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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, July 31, 1887, Image 20

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* C ~H *k *i £E W
s 3 P ° < H <
§ * s § I < * <
dumber *| . £ g 5 « c g
of 818 ~ " £■ B c
Words. 5 g a B § S §
? r. £ ~ '• °
'. . £ . • • P8
: I : I • 1 : : : :
15 or less 3. 15 f .27 $.30 5. 51 *.03«.75 5.87
15 or less 5.15 S-27 5.39 $.51 5.03 5.75 S.S7
10 words .10 .28 .40 .52 .04 .70 .SS
37 words .171 .30 .43! .50 .09 .68 .05
IS words .18 .32 .46 .60 .741 .881.01
30 words .10 .34 .4!» .04: .79 .94 1.08
20 words .20 .35 .50; .05 .80 .054.10
21 words .21 .37 .53 .69 1.(ii1,17
22 words .22 .30 .50 .73 .001.07,1.24
23 words .23 .41 .50 .77 .95,1.13:1.31
24 words! .21 .42 .0» .78 .901.141.32
25 words' .25 .44 .63 .82 1.01|1.20 1.39
20 words! .40 .00 561.06j1.26 1.46
27 words •5" .48 .69 .90 1 .1 1 1 .32 1.53
2s words! .28 .40 .70 .011.12 1 .33 1.54
29 words .29 .51 .73 .95 1.17 1.39 1.0.'
SO words' .30 153 .76 .99 1.22 1.454. C0
31 words 31 .551 .79 1.27 1 1.75
32 words' .32 .50 .so 1 .04 1.28 1 .52 .70
33 words' .33 .58] .831. 0S 1.331. 55j1. 50
34 words' .34 .00 .80 1.12 1 3- .1 .03 1 90
: 5 words' .35 .02 >9 1.10 43 1.70 .97
30 words .30 .03 .90 .17,1.44 1. 71 1.98
37 wen's .37 .65 .93 1.2111.49 ,1.7712.(6
38 words .38 .07] .901.251.541.832.12
39 words .<'.> .09! .99,1.29,1.5911.892.19
40 words 401 .70 1.00 1.30,1.60 1 .'.»O 220
41 words .41 .721.03 1.344.05 1 .902.27
42 words .42 .744.004. 384. 70 2.0212. 30
43 words .1,; .701.091.424-752.08 2.41
44 words .44! .771. 101.43 1.:02.09242
45 words .45 .791.131.471.812.15:2.49
40 words .40; .SI 1.10 1.51 2.50
47 words 471 .83.1.19 .55 1.91 2.2. 2.03
48 words .48! .'4 1.20 .56 1.922.28 2.04
49 word: 49 1.23 1. 00 1.97,2.342.71
60 word; si .88.1.26 1 .04 1 .02 2.40 2.78
< . ii,M.iii!il words count two words, and
every abbreviation counts the same as a full
In every case the money inns •
ceconip ny the o der.
ATTOKNKV— Young, for assistant mana
ii. ger in a mortw.se loan office; state .-me.
Address H 8, Globed 211 214
A MAN to work in light lumber. Call at
A MAN to work in light lumber. Call at
corner Kittson and Fourth. Mr. Zahn. (>
« GENTS : Agents : Agents— Now or never
J\. is the time to get a start in life ; the Nov
elty Fabric Implement useful in every fam
ily"; children cry for it: mothers sigh for it. as
the most useful* article invented in the nine
teenth century; don't deep until you have
seen it; small capital required; quick sales,
large profits to agents: send for descriptive
circulars. The* Novelty Fabric Implement
company. Union block. St. Paul, Minn. 212
AGENT wanted to work on salary; no
AGKNT wanted to work on salary: no
samples to cany. Call Monday morn
ing lioom v. 27 East* Seventh st. 212 213
A GENTS— Wh) can earn $15 per week or
-ii. more, to call or address Empyreal Pub-
lishing House. None other need apply, lief- _
erence required. 212 "
AGENTS— Wanted, gentlemen or ladies to
handle our goods. We guarantee you
the choicest articles and largest pay in the
state no trouble to sell Call on or address
The Victor Company, Union block, corner
Fourth and. Cedar sts.. St. Paul. 210-212
AGENTS wanted to represent "The North
American Accident Association in every
city and town in Minnesota. Apply person
ally or by letter. John W. Sifton, general
agent Union block, corner Fourth and Cedar |
sts.. St. Paul. 210-215
ATTENTION— A young, hard and well-
ATTKNTiON— A young, hard and well-
working man would like position as
coachman, night watchman or assistant
bookkeeper. Address (J 14. Globe. 1
MK.CI- Foil lo CENTS— Ham and
eggs, with potatoes, 10 cents: beef
steak, with potatoes, 5 cents; coffee, with
bread and butter, 5 cents: oat meal and
milk, 5 cents. New York restaurant. 442
Jackson st 209-215
BI.ACKs"mItH — Carriage blacksmith!
also woodworker. Address Tom Scott.
also woodworker. Address Tom Scott
Globe. 1
"OLACKSMITH— Itoom 87, Court block.
BA KB Kit for Saturday at 402 East Sev
enth st * 7
AKKEK— for Saturday, at 435 St.
Peter st. 7
BOY Good -and smart from twelve to fif-
teen years old.ran get good -paying posi-
tion by calling at 87 East Fourth before 10
a. m. " 7
BOY — Wanted, good boy to learn jewelry
trade. F. A. Deticl. seven corners. ■•}.
BOY— Smart boy to open up and tend bar.
BOY— smart boy to open up aud lend bar.
Window house bar. 1
BOY— Good, strong boy to herd cows and
milk. Enrek dairy, West St. Paul. 1
BOY— Wanted at once, good boy from 12 to
15 years old. at Culverwells' 404 Wa
basha st. 7
COACHMAN German preferred: refer-
ences required. Apply, St. Paid Rubber
company. 103 East Third st. 1
CLEKK.— Experienced grocery delivery
clerk. Address Globe, B 50. 1
Cl'i't'KK— good cutter for sash
and door factory at corner of Sixth and
Cedar. A. 1). Smith & Co. 1
CANVASSERS — Experienced canvassers.
male or female: 815 per week guaran-
teed. Inquire Boom 1, 371 Jackson st
211-217 . '
AKI'KN'TKK— to build carriage
house and take pay in furniture. Ad
dress, LO, Globe. 212
CAKI'ENTEK— A good carpenter wanted
Cakl'KN'tkk — A good carpenter wanted
this morning at Magee & Kobertson's.
441 Sibley st. 5
CAKI'ENTEKS corner of St. Anthony ay.
> and Jay st. 1
CAItI'ENTEIts and laborers wanted. Call
at 188 East Seventh before 8 :30 Friday
morning. 11. Taylor, contractor. 0
CANYASSEK Gentleman of good address
to canvass in the city of St. Paul : a big
thing for the right man. Address William
Rawston, Globe. 208-214
EMPLOYMENT— gentleman or
lady who is willing to work. Call at 03
East Third st., Room 3. 0
MI'LOYMENT— Wanted, a young man
of about twenty to sleep in store and do
general work. Address N 20, Globe.
I^l YE TEAMS Monday: wages SI- Jessa
mine fit, corner Mississippi. 212 21.'!
I" >OK\YAKI)KK ANO Xl I.Kit- A man in
a bindery who is a good forwarder and
ruler; references required. The 1). Sinclair
Publishing company, Winona, Minn.
210 212
collar cutter : also stutters : steady work.
J. 11. Sickles Saddlery company, St. Louis.
Mo. 212
HARNESS .MAKER— One who lias
worked one or two years at the trade.
W. G. McMaunis, Pelican Bapids, Minn.
MAN— A young man with experience in
wholesale or retail grocery business.
Address, giving experience, age "and refer
ences. C 10, Globe. ' 212-213
TVYGItT CLERK— At the Winslow house.
