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Die Solid Financial Institutions
I Which Make St. Paul the Com
mercial Metropolis of the ..
Northwest. <
in Aggregate Capital and SurDlus of j
Seven Million Six Hundred and
Hfty-two Thousand
lYeraje Deposits Exceefiinsr Twelve Millions,
Average Loans Exceeding Fifteen
Million and Over One Hundred Mil
lion of Exchange Sold iv 1881.
4. Sketch of the Institutions Which Form ;
So Vital and I»ret»i»nd«ratin i
Au Element In .lie Basiness
... of the City.
Below we give some incidents in the his
tory of the eleven chartered banks — state and
national — now doing business In SI Paul,
together with a tabulated statement showing !
the capital employed and business transacted i
in 1834 as compared with IMBi These bis- !
tories and ments will be read with a feel
ing of satisfaction and pride by all Interested
in the welfare of St. Paul and tbe state, as
they show the financial standing of the capi
ta.) and commercial city to be in ail respects
most creditable to the managements of the
several banking institutions, and also serve
to emphasize the reputation St. Paul has
gained by the foresight and enterprise of j
these managements as one of the most im- j
portant financial centres in the United States. j
After the magnificent showing made by the
bauks in 1353, it was scarcely believed possi
ble, In view of the general financial depres
sion continuing throughout the entire year,
that the business lor 1884 would thaw
any increase over 1533. But such is the |
cuhc. While a general reduction of business
has been the rule with banks throughout the
country, accompanied in many cases with
failures, the St. Paul banks show a decided
and healthy growth, as in proved' by the ad- I
dition during the year of two new hanks, to ■
the number of such institutions, by the in
crease of capital employed, Increase of their
surplus funds, their deposits, loans and ex- :
cliaDges. The showing under 6ueh dream
stiinces <lemiitislra!es that tbe banking busi- i
ness of St. Paul is in tliu bauds of al>lc finan
ciers, and that while enterprising and wide ■
awake to the possible demand* that may be
made upon '.hem, their business Is conducted
upon conservative mid wise principles, by
the practice of which alone can such suvccm
as that now shown be achieved. With such j
a lever as these banks now wield, and with
such an incentive to go forward In the same i
conservative and judicious course as that !
which has secured them such success iv tlie 1
past, there can be no question as to the fu- j
ture of St. Paul, that is that it will contluue !
la the proud p isition it now occupies of the {
financial heart and commercial emporium
it the great northwest. But to tbo record:
, National German American.
The htstory of tills banking institution, I
from it* modest beginning until the. present
time, most strikingly. Illustrates the rapid and i
solid growth of the city. Ils origin was the
private banking house of Meyer & Willlus, !
which commenced business iv IS3C> with an
available capital that could be represented by
four figures, tbe iuiti.il figure being a very
small oue.too. About a year later Mr. Meyer ,
died, when the linn was changed to that' of
F. &.<?. WlJiius. Some years later a^.Mr.
Dutibur riHiir into tbe linn, which was then
known as Willlus Bros. & Dun bar, the capi
tal employed at that time being $20,000. |
This thin continued to carry on the business
of p.rivaU; bankers until the year 1873, when
the. German American bank was organized
under the:. state law with a capital of ('200,000.
The first working officers of this bank were .
Ferdinand Willius president, John B. Sac
born vice president, and Gustave Willius
cashier. Tbe capital wns increased to
1300,000 In 1882, when it carried a surplus
of $75,000. On May 2, 1883, the bank was
reorgnized as a national bank
under tbe name of the National
German American bank, with a capital
of $2,000,000. At the first election I
under the new organization Walter Mann '
was elected president, B. C. Howes vice .
president. Willius cashier, and Joseph ;
hockey assistant cashier. On April 7of the j
present year, Walter Mann resigned the. pres- |
ideuey, in which he was succeeded by Gus
taye Wiilius, Mr. Howes continuing as vice |
president, while Mr. Lockey was promoted to
cashier and Mr.Theodore Draz web appointed
assistant cashier, these four gentlemen filling
tbe same positions to-day. When the bank ;
was organized as a state Institution it occu
pied the small roam on the south side of
Third street, between Waba-ihaw and Cedar
•treets, now occupied by Barn urn, tbe real
estate man, but in May, 1880 it removed to
the elegant three story building . and base
ment, cut stone front, next adjoining the
Mannlu-imer block, East Third street, built
by toe corporation for its special use. It was
here the bank inaugurated the Important
feature of tbe Safety Deposit vault, of which
it was the pioueer in the state. Hardly.bow
ever, had tbe bank got settled In its new and
elegant quarters until the management dis
covered that they had not cor
rectly forecast the probable growth of the
city, or that of the northwest of which St. Paul
was the financial heart, and the consequent
demand that would be made upon their re
sources. However, the error discovered,
the remedy was promptly applied by com
mencing In the fall of lb3:J the erection of a
new and enlarged bank structure, which is
now rapidly approaching completion. This
edifice is located on the corner of Fourth
and Robert streets. Its ground dimension*
are 100x150 feet, and its height six stories.
