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The Minr.eapoli* office of the T)ailt Globs ha«
bed removed to 213 iienuepin avenue, 9. J.
Clark, business manager of the ssmattol ml.
Th« Rally r.lob.
■ ran be funn* oa -»'.• ever/ merainja* the to!
lowing- sew* «fnrid«:
The Weft Howl, fhe Union Be**, *!<:•
diet n<»:ne new* •tint', St. J«™*i bWbsl
rew* stand, J. W. Aver*. Seeth Taint street ,
betvr<«a Xlr»n«t and Benneptits »ream», "W. E.
. Gerrifk, UU South vTa»)iiii:{t»a areaae, W. H. .
St. r.uuj. 817 Cedar »T«aue. Gee. A.
Morso, 3W Central avenue, K. A.
Taylor. r>» Uaanepia avu-.iuj. C. R. |
Mui>bT, 3IM Henuw(iia avenue H. Hriuffnnr '
IMJ Wn»bißKt«n avenue aortti, Mi lieddurly <& |
Ca,, ii Central aveuue.
•»— — — — — — —^ - |
Thaaktzivlnz' services wen observed as ;
outlined !d yesterday's Guide.
The Columbia ooaeert, given by Jacob
Barf* jr— r iilaj Tut— onn. was n'tilrs a suc
The Thanksgiving dinner at the cafe de !
Ilabcrbier yesterday wits a saccct»4 in every
• Officer Uradlir arrested a boy named Pat i
kfe-ran, from Dakota, for stealing a bad I
tyre ad. •
A am all boy has Ixjeu arrested upou the
thtr^f nt stealing- * ring from, lugrum, Ole
•o* A. Co.
Trunk Dam's orchestra furnished the
BSBftic for the (Unco at Turner ball last even
ing, which was largely attended.
The W. C. T. U. did not hold their meet
lag yesterday, but will moot next Thursday
afteradea at iku FriuuOd church.
Yw*U>r«lay win a vur/ quiet one for the po
lice, ami/ a tew drunk* and disorderlies hav
ing' been arreeted ap to midnight.
C. W. F*j-w«H, eaaalSf of the Dubuquc
County (>s«k, ef Du^uqti. , lowa, La 111 the
alt}-, Us cuo«t ef tin brother, I. B. Farwell.
The Fourth annual ball of the Nortlnvest
ern lodge of the Brotherhood of Loc-omotivo
euL'iueera will be huld at Armory hall this
It la expected that St. Andrews church,
corner of Sixth strcot uud Twelfth avenue
north, will be nul*bed in timo to permit the
lioiiliuguf servluM on Sunday next.
The directors of V&» Homoeopathic hospital
cordially invite the public to call Friday and
Saturday afternoon. Donations fur too ben
efit of patients will be cordially received.
It is rumored that the owner* of the Lyii
dalc hwtel property Intend to mako overtures
to Uie council looking towards the- purchase
of the property f»r uaa aa a city hospital.
YA Clark and Phlneaa Burku, two boys, are
in the lockup for stealing two fur caps. Our
claims Ujb.l the other got tho caps in some
ntr.nDcr unknown to him and induced him
te In- and aell them.
Representatives ©f the »eroral Ladles Re
lief t-0.-p# <.>[ the aUU incut at the hall of (ieo.
M. Morgan post this alluanoou to organize a
aUte aatociatlon. Tba oiHccra will be in
■ stalled during the evealng.
The West and Nlcollst yesterday gaT;;
Tkaok*elTli<r dinners, which embraced all
the ddicaciea of the market. Tbo other bo
tela foil«wed suit and the day throughout the,
city was we of feaating.
Hans P. Jitnmon liaa titled up tho old
House of David rcttau/ant at No. Second
avenue soutn, and It la without exaggeration
one of tkr nraVest raitnurants iv the city,
and iU appidnimf ntb are tku best.
Charley Suttnn wont out to Lako Calhoun
on "Wedneaday and shot fourteen fine, lat
Thanksgivlug turkoyh. The family had a
feasl yesterday, and is happy because of
Charley's uuusually clover marksmanship.
lujthe district court to-day the Hereof 6uit
a^uiust the city to collect 51, 255 on a con
tract for roofin j tho East side pumplnjr sta
tion will be rvßUiued. Throe court cases are
*et for trial.' No further business will be
before tue.' court this week.
On Wednesday evening I. B. Farwell was
united in "aiarria/ra with Miss Amy BoDe
WagBCT of this rlry. It waa aa exceptionally
happy affair. Mr. Farwell is one of the pros
prioua proprlctora of the Saratoga laundry
and bis nuptials Is all »ufflei«nt explanation
for tba r*i«ii»kably clean linen he has turned
out the past weak. lie boar* the best will
toward ail mankind.
S. C. B«ekwith, of ?nrg; is at the Nicollet
SherilT Clarke, of Port Arthur. Canada, is
in the city.
Gee.. S. Canflold, of Brainerd, spent
Thaukijflviug day in Minneapolis.
W. P. Edirar, of the Ymtkmmlmm Miller, re
turned home yestorday Iroui an extended
southern tour
E. \V. Matter, Duluth; W. W. Hartley.
Braiuerd; J. W. Henderson, Henderson;
were the MiuiK-.uiiiiiis at the West yesterday.
Maj. A. C. Hougiuon, the business man
ager of the Tribune, has retired and will m - !
joy bucolic life on a stock farm near 'Far.- i
C. C. Goodnow, of the Calumet house.
Flpestone, ami C. E. Marsh, of the Chap
man bouse, Herou lake, were the hotel men
in th« city y«storday.
Tin Lady tTrr*ti-r*.
To ilicnattpell-. la aee«rd»d the honor, if
suck it bit, of lnaufuratluir lady wrestllns
mutches. La»t night in Market hall, Miss
Kosa Lillis. of tho Mat side, faced "Adoa
Butler's Uukaowu,'». as s'Je is styled, be
cause her real name is not known. The Un
known has b«en In active training for si m
time to meet Miss Lewis, of Cleveland,
Ohio, who Ulluvfcg shoean throw any woman
in America, iv a collar and elbow contest.
Mr. Butler Was boon her tutor. Miss LlUis'
experience sat beun more brief than has that
of the uy known, aud she has been coached
by F. J. Dormer. In the match hist night
these ladies were backed by their respective
trainers for $100 a side.
Market hall was only about one-quarter
tilled, and it is probable that tha small audi
ence was owing to the numerous counter at
tractions. Fr«f. C. O. DupiessU acted M -
raffle*. Th» csattatauts stepped upon the
»i*%t at 8:45 »nd w»r« jrrtteUd with applause. j
The Unknown was clad iv bluo tWits '
while Miss Lillis 1 'color was & red.' j
The former seemed to be in the best |
coudltiou. She was somewhat tallt-r than
her competitor but lighter in weight. Both
however, are »hupi.ly, and remarkably nth
letic. They were d-eldndly norvoua at ii: L
which was quit* Batata] wLen the fact that it |
wus their initial appearance* upon any stage I
is taken iuto consideration. Miss |
Liilis acted entiroly upou bo
defensive. The Uaknowu akHM
oflvrad trips and locks. The gw|»«via« was
tried twice wiluout nebeC, then the knee lock
and laaily MlUf twenty minutes sparring
wltti th; f.-«t Uie Unknown cau-kt th» hip
lock sad H&m LIMU hsasa her hold. This
«▼«• tUe lali, aitti»a s v was ao fall, to the
Unknown, ar-or^lag U til* rule*.'
T/ie aa««a« fan was woa la precisely
the aaane irannor, in one minute. The
third hunt- W.*ted *u!y thirty seconds, and the
fall was , w a by Miss Liflis, she caught a
heel lock wilh success. The fourth fall was
a ivpettioa of tLe second, aud tLe match was
fcjiv. to ih« Unknown.
This was followed by a match
by Adon Batltr and .F. J. Dormer
same st>la, and Mr. ButLer won two straight
fulls. Prof. *d. DuplussU fullow.wl with an
Indian club vxhlWtioa, which phased th«
aadir Prof. Du»U-s*U is probably tho
most clever man with the clubs in the north
wcat. The • •Btartalnment closed
wit* a e»llar ami elbow ex
BiblUoas ly Mr. Baf.or and his puplt, to*
unknown. ,It w M quite livoly and lasted
uatiltiu: lady became Until.
At the ci«*i»d Mr. Duriaer and his favorite '
ntepaed forward bWf»r« the footlighU and '
, an Bounced that tno ntatou should bo r«pe*tod
'" a«#a » . the unknown
shall bare returned from Clavt»-
UVBd where she will wrestlu Miss Lewhj
week, Saturday, for tiu, championship
, ■ *
of the United States, and a purse. Mr. But-
Icr is desirous of backing hi* protege against
any lady in the country who docs not weigh
over one hundred and lorty poundß,for from
$100 to $500 a side.
Recollection* of the Festival in the
Karly Tim<««.
"Thauksrirlnr day was the only national
', family festival In this country when I was a
young woman," avaactaale l»<iy said to a
1 Newark Sun lay ' Coil reporter, "and bo
American family, rich or poor, thoughts din -
\ ncr complete on that day ualess a well
drafted turkey srraoed the board. Up in
i Morris county, araars 1 1 was bava an ; ant my
• rrh'Kiliir, farmers wti« were 1b coufortabie
1 circumstsners always sent a Thankr.
I day turkey — oar Tsak«>« fowl, *» we used to
! call it — to the neljr:ib*r who aamld not affarJ
ito hny one. To n«gir<'t a poor bat don »i
: neighbor on that fbatlval was a tbosf pood
old days alno»t an uapardoaable oSfcaac,
; aad th« farmer whs did aw offeud waa gt.» -
\ i!;>i»d about.
