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The Minneapolis office of the Daily Globe has
been removed to 213 Hennepin avenue.
The Daily Globe
;an be found on sale every morning at the fol
lowing news stands:
Nicollet House news stand, St. Jnmes Ilotel
news stand, J. W. Ayers, South Third street
between Nicollet and Hennepins avenue, W. E. '
Gerrieh, COl South Washington avenue, W. H.
Etickney, 517 Cedar avenue. 11. J. Worth, oppo
elte Manitoba depot. Geo. A. Morse, 200 Central
ii venue, E. A. Taylor, 226 Hennepin avenue, C.
E. Murphy, 206 Henr.cpin avenue, H. Hoetlner, ■ j
1221 Washington avenue north, and Uedderly & |
Co,, 50 Central avenue. »
_____________^ ~ — —— !
Special term of the district court to-day.
Rev. A. Fuller will speak at the city mission :
this evening.
A teachers' examination will be held at Long ;
Luke on Thursday next. !
Robt. Blum lodge happily entertained a large j
party of the Sovereigns last night. !
• The Fifth ward Maine and Logan club met at ;
the Twelfth street hose house last night. :
' A plat of Aurora Park revised addition was'
yesterday filed with the register of deed*.
The Republicans will hold their primaries this
evening, and it will be a lively scrambling.
The A. B. Priest assault and battery cage was
dismissed in the municipal court yesterday.
The Minneapolis lacrosse club will go to St.
Paul to play a championship game next Thurs
('. C. Peck was yesterday found guilty of sell
ing liquor without a license. lie paid a flue hi ■
The case against Richard Powers, charged with ;
assaulting his wife Julia, was yesterday contin- |
ned until Sept. 29.
Ben. Butler is to be honored by a political or- !
ganization, it is said, in the Third ward which
v. iii bear bis name.
To-night the war promised by Charley John- j
son will begin iii earnest. The Damascus blade ]
Will weep tear- of blood.
. The Probst sasanlt and battery case still bangs !
dr. in the municipal court. It is now set for
trial on the 20th instant.
The rotunda, office, billiard room . dining hall
md parlo/i of the KicoJlet house are to be lllu
minatcd with electric lights.
Ah expected, the adultery case brought against
Edith Cole by bi-r husband, Israel Cole, was di.»
misled in the municipal court.
In the municipal court yesterday the case
against 1., P. Ryan charged with violating the
hack ordinance, \vu- dismissed.
The followers of St. John and Daniel are got
ting quite enthusiastic in Minneapolis. They
expect to poll a bigger vote than usual.
Theo. Schmltz and Rosa Kesler, Whipple Par
rott and Nellie Owen, John Olson and Mathilda
Johnson yesterday obtained marriage licenses.
Auditor McDonald has sold all the tax judg
ments in the county, excepting a portion of the
Eighth ward, which will be offered for sale to
JV|i;ir> Sheriff Thompson left last evening for
St. Peter, having charge of liaily Llnsted who
was yesterday adjudged insane by Probate Judge
.1. I-'. Nowlln, the flick young man who forged
n'hitcorub'i name to a S-H check, was yester
day held to await the action of the grand jury in
£-<i>i) bonds.
Last night a large party of the member! of the,
{Sovereign Grand lodge were royally entertained
by Mr- Dr. French at her residence in Iloyal
unii avenue.
John Mullen, the chap who stole a coat and
vc&t from in front of the L* T X clothing store,
whs committed thirty days yesterday by Judge
Bailey for the Offence.
Judge Bailey yesterday suspended sentence In
the case of Peter Usurer, charged with selling
liquor without license, the suspension being
ODcrativc during l'oik! behavior. ./. . ..
Kelvin 15. Bryant ami wife, in the district
court yesterday, commenced proceedings for the
adoption of a girl five months old, daughter of
Harvey Uoochings, of Independence.
The fire alarm yesterday noon Wai occasioned
by a fire, in a bed m Twenty-fifth street and Six
teenth avenue south, It was extinguished in its
1111 iplency without the aid of sue department.
A deed of the transfer of blocks 1 to 17 in
clusive, of Remington park, fifth division, L. F.
Menage to .lax. E. Merri'.l consideration $805,000,
was yesterday filed with the register of deeds.
Moll Pike, the nymph «lv pave arrested at
die Instance of llu^h McNulty upon the charge
.if purloining two one hundred <l<>llur bills from
bira, ha 1 her examination further continued un
til the ■-•ciii Instant;
The various candidates looking toward secur
in" the nomination for coroner ou the Republican
ticket, were particularly active yesterday, ar
rmiii lx things for the caucuses this evening.
Each one feels confident of success.
|R'.\ telegram was received last evening from S.
G.'Spaiilding; of Chicago,* an uncle of Geo. 11.
onlvn, the man who committed suicide",] to the
l-fTeCttliat ho is on Ills way to Minneapolis and
will be here today to take charge of the body.
1 man I*. Lane Is a veritable riiij^ smasher.
The Republican ring says the antl-Ullfillan Re
publican* can have no representative In the eon
vention on Tuesday bnt the Third ward Is liable
to elect a majority of antl-Ullfillan delegates to
ulght. •
Sir*. C, 11. Pratt and Mr- W. W. Folwcll will j
make distributions at the College bosp lal for the
Flower and Fruit mission this afternoon. The
monthly meeting occurs al the residence of Mrs.
Junien Plant, 810 Ninth street south, on Friday,
8< pt. M. •
V\n Democrats of the Fourth ward will meet I
in the hall adjoining the board of trade rooms
this evening and perfect the organization of a
Cleveland r Jfc ilcndrlcks club. Hon. o. C. Mer
rlam will be ons of tho speaker*. All an- invited
to attend.
A meeting will bo held it the Cnrttsa hall. In
the Sidle block at 10 o'clock thl* morning for
the purpose of organising a department of wo
men - work to be placed on exhibition at the
New Orleans exposition together with other
Minnesota exhibit*.
S. 11 Potts .v Son. stock misers In Illinois,
yesterday commenced suit in the district court
against W. S. Kin:: and others, managers of the
Minneapolis fair, for premiums awarded upon
stock exhibited bj them si the fair la 1881, but
never paid. The total amount of the premiums
Is $1,810,
tin the Brut day of the month Judee M.ihoney
committed Hugh Garrity to Jail for sixty .lays
tor selling liquor without a license, he having
been convicted of dispensing ardent spirits t>e
yond ihe L'celebr»ted dead line ■• Yesterday his
attorney. Charles Kbort. cuccee:lei in getting the
sentence suspended, aui Garrity is again a tree
Articles Incorporating the Mutual Live Stock
association were yesterday filed with the rrgi*
lor at deeds. Tbe object Is charity, benevolence
and mutual assistance, and to indemnify each
other by niutail assistance for the loss by death
or disablement of horses, mules or cattle. The
Iticdrporators are John H. Hasty, Chat. H. B u .
ri:ii. J. W. Molyncaux.
It : transpires that W. 11. Orrnlorf, John I k
Ttlockadore and Charles Gardner, the three *M
l«h young men who were arrested at the West a
month ago upon suspicion that th-?y were hotel
thieves, are estimable cltlaen/ of Canton. 111.
The RtpmbtlCitn ot that j>l«cr devotes a h»lf col
ontn to eulogising their ch*ractcr and conJcu.n-
Ing til Minneapolis police and press.