The bast-incut Is of Duiutb stone and Hie
Miperstructure of Philadelphia pressed brick.
Tbe architecture of the exterior is very strik
ing and attractive, and tbe interior tiuisii
tasty and rich, making it one of the largest
and finest bank buildings in the country. A
detailed discriptiou of the bulldiui; la given
elsewhere In this issue. The co<*t will be
about $250,000. The bank will occupy the
corner first floor, the bank pro^r dimensions
bviuir SUxIJO f vet The new quarters will
be occupied May next. The statement
shows a surplus of $25,000 .added siuce
that of ISS3, the depoaiu and loans about
the same as that ye»r, while the exchange
sold is $12,000,000* agaiust $7,150,411 that
year.' . . : '
Flrat National.
Tbe Fir«t National bank is the successor of
•be private banking bouse of the Thompson
Bros. — E. and Horace Thompson, now ;
deceased. Ils charter was granted February
24, 1803, fora period of twenty years, at the
explratiou of which time, February 24 ,ISS3.
its charter was extended another twenty
years. It commenced business January is,
1864, with a capital stock of $250,000 Sep- I
tember 9, of the same year, Its capital was
Increased to $500,000. January 1, :
ISd5, its capital was" again increased to
$600,000, at which figure it re
mained until March 1, 1573, when It
was increased to $1,000,000, at which tisnare
it still remains. The first officers of tbe
bank were J. E. Tnompson, president; F. A.
Harrison, now president of the Security
bank, Minneapolis, vice president; Horace
Thompson, cashier; Charles Scheffer, (de
ceased), assistant cashier, aud H. P. Upliam,
the present president, teller January 14,
1888, H. P. Uphara was elected assistant cash
ier, Albert Scbefler going into tbe bank as tc.'»
let, from which position be was promoted to
assistant cashier the following year. - In
May, 1870, J. E. Thompson, tbe president,
died, and June 7 following, Hirace- -
Thompson was elected to the vacancy. '.
thus crested. Charles Sobeflerbelu^ advanced
.to cashier. Tin- followlnir Auiru-t 11. M.
; Knox was appoints! to th« position of as- I
i sistant cashier, made meant by the promo- I
tlonof Mr. So.fr r. On January 15, IS7:J,
■ the City bank, of which 11. H. fltlaVf was
president, L. E. Reed, vice president, aud !
H. P. Upbain. cashier, was consolidated with I
the First NHtional, and at the ueetisg of the j
hoard of dlref-Uirs Marcb i.followimr. the foi- i
lowiuz Am were elected : President,.]
Horace Tuo'iup«on; view president, . L.. E. ,]
i K'-ed; cashier, H. P. Upbani; .»*■■ stNOt '
cashier, H. M Knot: teller. W. IT. Hoyt. {
About 1873 H. M. Knox resigned and miUs*
quently hewasappo titf-,1 tot lie oliiec of stit*"]
examiner — position be now holds. January,'^
1830, President Horace Ttiompnon Mie ! a'b'J I
on May IS following. H. P. Uphjin wus
elected president. C. D. Glltillan. rice pr.-si
dunt— L. E. Reed li.iv:n_ rc*ls:aed tic- April j
previous to assist In estalilisiniiL' Mar City
bank of which bo is at present
president — and A. H. Bailey. cashier, '
| who with W. A. Miller ap- j
pointed assistant cashier Jan. SB. ISS'i, cou
stilulr the principal working otlicers of' tbe
bank at this time. Tile bank has ahv-iju ;
bern cornfortnl/T quartered, h.uiuif c<mji-.
ineneed busliu^^ in the thre.c ttnrj culetim 1
fronton the north side of Eist Third ulrect, '
bctn-een Minnesota mi ! R .:/■. rt eUvct*^— in
those days one of the linc6l i-lru.lun * io tlic'
city— where it remained until llajr'W t>i»-
I present year, when it was rein.. t*» Ujc
j iiHn.lsorae four story stone and pn-ficd "brick*
! builtlinz, cupectally con«!ri|(.ieil for its' u*«\
i corner of Jackson and Fi>uith strrrta^ where,
1 it has one of the mor-t commodious, U>t ar
ranged, richeFl and t:iKtii baukinjif nwfni>
jto be found in the country DunuL' the jvul
' year its surplus h.is been iucreased lr«in» :
j $430,000 to $500,000. Us circulation reduced
from $300,030 to *'.»(). (Kin. while a. small
! illiog nil ;.- sbowu in ils deposit*, loaus and .
exchange sold.
Merchant* National.
Located in the handsome block on Mi.
