj,
Dr. Jon, s,
on rVurfu. street, near J:
has been -
• people wh
to ( • : animal with a view I
. bids were called for and re
i that w< re not very
form the \

their names

t one was
:i. New I
and the hoi
dnd ankle, I
m, howevc r,
. is . Mr, 1
id animal.
k, for
the matrons of his stabl to show tbe
c their
Drift, by Alcalder by Mambrino C
Cl: v i
Madam G
lab, she by Alexander'!
Saturday, the 12th inst, a large bay colt by
Alexander. Both of the youngsters are fine
looking and active.
Mr. F. B. Close, Sibley, Iowa, has t
lished a breeding stud near Pipestone ■
Minn. Mr. Close has some valuable thori
breds in his establishment, ami
may be mentioned tbe imported horse El
sham, byKnowsley (son of [), dam
Violet, by Voltigeur, and the imported mare
Andria, by Andred, clam Queen Ediua, by
Scottish Chief.
Mr. E. J. McElmeel, the owner of General
Monroe, purchased last week at Jerome Bark,
of Major Hubbard, of the Erdenheim Stable,
the bay colt Alfred, 2 years, by Alarm or
Strachino, from Mura, by Leamington; 2d
dam Lemonade, by Lexington, and the bay
filly Fedele. 2 years, by Alarm—Lady Scar
borough, by Leamington; 2d dam Lady
Lumley, by Rataplan. The terms are private
but McElmeel thinks he got them at a fair
price. He is always on the lookout for bar
gains of that kind, having picked up Gener
al Monroe for $300.
Leonatus, who broke down at Louisville
recently, has been senttoCbinn & Morgan's
farm, at Harrodsburgb, Ky., and placed in
the 6tud. Messrs. Chinn & Morgan have
named the farm in honor of their famous
The second brigade of the Erdenheim divi
sion will move upon Jerome Park in a few
days, to join the first division sent in March,
and now being trained by Lee: They are:
Retrench, br g, 4 yrs, bv Reform—Kate
.leiise, br f, 2 yrs, by Alarm—Presto.
■a, b f, 2 yrs, by Alarm—Theo
Fleschi Fen, blkf, 2 yrs, by Strachino—
Ron Bonche, cb f, 2 yrs, by Reform —Sue
. :hus, br c, 2 yrs, by Reform—Nemesis.
Sayrc, be, 2 yrs, by Alarm—Lady Lum
All the above are for sale, as is the entire
and those desiring a race horse should
ile to piek out a good one from the above
elegantly bred lot.
Mike Killilta will train and handle at Er
denheim the following horses, all of which
ore for sale: Lewis, bay gelding, 8 yrs, by
Lyttleton —Emily Fuller; St. Louis, bay colt,
2 yrs, by Alarm—Lady Salvers; Preciana,
brown filly, 2 yrs, by Alarm—Preciosa; Elsi
nore, bay filly, 2 yrs, by Alary—Warwick
shire; Lauretta, bay filly, 2 yrs, by Alarm —
■, 2 yrs, by
i I have c

. ; doubt. I
I had a fine colt in tl

I dur-
Eroin all cold, wet storms in

rith i
i two
mixed, and . alf at
.', our

well be
prou< I
I v.' e of a colt my
■ ■
ir sale in I
' and
a yard on all
ed on
the wr : sv mds;