"An- ther 2a a old custom was ?'.<• cul'.ccV
inr of all tee mei(ir»-irt of a family around
: the hone, tend table em th.it day, and mar-
I ried chiMrcn came from distant towns to
j honor tbs event. Tbuie familr reunions ate
• the sweetest and greenest tnemorlca of the
I p;i(«t cherished by me now when my feet are
j turned toward the grave. How anxiously
father awaited the annual return of a wan
dering MV, or the. shotting of a married Baa
or daughter. aa4 how fnesy dear old BMaStST
was while Nrownlnjt the tnrkry and baking
the mlnee pies! Al»bntir« ray eyes are din
with ace, I ran *»• mother new bustling
about the old f.irm hows* ia h«r homespun
gown ane: biara frilled oa», while fat%«r, like
an nao&ay spirit. »r»teae>e he has Knalness
bsswasa the bamy»rd and the roadside fate.
Hut when the absent ekilJrea arrived be eras
the first to <rr et them, and mntlMr ran liter
a yoaux girl to the gate to klaa and ho kissed
and bn<r(r<!U. If all the members o: .a
family wore g*tb?red about the Hlnntr table
cur parents were r«ry happy, sn4 the foestp
of year kept us at the table fur a lea 3
"But it w.ia in the evening, wbtn w« were
all £atbured in front of thu gluwiax haaji ia
the buge lirw [>Ucl-, that th« Baal family re
uuloa took Blaaa, Applas aad cider, pniu^
kiu pin aad hickory nuts w«r» served, atnd
wo chatted about our childhood, who were
married and whs died nurmi »he year, and
how auch and sucb a girl waa Jilted. Church
affairs made up a great part of tbe es>nver*a
tloa, and if ti»e village pastor or his wife
called for a few minutes the fatally felt that
the celebration of tbe day was complete.
Beforo <ro!na to our beds fattier always led in
prayer, Hiking Ood U» preserve ns ail in jto.kl
health and prosperity during the coiuill'
''Oat of the beat features of a Thaakgartr
ing dinner was, to my mind," tti« old lady
went on to nf , "tiis teacrfiar of the sous to
earfa tho turk#y. If a tanner's 101 could not
carve w«ll to« country folk said at once Uat
hi* education had t>eun negiecUeL To carre
a turkey nicely was considered a great ac
complishment, .in 1 a young man
who could earre so .it to glre evarboij at
table a bit of hi* or her farortto piece of the
turkey was f»are to Ho popular. Mr father
used to say that ha would be <11tt<rra>r«xi if aiy
of bis sods conid not acquit bimtulf ably
with the earring knife sari fork If invited to
preside at a dinner. Nowadays young men
are Ignorant of earring, and I think it is a
shame for parents to bring children up in
such a slipshod manner. Few people can af
ford to hire a cook and c«rrer, and eren If
they caß it Looks more s<«ie.he and home
like to bare too father of th« eld-rt sob oarre
the fowl and terra the guest* aad fatally. A
few year* ago I was a g*mt at a Th*Bks«iT
ia<» dinner at too horn* of a wealthy ' cltUoa
who i» proud of hil skill In earring .it table.
On this occaaiou h.u hud iujuruJ his ri^at
hand, and ha therefore requested ayoaa<r
man, a relative ot thi» family, te carve, for
he would not permit a servant to carve a
TlwlrfSltißg turkey. The younc taan re
luctantly attsiaptwd to comply and he made
such a in.'** of it that I was sorry for him.
He splashed the turkey on the snowy table
cloth and spattered the i«ilk dress of one of
the lady guests by overturning the grarv
bowl. Then my eon rellr ted him sad sirred
cyerybody to their complete satisfaction.
Isn't it a i awkward thing for a yoang mar
ried man not to be able to carve for his
guests! I would bo deeply mortlied if a son
of mint could not preside with credit at bis
•wm table. My feelings are those of all
Americans, or Yankees, if you pleaee, ef the
oil school, ana! I am pleaded to hear that oar
best families or tn mi i le-elass are rsrlrinif
the old custom or earring the Thank*ciTinsr
turkey thematlTea. Let every Anericaa
father see to it this Th.-icksgirinf tbat t..
goodohi Yankee fowl Is carrrd by hlnself or
one of hi* subs, if h« has any. Mother was
a prime hand at carving, And all of us girls
had to loam to do it. Every farmer was
"proud of tta rainee and pusapkla pies Bis
daughters usa<k; in the old tltaes, and we all
had to ban how to drew a turkey and stuff
it before wo passed the school are.
''A large number of people keep up tbe
; old custom of coins; to tbe old home for
ttu-ir TtmiiksifiTiii^ dinner," the veuvrablu
U'ly said, "kud I am glad that
tut* practise Is becoming morn ireneral. It
shows that tks) SOBS) and daughters are not
spoiled altoarekbur by. Mm tuui;A*iiwus and
fri7olitie» of elty lif*, and that the old folk*
at Loose are reiaetab»n»d. By all iaeaa», l«i
sous and daughters tbe aid custom
and teaca their children to honor it by a
stricter •bserrance in the futtire. No aaat
t*r sow ttmM or great the b.<b or wonaa i
may b», a visit •nut- a year to their parents
i* beneficial. It gladdens the Hearts •! the |
old folks and warms tbe hearts ef the «hll- !
itrea. We all know how happy Jia.ih«.r I
aad graadma are U> meet ta« ir ekildr«a,eace I
at leant ia the fast, aad th<>e« vrfca bare ■»- I
reate In the country should r»B>eamh«r taM
the ThiiKks«BTlßg vUit la at oasU la the old
peeple'e loaely live*. If the pimji are j
dead, the aurrlvlaj ekildrea slxhb.4 father '
at the home of an une.ln or anat .-.ad *B«ad '
oae day in recalling iheir chlklliood iUy» and !
experience. Men and women hare often I
told ate that t)voefi risiU did thorn a warU e>f
*o©d, and that Ut«y always r«turae4 troai
>uea Thaak#girlns; diaaers with a reaolre to
lead taller iire*. I hoy« Uie Cmii will adro
caU the rerlral »f taoaa good old castoais ■
wUieh prerailed er fore the days of broken '
\>»nU and defaulting eMhleri. !
"I>ariDg the asi»f flre year*," the Teaer
able lady coatlnned, ••the practice »f «v ■:
exenrsiena to rUlage Urerns f*r a Tftaaiia
tlriag dinner hae gr*wa la farer wit:- M's
aa«i w»raen who«« parents are dead or lira
to« far away to he .easily reached. This Is
a good thing if not cerried too far, and mr
daughter said last night that * she kaew a
party of sixteen young men and wom»a wa«
will go » Pine Br>ok next week. Answer
largo party hare eatrnred stares t* take
them to MArilsna, from wbloh place tbey 30 j
to a wayside tarera for d.aaer aad a d»sce. j
They arc to r»sy only screaty-flre centa a
head for the dinner. * ;
"I look nvoa Christmas as the chfldrea'a
festival, and alia as a tine <jf prayerfal jaal
lee la honor of th« ChrlstMan. Thaaksglr
lag day is abore all the festival *' «be home
circle, when the. hcarth»tr»ae Is saereii to mobs
and d*mrhW>rs, the parents, pure bU,
grandchildren and relatirea — when pleasures
are recalled, tears dropped la Memory of
some dear lost oae, and the family history
rerlewod for the hsaeflt of Hie chLMrna » •
will take oar place when we pass into th« us
known future. It Is a time for prayers ala«
— prayara of 'thank* to God for abundant
harvests and continued good health."
[Special Telegram to the f;iob».l
R. N. Woollatt's little son fell while skat-
Ing at tae Tweßtr-Hixhtb struct rink and
broke bis arm yesterday.
An Incipient tire in one of tbe dressing
rooms at the Grand Opera created a deal wf
excitement last nUrat, but fortunately It was
extinguished by a chemical without muck
Pret Blrdsall's aew mosie leeaoa card packet
contains ten cards rapresentiag a* man/ scales
os the piano froiu "C" np, and gires a >.. tl
tor the übo of )>Uck ke»s. ' . Krerv ' beifian-r ea
-the organ or piano üboald have one. Price, $1
poi-tpaJd-. No. 22 Wabhlngton arenue.. ill n
neanolu, Minn. , 287-imo
Gleanings ofNexre- an I Items of Ma
terial Interest.
1 Dally GT«be Drpartneat at Haalcsto De
voted to Devetopla;aad Advaasiac
i*« s«atb«rn Portias «f us
Maaai ' ' V '
T>» off rr of the ?onih«ni Mtnß'M«ta <t«««n
cnentef Thb G;.nr.» li la <a»r;-»f Mr. E. P.
Darrctt. with h-«^Tn-»rsar» st Mtekua, the
lnf!ncr» sal rdltorinl room being era th« nee— d
Coorof the firtt national back bnlldinz fornaerlr
trrnple i aa tbe t«iepkan« exabyte. !'•.-. j.-i^J
<»;;• or eotaajunJca'ioa *4dr*eeed m Mr. Barrett
: cc natter* portaialac i» »a-< ut^uLuent will
mutt p.e^jpt atuotioa.
t iecltl r.aneru tr<-t las Oumm Mankauo office
Vuirmiirr 37.
Uamhmtm />•*«.
Ta* wratt:f>r eoald not be laer.
A troodiy tifibtr attended tae TaaakjgiT
nf bail at Union bail last •veßiag.