--j southwest corner of Third and Jackwun i
streets, known >•► the Fire and Marine block, !
is the Merchants National. The bank quar- ,
ters are rnuTetileot, commodious- nn<l nr- '
tistically attractive. The liank was cjjdhi:ivd"
iv 1572, commencing business Aa.'ilr-l Ut
:of that year, locating on the corner I »,im
and Minnesota street, in the Pioneer l*n«aa
; buildlns, more recently occupied by 34." L) »- -
ran it Co. It commenced luirinrts with a
capital of $250,000 nun the follow JfijTollict-r*:
Maurice Auc.rti.ich, presideut; Waller M iaa,
i Tire ptraidenC in..l Charle* Ni.ii.. - cj»hier.
tlie Utter only hoKliii; the position until tbe
80th of Dv-.-em'ier foliowiaz when he re«i«rued
and being succeeded by VV X Merriaui,
i July 1, 1573, the capital «rat increased I"
1 $500,000 February 22, IS7r>. the bmfne«sor
the Institution had outgrown it- quarters in
i the . Pioneer Press building and
the bank wan removed to ■«
i present location. .lanuiry 13, - ISS»,
Maurice Auerbacb rcrlunrd a« pn^idrnt and
' «ci« eucceede<l by Hon. Jno. L. Merruiu,aii>l
I the first of the following July the capital ».,. J
increased to f 1,000.000 Dan mb 5. IB>i, |
I Walter Maun resigned as vii \>t, fideni au>i j
■ W. K. Mi-rriam was promoted to tin vacancy, i
Mr. Frank A. Seymour Kueceedlog him «•
j caiibier. On January 8, ISB4. Jno L Mer- j
J riara mbjard the presidency. aatag «m- I
ceedeii by bin SO*, W. R. M. .1:1, » h.iint
si. me mid merited recognition of the brilliant
i executive abilities displayed and the thor
i ough prartiraJ knowledge of Hie banking
business gained by his incumbency of the
ollin » of cashier and vice pr.M.ient, whil<
Mr. C. H. Bigeiow was elected to the vuesni
j Vice presidency, miking the roller of oflicer
't/i-day as follows: W. K. Merrum.prei<ideni.
C 11. Bigeiow vice president, F. A Seytnoui
' cashier, and George C. Power assistant raiib*
ler. The BMtorai of 18S4 ha« been em I |
; nently satisfactory as will be been by the
; statement below, showing dcpo«itit-of $2.'»(; ii.
515. loan* of $3,347,447, and . xchaime sold j
$35,000,000. au wria—r nrai iss3oi t'J.OUO, !
; im -
Hank ol MlsMß«MaNaj
The fnunJaii.ni of Hie «j.l. udul • f narria! !
structure now lucorporated utuic-r (hi- «til<
! law a-, tbe Bank of Minueeola, *.«* laid in
lMil. when Mecsr* Holland. Berry. A !)..»»
' ton ronjmetu-e.l bmtin<4» »* private bati'ker*
in tue room cornering on Third an.l Wjlja
• Ibaa? »lrei-t-«, lajfefMll block lnlßC2tlle
firm was rei>rganlzed, Mr. Holldnd retiring;
his place being Liken by Mr Clayton, tbe
firm being Berry, Dawson & Clayton. Later
in the same y:ar another change was made,
Mr. Clayton retiring and being succeeded by
Mr. Slovens, the new hrm came being Berry.
Dawson & Co. Upon the death of Mr. Berry,
which occurred about a year liter, the lirn,
name vran changed to Duwgon «&Co. Fcbru
arv 3, ISM, Robert A Smith and L.. E. Kced,
i the latter for some time previous belM as
sistant teller of the First National, went into
the firm, Mr. Stevens retiring, the Gnu mm*
lof Ddws.in A Co. bcinj; retained. Iv
j IS<59 the business was rein.ivvi' froti.
Ingcrsoll block to the three story ►lone build
, ii r uulll I>.t Mr. I>aw*oii on the fuutblslde
of East Third street, between Robert and
Jackson streets, being the rooms uou
occupied by W. L. McOrath, merchant tailor.
! Jan. 1, 1870, Mi. Reed retired mi.i was aar- !
1 ceeded by Albert Beheff.r, fresh from his J
cciiooliug as awajtaal cashier in the Fir 5 i ;
National. In May, ISSI, the find name m ;
i dimmed to Dawson. Smith it Jnli. tl. r, ami
in Novt-niber, 18S2, the Institution was re- i
I orgnuizud and chartered uu.K-r Hie KUte law >
lan the Bank of Minnesota, with a cspitai I
! stock of $1100,000, and the following irflri n : ;
President, Win. Dawson; vice \<r, sidt-u t, It. )
j A. Bmitii; c.ishier, Albert SeuetTer,". and **■
cashier, Herman Sclicller, under m.i.li
officers and orgauizntiou ii is aWaiag to-Aiv.
With the re-organization of the bask n.«
and enlarged quarter* to accommodate its
rapidly increasing business were sought.
