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On the Chicago Board of Trade Wheat
Was Regarded as Uncertain
A Strong Element on the Bear Side Was
the San Francisco Col
Transactions in the Financial Circles of
Wall Street—The General
Chicago, Aug. 29 — Wheat was regarded as
uncertain stuff early to-day. The final and
complete collapse of the San Francisco cor
ner was the strong element on the bear side.
Reports from the Northwest contained much
about dirty wheat and about disappointing
yield in Dakota and elsewhere. September
wheat opened %c lower, but in thirty min
utes it was selling at GB*4C, only Vie under
Saturday's close. As the session advanced
decided interest was taken in the visible
statement. Traders were prepared for any
thing in the neighborhood of a million bush
els decrease, and were therefore agreeably
surprised at the official exhibition making
the decrease 1.425,000 bushels. The effect
was an almost immediate advance to G9c for
September. This comparatively high
figure caused more or less realiz
ing, which carried prices back,
the last sale being made at [email protected]
for September. Corn also at lower prices.
There was considerable nervousness for an
hour, but prices soon rallied under a fair de
mand, and September corn started at 40% c,
told up to -lit and steadied before noon at
40% c, the closing price Saturday. May corn
first sold at 44t,2C, %c under the close, but
later sold up slowly to 44% c, the last price of
the week. The visible supply statement an
nounced an increase of 230,000 bu for the
week, and it had ■ discrediting effect on buy
ers. and there was a decline to the close.
September closed at 40Vsc or Vie under Sat
urday. May reached 45c for the highest
point and closed at 44»4C, or Vfec under Sat
urday's closing. Oats were slow and heavy,
speculative orders were light and the special
spring demand was hardly adequate to the
supply. September opened at 24V2C,
sold to 24% c and closed at 21% c.
Provisions exhibited a quiet and easy feeling
and there were no important changes to note.
A few orders from outside shorts tended a
steadier feeling early and slightly improved
prices were paid in a few cases, but outside '
figures were not fully supported to the close.
Offerings of all descriptions were moderate
and there was no particular pressure to sell
and the demand was confined to providing
for a few contracts, or transfers, from Sep
tember to October deliveiy nt the current
differences. The shipping demand was
moderate and the offerings were fair. The
receipts of products were not very large, and
the shipments of all kinds quite liberal and
widely distributed. Eastern and foreign
markets exhibited no particular change.
September lard opened at $0.40, sold down
to $0.35 and closed at $0.371.2. September
short ribs opened at $7.90, sold down to
£7.85 and closed at $7.90- Mess pork was
practically unchanged.
Chicago, Aug. 29.—Wheat—Xo. 2 August,
6*% c, closing at OSVinc; September, GB%C,
dosing at 65%@68%e; October, 70Vsc. clos
ing iU70%@70%c: December, 73V'sc, closing
at73%@73%c Corn— 2 August, 401.2 c,
closing at 40Vi>c; September, 40% c. closing at
40% c -"October, 41% c, closing at 41%e; May,
44>'2C closing at 4484 c. Oats—Xo. 2 August,
24% c, closing at 24V4c; September, 24V£c,
closing jij 24% c; October, 25% c, closing at
2.->%<32sV*c; Slav. 3OV2C, closing at 30V2C.
Mess Pork, per bbl.—Year, $11.(JO; Jan
uary, $12.2712, closing nt $12.25. Lard, per
100" lbs—August. $0.40. closing at $0.35:
September, SG.4O, closing at $0.35: October,
$0,471-2. closing at $6,421*: January. $8 52%,
Closing at $0 50. Short ribs, per 100 lbs.
August. S7.SK), closing at $7.90: Sep
tember. $7.90. closing at $7.90:
October, $7.90. closing at §7.87 i'«;
January, $0.25, closing at $0.25.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour in
local demand only. Prices are unchanged
and firm. No. 2 spring wheat. 68% c; No. 3
spring wheat. GSV^c; No. 2 red, 69% C; No. 2
corn, 40% c; No. 2 oats. 24Vic: No. 2 rye.
44!« c: No. 2 barley nominal; No. 1 flax
seed, $1.01: prime timothy seed, §2.36®
2.38: mess pork, per bbl, 15.25: lard,
per 100 lbs, 96.37%: short rib sides (loose).
$7.57i2: dry salted shoulders (boxed). $5.45
85.50; short clear sides (boxed), [email protected]
8.35: whisky, distillers' finished goods, per
gal. $1.10: sugars, cut loaf. [email protected]%c; gran
ulated, G%c: standard A. Gc. Receipts
Wheat. 28,000 corn, 285,000 oats,
108,000 bu; rye, 3,000 bu: barley, 44.000
bu. Shipments— Wheat. 257.000 bu; corn,
391,000 bu; oats, 335,000 bu; barley, 8,000
bu. On the produce exchange to-day the
butter market was weak at [email protected]!»c for
cieamerv and 15®21c for dairy; eggs steady
at 13Vi(S14c.
Investment Bankers.
152,153,154 Drake Block. Loan Money,
on Improved Real Estate Security,
At O, «}*, 7, 7% and § per cent.
On Shortest Notice for any amount.
Chicago Daily Quotations.
These quotations are furnished daily at 1
p. m. by Marrett, Huff maun & Co. Office 307
Jackson street.
Sep. OcL Dec. Sep. Oct. May
Opening 68% 70% 73% 140% 41% 44Vi
Highest 09 70% 73%| 41 41*45
Lowest 68% 7U% 73% 405& 41% 441.4
(losing 08i.3J70i4i73%; 40*|-UV2 443j
Sep.lOct. Jan. Year. Sep. I Oct.
Opening.. 2 25U' 12 27 11 60 6 37 0 47
Highest... 24%'24%| 12 27 11 GO 6 40 0 47
L0we5t....'24%!25% 12 25 11 GO 0 35 0 42
Closing.... 24% j 25% 12 25 11 GO G 32 16 42
Receipts of hogs to-day, 1O.0O0: official
yesterday. 7,665; left over, 600: light hogs,
&[email protected]".40; mixed packing, |[email protected];
lieavv shipping, $5.15©5.50. Receipts cat
tle, 12,000.
visible SUPrLT.
Wheat, 30,573,161; corn. 6,353,214: oats,
4,781,458; rye. 288,941 ; barley, 226,192.
Wheat. 138 cars: corn, 552 cars; oats, 251
cars; rye, 13 cars; barley, 83 cars.
Grain and provisions bought and sold for
cash or future delivery. Commission one
eighth. Orders for the purchase and sale of
stocks on any stock exchange in the country
promptly executed. We have the only direct
private wire from St. Paul to Chicago and
New York.
Milwaukee Produce.
Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 29.—Flour dull.
Wheat steady; cash and September, 68% c;
October, 70% c. Corn dull: No. 3, 40Vic.
