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Thursday was the quietest evening at the
city hall for a whole month.
The ladies of the First Baptist church held
a well attended apron fair at the Wacouta
street chapel last evening.
A partial report of the irraud jury is ex.
pceted to be presented at the opening of the
court by Judge Brill at 10 a. in. this morn
lug. *
At a meeting of Acker post, G. A. R., last
night, a committee was appointed to arrange
the preliminaries for the observance of deco
ration day.
The receipts from the sale of stamps in
Collector Bickel's ollice yesterday were the
largest of any day of the season, footing up
The council have appointed a committee
to purchase another team for the patrol
wagon, and the police will have a night and
day equine force.
Commissions were issued yesterday to
First I.t. John 11. Nightengale and Second
Lt. Philip J. Hammel, Company B, Second
regiment, of Faiibault.
Horton & Morrison filed an actiou in the
district court yesterday against the Black
River Falls Iron company fors?oOO alleged to
be due as attorneys' fees.
The sum of (132,000 has been already paid
this month by the board of water commis
sioners. The bills were discounted, and
over $1,000 was thereby saved.
There will be a meeting of the St. Andrews
society to-night, at which business of vital
importance will be transacted. The mem
ber.- arc all requested to attend.
Suit was beguu in the United States cir
cuit court yesterdaa by Langdon, Harvey &
Richardson, agalnaPthe Northwestern Fuel
company, to enforce payment of $531.
The amount, of $7,000 was paid in to
County Treasurer Burton yesterday in real
estate taxes; but twenty more working days
remain in which to save the discount.
Adjutant General MacCarthy received an
inert-use pension yesterday for a Washington
county party of ftom $18 to 524, and a $950
back pension for a parly in Scott county.
The grand jury found a bill yesterday
against Lloyd Porter for the killing of John
Neary, on the evening of April 11, in the
saloon on the corner of Sixth and Jackson
Such an extensive and radiant halo as sur
rouuded the full moon last night is seldom
witnessed. Whether it betokens dry, wet
or windy weather no prophet has yet prophe
The front door of the store occupied by
Sleiiny it Gibman on East Third street, was
found unlocked at a late hour last night by
special officer Fisher. The key was« found in
the outhide of the lock.
Saloou keepers and cigar manufacturers
who have Dot renewed their revenue licenses
are notified that laws providing for their ar
rest will soou be enforced. Pay early and
avoid the penalty.
Mr. P. V. Brown, the newsdealer of Wa
basha street, is erecting brick flats on the
west Bide of St. Peter near Sixth street. The
building will be three stories high and is to
cost over $10,000. It will be leased by Mr.
L'has. A. Anderson.
A teachers' Institute will open next Mon
day at Little Falls for Morrison county with
Messrs. Gray and Parr in charge.; on Monday
May 19, institutes will open at? Mantorville
for Dodge couuty, and at Granite Falls L for
Yellow Medicine county.
Application was made yesterday by Mr.
Thos. D. O'Brien, for the release, on a writ
of habeas corpus, of Wm. Williams, who was
arrested on Wednesday on. the charge of for
gery. The writ is returnable at 9%30 o'clock
to-day before Judge Simons.
He gave the name of Sarrt Madden and he
*-as arrested by Officer Sullivan on lower
Seventh street last night, paralyzed drunk.
When they came to search him 'the sum of
$200 in golden duckets ancl §11 in scrip was
found in his ragged elothi ag.
Engineer Rundlett, of the water works,
risited Saudy lake yesttfrday and superin
tended the repairs on the dam which cut
loose last Tuesday n\ght. The race at the
city mill was washed < <ut and several county
bridges were swept aw ay by the break.
A little three year old boy was found
wandering on Fourt,h street yesterday, and
crying lor his pa. fle carried a small flag,
o hugh chunk of 1 u-ead and molasses, and
his cheeks were lit .-c the rose. When brought
to city hall he cri ed himself to sleep.
The still alarm of fire turned in from
Bridge square ali 6 o'clock last evening, was
occasioned by the burning of a pile of rub
bish under t'ae sidewalk on West Third
street just above the roller mill The in
cipient blaze was. extinguished without dam
Owing to the immense increase in the
volume of busin es3 nt the office of internal
revenue in this city, Collector Bickel has
been compellerj to call into requisition the
services of four extra clerks, who have been
working nig> ,t and aay during the past two
The alarm of fire sent in on box 52, at
2:07 a. in . yesterdiiy morning, was caused
by the by rning of a small shanty belonging
to Switc'jman Thomas Welsch, at the Mani
toba Rf .ilroad crossing at the corner of La
fayettf avenue. A locomotive spark fired
6ome rags saturated with oil. Loss $10.
