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St. Paul daily globe. (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, October 06, 1884, Image 7

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lfiw YottK, Oct. 4. — 11 a. — Stocks:
The market opened quiet but decidedly stronger,
and prices advanced !i©l!j per cent., with Pa
cific Mail, Chicago & Northwestern, Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul, Union Pacific and Lake
as the features.
Money easy at I<&2, closed at I©l per cent.
Prime mercantile paper s<&ts per cent. Sterling
exchange, bankers' bills weak at £4.81 &; do.
ex.demand, &4.54.
The weekly bunk statement shows the follow
ing changes:
Loans, decrease $021,000
Specie, increase 238.000
Legal tenders, increase 372,000
Deposits, increase 3,162,000 !
Circulation, decrease 504,000 I
Beaerve, increase 1,901,000 !
— Business at the Stock Exchange to
day was more active, aud a number of shares re
corded a sharp advance. In many cases the i
highest prices for the week were made. Union i
Pacific was one of the features, rising from 52 Ji j
to 55, on an announcement from Boston that the j
difficulties with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa
Fe had been adjusted; this settlement includes
all pools and all business between! Chicago and
St. Louis and the Pacific ocean. Pacific Mail
moved up from 51 % to 52 &; the advance was .
due to notification of Bailing an extra steamer
from this port to-day ; the officials Of the com
pany state that this was necessary for the reason
that the regular steamer could not carry all the j
freight offered. Cable advice? from London are j
that £130,000 of gold were shipped to New Ycrk, J
and this in connection with reports that the Erie j
company had received funds required for the
liquidation of its floating debt, hud much to do
■with the improvement in the market. Central
Pacific sold up 2 % to 41 Hi Chicago & North- j
western 1H t09»?4, Chicago Milwaukee & St.
Paul IVi to 79?», Lake Shore lf» to 77%, Mis- j
souri Pacific Ito 95 %, Northern Pacific preferred i
1?, to4.V-3. and Western Union Telegraph "i to ;
65 H. Late in the afternoon, under sales to re
alize, prizes fell off M<&% percent, but in the
final dealings the market was firm again. Com
pared with last night, the closing prices are 34 <£>>
1% percent, higher. Total Bales of stocks fo
the week, 1,183,165 shares.
■'-'■:' Afternoon Board Quotations.
Stocks and uj.il> dosol ac tad following
prices bid:
Three per cents.. 100 Fours coupons... 1 %
4y b coupons.. . .1124 Pacific 0s of '95. .125
La. conpols 70 Tenn.Bs, new ... 39
Missouri tsa 102'^ Virginia Us 88
ht. Joe 108 Consols V«..,. • 30
'i'tini. o*, 01d.... 39 Deferred • 5
It All. 110 A II BONDS.
C. P. Bonds, lst.llo^ U. P. land grant l. lo6% I
Erieseconds 6tS3£ Sinking fuud....H0 4
Lehiifh& WJ on Tex. P. gnat 8.. 3i-,
fct.P."& S.C. Ist .!:.". UoUiu G. div.. 4'J!j
I.P. Bonds, Ist.. Ho!£
Auams Express.. l3o Mobile A 0hi0... 9
Allegheny Cent.. 3!J Morris & Essex;. 122
Alton & T. 11 20 N..C.&St.L 37?£ i
do preferred... 75 N.J. Central 49Ji
American 93 Norfolk A W. pf . *24
Jj,, C. ];. i N. . . . CO Northern Pacific. 20
Canadian Pacific.. 44 do preferred... 45
Canada South'n.. Vii A Northwestern.... 92>£ j
Central Pacific. 41 do preferred... 128
Chesapeake &O. 7 Ohio Central . 2 3 4
do Ist pref'd... 1214 N. Y. Central.... U%
do2d pref'd... Hii Ohio A Mis I'J -.»
Chicapo A1t.. .181 do preferred... 40
do preferred... 145 Ontario & West.. 11 1 ,
C..15. &(i 12354 OreeonNav 71^
C.St. L. & N O. 82 Oregon Trans.... 14 H
C..fc>t.L.& Pitts.. 7%, Oregon Imp 19
do preferred... *l9 Pacific Mail 52! i
C..S. leve... 23 Panama 98
Cleveland & Col. . 3'J'/J P«or!a. D. & E . . . 15 ' i
Delaware &li 88 t PitUbnrg 140
l;ei. & LackS 107?; Pullman Pal. Car. 115 V* i
Denver lit. O.V. 10 Reading 25 ii !
Erie UU Kock Island 114
00 preferred... 27^4 M. L. &S. X 21^4
East T.. V. 0.. 4% do Dreferred... 42
do preferred... 7Ji do lStpreTd... 83
Inrt Wayne 128* Mil. & St. Paul... 79?*
Han. & St. Joe... 33 1 /, do preferred. ..los'/i
do preferred... «Bß« M.l'uul Jc .Man, . . 91
Harlem.... 185 fct.Paul & Om'a.. 32 1 /£ \
limihtonit Tex.. 34 do Dref erred... 93?*
Illinois Central... 123 Texas Pacific.... 11%
Ind^ B. & Went.. 17 Union Pacific... 54;,
KaiißaK&Texa*.. 18^ United States 52
Lake Erie & \V.. 14 \V.,St L. A P 4% j
Lake Shore 7«'>lj; do preferred... i\y t !
Louisville AN... Wells & Fargo. ..108
L.,N. A.&C 10 Western U. T 04 ?i !
31. &C. l»t pfd.. 10 llomestake. ... 10
do?d pref'd... 5 Iron Silver 110.
Mciufbis &(;.... 28 Ontario 20
Mich. Central.... 62 Quickcilvor 3
Mine's A St. L... 18 do preferred... 20
do preferred... M South. Pacific
MiHHOurl Pacific. 947« tutro 16
.- Asked No sale*. $Otferod. IBx. mat.
coup. |Bx.dhr. |Kx. lat. -Ex. coop.
Tie wlftal Bui,
Corner Third and Robert,
CAPITAL - - $500,000
Walter Maxv, B. £. Stower,
President. Cashier.
J. W. uridqes,
Grain. Stork & Oucnl runimisMi.in Broker.
Direct T«los:r{*pri F»oilitios.
Bny, tell and carry for customers Provisions an:l
Stocks In large and small lota, on margins to suit
nil Trades placed in Chicago or New York. Grain j
and Mink quotations posted every minute.
Boom 1* GtUMlaa Itlock.
The following list, showing the quotation* en '
»locks in New York yesterday, are furnished by
J. W. Bridget, and are carefully compiled from
dispatches received yesterday.
BoABOOf Tit* dk. St. Paul. Oct. 4.
The bnllsand bears wen quiet on 'change this '
rooming, bid.-, not burnt: argent and the offerings
light. No. 1 bard wheat remains strong, !»<- ad
vance being bid for the «i>ot stuff this morning.
No. 2 hard was also 2c up. Cora ix still neg
lected, and prices are unchanged. Oats are un
changed and in fair demand. Sellers are 50c. up
In their views on bran, an I M.i\ seed is -'■ down. :
Potatoes are a shade easier. The remainder of
the list remains steady at Friday's o,uotntians.
The Cat) was M follows :
Wukat — No. 1 uard. spot, T'.t'^i- bid; Novem
ber, Hoc bid; December, sic bid; year, 7i'r bid;
May, S9c bid; No. I hard, 7t!c bid; No.
I regular, 00c bid:
Corn — No. 2, 53c bid; No. 3, "<iH- asked.
, — No. 3 mixed, spot. 14 bid; November,
XU- bid; year, *4c bid, 25c asked; No. 2
valte. 25c bid; No. 'i white, tic bid.
■' j ßaul«t — No. -. spot, 57c bill; November,
I.r>r. Id; year. 55c bid; No. 3 extra, 45c bid;
Nu. 3, io< bid.
Rti— No. '. 4flc bid.
Ground Fsid— ltS.OO a«ked.
Cork Mcai Bolted, s..'.">..JU ask«d; coarse, :
$W :l-k,>l.
DlU»— sS a«ked.
H*ii'> Hat— s7..Mt bid, §S.OO asked.
Fi ax Saas— fl.lt bid.
T;mptht Seed — St. bid.
Potatoes — 2< ti . £C bid.
K>fu» — 19c bid. 21c asked.
Butter— Him bid: dairy, 17®>0c
Md; creamery, S<©23c bid.
•» vi :> — 1 ear feed, <\ p. : 1 car bran. c. p.; 1 :
car fats, by tauiple, 24c; car bran, 19.23; 1 car
hay. «$.
£>rusrr Pricis— 'Wheat, No. 1 hard,
72c: regular No. 1 eS'^7t»c; receipt* fair.
Oats. oU ITe; new 24*t25c; receipts very
i.;ht Harlcy 456^55e; receipts li?ht. i'.uatoes.
>ec«.ipt» Urge at 25c. Eggs. lsC2ic per do*.
