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Wale. ■ _____
APPRENTICES— Immediately, 3 gentlemen
to learn railroad and commercial telegraph
business at tne Globe Telegraph company, corner
Fourth and Jackson, 336 Jacson St., St. Paul,
Minn. 338-*
A GENTS wanted in every town. in the North-
CV west tor Marsh Electric lamps: gives light
at four common lamps: costs hi a cent per hour:
never breaks or smokes: chimneys warranted;
non explosive: two agents arc making $25 . per
week; the best seller for Christmas gifts out;
samples to work with $2.50." Send stamp for illus
trated catalogue. John Haisley. 217 East Seventh
at. St. Paul. Minn., agents' supply office. . 346-55
A GENTS wanted for my Safety Rein Holder,
' tbe best a-ticle you can get for this time of
the year; ten to one more selling now than in fine
weather; no wet lines nor mitts nor frozen fin
gers with them; your lines are alwa. a dr>- and in
their place, not under the horses feet: rgsnts are
reaping a big harvest on them now; send stamp
for terms. John Haisley, 217 'East Seventh St.,
rein agents' supply office. 346-55
AGENTS wanted everywhere tor the best rug
machine made; knits rags or yarn; make*
hoods and mitts; so simple all can use it: makt s
beautiful mats out of your old garments in leisure
hours at little cost: the choicest rug patterns in
stock to sell with the machines: rug pattern and
machine sent for $1; lady agents succeed well;
just the thing for holiday presents. John Haisley,
217 East Seventh st. 346-56
AGENTS wanted to handle Johnston's patent
threshold; it is absolutely wind, dust and
rain proof, and is the best protection- against cold
draughts ever invented; county and' state rights
for sale. For further particulars • address- lock
drawer I, Hudson, Wis. ' 339-53
BRASS FINISHER and moulder, good: no
others need apply. R.Peet & Co.- 3
BARBER— White and first class; steady job.
.R. N. Sweet,.Rochester t Minn. . . . • 3
BARTENDER— A gooa one. at 26 East Fourth
st ; must speak German and Englisn. 3
BAKER— Good one for bread and cake. Apply
early this morning to H. J. Hamlin, 250 West
Third st. city. _
BAKER— First-ciass bread baker at once at 289
West Seventh st. Berrisford & Shea. 7
BOOKKEEPER An active man who can give
reference: $60 per month to the right man. 3
OOKKEEPER— One who is good collector
and can g've reference. J. F. McQuillan, 4lß
and 420 Waconta st. 7
BOY Strong and intelligent, to see to horse
and deliver goods. Apply at grocery, 99
Dale st 2
BOY — With some experience in the drug busi
ness. Address stating terms, E 17, Globe. 1
BOY living in upper town to learn the printing
trade; must be German. Call at Wanderer
office, 14 West Fourth St.. Monday at 9 a. m. 1
BOY Fifteen years old. wants position in office;
speaks and wr tes English and German
with his parents. A. S., 705 Lee ay. 7
BOY— Cali Friday mornng, Dec 10. R. G. Mc-
Dowell, Sixth and Jackson . 6
C CARRIAGE MAKER— class, at Jud.
J Geiswins & Co.. Stillwater: at once. 7
A~ItPEXTE~RS— Two or three: call Monday
morning on Marshall ay., between Kent and
Dale. ._^ 1
CARPENTER— 273 G2orge st, corner Ohio:
call to-day: ... ' 3
CANVASSER A good shcw-card and sign
canvasser. Keeting & Dixon, 152 East Sev
enth^ ■ 3
CANVASSERS wanted at once; 10 at salaiy
and commission: r 'erences required. R.
W. McMain & Co., 207 Ea.t Fourth st 348
COACHMAN, one that thoroughly under
stands the care ot horses, carriages, etc.,
and can run a furnace; must be well recomm
ended. D. 110, Globe. •
CASH BOYS— Ten experienced cash boys at
Palais Royal, corner Third and Minnesota
Bts. 6
FEED BOY'— For power press, at 330 ' Jackson
st Rich & Clymer. 1
FIREMAN or watchman by a good. sober man;
good references to give. Call on D. Davis,
313 East Seventh St.. third floor. 1
gle Men's and "Home" Endowment associa
tion, for unmarried persons: also Northwestern
Mutual, class A. tor any persons, young or old;
better than building societies or bank deposits:
safe, as the indorsers show; a few more agents
yet employed, 1 lady and 2 more gentlemen, if
first-class, only such will receive attention when
reference is furnished and found all right: terms
will be satisfactory: address letter to General
Agent 503 Patridge st: motto, pay your money,
take your choice, no likee no takee, no savce no
makee. 348-69
GASFITTERatonceatJ. F. McQuillan's, 418
and 420 Waconta st. 7
HOTEL CLERK— Young man for small hot'l
in country; permanent position, moderate
ea'ary. B. V. ■!., Globe. , 1
MAN for general store work; competent and
useful office assistant: collector and a gen
erally useful man. Elite Intelligence agency,
406^ Wabasha. 348
FFICE BOY— W. Davis & Co., 151 Drake
block^^y „ ., J.
PRIVATE' FAMILY' help, hotel, office, store
and useful men wanted and supplied; em
ployers get all kinds of help free, call or write, or
give orders to solicitors. Elite Intelligence
agency. 406J^ Wabasha. 348
J" who will be guaranteed a good salary and
possible interest in a thriving business. ( Address
Medical Lake Soap Co., Spokane Falls, W. T.
a\j 'v _ - 49
P' IANW MAYER at ni^ht. No. 90 Washing -
_ ton st. I l 7
SECOND BARKEEPER who can also worK
la dining-room; a German prefered. 315
Robert st. 2
STOVE MASONS— Five, Monday, S a. m.
SOLICITOR for cigars. 272 Rice st. between
2 and 3 p.m. _'•
WOOD TURNER— Beadon, corner
W Eagle and Washington sts^ C
""fT"* ANTED— active, willing man with *150,
VV casn; for some one wanti: g to get into
business for small money this is an excellent
opening. Ask for particulars at Elite Intelligence
agency, 406>| Wabasha. 343
\\J ANTED A young- man to learn the photo-
W graph business at 3 East Ninth st. 6
OUNG AN or a lady todo office work. C.
10. Globe. 1
"*£7OUN(' MAN lrom Is to 20 years of age:
JL small salaiy and commission. 175 East sev
enth St., Boom 1. 3
YOUNG MAN wanted to-day, willing to earn
his money: perm inert 1 osition: good, far
pay. Elite Intelligence azency, 400}^ Wabasha.
"17" OUNG MEN and lades to learn te'egraphy.
