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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, February 13, 1886, Grand Army Number, Image 12

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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fZ 2
Want Advertisements for the Globe
Received at tiie Following Places :
MRS. J. Thompson * Son. News Dealers, corner
Jackson and Sixth streets.
jA_:KeVATHiESOX.News_>e-l«»r and Confectioner.
601 Bradley street.
L.W. Brazil,, News Dealer and General Store,
£76 East Seventh street.
W. IT. Bowsing, Portlamd News and Novelty Ba
zar, 181 Broadway.
C.W. McNkt.t.ts News and Stationery Dealer. 103
Dakota avenue.
CHAra.ES L. Neumann. News and Stationery
Dealer. 252 West Third street.
P.C. Brown. Newsdealer wid Stationer. 441 West
fceventh street, corner of Houglas.
W.H. Fheeman. News Dealer and General Store.
Still Dayton avenue.
3. W. Sprague. drafgla*. corner University ave
nue and He street. . __
v* DVKRTISEMI '» f - for the. want columns
A win not be received by telephone at this of
£ce. ■ -
\ NTS througfao-t the Northwest to handle
TL. ParneU's New Map of Ireland, with ninety
pictures of Ireland's lisUi enisbed advocates,
bent by mail on receipt of price. CO cents. E. I .
O'Regan, 96 East Sixth -i. ___S
Ai;K\T> \CAXTED. cither ladies or pentle
j\. men, for a-newpatent household ai tide never
before catsvassod; chance of a lifetime: sells at
Bight in eve ry household; ladies go wild over it;
also agents in every county »l". will appoint sub
anents in every township; sample by mail 2j cents,
money refunded if not of merit. John Haislcy.
manufacturing ar^i.t, 217 East Seventh »t.. bU
PauL ■_ V
• GENTS to handle the Met rapid-selling
A household article ever introduced; proflt
Jnrge: »:> per day and upward* made. J. Hey man
:;tiS .Taokaon -i. _ , 5
A..: ••NT-'--K..: --il.- of c elf -lighting attachments,
lit* all tubular lanterns, lights in the wind;
no use for matches. C. H. Tyler. 402 Jackson at.
— IX. PORTRAITS, trout locket to life m
taken at Greenleafa, 27 East Third, and fin
ished in the beef style, and at prices that ma*e
Minneapolis weep. __ tiL
OY— A boy to work in kitchen at Holland's
i> restaurant. 45C Broadway. *
OY— bright boy W years old who speaks
English and German to work in s>tore. 120
Martin. ___ ?
T3 \KTKNDKIt— A apod boy or young man
JJ wboean speak German, at saloon corner
Como and Western ays. g _
t>i At X SMITH to go to Dakota: must tmmish
I") good reference; a married man preferred.
Apply toT. K. Martin. 115 East Fifth st. _£; i
Bw.'.r. Immediately. a first-class baker, one
who can make candies preferred, either as a
■partner in a new bakery or to work by the day.
For particulars address L. B. s., lock box 141.
Luke City, Minn. [
BARBER— For Saturday and Sunday at Hyan
hotel barber shop. *
BARBER- For Saturday and Sunday. Oill at
J Pevcn corners barber shop, in basement. >
T3AB U '' Strongboj in shop, corner Fourth
I") and Jackson st . H. Shunter. __*
/■^ASlilKK— A~young man or young lady m
Vy cashier; one who understand* easy boot
kocping prefen-cd; none but Jir? t-c!ass referent
n>'i'<! apply; (tail at Ueri Lyons ■ Co.. Ko. 11 Kast
Third fit. ____
Cl I TORS— -Two, at once. J. J. Lemon.
> :ilB Minnesota st. 1
AXVAnSERS— Fifty men and boys to Bell a
now edition of Ice palace pictures to-day. In
quire Hotel an. Robert strict entrance. 6
C. iii- and
steady. K. Smith, 124 West Fifth st. '>
CASH I !•:£ — An active youth between IG and 18
yean <>t npe as ihiei and to make himself
generally useful; must be a good penman. Apply
Nieoll tbo tailor, 21 Knst Third __ 3
CIANYASSERS— Six men to canvas* city;
-' wages on $'-' to *4 a dny.on commissions, at
108 East Fifth St., District phone office. |i
DUI.VI3K WANTED A man to drive and do
chores; must understand the can of horses.
/<ldroi:« 11. V. M-, Globo office. I
D" "EIIIVISBYi BOY— Apply at 3!)0 Kast Seventh
Ft ... *
I!;, BTIC MEN— lmmediately, on salary
J or commission to work in St. Paul. Address
Position, ijlobu. I
iToOl) MAN wauled to «ell tickets outside of
r JT show: one who, -when be open* ins mouth.
brings forth music. Apply at C. Wooliners, 203
Must Seventh street. I
<-trndy man by the year
VT for vo?ot;vblo garden. Api>ly to Fred J. llol
mnn on Dotld r:md. 'I
H>,l SKWOUK bey about 18 '■■■-.■■- old at
•317 RobeH . I
TTORSKBHOER — First-class horsesboer. J.
XX 11. Bf rry. Wnnt Side shoeing xhup. 5
t jyyK\VSHOYS— One hundred to call at MM at
ii irj. Fire and Marine building, to bell a new
newspaper. _____ 3
01 : H . WOBKfA young man thoroughly
iamiliur with t)io city and the real estate ii..-i
--r.css; also outside work. Uichard Leff:n»nn, 112
East Fourth st. _
fDATENT-IHGHT MAN— Must be first-class.
J. A. 8. R.; Globe. __
T3AIIKfaESTAUBAJCTf-Wante«U everybody
i. in search of a nwd meal for 15c to call ill
Purk restaurant, Kast Seventh and Wacouta its.;
we give bed •teak, or pork chops, or pork tender
loins, or sausage, or egxi will] potatoes, bread,
batter, coffee, tea or milk for 15c; oyster stew
(New York counts) ,20c. »?4-6mo
SIRTHAKD A bright young man who
>J understands rtnand and typewriting, will
ing to make himself useful in an aftoe. Address
in own handwriting I . 8., 261 % West Seventh st. C
STENOGRAPHEKS.caII for positions at room
5, Halo block, opposite Merchants. SS-41
HIPPING CLERK- A. once a reliable ship
. ping clerk; must apeak German and have;
pome experience in office work; references re
quired. Address B. C. Globe. 3
SALESMAN— A jeweler i-ulesman and work
man; Scandinavian preferred; one who ha*
■worked at the trade several years. Inquire 11. A.
Hone. 192 East Seventh.
SALESMAN in every town to solicit for tents
and awnings: liberal commission and cxclu
rive right to good men. J. M. Kossell, 190 Kast
Fifth st. _5
SALESMAN in every town to solicit; liberal
commission and exclusive right to good men.
J. M. Kossell, l'-iO East Fifth st. 3
AILOK— A good tailor wanted; steady work.
X Louis Gross. Well*, Minn. 7
rp EN VI.V lor clearing right of way and make
X tics in North Wisconsin. Corner Seventh
mid Sibley. 3
TTPHOLSTEBER, 54;: Lafayette ay. 5
"TTTORIt — Toui)f»mnn. unmarried, to drive and
VI take care of horses and do all kinds of
work; wages $15 per month and washing; none
other need apply but a reliable man. Apply ;>M
Dayton ay. 6
WORK — boy to work for his board and
lodging; state age. Address A. 8.. Globe.
WOKK- A boy IS to 18 to make himself useful
1 ♦ at a boarding-house. HI Wacouta st. 3
Tff'oTxT; ~ MENTa~NI> LADIES wanted to
X lenrn telegraphy, days and evening; chance
for men to nearly make expenses while learning.
Globe Telegraph company, SO Davidson block, St.
Paul, Minn. 30
Female. .
BOOKKEEPER — Young lady: one familiar
with dry goods preferred. Address, stating
ralary expected, which must be small. K. 5. Globe.
pOOK and laundress— German girl at SSO St.
v.' Peter, corner Twelfth. 6
/~tOOK — First-class, woman. St. Nicholas hotel, ',
KS IS East Third st. 5
pOOK- Good German of long experience in
v^ meat and pastry, wants situation either in
hotel or restaurant; can give good references.