Gkaci Ixarai rn>\ — For the 24 hour* endios
0.-t. 4 : Wheat— * cars No. 1 hard : & car» No. 2
*ar: 8 can No. ', regular; 1 car No. 3 regular.
Oit» — 1 car Nil. 2. Flax — 3 cars.
# St. Pan! Wholesale I'ro.lur*. Market.
' |4V IBS followia; prices are for roua4 lot*
Bitttm — Grease 4c; pack-stock oS
Cavor. sii7c ; soußd*£itOc : common to fair, i
10©12c;choice dairy. &i c : creamery 20©2.c; !
fancy brand* •.'»;»£ 2n: ; extra choice in 3«|10
It., boxe*. 2TO- <•
Bban»— Common, 51.0091.25; median. $1.50
e%,2.0v: hand picked aa»n, li oafjt.aV
Cider — New York, $7 per barrel.
' Ciiui- skim c fnU cream llOlSc. |
BoasT Hew clover. I ?^2Oc: buckwheat it
A. ~c.
B.vcos ahd lU»s— Long dear* bacoa. lie;
dry »alt U>%»c; loag roU. ll^c: short
roll, 104; breakfast, H9£c; shoulders.
t',c; i>aa*. 13 l «e
XSM — 1 1 7. C0.
Flocb— PitenM.fS.ooOs. : best winter wheat
_ aU .. :- Si.s*»; »trAljttt. HJWJS.<W; wiater
Vi, *tra»ffbt. S*W: Baker.' Xi'XX. H.OOO \
450 low *»**•• f2.75©3.00; rye »our. fa.joa ,
3.60 K«r barrel; Brit*m. $4.72C4.e3 pjr barrel; j
*ackwnea» n»ur. nominal a; $*■' "'^7.o<F
Ouwxi) — B««f. city dre«»ed. 7© i
s>tc:exuaprimebeer.9^c: mottoa, cttr dreeead
eiiitSc; TtaJ. 10c; pork. 7C
Hi- «•— sailed, T©7?ic; green. 6a7e;
4ry flint. 12 ie calC dry. lS«c; greea lie; ileer.
dry. soct23c; antelope. *»«3»«; elk, »eV=*. I
buffalo, B®loc. damaged H oS; sheep pelts,
shearings 35c, lamb 4U(&sl)c.
Tallow — 1, s®s«<c; No. 2, 4c.
— Unwashed, 14<&!5c; washed 20®23.
— Hickory, large, $1.00; small, Si .85,
walnuts, 15c; almonds, ISa-'Oc; Barcelona ha
«l (filberts) 14c; pecans, 10&llc; Brazil, 14c;
peannu, 8(^13c; Cocoa nuts, [email protected] per
Vegetables — Tomatoes. Minnesota* [email protected]
per bushel; cabbage, 4Ucperdoz. o.g; Minnesota
tiring beans and butter beans, 3r>@
40c bushel; carrots, 30©35 per bushel;
new potatoes, [email protected] o. g. per bushel ; onions,
51."5®1.T5 per bbl. o. g. ; sweet potatoes, i
Jerseys, '5c per box, $5.0 i» per barrel: musca- i
tin<«». $3(?5.3.50 per barrel.
Hops— Washington Territory, 31<&J5c; Now
York 34 :55c.
Malt — 7Sc©Boc per bushel.
Poultry and Game — Spring chickens. Ss<?& '
50c per pair; old bird*, soJi6sc per pair; prairie (
chickens, $2.75^8.00 per dozen; ducks, wild. !
mallard. |8.S0; black and teal 11.50.
Linseed Oil — Haw, &lc; boiled 54c. Linseed
meal $.'U&2I
Oysters— Standards, 35©40 c; selects, 45©
r.Oc : New York eouuta, s<Jts.')si- per can.
FnuiTs- i.emons $5.00®G.00: Louisiana oranges ■
$S(7r;y perbbl.2g«, l. r >c, 10c, 18c perlb; cranberries
;>;•■ ;.J0 per bu. : $10. U0 per bul. ; date*,
black in frails [email protected], fard in boxes,
lie a lb. ; Persian in 50 lb. boxes 9&10 c; '
bananas, 32.0Q<&33.0i) per buncn; Peaches — Do. i
mectic. [email protected] per peck baskets. I
Plumx — Mm. wild [email protected] per bushel; itamp- !
sous $3 per bnt>hcl; Greengage $5.00. Apples —
ti.Wi&t.n per barrel, fancy stock might com
mand $3. Crabs, fine stock Sl.OiKa,
1.50. Pears — Uuerre, hardy 53.85(^3.50;
Bnerre no."0. f8.2695.50; lJuerre de Anjon, '
$3.25; Bnerre Clar^eau, $5.50^3.75; Dueh
ess, $3.50; domestic?, [email protected] per peck ''
basket. Mu«kmelons, $1.25 per dozen: '
watermelon?, Sl - .'^t.!7 per 100. Grapes — Muscat
elies, 51.50; Tokays |5.00®'50.00 per 10 lb cases;
Concord 75c 10 li) baskets; Delaware, $1.25 i
per 10 lb baskets; itose Peru £4.8095.00.
Quinces California. S3 per *10 lb case; New j
York 51.25 per ' - Vet.
Roots (Me' I ginseng green. 83«; dry,
$1.60©1.70: Be. :ialce root, 35a33c per 10.
S. H. WOOD & CO.. '

Grain anO .Ste Mm.
" 12 Chamber of Commerce, Chicago.
4 " " St. Paul.
244 Hcnncpin avenue, Mlnuuapolis.
Buy and sell Grain, Provisions and Stocks for
cash or on margins. Only brokers in Minneapo
lis having their own membership on the Chicago
Board of Trade.
M. l>or*u'« Keports,
St. Paul, Oct. 4.
The following quotations, string The range of j
the markets during the day, were received oy A.
Uomn, Cuiiiunsaioa .Merchant:
Nov. Dec. Nov. Dee.
9:30 a. at 78% so?i 80% 82
9:4U » 763£ HOa BUVi 82Ji
9:50 " W 3 i feOif 80) iBl „ '
10:00 ■ 78? i 90% HO 81 = 4
10:10 a 7&% 80? i Wj'i »l : ,
10:20 ■ 78 X *»»< »'J bl? t
10:30 tt • 7- . BOM 80 81? 4
10:40 '• 19% 90% BOif 817,
10:50 M 7»% Mi 80! 4 82
11:00 ■ 73* 80 >, co', 81 H
11:10 « 78?j 90% 83 81 ii
11:20 » 78X 90% 797« EITi
11:30 « 78'/, 60?£ 7'J7-i 81 S
11:40 » '..-'i BOM 19% 81 U
11:50 " 19% fco4 7. ( 81J< I
12:00 st. 7854 90% 79? i ' 81', ,
12:10 '• 79% BOM 19% 81 M j
12:20 " 78 80 79% • 81 ii I
12:30 " 78 80 70 ' 4 81 'f :
12:40 " 77 X 79* V.^i. 60.
12:50 " 773£ 79J£ 79 80? 4
-1:00 " 77 X 79?^ 73 BOij
OJ.l.i', )\.Ci vi * ' ) {C — : I: ; vi >.
I Corn. | Oats. | I'ork.
Time. ! ■ .
Oct Nov.Oct Nor Out i Kov
9:30 a.m. :59 52 .. . 20? i |
9:40 '• sax $£% .v;'..".v. ;
8:50 » 585,51.i 1....;
10:00 " 58X :.■.•', I i
10:10 " : SB%M% ! i '..
10:40 " 587» 524 i i '
10:30 " it 52 1 i I ' ..
10:40 « 59 [MM MX j
10-51) " 58X153^!.. !
11:30 " 58^58« !
11:10 " 58? 4 53', ....!!.*!
11:20 ■ 59 ■::■. ! !
11:80 " 58Ji 53!i'.,..[., I
11:40 '• 58* 53 26*'
11:50 » !>H\ 53 |26J£ '
12:00 m. 587 i ii% j I
12:10 p.m. 58* ,:; .... ...
IS:30 '• [58% 53 !'.'.!'.!! ".'.""
12:30 - 1685 a*%
12:40 " s«^j '>2Sjl
12:50 ■ ... «^!2BX ;.... .
l;U0 " 59 o3 j'.'Qi.; 2C^ 10 50 ;
October wheat.. 77 I May oats 29? 4
Jan. wheat 81 % | October corn !
May wheat 87a, I Year corn 4.j'i
December oats. MM-I'sa. Cora 39 ,y
Year oats W% | .May corn In 1 ,
llllwxukan i'ro lini.
MiLWAtrKEE, Oct. 4 — our, dull and nominal.
Wheat, steady ; No. 2, 7tsc: October, 76c; So
vember, 71 4 -; December, 79?{c. Corn, srarc<s
and higher; rejected, 52c. Oats, quiet; Ko. 2
white, ,'iiii-. Rye, acarca and Bra; No. I,s4 Vic;
No. 2, 28©2S4c. Barley, neglected; No. 2, 53 !
