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Small pox is said to be racing at South
Nyack, X. Y. ...
. A fire in the paper warehouse of Chatfleld
& Woods, Cincinnati, caused a loss of $100,
--000. YYYYY;
Crowds went out to White Bear and Min
nctonka yesterday on the trains, and* the.
railway officials were on the gui Vive to . ac
commodate the rush.
The Fourth United . States battery, Capt.
Smith, came up on the Mary Morton from
Dubuque last evening and proceeded imme
diately to Fort Snelling. - < Y'-Y,"
J. Collins aud Andrew Johnson got into a
fighting scrap on the corner of Third and
Rosabel streets yesterday afternoon and were
pulled by the police.
A disastrous fire occurred yesterday in the
wholesale bakery establishment of A. D.
Haseman, in Williamsburg, N. Y. Three
firemen were killed and property destroyed to
the amount of $100,000. " :Y^f;:
During a thunder storm Saturday the
lightning struck an oil tank atOolgrove, Pa.,
and the tank aud its contents were de
stroyed. It contained 35,000 barrels of oil.
John C. Eno, the defaulting banker, was
again before the court at Quebec on Satur
day. Alter the examination of the books,
notes etc. the general impression was that
In- cannot be indicted.
Owing to the changes going on in . laying
the Fourth street car tracks, shutting; them
out of the car house, nine of those vehicles
stood out last night on Wabashaw, between
Third ami Fourth streets.
John Ryan, on a prolonged drunk of ten
days, asked Officer Finn to shut him up last
evening and his request was granted; while
Louis Lowle was brought in as a suspicious
character to the city hall for safe keeping by
Officer Scheffer.
Company C, of the Michigan state guards,
received orders yesterday evening to take a
special train at 8 o'clock for Oscoda, the
scene of the labor disturbance. Reports
are to the effect that all was quiet at that
time, but trouble is apprehended to-day.
A black horse aud a plueton, stolen at
Minneapolis about 9 o'clock on Saturday
evening, while hitched on the streets, was
being looked after by the police in St. Paul
yesterday. The animal was ten years old
and had marks on his hide of being wounded
on a wire fence.
Prominent labor leaders of Pittsburg have
received letters from leading Grembackers
urging workingmen to mass at Chicago prior
to tin meeting of the Democratic National
convention, and join in the Ecu Butler dem
onstration, which will lie made during the
time the convention is in session.
Lo Hoy, a prominent Chinaman, San Fran
cisco, Cal., suffered for eightyears with rheu
matism. He was drawn up and crippled, he
says, but St. Jacobs Oil, the conqueror of
pain, cured him in a few applications.
11. 11. Cole and Geo. H. Gorman, of Chi
cago, are guests at the Metropolitan.
□•James S"., Miss Lottie and Master Kent
Flanders, of Milwaukee, are at the Metro
Col. Matthews and daaghtcr, R. F. Kinly
and Chas. D. Cook, of New York, are at the
Merchants. Y'.;Y 'Y;',"Yy:Y"
W. D. Eaton, C. S. Wells and E. A. Mul
"id, wife and children, of Chicago, are at
the Merchants.
Thomas Conners, Solomon Stone and
Thos. Panning, of Buffalo, stopped over the
Sabbath at the Merchants. , '
D. G. Lillimon, of Bridgeport, Conn., and
Wm. L. Keating, of Covington, Ky., spent
Sunday at Hotel Livingstone.
Dr. E. K. AVedelstadt arrived in the city on
the steamer Mary Morton last evening, on
his return from the encampment at Du
buque. . YY^ : •;.-.-;■
Mrs. A. S. Gregory, wife of the senior
partner of the firm of Gregory <fc. Sons, the
extensive crockery merchants at Winona, is
visiting friends in this city.
Messrs. James, Frank and W. H. Lock
wood, prominent citizens of Hartford v Conn.,
left this city yesterday on the Northern Pa
cific for Yellowstone Park.
C. W. Ganzel and E. E. Foster.of JLondon,
England, A. P. Vernon, of Gree'nsbpro, N.
C, and J. 11. Walhsky, of Grand RaiMds, are
guests at the Carendon.
John A. Burnett and Chas. Pfudde, of
Devil's Lake; J. 11. Fairfax, of Sioux City;
Thos. J. Kerr, of Medora: L. W. .Bohn, of
Ipswich; J. R. Wilkins, of Chicago, and A.
Turner, of Piattsburg, N.Y., were ijegistered
at the Windsor yesterday.
The following guests were registered at the
Merchants yesterday: W. H. Hughbwrst and
0. H. Simmons, of Duluth; W. ~H. Finney,
nf Steele, Dakota; John Owens, of Power; N.-
Clark and Webster Eaton, of St. Cloud;
E. B. Pratt, of Grand Forks; J. A. Smith,
of Joliet; .1. F. Kuapp, of San Francisco, and
T. E. Piper, of Boston.
| Special Telegram to the Globe.]
'- Hon. J. S. Drake, of Aberdeen, and S.
