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St. Paul daily globe. (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, January 31, 1887, Image 11

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On the Chicago Board of Trade Wheat
Was Dealt in Only
Values Were Kept Within a Narrow Eange
and Closed the Same as On
Cables Were Slightly Firmer, But
Tliere Were Generally Free
Transactions in the Financial Circles
of Wall Street- -General
Chicago, Jan. 29.— Wheat was only moder
ately traded in to-day. Values were kept
within a narrow range and closed about the
same as yesterday. The cables were slightly
firmer, and the decliue in French rentes
caused a slightly stronger feeling at the open-
Ing. May wheat opened %c hisrher at S3 7
and advanced to 84% c on fair buying, but
fell back steadily to 83% c under free off rings
and rested lor the day at the closing figures
of yesterday. Corn was again a very slow
market, witn very little change. Oats were
cfuiet and unchanged. Provisions wore firm
but quiet, prices showing practically no
change from yesterday.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat — No. 2, January, opened at 77% c,
closing at 7'%c: February. 77% c, closing at
77% c; March, 78c, closing at77%@7Bc; May.
88% c, closing at S'i%c. — No. 2, Jan
uary, 35? 4 'c, closing at 35% c: February, 35J^c,
closing nt 4 (</35%c; March. 35% c, closing
at 35%©35-%e; May. 40% c, closing at 40%0.
Oats— No. 2 January. 25>£c. closing at25J-£o;
February, 25>ot\ closing at 25% c; March,
20% c, closing *at 25% c; May, 30}ic, closing
at 30. 1 .5&30}.-ic. Moss pork per barrel—Jan
uary, $12.52%, closing at $12.50; February,
812.52}.<. closing at $12.52%; March, $12.57%.
closing" at $12.57 May. $12.80, closing at
$12.70. Lard per 100 pounds — January,
$G. 47%, closing at 88.42%; February, $6.47%,
closing at $6.42%; March, $6.55, closing at
56.50: May, §6.67;7>, closiug at $6.63. Short
ribs per 100 pounds January, $6.35, closing
at Sti.3r>: February, $6.35, closing at $6.35;
March, $6.37%, closing at $6.37%; May, 50. 50,
closing at $(5.50. Cash quotations were as fol
lows: Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat —
No. 2 spring. 77-%©'i7%c: No. 3 spring, 70S
72c: No. 2 red, 7'J%c. Corn— No. 2, 35% c.
Oats— No. 2, 25% c. Rye— No. 2. oic. Barley
—No. 2, [email protected]%c. Flax seed— 1. $1.05%.
Prime timothy seed, §1.89. Mess pork per bbl.
512.5u«t12.55. Lard, per 100 lbs, $6.42
6.45. Short ribs sides, loose. $6.35(g>6.87%;
dry salted shoulders, boxed, $5.50; short clear
Bides, boxed, 5r6.70.56. 75. Whisky, distillers'
finished goods, per gal, $I.ls. Sugars cut
loaf, 6%@6%c; granulated. O' .d>-CJ4c; stand
ard A, 5%c. Receipts — Flour, 24,000 bbls;
wheat, 22,000 bu: com, 59,000 bu: oats. 110,
-000 lm; rye. 1,000 bu; barley, 47.000 bu. Ship
ments — Flour. 28,000 bbls; wheat, 18,000 bu:
corn, 29,000 bu: oats. 10.000 bu: barley. 20,000
bu. On the produce exchange to-day the but
ter market was quiet; creamery, 2K&2SC;
dairy, 19%@24c [email protected] per dozen.
BEBKST. Pros. *". W. AXDKnsov, Cashier
C.W .UIiICGS. V.X'rei. A. C. A.SDEIISOX. As3t
Capital. $500,000-
Corner Fjftb end Jackson 3tra3ti.
MICHAEL m^AM it <■;-»..
Grain and provisions bought and sold for cash
or future delivery. Commission one eighth. Or
ders lor the purchase and sale of stocks on any
stock exchange in the country promptly executed.
We have the only d rect private wire from St.
l'aul to hieugo and New York.
Milita.tih.ee Produce.
MILWAUKEE, Jan. 29.— Flour dull. Wheat
Steady; cash, 78% c; February, TTvic; May,
S3 ; ; e. Corn quiet; No. 2, 35% c Oats steady;
No. 2, 20c. Rye dull; No. 1. 5Gc. Barley
easier; No. 2. 51e. Provisions steady. Pork,
January. sl2. 4s; May, $12.16%. Lard, January,
£6.45; May, $6.67%. Butter linn; dairy,
l(i!<i2oc. Eggs steady at 27c. Cheese firm;
Cheddars, IBe. Receipts — Flour, 1,501 bbls;
wheat, 31,595 bu; barley, 15,350 bu. Ship
ments — Flour. 3,420 bbls: wheat, 2,347 bu;
barley, 7,475 bu.
Paid Up Capital 3600,000; Surplus 3103,000.
NVii. Dawsuk, ires. Hour, a. Mirra. V. Pres.
ALutUT jcuut't'iiit Cash. or.
: 07 Jackson street.
Direct [irviate wire to all markets. Prompt at
tention given to orders by mail or wire.
ommission M.
Grain, Provision and Stock Brokers,
fJX'IH b'illiSET. 11O1EL RVAX. ST. i'Al'L, KKfJ?
»!\'ew York Produce
New York. Jan. 29. — Flour dull and
heavy: receipts. 30.300 bbls and sacks: ex
ports, 37,519 Backs; sales, 12,060 bbls. Wheat
— Receipts. 41,650 bu; exports, 79,755 bu;
spot lots a shade stronger and moderately
active: options opened firm and advanced
1 . : •"",,<;; later ruled easier and lost part of
improvement, closing 1 at a shade above the
inside rates: sales, 1,840,000 bu futures and
18,000 bu spot: No. 1 hard, 04, l 4c in store,
99j£@99%c deliveied; ungraded red, DO©
s>o%c: No. 1 red, 'Jaj^c; No. 1 white, 93c;
evtra red, P3%@9tc; No. 2 red January, 61%
©1%; February, 91?^c, -elosius; at 91? 4 c;
March, 92%©93 c, closing at l)3c; April. [email protected]
94 5-lCe, closing at 04^c; May. 95%e,
cU;b ng- at 95% c; June, 6®90%c,
clubing 1 at 90^0; December, $1.01J^@1.02.