Address Y. 15. Globe. 0
Y> I X > < ; - < ><> VI GIRL immediately at 210
Kast Ninth st., corner of Cooper. 3
pURL to do washing at 233 East Thirteenth st.,
VT near Mississippi. 5 |
|~t.IUL— Experienced second girl at 193 Macku-
V_X bin nt. 4
(~t IRK At SIS Ho'jeit St., second floor. Inquire i
T of Mrs. U. a. L. 3
TJOUSEWORK- Good girl for general house-
XT work; private family; references required.
619 Broadway. 7
HOI'SKWOKK— A girl for general house-
JL J- work. Apply 402 East Ninth et. 5
HOUSEWORK— A servant girl, Swede or
. German, for Funeral housework in a family
of two. Apply at 336 Goodrich ay. 5
HOUSEWORK— Good girl for ceneral house
work; reference required. . 623 Lincoln ay.,
corner Dale. 5
HOUSEWORK— Eight general housework
girls. 1 dining-room girl, i second girl. Mrs.
Chi 370 Dayton. 5
HOUSE WORK— Girl to do general housework
in a small family; no washing. Call at Mrs.'
Levy's, 313 East Seventh st. 6
HOUSEWORK— a good girl for General
housework in a small family at 515 Robert mi.
TJOUSEWORR-^Girl "wanted. Oaß at in
fl Washington St., near Irvine park. 4
HO USEVVORK— servant girl. Swede or
German, for general housework in a family
of two. Apply at MC Goodrich ay. 4
nOrSEWOKK— Girl wanted for general
I~L housework. Apply at 37i; St. Peter at. 4
tJOUSEWORK— GirI for general housework at
tl 448 East Ninth st. ; no washing; none without
My references need apply. 3
|_j~Ol) WORK— Good German girl for general
11 housework; small family. Apply at 2C9 Burn
ley st. - 2
HOUSEWORK— German girl wanted for gen
-11 eral housework at 330 Sherman it 2
HOUSEWORK— A good girl for general house
work. A. V. Lewis. 220 Thirteenth st. 0
:-,.,_• Female* Continued.
TTOUSEYVO RK-A Rood girl for general
11 housework .0 private family; mutt be will
ing and obliging; bring references from last place.
Call at 24 College ay. west between I and C p.
m. J ft
HOUSEWORK — Ton girl to do general
housework, between 16 and 18 years of ace.
Call at Sirs. Levy's. 819 East Seventh st. 3
HOISfcMAID— Young girl as housemaid.
XI Mr:. 11. M. Rice, 255 Summit ay. 5
T^ITCHEN WOKK— Girlat 145 East Sixth st.
XV 7
L~AI>IE> WAN 'MOD— Boston Industrial Co.,
19 Pearl St.. are : furnishing pleasant and
easily learned work, mailed to uny address, good
wans given! ' no ' canvassing, all materials fur
nished, Quid • 7<>ur • address to P.O. box GUTS,
Boston. Mass. 27-C3
LAt'NOKKSS— Inquire corner Flo tenth and
XJ Robert bta., room ft. Dnfrene block. ' 5
■jXTUKSE— Neat tidy nurse. Inquire 172 Far
li rington «T. 4
"VTURSE — A kind and intelligent girl or woman
J. 1 to take care of children and room for a home.
Apply at 211 Kast Seventh st. 3
7\Jl K*>K GIRL at i.jj Summit ar. 2
NURSE— A young girl to take care of child SM
x^ year* old: one who can sleep home pre
ferred. Apply at room i. COS Wabatha St.. after
ID a. m. ' ' " 5
SERVANT— In family of two: good references.
O Apply 203 Went Fifth st. airs. liver*. «
SBCOKD WOUK-A good girl for second work
J in private family. Call immediately at 21
East College ay. . • i
SECOND WORK-Girl for second work and to
13 take care of a child 3 years old: references re
quired. Call at G2Z Lincoln ay.. corner Dale st. 8
KCOXD GIItL— With good references, at 197
Nelson ay. - . 5
OECOND GIRL, at 193 Mackubin st. 3
rpAIILK WAITERS at Court cafe. 26 East
1 Fourth et. 5
TEACHER .In the tailor system of dressmak-
X ing. Mrs. J. D. Stotson. 123 Dakota ay. 1
THE CHANCE of a lifetime— Get those ele
-L gant photos which Greenleaf is making; cab
inet size only 12- per- dozen; every portrait bears
bis name and address: nothing sent out be is
ashamed to put .his name to; proofs shown with
pleasure. . S£G*
WANTED— Ladies . and young men to deco
rate birth lay and Easter novelties.
Kasily learned; good prospects of steady employ
ment and fair w&gpg. Material furnished, and all
work mailed post-paid. For full information ad
dress. Decorative Art ' Work*. 7 Exchange Place,
Boston. Mass. • P. O. box 5143. S7-C0
.) ' i.lill> V. ANTKI) to make pants, shirts
&* ) and overalls on steam power tawing mi
chines; good pny and steady employment to good
operators. Api>iy in- manufacturing department
01 Auerbach, lOaak _. un Slyck. corner of Fourth
bud Sibley Kts. 44-50
1. »— — —^^-^— — —
. - Male.
A CCOUNTANT— Books opened, written up
-M. and examined by an expert; entangled ac
counts adjusted. J. 8.. 154 East Third st.
BOOKKKKi'EKand helper in a plumbing and
1 1 ktcain-henting- business; five years' experi
ence in an Eastern city. G. A. Bartlett, Minne
ii)"))i». ■ c
J3UTOJIER — In a meat market by a young man
JJ , with I fiaW 'experience in same, and also
has a good knowledge of bookkeeping; wages no
object Address No. 900 High St., city. 4
BAKER— At once by a young Knglish baker, a
pituiition as secondhand; well up on bread
and cakes. Apply Y. M: C. A.. St. Paul. Minn. 4
BOOKKEEPER —An experienced German
bookkeeper would like to keep the books for
one or two more smaller business concerns at
moderate term's." ' Address L. F. 3., Globe. 5
BOOKKEEPER— Competent, seeks employ
ment in oflice or warehouse at a reasonable
salary; references. M. J. 8.. Globe. 4
BOOKKEEPER and clerk wacts work; ex
' perienced in several lines; best of references.
Please ad drew Howard Smith, care Globe. 4
DOOKKKKI'EU- Good bookkeeper; give
JJ references and salary expected. J. P., Globe.
pi A LCI. MIXING and painting by a first-class
\y hana. 5 Ashten Place. 4
pOACHMAX — By young man of experience
v> with horses and good testimonials. Address
Coachman, Globe. 4
CLERK— By a man 11 years of age in a grocery.
v> Address P. N.. Globe. 6
/"ILERIC— By a young man of good habits as
Vy clerk in retail store of any kind; have had ex
perience; can give reference; will work for kniall
wages. Address T. J. M, Globe. 5
/■"lLEßK— Entry and bill clerk: experienced;
v-/ will work for 110 per week. Address 11. W.
S., Globe. . 5
CLERK— By a young man in a grocery store; 4
' years' experience ■ and best of references.
Grocer, Globe. ■ 3
nRKSSMAKKR- formerly from
U the East, desires family dressmaking; can
give reference. Address n.. Globe.- 1 '■''* • 6
I^OK E.MAN on a large farm west; understands
the business, good experience; can run
threshing machine- either Repa>-ator or engine.
Address Lake City, Minn., box 443, M. J. R. 0
f"1 ILDER AND BROXZKK that understands
vT his business would work by week or by con
tract; city reference. " Address 527 Pleasant ay.,
S. McClure. 5
T I'M HERMAN — Young man would like a po-
L.A sitton with a lumber firm; ha: had some ex
perience: can furnish good recommendations. Ad
dress C. 11.. Globe. " 8
ILLER'S ASSISTANT— In country mill;
■ can assist on books and in mill; thoroughly
understands the business. Address Rolls, Globe. 6
■p<>llT*Kß— A young man wishes a situation as
i-- r^rtcr; best reference. Address F. 11., Globe.