These were found in : the cor-!
ner room of the newly- completed
(iilfillau block, corner ofTlacksriti and Fourth
street*, which was specially .hsi^ne \ for the j
purpose, and handsomely and ric-J*.\ (it ted uj>
lor such oc.upaucy. This remov*. is made
in May, ISS.!. but although the tank i» com
fortably and cou veuieutly kMataC tbe situa. i
tiou does not fully meet with the a~Usln.a «<f
the enterprising niaua^enieut, and so it h.-.v j
been decided to secure new and '"'to'oW.J.'ou'l-'. I
modious quarters. For this " purest ».;V»t |
50x110 feet, corner of .la. ksou _ jd,: • Jixlli |
street. has been purchased, apua ni.u-b ti.e j
work of couslructiug a new batik buiUm*
will oc commence early the COM cprmg
The plans for tnis NllkllUC are not fuliy com
1 pkled a* yet, so j t:..-ii details at ttiif- '
time cannot be :ivi-u. Sullice M thai !
it will be in ail rtt poets ..a I
tirst-clitsti rtrueti -i — m that aiU not tcCti '
ill t Olflp;.li-.;l; with the iir.rn.-iui' ?trac:u»e
recently occupied by Jtie First N.in.'ou.»« [
&ho that SOOa to be OCCQplrd l<y lite N iiiourfl
I German Ai::erii'au. The r»u.*!Ue*boi-t:j,- r»nk I
i the pastye^r, DObnthUandincflnJltiCicil^ ht* I
been c:niaeut!y iatltfactonr. Diinrc.' tbrjear !
; tLe asrpnu has been \AcT«iie4A^n ttijUM
I to ♦o-.ilOJ. lue dejH»*il» tiave inir«ii^.l over
I $300,000, the loaus over tl&^.Wvi, i»U in.
the item of exchange sold tuttec U «n iii
crease ol (1,5i0,000. ;'s :
' t ?~- ' ' '■- ~. '.si • ■.* j£ V.
Second Katloaal. ',■',' '.~' J....,^'
TbeSeccod Nat:ooal bank I* tie oMfSt-itt j
; date of cstabhsbmeot in ou*;ne«« la\he K.\:y
i or slate, bavins beeu established ai "a. prj'v^le' !
I bauk by Mackuuin it E i:<Tt.in in jwiujioij
i ISSS Mr. Mackubtu retireJ from Ik buslavs^,"
j which was continued by Mr. E. S. Edcertr-n.-'
' Ann annex to the private bank a t :.<te in
! xlitullon was organized uuder tb u»aie ol
the Peoples hank, with E. S. Edgertoa **
' president and. D. A. Mori tort easiiier, yosi.
I lions both senlleroen hold in the prcarat
. organization, thus making tin in in point of
I service the oldest bank olfict-rs in Uic- ajft> |
I An important item connected with Ihu. his
! lory of the Peoples bank Is the iucLUaU it
j was the only banking institution in tin Mate;
j thut safely passed tsrough the great tlnw»c4al
: depression of 1857 and the years to low In jr.
I all IU obligation being promptly. me't"poi
; presentation. In 1834 the private banking
i house of E. 8. Edgerton was succeed, by
; the present institution, known as the Second
National bank, the first officers being E. S. '
i Edgerton, president, and D. A. M uif^rt,
j cashier. It was chartered with a capital of
I #150.000, bat before commencing business
| the capital was increased to $200,006.' .at ,
which It has remained to the present lime
The bank ■■ a private institution flrsl com
ni'-n i-J hu»in<-«« under ttir Whitlow bouse.
Berra curnerg, fmrn wuirb It was removed
July 4. I V,7. into the new three story black
erected bj the firm of Mackubin A Edgertm,
corner of Franklin and T;itrd streets. Tut*
building was afterward* converted Into- tbe
Cosmopolitan hotel, which was destroyed by
fire in 1 •>•'><; or '67. Upon being reorganized
as • national, bank it occupied the southeast
comer of • Insrt-rsoll block. Under square,
where it remained until IMI, when It was
removed to Its present location In the Fore-
Id.v; i bloi"k, # ni>rtiira«t corner of Ttiird an 1
\Vit> tfbiiu i streets. In stiumeat for tat
pr.s.-nt y«-ar ii as follows: Capital $200,000,
surplus *.*»»■». t !0. circulation $130,000. de
tail- ? 1.07.-».iMO, loan* #550.000, exchange
$11,000,003. The officer* are: E. S.
F. !. rt/>u j resident. A. S. Oowley vice pr.-sl
ii. ml ami D. A. M<nfnrl cashier, with the
fuiiowm^ !.,i.irl of directors: E. S. F. l*er-
Uiu, David Day, A. S. Cowiey. F. It, Smith.
I*. 11 rk-v. Win. B. IWn, C W. Grtor*. I.
P. Wri.'tjt, Luc Staples, D A. Muufurt, N.
W. Kittsoa.
St. Phul National.