C£sß!ic; extra No. 3, 47c. Provisions, d 11.
mess pork, 116.00 cash and October; 116.00
November ; lard, prime steam, J. 7.-:5 cash uiid
October; $7.25 November: sweet pickled hums,
linn, at [email protected]!4c. Live hogs, firmer, at
14.604*«5.t8. Butter, steady ; choice creampry,
20<a21»c: fair to good, M#*Hc; best dairy, lU©
21c. Cheese, quiet; heat new cream, i:cti«''.
Kegs, easier, at 18i&18',,c. Lake freights, quiet
and imiiiin.il; wheat to BaSal I l?ic. Receipt*,
7,725 barrels of riour; 88<90S haihcls of v.hc«t;
48,9S&bnsh«b of barley. BMaai 5.927
barrels or Hour; none of wheat; 37,257 bnubtls
of barley.
Chicago Produce.
Chicaoo. Oct. — Flour quiet ami unchnr^cd;
goii.l to choice winter wheat flour. 14.75Q&J93
for old, $4.2." ">.«)( i for new ; Michigan winter:
wheat flonr S4. 1.73; Michigan spring whnal
float 33.50^1.50; Umncnou takers' | 3. 75 ••;?•.
4.50; patents $4.75 0.">.r.0 ; lo* grades il.mi(& \
3.00; rye Boat It 10Q3.25 in liar- $2.90(ii i
3.00 inracks; Sootbera Illinois »mi Missouri!
winter wheat loot J3.85&5.7J; HJchisaa winter i
whealf4.s'J4Js.sO; common to choice Minnesota j
53.50&4.00. Wheat, active, but weak and lower, I
private ''..'i Indicated duli foreign markets and j
a general !»hrinkaee iv prices occurred, closing j
l)4cander ye!«tertlay; aakw ranged: Octo!>er i
77"%':;' clovd at 77><i':; November FB®
81 \c, cloned at 1% : December 80!»(a?2'tC, j
closed at SO^c; May cloocd at "•'*<■; :
No. 2 Chicago spring 7" l^<Js78 s ic, closed at
77 l 4 r; No. 3 Chicago spring 62'JJ62iic: Nij. -2
red winter SUxJ^O^ic; No. -i r.-j 69c. Corn. ct»- j
settled, but generally sharply higher, October
advanced and chM< ' t c bivchor; November l'r,c
higher; year cloaca %t lower than yesterdar;
cash 5$GS3c, closed at Ss^c; October ;S; 4 ©.
69Hc,| clo»ed at o^^fJJS-^c: November j!
■ii-,4 ; ,c. il.-od Btiftta; year -i34i<l\c, cir.so-1
at4'l4c; .'3i;:ui.y Sji^ftjoijc. closed atG^.'Sc;
.Va> 404 '241c, c:o*cU at 40»ic.Oa'.*wire ster.dy;
cash *rS l ,c; Ottojer 2ttV t ©-. > Cj, c. cl>»?i.at
B6*ic; November 2S S JV.JS *» c. c:o?rt» at-T^iTi
2u^c; year '16 lie: December 23c; ITav 29V 0
Sik-. closed at S9J£^2»\c: Bye steady at Uc.
Barley »a« steady at 05c Flax seed ws» ',
ftcaiiy atSl.-32'i. Pork was !a fair Csiaar.ii;
ra«h J13.50; October $t6.(.»': year 512.u7!i.3
12.17ri. clo.-cd at $12.155J1 : ;.i7'i : Jaa^Lry
$t.-.25<i12.40. closed at J12.30ig 12.35. Lard,
in fair demand, tat ea?y : ca.-«a 57.25 5.7.30: Oc
tober i~.'-~ l iQ7.-5: November $7.20<57.55, I
closed at ;7.205*-«'i; ll«ccmber S7.l7'i / -i i
7.20. Bulk meat* were •jui^t: *heal-,
dcr« S3.M); ... -. ribs 59.75; short clear $:0.-.»5. i
Butter quiet and uncbac:?ed; civsisery CJ^.'^c;;
dairy SS^S5c. Fg?!* worn quiet u4r««ak«r]
at KsJ.U'.c. Whij-ky steady and uocLacjc! st
11.18. Freights corn 10 Buffxlo : ;- : c.
On Cltt, Oct. 4. — The market this noon
«v wary fatal and hiactive, bat rv^ahMd coa
hlienblelife iathe afternoon. Opening «t 74
price* weakened '->■> 73\c. and a Ii::!e later to
73c, recovering to rd'ic aatssi ac-i:a ilrupped
tack to 73c, worked up *lowly a^ala. sported
toward tie clo»e to 75c, and closed at T4\c.
Bales, 1.717.C00 barreU. Cl«taraare«. C.510 bar
rels. Ttio fo!l3«-i2g are the scipmests and char
ters for yesterday. ITnited »hipmenL«. 6J?.850
barrels. Tidewater shipments, 3,751. Average,
52.4 ti baireis. C&artczs, 90,3i7 barrels. Daily
average, 49.160 barrels.
PiTTsane*. Oct. 4. — Petroleoai was dalU
not mach doiaz; certificates opened at 74 ,c;
declined to 75c; recovered and cio«e«i at tlKc
The Phillips well is doing about 100 barrels per
CtxTTXATO, Oct. 4. — Peuoismai steady;
Standard while 110 cold at Tic.
Wil^ixcton. X. C, Oct. 4. — Tarpeatiac is
i Ira at -7!»c
Cincinnati Whf«kr.
Cincinnati, Oct. 4. — Whisky was 'steady
at $1.11.
. Duluth "Wheat
. ] Special Telegram to the Globe. \
The markets on 'change to-day were active, but
somewhat lower; MilcH of about 42,000 bushels
were made. '• Closing prices: No. 1 hard, 70 l f c I
cash; 79 l / t c October; 80*£ c November; 63Hc I
December; No. 2 hard. 7sc cu.->h; No. 1 northern, j
tt%t cash;- Tolic Qctot^r; No. a northern, 73c :
cash; No. 1, 72c, cash; No. 3, C4c cash; rejected,
Mr en.-h. Receipts, 147,409 oushols of wheat .
Shipments,, 1*5,850 bushels of wheat. In store,
1.238,703 "bu5he15, of wheat.
■Minneapolis Market*.
The following \v;rj tho quotations on 'change I
yeMerday afternoon:
Fiouit— rVatents, [email protected] ; straights, $3.50
©3-75: clear?, 5;[email protected]
VYueat— No. 1 hard, old, 85c; new 79c:
No. a hard. old, 85}-ic; uew74;»c; No. 1 new
7'.!c: No. *. «:)c.
ttoqv^-Rejectet, [email protected]
,*}at* — No. S mixed, 23&54 c; rejected, 20 |
■ — S7..Vi-r ( r.7.-).
: Shouts— jlLiXXft 12.00.
Mixed I 1...!) — $15. 00.
Hav — Choice No. 1 wild. ST.OO^S.OO.
Wheeling, W. Va., Oct. 4. — A special train on
the Pan Handle road, carrying Hendrlcks, col- i
lided with a hand car this morning at daylight, I
killing John Foutz, a boy of twelve years, and
Thomas Waldron. a trackman. The plumed '
knights of this city were on the train, bin none
were injured. 'I he collision was caused by a
heavy fog prevailing at the time.
''"•' ■ BUrroCATED IX Git A IN.
BuiTALo, Oft! 4. - By the giving way of a!
temporary bulkhead at the Niagara elevator this '
morning, Thomas Daly was buried in warn* irrain
and suffocated.";; \Vm. Kyan, John Ward and
.Michael Kyau were cut, bruised and internally
injured. '-'■•":■'•
'Detroit, Oct. 4.— J. Yorkey, married re- |
eemly. has been in the habit of going to work by j
catching on freight cars on the Central railroad, i
This Burning hi? head struck a bridge and he I
was knocked under the train and cut in two.
: Foxbobojuoh, Ma^s.. Oct. — There was a se
rious accident on the Boston & Providence rail
road last night, between East Foxborough and j
M;;n-!!. ; d. A train of empty dump cars became
divided on the down graii-i near the crossing, and !
the rear portion left the track on a enrve and 1
piled up about thirty can on both tracks. totally
wrecking the flagman's station. Fred Titus, who
«';..- sluing in the ll.t^uiaa s hou«e, was severely
boned by the store being thrown upon him, and
also otherwi-e injured. The flagman was tnrown :
a number of feet and several can went upon him. ]
Both nit n will die.
CorcixxiTl, 0 L 4. — .John Goodwin, employed '
in Deihl a Johnson's Fireworks manufactory,
was blown to pii ■* ea this morning by the ignition
of a mortar of explosive *übstance which he was ',
THE y f i"■ KBCOKD.
