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That Was the fondition of the Wheat
Mar v -.. on the Chicago Board
A Slight Advance Caused by Eeduced
Consol Quotations and Pur
chaases for Export.
Corn Developed No Special Features,
Bui Was -teady and
Transactions in the Financial Circles
of Wall Street—General
Chicago. Doc. 23.— wheat market was
quiet and strong throughout to-day, though
trading at times was on a moderately liberal
scale. The starting price for May delivery
■was *-4"„ c. or **_c higher than last night's clos- |
ing figures, advanced V„<_.J4c, fell off %c, but
rallied on good buying and free covering by
shorts to 85% c, leU off slightly, rallied to
85%@85*- 'c an d closed for the day at*- V-
B_^c. The advance was attributed in part to
the decline iv consols and the good export
buying owing to greatly reduced stocks
abroad. Corn was rather quiet but steady
and closed a shade firmer without developing
any special i e.itures of interest. Oats were
dull and firm. The receipts of live hhro rt 'S were
larger, and it had a weakening Influence on
provisions. Mess pork opened dull [email protected]
lower, and declined [email protected]>_c additional, ral
7*._ _.loc and closed steady. Lard ruled 2V,@
5c lower. Short ribs were considerably weaker
and declined 10_.15c.
The lerding futures ranged as fol
lows: Wteat— No. 2 December opened at
7T*4e, cli sing at TTJ.c; January opened at
TT'.c closing at TTJ.c; February opened at
;Si-,c. dosing at Ts?ic; May opened at Bt"^c,
Closing at s5K,c. Corn— Xo. 2 December opened
at 36 _c. dosing at flS*_c: Jauu.ry opeued at
W ie, do_ingat 3' .<■; February opened at
37c, closing at 3TJ-.C: May opened at 42 : V,
closing at 42"-'^ '-'-*■• Oats— No. 2 December
Dpenedat 2*>;_C- closing at *'5J.c; January
ipened at2sT'£c, closing at 25/.c: Ma.- opened
it "Jlc, closing at 3lc. Mess Pork—De
cember opened at Sll.2o,closin- at Si 1. 15 : Jan
jarv opened at $11.25. closlnsr at 511.30: Feb
•uary openeduat )511.4i>, closing at $ 11.40;
May opened at 111-65, closing at $11.77"..
Lard— December opened at £ti.l7*_, closing at
■"6.1734; January opened at $8.20, closing at
$6__->_; February opened at $6.30, closing at
$6.30; Ma opened at .6.57 1 .;. closing at
$-.57%. Short Ribs— January opened at .5.57%,
closing at $5.65: February opened
at $5.67%, closing at §5.65: Ma
opened at .5.77%. closing at $5.75.
Cash quotations were as follows: F.our
quiet and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat,
77% c: "So. 3 spring wheat, nominal; No. 2
red, 77 ; ' 4 No. 2 corn, 36}4c; No. 2 oats. 26c:
No. 2 rye, 53c; No. _ baney, 52c: No. 1 Baa
seed.9__.93%c; prime tiir.oiliv seed, sl. 1.5 U.
Mess pork, 511.25_i11.3i': lard. $6.17%: short
ribs, sides, loose. J5.05T/5.G5; dry salted
Shoulders, boxed, (-.8-®-fis; short clear
sides, boxed. $6_"6.o6.'Wnisk>, .1.18. Sugar,
cut loaf, 6*-^@-%c: granulated, 6<i?,B%c; stand
ard "A." Siie Receipts— Flour, 31,000 bbls;
wheat, 86.000 bu; corn, 131.001* bu: oats. 65,
--000 bu.: r e. 1,000 bu; bailey, 28.000 bu.
Siiipmeuts— 14.000 bbls: wheat, 14.000
bu: corn. Ml.ooo bu; cats. 85,000. bu : rye.
1,000 bo; barley. 2B,ooo bu. On the produce
exchange to day the butter market was
easier: crei.raury, [email protected]: dairy, 20_i_2c.
EggS, 22_.24c.
Fill l Berket. Pros. f. W. AxnEnsox, Cashier
C-V> .OItIGUS. V.froi. A. C. AX'DEHSOH, Asst. "..
CAPITAL. $500,000.
Corner l.itb a:iu Jac-soa acraat-
Dv utii U heat.
Special to the Globe.
Dclcxh, Minn.. Dec. 23.— market
boomed again to-day and in good shape, to i.
getting a full cent above the closing prices
yesterday afternoon. The npeuim*- was at
8S .•' <>\v for May, and after a sliir.it easin r
off the improvement was steady .or the rest
of tbe morning. Notu.n . new In the situa
tion appear-, save the covering by .- o _
The rece.pts here cannot hoid up much
longer. Indeed, they are now only averaging
seventy-five cars or so ada . The market
held up strong to the close, which was
alrnor-t at the outside point. C.sii wheat
No. 1 hard sold at 7. ._.e. 75*_c and to arrive
at 78c; No. 1 nortnern Bold .it Ts%c. Decem
ber sold at 77 _„ 7- and ..-ue. January sold
and closed at 7s*' „c. May opened at 78*;,; <0>
TSJic, declined to 85% c, grew strony and 1111
--vanced to Strjc eased off and dosed with
6ales at BG%-Y with more sellers than buyers.
Afternoon board: May ooened at S6*i^_-«*.c
and sold down to __'-* -•'. '., c. close 1 at 86% c
sellers. *f June sold at 87^. c and cash No. 1
northern at 75?_C.
Grain. Commission, Provision & Stock.
GfLFILT-AN l-LOCR, "- " - BOOMS 5 AND 6.
Prepared to fill all orders on other market
on margins...^Y* --*.'-■ --
. _ai:sfaction guaranteed. Direct wira to
rrvyii-i-ioN MEBCHASt^ ST .PA 7i_ mtvv
Cm r and provis.ous bought an J soil lor cash
filature delivery.
.Crocr. lor luc purchase . and sals of Stocks on
ar.j Mock excUauge ,v taa toiintry .roiu. ex.*-
Cut-C. ... ..
•ttilWß-_l.ee Producp.
Mi-WArKEE. Dec. 23.— Flour quiet. Wheat
easier: cash. 77' 4 January, 77Vic: May,
84 ! c. Corn steady; Ko.t,Bflo. Oats qu let:
No. 2, 26c. Rye dull: No. 1. 55c. Barley
lower; No. 2. sg?,c. PraV-BO— 1 lower.* pork,
December, fl !•*-_: January, 11.25. Lard—
December, S6.2i': Januar . $6.25 Butter
weak: dairy, IBS-UC, E-:gs Ready at 21.
Cheese unchanged: Cheddars. il." l:.'e. Re
ceipts—Flour, S. .14 bbls: wheat. 83,fi8*> bu;
barley, 17.400 bu. Shipments Flour, 23,100
buis; barley, 4,000 bu.
Grain, Provision and Stock Jroiors,
. Eixm --K__r. Bom. RVAX. sr. i-aul. Mm
Gr. ir. revisions and Stocks Bought and Soli.
'j.-.tc_ij c it'ii jir w re aorta J- Ca ca.j.
It. Jackson sTnncr. -r. i'ac_
GRAIN, 1-i.yViSiO.N ._.,_> _TOCK
151 Drake Block. - - St. Paul, Miss
Corn Ex •'. ange, Minneapolis.
*iew York r«duce.
New York. Dec. 23.— Flour — Receipts,
18,069 bbls; exports. 2.580 tibls and 10,70S
sacks; strong and in some cases a shade i
-higher; sales, 22,000 bbls; superiiue Western j
ami state, $2.51(^3.25; common to good extra
Western and state, t-_9e_3.«o; good to choice !
do. ,3.siii"s.iu: common to choice white wheat
Western extra, $_,«0_4.75; fane, do, 54.80® I
.6.10; patent Minnesota, extra good to prime,
J4.50_i4.75; choice to double extra. #I.Bo_.
5.25. Wheat— Receipts, 106,150 bu; exports, \
56.0-8 bu: spot lots about lc. and options '
%@l%c higher, closing firm at near the best I
rates; export trading more active; specula
tion quite brisk; sales. 7.120.(.00 bu futures
and 342.000 bu spot; No. _ Milwaukee, i»o%e; !
No. 1 hard, 9*®H4%e in store; ungraded Yd
_S9c; No. 3 red. &_Jsc: No. 2 red. 100
»o %c elevator, 9wJi_SJ^e f. o. b.; No. I red,
93c; No. 1 white, BugOflKe; extra red 9P4C;
No. 2 red., December. 90% c. closing at 90% c;
January, 89 U-le69u%e, closing at 90% c;
February, 91%_.92%c, cosing at 92% c; March.
