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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, September 08, 1885, Image 11

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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Females Continued.
ANTED—^GirI for general housework; 589 St
W Peter street. 1
WANTED— Girl far general housework in small
\'V family. Call at M Water street. West side. 1
W" ANTED~A young lady to write 2,00") ad
dresses; none but good writers need answer;
Itate price Bnd address W 22, this office. 1
fTTANTED- Girl to help in dining-room to pay
YV board while attending school, at 363 Wecouia
street, city. :
GIRL for genera] housework. Apply at 279 Mack-
I nl in street. ■ 1
ANTED —Girl for general housework and good
«* cook. Apply at 594 Jackson street. 1
GIRL wanted for general housework; 222 Chest
nut street. 7
AN apprentice wanted to learn dressmaking, 879
West Seventh street. M A (.lines. 7 |
Ci IRL wanted for general housework at 571 Jack- |
X son street. •
GOOD girl wanted for general housework, small
family, work light, home pleasant. Apply at
•tore, 422 Wabasha street. *
GOOD second girl wanted. Apply at 21 Arundel
street, teoond house from Summit avenue. 6
A GOOD cook and dining-room girl wanted at
Hotel Grand; Americans preferred; call at
once. li
1 UTTER and fitter who uses Taylor system, good
J dressmaker, will find permanent employment.
Call at 52S Temperance street, "
TVTURSE girl wanted. Call in the morning at 255
1> a Rice street. -
LADIES can make big wages in their own vicin
j ities teaching cuttlns and fitting. Address E
McArdelL, lOH Dakota avenue. West St Paul. 7
G URL wanted at 227 Iglehart street. Apply ait
f once. '_
"P*UR sewers wanted. Gordon _ Ferguson.
A GIRL wanted for house-cleaning and other
heavy work; 77 Pleasant avenue; German pre
ferreil. 5
WANTED— Dining-room girl at St James hotel, j
\Y St. Paul. 8
A GOOD girl wanted for general housework. Mrs |
,! li Mahler, No 521 Marshall avenue. 6
/ <OODgU-l wanted, 123 West Fourth street.
BOOKKEEPER' and clerk wants work; experi
enced in several lines, best of references. Ad
dress Howard, care of Globe office. 3
ANTED—Situation by a young man to run
V V small] cylinder presses; one year's experience.
Address !'. C, this office.
KN'TLEM.VN of One business qualities wishes a
I position in wholesale house; good references
Riven. F 11. this office. 3
CiLOTH cutter with long experience desires a sltu
/ ation In a wholesale house in St. Paul or .Minne
apolis; could take charge of factory and cut all the
necessary patterns. Address M A, this office. 3 ;
BVatuba player, situation wanted; three years'
practice; to follow a traveling band; best of ref
erences. Address Ed Norcllus, Vasii, Minn.
A SITUATION wanted by a packing box-maker;
best of reference. Address II B, P O box 1183,
Rochester, Minn. . 3
BY a young man, commercial graduate, situation
wanted as clerk or assistant bookkeeper; refer
ences If required. Address X V '/., this office. 3 |
SITUATION wanted by ay oung man as driver,
With seven years experience. Also experienced
In streets. Good recommendation if wanted. Ad
dress N UP, this office. 1
r\7"OUNG man wants a situation in a private fam
-1 lly to take care of horses and drive; good recom- i
mcndatlons. Addre ss 315 Carroll street. 1
OITUATION—As i-opyfpt, bookkeeper or work in
0 office by a young man who speaks English and
Swedish, best of reference;*! V.* C, this office. 1
A. Scandinavian, used to office work and
clerking, wants a position; permanent place
more of an object than wages; A B, this office. 1
A YOUNG man, speaks German and Scandina
vian, wants nation as clerk or assistant book
keeper in store or ollice; good penman. Address T.
this Bee. ■ 1
A COLLECTOR, thoroughly acquainted with city,
wants situation with good house; best of refer
ence. Address Mac, this office. 1 |
A YOUNG man having had seven years experience '
In the insurance business In the East wishes a
position with some firm or company. Address box
IS !, Still water, Minn. 1
A YOUNG man would like a chance to learn a
trade, carpet layer's preferred. Address MJ,
Globe, " 1
Sill I'PISG or receiving clerk, reliable and thor
oughly posted wants permanent position. Ad
dress G 11, earn Globe. 7
SITUATION wanted by a colored coachman to take !
3 care of horses; good coachman; best of refer
juces. Call at::vi Dayton avenue. 7
A YOUNG man, 21 years of age, would like a sit
uation as bookkeeper, salesman or clerk; first
tlass reference. N I". 2, this office. 7
SITUATION wanted In private family by a young
•J man with experience, who is willing to make
timself generally useful. Address W 1., this office. 7
BY a boy 13 years old, situation wanted to work
for board and clothes and goto school. Address
B, this office. 7
SITUATION wanted as clerk In a clothing or
gents' furnishing store. Best of reference. 1'
:> box B M, Stillwater, Minn.
WANTED to change place as coachman In private
family by a Swede. Th iroughly understands
earo of li'irses, cows nnd all about the house. Good
recommendation. Address 11 M, 467 East Fifth
Itrcet. 7 ]
SITUATION In clothing store in small town by a
do '1 clerk who i- a cartoon artist and draws big
custom; Box 101 I, Bed Wing, Minn. 7
A SITUATION of any kind In a store or any kind
of business by a young man of 21 years; will let
employer set wages. Address Edw Sherman, St
Paul house. 7
ANYBODY wanting an experienced restaurant ;
man under fair week, use ald rose Theodore, '
620 Eighth avenue n irtn, Minneapolis. 7
BY an experienced stenographer, type-writer, call
graph operator. Address JW, this office. 7
YOUNG man wants a situation in a private family
to take care of horses and drive; good recom
mendations. Address L Hanson, 59 East Fourth
street. 7
AN Intelligent man, well known in city, wants po
sition as assistant clerk in store or office; small
salary. Solicitor, this office. 7
QTKADY employment want ■! In a furniture or box
0 factory; a good sawyer and filer. Address WC,
this office. ' 7
Cl Situation wanted by an accomplished ,'
vv cutter and tailor of experience, with good refer
pnees. Address Cutter, V O box 151, Lansing, la. 7 j
BY :i competent packing house engineer, situation j
wanted; understands all kind of tanking and
ft cam rendering. Address Packing House Engineer,
tills office. 7
A PLACE In a bakery wanted by a man of cxpcrl-
XV em c. 1' .1. this office. 7
A YOUNG man with eight years' experience in
railroad construction, would like a situation;
pood accountant. Address box 1145, FaribaulC
Minn. 7
YOUNG man wants situation In some store or
as bartender; speaks EnirlUti. German and Bo
hemian. Address .1 .1, care this oliiee, 6
TXTATCH-MAKEB and engraver wants position;
» V best of references given. Address Watch-maker,
;are Globe. 6 I
BY young man, situation wanted as hotel clerk or 1
assistant bookkeeper; rapid penman. PB, thin
Jfflce. ■■* ■ ■• ■ 6 '
AN experienced male stele nurse desires position j
in hospital or rare of Invalid. Address J R
Rogers, general delivery, Minneapolis. 6
BY a young man, ajr«d 18. situation wanted to work
as salesman or bookkeeper in some store; expe
rienced and best of references. FB, this office. 6
BOY, 17 years old, would like a situation In a pri- '
vate family to take care of horse and drive. Ad- I
Iress II S, this office. (i I
I~"NTTLLIG ENTboy of 13 years. Apply at 19 West i
Third street. Aucrhach, Finch & Van Slyck. 6
AN experienced druggist wishes a position in St ',
Paul or Minneapolis, understands the running
-y. the business and will work for the Interest of his
employer; none but reliable parties need reply to j
this advertisement. Address C E Ballard, Bock
Ilaplds, la. • 5
\ PLACE to drive a carriage w nted, five years' !
J\ experience. Address LJ, care Globe. 4
SITUATION— a tlrstclass cook, fifteen years'l
- experience; no objection to leave city; best city
reference: v. E, this office. 2
SITUATION— As grain Inspector or to buy on road;
1 six years' experience; best of reference. Ad- j
tlress F A 11. this Bee. 2
V BRIGHT boy desires to attend school and se
cure 11 home as a member with some pleasnnt
t siiilly and do errands for his board and clothes.