Davis, of Minneapolis, are stopping at the
Pa'mer. - ;
Samuel G. Goodwin and Jas. Mclntyre,
St. Paul, and E. C. French, of Eau> Claire,
arc guests at the Trcmont. V V
Hon. W. D. Washburn, of Minneapolis, is
registered at the Grand Pacific-
Northwestcrners at the Grand Pacific: A.
Davis and A. Holmes and wife, St. Paul;
Frank Barry, Josiah Thompson aril wife, and
11. Watson and family, Minneapolis; A. E.
Smith, Lake City; C..8. Powers. Mont.; R.
E. Wallace, Jamestown".
T. J. O'Shay and wife, Minneapolis, are
guests at the Sherman.
Sunday Festivities in the SixtlrtWard'
The Sixth ward called for more than its
usual share of attention from-the police force
early last evening and the patrol wagon was
called over there three times within the short
space of an hour. At the first trip.iUbrought
to the city hall Geo. W. and Laura
Buck, a disreputable old couple .living on the
river bank below Langevin's, on thfe charge
of keeping a house of ill-fame, and Robt.
Haines, Daniel M. Morton and!
John Brown who were found
therein. The five were arrested in.
a raid made by Officer Dufour.' The place is
too disgustingly notorious the other side of
the river, excepting to mention - that the
Bucks are notorious old sinners and recently
served out a sixty day's sentence, the man
in the workhouse and the woman in the
House of tne Good Sheperd for the same of
The second trip resulted In bringing in
from the same ward Gustorph Moralthske
and Hermon Fronlap, and the third journey
John and Jerry Fronlop for fight
ing in the saloon of John, a notorious and
ill-ordered establishment on the old Dakota
road. John was full of money,-, having on
hand $350, giving $100 bail for himself, on
the charge of keeping a disorderly house, and
$25 for each of his brothers,charged with dis
orderly conduct, while Moralthske,; on the
same charge, also put up $25 bail.
The Roller Skate Contest.
The prize contest for covering the most
miles in ten hours at the roller skating | rink
commences next Wednesday at 1:30 pi m.
and nine contestants besides the young lad,
Wm. Tooney, (whom his St. Paul friends
arc determined shall have a show) are al
ready entered for the contest. Among the
entries are parties from Faribault, Northfield,
Minneapolis, Red Wing, Rochester, and two
St. Paul men. -
Reckless Drivers Get Hurt.
Peter Willoughby, claiming to be a 'cattle
drover, with his hired man, were driving a
double team towards the river just beyond
the quarry in the Sixth ward, at v about five
o'clock yesterday afternoon, when they reck
lessly ran into a drove of six cows which
were being driven by Joseph Gcster to this
city. The result was that the pole of the
wagon struck one of the cows,' somewhat in
juring her, the pole was broken off. the wagon
. overturned and the two men thrown out into
the road-bed, Willoughby having his shoulder
■ dislocated, and the-, hired man.receiving
a severe - but .not ; dangerous - cut •in
the head. f-. The patrol wagon was summoned,
from the city hall and took the wounded men
to the house of the driver's son-in-law in the
Sixth ward, where a local physician was sum
moned who attended -to their injuries, the
parties being quite chary about .' giving their ;
names. Gestcr, to whom the cows belonged;
was ; terribly irritated, having. as he said
warned the men from attempting to smash
through his drove and threatens to sue the
parties for damages. •
" Princeton College Tourists.
A.tourist party of Princeton college, N. J.
taking a three ' months' summer : vacation in
the northwest arrived at the; Merchants hotel
in this city, yesterday,. and leave \ to-day on
the Northern Pacific road. They are thirteen'
in number and their names are - 11. N. Paul,
Jr., B. M. Ferran, Jr.,J. W. Barr, Jr., M. M.
Hall,J. H. Cleveland, Teshan,\Vm. Mc
Ilarinc and G. P.. Bucklin. They have free
passes from the several railroads east and
west for the trip and return and . will visit
the several prominent cities on the Northern
Pacific this side of the Rockies,; and at Liv
ingstone will branch 'off for an extended
trip to Yellowstone park. -
Fancy Residence Property at Auction.
Kavauagh will sell on Monday, June 30th, at
10 o'clock a. m., j three very fine residence lots
on Summit avenue, corner of Dale street. These
flue grounds are well calculated. for - the accom
modation of a large residence, and bain, or two
or three of our business men who might desire
to live immediate neighbors. ■■ <•'.'.
Tuesday, the Longfellow and Luclla will run to
Red Pock at 8:35, 9:35, 10:35 a." m., to accom
modate any who wish to hear Bishop Foss, and
make three afternoon trips. .They will also
make regular trips during the entire meeting.
; ■ *.\ St. Paul Navigation Co.
A Home on the Boulevard.-
One week from to-day, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
Kavanagh will sell three ■ beautiful lots on Sum
mit avenue, corner of Dale street. This property
has a frontage of. 171 feet on Summit avenue,
with southern exposure and in the midst of the
residences of our representative business men.
Cause ot Failure.