Corn — Cash lots a trifle better, closing firm:
receipts 12,C5u bu; exports, 52,11:? bu: sales,
300,000 bu futures and 86,000 bu spot: un
graded, 47(&iSJ£c; No. 3, 47c steamer, i~ l /ic
elevator; No. 2, 47%i£47 7 d e elevator. 48^®
49J^c delivered; No. 2 January, nominal at
47;£c; Febiuary, t7%@t7%C, closing- at
47 T ;,c; March, 48%©48% C, closing- at 4S%c;
May, 49%®50c, closing at 49 T ;c. Oats a
shade higher and quiet: receipts, 32,3 J0 bu;
exports, 1.133; mixed Western, [email protected]: white,
[email protected] Coffee fair; Rio dull at U^o; op
tions steady and moderately active; sales,
25.500 bajrs; February, [email protected]; March,
$13: April, 512.95013: May, [email protected];
June. 512.;i5(<t10.05; July. $13©13.10: August,
$13.05: September. §[email protected]; December,
$13.10. Sugar quiet; refined quiet. Mollas
ses quiet and unchanged. Petroleum steady:
United closed at 70% c. Turpentine firm at
39©39%e. Eggs firm and iv fair demand;
receipts, 8,830 packages; Western, [email protected]
Pork firm, but rather quiet. Cut meats flrtn.
Lard less active: Western, SO.SO; February,
$6.88; March, $6.84; April, [email protected]; May,
56.!)7(&6.98: Juno, 57.04; city steam, $6.70.
Butter quiet and unchanged. Cheese quiet
and steady.
CAPITAL 300.000.
AUEX.BAUBVT. Prest. Anthony YoEItG.Jr.,V. Pr.
Wil. Bicke l Casbier. P.M. ICKUsr. Asst. Cash.
CorDerT-ilii-auu Wabasha streets, oppos't9 Pos
Corner Jackson and Fourth streets.
fsflfa FlfnfKit VPTiltc iOO boxes of convenient
CdiG LltpUbll idUllb. g.zes torrent at low rate*
Drake Block, at, Paul, Minn.
CAPITAL $100,000. SURPLU3 $30,093
L. Ik. Heed, President: W. D. Etas, Casmer
J.WWATT Assistant Cas-iii.-.
Fiifji a *li.
KfW York.
New York, Jan. 29. Money on call easy
at 2}4'i!ii per cent., closing at 3. Prime mer
cantile paper 5%@6% per cent. Sterling ex
change steady and unchanged. Government
and state bonds were dull and firm. Stocks were
duller than on any preceding day for several
weeks. The indisposition to trade shown by
all the leading 1 operators was very marked
and the market was prominently a waiting:
one. Such news as was received had little or
no effect upon values, while in times of mod
erate activity such announcements as that
Mr. Corbin had secured control of Jersey
Central, the passing 1 of the Heading express
business over to the Adams, or the news from
Europe in restart] to the German re
serves, would have made a profound
impression There was some little
selling for London account in the early trad
ing, and in the limited demand for stocks
fractional declines were established, but after
the culmination of the movement the room
traders who were themselves disinclined to
trade bod n monopoly of the dealings. The
opening w ■ - - again, first prices showing
declines f . evening's final quotations
of from ;. Some little activity was dis
played by . .ing, Richmond & West Point,
St. Paul ana Lake Shore, and after a few
Blight advances the entire list gave way. The
market became extremely dull with the move
ment in prices almost imperceptible, but
■where changes In quotations were established
they were almost invariably in the direction
of lower figures. The market closed dull and
heavy, generally at the lowest prices reached.
Sales. 169. 713 shares. The net result of tne day's
business is a decline for almost everything on
the active list, thoujrn a loss of \% in Manhat
tan was ttbowu. Railroad fronds "wore quiet
I and featureless, except Brie second consols,
! which contributed $282,000. and Texas Pacific
j Rio trust reccips . $118,000, with a total of
I $1,121,000. Considerable irregularity was
i shown, and final quotations show irregular
changes. Green Bay firsts gained 3% at 102%.
and Toledo, Peorla & Western trust receipts 2
at 101. The total sales of stocks' to-day were
169,713 shares, including': - -' • : '
Del. Lack. & W. 9.000 Rich. & W.Pt.... 12.500
Erie . . 13,730 St. Paul .14,600
Lake Shore .6,730 Union Pacific 4.670
Louisville &N. . . 5,030 Western Uni0n.. 13,810
Reading ........ 36.055
DAIBM Of Counties, Cities and others of high
vvm/u g rU( j e bought and sold. Eastern of
fice: 6S Devonshire street, Boston. Corres
pondence solicited.
Quotations of Mocfcs and Bonds.
New Yoke. Jan. 29.— following are the
closing prices bid to-day:
United States 3s. 100 I Lake Erie &VT.. 18
do 4s. coup... 123% Lake Shore 92*4
do 4%5. coup. llOJi ! Louisville & N.. 61%
Pacific 0s of '.45. 126 L's'ville N. A. 59%
Liv stamped 45. . 80% Memphis & C... 56
Missouri 6s . 100% Mich, Central... 88
Ten.6ssefuie'ts' 105 M in. & St. Louis. 17%
do os 101 do preferred.. 42
do 33- . 78% Missouri Pacific. 105%
Central P. lsts. 114% >iobile&Ohlo... 15J4
I). £ Rio. G. lsts 119 . Jlorris&E.. 180%
do West lsts... 78 Sashville C... 87
Erie 2ds 96 N.J. Central 66%
M.K.&T.gen. 6s. 99 Nor. &JV. pfd.. 46%
N. P. 15t5...... 115% North. Pacific... 26%
do 2ds 106 'do preferred . . 57%
N. W. consols... 141% Chicago & N. W. 112
do debenture 1 10 do preferred.. 138
St.L.& S.F. p.m.. 109% New York Cent . 111%
St. P. consols. . 129% Ohio* Miss..... 23%
St.P.,C.&P.lsts. 119 do preferred.. 92%
T. Pac. L. G.... 60 Ontario it West. 17%
T.Pac.R.G.ex-C. 71 Jrejron Transc'l. 30%
U. P. lsts 114% Pacific Mail.: ... 50
West Shore 103 IPvoria. D. & E. . . 33%
Adams Express. 141 Pittsburg 151
Alt. Tor. Haute. 31 . Pullman Pal. C. 145
do preferred.. 80 Reading 37%
Am. Express.... 107 % Rock Island 124%
B. C. R. & N. . . . 45 St. L. & San. F. . 30%
Canada Pacific. 62' do preferred. . 64
Canada Soutb'n. 70 do Ist pref'd.. 111%
Central Paci He. 36 CM. & St. Paul. 87%
Cbesapeako&O. 8% : do preferred.. 117%
do pre'd lsts.. 15% St. Paul M. &M. 114
do2ds 10 St. Paul& Om.. 47%
Chicago & Alt .. 143 do preferred.. 106%
do preferred.. 155 Texas Pacific... 23
C. B. & Q 137% Union Pacific. . . 56%
C. St. L. & Pitts. 17% U. S. Expiess... 03
do preferred.. 37 \V.,St.L.&Pac... 14
C. S. & C. 50 do preferred 2.>%
Cleve. Col ...... 60% Wells Fargo Ex. 127
Dv'l. Hudson.... 102% W. U. Telegraph 71%
Del., Lack. &W. 134% O. & M 97^
Erie.. 30% O. liUDrove'nt.. 40
do preferred.. 615 | Col. C0a1.... .... 36%
East Tennessee. 13% N. Y. C. &St. L.. 10
do erred.. 72 do preferred . 19%
Fort Wayne... 145' M. L. B.x W 67
Harlem.. 216 do preferred. 97%
Houston & Tex. 43 Teun. C. &I. Co 48
Illinois Central. 132% Sutro 19
Ind. B. & West.. 15% Pol. &H. V 36
Kausas & Texas. 25 % Tol. O. C. pfd... 58
*.>■ Corner TU.ru uiu iioueii s-roeti.