Jo? jn Derosier, of New Canada, was arrest
ed r ast night by Deputy Sheriff Clewett, on
th» charge of horse stealing. Derosier is a
1* lof nineteen, and he was recently in the
9 ruploy of Owen Quiun, of Litchfield, by
' whom the charge was preferred. He was
lodged in the county jail at a late hour last
John Walter, one of the United States de
serters, was arrested by Officer Sheelev on
Wednesday night and was taken by his captor
to Fort Snelling yesterday, where it is pre
sumed the $30 reward was forthcoming.
Walter had left his soldier clothes in a Jack
son street boarding house and had on a cheap
ready-made suit.
Mrs Phoebe Rice, 1208 Madison street, a
Bister of Hon. H. Clay Sexton, Chief St.
Louis Fire Depart., says the St- Louis Post-
Dispatch, had been a sufferer from inflamma
tory rheumatism for seven years; the mus
cles of her hands and limbs were contracted
and she used crutches. By a single applica
tion of St. Jacobs Gil she was benefitted in
etantaneously, and finally completely cured.
Grand Jury at Work.
The grand jury considered a half dozen
larceny cases yesterday, and during the day
the case of Lloyd Porter, charged with the
murder of John Near)-, was investigated. A
partial report from the grand jury will be
made this morning.
Cause of Failure.
Want of confidence accounts for half of the
business failures of to-day. A. B. Wilkes, B.
and E. Zimuicrmann and E. Stierle.the druggists,
are not liable to fail for want of confidence in Dr.
Bosanko's Cough and Lung Syrup. He gives
away a bottle free to all who
are Buffering with coughs, colds,
asthma, consumption, and all affections oi
the throat and lungs.
"Sir, sharply remarked a pretty Boston
girl, moving away from a young New York
er, who was seated on the same sofa with
her and exhibited a disposition to abridge
the distance between them, "sir, the radius
vector of your orbit is getting too short."
The young man turned pale, felt around for
his legs in a y stupefied sort of way, seemed to
recover some confidence on discovering that
they were still there, arose and iled.
Health is Wealth, ■
It is worth more than riches, for without it
riches cannot bo enjoyed. How many peo
ple are without health who might regain it by
using Kidney-Wort. It acts stimulating
apon the Liver, Bowels and
Kidneys, cleansing and stimulating
them to healthy action. It cures all disor
ders (o these important organs, purifies the
blood and promotes the general health. Sold
by uJI drutraista. See julvt.
Communication from Engineer Re
garding 1 Third Street Stone
Fire Cisterns for the Sixth Ward-City Im
provements Ordered, etc.
The following is the substance of the busi
ness transacted by the Council last night:
Mr. W. A. Somers, the city engineer, sent
to the city council a communication in re
gard to putting down stone sidewalks ou
Third street, accompanied by a communica
tion from the board of public works, recom
mending the adoption of the Oakland blue
stone as the most desirable stone to lay in
the sidewalks, and affirming this stone
will give the best satisfaction to the public.
In this connection Mr. Somers sent in an-
other communication stating that the work
of curbing and paving Third street is started
and a majority of the sidewalks are so much
decayed that it is impossible to relay them in
passable condition. He recommends that the
council be asked to order the new stone walks
as soon as possible, so as to avoid the great
inconvenience to the public of tearing up
and renewing the old walks, and again tear
ing them up to lay new walks. The en
gineer recommends that the walks be laid
of Bingie slabs reaching from'the curb to the
properly line, using the blue stone with na
tural surface three inches thick. This will
make the cost of the blue stone 84 to $4.50.
Euclid stone $7.30 to §7.50, Mankato stone.
$0.50, Niniuger $5.70 per running foot of
walk, not including cost of any work nec
essary to support the stone over area ways.
The engineer says that the Euclid and blue
stone have been used but that the Mankato
and Xininger stone are untried. The coun
cil wanted to consider the matter further
and so laid it over to the next meeting.
A communication was read from F. R.
Delano and John T. Black, of the fire com
missioners, in which they say they have per
sonally examined the localities and the pro
posed present and future water supply for
the Sixth ward. They give a statement of
the water supply in this ward, and say it is
very slim. They therefore recommend the
construction of six cisterns in that ward of
irom 800 to 1,000 barrels capacity. The com
municatien was referred to the committee on
lire department and the city engineer.
The following work was orJored to be
done: To grade and gutter, without curbs.