»;*@U3;.c. closing at 93% c: April, My a ■".<:,■
closiug at 95%: May, 95""|&97c. dosing at
_G,- 4 August. 98};<a98%c, closing at 9_Ji&
Corn, cash lots steady and quiet; options
opened '. V V' lower, closing steady, de
clined and recovered; speculation slow: re
ceipts. 46,200 bn; exports. 26.091 bu; sales,
898.000 bu fi t ires and 104.000 bu spot; un
graded, 46-4 7% c; No. 3. [email protected]%c new eleva
tor, 46 x old elevator: steamer, 46*[email protected] I
elevator. No. 2. 47?£c elevator. 48*' 4 c afloat; \
No. 2 December, nominal; January, 47% c,
closing at t7.*_c; February,4S%_.4S%c,closiug
*t 4824c; May, 51*K_51%c, closing at 51 %c. j
Oats %_J%c higher and fairly active; re- 1
ceipts. 43.700 bu; exports, 451 bu; sales.
220.000 bu futures and 112,000 bu spot; mixed I
.Western, 35<§>37c; white Western, 37(_41c. j
Hay steady aid fairly active. Hops un
changed. Coflee. spot, fair; Rio nominal and
options lower and less active: sales, 4,450
bags; Januarv.sll.2s; February.sl2.lo-'<7 12.15;
March, $12.0*5 _ 12.20; April, $12. 12.20;
May, $12.10<_.12.25: June, t1t.30_.12.8f1; July,
$12.25_; 12.30; Aueust, $12 20_t12.30. Sugar
dull and weak; refined dull: cut loaf and
Brushed, 6%c; powdered, 5%@6%c.
Molasses steady ; extra heavy blackstrap, lie.
Petroleum steady: United 65% c. Tallow
flrui. Rosin steady. Eggs quiet. and firm;
■receipts. 1.566 packages: Western, 24__7c.
Mess pork, $11.25. Cut meats easier: pickled
bellies, 6J,c. Lard a shade lower; Western
•'cam, spot, $C.52*4_i6.55: December, .6.52*.
N-uuary, 16.53: February, $6.61feb.t2; March,
$6.69^6.71: April. »6.78: Mar. $6.87. Butter
quiet, and firm. Cheese quiet. Copper dull.
Lead steady. Tin quiet. Other articles un
Drake Block, Mb Paul, Mino.
CAPITAL $100,000. SURPLUS $30,031
L. £-. ii__D, President; W. D. Kir _, Casaier
J. W Watt A««t«: *.*_ a*
Id A NCI iL.
New York.
New York, Dec. 23. — Money on call easy
at ;[email protected]'" per cent., closing- at 4. Prime mer
cantile paper [email protected] Sterling exebans*. dull
but steady, and government bonds were dull
and steady. State bonds were neglected.
The volume of business in stocks showed a
still further decrease. The attendance at the
board was unusually small, and the dealings
were confined almost entirely to the ro in and
the professional traders. The small activity
displayed was confined to three or four spc
c'al stocks, and the usual leaders of the mar
ket were dull and listless throughout. There
was a fair business in the first half hour
only, durin. which time a slight effort
was trade by the bulls to advance
quotations which were supplemented by
some little buying by the foreign houses.
Louisville & Nashville was the most conspic
uous feature of the day, and the official de
nial of certain unfavorable reports In regard
to the company was a factor in advancing its
prices. Heading and Jersey Central were the
prominent weak stocks of tbe day, the former
being affected by the announcement that
holders of the general moriir.ue loads and
the first series fives were opposed to the plan.
Jersey Central was the object of special bear
attacks throughout the afternoon, and sev
eral lots at sixt- days sellers' options were
put out at a out % below the -market. Con
siderable comment was caused by the sale of
100 shares of Keokuk & Sioux City
at par, an advance of 15 per cent, over the
last previous sale. The opening was quiet
and somewhat irregular,, though cenerally
firm, the majority of stocks showing advances
over last evening's final li**ures of *„ to *_.
The activity disappeared after the first half
hour, during winch considerable strength
was shown by Louisville k Nashville. J<- s-y
Central and Colorado Coal. The short p lit
was followed by extreme dullness through
out the list and prices became heavy.
Jersey Central being the lea.tinir weak stock.
There was little movement to prices until
alter 1 p. in., wLen the * own ward movement
gained si rc-n„th. There was a sligut rally in
the lust hour, but the market closed barely
steady at fractions better than the lowest
prices. Sa.es 1.5.475 shares, of which Head
ing- furnished 33.720; Jersey Central,
22,020. and St. Paul 1y,475. Final
prices show irregular chan_es which in
the active list do not exceed J. either way.
Railroad bonds were less active; sales. $..<B.
--000. Pries were firm in the forenoon, but
weakened toward tne close, aud final prices
show irregular changes. Chesapeake k Ohio
series "II," coupon off, lost 1% at 7.V.;
Jersey Central convertibles, 2}_ at 106. and
the debentures 2% at 78; Houston & Texas
general 6s rose 2 to 72. The total sales of
stocks to-day were 195.37"> shares, including:
Canada South'n. 3,5 M) Heading 33,720
Del. Lack. & W. 14.300 .St. Paul 10.47.",
Erie 4.500 Texas & Pacific. 3,320
Lake Shore 6,295 Union Pacific... 5,450
L« v s. & Na5h...17.26i"; Western Union.. 9,265
N'w jersey Ceij'l22.ic\; Hocking Valley. 3,926
DAVno Of Counties, Cities and others of high
D*Jdi*kJ jf ra _ c bought and sold. Eastern of
fice: 63 Devonshire street, Huston. Corres
pond*, nee so.icited.
Quotntionw of Mac's and Bonds.
New* York. Dee. 23.— The following are the
closing prices bid to-day:
United States 38, lOu^ Kansas & Texas. 315.
do 4s. coup. . . 126% Lake Erie & VI.. 19
do 4 ...>. coup. llo'.j Lake Shore 95
Pacific lis of ' '•"». 121 ". Louisville & N. . 63'_
La. stamped 45.. Si l 4 L's'ville _N. A. 55
Missouri lis 103 Mempnis &C... 47
Tcn.Gsset'ments la. Mich. Central... 93*.
do 5s 101 Mm. & St. Louis. 18 .
do 3s 79 dopreferred.. 42
Central 1 ac. isis 11 til-. Mi^-oj-ri Pacific. 105%
U. _ Rio. G. lsts 118 4 Mobile & Ohio.. 15
do West lsts... 76}_jtMorris _ E 138
Erie 2-is Nashville C... 79
M.K.&T.gen. 6s. 9-*_.N. J. Central 49%
N. P. lsts 118 Nor. &W. pfd.. 46%
do 2ds 103 [North. Pacific... 26%
N. W. consols... l§9}4 dopreierred.. 60%
do debenture ss lflfl [Chicago ft N.W. 113 4
St. l. & S.F. _-.vi. 113%! do preferred. . 140
St. P. consols... 133*. X. Y. Central... 113
St. P.. C. A* P. lsts 119 O.iio & Miss 37 7 :
T. P«c. L. G 50 ! dopreferred.. 90%
T.P:'.c.R.ij.ex-C. 75% Ontario * West. 18%
U. P. lsts 116% Oregon Transc'l. 31%
West Shore. ... 104% [Pacific Mail 48
Adams Express. 130 ' Panama 98
Ait Ter. Ha it->. 29% Peoria, D. E.-., 28%
do pre. erred.. *■! (Pittsburgh. ?--J 14"? *
Am. Express lu7%i'ullin:in Pal. C. 139
B. C.R.'-N 55 [Reading 33
Canada Pacific. . 06%;Kock Island 12.") ;
aiaSojthn. 63'vsSt. L. _ n. F.. 31
Centra. Pacific.'. 43 l 4 do preferred.. 62%
Chesapeake &O. 8' 4 do Ist pref'^d.. 112%
do pre'd fstflL. 15' C. M. k St. Paul. £9%
do 2ds B%' do pre erred. . 117%
Cbi a.o& Alt.. 143 St, Paul M. A* M. 113
dopreferred.. 160 St. Paul A ( »m. . 46
C. B. A Q 135%! do pre ii: cd.. 1103.
C. St. L. k Pitts. 15% Texas Pacific . . 21%
dopreferred.. 36% Cn.'ii Pacific... 60%
C. S. A C 43 U. S. Express. . . 60
C. eye. C 01... 4 W..St.L.A Pac... 18%
D.-i. Hudson 10l I dopreferred.. 33%
Del.. Lack &W. 8 Wells Far_o Ex. 129
D. A H.o Grande 32%, W. U. Telegraph 69%
E. le . . . . 330 ., K. &N. . ... 100%
dopreferred.. 72 Ohio InP.irove'ut, 39
East Tennessee. 14% Col. Coal 37
do pic. erred.. 74". N. V. C. _ St. L.. 13
Fort Wa.ne... 145 j dopreferred.: 26
Harlem 216 M. Ls.aW... 65
Houston & Tex. 39 | dopreierred.. 100%
Illinois Central. 132 Tcnn Goal _ 1.. 45
md. B. & We=t.. 15*_Cnl,Ho.-ki.igV_T 34%
Corner 'iu.ru uiiu MM -_-__(—
' 'PTTAI. - * > s'W.'M"t
W__t_kMaxx. Richard E. Stow_b,
Pres dent «;_____
Chicago, Dec. 23. — Associated bank clear- !
ing's today were $3,554,000. Brokers were I
offering New Yoik exchange, but the banks'
were not usiint much at better rates than
oiii3<7s cents discount. Mone.» rates are 63.
per cent, on demand, and <<a; 8 per cent, on
lime favors.
