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The Minneapolis office of the Daily Globe has
teen removed to 213 Hcnnepin avenue, S. J.
Clark, business manager of the department.
The Daily Glob*
can be found on «a.c every morning at the fol
lowing news stands :
The West Hotel, the Union, Depot, Nlc
ollvt House news stand, St. James - Hotel
sews stand, J. W. Ayers, South Third street
between Nicollet and Hennepins avenue, W. E.
ilia. 601 South Washington avenue, W. H.
f-tickney, 517 Cedar avenue. . Geo. A.
Morse, 206 Central avenue, E. A.
Taylor, 226 Hennepin avenue, C. It.
Murphy, 200 Henncpin avenue, H. Hoeffner,
1221 Washington avenue north, and Heddcrly &
Co,, 55 Central avenue.
Leo Baris' lecture at the Congregational church
drew a goodly sized audience last evening.
A Chatanqua circle has been organized in Oak
Luke addition. The next meeting will be held
on Tuesday evening.
It is reported that Thomas Hastings, the old
man who was shot through his body by his son
in-law, Campbell, is in a fair way to recovery.
John Haberbier's cafe at 205 Nicollet is be
coming the popular gastronomic rendezvous of
the city. Yesterday it was packed to standing
In the municipal court yesterday the case
against Andrew Peterson, who is charged with
making a felonious assault upon Miss Bessie
Nelson, was dismissed.
Charles Johnson, the man under arrest charged
with stealing a suit of clothes from a Manitoba
caboose, bad his examination continued until
Friday morning.
There were a number of wagers made yester
day 111 considerable sums that the state of New
York would, upon the official count give Grover
Cleveland a net plurality of 3,000.
Herman Kdajes and Susan Luth, Jack Wilson
and Annie Johnson, Octave Chonard and Alma
Guiinont, John W. Campbell and Lillie Hindle
yesterday obtained marriage licenses.
Frank John died suddenly yesterday morning
from an attack of pneumonia. A post mortem
examination was conducted in the city morgue
in the afternoon and revealed the fatal disease.
Albert Libby ana Albert Carr, the pair of
champagne lovers who are charged with pur
loining fourteen bottles of the finest from the
West hotel, will be given an examination on the
The Minneapolis association of the Sons of
Maine will hold a regular business meeting this
evening at their club rooms, 211'/i Nicollet aye
Due, ins-lead of at Curtis' bail as previously an
June* Norton, the man arrested for stealing a
number of ladies dresses from a boarding house.
on ]■ '.rst' avenue south, waived an examination in
the municipal court yesterday, and in default of
bonds in $600 be was remanded to jail.
The 'joard of canvassers met at the auditor's
office yesterday and began the work of prepar
ing blanks for the official count of the returns o
the recent election. The count commences thi
morning and will probably continue all to-day.
Frank Dan/., Jr., was yesterday supremely
happy. Champagne and double stamped cigars
wore none too good. It is the handsomest ten
pound boy baby Minneapolis can boast of. No
wonder the strains from bis violin were soul in
spiring last night. . ■
The Minneapolis Democrats have not yet de
cided when they will hold their grand demonstra
lion, ratifying Grover Cleveland's election, but
the announcement will be given in these columns.
The Excelsior club will unite with Minneapolis,
and it will be the grandest affair ever attempted
in the state.
The Minneapolis Bar Association Library,
rooms 90 and 91 Academy or Music, received
yesterday the following new books, viz: Bar
bour's Chancery Practice, 3 vols; Waterman on
Set Off ; Waples Proceedings in Kern.; Wood's
Law of Nuisances , Parsons on Contracts, sev
enth edition, 3 vols. ; Green's Brices Ultra Vires;
Schouler on Executors and Administrators;
Forkards Starkie on Slander and Libel.
The first and only 99c photograph gallery
just open ed on Nieolletavenue.
Interesting Meeting Last Sight— The Sec
tion in Sanitary Science Have a Itis
The Academy of Science held a well attended
meeting last evening at its hall on Henncpin
avenue, the session being one of unusual interest
Judge Hemiap read a communication urging
the co-operation of the Athaneum and ' Academy
of Science societies in erecting a building to be
used by both societies. He proposed that money
for this purpose should be raised by the mem
bers of the societies and by public subscr lption.
A site on the corner of Uenncpin avenue and
Eighth has been offered on very reasonable
terms, and he thought the site would prove sat
isfactory to both .societies. The matter was re
ferred to a committee.
Dr. Elliot, the president, announced that the
balance of the time would be occupied by the
section in sanitary science, of which Dr. Hulctt
la president. That gentleman took the chair and
read ■ lengthy paper. in which he considered in
a general way the relations of hygenic principles
10 home life, ai.d mentioned some of the errors
iv every day lite.
Dr. (>uinby followed with a paper on the rela
tion of contagious diseases to filth. His remarks
were to the point, and he gave some experiences
coming under hi* immediate observation as city
health officer concerning the sanitary condition
of Minneapolis: So long, he said, an the accumu
lative privy vault and cess pool is allowed and so
long as the drainage and water supply
la inadequate, so long we must
expect such diseases as typhoid fever, scarlet
lever, diphtheria and cholera to be prevalent.
The man who allows a cess pool, or privy vault
to be in bad condition on his premises, is hardly
less than a criminal. Since the sewerage of the
new Union depot has been emptied into the
river, the doctor does not think the river water
should be used for drinking purposes,
unless first boiled. Another fruitful
cause of disease are the drive wells, which
do not extend through the sun-stratum of rock.
Jtussetts creek, the receptacle of refuse and
filth, is another cause of much sickness, as is
shown by the health statistics. Our mixed 1
population is another actual cause of sickness.
The doctor urged that sanitary measures should
be taken to prevent the dreaded cholera from
making its appearance in Minneapolis next year.
Dr. Hunter followed with a short paper upon
specific bacteria of contagious diseases, illus
trated by drawings magnified 25,000 fold.
Engineer Van Duzee explained the system of
sewerage of Minneapolis by means of a plat,
which showed the extent and nature of the work
which has been done and is projected. He made
one statement which is interesting — that a great
portion of the sewerage of the cities might be
disposed of by irrigation on land near Minne
haha, thus obviating the necessity of turning
the sewerage into the river to be carried off
Prof. Dodge, from the University, spoke
briefly concerning the influence of filtration upon
water. While filtering does not make perfectly
pure water, it greatly improves It. He Illustrated
this truth by showing samples of river water,
filtered and unaltered. To get very pure water
it Ik necessary to boil it, and where it Is prac
ticable the professor recommended that this
should be done. He gave a short dissertation
concerning filters, in which he recommended
those having the upward construction as superior
to those having the downward construction.
