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The lowa Stock Breeders Close a Very In
teresting Convention at Mason
Sioux City Saloonkeepers Projecting the
Establishment of a Daily News
The Insurance Companies Involved
In the Blaze at Eau Claire,
Particulars of the Oshkosh Failure-
General Northwestern lntelll
lowa Stock Breeders.
Epecial to the Globe.
Ma sun* City, la., Dec 3.— The Stock
Breeders' association, which has been in
session in the city for the past four days,
adjourned to-day. The attendance was
much larger than at any previous meeting
since the organization of the society twelve
years ago. ami the interest manifested by
many was far greater than ever before.
Many valuable papers were read during the
session and many instructive speeches were
made. The forenoon was spent in passing
resolutions of various natures, impromptu j
speeches, etc. The visiting members ex- .
pressed themselves well pleased with their !
treatment here. It was unanimously voted j
to hold the next meeting at Newton, and a j
committee was appointed to make all pre- I
liininary arrangements and arrange for the i
Sioux City's Saloon War.
_*pecicl to the Globe.
Sun x City, la., Dec. 3. — Owing to the :
fact of an agreement between Attorney
Wood and Saloon ist Brennan being estab
lished, Dy which the latter, in considera
tion of tin* payment of a certain amount,
was not to be considered as keeping open
his saloon in defiance to the temporal}* in
junction granted. Judge Lewis last night
issued a slay of proceedings to allow a re
heariii-r tit-morrow. Brennan was placed
under *""500 bonds. Brennan's attorneys
are making a vigorous light tor him. and \
hope to have the commitment portion of h.s
sentence d smissed.
". !.e _'.:«_. Claire Fire.
Br-ecial to tho .**!..ibe.
Eait ; i. .:;:... "-Vis.. Dec. 3. — The com
panies having insurance on the Cass Drug'
company stock, aggregating $17,800, are ;
the .-Etna. Lancashire. Roytfl, Phoenix, of
Hartford. EMi-enix. of England, Hartford.
Western Assurance, British America, !
Factors and Traders, National ami City of i
London. The companies having insurance
on ild-n-s owned by J. E. Cass and .Mis. i
Amirew Tracy, aggregating Ss_ ooo. are the !
_.l.;i*a. Traders. City of Loudon and ;
British America. j
T he 05..!.. sli i allure. I
Oshkosh. Wis., Dec. 3. — In the circuit i
court to-day in the matter of the assign- |
ment of Canton. Foster & Co,, the entire !
list of the creditors of the linn was filed by
11. A. Jewell, the assignee. Following is
a list of the heaviest creditors: Buekstaff
Bros. & Chase. Oshkosh. 846.117^81. Henry
Sherry. Neenah. 854,476.08" Beach Bros.
& Warwick. Oshkosh. $35,747.14: Morgan
Bros., Oshkosh, 150.541.74: James 11. Bice
A Co.. Chicago. 84,311.73; Marshall Har
ris, Oabkosh, ".7. l*;s.80; Brings. Wharton j
& Beveridge, Appleton. 811.183.03_ the
.National bank. Oshkosh. 50.009.33; She.ry
tV. Cook. Neenah. $7,500; Contac Lumber
company. Oslikosh, 50. 484.21; James Hef
ner Manufacturing company, St. Louis.
56.313.05. In addition to the above there
are a large number whose amounts are less
th*»n 8500, and the name of '211 laborers
who are owed small amounts. The schedule
of the assets has not been filed.
An lown j_r«-H»i_iJi i.'» jflpthod of
Resettling, l lie Action of ,tlr. Vilas.
Washington*, Dec. 3. Under the new
arrangement of congressional districts in
lowa. lowa City was thrown from Mr.
Frederick's to Mr. Murphy's district, and
thereby bangs a tale, l'rev ous to the re
districting Mr. Frederick recommended a
certain gentleman for postmaster and Mr.
Murphy another. After the change in dis
trict boundry lines. Postmaster General
Vilas took the advice of Mr. Murphy and
appointed his man. At this Mr. Frederick
was much incensed and sent the following
peppery epistle to the dent:
After. an outrageous _rerrya»*ader by the
Republican party of the state of lowa, in
■which a district was created with 7,000 He
publican majority, 1 accepted ihe nomination
ami was elected to the Forty-ninth conaress.