Paid Up Capital $600, J JJ; Surplus 353,003.
fta UawaoK, Pres. —oar. A. fc.Mir_ , V. fro*.
Ai.uEitT _cu_. ■:'_—, Casn.er.
R. M. EwroßT.Pres't, Michael Dkfiel, V.-Pres.
W. JJ. ass. Cask er. C. a. ilAtvxs.Ass't Cashier.
St. Paul. Minn.
St. I'aul.
Notwithstanding business ou the board
was quite active. alter all transac
tions were not very numerous. Wneat
was a little stronger and advanced %c. with
fair receipt- Trading in future deliveries
was quite light. Holders of samples were
firmer in their views and generall.v wanted to
shade up the quotations of the day before,
but this made but little difference, as city
millers were not in much want «'f wheat, so
that pretty much all that was sold from the
sample tables went to outside parties. Corn
and oats were weaker. Barley and rye were
barely steady. Mill stuffs, seeds and hogs
quiet. Ha • weak. E_gs lc lower. The call:
Wneat— No. 1 hard. 75c bid; No. 1 North
ern. 73c bid; No. 2 Northern, 72c bid.
Corn— No. 2. 29% c asked.
Oats — No. 2 mixed. 27c bid: December. 27c
bid: Ma,, 31e bid; No. 2 white, 28c bid, 2S%c
asked: No. 3 white. 27c bid.
Bar.cy — No. 2, 47c bid.
— No. 2, 45c bid.
Ground Feed— 1, $16 asked; No. 2, $15
Bran— $10.50 asked.
Hay— No. 1, $8 asked: No. 2, $7.50 asked.
Dressed Hogs— Si.3s bid.
Flax Seed— bid.
Timothy Seed— Sl. bid.
Clover Seed— Si.lo bid.
F.srgs — 23c bid, 25c asked.
Sales— cars h: y, $8: 1 car corn, 40c; 1 car
No. 2 oats, 27% c: 1 car feed, $16.
Corner FilUi and Wabasha streets, opyos'te Post
- ". f office.
CAPITAL 300.000-
A!.*-*_RAMS_T.Prest. AXTHON . Voßae.lr..V. Pr.
Wll. BICKE _ Cashier. P.-fu _-Rsr. Asst. Cash.
24 and 26 South First Street, .
Minneapolis, ; - . - - Miss.
Pork and Beef Packers,
. ' . 211 I.W 8.-POLIS.
..';.; ; — - * -.'. J (
Chamber of Commerce.
On the local board there was some disoost-'
Hon to buy, but sellers were not plenty. Buy-;
I ers did not advance bids to correspond with
the advance from other points, but holders
of sample wheat succeeded in getting about
I !%©%c above the quotations of the previous
j day. Offerings were not- excessively large,
and nearly everything was sold to local mil
lers. One or two more mills having snut
down, the balance are enabled to grind stead
ily. No. 1 hard was firmer at 76c for cash
and January, and S-S^'c bid May. No. 1
northern was quoted steady at 74c casta and
Januar*, and 81% c May. No. 2 northern
ruled nominal at 72c cash and January, and
79*4 c May.
Note in sale of wheat by sampie, grade
has little if any effect in making prices, that
being determined by quality and percentage
of hard in each parcel. . ._.
Sales included: 8 cars No. 1 bard. o. t.,
75>_c; 20 cars No. 1 hard, o. 1.. 76c; 11 cars
No. 1 hard, o. t., 75?_c: 4 cars No. -1 hard, to
arrive, 75% c; 34 cars No. 1 Northern, o. t.,
75c; 20 cars No. I Nortnern, o. t., 74 '-_c: 7
cars 'No. 1 Northern, o. t., 74'*4c; 3 cars No. 2
Northern, o. t., 73% c; 1 car No. 2 Northern,
( 0. 1., 72*_e;-l.c*-rtNo. 2 Northern, o. t.. 74c:
'I ■■car' 3 rejected, "-.' t., 69c. Flour fairly
active. Patents, sacks to local dealers,
$4.30_.L4Q; patents for shipment, sacks, car
lot, 54.23_4.35; in barrels. [email protected]; de
livered at. England points, [email protected];
New Tor- points. [email protected]: delivered at
Philadelphia and Baltimore, $5.10_i5.20; bak
ers', tS.4ooS.flt' superfine. $1.50__*.25; Red
Dog. sack. $1,253:1.40: Red Dog. barrels, $1.55
@1.75; rye floor, 100 pounds, $1.75®2; buck
wheat, barrel, $5.75.6. X. '."■'' '
Corner Jackson and Fdurtli street*. *.: "•*-.•
•Safe Deposit M^g^^ggsS
1.1 vi: STOCK.
!tfinuesoi;i Transfer.
The market at Minnesota Transfer yester
day was quiet. There Is not much stock In
the yard?, aud but little inquired for. Hogs
are needed, there beta? a strong demand at
4c with none on the market. Sales were:
Average. Price
15 steers 1,101 $2.90
lOsteeis ..- ..' 977 , 2.75
9 mixed 888 2.35
6 mixed 970 2.65
One cow and calf sold for $38.
Sheep —
Average. Price
45 natives 88 $3.50
109 natives 91 3.25
Chicago, Dec. 23.— Cattle— Receipts, 5.000:
shipments, 2,000: market shade more act. ye;
sb.pping steers, B-U to 1.500 lbs, $3.30_it.90;
stoekers and feeders, $2.25_.3.70: cows, bulls
and nii_ed,Sl.3o_**.3U: bal_.Stwßoo2.flfl' Texas
cat.le, [email protected] Hogs— Receipts, 34.000: ship
ments, 6,000: market weak, [email protected] lower;
rough and mixed, 53.75©4.25: packing and
shipping, $4.20©4.50; light, [email protected]; skips,
$2.30%3.46. Sheep— Receipts, 4.0.10; s lip
llWilli■. 2,000; market slow and weaker: na
tives, 52.25-.4.25; **. cstern, $2.50_>3.51': Te_
ans, $1. 3.25; lambs, [email protected]
Asssssniuit for Change of Grade on
Winifred Street
Office of the Board of Public Works, 7
City i 9 ot. Paul, Minn., Dec. 23, MM. )
Notice is hereby given that the assessment
of benefits, damages, costs and expenses aris
ing from a change of grade ou Winifred
street, from State street to Bancroft
street, in the City of St. Paul, Min
ii< sola, has been complete! and entered of
record by the Bo rd of Public Works In and
lor t aid city, and that said a B?ssmeut was
confir 'ted by said board on the 2uth day of
December, A. D. 1886. - • V • ,'
R.L.Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Works.
Assessment Tor Ciaiiie of Graie oj
• j Conway Jrest. : ,.- v
Office OFT BOABD of Public Works, i
Cirr of St. Paul. Minn., Dec. 23, 1880. C
Notice is hereby given that the assessment
of benefits. damage*, costs and evo-nses
ansiii- from a -ban-re of grade on Conway
street, from Bates Avenue to Maple street.
In th- City of St. Paul, Minnesota, has been
com Dieted and entered of record be the Board
of Pm lie oiks in and lor said city, and
that said assessment was confirm**-! by said
Board on the 2»th day of December. A. D.
1888. WILLIAM BARRETT, President.
R. L. Gorman, Clerk Board of Public Works.
k.. Hi — In Probate Court, special term, Dec.
2 . 1886.
In the matter of the estate of Edward McCourt,
lie. eased.
