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. - - \
The People's paper. The Daily Globe, will ln
tert advertisements under the heads of Help Wanted,
Situations "Wanted, Lost and Found, For Sale, For
Rent, Boarding, not exceeding three lines, Free, to
rich and poor alike, but only one advertisement on
the same day from one individual . If answers fall
to come the first time, we invite as many repetitions
as are necessary to secure what, you advertise for.
We wish the advertisers to feel that they are not im
posing on us by using our free columns. , The Globe
Is the People's paper, and the people are invited
to use its columns freely in supplying their wants.
liusiucsK Advertisements, under these heads,
will be charged one-half cent a word for each Inser
tion. The patrons of the Globk outside the city are
requested to use our free advertising columns, as we
desire all to partake of its benefits.
yUi'-ji: 'V.: ST. Paul, Minn.
OY or girl with good references, to sell cakes
and candies. Address CCC. St Paul. ,
CANVASSERS ofjboth sexes wanted in every city
\S and town in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Dakota,
for the best selling staple article ever put upon the
.market; canvassers can make quick sales and big
money. Minneapolis Novelty Agency company,
room 30 Union block, St. Paul. ■ 126
BOY to drive delivery wagon. Apply stall 5, mar
ket house. '. , ' ■■ '
TMMEDIATELY— Two carriage painters at William
1 'Mailer's carriage shop, Sttllwater. Minn. '■■>.■
FOLK coat-makers,' two pantsrmakers. two vest
makers wanted at 133 West 'Seventh street. X
Power, the Tailor. „■•-..
\7"OUNG man in a saloon; 806 Wallace street, Day-
X ton's blurt": call lu 1 the afternoon, f .. . -." ■_
YOUNG men wishing to travel for a profitable
i business; cull to-day between 9a. in. and 3p. m.
<>■ F G Sweet, Winslow house.
GOOD salesman to' sell pianos and 'organs. Call at
Century Piano and Organ Company, No. 65 East ;
Third street. . -. v ' •
\roUNGman (strong) to work in a fur shop at
JL 203 Norris street, (rear.) '•-.'' :
Two coat tailors wanted, steady work guaranteed.
J- A Rosenthal, 105 West Seventh street,
Seven Corners. BBSS "• xt ' :
AT 9S East Ninth street, a man to build a chimney.
Call at once.
WANTED— plumbers; applyat J J
Dunnigan, 220 East Seventh.--
A GOOD shoemaker at once, at ST9 Wabasha
street. *"• ~~_ '? ? '•'■' •%'- '•.£,
"pvRIVER at Kent's package delivery.
MAX of good address, with $100, can hear of good
.? 1 Investment in light pleasant occupation. HM,
Globe office. • v\ •
TWO good men to dig cellar; inquire at 190 West
Seventh street. T L Morell. j
~Wf ANTED — Gentlemen to learn telegraphy;
V V chance to nearly pay expenses while learning.
Globe Telegraph company, 336 Jackson street, St.
Paul, Minn. . .
TWO live, enterprising tea canvassers; S5 per
week and commission; none but experienced
men need apply. Address JC F, care Globe.
/"t ARPEXTERS wanted at corner Delos street and
CARPENTERS wanted at orner Delos street and
>— ' Hall avenue, West St. Paul; wages if 3 per day.
A FIRST-CLASS upholiterer. Quinby & Abbott,
Third and Minnesota streets. ,;: .- v £
YV"ANTKD— good coatmaker at No. 439 Broad-
VV way street. William Hesse*. < '■ ■
A FIRST-CLASS stone mason tool dresser wanted.
Call at No. 92 East Fourth street.
CANVASSERS are making *3. *4 and $5 per day
on the St. Paul Times; more wanted. 414
Wabasha street.
ANTED— A first-class upholsterer. QuiUby &
» V Abbott. Third and Minnesota streets.
ANTED — A thoroughly competent sash and
» V door maker; state your experience. Addres
XXX. Globe office.
WAXTED— Three or four agents to sell in this
VV city an article of every day use; a chance to
make money. Inquire at 223 Iglehart street.
/CARPER-LAYER at John Mathels', 17 East Third.
GOOD bushelman Immediately; 393 Wabasha
vX street.
VTOUXG man wishing to learn telegraphy in city
X railway -office, evenings. Address Operator, care
Globe. .
BOY to take care of horses. Address WB, care
Female. 'SpTSS
A GOOD German girl for general housework. In
' quire at 349 FranKlin street.
GOOD cook and laundry girl. Inquire 433 Port
land avenue.
/COMPETENT cook,. washer and ironer; must
\-> bring good references. Apply at 355 Grove
GIRL for general housework; one who would sleep
X at home preferred. Apply at 236 east Nineth
s t#tt^v ■: • '• '•
/"IOMPETENT cook and nurse girl. Apply morning
\J and evening, Mrs Dr Wheaton, 351 Washington
street. '•--".>,.-'.•' t, _-,!.
STEADY, reliable girl for second work; references
required. Apply to 444 Laurel avenue, corner
Arundel street.
G;O.6t}!g*rl ; for general housework; 538 Lafayette
•'kVenue.' ;
IRL in family of two. Call at 426 Rice street.
FIVE hundred ladies to take work home to do;
pood wages guaranteed. Apply at 554 St. Peter
street. American Rug Company. |
WAXTED immediately, a competent cook. Mrs.
VV Dr. Wheaton, 351 Washington, opposite park.
A GOOD kitchen girl at Stein's dining, hall, 238
East Thirteenth street. _ English preferred.
A Good strong girl for general housework; private
family; 519 Robert street. .
A COMPETENT girl for general housework in
small family, corner Western avenue and Mar
tin street. Mrs. MeClure.
A GIRL for kitchen work. 50 West Fourth street.
A GIRL to do plain sewing. 50 West Fourth
' street.
TWO young ladles can secure nice out-door work
J- and make from S2 to *4 per day in this city or
Minneapolis. .To Sullnan, 57 Davidson block. 123
PARTIES desiring help of all nationalities, well
X recommended, call at Mrs Clark's Employment
office, corner Seventh and Exchange.
GIRL for general housework in family* of three;
T Scandinavian preferred. . 99 Western avenue.
GIRL who understands restaurant work at 224
• Western averAe. •■■. :. 5 • ~" ■
ANTED— Woman cook at 44S Jackson street
VV restaurant at once.
A GIRL for general housework wanted; Swede or
Norwegian preferred. Call at No. 530 Missis
sippi street.
A COMPETENT girl for second work wanted at
-669 Jackson street. - - - -
AX honest, tidy girl wanted ' for general house
work; family of four; no children; German pre
ferred; must bring references. No. 547 Laurel
avenue. . ''■■•'. , Ci. }'■''■'?'■
A SITUATION as nurse: can furnish satisfactory
reference. Address DV, care Globe.
ARTIES to. call for flrst-class , help; will recom
j mend girls for all kinds of places. Employment
Agency, 317 Wabasha.
"♦""COMPETENT girt for general housework. 464
A "Holly avenue. ' ".*.'".
AN intelligent lady residing in West St. Paul. Call
or address 50 Court block. •
■jVTURSE girl during the dayonly, at 628 AVabasha.
pIIRL for general housework; small family, 65
IT West Tenth street.
rpWO good dining room girls at the Windsor hotel.
17 OR the summer a woman cook, wages $15.
r•- ■ ■ •
f~i IRL for general housework at 220 Mackubln
VJT street.
ITT ANTED— A pood girl to take care of clildren,
VV Call at 236 -Thirteenth street. - -----
WANTED— good girl to wait on table at Stein's
Dining hall, 238 East Thirteenth street, St.
Paul. One who understands it. • " • ■ ■
/COMPETENT girl for general housework: family
v_y of three: German or Swede preferred; 358 East
Ninth street.
GOGD competent girl to cook, wash and iron, in
family of six; Swede or German preferred; must
bring references. Call at 137 Western avenue be
tween 9 and 10 a. m. . ■ ■'-■'■ '■ ■■ '-
GOOD .'cook wanted immediately, 483 Wabasha
- street. .
THE Charity Organization Society of St. Paul has
the entire control of several healthy, bright and
active orphan boys, with ages ranging from 8 to 12
years. Homes with good families in the country
giving satisfactory references are desired. - No con
ditions . except kind treatment are attached.