C Brockenbrongh, of l.a Payette, fadlana.and
Thomas A. (»rr. of Minneapolis, secured in two
days fishing at lake Mintetonka, eighty pocuds
of Waik l's«« and thirty pound* of pickerel!,
»f tirhlne in all '."5 pounds. if the ccaiber
thrre bass weighed SS-<s\ and C* pounds each,
■mskinc l^^i pounds. The choicest and largest
fit>hrver caupht In the northwestern countr*.
At the regular meeting of the Independent
order of Foresters, the following oflleers were
elected: C. It.. C. I>. Barth: V. C. 11., .'!■• W.
lieran: fin. Will s. Park; reo. sec.. James
Fressy: tn'as., o. P. Jackson; physician. J. T.
aiot>r*: it sj> . M. C. >tine; w^nlnrards. A.
llaabrr, J. l«Kl!ey: beadle*. E. G. Hall. M. J.
Krnny. 'iU? order is in a very flourishing con
dition, thirty -ttve wemtKtr* baring been added
«uic« the last regular meeting.
.Vrir /•(f.irr* * .1. „
Four suits for divorce were commenced in the
district coart yesterday. Albvrtha Peterson
wishes * divorce from Ole Peterson cpon is*
ground of adultery, and asks tor alimony; Fan
cle Ucll desires a legal separation from her hus
band Frank and the ca«tody of the children,
allcpinc druukenn«ss and cruelty en his part.
Daniel Srgar » i -••.»■ > to be cteraally divorced
frc^n hi.< better half Ida, whom h« states ba*
tMsaten him with a wheel spoke and otherwise
made life unbearable. Emms Jane Merrick,
a^ed thirty, detSr«:» a divorce from Henry Clay
>ltrrick. ■-d thirty-etfkt, charging that be ha?
At divers tttnes been guilty of adultery with one
Kittw Warren, and further has dtsertfl btr.
bhe aaka for tLc cuttcdi jf. tac chilitcn.
Yesterday's Session of the Sovereign j
Grand Lodge of Oddfellows. .
The Colored Race Will Not Be Admitted—
The Patriarchal Circle Matter.
Receptions and Presentations In the. Even
ing Largely Attended and Highly
Yesterday's session of the Sovereign Grand
lodge is said to have been of more interest to the
members than the session of the first days in the
week. The question of admitting colored peo
ple was again brought up. An amendment to the
constitution was presented for the purpose of
leaving the matter discretionary with foreign
subordinate jurisdictions whether colored people j
be admitted or not in such jurisdictions. The
proposition met with a vigorous opposition. It
was argued that the adoption of the amendment
would open the door to a movement which
should do away with' all color distinct:
and the position was ' considered
highly objectionable. The discussion occupied
the attention of the body for two hours, anil elo
orient addresses were made pro and con. Upon
a vote the matter was decided in the negative/
100 to 42.
A number of appeal* were disposed of and the
committees presented reports which were acted
The committee on finances to whom had been
referred the matter of salaries, reported a re
comendation that the salary of the grand secre
tary be fixed at 32,500, and the salary of the as
sistant graud secretary at $1,900, and that of the
treasurer at SSOO. The report was adopted and
the salaries were fixed un recommended.
It was moved that a committee De created on
appeals, on questions of dues, benefits, etc.,
whose action shall be final, "with a view of lessen
ing the labors of the Sovereign Grand lodge, but
after a short debate the proposition was ■ tabled.
An amendment was reported by the commit
tee on legislation, authorizing every new lodge
to adopt the name of any disbanded . lodge.
It wes moved to change the present form of
visiting or traveling cards, but It failed to carry. [
The afternoon session of the Sovereign Grand
| lod^e was principally devoted to listening to
I committee reports and to discussing the troubles
I between the Sovereign urand lodge and the Pat
j riarchial circle, but no disposition was made or
I the matter. The trouble has arisen from the
I fact that while the circle bus. not openly refrised
I to obey the flats of^he Sovereign Grand lodge
! they have evaded the order. The circle sets.
itself upas an Independent branch from the.
j Sovereign Grand lodge, yet it requested all mem
bers to hastily become blue degree members.
The Sovereign Grand lodge ordered them not to
i make that requisition and it was changed so that
none but third degree members were eligible to
take the circle degree.
In the evening the Sovereigns gathered at the
West hotel and a happy occasion resulted, end
ing with a dance.
Grand Sire Leach called the gathering to
order and presented W. G. Dye, E.
A. Stevens and C. W. Smith, the local commit
! tee, with elegant autograph albums containing
i the names of all the members. He, in his pre
j entatlon remarks, reviewed the trip from Chi
| cago to Minneapolis, and referred to ihe hide
fatigable efforts of the recipients
to provide • for the comfort of
the representatives and to that end had
worked day and night.
His remarks concluded Mrs. Henry ('. Hedges,
of Ohio, stepped forward and addressed the
1 above gentleman an i also Wm. Eibie and and
Mrs. Stevens In very complimentary and grate
j fill terms.
To thi* all the gentlemen responded in an appropriate
■ propriate manner.
Hon. Gordon E. Cole was in the city yesterday.
V. A. Greenwood, of England, in at the Nic
: Olll'.l.
Gaspard Farrar, of England, is stopping at the
Rev. Jas. Barclay, of Moulrial, is at the West
<.«<>. A. Beaton, of Bismarck, is registered at
i •1. . 1 ■!,.,!,
lion. J. M. Shaw and family returned from
the east yesterday.
Hon. I). N. Smith, It. Is. A ni,'u.<>. W. .T. Bu
chanan, is a Montreal party at the Weft.
Dr. Zier left lust evening for Kentucky on
bu«incßßi expecting to be absent two weeks.
P. 8. Clark, a prominent business man from
Cleveland, UJilo, is visiting friends in the city.
M. B. Shcaeld, Faribault; A. S. Wlnship, \v;
nona; C. 15. Brown, Sanboraj 0. T., were amony
Northwestern arrival.- 1 at the Nicollet yesterday.
C. B. Kockwood, Fisher: W. 11. Harrington,
Still water; A. J. Traesd*le< Owatonna; J. J.
Wilson, Wiuoua, are the Mlnnesotians at in.-
F. V. Bu'rcham and bride, of Fer£i Kail?, are
stopping ut the West, en route for the e_iist. V.r.
Durnbatn || a leiuiing contractor and builder of
the ''city of future j:roatnc»s."
II A I.l' A si i< id! .
dm. II ll'mil'ii. 11 Trawling Sithsiini ,,,
Mr* Smlitrltt'l <if lltnrt Uisllivr, Aided hi/
Morphine Taken with .Suicidal Intent--
A Significant Latter.
George 11. Worden, a traveling nalepman for
Buchanan A Lyle. tobacco dca'crs, of Brooklyn,
committed suicide by taking morphine . Ycatcr
day the coroner had the remains removed to tin
city morgue, and a coroner's investigation was
held in the afternoon. All the essential facts
connected with the affair were brought out.
The deceased was of a free and easy disposition
and rather predisposed to intoxicants, lie came
to Minneapolis about two weeks ugo and etoppid
at the West hotel. He 1- well known ben und
baa many worse friends, one of whom being Cleo.
