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Gleanings of Jfews and Items of Ma
terial Interest.
A Daily Globe Bepartment at Mankato Be
voted to DevelopingandAdvancing
the Soutl era Portion of the
i t of 1
.en, at the drag store of John A
i de lirotis of tn
■it, or who :
communicate, are 1 - . calf
sboul Daily Glob:
At ankato, Minn.
rial Beports j ;ee Mankato office
: 20.1
Mankato Jiots.
Prof. L. C. Lord, of St. Peter, and snper
i c on
The Hi H mry minetrel com]
►-night and at New Ulm
d;.y D
to Manufacturing compi
iron columns for J. F.
Prof. J. 1
• dnerd this «
re r -
: to the second floor of the
build; ■ a by McConnell & Co.
man i a cut
placed around his resi
corner of . . I .. I . treets.
One of the features of the fair and supper
given by the ladies of the Episcopal church,
■ -."■ -I :
Judge Mead receiv
that two of his pension i
er for
Th ■ skater wiil be at I r
rink i
iuste;, day and Si
Sin; R. Child was in the city Saturday, and
as tl
is selling up tbe pins in .favor <
ty, intends
to ma)
Mr. L. E. '
be in the employ of r at that
A '■■' ras sounded over I
raph wires Saturi -.;, and tho
mill put ou fire a was
given by one of tl
ttd Manager
As] ting of the city council was
■ut little i
the Di . praph coin;. ,
any p
the Northwestern road would bnil
gant ■. : Mulbury
■ that pur
■ v ex
ny would I
"whatM a depot," but the
] cts do not seem go
: Wm. U.
Romp, is county; Jacob
both of tins
>id Terwl
.' *ank
E. Davis, . Cor
; EVenner t■. , both of
.ids county.
most of the saloon keepers kick rather
h i mayor in clos
back aud front doors of saloons
and prop
. They
sweeping in its
requir to cause the total suspen
sion of business. This would close the bar
. What the result :. oubt
ful, but the saloon men are confident
hey c . nforcement so
odious that the order will be withdrawn.
Sawmill Burned at Good Thunder.
| Special Tele-raiu to th
Mas .. April 20.—The. steam
lawmill at (food Thundi by Henry
). Dyer, was entirely destroyed by fireb.
iay morning, between 4 and 5 o'clock. The
ire is supposed to have caught from sparks
torn the engine. The less is $1,000, and
io iusur.
Bridge receipts for the week ending
Saturday night, amount to $131.15.
A couple of eases of scarlet fever are re
)orted fn i
The skating parlors are to be t
>pened to the public next Tuesday < veni
A son of William Eltrott, a farmer resid
nga short distanc i city, had his
ight arm broken on Saturday evening
ngaged in a friendly scuffle in t
dd Fort saloon.
Next Sati irnoon the Stillwater
sase Ball club play their- initial game, with
he St. Paul nine as their opponents. As
uay be expected the people of this city take
aorethan a passing interest in-the result..
Jelow will be found the names of the Still
rater club as first organized. Two or three
oran, James McE
Irick, E. D. Gibbs, John J. Pickett. J.
rwiu, John Numan, John W Fowler, E. B.
"hapman, John P. Visuer, H. Yarneli,
"rank M. Jones.
Wm. P. Gatchell, a resident of" tho North
[ill, formerly of Lewiston, Maine, learned
y a letter received on Friday last that a se
ious accident had befallen his m<
as reached tlie advanced age of Beveniry
ine years. The lady, it appears, had just
:-ed from and illness of several weeks'
uration. While yet weak and debilitated.
he went out alone for a short walk, during
hich she slipped and fell heavily ou the
nt. resulting in a compound fracture
f the hip bone. Mr. Gatchell left here on
aturday night for his old home in the east,
ut with vi'vy small hopes of finding his ma
;rual relative alive on his arrival.
Madison, Lake County, South DnJco.'a.
[Special Correspondence Daily Globe. |
Madison-, Dak., April 17. —Thinking pcr
aj.s that many of the readers of tbe Globe
aye not been fayored with an opportunity
ing this portion of south Dakota, it
ecurred to your correspondent that a few
lets reg -thriving town and sur
mnding country might be of some interest ■
) them.
Madison, the county seat of Lake county,
i situated on the southern Minnesota dj\ is
>n6f the Chicago, Milwaukee' & St. Paul
lilroad, about forty-five miles northwest of '
ioux Falls, in the center of one of the finest
jnnties in southern Dakota. It is about
tidway between two beautiful sheets ,of wa
r, viz: Lake Madison and Lake Herman. <
he shores of the latter contain a very fine s
rove of heavy timber on a high plateau over- i
©king the lake, which ' to make ' j
ie of'file most beautiful summer resorts in I i
ie northwest. Tue first steamer was placed I t
i this lake last season. ; .