Address Charity Organization Society, corner Fourth
and Cedar streets.
SITUATION— a younp man of good habits, as a
O stenographer; operates Remington typewriters.
Have had. considerable experience. Address F H
Wright, Fort Madison, lowa. - ■
SITUATION wanted by a good penman of sober,
honest and-, Industrious habits. „ A 1 references
given Address RC, 175 West Sixth street, city.
\\T AN TED by a Wang man. a position , In hotel ;
-A V can do most anything; good habits; had experi
ence. Address I.D Globe-office. : •„ ■'__ • .;- ,;, ■ , \
A ,• WELL"* educated young man' 1 desires ; position.
_Am good correspondem and an astonishingly
j rapid mental calculator; first-class j references. Ad- '
dress H J J, Globe. i; ' _ 125-26
A GOOD meat and pastry cook (colored) wants a
Jtx.- situation ;Jcan give references. Address "4-21;"
Globe office. \ ;*." . ./ : J '.' -~ " .
SITUATION wanted by a first-class carriage black-
O smith, who also understands lumber wagon Iron-
Ing, P O box 151, RusliforuY Minn. »Xi : tv > ■
■ - - ,•• -- : - ..-•.'.-■- . . , .
Males, Continued.
A YOUNG man with seven years' business expe
rience desires a position of . trust where . his
services will be appreciated. £an give good refer
ences and also security for $2,000 if required. .* Ad
dress G R, Globe office. . 125-26
MACHINIST wants work at any price. Address
JL, this office. . .... , :.-".. .
HORTHAND— Situation wanted by a competent
O stenographer and typewritlst. Address- Steno,
65 East Third street. . .
I — — .
np first-class house patnters, wisn | to . contract
X country work. Address F T M, 24 Bridge square,
Minneapolis, Minn. . . -
POSITION as salesman or traveling man for lum-
X ber company ; fifteen years at the business. Ad
dress X, 30, care Globe. ' - . ■•
A YOU man wishes employment in hotel or
private family as porter or night watchman.
Address R G, care of GJobe..
SITUATION by an experienced, energetic young
*J man from the East as a bookkeeper; . has a fair
knowledge of clerking and traveling. Address B,
119. care Globe. ... .......
WANTED— Situation with an electric light com-
VV pany, by a competent electrician. Address
City Laundry, Mankato, Minn. :
SITUATION wanted by a good boy to take care of
O horses and work about house. Address. A D,
care Globe.
AS a shipping clerk; good marker; best of refer
-L\. ence. Apply J R Casey, 45S Robert street. 123
A YOUNG man of good business qualities wishes .
a position in an office; good references. J 11,
care Globe, ■
WANTED— By a young man of 18 a situation In
VV a wholesale house; salary no object. Address
J. J. R., care Globe.
SITUATION wanted by man cook; large experl
euce. Address FG R, Globe office. :
BY a young man of steady habits situation in store
or office; references unexceptionable. Address
J C 63, care Globe office .
POSITION wanted as head waiter or captain; | in
X town or for the season, by competent New York
man, just arrived; three languages spoken. Address
A E, 444 Robert street.
SITUATION in grocery store; first-class refer
ences; speaks Scandinavian and German; has
twenty to thirty good customers In the city." Ad
dress N S T, Globe office. ',
BY a good penman of sober, honest and industrious
habits; best of references given. Address RC,
175 West Sixth street, St Paul. :■ \
\ BOUT May 15 — A situation by a young man as
-tx. bookkeeper, or bookkeeper and salesman; six
years' experience in dry goods and bookkeeping.
Address AY X T, Globe. , ■..■-,■.'■
A man with twelve years' office experience; ex
pert at figures; desires any office position; can
furnish satisfactory reference, Address F B, 337
Rondo street. .
AN educated young man of 24, with first-class ref
erences, would like a chance to learn the drug
business; salary no object. Address C 28, Globe
office. . ' '. "
BY a boy of 16 to do office or store work. Address
B 29, Globe. , ......
PLACE for a boy of 14 years to work. Call or j
X address 611 Robert street.
FIRST-CLAsS blacksmith and tool dresser
wants a situation. Address box 1135, Stlllwater.
SITUATION by a young man of twenty-two, good
penman: experienced bookkeeper and account*
ant. WBH, 65 East Third street.
A YOUNG man, sober, wants a good place in ■ a
private family, to drive and take care of horses.
Addrss J C H, Globe office. :•-••' '•'--.-■'^- ,: '
BY a practical machinist, by the 20th of May; ref
erence furnished. Address box 49, St Peter,
POSITION— To take care of an office or rooms. Ad-
XT dress AJ, care Globe.
SITUATION wanted by a boy to take care of horse
O and work about the house. Address E D, care
OITUATIOX by a young man, driving delivery
O wagon: is well acquainted In the city. Address
P Ford, 475 Temperance street. / ; .- '*&'• J-V
SITUATION wanted by a young man; understands
O taking care of horses and milking. Can give
good references If required. . Address M O'Brien,2o9
West Seventh street. - ....
SITUATION— a young man of good habits, will-
O ing to work. Address CF. care Globe. .
A SITUATION as traveling salesman for wholesale
cigar house; has had three years' experience
and established trade; best city reference. Address
PH, care Globe. ■" -:': . * A * j.
SITUATION as reporter or manager of a country
O newspaper; large experience; a practical printer;
best of references. Address JH B, Herald, Duluth,
QINGLE man, German, wants a situation as gar-
O dener; understands the business; best of refer
ences. _ Address L E Gardner, 491 Wabasha street.
SITUATION by competent man cook; large experi-
O ence. FG R, Globe.
SITUATION as assistant bookkeeper in wholesale
house in this city, by a young man who can give
best of references. Address W B, care Globe.
SITUATION wanted as watchmaker by apprentice;
C some experience in business.' 913 Courtland
street. •
POSITION as engineer to run stationary engine;
X have had considerable experience. Address
J F Lawrence, Stlllwater. ..f^.Ttn-. -?'-'
WILLING young man, writing good hand and
knowing the city well. Apply to George Eustis,
Union Block. .■ « i
BY A young man, a position as coachman or gar
dener. Address 382 Wacouta street, c . -
YOUNG lad would do chores mornings and even-
Jl ings in payment of board. Address B 25, Globe
BOOKKEEPER wants a set of books to keep, either
X> single or do ble entry; good reference. Address
A. Globe office. • ■: -.■•
A POSITION as typewriter, by a lady; moderate
salary. Address LG, care of Globe.
SITUATION wanted by a girl to do general house
work. Apply until Friday at 313 Laurel avenue.
"D ESPECTABLE widow, American, wishes situa-
XV- tion as housekeeper; country preferred. Best
of reference given. Address AC, Globe office.
POSITION as housekeeper by a lady of experience
X and good references. Address Mrs. M L Davis,
Globe office.
A COMPETENT woman wants work by the day.
rCall at 299 Dayton avenue. . ; ,
TWO good reliable girls; nurse and , second work,
with reference, desire situation. German In
telligence office, Sixth and Minnesota streets.
AS housekeeper by a middle-aged American lady;
best of city references given. - Call or address
Mrs Davis, 181 Oak street. f
BY a first class cook on meat and pastry; can give
good reference if required. : Address. B 21.
BY a first-class housekeeper; -can give good refer
ence. Address 15 26. t "■, .." .: " r ;\
A POSITION as typewriter wanted by a young
lady of experience. Call at 157 West- Third,
third' floor. •= > ■ > ■ ■"■< „..,. ""v
"PLACE to wash and help at house-cleaning. ~ Ad-
X dress MD, care Globe. ?_ • " ,-•■.; J .'X;;-.'|
A GOOD woman cook wants situation; state wages.
• given. - Address X 17. Globe. - •-? ■■•'"■ ;\\
"ITTANTED— A situation as nurse or second place,
V V ■by a German giri. . Address G, Globe office*. r
SITUATION as meat or pastry cook, by a German
£5 girl; cither in restaurant; hotel or private fam
ily. Address MH, Globe office. . . . Jjjjfjjrj'iii
NGAGEMENTS by a young lady, a fine dramatic
Hi elocutionist in theatricals or .entertainments.