J. 1 with good references. 7
PAINTERS— To call on Sunday morning,
PAINTKIts— painters and one" calciminer
early, three painters and one calcimine.
at 54 Fairfield ay.. West St. Paul. 1
it ESS FEEOERS— Two cylinder and
two Gordon press feeders. Monday,
at Brown, Treacy ft C 0.'5.142 East Third st.l
PORTER and second cook at International
hotel. 0
STEAM titters and helpers wanted. Apply
al 317 Minnesota at i
STKIPI'KKS— Two: one for wrappers;
. buys or girls: good wages paid. Kenfeld
& sclilichtiug. 376 Robert st 7
rpjtjA si st ER— Jessamine, corner Missis-
J. sippi: wages $-2. 1
rpEAMSTER— A good teamster wanted at
'PEA mstk X— a good teamster wanted at j
A 394 La Fond st. I j
rpKAMSTKK— 39I La Fond st
rpiSAMSTKR— 394 La Fond st
1 _5 I
STENOGRAPHERS— Register for j
positions with Anna C. Drew, Hale Block, i
St Paul. 208*
rJTEAMSTKK Wanted— competent team-
X stcr at 082 Olive st. 1
TKAMSTKKs— Five teamsters to work in
TEAMSTERS— Five teamsters to work m
city: good wages paid. Apply at the
V.'averly house, Minnesota st, Stuiqay morn-
llg^ ; __7
FjmcK-FOINTEK— Wanted a good tuefc
rj^iTCK-l'OlNTKK—Wanted a goodluck- j
J. pointer: steady work the rest of the j
Stunner. Call at the Exchange building, \
South St. Paul. __^ 6 ]
TjITASTKD- -Five cooks for hotel ami j
\V boarding house: 20 chamber and din- j
nil groom girls and laundry girls for the
lakes; families wanting nurse girls or second
girl- apply at Ladies' Intelligence otliee. 27 ;
East Seventh st, Mrs. Davenport 212
"IT /'ANTED Ten good sand stone cutlers.
t> I'hner.t Smith, upper levee. 212-211
TY^ANTKO — Young man sixteen 1;•
lUAXTKD— Voung man sixteen 10
V* twenty years old to work in assorting
room En laundry; (on Monday. 1 24 West
Third st : -' . . __1_
WANTKO— Monday morning at "o'clock,
two or three lively nun to handle
brick. Corner Third and Broadway. 1
WANTED— Young men nnd ladies to
learn telegraphy, shorthand and
lypevritinc; chance to cover expenses while
Icnrniiig: day mid evening classes; terms
reasonable: Mind for circulars. F. A. Moron.
roimnger Globe Telegraph company, 330
Jat^tou it., Sb Paul, Minn. - 33s>* •
Male— Continued,
ANTED— Experienced Scotch farmer
VV; to superintend a large farm 25 miles
from St. Paul; references required. Address
or call upon John K. Glover & Co., St PauL
YOUNG MAN of good address, with small
capital, can '• ear of desirable occupa
tion. Address P., 8, Globe. 1
Q1 RTO $200 to loan on furniture, mv
<?li/ sical instruments, vehicles or live
stock: cash advanced on goods in storage.
St. Paul Loan Co., No. 22 West Sixth St.,
Panorama building. 185*
•YA MEN for Fort Buford. Mont : $2 per
£**J day; free fare; fifty men for Duluth
short line": £1.75 and $2 per day; twenty-five
men for surfacing truck near Fergus Falls;
company work: §1.75 per day; twenty men
for Galena, 111., near Dubuque, lo. ; 51.75
l>er day: fifty men for Wisconsin and Michi
gan; 51.75 per day: forty men for city: four
months' work; (1.75 per day; four men for
St. Paul & Duluth Railroad company: £2 per
day: ten men for farm: Sl-50 per day and
board; free fare for all; office open to-day.
( lapp & Co., 320 Wacouta st 212
'J i \ farm hands for the Bed river valley;
•J f\ farm hands for the Red river valley;
*J\J 51.50 per day and board: steady work
all fall: 100 men for the "Soo" road in Wis
consin and Michigan; §2 per day; station
work, 10 to 20 cents per yard; free fare; 50
men for company work on the Manitoba
road near Dakota: 51. 75 per day: board,
53.50 per week: free fare; 50 men for
Galena, 111. free fare. John Swainson &
Co., corner Seventh and Sibley sts. 212
ARTIST— Wanted, a lady artist for crayon
or water color work"; good opening.
Address X 30. lobe. 1
COLLECTOR— Lady collector at Room 50,
Court block. 24 East Fourth st. 1
COOK — Good cook : no washing or second
work. Inquire 88 East Fifth st. 212
COOK— Wanted. experienced cook, Call
at 888 Summit ay. 1
COOK— Wanted immediately, a first-class
woman cook: good wages to right
party. The Park Place, 75 aud" 77 Summit
ay. * 1
605 East Seventh st, corner of Maria
a v. 1
DINING room girl wanted and two dish-
washers at St Paul Exchange restaur-
ant, 355 Jackson st. 212-213
DINING ROOM girls at the Windsor
hotel. 0
DINING-ROOM GlKL— Wanted, a good
dining-room girl at 51 West Fourth st.
Call to-day. 0
FKMALE help wanted Pants and overall
makers on steam power machines;
steady work to experienced hands. Powers
Dry* Goods company. Fourth st. 1
GIKL— Wanted, young gill to help care
for two children. Mrs. Johnson, 159
Arundel st. 7
GIKL — Good girl for general housework;
small family. 299 Sherman st. 1
GIRL— a girl about 14 years of
age. Apply at 45 West Third st
GIKL to assist in kitchen: best wages to
GIKL to assist in kitchen: best wages to
good girl. 9 West Ninth st. 1
I RL— Competent girl fot general house-
l" work; good pa v. Mrs. W. (J. White,
297 Dayton ay. 212-213
GIKL — For general housework for Wheat-
GIKL — For general housework for Wheat-
land, Dak. : small fariilv. Inquire Gil
bert A: Co., 88 East Fifth st " 212
Gl Respectable girl as cook, washer
and irouer; good wages. 53 Summit
ay. 1
GIRL for general housework; small family.
454 Aurora ay. "l
GIRL, fourteen to sixteen years, to care tor
baby. Apply at 22 College ay., basement
door. 7
GIRL At once, a competent girl lor
I" housework : good pay. 5 05 Robert st. 0
GIRL— Strong girl to wash dishes and
T scrub. Pfeifer's Hall restaurant, 442
Wabasha st 0
GIRL — Good girl for general housework:
small family. 265 Jglehart st 0
GIRLS— girls. St. Dennis Hotel.
' 420 Minnesota st. 0
GIRLS — At once, leu girls for hand sew-
ing to finish parts. Guilerman Bros..
375 and 377 Sibley st 0
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, girl for general
housework : must be a first-class cook
and well recommended; highest wages paid.
555 Summit ay. - " . - 212-213
OUSEWOKK— Competent girl for gen-
eral housework; family of two persons;
good wages to right person. Apply -170
Iglehart st 212-214
OUSEWOKK— GirI for general house-
OUSEWOKK— GirI for general house-
work in a private family: German or
Swede preferred. Apply at 219 Spruce st,
corner Sibley. " 1
OISKWOKK— for general house?
work in family of four. Apply at 253
Dayton ay. 1
HOUSEWORK — Experienced girl wanted
for general housework in family of
three; highest wages paid to thoroughly
competent girl. Apply at once at 299 itice
st, corner of Iglehart. 1
OUSEKEKPKK— Wanted, to do general
housework, at 75 Isabel st ■ • 1
OUSEWOKIv— girl for general
housework. 3SG Exchange st 1
OL'SKWOKK— anted, girl for general
housework: family of four; good
wages to the right party; call to-day after
2 o'clock. 597 Lafayette ay. —-„': 1
OUSKWORK— GirI for general house-
OL'SKWOKK— GirI for general house-
work. 311 Pearl st. 7
OUSEWOKK— Competent girl for gen-
eral housework at 431 Portland ay. 7
H OI'SEWORK— Young girl wanted for
light housework. Apply Ward, Room
83, Union block. Fourth and Cedar. 7
OI'SEWORK— lor general house-
work, German or Swede prefered. In
quire 219 Spruce 6
HOUSEWORK— Young girl to assist with
general housework; no washing. 217
Pearl st 0
OUSKWORK— wanted for general
housework; good wages. Mrs. Moss,
214 Pearl st 7
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a first class girl
for general housework, except wash
ing; wages SI O per month. Inquire at 500
Marshall ay. ' 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a woman or
girl to do general housework and plain
cooking for a small family. Apply at once
at 255 Ramsey st. 0
HOUSEWORK— A girl for general house-
OUSKWORK— A girl for general house"
work. Call 579 Holly ay. 6
OUSKWORK— A competent girl to cook
and do general housework at White
Bear for the summer; family of three;
Scandinavian preferred. Apply J. B. Peals.
29 Gilfiiian block. " 210-212
JT'ITCHKN and dining room girls at Hotel
-IV Window, Seven colliers. 1
"XT URSK GIRL at No. 20 East Sixth st.
-Ml l
TVj't-'RSK — Wonted, a nurse girl about fif
1* teen years old at 20 North Forties st. 7
"IV URSK GIRL at 083 St. Peter st. 7
NURSE GIKL — Competent nurse girl
wanted. Inquire Monday at 171 East
Fourth st 1
"VJ"I RSKs — Students tor nursing; diploma
"jV"LRSES — students tor nursing; diploma
IN and free outfit of nurse's appliances
and good salary guaranteed: opportunity to
clear expenses while training: classes com
mence training Monday next. Apply Nurses'
Training school, 4<>4 Nicollet a\ .. Minne
apolis, Prof. Lonsdale. 210-212
POLISHER— One good polisher wanted at
Pacific laundry, and one head laundress :
none but experienced help wanted: good
wages to the right ones. 10s Forbes st . 1
S~ EWING— Young lady would like plain
sewing; can cut and fit. C 01 1574 Ter
n st. 1
SEWING GIRL wanted: call immedia
tely: one that understands dressmak
ing. Lizzie Bruggn man. -10 West Fourth st.