Furnithes Ahoutall theNeu-a of the Day-
The Worth Trial.
Andrew B. Applin who sued F. C. Williams
for his commission for selling real eßtate ob
tamed a verdict for $05, the full amount asked
The cases against L. J. Clark, proprietor of the
Minuehaha Falls hotel, for selling liquor without
a license wore dismissed, Mr. Clark having gone
out of the business.
Win. 11. Campbell whoalledged that he bought
a watch chain from W. H. Campbell, a jeweler,
which turned out to be otherwise than warranted',
obtained a judgment for $31.87, the defendant
not appearing.
Edward O'Brien, the boy found guilty of
larceny of clothing from Gittleson's pawnshop
was sentenced to the reform farm by Jud"e
Lochren, he being under sixteen years of age. *
The county attorney entered a nolle prosequi
in the case of State v*. E. Milton. Milton was
charged with adultery, but the husband who al
ledged he had been wronged has disappeared,
and la the absence of witnesses the caseVas dis
missed. 1
Mary E. Winslow, aged twenty-four years, was
granted a divorce from Joseph Winslow, aged
forty-two years, to whom she was married at
Eagle Lake, Minnesota, Oct. 24, 1875. . Specific
charges of adultery not denied, furnished ground
for the action. The custody of children was also
given the plaintiff . .
Mary 8. Mnrch commenced suit for divorce
from her husband Franklin Murch. The parties
are each sixty-uicht years of age and' were mar
ried at Boston, Mass., Sept. 23, 1311. In Sep
tember, 1801, the plaintiff alleges defendant de
serted her. and has never since contributed to
her support in any way. She last ' heard of
her husband was in July, 1870, at which time he
was living at Missouli, Montana.
In the assignment of Wai. N. Holmes,. the rea ]
estate man, to Walter E. Akers, a ' schedule of
assets and liabilities, was yesterday filed. The
assets amounted to $72,913,50. The liabilities
are: notes and accounts unsecured, $14,477.06; ,
secured, $27,750. Surplus of assets over lia
bilities. $30,688.42. The contingent liabilities
are: C- H. Barren (snit). $3, partly secured;
notes and mortgages . given or as
sured where the property has been sold,
and the debt assumed by purchasers and similar ; I
liabilities, all amply secured, $124,334. Total
contingent liabilities, $128.03.
The suit of H. L. Carpenter vs. A. I. Warner j
is now on trial before Judge Young. Carpenter ' .
went Into the firm of A. I. Warner & Co., whole
sale dealers in jewelry, January 11, 1633, putting '
$8,000 into the concern. He. alleges that War- '
ncr made extravagant and injudicious purchases < 1
whereby the amount of indebtedness, which was j 1
not to exceed $50,000, was increased to $86,000; ] .
that May 24, lbS4. Warner took 525.000 worth of 1 ,
goods and went to Kentucky and Ten
ncsiice for the purpose -of selling them
and when telegraphed to return ■ retained goods '
or proceeds, to the amount of $1,000. He also <
charges that Warner exceeded his allowance,' and 1
was guilty of other irregularities; wherefore he 1
asks the appointment of a receiver to make an (
accounting between them. The afternoon was
spent in hearing testimony concerning the liabil
ities and assets of the firm and the case will be '
resumed to-day. ..•:••!-; VV*:
Frank Worth, the man who got up early on
the morning of October 16 and pounded his I
wife's head nearly to a pulp, and afterward cut •
his own throat from car to ear, was on trial '
yesterday for assault with a dangerous weapon 1
with intent to kill. He was arraigned in the '
morning and plead not guilty, whereupon the
court appointed Attorney J. L. Dobbin to defend I
him. ]
In the afternoon a jury was impanneled and
the case tried. Worth was put on the gland and
and at first paid he had no recollection of the cir
cumstances of the crime with which he is charged
bur afterwards, when questioned, gave the full
details of the horrible affair. He said he did
not know what prompted him to a?«ault bis wife
with the dray pin, and said he considered her
one. of the best women that ever
lived. Christina W<>rth, the wife, corroborated
his testimony as did Emma Hull, her daughter
by a former husband, who swore that on tbe
morning named she had gone out to get some
water; heard her mother moaning in the bed;
saw Worth cut his throat with the butcher knife.
Dr. Edwin Phillips, who dressed the wounds of
Worth and his wife, testified as to the nature of
the injuries, and J. W. Patnode testified to
Worth's ordinarily quiet behavior. Tbe jury,
after a few minutes deliberation, brought in a
verdict of guilty. The judge reserved the sen*
District Court.
p Wm. Deering vs. R. J. Anderson; action to re
cover $114.20 on a promissory note.
John A. Leach v«. Fred Troos; action to re
cover $500 on a promissory note.
Miller Bros. vs. Carpenter, Neskern & Co. ;
action to recover $75.53 on goods.
Chat. May v . Philip White, el al. ; action to
recover $700 on a breach of contract.
■ Paine & Co. vs. J. J. Richardson ; action to
recover $207 for goods.
Itobert I), Kussell \>,U .B. Durgin ; action to
quiet title on real estate.
Mary S. Murch vs. Franklin Murch; action for
Mary E. Winslot* vs. Joseph inflow; decree
of divorce and custody of child granted.
J. F. Smith vs. Dwight It. Uigbec; judgment
for defendant.
Salisbury, Coat. Ralph & Co. vs. Lewis B.
Yelland; amount, $638.94.
Win. M. Campbell vs. W. 11. Chamberlin;
amount, $42.44.
Hans Peterson vs. Minnesota Scandinavian Re
lief association; amount, $1,131.
Bran Towne vs. Luke A. Wilder and Cbas. E.
Lathrop; amount, $1-4.75.
Jus. E Woodford vs. Bliss & Elliott et al. ;
amount, $G33.05. . •
Lindekc, Warner & Schurmier vs. I. Bottcher
& Co. ; amount, $1,223.40.
[Before Judge Koon. |
Jno. A. Anderson v«. N. 11. Giertson; dis
missed on motion of plaintiff.
Mary Adu» et al. vs. Patrick Corcoran motion
for judgment on pleading by defendant granted.
I Before Judge Lochrcn.|
State vs. E. Milton; nolle pros entered upon
motion of county attorney.
Wm. M. Campbell vs. W. 11. Chamberlin; de
fendant not appearing jury trial waived; judg
ment for plaintiff of $31. M7.
State vs. Edward O'Brien; sentenced to be
committed to tbe guardianship of the trustees of
the state reform school.