SHIPPING CLERK— Young man desires
I J situation in an office or as shipping clerk; r*f
erences furnished. Address A. U. Gile.Glob«. 4
SALESMAN— First-class salesman with 5200
wants employment or interest in business in
or out of city. Address S. M., V. M. C. A. 6
SALESMAN— By. » -Scandinavian dry goods
salesman; best of reforcDcc. Address A.
X., 120 Western ay. 5
SALES3IAN— An A 1 dry goods salesman
O wants a position cither in wholesale or re
tail; No. 1 reference. Address W. 8., Globe. I
OTENOGRAVIIER— Practical stenographer
IJ and typewriter operator desires a position;
will work for a moderate salary. Address G. M.
\v., Globe. 4
S" TKNOKHAPIIEK — PracUeal stenographer
O and typewriter; will work for a moderate
salary. :,
WORK— A place to work for board and goto
school by a young man. Address W. X..
lock box 2257 . 4
WORK Young man wants position in private
family to do chores and drive; can milk.
Please address A.S., Globe. 4
WORK In a hotel, resUurant or private fam-
V V ily by a young rnnn aged 19; good references
as waiter. Addrefw E. P.. Globe. 3
WORK— A young man. speaking German, En
»t glish find French, well posted in grocery
and hardware business, wants any kind of work;
beat of references'. Address B. D., Globe*. 3
WOUK— By man of steady habits and 15
years' - experience, a position with some
furniture home. Address Furniture, Globe. 3
WORK— By a young man willing to work. Ad-
dress Alb Lundberg. Globe. 3
T TFHOLSTEKEU-M3 Lafayette ar.
V _8
: female.
T)OOKKEEPING— By young lady competent
It in bookkeeping; good references. Address 214
Oak st., city, care of L. L. 4
OP YIST— Young lady of experience wishes
v> position as saleslady or copyist. Address
X. Y. 2.. Globe, or 79 West Seventh st. C
pOMI'AXIOy- Lady of experience as com
vy panion to an aged or invalid lady, or as a
seamstress in private family; wages not so much
an object as a home. Address 11. C, Globe. 3
COOK— Situation in restaurant or attending to
lunch counter. Address A. 8.. Globe. 2
COOK — A situation in restaurant; no objec
tion to going out of city. Address L. M..
Globe. ■ 6
KKSSM AKiTh would like work by the day
U or week. Address 221 Spruce st. 0
DRESSMAKER— in need of a first
class d re.- 511; .at their homes will find
the game at IT Kast Seventh st. 3
TTGUSEKEEPER— An Intelligent lady desires
J-JL a position as housekeeper;best of reference;
no objection to leaving city. Address Mrs. M. M.
Burr, postofnee. • ■ 5
TTOUSEKEEPER in hotel or private family
XI by an American lady; no objection to going
West; reference given. S. M. Globe. 6
T AUNDRESS— By a lady in a laundry, res
-Li tanrant or hotel. : Address Zuhm, Globe. 3
ILLINER — Experienced milliner nants a
position for spring trade: reference given.
Adilross box 237, Dele.no. Minn. 5
OFFICE WORK* or writing by a young lady.
Address M. 7C. Globe. 6
SEWING— i-> do family sewing. TApply 345
O Sherman st. 7
SALESWOMAN'— A young lady, experience
'in Eastern city, desires position its saleslady
or copyist. Aildrrvi B. U. X.. Globe. 7
SALESWOMAN— A young lady would like a
O situation in a store. Address N. J.. Globe. 4
SiIfNoT.ItAI'HKK — A lady of experience de
sires position as stenographer and typewriter;
writes 100 words per minute; will work cheap for
first month. C... Globe. • 3
SEAMSTRESS — Respectable young woman;
• is also a food dressmaker: willing to sew for
a home for herself and child; child going on 2
years, good and quiet. Address Mrs. V. C. Mono
chan, St. Paul postoffice. ■ 4
\rißl TOSS of the ice palace in seed of compel
tent female help should not fail to call on Mr.
Achilles' St. Paul and Minneapolis registry bureau,
125 East Seventh, corner Sibley, and 513 Wabasha
st., near capitol; 1 have the very best. hotel and
housework girls. >„ . « ■ , , 13*
W'~ AS MING—A lady would like washing and
* V ironing by the day, also hO8«e-cleaning;
would take washing home. Please call rear 130
.East Fifth st. ■•/..■;.«- .<■■ - . 8
lost and rouyp.
st.. near Bobertson block. Kinder please
leave at Globe office and receive reward. 6
CAP LOST— or near union depot. Thursday
morning. Feb. 4. a fur cap, seal top with otter
band; (l;.der will be liberally rewarded by leaving
same at oM Woodward ay. 3
CUT* BUTTON" LOST— Part of an ivory one
v-/ with monogram. L. F. P. Return to 325 Rob
ert st. and receive reward. 3
DOG LOST— A large coffee brown dog; collar
on with tax check. Apply Ml Eaton ay. and
receive reward. • [
D«M; LOST— Brown pointer peppy: St. Purl
Trust company tac on collar: return to Mi
Sherman st. and c-'t reward. W. R. Marshall. &
D< >< LOST— A fccotch terrier: Pedro; liberal
reward for his return to Cl I^lebart st. 4
(Mi LOST on Fob. C; a tan shepherd: had on
silver-linked collar; reward for return to 257
Mcßoal st. «
EAR-KINO LOST— A 1 recent and d ; amond
star. The finder will be rewarded by leav
ing it at the mayor's offlce : • 5
Ft i: CAPS LOST—A ■ 1 -fur cape lost Fri
day evening on Wabasba St., near Summit.
Will the finder please leave it wit- Wheeler,
ltollins A Co.. R?an heal. 7
FOU>*L>— The right place to get a good over
coat for the l<»_st money is lively at Max
£trou»e's. 181 West Seventh St.; bo ' overcoats
from f 2 up; men's overcoats with pln«h cellar at
$4; buffalo and coo-, overcoats 10 to til less than
any other dealer can se'l them. Xft*
HAMiI!A(. LOSl— Lady's handbag contain
ing p<->cketbook with small sum of money, two
keys, library and erpr«i» cards, account book
bank check. etc Please leave at Globe and,
receive reward. _5
KII> GLOVE LOST— A heavy kid glove with
I\ sprint fastener and fur trimming, on Rice
ft., between North Fort and Manitoba ay.; right
hand glove. Leave at id West Siith st. and
receive reward. *
VKKCOAT LOST— On the night of the »th
inst., a black chinchilla overcoat: finder will
please leave at Globe. H.. 15. 8
PANTS FOUND— On West Third st. Inquire
856 Ceqar st. •
PTKSi: LOST— Containing ll9, at palace to
boggan dide Thursday night; finder ! . rally
rewarded. Tom P. Cartis, Qmatia genersl ot-cat. %
PI I. FOUND— Fifth St.. between Wa
basha and Cedar. Call at 070 Jack *on. • 6
T)OCKETI!OOK LOST— Pocketbook lost con-
X taining bank certificates and letters of value
signed J. P. Hand. Uetnrn to 51 East Seventh st.
for reward. 5
nOCKETKOOK LOST — Light alligator
I pocketbook containing money, check and
postoffice order. Return to note teller. Bank of
Minnesota., and receive reward. %
1 >OCH-E1 BOOK LOST— Containing $4~(Tari4
X various cards; owner can describe all; finder
will please leave the same in general ticket office,
C. St. P.. M. A O. It. K-. and receive reward. _ 3
SILK MIT —On Third st. Please leave at St.
Paul Rubber Store. I_T
SHAWL LOST— On night of 4th, one dark
gray and white plaid woolen shawl at carnival
grounds. I-eave at Globe. 6
AIIAKK CHANCE— solid paying business
for sale; will bear strictest investigation;
reason for selling, ill health: capital required.
about $3,603. Address W. T., Globe. No brokers.
BUS DfESS of all kinds such as boarding-bouses,
hotels, restaurants, saloons, cigar-stands,
stocks of all kind*, etc.. bought, sold or ex
changed by Bergstrom A- Co., business broker*.