Tb« boys and gMa an fetntaf oat their
! *kaUa an« ruaaiu^ to tke Uk» to try the
EvtrytMajr passed «2 faMlf yesterday,
and Tbaaksfivia^ day was generally o->
Fur the brat bread use . HubbarU A Co*
\ Scperlative fluur. It has few equa-U a.ad so
j supf-lsr. •
Quite a nnaiber af Maukato hoys at work
| in other cities *f the aWtu, »>-at Ttuiak^iv
i lair day Is MankaW
£«v J. C. O^.e. paptfC of tbe M. B.
fhureh «f Uiia city, BtM«B«el the BBBM
tiiaakafiriag aetanaa at th« PresbytorUa
1. T. WllUans, 9»q., bat retained Hon.
| C. K. Davl», of ■>•.. faal, and Hon. D. Bock
! *■* W. ft. Drake, of ifuak^to, as his rouu
- 1 In kU f>nlt<*t Uit lbs »eat of L. G. M
F.eteaer, a><{
las board of trade c»aßlttie us ta« New
Orleans ami >tt, after a nuut»«r «/ mu«liac*
| wit* no rasajs, yc»»rj »«u>«tu.<4 tarn •
j Shosaiaker I* bare ei4r;o of IBS Mauk*tu
: cx'alMt at tae world's fair.
TeaaaK Bros. royaJ uiUMura of anatomy
ia m lava city at Mr. jfnajaar*! new building |
■ cxl to me .city ball. Tall museum w&>
impirlt* Iruis a\.ru[w at a great expense,
me: is kon»idrr».J un« of tas tiucst anatoma
tlaal tuuseusas e»»>r on «xulbitlun. AdmU
slwa lac, iuore open from » a, aa. to 11
p. m.
An enjojibla tint' wae had at the s«cUl
at the Normal aehool V.'i flnu»<L>y er-niaj{.
under tae auspices of Ui f«*iu.t/. Varloat
games and aniuscßteahi were mdulifvd in
and several pantoeslne and cbaradea fwrvcl
|toa at use the Ur,-# aunWcr prcseuL MU*
Hale favored the aualenee with several stories
in the deaf and daiaa language.
▲ SylemtUU wimr of tho Efficiency
of liiw SerrUa iv Savriugr Life
matl Property.
Wasminotos, N«v. 37.— The chief of tbr
life saving service department In bis aunua
report lays: The total number of disaster!
during tbe year waa 439; toUl value of prop
erly involved, $10,607,914; total Tame ol
pToprrtv saved, $9,101,354; total value of
props; ty lost, $1,448,530; total numbor o
persons Involved, i,dM; total number of
persons saved, 4,413; total number of per
sons lost, 30; kola] n amber of person.*
i :»< eras at stations, 353; t<-WJ number ol
daya tneeor afforded. 1,319: number of re*-.
sets totally lost, 04. Investigations held
ifltr each ease jt lo»* of life show that the
twonty persons who perisliMd w«-ro sev«rally
•eyund hnman aid, and that In no instance
could their loss be attributed to any failurv
in duly on the part of the life saving crews.
The number of disasters during year exceed
by twenty-three the number the y«ar preceed
iasr, which was sevanty-ono uor« than in
any previous year la th« history
<>f the service. The amount Involved was
?:?.86*,3-J0 greater than la the preceodine
fear, hut the amount lost waa $124,434 less,
while the amount s*v»d was $3,439,654 more.
Tiir atalttaaet rendered during tbe yew In
Baviagr vessel* ana eargoea has been much
later Kan ta any previous year, 390 ve««ola,
which la fuy-lar«e more than in tbe preced
Ing year, having bits worked off wbun
ftrnnsed, repaired wbsa damaged, piloted
r>ut of daaferous place* and similarly aa«i»Wd
1 t th» kta4l<>B crew. There wrro b«s!d«8 240
instances, 115 more than la the preaeding
year, wbrre tm>hi run n ins tat* oUnzar •;
(trandiny were warned off by the ni;atsljrnala
of the patrola, most of them thus being ur<-d
:rom partial or total dratructioa. Tbe f»l
--i«wm general summary la ?iv»n of tba *u
tica of the service from ta« anas of tin* iutru
dartloa of the present systt-m la IS7I to the
close of the fiscal y«ar. Tue loss of life as
stated below include* IS3 lost at th<* wrecks
of the Huron and Metropolis, which tbe re
port MJi in strict justice aru not chargwable
the • •«.
Mo. or - ...ters ;-". S .M7
V«:o« af property Involved $47,123,311
Value uf property aav«d 32.3»3,540
Value of property lost $14,3 Hi
No. of per»«Ui inrolved 25,517
No. uf p«r*uu« caved 82,771
y». of persons lost 444
y». ef partea* sa«"-er*4 at KUtioaa.. 4,9itl
■a. at alajpa ataser afarded . . 11. >w.
"Dednetlaj the BBasber of prrmas whn
Mrtsail MM wro«ha of the Huroa and
Metr.»p.»:U from Ue figures as the lives lost
\retld leave tar remark . exhibit of only
Ml in the nhirtwen feSM rtmbraoed by the
above tahJr."
la coaalasloa Superlateadoat Klmball
anjra : ' The splendid tlUoleucy of the cw>t
Is attrlaateH mainiy to Its aatag made up ia
tirelv ob lh« gr»«n4a of professional »(uaii.l
-catioas, the pal ey at keepluif tas servioa en
tirely exeat fr«m voiitlcal lnilucncu having
been steadily continued."
cb-aptbti i.
"I was utri ■.. ■ > »ear ajro
With BSaaajs i««er."
"My doctor BcnjaaoaseMi me cured, but I
gnt a.ek apitu, wlt'u Urriblti p.iius in my
back tic sluee. aad I got so bad I
Coald aot n» T el«
I saroak!
From «8 las. to 1201 I had b^«>« doctor-
Ing for ray lirr.r, bat it did aa« an $o+ti. I
did n«t exn-ct to live m»re tkan three
■•»••••• I besjan M bs« Hop litter*. Dt
reetly my appetite returned, my »alas left
rat, my entire s.Yfctum named renew ua if
by mugi«, and after Being several bvlties. I
am net only aa sonad as a sover«l?a. but
weirh mere than I did before. T» Hop
Blttrrs 1 owe my life." R. FiTaPATaMCK.
D»Min, Jxtns i, 'SL
•Mala'ea. Has*., PaY 1. 119*. Centlemea—
■ t*r*-l with attack.. «t sick h««d**k«. "
s%orc i<- mi At troubU, for year* in the
m **\ VarriaU and *xcracia;in^ manner. ■
No ma>n«.ae at doctor c«uld eire Me re
lief or enra, until I urn« Hup Bitter*.
"The first battle
Hearly cures me;"
' The second made me as weH aid stroa"
as when a child, *
'•An 1 I have been so to this d.vr."
My hatband was an invalid for tweaty
years with a serloaa
"EUaej, liver and urinary complaint,
'•Pr.ißouaeed by Boston's bestphysitiaas—
BvTen bottles of your Bitters cured him
aad I knew c? tus
"Live a of oirlit persons"
la my Beighborhood that have bee saved
by your bltUra,
And man/ mwra are usin^ th«m with sroat
"They aim eat
Db miracle* 1" —Mn. M. D. Slock.
How to Gar Sick.— lxvcaa y»ur»«U aay tad
B.rht; eat t«o mack wlta«ut es.rcba; work too
hard witheat rest: ,d»ct<tr all la* lUu* ; tike all
tbe Tile Revtrasia Mvariiaad. ana cbaa yen will
"•net i« know h»w to ftt vitt, which U aa*w«>
--•d is thi»« w«r«>-Take Hot Biltrr-..
_*^ r •"*••• i»nnine witaaat a boach of green
Hen en ta* wbiM l»e«l. -bun »i, tha \Ua, poi
aoDoua. aiaf with -••Hop" or "Hops" la their
The country misses ttao*e little telegrams tel
ling how BUlne ipent tbe S*bb«th.
i Hjjj if ii i JjH 1(0.
The Olobe ha* e'tablbaed a t>«rm*n«nt oHee
In the tiir er , Btflhrater. la cbarge or Mr. Pster
Besz, wit takes Ike atanaceaantef ana fcutae«s
tDMreetii ef ; the pa***- las r '** *lre*l*t'*a. cor
rerpon4enee. eta. CommTaleMHe* of lo«el «««rt
and all maker f»r paalicatien may He left at la*
si!llwat«r Globs n»«e. 110 Xaia street. ■aaaf
«)or rlo-k. «p stairs, or may — adSreeeed M
Peter Bext. P. O. cox I*K> aa4 w«a aeceive
prompt Mwaaea.
Tie prisoners at the ct»aatj tail w«r»yfv*n
a five Than ksgl ring dlaaer ay tiiwnfl Hul
It order of the saarrana soart asda »a
Wadasecxy at at. Pan;, the a Warner ioaaie
Hayes I* to be sold *: aha suit a/ David
§• mask work has aoo«aial*tad ia the
j ruuaty SaSS%*S •£<• th.t Clerk Beaaott will
for some time require mm u*:*Mo« at hi*
Brother, Paia B«aa»«t.
Mr. aad *!rs. Ro^ach, of Chica?», are vis
l«Bg Crteads a«d reisSlves la the city. T*»y
•ay taey hevi never w(taes«*d aaythlas !a
Mi I eUj -c.1 1, ta> dx P .»«r caraival'at Uie
Roller rtax last evemang.
At lt.o B~*~r /MM*.
The Paper earalval at ta« BwUer Ink last
"Tenlau was Uii laett essertaißmeat ever
t »»■ la that p-jpal«r pl«oe of anaaenvat.
Tbe eon toe is for Iks prtzrs were Mrs.
L* mem. bla« eoetane with r«d aaaft, lira.