Andrew Bapplin respondent, vs. Frank C.
Williams appellant; verdict for defendant.
State vs. L. J. Clark ; dismissed upon payment
of costs by defendant.
Probate Court.
[Before Judge Ueland.l
Estate of Tilly Richardson ; orders . for main
tenance of family and for creditors to present
claims made ; inventory filed and allowed.
In the insanity of Gust. Jackson; examined
and committed.
Municipal Court.
[Before Judge Bailey.]
Andrew .Peterson, attempted rape upon Bessie
Nelson; case dismissed.
D Richard Clark, malicious destruction of prop
erty ; continued until November 14.
Frank Davis, larceny of a pair of gloves from
the store of M. Slocum; continued until Novem
ber 14.
John Cooley, larceny; dismissed!
Albert Carr and Albert Libby.larceny of cham
pagne from West hotel; continued until Novem
ber 14.
August McCenley, John Callow and Wm.
Disk, drunkenness; committed ten days each.
Andrew Hay wa and Luke Nolan, drunkenness;
sentence suspended.
John Conrad, drunkenness;' paid a flue in
George Woods, disorderly conduct; com
mitted ten days.
Frank Munroe and Patrick Carney, vagrancy;
sentences suspended.
Andrew Johnson, disorderly conduct; paid a
fine in $7.50.
B. Lindiill, drunkenness ; paid a fine in $7.50.
Charles Johnson, larceny; continued until
November 14. ,• A !
John Mohan, vagrancy: committed ten days.
James Norton, larceny ; examination waived ;
remanded in default of bonds in $500.
Municipal Court Jury.
Yesterday the following named gentlemen
were drawn for municipal court jurors, from
which list the juries for the next three months
will be subpoenaed:
Geo. H. Andrews, Jag. F. Brown,
L. Bnschjost, J. N. Barber,
L. W. Campbell, Jonathan Chase,
P. B. Carroll, F. E. Curtis,
A. J. Coudit, Elman L. Conner,
T. T. Coppage, J.Dunham,
J. C. Eliel, :■..■;•;- L. B. Elwood,
L. Ford, . Edgar Fulton,
F. W. Forman, Calvin R. Fix,
W. E. Uerish, N. F. Griswold,
Ralph T. Gray, Daniel H. Gallagher,
Leander Gorton, Win. B. Hill.
T. H. Uegnesy, A. E. How.
Jos. R. HofTlin, J. E. Harvie,
J. C. Hobbitt, D. P. Jones,
Daniel W. Jones, P. M. Janney,
Samuel J. Johnson, J. B. Kinne,
A. E. Kelly, Math las Kees,
James Laupton, M. W. Lewis,
John T. Lucas, D. C. Lowenstein,
Chas. D. Longec, F. B. Long,
C. A. J. Marsh, i J. H. Mclntyre,
G. W. Marchant, S. S. Mills,
Fred Pflugshauft, . Alonzo Philip's,
J.Peterson, 527 Wash S. 11. C. Peterson,
Daniel Rollins, J. H. Rolf, •
C. H. Howe, c. F. Stafford,
Jas. H. Smith, dec. 11. Simpson,
Frank A. Shoemaker, L. J. Skinner,
E. P. Thompson, J. C, Turner,
R. N. Wollett, x H. W. Wagner.
J. H. Wheler, Thos. W. Wilson.
Prof. Birdsail's new music lesson card packet
contains ten cards representing as many scales
in the piano from "C" up, and gives a reason
for the use of black keys. Every beirinner on
the organ or piano should have one. Price, $1,
poet paid. No. 22 Washington avenue. Mi a
neapolis, Minn. 287-lmo
The Flathead Indians Happy.
(Special Telegram to the Globe. |
LmxosTox, M. T., Not. 11.— There was great
rejoicing yesterday on the Flathead reservation
on account of the happy adjustment of the long
standing claims against the Northern Pacific Hail
road company. Chief Arlee and his braves enter
tained General Agent 1). K. Ford most royally
after the Indian fashion, in appreciation of the
satisfactory manner in which he has settled a
question which hed assumed a very serious
aspect. Speeches were made by General Agent
Ford, Indian Agent Major Ronan. Chief Arlee
and other Indians.. At night bonfires illumin
ated the mountains from Evaro to Revalli, and
tbe Indians propose to continue their jubilee for
several days. They assure the railroad authori
ties that they will now be good Indians and that
they will throw no more stones at the cars nor
place obstructions on the track. The Northern
Pacific Railroad company is to be congratulated
upon this fortunate adjustment of a serious and
vexatious question. ;
Hand S. Flics Around the Lexington,
Ky.. Track in 2:09 1-4.
This Remarkable Time Hade Under the Dis
advantage of Season and Track.
Lexington, Ky.. Nov. 11 .— Mind S has proved ;
herself a greater mare than even her late owner, I
Mr. W. 11. Vanderbilt, or her present owner,
Mr. Robert Bonner, ever thought she was.
Hiram Woodruff, the old time trainer of, trolling j
horses, laid it down a* ironclad law that you ;
could never hare a fast mile after frost had * reck
the ground. Last week ice formed repeatedly
and took the elasticity from the noil. Sober headed
men like Dr. Ilerr said it was too late for Maud
S. to attempt to do what no horse except herself I
bad ever done. • Enthusiasts, however, predicted j
that the record would be broken. ' The day was
bright for November, bat the expert doe* not •
expect the m nuclei- to be flexible when Indian
summer comes. There was a large gathering of
the very best people of the bine grass region at
the fair ground* track. Hundreds of church
going people were present, among them several
divines, and Mr. Bonner was gratified to see a
placard conspicuously posted on the grand stand,
"No betting allowed. 11
At 11 :30 Hair rime out behind the queen, and
gave her a warming up mile in 2:26?{. The
judges and timers were llaj.H. C. McDowell,
Col. It. W. West and W. 11. Wilson. In the op
posite stand Mr. Bocner held his watch, flanked
on both sides by Gen. . J. F. Robinsonj Mr. L.
Broadhead, Mr. Richard Anderson and Hamil
ton Busty. The conditions under which the
performance was made were written in th<; rec
ord book: "Maud S will start to beat her own
record of 2:09 4 ', and vhonld she beat the record,
Woodburn farm, where she was bred,' will com
memorate the achievement by awarding to her,
through the Kentucky Trotting Horse Breeders'
association, a cup with the time made by her en
graved thereon.'
Bair jogged around the track, went to the head
oi the stretch came down and nodded for the
word. The great mare did - not make a single
mistake. The time of the first qutrter was 3iJi
seconds, and of the half mile 1:01. The three
quarter pole as reached in 1:37, and here Mr.
