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Conditions of the Grain Market Almost
Unchanged at the Opening in
Whatever Advantage Was Gained Seemed
to Be in Favor oi the
Transactions in the Financial Circles of
Wall Street—The General
Chicago, Aug. 30.— conditions of the
grain market were unchanged at the opening
on 'change to-day. In such futures as opened
under, there was* a slight rally during the
first hour. The quoted option was this morn
ing changed from September to October. Oc
tober wheat started at 70\ic, then improved
1-16 C. The weak, lower and unsettled state
of the Liverpool market for California wheat
give a weak tone to the market September
began to sag, October sold down to 70c be
fore noon, remained steady at that figure for
sometime, declined to 09% c, reacted slightly
and closed at 70®70V'8C The weaker feeling
in the wheat pit, large receipts of corn to-day
and anticipated receipts to-morrow, and
heavy selling by a local operator gave the
corn market a decidedly bearish tone to
day. October opened at 41 tic, advanced
to 41%@4in_4c, and about noon dropped
down to 41«4c, closing at [email protected]%c. May
started at 44% c, sold at 44%©45 c and back
again to 44<fcc or Vfcc under yesterday, re
acted, and closed at 44% c Oats were dull
and heavy and failed to move out of the rut
where they have been for days. October
sold 25*_jfe25*2C, closing at the inside figure.
The provision market was stronger and
prices averaged higher, trading exhibited
far more life, especially in lard, which was
taken quite freely by shippers. Short ribs
were also taken with a liberal degree of
freedom. Offerings were not large and
prices advanced 2%c on lard and 5c on
short ribs. Lard sold at [email protected]% for
September, [email protected]% for January.
Short ribs [email protected] for September,
closing at $7.95: January at $6.27*2<f?,56.32*2.
Closing at $6.52%. Pork [email protected]%
for January, closing at the outside.
THE quotations.
" Chicago, Aug. 30.—N0. 2 August
6S%C closing at 68% c; September, 68% c,
closing at 6S*4c: October, 70*4 c. closing
at 70*? c: May, 79*Sc closing at 79% c Corn
—No. 2 Alienist, 40%e, closing at 40*ic: Sep
tember, 40"% c, closing at 40»fec; October,
41 *sc, closing at 41% c: May, 445ic, closing at
4475 c Oats—No. 2 August, 24UC, closing at
24*ijc: September, 24«4C closing at 24Vic;
October, SMfce, closing at 25% c; May, 30% c,
closing at 30% c Mess Pork, per bbl.—Year,
$11.50, closing $11.65; January, $12.30,
closing at $12.32%. Lard, per 100 lbs.—
gust, $6.35, closing at $6.37%; September,
$6.35. closing at $6,371.2; October, $6.42%,
closing at $6.42%: January. $6.50, closing at
$6.52*2. Short ribs, per 100 lbs.—August,
$7.95. closing at $7.95; September, $7.90,
closing at $7.95: October, $/.90, closing at
$8; January, $6.30, closing at $6.32%.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour re
mains quiet and prices quotably unchanged.
No. 2 spring wheat 68*ic: No. 3 spring
wheat 65*ic: No. 2 red, 68%@69%c; No. 2
corn, 40% c; No. 2 oats, 24Vfcc: No. 2 rye
44% c; No. 2 barley nominal; No. 1 flax
seed, $1.01*[email protected] 1.02*; prime timothy seed,
[email protected]: mess pork, per bbl, [email protected];
lard, per 100 lbs. $6.37*2: short rib sides
(loose), $7.95<§_7.97%; dry salted shoulders
(boxed), [email protected]; short clear sides
(boxed), [email protected]: whisKy, distillers'
finished goods, per gal, $1.10. Receipts—
Flour. 15.000 bbls: wheat. 70,000 bu: corn,
406,000 bu: oats, 281,000 bu: rye. 7.000 bu;
barley. 52,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 11,000
bu: wheat. 49,000 bu; corn, 540,000 bu;
oats, 106,000 bu; barley. 2,000 bu. On the
produce exchange to-day the butter market
was steady at 17%@24c for creamery and
15©20% C for dairy: eggs steady at 13%©14 c
Investment Bankers.
152, 153,154 Drake Block. Loan Money
on Improved Real Estate Security,
At 6, 9X, 7 9 7}-£ and 8 per cent.
On Shortest Notice for any amount.
- Chicago Daily Quotations.
These quotations are furnished daily at 1
p. m. by Marrett, Huffmann & Co. Office 307
Jackson street
Sep. Oct. Dec. Sep Oct May
Opening 6814 7014.79*8 40% 41% 44Sfe
Highest ««!* 70% 73% 40% 41% 44%
Lowest -68% 69% 73^ 41% 44%
Closing <»8% 70% 79% 40% i4l*4 44%
Sep. Oct. I Jan. Year. Sep.! Oct.
Opening..l24l4 25% 12 25 11 50 6 37 6 42
Highest... 24% 25% 12 32 11 65 6 37 6 42
Lowest.... 24% 25% 12 25 11 50 6 35 6 42
Closing.... 24*4 25% 12 32 11 65 6 35 6 42
Receipts of hogs to-day, 10,000; official
vesterdav,B,7l7; left over, none: light hogs,
[email protected]; mixed packing, [email protected];
heaw shipping, 55.10Q5.25. Receipts cat
tle, 10,000.
Wheat, 144 cars; corn, 784 cars; oats, 358
cars; rye, 7 cars barley, 184 cars.
Grain and provisions bought and sold for
cash or future delivery. Commission one
eighth. Orders for the purchase and sale of
stocks on any stock exchange in the country
promptly executed. We have the only direct
private wire from St Paul to Chicago and
New York.
Milwaukee Produce,
Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. Flour dull.
Wheat unsettled; cash and September, 68»ic;
October, 70% c Corn strong; No. 3, 41c
Oats lower; No. 2 white, 27% c; Rye weak;
No. 1, 46*2 C. Barley higher; No. 2, 58c. Pork
—August $14.50. Lard—September, $6.35;
October, $6.45. Butter dull: dairy, [email protected]
Eggs higher; fresh, [email protected]%c. Cheese
quiet; Cheddars, [email protected]%c Receipts
Flour, 1.800 bbls; wheat 18,OO0bu; barley,
32.400 bu. Shipments— 11,200 bbls;
barley, 3,400
Investment BKOKERS.
Bank and Land Corporation Stocks
bought and sold.
Dealers in Local Stocks generally.
Offices corner of Fourth and Robert
streets, St. Paul. Minn.
Duluth Wheat.
Special to the Globe
Duluth, Minn., Aug. 30.—The effects of
the California crash were more seriously
felt in the wheat market to-day than at any
other time lately. The collapse of the sup
posed settlement there has thrown a good
deal of wheat on the market in San Fran
cisco and Liverpool at almost any price it
will bring, and the result was a big depres
sion in values at Liverpool, which reports
large trading in California wheat and with
cargoes on passage depressed and lower,
all of which affected our market The break
in Liverpool affected all the American mar
kets. The break here, where considerable
wheat was offered and a good fair business
was done, was %c One feature of the mar
ket is the growing tendency to trade in dis
tant futures, all of which shared the depres
sion. The receipts are good, and for the first
time in many days no shipments are reported.