Madison, the leading town of the county, t
mtaine a population of nearly one thou- ' E
md. and is growing very rapidly. The j t
nount of building in contemplation -
>ming season is i to be $50,000. ! (
his includes a $15,000 court house, to be j
•eeted on a kisto commanding site, donated I
. the town proprietors. This structure Is
! built of either brick or stone, sixty fi
[aare, two stories high, and basement. A. .
rson, of Spring Valley, furnishes I
ans. Bids for the construction of the same j
ill be submitted iv a tow days, and when | c
completed the I
the city i
terlal is al
; of an opera house fifty by one ;
feet. The building is to have

■ :
trill be completed in I
i fall term; Prof. Riei.
■ id has ah
i fact to the it he i.<
man in the t •". The city
00l room is : I .'ir the Nor
mal until the m
The Lertbe management of Prof.
m, has been success, and
the i
nt portions of to
- ■
and Lake I
editor and pro
■r of the former, and J. T. Stahl, ■
: itional banks
r, will erect a veryflne
ir business this present sea
J- D. ' he popular landlord of the
will maki
- present accomi

>n is highly favored with honorable
every bran ■
ranks second on this
: shipments, there hav
season up to this
churches are well represented and
..re men of .
The Masons and Q
. te cornel
The farmers in this vicinity pur
Pa " . -5 or
. omes will do
bou. Mobe Anon.
The Globe has the largest circulation in
city of any St. Paul paper.
The new organized on Tues
day night and refused to reduce the saloon
[f is now
ietor of thi is the
■ Smith, is a ; •
Thi i Qe .-k on
Jessie street. Rushford wiii have a genuine
boom this summer.
On:- i nils are running on full
ready sale for all their pro
Smiths', llalberts' and Stevens', who
..inter in Jacksonville, Ha.,
are expected home next mo..
belt this spring
on trout. Be has air ady ci y 100,
and has been out but foar times. He loves
B. D. Sprague is at his Madison, D. T.,
I looking after bu .
fto manufacture 150
wagons this summer and erect new build
-^xira train, with sleeper attached, will
put on the 8. M. division next
we'k to run from La Crosse to Wells. This
train will leave La Crosse at about 8 p. m.
;"s Dry Goods an
nouncement in this issue of the Gloce.
A n '■,- Globe spent
a couple of hours in town Saturday, and suc
ceede . about a dozen subscribers
to the daily and several to the weekly edi
tion. Farmers in this vicinity report winter
in line condition, with a largely in
. r last year.
Owing to the wet weather for the past
: there has been no seeding done yet,
but with the frost all out of tde ground a
or two of good sun will make lively work
among farmers.
Sufficient names being signed to an appli
cation, aG. A. R. post will ho organized
here in the near future.
Mr. Volney Rul mily, old rcsi
. I, left for W . terri
tory this wi
Mr. N. C. Foster will extend his already
■ tore building in length, aud build an
will be 28x136
feet, beside the office attachment. Mr. Fos
ter is compelled to make the improvement to
accommodate his largely incr .de.
At trie recent meeting of the town board
tbe liquor license was iixed at $375. Four
saloons have taken out license.
Yesterday the gift enterprise man was
pulled and brought bofore Justice Deumond
forgai id guilty, was lined and
ie justice to leave town *,
aty-four hours, and now as
the bail is open, there are other gambling
hells on which the board should set its foot.
Last night a drunken row commenced on
the street, during wliich one of the parties
La revolver and fired. The ball passing
into the dining room of the Clark house.
The Indian-logger's are being paid off this
week, and many of them are fast wasting
what the government intended should be
their stay and support.
A new addition to the village is being
laid out. The town site including the addi
tion consists of about seventy acres, and is
building up very rapidly, There is somewhere
about twenty-live dweßidgs already under
way this season and many more contem
. The town is having" a regular Dakota
Weather clear but good.
Have had a fine rain.
Farmers have commenced seeding.
The skating rink is the center of attraction.
A. S. McMillan is a full fledged postmaster
W. L, Shaw, from Vernon county. Wis
consin, is MeNair's head clerk at the Square
W. L. Crawford has traded his interest in
the farm machinery business to Y,\ E. Kin
dred for a hotel building in town.
Capt. Parker is recovering from his rheum
very slowly. He will go to Montana as
soon as able.
S. J. Seal and Fred Kingston of this place,
have gone to Dakota for the summer.