Address CA, this lice. 2
AGi-NTLEMAXof fine business qualities wishes
a position In wholesale bouse; best references
given; J H,' this offlce.TM 2
TVTAKRIED man wants situation to take care of
J.?J-horses and work around the house; willing to
So every kind of work; T >„ St Thomas hotel, Kosa
>e! street. 1
A N active, Intelligent young man about 15. who
XX writes a pood, rapid business hand, and lives
■rltblils parents. Address, by letter, DC. 144 East
Third si rt't't. „
T>Y a youim- mn, '-■' 18, situation wanted: his a !
1J good knowledge of bookkeeping; reference tur- ■
alsheu: sneaks f.erman also. Address O. care Globe. 5 i
DITUATION wanted by a young man to drive team
O and work around the house. Call at American '
bouse, corner Wabasha and Fourth streets. 5
SITUATION wanted by a yonns man to work in a
wholesale house; good recommendations given
H G, this office. 5
YOUNG man, speaks French, English, German
X and Scandinavian, wants situation in grocery;
experienced; Petersen, 583 Broadway. • 5
MEAT cutter wants situation in a meat market; I
eight years' experience. EF B, this office. 5 I
Males Continued.
OY of 17 would like a situation in some whole
sale house or In an office; Is willing to work.
Address S F A, this ogee. 5
SITUATION wanted by a first-class galvanized
O iron cornice maker, understands the business
thoroughly; wants steady work. L OM. thlf offices
A COLLECTOR well acquainted with St. Paul mid
Minneapolis, wants a situation; can give city
references. Address Trust, VMC A, st. Paul. 5
SITUATION wanted in office, lawyer's office pre
-10 ferred, by a young man, good penman and ac
countant Address M. J. Dowllng, Windsor house,
Minneapolis, Minn. 5
BY a young man, chance wanted to learn a trade:
carper-layers' preferred. Address M J, Globe. 5
SITUATION wanted by a young man in store or
office: writes a legible baud and speaks Englisli
and German. PW, this office. 4
MAN wants a place at the fair ground; handy at
anything. Please answer by Sept. C. Address
Fair W. thlb office. ■ 4
A UEER - Young man 21 years of age, willing to
vJ work at anything and any wages. Good scribe.
dress Edward Sherman, St. Paul house. 1
AN experienced clothing salesman desires a posi
tion in either a wholesale or retail establish
ment; first-class reference* furnished. Address C
A S, this office. 3
SITUATION wanted by a man as section boss on I
Northern Pacific railway, and wife as cook for
same; like to start in September. W E Bowles, St.
Cloud, Minn 4
WORK wasted during the fair; can write well;
♦ » attend stands or bar; good talker; work cheap:
good references. Address (i. this office. 4
A POSITION as clerk or writer or any respectable
work; 222 Pennsylvania avenue. 4
AN Al auctioneer wants a position. Address
Salesman, this office. 4
's^O"' will pay this amount to party Obtaining
<^jO\J me a first-class position as Janitor; first-class
references given. Address 11 PP, V MCA. 4
WANTED immediately, two young iHdies.slsters,
» V wish situation as housekeepers, ladies' com
panion, take charge of furnished rooms or take care
of old lady and gentlemen, In St. Paul or Minneapo
lis or in the country; reference exchanged. Apply
or address C M, 420 Wabasha street, room 3, upstairs,
St. Paul. Minn. 251-52
I[» XPEBIENCED school teacher wishes situation
-i-J In Dakota or Minnesota; reliable references.
Address Miss M Richmond. Stillwater, Minn. 2
~\ "S7"ELL educated woman would like a situation as
vi housekeeper. St. Joseph Employment office.
corner Nelson and Western. 3
ANTED—Some lady to take a little girl to go
»V to school, Is very intelligent and can do light
work for her board; none but respectable persons
need apply. Call at 341 West Seventh st, room 23. 2
LADY teacher, highly qualified and experienced,
desires position in district or practical tc'iio:.
Superior testimonials as to capability and success.
Mrs M I. 11. this office, 1
A YOUNG lady wishes a position as cashier, copy
ist or any office work. Address D, 303 Grove
street. 1
WANTED— Position as housekeeper by an ex
» » perienced lady. Call or address Mrs. M Barr,
508 Fifth avenue south, Minneapolis. 249-62
YOUNG lady of pleasing address, speaks French,
desires a position in some store or office. Ad
dress !'■ L, this office, 1
I ADT desires a position as companion to a lady
J going south or to Colorado for the winter, or
will act as governess. Address II 10. this office. 7

ANY one in need of a good washerwoman, apply
409 Fuller street. i;
A YOUNG lady wishes to enter an office and learn
type-writing with a view of holding the position.
Address A. 3-13, Grove street, city. C
ANTED—Copying to do~iiTst. Paul or Mlnntv
> V apolis, by a young lady; best references given.
Address X, this office, 5
PLA( '■" to do second work wanted. Inquire at 411
Second avenue north, Minneapolis.
ANY kind of light employment wanted for after
noons, by a well-educated young girl. Address
Miss Carrie Jackson, city. 3
WANTED— Sewing in private families; cutting
and fitting a specialty. Address D 40, this
office. 5
DBESSMAB KB by the S T Taylor's system, would
XJ like work In private families, or an establish
ment. Address AO J, this office. 5
ANY one in need of a good family seamstress call
at 17" Carroll street. 4
SITUATION wanted by a woman who can do neat
and quick cooking at the fair. Address EC.
this office. 4
FOE SALE—Whole business or half interest In the
Skating Pavilion. Splendid chance to Invest.
Only rink In the city, business good. Address Man
ager Pavilion, box 200. Mankato, Minn. 3
ANTED A party with .- 30.000 or more capital
»». to engage In banking business in good town;
no opposition. Address lock box 25, Os^kis, Minn., 3
RARE CHANCE—A butcher shop with all new
fixtures and tools, in a very good neighborhood,
for rent. Address 11 T, Globe office. 251
MEAT market for sale cheap. Address A 9, this
office. • 3
FOB SALE—In good location, a druggist's stock
and fixtures and good-will. For particulars ad
dress 1* O Box 707, Fargo, Dak. 2
rj.ENTI.KMKN with 823 or more can secure the
*-" management of an enterprise that will bear in
vestigation and yield a ready an 1 continuous in
crease. Address SB. Globe, Minneapolis. 1
FOX SALE- Saloon, very cheap; the proprietor
i wishes to leave town. Call on G A Emery, Trc
mont house, corner Eighth and Roberts street. 1
T7OR ALE—A newspaper outfit, good subscrlp-
X tlon list and advertising patronage; In a live
* "»- Address G V X, this office.
IF you wish to engage in any kind of business call
on Beutly & Illldebrand, 313>a' Jackson st. 249-52
PRACTICAL bread and cake baker with «SOO cash
wanted. i: Monroe, city. 7
WANTED— good barber to rent a barber shop,
everything complete, German preferred. Ap
ply at 3-.1 Bice street. 7
SALOON and restaurant and fixtures for sale: only
one In the village; a good location and a lively
town. Henry Knudson, Lakefleld, Minn. *6
A PARTY wanted to join the advertiser to secure
xl a patent; half interest $200. Williams, this
office. G
LADY wants room-mate, pleasant front room.cen
tral, small private family; rent moderate. Ad
dress M G. this office. g
WANT ED—Man of energy and ability to join ad
vertiser In a small Investment that will yield
liberal and Immediate profits. Address PM, Globe
office Minneapolis. 5
THIRST-CLASS furnished-room business for sale of
X It) rooms, full of good tenants; terms WOO cash,
balance on time. Address II MB, this office. 5
I HAVE a saloon doing a sun- business, and the
rent very reasonable, but must sell on account of '
poor health. Address John, this office. 5
"Y^ocxc gentleman wants room-mate; nicely fur-
X Dished room; house has all modern conveniences
85 per month. CB X, this office.
BUSINESS partner with small capital for hotel
and other business; capital not as much an ob
ject as business principles. Address 493 East Sev-'
enth street. 4
A FINE saloon centrally located, for sale doing a
good business; reason for selling wish to leave
the city. Enquire 394 l:ast Seventh street. 4
ROOM wanted, either with or without board
within three blocks of Irvine park. References
exchanged. Address, siating terms. J 60, care
Globe. 3
AN unfurnished room wanted heated by a furnace.