Whereas, an instrument in writing, purporting
to be the last win and testament of Howard
MeCou t ri-'iva-'d. Lite of sa.d county, has been
delivered to this court; * •
And Whereas.Kinma V.McCourt has filed there
wall her petition, represent ng among other things
that said Edward Mc'-'oart died in Ai*>u<|uer<p:e,
.New Mexico, on th : *oth day of -tober I.SG,
testate, and thai said petitioner is the sola exe
cutrix named in said-last will and testament, and
praying that the -a d instrument ma.. - be admitted
to probate, and that letters testamentary bo to
her issued thereon;
It is ordered, that the proofs of said instrument
and the said petition be heard before this court,
at the Probate oflice. in said county, on Tuesday,
the 18— l day of January, A. D. 1887, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon, when all concerned may appear
and contest the probate of -aid instrument.
And it is further ordered, that public notice
of the tme and pin r e of said hearing be given to
all persons interested by publication of these or
ders for three weeks successively previous to
said day of hearing, in the St. I'aul Daily
GLOME, "a newspaper printed and published at:
St. Paul, in said county. By the Court. . 7."»
[_._.] \fi WM. B. MrCKORTT, •
.. ,- •X( ledge of Probata
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr., Clerk. *i.^-in-4w
-. — ss. In Probate Court, special term, Dec. 2,
--1886. "•-•",;
In the matter of the estate of Oliver C. P. Smith, ;
deceased. ' '„* '„.
Whereas.'*-. S.Gorman has this day tendered
and file 1 n this court his resignation as the ad
ministrator of the estate of said Oliver C. P. ; .
Smith fie. ens d, and
Wi er. a-, for reasons there set forth, praying
the his r- ignatlon be accept d and his ace nnt
of adiuinisirat on of said estate be exam ned and,
allowed, and that a i.ew adiu n strator de b. nis
non of sad estate be appointed. •
It is ordered that a 1 p- rv> is interested in the
matter o said . >ta.e up car before the judge. ot
th court, on Mon la r. the 2Uh day •■£ 1 c 6iub r,
J A.n. 1536. at ten o'clock a. m., at the Probate office
; in St. Paul, in said county, then and there to snow
erase way sad resign -t on should not be ac\ ept.d.
the account of said administrator be allowed and
his letters of adu-Uk— revoked and a new
administrator de bonis non of said estate be ap
pointed. •
And it is further ordered, that public notice
thereof be given to the he rs of said deceased and
to all persons interested, by publicati n of a copy
of th s order for Hire, successive weeks, once
in each weeK, in the t. Paul Daily Globe, a
newspaper print*"" and *>abl shed at St. Paul, in
said county. By the Court.
.1 i lie of Probate.
Attest: frank Robert. Jr.. Clerk. . - do.;-.'. w-fri
__• — sj. In Probate Court, special term, Dec.
9. ISSG. '
In the matter of the est:ilc of John Grace, de
ceased. '■
- On reading and filing the account bl Thomas
Grace, administrator id the estate of John Grace,
deceased, it is ordered that said account and the
account of said administrator, filed in this court
May '■. IS-0 be e-amined by the Judge of this
court on Wednesday, the sth day of Januar -, A.
D. 1887, at 10 o'clock a. m. at the Probate office in
St. Paul, in said county.
And it is further ordered, that notice
thereof be given to all persons interested,
!by publ:<h ; ng a copy of ih * order for
! two success ; ve weeks prior to said day
i of hearing. in the St. Paul DAILY GLOBE, a news
paper printed and published at St Paul, in said
county. By the 0 jurt
[__•] WM B. MCGRORTY. .
1 _v geot" Probata.
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr.. Clem.
ii. J. Horn, Attorney for Administrator,
— ss. In Probate Court, special term, Dec.
2, 1836.
In the matter of the estate of S. A. Hutton, de
ceas d:
On filing the accounts of E. L. Larpcnter, ex
ecutor of the estate of S. A. Hutton. deceased.
It is ordered, that said account and the ieveral
accounts heretofore filed in tnis court by said ex
ecutor be examined before the judge of this court,
on Wednesday, the 2.d day of December, A. D.
1883. at ten o'clock a. m., at the Probate office in
St. Paul, in said county.
And it is further ordered, that notice thereof
be given to all persons interested, by publishing a
copy of this ordjr for two successive weeks prior
to sa d day of hearing, in the St. Paul Daily
Globe, a newspaper printed and published at St.
Paul, in said county. By the Court,
[_. s.j • WM. B. McGRORTY.
Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr., Clerk. de3-3w-fri
— ss. District Court, for Second Jud.ciai Dis
William T. Purcell. plaintiff, vs. George R. Coff
roth and James Brian, co-partners as George R.
Coffroth _ Co., defendants.
The state of Minnesota to the above named de
You, and each of you, are hereby summoned
and requ.red to answer the complaint of the
plaintiff in the above entitled action, which has
been filed in the o_ice of the clerk of sad court, at
'• the court house in the city Of Saint Paul. .Minnesota,
! and to serve a copy of your answer to said com
| pis in I th*sui>B«ribers,at their office in the city of
Saint Paul, in the county of Ramsey aforesaid,
I v ,'hin twenty days after the service of this sum
mons upon y«— , exclus.ve of the day of such
service 1 and it' yon fa.l to answer the said com
plaint- within the time aforesaid, the plaint lis
in this action wit ta.e judgment against you and
each of you for the sura of *4.6.9f, with interest
thereon at the rate ot G per cent, per annum from
I the first day of August. 18S6, together with the
costs and disbursements herein. -. . ■•■"*:■••;
C. E. k\. G. OTIS, -.:'; -?-/V
Plaintiffs Attorneys, Saint Paul. Minn.
■ i » -
t ß*^ite-T^WANfr"ApvT's [«/ \WJfi
420 Replies to.a Single "WANT" Adv't.
'.- •' >T«>.
AGENTS— at once; guaranteed 5 per
day. Cherry _ Co.. 7 East . ourth st. 5
well recommended. " Nicoll. the Tailor, 21
East Third st. -
ppit ENTlCES— lmmediately, 3 gentlemen
to learn railroad and commercial tele_raph
business at tne Globe Telegraph company, corner
I Fourth and Jackson, 330 Jacson St., St. Paul,
| Minn. : * 3g **
BOY with experience to feed job press, at Labor
Echo office, corner Seventu and ..acksi.n 0
ROY to take care of a horse. Call 123 Western
ay., 8 a. m. ■»
BARBER— A first-class colored barber. Ap
ply at once ready for work. 305 Robert st. 5
A B -R for FridayY Saturday and Sunday.
337 Wabasha st -
BRASS MOULDER— First-class. Apply at
O once to Holland & Thompson Manufacturing
company, 317 M nnesota st. •>
A R . for v est >eve hs . i apply at once
' at Globe offne. W. E. M-gR-« circulator, o
03\<'" MAN- _ who thoroughly under
stands the care f fin*- horses and cm ci me
well recommended; no others need apply.- J.J.
Morton. 309 lacksou st.
CLERK in real etite office: must be a good
talker, nice appeal ante, steady and-ac
quainted with the ctj. F. P.. Globe. 5
i~ -TItUG CLERK, licens'd, at Rietzer & Co.,
) corner Western and 1 ayton ays. . .T
f s RESCO ARTIST, fiist-clas. at once. Call
at 21 West Third st. C
gle Men's and "Home" Endowment associa
tion, for unmarried persons; also Northwestern
Mutual, class A. lor any persons, young or old;
better than building societies or bank deposits;
safe, as the indorsers show: a few more agents
yet employed, 1 lady and 2 more gentlemen, if
first- class, only such' will receive attention when
reference is furnished and found all ri.ht: terms
will be satisfactory: addre«s letter to General
Agent, 503 Patndge st: motto, pay your money,
take your choice, no likee no takee, no savee no
makee. ' ' ' 345-09
KNIGHTS OF LABOR and union men out
of employment to canvass for * the' Labor
Echo. . -;- *- 53
PERMANENT employment to good agents
and solicitors at Cowell printing house,
Union block. Apply at once. ■ j _3
STEAM FITTER— Good one. American Man
facturing company, south, end , Robert st
bridge. 5
SIX BOYS immediately in the morning, and
also' four upholsterers early in the rtiarmrg;
good pay and steady work. Matthes _ CoM, 104
University ay., neat* Rice st £» 4 |
SALES.M A N— First-class; for fnr coats, £ic., nt
wholesale; slate terms, and experience*. it,
Globe. ?
ALES MAN— Good, first-class clothing sales
man or manager that can speak German. 425
Wabasha st *-■-■■».■ 3
IT/ANTED— An active, intelligent man to sell..
VV call at J. L. Cherry -Co., 87 East Fourth
st., St. Paul. 5
WANT ED— A newspaper man who is also a
VV practical pr ntsr, to take charge ot one of
one of m** newspaper- for the next three mouths;
a good chance for the right man to make money.
Burt W. Lyon, Lambarton.