Rondo street from Rice street to a point
about 425 feet west of Louis street; grade
Oakdale avenue from State street to the
sonth city limits in the Sixth ward; grade and
gutter Josette street from Dayton avenue to
Fulton street, and construct a wooden box
drain from Rondo street to Martin street;
open, widen and extend Kent street from
Marshall avenue to University avenue;open,
widen and extend Armstrong street from
Seventh street to Drake street;grade Douglas
street from Ram sey street to Goodrich avenue;
construct a sewer on Jackson street from
Fourteenth street to Fifteenth street; con
struct a sewer on Mount Airy street from
Mississippi street to L'Orient; open, widen
and extend Western avenue from Merrill
street to north Hue of the city, condemning
and taking the east 33 feet of lots 75 to 01
inclusive of Wilkin and Hayvard?s out lots
to St. Paul; open, widen and extend Hoff
mann avenue from Short street to Lizzie
steet; open, widen and extend Portland ave
nue between Avon and Victoria street; to
open, widen and extend Oakland street byi
an easy grade to Pleasant avenue at or near
Ramsey street.
The same board was directed to investi
gate and report, as to grading Temperance
street from Tenth to Thirteenth streets; as to
grading Edmond street from Rice to Dale
street; as to constructing a sewer on College
avenue between Cedar and Wabashaw
streets, as to constructing a sewer on West
ern avenue from Rondo street to Selby
avenue; as to constructing a sewer on Good
rich avenue from Western avenue to Pleasant
avenue; as to paving St. Peter street with
cedar blocks and stone curbs; as to grading
Robie street from Ohio street to Manorain
street; as to widening an alley in block 7,
Randall's addition; as to opening, widening
and extending of State street to a width of
60 foet, from the north line of Morrison's ad
dition to West St. Paul; as to change of grade
on Pennsylvania avenue from Jackson to
Columbia street.
A communication was received from the
mayor informing the council that he had ap
pointed Reuben Warner as a member of the
tire commission, James Starkey as a mem
ber of the plat commission, and James W.
Finn a patrolman, and the same was con
R. B. Whittacre and others protested
against the sewer on Lisbon street, and the
same was referred to the committee on
The communication of John E. O'Brin in
regard to the firemen flowing a cellar or
building that he had constructed in the rear
of the Globe office, was referred to the com
mittee on streets and the attorney.
The grading, widening, opening and ex
tension of Park avenue, from the north end
of Park avenue, was decided as not being
The city clerk reported that he had issued
the following licenses for the year since
Jan. 1, 18S4:
Liquor licenses $18,300
Beer licenses 105
Butchers' licenses 2,700
Peddlers' licenses 555
Miscellaneous licenses 4,220
Se board of public works reported agaiust
ing Grove street to Thirteenth, and the
report was adopted.
The board of public works returned the
order for the opening and widening of Pearl
street and declined to act until the improve
ment was petitioned for by a majority of tle
owners of property to be assessed, and the
council referred the matter to Alderman
Van SlyJie.
Daniel Mullen sent in a eommunicafo i
stating that through a mistake in the ligu c i
he asked to be excused from carrying out
the contract for constructing a sewer on Wa
couta and Sixth streets, and the same was
referred to the Board of Public Works.
The resolution of the chamber of com
merce adopted last Monday morning in re- j
gard to the unsatisfactory condition of the I
streets occupied by tracks of the street rai?- '
way was received, read and referred to the
committee on streets.
A resolution was adopted to draw and oi
der in favor of W. A. Somers for 55.000, to
pay for work and material in completing the
unfinished contract of J. C. McCarthy for the
construction of a sewer on Jefferson ave
A change of grade was ordered on Cherokee
avenue was ordered.
The opening of Olive street through block
6, Kittson's addition, was indefinitely post
Defeil & Hardy have permission to erect
hay scales in front of lot 13, block 63, Day
ton and Irvine's additions.
A resolution was adopted directing an
order to be drawn in favor of W. A. Van
Slyke for $17,500, with which to pay for the
half interest of the city in the purchase of
Merriam park.
The city engineer sent in a communica
tion suggesting that the foot way on the old
iron span of the Wabashaw street bridge be
changed, and the council ordered the sug
gestion of the engineer to be carried out.
The grade of St. Anthony avenue from
Mackubin street to Western avenue was
The city clerk is to advertise for bids for
clearing off and grading Smith park, which
the city engineer estimates will cost about
The chief of police is to remove all ob
structions on Hall, Dearborn and Filmore
The purchase of another span of horses for
the patrol wagon was ordered.
The owner of the stone crusher on the
corner of Oak and Ramsey streets, is ordered
to remove it.
It was resolved that the committee on li
cense be instructed to withhold its consent
to granting saloon licenses till the further
action of the council.
E. Lytle and others were allowed to lay a
cross walk on Jackson between Third and
Fourth streets.