Jiic r 1 1 ■ <, *•;*«, <j i* it,
Boston, Oct. 4.— A fire this morning in the
storage iheda of Corncliaus White, Cambridge- '
port, destroyed two large tbeda containing 151)
ions of rags and two vain able horses. Loss $22,
--000, insiuaace l . . (X).
Pstebsbubo, Va, Oct. 4.— The forest fire* j
which have been burning the past week in Dun- ;
widdie and Prin • George counties, have been |
after much dilHculty extinguished.
Mii.!.F.Ks«ni?, Ky., Oct. 4.— A fire yesterday
destroyed the business houses or I. B. Miller j
and 1). I). Con way, and the residence of .Inn. S.
Viinont. Los- S^.ooo with small insurance.
a# XT is a Well Known Fact! In the I
Diamond Dye* more coloring is given than
iv any known dyes, ami they give /aster ami
more brilliant colors. 10c at all druggists.
They are a pr«at success. Wells, Richard
son it Co., Burlington, Vt. >.'•
Grand Rally of the Fourth Ward Club
on Monday, October G.
There will be a meeting of the Fourth
ward Cleveland-, Haadrleks and bTiiilibbb
club ou ?.iou<lay evening, October 6, at
nun's, corner of Univergilv and Far
ringtoo avenu«-s. The following gentlemen
bare been Invited to be present and address
the meeting:
Bon. C. D. O'Brien,
C. E. Davison, Esq.,
. W. .1. Rogers, Esq.,
Gen. 11. W. Johaaoa,
.1. W. Ota, Esq.,
.!. B. Oih
Alao « short address on the tariff question
by the president of the club.
All at • invited to attend,
[Signed.] L. A. Xormandin,
President Fourth Ward Cleveland, Bead
ricks and Mcrriniau club.
The east Ohio Methodist conference selected
BarneaviUe as the paws lor the next annual
session. • ■-; .
Tlje parents of IBss Carpenter have re
ceived lurtber news from Liverpool which
fully identity as their daughter the lady who
was lost from the steamer Bothnia, on the
second day oat, as reported.
James Graves sad wife arrived in Haw
York Friday on the steamer America. He
made ■ declaration that they had only a law
articles subject to duty, and when the cus
tom officer insisted on searching his trunks
be fell in a faint. The arch revealed $20,
--000 worth of unset diamonds. They were !
both beld for examination.
A fearful tragedy occurred in Binghamp
ton, N. V., yesterday. A party of boy* were
playing together, when one of them, either ;
by accident or deslcn, discharged a musket,
loadi-d with buckshot, Into the crowd. One I
byy was instantly Willed sad several others
wounded, probably fatally. ■-*.".
The fall races at Covinjton, Kj., opened yes- i
1- " ' ' ' ■ —
For > \'rf Form «f Skin and Wood Dig- |
: Pa^os, from I'hnplesto Scrofula.
I hare L ■ : the t'sorissi* for nine months. i
Aboct :".•■ t- month* ku I applied to a doctor near
;■ -a--' ii. who h-f!i>rd mi 1 , but unfortunately I nad
to it-are, but eeiitinned taking Ui» medicine for
nearly three months, but the disease did not
leaia. 1m« Mr. Carpenter's letter in the Haila- ;
•Wluaia Uncord, asd hU <.**•• p«cfect!y described '
mine. I tried the CtTiciti RtBKDIW n«inz two
bonl«»* Reso:.vc.nt, and CCTitrui ani Ccticcra
Soap n proport;oa,'cai call myself completely
cur-d. L. r. BAKXAKD.
Wa.prtowTl, X. J.
Ccrt'iL, Not a Si^u of Mi K»-app anara.
Yonr CvncxTiA has done a wonderful care for
Co more t!ian tm> yean ago. Not a sign of iv
reappearance * inee. It cured me of a very bad
IC.-/I ni:i whkb t:»;5 trocMed me for more thin
twenty year*. I •■till *peak well of Citictra.
1 sell a grea; deal of it.
FRANK C. SWAN, Druggist.
t j Bavesl Mass.
'lia-Hiiz B»e<i yonr CrncTKA Kcxrr>TT« for ;
cL:h:ccn months for Tetter, sad finely cured it
I ant aaxios* to ••it to wil on commiwion. I !
'•an recommend it beyond any remedies I hare
ere? n-ed for Tetter. Burns, a:«, etc. In fact.
It i.« the best medicine I hare e»er tried for aay
thiar, R.S. HORTOS.
Myrtle, Xfas.
1 had a dozen bad tores upon my body, and j
:ri -J aU remedies I eoold bear of. and at last
\-. i Tosr CtmcCKi. BnKßzsa and ther baTe
cured me. * JXO. UAMULL.
Ktbroa, Ta**er Cocnty, Peas.
Every specie* of ltra;nc Scalr, Pimply. Scrofa
:ot« l&hciite aad ConXagioaa Ilnaora with loss !
of liair. cored by CCTICLBA :. »lv EXT. the \
c.-tv blood paruvr. internally, and CrTICURA. •
aad CUTICCEA SOAP, Urn great skin cares. |
Sold everywhere. Price : Crnccu, SO centa ; '
Soap, 23 cents; Rxsotrrsr, $1.
hotter Drag .nil Chemical Co.. Bwtia,
"OTT*. \ TT r T^"V7' For Chapped Uxads and
-D HiXi. Ull O3y fckia. Ccnccitk i
[Special Correspondence of the Globe. |
Ambot, Oct. 4. — There was another heavy
rain last night, rained nearly, all night. The
roads are nearly impassible, sloughs and
creeks full and the Blue Earth ► river rising
rapidly. This makes the third heavy rain
within the last ten days. Grain in the stack
is badly damaged In many places, owing to
bad stacking. Threshing will be stopped for
several days. vi-Sv?;-
The large warehouse of J. M. More, which
was blown down about two weeks as;o,ie now
rebuilt and so far finished as to be able to re
ceive oats, flax, timothy, etc.
The Blue Earth VaMey , Stock association
fair, which was to be held on the first inst
but was a failure on account of rain, has been
reappointed for the loth of October.
There will be a large crowd In attend cc,
and a fine display of stock and agricultural
products, farm machiuery, <fcc.,.-if the day
should happen to be fair. There is also
another interesting feature of these fairs,
which is a peculiarity of the fairs of this as
sociation, and that is the large display of
candidates for county and legislative offices.
There was an invoice of fourteen of this
class of exhibits arrived here on the morning
of the Ist inst. and the evening before, in
tending to be present at the fair, but were
obliged to return to Maukato and vicinity on
account of the rain, but they will be present
at the fair on the fifteenth. - • -A. :;
There will be a match game of base ball
to-day at Winnebago City, 'beiween a club
from Chicago and the Wlnnebaso Clippers,
for the championship of the state. The Chi
casros have got to play well if they get away
with the Clippers.'
The high water is bringing thousands of
ducks Into the lakes and sloughs, which fur
nish plenty of food for the powder of the
Am boy gun club.
" Hat fever. •My brother Myron and my
self were both cured of catarrh and hay fe
ver last July and August by Ely's Cream
Balm. Up to Dec. 28, these troubles have
not returned. Gabriel Ferris, Spencer, N. Y.
'Hat feveii. I was afflicted for twenty
years with hay fever, I used 'Ely's Cream
Balm with favorable results, and can recom •
mend it to all. Robert •W. Town ley (ex
mayora Elizbeth.) N. J; : ,
A Family of Cranks.
Erie, Pa.. Oct. — Leo Scbfeck and wife
and John Flicke had $118 deposited in the
Erie County Savings bank. When the bank
suspended the loss of the money drove them
insane. Thinking afterwards they were
committing a great sin they inflicted self
flaggelation. To-day two officers saw the
m'aij sad wife digging a grave in the back
yard. The house was entered and it was
found they intended to enact the death of
Christ, to be followed by killing the children
to represent Herod's slaughter of the inno
cents. All were arrested.
Steamship Sews.
New Orleans, La., Oct. 4. — Cleared:
Steamships Iluntington, for Havre; E. B.
Ward, Jr., for Truxillo; Puertariqueno, for
Liverpool; Wanderer, for Livingston. Ar
rived: Steamships Texan, from Bermard:
Hall, from Liverpool; Conventina, from
Shields ; Excelsior, from New York.
City Trciisnrer's Pale.
Office or TnE Citt Treasurer, i\
St. Paul. Miun.f Oct. 2, 1534. J
Notice if hereby given that under and by virtue
of a judgment entered on aagaal SM, IS-i", la
the District Court, second judicial dittlrict, Kara-
Fey county, State of Minnesota, against the here
inafter described real estate, situate, lying and
being In said city and cbontyfoa an as#et)t<incnt
warrant for
Paving Fort Street Prom Third
Street to South Ciy Limits,
In said city of St. Paul, the eadetslgiied will on
the 15th day of October, 15S4,at 10 clock in
Ihe forenoon, at the City Treasurer" i< oflW,
in the city of St. Panl. county of Ram
sey, offer for sale at pnblic 'auction a- proviilofl
by law. to the beet bidder for cash, the following
described rial estate, to-wlt: i
Lite & Irvine's Addition.