PETAL •• '•" • -»' - *5TA003
V AiTKB MASK. Richard K. Stowek.
President t.'usiuj
Chicago, Jan. 29.— Little or no New York
exchange sold to- lay lower thau 40c discount.
This figure was generally quoted at banks. •
Money rates remain about [email protected] per cent, on j
average loans. Clearings for the aay were
$0,877,000: for the weak, $13. 633.00 J; for the !
corresponding week last year, $4 1,324,000, an i
increase of 5.6 per cent.
Produce Commission*.
Butter, Eggs, Poultry. Consignments solicited.
SSO Jacksox Street. St. Paul.
M. Paul.
The local board was very quiet and dull and
nothing to speak of was done in anything.
There was a little inquiry for May wheat, and j
also for No. 1 bard, but it resulted in but a
very limited number of transactions, as buy- !
ere and sellers differed too much. The sample :
tables were well filled with a great variety,
and for a short time there was quite a good
deal of activity amoug bu.. ors to get bold of
choice lots. Corn was steady and unchanged,
witu a moderate demand. Oats were weak and
%c lower. Barley steady and quiet. Ground
iced weaker and lower. Bran dull and lower. !
Hay Is steady and comparatively quiot.
Dressed hogs unchanged. Seeds unchanged.
Potatoes arc a little stronger. Eggs un
changed. The call:
Wheat— No. 1 hard, 78e: No. 1 North
ern, 77^e bid; No. 2 Northern. 7Gc bid.
Corn — No. 2, Sic bid. 35c asked; January.
3tc bid, 35c asked; May 42c asked.
Oats— » mixed, 27 bid. 28c asked; Jan
uary. 5:7 c bid, 28c asked; February, 27c bid,
2Se asked; May, 31c bid, 32c asked; No. 2
white, 28c bid; No. 3 white, 27c bid.
Barley No. 2, 48 c bid.
Ground Feed— No. 1, $14.50 asked; No. 2,
$14 asked. ;|CH§
Bran -53. 50 bid. ' "
Hay— No. 1, S7 bid. $7.50 asked; No. 2, $7
bid; timothy. SlO.
Dressed Hozs— $5.25 bid.
Timothy — $1.70 bid.
Clover Seed— s4.ls bid.
Potatoes— soc bid, 55c asked.
— 27c bid. 29c asked.
Commission* merchants and lumbermen's
Liberal Advances Made on Consignments of Grain.
Produce Kxcliungrc*
Business in this department still continues
quiet and dull. During the carnival season
this is to be expected. In a week or two
there will be, probably, a very perceptible
change, and the usual activity that charac
terizes this department will return. Domes
tic grapes still continue in the market, not
withstanding the season is about at an end.
The q-ialitr of those that are left is very poor
indeed. Butter is without change. Cheese
steady. Onions firm. Apples without change
and very firm at $1©4.50 per bbl. Oranges
and lemons steady. Dressed poultry without
change. Venison still lingers in the market,
though it is outlawed. It has to be dealt in
very slyly indeed. Eggs are without chauge.
The call:
Butter— to extra creamery. 25<&26c;
gilt edge stock, 27©28 c: medium to good,
18©22 c; choice to fine dairy. [email protected]: medium
to fair, [email protected]; roll and print, [email protected]; fresh
packing stock, [email protected]; grease butter, 2'<j(S,3c.
Cheese Young Americas and fancy, 14>£@
15c: full cream. [email protected]%c,
Onions, $1.25 per bu."
Minnesota maple sugar. [email protected]; Eastern,
10©llc;.Vermont, 11%@15c in 28-tt> cans.
Oregon pears, $4 per box.
Maple Syrup — pal, $1*21.10.
Honey — Slow at quotations: flne white
clover, [email protected]: buckwheat, [email protected]
Malt — 70c per bushel.
Wool Unwashed, 17©19 c; washed 22®24c.
ApDles— Hard firm stock, fancy eating, $4.
Domestic Grapes — lb baskets, [email protected];
Concord; 650; Catawba, 75c; California To
kays, whole cases, $3.51>@4; Malaga, [email protected]
8.50 per bbl.
Orauires— Floridas, bright, [email protected] per box;
russet, $3.25©3.5u: Messinas. $3(&3.25; Valen
cias, extra size. $6, extra large, 87.
Lemons— Messinas, [email protected]; Malagas,
Nuts— Pecans, Texas polished, medium to
large, [email protected] per Ib; almonds, Terragonas,
19c; California soft shelled. 18c; filberts,
Sicily, 13c; walnuts, new California, lti:</)18c;
; cocoanuts. $7.50 Der 100; hickory nuts, 81©
1.25 perbu; shellbarke, $1®1.25 per bu.
Dates Persians. [email protected]; dates in mats,
s.^c; tigs. [email protected]; new, 18c.