J<ad4 Or£, r.il* wlta hud H«l.Hikaa4
belt, Mr*, Tree MeKaaisk, aeul«t wife hi**
'r.maiin*. Mies vT»M>, red, waits and brae,
IH > r . r*«, yellow, wh;*e mmSm, Mlm
4*rrj. Cl*b.« and Um*C*» co«t«rae. Mr*
3- '»•»•, t«r«B«l»r aad wait*, flits
Smeraoa watte wita lewera of vaztata hare,
Mies B"f reJ, w**e aad hkaa, Mace Ow*;|,
white wita mw. The scene arven foe bat
i coatf was iasetaattngty kvatxtKaL Ail ta»
, tiMsenWeman wore ;* »r rwpt. Iron Mrs.
[ faaaln^eja, ef Pine City, dia^&er of Mr.
i S;drMg», preaMcat of Wt» Kcli«C **ci«r/,
j seat a e«i •< p*s«r o«pe sad laeaana, T««
j •••it tw the Relief »u*i«ty mm £40, aralaa
uiigal have bean li^aulc.i II «.-i!~« aud nan
-»c beau awkl duriaa; Ike alUraooa.
Wh«r« Will Tkli Tklnc End?
SrKiaurtai.^ 0., Nov. 37.— Dr. John
Maxw«el y.**>r«U/ aftrrneoa, attar MBdia;
n:s wife to tows ta atop, admlaiatecvd to bu
IBbw ehtkiree, agwd (re>m fear to thirteen, a '
temtisaMei of a«oaito aad eblerotorm, anoa '•
piaeed cieahi saturated with chlero'Corai over |
their faces aad pi»et4 them ea the Bed. H. |
Adßlalstered a similar a»»« to k.uM.f, mi
If iawa to die with ttiea». Waaa Mrs.
Maxwell rebaraod ta« ekiatt girl was doao,
and nhe eUieca nneoneolotis. Assiaktnee <tm
I tumiaonva aad every effort a»ade t» nth.
uiem. lianag tbe sight lw-> more ohililrea
died. Msi**ii revived soiavewawl and via
alaaai la j*-l. He rerae«4 to toik.
lie >ft istur* sa/<»g ■' was tiled !
of Uie and wasted kao ohiharaa |
to go with aim to avoid eafhrißf. Ms had ',
raeeatlf b*oa ladieWd for U*n« by anohtrr -
ph/slslaa, aad tuts, lo«,ath«r wlUt baAiM*es ;
etabirrassmenu, Is supposW to have laeitod
him to tale fearful aot. „„ .
Lrrri.R Rocic, Ark., 3»ov. — J. EL BaiUj
of Atlanta, G v., a oomiaerciaJ tsu.veiler te>: i
De«r», Maaaen ACo , at. Louis, suicided j
t jU nttofß-iou, rosiilHag tress a prvtraetca ;
spree. He was tao autaur *• a a*** uu pol
itical eoeaemy, entitiod laa4asa of Clvlia
t.oas." witisa attracted st>tisid«rai>ls attsauon
a eoupie of years ago.
Chleaso Lire «<*«<«.
Ckmaoo. y<rr. IT. — Ts* Drorera' Joaumal re
aase>: ■•£•, reeetn** II, MS bead; abJi>u9«U
u.SSS boas ; the Bucket wu Ulilj active, bat
iOl'>*'» "; quiiitjr ?**y geo«L Faacy heavy
34. C0; b*«»7 paeaiaz *o4 ahljipiaj $4.li^-4.i0;
>atxe4 ll.iatll.tl; llghl wo^-*.is. Cattle.
r.«ci^u 7,t*>: ahipm^nU B,COO. ttaiber slow
prime export unchanged, with sales as high as
SO. 7e. Mast gtadea war* aboat M ta iJc lower
than Ta*»Say. lalerl*r to faaajr akippiiijf $i.9S
<J>« JS. mams/ at t4.00&a.M; katca«i* slock
J.oe^.s.M, for coaisia to rood eowa; Tax**
c tile $4.»&9. M far ban* and |5.1»C9.71 for
■taste; western cattle aemiaal nt $S.SS^S,I&;
•lookers' and feeders' trniet at tS.MO4..'NI.
Sheep, receipt* 3. CJ; thipaieats TM: IS Be 200
tower. n-lerlaa* very hear? ; iuai iafotior se
braaka sb««p nntaleable; tafaxier to «b«m«u
lives tl-o*C*~o.
Bvery settle warranted t» enre hard corns
soft aoma. knuiii. wart*, r vi>.u,oi. m*.a«, ale ,
wltheat pain, bold try all drumjiAts at Ma per
t BUSMAN * PLnOffJB. dra-,-litt. MlaiM
apella. ori^Uiatora, sole aMaatactunir* and pie
: - BtßtS of Ike eal/ aaaa.ne Lbibiu's Ccbji
Rx-kotbu Is Aaierka. Lo*)L oat for frauds.
:*- idLIMfSiiBOLIS. MINN., "
Situated In the center ef tia ait/, coavnaieat to
all raUruad ttatlaa, m»r.*u:iU Uuu>*«,
the JtH- .i«.
Ha* reeas •••••It wlca tattt anA Otoaela.
r*»*aa^f»f aad r.s;«*.^j raavSari and
AM kn>pas>nuun>s
Table and att«ada*«a tnt claw 9p»elai rales to
Ti<rM;rit and itzetnika fwa**.
JOH-X T. WJCST. • ' PKo«ua7ren.
MI*«2A.POI*IS, . . lllirff.
Tktfi »afwlt«*ai riUfl PO»7 WfTTBA. was
•p— »• la* u»T»lMr| pa*.* vi Jwif laat. U k*k*
• >•:. cwa»auiaM»a k««wa l« ftt*itiii total* —
ISO ChiUKbwn witk Bat&,
t ... .«•„-».
lil«Mw« L'^ita, .to !
TaVla sad a««a«aan aa«ara«-<*«ti. and r»»r»
a- Uw a. ma; l/.i «— . k«i<W U is«> tali** imes
$• •? iit U.vY, and myiranU, ac«oniia« to
l»e»ti«m ml toosn*.
JOTCf T. VTBST. Pro>rt»«M.
Cm**. W. %n*9*m*», \i^.T,^ 0r
run, KTU.
OAil«. rwiiLIKI, ktc.
jJ»rt«w««Ufa Ag«mia for Ue M.«m-.^ Colm/.
214 A 318 Puut iTuin 4omu ili-NNt-u^iu
Ors*aiM4 »j bukiti at lowa and Illinois, aad
Imr»rv»t»u4 .-«!/ 1. i»:9, Ma b«n«vi»l««t or^*^
H(iM lit lt« iiiu ol Uw*. for furaU*in.j • UXa
y ii>teciiwa v tiuluri, «ierth»BU »ad prof «Mioui
me b •: it* 3»rlliw««i.
Alain j *• »rvTh*« aMO i«oarl:.T ft» the
>"«•* •' i* NrUeMM of Bw^nm at th»
*»w»»t a*a»i»M oa«;, ana »...-~l U t*« Immi
•fit* niakm. ;. i>-.
rrp.rienf* Dm <U«« MMM 4 ft* tail km* ■
•litknaat «f tb««« mm, 1* Ut»{iigo*i, itutc
uig an, itaJa; to f r»»U« a^ttua tvTiTinj^yrln
tor la* Br*i«c««a of n—j »mi- ■-- iv tMUitrM
w« w«u wo?la/ »r aarate. «a»«id«ratloa.
W. ao*« m pj,»..i M Moaiksad »r ctlu
a«y. to toil/ •zflzln km pl«a« u« yirpoMi, as
■' •'"■ tata mmom.wi, iakn< . late aa«
tld«r*U*n ta« Btaigcitnt, *Urn e( BfiaUM
•kip, t*cart*r »ad mi. a* oppsrMtalty tor life
pre»«»Uaio:«,n»l^iaUi:..»!i*tTr. .
■za«riaa4«4 Mjctioniiul to«« ajaau, whs
eaa girr v »a* r*;*r»a««* m :• •aaxacnr and
aldliiy. att«4 itiroajtßa*! *- ataM
: '.. . 114 Waahugtoo Av»:ue South.
857 . l^u&eapolls. Mian.
JBipoeapolis idFcrtiscments.
14 V/ashlnjttn kn. ft
Airisr JN T X a. t>o jl,is
For Men and Boys.
Tk« "Ply a- oath" makes its
mnai ini|a« display of Santa
Class, H-cindasr, &c . in tho
dh w-YTiad«vrs aad will pra«<>nt
a b «antifui Carutmii Crd to
nvor/ I»*dr tit Geutiamau Via
ilor whether *h*>y make purch
a««s or no..
7k«t« C»'dj are too nice to
■*▼«• >» ••.lidron, unless acoom
: I*UM by »a«.t*.
MlIIKlPum adt2ktlsbme>ts.
1 Ml. IN. rsa rir»i Art. South.
JAM** *U»*L.»tt...B>i, ::,<!», * M »t[6iUa»^>r
W\HEX OrUiOVBMBiiiB 17, 1831
More New Stars
Tk« Wmmr r»m«u. Frtak LUwixf. Walter Man
■ us. fruit Cia^in^Tto* William*. Uliiv
■»«t*B4Urm« 5/iTiß*. .V«nd« hevllle. Tom
« w«r. ThiM ViM,, Hv» Cost, SamY«ger.
FrMkl* •r«u, UittM Li»ior». Jamos \Vb«oler.
»*« *»» KtrmUr ShMk I'muvmy.
""■"• TkM^ar im bAtsnlky «fteraooa M
1:10 •'clork. ,
. . ;*;. 'varroTTTLAn puroßs_^a
ii UFi ilJil U * CURS
wirt rw.