Oats easierr: No. 2 white. 27%4C: Rye weak :
No. 1. 47c. Barley firm; No. 2, 57% C Pro
visions, easier. Pork— August. $14.50. Lard
—September, $0.35 : October, $0.45. Butter
easy: dairy, 186206. Eggs firmer; fresh,
13c. Cheese quiet: Cheddars. [email protected]%c.
Receipts—Flour. 4.500 bbls; wheat. 9.000
bu; barley, 36,700 bu. Shipments—Flour,
13,400 bbls; wheat, 31,400 bu; barley.
3,500 bu. ,
Rice Block, S. W. Corner of Fifth*
and Jackson Streets.
Five per cent, interest paid on time
» deposits. Money loaned on improved
city property. " Transacts a general
hanking business. Capital, $50,000. Sur
plus and undivided profits, $20,409.38.
Open Saturdays from 6 to 7 p. m.
John S. Prince, President. Edward J.
Meier, Cashier.
Duluth "Wheat.
Special to the Globe.
Duluth, Minn., Aug. 29.—A fair business
was done on 'change to-day. and prices were
slightly above Saturday's close. The demand
was moderate for futures and very good for
cash. Indeed. cash wheat does not want for
purchaser*, the demand exceeding the sup
ply, and far round lot* it is worth as much as
October. The clearances from the seaboard
were light, and it is generally thought that
for the coming month they will full off con
siderably. The decrease of 284,000 bushels
in store here whs Jess than was
expected. Receipts are growing larger here
nnd will be heavy iii a few days. The re
ports from the West are that threshing is
going on at a rapid rate and shipments will
be fair. The close whs easy here at about
yutrfde prices. Cash Wheat—Sales of 7 cars
of No. 1 hard were made at 71Vjc, and 4.000
bn ot 7Hic; 10,000 bn August sold at 71% c.
At the close cash in round Jot* and
August were worth 7Hic and car
k»tt 71 %c. No. J Northern sold
at 69c. and No. 1 Northern, no grade, at
63Vic. September— Sales were made nt 7<i>-<-
Dp fo7ls4C, and the close wits £1 tie. Octo
ber sold on the curb at 71*40 and 71*jic. and
on the regular board at from 71 Vi<gi7l&fce up
to 71 "4f. closing at 71&fec bid. December
sold at 4Vic over September at 55Vic and
7."'se. May was sold at Sic. Cars on track
this morning, 104. Corn in store this morn
ing, 02,093 bushels.- -The flour receipts here
the past week were 47.121 barrels, and the
shipments 53,870 barrels, leaving the amount
iv store this morning 48.500 brrrels.
390 Jackson Street, - - - St. Paul.
New York Produce.
Xew York, Aug. 29.—Flour, receipts, 38,
--005 pkgs: exports. 3,075 sacks; generally
weak: sales. 20,000 bbls: superfine Western
and state. £[email protected]; common to good ex
tra Western and state. 52.90<5 3.40: good to
choice do. [email protected]; common to choice
white wheat Western extra, [email protected];
fancy do, [email protected]: common to good ex
tra Ohio, $384.75: common to choice extra
St. Louis, [email protected] Wheal, receipts, 364.
--250bu: exports, 160,735 bu: spot lots de
clined ViS'-ic, and options SM&Vic,. closing
heavy at near the bottom: export inquiry
quite" moderate; speculation rather slow;
sales. 2,672,000 bn futures, 262,000ta spot;
No. 2 Chicago. 77^*c: ungraded spring 80*8
©Sic; ungraded red, 76vi(g,>i5c; No. 2 red,
79%@79%c elevator, 80 15-;6<&SlV4c deliv
ered: No. 1 red. nominal, S4e: No. 1 white,
nominal, 84c; No. 2 red. August, closing at
79i2C: September. 79irtfe79*ic, closing at
79>2c; October, SO' -iQ so 15 IGc, closing at
Sosibc; November, [email protected]«*c, closing at 82c;
December, 83tt(clS334C, closing at 83iic;
January,B4*6e, closing at Sl'ic; February,
85%[email protected] l-16e. closing at Ss7fcc: March,
86%@87c, closing at S7c: April, [email protected]_c,
closing at 88<*c; May, 89tefiJ89J.ic, closing
atS9Vic; June, [email protected], closing at 89Vic.
Corn—Snot lots a shade, and options [email protected]^BC
loner, closing heavy. Receipts, 400 bu; ex
ports. 143.153 bu; stiles. 840,000 bu futures,
170.000 on spot. Uugraded, 49%@514te;
No. 2. 49<[email protected] store, SK&SIV4C delivered;
No. 2 August, nominal, 4'J%c: September,
495t.GH9%c; closing at 49% c; October, 49%
<549tsc; closing at 49*40; November. 50^@
50% c; closing at sd%c; December, 503,4®
51V&C; closing tit 51c; May. 52%@£2%«c;
closing at 52^0. Oats, a shade higher. Re
ceipts, 89.200 bu: exports, none: sales. 140,
--000 bu future, 142,000 bu spot. Mixed West
ern. [email protected]; white do. 35©40 c.
115 East Fourth Street,
St. Louis Grain.
St. Louis, Aug. 29.—Wheat firm, though
there was moderate trading the fluctuations
were very light, varying only about 1-lOc.
during the session. ' No. 2 lied cash, 69Vic;
September. [email protected]*c, closed 69i.se: October,
70%®70%c., closed at 707« c; December,
74Vi<§ r 74?4C, closed at 74Vi>c; May, 81%©
'-•Ji.-c, closed at 81% c. Corn firm: cash
[email protected]^4C : September, 37*[email protected]%c.,
closed at 37% ; October. SSVi-fS.vlSSfcc., closed
at 38t4; November. 37%@38c, closed at
3*c.: May, 40%©. 4114 c closed at 41Vs. Oats
iff. easier: ca*h 24%@244feCL, September,
24^c.; October, 2aHc; May, 30c. Kye
strong, 48>,2C. bid. iCH
Cor. Third and Robert Sts.
CAPITAL, ... $500,000.
Wal.l er Manx, Richard E. Stow Kit,
President. Cashier.
.Liverpool Grain.
LivEnrooL. Aug. Wheat dull; holders
offer freely. Corn quiet but steady; demand
Mining Stocks a Specialty.
131 East Fifth Srteet. - St. Paul.
New York, Aug. Flour— Receipts 22,
New York. .-^f.-..-
New York, Aug. 29.—Money on call easy
at 3 to 5V2 per cent., last loan 4,closed offered
at 2. Prime mercantile paper OVi<S-9. - Stir
ling exchange dull but linn at 54.80i,2 for
sixu day bills and %4JB3Vk for demand. The
stock market to-day presented few features
of interest, and in a measure subsided into
the duuness existing during the week before
last. I nder the improved feeling generated
on Saturday, stocks opened strong, and the
demand from London and the shorts made a
further improvement. But when this had
been satisfied, which was not long after the
opening, the usual dullness appeared and
considerable pressure was brought against
the list. Operators are a ting developments
in the Oregon Northern Pacific stocks, and
these were attacked again, and Oregon
Navigation. which had opened
up 2 per cent.. was knocked
off 2*4. and closed unchanged.