_ . shorthand and tpyewriting. day and evening
classes; chance for men to nearly cover all ex
penses while learning: terras reasonable; send
for circulars. Globe Telegraphy company, M
Jackson St.. St. Paul. 279*
"in CABINETMAKERS— West Fifth st
i\J St Paul Furniture company. G
;*./"_ LABORERS for El'.ensburg, Washing
mJyJ ton Territory; wages *2 to $2.50 per day:
ship th afternoon. John Swa ; nson & Co., corner
Seventh and Sibley, St Paul. 1 1 High st, Minne
apolis. 348
A ACHILLES' intelligence office. 165 East
• Seventh, corner Jackson, upstairs — Cooks,
".sundresses, dishwashers, dining-room girls and
girl* for general housework wanted, also nurse
girls; St. Paul has the blues; go to the West. Fort
Custer. Fort Keogh. Red River Falls, Haywood
and Hinckley. Achilles'. 348
ALPHEUS HAVES' intell g »nee office furn
ishes girls places free: 1 coo_ for Fort Snell
ing, 2 women hotel cooks to go out of town, 2
boarding-house cooks, 10 family cooks for St An
thony Hill. 1 man and wife for Fort Snelling, no
children, 25 girls for general housework, 2 laun
dry girls. 459 Wabasha, near cipitol. 345-49
PPRENTlCES— lmmediately, 4 ladies to
learn short-hand: reasonable. Apply
learn short-hand: terms reasonable. Apply
to Globe Telegraph company, corner Fourth and
Jackson. 336 Jackson at- St. Paul. Minn. 335-*
inpPRENTICES— Immediately, 4 ladies to
ArritrTmCrTl IwiwlialtTj. 4 ladies to
__ learn to operate typewriter machines. Ap
ply to Globe Telegraph company, corner Fourth
and Jacksou. 336 Jackson st, St. Paul. Minn. 338-*
COOK Pl&in, for boarding house at Mernam
/ Park. Amer can house: good wages paid. 1
7*i()()K at Fort Snelling and second girl; best
|_/ gages. Box 21. Fort >nelling Minn. I
jpOOli-One who can do meat and pastry. Ad
t_/ dress 49 East Eleventh. 7
INING-KOO3I GIRLS— Two, at .Windsor
hoteh - ; I
■JOINING-ROOM GIRL at 353 Cedar st. 1
"|*"fj~fES«MAKEK , »— Good dressmakers im'me
%J rfiately. Miss O'Leary. 248 West Third st. 7
V~i IRL for housework, at 574 Broadway, stairs
It '_ 3
G|_KL — for general housework: one that
onderstands cooking: 489 St. Peter st 3
GIRL Good; to wash dishes and assist in
kitchen: 307 Robert st. - '348
">- IRL Young German girl for light housework.
tj Mrs. Gardner, 123 Dakota ay.. West St.
PauL : . 3
— Ir„ for family of three; : light work. 307
\J Josette_st. , ___^ ■■ 3
2^t IKL^NO washing or ironing; 280 Pleasant
fjr a*_ L _ i .
'fflith at once. 251 West Third St., up stairs.
GIRL to do washing and ironing. 351 Wabasha
It st. . '. 3
IRL competent for general housework at 143
Pleasant ay.' - " : ___ v 3
G~ IRL to do general housework in a family of
_T tour, a good cook. 373 Washington st. 3
/■TtRL (or general housekeeping, at once. 215
" T Pearl st. '- ■' .
"?Ti """L for general housework in small family; j
IT good w_M___Mr_ McClnre. 377 Martin st. 3
TTTBL-Gdod, tor general housework; 704 St
IT Peter St. . 3
tut to An general housework; good wages
G paid Apply immediately. 315 East Tenth
% IRL to help in kitchen. 384 Exch.nge st.
iT north^ . _ 1
_- _,_ _perieneed, t o take care of 2 children
and do second work. good wages paid; must
fcave Trtferencw. Apply 394 East Tenth St..
-— r.or of John.
Female Continued.
GIRL— girl for general housework. Call ;
Monday or Tuesday, Mrs. Lusk, 78 West
Bluff st. 1 .
1RL — Good; for general housework; will pay
I $14; call at office Monday; Loveland & ■ Co..
corner Third and Rosabel sts. 1
CJIRL for general housework; German pre-
I f erred. 254 Ramsey st. 1
GIRL for general housework. Apply Mrs Lori
. mer, 9 Tilton st 1
L— Competent girl for general housework;
VJ < small family; German preferred. 433 Holly
ay. ..'-'■ - .., i
GJRLfor. general housework; four in family.
373 Washington st. ; . „ • 1
GIRL for general housework; apply at once: 572
_ Minnesota st. '. 1
QIRL for general housework. 569 Laurel ay. 1
GIRL— Good, for general housework in a, family
of 3: keep nurse. 472 Laurel av'Leall-b»
fore 2 p.m. • v • . "■ 1
/7JIRL tor general housework. 329 Grove st '1
GIRL— assist at general housework. Inquire
at 527 Carroll st. - ■ . < l
GIRL A good -girl I for general housework;
steady employment to the right girl. 219
Spruce' av.. near corner Sibley st. 7
GIRL for general housework at 265 Pleasant
ay, ' 7
GIRL for general housework at 572 Minnesotr
st v
GIRL for general housework. Mrs. W. R. Ladd,
163 Pleasant ay. 7
GIRL to do second work and take care of chil
dren; references required, "fers. Russell
Dorr. 04 5 Oakland ay. ■ -■- gfc/»"« ,7
GIRL — Experienced girl for genera L.hous
e work at 61 Iglehart st. " 343- 1 3
HOUSEKEEPER and good girls i tor : general
housework. Mrs.* Schnell, 99 East Seventh
st. , up stairs. • -.. - '■;. ' ---. r. -- . ;*• 3
IT - - EN GIRL— At 275 East Eighth. 7
LAUNDRESS and dishwasher wanted at the
Winslow house. Seven corners. 1
LAUNDRY GIRL at Davis' restaurant, 52
East Seventh st. 7
LADIES of St. Paul, leave your orders at
Hayes'; plenty ol reliable help. 489 Waba
sha, near capitol. . 343-49
hand and typewriting at a first-class school.
Anna C. Drew, 8 and 9 Hale block, opposite Mer
chants. 332*
NURSE GlßL— Smart; apply at once to Mrs.
i-> P. F. Egan, 80 Kent st. 1
SERVANT to do general housework in a small
family. Inquire 266 East Ninth st, corner of
Canada. 7'
SALESLADIES and cash girls at 72 East Sev-
O en th >t; apply early. Bannon & Co. 3
JEWING GlßL— Apply Monday morning at
t. 386 Exchange st. I
SEWING GIRL— Good sewing girl at dress
making rooms. No, 11 East Third st, second
floor in rear; don't inquire at the store. 7
SECOND GlßL— Strong second girl wanted at
633 Holly ay. 7
C OX D GIRL at 037 Cedar st. 3
ECOXD GlßL— Permanent situation for a
O good girl. 367 Cedar st. ;' |- \ .? t. A
SECOND GIRL— A good second girl, one that
has had experience in waiting on table for
boarders, 677 St. Peter st. 7
SECOND GlßL— Apply to Mrs. M. Auerbac'a,
O 388 Summit ay. 6
STENOGRAPHERS call for nos t ons. Anne
O C. Drew & Co., room 9. Hale* block, opposite
Merchants. J23"
ALTER— MaIe; first class; 307 Robert st 3
\T7"ASJIWOMAX— 11 East Third st. sec
» V ond floor, in the rear. 3
WASH WOM A X— First-class washwoman- to
»» wash lor small family at her own house, A.
B. C. Globe. LLOJLQJ -j
WANTED — Nurses! nurses: nursed \ Profes
sional and otherwise, are requested to at
tend the office of Dr. Whitm: n, iWi Jackson st.,
Wednesday, Dec. 15. at 2 o'clock, and hear a free
lecture on "Nursing" by Prof. Lonsdale. 344-49
BOY, 19 years old, in office or store; speaks Ger
man. .1. S.. Globe. •■"■'; -' * :■' •' 3
DOY wants work of any kind; 516 St, Peter st. 3
BOY Aged 18, would like work of some kind
this winter; will to work for small wages.
t^UTCHEKS! — Y*oungmau of 20, strong and
t active, With 2 years' experience, wants sit
na tion. M. M. R,. Globe. .6
BARTENDER a respectable young man;
he is' willing and can * give ~ city references.
J. M., 15 East Seventh st 6
BOOKKEEPER who has held responsible po
sition and can g.ve bank and mercantile ref
erences is open for an en^u^em.-nt. . Address- All
feU tns, P. O. box 970, Mim.c ipolis. 3
>.UOKli£Ef£K or dark by a young man; ex-
XJ perience in the lumber business; good re'er
ences. J. G. P., Globe. ; ■ -*:.; 3
BOOKKEEPER, clerk, or aiy position where
a young man's ability w.ll be of value; good
city references; salary no object, R. G.. Globe. 5
C CARPENTERS wish to take small jobs. Can
J furnish one to eight men on short notice:
work guaranteed. Address 59 West Tenth st. 2
COACHMAN —By a German; city references;
can milk. Corner Fort and Tenth st. 1
COOK — A first-class cook wants a s iu.ition .11
ah otei or restaurant. A. James, 348 East
Ninth st, 7
CLERK or assistant bookkeeper Young nan
' wants situation as above; good city refer
ences. C. 1... :">62 .Inrkwn sf. . -I
CILERK — Young man with first-class New York
1 city references desires situation as clerk or
salesman at moderate salary; speaks German.