Tii« bank m chartered May 31. lS3H.and
U, therefore, nut yrt two year* of a_'r. It*
rapitol stuck Is $">iM.O'.>J. 40 I iU MM i*
ni.tnarrril by ttu- following working otflrers:
President, Pct«-r Berk v. rice ori-si.l.-nl, C
W. Ghat; easnier, F. W. Ander>»n; aa
oNUnt raablcr, A. C. Anderson, the same
with wblea it slarL-d into bu»inr*s, riCrpl
that C. W. flrijtzs has succeeded F B. Clark
as rice president. The bauk is .loins a safe
nn<t satisfactory business, its statement
Bliotrlni: a surplus of 15,000, dcpofttls Of
1250.000, kjaas $710,000 au I excuanre told
JM.tIOO.OOO. In tor staU-raent . for 1843.
-iv- ii l.clow, In comparison with the pn-M-ut
yrar,the surplus i- givrn a* * 'lA.A - < « lii» 1j Hj
iinsrcjiri-M •i.i-.I I.- undivided pr<>liu at that
Utne, nn rur;ilur hviuglLfn i«-.-u «*-t aside
as li.io since iiccn liar as appears in tbr ta-
Mr fur tlii* year. Its place «if (»u«lnt-*« Is
t!ic itiftaaat comer of Jackson and Sixth
Third National.
Tbis Is the latest addition to the national
hanks nf llii* city, having only !>.-i-n onyan
ui-d ami commenced bu*inc«* In August of
the present year Ai Its hca-1 as ',<?> «i Lot
it Walt, r Mann, well known to Ihaj fliunrial
w«iritl ■''. the nurth«rt-»l from Lislonircouuec
tion wltb tin- Miriiaui, National. His
working at*utaoU are. X C Sui«er cashier,
■wl l.«mj« E Maun U'Mvr It* capital sUx-k |
U f.ion.CiUi ju.l drrulatkn #45.000 In the |
little more ttiau lour months it has bren
>l«iiag tni#lnrM it sbowa dVpusil* of ll.'.u.iHKJ,
.):.!)« f fimi.OJU) -L czebau^c »old #MW.UOO.
It Is pit mttjr lik it«-d on the ►•>uluca»l
L<jrutr ot Tlitrd and M:nu<-sota strecU.
(iitiiiyii* lt«nk
TliU Is a sUle in*: tulion which com
•in-lit business June Mb of the prrsrnt
rear witti a capital of $3(10,000 Tbe officers
'ire. Erin. I Aitirniit, pretldrnt*. Alrz.
Kaitisry.vicc president; Win Bukrl. oasliler.
au IP. M. Kcrst, iMUUoI cashier. F»r tbe
Inn.- the li.iuk lm> l«ru dolo^ liu»uii— » tbe
Ktatciiiriit i-tu-u * avcracr di |'>-i>- ol #'200,-
UOO. lo4ii# *' 'I'd. aud exchans^ m.|,i of
(310,000 It It I.MnU-d on the northeast j
or nit ol Walijiti.tw iud Fifth streets, where
it ua» ntmmf, coutcuiirut and t«»tj ap^rt
luebU. .
rsplfal Hank .if Si. Pant i
T!'i- I- ml; o|x-ratei' under a state charter
(.'ranted Oct 4. IsSO. with a r-pilMl of
*l>)(i.ii.K) Unlike ino.t If not all 'tbe other
tvnk* <>f tin- il v tiHi> litnk t»uy» no Interest
.11 dc*p<i#iti The natural elTei't of tills is to '
■_*• ! Capita, |,urp,us. 1 *™»- I I u£. j » *°«*-
National Cermao AinrrUau.. $*.t»>n» 0•> $ -"•.•:<'.• f»i.i»no Sl.dW.OuO- f3.<00.000' $I i. 000.000
Kh>t National I.ou.MXJ.i SOU.UUU 1 90 iMj' S.M4.MV 3.M<J."IS 34.(XK).->»t'
>ler barns National I.CPU.tHIO 4(X»O(W 9H.O>NI- 2.MO.MV, 1.147. 447 U.OWI.UUO
.-coi.il Nalioiml SOU UJO 2G0.000; lc-U.tWl) I.OTi.jW; M»l.Oiio' U.OUO.OUI)
i;>nk of Mii.ne-ot« ftoo.OOJ 3^.o.i> !,(&0.?03i 1,6M.75J( 7.64n.(WJ
-ri'anl National sou.ojo C.UOO. iH» tH'.uM)- 710.000 S.OOM.OIW
itird National &mi.i*» 4->.OiW l&o.ouv> eoo.uoo 600,000
..p.tal limit Ki.r..iiK» n.OOO STO.OJO* SSO.OOv)' . 4.500.0-W
i'truvtlo' Hank UHI.IWI 1 lII.UUO 10.000- . I,OOU,OtK)
•..rr.j.inu liank SiM.if.fc) ' ftu.UvKlT 40U.U00 SIO.UUU
Saving Uiink of St. Paul... 60 000 8,000 g;s.OQJ 830.000. . &tg,205
NaiionaiOcrroan American.. $i,OOO OOO] fTT.~...j (IS. OKI fl.Ml.olSi $4,153,117 $7.1. ft