211-212 :
SECOND WORK— second girl to
wait on table etc. 108 Pleasant at. 212
SKA MSTK Ess ES— wo good seamstresses
wanted to do sewing by the day. Call
1 93 Martin st. 211-212
SECOND I Wanted, second girl at
John Maiheis". corner Clarke and Luke
ays., White Pear lake: apply immediately. 7
KCONO-GIRL— Good one. who can wait I
On table. I K l.— Good one, who can wait j
on table. 270 Pleasant ay. 207-213
TCCK-POI VTKKS— Two, good; steady |
work the rest of the summer. Call at the >
Exchange building. South St. Paid. -.".-' 7 j
WOMAN to lake family washing home;
also one to do ironing. Inquire at dress- i
makir; rnowi« >'•• i_i_ •■'•■" '''lii:"' _A._ _ .'7 1
WOMAN — Middle-aged woman to do gen- |
w* oral housework upon a farm. Call at j
323 Summit ay. 208-214
"llfOMAS— Wanted, a guud. reliable j
"ll 7" OMAN— Wanted, a good, reliable j
»* woman to take care of baby eight !
mouths old. Answer to I*. ''. general delivery !
at ewe. Mrs. M. .1. Weaver. ' 207-211' j
\VA.vri:i> to Ktarr.
C^OTTAUK— Saudi cottage or three 'unfur- j
, .'' nished rooms wauled. Address f; 20,
Globe. 212-214
00 .-is Wanted— Three unfurnished
OOMS Wanted— Three unfurnished
rooms by gentleman and wife in pleas
ant locution." Address Room 55, Sherman
house. - 212
ROOM— Pleasant, airy room, and board if
central, by young lady; reference given
and required without terms none need ap
ply. Address A 22, Globe. . 5
ATTORNEY", aged twenty-five, wants situ-
ation; good penman ; Spencerian. 72,
73 Loon and Trust building, Minneapolis.
209-212 -■
BY young man of good address to arrange
with some law firm with a view to ac
quiring the profession. Address, C 27, Globe.
BUTCHER— By a young man to work at
at the butcher's trade: can give good
references. Address X 18. Globe. 1
BOOKKEEPER— An experienced book-
keeper has two or three hours to spare
evenings. Address PI. Globe. 212-215
BOOKKEEPER— Graduate of commer
cial college, with several years practical
experience, will accept any "office work at
moderate wages; speaks and writes Scandi
navian and English. Address S 24, Globe. 1
BOOKKEEPER— an "F. &A. M." as
bookkeeper, office man or salesman;
extensive experience; first-class references.
I). J., International hoteL 7
BOOKKEEPER— Permanent employment
in city; $60 or more; best city refer
ences as to efficiency, conduct and trust
worthiness. Address M. 1
BOOKKEEPER— Position wanted M
bookkeeper, bookkeeper's assistant or
office man by a thorough, competent man,
who will give references. Address A 14,
Globe. 1
BOOKKEEPER— position as book-
keeper by a thoroughly competent man
of several years' experience; age thirty
years : of good appearance and address. Ad
dress J 9, Globe. 211-212
BUGGY WASHER, just from Chicago.
Address X. 1, Globe. 0
CUTTER— Wanted, situation as cutter in a
merchant " tailor establishment : best of
references given. Address J F, 88 Fillmore
ay., St Paul. 1
COACHMAN— Situation wanted by a
young man as coachman in a private
family; has good city references. Address
11 30", Globe. 0
CLEKK— Young man would like a position
as clerk of any kind ; first-class refer
ences. Address F 28, Globe.
CLERK— Situation wanted as clerk in of-
fice or in insurance agency; five years'
experience: best references, Z, 202 West
Seventh st. 7
— Situation wanted by a young
man as clerk in a grocery- store good
references if wanted. Address K. X., Globe.l
CI.XXX— Situation wanted in live country
town as retail cierk: has had ten years'
experience; moral, * energetic and strictly
temperate. Address H. 11. Mills, Fairmount
Dak. 212-218
Ci I. XXX— Wanted, situation by a Scotch-
' man as clerk in a plumbcr's'.brassfound
er's or plumber's supply store; has over
twenty years' experience managing such
business. Address A 12, Globe. 210-212
COLLECTOR, janitor or similar kind of
work, by a man who can furnish best of
references. Address X 20, Globe. 0
COOK — first class meat cook would like
a situation as second cook in the city.
Apply at 582 Kobert st, upstairs. 0
MPLOYMKNT— Wanted, a situation as
MPLOYMENT— Wanted, a situation as
bartender; thirty years experience; best
of references; can speak German. Address
G 8. Globe. 1
EMPLOYMENT— Situation by a graduate
of commercial college and of good
habits, also good penman: can give good
references. Address CD. Globe. 1
MPLOYM KN r— Situation wanted, in
MPLOYM KN r— Situation wanted, iii
any capacity, by man over forty; edu
cated and well fitted for any oflice work: can
invest §1,000 in a paying business requiring
his entire services. Address, B 19, Globe.
212-217 .
EMPLOYMENT— A registered pharma-
cist desires situation as such; best of
city references. Address A 1, Globe. 212-218
M V M KNT— Boy eighteen desires
Steady position in city or country where
confidence, neatness and other qualities ore
appreciated; best references furnished. Ad
dress for further details, E. S. Wihnot. Globe.
.MPLOYMKNT— By a young man of anii-
ity and integrity; can give good city
references if desired. E. E., Globe. 7
MPLOYMKNT— A boy about nine years
old wants a place where he can-make
himself -useful for board with prospects of- a
steady home ; farm prefered. Address BO Y.
Globe. - t>
MPLOYMENT— "Wanted, situation by a
MPLOYMKNT— 'Waiited, situation by a
young Eastern man in some manufact
uring, mining or lumber enterprise: back in
the country preferred; would like to see and
talk with you. Address 1' A. Globe.- 200-212
OTEI. COOK— Situation wanted by a
hotel cook for meat and pastry; twelve
years' practice ; best ol references. Address
G 22. Globe. 212-218
HOSTLER — My a young man in private
HOSTLER understands man of private
family; understands care of horses.
Address II 35, Globe. 0
PENMAN wants a situation as assistant
PENMAN wants a situation as assistant
bookkeeper, having a knowledge of
same, and have had some experience in of
fice. Can give good city references if de
sired. Address E. E., Glol»e, (5
HARM AGIST, with .Minnesota certili-
cate, wants position; long experience:
good references. Address, L 7. Globe. 212 j
POSITION of any kind by a respectable,
honest man who is not afraid of work.
Address P 22, Globe. • 0
mTCATION by a practical watchmaker
*J and jeweler. Can do every description
of work. Address D 10. Globe. 1
Sf KNOGKAPHEK! Two first-class yu-
TENOGRAPHEHS— Two first-class gen-
tleman stenographers for good positions
in St. Paul: one gentleman who would like
to study law; one lady stenographer forDu
luth at once. Anna C. Drew, Hale b10ck.212
SHOEMAKER' wants work: new work
preferred. Address F 10, Globe. 7
(11V1L knginkkk of experience desires
Civil ENGINEER of experience desires i
a position in charge of location or in
office; best of references in profession if de- ;
sired. Address N 1, Globe. 7 !
ORKKK— Good worker, aged thirty-
five years, wants steady employment
in some wholesale store. Address N.Gec-r
--gen. 524 Edmund st. 1
OOKKEEPEK— situation wanted by
young lady as assistant bookkeeper.
Address Postollice Box 375, Stillwater. .Minn.
CtOOK Widow with a child wants situa
tion as cook in boarding house or pri
vate family. O. K. 20, Globe. 1
C TOOK— A tirst-ciass German lady cook
COOK— A place iii private family where
wants a place in private family where
there Is no washing. Call at ITS Rondo st., :
upstairs. 212
CLXXK — Situation wanted by young lady
as clerk or at office work ;" wages not so
much an object as a position. Address C 9,
Globe. 1
CI.XXK — Wanted situation by a young
lady as clerk or copyist ; can" give" good
lady as clerk or copyist ; can" give* good
references. II 41, Globe. 7
ESSM AKKK — Experienced, wishes !
sewing in families. Address OW->
Cedar st. 1 !
MPLOYMKNT— An educated, intelli-
MPLOYMENT— An educated, intelli-
gent lady who writes a good hand, would
like to obtain copying or writing of any kind,
address 0. 15 Globe. " i
MPLOYMKNT— Wanted, position in a
private family to do sewing and light
work; will accept moderate wages. Address
-879 Hudson ay., corner of Mendota. 1
MPI.OYMKNT— Widow lady would l;Ke i
MPLOYMENT— Widow lady would like
employment in any position of trust to I
take care of offices or rooms; con give the
best references. Address N 29, Globe. 0 i
HOUSEKEEPER— American widow- \
lady wishes a situation as housekeeper; I
wages not so much of an object as a home.
Call or address 27 East Seventh St., Room 5, I
St. Paul. 1 I
oi'sEKEEFKR— A respectable widow I
Housekeeper— A respectable widow
would like a position as housekeeper.