Oregon Transcontinental and the Nortnern
Pacifies were weaker on the general list early
iv the day. and Western Union and Pacific
Mail later. Missouri Pacific led the early
advance, spurting up sharply though most of
the gain was afterward lost. There was an
utter absence of news and the bears seem to
have ceased the rumors and talk which bad
influence upon speculation last week. The
first sales were made this morning at ad
vances of from 1* to % per cent over Satur
day's final figures, and on a fairly active bus
iness further gains were established in the
early trading. Missouri Pacific being most
prominent with a spurt of 1% followed by-
Wheeling and Lake Erie with 1%. The lat
ter held its advantage, but the general list
was soon depressed below the opening fig
ures, and Missouri Pacific lost most of its
gain. The market then became very quiet
with scarcely any movement in prices until
in the afternoon, when a further fractional de
pression was brought about. The dullness was
then intensified and lasted until the last hour
when some advances were made, and the
market closed quiet but firm. The entire ac
tive list, with but few exceptions, show
small fractional advances, but Wheeling and
Lake Erie is up 3 and Missouri Pacific lVfe.
Railroad bonds were dull and featureless.
Sales. (715,000. The general list was steady,
though a few changes were recorded, with
losses somewhat in a majority. Gulf, Colo
rado and Santa Fe lsts lost 3at 118: Hous
ton & Texas Western division lsts, 2% at.
Il2fe; I tali Southern 7s. 3 at 92; Great
Western 2d, 2at 100; Tnenessee Coal, Bir
mingham division, 2'a at 80. Toledo. Ann
Arbor and Grand Trunk lsts rose 2'a to
97Vi. Government,bonds were dull but
strong. state bonds were neglected. The
total sales of stocks to-day were 222.330
shares, including:
Lack. & West. 11,50 0 Xorth. Pac. pfd 8,300
Erie 11.910 Oregon Trans.. 11.135
Lake Shore.... 4.443 heading 50,97*
Louis. A: Nash. 3.02<- St. Paul 25.970
Missouri Pac. 9,OiK St. P. & Omaha 3,200
Northwestern. 4,220 Union Pacific. 5.450
Northern Pac. 8,00) Union.. 10,557
Investment Bankers,
152, 153 and 154 Drake Block, St. Paul.
Buy and Sell Stocks .Bonds and Real Estate
Quotations of Stocks and Bonds.
XEW York. Aug.' 29. 80nds closed at the
following prices bid:
I". S. 4s coup... 125 »* ' bake Erie & W... 10%
do 4'->s coup.. 10M..-: Lake Shore 92i»
Pac. Os of 95... 121 ■L. & X 017S
La. stamped -4a. i_-4~7i L. it X. A 4o
Missouri Os 100 Memphis A C... 49
Ten. (>* set"mts.lo3t2 Michigan Cen... 82
do 5s do 100 Minn. A: St. L.... 1314
do 3s do 70 do preferred... 31
Cen. Pac lsts. .1141; Mo. Pac 93%
D.AR.G. Ists.ll'.M-i. Mobile ill 121*
D.&R.G.W.lsts. 7412 Morris&E. of d..137&fe
Erie 2ds 9*«4 Xash. & Chat.... 77t2
M.K.&T.Gen.Os. 92 U X. J. Central 73Vi
N. Pac. lsts 115 Nor. A: W. pfd.. . 421;.
do 2ds 10312 Northern Pae 24^i
North, consols..l3B i do preferred... 9«4
do deb 5s ....IOS Cnicago & X 113%
St.L.&S.F.G.M.. 113 Vdo preferred...l 42
St. Paul consols. 127 X. Y. Centrallo7
St.P..C.T.P.lsls.l2lu;ohio A: M 24%
Tex. Pac. L. G.. SO Out. & W 16
T. P. K. G. ex. c. Os Or. K'v & Xav... SOI*.
Union Pac. lsts.ll4>i Or. Trans 22V1
West Shore 99 |do Imp. Co — 30
Adams Express. 145 Pacific Mail,— 39V&
Alton &T. 11... 33 Peoria. D. & E... 23
do preferred.. 70 | Pittsburg 152
American Ex...l<>7 Pullman P. Car..144
B. C. R. & X.... 45 Beading >lVi
Canada Pacific.. 54Vi! Bock Island 123%
Can. Southern.. 521.2 St. L. A: S. F 34%
Central Pacific. . 301-j do preferred... 70
Chesapeake A; O. 0 do lsts pfd 11l
dopfdlsts.... 1012 (.. 11. ft St. P.... 81%
do 2ds 7 j do preferred... 11 2
Chicago & A.... 145 St. P.. M& M 112
dopfd 160 j St. P. & Omaha... 45V6
C, B. <__ 0 135i'2 do preferred.. 107
C, St. L. & P.... 14%[Texas- Pacific.... 20%
dopfd 39 !Union Pacific— 53Vi
C.,S.A:C SGVi'U.S. Express.... lUi
Cleveland C 01... SO Wab., St. L. & P.. 17"*
Delaware* 11 . 100 | do preferred... 30
Del., L. & W....129% Wells-FargoEx..l2o
D. &R. G 26%IW.U.Telegraph.. 71!*
Erie 29% Colorado C0a1... 35U
do preferred.. 67% N.Y..C.&5t.L..., Hit*
East Term 10% do preferred... 2S». I 2
do preferred.. 5912 Mil., L. S. A W.. 83%
Fort Wayne 150 do preferred... 104
Harlem.' 215 T. C. &1. K'v... 28
Houston & Tex. 25 C015..11.V. & T... 23
Illinois Central.llß% T. & O. Central.. 50
Did.. 1!. & W... 10 -Ft. W. Den. 451.5
Kansas & Tex.. 25U '■' -'.r - ■-.
Paid Up Capital £000,000;
Surplus 5100,000.
Wm. Dawson, Pres. Robt. A. Smith, V.
l'ics. Wm. Dawson. Jr., Cashier.
' Chicago, Aug. Bank clearings 10 da>->
were $9,092,000. New York exchange was
quoted easy at GOc discount. No quotable
change has taken place in money rates, rul
ing figures being from 6to 8 per cent. The
rate varying with conditions of time and
Cor. Jackson and Fourth Sts.
Safe Deposit Vaults. gfiSftSX
rent and low rates.
St. Paul Stock Exchange.