The mile race last night at the roller rink
was won by Dr. Rounds.
Republican caucus to-day, to choose dele
gates to the county convention.
Heavy Fire at Baldwin, Wis.
[Special Telegram to the Globe.]
Baldwin, Wis., April 20.—A lire broke
jut this morning at 4:50 o'clock in Melgord's
saloon. The wind blew quite hard from the ;
lortheast and the fire soon spread to the ad
orning buildings, and in less than an hour
ill the business buildings in the block but '
v.o were consumed* The buildings burned
ire the Central Hotel, Mulligan's grocery,
he old express oflice, Bosworth's hardware
.-.lien's meat market, Stone & Cos., •
ailor shop and R. H. Wood's hardware store. '
toss about twenty-five thousand dollars.
)rigin of the fire unknown. 1
Kentucky Horse Sales.
Lexixotox, Ky., April 19.—The annual ',
Kentucky \e':,to horse sales haye begun. (
Cwo hundred head were sold here thi3 week
or an aggregate of $50,000, an average of '
5250. Next week Woodard and Brasfield '
rill offer 250 head of good ones, which are !
ispected to bring; big tricea. i
"on Avenue, opposite
det house. from 6 a.m. to 1(
lock p. in.
II ';nd thai
ot llve-ei'...
■ts of ilinii
ment" shows I
.. It has long been ap
, i parent that not only five-eighths but nine
rats in Minnesota name
at Tilden a ■.-. The
I same son timet.- whole conn
. et him
ad time and inaugurate him.
The Minneapolis Xcws-L:
Because the Ear - will

■ed for the ■ the .

" candi
rats, ha
wouiu knock .Mr. I [etcher's political eye out.
The Democrats iv the Fourth and Fifth
r and Mr.
..•-. It is a patriotic* duty
■h should be performed without hesita
Some of the new patrolmen have begun
th( ir d
The board of regents of the State universi
ty will meet to-day.
Minneapolis people seem to think St. Paul
a good city to visit on Sunday.
nence soci
9 Annie A. .. tillwater, is visit
ng her friend, ]
Frank Slocum is to be assistant cashier in
the new Chamber of Commerce bank.
has not yet assumed
control of the East side poll nt.
The Wolf Tone Rifles wil- even
it Zouave hull. All members are ex
-1 to be present.
i To-morrow evening the annual meeting of
.nes zouaves wiil be held at their armory
for the election of offic
Tiiis evening at Peter' 3 art gallery, 503
Artists' club will
ret semi-annual exhibition.
The drug stores did uot sell as much med
icine to "law and order" customers yester
they did on the Sunday pre-.
A regular meeting of the Irish National
te was held last evening with a large at
ace and an interesting programme.
The meeting ofthe Reform club .at Harri
son hall yesterday was largely attended and
the exercises were of an interesting charac
Charles S. Hulbert, wife, daughter and
Carrie Thompson, arrived home yesterday
from California where they passed the
rbert Conner has just completed an ex
■ t oil portrait of F. G. Ilorst'. It is a
true likeness, correct in coloring, and, in
fact, is one of the artist's best.
W. W. Duun, and Harry Pierce, of Den
ver, are in tbe city. They are so favorably
impressed with Minneapolis that they are
;:i;.L, r for a location in which to estab
lish a retail business.
Last Saturday night a silk baby carriage
a and a twine shopping bag were lost,
sen Market hall and the University.
will please leave them at Bohan
".jell's book store, Central avenue.
During the Dominican fair Wm. J. Bailey
sold tickets at the box office, while F. W.
Kelly and Michael Smith received the tickets
at the door. The efficient aid voluntarily
rendered by them contributed largely to the
success of the fair.
Dominican. Fair.
The lucky parties who drew prizes and
valuable articles by competitive
voting; at the Dominican fair are the fol
lowing: Mrs. Burns, an elegant dinner set;
Miss Geelan, an easy chair; Miss Lebrie, a
child's Leghorn hat; Miss McMillan, the
table scarf donated by the sisters at Wash
in, D. C; Miss McGann, a wax harp;
Mrs. Jackson, a silk caazy quilt; Miss Ellen
C. Daly, a china tea set; Miss Bridget Davin,
a table scarf; Miss G'Hara, a silver castor;
J. E. Boyle, a $lfl srold piece; James Lally, a
clock; Master Butler, a boy's saddle; Master
Crone, a dictionary and album. Other
articles of minor value were won by various
parties, aud yesterday it was not decided
the winner of the diamond ring is. The
net proceeds of the fair will be given in a
few days.