The building in spector reported that for
the month of April his fees amounted to
aijwa. '
The petition for grading Arcade street was
referred to the committee on streets.
E. F. Berrisford waa authorized to move a
a frame building.
. An ordinance was adopted changing the
pay of the building inspector from $1,500 i
per year to $3,000, including clerk hire.
In regard to a change of grade on Park
avenue from Martin street to Sherburn ave
nue, Aurora avenue from Grant to Rice
street, St. Peter street to University avenue
from Grant to Rice street, Brewster avenue
from Shcrbourn street to University
avenue, and the alley in blocks 2, 10, and
13, Ewiug and Chute's addition, the Council
beard parties in opposition to the changes
and then adopted the resolution makiug the
An order vacating a part of Sherburn av
enue, east of Jackson street, and also a part
of Warren street, was adopted.
The grade line of Wabashaw street from j
Bluff street to Rice street was fixed.
Mr. E. F. Drake and others asked to have
three feet on the south side of Sycamore
street, and a part of Jackson street, vacated
and the council decided not to vacate.
Adjourned till Thursday evening next.
Dairymen Getting Rich.
Progressive dairymen who are only satisfied
with the best results, are adding to their wealth
and conferring a benefit on society, by the rapid
improvements they are making in the art of but
ter making. This class use Wells, Richardson &
Cos. Improved Batter Color, and know by actual
test that it fills every claim made for it.
Besley's Waukegan ale and porter.at 106 West
Third street, 11. Orleniann, agent.
You can save money by buyirg wall paper,
carpets and furniture at No. 221 East Seventh.
Cares of Life.
As we come to them they are received, borne
with and passed over with no more than a
thought, if we are in the enjoyment of health,
but if suffering with piles or skin diseases of
any kind they maynify a hundred fold. A. R.
Wilkeß, B. & E. Zimmerman, and E. Stierle, the
druggists, have Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy, an
absolute cure. Sold at 50 cents.
Climax Coal Co.—Notice.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the
Climax Coal company will be held at the office of
the company, in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota,
on the second Tuesday in May A. D. 18S4, (May
13th) at 12 o'clock at noon, for the electionof
directors and the transaction of such other busi
ness as may properly come before said meeting.
A. 11. Bo ue, Secretary.
St. Paul April 23, 1884. tf.
Anhcuser ISusch Export beer, at 100 West
Third street. H. Orlemann, agent.
S. Pelle<;rine & Co., successor of Pietro IJi mac
ciotti & Co., J>o. 342 Market street, makes ice
cream in all varieties. We have continued man
ufacturing cream since the retirement of Mr.
Ramacciotti and endeavor to give complete sat
isfaction to all of our customers. The trade sup
plied at the lowest figures. Free delivery to any
part of the city.
The Spanish Btndenta
will give a series of their unique and charming
concrts at Market hall, May 15lh, 16th, and 17th,
with a grand matinee for school children Satur
day 17th, at 2:30 p. m. Reserved seats 75 cents.
Fore sale at Myers & Finch, Bridge Square sale
to commence at 9 a. m. Saturday. Matinee prices
—All school children 2.3 cents, adults DO cents.
To Builders.
Plans and specifications can be seen at the of
fice of E. P. Bussford, for tenders of a two story
house, from 3 to 4 o'clock on May It), 1884.
C. C. Collins.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marval of purity
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitudes of low test, short
weight, alum or /phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans.. Royal Baking. Powder Co., 190 Wall
street. New York.
.Theatrical mil Masontraftß
10 West Third street, St. Paul.
I respectfully invite the attention of ladies and
gentlemen to my large, most complete and ele
gant stock of new Masquerade. Costumes, for
balls, parties, theatrical performances, old folks'
concerts, tableaus, &c.
Masks at wholesale.
Country parties, send for list and prices.
I -
I . ■ vi--'Ji
More titan 20 years' use of strictly
Reliable Fabrics, made in the most
Artistic and Durable manner possible
has made for the
ready SHIRTS
the most enviable reputation of any
Goods produced. They are sold by
first-class retailers throughout the
country. Ask your dealer for them.
Change of Street Grade.
City Clerk's Office, )
Saint Paul, April 29. 1884. f
Notice is hereby givou that the Common Coun
cil of the city of Saint Paul will at tbeir meeting
to be held on Tuesday, the .'id day of June, A. D.
1884, at 7:30 o'clock p. m., at the Council Cham
ber in the City Hall, order a change of grade on
the following street, between the points named,
From Pleasant Avenue to Ex
change Street.