200 Kant Seventh St., St. Paul Minn. 4ti_
KTI.AM) HOI for sale cheap, with
v/ fine saloon, lease and license, corner Oourt
land and Sycamore st*., at Oakland cemetery and
St. Paol A Manitoba railroad shops. 40-40
DM <i()OI)S— stock of dry goods for sale
in one of the best and most rapidly-improv
ing parts of the city. Address A. 7. Globe." 4
DM G STOKE for sale on one of the principal
lJ streets in St. Pael; the store is doing a good
business. P. O. box >510. 4
Foil: SALOONS for vale at a great sacrifice;
located in different parts of the city; good
reasons for selling; also vacant hotel for rent con
taining thirty-six rooms; good opportunity for en
terprising man. Call at Tremont house office,
corner Eighth and Robert. J. H. Gieskie. 42-45
FOR A PRACTICAL MAN an exceptional
opportunity i- offered to purchase a wel-'<••
tablished business in St. Paul Sales last year,
$40.0C0; profit* about '•■"'. per cent. Capital required,
114.000. a portion of which would be taken in some
other good property or real estate. Parties who
mean business may address, W. T., Globe office.
No broken. * 30»
OOwU commission to competent busi
ness manager in every city for exclusive agency
of our National Automatic Gas-Savins Governor.
Average 33 per cent, saving in gas bills. Increased
illumination and safety from fire. Over 7.000 in
service. Indorsed by highest mercantile and cor
porate authorities. fSOO cash required for 1.000
sample outfit. No bond;. Addrers The Union
National Gas-Saving Co., -'1 East fourteenth st..
New York. 41-48
HARDWARE— A good established hardware
II business for sale; annual srles 11^,000; stock
will invoice (5.000; a good chance for a German.
Address box Y.<o, Perham. Minn. 45-4;
HO UN KM AX— A rare chance for a iiorseman
with (400 to engage in business. Addrt-«
C. X.. Globe. 41-47
established; no opposition; best reasons for
selling. S. X., Globe. 4
ONK-HAI.F INTEREST— For sale, one-hall
interest in a good paying business; must be
sold at once on account of leaving city. Call or
address SOS Jackson st., room 9. 44-40
RESTAURANT and sample room, fine, for
XV sale; good location. Inquire at P. J. Bowlin,
314 Sibley St.. between Third and Fourth. 19*
A LOON and boarding-hou*e. all complete and
*J for sale very cheap. O. X.. Globe office. 44-46
wanted" TO buy.""
ATLAS— A copy of the late St. Paul city atlas.
Address Atlas, Globe. 3
BELLOWS, anvil and vice, second-handed.
Address G. K. M.. 425 Superior st. 3
DESK — Good second-hand* face desk cheap.
Address G. G. 8.. Globe. 6
DESK— An oOice desk; give description and
price. Address B. P.. Globe. 3
|< « 1.1 \M FREEZER— Kourgallons; mast
1 be in good order and cheap. Address 11, l'.O.
Globe. 3
OIL TANK— To buy second-hand. Address
No. 33 Fairfleld ay.. West St. Paul. 7
OFFICE DESK- price and description.
Address B. P.. Globe. 6
OVERCOAT— One second-hand overcoat: must
be pood site, about H ; must be good and cheap.
Address, at one. .1 X.. Globe. 5
VKRCOAT— Second-haad. Address this week
Cammlngs. Globe. 6
SPRING WAtiON— To buy a spring wagon
cheap for cash. Inquire 220 West Seventh
ft; 6
VIOLA — Give cash price and maker. Address
I. &. Globe.
v./ clairvoyant business medium ; advice on busi
ness and social matters. Constance block, 223
East Seventh street, room 7. St. Paul. Minn. 173*
a E-fiXLER— Mrs. A. Eckkhardt.
« T the most reliable and truthful fortune
teller on every subject of men's lives of the past
and future, offers her services to the public at 229
Grove street, between Broadway and Canada.
FM., STiLLWATER, advertising St. Ber
• nard dogs, will please call at Globe office.
Still water, for a letter. _• ■ • ■ 3
PUBLISHERS wanted to address John F. Bai-
X ley.newsdealer. Delta. Shoshone county. Idaho.
BOARI>— Day board wanted in private family
convenient to the Portland block by a young
gentleman. Address, stating terms. B. 11. 5, Globe. 7
BOARD. by a young lady, in a respectable
private family at. not more than .%3 .per
week. Address B. C care Globe. 6
BOARD— For gentleman, wife and two chil
dren; private family preferred; willing to pay
good price. Address, stating terms, X. X. F.,
Globe. jjjj I
BOARD AND ROOM in private family by
young man and wife; price no object if can
get nice place. Address G. G., Globe. _4
BOARD— By a gentleman ana 7 wife board and
room in private family: convenient to post
office. Address, stating terms, A. B. E.. Globe. 2
ROOM — Furnished room and board for gentle
man and wife with child two mouths old In
private family. Address 7.. 10. Globe. 3
L) ATE— A German wants a room and
Xv supper in a family with children. Address
Oscar. Globe ogee. 4
CtOLLEGE AY.. 22 WEST, near carniva ■
Kj park— A few more carnival visitors can be
accommodated with first-class board and rooms.
EXCHANGE ST.. 392— A few day boarders;
also furnished rooms for gentleman and wife,
or two single gentlemen. 2
TV,T K.S. .1 W. RUTHERFORD, private board
i»l C ing-house: day board, $4 per week; rooms
from $10 to $10 per month; 452 Minnesota St.. cot
ner Eighth. St. Paul. Minn. 17-47
XTTASHINGTON ST., 379— or three table
* ¥ boarders can be accommodated. . 5
mA DAY BOARDERS, commencing the first
*J\J of January. lit (12.50 per month in advance;
caM at King's block, corner of Seventh a&d Cedar
sts.. fourth floor, room 1. 549*
"TxiTßucTiox*. ~
11 US 1C TEACHER at No. 735 Bay at. 6
OIIORTUAND thoroughly taught, either
C 1 personally or by mail. Call or write for par-
Ucnhtrs. Anna C. Drew, room 5, Hale block. Js-44
SHORTHAND— lntelligent young man to take
O private instructions in shorthand from prac
tical stenographer, who will assist him to position.
Pitman . 16 1 Thirteenth st. 3
DI,. JAMlESONTsteaxnbye Works— Gents
• clothing a specialty, 411 Waoaaha »c. St
Fsul. Mice
Stores. *.tc.
QTORE— One-halt «tor« at XOS East Seventh st. :
O best location in tho city for any kind of busi
ness. , 4
T3OARDING HOUSE— For rent very cheap,
XJ a lar?» boarding house on Jackson., between
Eight and Ninth, being in a good buvn**« location;
a good chance for the right man: will give a long
lease. E. Laogcvin. corner Fourth and Wabasha.
-■■ SS-41 .
TTOUSE— 5-room bouse and bvn on Iglchart,
XX corner Mackubin. «12 per month. Inquire
H. A. btone, agent. 182 Exit Seventh. ■
HOUSES TO RENT— town— per
month each: two house*: M Canada St.. 3
rooms, lake water: €93 East Seventh St.. ? rooms,
lake water; both in good repair. J. P. Allen,
druggist, corner seven A and Jackson ?ts. 40-53
HOI'SK with nine rooms and a kitchen on Viola
* X st. bstween Jackton and Grant sis. John
Purvis. 5
HOUSE of «ix rooms, with good barn attached,
fifteen minutes' -vaik from Merchants hotel;
flu per month. *16 Jackson st. 41-45
HOUSE — Ilalfof double house of 7 rooms and
closets 172 Martin st. Inquire at next house.
No. ISO. SS-44
SEVENTH ST.. 516 WEST— Convenient cot-
O tage cheap. Inquire H. H. Herbst, Gil&H-n
block. 44-45
THOMAS ST., 233— A house with 7 rooms. 6
Room a.
BROADWAY. 494 — Comfortably-furnished
XJ room In lower town, convenient to business.
«p» HARLES ST., IT 1. near Rice— Vive rooms. 6
C'El> AX ST., 506— A furnished front room over-
V- looking capital square, bath, etc., in house,
with or without board. _•
CKUAR ST.. 484— First-class furnished rooms:
permanent or transient guests. 2
/"' KDAK ST.. 484— Nicely-furnished rooms. 3
pOLLEGE AY.. 10 WEST— A single fur-
VS vi hod room with first-class board after Sat
urday loth i:ul. I
COLLEGE AY., Three unfurnished and
V> two furnished rooms; rent >2. 13. »4 and W. 3
ELEVENTH ST.. 343 EAST— I large and 1
(mall furnished front room with us* of bath:
board if desired. I
El I.VENTH ST.. 343 EAST— One large and
1 »ni_U furnished front romm. suitable for
3 or 4 p«T«on«. with or without board. 4
X-J block— Furnished rooms. Inquire at room v.