Snifcs— Galena, .55: 1.000 Alidor. .19:
500 Alidor, .IS; 300 Creston. - .41; 200
Galena, £7:500 Abacus, buyer 30, .07; 300
Abacus, .06; 1,500 United Iron, buyer 30,
.18; 500 United Iron, .17; 250 Galena, buyer
30, .00: 10 Real Estate Title Ins. Co.. 114.00;
100 Galena, buyer 60, .75; 300 Alidor, .10;
500 Alidor. .15; 500 United Iron. .16; 2,000
United Iron, buyer 30. .17; 200 Galena, .58;
100 Galena, .56; 500 Alidor. .14; 100 Alidor,
.13; 100. Alidor, .12; 100 Galena, .55 ; 500
Alidor. buyer 60, .10. ,
St. Paul National German Ameri
can bank, 125 bid, 128 asked; St. Paul Na
tional bank, 110 bid, 116 asked; First Na
tional bank, 182 bid; Second National bank,
255 bid; Third National bank, 120 bid; Mer
chants National bank, 160 bid; Commercial
National bank, 117 bid. 125 asked: Bank of
Minnesota, 130 bid: Capital bank. 130 bid;
Gcrmauia bank, 1271.2 bid; The People's
bank, 108 bid; Seven Corners bank, 100 bid,
105 asked; West Side bank, 100 bid, 102
asked; Savings Bank of St. Paul, 140 bid;
Scandinavian American, 100 bid, 105 asked;
First National bank, Stillwater, 110 bid, 130
asked; Lumberman's National bank, Still
water, 125 bid, 140 asked.
Minneapolis banks— of Minneapolis,
110 bid, 130 asked; City bank, 105 bid, 115
asked; the Commercial bank, 103 bid, 112
asked; Union National bank, 102 bid, 105
asked; First National bank, 135 bid; German
American bank, 100 bid, 125 asked: Henne
pin County Savings bank, 150 bid. 175 asked; '
National Bank of Commerce. 105 bid, 115
asked; Nicollet National bank, 106 bid . 120
asked; Northwestern National bank, 135 bid;
People's bank, 103 bid, 120 asked; Scanda
bank. 125 bid. 140 asked: Suite bank, 107
bid, 109 asked; the Security bank, 130 bid,
141 asked.
Miscellaneous Stocks—SL Paul Fire and
Marine Insurance company, 120 bid, 141
asked; St. Psul Trust . company, 105 asked;
St. Paul R. E. Title Insurance company, 110
bid, 115 asked; Minnesota Security com
pany (par 50), 46 bid. 55 asked; St. Paul
Land company (par 100), 100 asked; War
rendale Improvement company, 40 bid; Min
sota Scale, 50 asked; Ramsey County Loan
and Trust company, 36 bid, 42 asked; St.
Anthony Park X. company. 63 asked; West
Publishing company (par 50), 56 bid, 60
asked; North St. Paul Laud com
pany, 90 asked; Como Heights
Land and Improvement company, 100 asked;
St. Paul Plow Works. 5 bid; Ballard's Ex
press, 14 asked; Minnesota Electric com
pany, Ola bid, .7% asked; St. Paul opera
house, 100 bid; Capitol R. E. and Improve
ment company, 50 asked: Marvin Land and
Loan company, 105 bid, 110 asked; North
ern Pacific Railroad company, common, 27
asked; Northern Pacific Railroad company,
preferred, 50 Baud.
Mining Stocks—Abacus Iron. .06 asked;
Galena Silver, .50 bid, .70 asked: United
Iron and Land Syndicate. .16 bid. .23 asked:
St. Paul and D»inn company, 3.35 bid, 5.00
asked; Alidor l?on (assessable), .12 asked;
Golden Hope (Assessable), .55 asked; Cres
ton Iron (assessable), .45 asked.
School Bonds, Town Bonds, County Bonds,
Bank Stocks, First Mortgage Loans, Corpora
tion and Investment Securities negotiated on
commission. 157 East Fourth street, under
First National Bank. St. Paul. Minn.
CAPITAL, - - - $300,000.
Alex. Ramsey, Pres. Anthony Yoerg,
Jr., V. Pr. Wm. Bickel, Cashier. P
M. Kerst, Asst. Cashier.
Corner Fifth and Wabasha streets, oppo
site Postoffice.
St. Paul.
There was some inquiry for wheat, and
buyers began to show some disposition to
take hold of new. The higher grades of old
wheat still have a decided call At a premium.
Corn is steady and firm. Choice qualities of
oats are scarce and higher. Barley is dull
and in light demand. Rye is quiet and
steady. Ground feed is without change.
Corn meal steady. Bran unchanged. The
hay market is glutted and we would advise
shippers to withhold shipments till the pres
ent surplus is worked off. as the indications
are that there will be a still further break in
the market. Potatoes steady. Eggs are
stronger and lc higher. The call:
Wheat—No. 1 hard. 73c bid: No. 1 North
ern, 71c bid; No. 2 Northern. 70c bid.
Corn—Xo. 2, 371& C bid; August, 37ViC
Oats—No. 2 mixed, 25c bid. 26tic asked;
August, 25c bid; No. 2 white. 26c
Bariev— Xo. 2. GOc bid: August, 60c bid;
year, 60c bid; No. 3. 45<&50c bid.
Bye—No. 2, 42c bid: August, 42c bid; Sep
tember, 42c bid.
Ground Feed—No. 1, §14.25 bid, $14.75
Corn Meal—Unbolted, $14.50 asked.
Bran— sl2 sacked asked.
Hay— 1. $9 asked: No. 2. §C©B asked;
timothy. $11.50 bid, $12.50 asked.
Flai^eed— 94c bid.
Potatoes —[email protected] bid, 55c asked.
Eggs—l2c bid.
H. W. DAVIS & CO.,
151 Drake Block, St. Paul, Minx
Corn Exchange, Minneapolis.
Hotel St. Louis. Duluth
Produce Exchange.
The quality of apples continues to show
some improvement, and with a good inquiry
from both local and outside retailers trade
keeps up to an active figure. Receipts are
free ana all wants are easily supplied, though
not many fancy stand amies are seen. .Sales
hold at $2.5tXR3. But few cranberries are
arriving yet. and owing to the small and un
attractive appearance of the berry and tlie
abundance of other fruits, prices are not
steady. Butter is wilhout change, with re
ceipts holding up quite liberally, and only
moderate inquiry for anything except fancy
dairy and choice creamery. Cheese is with
out change. Eggs are much firmer, and have
advanced lc since Saturday. Sales are firm
at 12c. Stocks on hand are not large and the
present inquiry just about keeps receipts
well cleaned up. Grapes are lower. Prairie
chickens scarce and higher. Spring chickens
Corner of Fourth and Jackson Sts.,
St. Paul, Minn.
PAID UP CAPITAL, - - $500,000.
Albert Scheffer, President.
P. 11. Kellv, First Vice President.
Chas. Kittelson, Second Vice Presid'nt.
Herman Scheffer. Cashier.
307 Jackson Street,
Direct private wire to all markets. Prompt
attention given to orders by mail or
wire. Commission Vs.
Chamber of Commerce.