Bowerman joiced her with a runner hitched to
sulky. The finish was strong and the judge*
stepped their watches at 2:03 £. The majority
of the outside watches made the time 2:U9. The
scene when the queen returned to the stand for
Bair to weigh was indescribable. The crowd
filled the quarter stretch and cheered until ibtir
throats were husky. It wan the greatest
performance of the kind ever witnrrsed it. the
world, and the Kcntnckians shouted a- only
Kentuckians can do. Mr. Bonner was congratu
lated on every side, prominent breeders like
Gen. W. T. Withers, Mr. D. Swlgert and Mr.
Tod Hunter pressing forward to take him by the
band. When Grant, the colored groom. w««
cooling Maud S out on the lawn scores of :ics
gathered around and arked for the privilege of
touching her on the nose. Mr. Bouner's frt
congratulatory dispatch was to* Mr, Vaaderbilt.
The mare will now be turned out for the wiuter.
An 1 nsa no Banker.
Clevilakd, 0., Nov. 11.— Horace P. WeddelL
of the banking firm of Everett & Weddell, re
cently failed for upwards of a million dollars,
called last evening at the residence of Sylvester
Everett, vice president of the Union National
bank, one of the Everett brothers, and until
about a year ago connected with the firm. While
discussing business affairs at the door Weddell 1
suddenly drew a revolver and aimed it at Everett
with murderous intent. Everett wrested Use
pistol away and called assistance. Weddell was
taken to hi* home on Euclid avenue and a phy
sician called, who pronounced him laboring undei
temporary aberration of mind. Brain fever en
sued, and although Weddell is easier to-day be
is critically ill. It is supposed brooding over his
heavy financial losses brought on mental derange
\V sunburn Port List.
[Special Telegram to (he Globe.]
Warhbdux, Win., Nov. 11.— Propeller China
arrived from Buffalo with merchandise, cleared
for Dulnth; Empire State arrived from Duluth,
cleared for Buffalo with flour; Nyack arrived
from Buffalo.
Another Cat in Rates Between Chicago
and St. Louis.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 11. — In conse
quence of the complications from the rate
war between Chicago and St. Louis, the Bur
lington has again withdrawn from the Kan
sas City agreement. The remaining mem
bers hare agreed upon a rate of *."> to Chi
cago and to St. Louis, being further cut of
$1.00. "
For several years I was troubled with Catarrh,
have tried many remedies. Ely's Cream Balm
has proved the article desired. I believe it is
tho only BO*. — L. B. Cobnrn, 'Hardware mer
chant, Towanda, Pa, See adv't.
1 had suffered from Catarrh for ten years, the
pain would be no severe that I m obliged to
wild for a doctor. I had entirely lost sense of
eniell. Ely Cream Balm has worked a miracle.
— C. S. Halleys, Binghampton, N. Y.
Every bottle warranted to cure hard corns,
soft corns, bunions, wart?, callouses, mole*, etc.,
without pain. Sold by all druggists at 50c per
bottle. •>' •„:
CROSMAN * PLUMMER, druggists, Minne
apolis. originators, sole manufacturers and pro
prietors of the only genuine Lkibio's Cork
Rexoveb in America. Look out for frauds. I
Situated in the center of the city, convenient to
all railroad station, mercantile houses,
the MHls etc
Has rooms en-suit with Bath and Closets.
' Passenger and Baggage Elevators and
All modern improvements :
Table and attendance first-class. Special rales to
Theatrical and Excursion parties.
JOHN' T. WEST, - - Proprietor.
This magnificent FIRE POOF HOTEL was
open to the traveling public in July last. It has
every convenience known ' to modern hotels
-120 Chambers with Bath,
Four Elevators,
Electric Lights, etc. !
Table and attendance unsurpassed, and rates
as low as any first-class hotel in the United States.
(3 PER DAY, and upwards, according to
location of rooms.
JOHN T. WEST, Proprietor.
Cnig. W. Shepherd. Manager. ■
Organized by bankers of lowa and Illinois, and
incorporated July 1, 1879, as a benevolent organ!
ration in the state of lowa, for furnishing life
protection to bankers, merchants and professional
men of the Northwest.
. Aiming to provide a sound - security • for the
payment of its certificates of • membership at the
lowest possible cost, and managed in the interest
of its members.
Experience has demonstrated the full accom
plishment of these alms. To intelligent, think
lag men, aiming to provide against contingencies
for the protection of their families, its features
are well worthy of careful consideration.
We shall be pleased to correspond or call on
any, to fully explain its plans and purposes, as
we offer in this association. taking into con
sideration the management, clasp of - member
ship,' security and cost, an opportunity for life
protection not equaled in this country.
Experienced solicitors and local agents, who
can give bank references as to character and
ability, wanted throughout the state.
114 Washington Avi-rne South,
257 ILuneapolls. Minn.
A.L. billings £ co,
Wholesale Dealers in
Northwestern Agents for the Mammoth Celery.
214 & 216 , FiutAyhtcx : South, Mixmapolis
Minneapolis Advertisements.
Oar Bayers Have Been on the
In New York and Boston, ready
to take instant advantage of un
sottled values caused by warm
weather and election excitement-
Last week was our opportunity,
and we have just "everlastingly
scooped" the bargains for you.
Our stock is thoroughly rein
forced at every point, but espe
cially in Overcoats; commencing
at S3, thence up— to the finest.
Koatapi»c Velvet Beavers, For Beaver*.
Chinchillas, »harkskins. Worsteds,
-lysiass, English Kersey, Castor Bearers
InsiPnexes. Whipcord*. Patina,
Corkscrews, Carr s Meltons. Whitney*.
t ingle and D. B. lacks. Frocks. Carriek. D. B. I
burtouts, Newmarkets. Ulsters. Paletot
English Box, Prince Charles.
Lined with satin, silk, satin de chene. silk serge.
I Italian cloth,- worsted serge, fancy wool, with or
without whet collar*. Alto, young men's,
youths', and children's sizes.
■i' : \' 12 &14 Washington Aye. North,
= 19, 221, 333 Flnt At*. South
W.W. BROWN ;. Manage*
JAMES WUEELER.. .Business & Stage Manager
WEEK OF OCTOBER 27th, 1884
More New Stars.
Homo * Carroll. Mi»» Monk Valade, Hugh and
Jennie Barton. S. Hyde Baushman, Lizzie Aldine.
MiM Sidle Mcintyre. Mi.- Trlxie Hamilton
rilntie Valdean, Eva Rom. Sam Yager. Frankie
Scott, Lottie Lariere, James Wheeler, and the
Regular Stock Company. -
Matinees Thursday and Saturday afternoon At
t:SO o'clock.