W? ANTED — Registered pharmacist; one who
V* * is thoroughly conversant with all deta Is
of r. tail drug store. Richie „ Co., corner Day
ton and Western ays.
\7"OUNG MAN in a real estate office: must be
A a good business man, energetic, steady and
good penman. P. _■•- Globe. * 0
YOUNG MAN to learn hardware business;
A one living with parents preferred. Address
with relerence, F. 23, ('lobe. 3
V'Ol'NG .MAN to work around a hotel. Stock
Exchange hotel, University ay., opposite
Union Park. • : ,
\Fol NG MEN and lades to learn te'e.raphy,
shorthand and tpye.riting da/ ami evening
classes; chance for men to nearly cover all ex
penses wh le learning: terms reasonable; send
for circulars. Globe Telegraphy company, '. 338
Jackson St.. St. Paul. . •*." 9 *
•J ACTIVE MEXtoc.nvass the city tor the
• J Singer Manufacturing company: previous ex
perience not necessary. Apply 27 East Third st.
* 35*.-C3
[\f\ MEN for Colorado Midland railroad, Colo
tlU rado; wages *2 tt $2.75 per day: board $4.50
per week: 2 to 3 years' work; ship to-day. Call for
tickets at White's Employment office. -'95 Jackson
st., St. Paul, or 117 Washington ay. south, Minne-
I apolia. __•
! £■_ Llfl/l IN FIVE years may bo secured
♦My UU by persons of both sexes who join
| the Union Endowment association and pay small
' monthly assessment-: th s rel able association
lias among its members slate .senators, bankers,
physicians, lawyers and tke best business men in
the country: it offers a splendid opportun ty for
laborers and others of lim'ted means to secure a
start in life: agents w<nted: circulars free. Call
or address E. M. French, secretary, 431) Wabasha
St.. St. PauL 353-00
APPRENTICES— Immediately, 4 ladies to
learn short-hand: terms reasonable. Apply
I to Globe Telegraph company, corner Fourth and
_aek*son. 330 Jackson St.. St. Paul. Minn. 33-I-*
APPRENTICES— immediately. 4 ladies to
learn to operate typewr.ter machines. Ap
' ply to Globe Telegraph company, corner Fourth
I and Jackson. 330 .lac -son St.. .St.' Paul, "fy_V ß ***
-OOK- aVo d woman for private boardinj*
i -boose at 148 East Eighth st. r } r\ ' ) f
ISHWASHER .and helper In kitdlien at
. j Hotel Winslow." ; , 4
("*) I ! - competent for general housework. Ap-
T ply at once at 549 Dayton ir. ' , <"
IK I. to do kitchen work. Apply at 579 East
Seventh St; c
IRL for "general housework; small family.
Call at 267 West Fifth st. ■ *_* :,' C
GIRL for gencr lhou^ k "ping lit* family i of
2. Inquire at -.Mil Spruce st. j {'j j.' o
\ r~* Competent; at 28 College ay. C
C"*4 IRL— Competent, for general housework. Ap-
T ply at once. 255 West Fifth st. - - . C
GmX--Good, for family of 2. 35 West Isabel
st. 6
G1 IRL— For general honsework; 2in lamily: in-
I" teiliaenee help need not apply. Call between
hours II and 10 a. m. at 75 Dakota ay. 0
(*. IKL— Good, steady girl to do general house-
T work in a pr.vate family. Apply at once,
| 85. East Ninth st. V': ■'. ■■■•-' _0
G\ IRLS to wash dishes and do. kitchen work.
T 446 Sibley st. v X ■ ?
GIRL— A good German or Swede girl for gen
eral housework. 570 Wabasha st. 4
GIRLS— Dining-room and kitchen at 333 Rober
st. ■- . t
• pi IRL tor second place at 634 Cedar st. 3
GIRL— Experienced in candy store; call at 138
1" Dakota ay.. West St. Paul. I
IRL for general housewok at 49 West Fourth
st . | «
GIRL at 517 Aurora ay.: wages $12 per month
to good one. 5
GIRL— Competent: for general honsework, will
find a good place at 420 East Tenth st. 3
IKL — An experienced, to cook, wash and iron
at 49 West Fourth st 3
GIRL — a good one, in small house and small
. family. 001 Dayton ay. I
GIRL— Immed ately. at 558 Robert st, to do
second work; wages $10 per month. 2
IKL— For general housework; must be a good
cook: 641 Cedar st "■ ' 2
| KITCHEN GIRL— One good, at 275 Ea*t
'1 V Seventh st. .. 6
T" AUNDRI GIRLS at 580 Park ay.
hand and typewriting at a first-class school.
j Anna C. Drew, Sand 9 Hale block, opposi^ Mer
chants. 332*
POLISHERS— First class; at 223. West Sev
enth st . .'-•--■ ( ' - 2
ALESLADIES and cash girls, by Bannon &
Co.. 7'; East Seventh st . „
STRONG GIRL to help cook and assist in
kitchen; wages $10 a month. Apply 44. Wa-
J basha st. 4
SECOND GIRL— Good; at 85 East Eighth st'
.'• • - 3
TENOGRAPHERS call for pos t ons. -Anne
C. Drew, _ .Co., room 9. Hale block, opposite
Merchants..' . .-- '.. -'" - ' '■'-'-*
; ANTED— A good lady cook, also a good
VV girl £ or general housework- in irivate
family; good places. Call at Elite Intelligence
Agency. 400*. Wabasha st • .' . 458 !
WANTED— A few lady canvassers |* once.
J. L. Cherry _ Co., 87 Fourth st. east, St.
: Paul. - r . . ,-. __> ■■ j j__ _i_ . i ~i_ ■■■■■ _a
WANTED— experienced young lady to
- take charge of ■ fruit, and confectionery
store. Address P. O. box 814, Stillwater.'^ ■ 353
"\I7 OMEN— Fifty experienced women -to make
'VV - work shirts at home, at once. 'Gniter
man Bros.. 375 and 377 Sibley. : .. ' 4
YOUNG GIRL to help in kitchen. 38* Ex
change st. ."■* 8.
. Male.
A N OLD SOLDIER, a stranger in the city.
iV - would like employment; would take charge
of a team and make himself generally useful;
would be thankful to any old soldiei who would
secure a job for a comrade.' A. 8., Globe. ■ *4
BOY, 17 years old. would like situation of some
"kind; references turnished if required. H.
F., Globe. -• ' '.: •■ ■■ 6
COLLECTION BUREAU— General collec-
V/. Cons solicited; business men, professional
men, place your collections in our hands; satis
faction guaranteed: low rates. Egbert G. Handy,
successor to Harrison & Handy, real estate,
rents aud general collections, Sixth st, Hotel
Kyan block. ■• . - 353-62
COACHMAN— By a young Englishman who
thoroughly understands the care of horses,
would be glad of engagement in gentleman's fam
ily as coachman. W. E. 8.. Globe. _5
CLERKING or office work by young man of
> 21: very best of reference. L. H. W., Moore
block, Seven corners. 5
DRUGGIST— By thoroughly competent; best
references. A. A.. Globe. 3
EMPLOYMENT— By young man of 20: any
- kind; will work for small wages. W. S. R.,
Globe. _6
bi ROOM and dr yer, experienced, place in pri-
VJ vate family. J. F. W., Globe. 3
IMSIOE.iOBto work afternoons: not particu
lar as to" what kind of work. Address W. H.
W., 211 Pearl st 4
MARRIED MAN, middle-aged, wishes a
place in wholesale or retail grocery store,
general work, drug store or hardware; speaks
German and English; (S bo given to any one for
ass. stance. A. .>., Globe. 3
OFFICE WORK — By- an industrious married
young man in an office to do copying; is good
penman and can give reierences. Address 11. A.
M„ Globe. 4
POSITION in a respectable business by a gen
tleman of large business experience; best
references. Z., Globe. 6
PLACE to work for board and go to school.
J. F. P., Globe. . 4
PA. . ER and shipping clerk, experienced, de
sires s tuation by Jan. 1. Packer. 301 Good
rich ay. ■ ity. ' _3
STENOGRAPHER and type-wr ter desires
•J employment, either permanent or temporary,
at moderate salary; unexceptionable references.