It begins to "look as thongh stocks would
show an increase next Monday. Clearances
from the seaboard are fair.yesterday's amount
ing to 285,000 bu. The close was active,
with bidders in the market Cash wheat
No. 1 hard sold at 71% c. and closed at 70% c
bid. August sold at [email protected]%c, closing at
70% c bid. No. 1 hard "no grade" sold at
70% c. September opened at 70% c, declined
and closed at 70% c bid. October opened at
71% c, declined to 71*gc, and closed at 71*[email protected]
71 **c bid. November, a sale was made at
72% c December sold and closed at 74c
May sold at 81c, down to 80% c, closing at
80% c sellers. September here is worth
about 39c. Receipts small.
Paid Up Capital $600,000;
Surplus $100,000.
Wra. Dawson, Pres. Robt. A. Smith, V.
Pies. Wm. Dawson, Jr., Cashier.
New York Produce.
New York, Aug. Flour, receipts, 30,
--02* pkgs; exports, 7,500 bbls, 14,537 sacks;
steady; sales, 18,300 bbls; common to
choice white wheat Western extra, $4.40®
4.60; fancy do, [email protected] Wheat re
ceipts, 95,000 bu; exports, 241,153 bu; spot
lots a shade lower and heavy; exports trad
ing only moderate : options opened weak and
soon declined *[email protected]%c. closing easy at or near
the lowest; speculation moderately active;
sales, 4,040,000 bu futures, 236,000 bu spot;
No. 2 Chicago, 77*?®78c; No. 1 hard, 85% c;
ungraded spring 80% c; ungraded red, 77%
©80% c; No. 2 red, 79%@79%c elevator, j
hue I. 0. b., 80%&80% c delivered; No.l red, I
nominal, 83% c; No. 1 white. nominal, 83*fcc;
-No. 2 red, August, 79**@79iic, closing at
79% c; September, 79*[email protected] closing at
79*4e: October, 80*[email protected]%4c closing atßo%c;
November, 81fc<a82S, closing atßl%c; De
cember, 83%@83%C, closing at 83% c; Jan
uary, . 84%@84%e, closing at S4*fcc;
February, 85i2<g;8554C closing =at 85*ic;
May, *. 89<259%c,' . closing at 89c;
June, 89%_(§89fcc, closing at 89% c
Corn—Spot lots *i(&%c lower, options weak
and dull. Receipts 16,200 bu; exports, 16j
-769 bu: sales, 696,000 bu futures, 162,000
dv spot Uugraded. 50%@51c;N0. 2, 49%
@50c store, 50%@51%c-delivered; -No. 2
August, nominal. 49% c; September,
49fcc ; closing at 49% c; October, 49%©49& c;
closing at 49% c; NovemDer, 50%@50%c;
closing at 50ftc; December, 50%<351c;
closing atso?*e:Mav. 52 [email protected]%c; clos
ing at 52% c Oats, %©%c lower, dull and
heaw. Receipts, 90.200 bu; exports, 158
bu; sales, 160,000 bu futures, 104,000 bu
spot. Western, [email protected]; white do, [email protected]
Hay quiet and steadily held. Hops in light
demand. Coffee—Spot fair, Rio firm, 20®
20% c; options higher and strong, but only
moderately active ; sales,SS.7oo bags. August,
$18.05: September, [email protected];*: October,
[email protected]; November, [email protected];
December, $13.50<&1g.75; January, $18.65®
18.75 ;Febmary.slß,7s :March.slß[email protected]ß.9o
Sugar in fair demand and firm; molasses
grades, 4%c; English island, 4%©4 5-16 c;
centrifugal, 5 5 [email protected] 13-32 c; fair refining
quoted at 4 11-16 c; refined, firm aud active;
off "A," 5%@5 9-16 c; mould "A," 6 1-16®
6 3-16 c. Molasses quiet and nominal. Rice
steady and in moderate request Petroleum
steady; united. 62c. Tallow firm. Rosin
quiet. Turpentine dull. Eggs in fair request
and steady; receipts, 6,555 packages; West
ern, [email protected] Wool quiet and weak; domes
tic fleece, 30®37c ; pulled, 14®35c; Texas,
!>®2sc. Pork firm, but quiet: sales. 200 bbls
mess. Cut meats quiet, but steady. Lard
opened rather easier, closing strong and a
trifle higher: Western steam spot, $0.72%®
6.75: September, [email protected]; October,
[email protected]: November, $6.70®0.72;
December. $6.70®6.72; January, $6.75%®
6.78; city steam, $6.60. Butter steady and
in cmoderate demand; Western, [email protected];
Western creamery, [email protected] Cheese quiet
but generally steady; Western, o®lo*^c.
Copper steady: lake, lOfcc. Lead weak;
common, 4%@4%c Tin steady. Other ar
ticles unchanged.
Mining Stocks a Specialty.
131 East Fifth Sbteet. - St.Paul.
New York, Aug. 20.—Flour— 22,
St. Louis Grain.
St. Louis, Aug. Wheat *[email protected]**c lower;
the opening was firm and trading throughout
the session was fair, more selling than usual
as holders were trying to dispose of
their September wheat; No. 2 Red, cash,
0854®69%c; September, 68%®69c, closing
♦»&«c: October, 70*i®70c, closing at 70% c;
May, 81%@82c, closing at 81% c Corn
easy; cash, 38%®39%c; September, 37%;
October, 37%@38%c, closing at 36% c; No
vember, 37% c: May, 40*4®41%c, closing at
41c. Oats lower; cash, 24©24% c, Septem
ber, 24% c; October, 25c; May, 30c. Rye 50c
390 Jackson Street, - - St. Paul.
~" Toledo Grain.
Toledo, 0., Aug. 30.—Wheat easier;
cash, September, 73% c; October, 75% c;
November, 76% c; December, 78c; May,
83r 8 c. Corn dull and steady; cash, Septem
ber, 43% c; May. 46c. Oats quiet; cash,
25«i4C. Clover seed easier; prime, $4.70.
Receipts— 50,000 bu; corn, 3,000 bu;
oats, 3,000 bu. Shipments—Wheat, 136,000
bu; corn, 3,000 bu; oats, 3,000 bu.
115 East Fourth Street,
Liverpool Grain.
Liverpool Aug. 30,—Wheat active at lower
prices: holders press sales; California No. 1,
5s lld®6s per cental; red Western spring,
5s lld®6s per cental; red Western winter,
[email protected] Id per cental; the receipts for the
past three days were 250,000 centals, inolud
mg 132,000 American. Corn dull; the re
ceipts of American corn for the past three
days were 27,900 centals.
151 Drake Block, St. Paul, Minn
Corn Exchange, Minneapolis.
Hotel St. Louis. Duluth
New York.
New York, Aug. 30.—Money on call easy
at 2® 4 per cent. ; last loan 6; closed offered
at 4. Prime mercantile paper, 6%®9. Ster
ling exchange dull but steady at $4.80% for
sixty days, and $4.83% for demand. The
bears again obtained control of the stock
market to-day, and especially in the after
noon hammered the list with disastrous ef
fect The hopeful feeling existing during
the past few days seemed to have disappeared
this morning, and there was a marked ab
sence of support of any kind throughout the
day. There was no buying of any Influence,
and London turned seller at the opening,
Erie first becoming noticeable under sales
for that account. Vague rumors of a de
pressing character were circulated, nd the
heavy failure in Philadelphia added to the
growing distrust The bears then attacked
the market and succeeded in uncovering
some stop orders, when Manhattan sud
denly began to sell off very rapidly
when the room traders lumped upon it. ana
broke its price over ten points of the first
sale. Many stories in regard to the 6tock
were afloat, but the decline was generally at
tributed to a forced liquidation of a long ac
count The coal stocks. Grangers. Missouri
Pacific and New England were most promi
nent in the decline, special pressure being
again brought against Reading and its de
cline in the last two hours was quite rapid.