On the local board there was a fair activity
from local millers and a few outside orders
were being filled. Very little change from
Saturday's market were apparent except that
sample "tables were rather more profusely
covered. Prices ruled steady and averaged
about the same. Local stocks for the week
show a decrease of 2t'6.250 bu. At SL Paul
they are 20,000 bu less and at Duluth they
declined 284.628 bu. leaving at that point
less than 1.000.000 bu of wheat, and less
than 250.000 bu of the No. 1 hard grade.
Hay has been showing a weaker tendency of
Following are the closing quotations:
No. 1 hard. cash, 72ijc: September. 72*4 c:
October, 70»^c in store: new. 71Vi: old, 74c
on track: No. 1. Xorther-i, cash, 71 Vi; Sep
tember, 71« tic: October, G^ic in store: new,
69c: old, 73c on track: No. 2 Northern.cash.
G9Vse; September. BMc; October, 65c iv
store: new, 65c; old, 70c on track.
Note—New wheat sells several cents below
old wheat of the same grade, as the present
demand is chiefly milling demand and new
wheat is not sufficiently matured for making
flour. The difference is greater in lower
Note— sales of wheat by sample, grade
has lime, if any effect in making prices, that
being determined by quality and the percent
age of hard in each parcel.
Note—Shippers would do well not to ship
new wheat until after it has gone through the
"sweat" as it frequently sweats in the car
and inspects a lower grade.
Sales included 10,000 bu October No. 1
hard delivered, 71c; 10.000 bu October No.
1 hard, 70% c. Car lot sales by sample: 1
car new No. 1 hard delivered, 72c; 2 cars-
No. 1 hard delivered. 74c: 4 ears No. 1 hard
o. L, 74c; 3 cars new No. 1 Northern deliv
ered, 69VSc; 2 cars new No. 1 Northern de
livered, 69c: 1 car new No.l Northern deliv
ered, 70c; lear new No. 1 Northern o. L.
G9c; 2 cars new No.l Northern delivered,
68c; 3 cars No. 1 Northern delivered, 73c;
lear No. 1 Northern delivered, 72c; 1 car
new No. 1 Northern f. o. b., 70c; 5 cars No.
2 Northern o. L, (54c* 1 cat No. 2 ; Northern,
original" wav bill. G7C; 2 cars new No. 2
Northern delivered. Otic: 7 cars new No. 2
Northern delivered, 05c: lear new No. 2
Northern o. L, 65c; 1 car new No. 2 North
ern o. J., 65VSc: 6 cars new, no grade, deliv
ered, 63c: 57 cars new, no grade, delivered,
63e: 1 car new. no grade,. delivered. 62c; 1
car new. no grade, delivered. 53c: 1 car new.
no grade, G3V£c; 2 cars new, no grade, 62c: *
1 car new, no grade, delivered, 61c; 3 car-. "
no grade, new. 63c; 1 car = new, sample, de
livered, 68c; 1 car new, sample, delivered.
C9c ; 1 car. no grade, corn o. L, 37Vic ; 4 cars
new oats o. L, 25*^c; 1 car No. 2 white oats
o. t.. 26i2.-. .-.
Flour—There was a quiet but steady trade
through mail and wire orders for domestic' i
distribution, . and some movement reported j
on foreign account. The latter is now about
on a parity with the home request, and ' to- !
gether provide for the current output about j
as fast as made. Prices have undergone very
little alteration for several weeks, and while
the wheat market remains so flat there is lit- I
' tie prospect of any sharp changes in flour
values. The late high prices of bran and
shorts have made a jilace for the lowest
grade of flour, though but little higher than
common shorts. Patents, sacks to local
dealers. S4<f<4.2o; patents to ship, sacks, cat
lots, g3.95(Tc4.10; in barrels, $4.10(84.25;
delivered at New England points. [email protected]
4.85: New York points. $4.0<>@4.75: delivl
ered at Philadelphia and Baltimore, $4.50<0;
4.70; bakers', ?3.35(^.3.55; superfine, $1.75
Red Dog. sack, [email protected]; Red Dog. bbls;
Sl.7o<gil.Bo; rye flour, pure, cwt, $1.75. .
DBran and Shorts—Both sorts were offered
pretty freely for prompt delivery to-day at
nbout $10ftt 10.50, though some manufac--
Hirers with little to sell continued to ask $11.-
Shorts about $1 above bran.
Corn steady and firm at [email protected] for good
samples that would inspect about Nos. 2 to 3.
A few cars were offered to arrive, for which,
38c were asked. :
Oats—The demand is fair, and considering
the large quantity absorbed lately on track
delivery prices hold up well. Sales were gen^
erally at 250366 for new samples, though"
nice 'white in some cases brought Vac more. A
small inquiry still exists for old white at a;
cent or so above new. ,
Flax Seed— at the oil mills at 94i&c.
Feed—The market is . steady and firm for
mixed feed, and as cool weather begins there
is a little more inquiry for it. Selling at $14
<&.14.75 on track, $15©15.25 delivered.
Hay—The hay market was easy under very
liberal offerings, and sales of good to choice
wild at [email protected]
Receipts—WheaL 167.520 bu: corn, 21.
--000 bu; barley, 600 bu; flour, 140 bbls; mill
stuff, 160 tons: hay, 110 tons: fruit, 192.160
lbs; merchandise, 1,444, 637 lbs; lumber,
49:>.000 feet; posts and piling, 8 cars; barrel
stock, 3 cars; machinery, 65,000 lbs; coal,
994 tons; wood, 96 cords; brick, 127,000;
lime, 5 cars; cement, 400 lbs; household
goods, 100,000 lbs; pig iron, 15 cars; ties, 4
cars; stone, 28 cars; live stock, 8 cars;
dressed meats, 40,000 lbs; hides, 10,000 lbs;
railroad material, 17 cars; sundries, 26 cars.
Total, 609 cars.
Shipments—Wheat, 37.520 bu; corn, 1,200
bu; oats, 1,800 bu: flour. 29,520 bbls; mill
stuff, 791 tons; merchandise, 1,561,910 lbs;
lumber, 96 i,OOO feet; machinery, 219,100
lbs; coal, 60 tons: wood, 7 cord: cement, 180
bbls: ties, 16 cars, stone, 16 cars: live stock,
1 car: hides, 25,000 lbs; railroad material,
20 cars: brick, 16,000; sundries, 18 cars.
Total, 614 cars.
The following are the receipts and ship
ments of wheat to-day, reported by Pressey,
Wheeler & Co., by private wire:
Points. Rec'ts. Ship'ts.
Minneapolis 107,500 37,500
Duluth 27,200 45,200
Milwaukee 8.900 31,300
Chicago 27,700 257.400
St. Louis 100,900 1,500
Kansas City - 33,000 3.000
Toledo.. .... 97,400 184,200
Detroit 33,700 106,800
Philadelphia 1,800 5,500
The following shows the wheat in elevators
at these points on the dates named:
Bushels. Bushels.
