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Almira Cressy was waltzed to the cooler last
Bight in a condition of glorious inebriety.
Gen. Mark D. Flower left yesterday for Red
Wing where he will inspect several steamboats.
Volume 14 of Brad well's Appellate Court of
Illinois was added to the state library yesterday.
The work of laying the cedar block pavement
on Broadway was commenced at Grove street
A tipsey individual giving the name of Alex
ander Burke, was snatched to the cooler last
Eight on the charge of stealing a pitchfork.
Mnvor O'Brien on yesterday appointed John
Lawton to a position on the police force. He
was formerly a watchman in the employ of Mr.
John Wampler and is considered a good man for
the position.
All persons desirous of procuring positions as
letter carriers and expecting to compete In the
examination to take place on the 20th inst.,
should call at the postoffice and procure blanks.
The boys of the reform school, numbering
about one hundred and twenty-five, went Into
cump yesterday at Lake Josephine aud will re
main the remainder of the week.
The ladies and gentlemen of Cbatenugay Hotel,
White Bear, are preparing for a musicul und
literary entertainment, to be given by guests of
tbe house next Friday evening.
The Youns; Woman's Christian Temperance
union will hold its regular meeting at the parlors
of the House of nope church this afternoon at
4 o'clock. All are desired to be present.
Poor old Mrs. Davis who was ordered to leave
the city by Judge Burr a few days ago, was
found wandering around the streets yesterday af
ternoon partially intoxicated, and she was locked
np again.
The fire department was called out at about 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon to squelch a blaze
in tbe one story cottage situated on Conway
near Forest street, occupied by a Mr. Brugge
mun. The family were absent at tho time and
the loss is estimated at $25.
A genteel looking young lady called at the
police court yesterday evening and swore out a
warrant for the arrest of her drunken and worth
less husband. His last act of depredation and
brutaliu was to attack her on a street car and
almost tear her tires* from her person.
Shortly after 0 o'clock last evening a derrick
broke at the new Ryan hotel building, and a huge
caj) stone weighing about four tons, in the act of
being placed in position on tin- second story, fell
Ing through the joists to the ground floor.
A workman came down with the debris, but
fortunately he escaped uninjured. The daiuafie
can boon be repaired.
"I.:i Maacotte."
Mr. F. E. Samuell, Music Teacher, LaMus"
COtte, Burnett street, St. Kilda, Melbourne,
Australia, writes t,. tin; Argus, of that city, I
bad suffered for years with painful chilblains,
nnd tr nl all kinds of remedies and received
only temporary relief. After two applica
tions of .St. Jacobs Oil, the «rreat pain-cure,
they were entirely cured and I have not been
troubled with them since.
Bishop Whipple wns in St. Paul yesterday.
John Cooper, St. Cloud, is at the Merchants.
C. L Steele, U. S. army is at the Metropolitan.
James B. Close, Pipestone,is at the Merchants.
<;. E. >'ichols, Furgo, was in the city yester
C. M. Boutellc, Rochester, Minn., is at the
Dr. LeGrand X. Dunslow, of New York, is at
the Merchant*.
James Mann and family, Jamestown, arc at
the Merchants.
C. P. Linton and wife, Truro, Nova Scotln, are
at the Windsor.
R. S. Munger nnd C. Markell, of Duluth, are
on a visit to St. Paul.
R. Reynolds, Crookston, ,1. W. Mitchell,
Wahpeton, are at the Merchants.
Mr. Alexander Mcnzies, of the custom houße,
is threatened with an attuck of typhoid foyer.
A. H. Beattie, Montana, and Jos. Austin,
Winnipeg, were at the Metropolitan yesterday.
J. S. Dunlap, Peoria, ill., and 11. W. Blake,
Jr., St. Louis, were at the Windsor yesterday.
W. P. Smith, Pierre, D. T., and Samuel
Mathews, Furgo, were at the Merchuuts yester
M. D. L. Simpson and Allen Simpson, U. S.
A., and Mis J. M. Cumraiugs, are at the Metro
Judge Valentine, of the supremo court of
Kansas, called on Governor Hubbard yesterday
and was nicely entertained by bis excellency.
Mrs. Wm. Welch and daughter, of Reserve
township, leave to-doy for Milwaukee where
tiny will \isit Miss Welch, who Is attending
school in that city.
Mrs. Dr. Hawaii arrived in St. Paul yesterday
from Honolulu, Sandwich islands, where Hie
doctor and lm family have been residing for tbe
litis) four years. I»r. Hagiin is expected to re
turn in about a month.
l.ieiits. Abner Loomis, C. B. Andrews, F. B.
McCoy, J. F. Kerr, .1. c. Graham, .las. Rockford,
ami 0. Sale, I . s. a., arrived iv the city yester
day from the west. They participate iv tbe rifle
tournament nt Ft. fuelling.
i ..islave l.cue, Esq., left last evening for the
Yellowstone park where be intends to spend a
tew weeks in hope his health may be Improved
by the trip. Should he return fully restored to
health he proposes to niiiioiince himself as an
independent candidate for sheriff.
Mr. .1. 11. Brooks, a well-known Canadian
Journalist, connected with the northwest press us
editor of the Winnipeg Am, mid more recently
of the Grand Forks Mor/tin<i Beraltt, yesterday
left St. I'aul, where lie has been ft resident, s une
tun,', to assume v position In the statf of tho lie
pltliliean ami LtOtk r of La Crosse, Wis.
Among Hie recent arrivals ut the Morchants
hotel are John T. Mooro, of New Orleans, his
wife and three charming milliliters. This gen
tleman has been at the head of tho oldest estab
lished wholesale grocery honsa in New Orleans,
and Is probably the bast known merchunt In the
south, lie Is the sou of ex-Gov. Moore, of
Louisiana. The family lire now at the Merchants
hotel, from which they will shortly make a tour
of the lakes,
[Special Tulegrum to the Globe.l
CllU-A'io, Auy. .V—O. J. Sweet, V. S. A., of
Ft Basiling, is a guest al the Palmar.
I>. t. Polk, Fargo, and P. il. Keefo, St. I'aul,
are at the Palmer.
Dr. D. W. Hand, St. Paul, is registered at the
C.rund Pacific,
F. H. I'larke. general t raffle manager of the
Omaha, is at tbe Grand Pacific.
liciieral freight Agent J. W. Hunuaford, of
the Northern Pactfin, is among the prominent
railroaders nt tho Grand I'aiilic.
