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Classified headings according to the following .
* 5 : >-3 : -i I "a "3 £ ro"
;• r- ■ g * 5" § 5" x 5
dumber " \ ° ■g M * a §
of 5" a « — ____* " c
•Words. g g I & j 3 § g B
: j "I• l : :" : "
15 or less $.15.3-27 g. 39 $.51 3.63 3.75.3-67
16 words .10; .23 .40 .52; .64 .76! .83
17 words .17 .301 .43, .56 .69 .62) .95
18 words .18 .39 .46 .60 .74 .881.
19 words .1!) .34 .49 .04 .79 .941 OS
.words .201 .35, .50 .65. .SO 1.10
21 words' .21 .371 .53 .69 .85 1.0111.17
22 words! .22 .39 .56] .73 .9*)
23 words .23 .41 .59 .77 .951.13,1.31
24words! .21 .42! .60 .78 .961.141.32
£5 words .25 .44 .63 .821.011.201.39
26 words .26 .46 .66 .861.061.261.46
27 words .271 .48 .69' .90.1.11
28 words .28 .49 .70 .911.121.331.54
29 words .2:1 .511 .73, .951.171.391.61
30 words .3!) .53; .76! .991.2211.45j1.69
31 words! 311 .55 .791.031.271.511.75
32 words! 32 .56 >() 1 04 1.28 1.52 1.76
33 words! .33' .58! .531.091.33j1.55j1.80
34 words' .34 .60' .86 1.12:1.33 1.63 1 90
35 words' .35 .62 .
36 words' .30 .63, .901.17 1.44 1.71198
37 words .37 .65 .931.21 1.49 1.77J2.05
38 words .38 .67 .961.25 1.54 1.832.12
39 words: .39) .69' .99:1.291.591.892.19
40 words .40j .70 1.001. 30 1.60 90 2.26
41 words .41 .72 .34 1.65 1.96 2.27
42 words .42 .741.001.381-70 2.02 2.30
43 words .43 .76 1.091.421.752.0*2.11
44 words .44! .771.101.431.
45 words .45! .791.13 1.47 1.81
46 words .46 .811.16 1.511.21.2.56
47 word;- .47! .83.1.19 1.551.91 2.272.63
48 word.- .48 .84 1.56 1.92 2.28,2.64
49 words .49 .86 1.231. .972.34 2.71
60 words 50 .881.26 1.64:1.022.40i2.7S
Compound words count two words, and
every abbreviation counts the same as a full
In every case the money must
aceorip ny the o:der.
A MEAL FOX lOc—Ham and eggs nd
potatoes, 10c; beefsteak and potatoes,
sc: coffee, with bread and butter. sc: oat
meal and milk, ."><•. Open all night. New
York restaurant, -1-12 Jackson st. 240-246
AI'I'KKNTH'K to upholstering. Tenney
& Ke-slei. 399 Jackson st. 242-243
BARBER— A first-class barber wanted at
-once at 871 East Seventh st. ; none but
first-class need apply; a steady job to the
right man. ' ■ - -. * 242-243
BOX— good, strong: boy to learn' the
b.ike :-' trade. Call at F."l)ueius' French
bakery, 160 West Third st;- 4
BOY — good, smart boy for Belling
papers and errend boy. Call before 9
a. m.. K. A. Kellett, s7 East Fourth st. 4
BOY— Wanted; "food-reliable boy, fourteen
to fifteen years of age: must come well
recommended." Apply at C'ulverweli's, 404
Wabasha. ~'~ ------ 4
C CARPENTERS-and laborers. Apply to
Ti Hehnessy Bros-, Agnew & Cox, at pack
ing houses, south St. Pant. 243
CAN YAssEES—Wanted: good canvassers,
male or female: S ls per week guaran
teed. Apply Boom 1, 371 Jacksoft st. 213
OATMAKER—WHIitCd. it good coat
maker; steady work. Win. Hesse, Glen
coe, Minn. 237-244
EMPLOYMENT— Young German, sixteen
to eighteen, to work around boarding
house; must speak English; references. 491
Wabasha -it. 4
MJU-OV.'WK.VT-Yuiiiig man. about four
teen, wanted in store. Apply Economy
Fuel company, 350 Jackson st. 4
F; it CUTTERS— fur cutlers; none
but men with experience need apply to
the largest fur house in the United States.