Fir-t National 1.U00.i-OU 4?0.000| 80O.0SO 4.018 8.824.000 53.000.000
Merchant* National 1.00-1 000 4HO.UOW 60lvn t.CIrXOM 3.400.000 51.000.000
Second National.. kuj.ooj kouuk isu.O'jo i.ooouki B?vora> lt.(«0.l<0(>
.tank of Minnesota 600 000 SO.UOO | 1." >(♦ OOiV I.TUO onoi 6.000.000
M Pant National WW.OK) 81.483 45.0J0 IW.M* : . SSJ.S'O. 1.232.MR
■«;.it:il Bank 100.000 3'>.00 I am.U.O SOO O>)o| T.POtI.OOQ
PfOidcH Bank ! i<h:.ikio 10 00.» nn.OJOj i^i.ikkij Wo.ort»
»avin^» Bank of St 1'»01...| 60.000 1 5.00J1 g78.0-JO{ 8t)0.0U>! 500.000
Total* In lf-SI I $-|.rjKMXM 1 . 1 «<. 4•< i JJtW.O-Wl } I1.&3t7!;€I ||4.«?1.144 i'.RS eJ3.Pr»
Vaubilalitl tl3.Dti.iJ t.-TiO >.(• . 'j.»».K»J I-.M:»;.e;3 i5.-;i4.osi IO.'.BiJ?.SeS
Increase in 18r*l 7j f'lHtOJ, >lU3,M?,*}I6S.U?3| fm.l-.MI t1.00.'.6t'4 ti.i79 ?-6
•Decrease. . .
Comment* »n.l Comparison*. | «urr;lus of tbe several banks ftands at $1.-
In addition to tbe eleven chartered hanks '2T'i,OilO, as compared wllb H.Mt,4MI an In.
I ;is al«ive there arc two private ujnkiut: lii>u*cii create of $103,517. In the Item of rlrcula
in 'In- city, those of W. A. Culbert»on and l«oo there ha* been a decrease of $18J.0S0
A. M P^hody. Oa-ing to the ab*cnceof _" "*__"■ tK>iDi: made by the First Na
,. .... . . . , Uonal, which n>.w ha* bat $'.'O,OOO. mMm-i
I Mr. (...„. ruon we bar, U-en unable to *„ f3O o. y sa In IS>>3, the $45,000 added "to the
.ure any augment of Ma lKi»lncM. Mr. Tohlme of .-ircolaUon br lbs Third National
Peabody rr|Miru discounts during the year of lirin^int: tbe U.lal U» $4'.t.5.0U0. as cltfa In
f>.*>.ooi), collections fr.ii.tn»o. exchange *10rt,- the table. The toUl dt-putit^ for the year
i"iht. and an-rM-re .!.-(»..>. U tIO.OOO, •ho«lni:a were 112, 191. 656. an . iucrra*e of {.T>4*r.'4
iatriucri-a#rof hsMla^M over Hie year 1563. . BV<*f IWS, »bik > the loans, notwithstanding
1 Tin bouse commenced butinrs* December 1, . the dull times. aggregated $1 j.i".'4.061. an
[&&& I Increase of i 1.0c'.'. 00 4. Hut probably tbe
By the tab!e abnve it will be seen that the ' m<#t cn ctm racing tu-ni In this magnificent
i liaukiuL' capital M the city has been increased I showing is in that of < iciiangr sold, the Be
iurinc I&M by iSOt>.Ooti. through the ur;-iu- I ures bein^ $10>, I .*<.">. akT3io>t <lUl.»*»nl.
-ixatlon of the Tlnri National ami (icrmania 079 in I>?3, an iocr«-a«< M f5.-J7V :•>. Suih
(<anks, there havlutf It-en no rtMa^r by the lijur.-. tell their own 't.'.-y, and need not be
nine banks >Ij.lh' ou>in<>«a in ItfSA, while the further commented upon.
I»KI>S. En.
Manufacturing Chemists,
225. 227 & 229 East Third St.,
Tlib Largest Wholesale Dra? House in (lie West!
Bit 1-cf (tare rrtaMirbed lv rliic-.t to pobllc favor sad has bow entered npoa iv 15U reir cniet
ike m»i fiTc-atile <B*pkea. fc*na fox caulocvc. »;»ms fell p*rtkr«!«rt % • h«c«t cw. >«.c-U
•fid Jackaoo «ueets. ■ • ■ '."-*
W. A. FADDia. Frtnolp»L
vrry materially irdou the anrnrcate of Its
drp<«it>, tbiMajrh the policy undoubtedly *«
cure« some business it would no; utbrrar iae
recrlvr. But whatever tbe effect, its ufScen,
all of more or less extended experience with
other banking Institution*, arc unit. in the
tM-llrf that the.policy thus ■•looted is, in the
lonir mil, Ibe best aad safest hotb to them- .