The opening was quiet and heavy at declines
from yesterday's final prices of from % to %
per cent The market was heavy and slowly
drooped under the leadership of Erie at first
and biter New England. Business became
very dull after noon, but after 1 o'clock the
break in Manhattan occurred, which started
the decline in the general list again, and the
last hour was marked by unusual activity,
with decided weakness throughout the en
tire list. The close was active and weak at
the lowest figures reached. Everything on
the active list is lower, and Manhattan lost
10%, Jersey Central 3, Missouri Pacific 3%,
Reading and Lake Erie and Western
preferred 2%. Louisville &*« Nash
ville 2%, New England and Omaha
2%, Pacific Mail and Oregon Navigation, 2;
Northwestern. 1%; Lackawanna, Lake Shore,
Erie preferred, Richmond and West Point
and Union Pacific, 1%; Erie, 1%; Texas Pa
cific, 1%; St Paul, 1%, and Western Union,
I*4. There was no improvement in railroad
bonds. Sales $680,000. Prices were weak
in sympathy with stocks, and closing figures
are almost invariably lower. Chesapeake &
Ohio extension 4s lost 3, at 68: Indiana,
Bloomington & Western first certificates 2,
at 83 : the second certificates 4%, at 75; Mex
ican Central 4s 3, at 68; Texas Pacific In
come trust receipts 2, at 48; Wabash, 7s of
1879, 3at 82, and Colorado Coal 6s 4*4, at
92%. Government bonds were dull but firm,
especially for the 4%5. State bonds were
dull and steady. The total sales of stocks
to-day were 293,437 shares, including:
Lack! & West.. 16,900 North. Pac. pfd 3,282
Erie 27.115 Oregon Trans.. 7,110
Lake Shore.... 13,075 Reading 31,010
Louis. & Na5h.12.350 St Paul 23,462
Missouri Pac. 5,745 Union Pacific.l4,42o
Northwestern. 7,310 West'n Union.. 8,460
New York Cen 4,935
Investment Bankers,
152, 153 and 154 Drake Block. St. Paul,
Buy and Sell Stocks .Bonds and Real Estate
Quotations of Stocks and Bonds.
New York. Aug. Bonds closed at the
•following prices bid:
U. S. 4s coup... 1253^. Lake Erie& W... 15*4
do4%s coup.. 109% Lake Shore.. 90%
Pac.6s of "95...121% L.& N 59%
La. stamped 4s. 84% L. &N. A 38
Missouri 6s 100% ! Memphis & C....-49
Ten. 6s sefints.lo4*s Michigan Cen... SI
do 5s do 1021,2 Minn. &St L.... 12%
do 3s do 71 dopreferred... 29%
Cen. Pac. lsts. .115 Mo. Pac 91
D.&R.G. 15t5.119% 1 Mobile &0...... 12
D.&R.G.W.lsts. 74.% 1 Morris &E. of d..137%
Frie 2ds 96% Nash. & Chat.... 76%
M.K.&T.Gen.6s. 92 N. J. Central 70%
N. Pac. 15t5....: 15 Nor. &W. pfd... 40
do 2ds 103 Northern Pac... 24%
North, c0n5015.,139 do preferred... 48%
do deb 5s 108 Chicago & N 111%
5t.L.i5.F.G.M..113 do preferred... 142
St. Paul consols.l 27 N. Y. Centra 1.. ..105%
StP.,C.T.P.lsts.l2l% Ohio& M 24*4
Tex.PacL.G-. 48 dopreferred... 85
T.P.R.G.ex.c. 68*4 Ont. &W 15%
Union Pac. 114*4 Or. R'y & Nay... 85
West Shore 99% Or. Trans 21%
Adams Express. 147 Pacific Mai1,.... 36%
Alton &T. 11... 30 Peoria, D. & E... 22*4
dopreferred.. 70 Pittsburg 152
American Ex...108 Pullman P. Car.. 143.1
B. C. R. & N\... 45 Reading 48%
Canada Pacific.. 53% Rock Island 123%
Can. Southern.. 51*4 St L. & S. F 32
Central Pacific. 36 do preferred... 68
Chesapeake &O. 6 - do lsts pfd.. 110
dopfdlsts.... 10% C, M. &St. P.... 80%
do 2ds 7 do erred... 117
Chicago* A.... 145 St. P., M& M 112
do pfd......... 160 St P. & Omaha... 42%
C..8.&Q 134 -do preferred... 107.
C, &P.... 14 Texas Pacific... 25
dopfd. 36 UnionPlfcific... 51%
C..S.&C 66% U.S. Express.... 66%
Cleveland C 01... 50 Wab4 St. L. & P.. 16%
Delaware AH.. 99% dopreferred... 28%
Del., L. & W....127% Wells-FargoEx..l2s
D. &R. G....... 25% W.U.Telegraph.. 70%
Erie ...... ..... 28% Colorado C0a1... 35%
do preferred.. 65% N.Y.,C.&5t.L.... 15%
East Term. 10% do preferred... 2§
dopreferred.. 57 Mil., L. 8. & W.. 83%
Fort Wayne .... 150 -do preferred. . 103
Harlem 215 T., C. &I. R'y... 26
Houston & Tex. 25 C015.,H.V.&T... 22*4
Illinois Central.ll7 T. & O. Central.. 50
Ind., B. & W... 15 Ft W. Den 44*4
Kansas & Tex.. 24%
Cor. Third and Robert Sts.
CAPITAL, - - - $500,000.
Walter Mann, Richard E. Stower,
President. Cashier.
Chicago. Aug. 30.—Bank clearings to-day
were $8,077,000. New York exchange was
quoted dull at 60c discount, which rate has
ruled for several days. Local money rates
continues [email protected] per cent, the loanable fund
supply being sufficient for business require
ments. ■ /
CAPITAL, - - - $300,000.
Alex. Ramsey, Pres. Anthony Yoerg,
Jr., V. Pr. Wm. Bickel, Cashier. P
M. Kerst, Asst. Cashier.
Corner Fifth and Wabasha streets, oppo
site Postoffice.
School Bonds, Town Bonds, County Bonds,
Bank Stocks, First Mortgage Loans, Corpora
tion and Investment Securities negotiated on
commission. 157 East Fourth street, under
First National Bank. St PauL Minn.
St. Paul Stock Exchange.
Sales—soo. Alidor, .16; 400 Alidor. .15;
500 United Iron, .17; 100 Galena, buyer 30,
.55; 500 Creston, .40; 800 United Iron,
18 :500 Abacus, buyer 60, .06 ; 20 State Bank
of Minneapolis, 108 1,000 United Iron, .19;
100 Galena, buyer 60, 57; 800 United Iron,
buyer 60, .20; 1,500 United Iron, buyer 30,
.19; 150 Galena, buyer 30 .56; 500 Abacus,
buyer 30, .06; 300 Abicus, .05 500 Alidor.
buyer 60, .17:1,000 Alidor, buyer 30, .16;
300 Creston, .40: 500 Creston, .43; 200 Ga
lena, buyer 30, .55.