Address or call at 109 Hubert st., West St
Paul. 0
"IVTURSK— young, respectable Norwegian
li girl wants place as nurse tor one or two
large children; only first-class house. 757
Pine st 7
SKWING— By young lady.dressmakingand
plain sewing. Address A. M., 412 W'a- !
plain sewing. Address A. M., 412 Wa
basha st. 1 |
OEAKSTRKBB wants work in family by
KAMSTKKSS wants work in family by
O day or week. Call at 517 Wabasha. " 7
KCONI) WORK— Situation wanted by a
young lady to do second work in private
family. Call at 97 East Twelfth st, corner
of Minnesota and Twelfth. . 0
YPEWRITING and shorthand work of
all kinds done perfectly by Anna C.
Drew, Hale block: no risk iii bringing your
work here; experienced operators, perfect
work, low prices: work called for and de
livered; estimates given. Telephone, 852-2
(CUSTOM CUTTER— A practical tailor Is
J open for an engagement for fall trade.
Address Box 2195, St. Paul. 212
J wonderful clairvoyant fortuneteller;
also mind and destiny reader; give name.
402 Minnesota st 212-218 j
J.tJL healer, cures rheumatism, kidney and
liver diseases. 3SO Broadway, city. 210-210
JIK. D. GKOASE. the great Eastern I
111 clarvoyaut and life reader, never fails
to draw full bouses; free test to all and
charges moderate. 225 East Seventh st.
210-212 |
DL. .JAMIKSON * CO.'S Steam Dye
• Works— Gents' clothing a special tv
412 Wabasha st tmd 14 Wert Sixth, st Paul
Minn. 134*
■ , ■ Houses.
to rent in all parts of the city. Land
lords, list your premises for rental with us;
we turn away responsible tenants daily from
lack of houses to meet the demand. S. C.
llorton & Co., real estate and rentals, 22
.West Sixth st, Panorama building. 18S*
BANJUL ST., 333— One seven-room house.
DESOTO ST., 005— cottage of
five rooms and cellar, and city water,
apply to 11. Dougan, 229 East Thirteenth st.
KANKKIN ST.. 191, SOUTH, near Ir-
vine park— Four rooms. ' 1
OR RENT— Elegant residence; Tur^
OK KENT— Elegant residence; mr-
nished; very large lot on one of the
most desirable comers on St Anthony's Hill;
asphalt pavement, stable and modern im
provements. Oilman & Co., 185 East
Fourth street. Wilder block. 208-212
HOUSE for rent, eight rooms, city water,
830 per month. Inquire at 583 Carroll.
HOUSE— New seven or ten-room nouse;
City water and bath; $25 and ?3(>.
George B. Boyd, 370 Robert st, or corner
Martin and Dale sts. 212
HOUSE — To rent, upper town, new house;
ten rooms: modern improvements -.hard
wood finish inside: will be finished Aug. 5.
Apply E. M. Kuby. 159 Smith st. 211-212
HOUSE— For rent new nine-room house,
HOI'S X— For rent, new nine-room house,
all modern convineences, within two
blocks of omnibus line and two blocks north
of the new park site. Dearborn, near South
Robert st 212
HOUSE of four rooms for rent at §8 per
HOUSE of four rooms for rent at SS per
month. 82 Dearborn, rear of new
building. 212
OUSE— To rent, furnished house, 3'J9
HOUSE— To rent furnished D. Olmsted.
South Exchange st. C. E. D. Olmsted,
Drake block. » 209-212
HOUSE— seven rooms at flB per month.
Inquire at 584 Rice st and Como ay.
HOUSE for Went — Carroll st, a house
with nine rooms, good celler, city and
cistern water. 205-215
HOUSKfc- for rent from SS to $25 per
month. Inquire at 254 Commercial
st 187-210
HOUSE of eleven rooms, modern improve-
ments; centrally located. Card Co.,
315 Jackson st. 211-212
HOUSE— To rent, from September Ist. fur-
nished house of eight rooms In very de
sirable neighborhood on St. Anthony Hill;
rent moderate. Address. O 24, Globe.
- 212-214 ■
HOUSE — modern house of seven rooms,
Sept. 1 or Oct. 1, central location : no
children. J. L. Hertz. 74 East Seventh st
HOOKS — Two bouses on Conway st., be-
tween Maria and Bates, No. 701 and
705 1 six-room house with barn, §17: 1 six
room house without barn, §15. Inquire at
building or at 513 East Four.h st. 212
RUNDEL ST., 150— For rent, furnished
front room, with alcove ; use of bath.
ROADWAY 189, near the Portland—
sl table rooms furnished or unfurnished.
' 212 ' .
ROADWAY. 493. between Ninth and
BROADWAY. 493, between Ninth also
Tenth— Furnished front alcove; also
small room, (ins Bath. 212
CARROLL ST.. 253— For rent, three un-
furnished rooms. 212
KNTRAI. AY..23. EAST, Facing Cen-
1 tral Park — Furnished rooms; fine loca
tion; bath and closets. 212
CniARLEV'.s ST., 171, near Rice— For
'. rent, a fiat of six rooms in new build
ing: ready Aug. 5; with modern conveni
ences. 212
C(Kl)-\R ST.. Handsome alcove room
' in private family, with table board if de
sired. References. 212
CtEDAR ST.. 470— Pleasant furnished
', rooms: complete for housekeeping, with
yard and cellar. .-ft?— -.210-212
Ot.LEGK AY.. 22 WEST— Furnished
rooms, first class, single and en suite.
C "OLLEGE AY., Nicely furnished
' - rooms, modern conveniences ; gentle- .
men only ; call to day. 212-213
CIOI.LEGE A Y., 40— Furnished room;
' modern conveniences; en suite or single:
suitable for gentlemen. .■ .'■' 2lo-212
EARBORNST.,B2,near South Robert st."
EAKtiOKNST..*2,near South Kobert st.
Rooms for rent. . . • 212
IGIITIt ST., 275 EAST— Furnished
rooms, with board. 212-218
1.1.KN Si., 200— Pleasant furnished
front room : use of bath-room. 212
LEVENTH slcX, 99— Well furnished
KKYKNI'H sF] 99— Well furnished
front room, first floor, large and com
fortable; moderate rent. 212
XCHANGK ST., 388— A well furnished
room with board for two. 212
XCHANGK ST.. 232 SOUTH— Nicely
furnished room with board and bath;
suitable for one or two gentlemen. 211-212
IGHTH Sl'., 314 EAST— Furnished
IGHTiI ST.. Jl4 KAS r— Furnished
rooms; with board if desired. 2 1 1 2 2
OURTH ST., 123 WEST— Large front
lIUKTiFsTT, 123 WEST— Large front
'room for two ladies or two gentlemen,
or single. 212-211
R I'll ST., 00, WEST, near Rice park
— Large front room on second floor, suita
ble for two. 212
I^OURTH ST., 105, WEST, near Rice
170UKTH ST., 105. WKST, near Hue
. -park — Two nicely furnished rooms;
bath and all modern conveniences. 212
F~" OURTIfsT.. 125, WKST— Nicely fur-
OURTH ST.. 125, WEST— Nicely fur-
nished rooms from §5 to 520." Call
Monday. ' 212213
ITiNK koo.i.s. either single or en [suite:
f furnished: very desirable location. Ad
dress H 29. Globe. ' 212-213
IJTII ST., 21, EAST— Clifton hall, 21
IFTH ST.. 21, EAST— Clifton hall. 21
East Fifth st., opposite court house, fur
nished rooms by the week or month. In
quire P. W. Shute. manager, 15 East Fifth st.
THiFTII ST.. 119, WEST— A good room,
A suitable for one or two gents; call nt
once. 211-212
LAI' FOR RENT— A fiat oi eight (3)
rooms on second floor, in good location.
For particulars inquire at 305 East Seventh
st, near Broadway. 208-212
RANKLIN ST., 378— Front alcove room,
with gas and bath, two blocks from
Windsor hotel. 211-212
KANKI.IN ST.. 37c— Nice large front
RANKLIN ST., 370— Nice large front
alcove room, well furnished, modern
conveniences, also single room ; two blocks
from Windsor hotel. 200-213
OUKI'KENTii Sl'., 235, EAST— One
furnished and one unfurnished room.
GROVE 225— Nicely furnished rooms.
single or en suite. 2 2
JACKSON ST., 535— Furnished rooms to
rent, with use of bath.. 212
old Davidson homestead has been re
fitted and newly furnished, mid is now ready
for those wishing first-class accommodations":
references required. '*■; 209-212
LAWSON ST.. k<»4— One lurnished room
AWSON ST., 804— One turnished room
with or without board; terms to suit.
LAFAYKT'IK AY., s73— Furnished rooms
for housekeeping with water.
for housekeeping with Phalen water.
A FAYETTE AY.. 575— Furnished room
for gentleman and use of bath. 212-213
LOUIS ST.. 203— Near Summit Parle and
LOUIS ST., 203— Near Summit furnished
half block from street car, furnished
rooms; table boarders wanted; private fami
ly; ; 210-212
MARSHALL AY., 409— Unfurnished
rooms for rent for light housekeeping.
TV 1 NTH ST.. 9, AVESl'— One large front
•1™ room, one small sleeping room, with
board. 212-215
NELSON A Y., near Summit park—
.furnished rooms to single gentlemen;
good boarding place near. Address, with
reference. V 10. Globe. 210-212
OAK ST.. ISO— Front room nicely fur-
nished; use of bath: private family.