In accordance with and as indicated by the red
line on the profile thereof, and as reported upon
as being necessary and proper by the Board of
Public Works under date of April 21,1884, which
said report was adopted by the Common Council
at their meeting held on the 23d inst.
The profile indicating the proposed change is
on file and can be seen at this office.
By order of Common Council,
•-. Thomas A. Pp.endergast, City Clerk.
is^;.;" aplSO 4w,wed&sat.
" ■ DENTISTRY. . '
7. ":-. !^^ TEETH
Teeth extracted without pain. ■ All work gnaran
eed. Dr. Culluin, 41 East Third St., Cor. Cedar.
ft "I HillY ''iIIV 1111181 A lill IMrihMIHIMWIIEIIIIIUBIIHHIiM I 111 tIHMI I IMI 111
12 beautiful lots near the new Summit Park;
fine trees, good neighborhood; Kittson, Harm,
Presley, Ingersoll, Quinby.
Residence on Dayton avenue, near Farrington,
occupied byA..U. Foster, Esq.,; 80 feet on
Dayton, same on Selby.
Nice lot on Dayton "avenue, only §800.
On Concord street. West St. Paul, 5 large lots,
business property. Note this, ye speculators of
the West Side. $5,500.
A daisy lot on Wilkin street, near Hon. W. L.
Banning's; fine view, central.
A gem of a cottage on Ashland avenuo; 8
The prettiest block in Summit Park addition.
Cottage at Spring Park, Lake Miunetonkn;
piazzas all around, wire screens, shade, near club
house; just what you are sighing for.
2 business lots on Robert street, between Fifth
and Sixth.
Residence lot, lying handsomely in block 14,
Summit Park addition.
Elegant lot, bluil side Summit avenue; superb
Lot 23 feet front on Martin street, corner of
Rice street.
Dwelling house fronting on Merriam Park,
lower town; formerly the homo of W. 11. Mor
rimn, Esq.
New house on Rondo street, 7 rooms, cistern,
etc.; $200 cash payment; hnlance monthly.
Nicely arranged spacious house; east exposure,
shade trees, stable. Farrington avenue.
Col. Bend's 12-rooni modern residence, Summit
The cheapest loto in the most attractive locali
ty. Everybody talking about them, and children
crying for them. 0ver322,000 worth sold. They
are in Wright's addition.
(Mn 4 taut,
Jackson and Fifth streets.
(Successor to D. A. Robertson & Co., the oldest
real estate agency in Minnesota.)
No. 7 McQuillan Block cor.TMra&Watiasiiaw.
(Established in 1872,)
Comer Third & Robert streets, (In Savings Bank,)
Buys, Sells, Collects, Pays Taxes, .Negotiates
Loans, etc.
St. Paul, - - - Minn.
Real Estate & loan Brokers,
St. Pata. - - Minn.
Full Weight and Measure Guaranteed by i
41 East Third Street.
Eetal>J:3hed in 1864.
Goal & Wood
Dry body-Maple, $6.50 per cord. An excellent
quality of Whit* Oak, So per cord, equal to ma
ple. Dry Pine Slabs, S3.
53F""Orders oan be loft with Jellett & Co., cor
ner Seventh and Wacouta.
.; . DRUGS. • ...
General Druggist
Ie settled in bis elegant New Store
Corner Nina nt Saint Peter street.
Where can be found the finest and best of Drugs,
Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Patent Medicines,
etc. Also, all kinds of Garden and Flower Seeds
in their season.
Sewer on Rondo Street.
Office or the Board .of Public "Works, )
City op St. •Paul. Minn, April SO, 1884. f
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public works in and for the corporation of the
City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office, in
said city, until 12 m. on the 12th day of Hay, A.
D. 1881, for the construction of a sewer on Ron
do street, from westerly end of present sewer to
Western avenne, in said city, together with the
necessary catch basins and manholes, according'
to plans and specifications on file in the office of
said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in a sum
of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the gross
| amount bid, must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids. -
JOHN C. TERRY, President pro tern. '
Official: R. L. Gorman,
Clerk Board of Public Works. 123-133.
STEINWAY PIANO and fine furniture at Auc
tion. I will sell at Auction at the residence
of Rev. Henry Kittson, 401 Ashland avemue, cor
ner Mackubin.on Tucsday,May 13th, at 10 o'clock
. a. m., one Steinway Upright Grand Piano, seven
\ .octaves, a very fine instrument and but a com
paratively short time in use. One elegant French
Black Walnut Parlor suite, upholstered in green
satin, one Black Walnut Diningroom suite, seven
pieces upholstered in black hair cloth, one Pillar
Extension Table, one very fine Sideboard, one
Cylinder desk, one Book Case, one Library table,
one Library suite upholstered in figured Cotalino,
one Card Table, Hall ■ Stand, one elegant Hall
Chair, two line Marble Top Dressing Case suits,
on cAsh suite, Black Walnut Chiffonicrcs, chil
ren's Bedsteads, hair and wool Mattresses, Cen-
ter Tables, Chairs, etc., etc., one "Delmonico"'
Range, one Aiaskaßefrigerator.Brussels Carpets,
Crockery, etc., etc., etc. Those in search of
goods that are of really line quality should not
miss this sale as every article shows a careful
selection on the part of the owner as regards
comfort and real value.