Bananas — Yellow, per bunch, [email protected]; red,
$1.50©2.50. as to size.
Dressed Poultry— Unfrozen stock, chickens,
B©9c; turkeys, [email protected]; frozen stock, 2(tl3c
lower: ducks and geese. [email protected]
— Choice Michigan, 16-gal. kegs,
! [email protected] " per keg; choice refined 16-gal.
| kegs, [email protected] per keg: choice refined S2-gal.
obis., $5.505,tJ.50 per bbl.; Ohio cider, $4 per
half bbls., S7 for full bbls.
Sweet — Muscatine, $4.50; Jerseys,
$5 per bbl. •
Pheasants, $2.25®2.50 per doz.
Itabbits, SI per doz,; squirrels, 75e per doz.
Cranberries— By the bbl., [email protected]
tViioiesulf Produce.
The following prices arefor round lots only:
Pork, Bacon. Lard. , Etc.— Pork, mess,
I $11; hams, 10>$c; dry salt, long clear, 6%c:
smoked long clears. 6%c: breakfast bacon.
B;4C; long- spiced rolls, B%c; tierce lard, 6%c;
keg lard,.6%c; 3 ft tin pail, 7}£c; 5 B> tiu pail.
! 7c; 10 ft) tin pail, 6%c; 20 lb wood pail, 7c; 10 ft
i wood pail, 7$- c.
Flour— Patents, [email protected]; straight, $3.90®
1 4.10: bakers'. $3.U0<0;3.50; rye, [email protected]; !
I buckwheat. [email protected]«.50. . . _
! — Commou,"[email protected]; mediums. [email protected] !
; Si ; band picked medium, 1 [email protected]; hand
j picked navy, $1. 1.90.
! Dressed Beef — Fancy dressed steers [email protected]
I BJ^e; choice steers, 6^@6^;c; cows and
i heifers, 4^@sc; bulls, , 3 l^@4c: country
: dressed beef. [email protected]; hind quarters. [email protected]; fore
quarters, 2}^@3^c; veal. [email protected]%c; extra
heavy mutton, 5)-i;@6^c: mutton, ranging
from 30 to 40 . ft>s, . &@s}^c; country dressed
mutton, [email protected]; pig's feet and tripe, [email protected]
Si per kit: quarters, 32.
1 Fish— Black bass. 15c: halibut, 2oc; smoked
' halibut and. smoked : salmon, 15c; sturgeon,
; 12% c; salt mackerel, 15c Der lb; fresh mack
j cxc) from 15®20c each; flounders, 12^«c;
white flsh, 12% c; trout. 10c; Lake Superior, A
No. 1. 6c; wall-eyed pike, 6c; uorring.salt and '
fresh water,6c; perch and sea bass skinned, 7c;
fresh steak cod A fls 1, 12% c: ■' pickerel, extra
choice, sc; salmon.Oregon fresh.2so; red snap
pers, 15c;blue fish, 15c; extra bloaters, 65,
51. 75; extra bloaters, 100s, $2.50; lobsters,
per Ba, 20c; mackerel, per kit. [email protected]$l; smelts,
15c per pound; striped sea bass,' 20c per
lb; finnan haddies. 15c per Ib.
— Washington Territory,[email protected], new;
old, s«@3oe; choice New York, new, [email protected],
old. [email protected]; Wisconsin, 25c.
Linseed Oil — Raw. single obi. 45c. 5 bbl.
lots 44c. 50 bbl lots. 43c; boiled, oil, 3c more
all around; improved oil meal, St. Paul Lin
seed Oil company, [email protected]
Hides, Pelts and Skins — Green hides, 6c;
green salt hides, [email protected]%c; calf skins, 8c;
salt, 10; dry flint hides, 12% c: dry salt hides,
lOo; tallow. No. 1, 3©3J.£o: sheep pelts,
wool estimated, per ft, [email protected]: deer skins,
peril), dry, [email protected]; sheep pelts, 15c®51.05.
Raw Furs — Bear, black, S10©14; cub, black,
[email protected];l»nx, [email protected]; otter, [email protected]; coon, [email protected];
mink,[email protected]; beaver, per lb., Western.fall $2,
winter 33, spring $4; badtrer, [email protected]; fox,
cross, $2 53; fox, red, [email protected]: fox, kit,
40®50c; martin, [email protected]; muskrat,- winter
[email protected], fall 4©sc; kits [email protected]; skunk, black 75c,
striped 40©50 c; prairie wolf, . [email protected]
These, prices are for No. 1 skins, Nos. 2, 3
and 4 in proportion.
24 and 26 South First Street,
Minneapolis, - - Mixn.
Pork and Beef Packers,
Chamber of Commerce.
Local receipts were 284 cars, with 23 at
Dnluth, but sample offerings wore not very
large, and sales wore fair at about the prices
of the day before. Sellers found more
trouble in disposing of the lower grades
a3 the difference in prices .of . the
different grades has been narrowed down so
that local millers are taking No. 1 hard in
preference to Northern, claiming: that it is
comparatively the cheapest. Mar No. 1 hard
was in far request at 84c early in the session,
and sellers were offering at 84%e. No. 1 hard
was wanted at 79c for cash, with offers at
79% c. May was in demand at 84c until
toward the close, when bids were 83% c.
Sellers wanted %c above these figures. June
vas held at 85% c early. Closing quotations
were 79c for cash or February, and 83% c for
May. No. 1 Northern was wanted on track
at 78c in car lots. May. in round lots, was
offered at 82% c. Closing quotations were
7Sc cash or February, and 8;. ; c for May. No.
2 Northern ruled nominal at 7o, 1 for cash or
February, and SOc May.
Note — In sales ot wtieit D.v saaipte, srraao
has little if any effect in making prices, that
being determined by quality ana percentage
of hard in each parcel.
Sales included: 5,000 bu No. 1 hard, to ar
rive, 79% c; 50,000 bu May No. 1 hard, Sic:
45,000 bu May No. 1 hard, 83% c; 25,000 bu !
May No. 1 hard,S:3J Car lots by sample:
8 cars No. 1 hard, o. t., 79Kc; 10 cars No. 1
hard, to arrive, 79% c; 3 cars "No. 1 hard, o. t..