1 accepted reuomiostlou, ami in the election
just passed would have been re-elected but
for the fact that I was sick in bed during the
entire cnmpais.ll. 1 was defeated by less than
700 votes. In June lust your postmaster
general irvited me, as the member of con
press in whose district the office «a- located,
to name a man for the position at lowa City.
Ibis I did by recommending a Democrat in
dorsed by fifty leading Democratic business
men or' lowa City and over two
hundred of her foremost Demo
cratic citizens. There were other
candidates seeking the office, one of whom 1
believe had the indorsement of Mr. Murphy.
What was my surprise while en route to Wash
ington to read in the press r< p irts that
George Paul, recommended by Mi. Murphy.
bail been appointed postmaster at lowa City
instead of the man whom I had named. I
have been in Washington three days, have
called each 'lay at tbeexecatlve mansion, and
have been unable to see you, and I take this
method of communicating the informal.
of what to me is the most painful act of m
life. I have forwarded to the governor of
my state my resignation as a member of the
Forty-ninth congress, to take effect upon the
election of my successor. I have been forced j
to this course to maintain ray -elf-ten pool and i
by the Indignity thrust upon me by your
postma-.ter general.
Breoial to (he Globe.
Dcs Moines. la., Dec. S. — Leading
Democrats here say Congressman Frederick I
is not peevish in resigning ids seat. They J
claim it was fully understood at lowa City !
that Mr. Vilas bad pledged Frederick to
appoint his mam as postmaster. They say
further that when the facts are fully ex
posed it will be found that Vilas has been
made a cat's paw by a set of men who
ought to have been politically defunct for a
Large Vlill Burned.
Special to the Globe.
St. Cloud. Minn.. Dec. 3. — Last night,
between the hours of 11 and 12. the large
flour mill situated at the junction of the
Sauk and Mississippi rivers, about two I
miles north of this city, ami known as Ar- !
nold's mill, was discovered to be on lire, j
There were nd means by which to light the
flames, and all efforts to check them were :
In vain, and in half an hour the mill was a
total loss. The lire originated in the I
same manner as did the one in Minneapolis j
several years ago. Somebody entered the
mill with a lantern and an explosion fol- I
lowed through the ignition of the mill dust.
Gust Kiaus. the bead miller, was seriously
burned in an attempt to put out the Haines.
The loss is between 530.000 and 540.000,
and is insured tor 815,000 in the Millers'
association and other companies. It is
thought that the mill will be rebuilt on ac
count of the excellent water powei at that
place. The mill was owned by Frank Ar
nold, of Le Sauk.
A i.iqimr Dealers' Paper.
Special to the Globe.
Sioux City, la., Dec. 3.— The prospect !
for the early establishment of a new daily
paper in this city in the interests of the ;
saloons is creating no little commotion. A |
stock company is being formed and Mike !
Miller, of Carroll, selected as editor. John j
Arensdorf. the alleged murderer of Key. i
Haddock, is iargely interested in the pro
ject. It is understood that almost the full
quota of $40,000 stock was subscribed for
A Railroad Decision.
Special to the Globe.
Dcs Moines. la.. Dec. B.— supreme
court has decided against the state in the
case of the attorney general vs. the Chicago j
& Northwestern. One Barber had a buggy
shipped from Morrison," III.*: to Gliddeu, j
la., on which the freight was more than the j
company was getting for the same distance
wholly in lowa. On Barber's
complaint, Maj. Anderson and Mr.
Collin, of the railway commission, ordered
a refund of the excess of freight and re
quired the company to revise its interstate
tariff. This latter the company refused to
do. The decision, ot course, follows the
llliuois case recently deeded at Washing
ton. It was the ruling in this case that
gave Maj. Anderson his large majority over
Congressman Hepburn this fall.
Northwestern * a tents.
The following are patents granted during
the present week to Minnesota. Dakota and
Montana inventors, as reported to the
Globe by A. C. Paul, patent attorney,
Minneapolis: ...:*'/■ * t-
Minnesota— Charles P. Ellis, Minneapolis,
cheese safe; Frank E. Levensaler, St. Cloud,
step-ladder chair and shoe-blacking stand and
stool combined; Charlts L. Travis, Minneapo
lis, stenciling machine; Orrin C. Van Ness.