Bice st.,. Globe. 7
ENGINEER By sober and steady man as en
gineer or lircm.n, with Ural class- recom
mendations. B. L. (**.. Globe. 3
EVENING WORK — By yonnp man to post or
X_ keep books at iiL'ht. »T. .(..Globe. ■ :1
ij*Ml*Lol'JlE.N'i' — By a joutig man, evenings
__ for a few hours. fe. T. G., Globe. ' 0
I~*TREMAN or watchman by a good sober man;.
X. good references. D. Davit, 813 East Seventh
st., third floor. ■ •: 3
i "OOD BARBER wants a steady job. J. 11;,:
VT Ortonville, Minn. ..-•..' 1
.VI AN — By competent man, fully versed in all .
LtJL its branches, a s.tuation in iuruiture store
in country town: years of experience: moral and"
.-tnctly temperate. 11., 211 Pearl si;. St. Paul. 3:
:Xi OTA.lv' PUBLIC, real estate and collection -
XI agent, wants employment; salary or com
mission. 11 !', Globe. 1
POSITION where there is a probable chance
for advancement, by a young man 18 years
old; best references. Mont, Gio-je. :i :> r - I
POSITION WIOI chances for advancement by
young man with A No. 1 references; wages no
object at present. Caarles, Globe. 0
S»TEWARD or head cook— By young man of
O experience, in a first-class hotel or restaurant.
J. W. B„ Giobe. "" ~ 1
SITUATION in o nee or btT|iges» -gfacei by
O. young man of business e_"_;ri*e*i{es
ity: salary reasonable for the winter; _rst-cliss*'
references. Enterprise, Globe. |\ /( 3
(SITUATION by a " young~Ger_an; first-class
O references. A. P., Giobe. 6
ITU ATI ON bj boy to work mornings.' noons
O and evenings for board. E. 8.. Globe. 1
SITUATION— By an experienced accountant:
best of recommendations. J. M. Evod, 110
East Fourth St., St. Paul. ' 1
1 UAITON by a first-class bread baker. A.
O Morris, Austin, Minn. 6
TINNER or clerk in hardware store in a good
country lown; am ported with general hard
ware and stoves; can give references. Address
Tinner, Globe. '345-54
WORK By young man of 19, of any kind, for
VV board. M. X.. Giobe. 1
WORK of some kind by young man of 19;
\ » good penman, well acquainted in city. 214
Eaton ay. 6
YOUNG MAN 21 years old would like a situa
tion in a wholesale grocery house ; has had d
years' experience in a retail store; can give good
references. R. G., Globe. 3
YOUNG MAN, 19 years old. wants work of any
kind; willing to work lor small wages.
E. 8.. Globe, . 7
COOK — By woman, as meat and pastry cook.
49 East Eleventh St.. in the rear. ... ■ 3
COOK— German woman wishes aplaee to work,
cooking lunch in restaurant or saloon pre
ferred- S. 19. Globe. -*~"'X'." '/' ■■ 3
_ iASHIEK- Young lady di s'res a j positing - as
v.- cashier or assistant bookkeeper; strictly
first-class -references. 100, Globe. ~r» "- £.'•"._*.■'?,
CtLERK — Situation by a lady as clerk ' or copy
> ist; can speak and write both*. English." and
German: wages no object Address M. C. Globe. 7
DRESSMAKER — Experienced dressmaker
who understands artistic draping, -wishes
work by the day in families; at home from 10 a.m.
to 12 m.. 233 Ramsey st. . — - -■ 1
GIRL, good and steady, desires a place in re
spectable family to take care ol ■- one ■ child
or do light housework.. M. W.. Globe. _____ '■' i 3
(• IRL — and reliable; good references; de
•iT sires situation: experienced in second work
and nursing; 99 East Seventh st., upstairs. - _;• 6
HOUSEKEEPER or to )do chamber work -by.
an American lady; best references. S. C 0
Globe. - - . - ■■:..'. .- f-"^-' vt.f;.'*':*.
HOUSEKEEPER— By niuirfdJe-aged, refable
woman: cleanliness and wholesome cooking
a specialty; city. Please cud at or address St. .
Joseph's hospital. Exchange st. * f;i - 6 '- '*'•''''.- J C
professional, open ins. engagements, 1
_> Address B. S.. 544 Deßow st." 1 *^ H> g * CT 0
STENOGRAPHER and typewriter^-By a lady'i -
»J small wages. S. W,, Globe. l
\T7"ASHTVO3IAN wants to do washing, iron-
V* ing or cleaning by the . day. 151 West
Ninth st, '- -. *-- 3
W 'ASHING — By competent German; very
reasonable; at home or will go out. 463
Fuller st. 1
ORSES— A good span of 'work- horses. Ad« j
dress Hones, Globe. HEag£ 348-54
FARM for rent in Dakota county; two and on«
--nalf mile* from postoffice in St. Paul: 90
i acres in high cultivation; adapted to dairying or
any kind of farming; improved with large, com
j fortable dwelling and the most complete and con
veniently arranged barns to be > found in the
county, fitted up for 120 head of stock. Address
P. O. box 450. city. . . : :' 848-54
i — : — tz i """"
J" OFTS— To let, 3 elegant lofts for jobbing or
Ij manufacturing purposes, right in the midst .
of the jobbing center; sxe 33x145. Over 190 and
192 East Third at.: inquire on first floor. 345*
. nouses. . .■ ■ . .... •
FIFTH ST., EAST, near Wiilius— Ten-room
house, $20 per month: six-room house. $8 per
month, on Page st., near Oakdale ay.. West side.
Apply to C. H. Schnittger. 275 East Seventh st.
' , 346-52
HOUSES— stores, flats, offices, etc.. for rent;
general business collections attended to.
Egbert (I Handy, successor to Harrison & Handy,
Sixth St., Hotel Ryan building. 345-58
HOUSE FOB KENT— Minea & Wedges 143
Dakota ay. 345-348
HIKTtKXTH ST. EAST— Good twelve
room house, with modern improvements;
rent $35. Apply to H. Dougan, 229 East Thirteenth
st . 332-62
BLUFF ST., 72 WEST— Pleasant furnished
front room, moderate rent. 1
CiLIFrON HALL "Annex." 21 East Fifth st.,
' opposite court house — First-class furnished
rooms, heated with steam, by the day or week.
P. W. Shute, manager. 348-54
i ""AII ROLL ST., Rooms for rent at very
v> low rate. 346-243
CEDAR ST., 506— Elegantly furnished rooms,
en suite or single, opposite capitoL 3
C~ pDAR~ST., 4SB^=Small trpntrsroom, rent rea
, •gonable; modern conveniences. '■ ' - ■ 346-48
CAX ADA r„., ,557 Tw0 furnished - rooms;
'. furnace heat and bath included. ; , ; "■■'.'£
DE BO'VY, rear Williams Five ■ rooms on
..second floor.' Inquire of Cremer & Co., 309*4*
■laskson st. ■■.-.; >w *■■•, --344-43
EXCHANGE ST., 37?— Front - alcove =■ room,
furnace heated, warm* bath-room, with
board, suitable for lor 2 gentlemen. ■ '' 3
EXCHAXGE Si... 394— -Nice large room; heat
J_J and all modern conveniences; ■ board if de
sired. . . .... . ■. ','.£.:.■> .346-48
EIGHTH ST., 320— Pleasant furnished rooms,
all modern conveniences, hot and cold water,
.good bath, small private family, three doors from
good board. 3
EIGHTH ST., 417 EAST— A large, pleasant
furnished room for 2; very central; pr vate
family: board. ■ 346-48
FORT ST.. 362, corner Fifth— Pleasantly fur
. nished rooms: terms to suit. „ 3
FARRIXGTOX A Y., 254— Pleasant, warm,
furnished room; St. Anthony hill. ■ 3
JACKSON" ST., 628, corner Thirteenth—Fur
nished room. 2
! T EECH ST., 103— rooms for $12 a month.
