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Pertinent Mention of People You Are
Apt to Meet, and Some of Their
Chunks of Bronzy Gossip Cnrved Out
lor the Edification of Globe
Uieet J.iclitnlDß That Shimmers Hut
Does Not Burn— -Notes About
jE very till ug.
Gus Borup has imported a couple of new
French yarns which he relates with great
Aid. Van Slyke is studying up charts of
the park systems of other cities, with a
view of ?rraftinK useful information on our
own resting places.
Al Wtlkes is accounted a pretty good
amateur musician by his friends, but when
it comes to florid Miming Lon lays over the
Jack Parker is in training for a running
match, and not even a cigar jr<>es.
Supt Clanship oi the Cias company is en
gaged on a couple of new jokes, the exact
nature of which is a profound secret.
Mr. Howard, the African explorer, is the
possessor of a new walking-stick which
was sent him by a foreign admirer.
Mr. I*. Keigher says "that not over 10 per
cent, of the property In the business por
tion of St. Paul is occupied by those en
gaged In mercantile pursuits, and ho pro
diets that it will not be long until the un
sightly dwarf-like frame shells will give
way to substantial business edifices.
Arthur P. Cook is a great equestrian, and
■when not engaged in compounding pills he
goes horseback riding. Very few gentle
men told down a saddle more gracefully
than Arthur.
Will Handy (said to be in cahoots with
Jay Gould) insists that telegraph stock is
not .1 monopoly, His friends desire to
know where the "divy" conies in.
Frank Doberty has .shed his mink ulster
and donned a spring hand-me-down ami a
silk hat, They are very becoming to modest
Dr. Qninn delights* In asserting that "the
boys'' are his friends and will stay by him
Affable Billie Collier, the East Seventh
street pill compounder, holds nightly levees
of his friends, lie thinks human nature
demands that a halt be called, but doesn't
know where to draw the line.
Joe Sanaeme is looking up the definition
ot the word "Canuck."
Reid, the tailor, sings softly these days,
that business will boom in the spring,
tin la,
Jesse Copelan. the right bower In the
office of General Passenger Agent Littell of
the Minnesota it Northwestern Bailioad
company, takes just pride in cultivating a
beautiful blonde mustache of lionine pro
portions. Pretty soon he may have it
sheared and bids will be in order for the
Senator William Bonniwcll of Ilutehin
son was at the Merchants hotel last night
and he had reason to feel jubilant. lie
said: "I have gotten my pet project
through and the railroad to Ilutchiuson is
an assured fact. i have been stageimr it
for fifteen years, but next fall I intend to
ride to St. Paul in a Pullman sleeper.
What's that? Yes, I am out of politics
now.* 1
Con Crowley. the popular cashier of the
water office, is observing the Lenten season
With (rue Christian spirit. If the season of
fast should extend to eighty days instead of
forty Con would be as melancholy-looking
as Edwin Booth.
.1. B. Overtoil thinks thai what he don't
know about running a water company is
contained in the classic cranium of his as
sistant, Tom MeUovem. .
The prettiest man about the /water
works, however, is the veteran Grace.
Grace's complexion is the envy of all the
ladies that call at the office.
Col. Bend is a constant visitor at'jthe
museum and the way he pipes off the freaks
is a caution.
Rudolph IKossum is another admirer of
the exhibits at the Seventh street show.
One of the Albino ladies "from Madagas
car," it is said, has taken a violent fancy to
Mr. Rossum.
A first-class short-hand man can take
from 100 to 160 or 190 words a minute.
The Dumber who can accomplish the latter
are yen lew. One of the swiftest short
hand reporters in the West is John English
Of the Chicago Tribune. He reported the
famous Beecher trial and achieved a national
reputation for his accuracy. St. Paul has
a few number one short-hand men. Per
haps George Hellman is the swiftest in the
city, while Mr. Cleveland, the attorney, is
said to be able to write 160 words a minute.
There are quite a host of others who canter
alone at a 100-words-a-minuta gait.
Among the notable individuals now so
journing in St. Paul, none have been more
favored, in some respects, than Mr. George
W. Mctlar of California. Mr. Metlar was
formerly of Philadelphia, and for some
years he was intimately associated with
Cornelius or Commodore Vanderbilt as a
confidential agent of the latter. In his
young manhood he was on terms of friend
ship with many notable statesmen and men
of genius, and possessing a remarkably tine
memory, he is a perfect compendium of in
teresting fact and anecdote concerning the
men and times of thirty or forty years ago.
He was a personal friend of the great
actor Edwin Forrest, beinji one of the few
men who had access to the home of the
latter. He was also a friend of the
statesman, Henry Clay, Daniel Web
ster, and others quite as notable.
Mr. Metlar and a party of friends were
In Washington on the invation of Henry-
Clay, when the latter made his great speech
in January, 1850— -the speech, indeed, which
the invented wisdom of the senate declared
was the means of warding off the civil war
for a least a decade. Upon this occasion i
Mr. Clay, who was then far advanced in
years, was being congratulated by his
friends in one of the aute-rooins,fone of the
gentlemen present knelt down by his side
and attempted to assist him in putting on
his gum shoes, as they were then called.
On observing the kindness, Mr. Clay said:
"I fear, my friend, that you are paying
this feeble frame too much attention, but I
am like an old clock, which, it wound care
fully, may yet run a little while longer."
"Do you know," remarked a fashionably
dressed young lady to her companion on
Third street yesterday, "that 1 think Mr.
De June must do something with his hair,
it is so lovely. Did you observe how beau
tifully it was banged as he raised his hat
Just now?"
"Why. of course it is banged, you silly
girl; don't you.know it is quite the thing
for society young men to bang their hair
lust now," rejoined her companion, and
then the swan-like beauties glided out of
Hearing and sight.