Supposed owner and ' Ain't of
description. Lot. Block. Judi;'nit
John it l!rl!«:;In.... 6 ] •-»*•' £303 !>5
Margaret M ttrisbln....... 7 28 803 95
A.I in the city of St. Paul, county of Ramsey,
and Mate of Minnesota.
276-278 GEOUGE REIS, City Treasurer. '
Bet on'! Jodlcial Paul County of R .-n»ey. '
John M. Warner, plaintiff. iKiin*; Sar^.i L. Ajtea,
widow of Oliver Anna*. Beoßaeeaj and k'rclrrlck If
Ann-*, sole heir-at-law of salj Oliver Ames, de
-1 '• ■'■ '. and Hi-bcoca C, Ames, wife of «ald Frede
rick L. Ame^: lakes Aneirr Ames and Catherine
H. Ames hi* wife; Oliver Ames .*!• and Anna It.
Ames, iii» wife; Frank M. Aiocit and Catßerlas 0.
Amos, hit wife: Pu«.ir. A. French, (before marrlriKe
sn«n A. Amen), and Henry W. Trench her hus-'
band; the raid < takes Anzler Amen. Oliver Ames. |
Frank M. Air<-«. and Susan A. French h»-!ntt Uiu
Qso.e betrs at law of Oaken Ames, deceased, de
teDdnnts. . ;•.."...
The state of Minnesota to the above named defend
You. and each of you, arc hereby summoned and
required to aaswer the compUlst in thls^ictloo, which
has been filed with the clerk of said court, and to
serve a copy of your answer to said complaint on the
subscriber, at hlsoiQcr, In Saint Haul. Knrn»*jr roun
Ty. Minnesota, at the northwest corner of Third and
Robert streets, wlihla twenty day» after the service
of this summons opoo you. eic!n»lTc of the day of
•ui-h service: and. if you fall to answer the said com
plaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
action will apply to the court fur (he relief demanded
in said complaint.
Dated St. Peel, September, A. I). ISM
V>». Lor is Kei.lt.
PlarnttSt attorney, St. Paul, Minn
To the dc/eadaats turned In the foregoing lummons:
You and each of yon are hereby mnltied that the
general object of the above entitled action Is to quiet
In the plaintiff alore n.-;ned to the following parcel
of land situated 1b Ramsey couaty, Minnesota, to
wU: lot nu bered seven (7). la block numbered
three (3.) of F.wlnsr A Chute's addition to Saint Paul,
aoi <rd!ns to the plat of raid addition tiled or being
In the caVe of the BcsUter of Deeds in and for said
liani«ey county, and that no personal claim Is made
t Lure. a gainst you or against either of you.
Wv. Lons Kk.lt,
Attom«*y for the Plaintiff. St. PauL Minn.
I>a-edn.t St. Paul. M!na.. Sept. ISil. oc6-7w-rno
O _ss. In District Court. -■ c Judicial Dlsirict.
In the matter of the alignment af Ar.-cceau A >ier
*an<l to Anrotne Lar.oux. '■
Act! now upon readini; and llfnc the petition of
Ar.i ::« Linsuz. assignee of Aneneau tc Mersand,
to MM a time anil place to hear his application for
IBS settlement of this aasltraacnt and for his final
discharge herein as such asaisnee, his final aceocat
ltaviag been tiled In coart. it Is ordered t^at said
applicative for the settlement of his account, and
for bis final discharge frutn all Ka*>:i;ty and respon
sibility as .-uch aaatcaee of said Arsencaa & Merund
be arard before Us < otrrt. at a »pedal term thereof
to tf l.i! at the court bouse la tbe city of St. Paul,
In Md t<*rnty. on Saturday, (be lint day of .tore * •
ber. 1 334, at tea •'deck in the foreaoon. or as soon
there.-iftrr as couascl can be heard: and that cotlc*
cf said aop;ic3t!on be served en all the creditors of
said Arseaeaa * Mersand w*o have proved their
eUims herein, and oa the said Aneaeau * Mersand.
by dep.*!tic(r in the postofßce. at St, Paul, in iald
county, at least tweaty days before tbe return day of
this or-ier. a copy of into order, duly enveloped, post
paid and duly endorse! and directed to said Arsenean
* Mertand. acd to each of the creditors of the azld
Arseneau £ Jl.— •and who hare- proved their claims
as aforcMkld. at their respective places of residence.
Aad tha: notice be a!>* airea berela by pebnsb'.nc
th!* order In the Si. P-as U*l-t Globz for three
CDOsecstlve weeks, at least once » week, before •'
--return da* of this order, the last publication theseof
ro be at least three days before the retora day
October 41*, l; 5 ■
DUtrlct Jsdge.
Wi. 11. CiCf ox. Attorney for Assignee.
Kotice to Creditors.
State of Minnesota, Cosmy of gaawij ss. la Pro
bate Coon, special term. September 12. us*.
Is tie Batter of the estate of Charles G. F. IHiffiiiaa.
X otfee is hereby gives thai the Jod*e of Probate
of the Cooßry of Ramsey, win upon the first Monday.
of thr montlMof Xovcmber. December. ;««, January.
February and Mirth. lSSS.arr»«*cloeka.a. receive.
bMCST ffXHsalaW Tyi AaUaWaV %\l CStaaaaaM aad atCaaBBBBBBaI at
ill seraa«Ma|DriaataaMeeceaMdiaßat*iatrfxmoatas
ticnt aad after the date hereof bare sees allowed
aad Salted for cred!ton to eneeat their claisia
acaiaet «M estate, at tbe expiration ef which ease
all claims not iterated or aot proves to as —lufai
daa.«haQbe f oreTcr barred, eaiese fer coot cause
shews farther tiaae be allowed. ■■'.■
By tic . art.
[x.J-1 "K^t- B. Ifc«aOBTT.
- / *^a»otPiSWla
Attest: T&jlsx. Ko»awr. wr_ Oevfe. -
Jossra AnKrsra Ai'naHnar.
•eatl>-S*-K«« .
An Efficient Remedy
In all cases of Bronchial and Pulmo
nary Affections is Ayer's Cherkt
Pectoral. As such it is recognized ami
prescribed by the medical profession, and
,In many thousands of families, for the
I past forty years, it has bee regarded as an
invaluable household remedy. It Is a
preparation that only requires to be taken
' & y el v 1 ? 11 quantities, nnd a few doses
of it administered in the early stages of a
cold or cough will efleet a speedy cure,
and m a yv very possibly, save life. "Tliere
is no doubt whatever that
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
i Has preserved the lives of great numbers
01 persons, by arresting the development of
Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia,
anil Pulmonary Consumption, and by
the euro of those dangerous maladies, It
should be kept ready for use in every
family where there are children, as it is a
medicine far superior to all others in the
, treatment of Croup, the alleviation of
1* hooping Cough, and the cure of Colds
and Influenza, ailments peculiarly inci
dental to childhood and youth. Prompti
tude in dealing with all diseases of this
class is of the ••♦most importance. The
. loss of a single day may, in many cases,
entail fatal consequences. Do not waste
•precious time in experimenting with
medicines of doubtful efficacy, while the
j malady -is constantly training a deeper
hold, but take at once the speediest a&d
most certain to cure,
' Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Jewell, Mas*.
Soki by all Druggists.
■ *^ — s>s. District Court, Second Judicial District.
•»•-: .■'■ ' ■ SVMMOXS. ■ ■
"William Dawson and Mary F. Dawson, his wife; Rob
' crt A. Smith and Mary E. Smith, his wife; Ansel
•Oppenhelm and JosioOppcnhelm. his wife; Edward
! _ Langevin and Eleunora Langevin, his wife, plain
! tiffs;
! Against
Lucrctia Efflngcrand John R. Effinger, her husband;
Anna R. Mintzer, widow of WHliara L. Mintzer, de
ceased; Sarah Hough and Thomas J. Hough, her
husband; George B. Mintzer and Louisa Mintzer,
his wife; Charles J. Mintzer and Elizabeth Mtntzer,
his wife; Frederick W. Mintzcr; St. John W. Mint
zer; Amelia Mintzer; Josephine Outton and Charles
H. Outton. her husband; Margaret Irvine, wldowof
Alexander B. Irvine, deceased; Charles H. Mintzer
and Maria Mintzer, his wife; Charles M. Titus and
I Ida Titus, bis wife; William Titus and Agnes Titus,
his wife: Aimlrn T. Egbert and John H. Egbert,
her husband; Edwin X Softer and MarySnyder.
his wife; Annie Snyder and Sarah Snyder; Margaret
Hicks,' widow of Willet Hicks, deceased; Lydia A.