-7"—.:--:- Aug. 22. Aug. 23.
No. 1 hard 1,589.784 1,416,921
No. 1..: 619.766 550,040
No. 2 144.410 138.086
N0.3..... 50,678 47,419
Rejected 19.354 19,844
Special bin..... 187,849 182,281
Minneapolis 2,620,848 2,354,593
St. Paul 105,000 55,000
Dulth 1,026,710 742,983
Total... 4,502.989 3,151,676
Local decrease 316,255
Duluth decrease :.. 264,628
24 and 26 South First Street,
Minneapolis, .... Minn.
Pork and Beef Packers ; . j
And General Provision Dealers.
Bulls and Bears.
It is pretty dull on the floor just now, but
will look up in a week or so, as soon as the
crops begin to move.
First wheat quotations from Chichago yes
terday, time 10:30: -
September, 68% c; October, 70 tbc; Decem
ber, 73% c.
Duluth market opened prices at 10:30, and
offered 71 Vie for October. :.'.'.
Chicago was a little off in the morning, on
account of Saturday's action of the Califor
nia clique, but this market was not affected
thereby, especially as receipts are so light.
Messrs. Bryden-aud Howard Sanderson,
two prominent gentlemen from Milwaukee,
accompanied by ' Chief Grain Inspector
Charles Holland, of the Cream City, were on
the floor Saturday. . They are on a pribate in
specting tour of the crops, and went to Du
luth Saturday night.
A railroad man on the floor remarked he
would give the St. Louis road credit for lay
ing track in a night and tearing it up in a
night more rapidly than any road in the
country, He had just come in from Waseca.
Samples were plentiful on the tables yester
day, but mostly of a low grade of wheat.
Twenty-five thousand bushels October
wheat was sold in one lot on the local floor,
price 70% c; later on it was sold again for
S. S. Linton frequently patronizes the blind
man who runs the fruit stand, and he is as
fond of sampling apples as he is of wheat.
Lindblonrs dispatch was missed from Its
usual place yesterday morning, because that
famous Chicago operator is in Kansas City
on private business.
Cables from England say that corn is weak
and lower; Liverpool and London advices
easy in tone, but slight depreciations in
wheat on account of California dispatches.
Movements in the local market are as fol
lows: V
Wheat, 192 cars, 107.520bu; corn, 2 cars,
1,200 bu.
Wheat, 67 cars, 37,520 bn; corn, 2 cars,
1.200 bu: oats, 2 cars, 1,800 bu.
Dispatch from the corn belt, weather
cloudy but pleasant.
Wheat, decrease, 1,424,822 bu; corn, in
crease, 250.231 bu; oats, increase, 338,617
Chicago quotations, time, 12 o'clock:
September, 68% c; October, 70%@70f2c;
December, 73% c.
Duluth quotations, time, 12:08 o'clock:
October, 71i*c.
George W. Shepherd had a 4ia>atch from
the other side reporting-ba' (failures in
Liverpool, but nothing authentic beyond
that. . , . -
Closing prices on the local floors were:
Wheat in store: Cash, hard, 72Vic; No. 1
Northern, 71Vic; No. 2 Northern, 69Mjc;
September, hard, 72tyc; No. 1 Northern,
71% c; No. 2 Northern, 69%.c: October,
hard. 70% c; No. 1 Northern, 68fcc; No. 2
Northern, 65c.
Wheat on track: Cash, old, No. 1 hard,
74c: No. 1 Northern. 73c; No. 2 Northern,
70c; new. No. 1 hard, 71 Vie; No. 1 Northern,
69c: No. 2, Northern, 65c.
Corn, old, [email protected]; barley, old, 46®48c;
oats, old, [email protected]; flax seed, old, 95c.
Following were the visitors on the floor:
A. K. Shepard, Duluth: August Prelchel,
Waconia; George W. Chesebro. Whitewater,
Wis.; W. L. Manford, Reville, Dak.
Investment BBOKERS.
Bank and Land Corporation Stocks
bought and sold.
■ Dealers in Local Stocks generally.
-. Offices corner of Fourth and Robert
streets, St. Paul, Minn.
Minnesota Transfer.
The market at Minnesota Transfer vestcr
dav was quiet. The arrivals were small and
the offerings were limited to two or three cars.
The yards were clear of everything except
ing a"few lambs. Hogs are in good demand
and all sold that came iv at $5.
Chicago. Aug. 29.—Receipts, 12,
--000; shipments. 4.000; market steady for
best, others a shade lower: fancy, $s.2ofgi
5.50; shipping steers. [email protected]; stockers
and feeders. $2&3.25: cows, bulls and
mixed. $1.65<§_3: Texas steers. $2.50^3.30;
western rangers a shade lower, $2<5i3.00.
' Hogs— Receipts. 10,000: shipments, 4.000;
market strong; rough. [email protected]; packing
and shipping. [email protected]; light, $4.85©
5.40; skips, [email protected] Sheep— Receipts,
8,000; shipments. 1,000: market a shade
lower: natives, $2.4.12tj; western, $3.60
©3.65; Texans, [email protected]; lambs, $4©4.85.
Commission Merchants and Lumber
men's Supplies.
Liberal advances made on consign
ments of grain. 322 Sibley St., St. Paul.
This wonderful discovery h»» been used for S.
pears by the Physician« of Pari*, London and Ne*
fork, with frre 11 success. These Ci jurale* are supe
. rior to all remedies or tbc prompt cure of all cases
recent or of lon* stindinir. They are the ch«ai>est
in the market, costing but 75 cents j>er bottle of 61
Cat*n!<_*.. _-l .. < CLIN & VIE., .Parte.?:
Sold everywhere .;,--■ -; ; W
The Firms whose Cards Appear Below are.Among. the Most Reliable
Dealers in St. Paul.
General Real Estate Dealers and Agents !
South St. Paul Property a Specialty. Lots in. Ryan Syndicate on Monthly
\W£}fZ payments.
Acres in Rose and Reserve Townships I
REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, 319 Jackson Street, Hale Block,
W. H. PRITZ & CO.,
Real Estate and Loans,
Members St. Paul Real Estate Board, St. Paul Stock Exchange.
JOHN P. LEITNER, 101 East Fourth St.
I have the sale of 40 acres within the city limits, which is only three-fourths ofa
mile from railroad station and intersected by East Seventh street, $650 per acre,
cheap at $1,000; land in the vicinity sold at $1,000. Title perfect; about one-fourth
cash, balance to suit. This is a bargain.''
65 Acres on the line of "Sault R. R„"on Lexington avenue, north of city limits, at
$250 per acre on easy terms. 10 Acres one-fourth of a mile of Rice street, at
$350 per acre; you can double your money- by spring. Please call.