FUCKTtI ST.. 181 WEST— Two furnished
rooms; one block from nice park. 3
"TMJUKTEENTH ST.. 203. near Jackson— Front
X room, iplead-dly-furnished wardrobe; smaller
rooms up st_ir-« »-. 15 and %*: bath. i
1 'Hi i; 1 B ST., corner s>u Peter. Henoc block,
r up stairs — First-class furnished rooms with
board for gentlemen. 4
JACKSON ST.,SOI— A pleasant furnished room,
«* suitable for one or two. on easy terms for
the winter; both hot and cold water. 3
"V* I M H ST., 13 KAST— Gentlemen wanting
ll_ rooms and board cheap can find both. 5
■^JIXTII ST.. I 3« EAST— A nicely-furniihed
i* large front parlor bedroom; hot and cold
water; me of bath. 3
"M I N Til M., 2" E.\ST— Furnished room on
I 1 first floor and one oh second floor. i
UK VKL ST., i;«. near Jackson— Pleasant front
XT room in private family near ice palace: coal
fire: reasonable rent, transient or permanent. 7
PEARL ST.. 213 — Nice large furnished rooms.
■ 5
ROOMS— Suite cf Dsn<)»oniely furnished rooms
with use of bath: house heated by furnace;
eight minute* walk from post-office. Call or ad
dre»» No. ISO Pleasant ay. 7
DOOMS furnished or untarnished;
XV clorets, alcove and bay window: suitable tor
light housekeepings use of 'bath it desired. Ad
dress O. X., Globe. • " ' 6
ROOM — Ono nicely-furnished front room suit
able for one or two gentlemen; 98 per month.
•Apply 50t Canada st., near Tenth. <
ROOMS — suiti-of handsomely-furnished rooms
with use of bath; lion.-p. heated by furnace;
eight minnteV walk from postomce. Call or ad
dress 150 Pleasant ay. 6
ROOM By a young man. single room in pn-
Tali- family; upper town; must state price.
Address O. X.. Globe. 4
ROOM— Furnished ftr*t-rla«>; fronting on
Wabasha street, at 1 10 per month. Call at
Sos Waba»ha st. 6
ROOMS — Two gentlemen desire two furnished
XV rooms, connected if possible; centrally lo
in.ted; moderate price. F. <>.. Globe. 3
T> OOMS— A few elegantly-furnished: single or
IV en suite; one block from Windsor hotel. Ad
dreaa M. EL, Globe. _^J
F) OOM-MATE— A steady room-mate: room
It comfortably furnished »6. Address T. L. T..
Globe. 7
RICE ST., SIS, corner Rondo— Furnishep
rooms. 4
SIXTH ST.. 820 HAST— First-class board and
room*, between Broadway and Pine; board
by week, day or — 5
SPRUCE ST..2»— Suite of room* for two gen
tlemen that like home comforts; everything
new and clean; American family. i
SPRUCE ST., 217— Large, pleasant nicely
furnished front room on ground - floor, with
or without board; man and wife or 3 gents. 4
SIXTH ST.. 26 EAST— Furnished or unfur
nished rooms. 3
SEVENTH ST.. im EAST— Pleasant and de
- J sirable furnished room. 7
SEVENTH ST.. 232 WEST— Rooms, en suite
O or single, furnished or unfurnished. 6
SEVENTH ST., 44 Furnished rooms
CEVEXTH ST., 457 WEST— or fire Tery
O pleasant rooms cheap to good parties. 6
V \ I Mil ST.. ... KAST— Choice offices and
O rooms in the Geiselman block. Inquire with
William Cunningham. 3
TIIIKD ST., 11 EAST— Three unfurnished
-1 rooms for rent suitable for light housekeeping,
shore the stores of Levi Lyons X Co.; cheap to
the right parties. : ?
pEXTH ST.. 419 EAST— To rent with board.
-1 warm room for single gentleman in private
family. 4
UrCTIFBSD ST 183. West St. Paul—Fur
»V nished or unfurnished large front ri>«m
with alcove; also back room if required. 3
~\ I"Am; vr . 65— Two furnished rooms, with
• V nice large closets, for light housekeeping;
will rent cheap. 2
WAB A A ST.. 424, corner Seventh— Also
> V 223 East Seventh, below Siblcy— Xicely
furnisbed rooms. 4
WIBASHA ST.. 4GO. corner Eighth— Some
unfurnished rooms in Winter's block. Ap
ply to A. Winter. 5
W~ ABAS HA ST.. STS— A suite of pleasant
furnished rooms with board to two gen-
Uemen; Tery reasonable. 3
W A HASH A ST.. 515— Visitors to the carni
val can find elegantly furnished rooms, sin
gle or en suite; heated, board if desired; opposite
capitol, - ; 2
'A A (• MARKET .* T.— Nice large front room.
0~1 - v) suitable for two gentlemen; furnished;
moderate rent: references required. 2j£*
BARN— One large barn for 4or 5 horses. Ap-
JJ ply at 28 East Seventh st. between 12 and 2
p. m. ' _J
DESK ROOM— no per month, st 192 East
• Seventh. H. A. Stone, agent.
T OFTS— Very desirable for jobbing business.
Lj Inquire at 180 and 192 East Third st. A
SIXTH ST., 26 EAST— light, dry basement
suitable for shop. 5
QTAHLE at 26 East Sixth st. . 42-44
A SSIGNEE'S SALE— By order of court, of
A stock of groceries and store fixtures; a bat
cain; sealed bids will be received for same until
Feb. IT. ' For particulars Inquire of assignee or
Gaston & Shotwell. Sherman block. A. 11. Iloake,
assignee of D. 11. Smith. 44-47
DKUUOO.U SET at 113 Farrington av. 6
pOTTAGE- A nice story and a h^lf cottage,
V_/ cheap; eight rooms, cellar, garret, woodshed
etc. including lot; water. connection on premises:
locality pleasant and desirable; 218 Iglehart street
near Louis, St. Anthony hill; street cars within
one block. - Inquire of Henry Weber, next door.
TAItrO STORE FOR SALE— About »1.500
JLs cash required; good town and trade. C. W.
Hall. Globe. ••■
COOKING RANGE— Reasonable;
I been used a few times.' Mrs. J. Winkleman,
445 Wabashast. 5
stove for light housekeeping. Address M.
8.. Globe. 6
ORGAN — Ten-stop, organ, almost new, for
tib: ■ gC3 Jackson Bt.. room 7. ' ' 4
PRINTING PRESS— One self-inking printing
i- ' ' press -in perfect order and al
most new, size 4x6. with full outfit of types, leads,
etc.; ooat 1 SO. will sell for {25. Address O. Quam.
Dennison. Minn. 4
SAi-'l>— CaU at 72 East Seventh st
SKWINii MACHINE — Wilson sewing ma
chine, perfect running order, cheap tor cash
at basement 183 East Ninth st. 4
XT Wi • 3lACHlNK— Domestic sewing ma-
O chine, foil case, new. for 130. £62 Jackson St..
room 7. ■ I 4
Second-hand safe cheap. Address H.
100. Globe. i
STOVK— Large cooking stove, cheap. Call at 44
East Seventh St.. room 17. • . . ; "3
X ' nearly new; cheap. ' Inquire Friday evening.
50 East Seventh st. room I. ■ C
A hotel of sixty 1 urai-hed rooms, in a Wiscon
sin town of 22,000 inhabitants; two stores
on ground floor; all the modern improvements;
I the bouse will pay for itself in five years; will sell
for j;S.OQO. one-half down; the owner is going to
leave the city. - Address K. 94. Glob* once. 1045
DRUGS — At Willtes* ph-rmacr you get pre
scriptions filled with the purest drugs, with
out which the physicians' skill is of no avail: a
very desirable and complete Use of the best toilet
good*. 274*
TO TIIE LAmE/t— new stock m Califor- I
nia canned good* are just in: prices & cents
per can lower th-\n last year. Order at once from
Wagner * Gasser, the popular Seven corners gro
cers. "11
PICTURES— Peculiar brilliancy- to those pic-
X tures made at Taylor's S«ven Comers sallery.