I honographer, Giobe. 5
L.UES.IIAX- By a first-class experienced dry
*J goods salesman:, best city references; will
work cheap. First-Class, Globe. 5;
SALESMAN — By a young man, nine year's cx
-0 perience in the grocery trade; first class
testimonials. K. Globe. 5
ALESMAN— A pos. t on as traveling salesman
0 by a competent and reliable man. thoroughly
acquainted w.th terr tory along the Northern
Pacific railway. S. P., Globe. _
SITUATION— By boy to work mornings, noons
and evenings lor board. E. It. Globe. 5
SITUATIONS by man and wite in hotel,
woman as meat or pastry cook; man can fill
any position; prefer to go from city; best refer
ence. W. P.. 313 West r-erent_. 5
' RAT ELI MO com— i s "ion man wants a side
A line to work with sa me. G., Globe. 6
TROMBONIST— a young man 22 years of
age, sober and reliable, wants a position to
play trombone in some band or orchestra. Box
155, Cresco. a. _______
JL in the city, or as clerk in any kind office;
quick at figures; -references given. J. H., 549
Wabasha st. 6
W' ANTED to keep a set of books by an expe-
V V rienced bookkeeper; very best references.
B. 5, Globe. _____
WORK— A German who speaks good English,
\ V with business neper ence, stesdv and sober,
good wr ter and figurer, wa nts work of any kind for
small salary. M. 100, Globe. _ 6
YOUNG MAN of 19, with a fair education in
German and English- wants wori of some
kind. 214 Eaton ay. ' 4
OUNG MAN would like to learn the dry
(•_-•■* gpoas business or something that can work
*W^***^tr up in; can bring good reierences. C. L.,
GlobfP 4
YOUNG MAN in grocery store; experienced;
speaking 2 languages. A. N., Stall 2, mar
ket houses 3
.■Tenia :;.
G1 IRL. 13 years old, wants a place to work for
I her board an Jgo to school. C. H., Globe. 3
HOUSEKEEPER— respectable woman and
. will do part of the work; references re
qu red. J. B. Globe. 5
HOUSEKEEPER— middle-aged lady would
like posit. as housekeeper for a respect
able widower ot small family. 8., Housekeeper,
Globe. 4
HOUSEKEEPING by middle-aged lady,
thoroughly competent; wishes situation in
family or hotel; good city references. E. A. M.
.Globe. 5
7 AUV would like a situat'on through liol days,
I . or longer if needed, to take care of ch.ldrcn
and do chamber work. Address 335 East Sev
enth st. _}
J ADA* wishes a position us shorthand and
l_i type writer. Address It. 850 Fuller st. 7
PLACE by girl at general housework. J. J.,
Globe. 6
PLACES wanted for good servant girls, dining
room, restaurant, kitchen, chamber and
•■■nndry work. Elite Intelligence Agency, 400 _ !
Wabasha. ' ;_ . '•***]
POSITION by experienced dining room girl .n
1 good hotel. W. C. Globe. 2
wCANOINAVIAN— Position of some kind by
O a young Scandinavian with a good education;
speaks the German language. Address 195 Fif
teenth st. -
STENOGRAPHER and typewriter ;
_5 has own typewriter. Box 1707, Fargo, Dak. 3
351-00 _ •
on record commences this morning at C. M.
Mil.ainV dry goods store. 384 Wabasha st.; *3
siiks can be 'bought f0r*1.25; other grades in pro
port On. '—
ANTED— To do cooking in a private family.
VV or to nurse an invalid. Mrs. Casher, Room
17, 03 East Seventh st. third floor. 0
.\\ ANTED— Places for good servant girls,
\'V dining-room, kitchen.chamber and laundry
work. Elite Intelligence Agency, 400*. Wabasha
st. _ _ '^°°
WOMAN wants washing to take home or go |
out. M. C, Globe. 4 j
YOUNG LADY of quiet habits wants position
as nursery governess or any light, respect- i
able employment; pleasant home more object ]
than wages. Address A. M. G., Mitford house, 077 j
_t Peter st. '•}
•YoUNG LADY wants to do washing in fam- 1
I dies. 103 West Tenth st, second floor,
room 3. *
FIN isci a I*.
i;V PORT k~ PEE- 1 buy and sell all kinds
o bonds and loan money on improved prop
erty ir it. Paul and Minneapolis at 6 per cent, per :
annua and upwards: loans promptly made. Drake i
block, I'll rd st, opposite Merchants hotel. 27 -P
\i\ O.NEY to lean on improved city property.
iVI Frank E. Chipmam, attorney-at-law, 849
Wabasha St. 351-65
Ml pan-— Loan from *10 upward on furniture,
p aim-, horses, wagons, etc., without removal: J
also on warehouse receipts, diamonds and gold
watches. J. S. Mat-key, manager. Room 7, First
National bank bmldlng. St. Paul, and Room 7.
Mackey-Legg block. Minneapolis, 250*
MONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, trom ft
up, on watches, d amonds and all goods of
value; special rates on sums of $.50 or over. J. E.
Ingham. 327 Jackson st -40*
.ii ONEY TO LOAN on personal property for
ill 30, tO or SO days in sums to su.t A. B.
Roberts, corner F fth and Wabasha sts. 282* 1
'!\,| ONEY TO LOAN, n -urns it $1,000 to $1 >•
iVJI 000 at and 8 cent interest thout da
isy. St. Paul Trust company, corner Jackson and
Fourth sts. •* '
A LL KINDS Of s n.'ing birds for sale at the
__. bird store of W ill.'am Keil. 027 Farqnier st.
VKI.YTHING in the line of music and mu
sical instruments cheap at C. W. Young
man's, 115 Bast Seventh st 350-8
FYK SALE— A No. 1 fleet of boats, now on
- White Bear lake, consisting of one large sail
boat, sloop rig, ten row boats, together with all
accoutrements belonging to same, the whole
worth $1,200; will sell tor less than half and give
time. Address St. Paul Collection bureau. 815
Jackson st. 35T-58
F~~ OK SALE— Meat market building and lot,
J" 1 team, harness, three wagons and two sleiihs,
in a town of I. COO inhabitants, for 1,000 cash. Ap
ply to postmaster, South Stillwater, Minn., within
three days. 353-59
pOKSALE— A new Bickford knitting machine
J. for half what it cost. Bookkeeper, 20 East
Third st. 352-53
FARMS — Three choice Jim valley farms, 160
acres each. * miles from Andover, . Day
county. Dak., for sale, or will exchange for stock
of merchandise: will give a bargain. Address
Box 194, Andover. Dak. 351-16
HOUSE FOR SALE, with all modern con
'vemences. Apply to owner, 751 Selby ay.
357-5!) '
I.RRIER PUPS for- sale: fine bred. M. E.
Wright, 427 Franklin st 355-58
ROOMS— Furnished,' for light housekeeping,
immediately. E. 1., Globe. ■_ _5
OOMS— Two or three unfurnished in private
ROOMS— Two or three housekeeping
house, wanted for light housekeeping at
once. . M.. 438 Wabasha st. 3
KOif.il> Two or three furnished for . light
housekeeping; centrally located; rent must
be reasonable; permanent tenants. . Address P.
51. C. 94 _ M East Seventh st . .-. .. 3
::-■*...- PERSONA...
! pvETEt II YE of long experience, with good
' 1J references, will ta^e work at reasonable
rates Address G. 12. Globe office. N. B.— No con
nection with any other agency. 331-61
... _-s. ALICE BAGNELL, magnetic healej,
iVI. heals rheumatism, kidney and liver dis
eases. 323 East Seventh st - 353-9
MRS. ECKHARDT— Clarivoyant and doc
tress; can be consulted on all life and
business aflairs at 541 Mississippi st 353-59
MRS ELLlS— Celebrated fortune teller; satis
* faction guaranteed. No. 169 East Ninth st,
near J season. -'•»- >
• FOR RENT. „•.-->.:
J" OFTS— let 3 elegant lofts for fobbing or
1., manu'actu; ing purposes, ri.ht n the midst
of the jobbing center; sxe 33x145. Over 190 and
192 East Third St.: inquire on first floor. ". 345*
.. ~to-'mwn. • ;
HOUSE— Small, furnished, cheap. W. B. Ladd,
44 Chamber of Commerce. 358-04
OUS ES— Stores, fl-SToffices. etc., ior rent;
general business collections attended to.
.Egbert G Handy, successor to Harrison k Handy,
Sixth st. Hotel Ryan building. 345-58
'fpHIRTEENTH ST. EAST— twelve-
J. room house, with modern improvements;
rent $35. Apply to H. Dougan, 229 East Thirteenth
st. 332-62
ASHLAND, corner Dale st— Four nice rooms
with modern conveniences. J. W Crosson.
332 Jackson st. . 6
BRICK BLOCK, Corner Exchange— Furnished
and unfurnished rooms for light housekeep
ing^ ,-•■••- ' •■- ;6
BROADWAY ST. 696— Neatly furnished
rooms suitable for light housekeeping, in
plain view of Ice palace. 5
CEDAR ST., 474— Lrr?e front room, very
pleasant and well furnished, witn use of
bath. - ■ - ■■'■■- ■ r 5
CEDAR ST., 57S—Ncely furnished front room.