St Paul Banks—National German Ameri
can bank, 125 bid, 128 asked; St Paul Na
tional bank, 110 bid, 116 asked; First Na
tional bank, IH2 bid; Second National bank,
255 bid: Third National bank, 120 bid; Mer
chants National bank, 160 bid; Commercial
National bank, 117 bid, 125 asked: Bank of
Minnesota, 130 bid; Capital bank, 130 bid;
Germania bank, 127% bid; The People's
bank, 108 bid; Seven Corners bank, 100 bid,
105 asked; West Side bank, 100 bid, 102
asked; Savings Bank of St Paul, 140 bid;
Scandinavian American, 100 bid, 105 asked;
First National bank, Stillwater, 110 bid, 130
asked; Lumberman's National bank, Still
water, 125 bid, 140 asked.
Minneapolis banks— of Minneapolis,
110 bid. 130 asked; City bank, 105 bid, 115
asked; the Commercial bank, 103 bid, 112
asked ; Union National bank. 102 bid, 105
asked; First National bank, 135 bid; German
American bank, 100 bid, 125 asked; Henne-
Sin County Savings bank, 150 bid. 175 asked ;
National Bank of Commerce, 105 bid, 115
asked; Nicollet National bank, 106 bid 120
asked: Northwestern National bank, 135 bid;
People's bank, 103 bid, 120 asked Scandia
bank, 125 bid. 140 asked: State bank, 107
bid, 109 asked; the Security bank, 130 bid
141 asked.
Miscellaneous Stocks— Paul Fire and
Marine Insurance company, 130 bid, 141
asked; St. Paul Trust company, 105 asked;
St. Paul R. E. Title Insurance company, 110
bid, 115 asked; Minnesota Security com
pany (par 50), 46 bid, 55 asked: St Paul
Land company (par 100). 100 asked; War
reudale Improvement company, 40 bid: Min
sota Scale, 50 asked; Ramsey County Loan
and Trust company, 36 bid, 42 asked; St.
Anthony Park N. company, (par 100). 62
asked West Publishing company (par 50),
56* bid, 60* asked; North St. Paul Land
company, 90 asked; Como Heights
Land and Improvement company, 100 asked ;
St Paul Plow Works, 5 bid; Ballard's Ex
press, 14 asked; Minnesota Electric com
pany, 6% bid, 7% asked; St. Paul opera
house, 100 bid; Capitol R. E. and Improve
ment company, 50 asked; Marvin Land and
Loan company, 105 bid, 110 asked; North
ern Pacific Railroad company, common, 27
asked; Northern Pacific Railroad company,
preferred, 50 assed.
Mining Stocks— Iron, .06 asked;
Galena Silver, .40 bid, .60asked; United
Iron and Land Syndicate, .16 bid, .23 asked:
St. Paul and Dunn company, 3.35 bid, 5.00
asked; Alidor Iron (assessable), .16 asked;
Golden Hope (assessable), .55 asked; Cres
ton Iron (assessable), .45 asked.
Cor. Jackson and Fourth Sts.
03T6 ÜBpOSII VSUItSi venient sizes for
rent and low rates.
Railway and Mining Shares.
Amador 115 Sutro Tunnel.... 33
Bodie 110 Silver King 525
Brunswick 160 Security 250
California & Vir. 1750 Tornado 110
Deadwood 300 Homes 12
Eureka 750 Iron Silver 300
ElCristo 325 Ontario 25
Mexican 325 Quicksilver 5
Belle Isle 700 do pref 26
Standard.. 125 Sutro 33
Atch. & Topeka Old Colony 117
Railroad 103 Wis. Cen. com .. 20
Bos. & Albany..2oo do pref 30
Boston &Maine.2l9*4 Calumet & HeclalOS
Chi., Bur. & Q,.. 135 Franklin 11*4
Eastern R.R....115 Osceola 27
do6s 122 Quincy 47
Flint & Pere M.. 30% Bell Telephone . 207
dopref 90 Boston Land.... 7%
Mex.Cen.com.. 14% Water Power.... B*4
do lstmor b'd 68% Tamarack 100
N.Y. & N. Eng. SI 7* San Diego 51*4
do7s 123
Rice Block, S. W. Corner of Fifth
and Jackson Streets.
Five per cent interest paid on time
deposits. Money loaned on improved
city property. Transacts a general
banking business. Capital, $50,000. Sur
plus and undivided profits, $20,409.38.
Open Saturdays from 6 to 7 p. m.
John S. Prince, President. Edward J.
Meier, Cashier. .
St. Paul.
There was fair activity on the board from
local millers, besides which a few outside
orders were being filled. There was little
change, however, in the market except that
sam pie tables were better filled. Prices gen
erally for wheat were steady." Corn was firm
and steady. Oats are improving, and are a
little stronger in price. Barley is weak and
lower, having dropped off lc all around. Rye
shows a little more strength and is lc higher.
Ground feed firmer. Corn meal quiet Bran
steady. Hay is dull and very weak all around
with a prospect of still lower figures. Pota
toes steady. Eggs are in excellent demand
and firm at the advance noted. The call:
Wheat—No. 1 hard, 73c bid: No. 1 North
ern, 71c bid ; No. 2 Northern, 70c bid.
Corn— 2, 37% c bia; August 37*4 C
bid September. 37% c bid.
Oats—No. 2, 25% c bid, August, 25% c bid;
September, 24c bid; No. 1 white, 28c bid ;
No. 2, 27c bid.
Baney—No. 2, 59c bid; August, 59c bid;
September, 59c bid year, 59c bid.
Rve—43c bid; August 43c bid; September,
Ground Feed—No. 1, $14.50 bid, $14.75
Cora Meal—Unbolted, $14.50 asked, to ar
Bran—sll bid, $12 to arrive asked.
Hay—No. 1. $8 bid, $8 asked: No. 2, $5<&7
asked; timothy, $11 bid, $12 asked.
Flax Seed—94c bid.
Potatoes —45c bid. 50c asked.
Eggs— bid, 12% c asked.
Sales—l car hay, No. 1, $8; 10 cases eggs,
12c; 35 cases eggs, 12*4 c.
Corner of Fourth and Jackson Sts.,
St. Paul, Minn.
PAID UP CAPITAL, - - $500,000.
Albert Scheffer, President. W«a
P. H. Kelly, First Vice President.
Chas. Kittelson, Second Vice Presid'nt
Herman Scheffer. Cashier.
307 Jackson Street.
Direct private wire to all markets. Prompt
attention given to orders by mail or
wire. Commission Vs.
Produce Exchange.
The stocks of apples are sufficient for the
present but mostly of common to good cook
ing fruit The demand for fancy and stand
fruit is sharp ana but little is offered. Sales
are made from $2.50 to $3.00. The offerings
ot cranberries are increasing some, but no
fine stock is yet coming in. Butter is with
out change, with firm prices and good de
mand. Continued light receipts of eggs have
had a firming tendency, and with stocks on
hand light and a consumptive demand that
seems rather to increase, sellers are very firm
at advanced prices, sales being made on the
board at 12% cAt present the market is
very firm and strong, with an upward ten
dency. The call:
Butter—Choice extra creamery, 24c;
choice dairy, [email protected]; common dairy, 12®
15c; packing stock, 7©l2c; grease butter,
2*[email protected]
Cheese—Young Americas and fancy, 13c;
full cream, life 12c. »
Onions—New, $1.25 per sack; [email protected]
per bbl. •
Minnesota Maple Sugar, [email protected]; East
era, [email protected]; Vermont, 11%@12%c, In 28 lb
cans."- '-'.'""■'-'. : :";- :
Maple Syrup—Per gallon, [email protected]
Honey—Slow at quotations; fine white
new clover, 18c; old [email protected]; buckwheat,
[email protected] _ .- _ -
Walt— per bu.