Northwestemers nt the liraud Pacific: 11. P.
Becknell and A. s. Temple, st. Paul; s. v.
Clinton, La Crosse; Okarlei Mltrhell, St. (loud;
M. E. Mnrphy aud John O'Brien, Stillwater; c.
T. Hewitt, Red Wing ; A. A. Andrews. Win
A. B. Nettleton. Minneapolis, and James Levy,
Winnipeg, are nt the Sherman.
W. S. Conrad and S. p. KichanNon. of still.
water, art' among tbe arrivals at tbe Trvmont
At the Tremont: .1 W . Field, Minneapolis ;
Mrs. o. Lowell, Rochester; A. A. cutter, Kan
Clair.) ; 11. C. Uuckinchaiu, Tracy; W. D. Katou,
Duu&clth, Dak.
The Drowned Roys Identified.
Deputy coroner Horst visited Anoka yesterday
for the purpose of procuring SOSM trace to the
dentlty of the boy whose body was found in the
river last Sunday. It will be remembered that
one of the suits of clothing found on tbe river
bank contained a check on the First National
bank Of Anoka, for S:>00. Dr. Horst called at
the bank but the officials could give
no explanation ut the affair and
the mystery seems deeper than over. The chock
Was engraved in Milwaukee and Dr. tyiinnhaa
written the authorities iv tbat city in hopes of
obtaining some due. It is now thought that
the lad was a stranger having come north on a
pleasure trip from some of the eastern cities.
Meantime the body still remains at O' Hallorau' s.
Charkild Wilson, formerly proprietor of tho
American house, now residing at 30S Rosabel
street, has identified the clothing found on the
river bank last week, as belonging to his two
. aged 9 and 11 years. The boys left their
home to visit their grandparents in tho country,
and have not been hoard from since. It is now
almost certain that the children drowned were
bis sous.
Northwestern Financial Statement
C'nn v.;o, Aug. 5. — The twenty-fifth annual re.
port of the Northwestern railroad for the year
smfiing May 81, will be published to-morrow.
The fiu.tucial statement is as follows:
Operating expenses and taxes IS,MQ,W,
»t receipts froiu operation 9.579.607
Deduct interest aild rcutals paid to
leased lines 6.0W.M0
rofita 3.TH3.7*?
Less sinking fnnds on bonds 83,000
And dividends (S p.-r cent, on prefer
red and 7 on common stock) 2.93U.4R9
Loaning a surplus of 761, 558
Add balance to credit income ac
count. May 81. ISS3 8,485,865
Total to credit income account. May
31. fSW 9.187,119
Kamber ot miles, ot road, operated, 3,768,
Willing to Please— Mistress (to lacy house
maid) — Now, Mary you know I am going to
give a ball tor-morrow ntglit and I shall ex
pect you to bestir yourself au_d be useful,
generally. Mary — Yes mum; but I am sor
ry to say I can't dance.
A sign in Cleveland roads: "Isc kreme
Sallune," which is positively the worst cold
spell of the season.
Hanking Hoars.
On and after August 9, 1884, the banks of the
city of St. Paul, will close at (2} two o'clock p.
m. on Saturdays, instead of (3; three p, in., aa
heretofore :
H. P. TJpham,
President First National Bank.
Wm. ii. Meuuiau,
President Merchants National Bank.
Gustavk Willies,
Pres. Tho Nat. German American Bank.
Albert Scheffhu,
Cashier Bank ot Minnesota.
Cashier St. Paul National Bank.
L. E. Reed,
President Capital Bank of St. Paul.
C E. Kittenhoube,
Cashier Peoples' Bank.
Jons S. Pkince,
President Savings Bank of St. PauL
Wm. Bickel,
Cashier Germanla Bank of St, PauL
D. A. Monfort,
Cashlor Second National Bank.
St. Paul, August 1, 1884.
"White Beaver Again Crushed."
[St. Paul Pioneer Press, July 23nd, 1884.]
Br. Frank Powell, of La Crosso. Wis., will open
an office in this city on or before the 10th of next
September, where ho will practice his profession
the2daud4th weeks of every month. Due
notice of his arrival will be given in the Globe.
Endorsement of "Pen Pictures" by Eev. E>
D. KeiiL
St. Paul, Minn., July 24, 1884.
MyDearSir: The "Pen Plcturos of St. Paul"
I have read with great interest, and while I have
noticed a few typographical errors, they are his
torically very correct. Should they be issued in
book form, it is my intention to purchase a copy
for each of my children, all of whom were bom
in St. Paul. Sincerely,
Edw. D. Neiix.
Major T. M. Ncwson, St. Paul, Minn.
Those series of Pen Pictures are now being
published in the Sunday Globe.
Why suffer longer from Catarrh, Hay- Fever,
and cold in the bead? A sure cure is Ely's Cream
Balm. It is not a liquid or snuff, aud is easily
applied. Fifty cents.
1 recommend to those suffering with Hay-Fe
ver, Ely's Cream Balm. I have tried nearly all
the remedies and give this a decided preference.
It gave me immediate relief. — C. T. Stephens,
Hardware Merchant, Ithaca, N. Y.
Any attempt to produce a flavor in this or any
other country tbat can surpass Dr. Price's Spe
cial Flavoring Extracts will prove a failure, for
Dr. Price's aro as fresh and nice as the fruits
from which they are made, and cannot be im
proved. Their superiority consists not only in
their fruity odor, but also in their delicious taste.
Headquarters for Minnesota Apples,
By the peck, bushel or barrol. Fresh from the
trees daily. Tbuman M. Smith,
Stall A, Public Market.
KESSLER — In this city, Monday, August 4,
Lottie, only child of Phillip and Alice Kessler,
aged 4 months.
Funeral Wednesday, at 2 p. m., from residence,
corner of Sixth and Exchange.
Absolutely Pure.
Thia powder never vurtos. A marvel of parity
strength and wholcsomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with tho multitudes of low test, short
Weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans. Koyal Baking Powdkii Co.. 196 Wall
street. New York.
mmm& umilath. a speculty.
Jobbing Promptly Attended To.
Agents for tie Bucieye Stoves & Ranges
The Best in tho World.
116 Wost Third St , op. Metropolitan Hotel,
In I^7o Scrofulous Ulcers broke out on ray body
until my breast was ono mass ot corruption.