The idea was quite novel, and a few min
utes afterwards the writer entered a fash
ionable hall-dressing shop with the view of
'earning more on the subject
••Do men bang their hair?" was the query
put to the swell-looking propriator of the
'•Well, yes. they do; that is. some of
them do, and it is not a very new thing,
either." was the reply.
"The mere fact of banging their hair has
been going on for some time, but more re
cently we have been called upon to furnish
a few gentlemen with false bangs. You see,
a good many of them are bald or their hair
in very thin on the forehead, and In such '
cases we supply a bang that 1 defy any one
to distinguish from tho natural hair. It is
adjusted with Invisible wires and when 1
dressed properly it gives the wearer a sort ,
of what do you call it— nejtlagee — Is that
ri^rlit ? or j>oetlc appearance. A few of
our youug bloods, and some of the older
ones, too, wear them. They come high,
but they will hare them, you know, and
we have got to meet the demands of our
best customers."
The writer didn't wait to hear any more, i
but hhod a couple of sixteen-year-old j
blushes for the delicacy of his sex on leav- \
ing the place uud vowed never more rail at
the vanity of woman.
Milwaukee Laser Beer.
Milwaukee. Wls., Aprils.— dis- '
ciples of the school of total abstinence may
perhaps take some comfort by perusing the
following table of statistics, from which it
appeal! that the aggregate amount of beer
sold by the .Milwaukee brewers during the
year ISSS shows a considerable falling off
as compared with the sales of the next pre
ceding year.
It will be noticed, however, that the old
renowned Phillip Best Brewing company
has to record a gain, and is still main
taining its proud prestige of being at the
head of the column, while the sales of its
principal competitor show a marked de
The tigures are vouched flat as correct in
every respect:
Bales Barrels. T j
Brewers. — Incr. Derr.
l&U. ■ I lt>Bs. ! bills. bblr-.
I !
Ph. Best Brew
ing Company 373.0,0 335.235 6,715
Joseph Bohltts
B.vwinir Co. IW,IM 317,403 21,685
Vui. Blatz ! 136,143 145,00.' 8,559
Jung & JLJor
chert f»0,405 f»3,353 2,978
.1. Obermium.. 'S>.:'a\ 29,380 4,039
F. Miller 48,»53 50,188 1,-»35
Cream City
Brewing- Co.. 29,575 25,507 4,071
A.G«ctetaan.. 13,444 13,133 311
Other Brewers. 70,103 01,0C7j 6.03S
Total bbla... 1.091,402 1,083,->'o3 1 23.820152,115
The ITnforlnnaUe In Business.
New Voi:k. April 2. The mercantile
agency of I*. G. Dunn & Co. report that
the business failures in the United States
for the first quarter of IbSO number 8.203,
with liiiblilities slightly over $•_>!>, 000. 00».
The failures for the first three months of
ISSS numbered 8,053. with liabilities of
54ti.000.000. Tho liabilities, for the last
quarter are less than any similar period
since 1*7;.. The decline in the Middle states
is very marked, the liabilities for the first
quarter of ISSO being 50. 859, 000 as com
pared with §17,713^000 in the first quarter
of ISSS, and 5 000, 000 for the first quar
ter of 1884
The Winter beat Outlook.
Toledo, April 2. — During the past threo
days C. A. King &, Co. have received 1.700
leports, covering every important wheat
county iv Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan.
Kansas and Missouri. They say the pres
ent prospects of the growing crop are very
favorable in Indiana, Missouri, Illinois and
Ohio, fair to good in Michigan, and poor in
Gas Consumers
On and after April 1 the price of gas
will be reduced fifty (50) cents per 1,000
feet, making the net price S2 per 1,000
feet on all bills paid before the 10th of the
In a short time the company will have
completed its auxiliary plant, by which the
illuminating power of the vas will be greatly
increased, so much so that it will be equiv
alent to a further reduction in cost to the
consumer of at least 15 per cent by reason
of having to use a less quantity of as to
obtain the same amount of light. In this
connection we call the attention of mer
chants now using oil to the advantages of
gas as an advertising medium. A poorly
lighted store, by its gloom and unpleasant
odor, repels custom, while a brightly
lighted store attracts custom. Successful
merchants of all the large cities of the
country use gas to an extent hardly thought
of in St. Paul. At the reduced price which
Is now offered, there is no reason why
every store in St. Paul should not use gas.
it is nearly as cheap and far safer than
oil, and much cheaper than the electric
light To those who desire the electric
light, we will add that we have
just completed, at a cost of over
3100,000, and are now operating one of the
finest electric light plants In this country,
and are prepared to furnish the arc lights
without limit, and within thirty (SO) days
we will also be prepared to supply cus
tomers with the incandescent electric light
of any candle-power required. It Is the
endeavor of this company to cheapen to
the consumer the cost offlight. whether gas
or electric as rapidly as the business will
warrant and an increased number of cus
tomers will go a great ways towards secur
ing a further reduction In price.
We would also call the attention of con
sumers to the economy and desirability of
gas lor cooking purposes. Gas at 33 is as
cheap as anthracite coal at 35.50 per ton,
and superior in every way. There is no
dirt, ashes or labor, the fire is always ready
and the stoves manufactured at present are
in every way equal to the ordinary cooking
range. We shall have on hand samples of
stoves and would request their examination.
We will give purchasers full benefit of dis
counts given as by the trade.
St. Paul. Gas Company.
LOCAL 71 j > i jo a.
Hanging Lamp*.
A new assortment just arrive*!, very cheap,
at H. L. Wheat & Co.'s, 380 Wubasha street.
Particular Attention
Is directed to the salo of lot 25x100 on West
Ninth street, between Wabasha and St. Po
it streets, at 11 o'clock this morning.