ISSISSIPPI ST., 57<5— On -street car line,
one furnished or unfurnished room; rent
low. 3
NINTH ST., 143 EAST— Two unfurnished
■-M rooms on first floor; suitable for light house
keel i ,i g. . 3
\l A I'll ST., 222 WEST— Two suits ot unfur
•l' nished rooms, suitable for light housekeep
ing; water, closets, etc. • 346-48
N~ IXTH ST., 27 EAST— Large, furnished,
1* front room, suitable for two. $10 per month.
OAK ST., NORTH, 389 -Large, pleasant front
- room, suitable for two . gentlemen;, heated
by furnace and use of bath. 3
PEARL ST., 24— Furnished room and board $4
per week: not and cold water; use of bath. 3
ARK PLACE, 62— Nicely furnished front
. room; ground floor. _ 346-48
ROBERT ST., 540. corner Eleventh.—Fur
nished front rooms suitable tor two, and day
board: terms reasonable.' 3
ROBERT ST., Seven pleasantly lur
- nished rooms, single or en suite, second
floor._ ■ 340-48
ROOM AND BOARD for one or two gentle
men at 249 East Tenth st. ; 3
ROOMS Four unfurni-h<-d; with modern con
veniences, corner A>h':and and Dale St., $15.
J. W. Grossman, 332 Jackson st. ______ : 3
ROOMS Two connecting rooms, one fur
nished; references. Q. It.. Globe. 3
ROOM — A well-furnished front room with al
cove for rent with board. Inquire at 21 East
College ay. 346-8
t> OOM AND BOARD— S4 per week in private
V family. 357 Wiilius st. 3
ROOMS— gentlemen, on Summit ay., near
St. Peter st.; nicely furnished rooms, with
all modern conveniences. Address D. 90. Globe.
KOOM— Nicely-furnished, front, ground floor;
five minutes' walk from postoffice; referen
ces exchanged. E. E., Globe. 341-48
V^IXTH ST., 26 EAST— One front room, $7 per
O month. 3
ST. PETER ST., 459, Room 6—Handsomely
furnished rooms for two or four gentlemen;
also suite ot two rooms. 3
ST. PETER ST., 436— Two warm, furnished
rooms for ladies or gentlemen, cheap for the
winter. . . ..-.■-. ... ■ - - 3"
wEVEXTH ST., 222 WEST— Unfurnished
O rooms suitable for light housekeeping: water,
closets, eta , 3
wi-VK> TH ST., 286 WEST, near Seven Cor
k 3 ners— Two very desirable front rooms, newly
furnished, use of bath. 346-43
EVEXTH - ST., 852 WEST— Rooms with
O modern improvements. CalL 346-43
'J 'EMPEKANCE ST.. 470, between Eighth and
A Ninth— One or two turn. sued rooms. 3
WILLIAMS ST., 298, one block from Mis
>V sissippi street car— Comfortable furnished
room. 2
CB. GREEK, who left Prescott, Wis., about
• July 1, will hear of something to his auva i
tage by addressing C. 4, Globe. . , , 348
DDl'iilll'ivii ot long experience,- with good
references, will ta-e worn at reasonable
rates. Address G. 12. Globe office. N. B. — con
nection with any other agency. 331-61
_"_J. L. WOODS, eiarvo/ant— Advice on soc al
*•' and business matters; sealed letters satis
factorily answered; letter lee, $2. Electro-medi
cated and electric baths; magnetic, massage anl
elective treatment; chronic diseases treated. with
success. 401 Beveutn ay, south, Minneapolis. -
■ 246-353
MRS. Celebrated fortune teller; satis
ifJ. faction guaranteed. No. 10. „Ast A'intn st,
near Jackson. ■ „ .• 348-13
«,| 1t.".. ..—ICE BAGNEL-. magnetic healer,
it 1 heals rheumatism, kidney and liver dis
eases. 323 East Seventh st. 346-52
|P| HS. _Cl*liAi.iOA'— Clarivoyant and~doe
l?JL tress; can be consulted on all life and
business aHairs at 541 Mississippi st. 346-52
DON'T FAIL to call on Youngman's music
U store at his closing out sale. 348-49
BULL — Who has a thoroughbred Holstein or
-D Hereford bull, in or near tue city, lor sale or
service. Address •farmer 37, Globe. ... 348
O season at Youngman's mus.c store, while clos-
out. 115 East Seventh st. 343-49
lAVE THE CHILDREN by sending $1 to D.
O N. Bryant, Mendota, Minn., and getting a
bottle of his sure cure for diphtheria; never fails.
348-49 .. . r:
SHOWCASE— to buy a C-foot show-
O case. 0. Edwards. 209 East Seventh at. 343
WAN i'ED— Proposals lor excavating a lot on
Jackson st., oixiuo. Apply to s, Mayali,
16 East Third st. 345-50
Will' A Ol" LEAK.s shorthand and type
writing this winter at Anna C. Drew's
school? Hale block, corner Jackson, and Third
sts. ■ ■ 332*
1 17" ANTED — for excavating on Western
»V ay., near Da» ton. Boom 41, Union block.4
EVERYBODY delighted with the bargains at
Youngman's, 115 East Seventh st. 348-49
L OR SALE — New house of nine room, batn
J- sewerage and city water; terms easy. Appiy
to owner. 751 Selby ay. : . 33.-49
LAP ROBE— A nice lap robe, good as new;
will sell cheap. Call at Simon, the pawn
brokers. ISO East Seventh st. 340-48
PIANOS, organs, violins, banjos, guitars, sheet
music, etc., at wholesale rates and less; clos
ing out. C. W. Youngman, lb East Seventh st.
348-49 ■■*•..■
PUPS — Newfoundland pups six .wee_s o.d;
dogs *10, females to. J. K. • Hilyard. 468
Bobert st. .. . 343.49
PIANO For Sale— A square Grand piano with
carved legs; splendid tone: cost when new
$600; will sell for* 10 j. Audress CSI 25, Globe.
346-43 ■"
WOOD STOVES— Two good. 630 St. Peter st.
1 1 |fj r\f}(\ SHEETS OF MUSIC to select
I\J\J)\J\J\J irom, books, etc.; at Youngman's
closing out sale, 115 East Seventh st. 348-49
OARDAN'D ROOMS can be had with all
modern improvements. 533 Robert St.;
reference required. . .. . _ .'... . „3
hOARD Private family, with limited number
select persons, desire young gent, eman to
room aud board: price, 21 per mouth; references
required. A. 8.C., G.O je. v •
HOUSE and lot in both Minneapolis and St
Paul, for a farm. Farmer, Globe. '.- 342-48
'| 'U lAiHaaGi, for city property,' the best
X tarm in the state: also 120 acre larm 5 m.les
south of West St. Paul. i.ear Northwestern im
provements. Address Farmer 37, Globe. - 343-.0
LADY withes private, instruction in book
keeping. Address C. Y„ Globe. ; - 341-46
SCHOOL, OF suOKiBAAu and typewrit
, ing — First-class and exclusive.' Names of
graduates now holding positions sent on applica
tion; lessons day.: and evening, or by mail; send
(or circular. Anna C. Drew, Hale block, corner
Jackson and Ihird sts, iE_i— _&' B— '•
'.'', ' .- AUC riOg SALES. •' V ■ •; '.'. : J •[
,SX Fast Third st. >„ ; ,.;-,. ■_ ......