Bishop Ireland in Minneapolis.
The Right Rev. Bishop Ireland preached
iay to the French Catholics of the new
parish at Catholic Association hall. He also
preached an effective sermon at the last mass
in the Church of the Immaculate Concep
tion. He complimented the Catholics of
Minneapolis upon their sobriety and indus
try and dwelt at considerable length upon
the social elevation and position they have
attained in consequence of their virtuous
traits, which are generously recognized by
non-Catholics. A reference was made to the
attitude taken by them at the last municipal
election, and though not a politician the
bishop heartily endorsed the independent
stand taken by them in the cause of moral
ity as well as law and order. It
gave him unfeigned pleasure to witness
abstinence men march in a body to
;e of the holy communion, such an ex
ample of practical catholicity spoke more
eloquently than the ablest preacher could do
from the pulpit. He then referred to the
250 boys selling pap rs aud blacking boots
on the streets of Minneapolis and regretted
to say that from reliable statistics furnished
him the larger portion of tbeae boys were
children of Irish parents. Not only that but
many of them were the sons of parents who
were not reduced to such absolute necessity
as to leave their boys do such work. They
learned evil habits and it was shock
ing to hear the language used by them. They
are the material out of which vagrants,
trai ips and criminals are made. The £ -
rmits his boy to engage in those avo
cations has a good deal to answer in the
:" heaven. Better for him that a mill
tnd his neck and that he be
cast into the depths of the Mississippi.
A Catholic. Bishop from the Orient.
Rev. Bishop Osouf, vicar apostolic of
northern Japan, spoke last evening before a
large congregation at the Church of the Im
maculate Conception. He is a Frenchman
who has been on the Japanese mission for
the past seven years, and his object in visit
ing this country is to collect contributions to
aid in the establishment of schools and sem
inaries for the use of his convents. He
contrasted the happiness of those born in '
Christian nations with the unhappy lot of the :
poor pagans of the East, who have by the ac
cident of birth been deprived of all the ad
vantages resulting from Christianity. And
yet the soul of the pagan is
just as precious in the sight of God as is ours. '
Christ died for them in order that that they
may reach heaven, and it was our duty to *
contribute to their salvation by the introduc
tion of Christianity among them.
About 250 years a*j:o Christianity was first
preached to the Japanese by St. Francis
Xavier and his co-laborers, hut through per- <
secutions the converts lost the faith ahd re- <
lapsed into paganism. A remnant of them, *
r, who inhabited the mountainous
sof that country, preserved the faith, (
pure and undeiiled, and transmitted it to (
their posterity. In actor years, when \
Catholic missionaries penetrated these regions
■A Japan, they were astonished to find the <
natives well instructed in the Catholic ]
religion, and to test the genuineness of the i
missionaries three questions were nro- *
pounded to them: Are y-bu under the juris
diction of the Pope? Do you honor tbe
, blessed Virgin * Are you married* If the
two questions -
st in the negative, th
} sionaries were gladly rc-cciv
. Daring a religious -
two million
peep rtyrs for: :.d for
two centuries no m;
country. The faith aim lout. A
c new - in 1853 and con
tinued until 1572. In 1573 the r
Of Christianity v Wsuch
ie country if
"d can prese
; erywhere.
I to hear M... i", aua
. _-.
On the bishop's mission, which c
thrpugh a territory inhabited by sixteen mil
re en
■ countered in the preaching of the gospel and
in retaining the neop. rsion.
* The 1
, children whoatt
■coming pervert 3d. G r
i 3 incurred in providing Christian t
, and seminaries wherein to edne
anese youth for the priesthood. The funds
contributed by the s
demands, and hence Bishop Oi
try to seek cid for earrj He
fully acknov rition he is
rto toe venerated bishops of America
for the kind reception he has met from :
He finally appealed to the congregation to
I so most generously.
- morning at 10 < tvanagb sells
23x100 feet on West Third street, near the
comer of Franklin street, one o£ the most vaia
ieces of businass property on West Third
Before An Ohio Legislative Committee
Cir-rcn-rxATi, 0., April 13.—The commit
tee appointed by the Ohio legislature to in
vestigate the charges of election frauds and
the conduct of file city government of Cin
cinnati, past and present, assembled to-day
and began . a. Senator ■
was elected president, and Representative
Thos. Cogan, secretary-. There were also
present Senator Brennerand Representatives
Allen, O'Myers and Dr. Primrose.
Dransln Wiisiu, director of toe Lincoln
club, was examined. He did not
sonally of any election frauds in the Sixth
ward at the April election. Saw a man vote
at another ward who >.