Address L 19, Globe. .' ." ------- •":--■*.>;
POSITION wanted by a young lady as assistant
X bookkeeper, cashier or copyist. Writes a good .
hand. ■ Address LC, Globe office.- - — •- ~- w -- j-j
WANTED by an English lady, well-educated,
' employment in an office, store or any position
of trust. -Address with particulars-, J E 49, care
Globe. !</<^ •.;-■■-■• • :' : l -''\*'
DRESSMAKER who can cut and fit, wanls£wbrk
U in private families, or would undertake work at
home. Apply 571 Westminster street. ,- : '■;.,: '-'. i
SITUATION by a good seamstress to sew after
noons for board. Address D 89, Globe office. !
"POSITION by a young lady as cashier or clerk in
X store; three years' experience. Apply or address
room 8, McQuillan block.-- • -*■ — '; — z~~ -
MAN and wife, talk German and English; want
position; man as coachman, wife for cooking
and any kind of housework. - Address R V, Globe.
HOUSE CLEANING by the day. by an experienced
woman . Address V, this office. '
A COMPETENT girl wants a place at housework;
XX call at room 21 421}^ Robert street; no later
than 12 m., to-day . .'-:...
YOUNG lady would like a position In an office,
willing to work for small wages at first. Ad
dress E A S, Globe office.
Stores, fttc.
TORE and rooms; 350; handsomely papered- and
newly painted: best business location. J W
Shepard, Fourth and Robert streets. German-Amer
ican Bank building;.
rpwo stores corner University nnd Virginia aye-
J- nucs: good locution fur boots ami shoes, millinery,
dry K'J.xis or hardware business. Inquire conr.-r
Third and Wabasha, McClung block. Gray & Mo
DESK room for rent at 317 Jackson street; ilrst
floor. C. li. Smith. 1:23
STORE, basement and rooms np stairs; jrood for
any business, E Steen, Kast Seventh and Men*
dota. . .
TO lease for a term of years, the most desir*i>U
'store for a branch house in the city. Apply to
H Wright, 129 West Fourth street.
FOR RENT— Office aud store room; best local lon
Jn city! 291 Slbley street. Apply to J L Fox
' & Co.
FOU RE XT— Store on East Seventh street; six
rooms above, basement 1 I)elbw. McClunjr. *Jc-
Murran & Curry, 6 West Third street. 181-18T
RARE chance— Store for rent : best location. In
quire at 184 West Seventh street.
OR RENT— B4S, 850, 852, 854, West Seventh
■street. Stores and rooms.
BUILDING 20 by 40, suitable for storeroom or
manufacturing purposes, Willius street, near
Fifth. C H Scnnittger. 275 East Seventh. 105*
: , Houses.- • - "■•- i
TTALF of double brick bouse; twelve rooms with
II all modern Improvements: also barn; No 1 tim"..
Cedar street; j also three furnished. . rooms. In 1 000
Cedar street at moderate rent; use of bath. , 128-128
CHEAP — Two splendid residences in a fine loca
•'■ tion; also two large boarding houses.. . Apply to"
E Langevin. "-. • . • ". |
WO-HOOMKD house on. the river hank. West
,X ; side. Inquire at 74 Dqcal street, West St. PauL
TWO new -brick- houses, modern improvemenfs,'
eight rooms each. JAY Mabon, 82 West Bluff,
corner Rice street," '^
HOUSE, 553 corner of AA'ncouta and Spruce streets. 1
' David; Sanford, Jr., 849 1 Wubaslia street or 603
Canada. "-'v; ;
HOUSE of ten rooms at Lake Mlnnetonka, large
shady grounds, $250 for season. Convenient to
cars. Address K. 11, Globe office. ■
A COTTAGE on West Seventh street, for $20.
Apply at law office of II II Herbst, room 84, Gll
fillan block. . /
HOUSE of eight rooms near Com. Klttsou's place.
A V Musehger, 165 East Seventh, Room 18.
TEN ROOM house and choice lot on Shcrburna
JL street for sale at a bargain. • William II Slgler
440 AVabasha street. 123-125
C?" 1 O a month ;'S-room houses on Bherburne bluff.
F. Allis, Gilnllan block. ; .
TWO new houses; 6 rooms each, with cellar and
cistern. " No. 145 St. Peter street. _
TO — House of 7 rooms with closets and
pantry. No. 393 Martin street.
TJU)R~RENT~ORifALE =: noUBe No. 193 Pleasant
X . avenue; 14 rooms and large grounds; . rent rea
sonable. A. Edgerton, 240 West Seventh street. "
ELEVEN-room house at Lake Minnetonka; cheap
J-i rent. Room 5, chamber of commerce.
TWO handsomely furnished new brick houses;
modern Improvements; 8 rooms. JAY Mabon,
82 West Bluff, corner Rice.
A HOUSE of nine rooms, Phalen water, good eel
. lar; 557 St Peter street, near College avenue,
GOOD house; 445 North Fort; cellar, cistern and
large yard. j .
SMALL house to rent; about (12 a month. Apply
at 537 Mississippi street. • '.-.tn . < >.- v
HOUSE to rent at 535 Mississippi street. Sewer
and water on every floor
OEVEN-ROOM house on Grant street; N0~567~
SIX-ROOM house and barn for rent. Apply at cor-
P ' ncr Seventh and Mlnnehaha. " ■ " ■' * '
FOR RENT— houses; one aside house on Web-
S- .. ster street and one seven-room on Jefferson ave
nue. Apply to H B Montgomery, 49 West Fourth
street. ■ -■ ■'^ • ■ -■•' .- • *••■•• • -^ : '■■'"■- "
FOR RENT— House on Norris street. Apply at
595 Pearl street, corner Canada street.
rpo RENT— 19 East Bluff street.
TWo houses of six and eight roomS; with cistern
• and Phalen water. Inquire at 882 North Fort
street. v: .
SMALL house of three rooms; 810 per month; 211
Mcßoal street, near Seventh. Inquire at 382
North Fort street.
DESIRABLE house near new Ryan hotel, good lo-
JLr cation for boarding house. Inquire of Dr. Ko
nantz, 416 Waba»ha. ' ■. > ■■' -■ ■• ■' -
HOUSE of six rooms, cellar, woodshed and cistern;
116 per month.' Apply 696 Preble street. '. .
HPHREE first-class houses; modern improvements,
JL central location; rent moderate. Address G A
N, this office.
FOUR houses of eight rooms, two of 1 10 rooms, two
of three rooms, flat six rooms; one block three
stories high, three stores, twenty rooms; call at 341
Sherman street. 119*
FOR RENT— From May 1, store and dwelling, cor
ncr Rice and Summit avenue; flne location for
most any business. Inquire of A. R. Kiefer, 190
East Seventh street. 95-98*
FOR RENT— New brick store, (KJefer's row), cor
ner East Seventh and Minnehaha streets; good
location for clothing and gents' furnishing, house
bold goods or second-hand store; cheap rent. In
quire of A. R. Kiefer, 190 East Seventh street. 95-98*
FOR RENT— Houses from *6 to «10 and«2o. James
Dillon, 254 Commercial street. 2u2*
FOR RENT — One flat on second and two front
rooms on third floor, unfurnished. -323 East
Seventh. Inquire 49 West Third.
TWO rooms and board for three gentlemen. Also
day boarders wanted; terms reasonable. 65 East
Twelfth street.
rp WO elegant suits unfurnished in first-class resi-
X dence ; only first-class parties need apply.
LAKGE, airy double and single rooms; newly fur
nished: use of bath and other conveniences;
with or without board; No. 24 College avenue, west.
ONE large front room unfurnished, in a residence
neighborhood; 53 West Tenth street, upstairs.
ONE pleasant furnished room to rent; » fine loca-
U tion, near Rice park; 379 Washington street. ,
A FEW choice furnished rooms with use of bath
room, for rent at 82 Broadway, corner Sixth;
former residence of Col. J II Davidson; also first
class table board; terms moderate. .- -.• 126-32
FRONT room with alcove, In private family; fur-
S. nished for one or two; 52 7 Mississippi street.
FOUR rooms with Phalen water. Inquire of J M
Cooley in rear of No 563 Broadway. ?.,"
ELEGANT furnished room with use of bath, 255
J-i West Seventh street.