130 Auctioneer.
LOST— A dark red cow, 5 years old, black
nose, white, spot on inside of both hind
legs and on loin. Finder will be rewarded by
returning to C. W. Jagger at brick yard, Dayton
Bluff or to Wm. Schornstein, Bates avenue.
a~ » H*i H
«l o ) Vis as.-??: ■. i 5 F
INCORPORATED. ,! j.';4":
The Leading ST. PAUL Manufactory of •
Sash, Doors, Blinis, &c
ANTED—A situation by man and wife as
TT janitor and housekeeper. No children.
Can give good recommendations." Address Jo
seph Seib, 58 De Bow street. ■■■';•' ■130-136 ,
WANTED— A good cook. Apply at Leh
mann's hotel, West St. Paul. / 127-133
Females. . >. '_■■ j
WANTED— Girl for general housework,
small family. Must come well recom
mended. Apply, (501 Dayton avenue. ■_.'.-.. 130-132
ANTED—GirJ; family three; 786 Grand
evenue. ■ • • 129-35
WANTED —A good cook and second girl ut
No. 353 Summit avenue. 128-130
WANTED —A good cook. None other need
apply. Also, a second girl, at llili Summit
avenue. 128-134
WANTED— Girl for general housework.
Family of three, German prefered. 349
Franklin. 127-133
WANTED —A second girl who understands
' her work. No. 273 (old) corner Jackson
street and University avenue. 125-31
~ Males. ;
WANTED— A ' good boy at W. T. Rich's
Printing office, 366 Jackson street. 130
WANTED— A carriage painter at 103 West
Third street. 128-134
FOR —Store, corner West Seventh and
. Goodrich avenue; suitable for • feed,
grocery or shoe store. Apply at Rohland Bros',
meat store. 129
STORE for rent. Inquire of Jno. Clarkin,
Corner old Fort and Leech street. 129-32
FOR —New house with 9 rooms and all
modern improvements, corner Sherman
and Franklin streets. Inquire at Averill Russell
& Carpenter's, corner Fourth and Wacouta
streets. „ , 129-34
"T7IOR RENT—A 10-room house to two families,
J- or as a boarding house; good barn, well,
cirtern and cellar; corner Leach and Smith
streets. Apply to O'Brien & Eller, Giltillan
block. - . ; 129
FOR RENT—-House containing eight room?,
JL . cellar, well and cistern. Inquire 310 Oak
street. .'■'.;:- 128-129
FOR RENT—A house, nine rooms, barn and
' well, 414 Ellen street, between Farinington
and Virginia avenues; §25 per month. 125-131
FOR RENT— centrally located with
modern conveniences. David Sanford, 34!) ,
Wabashaw street. 10S*
FOR RENT— cottage with four rooms,
Pantry and closets, good water and every
convenience. Apply to J. C. McCarthy, Sixth
ward. 270*
TO RENT—House of sis rooms on ■ Ohio
street.' Inquire of P. R. McDonnell, grocer,
corner George and Ohio streets, Sixth ward.
: 175*
ICELY furnished rooms at 50 West Fourth
-L> street, near Park. 130-132
~VJ"ICELY furnished rooms—all conveniences:
-L^i private family; three minutes' walk to
postoffice and business center. 351 Franklin,
between Fourth and Fifth streets west. 129-30
FOR RENT.—One pleasant furnished room for
rent at 420 Rice street. 123
FOR RENT—Two front rooms, in newly fur
nished houso, two blocks from capitol.
References exchanged. Address 8., 34, Globe
office. 123*
TO RENT—Two large, nicely furnished front
roonii in private family. 55S Robert street.
FOR SALE—Some choice farms in Southern
Minnesota and Northern Dakota; thousands
of acres pine and hardwood lands in Wisconsin
and southern states; good garden lots and St.
•Paul city property. H. Hall, Real Estate Agent,
'120 East Third street, Bfc Paul, Minn. 130-131
TT^OR rent or sale, a splendid boarding house
JD situated near Hamm's brewery, being all
furnished; also a fine saloon with fixtures. In
quire of E. Langevin, West St. Paul. 129-30
HOUSE find lot for sale on 233 Thomas street.