Robert Harlan testified he saw two or three
hundred Illegal votes cast in the Sixth ward
at tee April election. There were no Repub
licans to assist in preventing the frauds, and
he could not take the list of names. He
named a half dozen whom he knew -
not voters in that ward, ne saw one squad
that had just voted in anoter precinct.
O'Myers asked witness a few questions
about his occupation aud salary. Harlan,
becoming excited said, it was an impudent
question. Continuing he charged O'Myers
with having shamefudy abused him in a
speech in the legislature, and added, that
nothing but the cover of his oifice as a J
lator protected him from his (Harlan's) ye n
O'Myers offered to take off the cover, both
arose, O'Myers ceiled Harlan a blackguard;
Harlan replied, "you're a liar," and a colli
sion seemed imminent, but the chairman
directed Col. Harlan to stand aside, and
called Murat Halstead.
Mr. Halstead testified that his personal
knowledge of the conduct of the election
was limited to five minutes, when he voted.
He saw no fraud. Hael information from
Col. Harlan about fraud in the Sixth ward,
and believed him a truthful man. He was
also informed by CoL.Wbitfii Id that evidence
in legal form was obtained by the Lincoln
Comptroller Shelby and B. S. Cunning
ham were also examined, but nothing of in
terest was developed.
The Pearsons-Tedder Mystery.
Buffalo, April 19.—A. J. Lucas, chief
detective of the force of the Pacific coast, is
at Niagara Falls. It is believed he is engaged
in unravelling the mystery of the Pearsons-
Veddcr affair. Lucas' opinion is that Pear
sons strangled Veelder, threw him over the
falls, and then deliberately removed his own
clothing and shot himself. No traces are
yet found of the body. Veddcr's relatives
are stationed on the Canada shore, and at
intervals fire cannon over the water.
Dr. Hemenway, professor of Hebrew and
Biblical literatnre, in the Garret Biblical in
stitute, Evanston, 111., and a prominent
Methodist, died yesterday.
The Galveston News Is iv possession of its
new three-story §100,000 bttildine;, and comes
out to-day as an eight-page paper, printed
on a Hoe perfecting press.
At Newark, N. J., yesterday, a monastery ,
of Dominican Nemo, the only one of the
kind iv America, was opened with appro
priate ceremonies by Bishop Wegger.
The suspected dynamiter, John Daly, wa3 '
brought into court in Liverpool yesterday, <
and remanded to jr.il to await until the au- 1
; s are fully prepared to begin his trial. ]
Carl Hichtausor, arrested In New York j
:ling several thousand dollars from c
his uncle, a government official in Meiuen
gen, Germany. He sailed in custody for ,
Germany yesterday.
The American Yacht club, New York, have !
elected the officers of the Greeiy relief expe- £
dition honorary members, and presented ">
. .-, --viva flags to be restored when they re- i
turn from the Arctic. j
Although tbe main building of the world's f
exposition building at New Orleans, is the r
largest ever erected in the country, it is T
necessary to construct another, 100 feet by "
400 for the government, state and agricul
tural exhibits.
At Newcastle, Ohio, yesterday, Mrs. Solo- *
mon Horn attempted to kill her husband '
with a revolver, but missed him three limes. =
She then cut her throat after shooting her- a
self in the head. Both parties are over sixty J
years of age.
Turner, the defaulting ticket agent of the '
Pan Handle road at Mingo Junction, Ohio, »
eas returned from Canada, where he went «
with 816,000 of his own free will. He will
make a compromise with the officials, re
turning the bonds.
Yesterday morning Mr. and Mrs. H. C. r
Fillmore, of Fayettevillc. N. V., guests at the J
Palmer house, Chicago, were found in their c
room, Mrs. Fillmore being dead and her bus- i
band unconscious, and expected to die, from i
having blown the gas out when they retired c "
tho evening previous. j
At Pittsburg, yesterday, tbe amalgamated (
association and the manufacturers had a con
to agree upon wages, but the men r
made demands that were a surprise to every j
one, asking an increase in pay when a de- c
was looked for. The manufacturers
contended that a cut of 10 per cent had to be
concetled or they would ha*>re to shut down,
owing to eastern competition. It looks like
a strike iv the iron Indus!
ParneU yesterday received a verdict t
against a tenant whom he sued for arrears v
of rent. v
JamesEgan, arrested last week for com- '
plicity with Daly, has been refused bail, and
has been remanded for a week. . r
In China great changes have been made
in the council for foreign affairs, and no one
:an have a position unless he is anti-foreign. a
Sir Evelyn Baring, the British minister °at a
Cairo, has been summoned, to England to S
:onfer with the British ministry on Egyptian to
ifTairs. s ,
Dr. Gustav NachtigaJ, the celebrated tray- a
;dler, has left Tunis for West Africa and the J
Congo country. He is sent by the German a
jovernmeat, and his mission has political,
c. and commercial features.