Hansen's Empire Fur factory, Milwaukee,
Wis. * 240-243
HAKNESSMAKER— Good one wanted
at once. W. A. Nolan, Grand Meadow.
Minn. 242-216
LECTURER— An mil door lecturer who
understan ds iris biz. Call at Merchants
hotel office for Charles between 12 and 1 p.
m.. Thursday. 243-241
LITHOGRAPHER— Wanted, a compe
f tent lithographer, capable of inking
charge of lithographing department:best ref
erences required, Price & McGill, 346 Sib
ley st. 4
LA BORERS—Warned, two laborers in
rear of Merchants restaurant, between
Fifth and Sixth sts., on Robert st. i
MAN— A young unmarried man who un
-1»- derstands ihc grocery business and can
speak German and English; must be well rec
ommended. Apply A. Mellin, Stillwater. 4
MEN —Two steady, intelligent men at
Iya once; references; 32 West Third st.
_____ 243
MAN A<;,;ii- Win)to).to represent reliable
Eastern firm in Minnesota stock yards
with .51.1100 under his control, besides "large
sums of money: must deposit Sl.soo cash,
to be withdrawn at the expiration of con
tract: salary $1,600 and expenses: best ref
erences required. Address 172 Washington
st., Chicago, Room 25.
\I IN Kits WANTED- We want twenty-,
i?l five miners to work in railroad tunnel
on the Minnesota & Northwestern railway
near Galena; hammermen and those accus
tomed to working underground; apply at
our office in German-American Bans build
ing. Shepard, Winston & Co. 237-250
CIICE HOY—Apply at 9 a. m. 155
Drake block. 4
PACKER, cabinet maker and repairer
A wanted: good sober smart man. San
some" sane tion mart. Sibley and Seventh. 4
ALESMEN — First-class traveling sales-
Omen for wholesale clothing may obtain ex
cellent situations to travel in Minnesota. Da
kota and Iowa; only such with established
trade and satisfactory references need to
apply.' Address X 10, Globe. 213-256
SALESMEN— Three first-class salesmen
wanted tor the linen, silk and cloak
.stocks. Field. Mahler A Co. 4
SALESMAN —salesman to sell the new
vj fuel on salary and commission. 350
Jackson st. 4
STONE MASON'SEight stone masons
wanted, work all the season. Dawson
block, corner Eighth and Jackson. 241—16
ton KM Ason s— good stone
masons wanted. Inquire of K.B. Star
key, Newport, Minn. 243
AILORS— Two. by the week; all kindsof
work: good 'rices offered. 165 West
Seventh, Seven comers. 4
riifSAMS AM) MEN on Owaseo ay. for
A. grading. 1 has. H. Clark, contractor.
316 Kobert St.—ll to 1 o'clock. 4
A. STENOGRAPHERS -Register for
positions with Anna C. Drew, Bale Block.
si. Paul. . 208*
'PENT, 12x24 feet well and 30 feet flyers,
J- for sale . heap or trade. Sansome's auc
tion mart. Sibley and Seventh. 243
""A ED— Several active men in this
Vt state and Dakota to call on or address
the undersigned and learn how to make SDK)
to $500 per month: work light and honor
able; energy, perseverance and the ability to
talk intelligently all the capital required;
previous experience not necessary E. M.
French, Boom 20, 430 Wabasha St., St. Paul.
WANTED- Young men and ladies 10
. learn telegraphy, shorthand and
typewriting; chance to cover expenses while
learning: day and evening classes; terms
reasonable: send for circulars. F. A. Maron,
manager Globe Telegraph company, 330
Jackson .-!.. St. Paul. Minn. 338*
Ql FT. TO $200 to loan on furniture, mil
tpj-t/ sical instruments, vehicles or live
stock: cash advanced on goods in storage.
St. Paul Loan Co., No. 22 West Sixth st..
Panorama building. 185*
P-t I TRACKLAYERS and surfacers for
*J\J Montana, $2 per day, free fare, ship
Monday night: 100 men for Willmar & Sioux
Falls railroad, teamsters an.l scraperholders
at $26 per month and board, free fare; 25
laborers near the city, $1.75; 5 carpenters
for city. $2.50 per day. John Swainson &
Co.. corner Seventh and Sibley sts., St. Paul,
11 High si.. Minneapolis. 233-244
6 MEN to make hay; good wages; short
\f distance from city. Apply 72 Court
Mock. Fourth st.. opposite new court house..