Baker and Charles M. Baker, her husband; Eliza
beth Chrlstman and* John W. Christnian, her hus
band; William A. Mintzer awl Julia .Mintzer. his
wife; John A. W. Jones, as executor of the estate
of William L. Mintzcr. deceased; Joseph S. Mackey ;
and Frank J. Mai-key and Florence Mackcy, his
wife; Eunice B. B'.dwell, widow of Ira Bidwell, de
censed; Henry E. Bid-veil and Mary E. Ri.lwell. his
wife; Albert I. .Bidwell and Annie J. Bidwcll. his
wife; Louise E. Wa'.dby, and William 11. Waldby,
her husband; ami George Hannahs, widower of
Amanda M. -Hannahs, deceased; -and Ella L.
Thompson, and v>". L. Thompson, her husband;
li&ttir tvilalo kind James M. Hale, her nssband;
Gcorse B. Hannahs; Minnie A. Uarncld and S. F.
Garne'.d, her husband; L. W. Hannahs. Carrie Huu
, nab*, and Marion I. Hannahs, and all persons un
known having orclaimins an Interest in the follow-
In ,- describe. l real estate; situate and being in the
county of Ramsey and state of Minnesota, and
known' mid designated M follows, to-wlt: The west
thirty ( '.'> acre* of Jot roar (4) In section five (5),
in township tweaty-eUlit (2S). north of racge
twenty-two (22) west, and an that p<u; of the ea*t
„■ thirty (SO; a ires of lot five (5) in said section, town
and range which has not been platted Into lots or
Mocks, and which la bounded as follows: on the
north by the Mississippi river, and on the east by
. the lice between .'aid lots four and five (4 and 5),
and on the Booth by the south line of said lot live
(51, and on the west by the west line of the said
c -t till tv (30) acres of said lot five (5), and by
Dunwell & Spencer's addition to Brook yml. accord
ing to the plat thereof In the office of the Register
of Deeds In and for said Bamaev count}', c 'i:t n
Ins fourteen i II) acres, more or less, and also lots
one, two, t:irec, four, fire fi-:. usren, and cl^ht
(1, ■>. S. 4. 5. 6, 7. Si in block Lwenty-nvc -.5 . oil of
blocks twen'y-slx and twenty-seven <2i> and 27).
and lots one. two, three. f..ur. rtve. six. seven, <i^-':t.
nine, ten. and eleven 1. 3. 3. 1. 5. 6, 7. 8, 9. 10, ID
■ hi bl<Kk tweiity-eipht (28). and lots four, five, and
- 4IK (i, 6. 6). in twenty-nine ■-".';. and i >•.> flve
b st/ « : (San IC) in block 11' c (."•». and lot six (6) In
! ;,,^ecKtl\c.fi)antllotslK (6j. lnb!ix-ktwcnty-four(24),
ail In Dunn i & Spencer's addition, according to
fUM plai tlicre-if; and also nil tt.at part or portion of.
the following ()ejcrir>c<i ota in Mid addition, which
!.- within the laid east thirty ltd acres of said cov
ernroent lot lire (3), to-wit: lot twelve (12) in
block twenty-eljrht (23), lot three (3)," In block
twenty nine •;;•!. lots two. three, four, seven,
eight, nine (2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9), in block iv ■ (3;, de
The State of Minnesota to the i ove oaa*d defend
a ■•:
You. and each of too. an herein summoned and
required to answer the complaint of the plaintiffs in
the abovccntltled action, which las !>'.;en Bled in the
office of (be Clark ii. said court, at Saint Paul, In
said County, and serve a ropy of your answer to the
said complaint upon Ihe subscriber, at. hia office I-
Safnr I'stiiL n the count r t>f BanWy, in the *'p c
:»fi>;. nJtf;. within twenty days .ill' tho servu-e ut
i JJi.V _. n;::iin-iis en TOO. exclQtlre of tlic daj of i\ eh
rcrv/ce: aiKi.ll you I v " nnswrr the huM romplalnt
1 wiftu'n the time rfiireMkU, the raid plnlntiffs w,!l
a\\i*} to tbe said coar! for tlierciicf dcic<tudcd a the
' i>aid oonip alar,
mi L. tASrPKST,
i -j'ji Pl«fnt!ff^ Attorney*. St. Paul, M.nn.
To t\:c iTcfcndan:s i'mveiismed:
j , -.You, »ni tract of you. are hereby, notified that the
; object of the action eadticl !n the ulx>ve -n iii iii^.
I* toobta'n tho partllloa or t:ic sale if partition can
not I* made wl.hont pro a"■ to the i-i «r»st of the ' ;
[ o~ners. of cena:n real estate Rltnnifd in the county ]
: of Basuey and the state of Minnesota, a particular
description of which said rral estate U fully *et forth
iin the title of action In the foTogolag samnona,
, nod which description U hereby referred to as and
Ihk(!c a pnrt of (his notice.
Dated Saint Paul, Minn.. August 12. 18 i.
! j, . „. , • Ulil 1.. I. VMPBET,
I Attorney of said Plalnt'fTs, gain! Paul, Minn.
• an^2s-"w-mon ; "
— ss. In Proiute Court, apodal term, held
! September 5, ISSt.
In the matter of the estate of Timothy J. Kei'y,
i . derr.u '1. ' -•
. ' On reading and filing the petition of Philip !!.(,;:i
--) boh. administrator of said .mate, setting forth the
1 amount of persona! estate that has come to bis hands,
! and tin; d]v>osltloa thereof; the amount of debts out
; ,Mr,ni!lnsc,'.i'.:.-t said deceased, and a description of
ail the' real estate of which said deceased died seized,
and the condition and value of the respective por
tions thereof; and praying that lief nsc be to him
granted to sell at public auction or private sale all of
the real estate described In said petition;
And it appearing, by said petition, that there Is not
sufficient personal estate In the hands of said :. :mln-
Utrator to pay said debts, anil: it is necciusary in
order to pay the same, to sell all of Mid real estate;
It Is therefore ordered, that all pontons Interested
In said estate, appear before the Judge of this court,
on Wednesday, the 23th day of October. A. D Ma, at
10 o'clock a. in., at the probate office In Saint Paul la
said county, then and there to show cause, (if any
there be) why license should not be granted to said
administrator to sen said real estate according to the
prsyer.of said petition. ■-•'.■..
And it Is farther ordered. That a copy of this order
Khali be published for four successive weeks prior to
said day of hearing, the last of which publications
shall be at least fourteen days before »ald day of
hearing, in the Daily Globe, a newspaper printed
and published at Saint Paul In said county, and per
sonally served on all persons Interested In said estate,
residing In said county, at least fourteen days before
said day of hearing, and upon all other persons in
terested, according to law.
By the Court.
[L.S.J . TV!!. B. MrGROKTT.
J_d,-eol Probate.
Attest: TT.XTTK R.-)Brrrr. Jr.. Cler*.
Wx. Li ts Kelly, Attorney for Administrator,
'-. ' in»j-«-sw-mo*j -■". .:".
. Notice 'o erect ton.
State of Minnesota. County of Ramsey— ss. In Pro
bate court, ipedal teim, September .'. 1884.
In the matter of the estate of Tliuidm S. McMaaoa,
Notice S« hereby given that th" Judge cf Probate.of
the con of Ramsey, wm upoatbi ttnt Monday of the
months of November. December. 1354. January .Feb
ruary and March. 19». at ten o'clock a.m.. receive,
bear, examine and adjnst. all claim* and demands of j
all person* against said deceued; and t! it six month*
from «nd after the date hereof have been allowed and »
limited for creditor* to present their claims gainst
said eucste. at the expiratiun of which time all claims |
not promoted or not proven to Us satisfaction. sbaU be
forever barred, unles* for good caus« khown further
time be allowed.
By the Court, VTil. B. McGUORTT,
[L.a.l Jc<!?e of Probate.
Delos A. MosTOKT.Ada-ilnlstratoriiithwlil annexed.
O"Bkixs, Elms & Bates. Attonreyi for Adm r.
Assessment for Opening. Wideniii^ and
Extension of Portland
Omci or the Board or Public Work*. )
Crrr or St. Pact, Ulna., Oct. 3, 1331- (
The Board of Public Work* in and for the cor- .
poration of the City of 91 Panl. Minnesota, will '
meet at their o3ee :n said city at 2 p. m. on the
I -Ota day of October, A. D.. 1:; J. to make an a»-
aei:: of ber.efi:». damares. co;t» and expenses
1 ari-ing from the opening, widening and extension |
of Porliand Avenue, between Avon street and '
Victoria f treet. in «asd city on the property on the j
line of add improvement, and on Mich other \
' property as may be deeiaed benefited ordaaisged |
The load aocMOßry to be condemned and taken
, for said opening, widening aad extension is de
scribed s- follows, to-» '
" AS that land cot already dedicated for pnblic
: use, indaded within tbe lines of ■ Portland Ave
tie. between bSorks three (3) and four (I) of
' Bryant • Additios to St. Pa si, If produced west
! to Victoria street, is the city of it. Paoi, 3linse
; ■eU.