•elves and their patron*.. and that its .con >
Unuancr will always secure to It, as now, a :
profitable lecititaatr business^ Tac »tat«- '
raent appended abows a sarpias of $35,000. i
deposit* of 1270,000, - loses - of
#253.000. and Mies of exchsnze
of #4.500,000. Thf bank eta j
mence.l rmloMi in rested quartern oa the i
north side of Tbinl street, between Robert
ami Jackson strcrts, but In October last it
was moved into tbe new Drake block. just
brtuw laa Mercbants tnt tbe opposite side of
Third street, where it has woe of ibe. tastiest,
most convenient and cheerful bank apart- |
ments id the city. The officers are L. E.
Reed. drut; W. D. Kirk, easbii-r; J. W.
Wait, a»»i«tanl cashier; witb tbe following
buard of •limturs L. E. ftc-et], Branca
Warner, J. H. Sander*. -Krunctb Clark. J
L. Forepaunu. 11. D. Malbcws, C. C. De-
Cojter, W. D. Kirk.
Pe«>|'le'« Hank.
TMt bank was or^snizeJ In December,
18S2. jndrr tbe state law. with * capital of
$ll)<l.tKKl. aa< foliuvrlni; uaiu«d grOtirtuco
compri^in^ the boaril of dirntors sad utlicers
then ami now. Dirrctnrs J. P. Gnbbea. A.
G Foster. Ceorer R. Finch, Henry Habtjr
hmsi, Jr . Ern»t AlbrrckL J. 11. tsfjaVSMrtaW,
Wiu Constaus, A P. Cr»nnquUt, D<-noi»
Ryan, W. J. M*c«ul»y aud C. F_ Rulro
hou*e. Pr-. Nt, W. J. Macaalay; Mm
prr.ldent, Gm. I, Finch; cashier, C. E.
Rillcnhoui>e. Tbe bank >* located on Ibe
»<>iiliir«tl corner of S.-vcntb and Sibley
street*. Its statement show* deposits of
1111.000. loans f l&>.000. anJ BM— aafi sold
Having* lUnlc.
TbeSaviDC* Bank of St. Paul «s« orcaa-
Ued March 4. ISO 7. bj the following centle
men: John S. l'riucc, II H. Siblry. II X
Mar.hall, H-nry Ailis sod Cbatles Mrllnth
During the years intervening brt«een list
date and this many change* have been made
In tbe personnel of tbr management, the
•lire, lory of to-day shewing but one name in
Raflheaa who originally embarked in tbe
enterprise. TLst one* name i? tj.it uf Col.
John S. Prince, the president, who confUirut
in tue Ultimate realization of ™c object*
*ousfhi in be aceomp'.iitied by it. ha* steadily
atlherrd to Its fortunes until now hr Us*
Ibe proud satlsfactioo uf knowing ibat Ibe
institution has gained a round and lasting
fo-itbod iidiio: tbe banking Institutions of
the city, and also of ■ seelnjr *ucb fact
riiii_'iiizr- 1 by ibe community . T.ir
statement for the currrnt y< ar *rtow» thr cap
ital to hi SM.OUO; sorp us. $!».U00: depo^t^.
5275,000, loan*, 2'JJ,Ut)O. and the exchange
s.ild, 4512.305. By comparing this sutr
uiful with that ot Ji.it year it will be Sc> n
that the surplus bus oeeo tocrcascd during
tbc year from $5,000 to fS.ooo.acd the eots
mcu cement of Ibtr year will see It further in
created to $10,000. Tbc present officers of
the bank are John S. Prince, president, and
Edward J. Meier, a&sUUnt cashier. wltb tbe
following buanl of irusisvt: John S. Prince,
E. F. Drake. M. R. Brill. John A. -ea and
E. Good. Tbc bank is located in Its own
building, on the southeast corner of TblrJ
and Robert streets..
Arß r7^r "u7wl» r .
In the above we have tiveu a brief history
of thr eleven chartered banks now doiuir
aMaM— I in St. Paul, tc^tber with their
statement* for the present year, which are
here* itn tabulated- and compare! with U»<
haabMM or MM as follows:
Mercantile Company, j
Micnssota Cie a! Sis Mills.
The Oldest and Largest Grocery Eonse
and Coffee and Spice Mills
202, 204, 206, 288, 210, 212, 214, 216, 218
ST. PAUL, - ... MINN.
Fairbanks' Scales!
Over 500 Modifications.
- • ■* *
The Hancock Inspirator.
Single and Duplex.