11. Worden, with Johnson a Burdy, saah nun- ;
afacturers, a namesake but not a relation. As j
toon si Worden arrived in the city he want on a 1
protracted spree, ending op by taking rooms ho
a cheap lodging boose opposite tU Milwaukee
di pot. Mr. Worden, the friend, was notified
that the deceased was 111 an.l called on him on
Wednesday. He hud been with him when he
pun baaed one dozen one quarter grain morphine
pills at the Security drug tloio,
ami when he callod at the
room the deceased took one of thorn. Warden
summoned l»r. Moore who vl-Jte.l the patient
and found him in * precarious physical condition
and ordered him removed 10 the CotKgo hospital.
On Thursday Worden called on tin' sick man
at the hospital ami found him in conscious con
dition. The deceased jaU. "I am triad yyn unvi
come (Jcori:e, because I have something import
taut to say to yon. It has been on my mil tot
a week or more. I have written you a letter
i which explains the matter.""
The letter referred to l< in thr bnn'l* of th»
| coroner, and was placed in evidence at the mi
i quest. It referred to troubles which hr hn« to
1 contend with. nnd -:i:>l r!i ■ Writer's life had been
fruitless and a void. It al^o mentioned unhappy
domestic relation*, and from its contents is in
fcrrod suicidal intent.
oxt.Y HAt.r a sntinc '
Drs. Ulll and Spririi: had cundacted the
ant.-i - They tcsti3cd that they had found the
bean, kidneys art! Inn?-* bidly dbeascd
j and ia their opinion,' while ?lbe m.>rphlaetaken
might have hastened death, it «s- not the main
cause ami death did not recult from the use of
Brought In by the jury was brief snJ a .i» in
accordance with the testimony of l)r«. Hail and
1 Sprinc respecting the post mortcoi a^pcaranc^?.,
\ That is, that the deceased came to his death
; from heart disease, aided by morphine token
! with !-u!cidal intent.
Th. deceased was seed about thirty-five years
and he« a wife in Chicago, who ha* been notUed
of her husband's demise by telegraph.
Miiitur'* Court.
■ >:'■>>■ Mayor TiHsbury arraimed th;
three patrolmen, Ku. IJice, A. J. Kennedy and
Wm. I>ally, upor. the chanres preferred by
parries arrested by theta. alleging; brutal treat
ment on tbe part of the officer?. Tbe cases of
Italy and Kennedy were heard, but the other
ca>e was only becen and it is probable. that two
or three days will be concerned in the Investi
gation. In the two cases in which the evidence
is all in, uo decision was arrived at
;by his honor, but it is pre
dicted that the attcera will be
1 exonerated. The evidence addsced w=s ccrs2ict
ing is its essentials, but e verythinf :•::; !-. dto
show that the actioa was brought thorough mal
The facts as shows by the evidence are: OffiJ
! cers Daly and Kennedy discovered foor bar.y
j Swedes on & drunken ?pr*e near the old 3tattl
toba depot. They were knocking dow:. boxes
and »i.t.« and creating a dirtarbacce. It was
aboat two or three o'clock in the ooroine. The
' officer* requested tb*m to .desist, but only
I elkited jeers aad taunts in re"
--! sponge. with a new outsar»: of
dlsonierly ccedact. Daily tackled the Urresto?
, tbe four and the other three attacked Keoaedy.
A lively squabble ensaed. but tbe cCieers Wcame
asters of the situation and started with the
I four as prisoners for the calaboose. Arrhins
a« far aj Second avence north. t!ie men begged
for liberty atiU promised good behartor. aad
anally the oCcers wen ladaced to let them go.
Yesterday one of the four, accompanied bjr his
attorney, called on Kennedy while the officer was
patroling his beat, and said:
"I want to meet you when that star and club
are oil.
and I'll fix yon." .
Kennedy replied "Go away; if you do anything
wrong I shall have to arrest you and then you'll
Bay I did It for spite, you meet me often enough
in citizen's clothes."
The attorney., prevailed upon his client to
The Grace investigation will be continued this
The l'rtihihttioulstx Rally — John A. Logan
fit <;)•,;#■(/ With inMtltjnttiuj the "Mack
Lair" in Illinois Which I'oilxnlr Anyone j
from Feeding <i Hungry \<"jr<>.
The St. John rally, at Harrisons hall, last
night, was poorly attended, but seven! good
speakers were in attendance. Rev. Mr. Bull,
Rev. Mr. Wells, Dr. Denton and Mr. Lupton
briefly addressed the meeting. The first men- ;
tioned said he had given his first prohibition j
vote laM spring, lie complimented the Prohi
bition platform because it had been made to ac
knowledge God. The speaker referred
to t!.o various questions of difference between
the old parties and concluded that the. question
<>r prohibition iras greater than all others before
th* American people.
I •■•■:,'.•>-,•» ...1..-. BLACKJACK.
• ;J Mr. Lnptbn, among other things, pave the
lr :'ory of the origin of the famous black laws of
Illinois, which made it a crime to even feed a
hungry negro, and which forbade a negro to stay
within the limits of the state, even though free.
V. ben he ►■titled the name of the author
of those infamous laws it created a sensation.
The author was no leas a man than John A.
Logan, candidate for vice president on the Re- |
publican ticket. "St. John," said the speaker, j
"who then lived in the same state, disobeyed the
law by feeding a hungry negro, and for this
crime- (?) was arrested and brought before the
grand jury." This statement created applause.

District Court.
Reghia .lu:ierick vs. Frederick 11. T)i:;sni:>re
ct al. ; action to secure the sale of property to
satisfy a mortgage.
Reel Cc L'rkenbreakcr vs. Electric Luster Starch
& Soap Co. ; aliidavit and bond for attachment
Emma Jane Merrick vs. Henry Clay Merrick;
action tor divorce and custody of children.
Daniel Segur vs. Ida Segar; action for divorce,
F&nnie '>>■ ■'.'. vs. Frank Bell; action for divorce
and custody of children.
Albertha Peterson vs. Ole Peterson; action for
divorce and alimony.
J. H. Pratt & Son -. Win. S. King, et al, di
rector! of the Minnesota Agricultural and X'.c
cbanical association: action to recover premiums ;
awarded to the amount of $1,210.
Security Batik vs. Mint £ Elliott; action to
recover $10,009 on a promissory vote.
Allen; Moon & < ii. vs. Win. A. Uogers; action
to recover goods furnished to the amount of
Henry D." Yeaton to John 11. Rice; transcript'
of judgment Sled.
Carrie L. Davis vs. John Davis.; note of Issue
.v: ci;.;nt ROLL.
Brooks &, C;.iu;*L.cii vs. J. A. Bishop & Co.;
ainoi .
Joseph M. Griffith vs. Dewitt C. Ileylmau;
amount, £53.05.
O. P. Lotnmls vs. Dougherty & Johnson;
amount, $479.33.
Adflalde 1 i -n;i. administratrix, John M. Ces
sna vs. Dougherty & .Johnson; amount, $572.07.
C. 11. Liiidsiey v.-. Dougherty & John.-on:
amount $453.54.
J. C.Oswald & Co. vs. Uoiley & Schenck;
amount, $-00.70.
Janney, temple & Co. vs. T. E. Scott; amount,
J'robate Court.
| Before Judge Poland. ] .
Enily Undated, Insane ; examined and com
Mrs. Peterson, insane; examined and dis
STunieipal it rift.
[Before Judge Bailey. |
Edith Cole, adultery; dismissed.