Want of confidence accounts for half-of the
business failures of to-day. A. B. Wilkes, B.
and E. Zimmcrmann and E. Stierle.tho druggists,
are not liable to fail for want of Confidence in Dr.
Bosanko's Cough and Lung Syrup, lie gives
away a bottle.: free to all ■ who
are suffering with coughs, colds,
asthma, consumption, and all affections oj
the throat and lungs.'
The Ohio Central Barge and Coal Co. have re
moved their office from 323 Jackson street to 10"
East Fourth street, first door' from corner of
Jackson, iv the -Davidson building, where they
will be pleased to see their old customers^ and
such new ones as may favor them with their
trade. A full stock of hard and soft coal, and all
kinds of wood • constantly on hand at lowest
prices. Special attention given to prompt delive
ry of all orders. ' •
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. .' A marval of purity
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitudes of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate ■ powders. Sold only
in cans. Royal Baking Powder, Co., 196 Wall
street. New York.
.■ .-:" ;.. STEAMERS. .
The Only Line of Side-Wheel Steamers Plying
' ' the .. „
• The Fast and Favorite
Departs for St. Louis and all Way Points '
Monday, June 23, - - - 6 "p. i.
For passage or freight to all points East, South
or Southwest, and general information, apply to
A. DELANY, Agent,
Levee, foot of Jackson St., and 334 Jackson St.
Stale Camp Meeting,
'v * AT Y---Y
The LONGFELLOW and the new steamer
LUELI/A, will leave their landing at the foot of
, Jackson street, at 8 and 10 o'clock a. m., and at
'2 and 4 o'clock p.m., commencing Thursday,
JunelOth. ; . , - ST. P. N. CO.
:,Tot Winona, La Crosse, ' Dubuque, Rock Island,
Burlington, Keokuk, Quincy, St. Louis
and all Intermediate Points.
-The elegant, popular and fast electric light pas-
YrY ' senger steamer '-.'■'"'
.YYY' Master. - .... Clerk.
• Leaves St. Paul, Tuesday, at 3 p. m.
This is the • most ■ pleasant route South, East
and West from St. Paul. View the famed scenery
;of the Upper Mississippi. -No heat or dust.
Through tickets to all river and I interior . points j
via river • and' rail. ' Low rates, including meals'
and berth.
"A. G. LONG, Agent.
Office and Dock opposite Union Depot. City
Office iv St." Paul, corner.Third and Jackson.
Office in Minneapolis, 16 Washington avenue
South. ■ '.'■"- • •:-'.- ;■".'•■-- .'•;.'
Camp leetiag
" - BY THE
> The Longfellow willleave her landing at the foot*
iof Jackson street, at 8:35 and 10:35 a.m., and at*
. 2 and 7p. m.'.- Returning, leave Red Rock at 9:30'
a. m. and 12:30, 4:30 and 10 p. m. regularly. V
Leaving every hour each Sunday and lon I the-
I Fourth July.-, _ ST. P. N. CO. V ,!
Hi & Wm
■ ''-... AND ; •'• -" 1;"
J?. W. Cor. Jackson & Fifth St.,;
Are offering Lots on Summit avenue in
Wright's addition at the same prices as
before the 200 foot boulevard was" as
sured. These lots will advance 50 per
cent, within six months. 1
We have several choice pieces of busi
ness property on Robert St., Fourth
St., Seventh St. and Third St., improv
ed and unimproved.
If you : are looking for a home, come
in and we will show - you our list. We
can suit you.
We offer Lots in Lockwood's addition
near the Forest street improvement at
prices which will advance 100 per cent,
within a year, on monthly payments.
' Cheap Lots on the West Side.
; Choice Residence Lots near the new
Summit Park. "yYY>Y;jf
We have a cheap Lot on Carroll street
for $1,000. .-'".'" ' . : ; ."•
Two large Lots on Pleasant, facing
south. - ; r ..'
Homes on monthly payments.
House and Lot on Conway street only
$730.- „.* -_„ - -„;/_
We have on hand money in large and
small amounts to loan on improved
• Heal Estate.
•' Montana. '
We have just platted and now offer for sale
lots in the Minnesota Addition. This addition
lies adjoining the great machine shops of the'
Northern Pacific Railroad Company, which are
the largest and most extensive on the line of the;
road, those at Brainerd alone excepted. The lots
are started at very low prices $25 to $75 a pieces
and will show a very handsome advance by fall,
Livingston is less than two years old, with . a
population of over 3,000 people, is the brightes
town on the Northern Pacilic Railroad, has many
brick and stone buildings, is growing very rapid
ly and bases her claims for making a large city on
the following grounds : i
It is the gateway to the National Park. ,"•"* !
It is the terminal point of the National Park'
R. R. j
It is the headquarters of three divisions of the f
R. R. -■•-.•
It is the geographical center of the R. R.
It has immense machine shops, with capacity
for several hundred, v!:. Y.j • ,>Y- -V ". ■ '■.