Steam Engines! l
Warehouse Trucks. Letter Presses,
Coffee Spice & Drug Mills, etc.
371 & 373 Sibley Street.
Grading Dniyersity AYgnne.
OmcK op the Board or Public Works, )
' City op St. Paul. Mian.. Dec. *6. 18*4. (
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Pti Mil Work* in nil for the corporation of toe city
of SI. I'am, »usse*ota. at itieir u.f..a i.< aati city
until 1-' m .on the 1 .th day or lansmij A. O.» fl ? l W
I?>r> for use c itairii; <<f {. mr r*i:v time rri>»
KJciF utrert ii. .«ii- rtrvel in aid ritv < -orA
>•• -' to th<- plan* and «p«cißcA:ion* on fl!s in tl»«
office of »ahl Hoard.
A bond with at tram two (2) »arr:i*« in a ton
of at lea»t t*tn!) (.Mi per cent, of the gross
amount bid. mutt accompany each bid.
Thr -aid Board r««erv«» the right to reject any
or all bids.
R. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Works.
Orrtccor xnt Board or Pokuc Works, I
Cjtt or >t. Pail Minn. i'tt. -.'(i. mi. (
Stated bids will he received by lit* Hoard of
Pablic >\ ork* in and for tbe corporation of the
City of >;. PauL M.iiiiavota. at their office la
said city. until Vi m. ou the i-'li day of January,
A. U. Jv»j. fur uic anuliiiu M \li-M»«iv>p' - rvet
fiora l'eun<>lvania avenue to Vltrr »in«ri. ami
con- ru< :be abutment* for the proposed
lrua bri.l^e over toe track* of the St. Paul. Min
nrapoli* Jt Manlli) a riilm.i'.!. in «-i I ritv. ac
cording to the plans and t peciftcation* on a!e In
the oSJcb of raid Hoard.
A bond with at least two (5) snrctie* In amm
of at lca«t twenty f<!o> pet ceut. of the gnu*
idoiiii bid. mu*t arcompajiv ■•*. did.
The laid Doard reserve* the right to reject xaj
or til bids.
Off; »l: i
K. L Gorkav. Clerk Hotrd of Public Works.
. .- ; :■ 3'J-.'-o
Grading Park tone.
Orrtci or rut Board or Public VTork», -I*''
Vitt or !>t. Pacl, Mm., Dec. 1354. I
Sealed bids will be received by the Board at
Public Works In and for the corporal iou of the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their oittee in slid
chjr. until 12 m. oo the 4.1b day of Juuuarv,
A. 11. IMj for tbe gnulagwl iart nvciiue from
Martin strert lo MiL-ritirm- au'ime in
*a!d city, according to' plans and specifications
ear' ll* i n ih „llrf of sait Board.
A bond with at lead two (3) sureties. in a ion
of at lrast twenty (20) per cvul. of the grots
aniour.t old most accompany nek bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject any
01 all bids.
R. L Gorxam. Clerk Board of Public Works.
Grading and Gat-ering WHilall Street.
Orricz or tub Board or Public Works, )
Crnr or St. Paul, Minn Dec 20. ISM. \
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works, In and for tho corporation of the
city of Si. Paul, Mm. >•*>>[». at their office In said
city, null! Ist in., on tht» tit* day of ••auusry, A.
D. iss... for the ami guttering of Whit
all street, from Westminster rtreet to Pnyne -xv
■ ■line in »ald city, according toth>- plans and
apeclflratlons on tile In the ofli of natd Hoard
A bond with at lrsrt two (2) rnretles. in I
urn of at least twenty riO) per cent, of the groat
amount bid mnst accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids. : ■ •■ »'-
IJ. L. Gorm as. Clerk Board of Public Works,
Mamfsetare sod Wholesale Dealer hi
Furniture ! |
Carpets, laitiir, Oil Clo d ail Feattes
Orders for Bank and oftire Furniture Promptly
MANKATO, - - ' MINN. .
Inspiralors.Btlii I !.'. !*.»• k-nic. Meam Fitting
£to., Kte.
MAXK4TO, - - - *f/.V.\.
in Point*, on*, etc.
We chip Carbon oil and Gasoline from the
following nations: Winnebago City, Tracy,
Pipettone, Minn.. Watertown, Volga, D. T.
We solicit the trade of dealers only. 2istf
Ernie Stone Ledge.Manlato.
We are prepared to handle the largest atnoant
of rtone in the shortest time of any (Inn In the
West, and have every facility for ailing orders
promptly, and are prepared to take all kinds of
MM Linseed Oil
\ Linseed Oil and ft* by lbs Old Process.
Cbiii>iui.il> on Ua^d.
Best Russian Flax •, Seed fox
Sowing for Sale.
Maiinfartarcr of lied and Cream Brick.' and dealer '
l allklud* of Mankatoouiuo.' ' v^uarry *a.i <V\>r<U
Kon tionnt.-eet.
mankato. yea

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