/"CHEERFUL room.nicely furnished, in new house;
V-^ use of bath, gas, etc.; centrally and desirably
located; 420 East Tenth street." ; \■s ■■• y
"VTICELY furnished rooms on first and second floors
1 1 with first-class board; 37 East Ninth street; one
block from capitol.
A PLEAS ANT suite of furnished front rooms, 810;
A also a single room, $5; 123 Fourteenth -street,
second door from Robert.
T TNFURNISHED rooms, upper or lower floor, for
U housekeeping. Rent moderate to parties with ;
out children, private family; 229 East Eighth. ■
URNISHED front room, with closet, $5, private
-T family, near hill cars, 278 Rondo street. "
LARGE nicely, furnished room for two, plenty of
light, at $ 10 per month, 537 Broadway.
SIX f urnrshed rooms on lower floor for §30. 232
Glencoe street. __
T^URNISHED rooms at 61 College avenue west;
X. best place In city to live. Rent from five to
eight dollars per month. -i '* ' ' . - -" '
<fI»£*— COMFORTABLE furnished, room; suitable
*PU for single gentleman; modern conveniences;
210 West Fifth street, opposite House of Hope.
ONE good furnished room for rent. Inquire at
451 St. Peter street. „. ■ .
Tj'URNISnED front room suitable for two gents, at
IT 228 West Sixth; $5 per month. "
TDURNISHED rooms to let at 37 East Ninth street.
/~1 ENTLEMAN and wife desiring a pleasant room
yX and board for the summer can find the same by
addressing D 17G, Globe office; reference required.
A ROOM-MATE; good room and location; cheap
' xa. rent. Vl, Globe.
rpwo unfurnished rooms for rent; 2d floor, 1 White
A" Bear lake. No. 37 West Third street.
T7URNISHED rooms with board; 517 Wabasha
J?. street. Mrs. Shlels.
TNFURNISHED rooms to rent. Inquire Nathan
\J Lyons & Co.
"PURNISHED room for rent "at 590 Robert "street."
PLEASANT furnished room suitable for two gen
tlemen with or without board; 265 West Fifth
street, near junction of Third and Fifth streets
NICELY furnished room to rent in private family,
\ all modern conveniences at No. 417 East Tenth
street. - - .- ._.". .... .
FURNISHED room in Benz' block opposite Rice
JT park. l Inquire on 3d floor. - ' • •
THREE unfurnished rooms and a large attic. No.
'J. . 410 Holly avenue.
T7URNISHED front room with large closet, ; $6;
17 private family. No 278 Rondo street. \: •
FURNISHED and unfurnished rooms for house-
X-i keeping or private use; rent low; location cen
tral. ■ Inquire at corner Third and Exchange streets,
up stairs.
FRONT room with alcove for one or two;ln private
„ family; furnished. 527 Mississippi street.
A LARGE comfortable front room with use of
piano and bedroom for rent, 26 East Sixth
street. . ' .* ) r
*"pHREE or four rooms in good condition; well,
JL cistern and separate cellar for light housekeep
ing. No. 354 Louis street. ■ ■ ■
"C*UP.NIsnED room at 542 Mississippi. '
NICELY furnished room with closet; suitable for
' two; private family. No. 70 Tllton street.
T~iGHT HOUSEKEEPING"— Throe pleasant front
XJ rooms; bath tub; Phalen water and on street
car line. Inquire 599 Lafayette avenue.
T. ARGE nicely furnished room for two; two wiu
±J' dows; 10 . per month. 537 Broadway, near
Tenth street. \i 'l%\ .
IjiLEASANT, unfurnished room use of bath; with
JL •or without board,' at 286 East Ninth street. „
npiIKEE: rooms and alcove, furnished complete
X; for light housekeeping; convenient to business.
2:11 West Seventh street; one block from Seven Cor
ners. ' •"'.'. -■■-•'
• THREE unfurnished rooms with summer kitchen;
X- water in. kitchen; rent low; Ducas street, West
side, at south of Robert street bridge.
Jv-AKGE f rout room, furnished or unfurnished, with
J or without board. AG, care Globe...
URNISHED rooms for rent. Apply at 539 Missis
slppi street. -' •• :■=
ONE pleasant furnished room to rent, suitable for
one or two gentlemen; fine location ■ near Rice
park; 379 Washington street.' f - •
PLEASANT front room unfurnished; cars pass the
JT door; rent moderate: Apply 497 Laurel avenue.
SUITE of nicely furnished front roomsrsultablefor
two or throe gents; 108 Douglas, corner West
Seventh.'.; • , ; " ■ .; ,
TO RENT— Plesant front parlor or single room,
- cheap. Call at 350 : North Fort, after Monday
next. '■■-•. ■ ■.- : .••.•■■.-... .-.'
TWO furnished rooms for. rent at 114"9tierbume
FOR RENT. : , "
" Rooms Continued. < . ,"~~
<£• Q nicely" furnished rooms; conven :
♦PO Icnces. .210 West. Fifth street, near .Metro
politan and Windsor hotels. ■' ''■''■•.'•,.
T?UBKIBHJED rooms for rent at 010 Rice street.
i?OB ;>l«Msaat furnished , rooms call :at 217 East
■ Eighth street. ' ''-;'*•
rpHKHB rooms to rcut, 427 University avenue. '
-L ''*"' : ' '" •'-•''" : " 112"
)7OR RENT— Dealt room in Union block, come of
- Fourth and Cedar streets; best lighted room in
city, Apply on rirer.ilacs to H P Hall, v ■ -, ■■ „ as*
A FEW men can Dud nice rooms arid food board
fov 43.15 per wee!c at No 350 Louig street.
FOBNISED rooms to rent; with use of parlor.
T Apply at 189 Mt. Airy grreut:" ■"* -.' ,' . -■^■••_\
FURNISFIED or unfurnished rooms, with or with
out board; 27 West Fifth street. ; ..
roWOtoomt with cellar; No 203 Fllimore avenue,
J- We* Si Paul. . ' '
ROOM& to rent, furnished ' or unfurnished; one
large trout room suitable for business.*. Grand
Central hotel, corner Seventh and AVabaaha. • ' ' : .
LOO.v for rooms furnished or ; unfurnished, cheap
and home-like, at S3 Deßow Btreet. ,"'
A LARGE furnished front room for one or two;
A closet and small room at No 297 West Seventh
street. - - ■ 119*
HALL formerly used as roller rink and gymnasium,
corner Fourth and Sixth streets. Inquire of A
Botzet, 424 North Fort street. ■„ .
HALL formerly used s 8 roller rink and gymnasium
in Wigwam, corner Fort and Sixth:. II Botzct,
424 North Fourth. ; .'-' >•■ ■ ■-.'; '; ,; •
FOX RENT— stores, flats, rooms and cot-
JC tages, real estate sold ;' and collection at house
renting. Agency No. 841 ■ Sherman street. M D
Clark. . ':- : ;:«'-, ; 95*
~ WANTEDTO TIIENT. •. :■ : &&,
TWO rooms furnished "complete for light house-
X keeping for the summer by gentleman and wife;
location central; terms moderate. Address B 2, Globe.
WANTED— To rent, a grain elevator, good lo
cality, In Minnesota or liakoU; with full par
ticulars, address H L 'Woodward, Fargo, Dak. '•' ■/_'.
FURNISHED room wanted in a private family by ,
a young man who can give good reference.- Ad
dress HG, this office. " .'."/ ■? '.'„>•, •-.'-/ .
BY a gentleman and wife; furnished house to care
for during the summer. ' Vl, Globe. , -• . ■ '
YOUNG- gentleman who can give satisfactory ref
erence would like to secure a furnished room in
a family of culture. Address Qullp, Globe office. . \
WANTED— Four unfurnished rooms in a private
residence. Address 57 West Third street. ;
A THKEE~SPRING phaeton, Qutnby & Hallowell
A make; can be seen at E M Ilallowell's factory.