Unwashed, 17©19; washed, 22®
New Apples—ln bbls, [email protected]
Cranberries—[email protected] per bbl.
Tomatoes— per bu. .
Radishes—ls to 20c per doz bunches.
Sweet Potatoes— per bbl. '
New Potatoes—[email protected] per bu. ,
Cucumbers—Large, [email protected] per bu; pick
linn, [email protected] per 100.
Peaches— basket, 50 to 60c.
Grapes — to 45c, 10 lb basket; twenty
pound baskets, [email protected]
Green Onions—ls to 20c per doz bunches f
pickling onions, $3.25 per bu. '-!
Blueberries—s2.so to $3 per bu. li
Nutmegs—Large, $1.50 per doz. ;;
Egg Plant— per doz. r
Illinois Peaches—[email protected] per crate, fj
Plums— per case 24 quarts. f.
Watermelons— each. ~ y
String Beans— per bu. /
Wax Beans—sl per bu.
Peas—sl.so per bu. t •'..--'
Squash—soc per dv box. /
Cabbage— per doz.
Green Corn— Be per doz. a
Celery—so<jiGOc per doz. ■'-- °.
Prairie Chickens—[email protected] per doz. "}
Oranges—Rodi, $7.50. i
Lemons— [email protected] f;
Nuts—Pecans. Texas polished, medium to
large. [email protected] per lb; almonds, Terragonas,.
18c; California soft shelled, 18c; filberts,.
Sicily, 12c; walnuts, new California, [email protected]
18c: cocoanuts, $7 per 100; hickory nuts, $1
@1.25 per bu: shellbarks, $1.25©1.50 per
bu; Brazils, 12c; peanuts, Virginia hand
picked, 7c; roasted, Sic. ;;
Dates— Persians, B<g9c; dates inmats,si,ic;
figs, 14<gl8c: new, 18c.
Bananas—Yellow, per bunch, $2©4; red,
$1.50®2 as to size.
Live Poultry—Hens, 7>«©Bc: cocks. 6© 7c;
mixed cocks and hens, [email protected]: turkeys, 7®9c;
spring chickens, by the pound, B<_7.9c.
Cider— Michigan, 16 gallon kegs,
$3.25 per keg; choice refined,ltJ-gallon kegs,
[email protected] per keg: choice refined. 32-gallon bar
rels, $5.5006.50 per bbl; Ohio cider, $1 per
half bbls. $7 for full bbls.
Veal— for heavy; 6c for light.
24 and 26 South First Street,
Minneapolis, - - - - Minn.
Pork and Beef Packers
And General Provision Dealers.
Chamber of Commerce.
In the local market the sample tables were
very well supplied with wheat with some de
mand for the choicest to go to both local and
outside mills at a %®lc lower prices. On
the whole the local market was called dull
for want of active buyers. Coarse grain was
steady, mill feed and hay weak, and the latter
lower on heavy offerings. Following are the
closing quotations: No. 1 hard cash in store,
72%« c: September. 73c; October, 70c; new. o.
t., 71c; old, o. t., 74c; No. 1 Northern cash in
store, 71 %c; September, 72c; October, 67c;
new, o. t., 68c; old, o. t., 73c; No. 2 North
ern cash in store, 69% c; September, 70c ;
October, 64c; new, o. t., 65c; old, o. t., 71c.
Note— wheat sells several cents below
old wheat of the same grade, as the present
demand is chiefly milling demand and new
wheat is not sufficiently matured for making
flour. The difference is greater in lower
Note—ln sales of wheat by sample, grade
has littte, if any effect in making prices, that
being determined by quality and the percent
age of hard in each "parcel.
Note—Shippers would do well not to ship
new wheat until after it has gone through the
"sweat" as it frequently sweats in the car
and inspects a lower grade.
10,000 bu October No. 1 hard, delivered.
71c. „ .
Sales Included 25,000 bu October No. 1
hard, 70Uc. Car lot sales by sample: 5
cars new No. 1 hard delivered, 71c; 3 cars
No. 1 hard delivered, 74c; 5 cars No. 1 hard
to arrive delivered, 71iAc; lear No. 1 hard
f. o. b., 73c; lear new No. 1 Northern de
livered, 69c; 4 cars new No.l Northern deliv
ered, 68«4c ; 6 cars new No. 1 Northern de
livered, 69c; 2 cars new No. 1 Northern de
livered, 68l*ic; 1 car old No. 1 Northern
delivered, 72i&c; 1 car old No. 1 Northern
delivered, 72c; 1 car old No. 1 Northern de
livered, 73c: 4 cars new No. 1 Northern o. t.,
69c ; 1 car No. 1 Northern, delivered, 73c; 3
cars choice old No. 1 hard f. o. b., 74c ; 1
car new No. 2 Northern o. t., 66c; 3 cars
new No. 2 Northern delivered, 64c: 1
car new No. 2 Northern delivered, 65c;
I car new No. 3, o. t„ 61c; 2 care new No. 3;
delivered, 62c; 2 cars new sample, delivered,
62c : 1 car sample, 63c ; 3 cars sample, f. o. b_,:
68c; 1 car new, no grade, 66c; 1 car new, no
grade, delivered, 62c; 4 cars new, no grade}
delivered, 61c; 1 car new, no grade, deliv
ered, 64c; 1 car new, no grade, 65c: 2 cars
new, no grade, delivered, 61c; 1 car. no
grade, delivered, 70c: 1 car, no grade, dcliv;
ered, 71c ; 1 car new, no grade, delivered;
62c; 1 car new, no grade, delivered, 60c; 1
car No. 3 white oats, o. t., 26c; 1 car No. 2
yellow corn, o. t., 37VjC. #H
Flour— remain comparatively steady
with free business on the part of sellers within
the quoted range of values. The production
is larger than usual at this season of the year
but it is going into consumption without any
apparent accumulations anywhere. Low
grades continue to sell well and at prices that
compare very favorably with the higher
qualities. Patents, sacks to local dealers, $4
©4.20; patents to ship, sacks, car lots, $3.95
©4.10; in barrels, $4.10®4.25: delivered at
New England points, $4.70(5,4.85; New York
points, $4.60©4.75; delivered at Philadel
phia and Baltimore, $4.50©4.70: bakers',
§[email protected]; superfine, $1.75©2.40: Red
Doe. sack, $1.45©1.55; Red Dog, bbls, $1.70
©1.80; rye flour, per cwt., $1.75.
Bran and Shorts—Local millers are asking
from $10(511 for bran and for shorts,
but the offerings are very free and sales are
made near the bottom figures. There are dif
ferent qualities of both, and the poorer sorts
can occasionally be picked up below the bot
tom quotations.
Corn— at 37©37i&c for samples of
good quality; some nice held at 36c o. t.
Oats are selling steadily at 25©26t'2C for
new, the outside for No. 2 white; old No. 2
white sometimes goes at about lc above
Flaxseed—Sales of seed at the oil mill were
at about 95c for good seed. -
Feed—Mixed feed sold moderately well at
$14©14.50 on track; $15©15.25 delivered
about the city or on cars to go out.