ABkt»4*h*T««r hAiwii •aliuius* ul hunin
(iiiln: it r^i m -..«,, rr, c » la»t»nilri will n '
►»° MTtMa« m urn »Ui u> •.-I«et • ear«. Prio«
Jl«; *f •**. toe Tk« r»iuln« aoi up la yen j#
wra-j* tv a*4 ■Miftmnd voi/ »f Jo*. U. lia'dii^
CrrjjJ-.t nl aaalari Uan Mad* of P«X«al Hi li.
ri-«>i. Haraa, LW,«(r>. ftirxt* Uk V»rta.^j*
Dnnhaa. «m» lOnaiMit" Utaav
carrugb "laiwcreaT,
UIIICILA^ * VTIUJO3. Proprletwrs.
JTaw /IT Ti^xf *'rf** ***>'/%.
H«t« »ar. haa*4 >■<< •st»VllskiM«t »f M. 2.
1»7»«. Md Witt 4* Int clmi w»rk M »ott..m
yrW«^ 37-4-503
JO- WasbiE£t n AYd. Son li.
(UtiJur Xor;Uu.«uru MaUeoii U»ak )
Real Estate,
|37~T!*k«u mM to a*i f ran all rur«lga a«r*a.
t!.« iihlf *n all llx anact^ai a>.w« of Karva*
L«n«i t»r tale or «xch*n j» a WtMoitli. Mia
>«HU ac 4 O*toik 114-3»
Fir Qnirsnous
37 Tiiiri SL S. M Qieanolls, lino.
Treat all Caronle, >erToa!) Diseases «f
21wji and \>umeii.
W«U known as ta<* toaua»r w( ;aa Moatrval
|C H.) iltviCAL l>«rji. ik , and a.* S( <; , a
hia •■ik« ituunan lor la« pa»t iwaal/ /«ar« to
th« Wtiiarii af ckrvaia ati« »a«^.laJ d. *.».«« a
rM«m •• »«ga ar«e«. a> aa««««a kaa aro4a .*4
i»;o»i.kUj retain. B/ ft » a»«*h.>4 of ta*«l
--i"«l. *• *ot*c>Bf aro f«r>y M«tor*4 m •ii !f f«al
!»'•;». U« vac. 4 c«| *« a**»«u»a •( ik«
.-•.n»«to4 to Mm Mo* «f hi. »i. a an-ltnf »iHi
a*cma4 t»> a -»<••>> M a »afl| r Suu iMtmoo* ,
1»f **» •** a«4 aaa»««a. n«itn , wk« ».i 1
•-«• Mi»i hit irriiiiot^ivi fwlt jjjj axpreMa^
•■•Utajal tt«Mb v.Uiai ( „ tr9iM bMrM
to»»«a4 tor Am >* tan* » r tlu at.k»a eiord
ifc»t »»J»l>»f •* nttnU| k«alth.
TtoM ul -w f fvoßi liurit »r DcoocbhU.
cam to) <»-ir-< •< • a«rtocl ••:• a/ hia »j* !
Matk<-4 of N— ■ rmx.
D 2. 3P KTBT en 4««a«t Im« allfktoat <Ua I
<-r»« »f ik« CTi»«l, I.aeya ar *« au«ntal a #ai I
aii jna.-i »!.>•» a *>-r* «a ••ir; c.n ka uui*r
It irat**f« M vk«t "ir tw«M»« »a# •».
•«a» iaa la* tW »*«ta>r o£Js»i»« font • aao. Ir
:l* r» mii— ii ■ will «x i*« ... ir k«i, ■«
iiiifiUTM mi.iv i Mt ittiartkiui
a •• a -«».*» »• la a^»«k*»«. «»' t * ■ tißf • cut*.
liwiu *««t jrra i»^U(( f*r »vß»iit.a:u>a: >•
a.»a«n c-tii ao4 atlafr yam sal. ,-s wkulU*/ ilu
iMMt — doritoa *a 7««r «••«.
yoT T Na m^n
TTaa may to» t«C«rtag ft«n aorr*a* aWoitlt**
will do w*U k> trail U*Mt . irr* •A tkU, Ck i
pMMM •*•• t»»r latd at ia« altar •( it*>rii {
Da. t?n<'3T »«* •vAa^.rraa r« rwavsrr
Fm Hvn>aK» d*lx.ar« tot •**ry iih or w«ik
!)•■• or *!»•"• oX .wir «■«:* or »a»r»«t«n. ttxk
at «o««rMk»« a«4 (aO* I* mi*. Ka w«ai4
fh*i*f«r« raf *• »*• —*»!»■■»• »«C«r-»r frit*
mi/ r»a". MM« >*«m. •*•» r»t «r« »r«a«tiß; ••
•Mf«roai jr«tti«i, wW»r. t** ie«f«r o»-it la
M«Ua>« i*i« r'*r» T r«m«4r tor /«ar c-r\» atat
Tan m*# *>• Ib «%• foal •*•«• — ?«a>««-)«r (bat
j«a a** Ai>j>r*a«bia( &• bat. H T»« at« lh»f*r
Ibc an *a« Imi, and a*a "«*».-fn« Mm* or
iva 41 eS#<ta. a •*»»•' *a«t If J»i a»-.»m- . r
prcsiat la pr«fiti»"ail»u. t)i* ti«-,» must aoma
vkoa ib« Bftat »ii«1f«l pa; ««-a* 11 .ini«r r«i
ca M«(itui-«: warn •*• *»or of h«a« via •*
tlr«*d au»iatt 7»«: wa«a a« n;ti»f Mtrff ran
■ring ▼•>• r»n»t. la a* <■»•• aa» a««a\octor M a»i
at to »•»•». Them ••» ■•* >i»rp»ir work l»»*if
up** jifr tw\j:n»noa. -at in:! /oartalf *f at
fctnr 2f l»l raailt* of kb tr«*laa»at kafr>r« ».->«.
--«»•» ia a*T«T>4 Ika raack af in«4i«ai »hlfl. ar a*
fora rr**» "••>•<* knrria*?«a to a ar«maHir« »rrra
r lie* l/nro* w lU»o»» CalMjf Ji.mli««r 1^1^O4«-
!»•«• »i« iaa«# »' .a« «v liaa* .»««./ — aixtr
who an «a»»-»« w!U(i»s«»ni •'»•»*» »h» ni
laM kiaditaa, ai«»a a—aai>anla4 a/ a liiffet
tata^Uag «*r >g »{ uui^i ao4 «>•««.•■«(
taa a/aaaaß ■ a aiaaaar °^< »«awal taitoi a*.
ciut tor. *"• ax«ntatß( Me Biaaa>7 tUpwaiu
a I*7/ »«.lli«»ai w:.I attc« •« laaad. taxi riw
-•Boa »■•* »tnM«i of a***aaoa wl. ap?»«r. or
ia« aokor wUx *• of a thin, or atOkla* aa*. aflaaa
<h«ajA| «a a dark a«4 lorwul i^ituti.
Tkara ars ma; bm »*• aia of tkia iMl«a.tf
t2«oraaf*ef ttM c«a*a. wai.k i* too »o«ob4 fio^a
»lwnaiiw of rtaal ttjMt. It. I. wit (iiiuu«
a »«rt»ri cert at aM aack oaaoa, a*4 a htaila^
r«»Mraaoa of vaoao ora>oi .
Oslj oa* katonriow r*«.oirod la Iba mjiiarlijor
aaaa*. Bo:oawo of arvoaaiaßt «*• 'ao *ak«aaf
k«ao wki«»i am/ ai*arra»«ioa 10 Imlbm*.
4>U iKHrt or ••BamanlTElioa* tuicttj tt>l
d«aUal. Uact'caei p»»k*d to mm 101 m luito
«*rU*H7, awl ao*t by • ror««a > if full ooo*ra>Uoa
o/ •*•• ■» lf»T»n, »ol a p«r»*aa? Utonrlaw Ua*
•At** awre.'smd. - •
Ora«a HOOM — • to 13 a. m., . 1 to 5 and 7 10 )
P. m. bandar. *lalo a. m. only. ComaluUos
tree. .. . ■
Orrict Board or Firs C >n^*i!«s:o*a-«o, )
• I«T. PaoL.,Not. *«;., 18*4. (
Fin Dwninl EM
T-j istaqritf at faa . C*ar«i r«^r<an af th«
j city of St. Psal. • ■• Siar* jf flra » •.•■.!»«li»erj
of »a°d r;t/ will ■ ... at r u.lk auction
r.n SmtMtitjj X»ve«, >»r «tk. at II o'elomk a. m.
it :'t corner af Tkird aad Ctixr str«ats, tßte«
(Si ker- •.. i-»e ;f ■ #/ taasa bo::-; d:a:i si.mki
and »'.■»••-.; I.SOi posnils aacti. oiw (I)
"* j a. a*4 c r.» ». « waUkiu^ 1 an! NO
poiTi'i*. i |.'<C IIT'-I - J •'•»"■ • i>*.^f n?.*»** 'or
I- »- n»»artr»»«t »«r«U-e, but -.-j 4fs>l--:i.t?« for
p'Svral c«e
By er.it r ef la* Bear 4
. ■;,'. , WM. O'CORVAK,
i 6 reU'y.