Address II C L. Globs. 3
BY young couple, do children, three rooms wanted
for light housekeeping in lower town; must have
modern conveniences. .1 C, 186 Third street. 3
"P'UBNISHED room wanted for light housekeeping;
1 . can furnish oil stove, state terms and address
No. :'.:::; this office. 3
IT7"ANTED—Two or three furnished rooms for i
» V light bouseiceeplng: near post office; reasonable
rent; two in family. Address Bixby, this office. 2
TWO rooms with board wanted by married couple, i
X without children. Please address with terms
C F 11. Globe office. \
THKKK or four unfurnished rooms wanted for ',
X housekeeping, or small bouse, by gentleman
and wife. Address JH, care Globe. 1
AGENT an.l wife want one or two rooms in pri
vate family, with board; state price and loca
tion: C B X, this office. 1
TXT AN 'ED Furnished rooms for light house
>» keeping; no family; convenient 10 Globe office
and low rent. Address A Bonier, this office. 1
TWO rooms wanted, furnished or partly furnishes,
X for light housekeeping, by Sept. 15; state tern)"'
Address C W, this office. 7 |
FIVE rooms wanted for housekeeping half hour
walk from Seventh and Broadway, in good '
neighborhood, with hard and soft water, rent cheap
Address 217 F.a-t Seventh street. 5
"W ANTED—Board and good unfurnished room I
» t for gentleman and wife, about five minutes I
from postoiace. R P, Globe.
OARD and room wanted by man and wife in up
per town, not to exceed *36 a mouth AH Z
this offlce. * '-
A SINGLE gentleman dosirca room and board in I
private family. A ■'. ■•. this office. ■ 4
SHORTHAND taught by a competent teacher, 25
IO cents per lesson. Address AZ, this office. 3 j
LESSONS given on the banjo: leave orders with I
W. J. Dwyer & Bro. Ais Scovllle. 1 j
"PETERSON'S orchestra furnish music for banquets,
X balls and parties; teacher of string and brass
music; violin special; violins for sale; 515 St. Peter i
Stores, JUc.
FOX KENT—A Rood store, No 75 East Third
street; Rood location for any kind of -business.
Inquire of C A Dibble or Stccs Bros. 249-54
FOB KENT— Store on corner of Pale and Ashland
L avenue, with fixtures for butcher shop. J W
Crossou, 1157 East Fourth street. 1
FOB RENT—Three-story hotel, eighteen living
rooms and three stores. Rent, $650 per year.
T Bonny, 296 Pleasant avenue. 1
HOTEL and Store for Rent—Frawley house at
Eau Claire, Wig., just completed and provided
•with all modern appointments, will be let on very
favorable terms. Also, two flm-class stores to rent.
For particulars apply to T F Frawley, Eau Claire,
Wts. 248-61
BUTCHER Shop for rent. Wallis, corner Minne
sota. 7
SMALL store to rent, corner Seventh ami Broad
way. Call at 299 Bast Seventh street, upstairs. 6
LIGHT, airy basement warned to rent convenient
to ■walk, on Seventh street or In vicinity.
Address B 1! L, this office. 4
T^oTi" RENT CHEAP—Large first basement store,
S. frontage on the river of 100 feet, Rogers' red
brick block, corner St. Peter and Third streets. Call
on C E & A G Otis, 122 East Third street, over Third
National bank. 238*
I^OR —New brick store, (Kiefer's row), cor
- ncr East Seventh anil Mlnnehaha streets; good
location for Clothing and gents' furnishing, house
hold goods or second-hand store: Cheap rent. In
quire of A. R. Klefer, 190 East Seventh street. 95-98»
/"COTTAGE of four or five rooms wanted conven-
V-' lent to street cars, good water and locality. Ad
dress I) J, Globe. 3
FOB SALE—Our job printing department; best lo-
X cation In the city; office Is complete in every
way; two Job and one cylinder press with steam fix
tures; have some of the best trade in city; other
business takes all our time Is only reason for selling;
terms reasonable. J M Rosscll Co, 190 East Fifth
street- 251-54
FOR RENT— seven-room liouse on Rice
street. Apply to J H Brown, 3f>4 Robert street.3
TEN-ROOM house with modern Improvements for
rent. Inquire of owner on premises, 549 Day
ton nvenue. 3
HOUSE for rent; live rooms, two closets, pantry,
cistern and cellar, and a good woodshed; rent
moderate; 597 Park avenue.
AN eight room house on Dayton's bluff to rent;
694 East Sixth street, between Maria and Bates
NEW house of nine rooms for rent, 135 Iglehart
ll street, near Rice street; desirable location; best
of water, hard and soft. Inquire next door; D Law
ton. i
HOUSE Of seven rooms and barn for rent, at 897
Convey street. Apply to 879 Convey street. 1
NICE six-room cottage for rent, fine trees and
grounds; ISO; 297 Nelson avenue. 1
ANEW house for rent with eleven rooms and
bath-room. Plmlen. spring and cistern water;
226 Fifteenth street. Apply to M Roche, 223 Fif
teenth street. 1
HOUSE —Seven rooms, cellar, barn, wood shed,
well and cistern, and five lots; Fifth, corner
Hoffman avenue. Apply within. 1
COTTAGE Of live rooms for rent, with woodshed,
city water, and all modern conveniences, corner
Arundel and Laurel avenue. 1
FURNISHED house to rent from Oct. 1. 296
Pleasant avenue. 1
FOR RENT—A small house on Kent street. No 570
X corner of Edmund, near University avenue car
barn. " l
FOR SALE or rent a house on St Anthony hi!!,
JO nine rooms: good cellar,. bath-room, lake water,
sewer connections. Inquire at 61 Dale street. □ 1
A HOUSE of ten rooms, on St. Anthony hill, near
A street < a™, for rent. House is \eiy warm ami
supplied with bath room and furnace. Apply at 55".
Ashland avenue. 1
LARGE house and stable for rent, near brick
J yards, Sixth ward; rent cheap. Address Law
rence Fahey, box 2107, city. 1
HOUSE and barn to rent at 82 Indiana a venue
west: bard and soft water. Inquire at house or
132 Robert street. 1
FOR rent Oct. 1, new house on St. Anthmy hill,
eight rooms, modern Improvements, and use of
barn. Inquire of William Ruff, 403 Jackson St. 1
HANDSOME residence for rent. No. 813 Summit
avenue. Davis ft Brown, 360 Jackson street.
T^OR RENT— a month, that new house with six
J. rooms. No. 793 Bice street; good stabling. In
quire 498 St. Peter street. 7
HOUSE for rent; best location in lower town; all
modern conveniences, furnace, etc. party who
would buy furniture preferred; a Bargain; eight
rooms; rent $45. Address It 88, this office. 7
"jVTKW eight-room house for rent; largo ■ yard, fine
11 lawn, modern Improvements. 30S Oak street. 7
(I? 1 A —To rent, seven-room house, good cellar, Rood
«PJ.tJ -water. Inquire at 584 Rice street. Charles
Itouck. 7
FOR RENT—A house of eight rooms, 847 Walnut
-T street. Inquire at 343 Walnut. 7
HOUSE with six rooms to rent with cistern and
cellar. 147 St. Peter street. 7
SMALL house for rent, with water, etc. Apply to
171 Flllmore avenue west. Sixth ward. 7
<£ A A MONTH for a house In West St. Paul. Ap
•i?^r ply No. 415 Aurora avenue, near Western, to
O C Jlouphton. 7
HOUSE with nine rooms for rent. No. 231 Sixth
street, with barn and water. Inquire of F G
Ingersoll. at Germnn-American bank. 7
HOUSES from «6 to $15 per month. Call at 251
Commercial street. • 7
FIVE-ROOM house on Burr street, two closets,
pantry, good water, cellar and woodshed. In
quire 457 Collins. II Schmaus. 7
PLEASANT furnished house for rent in upper
town: will rent cheap. Address J W, this) office.7
COO A MONTH—House, seven rooms, with city
'7*<<*\J water; 544 Laurel avenue, St. Anthony hill.
Apply next door. 7
FOR RENTNine-room house on Hague avenue.
E. A. Sargent, 157 East Fourth street. 6
HOUSE of six rooms and alcove, with good cellar,
sewerage and city water, at 386 North Fort
street, near Seven corners, for rent. 6
SM LL house of three rooms, summer kitchen and
good large cellar, pleasant locution In upper
town; rentes. Inquire 128 West Sixth. 6
HOUSE of five rooms after the 15th inst.; «16 per
month, at 157 Valley street. 6
NICE, light basement suitable, for housekeeping.