Hay—The hay market was quiet with a fair
amount offered at $8®9.50 for fair to choice
wild, and sales at about $£©9.
The following are the receipts and ship
ments of wheat to-day, reported by Pressey,
Wheeler & Co., by private wire:
Points. ■ Rec'ts. Ship'ts.
Minneapolis 110.300 38,000
Duluth 43,000
Milwaukee 18,400 ........
Chicago 69,400 48.600
St. Louis 68,300 6,500
Kansas City 5,000 1,500
Toledo 50.400 136,400
Detroit ...; 26.200 24,100
Philadelphia .-. 54,500 12,300
Baltimore 58,300 32,000
New York ... 96,000 241,100
Receipts— 110,320 bu; corn, 600;
oats, 9.900 bu; barley, 600 bu; flax seed, 500
bu;hav, 195 tons; fruit. 749.250 lbs; mer
chandise, 1,295,101 lbs; lumber, 130,000
feet: barrel stock. 3 cars ; machinery, 174,
--350 lbs; coal, 1,433 tons; wood, 107 cords;
brick, 168,000; lime, 9 care: cement, 200
lbs; household g00d5,44,225 lbs; ties,4 cars:
~stone, 21 cars: livestock, 2 care; dressed
meats, 40,000 lbs; hid£s, 38,370 lbs; railroad
material, 19 cars; sundries, 15 cars. Total,
592 cars.
Shipments— 38,080 bn; flour. 24,
--605 bbls; millstuff, 783 tons; fruit, 274,350
lbs; merchandise, 1.122,980 lbs: lumber,
450,000 feet; coal, 85 tons; lime, 1 car;
cement, 80 bbls; ties, 4 cars, stone. 3 cars;
live stock, 5 care; hides, 60,000 lbs; rail
road material, 5 cars; sundries, 14 cars.
Total, 508 care.
The tone of the market was bearish, influi
enced from California. I
Opening prices from Chicago—time, 9:30.
—68^c September, 70^c October, • „a
Opening prices from Duluth—time, 9:33—
71c September. h
J. H. Posson, of Osakis, Minn., reports the
crops first-class in his section. o
The spectacle of a green reporter for an;
afternoon paper graopling the big board and
copying all . the figures down verbatim,
raised a quiet smile around the floor yester
day morning.
One solitary sample of corn relieved the
monotony of wheat samples on the tables.
W. S. Mellen, a prominent merchant in
cotton circles at Cincinnati, 0., was on the
floor yesterday. He is on a tour through the
great Northwest and last night left for Kan
sas City.
The farmers must have been taking lessons
from the Knights of Labor, for the boycott
against the St. Louis-is quite a practical
affair. For proof of this a glance at the roads
over which shipments of wheat arrive at this
point will show a wonderful differences
Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul, 62; Omaha,'
17; Minneapolis & Minneapolis, 88: North
ern Pacific, 21, and the St. Louis only 9. Out
of a total of 197 cars, only 9 came in on the
St. Louis road.
Jimmy Cargill had a little deal with Van
Daysen yesterday. He sold him 50,000 bu.
No. 1 hard o. L wheat at 71c.
Local Movements—Receipts: Wheat, 197
cars, 110.320 bu; corn, 1 car, 600 bu; oats,
II care, 9,900 bu. Shipments: iWheat, 68
cars, 38,080 bu.
Said Charley Handy—Now's the time to buy
wheat; there's money in it, my boy."
Dispatch from the corn belt: Weather
cloudy and cool, with rain.
Late. cables from Liverpool said clique
holders are pressing the market.
Latest advices from Liverpool and London
were to the effect that the market was active,
but prices lower. - -":
On the local market dealings In . car lots
were plentiful, otherwise trading was quiet.
Following was a private telegram received
from Chicago: Report says about three-quar
ters of a million of wheat will be posted. It
should have been posted long ago, but in my
opinion the scalping crowd are all fixed for
' the posted wheat, and market will ad
vance on it after a few suckers make their
sales. Everybody here in the trade knew all
about the wheat and where it was located. -
: Closing quotations at • 1 o'clock were:
Wheat in store, No. 1 hard, cash, 72% c; Sep
tember, ; October, 70c ; No. 1. Northern,
cash, 71%; September, 72c; October, 67c;
No. 2. Northern, cash, ' 69% c; September,
70c; October, 64c. Wheat on track. No. 1
hard, old, 74c; new, 71c; No." 1 Northern,'
old, 73c; new, 68c Duluth; No. 2 Northern,
old, 71c: new, 65c Chicago; corn, 36©37V*c;
oats, 25®26tec; barley,. [email protected]; flaxseed,
Closing quotations from Chicago at -1
o'clock: Cash wheat 68V2C; September
wheat, 68% c.
The following strangers took the privilege
of the floor: J. W. Dare, M. D., Portland,
Me.; L. J. Caie, Molley, Minn.; W. S. Mellon,
Cincinnati, O.; C. A. Christensen, city.
Commission Merchants and Lumber
i S men's Supplies,
j Liberal advances made on consign
ments of grain. 322 Sibley St., St. Paul.
l-i) :.^",:-
it '"
Minnesota Transfer.
The market at Minnesota Transfer yester
day was active. The arrivals consisted of
five cars of cattle, four of hogs and one car
of sheep. There also arrived 3,000 head of
Montana sheep for sale on this market, a
nice lot, plump, well fleshed, and not too
heavy.' The demand for cattle was good,
and hogs went off rapidly, with calls for
more than could be supplied. Sales were:
' Cattle— Average. Price
22 steers 1,227 $3 30
18steers. ......1,205 3 10
18steers 1.094 3 00
15 steers .1,048 3 00
3steers 1,066 3 00
23mixed 868 2 50
12 mixed 1,206 2 50
20cows 885 2 25
Scows 630 200
12calves 285 3 25
15 calves 228 3 50
7 calves 325 3 50
Sheep— Average. Price
141ambs 65 $3 50
Hogs— Average. Price
14 214 $5 00
48 229 5 00
19 300 5 00
29 328 5 00
,18.. 290 5 00
156 276 5 00
54 265 5 00
61 2UO 5 00
22..... 270 5 00
Chicago, Aug. 30. — Cattle—Receipts,
1,000; shipments, 1,000; market weaker;
common to fair lower: fancy shipping
steers, $3.25©5.25; stockers and feeders,
$2©3.20; cows, bulls andmixed, $1.50©
3: Texas battle, [email protected]; western cattle,
$2.60©3.00. Hogs—Receipts. 13,000; ship
ments, 5,000; market strong and closed .
lower: rough, $4.80©5.10; packing and
shipping, $3.05©5.545; light, $4.85©5.30;
skips, $3©4.70. Sheep—Receipts, 5,000;
shipments, 1,000; market strong: natives,
$2./5©4.15; western, $3.(53.70; Texans,
$2.80©3.65; lambs, [email protected]@5.
The Drovers' Journal's special London
cableegram quotes heavy supply of American
cattle. Very best steers, lie per lb, estimated
dead weight.
Dry Goods.
New York, Aug. 30.—Orders and personal
selections were very .moderate, but on previ
ous sales deliveries returned good sales. In
all branches of the jobbing trade a large busi
ness was in motion. .
' Cotton.
New York, Aug. 30.—August broke down
to-day under a desire to unload the remain
ing long interest, rates going off some four
teen points. On the other months the tone
was unsettled, the early portion of the day,
taking a downward course, but after weak
holders sold out, the feeling strengthened
again, and five points recovery followed.