Counmer Cloaku
And all kinds of rubber Roods at Now York
BCfOBO* Goodyear Kubber company, James
Suydnm, agent, 131 East Third street. Only
store in St. Paul connected with Goodyear
Rubber company.
P. T. Uavanugb Si Co.
Advertise a larg-o list of soles to-day in the
want columns.
A now line of imitation cut ware just In;
now shapes and designs. Very pretty. H. L.
Wheat & Co., 3SO Wabasha street.
For Bent*
Ono room 65x22, suitable for offices or man
ufacturing purposes, also lor^o basement.
Inquire Cl East Third street.
Don't Forgot
The sale ot real estate on West Ninth street,
near Wabasha street, this morning". It offers
one of the bust chances lor profitable invest
ments in the city. ' '
Buys a 146-plece dinner and tea set, blue or
brown decoration, at H. L. Wheat & Co."
obU W abash a street.
, 0 .Electric Lights.
The St. Paul Electric Light and Power coin
i pany, room 13 U Italian's block, huvo frrnatiy
improved their electric plant and art* now
furnishing the largest and best arc lights ever
made in the Northwest, giving illy one-third
; more light than any other, a: d the ardors
! keep coming- in for thorn until weir capacity
;to supply is well nigh exhausted. They am
; also making- extensive preparations for tho
I introduction on a largo scale, of tho 16 aud
! 125 candle power incandescent lights, which
I can be seen in the Hotel lt>an and many other
[ places. This largo incandescent light Is the
: only one that has ■ provod a commercial sue
' cess, and they will very soon supurcodo all
others tor lijrhtiug large 6paces indoors. They
[propose to be fully equipped for the car jr
; fall llgfaflf . Those desiring arc lights shpu d
place tlieir orders without delay to secure th«
: best offered In this city.
Don't forget
j The sale of real estate on West Ninth street,
near Wabasha street, this morning. It offers
one of tho best chances for profitable invest
ments in the city.
| Our spring stock 1b about all in. It will pay
you to examine it before purchasing else
where. All the latest novelties In decorated
ware. New designs ,in glassware, and a full
line of decorated tea and dinner sets. H. L.
Wheat & Co., 330 Wabaahe street.
Tim Steven Corner* Waller?
Takes great pride in taking- babies' and child
ren's pictures. In this Mr. Taj lor makes a
a specialty, and with his f&cllitios ami lone
practice Is enabled to secure flue pictures
wbru others fall. Free baby day Monday,
April 6.
millinery Openings
C A. Lyons & Co. request tho presence of
the indie- of St. Paul and \K-iit.tv at their
opoiilnir.Thur-tlay. Friday and lay, April
1,1 and 3. itrspi-c irull>, U. A. Lyons & Co.,
Ut East Soveuth street.
MroiiM- ■»•».
Have removed their t>to -k or matches. Jew
elry and silverware to 01 Kast Third street,
between Codur and Minnesota.
Burr aw Money
On personal property. See financial col
umn, Pago?. It. Dealing & Co,, 3£! Jackson,
coruer Filth street.
Tl»« Finest Line
Or French pattern huts and bonnets in this
: city at C. A. Lyons & Co., loU iCust Seventh
■ street.
.Tl««rrlin»ii> mill Ifu»iueh» Men
General I v patronize the Merchants Exchange
restaurant. Ciltlilun block, where they obtain
lino cooking- at reasonable uriees.
DUtD. -
TAVEKNIEB- In St. Paul. Minn., at 6:30 p.
iv.. March 31, I!* I*©,1 *©, Mario E., rcl.ctof the
hue L. F. Tavornler, M. D.. a?cd 54 \ear*.
Funeral from Si. Mary's church at - p. in.
to-day. Frk-inls of the family aro Invited.
Montreal. C.ujidu, papers please copy.
WINCHELL-ln West St. PauL April 2,
IS3C, Lydia C. beloved wife of Harnsou
Wincbcll. Notice of funeral hereafter.
Utica (N. V. | papers please ropy.
church, corner Weil Fifth and Exchange
at*., He*. Hubert Christie, 1). l>., pastor — mtvu-c*
Sunday, Apr.l 4. at 10:39 a. m. and7:SU p. vi.; San
day school, l'J:iop. m.; sacrament of the Lord*
supper in connection with morning service.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never Tart**. A marvel of pa
rlty. strength and wholo3omencss. More eco
nomical than tho ordinary kinds, end cannot
be sold in competition with the multitudes of
ow test, short weight, alum or phosphate
powders. Sold only in cans. ISoval Uaki.vg
Powder Co.. 106 Wall street. New York.
We are platting fifty acres on
corner of Summit and Snelling
avenues, overlooking Macalester
college grounds and the city of
Minneapolis, adjacent to Macal
ester station on the Milwaukee
, & St. Paul Short Line. We shall
I offer lots and blocks on favorable
terms to investors.
Germania Bank Building.
Syndicate Block. | Munnbelmcr Block.
New Special Classes in German beginning
' cow. (12 for thirty lessons. Apply at once.
ConflrmaUon cf Assessment for Sewer
on Ecsaliel Street
Office op toe Board or Public Works, )
City or St. Pacl, Minn., March SO, 1888. j
The assessment of benefits, costs and ex
penses ii ri ?iii:.* from the construction of a
sewer on Itcsabel street, from Fifth (sth)
street to Eighth (6th) street, in the City of
St. Paul. Minnesota, having: been completed
by the Board of Public Works in and for said
city, saM Board will meet nt their oflice in
siil ' city at 2p. in. on the 12th day of April.