J. V. Kowhn, forgery; held to the grand jury.
Motile Pike, larceny; continued until Septem
ber 20, hi '.< a. m. jjft««
<■. '". Peck, celling liquor without a license;
pal i b di f in ■
Peter !.'>:irer. selling liquor without a license;
urntcngs: suspended during spod behavior.
A. IS. Pries t, r aßgault and battery; dismissed.
A. <'. Sylvester, assault uad battery; dis
Richard Powers, assault and battery upon his
if.- Julia; continued until Septcaibej 26.
.John Probtt. assault and Battery upon A.
Senility; continncd to September "0.
. L. P. 1:..... violating the hack ordinance; dl.«
miss) d.
ISobert Martin, drunkenness; - sentence ens
George Adair, drunkenness; paid a fine in
Henry Smith, Churlc* Scultn, drunkenness;
committed five days each.
Eric Hi" -< 'j:.:, drunkenness; paid a fine in
A. F. Holback, disorderly condnct; commit
ted ten i!avs.
John If alien, larceny: committed fifteen day?.
Thomas Hail, drunkenness; paid a fine in
John KliT.ist. assenlt and Lattery; continued
until September 23, 9 a. in.
A. Gunthc, larceny; paid a line in *■_>.

. All rolrr* of tfi* sijr-h Hard
(it ths city of Minneapolis, favorable to the
election of Cleveland and Hendricks, are request
<•<! to meet ut Martin* hall, corner Cedar avenue
and Washington avenae Math, at 8 n. clock p.
in., on Monday^ sept. ■.'». 1884. for the purpose
of organizing a Cleveland and Hendricks club.
Uy order of llio Sixth ward committee,
A. 11. i,i MIX, Chairman.
Vlniir:u»i>'.i4 Market*.
The follow-In were the quotations on 'change
yesterday afternoon:
Wheat— No. 1 hard. *c!J. 85c: new 74?ic:
No. 2 hard. old,S3?tc; new 74c; No. 1 new 07c;
No. 2. 05c.
«'••' ■ — Rejected, 49S£30c.
Oats — No. I mixed, [email protected]; rejected, 20
- torn • ■ i-.'.'to.
Mixxd I'j:ki»— sfri.oii^is.oo.
H*T-i-Choke No. 1 wild. SS.OOJfcS.SO.
Rc^fctFTB — VTtaeat^ "?>~ cars : con, 1 enrs: oats,
8 car*: rtax cftiJ, Sour*: niillstnS. 12 cars; hay, I
30- ton* : lumber. IN'.W> feet: barrel stork, .1
curs' ; conl, Mi tons; wood, 119 cords. Total,
Washington Chit Chut.
\V.'>hi'.t.t*»n-, Se;>:. 10.— The colkit.tr of the
treasury lia- a.Ure**c<l a now to the secretary of
war. .t ki-iL* tlist he request the chief signal oß
cer to farni*h the accounting officers or the
treasury, with proof* of the falso vonchcrs in
the account* <;f Capt. llowgate, so the exact
state of Lts accounts may appvar in the records
i of the department.
The secretary of tbe southern rsc::ic circuit
hi-, at the request of. many ■• :.;pii of the
west, extended the time for the stakes, which
were to close tomorrow until October I.
The civil service commission reported a cefi
i • "i r. •>- in the list of males in Illinois iad WUcon
s:.i for arijiointwi;: to dcportniraial work. An
e.Tftirtlnitiiin will be hc!d in thn«e states prior to
:}•■• mi.1.1:? of October, of < v;ii ! ■>.?.. for position
r.i the various departments.
Tbe contract for tiniidiaa; a life service station
at Porte;:.: Lake, and Lake Superior ship canal,
wv awarded to J. i. Sweat, of Marquette,
■'•'<>nra:n ci.rm acrenfs of thi? city hive i««ned
•eJrcnlnrs taformlEg I'ost master.* who are entitled
to a readjustment -.-f salary under art of March
3, I •'■>!. v.'i 1 if their r'.air.is are not presented be
fore December 1, they vsill be barred. Po«tal
iafltefils say there :*::•> authority for such state
m nt.
Gen. Grcsaara has rot yet accepted the treas
ury portfolio, ar. 1 '.t 1- r.o.v expected he will re
main at the bead of the postoClce department.
[Special Correspondence of the Globe. 1
BEii s Plain, <cpt. 19.— 110 c. I. DonneHy will
»pesk at Btlle Pltin Oct. <th.
The W. y. Ayr safety's anasal Ulr com
nenced jc*terciay. There were a goodY nam
bcr of-cctries acd the oSJcers sat the affair wUI
l»e a «access A half raile race course has been
laid c& for the Itiies racer .17.
Frot appeared ;a «s>all patches list u;rht.
We». Ilrnry i* t«!r.~ booaed »- car next rep
refc&tatlre. Jod^e Wbittock and sachbur are
al.*o a«pirant».
Democratic county conTentioc Sept. ?9tb at
Public schools to be opened Oct. 6.
The n!(vr« US) charging proprietor* asd
I locatiocs. There are only tost fosrteen
I saloons bere. Won't come public spirited maa
I take pit;, on Mtt coa4i:io& aad g".Te a* another?
License ody 573.
Th« German *i»ter« school bviMicg is sretUc
a new rocf.
. Fifteen h«ndrp4 people, prlacially socialists.
he 'A a iMandwa Cblcaro last night, and
gave Trnt to fiery speeches and resolution* re
eirdla? the baacinff of Jacob«ofi. who, they
{ claimed, wasld sever hare been haog had he Ik :
tctn %'tttri; . .-.. asd tricciicta.
The Republicans, Seem to
Have a Slight Advantage.
I Special Telegram to the Globe.l
Dcs Moixks, la., Sept. 19.— The opposition in
lowa who hope and confidently believe they can
defeat the Itlalnc electoral ticket next November
should heed a story that Col. Bates, of Dubuque,
could tell them. It is like this: In 18TS the Re
publicans conducted an unusual listless cam
paign, and Hon. L. L. Aiusv.orth, of West Union,
to his own surprise and that of the whole
country, was elected to congress by a small
majority. Two years later Mr. J. M. Griffin, of
Dabaqoe. was nominated to succeed
Mr. Ainsworth and made a vigorous
campaign. He was a fair stamper, and supplied
ainplu toad*, but was defeated by 1,300 majority.
In that campaizn, as in thi*, there were reports'
of numerous defections, aud there was the same ]
appparcut boldness among the Hayes support
ers. But in 1878 the lowa Republicans woke np
late in October and started a back flro that smoth
ered the Tilden crowd out of sight and hearing.
This has been the tactics of the lowa Republi
can managers. . They let the opposition have the
field to themselves till they get ready for business
when tkcp rush in and give such a majority as
they think the occasion demands. Last year's
vote would indicate that now, with coalition of
the opposition so harmoniously completed, the
majority would be 1,000 Vi 1,500.
The opposition claim that they ought to carry
the state for these reasons, viz : First, that the
Germans did hot desert the Republican party
last year, but have now all vowed to
vote against Blainc. The • former
part of this statement probably needs
to be accepted with considerable qualification.
Second. Then the Scandinavian vote in north
ern lowa is in rebellion against the Republican
party because of the prohibitory law. This
claim also needs qualification, for it must be
that half of the Swedes and Norwegians are
Methodists and therefore in sympathy with their
English speaking brethren on this question.