A. HOENCK, 101 East Fourth.
10 Acres between the cities, on Snelling', between Otto and St. Clair,
$1,750 per acre, X cash, balance five years at 7 per cent.
10 Acres on Rice, at $550 per acre; an elegant piece of land, only 3% of a
mile from center of the city.
10 Acres intersected by East Seventh, adjoining- city limits, $625 per acre.
5 Acres on Snelling, between Summit and Marshall. '
KEMPF & FRYE, 303 Jackson, Special Bargains for ONE WFEK ONLY.
South facing lot in Block 2, J. C. Stout's addition $2,250. On very easy terms.
Souih facing lot in Block 38, Summit Park, Lincoln avenue.
House and lot on Laurel avenue, between Dale and St. Albans; $1,000 under value.
Lot on Iglehart, between Kent and Dale, $250 under value.
We have a few more Midway Lots at $400, on monthly payments. These lots will
be worth nearly double that amount in a year.
Seventy-four feet on corner of Mendota and Fremont; a choice piece of property.
Lots in College Park andSchroeder's Addition. On easy terms.
List; your property with us. We can sell it. .
I W. P. HARD & CO.,
Real Estate and Loans,
Corner Third and Robert St.s, over Third National Bank, St. Paul, Minn.
REFERENCES: Hon. P. H. Kelly, Ex-Go v. W. R. Marshall, Third National Bank.
/..:.. .nut- Members of St. Paul Real Estate Board. •■XviK
Twenty-two Feet on Jackson, corner, a bargain.
Two Lots, Skidmore & Cassedy, $1,100 each.
One Lot on LaFond street, $800; cheap. Forest Lawn Lots, $650 each.
Bargains in West St. Paul Proper; also, in Marshall, Morrison and
Hitchcock Additions. -^
75-Acre Farm!
Near Lake Como, at less than half the priceof adjoin
ing property. I offer this now for the first time on
the market. :1 ' . , „
My $400 and $500 Lots near Hamline are A 1 fine,
and on account of their great beauty and location
must double right up in value.
Will show you the property.
Room 14 Mannheimer Block, 3d & Minnesota Sts.
We have no surgical operation. Will not detain patients from their business
We guarantee a cure in every case we treat. Our time is entirely devoted to this
specialty. We do nothing else. We do not wish you to take our word for any
thing. Every statement we make we are able and willing to verify by unques
tionable proof. All you have to do is to come here and examine our testimonials
and confer with our patients. We will be glad to have you do this. VV c invite the
closest inspection of the effects of our treatment. We are permanently located in
Minneapolis, our office being No. 25 Collom block. All correspondence given im
mediate attention. Please inclose stamp. Please say you saw "ad" in this paper.
A, j ill '■i|Pa 7^ Manufactured at the St. Paul Box Fac
/* F3* «_JF^ tory and Planing Mill, also Fisher's Gro
■ CuflflKß la •> eery and 'Butcher Boxes and Cold Stor
ey EmSMiIJI M| i age Houses, Counter. Store. Office and
BLPi^ "I i* rM^PtL'l_J_ußw I>rug Fixtures, Custom Planing. Mould-
P«l a_Mif Tf'T^T-^f r"S big, Turning, Scroll and Resawing,
i IJI I ■hVIH 1 J 3 :C9Z_9 Wainscotting, Casings and Hardwood
m rHa ', Btss B -J S^l^fnßßst Flooring. Railroad track privileges.
LiJ h«w»www n "**-} Corner East Foarth and Locust Streets
CORL/ES, CHAPMAN & DRAKE (Incorporated).
T-'.CILj ■ --.*' —\
Manufacturers. Seven Corners, Warerooms Eighth and Jackson, St. Paul. Special
Designs furnished. Bank and Office Fixtures a Specialty.
<^/vn4Mr (Q. (^ede&uwdf,
novelties in Staple and Fancy Stationery.^ Seaside Libraries.
;~ 30 East Street St. PauL
. ■- ••"'-: - _-. ■ ■ ■ _ ' ':'.■•■:,■■_■ . - ....
Al' _____ ' * *' f ' i'l ""
Notice for Judgment .
Offick of the City Treasurer, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 29,1887. J
I will make application to the district court in and for the county of Ramsey
and state of Minnesota, at the special term to be held Saturday, Sept. 10, 1887, at
the court house, in St. Paul, Minnesota, for judgment against the several lots and
real estate embraced in a warrant in my hands for the collection of special assess
ments, and for an order of the court confirming the awards of the Board of Publia
Works for benefits and damages in the hereinafter named special assessments.
All in the city of St. Paul, county of Ramsey and state of Minnesota, when and
where all persons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners and description of real estate are as follows:
Balance Balance
Supposed owner and description. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
St Aubin & Jackson. The east thirty-three
feet of lot I,'lloyt's subdivision of W X of
tfW X of section 29. and SE \i of NE Xof
section 30. town 29 N, range 22 W. in the
city of St Paul ' Minnesota. Taken for De
Soto street.... % ..:/..... $1,000.00"
Same and same, .uot 1, Hovt's subdivision
of W}{ofNW Xof section 29, and SE X I *0 00 $°5 00
ofNEJ^of section 30, town 29 N, range [
22 W, in the city of St Paul, Minnesota,
except part taken for De Soto street $1,025.00 J
*** The above improvement costing less than $200 will be paid out of the general
fund under the law.
All in the city of St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota.
242-43 . GEORGE REIS. City Treasurer.
Notice for Judgment
Office of the City Treasurer, )
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 29, ISB7. )
1 will make application to the district court in and for the county of Ramsey
and state of Minnesota, at the special term to be held Saturday, Sept. 10, 18S7,
at the court house, in, St. Paul, Minnesota, for judgment against the several
lots and real estate embraced in a warrant in my hands for the collection of
special assessments, and for an order of the court confirming the awards of the
Board of Public Works for benefits and damages in the hereinafter named special
All in the city of St. Paul, county of Ramsey and state of Minnesota, when
and where all persons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners and description of real estate are as follows:
Balance Balance
Supposed owner and description. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
CW Carpenter. That piece or strip of"
ground bounded northwesterly by Sum
mit avenue, NE'ly by lot 1. block 1,
Farrington & Kinney's Addition to j . .
St. Paul. SE"ly by SE'ly line of said lot [
1. produced to St. Peter street, and
SW'ly by St. Peter street, being in St. |
Paul, Minnesota i $q.OO 1-00 $0.00 $5.00
Farrington & Kinney's Addition to St.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block.
C W Carpenter 1 1
Same, except Boyles' part....x 2 I)
Butman's Addition.
Balance Balance
Supposed owner and description. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
J G Freeman. SW'ly 50 ft (except nn
Carpenters vi\rt)..... •••• 1 *2.00 $1.00 $0.00 $1.00
Dwelling Improvement company. NE'ly ,•
50 ft of SW'ly 100 ft 0f........... .1 2.00 1.00 000 1.00
JoelEWhitney,S'Wly|sßftofNE'ly9Sftof 1 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
R Rothchild, NE'ly 40 ft of 1 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
Bazille's Addition.