212 213 _
OAK ST.. 427— A pleasant Iront room,
with adore; suitable for two gentlemen.
LKASANT AY., 185-To rent one
large front room, furnished; suitable
for two. 212
EARL ST., 211— A front parlor neatly
PEA XL ST., 211— A front parlor neatly
- furnished, suitable for gentlem and wife
or two gentlemen; board if wanted; use of
bath. -■<•■-■ ;V 212
PEARL ST.. 213— Nice furnished rooms;
modern conveniences, use of bath, etc.
..-. ■ 211-2U - *^
PARK PKAUK, 84- Nicely furnished
PARK PLACE, en suite. furnished
rooms, single or en suite. : 211-213
OBKRT ST., 534, between Tenth and
Eleventh sts— Nicely furnished large
front room, suitable for two gentlemen. 212 -.
ICE ST., 252— Furnished front rooms,
centrally located ; modern conveniences ;
for gentlemen. 212-215 .
ROOKS— Unfurnished rooms to rent, suit-
able for light housekeeping. Inquire
408 Rosabel st. - 212
ROOM— Furnished suitable for one or two
young ladies, with use of sitting room ;
references required; rent cheap. M. A. M.,
Globe. x. . . ;. .. l
ROOMS— For ront nicely furnished room
and alcove for one or'two gentlemen,
with use of bath; also a single room. Apply
at 310 Grove st. 212
RONDO ST., 810— For rent four rooms.
- ;'- -tv 212-214
ltoouis— Continued. ;
liooiitK— C'outiuiie<l.
ROBERT ST., 505— Large furnished front
room, suitable for . gentleman and wife
or two gentlemen; location pleasant and
terms reasonable..- 212-213
fDoaniS — Two elegant furnished rooms.
vJA vdth or without board. Call at 412 East
fl'enth st . . .. . 212
■DOHOIMATE wanted by young man;
Ja pleasant room in flat in a respectable
block. Address, Jit Globe. 210-212
fOINTH ST., 86 EAST— Two furnished
•^ rooms, $5 and £7 per month. 212
'OUMLMIT AY., 75 and 77, Park Place—
■C*CMPOT AY., 75 and 77, Park Place—
JO furnished front room on first floor; two
■smaller rooms on third floor; 0 o'clock din-
ners. ■■-■ . 212
•QI'.HMIT AY., 39, corner of St. Peter St.—
•OL'MJMIT AY., 39, corner of St. Peter st—
i*J Small pleasant room, $4, suitable for
one person; next door to good board ; large
yard. 1
EVINTII ST. , 423 EAST— Unfurnished
rooms. 222
SEVENTH ST., 970, EAST— Nicely fur-
nished rooms to gentlemen only. 1
:Ol'iU;cE ST., 210, near Sibley— Nicely
.-O furnished room, with use of bath; in pri-
"rate family. -£12
SPRUCE ST., 231— Nicely furnished front
rooms, suitable for two; use of bath.
SPRUCE ST., 221— large elegantly
furnished front parlor; also smaller
room; use of bath. : 210-213
HERMAN ST., Alcove front room;
nicely furnished : modern conveniences.
* 200-212
IIKKMAN ST., 287, corner Sherman and
SHERMAN ST., 287, corner Sherman and
Exchange— For rent three furnished
rooms for light housekeeping; private resi
dence; splendid location, 212-214
SIXTH ST., 470 EAST— One large front
room, furnished. 212
IXTII ST., 232, WEST— Small furnished
room. 212
JTYENTH ST.. 257 EAST, corner of Can-
1- undo— A pleasant furnished room, SKI
per month. ■ 212
THIRD ST.. 330 Furnished or
unfurnished rooms for two; private
family. 212
rpniKD ST.. 342, WEST— Pleasant front
J- rooms in private family, opposite Sum-
mit park. 212
rpiilKl> ST., 340 U'IST, near Summit
J- park Two nicely furnished rooms; sin-
gle or en suite: bath and all modern conven
iences; first class location; suitable for two
gentlemen or gentleman and wife. 207-212
ABASH A ST., 519— A desirable Iront
room, furnished; with or without
board: modem conveniences. 212-214
ASHINGTON Si., 371— Nicely-fur-
ASHINOTON Si.. 371— Nicely-fur-
nished large front room with use of
bath. . 212
WABASHA ST., 457— Furnished rooms
VV for gentlemen. 208-212
WEST CENTRAL A Y., 70— Furnished
or unfurnished rooms; modem con-
veuiences: rent reasonable. 212
STORE with five rooms on same floor;
good location; rent $20. Inquire 258
Nash st. • 212-213
QIoKG EOR KJsSN I'— Elegant store on
Sl'oKK FOR corner; excellent store on
Kobert st.. a corner; excellent location
for any kind of business. Apply at the Nic-
olay Real Estate Exchange, 110 East Fourth
St 212
STORE, with basement and three lofts;
situated in the wholesale district. A. H.
Wilder, 185 East Fourth st. 212 219
AltS for rent. 127 West Fifth st.
FARM FOX KENT— Eighty-acre farm,
with house and barn, in Reserve town-
; ship. John A. Stees. 34 East Third st.
; 212-214 -
cPABJI FOX SALE— One hundred and
' •TJ'AIIM FOX SAI.K— One hundred and
j-T lifty acres on west bank of Mississippi
liver, twenty miles north of Minneapolis.
j Address J. C. Nolan. St. Paul. 211-213
. BUiAiUiN'.. — The building formerly occu-
j-D pled by the Globe; will make such
1 changes as may be desired by tenant.- lv--
: quire of C. A. Easterly, Room 3, Mannheimer
y block; 149*
lAIIfCIAtiK 'WORKS— A large assort-
iy^ ment of Victorias, cabriolets. Dmiuifitus,
..; broughams, four and six-scat roekaways, ex-
t tension-top ■ cabriolets, extension-top Bar-
revs,- open and canopy Surreys, loop-front
ladies' phaetons, low-wheeled phaetons, road
I wagons, etc.- at lowest possible prices, -qnal-
iity considered; all work guaranteed strictly
las represented. E. M. llallowcll in Co., 503
fto 51 1, Minnesota st. 159*
FOR SALE— Horse, harness and phaeton,
very cheap. Gilbert & Co., SS East
Fifth st. 212
FOR SAM.— My trotting bay gelding
North, by Almoin Hoy: any gentleman
wanting a first-class speedy driver will find
him all that is desired. 11. C. Wilcox, Wa-
basha. 212-213
weighs 1,000 pounds, six years old;
with or without harness and buggy; cheap to
the (.lit- who wants to buy. . Barrii.ger & Co.,
390 Jackson st 212-217
HORSE and Buggy— Horse five years old.
very gentle lady can drive it: will
sell same (heap on account of leaving the
City. Inquire at 398- Dakota ay., West St.
Paul- ' ■ '-■' A - ■■ 212
HORSES for Sale The,, finest carriage
team in the City; young, sound and de-
sirable in every way. 970 East Seventh st
-OKSK AN«> l;l GOV wanted for its
ORSE ANO .BUGGY- wanted for its
keep for one or three months; responsi
ble party. Address AB, Globe. 211-212
PHAETONS— Finest grade, lowest prices;
1 la t form spring wagons; many styles; a
call at our show rooms will convince. Cort-
land Wagon company, 135 East Filth st, St.
Paul. 128-218
' Qii>E BAR iti'nilKs — and ex-
£? press wagons: best work, finest materials,.
lowest prices. Send for catalogue or col lat
Cortland Wagon company, 135 East Fifth st,
St. Paul. 12<-2'."
CITY in house and lot: will exchange
for goods of value. 810 Payne ay. 212
MONEY — $20 to $200 to loan on articles
of value : property left in your posses
sion. St. Paul Loan Co., 22 West Sixth St.,
Panorama building. 185*
IE YOU have either houses or lots for ex-
change call on Austin S. Fiske, Room 12,
Chamber of Commerce. 205-100
KAt ESTATE— To sell or exchange for
EAL ESTATE— To sell or exchange for
st. Pan] real estate, tine stock of hard-
ware, doing good business in city. Cheap
rent. Address C 14. Globe. 207-21 0
TO EXCHANGE— Some good real estate
for grocery store. Call 011 C. W. Meeker.