A. D. 1886. to hoar objections (if say) to Ha d
assessment, at which time aim place, unless
sufficient cause is s'.o-vn to the contrary,
said assessment will Lv continued by said
Tho. following Is a lift of ll p supposed
owners* names, a description of the p per y
benefited mid tho amounts as>esswl gainst
tho same, to-wit:
Whitney & Smith's Addition to St. PauL
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block. Benefits
I H SchurmeSer I 12 £60 75
Same 4 12 08 75
H X Bitrclow and C B
Flandrcau 3 12 CO 75
Thompson & Drake 2 12 CO 75
John BSt Aubiu 5 11 W$ 75
John Mfii/. 4 11 66 75
A Dufreno a.id V II
Kelly 3 11 06 75
Frederick DrisesM, ITIy
Hot 1&2 11 66 73
! J H Schurnielcr, (except
Sls :t of £).. 5 6 66 75
Same 4 C C 8 75
Same 3 c 64 75
' Same -'0 06 75
i First German M B Church 5 5 M 75
Martin Ho, an 4 5 66 75
: J H Schunueier 3 5 66 7*»
Same, W'ly >.. of 2 5 66 75
Pcterßerkey 4 4 Ml*
! Same 3 ,4 68 75
j S J Brown 2 4? Cffl An
Same 1 4$ 1694
A Q and J C Rlchai dson,
i: ,-'.;• it or ;'»i:( 3 C 8 75
I I?*-.. 3 3 68 75
J II Sanders, E'Jy % of. .1&2 3 66 75
All objections to said a«c»snunt must I*
made in writlujr aud tiled with tho Clerk o!
■lid Board at least one day prior to said
li. L. G ohm an, Clerk Boar a of Public Works.
__————— Vi-.'o
sex, ss— ln I'robju Court, special term. April
I 1. It***!.
In the matter of the estate of John McUrath,
On reading and filing the petition of Johanna
McGrath, of said couat). repn > s«nUng, among
other things, tfca John Mciii.ah. last of said
' eocuty. on the vth day of March, a. d. laSG. in
; ■aid county, died iut-.'-tate, and being an inhabi-
I tant (tt this county at the time o! his death, leav*
ing goods, chattels, and date within thu county.
and that the »aid petitioner la the widow of
said deceased, nad praying that administration o(
•aid c>kt&te be to her or some other scitabl: person
grant nd:
It If ordered that »aid pc tion be beard before
the judce of this court on Monday, th« 2Cth da;
of April, A. D. MSB, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the
Probate offioe in st. J'i.ul. in said county.
Ordered further that notice thereof be niren to
the heirs of said deceased, and to all persons in
terested, by publishing a et»;># of this order tot
three anccossire weeks prior to raid .lay of hear
ing, in the St. Paul Daily Globe, a news
paper printed and published at St. Paul, in said
By the Court.
Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Bobkbt. Jr.. Clerk. aj?ril3-«
In Shakespeare's greatest tragedy,
To-Day at 2 O'clock, "Romeo
and Juliet" Matinee.
Alexander Salvlni as Romeo,
Miss Viola Allen as : Juliet.
Matinee Puicss $1.00, 75c, 50c, 250. .
L. N. Scott. Manager.
W. H. FOSTEB. Manager.
Three Nights and Wednesday Matinee, oom
muncing- Monday, April 5.
Monday, (first time here) "Adisa.'
I Tuesday, (first time in thin city...
j . ;•• *M.iid or Honor."
Wednesday Matinee
.. "Victor tub Bt.nKSTOCKINO."
Wednesday Evening "Foa Diavalo."
Sale of reserved seats now open.
■MRP* The citizens of St. Paul will bear in
>Wr mind, this attraction, which will
consist of a , collar-and-clbow and catcb-as- t
catch-can three-round contest, between CoL I
J. H. ilcLnughlin or Detroit and H. M. Dv- I
fur of Marlboro, Mass. Opera chain* reserved '
for ladies ana their escorts. No smoking, no
Improper persons. Good music and good
order guaranteed. Tickets now on eule at i
rink box i Hie. Seats for 2.000 spectators.
See small tins. Admission. $1. .
JOHN X. DAVID Manager Rink.
Saturday Ennln j, April. 3.
C^~First-clac« music. frlasat |
Adjoining Crulkshank's Garden Lois; also
7 acres at $-5u per aero. - New depot on the
Omaha road is to be erected in this locality.
135 E. Sixth St, Hotel Ryan,
BEXSIS by a*, f*"_ rarer d. squisbs,
Importing and Jobbing Druggist*
: '•' AMU
CBS, 227. 229 East Third «tret. - St.PactU.
General Commission Merchants,
No. B*2 Robert st. * Consignments solicited.
131 East Third Street.
Wholesale Dealer in Foreif n and DeaesOa
'124 Eaat Third Street.
Sole Agent for Lantz Bros, ft Co.'i Acme an*
other Soapti.
BTI and 878 Sib ley Street.
Wholesale Druggists,
68 amd :o*Sibley street, corctr Fifth,
ST. PAUL. - - - - MINJL S
A rllSrl It/H r » te ««»<» Octnb€r 18,
ri 1 UUllllij KT9. On« box will emr»
the most obstioAW ewe
a four dart or Ins.
Allan's SoltfclG Medicated Mm
No nauseous dost* of cubebs. copaiba or 81 o* '
taodalvood that are certain to produce dripcpsi*
by dottrorins iha coating* of the xtomach. I'rioa,
|'.:-0. Hold by til JruK*>»t« et mailed on receipt
of price. For further particulars s«nd lo? circular.
P.UBoxl^ f-IIDI?
J. C. ALLAN CO.. VlUillJt
Joes street. New York.
Nice fitting Knee Pants Suits in such exquisite and charming va
i riety that we are prepared to delight the Lads and please their
i Mothers, especially thair Fockets.
' In all the good grades and customary fabrics and at pri< c * that'll I
: SELL "em. We ask every mother and all others who look alter the
j buying of Boys' and Children s Apparels to come and see ifc
COATS— of these very necessary garments, the Spring or Light
weight Over coats— we're not only prepared to show all the staples*
j but about everything sanctioned by fashion.