Bom ""■;;,:;■.„.
Will Ctirm
A!! kinds hard or soft eons. callouses ail bonOi
cauiln* no pain or soreness; dries instantly; will a >
tell an) thins, and sever falls to effect a cur*. Price
He; by mall. SOe. The peaeiae pat op la yellow
wrapper* and manufactured only by Jos. R. Hoißla,
cmcgist and dealers In all kinds of Patent Medicine*
Boots, Herbs. Liquor*, iV.au, Oil* Varnish**
I Brunei, etc Minneapolis Ulna.
-Ye*, 117 Third Street .South.
Have purchased this establishment of M. Z.
May on, and will do firat-class work at bottom
price*. 274-803
lOOWa.MDttnATe.SoQH, .
(Under Northwestern National Bank.) •
Real Estate,
'llckets told to and from all Foreign ports,
also drafts on all the principal cities of Europe.
Lands for sale or exchange in Wisconsin, Min
nesota and Dakota. .- . '. •/ lii-am
Hi C& " rf
Dr. Spinney
37 Bilrl St 1, M«ap3lß, Mini
Treat all Chronic, Nervous Disoase» of
Men and Women.
well known as the founder of the Montrea
(C. E.) Medical iNrrm-TE, and having given
his entire attention for the past twenty years to
the treatment of chronic and special diseases in
cident to both sexes, - hi* success has produced
astonishing results. By his method of treat
ment, the suffering are fully restored to original
health. He would call the attention of the
affiicied to the fact of his long-standing and
well-earned reputation, as a sufficient aasurance
of his skill and success. ■ Thousand* who have
been under his treatment have felt and expressed
emotions of gratitude welling up ■ from hearts
touched for the first, time by the silken chord
that whispers of returning health.
Tho-e suffering from Catarrh or Bronchitis,
can be assured of a perfect cure by his new
method of treatment. »
DR. SPINNEY can detect the slightest dis
ease of the Chest, Lungs or any internal organ,
and guarantees a cure la every case he under
takes. . ... .-..■ . :v. '.:■.-,
It matters not what your troubles may be,
come and let the Doctor examine your case. 1?
will tell tou that; for he will not undertake
a case unless he is confident of affecting a cure.
It will cost yon nothing for consultation; so pleas*
call and satisfy yourselves whether the Doctor
understands your case. . .
Who may be suffering from nervous ■ debility
will do well to avs.ll themselves or ■ this, the
greatest boon ever laid at the altar of suffering
humanity. ■•- — ■ •
Da. SPINNEY will Guahakteb to FoarErr
Five HcxDKZD Dollars for every case of weak
ness or disease of any kind or character, which
he .undertakes and- fails to cure. He -would
therefore say to ' the - unfortunate sufferer who
may read this notice, that you are treading on
dangerous ground,- when you longer delay in
seeking the proper remedy for your complaint
You may he in the first- stage— remember that
you are approaching the last. I If you are border
leg on the last, and are suffering some or all of
its ill effects, remember that if you obstinately
presist in procrastination, the time must come
when the most skillful physician can render you
no assistance ; when . the door of hope will be
closed against yon ; when no angel of mercy can
bring you relief. In no case has the doctor failed
of success.- Then let not despair work itself
upon your imagination, but avail yourself of the
beneficial results of hi* treatment before your
case Is beyond the reach of medical . shilL Or bo
fore grim death hurries to a premature grave
Pile* Cured without Using Knlle or Ld£*tu*
There are many at the age from thirty to sixty
who are troubled with frequent evacuations of
the bladder, often accompanied by a slight
smarting or burning sensation and weakening
the system in a manner the patient cannot ac
count for. On examining the urinary ' deposits
1 a lopy sediment will often be ' found, and torn*-
I times cmali particles of albumen will appear, or
the color will be of a thin,' or milkish hue, again
changing to a dark and torpid appearance.
Then are many men : who die of this difficulty,
ignorant of the cause, which is the second stage
of weakness of vital organ* .~ Dr. a. will guarantee
a perfect cure In all such cases, ' and a healthy
restoration of these organs.
Only one Interview required in the majority of
cases. Balance of treatment can be taken a:
home without any interruption to business. '
All letters or communications strictly confi
dential. Medicines packed so as not ■to excite
curiosity, and sent by express, if nil description
■ of case is given, bet a personal interview in all
j cases preferred. " - ,
OmcE Horns— « to 12 a. m.. 1 to 5 and 7 to)
I p. m. Sunday, ?1910 a. m. only. - Consultation
I** ' .• -.! --- ... s '-..•■
Notice for Judgment.
Office or tub Crrr Tn**ru*, i
St. Paul, Mixkehota. . Nov. 8, 1834. j ■
I will make application to the district court
in and for the county of Ramsey and state of
Minnesota, at the special term held Saturday,
November 22, 1884, at the Court Uonse. In St. Paul,
Minnesota, for judgments against the several
lots and real estate embraced in a warrant in my
hand* for the collection of unpaid assessments,
with interest and costs thereon for th« herein
after named special assessments.
All in the city of St. Paul, county of .Ramsey
and state of Minnesota, when and where all per
sons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners and description of real 'estate are
as follows : ' •

Grading of Seventh (7th) Street,
from Kittson street to Brook
street, and from the East line
of the right-of-way of the St.
Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba
Railroad company to Minne
haha street, including the nec
essary masonry for the viaduct
' over the St. Paul & Duluth rail
road, for culverts, abutment
walls, retaining walls and
piers; also for the construction
of an iron bridge over the right
. of way of the St. Paul, Minneap
olis & Manitoba Railroad com
pany; also for grading Hoffman
avenue, from Sixth (6ih) street
to Seventh (7th) street; Maria
avenue, from Sixth (6th) street
to Eighth (Bth) street; Hope
street, from Sixth (6th) street
to Margaret street; Margaret
street, from Arcade street to
Greenbriar avenue; Sinnen
street, from Sixth (6th) street
to Seventh 7th street; Eichen
wald street, from Sixth (6th)
street to Seventh (7th) street;
Bradley street, from Wood
ward street to the South line of
blocks 13 and 14, of Brunson's
Addition to St. Paul.
Kitt'oa's Addition.
Supposed owner and Ain't of
description. Lot. Block. Assm't.
MSMayall 3 29 $87 50
Branson's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Assm't.
A L Mavall, except Sev.