CLOAKS. CLOAKS, at auction v. this week-
Silk plush cloaks, . boucle. . diagonal 2 and
; beaver cloaks with far collars and cuffs,' must go
at auction this week, no matter what price, at ,31
East Third st. ' ' •' " "'* ' -''•*' ' 349-49
LADIES, IT WILL PAY to go to the • bank
rupt auction sale at 31 East Third st:< tht»
: stock consists of- ary goodi. cloaks, underwear,
yarns, flannels, '00 pairs of red, white, bine , and
gray all wool bed blankets, men's and boys' over
coats: also, 1,000 photograph albums in leather
and plush covers; come early to secure bargains;
sales commence at 10 a. m., 2 and 7:30 p. .m. Re
member the place, 31 Bast Third st.; lady clerks
in attendance. ■ ' ■ ■ 348-49
P. T. Kavanagb & Co. - ■ - •
enth st., from now until Jan.*],' 1887; silver
ware, clocks, jewelry, gold and . silver ." watches
and every article in the jewelry line . will be
slaughtered, sold at half price, or any price;
come and you will see goods fly; the greatest
slaughter you ever saw; every ; ece of silver and
all clocks must be sold by Jan. 1: , you can buy no
better goods in the city, as every piece of silver
ware is triple unl quadruple-plated, stamped and
made by Roger Bros.. Simpson, Hall, Miller &
Co., Reed & Barton, Willcox Meriden-Bntannia
company and other good makers. T. E. Dawson,
Salesman; P. T. Kavanagh & Co., Auctioneers.
340-48 • .
A TOBACCO, confectionary and stationery
business must be sold at once; good chance
for Christmas. 505 St. Peter st. ■.--.-..- 348
OARDING HOUSE— Centrally located,
paying over . $300 per month; . satisfactory
reasons for selling. Address X..1- M., Globe. 348
LECTIONS— Notice fo merchants: ■"* We
• -are now prepared to do a general collection
business at low rates, and ask the attention of
businessmen to this department of our agency;
we collect not rents-- only, but all business 1 * ac
counts: satisfaction assured. Egbert G. Handy,
successorto Harrison* Handy, 137 East Sixth ' St.,
Hotel Ryan building. , ■ i - ''*..- ;- 345-51
DRUG STORE— Wanted to sell a drug store
„in a Wisconsin town of 1,500 inhabitants;
two drug stores; a good chance for a Scandinav
ian; stock about $2,000. Address Drugs, Globe."
■-',->- ;> .-I-. 345-9 *_&__ ■ :'J. :■■'■*.
FOR SALE— good paying wood - and -iron
manufacturing •: business, established '. .872;
the' best chance ever offered, as party wants to
leave town: will sell for $3,200 cash. Address
W. 1., Globe. ' "* '■'■"' 340-48
FOR SALE A good general store with stock,
in a flourishing part North Dakota; a
splendid opportunity for a man with about $5,000;
store doing a business of $50,000 per year; the
best of reasons for wanting to sell. Address J. 14.
Globe. 346-52
jVT V OLD and well-established business, build
-IVI ing's2x6o, one-story frame structure with
brick basement, is now offered for sale, with or
without stock; with stock, possession given at
once; without stock, Feb. Ist. 1387: unimproved
St Paul or Minneapolis property taken tor pay
ment. For further particulars address M .' Simon
itsch. Norwood, Minn. • ■: '" '■ ■ 329-59
LOCATION WANTED— A party having a
complete printing office for "newspaper and
job work, desires a location, or will sell present
business; paper now running. Address C. '119,
Globe. • 346-52
paying country weekly in Minnesota, at
county seat; large and growing circulation: finest
chance in the land for a smart and active man.
Address "Wren," Globe. . 346-49
SALOONS for sale, 2, at 50 cents on the dol
lar, but you must call at one?: best location
in the city; easy terms. Apply I* oncer saloon,
49 East Third st. Ask for Mt-Kenzie. saloon
broker. r -•*•*" 348
<j*» I './ i CASH— Partner, wanted with this'
«4?I»JL/ amount; a man that mean* business
and wants $15 to $20 a week income. Address
-39, Globe, :'.: *% ". 345-50
Wilson, Shu felt on <te Joslin's List,
44 Chamber of Commerce. ■■;.''
£_»1 t)(\t \— One-third cash, large lot on Mar
7fol)A/\J\J shall ay., near Lex n?ton. .
f'AFEKT, corner of ' Laurel and Oxford ays.,
DU $2,100. ",- • Vl ' ' ' •
Rryi-S FEET on- Weft Seventh tor $1,600,
Oi near Goodhue st. *..;-. . „
C_ I p.( \i i FOR lot on Lincoln ay., 40x150,
Jpln'JvJvJ near Milton.
(Jj-^4.) /"". FOR good lots at Hamlinc.
t£**_) ■ Jt W | FOR a good business property on
•PO)X>UV/ West Seventh, near Randolph.
vt»,L* Af lA- §sxl SOi corner West Seventh
I*j)D «-/UU and Goodhue. , Wilson, Shufelton &
Joslin. 44 Chamber of Commerce. 343
A. E <fc C. W. Clark's List.
Corner Fourth and Robert sts.
Q/J (~\(\l I—FIVEi — FIVE on Victoria st., south
y)Q'UUU of Summit ay. "
AE. RAMSEY'S attrition; one lot in block
. 12, $1,000; two lots in block 2, $2,200.
SOUTH PARK— beautiful lots near
the depot, $400 each; there is money in this.
WE are now prepared to give prompt and care-
VV ful attention to all property listed witu us.
A. E. 4C. W. Clark, corner Fourth and Robert
sts. t . ... . 348-49
. - J. Lisenmenseer's List.
,: ■ 472 Rice st. '"-. /"J. /
"1 i~) A PER ACRE for live acre lots at Casel
%pl>vt/ station.
(T>-|_"_/ TO $1 50 PER ACRE for fire acre
•£>IUU lots on Rice st ,
Q'JAA TO $400 PER ACRE in West St
LOTS AND FARMS in and around St. Paul
at great bargains. 472 Rice st. 341*
Miscellaneous. „
ABSTRACTS OP TITLE and all other man
uscripts copied perfectly by Anna C. Drew,
Hale block, opposite Merchants. % . 332*
«5* I 1 / _ PER FOOT will buy 40 or 50 feet by 145
•Jpl IU deep, on the best part of Pleasant ay.,
suitable for tine residence or churdh; paving and
all other assessments paid. Apply N. E. Solo
mon, HI Wabasha st. 345-53
L' OR SALE For 1165; ahorse, new harness,
10 new Portland cutter and robes: its nearly
hair what the rig is worth; owner going South.Cail
on G. H. Ernst, 173 East Seventh st. 318-52
FOR SALE Pacers, carriage teams, saddle
horses and drivers at Matt Balfour's, 48;)
>elby ay. '■ ' : ...■-.' 313
COW LOST— the 7th. white cow, with one
broken horn; rope around horns; bell on
neck. Finder return to P. Eagan,i2ol West Sev
enth st. . ■ „.■■•■■' : > . 3
DOG STRAYED— Or stolen; small, black,
about 8 months old, with white spot on neck.
Finder please return to 643 Cedar. - 1
cars. Glass block or corner of Seventh and
Kamsey st. Finder please leave at Levi Lyons, 11
East Third st., and get. reward. _ 346-48
KEYS LOST— bunch of keys on East • Fifth
St.; finder will please return to William
Kingsley, 274 West Third st., and recolve reward.
LAP-ROBE LOST.with red and brown stripes
on one side and black ion the other, at 5 p.
m. Sunday; return to Hotel Ryan livery and re
ceive reward. . . 2
POCKET BOOK LOST— On the Manitoba,
due at 7:35 a ra. Saturday, containing $175 in
cash, check for »100, and a check dnwn on . Ger
mania bank for $25 and pass on Manitoba,
Omaha and Northern Pacific railways. Finder
return to Globe office and receive very liberal re
ward. .. i ." V
NEWPORT & PEET ' buy and sell all kinds
o bonds and loan money on improved prop
erty ir it. Paul and Minneapolis at 6 per cent per
annua and upwards: loans promptly made. Drake
block. Third st. opposite Merchants hotel. 27 3*
iTA pany — from $10 upward on furniture,
pianos, horses, wagons; etc,', without removal:
also on warehouse receipts, ■'■ diamonds . and gold
watches. J. S. Mackey, manager. Room 7, First
National bank building, St Paul, and Room 7,
Mackey-Legg block, Minneapolis, . .'■', • 250*
MONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, from
up, on watches, d amonds and all goods of
value: special rates on sums of $50 or over. J. K.