Third. The Independent vote. It is true that
*uch a vote existed and hail the floor for a
month or so in 1572 and again
in is? 1 ;, in both of which campaigns i
the Republican majorities m lowa were very i
large. Fourth, the coal miners. Although little I
considered in the estimates, this class of voters |
will do the oppwtion as much ' good as any j
claimed reinforcement. Last year Mr. Cassetl, !
of Pella, was nominated by fusion in Marlon j
county for the state senate. He soon found that j
the coal miners vote v.as likely to be against
him because, b;>ir.g a bunker, they feared he
| would Dot represent their interest fairly.
When the legislature convened the miners
formally demanded a bureau Of labor statistics
and a law regulating the weight of a ton of coal
aud the size of screens. The former bill passed,
but the office was given to a man whose chief
merit is a* a Republican stumper. The second
bill was killed through the heavy onslaught made
by the coal operator*, but the models of the
screens, showing how they had been widened in
ten years from half an inch to an inch and
a quarter, exhibited ay S«i:ator Cassatt,
made a profound Impression on many
fair mirded members. These tame
screen models are now in the possession of (Jen.
Weaver and are being used by him to convince
miners in the other counties of the sixth dis
trict of Republican insincerity. Could the oppo
sition be guaranteed one half of the new vote
they are claiming they would carry the- state by
10,000 majority, liat the experience of past
campaigns and the fact that Republicans are tak
ing matters so easily, should teach the
opposition to reserve some of their bn'>b;'mg
energy for the last week of the campaign. Their
present claims are largely based on valid rea
sons, but activity and energy are largely needed
to win success even from such flattering circum
stances as now surround them.
Back to Sunny Italy.
J Special Telegram to the Globe. |
. New York, Sept. 19. — A special from Balti
more says a romantic elopement has come to
light which for a time eclipses the sensation
created by the disappearance of the Italian cou
enl. Three yearn ago there came to Baltimore
from Italy a man named Lingi Corricrl and his
family. Fortune favored him, end soon Corrierl
laid aside a snug fortune. lie stood high among
his countrymen and the beauty of one of hid
daughters was noted. Her name was Salvatera.
It was known that the principal
cause of her father's leaving Italy
was to escape the persecution of
of her suitor-, especially that of Jo»epho l)au
pano, her accepted lover. Daupano followed
Ilia to America, and after much trouble and
having extanstcd all his funds, traced his |W—
hi art to tl.ii> city, where their love wad renewed,
and after matured planning the two eloped Snn
day i;i_-ht. carrying with them $700 belonging to
C'orricrl. No trace has been discovered of them,
Accompnnixd by two detectives, her brother
traced the pair to New York, but thorn the trail
wu lost. The father is broken hearted. He says
he thinks the couple have married and returned
to Itrly.
Political Points.
fSpeclal Telegram to the Globe. I
Wash. v. to*. D. C, Sept. 19.— latest
gosclp touching the vacant treasury portfolio i
that ex-Gov. Fenton, of New York, is likely to j
be appointed. Fenton, since he left the senate,
ha* been ratliur independent in politic?, although
keeping within the Republican party lines. He
is now warmly supporting Maine. It is repre
sented that the president will be influenced in
the latter by the pressure which has been
brought to bear to make an appointment which
which will be of material assistance to the Re
publicans in New York at the coining election.
Congressman Eldredgr, of Michi^sn, writing
t > the Democratic committee from Adrian, Mich
igan, tinder date of the 10th in«t., says: "We
feel confident of carrying Michigan against
Blame. Our union fusion hero is perfect and
cordial, and the Prohibitionists will poll a heavy ;
vote, principally from the Republican party. We
have got the Republicans on the run, and will
whip them."
lies Moines News-
Imperial Telegram to the Globe.l
Df.9 Moma, la., Sept. 10. — Buyers of corn
arc holding o i and are suspicious cf a corner in
October. The big distillery and starch works
w'.il not bny for two weeks yet.
The man arrested here on suspicion for pos
?e?«:on of a lnr;re naraber of knives and revol
ritt is identified a- havicg burglarized a shop at
Chart ton.
The lo^-a State Baptist convention will meet
in Dc» Ifoinci on Monda} next and continue In
session during the week.
*— Nut lilSilK- the /aw
/y-4 weai^st. vy-2
&FEEELEST. « | '4
system nr E^-cil■f;
> LATE rooD j/ A *
Mis* hr put cp ia thl* *5? *^
"* _ ■ ■" ""^ bottle, »;id bear on 3^ _ r*
f~- Z^, label the name of i; V^4 '
. "taiuiant&co.l; NT *
j^Z=^~r3p "■>'.« Acpnts for the «fj^^/ g
i.'f i-t-fiT.rJ-; United States. t73 Green- m 3
r^^^.J^lch.treet. New Tort gj
P^ «*-fIW For sale by all Dniir X |*
gg—"' -'J>tf%tjL. Price ** per do*- s^i Ji*
tup D » •} T: r*T?ci IT!?' 1 ippfinTiwrn r
Inh iiiiilibhS ill h iio:UblAiiU.l,
Orcxr.izcd by banters of lowa and Illinois, a=d
incorporated a? a benevokit onran;xa:wn in the
state of lowa, for furnithinr life protection to
banker?, merchants and professional Ben of the
[ Northwest.
Aiming -to provide a *oat.d sernritj for the
' payment of !:• ci. ■r:ls;.-.:c- of membership at :tc
lowest possible cost, and aar.aged in the iaterest
of it« members.
Experience baa demoottrated the fall arcom
pl:-bcicn: of the<e aim*. To mtelTif^nt. thick
in* men. aiming to provide against contingrnciei
for tne protection of tteir fajni.iea. It* featare*
are well worthy of careful coc«:deration.
We rtali be pte£»ed to correspond or - call on
any. to tally explain it* plans and pvrpoee*. as
we offer in this a««oria:ioii. taiin? into con
sidemio* the BnanapMneat lam of member
ship, aecarity and co-t. an opportanity for life
prelection not equaled in taU ccmttry.
Good, rellaht* ageuta wasted taroazhost the
114 Wasaiitrttm ATrone «o«th.
, 257 " Mitircaf^a<, Mim.
Brands ndvcrtlsad an absolutely pure
Place a can top down on a hut atove until heated, th«a
remove the cover and smell. A clivlnut wilt not be !•>
quired to di'iuet the presenco of ammonia.
In a million homes for a quarter of a century It hai
stood the consumers' reliable test.
'."♦ ".- makers OP
Dr. Price's Special Flayorißg Extracts,
The tlron£t»t,mett drlltlpu and Datura 1 flew- knows, mil
Dr. Prices Lupuiin Ysatt Gsms
For Light, Healthy Bread, The Best Dry Hop
Yeast in the World.
Catabh m HAY FEVER
rl^^^LY^Tttp^a type of catarrh
Efc»y Lf?£"£H Y«»X- b »ving pecnliarsymp
afC?> .^ po\sji tomi - ]t is attended I
isf r>3H^3*s^r?F^ Hi by an inflamed con
mZsk~Z?sH HF&nK 11 " 1 " of the lining
Hf'S^- °-O4ij«& tPMI membrane of the;
¥ K/YF£V£h' *>* nostrils, tear-ducts
FJw r * * l \tssJfcjßm an d throat, affecting
fe-^v, G't.T aafM tile l nn s - An acrid
|S^ / 'K&Jp*?% mucus is secreted,
• ,\rg^&s ; jtne discharge is ac
fcj'^ryTrir < <9^9,j^Scoinpanied with a
BS^^^^^O'b^W burning sensation .