Bom of those fleers were not less than one and
one half inches in diameter, the edges rough,
tanM, and seemingly dead, tho cavity open to
tbe t>one and filled with offensive matter. Every
thing known to the medical faculty was tried in
v.iiu. Orudually ihe b(MM itself became diseased,
and then the suffering began in earnest. Bone
r leers began to take the placo of those hitherto
on the surface. I became a mere wreck. For
mouths at a time could not get my hands to my
head because of extreme soreuess. Conld not
tarn n bed. Knew not what it was to be an hour
iv.ii free from pain. Had reason to look upon
life its.-.lf as a curse. In the. summer ot 1880, af
ter ten years of this wretched existence, I began
to use the CtrtKUU Remedies, and after two
years' persistent use of them the last I'lcer has
healed. The dread disease has succumbed. AU
over the breast where was once a mass of corrup
tion is now a healthy skin. My weight has in
creased from one hundred and twenty-three to
one hundred and fifty-six pounds, and the good
work is coiug on. 1 feol myself a new man,
aud all through the Ctlltuuu Ukxedies.
Custom House. New Orleans.
Sworn to before Uuited States Commissioner
J. D. t'n.\wroiU).
Of Scrofulous. Inherited and Contagious Humors,
and thus remove the most proline cause of human
suffering, to clear the skin of Disfiguring
Blotches, Itching Tortures. Humiliating Erup
tions, and Loathsome Sore* caused by Inherited
Scrofula, to purify and beautify the Skin, and re
store the Hair so that no trace of disease remain.
Coram*. Rbsolvbst. the new Blood Purifier,
and Ci-nccKA and OmcntA Soap, the gcat Skin
Cures and Beautiflers, are infallible.
The half ha« not been toW as to the great cura
tive powers of the CcTtctriu Remedies, I have
paid hundreds ot dollars for medicine* to cure
diseases of the blood and skin, end never found
anything yet to equal the Cr/tacßßf Rehedii*.
ProTtdence, K. I.
Price of Crncirsu, small boxes, 50 ci»; Urge
boxes. Si ; Crncm Rbsolvejtt v f 1 per bottle ;
Cl-nCC*U SOAr, » CIS. CITJCVBA suivixu So AP ,
15c . Sold by all druggist*.
Potter Drus <nd Cl>.m'c«lC«. Boston.
Health and Happiness.
o^eciAr j have dome, fa
Are your Kidneys disordered?!
"Kidney Wort brought me from my grave, as it ■
were, after 1 had boen given up by 13 Iwst doctors in if
Detroit." SI. W. Deveraux, Mechanic, lonia, Mich. H
I Are your nerves weak ? [
"Kidney Wort cured uio from nervous weakness Eg
&c. after I was not expected to live."- Mrs. M. 11. B. H
Goodwin, Ed. Christian Monitor. Cleveland, O. R
Have you Bright's Disease?!
"Kidney-wort cured iuo when ley water was just fl
like chalk and tuun liko blood." ■
Frank Wilson, Peabody. Mass. D
Suffering from Diabetes? Q
"Kidney-Wort ij tno most successful remedy I have fl
ever used. Given almost linuicliat-c relief." i.
Dr. I'Ullip C. Ballou, Monkton, Vt. fl
Have you. Liver Complaint?!
"Kidney-Wort cured mo cf chronic. Liver Diseases X
after I Brayed to die." _ , I
Henry Word, late Col. 68th Nat. Guard, N. T. I
Is your Back lame and aching? j
"Kidney-Wort, (1 bottle) cured mo when I was sol
lame I had to roll out of bad." i
C. M. Tallmago, Milwaukee, Wis. j
Have you Kidney Disease?!
•Kidney-Wort made me sound in liver and kidneys I
after years of unsuccessful doctoring. Its worth I
;-10 a box."— Sam'l Hodges, Wllliaiiutown, West Va. j
Are you Constipated?
♦•Kidacy-Wort causes easy evacuations and cured
mo after 1* years usa of other medicines."
Nelson Fairchild, St. Albans, Vt. '
' Have you Malaria?
"Kldnoy-Y.'ort has dono better than any other
remedy I have ever used in my practice."
- Dr. It. K. Clark, South Hero, Vt.
Are you Bilious? jf
"Kidney-Wort has done me mora good than any
other remedy I have ever token."
Mrs. J. T. Galloway, Elk Flat, Oregon, i
Are you tormented -with Piles? z
"Kidney-Wort permanently cured mo of bleeding J
piles. Dr."W. C. Kline recommended it to me." {
Geo. fl. Horst, Cashier M. Bank, Myerstown, Pa.
I Are you Rheumatism racked ?
"Kidney-Wort curoa mo, after 1 was given up to I
die by bhysiciaiis and I hiid Suffered thirty years." I
Elbridge Ualcoha, West Bath, Maine. I
Ladies, are you suffering? \
"Kidney -Wort cured mo of peculiar trouDlc-9 off
several years standin-r. Many friends U3e and praise I
it." Mrs. H. Lamoreaux, Isle La Motte, Vt. :
If you would Banish Disease!
i and gain Health, Take j
jllMllll *■"*"' flflflflflßflflaflflflflßflflflflflflfl]
tub Blood Cleanser. ■
For Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque, Rock Island,
Burlington, Keokuk, Quincy, St. Louis
and all Intermediate Points.
The elegant, popular and fast electric light pas
senger steamer
John Killeen, Master. Larry Ccbbrly. Clerk
Leaves St. Paul, Wednesday, August 6. at 12 m.
This is the most pleasant route South, East
and West from St. Paul. View the famed scenery
of the Upper Mississippi. No heat or dust.
Through tickets to all river and interior points
via river and rail. Low rates, including meals
and berth.
A. G. LONO, Agent.
Office and Dock opposite Union Depot. City
Office In St. Paul, corner Third and Jackson.
Office In Minneapolis, 10 Washington avenue
Offer tho test grades of Anthracite and Bitumi
nous Coal at the very lowest market prices.
Their coal is fresh Ironi the mines and well
screened. And their Body Wood cannot be
equaled In the state.
A share of your patronage Is solicited.
41 East Third Street,
Corner of Cedar.
£5 — as. District Court, Second Judicial District.