Apply at 107, West Tenth street. 129-32
FOR SALE—A Victoria in good condition, or
will trade for real estate. Apply at Perkins'
Carriage Bazaar, Fourth street above Wabashaw,
DIAMOND drill for sale. Entirely new and
complete: never used; includes one IJ£
bitt set with diamonds; core barrel, core lifter,
etc. Can be had cheap for cash. Address C. 10,
this office. 'm*
CUEAP for cash or on lor.g time if well secured,
one 25-horse power engine and 40-horse
power steel tubular boiler with pumps, heater
and stack. Fcnr 8 and throe 10-horse power
agricultural engines. Two 8, two 10 and one 13
--horse power portable boilers. Apply to C. M.
Power, 301 Jackson street. 114-144
fuliy improved and located one mile from a
good town, and will sell cheap. Farwell & Co..
Third and Jackson streets.
rjTIiR.EE reasons why iota are Belling 80 fust in
X Swift's addition on Saint Anthony hill, near
streetcars and the Webster school: l;-t. They
are in the best resident locality. ~d They are
given to purchasers graded. 3d. They ars sold
very cheap and upon cusy terms to parties that
will build. Jno. J. Buckhout, Ayent, 301 Jack
son street. 115*
FOR <ALE—The following desirable lots: lots
corner of Pleasant avenue and Sixth street,
2 lots on Rice street, between Igiehart and Tiiton
street; 10 lots iv Irvine's second addition, front
ing on Seventh btreet, (end of bridge); 12 lots
in Irvine's addition to West St. Paul; also a well
established paying business. Apply to George
W. Turnbull, 343 Exchange street, city. 223*
money loaned on furniture, pianos, horses,
wagons and personal property at low rates, with
out removal. Offices, Room 7, First National bank
building, corner Fourth and Jackson street, St.,
Paul, and Room 7, Mackey & Legg block, corner
of Fourth and Nicollet, Minneapolis. 20-207
on furniture, pianos, in residence without re
moval. E. &F. Peters, 283 Sibley street, oppo
site Union depot. 300*
LOANS on Life Ins. Policies. L. P. Van
Norman, 2so. 245. Ist Aye. S. Minneapolis, j
npilE Eanon House, formerly the Nicolette, is
-JL now opened to the public. Good accommo
dation at low rates. Thomas Hunan, proprietor.
ADAIIE GANDEKSOX, Eiiroucuii Aatrolo
gist, Magnetic Physician, and Business
Medium. Special attention given to ladies. Room
1, 424 Wabashaw street. . 130-132 I
STOVES STORED away for the season.
Called for and put np again in the fall. Cull
or address Joseph Haag. 809 West Seventh street.
best in the city. I can clean carpets of any
kind for 3 cents per yard, without damage to car
pets. All orders promptly attended to. Satis
faction guaranteed. Covad Statz, artistic up
holsterer and decorator, corner Franklin and
Eagle street. Orders can be left at Cuas. Ma
theis' carpet store, No. 127 West Third street, or
C. Statz, 210 East Seventh street. 107eodlS4
BUT on the West side where property is near
and yet within your reach. Law ton Bros, are
selling houses and vacant lots on monthly pay
ments so low that any one may invest and stop
paying rent, 175 Dakota avenue. Lowton BroH.
Lawtou's garden lots are selling rapidly, only
one-half a mile from city, lay high and on pleas
ant lake, 5 acres each at S2OO per acre on easy
terms. Lawton Bros. 123-31
SEALED Proposals for printing 600 copies pro
ceeding of Grand Lodge A. O. U. W*. in
pamphlet form about 60 pages, bound in paper
cover, similar to last years proceedings, delivered
at grnnd recorders office, Minneapolis, Minn.,
will be received until Thursday noon, May 15th.
Bids must be made at so much per printed page.
Right reserved to reject any or all bide. Samples
may be seen and explanations given at Grand
Recorders office, No. 24S Hennepin avenue,
Minneapolis, Minn., and at office of D. Rsmaley,
Minnesota Type foundry, St. Paul,'Minn. All
proposals to be addressed to^Wm. Cheney, Grand
Recorder, Minneapolis.
SEALED proposals will be received until 10
o'clock a. m. on Monday, the 12th inst., for
the stock of carpets, rugs, screens, etc., etc.
now iv store at W. L. Anderson'3 stand, corner
of Third and Robert streets. Proposals will be
delivered at the store. The right to reject any
or all bids is reserved. B. \V. Johxsok.
130—133 .Assiauce.