88HKrt\^-^' i V''^ There aTe severe
'■.l£/rt / ~X^v U.SA. {spasms of sneering, '
?~i~*i : — mn>i??n frequent attacks of
"^ AT "FEVER headache, watery ami
i inflamed «yes.
! Ceba"* B aO« ' 9 a remedy founded on a correct
I ciajtno«i i< of 'hi' df^ease and can be depended
upon. >°c at <l"ii;^is: 60c by mail. Sample
bottle' by mull 10c.
ELY BROTHERS, Druggists, Owego, N. Y.
xs^SPiJ^S^ This BELT or Regena:
>^Sfes^'4*<kV-t^V Icr made expressly for
r-'^Vj^ .JiftV^ tLe curt ' of "lerAiigemeiiti
7 Un- oHtCVLi\A^ 'of the generative organs.
k^felt xdC'ißiLT/ There ls no raißtake about
*^^>n^ *" FOR ' l^W l^** instrument, the coo
\Hw —^ — 'ty*f tinuons stream of ELEC
•i fc \;^ ; : t&ULS A TRICITY permeating
HHhk^B^'Pj .iIV through the parts must
lflrN\?£fe/nN I restore lheM t0 healthy
i iflLll UnL! action. Donotconfonnd
hit with EiectricLclU advertised to enre all ills
rom head to toe. Jtis for the ONE specific pur
j ose. For circulars giving full information, ad
j reis» Cheever Electric Belt Co.. 103 Washington
street, Chicago,
——————— —^— ———.«■
pTyrr 1^ t^.w.n.'»i..'ffs^--"-^'.^'!r^ v '"-rT??r >^
■ Women
Who want glossy, luxuriant
and wary tresses of abundant,
beautiful Hair must nsc ,
elegant, cheap article always
makes the Hair grow freely
and fast, keeps it from falling
oat, arrests am! cures gray
ness, remores dandruff" and
itching, makes the Hair
strong, giving it a curling
tendency and keeping it in
any desired position. Beau
tiful* henlthy Hair is the sore
result of using Katbairon.
: :s<&tfr
|| v? CELEBRATED . •fi<^ os a preventive of
" » epidemics, a stom
33t?\V achlc, an invigor-
J*^^s?k " n^ a general re—
9- *L4ss£'^V$ t *' JtJ^ tions,rheumati«ra,
--" > ' A *3 Y\ --tjJy &si ? nervous debility.
N^~^y^S^^P^^ toblithed upon the
■ '**^nyiifly pound basis of
|^ STOMACH^ $*■ more than twenty
WIHiM^PN y-»rs experience,
t^g R |j Tj m §f^^^ and can no more
8 1 ■ !&■■• be .haken by ttie
claptrap nostrums of unscientific pretenders,
than the everlasting hills by the winds that rustic
through their defiles. For sale by all druggist*
and dealers generally
Si__ JRj Will tinrify tTie HWKII>. rern-
MfD laic 1,8 VEKatvl UIDMVV
%W* v\ ami liESTous me what/th
v}*7S^A and VIGOR* cf YOUTH. Dy»-
X>v^»7\ pcp*la» Want of Appetite. In-
Vi'"~ri\. dl(es:!nn. I.ark or Strrnpth,
\jFysliiEA. sjnJ'l'ircill l i-tUii?a?. | oli.iclT
y ll^ cured. Hones, muscles and
nrrvei receive new forte.
Knlli rr.s Ihe ni!ii(J and
■ m ... r^ =r supplies Brain PoTer.
i ASn fl E> IS SaffcriiiFfroci complaints
kHI/ICw pecnlUrfo UelraexwiU
Had ia DB. IXXiTt TOXIC a Mfsaod
speedy cure. Cilvesaclear.bcaiaiyectar'lexion.
Frenueut a.'.ir-::plt ct counterfeiting only add
to ie popularity Of tlio original. I*o Dot ex
perlmeal — Uio Original ju-.d Bx^T.
LIVER r I LLQC2!?£,S;:kk 03 luxt
Sr V £U Gwsti?*t?d
rmoes rtC-Tias from TOErmrT? of t a« I.IVKJI
erl-<ac*jTlty c.'the Zw:.w.. End i Trr2LAn*T<\
CV HZ * 7 th'-r.-t; of th'—i I*. X-»r-.»-: .zitstral
• w!th • d ->-• o' HAJ»rT T. •I P. 71 PTXXa
Saa?:e does Sert Frso oo BSpileatiaa by poita-
B^'.J^- y «- tot t ooT TpagAjrroty.'; p
; TomrTZitt-.rx. H. A. Bo*«t>**!i. d.M. Basoocx.
rr» Treaa. See. * Man. Dlr
Terra ColLrterCo.
Office— Wo. 563 Jackson Street.
1 Atso'ntely Fire Proof. Xon-Co3<iactor of heat.
cold and sound. Adapted to all departments
cf interior area; tec to re. Cost of nuxerial with
in reich of all iateodißf to build.
: -
Xirneapclii Agents:
Boon it syndicate block. '.
Minneapolis Advertisements^
AJairaiEiiEim. , .. .
WEDNESDAY. September 17, and MATINEE, ;
* The great Sensational Drama.
Thursday and Friday Evenings, Tub Six Degrees
• or Crime, and llandt Andy.
Saturday Evening, Six Dkoiikks of Cri*b and
Black Eyed Susan. Matinees .Wednesday
and Saturday. Popular prices: Reserved or
chestra and orchestra circle. 60c ; gallery 25c.
319, SKI, 223 First AT*. South.
W.W. BBQWX ; Manager i '
JAMES WHEELER. . .Business & Stage Manager j
WEEK OP SEPT. 16th, 1884.
IHmb Alice Jcnnln^. Ml** Eddie O'Brien, the
Marshall Sister*, Florence and Le«, Tim Storln,
Mies Debbie KlchUug, M us. Doline Pent.., Miss
Lottie Dyencoart, Mi»* Josie Martelle, Sam Ya
ger, Eva Rosa, Lottie Lariere, and the Regular
Stock Company.'
Matinees Thursday and Saturday afternoon at
SPr of r Dexter,
Late or Washington. D. C.
Now located at 411 Nlcollet avenue, Minneapolis,
Minn: • Send for Magnetic Journal, ' mailed free
to any address*, containing names of hundreds
cured, including testimonials from people of
highest national reputation. Consultation free.
Every tcttle warranted to cure hard corns,
soft corns, bunions, warts, callouses, moles, etc.,
without pain. Sold by all druggists at 50c per
CROSMAN & PLUMMER, druggists, Minne
apolis, originators, sole manufacturers and pro
prietors of the only genuine Leibiq's Cork
Remover in America. Look out for frauds.
Wholesale Dealers in
Northwestern Agents for the Mammoth Celery.
214 & 21G First Avenue South, Minneapolis
100 WaslilD£t.ii Are. Son li v *
(Under Northwestern National Bank.)
1163il JuS 13X6.
Tickets sold to and from all Foreign ports,
also drafts on all the principal cities of Europe.
Lands for pale or exchange in Wisconsin, Mm
Do.seta and Dakota. 155-3 in
. . - .
37 Thirl SLJL, nniieaiiglfs, IDfii.
Treat all Chronic, Nervous Diseases of
Men and Women.