ENGINE — to buy, a good second
hand, ten or twelve horse-power hori
zontal engine. Address Wm. Haves. 443
Dakota ay. * 243-245
LAUNDRY —Hand laundry wanted; must
be well equipped, good location and
cheap for cash. Address It 49, Globe.
• 242-243 __^
■'"pENT—Wanted to buy, a good second-
X hand tent. Address." Tent, Globe ofliCE.
MONEY— «20t05200 to loan on articles
of value; property left in your posses
Mon. St. Paul Loan Co., 22 West Sixth St.,
Panorama building. <" -.- IS5*
lAN"O—Fine, large size upright Emerson
piano, good as new, to exchange for lot,
or first payment on good lot near city or
parks.- Call.or address O. 11. S., 453 Cedar
StC ..-'-'. ■_■'.. :_-_*.- .:_.-..,• .. 242
TO EXCHANGE—Fine set of full-size
A ivory billiard baits for. breech-loading
shotgun! Address Po«tbffl_ceßox 2125.
-■- ..- . 213215 „-;■-
WANTED— .To..uade fine.lot for horse
»» and cutter: it is a daisy. Call in fore'
noon. Barringer Bros.: East Fourth st.
:-'..'' female. " -T
COOK— cook at the City Coffee
house, 448 Jackson st. 243-245
COOK— Meat ana'pastry cook, first-class, ■
for the Commercial hotel at South St.
Paul. • :■ ■■■ 240-243
competent, and second girl. Ap
ply at once. 137 Western ay. Mrs. J.-B .
Powers. ...,.-_■ 7'zXA
COOK— A capable cook; also a good secoud
girl at 21 Arundel St., second house from
Summit ar. .4..
COOK— A good female cook for a first
class hotel: good wages; steady posi
tion. Inquire 282 Jackson st. 4'
COOK— immediately for surveying
. party. Call New St. Charles hotel, Min
neapolis. W. E. Willirms. 4
KESSMAKEK—Iowing girl to do light
dressmaking. Apply at 129 Eleventh
st. Room 18. _ 4
KESSMAKEK—First-class dressmaker
to take charge of the skirt department
at Miss Peterson's, Dickinson glass block.
243-245 . ■ ' '
GIRL— Apply to Mrs. C. F. Mahler. 125
Virginia _. ■■■ 4
GIRL— dining room girl at Bicker
restaurant. 95 Dakota ay.. West side. 4
GIRL— Nurse girl wanted. Scandinavian,
about fifteen years of age. 59 East
Fourth st. 4
GIRL for general housework; none but
competent help need apply. 581 Can-'
ada st. ■ ■ ■ ~s<: 4
fi IRI Wanted for general housework;
VI 551 Sibley sb : .. 4
GIRL for general housework,' family Of
two. Apply 370 Dayton ay.. Mrs. Clarke.
GIRL— Good girl for housework. 165
West Fourth st. ■ - • 4
GIRL— Wanted, a competent girl to assist
at dressmaking. Call at once at 685 St.
Peter st. : 4
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house
work. Inquire at 190 University ay. 4
HOUSEWORK — A good, strong girl
wanted for general housework. Apply
at 600 Cedar st. 4'
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a good girl for
general housework; good wages paid.
Call at 392 Robert st. 239-245
HOUSEWORK — Wanted, a competent
girl for general housework; family of
three; apply in morning, before 2 o'clock, j
437 Laurel . 242-244
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house
work ; small family: good wages. 230
Goodrich ay. '4
OUSEWORK—Wanted, good girl for
general housework; small family; good
wages. 265 Iglehart st." 4
OISKH'OKK-A girl for general house
work. 599 Westminster st. 4
clothes ironer: one i>olisher. Call corner
Thirteenth and Jackson sts. 4
KITCHEN Gl RL—Good girl for kitchen.
No. 9 West Ninth st ] 4
OPERATORS— Wanted, steam power op
erators: to experienced hands steady
work will be given. Powers' Dry Goods Co..
Fourth st. _- - - - 4
RYAN BI'KEAE. 384 Robert St.—Dining
room girls wanted ; good general second
nurse girls wniting for places. 24 2
ATTORNEY— A young attorney desires to
A locate to commence practicing: would
buy an interest in established law practice.