The governor of Trans-Caspian says:
;'Several trade caravans had left Merv for I
3okarha, Khiva and Meshid. The Tureo- o
nans bought from the caravans tbeir entire n
itock of American cotton seed. j
'■. Tlie Business (online: To in Cong
Th -
; The Morrison Sfi. reused for '.
', Eills Rep o
the Con..-
WasBXKOTOH, April 20.—The -regular
i to
morrow, alter the usual 3lontlay call of

call of con-.: motions and to
The call on the t
i with the committee of in"
committe on library being the next succeed
ill first be called to-morrow. It has
reported ab . a large appropri
for a new ■ ml library. Some of
the friends of toe measure have been desir
ous that an effort should be inadetoseciv
.gleton, the chairman, how
ever, will make no attempt to ha.-.
passed to-morrow, because the ne^
tbe half ■
time slotted. If opportunity si.
er, later in to se
cure consideration ot t:
;s standing low t En
list will offer motions as follows: Com-.:.
on reform of the civil - the
bill repealing the four year term of tolice of
I in
vestigate the im2Jorta.tion and exportation o'
food and drugs.
The judh . to fix a clay tor
the consideration
The banking and currency committee, to
fix a day for the consideration of the MePher
son funding bill.
The committee on c - and
measures, to pass a bto the is
suance of one, two and live dollar silver cer
The ■ ■ on commerce t
for to q of the various bridge bills.
The committee on foreign affairs, to fix a
day for consideration c i by
The on military afltors, to
ares.*:.. Ingtiheuseofcsmnon, mus
kets and tei --anions of the Union
ra or state militia organizations.
The comm
two cv ut for tin
sion of navy bills, except the
cruiser bills.
If the committees on pnblic hails and
rniiitia are n ached i:i the call, the former
will ask tor the
feiture of tb la and Oregon land
■ of a
bili fan Hon for tlie ben
efit of the militia from $300,000 to $600,000.
Mr. Morrison purposes asking considera
of the tariff bill again Tuesday. It is be
lieved the i.: .. i;i contim
measure until and thro,:
There is only oi lation bill now
before the ho has not
considered, viz: the bill making
;>ropriatiou tor the District of Columbia.
The pension appr ipriation bill is still ir. i
mittee of the whole, Members .-.'toe appro
priation committee think it possible that the
army, I nd fortification bills will be
reported during the week.
The bill to [can shipping
has been me .; order for Sat:,
and will be considered.
Consideration of the bills relating- to presi
dential couut and succession has been made a
special order tor Tuesday, but if Mr. Morri
son calls up the tariff bill the latter will take
The measure creating a board of commi3
ssloner on
.is tor public buildings in
various cities, are prior orders, and it is pos
sible, though hardly probable, they will be
considered. Should a favorable opportunity
oiler, an effort will be made to have them
The bill for the forfeiture of the Oregon
Central land grant, which was ]
committee of the whole more than two w<
agk> as unfinished business, is also one of t'.ie
possibilities tor consideration during the
The unfinished business in the senate Is
the bankruptcy MIL It is will
be passed on Monday or Tuesday. The re
maining special orders are bills relating to
practice in patent suits, and the senate ship
ping bill. The friends of the latter are con
fident they can, if they v -c its con
sideration at any time, but are undecided
whether to press It upon the attention f>f
the senate the present week, or await the
action of the house on the Dlngley bill, and
then tike that as a ;.:cir own.
The Indian appropriation bill will probably
be reported and passed before the end of the
Bo sure and - Dry Goods an
nouncement in tl
An. Oberlin Lady's Letter.
To the Editor of the Globe:
Much has I . : ling proper
lnd remunerative employment Tor won
silkculture, poultry raising and many other .
[hemes have been thoroughly ventilated, and
:hc result has no doubt been very beneficial. ;
But there are many ladies who 'nave no op-
Dortunity to r .onus, or follow any !
employment of that kind. To this class I -
visa to open what to me was entirely a new
ield. Some tares mouths ago an uncle of
nine from Albany, New York, was visil
it our house. We were talking of pla
vare, which he was engaged in manufactar
ng. To gratify ray curiosity he made a
- maccinc and rcplated our knive3,
'orks, spoons and caster. It only cost S-l,
md did the work perfectly. Some of our
leighbors, seeing wiiat we had plated, want
ed me to ■ plate some for
hem. Since then I have
nate twenty \ cleared during
hat time $-i to nest every house I
rot from $12 to $13 worth of plating to do,
md such wor": Is mo it ail profit. Just for a
- one dozen teaspoons I got $1;15.