Prices were never lower here or anywhere else.
91 East Third Street.
P. S. Orders by mail DromDtlv attended to.
Has come and with its advent
building operations are going
forward again vigorously. Many
of those making improvements
need money. This., is to notify
them, and all who want to bor
row, that we are prepared to lend
large and small sums on im
proved real estate at the lowest
current rates and without delay.
We make the business of lend
ing money a specialty and are al
ways provided with funds, avail
able, just as soon as the neces
sary papers can be made out.
Although the bulk of our loans
is upon improved property we
sometimes make them on choice
ready to consider any good appli
cations of this kind.
We also buy and sell
Municipal, County and School
Bonds and other investment se
ty Our office is on the ground
floor of ih? Drake B!ock, nearly
opposite the Merchants hotel.
Confirmation of Assessment for Sewer
on Ranii/lph Street.
Office or the Board or Public Works, >
City or St. Paul, Minn., March 30, 1886. J
The assessment of benefits, costs and ex
penses arising from the construction of a
sewer on Randolph street, from View street
to West • Seventh street, in the City of St.
Paul, Minnesota, having been completed by
the Board of Public Works in and for said
city, said Board will meet at their office in
said city at 2 p. m. on the 12 th day of April.
A. D. ISB6, to bear objections (if any) to said
assessment, at which time and place, unless
sufficient cause is shown to the contrary, said
assessment will be continue i by said Board.
The following is a list of the supposed own
ers' names, a description of the property
benefited, and the amounts assessed against
the same, to-wit:
Stlnson, Brown & Ramsey's Addition to St.
Supposed owner and
description. Block. Benefits
P P Wintermute. 33 $990 50
Brown's Subdivision of Block 32, Stinson,
Brown & Ramsey's Addition to St. Paul.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Benefits
John C Herman 13 $s- 25
D J Hennessey 14 70 UO
i Hiller Hoffman 15 70 00
1 Eat W L Mintzer 16 70 00
| Win C Asblev 17 70 00
Est W L Mintzer 18 70 00
i Same 19 70 00
Same SO 70 00
G ltis 21 TO 00
Same 23 70 00
Same 23 70 00
Same 24 83 25
Clarke's Addition to St. PauL
Supposed owner and
description. - Lot. Block. Benefits
FB Clarke 11 1 $6125
Same. 10 1 70 00
Same- 9 1 70 00
Same. 8 1 70 00
Same 7 1 70 00
Same 6 1 70 00
Henry AScbroeder 5 1 70 00
City of St Paul 4 1 TO 00
Same 8 1 70 00
FB Clarke 2 1 JO 00
, Charles Kaorner 1 1 6* 50
Scheffer's Addition to St. PauL
' Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block. Benefits
• Joseph Haasler, W'ly }<
I of 1&3 1 $114 62
! Mary Kameratb, Ely %
of 1&3 1 114 62
MarjrarethaScbratnm.... 8 2 40 25
• Ferd Beck 7 2 70 00
ChasHParker 8 2 70 00
Supposed owner and description . Benefits
Cbas H Parker. Commencing at NE
corner of lot 6, block 2. ScbefTer's
Addition to St. Paul; thence Sly to
Sly line of lot 9, said block; thence
Ely 14 ft along said Sly line of lot
9; thence N'i> to N'ly line of lot 5,
said block 2, thence W'ly 14 ft to
beginning, being part of said lots 5
and 9 $24 50
Wm Vanderlinde. Commencing at a
point in N'ly Hue of lot 4, block 2,
Scbeffer's Addition to St. Paul. 13 *
ft W'ly from NE'ly corner of said
lot 4; thence W'ly to a point In X ly
line of lot 5, said block. 26 ft W'ly
from K'ly line of said lot 5; thence - -
Sly to Sly line or lot 9, said block
2; thence Ely 63 ft: tbenco N'ly to
beginning, being part of lots 4. 5
and 9. said block $92 II
Michael Melren. Commencing nt
NW'ly corner of lot 3. block 2,Sehef
fer's Addition to St. Paul: thence
Wly in ft: thence Sly to Sly- line
of lot 4, Raid block; thence Ely to
SE'ly corner of lot 3, said-block;
(hence N'ly to NE'ly corner of sala
. lot 2; thctito W'ly to beginning,
Mag nil of lot 3 and part of lot 4, -
said block 2 .....;...... $92 75
Scheffer's Addition to St. Paul.
SupDoscd owner and
description. Lot. Block. Benefits
Johultokes 2 ! $70 00
John .Lcmko's Subdivision of Lot I. lilouk 2,
$ Scheffer's Addition to St. Paul.
Supposed owner and
description. . Lot. Benefits
Joltn Hut. a 5 $70 00
W k'l.vaekini ..4 70 00
Wcnzel Wvlmann .V: 3 70 00
Loonliard ;-;;. 2 70 00
wohuSchemp'.: :..\v.T — 70 00
AU'objections to said assessment must be
made iv writing and Bled with tho Clerk of
said Hoard at least one Coy prior to said
•• WILLIAM BARRETT, President.
K. L. ok van. Clerk Board of Public Works.
The Secret of Making Money Divulged to the Public.
Money Can be Made ; by Every Man or Woman Who Purchases Goods of
__jt^L m~n &<s&lm L jr;.
fran ' fiim i^'t- niriHiiii» JL - t - ■.^.•.^flfi & jfi • ' '-^jflj
For ho Is soiling unredeemed pledges such as diamonds, watches, Jewelry, silverware, etc.,
at naif the rail value of Mio articles. It means monoy in your pocket. If you want anything
in the above lln Mof goods, to buy them of Simon the Pawnbroker. Tbo goods are all as
good as. ttu.l cannot bo told from now. You will save .jus: one-half the price you would pay
a jeweler lor the same article.