AH persons iotercrted are hereby noticed to bo
, present at »aid time asd place of making said as
sesooteat aad w.i! be beard. -
JL KUCII, President pro tea.
B. L. Gc=xx.-, Cert Board of Public Works.
mm business m
— Of —
ST. PAUL, - - ."-MINN
Btanfokd Xewil, Attorney at Law, First Nation
alßank building, corner of Fourth and Jackson 36*.
96-185 . ... .
Thomas O. Eaton, liocmso, Gilflllan block, St
Paul, Minn.
E. P. Basstood, Room 88, Gilflllan block.
H. S. Tbeherne, C. E., 19 Oilfillan block.
A. D. Hinbuale. Presley block.
A. Mh KADCLirr, Mannhetmer block.
J. Waltku Stevk-nsom, Davidson block. Rooms
25 & 26.
Shsbwood Ho ugh, corner Third and Wahashaw
Stevens & Robebts, 71 East Third street St
Boofc?l?r&stATioi»t:!ifr ~~~
Sherwood Hough, corner Third and Wabashaw
St. pAPLBooKifcSTATioxEBYCo.,I27 East Third
A. Nippolt. East Sixth street! between Jack
eon and Sibley streets.
John Matheis, 17 East Third street.
• W. L. Akdersoi.-, :23E«Bt Third street,
tRY COOS — Wholesale.^ ~
. Auerbach, Finch & Vas Sltke, Sihler street
between Fourth and Fifth.
DRY COOas—Retall. ~
LrsDEKE. Lapp & Co., 13 East Third Street.
ERI ES.~Who!esale,
P. H. Kei.lv & Co.. 142 to 148 East Third street.
v HARDWARE A!U»"T««tS.~'
F. O. Draper & Co., £3 East Third street.
~ jk Wl-LTttsiSD WATCHIIAti i BsT^
Emu. Gkist. 85 East Third street.
Stivers o6 ttOßJusxsojf, Ilium "I'hlrU street. i
rani. ,
PitTIRES A.fft fBAiiS.
STmtss&noj»Jtßisoj(. Umk inira street, 1;
TtttXß MAR US.
Crn-rrx & XJpsoy. 74 East Third street
W. If . Oakland. 41 East Third street.
WtAfcS Al» mHOßs"whoifsa|c.
B. liriiL & Co.. Whole •> .c dealers "i Wuora »a
wines, 1»4 East Third street, St. PauL
~~ wno i.LSALE goring.
ARTirrR. **■«■■ * ABBirri 18« and 133 EaiS
Third street.
if a6'LEiiL T ~niRD ware!
Stkoso, llackktt & Co., 213 to 219 East Fourth
St. Paul Foundry Go.
■ Send for cuts of colnmns. AH kind.* of cast
iDgi> made on short notice. Works on St. P., M.
& Si. l!. i;.. near Como trrone. Office, Fourth
street, corner Kobert. St. Paul. 11. W. TOPPING,
Manager. C. .M. Powsß,Becntan aud Treasurer -
JfcpiLli! & TKURSTON,
2iJVAjKZ2.«f, and
he im k urn itin i.specialti.
Jolting Promptly Attended To.
Agents % ill- BncKt:]fe Stoves & Baßsn
The Rest in the World.
il6 West 'I UN St.'; op. Metropolitan llofel,
ST. PAUL, MINN. ' 180
Fie fiiiri,
tun cocoi.
••By a thorongh knowledge of the natural laws
which govern the operation* of digestion and nu
trition, and by a cartful application of tho fine
properties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr. Epps has
provided our breakfast tables with a delicately
savored beverage which may save as many heavy
doctor's bills. It is by the judicious use of such
articles of diet that a constitution may be gradu
ally built lip until strong enocgh to resist every
tendency or disease. Hundreds of subtle mala
dies are floating sronnd nsrpady to attack wherev
er there is a weak point. We may escape many a
fatal shaft oy kecpin? ourselves well fortified
with pure blood and a properly nourished frame."
Civil Service Gazette.
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold
hi tins only ( % ft and ft )by Grocers, labeled thus :
JAMES LfP. V, CO. Uom<eo[>athle CberaUu
JiUIILO tfl ) U. bll Lomdox. Ex»LA«a
A cure care for Blind, Bleeding. Itching and
Ulcerated Piles, has been discovered by Dr. Wil
liam, (an Indian remedy) called Dr. WILLIAMS
INDIAN OINTMENT. A single box has cured
the worst chronic cases of 25 years' standing. No
one need suffer five minutes after applying this
wonderfal soothing medicine. Lotions and in
struments do more harm than good. William's
Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intense
itching, (particularly at night after getting warm
in bed.) acts as a poultice, gives instant and pain
less relief, and is prepared only for Piles, itching
of the Private ports, and for nothing else. For
sals by all druggists, and mailed on receipt of
pi ice, $1. NOYES BHOS. A CUTL£K,Wfaolesale
Agent, St. PauL Minn.
TUCK TAMLZ. " - ■ ,
[ Lw» .Lesre liter Arrival fArrfraTMla
— . , | Et Pap. | Beapolia.* 8t Paul, j ut«tx>li«.
Blown Taller, Bre«*euXMlija, Wanptton, BameartUe i
and ''»'«" *7ao«m (Kirn *7iX>Dni £ -25 can
Imkbs reila, Moorhwd. largo, Ciooaftoa, St Y!ne«U *••« <»/pm «.«pai
W Winnipeg »ti»«m Mo»m »6U3pa «^opa
fctclocd AooomzEodatton, Tl» HonttotUo and Clear- pa |~° "
■•»««»■.- , ; •Saopox C:ospra »12*0 m lID.-iia
St. Ckni<lAccoTiiir.o4alU>a.Tia AnokA and Elk River.... •t£»o a 4*5 pm •iiijaiftm U2Usza
krec*enridK«, WaJjpevra, Caatelton, Hope, Portlamd, * iu=M»m "T*.*.™
MajTlil*, Craukatcm, v Foru, L>«vj;« i ■<» um<i;. ' -
Vi^c«n - ■•- - »r-~ yfst—.—'x' - i »fr*P»! trtSpmf. W7*o»m 6«5««
rer^i« FaCa, Uoorhead, Farg'j. Grand Forks, DvtH'i Si •*"»•-
Laite, Larlinor». -S«cae and vrianlpe< i tsaopaj »:10»n.pg.fr^0*m e23 * a
"Ixair. •tx«pt bandar*. " ~ : r *3^? '
a;: Up. a. uaJa en fiatarday no* only to Wahpet6n. 1.7:30 a. m. train onMondar rant only from T7ah
petua. _ *
„i!* Te s ' lwll 4 *- 1 110 ' *' "• "'£L l **' *=♦ *'*» •m, »»«5 am, 830 am, »i» «a, VkSO *•«
j3*j mx. Utpa, IM m JlOpir. M» pin . :sjpE. -JOpm, i.'M i>m,4jt»p mT4i(u o* -5iW ;» m,
lU.pm. tS*ps, i^upa, :^j,m. fc-.au piu.ll:. pm . : Op m.
vi*" 1 * 15 *"' * ■'" '•'• 6: JO*O * ™- "*» am. 710 am, '.:2j a ro. 730* m, 6-30aau »do»a,
icaoain Jilt ant. ill:*s. Vlix) 01.1203 p ib, Usipm. i : isp m. 131 m, fcSJpm, ZM 9 to, 4SWP-*.
5 Su pai, -5:*5 «a, H:43 p m. - 6^o ;. m. -T.^u pm. *7:55 pa, »;1» pm, liha* pm. •
A 1 tr»iot daily rte^pt as foilov*: Italjy except SoatUy, 1 except Monday, >-<wpt Saturday.
_tr Ef^sataleepersoajtlljhrooifh train*. .■--%- ,
W.^ACL— W. A. Tunwr. City Tickat A««it, ear Third and Sibl«y streeu; brown * K»n»t>el, A?»q:«
ivoc c*pct. [|LBn,ii"tiimiMiW|'|.jiiMi|Bii^'LlUUW—JJU
I:INN>.aHJLIS /. Z. emit . t>oneT»: A^est, and H. L. ilArttn. Xiosa« ip : Caloa d«poc BrUU*
ccms. W. H. .V^a;.-, A^ect, 3tM»U«« Baa**. . •..