Address X 2*. Globe. 243-244
BOOKEEPEK — Situation wauled by
if) English Canadian as bookkeeper or of
lice manager; age thirty-eight, married, 25
years experience in England and Canada:
best of references; first-class accountant;
very energetic, pushing and trust
worthy; manufacturing business, edge
tools, "agricultural implements or foundry
preferred; present position in Canada can
be vacated on short notice. Address 11.
Dingle, Lindsay P. <>.. Ontario, Canada.
* 238-243
BOY. seventeen years old, would like a sit
uation in an office or store. Address C.
38, Globe. 4
CLERK— Situation wanted by young man
as clerk in store; is willing to work
hard: can furnish first-class references. R
53. Globe. 17 215
COACHMAN— young man thirty years
of age, an experienced coachman who
perfectly understands how to take care of
horses would like to have a place in a private
family". 261 West Seventh St., city. 2 111 1 1
IS M PI7oYMEXT—An attorney desires em-
J ployment in a law, real estale or insur
anccoffice; isa good bookkeeper. Address
I* 15, Globe. 243-244
EMPLOYMENT— A man to work around
the Hotel smith Exchange, on Univer- I
sity ay.. opposite Union park. 4 !
RtMKRV CLERK—Wanted, man of
experience and acquainted with st.
AtHJiony Hill trade and is willing to solicit;
Done but a sober and industrious man need
apply: slate reference and where last em
ployed; will nay good man well. Address
X 31, Globe. 243
SALESMAN— Situation as traveling sales- !
man by a young man with three years'
experience"am"ongst the general merchandise
trade of Minnesota and Dakota; references.
Address X 8, Globe. 232-246
SITUATION wanted in the Exposition oy
an experienced and faithful man. Ad
dress C. D. Raymer, 243 Fourth ay. south,
Minneapolis, Minn. 238-244
'"pRAYEI.ER of twelve years' experience
A in the hardware and stove line wants an
engagement after Nov. 1: has 11 trade In Wis
cousin. Minnesota and Dakota; stoves pre
ferred; satisfactory references. Address
ware, Globe. 240-249
Cook -Situations wanted lor two, as cook
and second girl: strangers; can find ref
erences. Apply b'33 Payne air. 3
COACHMAN, thoroughly experienced,
desires a situation as such; knows city
well. Address B 13, Globe. 3
GIRL— lady wishes a situation as
nurse girl, best of references. • Address
W. 7. Globe. 4
.TTOUSEKEEPEK—Position wanted by
XI experienced housekeeper in private
family: of references; understands care
of children. Address N 1, Globe. 3
HOUSEWORK— A young lady would like
to assist in light housework "in exchange
for room and board. Address K9, Globe. 4
NI'KSE— A girl wants a place as a nurse
1> Call at 46 West Fourth st. 3
ALES LADY—Wanted by young lady, sit
uation writing in an office or saleslady
in dry goods store. Address 35 East Ninth
st. 3
SEASM STRESS who wishes work in pri
io vate family. Call or address 23 North
Forbes st. 1
SITUATION WANTED— By a young lady
with good education, in an office where
she can find plenty of writing to do. Address
H 16. Globe. 4
TYPE WRITER—Lady shorthand and
type writer wishes a position where she
can become proficient in office work; salary
no object. Address X 11, Globe. 3
"I"\7"ASHING and ironing done by an expe-
VV rienced woman, at home and in fam
ilies. Mrs. Johnson, 3-2 Josette st. .-..-.■', 4
WASHING, ironing and cleaning done
by an experienced woman, at home
and in families. Mrs. Johnson, 170 Josette
sb 3
CARRIAGE WORKS—A large assort
ment of Victorias, cabriolets. Duqnistas,
broughams, four and six-seat rockaways, ex
tension-top cabriolets, extension-top Sur
reys, open and canopy Surreys, loop-front
ladies' phaetons, low-wheeled phaetons, road
wagons, etc., at lowest possible prices, qual
ity considered; all work guaranteed strictly
as represented. E. M. Hallowell & Co., 503
to 511, Minnesota st. 159*
HORSE— Fine, gentleman's driving horse
for sale, seven years old, harness and
btiggv. or will sell separate; call early; your
own price. Room 8. 146 East Fourth st.
HORSES— For sale, a fine pair of carriage
horses; a bargain. A. ______ Barnum, 345
Summit ay. 240-249
MAXE A fast driving mare for sale
cheap. Ask at 254 East Eighth st.