It is in the center of a very rich agricultural
country. V .Yy- :'
It is the headquarters for an immense grazing
interest. .5-Y.YYr.Y --
It is surrounded by coal, iron, copper, silver
and gold mines.
It is the supply depot for the mines of Cooke,
Bear Gulch, etc., etc. V V'
It has a splendid water power. ....
It has plenty of pine and fir timber.
It has an abundance of pure water and a mild
climate. YY'Y,
It is the youngest town in America with a
National Bank and a daily newspaper; it also has
two weekly newspapers and the best hotel in
Montana.' It has the only deposit of limestone
on the line of road from Duluth west. Some six
or seven lime kilns are now in operation, also
plenty of brick and fine brick clay. Hot springs
exist (176° temperature) within twelve miles of
town, which excell those of Arkausaw. The Union
Pacific R. R. will soon be built to the town.
This company, Union Pacific R. R. have pur
chased a large amount of coal lands in the vicini
ty of Livingston, are putting in a plant of
seventy-five coking furnaces. Lots for sale by .
63 E. Third street, St. Paul.
' ,V ',' - ■ AND Y'Y
(Successor to D. A. Robertson & Co.. the oldest
real estate agency in Minnesota.) *
No. 7 McQuillan Block, cor. & WaDaslaw.
(Established in 1872.)
Corner Third & Robert streets, fin Savings Bank,)
Buys, Sells, Collects, Pays Taxes, Negotiates
Loans, etc.
St. Paul, - - Minn.
Real Estate & loan Brokers,
St. Paul. - -"" Minn.
No dust. - Fine fresh breeze! . „
G.8.M1& City of St. Paul
Will leave the dock, foot of Jackson street, every
hour and a half during the day, and returning
every hour and a half.
Steamer City of Saint Paul leaves St. Paul
9:30 a. m., 12:30,-3:30 and 0:30 p.m. Leaves
Camp grounds 11:00 a. m., 2:00, 5:00 and
9:00 p. m. . > '.....
, Steamer• G. B." Knapp leaves St. Paul 11:00
a. m., 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p. m. Leaves Camp
grounds 12:30,3:30, 6:30, and 10:00 p.m.
{^Tickets good on either boat. For sale by
Delany, foot of Jackson street. . V V 173-74
The Great Medium of Spiritualism, y
Can tell yon the present and future and even
can. show you; the one you will marry," and
give: you the • full name of • the ; same. , Office t
hours from 9 a. m. to Bp. m., at No. 276 Good
rich avenue, corner Seventh street, the Union de
pot and Fort street cars pass the; house. Only
ladies received. - - ' : - • ■ 163-93
•"."', -Seventh Street Grounds, hil
MONDAY aafl TUESDAY. June 23 & 24
. agBtogSBESaSISS 172-76 s .'^sv^jspSSßggCi
;»',.'.-: V v NOTICE. '-Y-'\C,. /'..
xt -;. : of the City of : St, Paul, y
yjW-'JV-l; _'_"■ ." ..Iy.-'.;.; '' Junel2, 1884.
For applicants for positions in the corps of teach-'
■' ~" .': Y '\~ 'V'• "■■ crsiof r the '.
■; ■ ■:" --- -.: •■ ; . „-; - ■;'■•■.; ' ,':.- ■• •• " •- ■ '
■.'■ of the city will be held at the
.'";..'-. ■'■' "y,on.v : "..'. ■" "."^' '.'■;...'.
Wednesday- June 25,
Commencing at 9 a. m. .
V . • Superintendent of Schools.
junel4-18-21-22 - • . . * .:,'.
--: -'.'■ .-.' '■ MUSICAL. . '" • '
Head of Ashland Avenue, St. Anthony HilL
- ■ ;•-, • « - :..;; ST. PAUL, y:
References: Miss . Marie Geist, ' Principal of
Musical Conservatory, No. 187 West Third street,
St. Paul: ' also on personal application, reference
to tho numerous families ' whose daughters she
has taught and is now teacn.ng will be given.
Also, Agent for. • "Brainard's Musical World,'
the oldest and best musical journal published.
Subscription $1.50 per au'num. "'\i\
Will hold Examinations for persons: desiring to
enter Racine College, at the School of the Good
Shepherd, . corner Twelfth and Cedar, : ;" -"
Oil Monday and Tuesday,
'■•V '/!'. Jane 23 and,24, yat 10:30 a. m. .
-" /";..",.'' -ASTROLOGY.:
European Astrologist, Magnetic Physician and
Business Medium— tell both the past, present
and future of your whole '. life, and - ask" no ques
tions hut your age ; can tell of absent friends,
and if you can succeed in . any undertaking, and
at what time the • Planet of Fortune will benefit
you, either in business or matrimony also, all
medical examinations, diseases' described,' treat
ments given and cures made in a most remarka
ble manner."■ All ate invited to call and test her
power to foretell. Room 1,424 Wabashaw street,
corner of Seventh. •' - •,-.,.r : .
: .;.:•; INSTRUCTOR OF^.
Pnpilofthe eminent pianist,';i and teacher, S.