Samuel Dcuring, plaintiff, vs. The unknown heirs of
W. 11. Morton, James D. Goodrich and J. A. Pace,
deceased, and also, all other parsons or parties un
known, claiming any right, title, estate, lien or In
terest in the real estate, lands, tenements and here
ditaments described in the complaint herein, de
The State of Minnesota to the abuvenamed defend
You aro hereby summoned nnd required to answor
the complaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled
action, which has becu Died In the office of tbe clerk
of said court at Saint I'aul, In said county, and to
serve a copy of your answer to said complaint on the
subscribers, at their office. In the city of Saint Paul,
In the said county of liamscy, within twenty days af
ter the service of this summons upon you, exclusive
of tho day of such service; and. If you fall to answer
the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the
plaintiff in this action will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in the complaint.
Bated July 26th, A. 1). 18:14.
Plaintiff's Attorneys, Saint I'aul. Minn.
State of Minnesota, Co-mty of Kamsey— ss. District
Court, Second Judicial District.
Samuel Bearing, plaintiff, vs. The unknown heirs of
W. H. Morton, james I). Goodrich and J.A . Pace,
deceased, and, also, all other persons or parties un
known, claiming any right, title.' estate, lien or In
terest In the real estate, lands, tenements and here
ditaments described iv the complaint herein, de
Notice is hereby given that a civil action has been
commenced in the district court of'the state of Mm -
ncsota, in aud for the second judicial district of said
state, and the county ot Kamsey therein, wherein
Samuel Dealing Is plaintiff aud the unknown heirs of
W. H. Morton. James D. Goodrich and J. A. Pace,
and, also, all other persons or parties unknown,
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or Interest in
the real estate, lands, tenements and hereditaments
descrlbed In the complaint in said action, are defend
ants: that said action Is now pending and undeter
mined and that the object of such action is to quiet
in the plaintiff- Samuel Dearlug. the title to those
certain tracts or parcels of land situate in the said
connty of Ramsey and state of Minnesota, and de
scribed ss follows, that Is to say: Lots numbered one
(1). two (2), three (8;, four (4), live f5), six (6;, seven
tT). eight i.!*\ nine (9). ten (10). eleven (II), twelve
(12) and thirteen f 13). In block numbered one (1): all
of blocks numbered two ci\ three (3», four (4), five
(M, slx(«), seven (T), eight (8), nine (9^. ten (10i,
eleven ('lll, twelve (12). thirteen flSi, fourteen (14),
fifteen c.i Si. sixteen (MX, seventeen 1 17). eighteen
(18), twenty (20), twenty-one (21>. twenty-two r.'2<.
and twenty-three (281, In Nelson, Stevens & King's
Addition to Saint Paul, according to the plat thereof
on flle and of record In the office of tho register of
| deeds within and for said county. And the further
object of said action is to determlno any claim, lien,
estate or Interest la sold land, adverse to the estate
of the plaintiff therein. The plaintiff In said action
is the solo owner in fee-simple of the tract of land
"Willis * WiLLAltt. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Saint Paul, Minnesota, JfetTSStb, 1334.
— M. In Probatccourt, special term. July 15, 1884.
Ln the matter of the estate of Eliza Ann Farwell,
On reading and Sling toe petition of Frank B. Far
well and George L. Farweif, executors of tbe estate of
Eliza Ann Farwell. deceased, representing among
other things, that they have fully administered said
estate, and praying that a time and place be fixed for
examining and allowing their account of administra
tion, and for the assignment of (he residue of said es
tate to the persons thereto entitled under the will of
said deceased;
It is ordered, that said account be examined, and
petition heard, by the Judge of this Court, on Thurs
day, the Tth day' of August. A. D.UM, at 10 o'clock
a. m., at the Probata office. In said county.
And it is further entered, that notice thereof be
given to all persons Interested, by publishing a copy
of this order for thrte succesatve weeks prior to said
day of hearing, tn the Daily Globe, a newspaper
printed and published at Sain: Paul. In said county.
By the Court. WM. B. McGRORTY.
(L. », ] Judge of Probate.
Attest: TXAXK Komxnr. Jr.. Clerk. jyl6-4w-wed
District Cr.u'rt. Second Judicial District.
D. D. Merrill, plaintiff, vs. Ellen O'Connor, defend
In pursuance of • Judgment and decree of tbe
court in this action m*4c at special term held oa tbe
10th of March. A. D 1583, I shall expose for sale, at
the .aw directs, at the front door of tbe Sheriff's
office. !a the city of Saint. Pan:, in the cxujsy of
Ramsey, on tbe eleventh day of September, 1954. at
2 o'clock p. Ei.. the following described real estate,
situate tn tbe county of Ramsey, state of Minnesota,
to-wit: Lot number ttrec (3) In block one hundred
and seventy -eight (ITS) tn Robertson's addition to
West taint rani, la the Sixth ward of tbe ctty of
Saint Psoi. to satisfy tbe snm of three hundred dol
lars and interest thereon from the 10th of March,
Sheriff of Ramsey County.
S. L. Pmc*. Attorney for Plaintiff,
Sated J air »Ul UM. jotyW-TV-wed
—ss. District Court First Judicial District. ■
In the matter of the insolvency of Potcr Daniels.
The uudurslgnod Lucius A, Hancock, of Red Wing,
Goodhue county, Minnesota, hereby gives notice,
that under and by virtue of the provisions of chapter
I 148 of the general laws of the State of Minnesota,
for the year 1881, he was by said oourt, on the 28th
day of Juno, 1884, appointed tbe Rocelver of the
property and estate of Potcr Daniels, of said Red
Wing, an Insolvent debtor.
Dated lied W'lug, Minn., July 7, 1884.
W. C. AVillistow, Attorney. july9-7w-wcd
State of Minnesota, County of Ramsey — ss. District
{ Court, Second Judicial Dlstriot.
: John Healy, plaintiff, vs. Lydia F. Lund, Frederick
B. Lund, Joseph W. Lund, sole helrs-at-law of
Charles C. Lund, deceased; aud also, all other per
sons or parties unkuowu, claiming any right, title,
Interest, estate or lien in the real estate, land, tene
ments or hereditaments described lv the complaint
herein, defendants.
| The State of Minnesota to the above-named defend
You and each of you are heraby summonod and
I required to answer the complaint of the plaintiff In
the above entitled action, which has been filed In the
I office of the clerk of said court, iv the city of Saint
j Paul, In said county, and to serve a copy of your an
■ swer to said complaint on the subscribers, at their
| ollice 34U Wabashaw street, in tho city of Sc. Paul, in
I the couuty of Ramsey, and state aforesaid, within
! twenty days after the service of this summons upon
! you, exclusive of the day of such service; aud. If you
j fall to answer the said complalut within the time
! aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply to
the court for the relief demanded in said complaint,
together with the costs and disbursements herein.