Bt. Paul Ttatlwur Tl m *» TaVil«%
Si Minneauolls & (Malia
GMcago & irffifflsto
vkpamtm* inputs. I , **•»»• I Ltars
Minneapolis > . St. PauL
Dps Motnes fast Bxp.cas. .. i tliil aan t7:oQ*m
Fait Chicago press . "£:lspin "«:0«p.B
; Fast Atlantic Ex... | "1:10s m •ffjoopaj
Sioux C ,81ouxl\* Vpasfiu* t7:4fao 17:10.* m
! 6bakopee and Merrlam Jot. | "t:Sa » m *7:05 aa*
I and iuiti City | *4.-U*m "S:S9p v
| Chicago Local Express. .... | 11 SO am it:OI * jj
Central WlsconsinExpres*.. ', f!:Nli: i£:CJ* a
Skatopee and Merrlain Jet. *S:SBpia; M:05? -a
}Lnke Superior Express . . f?:l«ain fi:J|i g
, Btlllwaterand IUT«rFaUa.. t«:80am; 11:03 a a
Still water and River Falls.. I :3*» in i6ii>s?a
6t. Paul A Pierre Ex ...... I *lt:»9Bifht *11 :S0 o-a
Dining Cart the liwt la th« worn and luxanoui
Smoking lioom Sieoptr* on all fast trains to Chicago.
| St. Paul, j Minneapolis
St. Paul & Pierre Ex....... "8:00 a m n:toam
Chicago Day Express "l':."7ani *i:4saTi
Merrlam Jet. and Shakopee. '12:88 pra 1 *jiMpm
Chicago Night Express "1:09 »m .'1:45 pax
EiouxC 81oux ««■. »>•«' n» It:tspm| it-.iipv.
Omaha and Kansas City. ..' 12:40 »m »32:15 p :a.
i iLake Superior press 16:05 »m! iS:«j> 'a
Merriam Jet. and Shakopee '8:11 »m - 'l.fcj? a
' Chicago Local Express 15:25 pm <f.:5Sp a
Central Wisconsin Express. iE:2spm -Mspa
Hirer Falls.. 19:25 am 1»:Mi a
! River Falls 15i25»m 15:58 p v
DesMoines Fast Express... 18:28 p m 1 7.53 pa
•Dally. 1 Except Sundays it tral»s t* StfliwaterT
{Lake Superior Expresj connect* at Washbdrn
with steamer* of Lake Superior Transit Co. for tit*
f^-Tlclcct*, sleeping oar accommodation* mi ■•»•
inlormatien can be secured at
■ Ko. 18 Kicollet House block, Minneapolis,
. ... , Ticket A^ens.
H. L. MARTFIT, Agant. Mlan«« polls J 3 3ij».
Corner Third and Jackson streets, St. Paul, ...
CH AS. H. PETSCH, City Ticket Agent
i KNEBEX & BBOW2T, Agents, St. Paul Union »«pa:
" Overland Eoute ?
THE OVMT ins* T")
P«pfl^n'!. flrft.. and Uw Pacific *orfW««t.
The "Pioneer Xfw" br.Uftrn St. Pawl,
Minneapolis, Moorhead and Fargo, and t **
OXLX Line running Inning ■ Oars **•*■*
Gunman Sir^Jiorm tt«txo«,n Uios« point?,
~~~ ~~ ■ Leave
Dei arting Trains, Leave Mlnn<tßp.
/ fit. Paul. oils.
Pacific express •4?ispm *4:46 p m
1 Fargo day exprene. ....".... 17:58 » m 15;35 » a
' FargoTast Express.... ... •4:05 pm *4i4Spia
Fargo and Mandan night e» *8:00 • *ft:*9 p-c
l)iiiiU{< our .tollman sl«)ep«r«, »lejf Jan »Ay O'»a-h >*,
Mcond olass conohsa, and emlxrnAt sle«abu{ oars
between St Paul, Miuuoap-iUi, Farcro, DatL; i.*i
I Portland, Ore., without chance. Horton reclining
chair care on Fargo day express, without extra charts
for ladies, or gentlemen accompanied by ladles uold*
; Ing nnt-class ticket*. -
Arnviiig Trains, Mlajieap- Arriva
oils. 8t Paul.
I Atlaatlo express. *ll:Mam *13:30p3i
Fargo day express -ff.-atpm tl:il»a
. Fargo Fast Ex priws *ll:S0am •15:36pm
! Fargo and Mandaa night "x *7:1» aui *7:60 a
t *i«uii. ■\n.*.vvf. ujuuy.
: City office. St Paul, 323 (old N0.48> Jaoksnna'.TSst.
• tit} office. liiim«ui»oiie, No. 10 NioolUt nooM.
.{ CHAB. 8. FEB.
i General Agent.
Milwaukee & Sr. Paul R'y.
Pullman Sleepers with Smoking Room* and ths
finest Dining Cars In the world are run on all
Maw 1 m trains to and from Chi- - -
cago »;i I Milwaukee.
i>£pabtixu XK4.1.53. ,„ Leave , Leave"
_ „ Uinneapolls. • Bt. PauL
La Cros«c, Pubuque and ■ •'•-'•••• i -t
St. Louis Ex..; 5:10 a. m. B 5:45 a. in.
PraJile <lv Chien, Mil.,
an. l C hYnKo Ex B 8:20 a.m. B 8:30 a. m.
Calniar and Davenport Ex B 8-20 a. in. B 8:30 a. m.
Mason City, Alba and
Kafirs City Ex ... B 8:20 a.m. B 8:30 a.m.
Pickering and Council
Bii^ Ex i) 8:20 a. m. B 8:90 a. m.
t Mllhnnk* Xx B :40 a.m. B 8:00 a.m.
Milwaukee and Chicago
*«»iKx A 1:15 p. in. A 2:00 p. m.
Maiion City, ABU and
Kansas City Ex B 4:30 p. m. B 4:30 p. m.
Dt-9 Moinrs and I oancll
1 Blu«s Ej r. 4:30 p.m. B 4:30 p. m.
■La Ci-osse PoMenger B 4:tQ p. in. 1$ S:u3p. vi.
Aberdeen &Mttch<ill Ex. A 4:50 p.m. A 4:00 p.m.
Ortonville and Fnrjro A 8:10 p. m. A 7:80 p.m.
JUlvftiikce and Chicago
_ Fa *t Ex ........ . . ■ A 8 : 15 p. m. .' 9:00 p. m.
iui\im> TtiAiKi, ' Arrive Arrive
St. PauL Minneapolis
Chicago and.MUwaukoe
F«'i <x A 6:00 a.m. A 6:45 a.m.
Fargo and Ortonville Ex A 8:30 a. m. A 7:50 a. m.
Davenport * Calmar Ex B 10:85 a. in. B 10:45 a. m.
Kansas City, Albla and
Mason City Ex B 10:35 a. m. B 10:45. a. m.
Council Bluffs and Dcs
Molnes B 10:35 a. in. B 10:43 a. m.
Mitchell & Aberdeen Ex A 12:30 p. m. A 11:50 a. in.
Chicago and Milwaukee
Fast Ex A. 1:00 p.m. A 1:43 p. m
FftHi Mall and La Crosae
Xx B 3:25 p.m. B 4:00p.m
Chicago, Milwaukee and
Prairie dv Chicn Ex.. B 6:42 p.m. B 6:50 m.
Kansas City, Albla and
MwonCltyEx B 6:43 p.m. B 6:50 p.m.
Council Bluffs and Pick- i
ering B 6:42 p.m. B 6:50 p. in.
Fargo Mlibnnk Ex... B 8:45 p. m. B 7:48 p. ra.
St. Louis Duixiiine and
LaCrosse Ex B 9:l(tp. B 9:45 p. m.
A means Dally. B Except sum»ay.
Additional trains between St. Paul and Minneapo
lis via "Short Lino" leave both cities hourly; for par
ticular" *•"• Short Line rtwi* tables.
St. Paul— Thompson, City Ticket. Agent, m
Ksst Third street. Brown 4 KnebeL Ticket Agents.
L '.< n Depot
Minneapolis— a. L. Scott, City Ticket Agent, "So. X
Klcollel House. A. is. Chamberlain, Ticket A^eaCt
■Lepot. " • ■ ■ : pjfi , \-.;\
kXKSJ,APOLis & »t. Loo!* Railway.
Li-. tit. Pant 1 Ar. St. Paul
Chicago Express i "7:oo am '8:05 am
Dcsßloincsi Kansas City Ex. -7:00 am "8:03 am
6t. Louis "Through" Expresi 42:60pm' ;i2:2Dpm
1/es Molnes &. Kansas City Ex. ! 12:50 pm }12:20pm
Excelsior and Winthrwp. . .. j *8:80p ml '12:20 p m.
Chicago "Fast 1 Express | it:* ml (17:45 am
C daily, •daily except Snndays, tdaHy except 3a?
BTday, dally except Monday. Ticket office St. Paul
comer third and SiMey streets. E. A. Whltaker, Cltr
1 lcktt and Passenger Agent, and Union Depot. '•;
_.;'.; ; B.F.BOTD.
terns, Ticket and Passenger Age D MinneapOl
ElPOßillv 1
10 West Third street, St. PauL
Jre»pectftiny lnrite the attention of ladles »nd
gentlemen to my large, most complete and ele
gant stock, of new. Masquerade Costumes, for
balls, parties, theatrical performances, old folks*
concerts, tableau? Ac.
33aeks at wholesale.
Cocirry parties, send tot list and priced. ..
t> J .CailliSJfiN. ,,

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