Balance. Balance
Supposed owner and description. Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner to city
Chas F Clark, Sly of Summit 1 $4.00 $1.00 0.00 $3.00
avenue ' 4 1 $4.00 $1.00 0.00 $3.00
Farrington & Kinney's Addition.
9imnn«;pfl owner and Balance Balance
SUP description f Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner to cits
C Knock. Sly 120 ft (except street) 5 2 1 «, nn sn no S3 00
Same, Sly 120 ft * 2 V $4.00 $1.00 $0.00 $3.00
Same, Sly 120 ft of W'ly 15 ft 0f... 3 2 J
E J Woodward, Sly 120 ft ofE'ly 3 g j QM - im
Same S'lv 120 ft 0f '.'.'..'.'.'.'..'.'.'....'... 2 2 2.00 1.00 ' 0.00 1.00
JnoAPriedeinan 0:::..... 1 2 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
Butman's Addition.
SUP& dip°tTo n„ er Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages. toJSSSrfto'St?
Aug except E-ly.sSft... 2 2 $2.00 $1.00 $0.00 $1.00
Byron C Howes, Ely 58 ft of 2 2 3.00 1.00 0.00 2.00
ECBrowning 1 2 5.00 1.00 0.00 4>uu
Bazille's Addition.
SuPSe o|c edin otYon rand Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages^mvneSdt?
PlynSlcCrch 5 1 $5.00 $1.00 $0.00 $4.00
* * The above improvement costing less than $200 will be paid out of the gen
eral fund under the law. _ f'-Zf. * «.
24 AlHn the city of St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota.
' TO—
Vacation of St. Paul & Stillwater
m^m. contractors
City Clerk's Office, I WWIIIiIfIWIWIW . ■
St. Paul, Aug. 23,1887. f .
Whereas, A petition has been filed in City Clerk's Office, )
this office by orderof the Common Coun- St. Paul, Aug. ii, 1887, ) „
Paul and Stillwater road (sometimes the office of tin City Clerk,; °t the City
called the county road), running from Kay^f rattMSm. on "ewtay,the
Sy sSeet street northeasterly to the construction and erection of tor
nev street andl iWne avenS' across the the construction and erection of a
northerly portion of block 3, Borup & Stone Arch Bridge
Paine's addition to St. Paul; and «*
Whereas, The petitioners state that On Colorado street, across Starkey
they are the owners of all the property street, according to plans and specifi
ni said block 3 which abuts upon said cations on file in the office of the City
road asked to be vacated, and that the Engineer of said city,
object and reason for such vacation is A bond in the sum of 20 per cent, of
that said road was long since abandoned the gross amount bid, with two sureties
by the public as a traveled highway.and who are residents of the state of Minne
is of no use or value either to the public sota, must accompany each bid.
or to private individuals; The Common Council reserves the
Now. therefore, notice is hereby given right to reject any or all proposals,
that said petition will be heard and con- By order of the Common Council,
sidered by the Common Council of the Thos. A. Prexdergast,
city of St. Paul on Tuesday, the 4th day 235-242 City Clerk,
of October, A. D. 1887, at 7:30 o'clock p. . ■
„,.,»„,« Council Chamber,,, iheCify QQfjJ^QJ WORK.
.By order of the Common Council. T-' - « . "■_■- _
Thos. A. Prendergast, City Clerk. ■ •
NOTICE TO CONTRATORS. Sewer on Aurora Avenue and
Other Streets.
Sealed proposals for building the
masonry and substructure of the Lake -
IgS^WelS^a&S! ro «£^*g»-i
fiee, Minneapolis.until Sept. 20, at noon. <*" OF bT- * AUL,Minn.,Aug. _io,i«S7.)
Proposals to be directed to L. A. Condit, s ca d bids will be received by the
Secretary, and endorsed "Proposal for B oard of Public Works in and for the
Piers of Lake street and Marshall Aye- corpora tion of the city of St. Paul, Min
nue Bridge. n nesota, at their office in said city, until
Plans and specifications may be seen 12 m on the Gth d of September, A. D.
at the County .Auditor s office, Minne- im for construc ting a sewer on Aurora
apohs, and at the office of J. S. Sewall, avenue, from Rice street to Western
engineer. No. 40 Gilfillan block, St. avenuef on Farrington avenue, from
V . •,, ' . i i ~-f. _, t-cr.A e.\.r.r.u _■„_. Aurora avenue to Fuller street, and on
A bidder's bond or certified check for . Fuller . Btr eet, from Marion ; street to
?2TO must accompany each bid. Mackubin street, in said city;together.:
Ti ie,f,,-, ITCSASS?' with cthe necessary catchbasins and
and all bids.By^rder ■ ofthe^committee, manholes, according to plans and speci- •
jr&sffA&BSSS: fications on file to the office of said
• J. s. sewall, .engineer. Board
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
NO TICE TO BRIDGE BUILDERS, to a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent.
. . of the gross amount bid must accom-'
Sealed proposals for building an iron ps)?. y eac V!^' , „ v „.,
bridge across the Mississippi river to The said Board reserves the right to
connect Lake street, in Minneapolis, and reject any or all bids. aat -p, QC f,i Q .,f
Marshall avenue, in St. Paul, will be re- *-*.', . «■ J- OOKM x fA I(lent.
ceived at the office of the County Aud- Offlcial.. m iv _ \\. 1. Lrwin. i
itor, until Sept. 20, at noon. Proposals -248 Clerk Board of Publlc Works.
to be directed to L. A.Condit, secretary, ' ~ " _,
JHnneapolis, and endorsed "Proposal " " J^— x
for superstructure of Marshall avenue r /7 AJ/O * •
and Lake street Bridge." Wf^K^" / ' ', » •Wr/Z' /
Specifications may :be '. seen \at the TrJ s^}f /? J,{~^ J_s\s/**>-/s-t/.
County Auditor's office, Minneapolis, ; fm Y<t jLOj-. 'f^J^C^^- /A
and at the office of J. S. Sewall, en- •"•^^"•^ *B^*<&>zse±mLS4i
gineer, No. 4« Giifillan block. St. Paul. FOR TIIE
A bidder's bond or certified check for -
$200 .must accompany each bid."s gu AH/TTST FITT" T _#"\TWT *
The right is reserved to reject any or ffl I llf I V* I .N, X I I liM
all bids. By order of the committee. : 1 v/ AU.JL XJ _£_____. JL \J JLI ;
•- -'.L. A. Coxdit, Secretary. v 1 ■ .1. V. Lif-iiYH, sole Importers -■
■•".-/'J-'S. Sewall,, Engineer. . / %#.C7 and (59 Washington St., CiucAGd"
. _ -235-248- ' - . .. - '._- .^

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