. 91 and : 153 East Third Street, 1
One-Price Clothiers.
ST. PAUL, - - MINN".
58 East Third Street.
S^"The latest styles of Imported Goods always on hand. Perfect fits guaranteed.
BIII(^:I I* PiP^f 30EastTllir(lstrect '
'____ • 3005: AHD SHO« DIALERS,
Sqhijdek: & COT.
] mjM : 1.89 PST TIES STREET, .
! 3^^^^^^^^!^ St. Paul Agency for BURT'S, GBAY'S,
N^g3 <*> '• -" rS BBYNOLD'S, and Many Others.
—"^ '***' fe^Vfaaaaßißß»Jß B3P" Mail orders promptly filled.
Eclipse Wind Mills Tanks and Pumps,
Smith-Vaile Steam Pumps and Boilers,
; . Hancock Inspirators, Lubricators, etc
: FAIRBANKS, MORSE & CO., • 371 & 373 Sibley street
- OS and 70 Sibley street, corner Fifth, St. Paul, Minn.
i : '-- — : ' ' — ~ ""^
\ James McMillan & Co.,
1 Proprietors of tlie
'.'"' "-■ ', AND DEALERS IN
'■ 109 First Aueiiao South, MINNEAPOLIS, BUNW,
'. f-hiDTEf>nts sr>lipit«d. Write for orcpniam. r "i& y.* Tf T
. Has long since established its claims to public favor and has now. entered upon its loth year under
' the most favorable auspices, Send for catalogue, giving full particulars. Cor. Third and Jackson,
i ; * AY. A. FADDIS, Principal.
\\ '/Acknowledged by Artists the Best in (lie World.
* I-know of none superior to the Weber and none that can compete with them
; for durability. —i eresa Carreno.
j The tone of the Weber Piano is so sweet, rich and sympathetic, yet so full,
n that I shall always rank yon as the greatest manufacturer of the day.—Emma
3 eber Pianos excel all others in volume of tone and in power of expression.—
; S. J-iel»lin g .
here are no Pianos in the world that sustain the voice like the Weber.—Em*
3 in Abbott.
! R. C. MUISTG-ER, Cerent, St. Paul.
. • ■'•■•• • SEND FOP. CATALOGUES. '',!..
; -;; lew Styles Daily Received.
: 331 "Watoasha-w' street, Cor. 4th..
Th 3 most Elegant Blood Purifier, Liver Invigorn
tor. Tonic, and Appetizer ever known. The first
Hitlers containing Iron ever advertised in Ameri
ca. Unprincipled persons arc imitating the name;
look cut for frauds. See /Ci /fT) a »
that the following signa- /I} ■$&*s£/
tun is or. every bottle and A -f/ '/ />•/////_
tal- none other: A/ tUIV
ST. ACL, MINN. L/ Druggist & Chemist
Corner of Waksliaw and Fourth streets.
:■'_' : X Over Express Office. S7O
For Winona, La Crosse, Dubnqne, Rock Island,
Burlington, Keokuk, Quincy, St. Louis
and all Intermediate Points. '
The elegant, popular and fast electric light pas
senger steamer .
Jas. Cokbett, Master; Ales. Uavln, Clerk,
Leaves St. Paul, Saturday, May 10, at 6 p. m.
Through tickets to Chicago and all points to
East,, West and South, by river and rail. The
cheapest and best route. A. G. Long, Agent.
' Office and dock foot of Sibley st. St. Paul.
City ticket office, St. Paul, Third and V Jackson
streets. . . ; :
Office in Minneapolis, 10 Washington avenue
lit Saint Joseph's
For tlie Educalioa of Young Ladies
Parents desirous of placing th«ir daughters in
' a lirst class school, will do-well to inrestigata
the claims of tnis institution. To the present
building, which is both spacious and beautiful,
a large addition is being erected, which will con«
tain music, exhibition and recreation halls. The
course of studies in the different departments ii
thorough, nothing being omitted that is neces
sary to impart a finished education. The musi
cal department comprises a thorough coursa for
graduation in Theory and Practice. Every ad
vantage is afforded to those who wish to pursue
a special coursa in painting; general instructions
in drawing are giren in class-rooms. For par
ticular apply to SISTER BUPEBIOB. 8544
Head of Ashland Avenue, St. Anthony Hill.
References: Miss Marie Geist, Principal of
Musical Conservatory, No. 127 West Third street,
St. Paul ; also on personal application, reference
to the : numerous families whose daughters she
has taught and is now teaching will be given.'- BEi
• Also, Agent for "Brainard's Musical World,*
the oldest and best musical journal published-
Subscription 51.50 per annum.

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