Plaintiff's Attorneys, St. Paul, Minn.
j Dated July 2oth, A. D. 1884. jy3o-7w-wcd
Kotice to Creditors.
| State of Minnesota, County of Ramsey — ss. In Pro
bate Court, Special Term, July 1, 1884.
j In the matter of the estato of Pierre Chouteau,* Jr.,
I deceased.
Notice is hereby given that tho Judge of Probate
I of the. County of llamsey, will upon the first Monday,
| of the mouths of August, September, October, Novem
| berand December, 1884, at ten o'clock a. in., receive,
. hear, examine and adjust, all claims and demands of
; all persons against suid deceased; and that six months
; from and after the date hereof have been allowed
| and limited for creditors to present their claims
against said estate, at the expiration of which time
all claims not presented or not proven to Its satisfue
j tlon, 6hall be forever barred, unless for good cause
shown further time be allowed.
By the Court,
[L.s.] WM. B. McGRORTY,
Judge of Probate.
CnAS. P. CnorTEAU, Executor.
R. B. GALUsnA, Atty. for Executor. jy2-sw-w
Notice or Execution Sale.
Notice is hereby given that under aud by virtue of
! a certain writ of execution, Issued from out of, and
j under the seal of the District Court, of the State of
! Minnesota, In and for the Second Judicial District,
j and the county of Ramsey, to enforce a judgement
' duly rendered by said court and docketed therein, in
j a certain civil action wherein Frederick R. Welz Is
plaintiff, aud James K. Goodhue is defendant, (said
writ of having been duly delivered to me for enforce
ment.), I have levied upou as the property of said de
fendant, and now hold, tho following described lands,
lylnjj and being situate in tho county of Ramsey, and
state of Minnesota, that Is to say: the northern nine
ty three (!)3J and eight-twelfths (8-12) feet of lot
numbered oue (1) In block numbered thirty (30) In
Saint raul Proper, In the county of Ramsey and state
of Minnesota, also, lots numbered five (5), six (B), '
seven Ci). mid eight (8), In block numbered twenty
two (22) tf Saint Paul i roper, in the county of Kam
sey and state of. Minnesota, all of said description
being In accordance with the plats of Saint Paul
(Saint Paul Prupar), on file and of record In the office
of tho Register of Deeds within and for said county
Of P.amsey.
And I do hereby give notlco that I shall, on the .
twenty-fifth (25th) day of August, A. D. 18S4, at the
hour of ten In the forenoon of said Say, at the
front door of the new court house, on the southeast
corner of Fifth street and Wabashaw street, In the .
city of Saint Paul In said county, In accordance with
law and under said writ, offer for sale and sell at
public auction to the highest bidder for cash, the
lands hereinbefore described, or so much thereof as
shall be necessary to satisfy the amount due. upon
said judgment, with Interest and the costs aud ex
penses of said sale,
Saint Paul, Minnesota, July 7th, A. D., 1834.
Sheriff of Ramsey County, Minnesota.
Willis & Will aro. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
& — ss. In Probate Court, special term, July 15,
In the matter of tho estate of Fred A. Emerson.
On reading and filing tho petition of Jorry K. Emer
son, of said county, representing among other things
tbat Fred A. Emerson, late of said county, on
the 19th day of October, A. D. ISS2, at Saint Paul,
lv said county, died Intestate, aud being an Inhabit
ant of this county at the time of his death, leaving
goods, chattels and estate within this county, and
that tbe said petitioner Is tbe father of said do
ceased, and praying that administration of said estato
be to bim granted;
It Is ordered, that said petition be heard before the
judge of this court on Monday, the 11th day of August,
A.«D. 1884, at teu o'clock a. in., at the probate office,
Insiil'i county.
Ordered further, that notice thereof be given to
tbe heirs of said deceased, and to all persons Inter
ested, by publlshiug auopy of this order for three suc
cessive weeks prior to said day of hearing, In the
Daily Ulobk, a newspaper printed and published
at Saint Paul In said county.
By the Court,
[L.s.j WM. B McGBORTY,
Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr., Clerk.
■uviN Ktan A Ivas, Attorneys for Petitioner.
— ss. Iv Probate Court, special term, July 13,
In the matter of the estate of Mary F. Bay, deceased.
On reading aud filing the petition of Henry LeClalr,
of said county, representing, among other things, tbat
Mary F. Ball, late of said couuty, on the Ttb day of
November, A. I>. 1882. at Saint Paul, In said county,
died Intestate, and being an Inhabitant of this county |
at the time of her death, leaving goods, chattels and
estate within this county, and that the said petition
er Is the uncle and adoptive father of said deceased,
and praying that admlulstrutlou of said estate he to
him granted;
It Is ordered, that said petition be heard before tho
Judge of this court, on Monday, the 11th day of Au
gust. A. D. 1884, at ten o'clock a. in., at the Probate
otllce In said county.
Ordered further, that notice thereof be given to tho
heirs of said deceased, and to all persons Interested,
by publishing a copy of this ur.ler for three successive
weeks prior to said day of bearing, in the Daily
(li.'iiin. ii newspaper printed uud published at Saint
Paul In said county.
By the Court,
[L.s.l Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr.. Clerk.
Ekwin, Ryan A Ivas. Attorneys fur petitioner.
— ss. In Probate Court, special term, July 14,
In the matter of tho estate of Cornelius K. Sutton,
■\Vhcrcas, an Instrument In writing, purporting to
be an authenticated copy of the last will aud testa
ment of Cornelius K. Sutton, deceased, and of the
probate thereof, In the County of New York. State of
New York, has been delivered to this court;
And whereas, Ambrose C. Ktugsland. jr., has filed
herewith his petition, representing among other things
that said Cornelius K. Sutton died at the city of New
York, in said county and state, testate, and that said
petitioner and Clara B. Sutton and Gregory Sutton
are the Mole executor* named In said Instrument, and
praying that the said Instrument may be admitted to
probate, and that letters testamentary be to him and
other executors Issued thereon;
It Is ordered, that the proofs of said Instrument,
and the said petition, be heard before this court, at
the Probate office In said county, on Monday, the 11th
day of August, A. D. 18S4. at ten o'clock In the fore
noon, when all concerned may appear and contest the
probate of said Instrument;
And it Is further ordered, that public notice of the
time and place of said hearing be given to all persons
Intersted, by publication of these orders for three
week* successively previous to said day of hearing,
In the Dailt Globe, a newspaper printed and pub
lished at Saint Paul In said county.