Pommede Terre. harrow; Henry K. Warner,
St. Paul, automatic weighing scale. Montana
— Seraphin E. Bergeron, Butte City, clothes
pin; James J. Pinkham, Stillwater, combined
hook and buckle. Dakota— Sanford R.Moore,
Egan. extension tabl.: Gustav A. Sachs, Val
ley City, breech-loaning Are arm.
The l.rottk ,v Case.
Milwaukee. Dec, 3.— The main point
in the trial of Paul Grottkau and Albert
Moessenger, the alleged rioters, to-day was
an endeavor by tbe defense to prove that
the latter was at Bayview at the time tbat
Deputy Sheriff Schwand claimed he saw
him try to break in the gates of the Mil
waukee Gardes. One witness testified
that he would not believe the deputy
sheriff under oath. The other evidence
was mainly in rebuttal of testimony for the
prosecution in regard to Grottkau's utter
ances. The trial will not be finished for
some days yet
Relented on Ball.
Special to the Globe.
Siottx City, la.. Dec. 3.— John King,
who with Waldevringhas been incarcerated
for some months past for conspiracy to
whip Attorney Wood and Witness Walker,
was released to-day on $500 b md. two wo
men of the town going on his bond.
A Receiver Appointed.
Washington*. Dec. 3. — The president
to-day appointed Ernest A. Lamond, of
Minnesota, to be receiver of public moneys
at Taylor's Falls. Minn.
Fa. ib-tult.
Special to the Globe.
Faribai i/r, Dec. 3. — The rector, faculty
ami cadets oi _?uaituck school will give a re
ception at Manney Armory ball Tuesday even
ing, Dec. 7 By request of a large number
of citizens the Fariuault amateur dramatic
company will repeat "The Serious Family."
>ii. .ay evening, Dec. 6, the proceeds to go
to the poor oi the city.... Dr. L. B. Sporry,
formerly of Carleton college, will, under toe
ausp.oesol the V. M. C. A. of Faribault, give
a lecture on "The. National Park" at the C m
gregational church Friday evoning, Deo?
10 Bishop Whipple and wife left for Mait
laud. Fist., ou Wednesday last, where tnev will
spend the winter.... T. H. Loyhed intends
starting for Los Amreles, Cal., next
week, where he will remain until spring . . .
The officers of the -organized toboggan
club are: President, E. G. Hathaway; vice
president, J. Watson; secretary, C. U. Clin
ton; treasurer, L. Peavey. Tueclub numbers
uoout one hundred. William Durrin, em
ployed at Hill's furniture factory, bad two
lingers of his iert nana ta'cen off in a joiner
Thursday afternoon Last evening a
team belonging to Frank Glaser, of the Wash
ington market, was returning from the
slaughter house with a load of meat, was
•truck by a freight e.igine at the crossing of
the Cannon Valley road on South street, aud
the horses instantly killed. John Sobultz,
father-in-law of Mr. Glaser, and two other
meu were in the sleieh, but only Mr. Schultz
was injured, he having a bad gash cut on the
back of his head and severe bruises on his
back and other pans of his body. The doc
tor thinks be will recover. Mr. G laser's loss
is some *&.(.(*.
Special to the Globe.
Hastings, Minn.. Dec. Patrick Griffin
is confined to his house «in ill
ness Mrs. S. W. Myers is visiting
friends in Red Wing.... Mis. Mary E. Brod
ger went up to St. Paul to-day on a visit....
William Motz is down from West St. Phul...
Mrs. M. J. Freeman depart ed tor Lima, Ind.,
this afternoon, iroere sue will act as matron
in Howes' grammar school for bo The
reorganization of Inver Lodge, I. O. &. T.,
was perfected Wednesday night and the ap
pointed officers installed S. N. Greimer,
Jerome Hamui, W. K. Hanna and J. 11. Whit
lord returned yesterday from their Wisconsin
deer hunt, the number killed being sixteen.
....Revs. Byrne, Gibbons and Duffy turned
to St. Paul yesterda. , after holdiug a very
sue essful mission at the Church of the Guar
dian Angels, the persons receiving tho holy
communion during the week nu ottering over
four bundled Officers were elected at the
meeting of the board of trade Wednesday
evening, as follows: President. J. C. Meloy;
vice presidents. William Moorhouse, Rudolph
Latio; secretary. G. W. Noosen; treasurer,
E. A. Wait ford; directors. Charles Espen
sehied, George Barbaras, K. C. Libbv, Frank
Van/., J. J. Rhodes, X. M. Giase. Fred Busch,
W. F. Johns. Frel Seliurca Miss Leila F.
Heath was elected to till tne vacauc occa
sioned by tho resignation of Miss Hattie M.