Inquire 40S Rosabel street. 6
HOUSE of three rooms, kitchen, woodshed and
well; 327 Pleasant avenue. 6
LARGE, well-furnished house for rent; modem
J Improvements, desirable locution.one block from
street cars. Address W W ]', this • Sice. (i
T^URNISIIED house complete for rent, good loca-
J- tion, with water closet and bath; rent moderate.
O F M, this office. 6
17URNISHED flat for housekeeping, first floor; *10
X per month. J W Mabon, 82 Bluff street, corner
Rice. 6
HOUSE on Tilton. near Rice street. Address W
F E. this office. 6
HOUSE for rent suitable for boarding house,
within one-half block of Ryan hotel. Also
some furniture for sale. Inquire at 92 East Sixth
street. 5
A SMALL four-room house to rent. Apply at 543
Wabasha street. 5
CIHEAP rent, new house, ten rooms, line cellar.
' furnnce.city water.and all other modern conven
iences. Inquire at 538 Marshall avenue. 5
TWO-STORY tenement, eight rooms, good repair
X for rent; Sixth street. Apply to Ingersoll &
Ovitt, German-American Bank building. . 5
HOUSE for rent on Third street, between Com
mercial and Hoffman avenue; four rooms and
barn; 110 per month, Call at 636 East Third. 5
IVJEW ten-room house, beautiful location, large
i-> yard, fireplace, furnace, water and sewer, fine
cellar, everything desirable. Inquire at 538 Marshall
avenne. 4
DESIRABLE residence of ten rooms on Ramsey
street to rent partly fnrnlshed or unfurnished at
moderate rental. Inquire at room 70, Court block.
Fourth street. 4
FOR RENT—Seven-room house. No. 420 West
Seventh street. Inquire at 416 West Seventh
street. nil" ■• 4
A HOUSE of five rooms for rent; well, good cel
.n. lar, etc., corner Livingston avenue and Color
ado street. Sixth ward. Mrs. J. Burke. 1
GOOD dwelling house for rent, nine rooms, Phalen
T water, cellar and sewerage; 555 St. Peter street.
CaH at 517, next door. 4
"I7IGHT-ROOM house, corner Ashland avenne and
-Lj Hale street. Apply to W H Merrick, 27 East
Third street. 4
COR — eood house on College avenue. No 45.
ipAstJ Apply at 563 St. Peter street. 4
FOi: RENT—Furnished or unfurnished residence.
X No 503 Canada street, corner of Tenth; has all
modern improvements. Apply George H Allen.
Merchants hotel. 240-52
FTIHREE unfurnished rooms for rent; 39 Iff Airy.
-*- 3
FRONT room, first floor, handsomely furnished,
for one or two gentlemen; $12; 321 Chestnut
street, one block from Seven corners. 3
V URNISHED rooms; terms moderate; private fain-
X i!y, 223 Grove street, between Canada and
Broadway. 3
FURNISHED front room, good size, convenient '
I .on. Inquire at 640 St. Peter street. 8:
rpu RENT —Nicely furnished front room, first floor. j
X large hay -window, bath. etc. : one neat bedroom, j
suitable for one or two gentlemen, cheap, with or !
without board. No. 9 West Ninth street. 3 I
FOR RENT—Three nice unfurnished rooms very
cheap: use of soft and hard water. Address 360 j
Louis street. 3
FOR RENT — suites of rooms with all mod-
X\ crn improvements, new brick building, corner
Fifth and Maria avenue. Inquire CM, Globe office. I
251 i
FINE unfurnished front room with alcove and j
clothes press, on street car line Inquire 5 5
Lafayette avenue. 3 ]
you ntcxt.
Kc.oius Continued.
THREE furnished front rooms forwent during the
fair week; eight gentlemen can bo aucotnmo
dated. Call at 123J« West Third streot. 8
AVEKY pleasant, large unfurnished room In a
desirable locution; Mi!) Canada street. 1
T>LEASA.NT furnished room for reut at 58 West
-L Fourth street, near Rice park. 1
LARGE rooms on first and necond floors, In rear
of my store, at corner of Third and Cedar streets
will be rented together or separately; good location
for milliner or dressmaker. Inquire of C A Dibble,
40 East Third street. 24D-54
A NICELY furuUhod front room wanted for rent
in private family for ono or two gentlemen.
Apply 231 Morris street. 1
A WELL furnished front room, breakfast and tea
If desired, at 243 Farrlngtou avenue, second
door from Nelson. 1
"CH>R RENT—Very pleasant double front rooms,
-T with archwny between, newly furnished; on
second floor; suitable for two, three or four gentle
men; 54 West Tenth street. 2
IAIIGEfnnt parlor, unfurnished, to rent, also
J other rooms furnished, at 270 East Eighth
street. 1
FRONT room and bedroom, unfurnished, to rent,
corner line and Spruce streets, 1
FURNISHED room, suitable for two, for rent.
Price $8, at 27 East Ninth Btreet. 1
rp\VO front parlors, first and second floor, for rent:
X also first-class table board, 349 Franklin St. 1
TpOU RENT—Three best-kept furnished rooms in
1 St Paul; one large room with alcove, for three
gents; one front corner room for two and one single
room; low rent for winter; 833 East Sixth st. 24!»-51
FUKNISHEI) rooms for rent on first and second
floors, and board; 37 East Ninth street. 1
ROOMS— Suite of three pleasant front rooms for
rent. Phalen water and all conveniences on same
floor; 449 St Peter street. 1
FOR RENT—Two rooms, hot and cold wnter and
bath, for light housekeeping; Ev ans, 225 East
Seventh street. 1
NICELY furnished front pnrlor and front room,
for rent, second floor, with water-closet and batli;
at *25 per month; G, this office. 1
TARGE front room for rent, first floor.bay window,
1 grate; is elegantly papered and nicely furnished,
uso of bath; 57S Cedar street. 1
NICELY furnished front rooms for rent, single or
In suite; private family, moderate rent, con
venient to business; 519 Robert street. 1
■pURNIHHED front room for rent; 2 Wlltln st. 1
I) OOMS—For rent, furnished; $3 to «8; West Bluf>'
\- street, near St Peter. 1
A LARGE, well-furnished room for rent at 40S
Wabasha street. 1
"ryriCE large front room, with breakfast, tea and
I^l Sunday dinners, for two gentlemen; $18 Per
month. Addres* Hume, this office. 1
A WELL-FURNISHED room wanted, near horse
cms; lower town desired; room must be heated;
stute price per month. D, Globe office. 1
THREE rooms, furnished or unfurnished, for rent
with use of hot and cold bath. Private family.
■194 Btlllwater street. 1
FOUR n rce rooms for rent, very convenient for
housekeeping, good cellar, hard and soft water.
483 Selby avenue.
UNFURNISHED rooms for rent. Apply at 305
Iglehart street. 1
/COMFORTABLE furnished flat of three rooms,
Vv flrst floor, three closets and cellar, modern con
veniences, to responsible party. Inquire at 488 Ce
dar Btreet. 1
FOR RENT—Three handsomely furnished rooms.
bay window, closets and use of bath; splendid
locality, nenr capitol private family. 1
FRONT room with alcove, unfurnished, facing
south. Private family. 165 Iglehart street, near
Summit park. 1
IAB6E pleasant front rooms for rent during fair
J week, by dny or week; Ilcrzog block, corner
Fourth and St Peter. 1
THURNISHED rooms, with or without board, to
JO permanent parries or transient at 217 Pearl
Btreet. 1
LARGE front room for rent, with closet, suitable
for two; 313 Nelson street, St Anthony hill. 1
FOR BENT—Three rooms, with closets, we'l and
cistern, down stairs; £10 per month; sJt> Uni
versity avenue. 1
FOUU large unfurnished rooms for rent, one block
from street cars. Inquire at 257 Western aye, 1
NICELY furnished rooms, either for light house
keeping or single; good location. Address 21!>
Rprnce street. • 1
HOUSE of seven rooms at 688 Fifth street; cellar,
cistern; rent 820. 1
PLEASANT furnished rooms, modern convenience:
252 W Fifth street, one block from street cars. 1
r PWO nice unfurnished front rooms for rent.cheap.