Tenth and Minnesota streets. • ; ;.:-£?[*' ',;)
would like to eiijjr.}.'s2 to handle horses for pri
vate party or on the tun". HP Stanley, Ilamline,
Minn. - ; _
WANTED— young, sound, good style, gait
and color, and weigh 1,200 lbs; no jockeys
need apply. ' Bennett & Kin^sbury, .20 East Third
street. ••_ ; ""■■-_ •■•'. -
Gi OOD family horse for ; sale cheap at 108 Falrfield
\Jf avenue, "West *Ide.
WANTED— Twenty horses, to board. Corner
Sixth and Locust. : -'•. ;
HORSE and harness for sale at King's horse ex
change . E. G. Rogers . ■ .• : .' -': i."
WO sound horses and two covered delivery wag-
X ons for sale; single or double. Apply S9B Jack
son street. . . • : ■ . .
FIRST-CLASS horse, buggy and harness for sale,
cheap. Inquire at Turnbull's livery, Exchange
street. . '.' -
A BLACK hearse in good condition, with Masonic,
Odd Fellows and Catholic emblems; black and
white curtains; cost $1,200; will be sold at a bargain.
Cullen's livery, 23 and 25 West Fourth street. .... -
A BARGAIN— A three-spring top phaeton, Quinby j
& Hallo well make, and as good as new. : Call at 1
134 East Third street.
"C*OR — Very cheap and ou easy terms: a good
JO team of work horses.* Call room 1, Presley
BUGGY for sale' or exchange for lot; can be seen
at 230 East Ninth street, • _"
Q1 f\f\ "WILL purchase half Interest In an estab
»sPlUv/ lished business. . This is worth looking
after. Inquire of J F Dunlap, 319 Jackson street.
' 126 ' ' ; ■ . -
WANTED lady or gentleman with a few hundred
• dollars to Join lady in musical business of
profit and pleasure. Address M 13, Globe office. :
A PHYSICIAN would like to kear of good loca
tion, either in or out of city, or will go in part
nership with an established physician; best of. refer
ences. : Address M. D., Globe office. 125-27
WE have a cash customer for a news, tobacco and
cigar stand in either of the twin cities. Bently
& Hildebrand, 313J« Jackson street.
HOTEL and saloon* fixtures and lease for sale
cheap. ■ H. M. Tucker, corner Fifth and Wash
ington streets. ' :<• .. ' ■ ''" " .
YOUNG man with $500 In paying cattle business;
JL rare chance to the right .'party.' Address W. S
Edwards, Helena, Mont. , :..'•'-*•'
LAUNDRY in good running order with use of
XJ steam; good cash business. Address JH, care
Glob?. - ; : -
A partner to establish a society paper either in
St Paul or Minneapolis. EM P, Globe office. i
T ADY with *250 would- like to invest that with re-
LADY with*2so would like to invest that with re-
XJ spectable lady partner in some business whereby
a living can be secured. Address ED, care Globe.
WANTED— with $200; big profits.. Ad
dress C 17, Globe. , . ;'
FOR RENT — Kiefer's Terra Cotta works. Here
is the chance to build up the best paying manu
facturing business in the state. Terra cotta Is now
used In most every building. Architects ' will tell
you so. Garden and flower vases, sewer and water
pipes, fire and glazed brick, earthern ware of every
kind can be made here; material handy; practical
workmen on hand. Inquire of A. R. Kiefer, 190
East Seventh street. . 95-98*
FOR RENT — For manufacturing purposes: ■ Build-
JC ings, shops and grounds, with side track; long
lease; low rent. Inquire of A. R. Kiefer, 190 East
Seventh street. ; • . ■ ,•" . . . 95-93
LOST — Small black and tan dog, long ears, plush
collar, white spot on breast; a reward offered
for return to 385 Jackson street.
LOST — A white bull terrier dog, brown around
J eyes, black spots on nose; return to Boston One
Price Clothing House.
LOST— From 31H AVest Seventh street, a dark bay
mare; finder will be rewarded by returning her
to 316 West Seventh street.
TO exchange, 160 acres of good farming land In
Dakota, \Y> miles from depot, for stock of gro
ceries. Address bo& 417, Huron, Dak.
TO EXCHANGE— IfiO acre farm near Larimore,
D T, for St, I*aul property. Address James
Stewart, 153 East Seventh street, St. Paul.
TVTOTION and Millinery store on Third street, small
1\ stock. AVill exchange for property. Address
E G Smith, Odd Fellow*' block.
~\i VI Acre* of A 1 land to trade for St. Paul real
AvJvJ estate, improved or unimproved, horse and
wagoa or other value. G F AA'oolsey, 715 Burr street.
WANTKD to trade, one or two Minneapolis lots
for saloon or fruit store. Address C Knde, 909
Fourth street north, Minneapolis.
WANTED — To exchange a good house, barn and
lot that will imk for *3U or snii a month for a
well-located hiiilclin;,' lot. J M Smith of Smith &
Farwcll, 333 East Seventh street. 114*
WANTED — A permanent boardtng place in lower
town by two young ladles; references ex
changed. "Address A X, rare Globe.". • ", ■■".
A LADY without incumbrancc would like to take
a few children to board.' : Can give good, refer
ence. Address 31 7 Market street. ';.:•■» ■•'
A- FEW' more- boarders wanted at -25 East
■Ninth street, one block from, capitol. ' • •
BOARD In a good private family, by a young man, :
best of references given. r > Address C C, Globe \
office.. "•^T;""": " ' '" * " " V *.*". |
XFUHNISHED room and board in private fam- I
ily, f6r gentleman and J. wife. Address C 19, i
Globe. _ !____ L_^ ■' - — -— • ''
BOARDERS wanted at 353 . Rosabel street; terms I
reasonable.' : . . ,-• \
BOARD and room's for family of four, or rooms |
convenient to the Portland; references required. '
• Address with best terms, F. 99, Globo office.^ '-.. : ' j
BY young man to board in private family; no other )
boarders; best references. . Address E E S, care '
Globe. . ..■■•■■ „ \ ' ■■-,' .-.■;.. ■ ■•■» ; . : i
T . AI'GE and small sums to loan on city real estate. !
±J II Caldwell, over People's bank. „ :J 120-27 !
MONEY to loan in lama as desired at lowest j
■' rates: local bank stock ' for sale, G Strick- j
land,' 868 Jackson street." ' ■' '\ ■ : ;- ' -■■ ■■ ' ' ■:';■•'
<£inn (~\(\( \ IIIAVIi «100,000 placed with me {
•JpIUU^UUL/ by Kosiern; parties which I can
loan on Improved St Paul real estate in s'umi of any
amount from : 11,000 up to $25,000, on very favorable
terms.;. S * Stokci>, brokerage and Insurance, Ho 157
East Fourth street. .-V/; ; ! .; : •'• ' 122*.
LOANS on Life Ins. Policies, L. P. Van Norman,
No. 245,. Ist Aye: S., Minneapolis. .' .. :■' , . •' ;
SINGING, elocution, etiquette and piano by lady."
teacher from New York ; College ':. dOpe». Ad- ■.
dress LouUe tjavllla. Globe office. ■ '. ':?;'' ':..'
YOUNG lady desires • a few ■ pupils -In - music; -
voice or piano. Address \V M, Globe office. .
P. T. Kavanagh.
ESTEY organ and fine furniture at auction. I
will sell at auction at the residence, No. 480
Cedar street, on Wednesday, May ii, at 10 o'clock a.
m., a large lot of household furniture, consisting in
part of one Estuy parlor organ, nearly new; one par
lor suite in brocaded plush und Catallne, five pieces;
one very fine library table; one handsome black wal
nut dressing case; suite very massive niurlilo top;
three black walnut bedroom suites; one ash suite;
carpets, tables, chairs, parlor, bedroom, kitchen and
illniim room furniture; one superior kitchen table in
splendid order; one Peninsular coal stove, coal and
wood heaters; mattresses, bedding, crockery, etc.,
etc. These goods are worthy the attention of 'those
In search of good furniture. P T Kavanagh, Auc
tioneer. m-12G
BOARDKKS for tin cc well-furnished rooms; food
board, nlco location. Inquire at 491 Collins
/"I 001) tableTo«rdat«B.soper week. No 25 Til-
VT ton street.
TjMKST-CLASS board at 44 West Fifth street.
GOOD rooms nnd cheap board at 41 East Seventh
street, corner Cedar.