DIAMONDS. Pledge No. 15.P. 3. hunting gold watch,
Pledge No. 331, diamond ring. 1 stone, EI * In « worth $.0, price $35 00
worth $145, price $90 00 Pledge No. 3, P. 8, hunting. 18-karat *
Pledge No. 335. diamond lace pin, 1 utM watch, Springfield, Mass., worth
stone, worth 595. price 63 00 $100. price 60 00
Pledge No. 315. diamond collar button. Pledge No. 14.P. 2, hunting gold watch,
worth $43. price 23 00 Swiss movement, worth $45, price... 22 00
Pledge No. 143, diamond ring, 1 stone, Pledge No. 3, P. 3.open face gold watch,
worth $300, price 185 00 Elgin, worth $67. price 87 00
Pledge No. 422. diamond sleeve but- Pledge No. C, P. 3, hunting 14-karat
ton*, •worth $55, price 33 00 gold box cases, Elgin, worth $90, price 47 50
Pledge No. Ml, diamond eardrops. Pledge No. 18, P. 2. hunting, 14-karat
worth $30, price 45 00 box case, Waltham, worth $80, price 39 00
Pledge No. 223, diainoud stud,' worth Pledge No. 12.P. 3,huntlng gold watch,
$00, price 28 00 Elgin, worth $85. price 33 60
Pledge No. 305, diamond lace pin, 13 Pledge No. 2, P. !<, hunting gold watch,
stones, worth $180, price 95 00 Elgin, worth $00, price 80 00
Pledge No. 320, diamond ring, worth FILLED CASE WATCHES.
$550, prlco 335 00
Pledge No. 26», diamond stud, weighs Pledge No.. 22, ' P. 224, hunting Ladd
h*/ % karats, worth $500, price . 2C9 00 tilled case watch, Waltbam, worth
Pledge No. 501, diamond cluster ring, $60, price 30 00
10 stones, emerald center, worth Pledge No. 14. P. 4. open-face Boss
$135, price 75 00 filled case watch, Elgin, worth $53,
Pledge No. 414, diamond, ruby and Price 28 00
sapphire ring, worth $28, price 15 00 Pledge No. 10, P. 7, hunting Crown
Pledge No. 495, diamond ring, 4 stones, filled case watch. Walt Lam, worth
worth 3175, price...... 100 00 $55, price 27 60
Pledge No. 424, diamond cluster ring, Pledao No. 15, P. 4, open-face Boss
\t stones, worth $120. price 65 00 tilled case watch, Waltham, worth
Pledge No. 470, diamond ring, 1 stone, * 5() » P rice 27 00
worth $60, price 33 50 Pledge No. 19, P. 7, hunting Boss
Pledge No. 83, diamond cluster ring, • nlled case watch, Elgin, worth $60,
7 stones, 1 worth $75, price 43 00 P rlce ••• 3160
Pledge No. 496, diumond ring, 7 stones, LADIES' GOLD WATCHES.
worth $145, price 80 00 _, < •": _ „._„.
Pledge No. 410. diamond cluster ring. Pledge No. I. P. B,huntlngprold watch,
15 stones, opal center, worth $350. box cases,a>pringfleld, worth $58.price 32 00
■ price 175 00 Pledge No. 17, P. 1. bunting 14-karat
Pledge No! *6CB.' diamond "ring", 3 stones, * old WHtch.llllnois, worth $90, price. 48 00
sapphire center, worth $1)5, price... 50 00 Pledge No. 2, P. 2, hunting 14-karat .
Pledge No. 494, diamond cluster ring,B « old case set with Pearls, Elgin,
stones, ruby cent* p. worth $195, price 115 00 worth J IOO - price 53 00
Pledge No. 475, diamond bracelet, star Pledjre No. 11, P. 8. hunting gold
and crescent, 10 stones, worth $275, watch, 's in ' worth * 50 ' price.... .. 2o 00
price.... 150 00 Pledge No. 1, P. 2, hunting 14-karat
Pledge No'Vos, diamond coliar button* " e° lu watch. Illinois, worth 878, price 40 00
worth $34 price 17 00 Pledge No. 19. P. h.hunting gold watch,
Pledge No. 445, diamond stud, worth 14-karat, Elgin, worth $95, price 60 00
$60, price 35 00 COIN SILVER WATCHES.
Il4o pri c r' diamOnd BtUd W ° rth 80 00 Pledge No. 28, P. 264. open-face 3-oz.
* 14 °' price 80 00 coin silver box case watch, Elgin,
GENTS' GOLD WATCHES. worth *35, price 17 50
Pledge No. 13.P. 7,hunting gold watch, Pledge No. 8. P. 82, open-face 3-oz.
box cases. Elgin, worth $«5, price... 35 00 coin silver watch, Waltham, worth
Pledge No. la, P. 3, hunting gold $15, price 800
wach, Elgin, worth $60, price 3150 Pledge No. 16, P. 82. open-face 4-oz.
Fledge No. 5, P. 4, bunting gold watch, coin silver watch, Rockford, worth
Lancaster, worth $55, price 30 00 $33, price 18 00
Plodee No. 7. P. 7, hunting, 14-karat Pledge No. 11, P. 83, hunting 3-oz.
gold watch, Elgin, worth $80, price. . 43 50 coin silver watch, Elgin, worth $18,
Pledge No. 3, P. 4, hunting gold watch, price 9 00
Elgin, worth Stss, price 33 00 Pledge No. 18, P. 82, open-face 3-oz.