J- Inquire at 15"> Smith street, one block from
West Seventh street. 1
WANTED— A clean youth for lodgings, tl per
week; German preferred; stating age. Ad
dress W 233. this office. 1
ROOMS —To rent, throe or four unfurnished rooms,
two closets, with cistern water upstairs; 195
University avenue. 1
(' O CANADA street, three unfurnished rooms
Ut/O for housekeeping. 1
TWO or three rooms for rent, fnm'shed or unfnr
nislicd, with or wit' o it board, in private fam
ily, new house, modern conveniences, 3fil Maria
street. 1
nPHREE newly furnished front rooms, 207 Eosi
X Seventh street. Call at room two third floor. 1
PLEASANT front room to rent, furnished or un
furnished. Apply at 190 Ellen street. 1
NICELY furnished rooms with board, use of bath.
No. 19 En-1 Ninth str« t. 1
LARGE front room with bay window and alcove,
with use of bath, for rent at *ni Pleasant ave
nue. ■;
SUITE of handsomely furnished rooms with use of
bath. Call or address C, 150 Pleasant avenue. 7
ONE suite and single room overlooking Capitol
square; house heated by furnace and has bath
and all modern conveniences; 506 Cedar street. 7
1} OOMS—To rent, nicely furnished rooms with
V modern Improvements; three doors from Seventh
street, 317 Chestnut street. 7
]argp:, handsomely-furnished second-story room,
_i with bath adjoining, for rent; suitable for two;
one on third floor. 36fi North Exchange. 7
FURNISHED or unfurnished rooms' for rent, very
desirable, 358 East Ninth Btreet Address II (:.
358, this Office. 7
TWO very pleasant front rooms, furnished or un
furnished; second floor, McCormlck new block,
corner I;;lcliart and Rice. 7
TWO nicely furnished rooms connecting, suitable
for one or two gentlemen or gentleman and wife.
SO6 Sherman street, between West Seventh and Ex
change. 7
rilwo front rooms on the third floor for rent. 323
J- East Seventh, near Broadway. 7
HANDSOME suite of rooms on first floor, furnished
or unfurnished; also singe rooms with hoard if
desired. In upper town. Address FP. this office. 8
NICELY furnished room with bath for rent; meals
In vicinity; 534 Lafayette avenue. (i
FRONT room furnished: with parlor and bedroom
furniture for rent; 351 Franklin Btreet, one
block from Rice park. 6
rp\VO nicely furnished rooms with use of bath for
J- rent: 478 Cedar street. fi
ROOM and board with use of piano for gentleman
and wife. Address X, this office. 6
rooms with cellar and cistern, three blocks
•^ from Merchants hotel; small German family
preferred. Address XV, this Office. 6
NICELY furnished front room for rent: corner
house, suitable for one or two gentlemen, or
gentleman nnd wife; board near by; small private
family. 176 Pearl, near JacKson. 6
NICE furnished room for rent cheap; 221 East
Thirteenth street. 6
TWO very pleasant rooms furnished or not. each
suitable for two persona-with board at 49 East
Eleventh street. 6
TIWO unfurnished rooms down stairs for rent, two
-L blocks from University avenue street cars. In
quire 229 Charles street. 6
TWO unfurnished rooms with connecting folding
doom, use of bath, for rf ut 323 Chestnut street,
one block from Seven corners. 6
OLEASANT furnished rooms to rent In private
X family; central location; cars pass the door both
ways: references. Address LD. this office. 6
T ARGE furnished front room, suitable for gentle-
Lj man and wife or two gentlemen with board; 84
Park place. C
HANDSOMELE furnished front chamber for one
or two gentlemen: closet and hot water and
bath: private, iiuiet family: convenient location to
wholesale district. 211 Spruce, corner Cooper (Sib
ley)- fi
FOR RENT—To gentlemen, furnished or unfur- j
nished rooms. No. 358 East Ninth. Address II j
C 358. this office. 6 i
FURNISHED rooms for rent; good location near j
business; 54 West Fourth street. 6
FOR RENT—Three nice rooms at corner of Onega !
and Susan streets. West St Paul. S
FOR RENT—Second floor, size 25x110, at 315 Rob
ert street, between Third and Fourth streets. 5
FOR RENT —Several nicely furnished room? with
board at IS;! Pleasant avenue. 5
npiIREE unfurnished rooms forllcrlit housekeeping,
X modern Improvements, central location. In
quire 054 Fort street, near Seven corners. 5
■JVPCELY furnished corner room, flrst floor, large
11 bay window, bath, etc., with or without board.
No. 9 West Ninth street. 5
FOUR or five unfurnished rooms wanted for light
housekeeping. Address ED, this office. 5
TWO furnished rooms suitable for four young men,
two and one-fourth blocks from cupitol; a very
nice place; rent very moderate. 61 College avenue
west. 5
FOR RENT—Cheap to a family without chlldren.a
floor of four unfurnished rooms, very conveni
ent. 519 Temperance street. S
FOR BENT—€3O Wabashaw. three handsomely
furni.tlu-d rooms, bay window, closets and bath;
splendid locality, private family near capitol. 5
JTOK REXT. _____
Rooms Continued.
LARGE front room and alcove, or a single room
JLi In private family. 527 Mississippi street, for
rent. . ,5
SIX rooms at corner Onega and Susan streets, Woßt
Bt. Paul, tor rent. 5
FIRST flat, six rooms, four closets, for rent; the
best arranged Hat for housekeeping In the city.
Call at 841 Sherman street. 4
SINGLE rooms and rooms with alcoves, furnished,
with hoard, at 892 Jackson street. 3
I? OH KENT—With hoard if desired, two unfur
nished rooms. Call at «62 Maria avenue, be
tween Fifth and sixth streets. 4
T ARGE front room well furnished, use of bath, at
JLJ 013 Wiili.iKlui street. 4
/"CONVENIENT first floor; water; 665 Canada
v> street. Call Monday. 1
DESIRABLE rooms for housekeeping, moderate
rent, convenient and pleasant location; 229
Eighth street. 1
ONE suite and single room overlooking capitol
square; house bested by a furnace, and bos bath
and ait modern conveniences. 506 Cedar street. 4
IIREE unfurnlsded rooms well adapted for light
X housekeeping; modern Improvements, central
location. Call at 354 Fort, street.near Seven coruers.4
NICE, small furnished room for rent to a single
gentleman with board, also a nicely furnished
room suitable for two gentlemen, use of bath. 232
West Seventh street. 4
i) A COLLEGE avenue west, nicely furnished
/V x 1 rooms and board; fine accommodations for
transients; use of hath, heated by steam. 4
rpiIKEE nicely furnished south and front rooms,
X large closets, steam heat and use of bath, in pri
vate family; 48 West College avenue.
TAVO desirable residence Hats, private bouse, fur
i- nished or unfurnished, convenient, central loca
tion, moderate rental. Inquire room 70, Court
block. Fourth street east. 4
AN excellent barn for rent. Apply at 244 East
Fourteenth street. 3
1 r\/"|A('Ki;sof good after-grass pasturage for rent,
X.kJ\J or will pasture stock by day or month; rates
reasonable. Inquire of Wm. A. Davern. Fort Snell
ing. 3
FOR sat/e.
F^OR SALE—Our job printing department, best lo-
X cation in the city, Office Is complete In every
way: two job and one cylinder press with steam fix
tures; have some of the best trade in city; other
business takes all our time is only reason for selling;
terms reasonable. J M Rosscll & Co, 190 East. Fifth
street. 251-54
WANTED— sell a good flute cheap. Address
A O, Globe office. 3
FOR SALE—A pair Barney & Berry club skates,
X No 10, used only a short time and good as new;
price $4.75. Address Holier Skates this office. 2
J7KJB SALE— pairs of roller skates, cheap at
L Woolmer's shooting gallery, 252 East Seventh
street. 3
FOB SALE—A string of light iron fence, suitable
- for a large lot, for sale cheap. Inquire at Globe
office. 25 1-7 1
OOD milch cow for sale at 246 Oak street, be
* tween Chestnut and Walnut. 3
FOB SALE— One of the best locations for refresh
ment stand on State Fair grounds; apply on
grounds to Chas S Edwards. 1
17OK Household furniture, organ, some
i- farm tools, wagons, etc., cheap, or would ex
change for a good horse. Apply at No. 3 East Ninth
street. 1
A FIRST-CLASS restaurant, in good location in
-TV. St. Paul for sale. Can give good reason for
selling. Address SW, Globe office. 1
P'OB SALE— and $1,300, six-room houses;
two unsold; new and first-class, terms sis per
month, location good; Stone & Marrett, 819 Jackson
street, 249-52
ONE kitchen, two coal and one 'wood-heating
stoves for sale. 258 Pleasant avenue, corner of
■Walnut street. '..-•:-.■ 1
THREE years' house lease for sale at 150 Pleasant
avenue. ' j
"POP. SALE—A Charter Oak cooking stove; woo.l,
X No 8, almost as good as new; sell cheap; It 88
this office. j
FOR SALE—Railroad scrapers and plows; 295
Jackson street. 1
YOU can buy watches, clocks, silverware, etc.. on
JL weekly and monthly payments, by bringing this
notice to Stone, tho jeweler, 192 East Seventh street.