B. Mills, of New York.' and for several years a
teacher in well known educational institutions,
and of private classes, most respectfully tenders
his services to those desiring a thoroughly com
petent, experienced and conscientious teacher. -
Headquarters at.H • V , -" "
._ V No. "East Third. St.
:? ,- : LA Wl ON BROTHERS.'. ■>' „'.-■
WEST SIDE PROPERTY is on the stir.
Business, residence, vacant and acre prop
erty is moving rapidly; ;At 175 Dakota avenue
is offered the most. complete list 'of west side
property in the city. Houses on monthly pay
ments. -Call and examine our list -before pur
chasing elsewhere. Lawton Bros.,T-- V' 174-80
. on Summit avenue at auction—l will sell at
.auction,.on the premises, corner of Summit ave
nue and Dale street," on Monday, June' 30, at 10
o'clock, a. m., one' hundred and seventy-one feet
frontage oh Summit avenue, to-wit: < Lots 12, 13
,and 14 Of; Weed & Willius' re-arrangement of
block 20 of Woodland Park addition. ; These lots
are 148 feet in depth to a 20-foot alley, and are
situated in the 'very center of', the wealthy resi
dence portion of the city. . In the immediate
vicinity of the elegant homes :of Hon. Herman
Greve, George R. Finch, Esq., W. A. Culbertson,
Esq., Hon. W. D. Cornish, Hon. E. Simonton,
Hon. C. W. Griggs, A.. G.-Foster, Esq., and
others/ The ground lies.beautifully, being admi
rably adapted for residence" purposes, while the
surroundings arc all that the most exacting mind
could desire. Summit avenne, with the new '
boulevard extension to the ".river (a distance of
about six miles,) will make one of the finest resi
dence avenues in the country, rivalling in natural
beauty the far-famed Euclid avenue of Cleveland,
Ohio, and surpassing Fifth or Madison avenue of
New York. ■ • Those who are desirous of profiting
by the marked improvements to be made in the
immediate future will boar this in mind and be
on the grounds on the day of sale and compete
for the possession "of property, the value of
which cannot be computed in dollars and cents.
Terms one-third cash, balance in one and two
years at 8 per cent, interest.
P, T. KAVANAUGH, Auctioneer.
;' 174-182 .■••-.-'■ V:"":. '-. „..-..'.- . V '
{jtj -Bluff at auction. gA. H. Nicolay, will sell
at auction on Thursday, June' 26th, 1884, at 2 p.
m., on the ground," A3 desirable! building lots in
blocks 1 and 4, Lockwood's addition to St. Paul.
These blocks are bounded by -Forest,; Mendota,
Cook and Magnolia streets. A portion of this
property is set apart for a park and is situated
in the immediate vicinity of the extensive lum
ber mills and: yards of I. P.'.Gribbon and C, N.
Nelson Lumber company. Terra Cotta works, St.
Paul .Plow. works, i Harvester| works and Post
Siding,' In a rapidly growing . neighborhood.
Workingmen desiring-: homes, and 'Investors
should attend this sale which offers a rare oppor
tunity for' speculation and immediate. improve
ments. Terms liberal and title .perfect.
tsyWorkingmen can pay $25 cash on day of sale
and '$5 a month on each lot until paid- for.
g^~Frec buss will leave the Merchants hotel at
1 :15 p. m. and my office Ns. 70 East Third street
at :30 p, m., sharp, on day of sale.
'.., A. H. NICOLAY,
172-79 , -•---■••- Auctioneer. ■
- ■.-.:■ --. ■:MISCELLANEOUS.
ANTED—Lady room mate, 129 W. Fourth
: street. ■ ; :Y\ - ' ' " ' 174*
STOVES .. STORED away for the season.
. Called for and put up again in the fall. -• Call .
or address Joseph Haag, 309 West Seventh street.
! -■ 'v ' -V- *. Y/-Y;-;89»- :■-'
$1,500, will buy one of the best farms in Grant
. county, with house of 8 rooms, house ,: alone
cost $1,200, only one mile from the county seat,
10 acres of the handsomest grove of trees in the
stata, this property must ,be i sold in i the next 10
d'iy^ - - Fabwkli, ' & Co., Third and ' Jackson.
FOR \ SALE—The following desirable lots: lots
•V corner of Pleasant avenne and Sixth street,
2 lots on Rice street, between chart and Tilton
streeti/io lots in Irvine's second.addition, front
ing on Seventh street, - (end of I bridge); ,12 lots
in Irvine' s addition :to West St. Paul; also a well
established paying | business. Apply ito George
,*W. Turnbull, 343 Exchange street, city." ■" 223*
S; fully improved and located one mile from a
good town, and will sell cheap. 7 Farwell '.&'. C 0.,"
, Third and Jackson streets. <■' ,
.'"■ y -;■>? SITUATIONS WANTED. ■■■•. .-;': ■ j
WANTED Ladies or j gentlemen in j city, or
• VYY country to take nice, light and pleasant*
work at their own homes; $2'to $5 a day easily;
and quietly made; work sent by mail ; no canvass j.
ing; no stump for reply.-- Please address Reliabl j
Man'f'g Co.", Philadelphia; Pa. • Ytu,th,s&Usucl;
-"TT7*ANTEDBy a lady of experience, - a posi
.' i? .-; tion" as lady's nurse. Best of references.