79e; 5 cars No. 1 hard. 79%e; 8 ear* No. 1
Northern, o. t.. 78c; 33 cars No. 1 Northern, :
o. t., 7s%c; 1 car No. 1 Northern, o. t., 78 % c; i
4 cars No. 2 Northern, o. t., 76c; 2 cars No. I
2 Northern, 0.t.. r;o; 1 cat No. 2 Northern,
77 1 /' C; 4 cars rejected, 0.t., 75% c; 1 car
sample, o. t., 77c; 1 car No. 3 oats,o.t., 27% c.
The last few days of wheat depression have
caused an exceeding dullness in tiour, and
sales by local millers have Dsen smaller than
fora long period preceding this. Asking
! prices are pretty well maintained.but bidders
I are some 25e a barrel under them. Patents, I
' sacks to local dealers. §[email protected]: patents, for
j shipment, sacks,carlot,S4.3s®4.4s; in barrels,
I 84.5- : [email protected]; delivered at New England points,
j $5.3. ©5.40; New York points, [email protected]: de
. livered at Philadelphia and Baltimore, $5.20
©5.30; bakers', [email protected]: suDcrflne, [email protected]
2.25; Red Do>r, sack, $1.25'<?i1.40; Red Do-:
bbl [email protected]; rye flour, 100 lbs, $1.75©2;
buckwheat, bbl, 50&3.
Chicago, Jan. 29.— Receipts, 1,000:
shipments, 4,000: market slow and weak;
Shipping steers. 950 to 1.500 pounds, $3.40(i&5;
stockers and feeders, [email protected]; cows, bulls
and mixed, [email protected] Hogs— Receipts, 13.
-. 000; shipments, 9,000; market steady, rough
; and mixed, $4.40©4.90; packing and shipping,
! [email protected]%; light, [email protected] Sheep—
! ceipts, 1,000; market steady: natives. 52.75®
; 4.90; Western, g3.40©4.60; Texans, $2.50©4;
: lambs, $l©o.
I Proceedings Board. Firs Commissioners.
Reeular Meeting-.
Office Boaud Fire Commissioners. )
St. Paul. Jan. 24, ISS7. f
| The Board of Fire Coiumissioners of the
I City of St. Paul met at 7:30 o'clock.
Present: Commissioners PreiKlergast,
Freeman, Warner and President Delano.
Absent: Commissioner Parker.
On motion minutes of previous meeting
dispensed with.
President Delano stated an invitation
from the Carnival Association had be; j u
received, requesting the fire depart
ment to turn out in parade during carnival
celebration. On motion, invitation accepted
and referred to the Chief Engineer to make
all tiie necessary arrangements.
The Chief reported needed repairs to
plumbing in department headquarters. On
motion, the Committee on Buildings were
1 authorized to have the necessary work
i done.
Pay roll of department for the month of
January. ISS7, amounting to S , and
bill of Messrs. McSherry & White for extra
work done on new engine houses, amount
ing to 5523.75. on motion allowed and re
ferred to the Comptroller by the following
I vote:
Yeas — Commissioners Prendergast, Free
man, Warner and Mr. President-^.
F. R. Delano. President.
William O'Gqkmax, Secretary.
—S3. In Probate Court, special term, Jan. 27.
In the matter of the guardianship of Edward
Skelly. minor:
On reading and filing the petition of Patrick
Egau, guardian of tho person and property of said
Edward Skelly. minor, for license to sell the real
estate of his said ward at private sale:
And it appearing from said petition that it
Is necessary and would be beuefi<;ial to said
ward that said real estate, or apart thereof,
should bo sold;
It is ordered that the next of kin of the said
ward, and all persons interested in the estate ot
said ward, shall appear before said Probate court,
at the Probate oiliee, in the city of St. Paul, in the
county of Ramsey aforesaid, on the 15tn day of
M irch, A. D. 1537, at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon, to show cause why a license should not
be granted for the sale of sakl real estate.
And it is further ordered that a copy of this
order be personally served on the next of kin ot
said ward residing in said liamsey county, und on
all persons interested in said estate, according to
law" at least fourteen days before tho hearing of
said petition as aforesaid, and b the publication
thereof tor four successive weeks in the St. Paul
| Daily Globe, a newspaper printed at.J publ shed
at the c.ty of St. Paul -n eai.; Rumsey county, the
! last of which publ.cat.or.s shall be at least four-
I teen days before said day of hearir.p. By the
Court. E. S. GORMAN,
[us.] Judge of Probate.
Attest: Fraxk Robert, Jr., Clerk. ja3l-4w-mo
O — ss. In Probate Court, special term, Jan.
29. 1537.
In the matter of the estate ot William Nonne
maeiier, deceased:
On reading and lilin; the petition o£ Charles
Xoanenui'.-her Sr , of said county, represe ting
among other things that William Nonnemacher,
late of said county, on the 1 Ith day of December, A.
D. 1890, at St. Paul, in said county, died intestate,
aud being an inhabitant of this county at the time
of his death, leaving goods, chattels and estate
within this county, and that tho said petitioner is
the father of said deceased. ai;d praying that
udm.nistration of said estate be to him granted:
It is ordered, that said petition be heard beiore
the judije of this court, on Monday, the 23th day
of February, A. D. IBBT, at 10 o'clock a. m,, at the
Probate court, in St. Paul, in said county.
Ordered further, that notice thereof be civento
the heirs of said deceased, and to all persons in
terested, b? publishing a copy of this order for
three successive weeks prior to said day (if hpar
ing. in the St. Paul Daily Globe, a newspaper
printed aud published at St. Paul, in said county.
ByiheCjurt. B. S. GOBMAN,
[L-S ] Judge of Probate.
Attest: Fraxk Robert, Jr., Clerk. ja3l-4w-mo
— ss. In Probate Court, special term, Jan 29
In the matter of the estate of Hedwig T. Kuglin,
On reading and filing the petition of Anna K2it
meier, of Chicago, lllia-tis, representing, among
other things, that Hedwig T. Kuglin, late of Chi
cago, Illinois, on the Ist day of January, A. D. ISsT,
at Chicago, Illinois, died intestate, and being an
iniuib t.tnt of the county of Cook, state of Illinois,
at the time of her death, leaving goods, chattels
and estate within this county, and "that the said
petitioner is the mother o£ sad deceased, and
praying that administration of said estate be to
Charles H. Lindeke, grunted:
It is ordered, that said petition be heard before
the judge of this court, on Monday, the :.'ijth day
of Kebriur.-, A. 1). ISST. at ten o'clock a. :n.. at
the Probate court, in St. Paul, in said county.