Before the close rates had eased off again
and finally were only a couple of points
above last evening.
: Oil Citt, Pa., Aug. 30.—National Transit
certificates opened at 62c; highest, 63% c;
lowest, 61% c; closed, 62c. Sales, 338,000
bbls; clearances, 1,296,000 bbls; charters,
57.936 bbls; shipments, 84,759 bbls.
Pittsburg, Pa.. Aug. 30.—Petroleum dull,
but steady; National Transit certificates
opened at 61 %c; closed at 62c; highest,
62% c; lowest,
cßradford, Pa., Aug. National Transit
certificates opened at 61% c; closed at 62c;
highest. 62!&c; lowest, 61% c; clearances,
Titcsville, Pa., Aug. National Tran
sit certificates opened at 61% c; highest,
623fec: lowest, glgjtc: closed. 62c.
*-. y. ■ if*- * *dEW *r
Or Black Leprosy, is a disease which is con
sidered Incurable, but it has yielded to the cura
tive properties of Swift's Specific— known
all over the world as S. S. S. Mrs. Bailey, of West
Somerville, Mass., near Boston, was attacked
several years ago with this hideous black erup
tion, and was treated by the best medical talent,
who could only say that the disease was a
species of
and consequently Incurable. It ls Impossible to
describe her sufferings. Her body from the crown
of her head to the soles of her feet was a mass of
decay, masses of flesh rotting off and leaving
(Treat cavities. Her fingers festered and three or
four nails dropped off at one time. Her limbs
contracted by the fearful ulceration, and for
several years she did not leave her bed. Her
weight was reduced from 125 to 60 lbs. Perhaps
some faint Idea of her condition can be gleaned
from the fact that three pounds of Cosmoline or
ointment wero used per week in dressing her
sores Finally the physicians acknowledged
their defeat by this Black Wolf, and commended
the sufferer to her wise Creator.
Her husband hearing wonderful reports of the
use of Swift's Specific (S. S. S.I, prevailed on her
to try it as a last resort. She began Its use under
protest, but soon found that her system was being
relieved of the poison, as the sores assumed a red
and healthy color, as though the blood was be
coming pure and active. Mrs. Bailey continued
the S. S. S. until last February; every sore was
healed ; she discarded chair and crutches, and
was for the first time in twelve years a well
woman. Her husband, Mr. C. A Bailey, is ln
business at 17% Blackstone Street, Boston, and
will take pleasure in giving the details of this
wonderful cure. Send to us for Treatise on Blood
and Skin Diseases, mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co.. Drawer S. Atlanta. Ga.
Change of Street Grade.
City Clerk's Office, J ♦
St. Paul, Aug. 13,1887. j
Notice is hereby given that the Com
. mon Council of the city of St. Paul at
its meeting to be held on Tuesday, the
j 20th day of September, A. D., 1887, at
■ 7z30 o'clock p. m., at the Council Cham
ber in the City Hall, will consider and
• may order a change of grade on the fol
! lowing street, between the points
named, to-wit:
From Acker Street to Maryland Street,
In accordance with and as indicated by
the red line on the profile thereof, and
i as reported upon as being necessary and
proper by the Board of Public Works of
• said city, under date of June 2, 1887,
; wliich said report was adopted by the
said Common Council at its meeting
held on June 7. 1887.
' -The profile indicating the proposed
change is on file and can be seen at this
By order of the Common Council.
aug!3-4w-sat«fewed City Clerk.
The Building: formerly oc
cupied by the GLOBE. Will
make such changes as may
be desired by tenant In
quire of
Rood 3, Mannheimer Block
1^——«—III 11l — MIII—II ■
M 5 fTT r - r - r
j r,
']■•:-! // CjHSßEM%tyJrw._ W !^J ' $ 91l •_____■ w __^__m. ____________________
PM ff^W^Tii w X Ills!oBU*.
ill \3P miflJw^
feoifr- -Ttfjjg^P 1 NATURAL FRUIT
Prepared with strict regard to Purity,
Strength, and Healthfullness. Dr. Price's
Baking Powder contains no Ammonia, Lime,
Alrimor Phosphates, Dr. Price's Extracts,
Vanilla, Lemon, Orange, etc., flavor de
Notice for Judgment
Office: of the City Treasurer, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 29,1887. J
I will make application to the district court in and for the county of Ramsey
and state of Minnesota, at the special term to be held Saturday, Sept. 10,1887, at
the court house, in St. Paul, Minnesota, for judgment against the several lots and
real estate embraced in a warrant in my hands for the collection of special assess
ments, and for an order of the court confirming the awards of the Board of Public
Works for benefits and damages in the hereinafter named special assessments.
All in the city of St. Paul, county of Ramsey and state of Minnesota, when and
where all persons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners and description of real estate are as follows:
Balance Balance
Supposed owner and description. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
St Aubin & Jackson. The east thirty-three
feet of lot 1, Hoyt's subdivision of W A of ; , ,-.
NW Mof section 29, and SE %ofNE %of -'' •' f ''■■■
section 30. town 29 N, range 22 W, in the -"■.".'.-;'"
city of St Paul, Minnesota. Taken for De
Soto street. 51,000.00")
Same and same. Lot 1, Hoyt's subdivision
of WI4ofNW }i of section 29, and SE % I 80 00 525 00
of Nlfkof section 30, town 29 N, range f *"•"" *"°-w
22 W, in the city of St Paul, Minnesota,
except part taken for De Soto street §1,025.00 J
V The above improvement costing less than $200 will be paid out of the general
fund under the law.
All in the city of St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota.
242-43 GEORGE REIS. City Treasurer.
Notice for Judgment
Office of the City Treasurer, \
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 29, 1887. >
1 will make application to the district court in and for the county of Ramsey
and state of Minnesota, at the special term to be held Saturday, Sept. 10, 1887,
at the court house, in St. Paul, Minnesota, for judgment against the several
lots and real estate embraced in a warrant in my hands for the collection of
special assessments, and for an order of the court confirming the awards of the
Board of Public Works for benefits and damages in the hereinafter named special
assessments. _ ,
All in the city of St.Paul, county of Ramsey and state of Minnesota, when
and where all persons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners and description of real estate are as follows:
Balance Balance
Supposed owner and description. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
C W Carpenter. That piece or strip of" '.
ground bounded northwesterly by Sum
mit avenue, NE'ly by lot 1, block 1,
Farrington & Kinney's Addition to
St. Paul. SE"ly by SE'ly line of said lot
1. produced to St. Peter street, and
SW'ly by St. Peter street, being in St.
Paul, Minnesota V qq $ 100 qqm qq
Farrington & Kinney's Addition to St.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block.
C W Carpenter 1 1
Same, except Boyles' part.... 2 lj
Butman's Addition.
Balance Balance
Supposed owner and description. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
J G Freeman. SW'ly 50 ft (except
Carpenters part) 1 $2.00 $1.00 $0.00 $1.00
Dwelling Improvement company. NE'ly
50 ft of SW'ly 100 ft of 1 2.00 1.00 0-00 1.00
JoelEWhitney,S'Wly|oßftofNE'ly9Bftof 1 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
R Rothchild, NE'ly4oft of 1 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
Bazille's Addition.
Balance. Balance
Supposed owner and description. Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner to city
Chas F Clark, Sly of Summit
avenue 4 1 $4.00 $1.00 ' 0.00 $3.00
Farrington & Kinney's Addition.