300 Jackson st. 212
\t7Tki, EXCHANGE my- lot for good
W driving horse and buggy for lady to
.hive. Fl, (ilobe, 212
W ANTEO— To trade good lot for horse
VV and buggy; call at once if you want a
bargain. C. W. Meeker, 390 Jackson st 212
WANTEDy-To trade a lot.on St. Anthony
hill for an upright piano. Inquire at
A, Marx, 589 East Seventh st., corner Broad-
way. 211-212
RESSMA KlNO— Fashionable dresses
STNRESSMAKING— FashionabIe dresses
XJ . made at very low prices. We guarantee
perfect fit. We teach the best French tailor
svstera of cutting. 384 Franklin st, corner
[Seventh st. - .212
I'UNITCKK repaired, upholstered,
tJ- .moved or packed for shipment: steam
•power carpet cleaning, feather beds reno-
ivated. J. 1). Durie, 290 Rice st. Telephone,
: 1 0< »- 4 . 212
AJ <signments solicited of all kinds of rem
ichandi.se, implements, furniture and house-
hold goods. We have the largest and best
{-warehouse in the city, connected by railroad
tracks for receiving, "storing and transferring,
or if space is desired either in basement or
'(.upper stories we can let tame at very reason-
able rates; warehouse and oflice, 359 and 389
East Third st, St. Paul, Minn. St. Paul
Storage, Forwarding and Implement Com-
pany; William Hemminghouse, President and
Manager; telephone call 298-2. 53*
TO LOAN— §2O, $50, $150 to loan on fur-
niture, pianos, etc; property left in your
possession. St. Paul Loan Co., 22 West Sixth
St.. Panorama building. . 185*
BED Wanted— To buy second-hand folding
bed ; state price. X 20, Globe. 212
LOT— Wanted to buy, a good lot to build
LOT— Wanted to buy, a good lot to build
on, between Western ay. and Louis st
and Nelson ay. and Martin st; small payment
down and balance monthly; must be cheap.
Address W, J.. Globe. ■--■■- - . '■- ,-.- - 212
TRANSIT— second-hand transit, in
good repair, wanted. Address Room 39,
Mannheimer block. -■•■•■ ■ . . - 212
ANTED TO BUY— For cash at bottom
_". figures, a lot on Goodrich. Owasco or
Osceola ays., east of Victoria. : Address 705
- ay. 212
BOARDING— A few- more nice large-
rooms left at the old Davison mansion,
513 Jackson st. . ". ~>tr:.-;.-. 212-213
[VI ERKI AM pa XX— Hoard ; offered ; a
Iri- pleasant neatly furnished alcove rooni:
in Merriam Park. suitable for two gentlemen
or » gentleman and wife. Address- F. C.V ..
Globe. 212-21? '
AN ACTIVE business man with a few
-hundred dollars would like to invest
with his services in some good 6teany busi-
ness; manufacturing preferred. Address ('
O I), Globe. - ■ . . 212
T A SACRIFICE-Two boarding houses
one grocery store, two saloons, one city
license cheap ; this property will be sold re-
gardless of cost; also wanted, German or
Swede as partner in good paying saloon ;
merchant tailor, doing prosperous business,
wants a partner with §ooo,*to enlarge busi-
A GOOD chance for a milliner who wishes
to go into business with a dressmaker;
a very pleasant location on Seventh st. rent
§18 per month. Call at 384 Franklin st. 212
LIST your boarding houses and saloons,
grocery stores with us; we have lots of
customers. Apply 515 Robert st, corner of
Tenth, third floor. Tall & McKenzie. 212
UTCHEKSHOP iuagood location, do-
UTCUER SHOP iv a good location, do-
ing a good trade, for sale : good reason
given for selling. Address L, Globe. 212
USINESS CHANCE for a man with
USINESS CHANCE for a man with
small capital; a safe and paying livery
business, consisting of eight livery horses
with carriages, harness, etc., well located in
good stable with room for twenty head of
horses; ten regular boarders; boarders pay
all running expenses. Address G, St. Paul
Globe. 212
BARBERSHOP for sale or rent. 001
Mississippi st. 212
UTCHERSHOP for sale, at 197 West
Fairfield ay., West side, 209-215
ORROW MONEY on jour turn I lure
ORROW MONEY on your turn I ture
diamonds, watches, etc., or any article
of value. St. Paul Loan Company, 22 West
Sixth st. Panorama building. 1 85*
OARDING HOUSE — Fourteen-room
BOARDING HOUSE — Fourtcen-room
boarding house and saloon for sale
cheap. Inquire 00 West ■ Fillmore ay.
BUTCHER SHOP and all the tools in
good order. Inquire at 477 West Sev
enth st. 210 212
drug stock and business iv good Dakota
town, at a great bargain. Address 11. H. Day,
assignee, Bismarck, Dak., or Mermaiiii &
Parker, Room 2, 140 East Fourth st 212
ESK ROOM— Wanted to rent, desk room
DESK. real estate business, on Jackson,
for real estate business, on Jackson,
Robert or Fourth st, in business center, first
floor preferred; state rent. Address Real
Estate, Globe. 212
DRUGGIST— Wanted druggist with a tew
hundred dollars to go into business
wiih party having plenty of money. Address
M 1. St. Paul Globe. 20S-214
FOR SALE— Retail confectionery and ice
cream business; tools included; capital
required about $1,31*0 cash. X. Y. Z., Globe.
- 201-212
FOR SALE— Cheap A stock of groceries
- and fixtures; must be sold, Inquire of
George Fuber, 148 Congress St., West St.
Paul. - 211-2i2
FOR SALE— Meat and sausage shop, com-
plete outfit of tools, three horses, wag-
ons and boggy; excellent trade: must sell. J.
F. Duulap, Chamber of Commerce building.
FOR SALE— General merchandise busi-
ness of $25,000 annually; 3s miles from
St Paul; finely located in a "thriving village
of 400; object of selling owner wants to
open bank in same place. For particulars
inquire Arthur, Warren & Abbott, St. Paul,
Minn. 209-210
FOR SALE— Small grocery store and also
a good butcher shop; doing good busi-
ness; bargains if taken soon. Card & Co.,
315 Jackson st 190*
GROCERY— good grocery business with
a cash trade, on Seventh st.near Broad-
way, one of the best locations in the city,
for sale; good reasons for selling. Address
V A, Globe. 211-212
GROCERY FOR SALE— First-class gro-
f - eery store in one of the best locations in
the city ; good reasons for selling. Address
E 15, Globe. 211-219
HOTEL for side, with bar connected; do-
| a good business : in good location, with
five years' lease, or will sell hotel without
bar. Address Hotel, Globe. 212-215
OTEL FOR SALE— The lease and rur-
OTEL FOR SALE— The lease and rur-
niture of the Commercial hotel for sale
cheap; has large commercial trade and a
fine lot of boarders; good reasons for selling;
for further particulars address Box 580 (B),
Crookston, Minn. 211-217
INTEREST in a profitable and growing
business; 52.000 to 53.000 and good
"business qualifications required. - C • M T,
P.O. box 2207. St. Paul. • 212-213
IF YOU have £1,500, you can double your
money by January 1 in a legitimate busi-
ness. M 31, "Globe. " ' 210-212
I. WILL sell hardware store and broken
I WILL sell hardware store and broken
stock in Mt Vernon, Dak., for §2,000 cash ;
(1,000 less than cost. J. C. Tatman. 185*
LAUNDRY— For sale, laundry in good
running order and doing a cash busi-
ness: horse, wagon and sleigh and lease of
building. 34 West Third st. 209-212
PARTNER— a good wide-awake
man to take half interest with me in es
tablishing a second-hand furniture business.
Small capital required. Address V 22, Globe.
PARTNER to take one-third or one-half
interest in the Strait flour mill, shako-
pee; mill is new aud first-class. Address C.
T. Buchanan, Shakopee, Minn. 202-210
EAL ESTATE OFFICE, in good loca-
EAL ESTATE OFFICK. in good loca-
. tion, doing a nice business, large list of
property, for rent Address Q. 7, Globe. 212
O A LOON AND LICENSE— For sale, very
A LOON AND LICENSE— B'or sale, very
O cheap. Inquire at Yoerg's brewery, cor-
ncr Ohio and Ethel sts., west side. 212-218
STOCK of drugs and fixtures in city of
7,000 Inhabitants; electric and gas-
. lights: stock all new and in good condition;
great bargain it sold in next thirty days;
good reasons for selling; will bear investiga
tion. For terms, etc., address Loca; Box 43.
Grand Forks, Dak. 211-213
now paying well; 83.000 to {5,000 re-
quired, either active or silent interest Ad-
dress 0 29. Globe. 207-212
SALOON — For sale cheap: good location;
k5 good reasons for selling. Address K. Mac-
Donald, 1183 West Seventh st. 211-213
fTVHOHOUGH business man with $2,000
A to $3,000. to take the management
of a corporation doing a good paying busi-
ness; good salary. Address, 1 28, Globe.
THOROUGH business man to invest
THOROUGH business man to invest
$2,000 to 83,000, and take the general
management of a corporation established
two years and doing good business. Address,
C 33, Globe. 212
TAILORS— A good chance for a -tailor to
start in business: no capital required;
low rent. Call Monday at 171 ii East Seventh
st., upstairs. 212
MHO PARTY having $20,000 or upward 1
JL. will sell Davison County bank, Jit Ver-
non, Dak., and take £0,000 stock in said
bank. J. C. Tatman. 185*
<BjR nnn— A PARTY with this amount
'ir'tJ*\J\J \J of capital, to start a manufac-
turing concern; large profit Address Q. 11.
Globe. \ 212
LOST A?<l> FOl'.\'f>.