Ingham. 327 Jackson st. £_. ■. .. . 240*
MONEY TCTIOAN. on personal property for
30, 60 or 90 days in sums tor suit AB.
Roberts, corner Fifth and Wabasha sts. 282*
ONEy TO LOAN in sums of $1,000 to $lv.
--000 at 6 and 8 per cent interest without de
lay. St. Paul Trust company, corner Jackson and
Fourth sts. "'"'■ 22*
' DYE •wore:*-.
ANGEL cleans toboggan suits the same as
when new; come early. 132 East Ninth st,
one door from Robert st. . > ■ >.v . -„: „■; ■' 316-lyr
DL.~JAMIESOS". Steam Dye Wdrks— Qent r
• clothing a specialty. 412 Wabasha" st.St.
Paul, Minn • . ..'. ■' ■>;•'• -,y
JOHN . A. LAABS, upnolsterer, .:, corner ot
Seventh and Exchange . sts.: steam renova
tor for cleaning feathers and mattresses:' all work
guaranteed.' ' y*" - f: '' - 101*
HOUSE— Small, or three or four unfurnished
rooms; must be on or near street car i line; j
possession taken Jan. 1; 'state terms. W. It, j
Globe. . ._- >V. ■>>!; v^/^ 7v^^ K~ .:'■..■■.. 348 I
ROOMS— furnished rooms and board for. I
■• man and wife, child and nurse; rooms must I
be well 'heated and- convenient to cars that pass j
the new Globe building."' C*. D. Crane. Globe. 3 '
ROOM— Furnished and. heated, near Seventh
• and ' Sibley; rent nOT to exceed $7 a month. ;
C. Edwards, 209 East Seventh st. - . - . , _8 J
ROOM— By . responsible '.woman ; who goes out I
*• working by the day. would like to rent one j
unfurnished room. 134. West Ninth st. -.. ■■.-„•. I.J
ROOMS and board for 3; board must be first- i
class. Address, with terms, T. A. Globe. •
Want . Advertisements for the Globe re
celved at W. J. Hughes', druggist, • corner "
Monroe street and Third avenue, East
Division, Minneapolis. '
map-work. Harrison & Smith, Minneapolis,
WANTED— engraver and • die
sinker; steady job the year around to a
sober man. W. K. Lanphear._ 347-9
___ PERSONAL,. .■ ; .
MADAME ANDREWS. Clairvoyant, No.
I'll 1518 Fourth st. north, at home to ladies only.
343-49 '•
FOR SALE at a bargain, first-class siloon in
splendid location, with good - established
trade, in one ot the best hotels in city: cheap rent,
with long lease: other business requires owner's
attention. Address J. P. G., Globe, Minneapolis.
PATENTS— P. H. Gunckel, 4"-5 Temple court,
counsellor and - solicitor; 15 years' practice.
278* ■ ■
**»n( ) A/VIKEO pressed brie*. Office 740
*J\J\Jf\J\JyJ Temple court. Anoka Pressed
Brick company. 163*
"•■■■■": '> -.'.' THE
OPENS JAN. 17, 1887.
Is recognized as the Headquarters for
Clubs supplied in any style or combination
of colors desired. Mail orders will receive
prompt attention.
We also manufacture and carry full line of
Knit Goods.
Wholesale Druggists,
68 and 70 Sibley street, corner Fifth,
ST. PAUL, - ... MINN
Proposals for Water Gates.
Office of the Board of Water Com- "i
St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 14, 1886. j
Sealed proposals will be received at the
office ol the Board of Water Commis
sioners of the City of St. Paul until 12
o'clock m.. Jan. 7. 1887, for furnishing said
city with the following water pates in accord
ance with the following specifications:
Six (6) 3-inch gates with the privilege of
6 additional.
Ten (10) 4-inch gates with the privilege of
5 additional.
One hundred and twenty (120) 6-inch gates
with the privilege of 50 additional.
Twent> -five (25) 12-inch gates with the privi
lege of 15 additional.
Twelve (12) 16-incb gates with the privilege
of 5 additional.
Three (3) 20 inch gates with the privilege of
2 additional.
First— The workmanship and material used
in their manufacture shall be of the best
quality, and the castings shall be smooth and
perfect, without sand holes or scabs. The
joints shall be planed smooth and well fitted,
and all bolts used in them shall have heads
and nuts of a hexagonal form.
Second valves shall be double faced,
being formed by two independent discs,
which snail have Ihelr only point of contact
with the stem at their centers. The discs
shall be so attached to the stem that they
shall be capable of a rocking motion and be
permitted to adjust themselves to their seats,
which shall be level. The discs must lift and
drop clear of the seats and be brought to a
bearing on the seats horizontally and avoid
all dragging on the seats.
Third — When open the valves must present
clear open way.
Fourth— Both the discs and the surfaces of
contact of seats shall be of brass, and shall
be accurately fitted and ground to their seats
so as to form a perfect closure of the passages
when the valve is closed. The stem and all its
connections with the discs shall be of solid
Fifth— The Iron used snail be from an ad
mixture of grey iron remelted in the cupola
of an even grain and producing a tough,
strong casting. „-■•.,.-.■,
Sixth— The brass used shall be of the kind
known as "hard brass," an alloy of copper,
tin and zinc.
Seventh — and every valve shall be
tested to a pressure of 300 pounds per square
inch, and shall then be coated with coal tar
varnish and delivered dry.
Eighth Weights must not fall below the
following: 3-inch valves. 65 pounds: 4-inch,
b5 pounds: 6-inch, 150 pounds; 12-inch, 575
pounds; 16-inch. 1,275 pounds; 20-inch, 1,950
pounds. All 16" and 20" must be geared.
Ninth All valves must open by turning- to
the right.
Tenth — All valves over 16" inch to have
All gates must be delivered f roe on board
of cars in St. Paul, freight prepaid. One car
load must be delivered by March 15, 1887.
and balance by May 1, 1887. The privilege
gates must be delivered within thirty (30)
days from date of order. Payments will be
made by monthly estimates.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the
gross amount bid, or a certified check lor
five hundred dollars must accompany each
The Board reserves the right to reject any
and till bids.
Bids must bo endorsed, '-Proposals for
Water Gates," and addressed to the under
Secretary Board of Water Commissioners.
Prososals for Water Pipe.
Office of the Board of Water Com- 1
missioxers, _-
St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 14, 1886. )
Sealed proposals will be received at the
office of the Board of Water Commissioners of
the City of St. Paul, until 12 o'clock m., Jan.
7, 1337, for furnishing said city with the fol
lowing list of cast iron pipe and special cast
ings, in accordance with the plans and speci
fications on file in the office of said Water
4,300 lineal feet of four (4) inch pipe, with
the privilege of 3,000 feet additional.
50,000 lineal feet of six (6) inch pipe, with
the privilege of 20,000 feet additional.
20,000 lineal feet of twelve (12) inch pipe,
with the privilege of 5.000 feet additional.
8,900 lineal feet of sixteen (16) inch pipe,
with the privilege of 1,000 feet additional.
4,900 feet of twenty (20) inch pipe, with the
privilege of 2,000 feet additional.
700 lineal feet of twelve (12) inch pipe, ex
tra heavy.
Special castings, 50 tons, with the privilege
of enough to lav above pipe.
All pipe must be shipped through by rail,
without change of cars, and delivered free on
board of cars in St. Paul, freight to be pre
Bids must include all the pipe and specials.