was very poor the last part of the
amount of rain I .
have i -o than 1,0 I
close ::.
the colt now is i at half tl
has paid extra well to give him the good care
he Las received.
Acrid ... t i TXiclioJe.
The San Franci : .
rious accideut occurred at the Bay I -
Agricultural grounds on Su noon,
April 6. Orin A. the well known
' trainer, wa i g the trot
ting filly Ruby when it ocenn
horse called Joe, and the pacer Ln
panied Ruby, the thn
taehed to sulkies. When between the
ter-mile and half-mile pole the running
horse Joe colliu y in which
Hickokwas seated. In an instant Hi
was lying insensible upon the track, having
struck upon his head when thrown from
seat by the collision. The running hor
not injure him further, but the pi
was just in the rear when the accident oc
curred, went right over him, and it is
thought tnat either Lucy's hoofs or the v,\
of the sulky inflicted the more serious inju
ries. The driver of the ru u
stopped as soon as possible and turned his
animal to the outside of the track,
went to Mr. Hickok's assistance and re
moved him from the track, just as R
came rushing around. Four times she
1 around the mile track, aud was final
ly caught after being tired out. Mr. Hi
was brought to his rooms in town and Dr.
Lane summoned to attend him. He r
ered consciousness early in the evening, and
if there are no internal injuries it is believed
he will soon recover.
Scclt/'s American- Star.
Seely's American Star was a horse of qual
ity and bloodlike appearance. He was a
chestnut in color, with a blaze in the face
and hind ankles white above, the pasi
He was foaled in 1837, and was bred by Mr),
Henry 11. Berry, Pompton Plains, N. J., but
passed into the possession of Edmund Seely
about the year 1S48, and thereafter stood at'
Goshen, Orange county, N. Y., until his
death in February, 1861, having made his
last season in 18G0, when he served twenty
one mares. He was sired by Stockholm's
American Star, a chestnut with one white
foot, who was a good runner and a winner of
three-mile heats. In 133G he served three
mares, the produce of one being Seely's
American Star, and he was then gelded. He
was by Duroc, a son of Diomed. His dam's
breeding has never been satisfactorily i
mined, but there is no doubt that she was
thoroughbred. Tbe dam of Seely's Star was
Sally Slouch, as she was by tbe celebrated
four-miler Henry, son of Sir Archy, her dam
by imported Messenger. Tins warm blood,
mingled with that of the "old hero of Chee-
results, un
Although Mr. .
and Phallas toai
i earth,
. i, in Jun
Jay Eye
. ar old

h J. I.
:h time
.- n all win
. ■
it at
:.os ever i.
in Chicaj ., e.s a four y ar
.; him, and

i and put him down,
the result was
vol Ka:>x.
Geo o, on
1 Farm of Mr. Henry N.
, is now 1
,vn, but his
quarters still look muscular and his coat pre
rance. He runs in a
v and finds shelter in
a roomy box at night. Ton of his sons and
■ the 2:30 list, inclu
rMaud, 2:18&; Camors, 2:19^; Inde
nd Victor, 2:23. He
will be allowed to serve fifteen marcs during
Am : horse on the same farm
r. He is a brown, four years old,
in, out of Gold
He is lengthy and nigged In ap
ice, stands close, to 15.2, and is an
inch higher behind than forward. His
. -oi a sort of sbir eli
Is back, but he has the