By the Court,
[L.S.] "WM. B. MrGRORTY,
Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robkrt. Jr.. Clerk.
Hoktos A Morrison, Attorncysfor petitioner.
ss. In Probate Court, special term. July 22. 1584.
In the matter of the estate of James Richardson,
Ou reading and filing the petition of Irving E.
Atherton, of said county, representlag, among other
things, that James Richardson, late of Elizabeth
City. New Jersey, In the year 1562, at said Elizabeth
City. New Jersey, died Intestate, and being an non
resident of this county at the time of his death, leav
ing goods, chattels and estate within this county, and
that the said petitioner Is a creditor and Is Interested
In the estate of said deceased, and praying tbat ad
ministration of said estate be to Azel S. Leonard, or
some other suitable person granted;
It is ordered, that said petition be heard before tbe
judge of this court, on Monday, the 18th day of
August, A. D. ISS4. at ten o'clock a. m., at the Pro
bate office tn said county.
Ordered further, that notice thereof be given to the
heirs of said deceased, and to all persona Interest
ed, by publishing a copy of this order for three suc
cessive weeks prior to said day of hearing. In tbe
Daily Globe, a news;«per printed and published at
Saint Paul In said county.
By the Court, vT*. B. McGRORTY.
fL. «.] Judge of Probate.
Attest: Fbatk Robkst. Jr.. Clerk.
A. S. Uxlu Attorney for Petitioner.
— ss. In Probate Court, special term, July 31 1884.
In the matter of the estate of James Towlerton.
On reading and filing the petition of Harry C. Me-
Camy, of said county, representing, among other
things, that James Towlerton, late of said county,
on the 21st day of December. 13*3. at said county,
died intestate, and being an Inhabitant of his county
at the time of bis death, leaving goods, chattels and
estate within this county, and that the said petitioner
Is the son-in-law of said deceased and the principal
creditor of said estate, and praying that administra
tion of said estate he to him granted;
It Is ordered. That said petition be heard before the
Judge of this court, on Monday, tbe 18th day of August,
A. D. 1834. at ten o'clock a. nu, atthe probate office,
is said county.
Ordered further, that notice thereof be given
to the heirs of said deceased, and to ail persons later
; est cd. by publishing a copy of this order for three I
successive weeks prior to said day of hearing, in the
[ Dailt Glob*, a newspaper printed and published at
! Saint Paul, in said county.
By the Court,
, [x-s.] WM. B. McOBOBTT,
Judge of Probate.
j Attest: Fiate BcnuuT, Jr.. Clerk
Wuxu A WfLXAXD. Attorneys for Petitioner.
We are now building, and offer for sale FIVE
Block 11, Holcomb's addition, fronting on Hen
nepin and Yale streets, west of Dale. They will
be completed by August 15th, and are for sale
on terms, that put them within reach of people
of moderate moans, who want homes. We have
already sold four houses in the same block to
good parties. We will show them to you, or you
can look for yourself.
We also offer a very well built and attractive
HOUSE, just finished, on Farqnler street, near
Earl, at a reasonable price and easy terms.
$2,500 In hand TO LOxVN on improved city
property; real estate alono must be worth
$5,000. Other amounts on usual terms and con
EASTERN FUNDS are beginning to seek in
vestment again In more liberal amounts, aud as
soon as they learn that we have a big crop as
ured, the mouey will come more freely.
LOTS to build upon seem just now to be most
in demand. We have them all around the city,
in Wright's Addition, and Summit Park on the
west; Lockwood's and other additions on the
east side.
If you want to buy", or sell, or borrow, glvo us
a call.
S.W. Cor, Jackson & Fifth Ste.
(Successor to D. A. Robertson & Co.. the oldest
real estate agency in Minnesota.)
Jo. 7 McQuillan Block, cor. Thira & Watiasliaw.
' (Established In 1872.)
Corner Third & Robert streets, (in Savings Bank,)
Buys, Sells, Collects, Pays Taxes, Negotiates
Loans, etc.
Real Estate & Loan Brokers,
St. PauL - - Minn
St. Paul. ... Minn.
will be received at the office of the Board of Water
Commissioners. 23 East Fifth street, until 12 m.
Tuesday, August 12, 1884, for building
In accordance with plans and specifications on
file in ollice of Engineer of snid board.
Each proposal must :be accompanied by a
bund of 20 per cent, of the amount bid, with two
sureties, residents of tbe state.
A form of bid will be furnished on application.
The Board re serves the right to reject any
and all bids.
Engineer Board of Water Commissioners.
More than SO years' use of strictly
Reliable Fabrics, made in the moat
Artistic and Durable manner possible
lias made for the
the most enviable reputation of any
Goods produced. They are sold by
first-class retailers throughout the
country. Ash your dealer for them.
Office Boabd or Fire Commissioners, I
St. Paul, August 1, 1884. [
Pealed bids will be Tecelved by tbe President
of the Board of Fire Commissioners, up to Fri
day, August 8, at 12 m, for
100 Tons (more or less) best quality wild
For use of Fire Department of City of St. Paul,
for one year from date of contract, to be deliv
ered at such times as called for by Chief Engi
neer. Proposals will be received for quantities
of 25<. tons and upwards. Parties bidding will
state specifically whether baled or loose hay.
The Board reserves tbe right to reject any and
all bids.
Proposals to be endorsed "Proposals for Hay,"
and addressed to F. R. Delano, President Board
of Fire Commissioners.
By order of tbe Board,
215-221 Secretary.
JsN ers — I will sell at auction, on Wednesday,
August G, at 10 a. m., at the city ball yard, one
6-inch herald and siaco centrifugal pump with all
tbe attachments, two 2ij inch steam ejectors,
with strand hose, steel drills, stone hammers,
picks, shovels, and a miscellaneous lot of tools,
and gaivanized iron pumps.