SH ■FT Mi " ■• I < only 10 cents, at Toungman's.
0 Mikado books only 25 cents. 33»
Gi REAT BAISGAINS f^r the next ten days m |
r Banjos and Guitars at Toungman's. 115 Cast
Seventh st. 361*
PUT new s~.ades in you: home*: beautiful new j
ones low. at J. C Simonet's Upholstery bouse. |
127 Ea« Seventh. 175*
Fl KMTIKK taken from the house iird \
X lirered free of charge; re-uphoUtering .a
bent manner at lowest rates. See J. C. simonet,
121 F.a«t Seventh, the leading upholsterer. S7a»
"jy ONE TO EQUAL the C>pcra Piano. See it
_> a*. Yoongman's. 115 East Seventh st. Xl*
BEAUTLI-'UL plush parlor suits, my own
make, for $35; ladies, see them. J. C
Minor- ■ 127 ta:t Seventh. The finest suits to
order up to rJOJ. S7a»
(~* REAT REDUCTIONS in winter good « Tat F.
VJT W. Slack's, KM Dakota a y. men's all-wool
scarlet underwear "be each, boy's underwear SCc a
suit; hoods 25c and up: blankets, gloves and mit
tens at wholesale prices. 7*
IOWSSI ' ■-.: .. r.- -LATEST STY!
- E. J. Heimbach, boot* and shoes. 102 Dakota
ay.. West St. PauL Largest stock. Solid leather.
William C. Severn's I. lst.
104 Ka-t Third St., room 1.
QKrvr\— FIXE LOTS on Marshall. Selby and
*yP*J\J\J_ll*gae ays. ; very cheap.
'-■'\D\J\J house and lot in Nelson's addition for
Fl n X MEAT MARKET in good location,
r cheap.
MACKKS near Pbalen; also two 40-acre tracts
between the cities.
1 (\ LOTS in Ka^tville Heights; S acres between
lv the cities. 1.000 per acre.
ONE oft- THE BEST DEALS ever offered
in St. Paul suburban property; a fortune in
this deal alone: call and investigate. William C.
Severn, real estate broker. 101 Kast Third st.
Henry Rotlischlld's'LTst.
I CONTROL a number of the finest lot* on
Marshall. Dayton and Selby ays.. Wright's ad
dition; buy of me now. save agents' commission
and get the benefit of the spring increase in
values: very easy terms. A house and lot on
Dayton's bluS which i will sell cheap. $-00. terms
to suit: monthly payment < or otherwise; also some
(rood i%nd near White Bear at considerable le^s
than others are selling for; money to loan on all
securities at lowest rate«: I am commissioned to
buy cheap acres or lots. duo' call unless you hare
a bargain. 44-45
J. C Cabanne's List.
No. 326 aba.- ha St.
Q<*T ?\nn BUYS 30 acres 1 mile north of
O / i*J\JyJ Lake Como.
C 1 Qfin m; vs 2 l™: this land has a front-
OUOUU ace of 200 feet on Stewart aT. and
overlooks the city; we also hare a tract of land
northeast of the city 50 per cent, below anything
in locality.
FOli BARGAINS in acre property call and
see J. C. Cabanne's list. No. M Wabasba st.
Seventh Street Real Estate Exchange
193 East Serenth st.
f -'O*J\J cash, balance in four years.
QO Afin— «OOl> HOI 50-foot lot on
V>/-vj»A/Vj Burr St., near Whitehall; $500 cash,
balance monthly. ■ — ' " i
JTOUSE AND LOT to exchange for farm.
CO p. DOWN" and 110 per month for good lots
&A/tJ on Payne aT.; invest your monthly sav
ings in real estate; better than a bank.
'J')i \ ACRES good farm land.no incumbrance,
*J**»\J to exchange for St. i'aul or Minneapolis
property; will pay some cash if required.
GO "900.— FIVJE " KOOM HOVnß,lol and
O*»«'wV./v_/ barn on Mackubin st., between
Marshall ar. and Iglehartst.; monthly payments.
HOISE AND LOT in the city to exchange
for a grocery store.
LIST your property with the Seventh Street
Real Estate exchange and get prompt re
turns. Seventh Stroet Krai Estate exchange, 192
East Seventh st. U. A. Stone, manager.
Richard LcOmann's List.
113 East Fourth st., opposite German-American
for investment. Call soon if you want to [
double your money in a short time. The follow
ing are a few of my best bargains:
addition is situated on St. Clalr St., a dis
tance of about 200 feet from the crossing of the
Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad, and one
mile this side of Macalester Park; street cars,
railroad depot and motor line within easy walking
distance: other agents will ask you more money
tor lots not near as well situated or as easy of ,
access from the heart of the city; call to see me
soon, as I expect to close the entire addition out
in less than 10 days.
1 nO FEET square on the corner of Indiana
lUU ay. and Robertson st.. with nine dwelling*,
bringing $00 a month rent now. and which will
bring slo3 per month in the spring; perfectly new;
only $7,500; one-third cash, balance to suit; posi
tively the cheapest property now in West St. Paul;
let me show it to you. and you will readily see
that you cannot do better than to buy the place.
A n ACRES on a very pretty little lake for
'tU 96.000; can be platted into acre lots to
advantage: acres near Lake Phalen: 5 acres for
$3,000; will bring double that amount in less than
6 months; call soon, as it is sure to co. Richard
Leffmann, 112 East Fourth st., opposite German-
American bank. 40-45
E.A. Sargent's I. lst.
14* East Third it.
90 LOTS in Como villas.
T OTS in Macalester Park. ~ ~
T OTS in Sargent's addition.
T OTS in St. Anthony Park.
ACRES 10. 20.40.90 acres near city. Some extra
a. bargains; * call and see K. A. Sargent, 144
East Third it. 45-50
I WILL SELL home rites in Union Park rea
sonably to parti es who will agree to improve
within three yean. John G. Hinkle, office, room
IS. National German-American bank; hours from
10 to 12 a. m. each day. 34-63
LOTS. nice, in Sylran Heights addition, near
Lake Phalen. for tale on monthly payments
by the Pioneer Real Estate and Building society,
room 48, chamber of commerce. 31-44
greatest bargain in real estate in this city;
eight good business lots; must be sold. George W.
Martin * Co., Ml Jackson st 41-54
BEDROOM-Pleasantunfurninhed.near Seventh
and Jackson, permanent. Address Geo., care
Globe, 6
"OURNISHED HOUSE— By man and wife
-L furnished house to take care of; cannot pay
much rent, or would help in light housework;
good references. Address N. X.. Globe. 3
HOUSE with large barn near Rice St.; want
possession within a week. Call on or ad
dress Carl Kylpaa. 323 Jackson at., up stairs. 5
HOUSE — house or twite of rooms near
bridge square: East side preferred. Address
I, Globe. 2
HOI About fire rooms, wanted, at mod
jrX crate rent, with water and usual conven
iences. Alpha, Glob-. 4
ROOM— Young lady of moderate means would
like a room in a private family, central lo
cation preferred; reference given. Address.
stating terms. Miss 8., Merriam Park. St. Paul,
Minn. ] a
ROOM— Famished room with closet suitable
for light housekeeping. Address K. 8..
Globe. 4
sale cheap. Address Horse. Glob*. 7
TTORSK— WiII exchange lot for horse and jump
11 seat buggy. E. P. Wilgus, 354 Jackson st.
j 44-45
HORSE— Wanted to buy a 1 1.000 norse on j
montb'r payments: state price. C 3. Globe. 6
(>KBEj for sale at 407 Louis st . • ;
■ 8
STALLS for three or four horses.good location,
with room for wagons or buggies. Apply G.