' ent street 7 II $123 85
Same, except Seventh
street « 12 103 95
Same. Sly of eve nth
street 5 12 « 52 35
Same. >"Iy of Seventh •
street 5 19 8 49
A. Gotzian's Rearrangement of Sigel's Addition.
Suppose*, owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. A»»m't.
AGolzian 1 1 $20 00
All in the City of St. Paul, County of Ramsey,
and State of Minnesota.
315-1T GEORGE REIS, City Treasurer. •

Notice for Judgment.
Omci or tots Crrr Treasure*. '.I
St. Paul, Minn., November 8, 1834. j
I will make application to the District Court, in
and for the county of Ramsey and State of
Minnesota, at the special term held Saturday,
November 23, 1881. at toe Court house, in St. Paul.
Minnesota, for judgment* against the several lota
and real estate embraced in a warrant in my hand*
for the collection of unpaid assessments, with
interest and Mali thereon for the hereinafter
named special assessments.
All in the City of st. Paul, county of Ramsey
and State of Minnesota, when and where all per
sons interested may attend and be heard..
The owners and description of real estate are
a follows :
Assessment for Grading and Gut
tering Josette Street from Day
ton Avenue to Fuller Street.
Rondo's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. - • > . Lot. Block. Assm't.
Denais Ryan, S H of 8 6)
Same, W CO ft of 4 6) 90 00
Fuller's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block.' Assra'tj
HGrere 1 4' " 31 50
Laura E Thompson 2 4, „' 31 50
EJ Hamilton 8 4 . '31 50
Dewy & Drake's Addition.
Supposed owner and - Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Assm't.
Oscar Stead..... 3 4 3150
Dewey A Drake's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. •• • •■• ■ Assm't"
Dewey & Drake, That miscellaneous
' piece of land bounded X by Fuller
street. Kby Fuller's addition to St.
Paul, S by Martin street and W by Jo
-tctte street in Dewey & Drake's addi
tion to St. PpuL 83 00
All in the city of St. Paul, Ramsey county,
Minnesota. *9|33
113.1 7 GOERGE REIS, City Treasurer.
Notice for Judgment.
Or rice o» th* Cm Treasures* I
St. Paul. Minn., Nov. 8, 1834. )
I will make application to the District Court in
and for the county of Ramsey and State of
Minnesota, at the special term held Saturday
November £2,1884, at the court House in St. Paul,
Minnesota, for judgments against the several lots
and real estate embraced in a warrant in my
hands for the collection of unpaid assess
ments, with interest and costs thereon for the
hereinafter named special assessments.
• All in the City of St. Paul, County of Ramsey
and State of Minnesota, when and where all per
sons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners and description of lots and real
estate are as follows:
Assessment for Construction of
Sewer on Western Avenue,
from Seventh street to a Point
40 Feet South of the South line
of Yon Winden street,
Supposed owner ml •■; Am't of
description. Assm't,
|Wm Daw- on, 34 of SE»* of SEX of
SWJ4 of section 1, town 23, range 23.
except Laser's part and Fort street. . .* $17 50
Being in the City of St. Paul, Ramsea county
813-17 , GEORGE REIS. City Treasurer.
ST. FA PL, .- - MINX
ETAxrosD Xkwxx. Attorney at Law. First Sx-Jjx
alBaaJE baildla* coraer of FourtuaaJ Jaduon&j.
Thomas O. Eaton. Kocm 30. GilflUan block. Si.
Paul, Minn.
. E. P. B A««For.n, Room 2"*, Gilfllian Most.
H. S. Tp.euer.ve, C. £.. 19 Gilallan block.
. A. D. Hinsualb. Presley block.
A. M. Rapcutt. Mannhelmer block.
SinvooD Iloccn. corner Third and Wabashaw
Steves* * Robebts, 71 £«tt Thinl street, St.
Paul. _
Snzxwoop Houou. corner Third and Wabashan
St. Fact. Book&Statjoxxbt C 0.,127 East Third ,
A. Nifpolt. East Sixth alreet. i-eiween Jack
ton and Sibley streets.
John Matiiei*. 17 Baiit Third street.
W. L. Aspeksg:;. ;•>•■> East Third street,
Llt V OCDS— U hole sale.
ArEKßAcit. Fiscn .t Van ALTiu. si ulo\r sircj.
between Fourth and Fifth.
DRY COOPS— Rf tail. •
Lixdeke. Lapp A Co.. 13 East Third Street.
CUOCEaks-Wbolcsalc, ~
I. 11. Ki^-TtC Hi to Hi Exit ilnrUttredC
F. G. Deafer A Co., S3 East Th:rd street.
jTwrfTRrA VD~Af A rCUMAK . US.~
Emu. Gust. U East Third itrcr:.
Stxtejj»* iiu»i»jn»oji, Ut-ui iUU-Jgireei i^
| Ftul.
fjtT.^h TIAK Us.
Cxirrxx * Umox, 74 Ea«: ThlrU eat.
"ft". ll. Oakland, II K.i« Third utreft.
WAIP A»i> LiqiOUs- U'ftolo-alo.
r. KvuitOi., Whu!riiii> ilealen m uiujnu
wines. 194 East Third itreet, St. PattL
WH tii ilk \ono\s.
AimrFK. Vf AMJCSi « ABJwrt X*J auj i 3 3 jj^,;
Third itreet.
irublESALh UiKDUUit..
Btb<» UxtKkrr & to.. 213 to aia Kd^t Fourth
St. Paul Foundry Go.
MAKCTAcrrntzsa it
Send for cuts of rolnmiu. All kinds of cast
ini.'! 1 made on short notice. Works on St. P., M.
I M. R. R., near I'omo avenue. Ofllce, Fourth
•treet, corner Robert, St. PauL 11. W. TOPPING,
Manager. C. M. I'oweb, Secretary and Treasurer
Jobbing Promptly Attended To.
Agents loi i&bßncKefe Stoves & Ranges ;
The Best in the World.
116 West Third St.. op. Metropolitan Uotel,
Fine Talrii,
mn cocoa.
, m >«; . v BREAKFAST. i
1.-.i iii '
„, ••Ey » thorough knowledge of the natural law*
.which govern the operation* of digestion and nu- ;
, union, and by a careful application of the fine ,
properties of well-ielected Cocoa, Mr. Kpj has
provided oar breakfast tables with a delicately :
flavored beverage which may save as many heavy ,
doctor's bills. It is by the judicious dm of such
articles of diet that a constitution may be gradu
ally built tip until strong enough to resist every
tendency of disease. Hundreds of subtle mala
dies are floating around as ready to attack wherev
er there is a weak point. We may escape many a
fatal shaft Oy keeping ourselves well fortified
with pare blood and a properly nourished frame."