I* well known as the founder of the Mbntrea
(C. E.) MKHHii. IXkTiTUTK, and having given
lii' entire attention for the past twenty years to
the treatment of chronic and special diseases in
cident to both sexes, bis success has produced
astonishing results. By his method of treat
ment, the Buffering are fully restored to original
health, lie would call the attention of the
afflicted to the fact of his long-standing and
well-earned reputation, as a sufficient assurance
of his skill and cue-ess. Thousands who have
been under his treatment hare folt and expressed
emotions of gratitude welling up from hearts
touched for the first time by the silken chord
that whimpers of returning health.
Tho»e suffering from Catarrh or Bronchitis,
can be assured of a perfect cure by his new
method of treatment.
DR. SI'INNr.Y can detect the ("lightest dis
ease of the Chest, Lungs or any internal organ,
and guarantees a care in every case he under
It matters not what your troubles may be,
come find let the Doctor examine your case. If
will tell you that; for he will not undertake
a rase unless he is confident of affecting a cure.
! It will cost you nothing for consultation; so please
call and satisfy yourselves whether the Doctor
understands your case.
Who may be suffering from nervous debility
' will do well to avail themselves of this, the
I greatest boon ever laid at the altar of suffering
i humanity.
Dr. SPINNEY will Guaraxteb to FourEix
Five Hukdiied Dollars for every case of weak
ness or disease of ativ kind or character, which
he undertakes and fails to cure. HeCwould
theiefore say to the nnfortunate sufferer who
may read this notice, that you arc treading on
dangerous ground, when , you longer delay In
recking the proper remedy for your complaint.
Yon may be in the first stage — remember that
I yon are approaching the last. If you are border
ing on the l.i« and are suffering some or all of
its ill effects, remember that if you obstinately
prefist in procrastination, the time must come
when the most skillful physician can render yon
no assistance : when the door of hope will be
closed against yon : when no angel of mercy can
bring you relief. In no case has the doctor failed
of success. Then let not despair work itself
i upon your Imagination, but avail yourself of the
, beneficial results of hi« treatment before your
I rase is beyond the reach of medical ■bill, or be
fore grim death hurries yon to a premature grave.
Piles Cured without Using RuUeorLl*atur
There are many at the age from thirty to sixty
who are troubled with frequent evacuations of
! the bladder, often accompanied by a slight
! to&nicg or burning sensation and weakening
j tbe system in a manner the patient cannot ac
j count fur. On examining the urinary deposits
I atopy sediment will often be found, and tome
! •Imes small particles of albumen will appear, or
' the color will be of a thin, or milkish hue, again
'hanging to a dark and torpid appearance.
There are many men who die of this difficulty,
: ignorant of the cause, which it the second stage
of weakness of vital organs . Dr. 8. will guarantee
j a perfect cure Id all each cases, and a healthy
restoration of these orgsn*.
Only one Interview required in the majority of
! cases. Balance of treatment can be taken at
: home without any Interruption to business.
Ail letters or communications strictly conS
-1 denti&L Medicines packed so as not to excite
cariosity, and sent by express, if full description
: of case is given, beta personal interview in all
cases preferred.
Or tier. Bom — to 12 a. m., 1 to 5 and 7to 3
p. m. Sunday, ?tolo a. m. only. Consultation
I iihhl in x CORir
liUrf v mm -■ cub*
Win Cur*
A " kinds bard or tort eon*. eaUoase* sal basin
cactus bo me tonne**; dries hutaaUr; villa*
101 l acytbiSK, and cerer ikll* to effect a cure. Prise
. lie; by man. Me. Tbe renalse pot up In yellow
' wrappers and *«ure<J only by Jot. 3. Hafflia,
tmigUX. and dealers la alt Had* of Patent Medicics*,
Roc:*. Herbs, L'j-.-ct*. PaSsu, CL* VarsUae*
Bnu&ea. etc. Mlnnempujla Miaa.
WHITE DEAR. .-,-/." • MIN.N
Local Improvements.
OCTOBER 20th, 1884,
Last Day For Meiii.
Comptroller's Office, City Hall. [
City op St. Paul. Minn, Sept. 14, 1884. j
To the owners of real estate, holders of "City
Treasurer* Certificates of Sale" and to all
other interested parties.
Deeds will be Usiied by the City of St. Paul, on
the tweaty-flr»t day of October, A. D 188*. and
after in accordance with the City Charter, upon
the presentation to the City Comptroller of the
following unredeemed "certificates of sale," is
sued by the City Treasurer, for property situated
within the corporate limits of the City of St.
Paul, State of Minnesota, wold by him oil the
twentieth day of October, A. D.; 188,\ to satisfy
judgments against the same, rendered by the
District Court, of the County of Ramsey. State
of Minnesota, for the following improvements,
unless redeemed on or before the twentieth day
of October, 1834. (The said 20th day of Octo
ber, 1834, will be the last day for redemption),
with a penalty of twenty-four per cent, per an
num from the date of sale. October 20th; 1882,
Grading Rondo Street, from Western
AVenue to HacMn Street
Rondo's Addition, City of St. Paul.
No. of Supposed '.'■•'• Am't of
Certificate, owners. Lot. Block. Sale.
3850 James Stinson 10 4 $48.08-
Nininger's Addition, City of St. Paul.
• ' ■' .V/ ' : ' ■ ■ -", -
No. of Supposed - Ain't of
Certificate, owners. Lot. Block. Sale.
3854 John Green or 'J.
J. McCardy 15 1 $15 71
3862 C. Sheldon and A.
Anabel .4 2 $15.71
3803 Same and lame 3 2 $15.71
8834 C. Nininger •or
Mary Madlnan... 6 2 $15.71
s *. ■ '-■'- ■ • ■.
Mackubin and Marshall's Addition, City of St.
No. of Supposed Ain't of
Certidcaie. owner*. Lot. Block. Sale.
3t5U N. B. Ilarwood. 11.
Ha£<Hiiau and U.
L. Lamprey 10 15 $34.63
3857 Same, same and
same 17 15 $34.89
3858 Same, same . and
Bame ....IS 15 $34. 39
Opening and Extension of Grant Street
from Sberbnnie Street to
Bluff Street.
Miscellaneous, City of St. Paul.
No of
Certificate. Supposed owner.
3870 Emma N. Lanphcr. That miscellan
eous piece of land formerly known as
block 1, Dawuon & Smith's addition
to Saint Paul, bounded north and oast
by Jackson street, southerly by Hltinca
street and westerly by block 18, of
Brewstcr's addition to Saint Paul,
$549.77 being the amount of Kale.
Grading Otsep street from Lafayette
Avenue to Mount Ida street
Warren & Winslow'e Addition, City of St. Paul.
No. of Supposed Am't of
Certificate. Owners. Lot. Block. Sale.
3871 Sarah A. C. Ran-"}
dall, or I « „ » Brt „
Thomas Coch- /" 5 a *»•»
ran, Jr J
3872 Same ; 6 9 $82.24
Grading Ashland Avenue from Western
. Avenue to Dale street.
Woodland Park Addition, City of St. Paul.
No. of Supposed Am't of
Certificate. Owners. Lot. Block. Sale.
3377 Sarah. l. Blalsdell. 1 IS 5C0. 40
3878 Same 2 16 $10.10
3379 Same 7 :z. 10 §19.10
Grove street Sewer.