T. T. Ktrui«i, Ancrlaawr. £:'}:'."■ !|3 ?^ <
I rjABS great I»irjk:Di.>:s!!.i
--I^-^ 1. af T.'iK-B'Ujuirl AcH-riean
J*A 1 ; 'ln, t»»iu«/ iiarijr>KJ Craror
/ r '£Zj •'*•'•■>. etc.. ca.i»<l -..xi-o»t> •
I '"* aUajtAL Dm, for i!»j U»
. ( I ■»••**• ;e reii«f and porm*
££ m * ut care af every faru of
x Xr* Catarra. froai a ■>■»!;)* l/olit tn
jft 1 la* ■••< ie Lo»« t>f Small. Ta.«t«
i I / • aai kaarUg Tigj ami Caiar-
BW r *- ! O»»ai » i.loa. C'omi>(ete
f, I r.a;:«» I • . a-Ut ail of oa- b»t
"Vwa \»« VU-ilcal a -. ouoboxCaUrrhal
***fl •al'ont.i.- . . . Improved !uhu!--r
In c- • MGka4v, .-.,»» . « La h^U uf all Uru.'v;i!it»
far $ — Aak fc»r »A.SVulti>» lU.UIOAL
C^l* frtfaWftt rftl faWT. $I.M.
"Tke only afcaatme *•«< la we kouw at.**—
if"i. 7" m*«. ••Toe ; as. we have (cmi ia a Hfo
tlne ft *a'js'-ns." — **»». Pr. Ffljjin, iJ»s:»i\,
After a ;««;«irm^-i w ka Catarrh. Ik« rUy.«*j.
• rr.r an aw«%»ei -4 — Aw. «'. If. afmrM, L»m
\tbvrg\, Pm. "1 t-T: not • found a «aaa that it
<1H a«t ruliara a:oa«a." — Arttirtm Li*, ILanchei
ttr, -.-
P*tt«r Drug aad Ch«iulv»l C* , Uoitun.
*^s^ For tUe relief and
yr!l- I^V pr»v«ntioß, Tan m
gFZpi'l.' •■*-"-\^V». •••■' IT Rtfruia,
i7X?V*^.ii J rf**V m lama °' li "• v tiiatla "■•
•-_*, ' .Jf N-.f...». -^ -:i a.
("*?*/. *r^ riflr I aua-ae. olda. Weak
\ 1 -A .BT P * *• Sioma«k. aad
>Vn:) aft B.wels Sfca»^if
f- W Skf SvSk x"\ '**••• atMßwaoM
V-?T V?^ PfF'l? l/»'er!a, Vtmti*
i^**"/\"^ /ijV.-lf!; Pataa, Palpi. altaa,
I VjT^Vj^iijr** ■ toaipiaiat, blll.u.
f^><7>sN >r" '•»•». iialarla, aejj
J • ** ' ■• lewice, u-e Col i
Lns»' Pi^stbim »a« Elbctku. biTTunT can- I
liluod •*& a Poaoaaj PL*ataa,a*i4 Uuga at
paia. Stc eTerywhere.
lOflclal PablicatUa.,
Taeaticn cf Henitla Raad, in West St.
Citt Clihk'* Orntz, )
St. Pavl, bUbbV, >'avem»*r 1), I«S4. \
Wkereaa. A p«tl;Ua k.te »*.a <!!ei la BaM afl«f
M provided By ta<> By order ef ike nines
Council ef tae city af St. NaU, aaßiax far ta« vs
itlen ef a «-«rt«i4 ekiveway in TT*et St. ffaml,
Mi •ieaerlßei aa la&evrs: L>a_,ijni»; M a »eia
:nroe katMted au4 Ifiy (*tr art t>riT aaa kaa
.:. ed;ae (•■; (IM.M) waat at Vim aartk west car
ver of kietk thUry-elz (Xi) af
!aaai&c A OUtoc'i *«*4UiUb te
VTeat '% *ia.. hi ilaa««y ««aary, aa4
ea the Bnr.kUae at* nil alack UJ«/-»ii (1 1)
«.'«r»-»:t p:o«ao«d; tavaaee aeata sw«aly aiae
• •faea «<ta f hy-ea* aamtmaa) Weal (49 dag. Al
asla.) six kj^nrta aaa ai^at aau slx-teatas feet
IM »; v a pvlat: U«aee *ou;k ifty-aix degree*
<aa aftf aae m>al». west (M tleg. II aaia.)
kaadrad ana Ifiy reel to a polut; tbeaex
s««>k foriy-aaraa dagrcea aad lft> aaa BilaiiM*
»»»t (47 aag. »1 alia.) two kaadrad ta li.iv.
ire t«aia* feel Mara ar Was («•«.•) w a Boit.t
kera s*U r*a4 liuti.su ia« weaterly koaadary
of raa aooTa de<«rlb«d Una, said Uaa ■■ de
«■< ribod afvreaaHl katox tax entire Una of said
road, »s!rt read kerag af am aTMnaaff wldtk, aad
of na trrr.ii* with;* of acaat fonrt««B fact (I4j
mare M tea*, and b*<ng wkal le knew n ac th-
Mendota road, and ac •.tew* »y 1 red l.a« ea tke
plat arr«iiiaaa?is( aaH petition, and
Waare.te, Tha ••tttiaa r» itata hat tker ar
Ike ewaere of all lac »rap«r>j ea the Mac of Ike
racatlns »«• for, aad tkal Ike •>-;«et of said
areeoead vsca'lea le to allow raeoi to deUicat c
and awareaa at Us pahlie certala land for •tree! ,
and wht-h said street* co <i»4»a.<:<'d wM earrei
pond »l k tke Btnh ward Ho*, and tko petition-*
ere fnr.h atste tttat th<- vaeatina af ike fere
-90 ng described road *r driveway will act la aay
ws.v tctertaro "lie or impede travel.
Now, therefore, notice la kereey giyaa tkat
said petltfcn win to heard and reariiercd by tks
Com no* Coaasn of rke Hi- ef St. fa .1 or a com-
BiitUeU ao apeolatod ) 11 4 ceaacil, oa I u-t
day, kk« ftk ««y of Ja^iaary, A. 1). Itai, at T:BU
•'clock p. a., at tke ceaacil ekamWer iv the city
Hj »r<J»r *f Caa aoa Caaaeli.
Tau«ii A. Famj»aa«4ir, City Clark.
■•T It In in
D's:rt«T Ouor:, a*c«a4 Jn'i'ti l»l»rr«ot.
Jacvb r. J *£<•*•. »««.». t A*. «r int. William L.
▲ma*. klai«a F. Am. F.»:iar <■— . i.w -
Auto*. lum A. aium. u.jtr-. Ames, A:i:».U
Ann. A>bl« U. M.«i.»«« :, O«arsa llttfKloioo, aad
the uuJut«wa l.ilr. at Oltvar Ab«. |hhn|
Tk* > m* of UiaaaaaM, M U« amu.il 4af«ul
Tim u« m«!i of 7*l art karats/ ttinadiad tad r*
n-j!r«.l t* Mifw m tftaaaaaa.aaatla tr»« i, Ha*), fttad
la tka *••• af \h» eterk «f •> ■ •«.-.. la i*« ail/ af
*«t»* r»»i, la taM •••■ nj;«xrtit •*«/ ja«r
a*«wrr ta th« u*(e««r<(t m *c »y:.5.r »*r. »t
hi* altaa ta asM «iy •( *>■ »• ■«. >t r«on it. ia titm
{ Ftrat saaliaal Baak ••diaut. eoraar Pvmrtk •*>]
i Jaek««a fTr««tt. * ■>:• iumgr lay* %ti»r tha
««>r»l. • »f lM« laauoaj n» jo r»«. a«o:u.l\ c af •#
j 4*7 •* »r«% ■<«•» •«. act ii r»« mm la — aiiiaaaalil
1 a>M^jL'a« vlMiki (tia Mma aJ*rcsa:«. tba aialßlll U
; iWa aaMaa wD a»«T :• •«• Man tor tka t«Uaf ••
1 ia* .*** la mU4 • lw-iim*
Sala4oataaar M. '. »L
rutaUTi ai (•raar . *■■ faal iflaa.
irn»i mv «a r««i?eK4L c*»ra.
Ta »a« #«r»«i..«jiM aa!»«d 1» i*« ferac«t.| •■■■ mi
Tarn i»l »«aa of r*a ar« bar* if a«. M*4 ifeflt M
r»»**»l »a.ta •( iti (t«ii mi it Uii|u •>
at :»• fl«*i.:l >••*• *»•♦-! ia« aM« [* -Ji< > u««
--tn« »ar-a] af Um4 <!!■**'« la Mta wttm:j «r Ih.m,
»-U Btaaaaf Vlaa)«a*lk. »»-~K: 1»: aaai»ar*4 f«ar
! raea (111. *H>ak.»«a'.*rro4 !••»■ a i 4. af |wl«e
it 6ta«a »»-<*it«n • B*m > f»«i aa«.nltaf ta'ka • a.
of »*;i i-.c!U*« f^4 In ■• »U«« af tk« KaaUiar af
•ai>aa af a*M imi » mt IbMBjNV, %*4 i»st la ?«r
--■aaal aVitai to aui«a marate »gaU«i jam ar aliaiar mC
»>iaa- M saUl aajl. UW . OaUhar 14««, Hit."
■ ■-*•.» ■ C BTXLA**.
l»wnr tar iaa ' » atijt, ti. raai. UJaui
■mil T ■ .••
-1 >ia, ».t_r.t: C««--t.
ta ;li «attm- ik« sMlfjaaßaM af Ci»-1« A. ailar.
fa:Jca ]• aarat>7 ftvaa :>.•■ •**.!►« A. rti;»T. <*
**• ai«r a* lIi»«»»,-.-i:». Sa »».« hut »«.: >ia;a, hi
•r <•** ia vT»:sau. *» »i «>aK«kar ia«a. ]t«4. ••«««
a Zaarral «»al-ai»aai i* Urn ■<•'««•« v f >1 kU
•r«*«rtf. ■•< aiamat kj law trim \trrj a*< mJi aa
■aW faiaa. far thi kaa«4: af an ii« ara4;tan. wWi«a.