— Civil Service Gazette.
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold
in tins only ( 'i 2> and 2>)byXirocers, labeled thus:
TIM DO L L»D ! V Pll Uomceopathlc Chemist*
JAfflU) LTiO « III! . Loxpox. £a»Lxxa
A sure cure for Blind, Bleeding. Itching and 1
rated Piles, has been discovered by Dr. Wil- '
liam, (an Indian remedy) called Do. WILLIAM'S '
INDIAN OINTMENT. A single box lias cured
the w.orst chronic cases of SIS years* standing. No '
one need suffer five minutes after applying this
wonderful soothing medicine. Lotions and in
struments do more harm than good. William's
Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intense
itching, (particularly at night after getting warm
in bed.) acts as a poultice, gives instant and pain
less relief, and is prepared only for Piles, itching
of the 4rivate parts, and for nothing else. For •
sale by all druggists, and mailed on receipt of i
ice. $1. NOTES BROS. & CUTLEU. Wholesale
agent, St. Paul, Minn.
TU-* Timn,
I I>*Y9 .Lea-rw Mini Arrival ArriTal Ml»
„;■>"■ ■ I St. Paul. I neapoUs.| St. Paul. neapolis.
Morris. 'WlUmar and Brown* Valley.. — •730 am £ :05am *T:oOpm J:2spa_
Fergus fails, Moorhead, Fargo, Crooks ton, St. Y!neen;
me! Winnipeg •6«oam • E^Oim *6:lSpm *:Aop-B
I bt. cloud Accommodation, via Munticolla and Clear- '
water f..... *2.30 p -a 3:ospm '12:00 m 11M
EL Clout! Accomicodation,T la Anoka and Elk Kiver *B£Upm 4:Usi>m •lUJjam lurJuaa
• iirecienricige, Wabpetoa, Caweltoo, Hope, Portland,
. Maj vliio, Crooluuni, v tor**, UuvilN lvi and Sw
■.'. Vu»cen. . :........................ TJOpm B:ospin 7*oani «*5»»
Fergru Falla, Moor bead. Fargo, Grand Forks, I>«vllM
LiU>,Larimore,yecti» and Winnipeg.....; j yS.3opm » : io p m t7j»ami 6:25aa
7 Daily. *Kxo«pt Bundayi IZZZZZZZIIZZ^^ZZZIIZZZZIZZ __^^_— — — — —
LeaTe Etranl— eaoam, •:10am, ••-.Slum, *7:io am. '7*6 «m, »Bi>sam, P-JO am, 9JO am, iO*JO «m
11:80 am, mtpn, Un V «>-. l'-iOpc, 223U pm pillUm, 3:50 pm, 8:50 pm, *»>5 p m, * .30 pin. y-JO 9 m,
tiu pro. liupc, Vu» pm, KMipm, B^o m, 11:;., pm. ils>opm.
Leave Minae-apoli* — *:«•• in. 6;30a m. 7*o am. 7.10 am, 7:2U am. 7:3oam, S-SOam, 9JO«n»,
KdOin: U:SO«m.tH:«. Maxim. 12:15 pm, U-Jo pm. 1:15 pm. 130 pm,aJO pm, 3 .20 pm, *30 p -_,
ki»pm 1 •6:*»pm, *«::5 pm. '«:3«p m. •7:jopm. •7:55 pm, sa» i> m, 10:30 p m.
- AUtr«ln» d«lly except a» follow*: 'Daily except Sanday. texcept Monday. ;» cept Saturday.
Pr Begmat al—pers am all through train*. . ■ - '"'
. ST. PAUL— A. Turner, city Tickat Ag«nt, cor Third and 3ibl»y itreeU; Brown * Kanebsl, Aganta
•lon depot ' ■ . „.
''■ MIKKEAPOI-IS — J. E. Smith, General Agent, and H. X_ Mardo, Ticket *_;•_» Union depot, Briiig«
«uaicA. W. H Winer, new, Hlcollet boas* ' -
St. Pival Rftflway Tim» Tatrte*.
Si Paul, MiDiieaDolis & Omaiia
„,. AND
Chicago & Hi estern
UKPAjtruit* T*xuia. team Lea II
_ Minneapolis St. Paul.
De« Molne* fast Exp.-eas. .. I n-.4;»m. +700 aat
Fast Chicago Exprea. -gaspmi isOo'a
Fast Atlantic Ex. ! M:l3pta »200pM
Sioux C Sioux F.*ipesfne 17:41 am 17-tOini
Bhakope* and Merrtam Jet. <e:3u a -<i •T-OSata
Omaha and Kinm City .... S:»spn»i »8 SO? a
Chicago Local Express..... +7*>:iin 18:05* a
Central WlsconsinExpresj.. ; 17:50 am j 11 :05 1 a
Bhakopee and Merrlim Jo:. | *S:SOp m "4:05? a
tLake Superior iixprvsa. . t7:Soam -- : ;o» 3
Btlll water and Kiver Falls.. t9:30 a m 10:03 a a
Etlllwatcr and Il.ver Fall*.. 1430 1 is:os?ta
St. Paul Pierre Ex »12:O5ntght '11:30pm
Dining -•;.!* finest In the world and luxurious
Emokins 1 loom Sleepers on all fast trains to Chicago.
"*"""" Tfc^^~ ~~S??Z M^nn".^
St. Paul & Pierre Ex '8:00 am «2:loara
ChickgoDay Ixpress...... *1 •■ :a in •£:■»". a a
Mtrriaiu Jet. andShakopeo. "i-:3Upra •1:00 pm
Chicago Night Express '1:00pm 'I:43pm
SiouC Mjui X ... .w.l'iic 18:23 pa 47:53? v
Omt!u»nd Kansas City. .. 12:45 pm M2: l3p.it
iLake Superior Ktprtw*.... 16:03 pm 16:13pm
Merrlam Jet. and d:ia!;ope« >S:l3pm '9:05;> a
Chicago Local Express '3:25 pm '♦5:58? a
Ceurral Wisconsin Express. 15:25 pm .-5:58 pa
RlT«rFalM 19:25 am 19:58 a
River Falls . 15:23 pm 15:53p-tt
Desilotnas F.ist Express... 18:25 pm ■^7.^3p U
*i/aiiy. iKxccpi bunaaya y trains to StlUwaser.
iLi'.t-: tiupcr.or . ifRM connect* at Washbura
with kteamen or Lake Superior Transit Co. for ltl»
C3?-Tlcteta. ilee^tnit car accommodation*. *** ■**
iciurmation can be secured at
1.0. IS Mcollet House block, Mlnaeapolls,
. t.. Ticket A. wat
P. I^IAKTIN, Airent. Minne:»T>olU ))?&.
Corner Thlrr and Jackson streets. St. Paul.