A GOOD piano for sale; must be sold at once,slso.
Address S M J, this office. 7
FOR SALE—One piano in good order, cost •300,
for $30 if bought at once, at 395 Superior street,
near West Seventh street. 5
A GOOD paying saloon, with pool table, fixtures,
lease and license, for sale; terms one-half cash
Address II 40, care Globe. 5
FOi: —Three farms near railroad mid spoke
-L factory; 100,000 feet of oak timber on one. Ad
dress J M Ovcson, this office. 5
I^OR SALE—Two counters and fine show cases.
■ Call at 38S Wabasha street. 4
*£1 £; WILL buy a Rood size cook Rtovo, and good
•MM size water tank. Good as new, Apply 459
Dayton avenue. 4
CANARY birds for sale at reasonable prices; 21G
v^ Ramsey street. • 4
A JEWELER'S side 10-foot show case for pllver
ware, for sale. Inquire 147 West Third street.4
W"ANT to hire a good horse and buggy until Oct.
1. Nlt Frost, room 1, Union Mock. 8
W" ANTED—To hire a good horse and buggy until
Oct 1; horse will have good care in first-class
barn; N Ii Frost, room 1, Union block, 1
HORSE, buggy and cutter for sale very cheap.
The horse Is unsurpassed for family use. Max
Hester, 154 West Isabel street. West St. Paul. 1
FOR SALEVery cheap, good delivery horse and
wngon; 12 West Third. _ 1
LADIES' driving horse, two sets of single harness,
-i phaeton and cutter, lap robes and wolf robe for
sale. Inquire at 464 Carroll ttreet. 1
BEAUTIFUL span of bay carriage horses, 5 and C
XJ years old, for sale. Owner leaving city. Ad
dress W F, this office. 1
FOR SALE—A No. 1 driving marc, clean and
handsome; 7 years old. a good roadster, fall or
address No. 3il Sherman street. 7
G()OI) riding and driving pony and harness for
vJT sale cheap; *30. Please call at 798 Minnehaba
street, Dayton's bluff. 7
X\T ATED—TO sell or exchange for property,
\ V horse, buggy, new harness and piano. Call or
address 043 Dayton avenue. 5
CUTTER for sale cheap. To be seen at old govern
vv ment barn, corner Fifth and Cedar streets. 4
ONE single-seated top-buggy and a double-seated
J family jump-seat buggy, blanket and robes, for
sale cheap. W G Gaston, 363 Jackson street. 4
HORSE, harness and covered spring wagon,
cheap. 316 West Seventh street. 4
Q!1 AC\ BUYS new phaeton and harness; cost 5200;
'■JJL^bxJ owner leaving the town; can be seen at
Horse Exchange, corner Fourth and Minnesota
street, St. Paul. 234-57
FOB SALE—For the next thirty days will oiler
our whole stocK of carriages, pheatons, top and
open buggies, wagons, surreys, etc.. at half their
value. Call and see King's Carriage repository, cor
ner Fourth and Minnesota streets, St. Paul. 234-57
FOR SALE — An elegant new carriage; seats six:
at half Its value; also new jump seat, seats four,
at King's, corner Fourth and Minnesota streets, St.
Paiii. 234-57
OARDING— Mrs J W Rutherford, private board
ing house; day board si per week; 452 Minnesota
street, corner Eighth; rooms according to location.
BOARD offered with pleasant furnished room for
two; per week, private family, central loca
tion. Aid ess VB, Globe office. 1
BOARDING OFFERED— Gills' Home. 820
St. Peter street. Respectable girls only, »2.50
per week. Reading room free. 1
BOARDING offered with nicely furnished 1 rooms.
XJ Call at 328 Eleventh and Pine streets. 1
GOOD board and pleasant front room, suitable for
VX two; 84 Park place. 7
ROOM with board suitable for two gentlemen; use
-LV, of bath, hot and cold water. 168 Pleasant ave
nue, 6
Q"l F\(\ AND $2 per day will secure line room
%>1 ,U\J and board at Hotel Grand, St. Paul, for
the fair. 24C-250 :
I WANT desk room, law or rrnlj estate office; un
derstand all li-:_-il forms; will give work In office
for rent. Best references. "Lex." this office. 1
wTOVES wanted to blacken and put up. Apply to
H S GUlbard, 433 Robert street. 1
WHY burn gas when you can have better light
VV nt one-fourth the cost by using the Marsh
Electric Lamp, an ornament in your home. Call :
ana sec them at 217 East Seventh street, upstairs.
Agents wanted everywhere; J Haisley. 249-51
A BRIGHT healthy girl, three months old, for
adoption, at Home of the Friendless. 1
WILL pay a large bonus for tax titles on St. Pau
andßamsty county property; old titles pre
ferred; give year of sale, your price and full descrip
tion of the property. Address WH, care Globe.
YOU can buy watches, clocks, silverware, etc., on
weekly and monthly payments, by bringing this
notice to Stone, the jeweler, 192 East Seventh street.
ORDERS taken for furnace and chimney cleaning.
H C Sache, 04 East Seventh street. 248-273
AM. RADCLIFFE. architect, room* 26 and 27,
• Wilder block, bet. Jackson and Sibieyßts.247-6m
A I'PLICATIONS received from gentlemen of good
XX recommendations to enter a select club for home
comfort and social enjoyment. Address MP, this
DL. .TAMIESON, general dyer- In silk and wool
• ens, 412 Wabasha street, St. Paul, Minn.
William 11. licckor,
offers for Bale one of the best 160-acre farms
In Dickey county, with good dwelling house, barn
and out-buildiiißs, noar the county seat, price
31.M0; will exchange tor of merchandise.
VJ Kllondalo, ranging in price from *50 to $600.
Also- excellent bargains in farm property in
Dickey county, which I can offer to investors in
the next thirty days at very low prices, from *5 to
$10 per aero. 248-253
fUVE-ROOM house and Rood lot on St. Anthoijy
X hill, one of the bust built houses In the city.
1 must sell at once and will sell cheep. E 29, care
Globe. 351-88
I HAVE 15 lots near Northern Pacific shops thai I
wish to sell to raise some money. 11 36, care
i:' "■'■■ 231-53
T OVEERING Park lot for sale cheap. I) 47, care
-" (ilobe. 251-53
SIX lots In Palace Addition for sale cheap: I) 47,
O care Globe. 251-5:1
>JF\ FEET front on Seventh street near the fill.
/ «-/ J9, care Globe. 251-53
QA ACUKS for «30,000, corner of Como avenue
KJ\J and Dale street, near St. Paul foundry. North
ern Pacific railroad passes over the north end
Robert P. Lewis, Sherman block. 251
-L' property; the only pieces for sale; will sell
twenty ortweniy-livo feet front. A. 15. Wilgus &
Bros., 103 Dakota avenue.
•; )\JvJ four blocks from the Seven Corners;
look this up; $1,000 cash, balance time. W. S.
Monroe, 325 Jackson. u'i \
FOR SALK or rent, a small grist mill near Winni
peg, Manitoba. Apply for particulars to KM
Prltchard, Farlbault, Minn. 1
"C 1 OR SALE— A new house and lot on Dayton's
-L bluff, near PII Kclley, for »1 500; come quick;
your last chance. Apply to Bacon & Colcman, 325
Jackson street. 1
FOR SALE—Lot 19, block 10, Holcoinlic's addition
to St. Anthony hill. Apply 123 West Fairneld
avenue, West St. Paul. 1
A BEAUTIFUL home for a small family on
monthly payments. J Fairchild. 1
WANTED— The best home lean buy from *4,000
to $6,000. Address, with full description II
P. Globe office. 1
CHOICE building.lots In the West end on St An
\J thony hill; some special bargains for a short
time; Kdw Slmonton, 18 West Third street. 249-53
FOR SALE or would rent to responsible party for
a number of years, five acres with new house,
near the German school; convenient to the Northern
Pacific depot, new rolling mill; this Is the best prop
erty that is now In the market at the price. For
particulars call at Xo 3, East Ninth street. 249-51
FOR SALE—Store and lot, cheap. Inquire at 488
University avenue. 1
SIX room house, with cellar and cist'in. for sale
cheap. Lot 50xJ50, In West St. Paul. Inquire
at 448 Stryker avenue, West St. Paul. 1
CHOICE residence lots, near Merriam Park depot.