Apply at N0.'50 Debow street. V ••- - ■ ,174-180
ANTED—-A place to, take care of | horses
'•■MI '■ ' and such work about.. the . house :as'■ is
needed.'. r Address A." this office.* V ■'."■_;;' 172-78
,■;-'- ":'■' aiTUATiom* OtTFJaiKKu. ... ;
ANTED— girl : for general • housework,
YY-Y, 317 Chestnut street.; ' 173*
WANTED— A good j starcher and ironer and
washer to work in laundry. Ham Mon
Hong, 98 West Sixth street, corner Market.
. ,'-.-. -..-.. .173-79 . ..- - , . :.
WANTED— Two experienced lady agents to
Vt ■ solicit orders for an entirely ' new article
in this city. Big inducement. 309 Robert
street, second floor. ;' ; 173-78
.-■--Y'.'r . : V Males. , V .'':'•:'-„';:'..*:Y-..!-!
ANTED—A. first-class barber, corner
■ Washington and Seventh streets. . ;< ■ :■'
. .■: -174-80 .. - •■■ - . - '-Y. :Y
WANTED — 498 University avenue.
- . ... 174-80 V
WANTED— A barber at No. 185 East Seventh
street. '-.-'.' - . _- • Yl7B-78
WANTED— A young man \ about 18 years of
'.' age, to take care of horse and do chores.
German preferred. Lake Hotel. ..': 172-78
WANTED— Agents for "Gaskell's Compen
dium of Forms,' the best selling book in
the United States; Chicago Installment Book
Company, room 30, Mackey & Legg Block, Min
neapolis. . ' ■ . ". 159-188 ■■
WANTED— Makers. Hand and form;
also bunch breakers. • Good price for good
work. Elwin & Clough, 228 Washington avenue
North; Minneapolis. ' • • _■ ■. - • • • 169-75.
WANTED— tinsmiths, at 506. St. Peter
T> .street. ::•..... 169-75 .
'"'.''_.• j V Females. -■■■■--•■
ANTED — Good girl for. .small family,
young preferred. Call at 890 Robert street;
upstairs. . '. ' , 174-175.
WANTED —Woman "to work and iron one
day in the week. Call at 390 Robert street,
upstairs. '. Y';"Y Y\” - ' ' 174-175
DRESSMAKER wanted, to take rooms in con-
J nection with our business and carry on
dressmaking. Grand - opening for - the proper
person. Webb & Co.'s dry goods « house, Man;
kato.| .'.-•'. ' .._. ~: .. .: 174-70
WANTED —A girl for general. housework.
Apply at 166 Summit avenue to Mrs/J.
Kelliher. • . 174-77; ■
ANTED—A nurse girl ..between 16 j and 17
years of age .to take care of one . child.
Must be accustomed to children, 533 Dayton ave
nue.. . ... 170-76 •
WANTED —A woman and child who need a
home. Light work" and moderate pay.
Address W, 15, Globe office. 170-76
ANTEDA girl for general j housework in
V T a small family. 349 Franklin Street. ,
••■'.--.■. 170-76
ANTED— girl to wash dishes at Grand
Central Hotel, corner Seventh and Waba
shaw stroets. ';":L::l 169-75; '
WANTED— A girl for general housework;
must be a good cook. Inquire: at 610
West Seventh street, St. .Paul, Minn. 165-71
GIRL WANTED— general housework Tat
49 West Fourth street. 163*
'..';■■ FOR RENT.
FOR RENT—The second story of the new
elegant Weed block (now in course of
erection). Ready August Ist. Will rent with
or without power for manufacturing purposes,
or will have \t fitted into offices or rooms to suit.
Apply at once to Wolterstorff & Moritz. 150
OR RENT—The store building 1048 and 1050
West Seventh street. Inquire No. 307 Ro
bert street. - 149*,
"DIOR RENT— story brick building just
X l \ completed, West Seventh street, near Short
line crossing, containing stores on ground floor,
eighteen rooms above; suitable . for hotel or
boarding house. Owner will rent whole building
or stores separately, and rooms en' suite, Middle
ton & Dofigan, East Third street, opposite Mer
chants hotel.. 148*
. Rooms.
FOR RENTThree unfurnished rooms, wood
shed and kitchen. Also two furnished
rooms. One.block from Metropolitan hotel, 'old
No. 120 West Fourth, new No. 163. 175-77
FOR RENT—Gentleman with small family de
siring to rent a house, can have it furnished
by boarding lady for use of furniture. Please
call at once at 189 East Seventh street, room 4.
/".',..■ ■"..'" . "-■■..■• 174-175 .
MY dwelling house for rent or for sale. A. G.