Schnrm<.'ier"e Subdivision of Lot 1, Boss' Addi
tion of Oat Lots, City of St. Paul.
No. of Supposed Am't of
Certificate. Owner*. Lot. Sale.
3880 Mary E. Dalrymple 7 $93.21
8881 Same 8 $47.62
Lafayette Avenue Sewer.
Schurmeier's Subdivision of Lot 1, Bans' Addition
of Out Lot*, City of St. Paul.
No. of Supposed Am't of
Certificate. Owner. Lot. ".Sale.
8682 First Presb. Church.... 1 $181.62
Westminster Street Sewer.
Jan-is' Subdivision of Lot 3, Bass' Out Lots, City
of St. Paul.
No. of . Am't of
Certificate. Supposed Owners. Lot. Sale
3883. Ferd Willius or A. F.
Sargent 9 {08.21
Grading Burr Street, From Collins
Street to He Norm Line of El- :
mund Rice's First Addition
to the City of St. Paul
Stinson's Addition to City of St. Paul.
No. of Supposed Ain't of
Certificate, owners.' Lot. Block. Sale.
3385 Harry Jay 21 .13 pa. 60
3eS6 John C. Roberts
orH. Grove 15 14 •-,<]. <;o
Opening, Widening and Extension of
Portland ATenne T&ron£b Block
20, Woodland Far. Addition
to tHe City of St Paul
Subdivision of Lots 19. 21 and Pert of 20, Wood
land Park Addition to City of St. Paul. Ji; .
No. of Supposed Am't of
Certificate, owners. Lot. Block. Sale.'
3901 J. B. B. Sprague or • -.i
J. 8. McAfee.... 8 19 $53.88
Grading EoMe. Winifred and;. Susan
Streets, in tUeSiitli Ward;, of
City of St PauL
Prospect Plat* an Addition to West St. Pant
No. of Supposed : Ain't of
Certificate, owner*. Lot. Block. Sale.
3937 L. C. Bauer ..11 {lJff^slßjli
Weet St. Paal Proper.
No. of Supposed ' Ain't of
Certificate owners. Lot'Bloek/J'Sale.
3968 Gotfried Schmidt,
C. Me>«encer - and -
i . V. 1). Merri11. .... . <, V ■* jo , , 363.12
Grading: Coacord Street From Isaiiel
Street to Madrid Street, in Sixth
Ward of City of St Paul.
No. of
Certificate. Supposed owner
3978. Wm. Arbuckle. That piece ol
land commencing at south line of lot
8, block 72, West St. Paul Proper.wlrh
the west line of Concord street ; thence
west 70 feet: thence north 50 feet;
thence east to Concord street; thence
along Concord street to the
place of beginning West St. Paul
Proper, 853.08 being the amount of
West St. Paul Proper.
No. of Supposed Am't of
Certificate owner. Lot. Block. Sale.
3985. Thomas Dean or
Johnlten 2 90 $42.16
Bell's Addition to West St. Paul.
No. of Supposed Am't of
Certificate owners. Lot. Block. Sale.
8980 Charles Harder or
Joseph Harder 6 10 532.61
6998 John G. Hass>, cast
60 ft of 1 "A" §27.43
JOHN W. ROCHE, City Comptroller.
Pre.it. I Secy. | Tress.
The Minnesota Stone Comp'y,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
(orth River and Pennsylvania Bluo : ,i«ne,
Sidewalk Flagging a Specialty.
All work promptly and satisfactorily executed
and guaranteed. Experienced labor employed.
WM. F. VAN VORIS, G*n. Act. & Manager,
Offices — Room 26 Wood's Block, 319 Nicolletave.
Minneapolis, Minn.
" — Room 6, cor. Third and Robert street.
St. Paul, Minx.
Directors — S. M. Hewett, Willis Baker, Mark
W. Lewis, N. 11. Winchell, Wm. P. Van Voris,
.1. A. Wolverton. 263*
Carriage Works!
I have opened entirely new Carriage Works in
St. Paul, with a Repository, at
Jos. 192 and 194 West Tliird street,
GEO. McKAY, lately the successful managor of
the Winona Carriage Works, and one of the most
competent men in the carriage line in the coun
try has been secured to take charge of tie estab
First clnes articles and work, and low prices
codbt norsE bids.
Ramsey County, Minn., V
St. Paul, August 22d, ISS4. )
Notice Is hereby given and advertisement
hereby made, for proposals, or bids for all that
part of the work and of the material for the
Building and Construction
Located on Court House Square, (the same being
block twenty (20) of Saint Paul Proper,) in thu
city of Saint Pan!, Ramsey county, Minnesota,
hereinafter stated, that is to say : all the work:
and all the materials for the excavation, masonry
and iron work, in the building, erection and con
struction of said City Hall and Court House,
Up To and Including the Wa
ter fable,
According to the plans and specifications on filo
in the oflice of E. P, Bnssford, Architect, at
Room 28, in Gilfillan I lock, at the corner of
Fourth and Jackson streets, in said city of Saint
Paul, and all of said work to bo
On, or before the
Ist day of September A.D. 1885.
Such proposals or bids will be received at the
Office of the County Auditor, for said Ramsey
county, In said city of Saint Paul, until
4 O'clock, P.M.,
MUM 22, A. D. 1881
All bids to be addressed to the Chairman of the
Court House and city Hall Special Commission
' The right is hereby reserved to reject all bids
of incompetent or irresponsible persons, and all
Buch bid.- as may be unreasonable.
No bid will be received or considered unless
accompanied by the bond of the bidder, or bid
ders with satisfactory sureties in the penal sum
of ten .thousand ($10,000) dollars, conditioned,
that if the bid shall be accepted and the contract
awarded to the bidder or bidders, he, or they,
will enter into and execute such contract; or by
a deposit with the commissioners of a check foi
the sum of five thousand ($5,000) dollars on torn!
bank in the city of Saint Paul, duly certified al
security in lieu of such bond.
No bid will be accepted unless the bidder or
bidders will enter into such bond and give such
security for the performance of his or their con
tract, as may be required by the Commissioners,
and approved by a three-fourths vote of tho
County Commissioners and Common Council of
the city of Saint Paul, of the members elect in
joint session.
By order of the Court House and City Hall
Special Commissioner?,
235td County Auditor.
HHSSsjßßjjfl Establishodin 1872 forth© curs
MmUhKMm3| of Cancer, Tumors, I leers
BMUbDBHI Scrofula, fiud Won I)it>ouBO8,
without tho use of knife or loss of blood and little
pain, For information, circulars and rofereucos,
address Dr. W. L.. FOND. Aurora, Kauo Co.. 111.
Offer the test grades of Anthracite and Bitumi
nous Coal at the very lowest market prices.
Their coal is fresh from the mines and well
screened. And their Body Wood cannot bo
equaled in the state.
A share of jour patronage is solicited.
41 East Third Street
Corner of Cedar.
Grading Ken! Street.
• •
Omen or the Board or Public Work«. >
City or St. Paul. Minn., Sept. 18, 1-1. )
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Puhjic Works in and for the corporation of the
City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their in
(aid city, until 12 m. on the 20th day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1»84, for the grading of Kent street,
from Jt.'l>-hort street to Carroll street in said city,
according to plans and specifications on file in the
office of aid Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties In a sum
of at least twenty (20) per cent, of tho gross
amount bid, must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject an/
or all bids.
R. L. Gobjuh, Clerk Board of Public Work*.

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