W. Haag. -. East Sixth st- 3
SI Nij K it's— ln a Protestant church choir,
r«l-i'i-ir!!y sopranos and tenors; this is an op
portunity seldom offered to reasonably good sinc
ere. Addns?s E. G. 8.. Globe office. 21*
...... BHORTHAND. '
QHORTHAND writing thoroughly taughtt ips
O dents, either personally or by mail: situaons
procured for pupils when competent: send to rar-
Uculars. A. C. Drew, room i, Hale block. M-*
DON'T FORGET that the goods are still on
the go under the hammer at the People's
Bonanza, M East Seventh st. Toboggan and
soewshoe blankets, dry goods, clothing, hats, caps,
boots, shoes, winter overshoes, laces, ribbons,
trunks, valises, accordeons, etc. Kemember the
place. HI East Seventh st., the People's Bonanza,
Auction sales commence at 10 a. m.. 2 and 7:30 p.
m. Goods sold by private sale to parties not hav
ing the spare time to attend the auctions. 12-44
I*. T. Kavanazh.
XDEBWRITEIt'S SALE of 2C0.0C0 Cigars
\J by Auction— We will sell at auction on Mon
ay, Feb. li. commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., at
the store. No. 3(0 Jackson St.. over 200.000 fine ci
gars from the Whitcman Bros. fire. This is by far
the largest stock of good cigars ever thrown upon
the market at one time, and consists of well-known
brands among which are Henry Clays. Henry Lee,
El Boca, .La Carolina. Victoria Regina, Bouquet de
Habana, Alexandra. La Mata Imperial .La Fortune.
La Majaque. La Rcforma. etc.. etc. This lot of I
goods is sold by order of the insurance companies
interested in their late fire. No damage other
than discoloration of the boxes has been sustained
by the fire, and purchasers can rely on the cicars
being uninjured. The attention of the trade is
called to tiiis Mile, as it is desired to close on
tho line as soon as possible. P. T. Kavana&h Anc
tion Company. 44-48
S V fjOn WORTH clothing, dry goods.
•J*J\J^\JKJ\J etc.. etc.. at auction. We will
sell at auction at 422 Wabasha street, commencing
to-day . over 130,000 worth of ilie
clothing, boots, shoe?, dry goods, Indies' and gents*
furnishing goods, ladies' cloaks, etc. These goods
are all newly consigned and the orders are abso
lute to sell at once, no matter how great the sac
rite*. This is by far the most important sale yet
held at this popular store and should command
the attention of the people of the city and all vis
itors in search of first-class goods at your own
prices. P. T. Kavanagh, auctioneer.
A DOPTION— Wish to adopt to Catholic lady.
A a bright little girl 7 months old. Address B.
0. M. Globe. 3
DRESSMAKING— Fashionable dresses made
tor 13.50; perfect fit guaranteed. 351 West
Seventh st. 33-51
Er. CROCKER, real estate, 420 Dakota ay..
» West St. PanL S7-45
PEMAI t. CHILI) WANTED for adoption,
1. 2or 3 years old; an orphan preferred. Ad
dress O. C. Globe. 3
PIANOS, organs and musical merchandise at
lowest prices; sheet music. 1C cents per copy.
Mrs. M. C. Thayer. Carnival music store, 418 Wa
basha st. 24-54
A RCIIITECT— K. I. Bassford. room 23. Gil
xx flllan block. 10-19
M. IIAUCLIFK, architect, rooms 26 and 27,
• Wilder block, bet. Jackson and Sibley sts.
IL 7^. 1 ?
MORIT7. L. WEISER, Rooms 39 and 4o
chamber of commerce. St. Paul. 277*
NEWPORT A J'KET, Drake block. Third St.,
1> opposite Merchants hotel, loan money at
from 6 to 8 per cent, -in improved city property,
and furnish it without delay; they also buy and
sell mortgages, bonds and stocks. -243tt
MONEY TO LOAN— SIO. $20. «M. $100 to
loan: do you require a little ready money to
help you through your present financial need, we
ran loan yon 110 or more on your personal prop
erty, household goods, pianos, horses, mules,
cows, carriages, etc.; we accept partial payments
on principal, thus reducing your interest: giving
loans our personal attention we save all publicity;
write and wo will call. K. Deming 4 Co., »:2
Jackson, corner Fifth st., up stairs. 22*
ANY AMOUNT to loan on improved city prop
erty at lowest rates by Bergßtrom it Co., Ml
Kast Seventh st. MO*
GUOU INVEST.MENT-120.000 new treasury
stock of the Stevens County Abstract and
Real Estate agency of Morris, Minn. This com
pany paid 15 per cent, dividends the past year.
Address P. A. McCarthy, President, Morris, Minn.
. " ,• " " 343-73
AXNOX v CO.. 325 Jackson st.. buy notes and
vX lend money on furniture, horses, wagons, etc.,
without removal or publicity, and accept payment
in installments. Minneapolis office, 35 Washing
ton Mr. south. 225*
LOANS on real estate and personal property
at the lowest rates. Call U. Rothschild, 104
East Third st. 44»
MONEY— 1500 to $100,000 to loan on improved
or unimproved property In Ramsey county;
we do not send East for this money; we have a
few lots left in Koch A Kerst's addition; come
quirk. Northwestern Land and Loan Agency,
Henry 9. Potts, manager. 7 Court block. 364*
MONKY TO LOAN in sums of *1.000 to $10,
--000 at C and 8 per cent, interest without de
lay. St. Paul Trust company, corner Jackson and
Fourth sts. . 22*
MONEY LOANED on personal property;
notes bought and sold. A. B. Huberts, corner
Filth and Wabasha sts. M*
ONEY TO LOAN on real estate in sums
to suit: low Rites and no delay. Smith &
Taylor, 317 Jackson st. 21-51
MONEY TO LOAN on good security. Haas
A Fowler. 80 Kast Third st., Pioneer Press
block, St. Paul. 344*
Q^jnPl to «50,000 loans made without delay as
<Q*J\J\J soon as title can be examined on St.
Paul real estate, with interest from 6 to 8 per
cent.; building loans specially attended to. Ap
ply to £. S. Chittenden. First National bank build
ing. ?*- >ts "iy
LOANS on life insurance policies. L. P. Van
Norman, No. 245 First ay. s., Minneapolis.
- June 21-ljr
Qinn nnfl TO LOAN on improved St.
•4?IUU,UUU Paul real estate. 3 to 5 years
time, in any amount, from $1,000 to KO, OOO. with
interest at 6, 6 1-', 7, 7 1-2 and 8 per cent., accord-,
ing to values and location; money furnished im
mediately. S. S. Stokes, investment broker. No.
157 Kast Fourth St., under First National bank.
Proposals for Stock and Work Cat
tle* Lumber. Moves, Maurnetts,
Wagou>, Agricultural Imple
ments* Hardware, etc., for the
Indian Service.
OrncE or I.voiax Affairs. V
Washington, D. C, Jan, .'-.', 1886. )
Sealed proposals, indorsed "Proposals for Stock
Cattle. Work Cattle, Lumber. Wagons, etc." (as
the case may be), and directed to the Commis
sioner of Indian Affair*. Nos. 65 and 67 Wooiter
street. New York, will be received until 1 p. m. of
Thursday, Feb. 25. IMS, for furnishing for the In
dian service about 330 yoke work cattle. 2,475
head stock cattle. 1.000 sheep. 414.000 feet lumber,
100 stoves. 475 sets harness, 1% wagons, also agri
cultural implements, hardware, etc.
Hegular blanks for bid* are not required.
Schedules showing the number of stock and work
cattle and lumber required at various agencies,
and the kinds and quantities in gross of all other
goods, conditions to be observed by bidders, time
and place of delivery, terms and contract of pay
ment, and all other necessary instructions will be
furnished upon application to the Indian office in
Washington, or Nos. i;;. and GT W ouster street.
New York; William H. Lyon. No. 483 Broadway,
New York; the Commissaries of Subsistence, L*.
S. A., Chicago, St. Louis and St. Paul,
and to the postmasters at Kansas City, Mo.; Sioux
City, la.; Yankton, Dak., and Tucson. Ariz. Ter.
Bids will be opened at the hour and day above
stated, and bidders are invited to be present at
the opening. '
The right is reserved to reject any or all bid*,
or any part of any bid, if deemed for the best in
terest of the government, in making the awards.
to increase or diminish to any extent, the quanti
ties called for in schedule: and to require deliv
ery of -5 per cent, more or less than the amount
specified in any contract.