■ rvfaraaaaa.
A* mm •■«• a« ?»*;a •■ ua »taa«a»aa ta tha
aa4*rclraH for tlltiriMi,
f»k-.«d Octakaf >•>. I til.
- •*«. ' ' • CHAELXt jUI"H»!«.
.'•.•- affaaam] • • v.'aa., A«>'faaa.
ABTHSa X. Jo-^iH. 1: naakio^lual araitaa toaUl.
a.:;«: aay far Zhlidi.
2T*ti«« to Cr*dftora.
•«a«a a* Hftaa**"*. Cantr M Saanaay— at. Ib rra
kM« Caort. 1 [••••*; »«ria. O«: < >w *7, i»<*.
la tha ai»t;ir ar ika asiate •< «»*;■« W. Cajar, a«-
W* •• la h«-a*r a^M, »•» .a« Jai«a af Erakaca
af Mia #a«arr * ttMiaar; wU mm Re ir» f >»*mr
af tka anaata af >a«?«k. i.. » ItM v .»m • aw.» ». i*..
tMatfa. ke«r. «c«nl*a >a 4 »*,««. at atkbaa ■ • Aa>
!»"*• *• aF »ar*.«i imim: kaM a«*«u*4; »m .«».
Mi ataank. (•an aaa attar »•• tv« karaaf «*•• taaa
Ui*wr<! mi mit 4 {a.- at^aiiara to •:•<:..: .hair
'»*■■ aaaMaat aa • aataaa. M iv M»irvlua af wWm
tlma ».i elMai ■•* a;aa«ata«l M act araraa ta .1. aal-
Uiaawaa aaafl ka torerar aarraC ' aalaaa far itvjl
eamaa imaira farUar ataa k* .•»»«.
»X >k* Caart.
.Jaa*a.if r. mm.
*»»aa«. •■ttt. Aatattatitraaar. * i MAlm
v TATKOF hUsjrjw«TA, C»«XTr wr i^Air j
Tka taat« af kTlajma«« ta taakaaaa. -— -rtnaji ■
Ta« »r« k*r*->7 iuu«><i ;a ka aa« ayiair aaf ara !
tka «a**ri «■•••.« »l iki .aa.Ua* a. tka ]>•«•• ka i
Kaa Ml taU (Mi:;. Mil Ua ». 7 «f Ba.«am«ar.
I*'*, at • a'aaaak I . ika f»r«a»«, at m.j a < ea U . .*
at-T «f ii- raaJ la i-.li (on/, ta a*»»ar to Caaaaa
••tfc la a atrtt M Wa.
Bk»a.4 jaa fad i* t*-«*r m ika fata aaW aim -
atervsala. Jaasairat triu •• a « (r *4 asaiau t#» '
ataa it* *r<*a-<* »«4a*a4 kr tal4 Tkuaiai 00 la tar '
• a*k tan ii ka tkaL. »i>«-» h.»,j*if aailtUa tw * :
a • aaaar ™* **** ** uu day *"—'■•
'• -I" S- V. HAXFT.
norll-*w.f»«a 4wUce of th( , Paaca.
• Notice ot Mortgage Sale.
TThereas VTllllazn Morphy and G-.r»'.ia M. Marshy.
Ms wtle, inor;j;npors, dirt dniy exo.n:e and aniTnr
j to 5-araa Jane H.I!, mortxxzee. a certain indenture
of ir.ort»««». bearlnjr d.«te tho 3Uh day 01 June.
IBTB, whereby sa'.d av>nxaa t« d!d irant. ' .'r»in.
■eil andconvpy to «a 4 RBongnxee her >>i»irs ar.d at
slKns. the follawtej- described land and ai.par «■
--aaacea. lyta« aadlaa | B taeeltyoftt. H»«,. eaeaj y
of Santry aad t-Ateef Mlaatiota. te-wli: tka eojt
• r!jr i* r <W. tarn •♦ M tU ,1 . ktaak «■ gawaaai 1 id
Bel>er: ft «»«*.-«irt ad4li(aa te It. Paul, aco»-4 Brfio
•ac > a- Mart at ea -«ee-4 la the t .ffle«of the :V-n<at«>T
or ■►**. la <■« for i,m ce»^»y af R<tmsay. mum
taeparntat •< the ■•, » .» „ an4ta'«r«t t a»rrcn
a. ta« me of eltht 9 i T eeat. per aaaa-n. a;«.rd'n;
k> t»* »aad.t!on» «? » n^rMj, „..,, ,, OTy therola
*a. »3"»«vi^> M ,.. f „. . . ..
the UM «» r ef Ji* X u;a, «i::.ret M dalyr*
•ordM la ;i. ..n^. • f !5 .r 9fm .rp. M i In and
■KVS?K? *< '*'' U keok Mat Uortgag©
l/r ;*, ;> ji.
Ar< **•*•• aiM narrc-^., a i« CO Tec»n: and
agree .« aaM n r.**.^. Ln .... #f , '.r^.»«r«
M.c.««» wewVy ». . . , . t . „, , ~'^
rwhora«a a«fa«.t -...-,. M , d , , n .L . , „, ef
ooM#a;er»!lTe;a 3 i tt..r. U i,.. Jo , „, **4 nv«
--■ »*«*■ a: »•• i«ieo- UU. .a-i, c . lh , „, O J '
_an. en atittaare a. arareaa^ j^ „ Mlo , o^
J l *^"* •« **!■ U » t:! « !^ '• rreav*r tho
dab: •*. «4j bjr ss!4 «lru-t» or an? psn t!ie-*af
Ai>.t «...-■ fci»a»B!iU.ir laßi«rt«a«oeahoT«1 aßi«rt«a«oeahoT«
namrt. •rorwifda. m ike — day of !Z!! I,*
-.t.ed lata«ut?. at Cur»f»H. C#rin:ce •■««»' v™
; Yo-k. » j J »c 1 ■« ink .■!»/ of Jane. Uv louan »f ad
! n'a:»*-»tie..i.a the •*«•)«. «kajii»:#, er^l ktaadeata
j wh'.c* wneor «f>« Bald Sarik Jaaa nui » rr » JoJt
! !»-a>M to D^nli! T ■ .. Jr.. who la BOW Hit ».l m | s .
1 Ulr^.or ih^'eaf. aae 1 aa aatkamttaatod ce;>y uf njj
I appotatmtal at sack aaxtiairraiar. was oa tka >7th
j d.-y of Octokfr. IIW, d« f (lied for retort fa the
i o ner of tha Be later of Deeds in and for said c««nty
j ff f !1 »~1!-NT. •
• , Now, Onrcfan, aetloe Is hereby gtrea. that par
j a «nt M ke 9mm of »..e la s»l4 MB«i-t#k.oo.>iii»Jncd
and iho ttatwa ta soak ««»e made and provided.
! ta d laontaaßß • ii ka fereoi toad by a sale of tbo
I ■•" |se>e4 *r»mls?s tfsrnvl together with the ap
pant-DancM tktreaato tel lagtnz or la anywUo ,»p-
B«natata«, w-.iea sale will k« made at pubUuvenduo,
*» :ke klsr;.-st k!«(der for eaek. ky the tkorKT of said
P. -a..»r e«T- y. at tae fren; «»*r of the Qeaoe of the
Be ;ts;er ot l>e»ia, (a the alty of St. Pan:, la the
••cat* of Ram**/ aforeeaid. en the Clou ru
Dat or »b him, i»t4. at iii o'clock la the fore
a -<a. »• sati*:y eke mint taaa da« «poa said aiart
, .;.:*- aa4 al! lejal •!»••••«.
Dated Oete&er J9;k. MM.
Adßit:iUtr?'oro? lk« Estate of Sarah Jane Hill, do
<-••:*< Mortfasoe.
. li.iri>» *«4ic«jp, Arteraeyt for Administrator,
•t. Paal, Aiua. 00t29-7w-wod
O — ••■ la Pres»ie Ceitrt. spool*. term, November
tl, liU.
La th» m«wr ef th* H»ti »f j MM a, Morally, de
Wherene. •■ tntirißjeat la wriUng. purporting' to
; trie He last win aa4 iNiiiMai t«f Jama* R. UcNally,
d««eai«4, U;« •( mi wumut)', basbtMta delivered
lh'« Mart]
And wktreas, Mary A. MuXally has filed her pe
title*. ro|»re*ea« am«a« other thlutfs that said
i Jsmei B. MeNall/ 41*4 U said county, on the ttU
day •.' October, I**4. tMtate. and ihat Mid petitioner
li laa tun if iH d«eea*»d, that no person Is
naaied la «a!« last will aad testament, as the executor
•.hereof. *aa >r*y:»s that the said Instrument may
be admitted a* preaate. au4 that letter, of admluU
tratios wlih the will iiimd bit to her Issued there
It Is ordered, that the proof* of said Instrument,
•b4 the tali ••tttiea. he kear4 oefuro this Court, at
rhe Probate aSaa la said county, ea the Sth day of
i..-tal»er. A. B. lSli. at tea '.'cluck In the forenoon,
waea aUeeaeeraed may appear and contest th« pro
kau ef m 'aa:r«aitai.
A*d « la f anker «r4*red. thai pabU i notice of tha
»!«• **•! place of imi keartaf be (Ivan to an person*
.•(creeled, »y '•«.!«■ uf tketii orJer* for tnreo
weekt tati>etl''<y pr«Tl««i to said day of bearing,
la fh* Dailt wr.oßß. a aewtpaper prlatod and pub
\li\t 1 at i«:n. raai la said auuuly.