214-219 Auctioneer.
I will sell at auction, on the premises, corner
of Virginia and University avenues, lot 1, block 2,
of Elfelt. Bernhelmer A Arnold's addition to St.
PauL size of lot, 50x119, together with the em
provements thereon, to-wit: One store and sa
loon with large basement and dwelling of six
rooms, good well and cistern and barn. This
property is situated in the very center of a thriv
ing neighborhood, on the line of the street rail
way. To a party in search of a good business
location, this property presents a splendid oppor
tunity. The sale will take place on Tuesday,
August 12, at 10 a. m. Terms to be made known
216-225 Auctioneer.
TiirasiTL'we at Ar«i«?-! wui .en-ai
' auction, at my salestand, corner Third and
Cedar streets, on Saturday, August S, at 10 a. m.,
a large lot of household furniture, consisting of
parlor and bedroom fmrnitnre, ttovea, carpets,
crockery and glaeaware, etc, ate.
319 Auctioneer.
XjTCRNrrrKK AT AUCTION— I will sell at
X auction, at 9t Seat Sixth street on Thurs
day, August 7, at 10 o'clock a. m,. a large lot of
household furniture, bedroom suits, wardrobes,
lounges, parlor, drningroom. bedroom and kitchen
furniture, carpets, coal mid wood heating sfoves,
I one Cambria. 6-hoie cooking range, etc, etc
H6-239 Auctioneer.
WANTED — A situation as engineer. Huve
had ten yoars experience in the business.
Best of references can be given. Address C, 17,
Globe ollice. 218-224
WANTED— A situation by a young man of
five years experience, part tbe time as
manager. Address D, 10, Globe office. 21S-21
WANTED— Girl for general housework, 103
Nina avenue. 216-222
WANTED — A competent girl for general
housework, at 132 Nina avenue. 215-221
WANTED— Thirty men to work ou wtte r
works ; wuges $1.75 and $2 per day. Ap
ply at Engineer's office, 23 East Fifth street.
WANTED— Driver well acquainted in tbe
city, at Kent's Package Delivery. 219
ANTED— A horseshocr, a first-class floor
man. Apply at once, Comnel & McPhail,
Scientific horseshoers, 187 W. Fourth street.
WANTED — An assistant bookkeeper; must
come well recommended. 381 Robert
street. Davia & McAuley. 218-219
WANTED — A man to do general work about
house and barn. O. M. Metcalf, No. 16
East Third street. 217-13
WANTED — A principal for the Indepenaeut
Graded school of Little Falls. Apply to
A. F, Storey, secretary, Little Falls, Minn.
WANTED— A brass finisher at Saint Paul
Brass Works, on Cedar street, between
Sixth and Seventh . 213-219
a hardware dealer in Dakota, a steady relia
liable German clerk, single man preferred; good
reference required. Inquire Farwell, Ozman A
Jackson's, St. Paul. 212-221
PRINTER WANTED immediately, on good
waves. Also a canvasser to work up sub
scription and advertising lists of a new Illustrated
weekly. Address "Ariel," Prescott, Wis.
OR RENT— A residence flat of six nice
rooms at §15 per month ; water and all mod
em conveniences ; over drug store, corner Ohio
and George streets, West St. Paul. Inquire of
P. R. McDonnoll. 216*
FOR RENT — The second story of the new
elegant Weed block, 50 by 85, on Sev
enth, near Sibley street, (now In course of
erection). Feady August Ist. Will rent with
or without power for manufacturing purposes,
or will have it fitted into offices or rooms to suit.
Apply at once to WolterstorfE A Moritz, 163 East
Seventh street. 18U*
FOR RENT — A house of five rooms, v-ater,
cellar aud wood shed, 378 North Fort street..
IpOR RENT — Large house, ten rooms, on
Franklin near Third street; also third
story of building of building 155 West Third
street. J. Kelleher, 192 West Third street 214*
TO RENT — Ilalf of dwelling house containing
four fooms, with closets, etc. 'Water in
the house, and very desirable location. Apply
at 149 Nina avenue, between Laurel and Selby
avenues. 214-21
FOR RENT— Two houses on Cherry street, 8
rooms each, cellars, wells and cisterns.
Rent, $25 per month each. Also, 1 house on
Deßow street, 9 rooms, cellar, well and cistern.
Apply at coruer Seventh aud Rosabel streets.
Andrew Schock. 202*
FOR RENT— nouses from $6 to SlO. Jas.
Dillon, 235 Commercial street. 202*
FOR RENT— House 545 Ashland avenue, 8
rooms, alcove and bath, cistern and well
water. Rent low. E. Ingham, 563 Ashland
avenue. 202*
TWO new houses for rent. C. Casey, 698 East
Fourth street. 200*
OUSES FOR RENT— Between Twelfth and
Thirteenth streets, on Robert, Url L.
Lamprey. 181*
FOR RENT— A cottage house with 9 rooms,
In thorough repair, at $35 per month. Ap
ply to J. A. Sabln, Davidson block. 159*
FOR RENT— A cottage with four rooms,
Pantry and closets, good water and every
convenience. Apply to J. C. McCarthy, Sixth
ward. 270*
FOR RENT — A pleasant room with all modern
conveniences, with board. Address B, 14,
Globe office. 218-21
IjlOR RENT — Three nice rooms with all modern
Improvements, pintry, coal room, etc., cheap.
Inquire at this office. 216-222
QO FURNISHED and unfurnished rooms with
&(j good lease. 445 Jackson street. 215*
FURNISHED rooms for rent— Two very Ele
gantly furnished rooms — sitting and bed
rooms, suitable for two or more young men.
Inquire at 100 West Third street, firßt floor.
OMPLETE Manufacturing business for pale,
cheap. Inquire Capt. Barney, Chamber of
Commerce. 219-221
FOR SALE — A boarding house and n good
stand for a saloon. Apply 348 Rosabel
street; $10 per month ; three years lease.
21 9-225
FOR SALE— A five-glass Cunningham carriage
or hack, cheap for cash. Inquire at 411
Hennepin avenue, Minneapolis. 216*
FOR SALE— A first-class livery and hack
stock, situated in one of the best localities
in St Paul. Inquire 34 West Fourth street.