Pipe and specials to be delivered in St. Paul
as follows: Thirty (30) per cent, by the Ist of
March, 1837; thirty-five (35) per cent, by
April 1, 1887, and thirty-five (35) per cent, by
May 1, 1887.
The privilege pipe and specials must be de
livered within thirty (30) days from date of
order. . „; ;. . . .
; Payments will be made monthly for t all
pipes and specials shipped, but no payments
will be made before June 1, 1887. .-, . '
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the
gross amount bid, or a certified check for
twenty-five hundred dollars, must accompany
each hid, conditioned upon the execution of
the contract, if awarded. . . ..: ■ -
. The Board of Water Commissioners reserve
the right to reject any and all bids.
Bids must be endorsed," "Proposals for Cast
Iron Pipe and Specials." and addressed to the
undersigned. JOHN CAULFIELD,. „
Secretary Board of Water Commissioners."
348-49 -
NOTICE.;,- 1 ';. L' --.... ■ ''■
I hereby give notice to al*. whom it may con
cern, that, whereas: on-' or about the Oth'day
of November, A. D. ASB6, I and one John Pro- i
vencber agreed to form a partnership to carry
on the saloon and! | restaurant business, upon j
performance said Provencher of certain
terms and conditions, and," whereas,' he X has ' :
failed and refused to perform . the same.- all
business connection : between" said John Pro
vencher and the undersigned Is terminated j ■
and at an end, and that I am in no wise re
sponsible 'for any acts \ or things ' hereafter
done ~ by '' said Provencher, and will ' par. no
debts Contracted by him.' Dated at St. Paul,
Minn., this 13th * day of December, A..D. 1886.
Signed, : ' E- A* Robert. * '
Mft-M • ■ ■■' " : ":;:'
?! • - -v.' ::;;•}
Tie Edison Electric Light and
Power Company of St- Ml- j
■ . "■- • ' i
Is now ready to enter into contracts for i
furnishing Incandescent Lamps, in stores, |
saloons, offices, theaters, balls and dwellings, i
No danger from Are ; no vitiating of the at
mosphere; no harm to life, health or person,
; from the Edison current.
From half-horse power to 15-horse power
For rates and contracts, apply to
J. R. McMURRAN, German-American. Bank
J. J. PARKER, Manager New York Life la
surance. Chamber of Commerce building.
L. L. KINGSBURY, 562 Cedar street, or to the
undersigned, Hotel Ryan.
331-360 Secretary.
Miles down the river to Buy Property, when i
we will Sell you as FINE LOTS as can be j
found on the West Side, only five minutes'
ride from the Union Depot, for 3450 to $500 a
lot; on Monthly Payments. This property j
lies on the high ground at the Annapolis
Street Station. If you want to get a Good
Home with little cash, come in aud get one
at once, as they are going fast.
FIFTH AND _______ SB. j
Ramsey Co. Poor Farm,
on the Wisconsin Central Railroad,"
niug through to Portland avenue, having
a depth of 260 feet; one block' from Dale
street; very cheap.
sale at a discount. ,'". .".vr; '•■-:"■
property at reasonable prices.
363 Jackson street.
———————————— —__————_>———————»
elite l M HEATING !
kl I 1_ ft 111 WE WTSH T °
v i jjniii TNTRODOCE ODR
In St. Paul and vicinity, and will maktf
Plans and specifications furnished for pub
lic and private buildings. We also manufac
ture Valves for Steam, Water and Gas Works,
Brass Castings, etc.
Works— West St. Paul.
Office— 3l 7 Minnesota Street.
For House Heating* is uheqnaled for
Economy, Efficiency and Durability
for Private Residences, Churches and
School Houses. Write to
Corner Fifth and Rosabel streets,
Only used a tew days and just as good as new,
For Sale Cheap for Cash
Or Good Security.
E. S. BROWN, Receiver. Stillwater, Minn.
Terra Gotta Lumber Co.
Before contracting- . for material for next
year's buildings all persons interested are otor
dially invited to examine the media of
EDMUND RICH. President.
H. A. BOARDMAN, -.r,--',
Treas. and Gen". Manager,' ,
Office, 363 Jackson St., St, Paul.
Minneapolis Agents, C. S. Leeds & Co., 313
Heunepin Avenue. ... ;j :.-.//?
We have removed to our new building at the
westerly end of Robert street bridge.
Wines and Parcels of Books bought. Seal
for catalogue.
R. F. LEASE & CO., ..,,,,-.■.
m lit; Third Street •'•:',; ST. PATJX»
mmm^tim^ —
• . DRUG^isfs ,A^NDliYM^;'-^^^^^^,
225, 227, 229 East Third street, - ST. PAUL
1 Rainy Lake River and Southwestern Railway
Company. To all' to whom these presents shall
i come: Be it known that the undersigned persona
for the purpose of associating themselves together
and forming a corporation under and by virtue of
the laws of the State of Minnesota, and more es
pecially under and" by virtue of title one (1) of
chapter thipy-four (34) of the General Statutes of
said state and the several acts amendatory
thereof, nave adopted and do hereby adopt Arti
cles of incorporation, as follows:
Article 1. The corporate name of the corpora
tion shall be The - Rainy Lake ■ River • and South
western Railway Company. . The general nature
of the Dusiness of the corporation is and shall be
to survey, locate, construct, maintain, operate
and own a railway, with one or more tracks or
lines Of road, and the equipment therefor, with
all necessary side-tracks and turn-outs, and all
machine shops,' warehouses,' storehouses, eleva
tors, depots, station houses, factories, buildings,
structures, erections and appurtenances necessary
and convenient for the ! management, equipment
ana operation of said railway from a point on the '
west bank of Rainy Lake river, south of the Lake
of the Woods, at the mouth ot Rainy Lake river,
in the County of Beltrami and State of Minnesota,
in a southwesterly direction toward Bismarck,
in the Territory of Dakota, with
such branches, turnouts and lat<
teral lines as may' be fonnd^ nec
essary or ' expedient - for ' , the .-', con- j
venient transaction of its- business.
The principal place of transacting" the business
of this corporation is and [ shall be at the village
of La Crescent, in ' the county of Houston and
state of Minnesota,' but the directors are hereby
eniro wered ' to remove ■ the | general office of : the '
corporation from time to time to any point on the
line of road as they may deem necessary or
Article 2. This corporation shall commence on
the fifteenth day of November, A. D. 1886, and ,
shall continue for a' period of filty (50) years.
Article 3. - The capital stock of this corporation
is five hundred thousand ($500,000.00) dollars, five
per cent, of which shall be paid in at the time of
subscribing the same and the remainder in install
ments not exceeding ten (10) per. centum at any
one time, as ordered by the board of directors.
Article 4. The highest amount of indebtedness
or liability to which said corporation shall at any.
time be subject, exclusive of its indebtedness se
cured by mortgage of its property,- shall be one
hundred thousand (SIOO,OOO 00) dollars.
. Article 5. The names' and places of residence
of the persons composing th.s association | areas
follows; Nathan Myrick, ' St. Paul, Minnesota;
George J. Johnson," La Crosse, Wisconsin; Martin
T. Moore, La' Crosse. Wisconsin; Elbert E. Buck
ingham, La Crosse, Wisconsin; Lafe Holmes, La
Crosse, Wisconsin; Henry A. Salzer, La Crosse,
Wisconsin; Abram H. Looney, La Crosse, Wiscon
sin; James - H. A. Ginder, La Crosse, Wisconsin;
Eeekiel Clarke. La Crosse, Wisconsin; Volney A.
Brgelow, La Crosse, Wisconsin ; Charles ' Franz,'
La Crosse, Wisconsin; Alfred Harrison La Crosse,
Wisconsin: John P. Richmond, La Crosse, Wis
consin; Samuel Y. Hyde, La Crosse, Wisconsin;
Francis M. Egbert, La Crosse, Wisconsin; William
Crooks. St Paul, Minnesota; Frank' S. Walker.