By ike Court. »>*. i. HoOBOBTT,
lL ••• Jud^e of Probate.
Artestt Fbaxk noaamr. Jr.. Clark. novU-*w-wed
° — ••• la Prwkate Ceart. spe«lal term. November
It. 1114.
la ihe natter «f laa aauta of William Morrcy, do
Oa readlar aa4 tUns the petition of Harrison 9.
Wtlratk af *•;■ eenaty. representing atnon« other
»k>**». tkat W.iilaai Uwtiy, lata of «ald county, on
lk« 14th cay ef October. A. D. UU, at Saint Puul,
la ■»;« caait«y. • e4 lb eataM, aa4 bain* an liilihl.li
aat *t :k » aaaaty al Mia da* of his death, leaving
t»ei«, a «'iii «n4 aitota w.th a this county, ami
that 1.-i» ttii pat!t«>Ber !• a erector af the e.itate of
salt aa«aaia«, aa« pmylne kat admluUtratlon of
»-. ii Mt»ta ke c* a. 6. Tretierae gTautttd:
It Is er««rec. tkat tall bolU.mu l>e beard before th«
Jo4ga af ikla aaart. ea M^a lay, the 13th day of De
«■»*'. A. D 19iH, at tea a'eleok a. m., at the Pro*
•■ ate ealce la eat aavatr.
Ordaraa fmnh*r. kaM it«|]«* thereof b« given to the
k»ir» a/ sale 4aaa««a4 aaa ta aU persons Interested by
yaklitktag a aapy af Uta order for three successive
weeka, »rl»r to said aay of haartne. In the DxiLr
Ot.«BB. a aewepaper printed and published at Saint
F»al. la k»U aaaaty.
By tae Maori,
Ikav] WII. B. MoOP.ORTT,
Jud^tt of Probate.
Attest: r*i3i Bobebt, Jr., Clerk. ,nov :y-iw wed
, : —^_L:
° — ••• District Court. Second Judicial District.
Tneodors B Uyera. plaintiff, against Marlon M.
Vlyars, J«.'«o4»«-..
tini'iii FOB lILIIF,
Tke tut* ef atkaaaaata tv vie aaova named defendants
Tea are kereby itniiiirl and required to answer
<■• eeaai>ii.»it ef tke {.UlatlV la the abovo entitled
arvlas. walek Is •■ lie La tk« office of the clerk of tho
said ••art, at kit aalue at Balat Paul, Minnesota, and
to serre a e»>y ef year aatwwr to said complaint on
[ the *a»tort»ert. at tketr . «c« in the city of St. Paul,
ta >k« eeaarf af Kasasey, wltlila twenty days after
| tke sarrlcp ef Bkla saaataas npon you, exclusive of
I '»• **r ef t«cb swrlaa. aad. If you fall to answer
j the salt coßialalßt vlUln tke time aforesaid, tha
plalatirr la this motion will apply to tha court for tho
relief *»ii.»» JeJ la tke complaint.
navl-Tv-wec rialatUTt ▲tterneys. at. Paul, Minn.
Xl — ss. DUtrlat Cain. Kieventh Judicial District*
Carl k.rfUtvtuiar. plaintiff, syalnst The Red Lalca
Falls Uuilax ami Liuitir aompauy, a corporation,
Tke ate of Mlaneaeta te tke akore named defend
Yea are kereby luratßoata and required to answer
the «ouiplulul «f the plalatUl In the above entitled
aatloa, which Is tied la taa office of the Cleric of
Uie District aaart af lac Eiavautli Judicial district,
In and for tke ce»aair «1 full audaiateof Minnesota,
aa4 to serve a itupy af yvor aiuwer to said complaint
ea Lkc m .>ei.a*i, at his ottce, in the city of Crook
ai«u, la saii aeiuty within twenty days after the
service of tals MamaatM upon you, exclusive of the
«*y of such service; aud. If you fail to answer tho
•fid complaint within the. time aforesaid, the plain
tiff In this action will apply to tha court for the relief
demanded In the complaint.
Dated O«to£er lltli. A. D. 1534.
Plaintiff's Attorney, Crookston, Minn.
O — ss. In Prabate Court, special term. Noveui
k«r 14, I*l4.
la tka matter of the estate ef William Tlerney, do
On r»»4Jni and lilac the petition of Thomas J.
Ticraey •; LeulkVill*. hlnaiadty, rapresentlni; among
«aei tkaaga, UuU '•• ..lima Flaniey, late of said coun
v... «■ Ut« Si tUy of veaaaar, A. 1). 1884, at St. Paul
laaaid catuity , died Uuaatata, and balag un inhabitant
•f tkla avunty at ike Ua« ttf his death, leaving
V o-<1«. eaalfail tut< Mtaie within this county, and
that Ue am.! »«tlaaaer Ut.g brother of said de
cea»c4, aa4 p- ■«■•• tMI adßßlnlilnllm of said ea
ia c k« ■. at. LK«*u r-aal«d;
It la •riersd, ik*t t«!4 petl;!«n be beard before th«
ja«j.« vt Ik sc«urt, ea B oiar4ay, tlie 38Ul day of Do
cank«r. A. B. IX«4. at tea e'elouk a. m,, at the Pro
kato aalee, ai aal4 i*i«r,
•r«ei»4 laretter. that aottoe thereof be given to
•*• ha. ib af mU 4eoeateA, aad to all persons Inter
••t»/.. ax »a*.- a a copy of thU order for three
>»»»iwtT« v.e«ka pile: to ».M day of hearinK, in tbo
*»«.! *Ltit, a aewtpaper printed and published at
aa<ai Pm.mi. ■■* —it a«anty.
t/tkeCeaxt, Wm. B. MoORORTY.
li-'l Judgaof Probate.
Atiaat: Fa a.ik Bobkbx. Jr. Clark. novio-lw-w«
oti«« to Creditors.
Mate af Mbßaaeaca. Ceeaty of Bamenj aa_ in Pro
kate Oaart. tp*a<jU T»wbi. October SO, ISB4.
la MM natter ef tke eatale of Uaorge W. Trower,
»• !tt U icr»>>y o(tmi laal !■• Judge of Probate of
»*• Conty of ■-. T.t*r wU, ap*a the first Mouday of
«■• Bt««tk •; -i*-.fc. A. D. ilii, at tea o'clock a.
■.. rt»«lT«, kaw. «mklii »aJ adju.-a aU da ma anil
lmil<*«{Hl >•:••••• »*•>-<*• l »*:.! iji:(juu«i*il; aodtnal
rts bmim »«■ kiui aft at t«<: Uata hereof have been
•!•»•< mi ••».:•« for vectors to present their
•*•'.«• ••>i«at «*i4 •«*»■.•, ac ru« ezpira'.ton of wlilcli
'"• an «<•••• n»; >r*4tn;»l ur not proven to it* sat
ts/R«.l««. %mmH - •• f», »r«r barred, unlesi lor good
««.t «'.»rrr, ranter Can. ■« »Jo *»J.
Br ta* Coon. . .
9** l Wil. B. MoGHORTT,
Jud^-e uf Probats.
Jims* H. DaTOMOB. Administrator.
W U4MU * Cr»vufc>ww, ▲tiuruoys for Admlalt-
B » : » r - ").... nov3-3w-moa
— ••• l*.Pr»bawC»art. ipvolaltarm, October 91,
la t«« MitireftiM eaMU •: Ol«*rle« 3. Hunt, de-
irMNM,HIMinMii la writing purportins to
*• tiii'iniln>iu,T^ the IMI will and tea
•aaiamt «r Ihi* ■ Haa^ d»a«Mi*,<t and of the Pro
« * »»«»*f. **, .a. " > " a " r * f New Turk. state ol
■• w *•*». •*» •••« u«..M.-:«d to this Court:
. *•■* **— ■» *•■<**•» M Ktltell ua» herewith
•M »• k -.l»a. rt»r».»»-.;K^ amuug other things that
MM Cur:* t. laa( 4.v4 at lUa cl . county and
>tai« •< ■•« T»r» iMuit. »ad that said petltlonei
■ ta.im.i'l ii mc »ataie if ti<t <i j»a*,<;a. on wli.cil
•at* *"»WM i| up* at* tha; the UNtM
■*»•* * ■•** tin Mmm m «,m*!lfy as such execu
**^ "•* ****** »a^ im taw lustrumunt may be
M»rtUJ t« po»:t, as 4 tk*t lult»rsof adm'nlatr*
*•». TIU *• via imhW i,. »• Frank W. SU^w u
_^* *• **•** Mmm Mm rr*«#a W Mid instrument. ani
*•■•**?•**••, *• i*«r4 »*t«r« this court, at th«
rr»W.»»an ti •■,« c««:f. ** Wednesday. tiie26t)
*■» •* »w«a>«, A. » i»*». at l«n o'clock la tin
***•**>*. *%•* M u«a««>a<U war aspearanJ cont«*
tl« pr*V«««r aaii a*n:iai.
Aa« ft to f*rta»r •r««r»A, »i»t public notice of th«
*»• o»« »-«•< «f a*M im n , ( »o «lven to ail n»rana*
»>»«4. ay • MMasataa •/ tk««se orders fur three
»•••« «%«««a«lT«i/ |tit!<h t» *a.a day of hearing, In
*a« QirLT «l»»», a aawisapar prlatad and published
at ft*. raaf. la sa44 Must/.
*T »h« «•*«. WM. B. UoGKOBTT,
U.- a.] Judso of Probate.
Attest: Fitvi Robibt, Jr.. Clerk. |
K«i, KtrcajttL & Shaw, Attorneys for patltlo&er. -.
. -

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