GOOD plain table board in private faintly, near
business center, 14 per week; references ex
changed. Address P9, (ilobe office.
GOOD board and furnished room for two; *4 50
per week. Xo. 25 Tilton street.
T>LEASANT furnished room with board, 521 AVaba
-IT shaw street.
NICELY furnished rooms with board at No 218
Eighth street south, between Second and Third
T)KIiSONS desiring quiet, pleasant, homelike
X boarding place can find such at 67 and 89 Sum
mit avenue.
<KO OHO «2,500 and $5,000 for first class resi-
W^/vV/V/, deuces. C O Lochren, Northfleld,
Minn. :.
FOR SALE— A nice large dog house, that cost
. new $30, will be sold cheap. Inquire at 349
Franklin street. ,;■ "\ ...
FOR SALE — gun, AA'elJley & Son, nearly new,
X; -reloading outfit, etc. J Inquire Churchill, janitor,
U. S. army building, Second and Robert streets.
ONE four-burner A &AY oil ' stove, with oven and
\J extension top, very little used. Apply 584
Selby avenue. • ' • ' •
FOR SALE— My interest in the postofflce news
depot and variety store. Splendid chance fora
live man. I want to sell out for the reason that ' my
newspaper business demands more of my time.
County seat with nearly 2,000 population. A bar
gain. A. IX. Lewis, Milbank, Dak. 125-26
FOR SALE— Depot "restaurant, full stock, large
trnde,'casy terms. Address FAY Cooper, How
ard City, Dakota. .- ■ ;";•■- y
FOR SALE —A magnified) t $800 piano for $275, at
C. W. Youngman's, 117 East Seventh street.
A LARGE refrigerator suitable for a large hotel.
Apply J R Casey, Tremont house. - 123
A PAIR of Vineyard roller skates for sale cheap;
nearly new; size 10. Address X, Globe office.
ONE hundred thousand brick for sale. Apply to
E. Lnngevln. ','".;.-" • .
FOR SALE— Lot 10, block 9, Brookiynd addition,
I- and lot 3, block 60, Banning & Olivier" addition in
Sixth ward. T. O. Dufresne, 92 Eleventh street.
EGGS for hatching. Pure blood Plymouth Rock
and Brahmas; cheapest in the market. Room
4, 63 East Third street. : - .
SEVEN-room cottage at "White Bear lake; partly
furnished; good well and' Ice house. Louis M
Hastings, 29 Gllttllan block.
EGGS — For hatching; brown and white Leghorns;
Xj stock A 1; «2 per sitting. Minnesota City, Minn.
Otto Troost, Jr.
A 57-INCH standard Star bicycle; $75. N G Young,
Northfleld, Minn.
TAINTING office for live-column, paper and job
JL printing will be sold cheap or traded for real es
tate. Address H L Henry, Redfield, DT.
FINE residence on Ashland avenue, very cheap;
X?. $1,000 cash, balance on monthly payments. Ap
ply to II H Herbst, room 34 Gllflllan block.
ONE wall tent, nearly new, 24x50, for sale for half
what it cost. G W Root, 201 Fourth street north
east. • . , ■ , . ' .
FOR SALE — Large refrigerator, nearly new; cost
$140; will sell very cheap. Apply to R.Casey,
458 Robert street. .- _ - . „
FOR SALE— Lots on Robert street, in the New
Central Park addition. 3 F Schurmeier. 3G6
Jackson street. 121-130
LOTS on Dayton's Bluff and in Arlington Hills and
Eastville Heights additions, on monthly pay
ments. B. F. Schurmeier, 366 Jackson street. "
- . 121-130 . .:
GREAT BARGAIN— acres of wild land and
one lake farm for sale, Inquire of JW Gould,
Fairmont, Martin County, Minn. . ; .' ' .
FOR SALE— One 12-horse power monitor upright
5. agricultural engine, in good order; has been used
two seasons for threshing. Address box 810, Hast
ings, Minn. 116-46
WE have for sale a large number of second-*
hand threshing machine engines of various
makes, which will be sold at very low rates. Call
and see them before purchasing elsewhere. Yours
wnly, E. S. Brown, receiver, Stillwater. 107-36
FOR SALE— Trees, trees, trees, at Summit Park
nursery; all kinds of shade trees; including elm,
maple, linden, box elder, evergreens, shrubbery and
raspberry bushes. j Dr. J H Bryant, 10& East ; Third
street. r T v/.- ; '.- : "f' : : :t i; - 95*
/CORNER lot wanted; size 70 to 100 by about 120 to
v^ 150, in a good neighborhood; will pay from
$2,500 to $4,000. Address H AY, Globe office.
WANTED to books for cash. B F Leask &
Co., 132 East Third street. 126*
WANTED — fountain and show case and ice
cream freezer. 182 East Seventh. Cook;
ANTED TO BUY— A small job press, self
inker preferred, about 6xB or 9x13 or
thereabouts, inside chase. Address stating price and
description, E. J. X., 315 West Seventh street.
WANTED— A set of Minnesotaßeports.Gtlflllan's
edition; must be in good order; will pay cash.
Address W 5, Globe office. ■
ANTED to buy, residence lot in West St. Paul;
cheap and easy terms. OM, Globe.;
WANTED to buy, second-hand bicycle, 62 or 54
inch. Address H 40, care Globe. .
1!S. BAKY. No. 395 Renney street, takes hair
work of all kinds. Switches made for 81. i
WANTED — All persons having pianos or organs
to send 25 cents and learn how •to make the
keys a pearly white. Address H T Armstrong,
Jamestown, Dak., box 683.
WANTED— of Co. A, Hatch's Battalion,
Minnesota Vol. Cay. Bend address to George
Brown, St. Paul. .
STOVES stored away for the season, called for and
put up again in the fall. Call or address Joseph
Haag, 309 West Seventh street. 102*
/"CORRESPONDENCE with pile sufferers, cureper
v_y manent, painless and guaranteed; first-class St.
Paul ■ references, j Address Haemorrhoids, care
Globe office. 126-30
'.••■■.' TO LEASE. ~~~ ~
TO LEASE on long time — and blocks on the
West St. Paul flats, suitable for business, manu
facturing and storage purposes. D. D. Merrill. 74*
Assessment for Sewer on Dayton and
Summit Avenues.
Office of the Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minu., May 4, 1885. J
j The Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul.Minnesota,
will meet at their office in said city at 2 p. m.
on the 11th day of May, A. D. 1885; to make
an assessment of benefits, costs and expenses
arising from the construction of a sewer on
Dayton Avenue, from Farrinjrton Avenue to
Summit Avenue, and on Summit Avenue,
from Dayton Avenue to Kice street, in said
city, on the property on the line of ; said im
provement and benefited thereby, amounting
in the aggregate to $6,978.85. <; , .V 7/
j All persons interested are hereby notified
to bo present at said time and place of mak
ing said assessment and will bo heard. '; .
Official: ' . • -iiZ^'t
It. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Works.
' 125-126
, City Engineer's Office, |
! St. Paul, Minn., April 30, 1885. ) \
i '.■■.-■■ ■-■ ■ ' A : '
Proposals will be received at the office of
the City Engineer, until 12 m., Wednesday,
May 6, for
According to ; plans and specifications on file
in said office, . whatever I may be I required by
the City of St. Paul during the season of 1885.
:"■• Each bid must be accompanied by a bond in
■ the sum of $100. • : „;- ■■-■■■■ ;.v - *
• ' The right is reserved to reject ' any or all
, . -. ' City Engineer. ;;
City Clerk's Office, )
St. Paul, April 29, 1885. \
Sealed proposals, marked "Proposals for
Paviug," will be received at this office, until
Thursday, the 7th duy of May, a. d. 1885, at 3
o'clock p. m., for furnishing the necessary
materials and t ho
Paying of FonrttStreet
Across the right of way of the Railroads be
tween Kittson and Canal streets, with granite
blocks according to plans and specifications
therefor, on tile in the office of the City Engi
A bond in twenty per cent, of the gross
amount of the proposal must accompany the
The Common Council feserves the right to
reject any and all proposals.
120-127 City Clerk.
Assessment for Sewer on Iglehart Street.