J Northern Pacific shops, fair grounds, and Ham
line University, with beautiful shade trees; easy
terms to parties that build; can give a exeat bargain
in blocks. John J liuckhoiu, 382 Wai a -ha street.
GOnn BUYS a lot on Fan-field avenue, West
yOUU St Paul. Address S 11, this office. 7
BIG bargain at Lake Phalen; five ncrcs for half
price; don't miss this. Wm. B. Conant, No. 1. ■
Fpcsley block. 7
■\T7ILL offer for a few days, cheap, an Improved
» V corner, paying 12 per cent, ; 1800 or 31.000 cash,
balance to suit. G L Woolsey, 962 Burr street. 7
FOR SALE— residence. No 444 Laurel avenue,
corner Arnndel street; lot Is 114 feet front on
Laurel avenue by 143 feet in depth to an alley; house
contains six bedrooms, three of which are on first
floor; parlor, library, dining-room, two kitchens,
bath-room and abundance of closet room; water and
sewerage connections made; all in perfect order;
large barn and abundance of shade trees. Terms
easy. Apply to Walter Mann, at Third National
bank. 246-76
A SEVEN-BOOM house and lot for sale or ex
change for other property, one block from mar
ket house. J Donovan, 417 Franklin street. 4
HOUSE and lot with barn, horse, buggy sleigh
and harness, etc., for sale very cheap. Apply
154 West Isabel street, West St. Paul. 4
FOR SALE—New house of live rooms, stone
foundation, cellar, cistern, .sheds, large level lot,
situate on Martin street, one-half block from Rice
street; this property can be bought at the following
terms if taken this week: (2,500, SSOO cash, balance
monthly. .1. W. Edsall, Room 97, German-American
Bank building, corner Fourth and Robert. 245-51
Outside Real Estate.
TWO good farms for sale at two-thirds their value;
X one improved with good dwelling; barns, gra
nary, etc. Geo F Woolsey, Burr and Case. 3
FOB SALE— acres, nine miles from city, im
proved. Address EII P. Mendota, Minn. 1
I OFFER for sale or exchange for St. Paul prop
erty, my farm of 2."0 acres,one-half mile from the
beautiful city of Red Wing, on the Hastings road,
with large, two-story brick house, twelve rooms,
large barn, granary, carriage and machine house,
ice house and other out-buildings; well of never
failing water, cistern and spring; creek running
through the farm, making cither a stock or grain
farm, with a beautiful lawn filled with evergreen
and other shade trees; convenient to market, church
and schools, making one of the most desirable homes
in Minnesota. Will be sold whole or divided as de
fired. E. A. Sargent, 157 East Fourth street, Sr.
Paul. 2:t-'S
FOR SALE—2fiO acres nine miles from city; im
-T proved. Addrs.ss EH P, care box 25, Mendota.3
( * ft farms for sale in Hand county. Dak.; the
. •■' / farms can be bought for from $500 to §1,000.
Moon & Pusey, Miller, Dak. 1
FOR SALE— whole or one-half Interest in an
eighty-acre poultry and fruit farm, accessible
to Minneapolis markets. Address Farmer, 168 Con
cor 1 street, West St Paul. 1
FOU SALE— acres of land Joining city limits.
Good running water and a good spring. Ad
dress Peter Curler, Globe office, Minneapolis. 24C-251
NEWPORT & Poet, Drake Block, Third street,
opposite Merchants hotel, loan money at from 6
to 8 per cent, on Improved city property, and furnish
It without delay. They also buy and sell mortgages,
bonds and stocks. 24-i-24S*f
LOANS on real estate, furniture and all personal
JLi property negotiated promptly and without In
convenience or extra expense ;privato office ;II Roths
child, 101 East Third street. 24S*
MONEY! Money! Borrow money on chattel
mortgage security. If you are financially em
barrassed or out of work for the time being, you can
borrow 810 and more on your furniture, pianos, or
gans, horses, mules, wagons, cows, etc. Property
not removed. By the payment of small sums In re
turn you reduce the original loan and interest pro
rata. Giving loans our personal attention and expe
rience we save to our customers all fees and public
ity. We also buy notes and advance money on time
checks. Deunng & Co. 362 Jackson, corner Fifth
Htre 249tf
WOMEN wanted to borrow money on musical in
struments, household goods, etc. Deming &
Co., Sf>2 Jackson. 249tf
IiTIRSTI iTIRST and second loans on lots; favorable terms;
1 no delay. William G 'White. 883 Jackson. 249-51
FI NANCIAL—S 15,000 to loan in sums of $5,000 on
JL Improved city property at 6 1-2 per coat. Davis
1"; Brown, 360 Jackson street. ■■ ■ -. , 249-55
CJ.*l OHO TO loan on city lots. Edward Simon
%fx^\J\J\J ton, is West Third street. 247-53
WANTED— To borrow. 56.000 on first-class prop
erty, at a low rate for five years. Address M.
this office. .1
l"4i 1) andupwardsloaned on furniture, pianos, horses
•JJ/XVy and vehicles,, goods left in your possession,
business confidential; we also make a specialty of
buying notes. X Doming & Co., 362 Jackson, cor
ner Fifth street. 819*
MONEY to loan on real estate and personal prop
erty. Apply to \V A Barr, 319 Jackson street.
,^__ 8?8^ - -- ' "
GANNON & Co, 325 Jackson street, buy notes and
lend money on furniture, horses, wagons, etc.,
without removal or publicity and accept payment in
Installments. Minneapolis olllce, 35 Washington
avenue south. 223* '
Sr\/"j^~\ to «50,000 loans made without delay as
„ *J\J'J soon as title can be examined on SI Paul
real estate with Interest from 6 to 8 percent.; build
ing loans specially attended to. Apply to ES < hit
tendon. First National bankbolldlng. 226-ly
Q1 (\(\ OHO °~Io:» on improved St. Pan!
'^I\J\J^\J\J\J real estate. S. S. Stokes, broker
age and insurance, No 157 East Fourth street. 199*
FOR BALE or Exchange— pleasant, profitable
business to trade for real estate, teams or furni
ture. Address Business, this office. 6
WANTED to exchange, fine pictures and mirrors
VV for a good horse. 414 Second avenue north.
Minneapolis. 5
TO EXCHANGE— income paying business
J property and lots in Minnesota City for stock of
merchandise or Motel. Address PB, this office. 5
TWO or three burner second-hand gasoline stove
wanted. Address F 4-t, this office. 3
WANTED— To bny a lot on St Anthony hill or
V\ otbergood residence neighborhood; star • price
and location; none but owners need answer. Ad
dress C X, this office. 1
WANTED to tray a candy machine for turning i
out candy in first-class order. Address Ma- I
chine, care Globe. 1
COOK stove and base-burner wanted; must be In
order and cheap, Address, with price, etc., Q
Stove, this office. -V,'-" 1
WANTED— second-hand three-burner gasoline
» V stove. Address F 48, this office. Vv : 1
BOUT 140 square feet of old tin roofing wanted
-£i- by Charles Horst, 506 St. Peter street. > 7
\\T ANTED— buy, books for cash. IS F Leask
♦ V & Co., 132 East Third street. 248-
A SECOND-HAND office stool, writing desk,
good Fairbanks or Howe scales. 3,300 lbs,
grain wagon and truck wanted. Address D C, 144
East Third street. 247*
ANTED—A diamond pin about lf))^ karat. (Ap
ply at Woolmer's shooting gallery, 232 East
Seventh street. 5
1 2
P. T. Kavanagh.
V a,!' i;a!lUi; ''KAs'-; and buildings ow
V Bast Seventh street esS si sub?
auction on the premi e ,, n, ' ,"■„.', '
Seventh street.. goodW
two good storos.with eight-room donhi. t, ?'
on second floor. The store w tenements
from |1 800 to »2,000 and eun £&££ fifal
to one large room, the stores Wine divi.l.vJ >-!r •
Pillars The lease of the gr^lSSftorigS
years at an annual rental of only *!:00, Hip ownor
of be mud paying nil taxes T-n.l KSSnSSt?