PlPdgeNo. 11. P. 7,huntingg:o!d watch, coin silver watch, Elgin, worth $23,
Elgin, worth $58, price .' 29 00 price 12 00
TO OUR PATRONS OUTSIDE OP THE ClTY— Goods sent C. O. D. to intending buyers,
with privilege of inspection, on payment of express charges. You can depend on finding
everything just as rooresontoJ. Watch repairing a special. y. Wo employ three of the finest
watchmakers in the West. Diamond setting, engraviu-jr. Eye-glasses and spectacles to
suit all sights, adjusted by a competent optician. Moa^ advanced on all goods of value in
any sum. Make no mistake in the name uni number. Sjud for my new mammoth 48-page
Cataloge of Unredeemed Pledges.
314 Jackson Street, Merchants HDtel Block.
186 East Seventh Street, St. Paul. Minn.
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.
PnHman Sleepers with Smoking Rooms, and th«
finest Dining Cars in the world, a-e run on all
Main Line trains to and from Chicago and Mil
~ Leave Leave "
Departing Trains. Mlu-ieap is St. PauL
La Croase. Dubaqae and St 1
Louis Express B 5:05 am B 5:40 a3 x '■
Prairie dv Chien, Milwau
kee and Chicago Express B 8:40 a m B 5:45 a m
Calniar and Davenport Ex. B 8:40 a m B 8:45 a m
OrtonviUe A Fargo Xx B 8:00 am B 7:10 a ax
Milwaukee & Chicago Fast I
Kxpress.... A 1:00 p m A l:40p-a
NortUwjld. Faribault. Owa-! I
tonna, Austin and Mason i
. City A s:oopm A .VlOpm '
La Crosse Passenger B 4:30 p m B 5:0."i p tn
Aberdeen and Mitchell Ex. A 9:00 p m A 8:15 p a
La Crosse and Dubuque •
Fast Express. D 8:10p m D B:sopn
Milwaukee and Chicago i
Fast Express ... A 8:10 pm A 8:50 pa j
. . Arrive '■ Arrive
Arriving Trains. St. Paul. Minm;ap'
Chir»»o it Milwaukee Fas-.
•Fxpress A 6:30 tnlA 7:15 am
Dubuque and La Crosse - j
Fast Kxpress C 6:30 amC7:ls am
Mitchell and Aberdeen Ex A 5:15 a m A 4:30 a to
Davenport and C'almar Ex C W:4O a m C 9:54 a a
Mason City. Austin, uwa- j
tonna, V «ribault and I
Northfield A 9:40 am A 9:51 %n
Chicago and Milwaukee 1 |
Fast Express A 2:25 pmA 3:10 p m '
Fa*t Mail and La Crosse... B 3:25 p m B 4:03 p m
Chicago, Milwaukee and
Prairie dv rhien Ex B 7:10 p m B 7:15 p m
Farroand Orton villa Ex.. B 8:05 p m 13 7:20 p m
st. Louis Dnbuque and La
Crosse Kxrress iB 9:55 p m B 10:S5o-n
A means Daily. B Except Sunday. C Monday
edited. I) except Saturday.
Additional trains between St. Paul and Minne
apolis via "Short Line" leave both cities hourly;
for particulars see Short Lino time tables.
ST. PAUL— Chas. Thompson. City Ticket Agent
JG2 East Third street Brown &'KnebeL Ticket
Agent*. Union Depot.
MINNEAPOLIS— W. B. Chandler. City Ticket
Agent. No. 7. Nicoliot House. A. B. Chamberlain,
Ticket Agent Depot
Lv. StPanfLv. Minpls
Chicago Express •;: i JO»m *8:10 am
l>es Moinos & Kan. City Ex •7:2oaui »8:10 a
Watertown Kxpress *7:?oam *S:3oam
M. Louis "Through" Ex... 42:4 p m 43:30 p m
Dcilloinn Xx *r.n*. •C:'Jspm *7:lspm
Excclsicr and Morton •2:fopm *4:lspm
Chicago "Fast" Express. .. dt!:2ipm dT:lspm
d Daily. • Dully except Sundays. + Except
Saturday, i Rxcept Monday.
Ticket office St. Paul. 109 East Third street (cor
ner Siblcy). Passenger agent and temporary (ie»
pot, general oSice building Northern Pacific rail
road, Broadway, foot of Fourth street
Minneapolis. No. 3 Washington avenue south
(nnder Nicollct house), and depot corner Third
street and Fourth avenue north.
Minnesota &~Hortli western.
licave Arrive
St. PauL St. Paul
Ft. Louis * Kan. City ... 13:00 am t3:2OPU
Chicago Waterloo and Du
buque exp .. iT:OI)PM 19:25 AM
Randolph. XortiinVld. Fari
bault aud Waterville ace. *4:3opm tlllMAsi
Dodge Center, Rochester,
Aust n and M»na accom . . +4 :."0 P M +11 :20 A M
- Da.ly except Sunday. *Exc Saturday, \tlxc
Note— is the only line running the eler\nt
Pullman Buffet sleeping cars between St Paul
and Chicago.
tr Kor tickets, sleeping ear accommodation*,
rates, time tables and lull information, apply to
St. I'ACis-John L. Wbelan, city ticket agent
184 Kast Third street: Brown 4 KnebcL ticket
agents. Union depot.
Minneapolis— W.U- Uowenlock, No. lOXicollet
block. _ .______^_ , . . .
Only Rail Line to Winnipeg: and the British Northwest.