FOR SALE or Exchange — Standard plano.new;
will sell at a bargain for cash or trade. C,
15, Globe office. 213*
FOR SALE, or will trade for a horse, a good
Hallet & Davis piano. Call at once If you
mean business. E. S. ALLEN,
208* 142 East Third street.
FOR SALE — A complete apparatus for the
manufacture of pop and soda water, with
the privilege of t long lease of building uowuscd
as factory. Apply to Mrs. Mary Walter, corner
West Seventh and Walnut streets. 204-234
FOR sale cheap — Building, 28x110 on leased
ground on Eighth street between Jackson
and Sibley. Wolterstorff A Mortlz. 198*
FOR SALE — One four-horse engine and boiler'
complete, Li good order. Inquire at Franklin
Machine shops, coruerof Sixth and Cedarstreetss.
equipped St. Paul job office, with a large and
thoroughly established business, is offered for
sale at a great bargain. Apply to or address H.
P. Hall, St. Panl, Minn. 204*
ACKEY'S LOAN OFFICE— Notes bought,
money loaned on furniture, pianos, horses,
wagons and personal property at low rates, with
out removal. Offices, Room 7, First National bank
building, corner Fourth and Jackson street, St.,
Paul, and Room 7, Mackey A Lcgg block, corner
of Fourth and Nicollet, Minneapolis. 207*
LOANS on Life Ins. Policies. L. P. Van
Norman, No. 245, Ist Aye. S. Minneapolis.
LOST — Near corner Seventh and Fifth street!",
about 3 p. m., Tuesday evening, about $40
in currency, one bill of $20, balance In fives.
Party returning to 393 Fort street North, corner
of Sixth, will be duly rewarded. 219
WANTED — Estimates for a system of water
works for tbe village of Perham. Apply
to R. J. Jung, Village Recorder. 319-225 J
OR the next 30 days goods will be sold at
great sacrifice. Refrigerators and ice cream
freezers specialties. 188 East Seventh. cWolter
storff A Moritz. 17
rf. 1,500, will buy one of the best farms In Grant
tp connty, with house of 8 rooms, house alone
coat $1,200, only one mile from the county seat,
10 acres of the handsomest grove of trees In tbe
state, this property must be sold in tbe next 10
days. Fabwzll A Co., Third and Jackson.
FOR SALE — The following desirable lot? : lota
corner of Pleasant avenue and Sixth street,
2 lots on Rice street, between Iglehart and Tilton
street, 10 lots in Irvine's second addition, front
ing on Seventh street, (end of bridge; ; 12 lots
in Irvine's addition to West St. Paul ; also a well
established paying business. Apply to George
W. TtirnbnlL 343 Exchange street, city. 223*
FOR SALE OR EXf *HANGE— A choice larm,
fully improved and loctted one mile from a
good town, and will sell cheap. Farwell & Co.,
Third sad Jackson streets.
"VT/OW IS THE TIME and West Side the place,
J3l to secure yon a choice home on easy terms,
st $175, Is offered. Vacant, improved gardening
and bottom property, on terms to suit. We have
s complete Uet of West Side property. Call
tszlf. Lawton Bros. 210-230
____^______ CLOTHIERS.
smi BROS.,
One-Price Clothiers,
91 East Third Street,
Headquarters in St. Paul for Summer Clothing
Men's, Youth's, Boys' and Childrens'
Light Weight
In endless varieties, and at lowest prices. If
you want to keep cool, visit
91 East Third street.
Acknowledged by Artists the Best ia the World.
I know of none superior to the Weber and none that can compete with them
f °r durability.— I eresa Carreno.
«i ♦? u^? fl f** M Weber Piano is so sweet, rich and sympathetic, yet so full,
mat I shall always rank you as the greatest manufacturer of the day.— Emma
Weber Pianos excel all others in volume of tone and in power of expression.—
a. Liebhng. * *
1 hh e ? re no Pian <>s in the world that sustain the voice lik« the Weber.—Em
ma Abbott
E. C. MUNGEE. .Asrent, St. Paul
FINE tXiloriistq.
1111/ Ml $ DM 111, St, Paul, Mm.
58 East Third Street.
t^"The latest styles of Imported Goods always on hand. Perfect fits guaranteed.
c. h. mmi,
Soots ii lies,
New Styles Daily Received.
331 Wasliaw street Cop. 4ffi.
€8 and 70 Sibley street, corner Fifth, St. Paul, Minn.
Eclipse Wind Mills. Tanks and Pumps,
Smith- Vaile Steam Pumpß and Boilers.
Hancock Inspirators, Lubricators, eto
Fgjjjjg MORSE & CO., ■ 371 & 373 Sibley street
Kt. Paul Agency for BURT'S, GRAY'S,
| REYNOLD'S, and Many Others.
I X3ST Mail orders promptly rilled.
'■".,. — Si
Bu long srcee established its claims to public favor and has now enteied upon Its 15th year and*
the most favorable auspices, bend for catebgue, giving full particulars. .Northwest cor. Seventh
and Jackson atreeta. ... „ ,
W. A. FADDIS, Principal.
508 ari m Went Tbird Stmt'
Opposite Metropolitan HoteL
General Druggist
Is settled in his elegant Hew Store
Comer TO and Saint Peter s'ree's.
Where can be fonnd the finest and best of Drugs,
Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Patent Medicines,
etc. Also, all kinds of Garden and Flower Seeds
in their season.
Tleafflliu lasmeMe"
10 West Third street, St. Paul
IreepectfuHy invite the attention of ladies and
gentlemen to my large, most complete and ele
gant stock of new Masquerade Costumes, for
balls, parties, theatrical performances, old folks'
concerts, tableaus, Ac
Masks at wholesale.
Country parties, send for list and prices.
l"he most Elegant Blood Purifier, Liver Invigora~
tor, Tonic, and Appetizer ever known. Tho first
Bitters containing Iron ever advertised in Ameri.
ca. Unprincipled persons are imitating the name;
look out for frauds. See £l /£)) t /it ma
that the following slgna- /MAp*n!7//
ture is on every bottle and A^j7yZyr{f//C/~*.
tap", none other: A y~' , »-' ' vK**ns-, "V
ST. I'AUL. MINN. CX Druggist* Chemlai
The Leading ST. PAUL Manufactory of
Have in Stock
' 100,000 feetof DRY WHITE OAK FLOORING.
Yellow Pin« Flooring and Hardwood Lamlwr.

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