Supposed owner and Balance Balance
description. Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner to city
C Knock, Sly 120 ft (except street) 5 2} v
Same, Sly 120 ft 4 2 V $4.00 $1.00 $0.00 $3.00
Same, Sly 120 ft of W'lv 15 ft 0f... 3 2)
E J Woodward, Sly 120 ft of Ely
35ftof : 3 2 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
Same, Sly 120 ft of 2 2 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
Jno A Priedeman 1 2 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00
Butman's Addition.
Supposed owner and A^if- Balance Balance
description. Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
AugFßehnke, except Ely 58 ft... 2 2 $2.00 $1.00 $0.00 $1.00
Byron C Howes, E'lysßft 0f...... 2. 2 3.00 1.00 0.00 2.00
ECBrowning 1 2 5.00 1.00 0.00 4.00
Bazille's Addition.
Supposed owner and Balance Balance
description. Lot. Block. Benefits. Damages, to owner, to city
Plymouth Church 5 1 $5.00 $1.00 $0.00 $4.00
*_,* The above improvement costing less than $200 will be paid out of the gen
eral fund under the law. " iB-fiSflmß
All in the city of St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota. • -.v•.-?:
242-43 GEORGE REIS, City Treasurer.
AnnPlTllfCCure witout medicine
rIMI I IVt Patented Oct. 15, 1876.
I VI lllh. one box will cure the
most obstinate case in four days or less, v-•
Allan's Soluble Medicated Bougies.
No nauseous doses of cubebs, copaiba or
oil of sandalwood that are certain to produce
dyspepsia by destroying the coatings of the
stomach. Price, $1.50. Sold by all druggists
or mailed on receipt ■of price. For furtner
particulars send for circulars. V. O. "2
la°j. C. ALLAN CO.. GUnLi
• li&John street, New York. :•-_: - ——
J^nll 11 i.TyTt^______________________HP?^--^___________k CS_)
- ]&___________________. * =___=
__KK___i_Bl^H_BߣSSflK__S ____: -*—
rr^vH B* l__
I ■ ■ __________^__9 ___________ ** *^^
v I iV Sr 4Aw V V! «jj
>nj 1 T i iLK UJ
Cullom' Painless Method of
■Zf Tooth Extraction.
FTTiTiTTTq, ©1, XJIV; ~
* _l\__ ■ I ■! ll M
Sewer on Co/borne Street
Office Board of Public Works, l-
City of St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 25,1887. J
Sealed bids will be" received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the Gth day of September, A. D.
1887, for constructing a sewer on Col
borne street, from St. Clair street to
Superior street, in said city, together
with fcthe necessary catchbasins and
manholes, according to plans and speci
fications on file in the office of said
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, i
of the gross amount bid must accom-"
pany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to j
reject any or all bids.
R.L. GORMAN, President. ;
Official W. Erwin,
238-248 - Clerk Board of Pubiic Works.
Grading Hiawatha Street »
Office Board of Public Works, I,
City of St.Paul. Minn., Aug,25,1887. h
Sealed bids will be received by the.
Board of Public Works in and for the?
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Mm-]
nesota, at their office in said city, until 1
12 m. on the 6th day of September, A. D. ■
1887, for grading Hiawatha street, fron*
Burns avenue to Mound street, in said
city, according to plans and specifica
tions on file in the office of said Board. !
A bond with at least two (2) sureties ;
in a sum of at least twenty (20) percent.:
of the gross amount bid must accom-1
pany each bid. .
The said Board reserves the right to,
reject any or all bids. «
R. L. GOKMAN, President, j
Official: W.F. Erwin,
238-248 'Clerk Board of Public Works^
v . —__—___________• ■"**
Sewer on Aurora Avenue an (J
Other Streets.
Office Board of Public Wobks, lj
City of St. PAUL,Minn.,Aug. 25,1887. \f\
Sealed bids will be received by thtfj
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min-*:
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the 6th day of September, A. .Oi.
1887, for constructing a sewer on Aurora'
avenue, from Kice street to Western:
avenue, on Farrington avenue, from*
Aurora avenue to Fuller street, and on-
Fuller street, from Marion street tif
Mackubin street, in said city, together
with Dthe necessary catchbasins and^
manholes, according to plans and speci
fications on file in the office of saicfc'
Board. 3
A bond with at least two (2) sureties.'
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent.'*
of the gross amount bid must accom-l
pany each bid. .
The said Board reserves the right tp
reject any or all bids. ' i
R. J. GORMAN, President. j
Official: W. F. Erwin. I
238-248 Clerk Board of Public Workify
Grading Dale Street.
Office Board of Public Works, ft
City of ST.PAUL,Minn., Aug. 25,1887. J',
Sealed bids will be received by the.;
Board of Public Works in and for the I
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the Gth day of September, A. D. j
1887, for grading Dale street, from Mar
shall avenue to Maryland street, in said
city, according to plans and specifica
tions on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent,
of the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Erwin,
238-248 Clerk Board of Public Works.
Sewer an Co/borne Street
Office Board of Public Works, I
City of St. Paul, Minn.,Aug.25,1887. f
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul,
Minnesota, at their office in said city,
until 12 m. on the 6th day of September,
A. D. 1887, for constructing a sewer on
Colborne street, from West Seventh,
street to Jefferson avenue, in said city,
together with the necessary catchbasins
and manholes, according to plans and
specifications on file in the office of said
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent,
of the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Erwin,
238-248 Clerk Board Public Works. •
Sealed proposals for building the
masonry and substructure of the Lake
street and Marshall avenue bridge will
be received at the County Auditor's of
fice, Minneapolis,until Sept. 20, at noon.
Proposals to be directed to L. A. Condit,
Secretary, and endorsed "Proposal for
Piers of Late street and Marshall Ave
nue Bridge." ?" -.;-•;: "..-:,fff.
Plans and specifications may be seen
at the County Auditor's office, Minne
apolis, and at theoffiee of J. S. Sewall,
engineer, No. 46 Gilfillan block, St,
A bidder's bond or certified check fot
$200 must accompany each bid.
The right is reserved to reject any
and all bids. By order of the committee,
L. A. Condit, Secretary.
J. S. Sewall, Engineer.
Sealed proposals for building an iron
bridge across the Mississippi river to
connect Lake street, in Minneapolis, and
Marshall avenue, in St. Paul, will be re
ceived at the office of the County Aud
itor, until Sept. 20, at noon. Proposals
to be directed to L. A.Condit, secretary,
Minneapolis, and endorsed "Proposal
for superstructure of Marshall avenue
and Lake street Bridge."
Specifications: may - be seen at the
County Auditor's office, Minneapolis,
and at the office of J. S. Sewall, en
gineer, No. 46 Gilfillan block, "St. Paul,
A bidder's bond or certified check fo*
$200 must accompany each bid.
The right is reserved to reject any o*
all bids. By order of the committee.
_ L. A. Condit, Secretary.
J. S. Sewall, Engineer.
„'... 235-248
. ■J
DCICIICOO Its causes and a new and suel
ILAI 11 LOOi cessful CURE at your room
home, by one who was deaf twenty.eight
9 years. Treated by most of the noted spe
cialists without . benefit. Cured himself in *
three months, and since then hundreds of
others. Full particulars sent on application.
T.S. PAGE, No. 41 West 31st St, New York
city. _ eod*w-4>B|«

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