La Crosse, Wisconsin.
' Article 6. The first board of directors of -this
corporation shall consist of the following named
persons, viz: Nathan Myrick, Geo; g i J. Johnson,
Martin T. Moore, Lafe Holmes, Henry A. Salzer,
EzekX'l Clarke. .Amies H. A. Ginder, Charles
Franz and Abram H. Looney, who shall hold their
offices a» such until the first Tuesday of June,
1887. or urttil their successors are ' elected. _ The
oil-cars of aaid corporation shall be a president,
vice president, secretary, treasurer and a com
mittee of five (5) who shall be elected annually
by the board of directors. The government of the
corporation and the management of its affairs
shall be vested in a board of nine (9) directors,
who shall be elected by the stockholders
annually on the first Tuesday of June in each year
hereafter and shall bold their office until their
successors are eleoted. Nathan Myrick shall be
dent; George J. Johnson, vice president;
James H. A. Gii.dsr, secretary; Lafe Holmes,
treasurer, and Henry A. Salzer, Martin T. Moore,
Charles Franz, • Abram H. Looney and Ezekiel
Clarke a committee.
Article 7. The capital stock of this corporation
••hall be div did into ten thousand (10,000) shares
o.* fifty (50) dollars each.
l'u witness whereof we have hereunto set our
hands and seals this Ist day of November, A. D.
MARTIN T. MOORE, [ eal.'
ABIL'M if. LOONEY. [Seal.]
' 3AMEo H. A, GINTV-R, [Seal.]
WM. CROOKS, ' [Seal.
Count v op la Crosse, f •
Be it re-member ed that on the Ist day of No
vember *•• O. 1886, before me, a notary
public ' %'ersonaliy appeared the above
named George '■ Johnson. Martin T. Moore,
Elbert E. Buckingham, Lafe Holmes, Henry A.
Salzer Abram H. Looney, James H. A. Ginder,
Ezekiel Clarke, Volney A. Bigelow, Charles
Franz, Alfred Harrison, John P. Richmond, Sam
uel Y. Hyde, Frames M. Egbsrt and Frank _S.
Walker, each of then* to me well known to be tha
same persons who signed and executed the fore
going Articles of incorporation, and did each tot
himself duly acknowledge that he so executed the
same of his own free wKL and tor the uses and
•purposes therein mentioned.
P [Notarial :-eal.] MARTIN BERGH,
Notary Public, La Crosse County, Wisconsin.
County op La Ckosse, j
office op Clerk op Circuit Court.
I, Charles Kurtenacker, clerk -of "■ the Circuit
Court of the county of La Crosse, ■in' the state of
Wisconsin, the said court being a court of record
and having a seiU. do hereby certify that Martin
Bergh, Esquire, whose name appears subscribed
to the annexed instrument, was, at the date
thereof, a Notary public within and for said state,
residing in said county, duly appointed and quali
fied tuid empowered by the laws of said state to
administer oaths.take* acknowledgements of deeds,
and perform such other duties as by the law of
nations or according to cora> c .vial usage may be
,„,.f, ,rr,,,-,l hv notaries public; and that to his acta
and attestations as such, full faith and credit are
and ought to be given in court and out. I further
certify that I verily believe said s gnature, pur
; porting to be his, is genuine; that the seal thereto
1 attached is a correct impression of his official
seal, and that said instrument is executed and ac
knowledged according tc* the laws of said state.
In witness whereof, I Gave hereunto set my
I hand and affixed the sea.' of said court, at th«
I'■ court house in the city of La Crosse.in said countj
I _nd state, on this 3d day of November, A. D. 1886.
1 J Clerk oJ Circuit Court,.
Be it -emembered that on this 4th day of No
vember A. D. 1886, personally appeared befor*
m.c William Crooks and Nathan Myr.ck, to me
well known to be the same individuals whose
names are sign-ed to the above foregoing instru
ment, and they- acknowledged that they signed
the same freely and voluntarily for the uses
therein expressed. .... _...,„,
[Notarial Seal] _. M.M. WILLIAMS,
L ; Votary Public for Minnesota.
I Fred yon, Baumbac t". Secretary of State ol
the state of Minnesota, do hereby certify that 1
have compared the foreg^ °g copy with the origi
nal thereof, in my office, of Articles of Incorpora
tion of the Rainy Lake .'tiver & Southwestern
Railway Company, and tha.*« said copy is a true
and correct transcript of said original, and of tha
whole thereof. , . . v ,
In testimony whereof, I have> hereunto set mj
hand and affixed the great set d of the state, a!
the capitol in St. Paul, on this list day of Decern-
i of State. J Secretary of State,
DEPARTMENT OF State, j , ,-,
! I hereby certify that the within instrument wat
filed for record in this office, on the 29th day oi
November, A. 1886, at 2- o'clock p. m., and was
duly recorded in book of Incorporations, on
page 357, etc. FRED YON , BAUMBACH.
■ - '. . . . Secretary of State.
ss . in Probate Court, special term, held
Nov. 20, 1886. , » .. .' -. -.. v, „ ; ..,.
In the matter of the estate of Daniel Bronghear,
deceased. '• •..-..
On reading and filing the petition of William P.
Murray and James Dillon, executors of said
est ate, setting forth the amount of personal estate
that has come to their hands, and the disposition
ther eof ; the amount of debts outstanding against
said .deceased, and a description of all the real es
tate of- which said deceased died seized, and the
condition and value of the respective portions
thereof*; and praying that license ,be to them
granted to sell at public or private sale all of the
real estate set forth and described in said petition]
. And it appearing, by said petition, that there is
not sufficient personal estate in. the hands of said
. executors to pay said ' debts, and that it is neces«
• sary, in order to pay the same, to sell all of said
i real estate; ■.■'■■■■•• *
V It is therefore ordered, that all persons . inter
' ested in said -. estate appear before the judge ot
i .this court, on Monday, the 10th day of January, A.
•,*.♦. 1887, at 10 o'clock a.m., at the Probate office,
' in - St. Paul, in said county, then and there to show
, use (if any there be), why license should not Da
granted to said executors to sell said real estate
_ c cording to the prayer of said petition. -, * .».<- ; .
..Vad it is further ordered, ■ that a ! copy of this
3rd tV shall be published for four successive weeks
Drio » -* 0 sa id day of hearing, the last of which pub
lications shall be at least fourteen days before. said
day of i hearing, in the St. Paul Daily Globe,
a news> ,a er printed and published -at St.
Paul, to s«.' vid county, and personally served on all
persons interested in said estate, residing in said
county, a* "east fourteen days before said day. of
hearing, ana' upon all other persons interested,
according to Liw. By the Court ,^.^„ >
f_ Si WM - B MCGRORTV, - .
, , ,',,*•' ; ■*'■* Judge of Probate.
AttesUFßisK ROBERT, JR., Clerk.
H. W. PHILLIPS", Atton.ey for Executor.
..-*■• •■ • - ; rt»,3v2:H-sw-tg j - .-.-—-- j .-1-r- : -y." t
State iof i Minnesota, . Ccunty of Ramsey— In
Probate Court, general term. Dec. 6, 1886. .-., .„.
In the matter of the estate of Martin Standacher,
deceased. .'....
, Notice is . hereby given that .. the Judge of Pro
bate of the county of j Ramsey . will upon the first
Monday ■of ' the i month •of i Mar,. 18*7, .at* 10
o'clock a. m., receive, hear, examine and adjust
all claims and demands of all persons against said
deceased; and thai six months from and after the
■ date hereof | have . been % allowed ! and 1 raited for
creditors to present their claims aga. nst said estate, .
lit the expirat on of which time all claims not pre- '
sented or not * proven to | its \ satisfaction shall be
forever barred, unless for good . cause : shown far- 5
ther time be allowed. ißy the ( Court „' -••"
Judge of Probata. "..
JACOB SUMMER. Administrator. do"8-5w-t_t»

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