Office of the Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., May 4, 1885. j
The Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,
will meet at their office, in said city, at 2 p. m.,
on the 11th day. of May, A. D. 1885, to make an
assessment of benefits, costs and expenses
arising from the construction of a sewer on
Iglehart street, from St. Peter street to Kice
street, in said city, on the property on the
line of said sower and benefited thereby
amounting 1 in the aggregate to $1,333.40.
All persons interested are hereby notified
to be present at said time and place of making
said assessment and will be heard.
K. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Works.
Union Iron Works Co. of St. Paul— To all
whom it may concern : Know ye that we the un
dersigned, Charles H. Robinson, Joseph Rothwell
and Edward L. Hemenway, the place of residence
of all of whom is at the city of St. Paul, county of
Ramsey and state of Minnesota, have agreed to
associate ourselves together as a corporation un
der the laws of said state, and do hereby and by
these presents form and create a body corporate
and politic under and by virtue of the provisions
of title two (2) of chapter thirty-four (34) of the
general statutes of 1878 of said state, and the sev
eral acts of the legislature of said state amend
atory thereto, and to that end and purpose do
hereby adopt and sign the following articles of
First— The name of said corporation shall be
the "Union Iron Works Co. of St. Paul."
Second— The general nature of the business to
be carried on by the said corporation shall be a
manufacturing and mechanical business, to-wit:
The casting of metals and alloys or either, and
the carrying on of a general foundry; the making,
building, forging and repairing of all kinds of
machinery and articles of metal and alloy or
either, and the carrying on and conducting of a
general machine shop, smithery and forge, any,
either or all, and doing all the work of every kind
and description usually done in the same or any
of the same, and the making of such articles from
wood or other materials as may be necessary to
properly conduct and fulfill and comply with the
requirements of said business and also the selling
and disposing of articles so manufactured, and
contracting and doing such work for others.
The principal place of transacting such business
shall be the said city of St. Paul.
The said corporation shall commence on the
first day of May, A. D. 1885, and shall continue
for the period of thirty (30) years thereafter, and
no longer.
Third— The amount of capital stock of said
corporation shall be one hundred thousand
(100,000) dollars, and shall be issued and paid in
as ordered by the board of directors of said cor
Fourth — The highest amount of indebtedness or
liability to which said corporation shall at any
time be subject shall be the sum of thirty thous
and (30,000) dollars.
Fifth— The names of the persons forming this
association for incorporation are Charles H. Rob
inson, Joseph Rothwell and Edward L. Hemen
way, and the place of residence of each and all
said persons is the city of St. Paul, county of Ram
sey, state of Minnesota,
Sixth — The names of the first boajd of directors
of said corporation are Charles H. Robinson,
Joseph Rothwell and Edward li. Hemenway, who
shall hold office and serve until the first annual
meeting of the stockholders of said corporation.
The government of said corporation and the
management of its affairs shall be vested in a
board of three directors, who shall be elected an
nually by the stockholders at an annual meeting of
; said corporation which shall be holden at the said
' city of St, Paul on the first Tuesday of the month
of June in each year, and shall hold office and
serve until their successors are elected and quali
Charles H. Robinson shall be the first president
of said corporation; Edward L. Hemenway shall
be its first secretary; Charles A. Dunn shall be its
first treasurer, and Joseph Rothwell shall be its
first general manager. They shall each hold their
respective offices until the first annual meeting of
the corporation, or until their successors are
elected and qualified.
On the day of the annual meeting of the stock
holders in each year the board shall elect a presi
dent, secretary, treasurer and general manager of
the corporation for the ensuing year, and may fill
vacancies at any time.
The president and directors shall be stockhold
ers in said corporation.
The board of directors may make, alter, adopt
and amend bye-laws for said corporation, and shall
therein prescribe and define the duties and pow
ers of all the officers. The board may also change
by bye-law the time and place, when and where
said officers and directors' shall be elected, and
may remove any or all of said officers at pleasure.
Seventh — The capital stock of said corporation
shall be divided into two thousand (2.000) shares
of the par value of fifty (50) dollars each.
In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our
respective hands and seals this, the 30th day of
April, A.D. 1885. CHAS. H. ROBINSON, [l. s.]
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of F.
A. Nason, R. B. Whitacre.
County of Ramsey, f
Be it known that on this' 30th day of April, A. D.
1885, personally, appeared before me, a notary
public in and for said county, Charles 11. Robin
son, Joseph Rothwcll and Edward L. Hemenway,
to me well known to be the same persons ' de
scribed in, and who signed and executed the fore
going articles of incorporation, and they each and
severally acknowledged the same to be their own
free act and deed. ■ ■ -
V Notarial ) - Notary Public,
( Seal of i f •..- Ramsey County, Minn. ;
1 Ramsey C 0. ,)
Minn. J
„ , County of Ramsey, V"i
Office of the Register of Deeds. )
This is to certify that the within instrument was
filed for record in >. this office, at St. Paul, on the
Ist day of May, A. D. 1885, at 10 ■ o'clock a. m., and
that the same was duly recorded in Book C of In
corporations, pages 121, 122, 123. - . . • ; ■■ v'- : -
* — ~*S. „: R. C. WILEY, ...■'
j Seal of the ) ; ■ Register of Deeds.
< Register of >
i Deeds of )
i Ramsey I
• County, V
i Minnesota. )
Department of State, f
I hereby certify that the within instrument was
filed for record in this office on the Ist day of May,
A. D. 1885, at 3:30 o'clock p. m., and was duly re
corded in Book V of Incorporation, on page 4SO.
.....' Secretary of State.
,City Oyekk's Office, )
• St. Paul, April 14, 1885. j
Notice is he»by given that the Common
Council of the City of St. Paul will, at their
meeting to be held on Tuesday, the nineteenth
day of May, A. D. 1885, at 7:30 o'clock p. m.,
at the Council Chamber in the City hall, con
sider, and may order, a change of grade on
the following streets, between the points
named, to-wit:
From Summit Avenue to
Pleasant Avenue and
Between Ramsey Street
and Geodrich Avenue,
In accordance]with and as'indicated by the
red line on the profiles thereof, and as re
ported upon as being necessary and proper
by the Board of Public Wor.ks of said city,
under date of March 31, 1385, which said re
ports were adopted by said Common Council
at their meeting held March 31, 1886.
The profiles indicating the proposed chaiiges
are on tile and can be seen at this office.
By order of Common Council.
City Clerk.
O— ss. In Probate Court, Special Term, April 21,
1885. ;:;:.: ■..-.■ ,■■•.■ .'■'■■..■■ ■-.■ ■■;.:■,; ,£■':•
In the matter of the estate of William H. Tuck,
deceased. , ;
On reading and filing the ' petition of Silas B.
Walsh, administrator, with the will annexed, of
the estate of William H. Tuck, deceased, repre
senting among other things that he has fully ad
ministered said estate, and ; praying . that '. a time •
and place be fixed for examining and allowing his
account of administration, and for the assignment
of the residue of said estate to the persons there
to entitled by law. . — ..-,
It is ordered that said account be examined and
petition heard by the judge of. this court, on Fri
day, the 15th day of May, a. i>., 1885, at 10 o'clock
a. m., at the probate office in St. Paul, in said
county. .-■ ' " ■•■-.
■}. And it is further ordered that notice thereof be
given to all persons interested, by publishing a
copy of this order for three successive weeks prior '
to said day of hearing, in the Daily Globe,
a newspaper printed and published at St. Paul, ia
] said county.
; By the Court,
[L. S-] WM. B. McGRORTY,
■ Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr., Clerk. — ;
'/■•;", : ... ." ' V apr22-4w-wed '
O — ss. In Probate Court, Special Term, April
: 13,1885. ■-•.. . ... • ' ;
In the matter of the estate of Hans S. Slette, de
On reading and filing the petition of Henry E.
' Randall, administrator of the estate of HansS.
Slette, • • deceased, . representing among othei
things that he has fully administered said estate,
and praying that a time and place be fixed for ex«
amining and allowing his account of administra
tion,' and for the assignment of the residue of said
estate to heirs. / . :■ .
! It is ordered that said account be examined and
petition ■ heard, by the judge :of this court, oh
Thursday the 7th . day of May, a. d: 1885, at ten
o'clock a. m., at the . probate office in St. Paul, in,
said county. •
And it is further ordered, that notice thereof ba
; given to all persons interested, by publishing!
copy of this order for three successive weeks prioi
to said day of hearing, in the Daily Globe, a new*
paper printed and published at St. Paul, in said
county. ,': ; .