Ordered further, that notice thereoE ue g vunto
the he rs of sad deceased, and to all per.ons in
terested, by publishing a copy of this order for
three successive wenks prior to said day of hear
in?, in the St. Paul Daily Globe, a newspaper
printed and published at St. Paul, in sad county
By the Court. E. S. GOKII • ,
[l.s.] Judge of Probate.
Attest: Fuaxk Robert, Jr., Clerk. jujM-.y-oio
. Commence Retailing on ■
Tuesday, Feb. 1,
These lots will DOUBLE IN VALUE
inside ot Thirty Days, Call and secure ■
No. 101 East Fourth St.,
German-American BanK Bid's:, Ground Floor.
Our Carnival Visitors,
Be it known, that at the office of
Cochran I Walsh,
| S. W. Cor. of Fifth and Jackson Streets, I
You can find the best opportunities to make ■
a good profit. '
Property in all parts of the city
will be found there for sale, and
mortgage loans can be placed •
there which will 'net eight per
cent, to the investor.
Given under our hand and seal
this first week of the Carni
val in the second year of the
reign of His Majesty,
John W. Merriam. J. P. Moore.
Iliulllulil UufiuUiuj
Buy and sell MORTGAGES
on good unimproved prop
erty, and all investment se
Sole Agents Merriam Park and
Sr^S" other Real Estate.
9 Gilfillan Block, First Floor.
& CO.
109 East Fourth Street.
Spring will soon be here and will bring
with it a demand for good residence lote.
Those who iutend to build come and look
over our list. We have residence lots from
SI, OOO to $20,000, and can not fail to
please a reasonable person from our large
and extensive list. We have some special
bargains in Terrace Park addition, on Sum
mit. Grand and Lincoln avenues.
National Gerrcan-Amerioan Bank.
Real Estate,
No. 305 Jackson St.
All Parts of the City.
On Lake Vadnais at a Bargain.
Removed to Room 3, Maunheiiner Block,
U 37 lest Third.
Please call and look at the new Suits. All
Silver and Gold Trimmings on hand. 1-31
Iron Works !
We have removed to our new building 1 at the
westerly end of Robert street bridge.
•^Aw Chicago, St, Panl
1 Minneapolis
Chicago & Northwestern R-ys.
The best equipped Route to Chicago
. Dining cars the finest in 'the world, and luxuri
ous Smoking Room Sleeper 3 on all Regular Ex
press trains to Chicle.
Through Pullman Buffet Sleepers on Omaha An 1
Kansas City Kxpresi. .
Dcs Moiues and Kansas City express . has Pull
man sleeper Dcs Moines to Kansas C.ty.
DepartlnsTrains. | Mi^^ 01l3 l jg^L
DCs Moine.i & Kansas City! *8:40 am *8.05 am
Milwaukee & Chicago !-■ »S:IU pm 1 »8:50 p m
Sioux CS'iP. <StPipesfnT 18:10 a m tB:osa m
i Shakopee & Merriam j'n.. »7:30 am: »8:15 a m
! Omaha* Kansas City..... *6:35 p m "6:00 p a
«3reenßay&W soon3inExj -<7:30 am' 47:57 a m
Shakopee & Merriam J' a. »5:30 p m *C:2O p m
Lake Superior Express... -(8:15 a m +9:03 ait :
Stillvrater and R ver Fall* 19:30 am : ♦10:00 aa.
Hirer Falls & Ellsworth.. 14:30 p m 15:00 p m
Chicago Day Express ;."... *l:00 p m *1 :40 p m
Duluth night express | '9:00 p m •9:lopm,
£t. Paul & erre Express: »11:55 pm: »11 :20 pm
Lake Crystal and Eluiore. | . «8:40 aml >8:0 i a m
Amving Trains. Arrive I « Arrive
Arriving Trains. .Paul. Minn'apolis
Ft. Paul & Pierre Expres3 ! *3 :00 a m *2SO ■■ a m
Cnlntb n.glit express.... *6:00 am »G:4O a m
Jake Crystal and Elmora. i 1ll:S0 a m »11.00 am
Chicago Day Express | »fi:ss am '7:35 aw
Ellsworth & R ver Falls.. : t9:10 a m +P-.55 a m
Merr;am .J'n & Shakopea. | »1J:4O a m »l2:sap m
ii livaukee &Ch cago Ex * .00 p m *2:£ op m
Sioux C.,S"x F.iPipest'ne +7:ls p m 1C:45 p m
Omaha and Kansas City.. ! »n:-"!0 am ■ '11:00 a m
Lake Superior Express..! +5:40 p a 16:20 p m
■ Merriam J'n & Shakopea. i »9:35 p m *10.60p m
Green Bay A Wisconsin Ex! +7 pm +8:00 m
River Falls & Hudson , +5:40 pm; 16:20 p m
Kansas Citj& Des Moinea l »7:13 ') m '6 15 m
'Daily. +Excoi.t sundu Eight trains to
water *ExceptJ>londaj-.
t^fT cko.U. sleep car uccoaimodat-ons aai
sll:nformation can be securei at •
No. IS NicoLet Hou<e Block. M nneapolis,
- :.-."•. . W. B. WHEELER, T cket A.?9nt.
■ H.lj. MARTIN. Agent, M nneapolis Daoot.
No. 159 East Third street opposite ileroliauti
Hotel, St. PauL
■ - CHAS. H. PETSCH. City Ticket Agent.
BROWN Si KNiiltKL. Agents. St. Paul Uoioa
iMIIWAUKFFI! PulllDan Sleepers,
I IUILKAUnLE, i with smoking rooms
IL Atfa m ,if I * nd the finest dining
* S^L $TPAUt* If tars in the world,
• 1 ft Ere rUn on Main Lino
/ drains to and 1 from
Chicago and Mil
' waukec.
Departing Trains. ' I-eavi I Leava
_ i _^ Minneap'ls St. Patu.