Long, Diamond Jo Line Dock. 174-75
FOR KENT— 573 Jefferson avenue,
7 looms. Rent $18. ) Inquire H. B. Mont
gomery, 49 West Fourth street. 174-76
FOR Rent Furnished rooms, with or without
board, at Peter Godbout, 246 E. Fairfield
avenue. ■ V .;-;Y:. 174-181
FURNISHED ROOM—For a gentleman, $6 per
month, at 562 Cedar street, near capital.
- ' : ' 'YY./Y'VY.Y - 174-75
ICE, well furnished front room, with alcove,
-LM for rent, at 234 Norris street, for one or
two gentlemen. ; ■ ■.. 167.
FOR RENT— furnished front room 45
West Tenth street. . . . .-;>■;. Y." V' 167*
- . '• ■ flown
FOR RENT—A new house six rooms and
kitchen, three closets, and cistern. ■ Also
three rooms up stairs, next house, to a family
without children. Inquire of C. Casey, 698 East
Fourth, near Maria avenue. 174*
FOR RENT— lower part of house, corner
of Burr and Minnehaha streets: $12.
--.■... 174-75 -...,-
FOR RENT—One new 6 room tenement, with
- bay window, .wood room, closets | and cis
tern, $16 per month, corner Broadway and Mt.
Airy. . 174-75
FOR RENT—A nine-room dwelling at No. 115
-E" V Banfll street, old number 6. Apply to John
Grace, No. 76 Mcßoal street. :■;?. , " : 165
HOUSE FOR RENT— Water street. West
St. Paul. Inquire at 49 West Fourth street.
-■ ■ ■■; 163*".'-■-. / ■:'■■?■■;: "'--'- '.'>■
FOR RENT—A cottage house with 9 rooms,
■ in thorough repair, at $35 per month.' 7 Ap
ply to J. A. Sabin, Davidson block. '••'."•'• 159* .
FOR RENT— No. 132 Summit avenue.
Apply to J. D. O'Brien, Gilfillan block.
153 :-:..:".''.'"- V
FOR RENT— cottage with four rooms,
.: Pantry and closets, good water and every,
convenience, j, Apply to J. C. McCarthy, Sixth
ward. . : . . '■'- 270*
TO RENT— .' of 9 six rooms; on Ohio
[ street. Inquire of P. R. McDonnell, grocer,
corner George and Ohio streets, - Sixth ward. . -
YY"rY " ______ . - : ■-.. :■' . ...■' ' ■■ 175*
FOR —Furniture for four -rooms, in
, eluding kitchen outfit complete, cheap if
taken at once. 131 West Third street third floor.
■;- 174-75
FOR —Family horse.harness and buggy,
59 Mt. Airy street. -'- •.';'.' • V 174-75 -
FOR SALE— 10 Wheeler & Wilson sewing
machine ■ for [ tailor's use; (also press
boards), 24 West Third street. ; ' •' 174-75
IGS! PIGS ! PIGS ! ! Fine lot of choice
-' Pigs, six to eight weeks old, at Poor Farm. ,
./ ..-• ' 167-75 . .
CHEAP FOR CASH—Ten second-hand thresh
ing engines; one -. 40-horse' power \ boiler;
four portable boilers.' Apply at Foundry office,
on Fourth street, corner Robert. - [ 169-213 '.■'.
on furniture, pianos. In ■ residence without : re
moval.'.Also on life insurance ' policies, horses,
wagons, 1 and all j other collateral jfecurity, at low
est rates. E. &F. Peters, 283 Sibley street, op
posite Union depot. ,_.-- ' .• V ' ..' 300*,
PARTNER 1 wan ted with $700 $1,000, sober,,
• active and reliable, to help, extend, a light,
clean' and profitable . manufacturing ' business.
Big profit and without competition,, address 11.
Bockoven, St. Paul. ;.- - -, -174-176;'.;
money loaned on furniture, pianos, horses,
wagons and personal property at low rates, with
out removal.' Offices, Room 7, First National bank
building, corner; Fourth and Jackson j street, St.,
Paul,' and Room 7, Mackey & Legg block, corner
of Fourth and Nicollet, Minneapolis." . . . 26-207
OANS on Life : Ins. Policies. L. P. '- Van
Norman, No.- 245. Ist Aye. S. Minneapolis. ■
ONE bay . mare mule,', ringbone ron \ the right
.:. front foot. V One bay horse, three white
feet, blind in one eye. '.i Deliver to T. J. : Swartzs'
livery stable and be rewarded, West St. Paul. V;"'
,?ggfeS*l..:-'.- '; ."3" "-. ,-.;
.:;.',.• :,Y'Y. ;Y:y'- Vy. : ';Y-Y!. CLOTHIERS. .'■ 'jY.."--> Y:^. /,. • V
One-Price Clothiers,
• 91 and 153 East Third Street, -';
..; We will show this week the largest and. finest line of
Blue Flannel Sxiits! i
Ever seen in St. Paul. Come in and examine the stock and learn
the prices which we guarantee to be the lowest in the Northwest.