Heath, as teacher In the third grade of the
Irving school at the school board meeting
Wednesday night.
Chippewa Falls.
Special to the Globe.
Chippewa Falls, Dec. 3.— A toboggan
club is being organized in this city. It la
expected there will be about fifty members.
The Fifth district V. M. C. A. conference
convened last evening at the Presbyterian
church in this city. There is a large attend
ance, about fort delegates being present
Alexander Keate and John Baseher lelt for
au extended visit to Montreal this week
Hon. W. N. Robinson, late consul from the
United States to Madagascar, returned this
week, having resigned bis position. He was
panted on his return trip ftom
Washington by Miss Mamie Richurison.
Will McCarty left for Spokane
Falls. W. T. this week Miss Jeanctte Mc
ilquihsn lett for Perth, Ont., where she will
remain during the winter John Squires
leaves for Ensrland next mouth Mr. Stan,
of the ('., L. & 11. company left this week for
a visit to friends and relatives in Montreal.
Rev. E. j.. Welles, sou of Bishop Welles,
of this diocese, has been assigned the rector
ship of this parish George lierns left this
week tor Merrill. Wis., where he has accepted
the position of manager with Bradley Bros.'
lumber firm Mr. McSlery, a prominent
contractor, left for East Saginaw, Mich., to
remain during the winter. ...The Bensberg
Opt ra company in "Faust" and the "Sleep
ing Beaut\." Monday night.... John Barrows,
who has been visiting friends and relatives in
this city, left for his home in Übet. Mont.,
Wednesday.... Rublee A. Cole, of this city,
will represent the Milwaukee Sentinel at Mad
ison during the session H. L Smith, who
has been visit int. in California for some
time, returned this week.
M. Cloud.
Special to the Globe.
St. Clo id, Minn., Dec. 3.— The Lake Side
club has tiled articles of incorporation in the
register's office MUs Mataoa, one of the
practice toacners at the normal," bas gone to
Sauk Centie to teach and will finish ncr prac
tice work in the public schools of that place.
....President Gray, of the normal school, re
ports more demands for first-grade teachers
during the last lew months than ever before
in the history of the school. The demands
are a great deal more than can be supplied,
and the country schools complain that the
cities always carry off the best teachers
Dr. W. T. Stone has returned from bis visit
to Chicago —J. Zapp, Jr., paid a visit to St.
Paul on Monday C. S. Bnson returned
yesterday morning from his business trip in
the Red river valley.... Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Fandel were presented with a boy on Tues
Lake City.
Special totheGlooe.
Lake Cut, Dec. 3.— Tho Young Ladies'
guild, of the St. Mark's Episcopal church.;
pave an oyster supper and paper fair in the
bakery rooms last evening from 4:3. to id p.
m. Ttiey report having netted nearly $100,
wh.cb goes to benefit the church The
water In the Mississippi river at this point is
lower now than it has ever been kuowu be
fore.... John Hayes, a brakeman, had the
misfortune to get his finger badly smashed
while coupling freight cars at Wa lasha. Dr
Miiligan dressed the hand Ed Leunin, mail
agent between St. Paul and Fargo, who was
so severely hurt in the disastrous collision at
Muskoda is a resident of this city.
Devil* Lake.
Special to the Globe.
Devil's Lake. Dec. 3.— W. L. Chilcott lias
been repairing bis hotel and restaurant. His
rooms are well furnished, and traveling men
should give him a call George B. Gross
has purchased the news stand in the oostofflce
from Mr.Honep. He intends to make news a
specialty. He is sole attent Tor the Globe in
this place. . . The Globe has a larger circu
lation than any other dally in Devil's Lake.
Fourth, Fifth and St. Peter Streets, St. Paul.
SPECIAL NOTICE- We have no Branch Stores, nor any connection whatever with
other houses in this city.
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successful Motto,
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St. Anthony Park
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„ -.. ..*.A'^ -,-. , ;*: j aW|'.^-'' I»i___^1 »i___^i i«- *"''/'■.''** "^t'^ .-•*-.**■* J-*'*
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A posiuvecure iorO_d Ulcers and Sores of ever J
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w__xiv. o$ Sicuwui* •■ o£_ je_4,jji* _j* unE

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