BLANKET LOST— At or near the corner
of Fifth and Minnesota Ms. .a baby's em-
broidered blanket: tinder will be reworded
by leaving some at 45 College ay. 212
CHARM Found— Gold charm, owner can
have same by calling at 020 St Peter
st. and describing it. 211
OAT LOST— Gray plaid cutaway left in
12:20 train from Minnetonka. Return
same to Room 17, Globe, and receive reward.
. 212
COW LOST A large red cow. about nine
' years old. weight about 1.100 or 1.200.
white spot on forehead and on flank, short
tail. Finder return to owner at 381 Minnesota
st. and receive reward. ;.'..-.:; 212
OACH DOG— Lost or" stolen. Friday
morning, coach dog: silver chain: scar
back left ear: reward. Return to 547 Waba-
sha st. 212
COW LOST— A light red cow with white
spots on back and forehead; weight
about 900 or 1,009; she was lost day before
yesterday; if the finder will please return her
to 254 Virginia ay. he will receive a good re-
ward. John G. Juetten. 211-213
HORSES LOST— Two black horses since
■ last Monday, one about 1.050, with
white hind foot and white star, the other all
black, about 900 pounds weight halter on;
reward granted. Please address 1043 Payne
ay. . . . 212
RIFLE LOST— A Remington rifle; tinder
will receive ft satisfactory reward by
laaving at 90 Virginia ay. 210 212 i
P~~ ARROT LOST— Ye ung parrot lost last |j
week; liberal rev.ard for information
leading to the recovery. Sirs. Somen, 488
Rice st. 212 I
POINTER LOST— Liver and wfiite
pointer. Reward on returning to Rich
Price, 107 North Fourth st 212
LEEVE BUTTON Lost— Main part of J
separable, oval-shaped, flat sleeve but- .
ton; carved flower on face; suitable reward
will be paid for its return to Boom 33. cham
ber of commerce building. I. B. Stockton. |
Dll 1 REWARD— Dog; lemon and white
©IU setter: letnrn to M. Bruggtmanu, ]
No. 234 West Third st. Seven corners. :
' 211-212
~~ ,boakpis« wasted. ~~ ;
OOM— Wanted by lady slenogmpher '
-room 'and bo.od lady stenographer <
room iiml board In a private family; <
Lower town preferred. Address N 30, Globe. !
OAKO AND ROOM wanted by Iwo gen-
tlemen: private family preferred. Ad ;
dress A 13. Globe. 212
«> VUG— First-class boarding and lodging , .
r required by a single gentleman. A.
Isaacson, Bank -of Minnesota budding, city.-- -•
I^"7- 218 v<
A. 11. Nicolajy Auctioneer.
(\f\ FKET FRONT on Starkey st., near Da-
*J\J ■ kota ay., West St. Paul, at auction.—
11. Nicolay will sell at auction, rain or shine,
Saturday afternoon, Aug. 0, 1887, at
7 o'clock on the premises, Nos. 388 and 392
Starker St., only one block from Dakota ay.,
adjoining the corner of Starkey st. and East
Delos st., two valuable lots ninety feet front
together, known as lots 7 and 8, block 23,
West St. Paul proper, with two dwelling
houses on the same, four and six rooms each.
with barn on the rear; this very valuable
property is situated in a rapidly growing lo
cality, good, substantial improvements are
now going- on, and • others are contemplated
to be made In the immediate vicinity; it is
only one block from , the Humboldt school
and Paul Martin's new business block now
being constructed and nearly completed, and
only two blocks from the Custer st. depot of
the Minnesota A Northwestern Kailroad com-
pany ; no property can be found in St.Paul
that offers greater inducements for a' safe,
reliable and profitable investment; terms of
sale easy, to be made known on day of sale;
sale positive to the highest bidder without
reserve. | For further particulars apply at the
Nicolay Real Estate exchange, 110 East
Fourth St., opposite National German Ameri-
can bank building. A. 11. Nicolay, real estate
auctioneer: our real estate auction sale No.
12,733. , . 212-113
Wicker & Zulim, Auctioneers.
GOOD HOUSE and lot on Wells st. at
auction. We will sell at auction, Tues-
day, Aug. 2, at 7 o'clock in the evening, lot
7, "block 40, of Arlington Hills addition. The
lot is located on Weils street, between Weide
and Arcade, and the house on it is a good,
substantial dwelling of 9 rooms, with a good
foundation, cellar and cistern; the owner
built the house for his own use with a view
of protection against the cold, and perfect in-
terior arrangements; it will make a good
home for anyone, and the sale should be at-
tended by everybody looking for a desirable
home or a good investment; terms of sale,
which will be liberal, will be made known at
the time of sale,- and at the offices, 87 East
Fourth st. and 147 East Sixth st. Wicker,
Zahm & Co.. Auctioneers. 212
■'. " FOR SATJB.
BABY CARRIAGE— Cost S2I thirty days
ago and in use five days can be bought
for $10 at 417 East Fifth st. 212
BUGGY top buggy for sale cheap.
24 1 Thirteenth. " 1
BICYCLE for Side— Bicycle, fifty-inch
"Harvard," ball bearings to front wheel.
$40. 501 Mississippi st. 212-213
BED j tor Sale— Child's walnut bed. 310
Ramsey st. •l~"--- 212
OAT FOX SALE— First class hunting
boat, with paddle; also half dozen
I)anz' decoys. Call at 05 East Twelfth st.
BIRD STOKE— Parrots, mocking birds,
BIRD STORE— Parrots, mocking birds,
canaries, cardinals, finches; all kinds of
birds. .001 Broadway. 212
BICYCLES and tricycles, for sale or rent;
terms easy ; bicycles rented by day or
month. S. F. Heath & Co., 50 West Third st.
" 147-237
ENGINE For — 20 horse engine, per-
feet order; a bargain. 481 East Fifth
St.. St. Paul, Minn. 2J.2
FOR SALE— HaIf or whole interest in
good boarding business. Address I 24.
Globe. ' .. , - 212
FOR SALE— Four thoroughbred bulls, two
Holstein"s and two Herefords, all regis
tered animals, young and fine. Inquire at
700 Iglehart St., or address C. 8., Globe.
FOlt SALE — Price no object. Who wants
FOX sale — Price no object, Who wants
it? Eighty-five yards carpet, bed room
suit (new) and' settee. 217 East Seventh st.
FOR SALE— Battery, nearly new: a bar-
gain. Call for 4 days at 60 West Fourth
st. . * 212
FOR SALE A second-hand phaeton and
new harness. Inquire John Ryan, fore-
man Nippolt's carriage factory, corner Eighth
and Jackson sts. 211-213
FOR SALE— One new store and wide lot,
J- 818 Payne ay. ; good for any business:
§500 cash balance on time, S. A. Norden-
skjold, 311 Hennepin aye., Minneapolis.
.210-212 -- ■ .
Nearly, new; complete library, dining
and parlor room sets; also bedroom furniture
: for sale cheap. Inquire at Room 10, McQuil-
lan block, corner Third and Wabasha. 212
HOUSE For bale The furniture and lease
of ten-room house: cheap if taken at
once ; rooms all rented. 542 Minnesota st.
•; ' ' 212 .
HORSE The finest coupe, carriage or
dog cart horse in the city: light dapple
brown, five years old; kind and gentle; price
$300. Inquire Bryant & Kirke, 152 East
Sixth st. 191*
MONEY TO LOAN— and upwards on
personal property of any description;
property left in your possession St. Paul
Loan Co., 22 West Sixth st., Panorama build-
ing. .185*
PAKKOT — For saie, fine large parrot,
double yellow head; good talker and
double yellow head; good talker and
tame. 488 Rice st. 212
PIANO Good second-hand upright piano,
but little used, for sale cheap for cash.
Inquire 535 Robert st. 212
PIANO and housefurnishing goods for sale
cheap. 010 Mississippi st. 212
ETTEKS— Llewlliu, three females, two
months old, for sale. Fine stock. For
particulars and pedigree address Edward Ed-
munds, 14 West Third street. ' 212-214
'"pENi' For Sale loxl*, good order; also
JL parlor sofa and two chairs; cheap. J.
D. Durie, 290 Rice st. Telephone, 100-4.
lOLINs 1-Olt SALE— Extra good m-
struments at moderate prices. L. C.
Cummins, 1014& East Seventh street.
WATCH — A good gold watch, also zylo-
phone, for sale or trade. Address (»
3, Globe. v 212
(£• /| Q WILL buy good, square piano:
C* A Q.WILL buy good, square piano:
Ol'O guaranteed in perfect order, and
will do good service for ten years; must be
sold. 270 East Ninth st. 212
Q,\ l\i\ I) \ KCYS the furniture ot a
y rUUiU'J seven room, centrally locct-
ed house; four rooms more than pays the
rent. For particulars address P 10, "Globe.
MONEY is loaned by us on improved real
estate security in St. Paul, Minneapolis
and Duluth at 0. Ota, 7, 7'/. per cent., on
shortest notice, for any amount. R. M. New-
port it Son, investment bankers, 152, 153
and 154 Drake block, St. Paul. 73*
(£l/1 »85, #30, » 100 TO LOAN on ur
•jp.Lv/ niture, pianos, carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value; cash advance made on
goods in storage: promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St. Paul Loan
company, No. 22 West Sixth st., Panorama
building. ./«... 05*
JOHN KKLl'l'E— Money to loan on real
estate security. 451 Drake block, on
Third St., between Jackson and Sibley.