Lli Crosse, Dubuqua and St. — — —
Louis Express.... w _u. D6!°» »B CO.m
; Frame dv Ck.e Q . MiWa- B6:°* m B :0 am
kee ani Ch eago Expraaj n o.« a . m 0 s {! „ m
; Calmar and DavSnpor : Ex. » B^4o a m n V\
i Ortonv.lle 4 Far^o Ex. ... « qln? I™ 5 3 :4 ,- a m
I Milwaukee 4 Chicago Ex 90aam B **•> a m
Kanbault-Owa. Al * » » A 1:« pa,
tonna, Austin and Masoa
L ft C CrosVa PassonVeVV; b J-Md ra *1™ ? m
Aberdeen a,d M^cheUEr a : JS A a) SS
J-a Crosse and Dubuquj x
M J !raS r Tnd---ChiVai3 / D **» -»*>»»
-_*•"" ..... AS :03 pmA S-.iOom
Arriving Trains. ' ArfTe j Arr ye
-— — -: — St. Paul. M nneap a.
Chicago & Milwaukee Ex- 7 "I
Dubuque' O nd"La v Cros S e A 7:05 am |' A 7A * a m
Fast Express O 7-0 i amr-.j- <> ~.
tonna. Fir.baiilt and
asFsiiii__r!t_ * sS ' s » « J »
_ Crosse tixf-w-i.-;;. ...... B 9^3 D m \ B 9 51p m
Mo A nda ea^^ i«SR «unlay. C exoep:
Add tona! trains between St. Paul and Mnna
«l.ol s v;a "Short L.ne" leara both oltlw hoar"/-
X? a pi e^ ar n S K 99 timetablll '"
M.fAL'Li — Chas. lnompion. CitrTioket A-»^!if
isSffn!ff_Sf Browa * inebal « ri «»«
MINNEAPOLI*-w. a Chandlar. Cit7 Tis'siS
Agent, ;\o. 7. NicoUet iiou»at A. B. ChaaibarUio,
ticket Agent, Deaot
New "Overland Rou^e." i
- To - : r;. -::w- i
Portland, Or., and the Pacific Northwest
The "Pfonevr J,lne\'; l>et\veeu <>.
Paul, Minneapolis. Moorhead an
Karp, and tlie OXXiY JLiue runniu
i) inns Cars t.n.t -I'tul.iirtU Biettiei..
neiween XJaoso X'oints.
DIPABTI.VS TEAIN,. 1 Leave , „ ■ Leave . •
MPAETOB TEATS,. | St. Paul. Mlnae . |polt ,
I'arif c '..\r-rjss for Fargo,
■Te.inestown, SI nnewau
kan an Portland (Dally) 4:00 pra <:S3p m
Fargo Jix. (Dally except 8:15 a m 8:45 1 in
Dakota Ex. (Ua y) 8:00pm 6:35 p m
l)iningCir.i,i'Uil.n;in day cji;il3)
second-class coaches, and emigrant sleeping cm
Between St. Paul, Minneapolis, FarTro, Dai:., axJ
all points Montana and Was llngxon territories.
Emigrants are carried out of St. Paul and Mlaao
apolU on Pacific Express, leaving dally at 4 p. m.
Arrive Arrive
AKRavrN-QTBAIJTS. _ i >.inn'potU _St. Paul.
Atlantic .• xpress i Dally) I 11:50 am 12:25 p ;.■
St. Paul & Mm. fast Ex. (Dy)j »7;15 a m »7:50 aa;
tl.PaiU &M. 'iec.(dyexSuit_ 6:10pm: C:4spni
•I o ; - not run west of Farra on Sundays.
Through Pullman Sleepers da ly between St.
Paul an- 'Wahpeton, Dak., on Dakota express.
Ciij office, St. Paul. 163 Kas; Third ■ ■> ■ .
Citjolfice, Minneapolis. No. ' , \ r '.coHet Irn j.
CHAS. % •• J .
»' '-•-••-■"■■ General Passeaxar and Ticket \.siat
The Palace Sleeping and Parlor Car Route to
■ Chicago. _^
Leave Leava
Minneapolis. St. PauL
Chicago & Milwaukee
Day Express a 12- 0 p. m. a 12:i5p.ai.
Prentice X Ashland Ex-
M'l'-s . . a 7:35 p in. a S:lsp. m.
Chicago Night Express a T -.:;.') p. m. 'a S:is p. in.
Arrive ' Arr re
; Minneapolis. St. PauL
Chicago Fast Express.. a 7:50 a.m. it 7JO a. m.
Prentice & Ashland Ex-] •<
press a 7:50 a., m. .'. a i":l3u. m.
Ch.cago Express a 4 p. m. a 3:40 p. m.
aPaMy. h S!v»>-t -uo'ji
Through Car Service— All trains ■ carry ele
gant day coaches, superb sleepers and luxur ops
dining cars without change between Minneapolis,
St. Paul and Chicago. For tickets, rates, berths
in sleepers and ail detailed information, apply t j
the city offices; Minneapolis. No. 19 Nicollet Home
Block, corner of Nicollet and Wash ngton avenues;
F. H. Anson, Northwestern Passenger Agent. I St
Paul— 173 East Third street Merchants Hotel
j Block; C. E. Uobb. City Ticket Agent. . . i
3! en. General Manager. James Barker, Gen
eral Passenger and Ticket Agent. Ml waukea.
,Ly.St. PaulLv. Minpls
Chicago & St.LouJs Express *7:-5 a m *8:10 am
Dcs Mo nes Express. •7:% am »8:10atn
Ch "Fast" Express... dG:3J p in" d7:lspm
St. Louis F<st Express IG:Sipm •♦7:lspm !
DeaMoinea Passenger *C:S3pm *7:15p m
Excels ori Watertown.... »B:lsam '8:65 am
Excels. crand Morton. *s:lsuui *5:45 p m
Albert .Lea (Local) t »3:lspm »3:..0p m
Additional short Line trains leave St. Paul at
•7:1. dB:is, *9:15, slO:15, a. in., d 4:15. '.'C: sp. m.:
lea^e Minneapolis at »6:15 s7:is, d 7 5. *S:ia,
att:.s ♦l: ' v uj.,<l"- d ' "6: '• - T Z' ■ m
• Ex. Sunday. + Ex. Saturday, ' d Daily, s
SuDda.y» * ■
l TicketOoices— Minneapolis. No. 3 Washington
avenue) under N^eollet house), and depot cor
ner Third street and Fourth arenas north; St.
Paul. 199 East Th rd street (corner Sibley), and
depot, Broadway, foot of Four h street
* S. b\ BOTD.
General Ticket and Passenger Agent
Gradini James Street.
Office of the Board of Public Works, ?