[Lis work is as nice for .
oqen, as it is all indoor work and any one t
;an do it. My brother, although he work< 1
wo days longer than I did, cleared only
511.50. lam getting up a collection of cv- j ;
•iosities. To any of your readers sending
ne a specimen 1 will send full directions for
aaking and using a plating machine like i
nine that will plate gold, silver and nickle.
mall pieces of stones, ores, shells, old
:oins, etc. Any kind of geological spec!- ',
nens will do. What I want is to get as j
nany different specimens from as many
iiflerent. places all over the country as I can. }
3lease address Mrs. M. F. Casscy, Oberlin,
)hio. " '
The Dominion parliament, Ottawa, was '
irorogued yesterday by the governor general.
peech approving the legislative s
mactments of the session.
.__ :
He Tells His Name.
PiTTsr.ur.c, April 30.—The mysterious man {
hot by Policeman Thrill, on last Sunday r>
ivening, assaulting a lady near West Parks, t
Ulegheny City, and who persistently refused a
o reveal his identity, to-night acknowledged
o a Commercial Gazette reporter his real name
Fas Robert Adams, of Chicago, and that he ;
ras leader.cf a well organized band of rob-;
iers. Adams is at the West Pennsylvania t
icspital in a serious condition. [
Reported Indian Rising Not Confirmed.
Dexvek, Col., April 20.—The reports of j
n Apache outbreak in Mexico, led by Jeh
nd Geronino, in which the inhabitans of
ian Miquel and the members of a pack
rain are alleged to have been murdered and -
calped, are undoubtedly false, the story is
lleged to have been brought to Albuquerque -
J. 31. Correspondents of the Denver papers ]
t Albuquerque know nothing of it.
Killed at a Crossing".
WnxTAMSBUKC, N. V., April 20.—Tlie c
xmg Island city train, North Shore branch _'
f the Long Island railway, due here at 7:30, **
an into a buggy in which was two men, at £
Thompson avenue crossing. Both men were j
struck by the locomotive i
shed to
a pu: - cognizable. From -.
knowu Tc
- -r of the Green .
There ai
Who - ;p tort the
Republican City Convention.
uri house in
a. in..
to nominate candidates for the f
ranter and one alderman and ore
school of the following
-■ district of
precinct of each ward (except tl
' the Fifth precinc: of the
polling place of the Third precinct cf
. the hours
of 5 and 7 p..ni., and the I
C ward—First precinct, three delegates;
—"' ■ : - . gates.
Second preclnd, twi
, four deld
secoL 1
-. tbiee dek
■. --, fourth precinct, two
'.. four dele.
ct,tour delegates; third precinct
Sixth ward—First precinct, one delegate; sec
ond pn*cint, two i.
By order of the coiun-.i

. .. NrcaoTts,
April 18, :
Terrific Storm in Texas,
Texas, April 19.—T risited ttia
evening by a terrific rain and wind storm.
nee of Vi. G. Purkiss was lifted
five feet from the ground. The roof of Mrs
was blown off and two
loQces were badly dam
rwn, and trees up
i at $3,000.
nntry, state that tbe
bas been very ex
Brigrautine Ashore.
Met ).—The brigan
tine I. M. Hill, went ashore in a gale
each a mile south of tbe
harbor r of nine men wa.-,
taken ring crow. The v
lly, and mny ;ro t(>
Oat §3,000 ami
irgo of lur;v . She Is owned
by Burnh^rr..s, of !
Crushed to Death.
Toronto, April 20.—Mrs. Robert Gill,
.'orof the Canadian Haul
. i on
. to death by her horse
Advertising Cheats!!!
"Ithas become so common to writo the be
grnning of an article, in an elegant, Inter
esting man*
'•Then run it into ' some advertisement
that we avoid all s
litters in as plain, honest terms as pos
' induce people
"To give them one trial, which so prove?
their value that they wiil never use ah] I
else." "
"Tnc Remedy so favorably noticed in al
is and secular, is
id is supplanting
•• i ... no denying the virtues of the
Hop plant, and tl ties of Hop Bit
: eat shrewdness
licine whoso vir
• one's observa
Did She Die ?
L along, ] ining
. •■
nd at last was cured by this Hop B
ters the papers say so much about."