By the court,
[L. B.] WM. B. McGRORTY,
. — ; Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert, JR. Clerk.
' •■••-." ' Aprls-4w-wed ■'■■.-
Notice to Creditors.
ss. ; - In Probate Court, Special Term, April 13.
1885. ;■•■
In the matter of the estate of Ann Towlerton, de
Notice is hereby given that the Judge of Pro
bate, of the county of Ramsey, will upon the first
Monday of | the month of July, a. d. 1885, at tei
o'clock a. m., receive, hear, examine and adjust.
all claims and demands of all persons against said
deceased; and that six months from and after th«
date hereof have been allowed and limited foi
creditors to present their claims against said estate,
at the expiration of which time all claims not pre
sented or not proven to its satisfaction, shall b» .
forever barred, unless for good cause shown fur
ther time be allowed.
By the court, ';'. ■•' : : * i3r ." '
[L. S.] ( WM. B. McGRORTY.
Judge of Probate.
KATIE M. Towlertox, Executrix.
State of Minnesota Laxd Office; 1
SfegSSL-, St. Paul, March 25, ISBS. f
1 Notice is hereby given that public auction sales ol
State Lands will be held by the Commissioner of th«
State Land Office, as follows:
Counties. Places of Sale. ' Dates of Sale.
Faribault '..... BlueEarthCity.Monday, May 4. 188:
Martin. Fairmont Tuesday, " 5,1832
Jackson ........ Jackson .. "Wednsd'y, " 6, 1832 .
Nobles 'VVorthington . Thursday, " 7, 1883
Cottonwood . . . .Wlndom. . : . . . .Monday, " 11, 1881
"Watonwan St. James Tuesday, " 12,188!
Murray. . Currie AVedn'dy, " 18, 1883
Lyon ...'„■... Marshall Thursday," 14, 1883
Lincoln Lake Benton'. . Friday, "15,188!
Redwood.; Redwood Falls, Monday, "18, 1881
Renvllle Beaver Falls... Tuesday, " 19, 1883
Polk. Crookston...... Friday, "22, 18S3
Steams St Cloud Saturday, •* 23, 1881
YellowMedicine. Granite Falls,.. Monday, "25, 188!
Wilkin Breckenridge, . " 27, 1883
Pope ..•./'..'.".... G1enw00d....'.. Thursday, "28, ISBS
Stevens Morris ...: Friday, ah" 29, 18SJ
Swift Benson ' *■ pit " 29, 18SJ
Lists of : the lands to be offered In each county wilj
be forwarded to the county auditor at least ten dayi
prior to the date of sale.
■■ Fifteen per cent, of the purchase money and Inter
est at the rate of 5 per cent per annum on the bal
ance, from the day of sale to the Ist day of June,
1886, will be required on the day of sale. •- On tlmbei
lands an amount equal to the value of the timber will
be required in addition to the 15 per cent. Interest
on the unpaid purchase money at the rate of 5 per
cent, per annum in advance becomes, due on the Ist
day of June, or within . six days thereafter In eacli
Upon a failure to pay ' Interest when due, the land(
revert to the State without further notice or procest
and will again be offered at public sale unless double
the amount of Interest due is previously paid. X«
lands can be sold at -less than the appraisal, which
cannot be less than $5 per acre • • ■
apl-6w-wed Commissioner of the State Land Offlca
O ss. In Probate Court, special ■ term, held
April 23, 1885. - ■ . ....•.-..;-> i „-,
In the matter of the estate of Frank,. Breuer, de
. ceased. - • ;; c>//~*ilT .!>
On reading and filing the petition of. George W.
Freeman, administrator of said estate," setting
forth the amount of personal estate that hn.s come
to his hands, and the disposition thereof; the
amount | of debts outstanding against said de
ceased, and a description of all the real estate of
which said deceased died seized, and the condi
tion and value of the respective portions thereof!
and praying that license be to him granted to sell
at private sale or public auction, all of the real es
tate set forth and described in said petition.
And it appearing, by said petition, that there is
not sufficient personal estate in the hands of said
administrator to pay said debts, and that it is
necessary in order to pay the same, to sell all ol
said real estate;
It is therefore ordered, that all persons ! inter
ested in said estate, appear before the judge oi
this court, on Friday, the 12th day of ■ June, A. v.
1885, at ten o'clock a. m., at the probate office in
Saint Paul, in said county, then and there to shot
cause (if any there be) why license should not ' be
■granted to said administrator to sell said real es
tate according to the prayer of said petition.
And it is further ordered, that . a copy of this
order shall be published for four successive weeki
prior to said day of hearing, the last of which
publications shall be at least fourteen days before
said day of hearing, in the Daily Globe, a news,
paper printed and published at Saint Paul, in said
county, and personally served on till persons in
terested in said estate, residing in said county, at
least fourteen days before said day of hearing,
and upon all other persons interested, according
to law. :
By the Court,
.[l.s.] ■ Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frame Robert, Jr., Clerk.
Henry O'Gormax, Attorney for Administrator.
Default has been made in the conditions of a
certain mortgage executed and delivered by Sylvia
A Miller and Jacob G. Miller, her husband, of St.
Paul, Minnesota, mortgagors, to Christian Geyer,
of the same place, mortgagee, dated the 29th day
of February, A. D. eighteen hundred and eighty
two, and recorded as a mortgage in the office of
the register of deeds of the county of Ramsey, in
the state of Minnesota, on the . 2iith day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 1882, at 3:30 o'clock p. m., in book "55"
of mortgages, on page , 426, .' on which there is
claimed to be due at the date of this notice, the
amount of two thousand two hundred and forty
six 66-100 dollars, principal and . interest, and no
action or proceeding has been instituted at law or
in equity to recover the debt .secured by said
mortgage or any part thereof. .
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of a power
of sale contained in said mortgage, and ! of tha
statute in such case made and provided, the said
mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of j the mort
gaged premises therein described, which sale will
be made at the front door of the sheriff's office, in
the city of St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey and
state of Minnesota, at public auction by the sheriff
of said county, on Saturday, the twentieth day ol
June, A. D. eighteen hundred and eighty-five, a
ten o'clock in the forenoon to satisfy the amount
which shall then be due |on | said 'mortgage, wit li
the interest thereon, and costs and expenses o
sale, and seventy-five dollars attorney's fees, m
stipulated in said mortgage in case of foreclosure
The premises described in said mortgage, and so
to be sold, are the lot, piece or parcel of land situ
ated in the county of Ramsey and state of Minne
sota, and known and described as follows, to-wit
Lot numbered twenty-seven (27), in block number
(30) of Suburban Hills addition to St. Paul, ac
cording to the recorded plat thereof in and for
said county and state.
.".;::•-. CHRISTIAN GETER, Mortgagee.
J. Matxzbb, Attorney of Mortgagee. ■-
Dated St. Paul, April 2Sth, 1535. • •
onion -«r-wpd
Assessment for Grading Dayton Aveneu.
Office of the Board of Public Works, I
City of St. Pall, Minn.; May 4, 1885. \
The Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,
will meet at their office in said city, at 2 p. m.,
on the llth day of May. a. p. 18*5, to make an
assessment of benefits, costs and expenses
arising from the grueling of. Dayton Avenue,
from Dale street to x Victoria street, in said
city, on the property on the lino of said grad
ing- ' and | benefited ■ thereby amounting in the
aggregate to $8,860.50. ," ££ ■••
■ . ; All persons interested are hereby notified to
be present at said time and place of making
said, assessment and will be heard.
■ All assessment notices heretofore gives for
said improvement have been annulled. ;
• . JOHN FAmiINGTON, President.
Official: ■ ' : : '
K. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Works.
125-126 -. :
Bl 2-73 T I TUT '
I 1572 for the cur» I
Hot Cancer, Tumors, Ulcers,
41 ■■iscrotula, and Skin^Dispaseß,
' •without the use of kuifa or loss of blood and little
pain? For information, circulars and references,
address l>rT*V 1» i'U-VJ, Aurora. Kane Co.. 111.

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