City of St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 25, ISB7. \
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and tor the corporation of
the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office
in said city, at 12 m. on the 7th day of Febru
ary, A. D. 1887, for the {Trading of James
street, from Victoria street to Western I
Avenue, in said city, according to plans and !
specifications on file in the office of said
Board. J
•A bond with at least two (2) . sureties in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per, cent, of the
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the rifrht to reject
any and all . bids. ■ . ■ ' ...
Official: ,\ - • ' .
JR. L. Gormax, Clerk Board of Public Works.
■' 2*— 37« ' ' • \ ■ -. \
"•The - Burlington Itou&e
From the JJbi^htffeB&";
Arriving Trains. st a p t aul . MINNE A A T POLIS .
— __! ,
QHICAGO - -©7 06 A.M. 742 A.M.
(^(iiCllGO, pEOHIUND $1 [Mil OIPBESS © 200 P.M. 240 P.M.
St. Coins Express - f 625 p.m. 705 p.m.
Depart.ng Trains, j^^^j^
St. Couis Express - f 915 a.m. 835 a.m.
QHICAGO £xpress - © 150 p.m. 110 P.M.
Chicago, ptoem and Si [m Qpbess © | s4O p.m. sOO p.m.
~— ~—~ ■ _______ — _ — ».. «~» .»
© Dally. f Except Sunday.
(2nnections made in Uni On depots
Business Renters
Peerless Dining Cars
and pullman's sleepers
' on all through trains between
L^C li-''6'e}^1 i -''6'e}^ : B«iri>i£»y^»rD wing IVi^, ,«•* f\ 11 f\ -
A _^^LW|SSC^ '"JY/?^ £h/jnectio/?sr--wM
Spirit Lai a M^r^rr^^^^i* O \*, V to, I \ ] lif I
FORT DOD6£^st orv AbbottM^i^'^sonsXi ie3l ««Jh.V^ Av\r\^ \ \iWll
/^& Green Toil v^^Keokuk. \ . Ji~o/on T
CMcaio, St Louis and Kansas City.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers and Through Coaches on All Trains
REMEMBER: In Purcliasino; Your Tickets, that All Trains of the
Arrive in and Depart from Union Depots in St. Paul, Minneapolis^
St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Peoria and Indianapolis.
——————— " ~~~ I Lv. Mj-ls. |Lv. bt. Paul At. Mpls. Ar.at. Paul."
Chicago and St. Louis Express j +7:30 ara +8:15 a m *B:3oam *7-55 a m
Kansas City Express ....:. [ +7:3oam iB:lsam *8:30 a m *7:56 am
Peoria, Indianapolis and Columbus +7:3oain +8:15 am *B:Soam *7*55 a m
Chicago Fast Express tC;3opm i":ospm +8:3-pm +7;sopm
St. Louis Fust Express j •WOpia *7:ospm +8:30 p m +7-50pm
Kansas City fast Express , *(j:3opin *7:ospm +B:3opm +7:sopm
Peoria, Indianapol s and Columbus ! iU:3opm »7:ospm +8:30 p m +7-£opni
Itocliester, Chatiield and Plainview j +3:80 pm +4:00 pm +11:55 am +11-20 am
j Faribanlt, Cannon galls and Ited Wing. '. I +3:30 p m +J:oopm +11:55 am +11:20 a m
+IJaily except Sunday. 'Daiv except Monday. tExcept Saturday/ "Daily
No. 193 Third Street, ST. PAUL. No. 231 Hennepin Aye.. MIKNEAPOLI3.
J. A. HANLEY, Traffic Manager, St. Paul. f
f'AuuuAA'U GKANi) FOKKS buOKT Li^E. WX'.
Through trains to prlncip al points in Central and Northern Dakota, - Northern Minnesota ■>—
cba ana British Columbia. _.„„ TABLE> „ 'a * :
Lfeave. Leave Mm- Arrive at Arrive t % -
-.' ■- — | St. Paul _neapol s fet. Paul M.nnneap
Wilmar. Morris. Brown's Valley, Wahpeton : a 7:30 a m aS -.(JilTm a7:o6"pTm ~a(s-25Tni
St. Cloud, PaynesviUe, Hinckley, Fergus Falls, ?iloor- | . ! "■»i""|«»i"«
head. Fargo aB:2oam a 8:55 a m aC:IS p m aa:4o p «
! Osseo, Monticello, Clearwater, St. Cloud a2:3opai a£-.05p m al2:0) m ;«. 11 :'j:j a *
I Anoka, Elk River, Clear Lake, St. Cloud -■ ao:3op m ulX'dpm alO:si aai alo:2J* «a
' Elk River, Princeton, Milaca kriiGj p m al:uoyia ali;:ss a m alu:2J a m
, Excelsior, Lester Prairie. Uutchinson... -• ; a3::io p m ,:at:oOp m'al2:ssp n»al2:2op m
i Wiilmar, Morris, Lidgerwood, Rutland, Aberdeen.... : 7:SOp m . i:osp m ' 1:30 a m 6:55 am
I Wahpeton. Casselton, Hope, larrimore D.'vil's Lake,[ , • ..-...;. '. r. ' .
■ Minot. ... ....... .j. b7 :30 pm bS:OS pmi , c7:£o am ! cC:SS » ax"
! Crookston, St. Vincent, nnipeg. Calgary, Victoria.. 8:30 pm ' S>:10 p m 7:00 a m C-25 a m
I Fergu- Falls. Fargo, Grand Forks, N'eclie, Devil's ' ' :j • '-■ : ,
L. ..; U no- .-..;'.■ .... .. ' dS:3O pm; d9:lop m . e7:00 a m e6:25 a m
All trains daily except as follows-, a Except Sunday; b Saturdays," as far~as Wahpeton only"
I Mot.v .> i •.. jjj.e; ayi . a tttnrda *• as t •;.•..• Grand Forks and- Neche only; c Monda
I frojn ' V T - yev c -'--■ ' '■■-►cn I v. • ' ' - • . •. . • - „ . : ..,•'..
i TICKET OFFICES— ST. PAtJI* corner Third and Jack3oastra3tj;UaloadJ9Jt. ;
; •■^.■r-.--v.f ;•;:•_' : . ■ MINNEAPOLIS, la JSicouei ii«u»e>loc^; .umoa -depot. Bridge sqtW3
Jvae ONLY LlN e
* Running- Dining- Cars
Twin St. boms
Ticket Offices,
JN3. R hutson, agent.'
[ W. J. C. Kenyon, Gen. Pass. Agt., St. Paul.

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