This is by far the i,,.. business chancS yefoffered
this season. The location j» unsurpassed^«,
Seventh afreet ts considered to be by fa? the Vnn.t
prominent retail street of the city. Watch thi!
■ale and pay attention »the data' attwdxf Bent
12,- atßp.m. P.-t: KayanaßghrAnctl^ee^^Si
1". l will sell at auction this week com
menoingon Monday morning nt 10 aJ in .the b',i
anceol the furniture in above hotel consisting
parlor and bedroom furniture, hull and slairlfa*
l.ets, etc., etc. On Tuesday I will BO U the dining
room furniture, silverware, etc., etc !• t '.'. •■
anaugh. Auctioneer. «,,£!:"
LOST AM> rdu.\p; -~~-^
Lost— On Wabaslia, between Sixth and tirlchart.
i watch with chain and charms; flhdervll] dp
hotel rewarded by leaving at room 53, Clarendon
lOBT— gray parrot, Ben ™aT last evening iv^n
J 131 West Third at; good reward to the Under. ?
TOST—German Bavin™ Bank pass;book; In cttv"
e Wo«^ ACl'ooleiXO- 4572' fe« &™S
. _____ ]
BAY horse lost Thursday night, finder will pieajf
return to 159 Rondo Btrect. j
POTOD Railroad bßrcßSo che<*; lt» ■St Anthool
x hill street car; loser can have same by annlWn
to OfllCli. J '"
LOST-Lewellyn setter do-.', white, with Ilver-col
J^ ored spots; bad leather strap and narrow crim.
son ribbon around neck; answers to name of Baa-''
Return to 39 Virginia avenue or 103 Ka.it Third »ireet
and receive reward, i- F LoomU • •
. .
STOLEN; August 24. brown horse, C years old ;Ihai
*-> ajhablt of cribbing. Twenty-five dollars rowan
for return of same to corner of Luke street and Gai
Held avenue. N. Fairchild. „
OTRAYED— small red cow with wliitel'n~d~j'vr
' ' back, Reward for lnfonnntlon concerning her
K. P. Cullen, 23 and 25 West Fourth street. ;
LOST— A small gold breastpin, name "Louis.- 1
engraved on it. Please return to 97 West Tentl
street upstairs, and receive reward. 1
T OST—l'ockotbook, on siiti7rday7betvTeen lij'-Tn.
J-4 8 o'clock, containing lady's diamond r.lu »y,h
cash and bread tickets. Finder will be liberally re
warded by returning It to 181 and 183 East Foaiil
T — Sum of money in postoffice; person return
-L< ing to V j Fortune, Schiller's hotel, Eober
street, will be rewarded. - <
— _— ,
W nEnEis NelßOn Seven of FrederlctoD, N. B
» » Address Robert venue, 551 Temnerenct
street, St. Paul. .
"|7 G. LORAI2TE. seventh sod of seventh dough
J-i» ler and pupil of late Gypsy queen Una, tell
fortunes by palm of hand. Charms worked. '0
South Franklin street.
MISSIXG— Louisa Pctterson, small stature, abou
i»is3 years old, brown hair mixed with gray, smi I
eyes, almost blind. Emanuel Emanuelsoa, come
Locust and Fifth, 421 Fifth.
nPHE parties who nave the s silver and Rhine scon
J- pin lost at the theatre Wednesday evening wll
rctl it to this office, as they are known.
\TTANTED— good solicitor; good pay. C:i!l <•
_* V address Room 3, No 9 Washington aye north. :
WANTED— A kitchen girl at Union Depot res
v t taurant, Minneapolis.
A GIRL to assist in light housework niofnlnj.'s cw
evenings for her board imU lodging. Call sii
Fourth street north, Miunea
WANTED— Two good carpenters for pl:t>p work
also one man to run moulding. Flour Cit'
Employment office, 28 Washing . avenue south: !
A GENTS wanted; household necessity, nopedllnl;
Room 81, 41 Washington avenue south. "
PARTNER wanted for baker business; he must bi
J- a good man and Scandinavian. Address A John
sou, 307 Thirteenth avenue south.
WANTED— Agents, new poods, no peddling; 4
Washington avenue south, room 31,
WANTED— A collector." Calf at CO "llmaenli
T^HREE good business ladies wanted. CVII or ad
X dross KG Hennepln block.
FAIR GROUNDS—A jroodlnan wants etnpToyinent
1 for a week; good references. Address Charle
Kirk, Minnesota College Hospital, E D.
BY a barber, situation wanted to woric Satnrda
and Sunday. Address Barber, 23J0 Wasblnfitoi
avenue north, Minneapolis. 247-4!
WIDOW wishes a situation to tend srand o
W counter in the fair ground. Call at M Eavens 1
524 Seventeenth avenue south.
WANTED— Ladles wishing girls \ for houseworl
» » to call at 28 Washington ■.;::._; sou . ilrs
Mills. :
A YOUNG man having light employment durinj
day. would like a few hours' \foik evenings
Address B, Globe office, Mlnncar " •
A GERMAN recent! arrived, of ureat coinnu-r
cial experience, sneaking and writing beside:
English and German, other languages, and no
afraid to work, seeks employment. Expectation!
moderate. Address Bcllablc M Globe oaicu, Mlnne
A YOUNG man wishes a position In -rocory ti
learn the business, will put In i?liio; be.<a o
references given. Address II X, Wind house
FOR SALE—StocK of stoves and general liart
i. ware, cheap for cash or part exchange for k<>oi
city property. Address Stove, Globe office, Mlnne
spoils. 2^o-i'
FOR SALE—A 50-Inch Columbia bicycle at a bar
gain. Call at Armory ball, Elghtti aud Fird
avenue south. y •
WANTED— A second-hand city falcon licence
also four pool or billiard table licenses. Ad
dress A .J Cumin, 4C5 Hennepln avc. Minneapolis.
ENGLISH pug dogs for sale; pure bred, (lnest ii
-Li country. Fred Horst, 231 Second avenue south
third floor.
ANTED—!• c; <fsecon It d.' pal omtca!e«t
♦ * weigh ten to twelve hunuiocl; also, ra'
truck). Must be cheap. Address P& C, Globe of
FOB SALEAlmost new, large s"z i cioiva Jewc
stove, aLa bargain. 20 North sixth street.
FOR SALE—Some articles of household furniture
■ veiy cheap. 218 Twelfth street south.
WANTED— A gentleman of enterprise aid abi!
ity to Join advertiser In a Biiisi!l Invcstmen
which will yield liberal ami Immediate proliu. Ad
dress PM, this office. ■ , i
A FEW boarders wanted at 2103 Twenty-nlntl
street, south Minneapolis; no children; honi'
STORE— 708 Cedar avenue, If rented for a !,utehe
shop will give the first month's rent free. In
quire next door. M O'Connell, 701 Cedar avenue, i
BY experienced porter situation wanted in prodnc
commUslon store. H. S. 1014 Sixth stre>:
south. ;
LOANS on life insurance poll, . Li' Van Nor
man, No. 243, First avenuo soutli, Mlnncapoli*.
June 21, lyr
sraflng Kent.StreeL
Ofi tea of the Board ok- Pchhc W'onscs, }
City of St. Paul" Minn., Sept. 1, 1883. \
Sealed M<is will be received by tbo IJtuii-.'. m
Public Works in and for the corporation o;
the City of st Paul, Minnesota at tholr ofSLat
in said city, until 12 m., on the! it.i u;ty of Sep
teinber, A. D. 1886, for the (Trading of Ken
street, From Marshall Avenue to Igichari
reel and from Carroll Street to Universltj
Avenue is: stvid city, according to plans an<
specifications on 1110 in the eHico of t-:il(
A bond with at least two (2) sureties In i
mm of at ier.Ft twenty (20) per cent, of th<
gross amount bid must,accoTripany,eacb bid
The said Hoard reserves the right to rejec
any or lvi bids
It. L. Gorman*, Clerk Board of Public Works
this magnificent FIUE PROOF HOTEL 1 waf
tp«-n to the traveling public in July i;u=t. II
has every convenience known to modern hotel!
—120 chambers with b.it.U.
Pour Elevators, Electric Lights, Etc.
Table and attendance unsurpassed, ■"■''•
rates as low as any Rrst-clase hotel in the
United States. S3 per day and upwards**
wording: to location of rooms. ■
JOHN T. WEST, Proprietor.
Chas. W. SniiPiiKßD, Manager.

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