209-233 _^
MONEY LOANED on all kinds ot per-
sonal ' property, household furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security Loan
Co., 325 Jackson St., J. E. Flanigan, mana
ger. , - '• - 102*
MONEY TO. LOAN on mortgage at
lowest cost without delay. Installment
mortgages made payable in sums to suit bor
rower. William .V. Yiguers, south-east Cor
ner Fourth mid -Robert streets. i:to*
ONEY TO LOAN on real MUtS and
good first mortgages bought by S. 11.
Dyer.real estate and 10an5.52 German Ameri
can bank. ■ 106*
Company— from §10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, i-;,-., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Maokey,
manager, Room 7, First National bank build
ing, St. Paul, end Room 7, Mackey-Legg
block, Minneapolis. - 250*
MONEY TO LOAN, 111 sums to suit, trout
ILL SI up. on watches, diamonds aud all
goods of value ; special rates on sums of §50
and over. J. E. Ingham, 327 Jackson st.
ONEY TO LOAN in sums of S 1.000 to
ONEY TO LOAN in sums of §1,000 to
$10,000 affi and 8 percent interest
without delay. St. Paul Trust company, cor
ner Jackson and Fourth sts. 22*-
ST. PAUL.- Fire & Marine Insurance
ST. PAIL Fire & Marine Insurance
company's stock for sale by H. P. Hop
pin. 27 Globe building. 212-214
WANTED— §500 to invest in the manu
facture of a patent;' something new
and no opposition ; model to show. Address
P. O. Box 417. Stillwater. Minn. 212
WILL give 8 per. cent for $2,000 for
three years ; no commission ; improved
St. Paul real estate security. Address, W
WW 20, Globe. ' 212-213 -■
WANTED— §150 for about twelve
- months, on good security and good In
terest: Address 17, Globe. 212
WANT TO BORROW §300 at Id per
W ■■■ cent. ; chattel mortgage; good security.
\. li). Globe. •■•---■■ 211-215
ing and Telegraphy— First-class and ex
clusive: names of graduates now holding po- ♦
sitions sent on application; lessons day and
evening or by mail ; send for circulars. Anna
C. Drew, . Hale block, corner Jackson and
Third sts...St. Paul. ■ -"■ 332*
- I ■ I
KKAI, IvSTATi: FOX 5.11.X.
FOR SALE— §4OO under market price, lot |
:- on grade, two blocks from cable line.
Gilbert ii Co., 88 East Fifth si. . 212 I
Proposals for Steam Heatings
County Auditor's Office, I
St. Paul, Minn., June 27, 1887. f
Sealed proposals will be received at the
office of the County Auditor, until Aug. 1,
1887, at 4 o'clock p. m., for the ';. ■ -
•of the Ramsey County Court House and City
Hall. No bid will be entertained or consid
ered unless accompanied by the bond of the
bidder or bidders, with sureties residing in
Minnesota, satisfactory to the commissioners,
in the penal sum of one thousand dollars,
(or in lieu of such bond the bid may be ac-
companied by a check for the sum of one
thousand dollars, payable to the order of
Robert A. Smith.) conditioned, that if the bid
shall be accepted and the contract awarded
to the bidder or bidders, he or they will enter
into such contract. The drawings, specifica
tions, and any additional information, mar
be obtained by applying to E. P. BassforiL
architect, room 28, Gilfiiian block. City of
St. Paul. The right to reject any bid is
reserved. By order of the City Hall and
Court House Special Commission.
County Auditor.
180-213 Secretary of Special Commission.
Proposals for Joiner Work.
Countt Auditor's Office, )
St. Paul, Minn., July 12, 1887. f
Sealed proposals will be received at the
office of the County Auditor until Aug. 1,
1887, at -1 o'clock p. m. for the entire
(including all carpenter work, painting and
glazing), for the Court House and City Hall,
including all the work and material required
for all such joiner work, etc.. and to construct
and fully complete and finish the same.
No bid will be entertained or considered
unless accompanied by the bond of the bidder
or bidders, with sureties residing in Minne
sota, satisfactory to the commissioners in the
penal sum of four thousand dollars (or in lieu
of such bond the bid may be accompanied by
a check for the sum of four thousand dollars,
payable to - the order of Robert A. Smith),
conditioned, that if the bid shall be accepted
and the contract awarded to the bidder or
bidders, he or they will enter into such con-
tract. The drawings, specifications, and any
additional information, may be obtained by
applying to E. P. Bassfoid. architect, Room
2*, Gilfiiian block, City of St. Paul. The right
to reject any bid is reserved. By order of the
City Hall and Court House Special Commis
sion. M. F. KAIN,
County Auditor, .
19£-212 Secretary of Special Commission.
Proposals tor Steam Heating ami
Wafer Supply*
Sealed proposals will be received at the
office of the Board of Trustees in Jamestown,
Hal:., until 12 o'clock m., Aug. 27, 1887, for
putting in Steam Heating and Water Supply
or the North Dakota Hospital for Insane.
Drawings and specifications can be seen at
the office of the Board of Trustees. James-
town, D. T., or at the office of Willett A
Pashley, architects, 107 Dearborn street, Chi
cago, 111., ou and after July 27, 1887.
No proposal will be considered unless ac-
companied by a certified check for 51. 500, a
guarantee that the party will enter into a
contract with the Board of Trustees and give
a good anil sufficient bond in the sum 01
58,000, with two or more approved sureties,
conditioned that said work will be done ac«
cording to the plans and specifications, to be
completed in a reasonable time, to be agreed
upon at time of awarding contract.
The right to reject any or all bids is rfr
served. ' '-; '■
By order of the Board of Trustees.
F. E. JONES, Secretary.
Office of Board of Education, }
St. Paul, Minn, July 26, 1887. J
Sealed proposals will be received by
the committee on real estate of the
Hoard of Education until Monday, the
Ist day of August 1887, at 5 o'clock p.
m., for the construction of
one each on the grounds of the Jeffer-
son, Madison and Lincoln school build-
ings, according to plans and specifica
tions on file and to be seen at this office.
Each bid must be accompanied by a
bond on the part of the bidder, with
two (2) good and sufficient sureties in a
sum amounting to at least twenty-five
(25) per centum of the contract price of
the material proposed to be furnished
and of the work proposed to be done in
said bid, and conditioned that in case
such bid is accepted by the above named
committee, the bidder will enter into a
contract with the Board of Education to
furnish all material and perform all
work in accordance with the require-
ments of the plans and specifications,
and for the price stated in his said bid.
A check in a like amount, properly
certified and made payable to the order
of the Board of Education of the city of
St. Paul, will be received in lieu of the
bond above specified if so preferred by
the bidder.
The right to reject any or all bids is,
reserved by the above named commit-
Correct form of blanks used for above-
required bonds can be seen at the office-
of the corporation attorney.
All bids must be plainly marked on
exterior of sealed envelope "proposal
for boiler house to school or
schools," indorsed with the firm name
and address of the bidder, and ad-
dressed, mailed or handed to the under-
signed at his office in the high school
building, where he will receive them
during the usual business hours until
the final hour of the day above stated
for their reception. . '
By direction of the committee on real
estate of and for the Board of Educa
tion. Otto Dreheb, Secretary.
Sewer on Sixth Street.
Office Board of Public Works. I
City of St. Pale, Minn., July 30, 1587. J
Sealed bit's will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St.
Paul, Minnesota, at their of-
fice in said city, until 12 m. on the llth
day of August. A. 1). 1887, for construct-
ing a sewer on Sixth street, from Maria
avenue to Maple street, in said city, to-
gether with the necessary catch basins.
and manholes, according to plans and
specifications on file in the office of said
A bond with at least two (2) sureties.
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent.
of the gross amount bid must accom--
pany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to»
reject any or all bids.
"JR. L. GOB MAN, President.
Official. W. F. Enwix,
212-222 Clerk Board of Public Works..
To - Morrow,
AUG. 1.
AUG. 1. *
Let There Be a Grand Rash on th*
Home Stretch, .
Every Baby Born between Jan. fc
and Aug-. 1, 1887, is entitled to a
Chance to Draw a
' J*mSS&&S£***. - ,6l» taken <!>• lead fa
VfjS^Bp»s*-**i^VlJH , the sales of that class of-
jfe&Sr Caret la >B3 re-'ne' and has given
fl^Tl TO i DAYS. \*s almost universal siusfisv
/it%:*<3o»rant«ed not lolH ■ ': **"*• 'i '
§&[* e*uis Stricture. « ' ' MURPHY BROS.; ' •
mSM "' -cr.lj b» ' O has won the favor oi -
?'.M"....n , , . tie public and now rank* '
V«£sF Ch»=isi! C!. a.noi..; the leading McdV
V^. Cineinnetl.EjFESS eHkUdw riUojp. " -' ""*
s^^Ohlo^Jv] • - Bradford. W
' V *ruetlAW*y-

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