! !"
iikiul we should be for that mcd-
A Daughter's Ifisery.
iter suffered on a
• of kidney, liver,
"Urn iof the best physicians,
disease various names,
"An In'good
health by as medyas Hop Bitt.-r.^,
shunned for years before usinc,
it."—The P
ing Well.
"Ho .ther is since fee used
■•.•■■ll after his long traffer
• declared incurable"
i glad that he used your
A Liui' of Utica, N. Y.
fKREAM Br^Srl Causes jio Pain.
H^^c^A/^Hrini yiTes —lief at
n^ERIS m {)nce' -rough
;V ;^ffl| Treatment will
y ICore. JN'otaLiq-
or Snuffi Ap
-1 S.sA-lply with Finger.
RSr^EEVERmve iTa, Trial.
50 cents at <iru7<*ists. CO cents by mail regis- '
ELY BKO i aggieta, Owego, ET. Y. •■
' 319, 221, 233 JS^rat Aye, South.
y.W. aoie Proprietor. I
r.AMSS ffHBELEB Manager. <
37EEK OF APEIL 21, 1884, \
Prof. John Donaldson, Patsey Jlellen, May '
Imitb, the (iillett brothers. Agnes Atherton, !
daode I i and Leclede, 1
I -ay, Florence Lev.- rs. Mfloret- J
ns and Jvealey, Emma Hull, Eva Ross, Laara ,
;•-, ?.lay llolton,
anie I/ianioad, Lib'oie Siaret. Dale,
tamie Yager, Libbie Stevens, Flora Wills, and
he Regular stock Company.
every Thursday afternoon at2:2oo'cloc'.i i
leal Estate Leans M Business Brokers,
204 First Avenue South, ;
OJIKEAPOLI3, - - - - Kmß.
Pc buy, sell and exchange Bed Estate, bnginess i
places, collect claims, pay taxes, etc.
iUi A •U1•J•, " Will Cure
Lll kinds bard or soft coma, callonses and bnnloa
do pain or soreness; dries instantly; will no
oil anything, and never rails to effect a cure. Price
sc; by a -:o genuine put up in yellow
rrappers and manufactured only by Jog. E. Honlln,
rnpjrist and dealers in all ki
. I
U-usues. etc iliaueuuolis iiiua. -I
A PRf fife
VV *Ct \ "*fl tX-//S'^^
The Most Perfect Made.
cr.d whc 'ns no Alum at
Has been . , s#
lis great strength ma.<B3 it ins cheapest'
JjJLPJIfi-*\ purity the healthiest. !a thy
family hr.f tr-st t'^ichus. Pro;* it by tha
only true test,
-aVnul r.«-.-.p, P». Prl.-»*t
. j ntrutt, zni Br. *rr.
W£ , - GOODS*
Who \rant glossy, Inxnriant
ii air must use
:i. This
3 always
the Blair grow f.
and fast, keeps it from falling
out, arrests aud cures gray
i, removes dandruff" and
ikes tho Ha;r
giving it a curliug
ten:- i keeping it in
desired position. Beau
healthy liair is the sure
result cf using Kathairon.
Dr. A. Voelclcer, P. It S., Con
i In
■ i
t! i
. All
\H¥t ceo. \\Ag
£"._ •- '„::>".' '*■-..'•. .'.
g—"- ""■"*" " ' - ' ■ "i
*>_■• 7 .7 •;' the parts i
•*»•***»*** "
U [Us
from ne) pur
Btreet,.C!iica-,'o, 111.
The 1: t
P*W «U3MT«^»is thdrff!!l , lio:; .
fehi_ »TOMACH - -|'tf* rcetß feveranda -no
*j|h Constipation, liver
"■:r.T>!aint, dyapep-
other ailments. Use It with regularity. For silo
by all drnggists ar.d dealers generally,
A snre care for Blind, Bleeding, Itching and
Ulcerated Piles, has been discovered by Dr.
aedy) called Dn. WILLI
ST. A single hox has cured
the wo' • Xo
r riv<s minutes after applying this
.1 soothing medicine. Lotions and in
struments do more harm than pood. William's
Dintment absorbs the tumors, allays the iutc-nso
Itching, (particularly at nijjht ai: .. inn
in bed. j acts as a poultice, . I and pain
less relief, and is prepared only for Pile*, itching
parts, and for nothing else, i'or
sale by all dru rpt of
, .Vholesale
igent, ...;n.
geo. a. clarke;
flea! Estate, Lean & Insurance Mur
under Citizens' National Bank.
Manufacturer of Bed and Cream Brick, and dealer
iall kinds cf Mankato fctone. (>aarry and Works,
Sort Front street.
(•7HTEE BEAU, .... jgHft.

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