' suitable for two; rent reasonable; gentlemen
only. 3
CEDAR ST., 478— Two nicely furnished rooms
wiihi.i one blo.-k of the capitol; terms rea
sonable^ ** 3
CANADA ST., Three unfurnished rooms;
water and woodshed. 5
C CANADA ST., 605— Rooms for rent with water
/ and woodshed. , 3
CLIFTON HALL (Annex). 21 East Fifth, Op
posite Court House— First-class furnished
rooms, heated with steam, by the day or week.
P. W. Shute,' manager. 355-ti4
DAKOTA A Y., US— Unfurnished rooms in
private house. Minea k Wedge. - 6
DEBOW ST., near Williams st— Five large
comfortable rooms. Cremer k Co. 354-8
EXCHANGE ST., 383— Furnished room, with
board. _ * 4
1^ ..CHANGE ST.,3B6— Furnished rooms.single
_ and en suite, with board; modern improve
ments^ , 3
EIGHTH ST.. 320— Pleasant turnished rooms,
suitable for two gentlemen; hot and cold
water, good bath: small private family; three
doors from good board. _. 3
EIGHTH ST.. 275 EAST —Three unfurnished
rooms, with or withent board. 358
EIGHTH ST., 20— Plea -ant furnished room,
suitable for 2 gentlemen; modern conven
ences; In t and cold water: good bath; small pri
vate family; 3 door-* from good board. 5
EIGHTH ST., 417 EAST— Large room tor 2
JL_ gents or married couple; board: private fam
ily 5
EIGHTH ST.. 2.'9— Pleasant udfurnished front
-J and side rooms, lower floor; moderate rent;
desirable location. .; 2
■MARKING TON AY., 254— St. Anthony hill—
a Two pleasant, warm furnished rooms. 5
OURTH ST., 04 WEST— Furnished front
room with alcove. .'-'-"' " 3
IFTH ST.. 44 WEST— Next door to Wind
sor hotel, nice large front om, suitable
for two gentlemen, with board. 4
FIFTH ST.. 99 EAST, near Robert— Rooms at
$4 per month. - '.' o 353*9
FORT ST., 354— Lady or gentleman can fin
neatly furnished room; heated; reasonable
rent 1
I GLEHART ST. 114— Well furnished room.
1 with large closet, in private house. - 5
JACKSON ST., Handsomely furnished
front alcove room, with or without board,
near capitol; also small rooms. 6
JACKSON ST., 473— Five furnished and 4 un-
furnished rooms. ■ .-:,•--■•■■ 358-61
JACKSON sT., Large, nicely-furnished
"front room, gas, heated: gentlemen only. 4
T EECH ST., 103; 5 rooms; $12 a month.
INNEHAHA ST., 541— Three unfurnished
lrA rooms, no children, for man and wife. 4
•JVITN-H ST., 27 EAST— pleasant turnished
I I room, $6 per month. 4
NINTH ST.. 27 EAST— A pleasant turnished
room $6 per month. ■ " 6
NINTH ST., 210 EAST— Two nicely furnished
±y rooms for gentleman and w fe, or four gen
tlemen, w th first-class board and use of bath, in
private house. "■ 356-65
"VINTH ST., 317 EAST, corner Broadway—
1* Large front chamber, Weill furn shed, nice
location, private family. 4
TVINTII ST., 162 WEST— One furnished loom.
OAK ST., 434, near College av.— Furn'shed
room with bath. .^«'--- ; 0
"DARK PLACE, Nicely -furnished front
L room, ground floor. 4
PEARL ST. 213— Nice large rooms, furnished
or unfurnished, with use of bath. 5
PEARL ST., 211— Pleasant front room with
board; hot and cold water: use if bath; terms
reasonable. 3
ROBERT ST.. 562— Rooms ana board to be
had at $3.50 per week, - ■■ 5
GOM-MAT*'. — Kent only $6 per monih; call
after 0:30. 1211 West F.fth st. 3
-JJ©fl"f| — Nicely furnished and heated, with
TV board in private family: Scandinavian gen
tleman pr ferred: would be a good home for the
right persons; reference exchanged. O. U..
Globe. 5
t) OOMS— Phalen water: suitable for
V light housekeeping: corner Wabash'a and
Eighth. Inquire of A. Winter. 4
ROOM Handsomely furnished alcove room
directly opposite ice palace; references. In
quire at 633 Cedar st ____^ 4
1) OO.M— Small furnished front room; price $5:
.- heated; call up stairs: 103 West Tenth. 3
1y OOMS wanted: well furnished for light house
.l keeping. F., Globe. 3
SIXTH St., 26 EAST— furnished room*;
one $5 and one $10 per month. 3
-*LENDII> COAL for per ton, 2 tons tor
•11 delivered. C. H. Tyler, 244 East Fourth
St. ; see ad on page 2. 358
ST. PETER ST., 555. near Tenth, close to your
O business— Beautiful furnished room for two
gentlemen at $12 per month. 4
<Yt. PETER ST.. 459. Room 6— Handsomely
£3 furnished rooms for two or four gentlemen;
also suite of rooms. r ' 3
SEVENTH ST.. 222 WEST— Two suits of un
furnished rooms, suitable for light house
keeping: water and closets. Inquire in store. 5
SEVENTH ST.. 850 WEST— Rooms; modern
iO . improvements. 2
rpillßD ST.. 160 WEST— One furnished room
J. and 3 unfurnished rooms, 4
rjnENTH ST., 204 EAST— A pleasant, well-fur-
I nii—ted tront room, with large closet and use
of bath. 6
•rENTH ST., 249 EAST— Nicely, furnished
JL room for one or two gentle men, with board. 3
WATER 1"„ 58— Two rooms. 3 closets fur
\ » nished for light housekeeping; cheap; only
double house facing river west of bridge. West
side. ' 3
—U f ESTEKN AY., 178— Warm room, furnished
or unfurnished. ■ -3
WABASHA ST,. 570— nicely-furnished
room with board; suitable for 2 gentle
men. _4
WASHINGTON ST., 371-^A- nicely fur-
NY nished room with board; suitable tor one
or two gentlemen. _6
VV and board, $4.50: day board, $3.50. 3
PART OF STORE or office room .for rent in
desirable location. Apply at 343 Minnesota
st ■ " ■ .- 358-60
BANK BOOK LOST— 8973, between Rob
ert and Wabasha sts. Finder return to
Savings bank, St. PauL 6
CAPE LOST— Cloth cape with beaver collar
' and clasp; please return to 427 Dakota ay.,
West St. Paul, ami receive reward. 5
CUFF BUTTONS— Lost in the Glass block
Saturday night one pair of cuff buttons with
monogram on, W. E. A.; finder will receive a lib
eral reward by returning to A. E. Brown the jew
eler. 3
DOG LOST— answers to name of
'•Mack." Finder please return to St Paul
Furniture company and receive reward. 4
OG LOST— A Scotch terrier puppy: . nearly
black, with brown legs and gray sprinkled
about the lace; a liberal reward will be paid for
his return to 529 Portland Ay.. or 317 Jackson st. 2
015 Lincoln ay. 5
LOST— Tuesday evening. Dec. 21, oa Seventh
st, or Broadway, a gent's fur-top dogskin
glove, left hand. Finder please leave with John
Swainson & Co., corner Seventh and Si.ley. : 4
LOST— pocketbook I lost had nothing in it
worth 5 cents to anyone but myself, will give
$5 for return of same. F. W. Horton, 471 Waba
sha st. • ...... I
LOST — pair of golden eyeglasses; reward
paid at the office of the Astoria hotel, Waba
sha street ' - ; ' " 4
LOCKET LOST— A locket and small piece of
chain with horse on; return to Globe office
and receive reward. O. B. L. -.' 1
ITTEN FOUND— lady's siik mitten, old
gold color outside and blue inside. Inquire
115 East Seventh st -■■••■'' ■• . ' .'..*-.; - 4
MONEY FoUND— A small silm of money.
Inquire at 102 Leech st. 1
POCKETBOOK LOST in or neat Mann
heimer's store, a large black leather pocket
book containing between $15 arid $20: a reward
will be paid if returned to 143 Pleasant ay. -'- ' 5
POCKETBOOK LOST— On " Wabasha it,
containing about so in money and some papers.
Finder will please leave it at Globe office. 4
PURSE LOST in postoflSce between 9 and 10
a. m. Dec. 20; alligator purse; return to 189
West F.fth and receive reward. 3
RING LOST— An onyx car-ring _ with four
small pear s set in it. on fcventh or Jackson.