iith Maid v
0 during '.
■ w us i . s is now
She has nol I 381. Her
prod-. i ■ by Gen
called Rose
is 15-3
to harness, and \
. y trdt fast, but r r, Mr.
. pur
why (I ild
does not cal
she \i
■ (if the Fa
: mares, who retu a record of
• is the best i
od, has been i;;
. She missed twi
Eoal to Jay (.
The road-i ■ : . argo Fair Gr<
is for sal! or rciit. ... isonor
irgo, D. T.
Pink-cyehas made its ... ance in Ash
land, Ky.
v York DriYi . ' give $15,
; June 18,19 aud 20.
Ti .. .Id a
mcetii k in June.
. .i Driving park
will hold its summer trotting Aug.
26, 27, 2S and 29, and claim dotes a
ry". J. Gordon's WiUiam JI. will pr<
not be seen on :
time ago he stepped on a shovel and cut his
loot ba
Paul II. B Pittsburgh, will place
Duquesuc, 2:17%, in John Murphy's I
i ith the object of break
■ stallion record.
The socod day's tale of Smith & Merrell's
.'.on, last v.
; io for fifty
. : $26,260, au average "of
over $200. ' •
Col. Henry 3. Russell, Milton, Mess., has
has purchased from N. H. Ji . Hill's
Smuggler, b. h. (1877), r. dam by
imp. Consternation. He will be sent to Min
neola, L. I„ to be devel
"Knapsack" McCarthy has purchased for
a Chicago gentleman the bay mare Mam
• Sparkle, by Mambrino Gift, tor
She. has a record* of 2:21)}^, acquiri
son as a five-year-old, and can trot close to
Rysdyke, the sire of Clingstone has been
sold to Mr. W. J. Gordon, of Cleveland. The
horse is nineteen years old, and the price
paid is understood' to have been $5,000.
will be. taken to Cleveland, May 15, where
be will be used for stud purposes.
The brown filly Miss Palmer (3), by imp.
Billet, dura Belle Palmer, by imp. Bonnie
Scotland, the proper'" rs. Dwyer
Bros., got fastened in her stall, in New
York, on the night of April 10, and io I
struggles broke her jaw hone. The inj;
a very serious one, and the best veterinary
skill was called in in the hope of saving
Should she survive the accident she will no
doubt be hereafter unfit for racing.
Mr. W. L. Scott's racing stable was shipped
from Eric. Pa., .'
. -
B. fr.
on v
res, hoi
- ■ . i .:. five
:-. <■ tarJ Ci
: will c • :.•■■ ace at Lexi
e im
in ord
. \
. . . -
. r .
famous point. •. dnent
st will be re] i by
agents, rn men will attend
■ o 1 ly.
II. i .
. . ird, a
s, for $13,
i - ■' ■
. S., toG.
: Cline, of Renss
a race for .
Mr. : s Edward ai
• ' ■
id W.
J. Goi
is the special atl r
preparing for ad fcting J
twoen Jay-i y. ■.-. e am ( n ston -. f ..
■ arranged.
The latest advice from the Palo Alto
anchareof a most satisfa >ry cha
not a single c use of -'i i any kind
head of stock on the
ranch. Hinda Rose was lame
time . but it was a Bimple
a _; inl i a
• pro
nounced the most po
: ■ Hot
o Ar
kansas is i vi
•The gener;
i3 the ma
. se his removal to Kcntuc
A Clcyelan
ill in
well. . •
by V. .
■ n a
: dxed trotting, running a
ag will be giv a . iving
i at i
.■ ■
ra ■ is will aff pre
- two
■ an
may ii
'. O., 1 . . l county,
at St. 1 .. and
on the first Wednesday of e i p jnontb then .
mon- .
"JPOK SALE—Young Trotting Stock—I have
JJ several
of Ba; . ■'
idard mare . and
-. and notroii takal ly showing
. . . L 42*
LAKE COMO STOCK FAR3T—I have for sale
a nice lot of colts and .; two and
trator, dam by Ahnont, son of s Ab
dallah. Also for
by Alexander, sti . W. L. McGrath.
it i 120, 15 hands; by
Skinkle's Hamble
rt—(177?) bay, foal d 18S I, i
i:-:'.; i
smith (733), by Vol
Will make the seasons I ave
.1. Terms:
sea: on, 825. Hamtilctoniam S i
Single service $5; season, $40.
of service. Mares by the season, proving to be
not with foal, maybe returned the foil
season free. Address II. R. Gardner, 141
Fourth St., (Overpeck's old stand.) 91*
f. wJSkm • o- JjSm .wtUiinig— V irfininiVLa •».»• ■di.jira^™ V„,, r . .
. 1
. on a six v.

: ' IP.]
• ■
of pi
; UU-
riv r t i
ie of the r'eli
from off th-. in a short x

been i
demi i
the io . ■

this kin i.
i and one oi
pernor of D;
T. Brewsy Holmes, the -•
. . li
be aci 1 in one

tl with a hn
a '
ion of it hi..
Dal ,

. . . i \
It mi ;ht be ir: E i
T. W. D. Orsweil, in th
t, it is

do not iike to .
. it will be th:
uiiding in
os. The j.
: •)
- lives will be devoted to
work an
The county of Dickey, on the
week , r in the county
c id or
two the . . lendale is the
dire id point as yet in L
The report curn r # h s
determined to make head
quarters of.his '''■•■
land there but he has i
consideration. When
s. It is har
thsyet. It is . as a prize io b<
eagerly sue .
"If ■ ier in
this town wiii return my rubber coat, that
s been on a still hunt for since'' lasl
-■. he will confer a favor. I have look
out everyplace, and have inquin
one, but never for a nu
suspected any preacher being guilty of i
ing or appropriating property that don't be
long to him. I would like the coat at once,
as this wet weather affects me and i



and gold,



hank God .
A •'

- ..

■ ■
from :
.: the i

This is Eurni the Wal
may be of interest oo
eral young men of Wa
of mothers-in-law, an
. . . ird to
■:.- ..
"It wiil be remembered that a tow
since the St. Paul Globe learned of a lady in



N e i
Eorei::-c .
rac Charles A. Vogsl«r Co.
lUHiiuure, HiL, Uii,
■. ■ r' sn

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