Certified Checks. — All bids must be accompanied
by certified checks upon some United States de
pository, payable to the order of the Commis
sioner of Indian Affairs for at least 5 per cent, of
the amount of the proposal.
J. I). C. ATKINS, Commissioner.
Grading Olmsted Street
Office or ins Board or Public Works, )
City or St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 3, 1336. $
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of
the City of St. Paul. Minnesota, at their office
Id said city, until 1- in. on tho 15th day of
February, A. 1). 188t>, for the grading- <aur
faeinsr and curbing of dieted street, from
Pine street to John streot. in said city, accord-
In? to plans and specifications on tile in the
office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
K. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Works.
Offer the best grades of Anthracite and
Bituminous Coal at the very lowest market
prices. Their coal Is fresh from the mines
and well screened, and their body wood can
not be equaled In the state.
•" t Special Low Rates on
4-1 E. Third St.. Cor. Cedar. ___
Want Advertisements for the Globe re
ceived at W. j. Hughes', druggist, corner
Monroe street and Third avenue. East
Division, Minneapolis.
pAMA»KU-An experienced man to canvass
V> St. Paul and StiUwater for custom shirts, on
commission: good reference required. Apply at
once. Mulford * Pureell, No. 421 Nicoilet ay.,
Minneapolis. Minn, i
COOK— A good cook . also washwoman, at 1029
W Fourth st. southeast. 5
LAD IKS VX f> I.KMI.«IKX to handle the
±J best pillow-sham holder made. Address E.
R. Ketchnm. 431 Washington ay. sonth. 6
PRINTEKS-Book and news printers wanted
X at Johnson. Smith A Harrison's, 257 and "69
First ay. south. 5
WANTED— Three good men with reference*
at 421 Washington ay. south, rooms 14 and
15. E, K. Ketchcm. i;
SITUATIONS v a\ 1 \:\:.
BOOKKEEPER wants situation with some
established corporation where he could have
an interest by investing in company's stock. Ue
sponsible. Globe, Minneapolis. 4
CI.XXK — Norwegian young man at gents
v> furnishing store. 113 Nicollet ay. .1
EXGIXEEK— First-class engineer wants situ:i
--lion; has both moving and stationary certifi
cate: also understands setting up engines. Ad«
ciress 2iia Thirteenth ay. jonth. 4
HOUSEKEEPER—A situation as hous<^
keeper, by a lady of culture and refinement,
in a gentleman's family. Address for three day*
*L?i-iiJj 3 Eighteenth st. south. 7
*\ I ECHA If An active young man wants em
■*•*-*- plojruent in a wood or iron machine shop
as clerk; good references. Address W. S. G.. St.
PauL_ 5
Tyrt'KSK— A respectable girl with references
■L 1 wishes situation to take care of an infant,
waees not as much of an object as a good home.
Call immediately at 32 Fifth st. south, Minne
apolis^ 1
"DISINTER wants situation; experienced in
-L newspaper work and making up; references
furnished. Address a. W. k., Globe. 6
piiINTKK — cylinder pressman on
X book and job work; also acquainted with
news composition and presawork. Address J. IS.
W.. Globe. .4
K^tJ^XJKJKJ loan for five years, by Isaac Me-
Nair. room 8. Webb block. 43-48
BICYCLE— To exchange, a fifty-inch lileal
bicycle, in good condition, and*:,, casa. for
Star bicycle or fifty-four inch bicyle. H. B. Avcry,
2543 Nicollet liv.. Minneapolis. I
BOOKKEEPINU— Save expense, have your
JJ books written up .evenings by an expert;
accounts, plain or tangled, correctly made out.
Address G. X. X., Globe. 1
PARTNER WANTED with $2,000 to put in
-IT livery in the prosperous town of Moutieello;
competition not worth speaking of. Address
Z. 7... general delivery. Minneapolis. 4
in:: 7 acne, at Lake Minnetonka, for Bale at a
bargain. Inquire of N. C. Chapman. Minneapolis.
EXTRA PAPERS, containing lull reports and
illustrations of the carnival festivities, may
be had at the Globe office, corner First ay. and
Third st., Minneapolis.
HORSE For sale at a bargain, good sound
horse, 6 years old. good driver; weighs 1,000
pounds; must be sold at once. Address F. Folsora.
1510 Spring st.. Bast Minneapolis. 6
OFFICE FOR KENT— 223 Washington nv.
south, room l. 8
RESTAURANT for salo cheap for cash, near
depot, doing good business. Call at 225 Wash
ington ay. south, in basement. 40-45
STORE FIXTURES The Chicago Saloon and
Store Fixture company, 217 First st. north,
corner Washington ay., Minneapolis, offers bar
counters, shelving, store counters, grocery bins,
fixtures, tO per cent, less than you tan get them
anywhere else; a full assortment always on hand.
STORE— A small store building for sale, with
room ■■■.(•; built last summer; to be re
moved: price. $l">0. Apply on premises, No. 325
Twentieth ay. south. .'i
WE E KLY PAPERS in wrapper* for the
• V mail may be had at the Globti office corner
First ay. and Third st. - ■■nth, Minneapolis. t;
A TJAOTmTirr? ''"without Medicine
A HI IN ! I lVK raunttj October in,
111 V I I 1 ii 1878- One box will cure
the most obstinate case
n four days or less.
Allan's Soluble Medicated. Bougies.
No nauseous doses of cubebs, copaiba or oil of
tandalwood that are certain to produce dyspepsia
by destroying the coatings of the stomach, Pricu,
$1.50. Sold by all druggists or mailed on receipt
of price. For further particulars ncnd for circular.
J. C. ALLAN CO., VJUlllji
83 John street. Now York. »—■•
Grading and Guttering Franklin Street.
Office of thf. Boatid of Public Works, )
City of St. Pauu Minn., Feb. 3, 1886. >
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of
the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office
in said city, until 1:1 m. on the l. r »th day of
February, A. D. 1888, for grading Franklin
street, from Elm street to Bagle street, with
stone surfacing and construct stone gutters
on said Franklin street, from Sherman street
to Irvine Park drive, and from Irvine Park
drive to. Chestnut street, in said city, ac
cording: to plans and specifications on nlo
in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties In a
gum of at least twenty (:.'U percent, of the
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves tho right to reject
any or all bids.
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
K. L. GonMAN.Clerk Hoard of Public Works.
Grading and Guttering Walnut Street.
City of St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 3, 188& I
Sealed bids will be received by tho Board ol
Public Works In and for the corporation ol
the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their om"c<
in sail city, until 12 m. on the 15th day of
February, A. D. 1880, for grading Wal
nut street from West Seventh '-in) street v
Pieasant Avenue, in said city, including
stone gutters and granite curbs, according v
plans and specifications on file in the onie«
of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in f
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, of tht
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids-
JOHN P. HOYT, President pro tern.
K. L.GoRMAN,CIerk Board of Public Work*
35-45 .
Grading and Bridging Ducas Street
Office or the Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 3, 1886. )
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
•Public Works in and for tha corporation ol
the City of St. Paul. Minnesota, at their o:Uc<
in said city, until 12 m., on the loth day ol
February, A. D. 1880, for grading and bridge
ing Ducas street, from the sooth lino of th<
Levee to the right of way of the Minnesota I
Northwestern Hailroad company, in said city,
according to plans and specifications on fill
in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties In a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, of th«
gross amount bid must accompany each bid,
The said Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
tt. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Work*
Construction of Wooden Sidewalks foi
the Year 1886.
Office of thb Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 5, 1886. |
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of the
! City of St. Paul. Minnesota, at their office in
said city, until 1- m. on the l*>tn day of March,
A. D. IS3O, for the coustructionaelayln? an«f
repairing of such woodeu sidewalks as inaj
bo ordered built, relaid or repaired by th«
Common Council of the City of St. Paul, Iron
the Ist day of April to the Ist day of Novem
ber, 1888. according to general plans an«
specification* on flic In the office of said Board, '
A bond with at least two (2) responsibly
sureties In the sum of five thousand dollar!
(?.*..( 0 ) must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves tho right to reject
any or all bids.
JOHN F. , HOYT, President pro tern.
! Official: .-; .-;.- . ....
R. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Work*.

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