Finder return to 593 East Seventh st and recive
reward. ■ . - .- -6
EXCHANGE— new heuse and lot in best
part of th s city for good farm near some
city or village. Granger, Giobe. ■-.■'' 6
- auction sales. I
31 East Third street.
DON'T FORGET— week will be your last
chance for bargains at 31 East Th.rd st; the
entire stock must go; remember the place.
-LOAKS! CLOAKS!— PIush cloaks, bouele,
i . beavers, diagonals, with and without fur
trimming, for ladies, misses and children, at auc
tion this week at 31 East Thtrd'st
-EN'S OVERCOATS at auction this week
. at 31 East Third st.
DRY GOODS, ribbons, laces, underwear, la
dies' and misses' wool hose, shawls, etc., at
auction this week at 31 East Third st
F.I j PAIRS of white, red, blue and gray all
i)VJ wool blankets, slightly soiled; must go un
der the hammer this week at 31 East Third st
BOOTS, SHOES, winter overshoes, all sizes,
at auction this week at 31 East Third st;
auction commences at 10 o'clock a. m., 2 and 7:30
p. m.; don't forget the place; lady clerks n at
tendance; cab early to avoid the rush. 355-58
~ HoYfoF'the Holidays!
WHILE (electing presents for Christmas and
New Years you should not only select that
which would afford present pleasure and gratifi
cation,. but also add to that something that would
be of lasting benefit. What would afford greater
plea-u c than a fine lot in some part of the city?
About three years ago I sold a number of lots for
$200 each, which now are worth from $700 to
$1,000 each; 1 have myself paid $750 each for some
of these same lots; I have now lots on Rice street
motor line and also lots in D er Para- which I
will sell on equally favorable terms. E. A. Sar
gent, 144 East Third st. ______
J. F. —.Isenmenser's List.
472 Rice st.
(JjlOA PER ACRE for five acre lots at Casel
yl^*/ station. -
•5,1 Hi )TO ISO PER ACRE for five acre
«"*)-L_'U lots on Rice st.
i_*_nfi TO $ 400 PER ACRE in West St.
LOTS AND FARMS in and around St. Paul
at great bargains. 472 Rice st. 341*
Philip Crowley _t_ Son's List.
145 Dakota Ay., West Side. . . -
FROM a large list of improved and unimproved
property in our hands for sale, some of
which we know to be bargains, we mention the
(^ /* F^l\i i — HANDSOME residence on Arun
vfr\j)*J\)\J del st., between Dayton and Mar
shall; part cash, balance in three years,
VJijO • •) X. EACH for lots in Sylvan Heights.
&,) A. OOxl FEET on St Albans
j____ ___* st., Holcomb's addition.
_t1 f.rW"" LOT on Selby iv., in Anna E.
•fl>± < U_'U Ramsey's addit.on.
CM r\£\(_ EACH for two lots in Warm's
«jJ) 1 5 _ >\J addition on Lincoln ay.
DOUBLE brick house and two lots on Nina ay.
U at a bargain and on very easy terms. •;
ClHEAPlots in Mackubin & Marshall's addi
/ tion.
A / t LOTS in Crowley's addition very cheap to
-bt/ parties who will build in the spring. We
regard this the cheapest residence property on
the West side; call and get prices and terms.
**•»/! Hit If I — HOUSE and two large lots on
V'-jjtJV- ' ' Livingston ay.; a beautiful home,
ABSTRACTS OF TITLE and all other man
uscripts copied perfectly by Anna C. Drew,
Hale block, opposite Merchants. 332*
HOC of 9 rooms for sale, with all modern
conveniences. Apply to owner, 751 Selby
ay. 357-59
A TOBACCO, confectionery and stationery
business must be sold at once; good chance
for Christmas. 505 St. Peter st 358
[VI OLD and well-established business, build
-I*l ing 52x00, one-story frame structure with
brick basement, is now offered for sale," with or
without stock; with stock, possession given at
once; without stock, Feb. Ist, 1337: unimproved
St Paul or Minneapolis property taken for pay
ment For further particulars address M. Simon
itsch, Norwood, Minn. 329-59
PARTNER wanted in the drug business; or
will sell who.c stock of fine drugs; good trade
and best locat on in city of Grand Forks. Dak.;
stock $2,8. 0, all new. Address P. O. Box 43,
Grand Forks, Dak. : 355-58
WANTED Partner in drug business; good
opening; few hundred. Paul Jessup. Min
neapolis. 356-02
BOARD — First class day board for three or
four persons: private house; centrally lo
cated; terms reasonable; references. B. H.
lobe. 5
BOARD— Good, at reasonable rates, at 51 West
Fourth st. ; also furnished rooms for rent 4
BOARDING— Two young ladies can find good
board and room at 232 West Seventh st.;
price moderate. 4
ELEVENTH ST., 61 EAST— Board and rooms
for 2; ice palace in full view 5
____. _____ * i ______________^
HORNS— A pair of steer horns wanted, pol
ished and mounted; state price. C. C. C.
Globe. 3
ANTED to buy good cutter. 731 Selby ay.
WANTED— To buy second-handed single de
livery sleighs. Address 040 Bedford st. 358
WANTED — A pair ligh bobs or runners for
wagon. Johnson Bros., city market. 5
BARGAIN Must be closed out at once: car
load of draught and driving horses at Sim
ons' sale stables, cor. Sixth and Cedar sts. 3
Ci UTTER A good jump-seat cutter, Quinby A
'. Hallo-yell make, for sale cheap. Apply at
389 Oak st, between Fifth and S.xth sts. >;8
FOR SALE— Two good, sound horses, cheap,
at 857 Rice st. v \\\ i 358-59
BOARD and room near postoffice by young
man; good references; private preferred;
state price. C. C. C, Globe. 3
ROOMS AND BOCRD— Three young men
desire rooms and board near cei.tr il part of
city; private family preferred; state terras and
location; references exchanged. Elgin. Globe. 4
i^ ing— First-class and exclusive. Names of
graduates now holding positions sent on applica
tion; lessons day and evening, or by mail; send
for circular. Anna C. Drew, Haie block, corner
Jackson and Third sts. 332*
dye Work.. <
ANGEL cleans toboggan suits the same as
when new; come early. 132 East Ninth st,
one door from Robert st ' MO-lyf
DL. JAMIESON\Steam Dye Works— Gent*
• clothing a specialty. ' 412 Wabasha st.St.
Paul. Minn
-'. ' ■ —
EVERY FAMILY ought to have at least one
bottle of Bryant's Sure Cure for Diphtheria
in the house; $1 sent to D. N. Bryant, Mendota,
Minn., secures a bottle, by return express. 353-5S
IF YOU want a line Christmas dinner.go for your
steaks, ri ast beef and poultry to A. H. Spang
enberg, corner St. Peter and Tenth sts. 355-01
W~ HY NOT LEARN shorthand and type
writing this winter at Anna C. Drew's
school? Hale block, corner Jackson and Third
sts. 332*
OHN A. LAABS, upnolsterer, corner of
Seventh and Exchange sts.; steam renova
tor for cleaning feathers and mattresses; all work
guaranteed. 104*
Want Advertisements for the Globe re
ceived at W. J. Hughes', druggist, corner
Monroe street and Third avenue, East
Division, Minneapolis. '
map-work. Harrison & Smith, Minneapolis,
SALETMAN for a wholesale bitters manu
' factory, on commission; none but first-class
need apply. Call at 1029 Marshall st northeast,
Minneapolis, Minn. . 6
Uf ANTED— Foreman for light manufacturing:
V\ must understand machinery and direct
help. Address, stating wages expected and give
references, M. 25, Globe. 5
BAKER who can do first-class work on bread
and cakes would like to get work in Minne
apolis or St. Paul. H. A. T., Globe. _4
SITUATION wanted by a first-class bread
_J baker. Baker, Globe. - 8
SITUATION — By a young man in any capac
ity; good references: salary no object Ad
dress J. J.. 1021 Eleventh ay. south. 6
L DISHWASHER— By a girl in a restaurant
' where one or more girls are employed. Call
at Room 8, Richardson block, 114 and 116 Third
st. South. .•'■.. -
ADAME ANDREWS, Clairvoyant, No.
1518 Fourth st. north, at home to ladies only.
... 352-58
OG LOST— Large Newfoundland; had on
leather collar with small rope attached; re
turn to my engine house, M. F. D., and receive re
ward. Matt Dempsey. 7
FOR SALE— If you want a good business buy
the furniture and good will of the Barlow
house, 213 Fourth st. south: "omc and see it
■ 556-61
PATENTS— p. H. Gunckcl, i M Temple court,
counsellor and solicitor; 15 years' practice.
■'.■•• 278* *
RfD"l SVVtRED pressed bricx. Office 743
kJ\J\J_i\J\J{J ' Temple court. Anoka Pressed
Brick company. f&kftßS&i?. 16_*

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