Leave Leave Mm- Arrival Arriv» •'
' ; St. Panl neapolia St. Paul Minneap'
Morris, Willmar, Brown's Valley and Breckenridge. . *7:30 a m 8:05 a m ♦7:00 p m 6:25 p m
Fergus Fall*. Uoorhead, Fargo..... »8:05 am 8:45 a m »6:15 p m 6:40 p m
St. Cloud Accommodation, via Monticello and Clear- .- ■/.>..
water .'.;. »2:30 p m 1:05 pm *12:00 m 11:20 a ■
St. Cloud Accommodation, Tta Anoka and Klk River.. »3:30 p m 4:05 pm •10:53 a m 10:30 a M
Breckenrjdge, Watipeton, Casselton, Hope, Portland, . ••■ ,■
MMTville, Crookston. Grand forks. Devil's Lake
and St. Vincent and Winnipeg 7:30 pm 8:05 pm 8:30 am 7:55 am
Fergus Falls, Moorhead, Fargo, i.rafnd Forks, Devil's
l • Lake. Larimore, Neche. 8:50 p m 9:10 pm 7:00 am 6:26 a «
All trains Jaily except as follows : »Dai\yTxcept Sunday". "tSunday only. "
TICKET OFFICES— ST. PAUL, corner Third and Jackson streets; Union depot ,-.. ~"
KiKKEAPQUi Uaioa D«Bot. Bridge Square; No. 10. NicoUat Homi* Bloo*
# Chicago, St Paul,
Minneapalis* Omaha
Chicago & Northwestern R'ys.
The best equipped route to Chicago*
Dining Cars the Finest in the world, and
Luxurious Smoking Room Sleepers on all
Chicago Trains, also Dining Cars and through
Pullman Sleepers on Omn ha & Kan. City Express.
I'Hllmi.n Parlor Chair Cara to Ash land
Lake Sui>erior.
Departing Train.. ! inn'apolts St PauL
Dcs Moin^'s Fast Express, i +7.-40 a m +7:05 a a
Fast Atlantic Express »l:00 p m '1:40 p m
Sioux C ,H'iP. APipest'ne +7:40 am; +7:05 a m
Shakopee A Merriam J'n.. »6:30 am : *7:I8 a a
Omaha A Kansas City »6:25 p m »s:»spm
Green Buy & Wisconsin Ex +7:30 a m +5:00 a a
Slif.kofee x MerriamJ'n. *5:30 p m *G:lspm
Lake Superior Express. .. +8:15 a m +9:00 a a
Stillirntcr and River Falls +9:50 a m +10:00 a m
River Falls 4 Ellsworth.. | +4:30 p m! +5:00 \» a
list Chicago Express •8:10 pm; •8:59 pm
ft. F'aul & Pierre Express •12:05uie't »ll:30 p a
Lake Crystal and Elmora. »mi«U>igntl •11:30 p a
" Arriving Tra ns. i A""'* o I Arrive
Arriving Tra.ns. |st PauL l Minn . apoU-
Ft. Paul ft Pierre Kxprass *3:00 a m *2:30 a m
Chicago Day Fxpress »fi:3o am' 'i:is a m
Ellsworth A River Falls.. +9:10 ami +9:55 a a
Merrixin .!°n & Shakopee. i 11:20 am 11:55 a a
Chicago Night Express. . j *2:25 p m »3:10 p a
SionxC.S'x Pipp't'na, +S:3O a m 7:55 pa
Omaha t>.nd Kansas City.. *11:29 a m *10:40 a m
Lake. "superior Exprei».. t +6:05 p m +6:45 p a
Merriam J'n & Shakopee. ••.': 0p m *ll:40 p a
Green Bay & Wisconsin Ex +8:15 p m +9:00 p a
River Falls & Hmi.ion I +6:05 p m +6:45 p a
DesMoines Fast Express.! +8:39 p m +7:55 p a
•Daily, ttxeept Sundays. Kiglu trains to otul«
water '
r^^ckets. sleeping car accommodation* an?
all information can be secured at
No. 13 Nicollet House Block. Mnneapolls,
W. B. WHEELER. Ticket Agent
H. L. MARTIN, Agent, Minneapolis Depot.
No. 159 East Third street, opposite Merchant*
Hotel. St. PauL
CHAS. H. PETSCH. City Ticket Agent.
BROWN X KNKUKU Agents, St. Paul Uaio«
— IHK—
New "Overland Route!"
— TO —
Portland, Or., and the Pacific Northwest
Th« "l'toneer Line" between .St.
Paul. Minneapolis, Moorhead and
Partro, and tlie ONLY Line running
Dining Cars and Pulluitui bieepera
between Tlioso Points.
njcPAR-rivn Tiim I Leave Leave
Pact Express for Fargo,
Jamestown, Minncwau
kan and Portland (Daily) 4:00 pm 4:33 p ■
Fargo hx.( Dally except Sun) ?:SSam 8:30 a m
Kargo night Ex. (Daily)...' 8:Oi» pin B:3a p m
Dining Cars, Pullman Slceoers. elegant day coachaa,
second-class conches, and emigrant sleeping carl ■
between St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fargo, Dale, an I
»i; i oliks in Montana and Wnshlngron terrltortea.
Emigrant! are carried out of St. Paul and Mlau>
apolis on Pacific Express, leaving dally at 4 p. m.
imtivivnTßim Arrive Arrive
v i*QTßAtxs. Mlnu' polls St. PaoL <
Atlnnttc Fxpress (Daily).. .. 11:55 a m 12:30 p a
ft. Poll ft Mm. fast Ex. (Oy) 7;15 a m 7:50 a a
St. Pnul * M. -u'CtdvexSiiT 6:10 pm 7:15 p a
"Through Pullman Sleepers between St. Paul and
Wahpeton, Dak^, daily except Sundays on B trgo
ni; !:t expres«.
Through Pullman sleepers between St Paul and
Ashland. Wis.. daily except Sunday ria St. P. ft
D. K. R. to Duluth. Nor. Pac. R. K. to Ashland.
C!t> office, St. Paul. 169 F.ast Third street " '
til) office, Minneapolis, No. 10, N'tcollet Hoa*a.
General PacseßKer and Ticket Agaat.

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