'■':/•':.'-'■ t " A complete and elegant stock of Y^-Y^; J
y Summer Suite !
Best Materials, Newest Styles, Guaranteed Fits
:,-,::,';•■, . and Lowest Prices!. BPIII
91 and 153 East Third street, St. Paul, Minn
• ' .-; -...,.-'.•'.- MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. "•. . -'. ' .*■'''.
Acknowledged by Artists the Best in the World. -
I know of none superior to the Weber and none that can compete with them
for durability.— Cfirreno. *
tone of the Weber Piano is so sweet, rich and sympathetic, yet so fall,
■-that a shall always rank you as the greatest manufacturer of the day.—Emma
'fhursby.'YY .-. ■ ■ - ■•■:
*1* IVeber Pianos excel all others in volume of tone and in power of expression.-*
». trebling. y '.;,'>?'Y.' ••-...-. '-;:-,
. There are no Pianos in the world that sustain the voice like the. Weber.—
ma Abbott V • , ..-:•■ „: . .-■--■
R. C. MTJISTQ-ER,' Asent, St. >aul.
. .. i >!.'.".•: SEND FOR CATALOGUES.
.'• „. ,-".; - -i TAILORING.^ '": • ,
• c ■ .' VYY' i
V 58 East Third Street.
latest styles of Imported Goods always on hand. . Perfect fits guaranteed.
■*" = ...... .
" -1, ~ . BOOTS AND SHOES .. ' . V
EH- onni TOF'-;- ~~~~~~ . -^^. ~'
New Styles Daily Received. •> ' j^^^^S^
331 Watosiai « Gor. i^^Tt.
.'..'. .... '...., .■■■•". . 4
':■ FAIBBAMS' stahdaed SCALES!
Eclipse Wind Mills. Tanks and Pumps,
Smith-Vaile Steam Pumps and Boilers, .'.'..
__^ Hancock Inspirators, Lubricators, etc
FMBJP, MORSE & CO., ■ ,-y 371 & 373 Sibley street
; —— :— <
H«8 long since established its > claims to public favor and has now entered upon Its 15th year under
the most favorable auspices, Send for cat*'jgue, giving full particulars. Northwest cor. Seventh
and Jackson streets. . . .
)'}■:■;; "W. A. FADDIS, Principal.
.',-■ -vi •_i „. - -' ■ ' - ■ ■ ■■ - —~*
.':• • !%>'!•;? WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS;
r 08 and 70 Sibley street, corner Fifth, St. Paul, Minn.
„. '.;.... - ,■ . BOOT AND SHOfl D3ALBBB.
& CO..
mm - 10. 89 EAST TBIRD STREET,
•;^^^Pi^Kl^fefcY St. Paul Agency for BURT'S, GRAY'S,
'^^ffli'^^^^Bfejk' OLD'S, and Many Others.
■=-• YT^^'-'^^^^SRliift&ltlsß. E8?" Mail orders promptly filled. . />■:•;
,' ' TANNERS. " , VC'.
: ;.: r 'James. McMillan & Co.,
— '-■• Proprietors of the
'"•.Y'.Y' ... ■•■•-- .-.;... AND SXAIiEBS IN
f 109 First Avenue South, MINNSAFOLIS, MIXW,
;Moments solicited. Writ* for cirehlars. . yYY ."--
?SHORT LINE trains of
RY^, will, until further
notice, stop for passen- ,
gers to and from Mm- 1
neapolis,. at the foot of
Jackson and Sibley
streets. "c -
: i Trains will start from and arrive ?at ' temporary
Union Depot,' foot-of Eosabel street.
104* ■"■ ; -General Northwestern Pass. Agent.. .
Hf&raMTglSyG EstablishodinlSTSforthacuro
ffiHrSMNJUH of Cancer, Tumors, Ulcers,
. g|PSKB|niWMi Scrofula, and Skin Diseases,
' without the use of knife or loss of blood and little i
; pain, v ifor information, circulars and references, I
address Dr. F. X*. VOXD. Aurora, Kane Co., lit. ■;
- , .....■..., . 9.
list lint Joseph's
For tSe'EuiicaliOß ol Young Ladies
Parents desirous of placing their daughters is
a fir&t class school, will' do well Ito investigate
the claims of tnis institution. To tho present
building, which is both spacious and beautiful,
a large addition is being erected, which will con
tain music, exhibition and recreation halls. The
course of studies in the different departments i*
thorough, nothing being omitted that is neces.
sary to impart a finished education. Tbe musi-.
cal department comprises a thorough course 01
graduation in Theory and Practice. Every ad
vantage is afforded to those who wish to pursue
a special course in painting; general instructions
in drawing are given in - class-rooms. For par*
ticular apply to SISTER BUPEBIOB. 8541
: NOTICE. • V. ■■',■ '"
' The public ' are hereby notified that I will not
be responsible for. the debts contracted, in: my
name; by my wife, Mary liivard. • ■•
172-74%- Y-YYY-iF. X. F. BIVABD.

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