CHAR H. PKTSCH. City Ticket .Vrtak.
EXKV.F.L & liROWX, Agenu, St. Paul Union Oapa
mmM imcific R. R.,
■ Overland Route !"
Porf! ftrp.. and fhc Paeiflc %fl«w«t
T7i«> "JPlone+r Zinc" tettr**n St. rani,
Uitini-nfol'ta, Mioorhead and Fargo, andt **
UJfXJT i-iwe running Mmmg 4 Cars •*'*-*
l'utiman Sleeftsra ortu-c-n tiio.ie point*.
• LeaTtj
DepartlOKTrmlnav 1 I.pnva Minn»ap-
I St. Paul. oils.
Paclflo express I *4^spm *4:45pm
Farßoday expreu. f 17:55 a m ft): an»
:!!»:•) Fust Express I *4 103 in *4 p m
t'liruo and Mandan night ex | *8:00 p m *H:4Q pre
L»inii)<{car-,fuUman sleepers. . levant Hay coachs*.
Ft cr'iil class coachot, a;iJ emigrant «le«plui; oars
hrrween St. Paul. Mliin«npoli<, Fartro, Dak.; ia 1
Portland, Ore., without chanKe. llurton reclining
chair can on Fanio «Juy express, without extra charge
for ladies, or gentlemen accompanied by ladles uold-
Inn fim-cla&i tickets.
Arrive I
Arriving Train*. Minnoap- I Arrlv»
oils. St. Paul.
Atlantic expwwi. t. •lltSOatn *12:80pra
Fargo day express i6:\!opml tt : .ss;>a
Fargo' FaatEJcpreu *li:soam I *i2:3opnt
Fariro an.! Masdan nicfht «>x '7 In am | "i-bO i a
•l>uu>. ii-v.i:,i ounaay.
CM j offlce. 8t Paul, tSt (old X 0.43) Jackson^'rsst.
LIU office, MiiUieapolla, No. lONleollot hous*.
General Passenger Agent.
Milwankcft & St. Paul R'y.
•—— —
PnlTmau Pie«p*r« with Smoking Room', and tti*
finest Dining Cars In the world are rii on all
Main Line trains to and from Chi'
cap* and Milwaukee.
' rErAKTiNii luAi.ii ._ L«»ve Lcnre
Minneapolis. Et. Paul.
La Cro߻c, Dubuque and .
St. Louis Ex Dsi2sa.ra. B 6:00 a.m.
Prairie itu i.\:<>-n. Mil.,
and Chicago Ex II 8:20 a.m. It 8:30 a, m.
Calniamml Davenport B 8-20 a. in. 1! 8:30 a. in.
Mm City, Albla and
Kansas City Ex B 8:20 a.m. B 8:30 a.m.
PlckerinK and Council
Bluff* Ex B 8:20 a. m. P, 8:30 a. m.
Mllbank* Fargo Ex U E:4oa.m. B 8:00 a.m.
Milwaukee and Chicago
Fast Ex A 1:15 p. in. A 2:00 p. m.
Mn-uu city, AIM* and
Kansas City Ex 84:30 p.m. 4:30 p. m.
Dr.i Molurs and Council
i'.;ufT- Ex B 4:30 p. m. p. 4:nop.m.
la Cro*»e Passenger.... It »::'.'» p. m. P. C:o3p. in.
Aberdeen AMltchell Ex. A 4:30 p. 111. A 4:00 p. m.
Milwaukee and Chicago
Kant A 8:15 p.m. .' 9:0() p. m.
AKiuvuiu TUAi.si. Arrive Arrive
fct. Paul. UlnneapolU
Chicago and Milwaukee
Fa«t Ex A, 6:00 a.m. A 6:45 a.m.
Davenport ft Calmar Ex li lU:SS a. in. IS 10:45 a. m.
Kansas City, Albla and
Maxon City Ex B 10:33 a. m. B 10:45 a. m.
Council Bluffs and Dei
Molncs B 10:33 a.m. B 10:43 a.m.
Mitchell & Aberdeen Ex A 13:90 p. B. A 11:30 a. m.
Chicago and Mllwuukce
Fast Ex . A 1:00 p.m. A 1:43 p. m.
Fast ail and La Crosse
Ex B 3:25 p.m. B 4:00 p.m.
Cblcasco. Milwaukee and
Prairie duChlcn Ex.. B 6:42 p.m. B 6:50 p.m.
Kansas City. Albla and
Mason City Ex B 6:42 p.m. B 6:50 p.m.
Councll'Blnfrsand I'lck
( ring B 6:42 p.m. B 6:50 p.m.
Farjro* M ink Ex... li a:4 .?.m. U 7:45 p.m.
St. Loots, I'u'iuqiie and
La Crogsc 8i^... . B 10:20 p. m. B 10:55 p. m.
A means Daily. !'. Except Sunday.
Additional trains bet ween St. Paul and Minneapo
lis via ••Short Line" leave bothcltleshourlyj for par
ticular* nee Short Line rtme tobies.
tt. Paul— Thompson, City Ticket Agent. 151
East Third street. Brown <fe KnebeL Ticket Agent*
Union Depot. „ .
Minneapolis— O. L.Scott, City Ticket Agent, No. »
Kicollet Uoiue. A. ii. Chamberlain. Ticket Agent.
Le. St. Paul Ar. St. Paul
Chicago Express •7:00 a m; •8:03 am
DesMoinesiKacsasCity Ex. »7:ooam 'B:os am
St. Louis •Through" Express |2:sUpm jl2;2opm
Dcs Molncs & Kansas City Ex. 12:50pm )12:20pna
Excelslcr and Wlnthrop. . .. 'B:3opm ■•12:20pm
Chicago "Fast" Express , iC:39 m d":45 am
t dally, 'dally except Sundays, * dally except Sas
wday, : daily except Monday. ' Ticket office St. Paul
corner third and Sihley street*. E. A. Whltaker, atf
1 Jcktt and Passenger Agent, and Union Depot.
6. F. BOJTD,
CcceiaiTlcket and Passenger Agent. Allnneapol
Biiitnl mi Masmerada
10 West Third street, St. Paul,
]renp«ctfQlly Invite the attention of ladies and
gentlemen to my large, most complete and ele
gant stock of new Masquerade Costumes, for
tails parties, theatrical performances, old folks*
concerts, tableau*. <£c.
Masks at wholesale.
Country parties, send for list and pric. •

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