HOUSE— Wanted, a small house or four or
five unfurnished rooms. J. C. Lewis,
367 Jackson st. 243
ROOM— Wanted, a desirable unfurnished
front room with alcove, including
board, for gentleman, wife and child; private
family preferred. Address K. 6, Globe.
' 242-243 - ■. :
WANTED TO RENT—Lots of applicants
\ V for houses, fiats, rooms, furnished. or
otherwise ; list, with rentof them in an hour.
McKennv, Tall & Falde, 11 West Fourth st ,
near Wabasha. " " ': S" "." \- 2-13
JF ANY lady has a child from two to six
years old* that wants to board, it can
find'a good home at 212 Eaton ay., West St.
Paul. -..-..■... 243
OOM AND BOARD for £4.50 per week,
and table board for $3.50 at 365 Wash
ington st. 243
BOARDING HOUSE— rooms, for
rent and furniture for sale. M. Adler,
Rent Collecting agency, room - 3,190 East
Seventh st - . ■■ 242-243
COTTAGE Fourteen room cottage with
all modern conveniences and beautiful
large grounds on Olive st. Inquire of I). H.
Michaud, 333 Jackson st. 242-248
COTTAGES— New cottages for rent at
Hand me and St. Anthony Park North;
convenient |to railway stations; terms low.
Apply to J. R. & 8. McMurran, Rooms 10
and 17, Globe building. . 238-243
FLATS for Modern improvements;
also storerooms, barber shop and bath
rooms; cheap. 852 West Seventh st.
242-243 -
FOR RENT— acre farm; house and
barn: Snelling ay.. Reserve township.
Five rooms over No. 175 East Seventh st.
Large hall over No.l 69 East Seventh st.John
A. Stees, 34 East Third st. ■ . 239-245
HOUSE No. 225 on Grove; call at the rear.
. 243
HOUSES for rent from $8 to $25 per
month. Inquire at 254 Commercial
st. '. 242-271
HOUSE of seven rooms at 411 Jenks st.
HOUSE — rent, a good 10-room house,
to a good tenant, for $25 per month.
Call at 341 Sherman st. 240*
UILDING—A fine brick building for rent;
four stories high, containing fifty newly
furnished rooms; steam' heating. Address"
WB. Globe. ' 213-245
BROADWAY, 533 — Nicely-furnished
rooms: use of bath: board if desired.
_ ' 243 244
CANADA ST., 565—Newly furnished
rooms with first-class table board; 6
o'clock dinners. , 243-247
EIGHTH ST.. 275, Furnished
rooms with board. 240-246
somely furnished room on second floor
for two gentlemen; all modern conveniences ;
bath adjoins. 242-244
FLAT of furnished rooms all complete foi
housekeepii_({r. 476 Cedar st. 243
FLAT —Nice fiat suitable for housekeeping.
Inquire E. L. Holterhoff, 540 Westmin
ster. 243
FLAT— Furnished fiat for housekeeping;
two-story brick block; corner Fourteenth
and Canada; $20. W. Joy. 243
ORT ST.. 350— For rent, a furnished
room: suitable for one or two persons;
very cheap. 240-246
ORT ST.. 464— rooms for house
keeping. with pantry and clothespress
and city water. 242-243
RANKLIN ST.. 376—Nice large front
alcove room, well furnished, modern
conveniences. Two blocks from Windsor
hotel. 238-244
rooms to rent for light housekeeping. 2-13
IGLEHART ST., 52— room for one or
two gentlemen, first door from St. Peter.
■ 241-44
JACKSON ST.. 513—A few more nice
rooms left, with board, at the old David
sou mansion. 240-243
OHN ST.. 623—Two pleasant turnished
rooms; one block from street cars.
TV I NTH ST.. 9, WEST—Two gentlemen
1* can find pleasant room and board.
243 -244
OAK ST., 427— For rent, front parlor and
bed-room adjoining. 212-248
EARL ST., 215—Newly ami nicely fur
nished rooms: hot and cold water use
Of hath. 243-248
ROOMS— Have nice rooms for people who
XV only wish them during state fair. Room
34. Gilfillan block. 242-243
KOOMS — List your rooms and board with
XV us. We always have tenants for rooms
and people who want board. Room 34. Gil
fillan block. 242-243
ROOMS — We have a nice list of rooms
to let call and see them. Room 31,
Gilfillan block. 242-243
ROOM— young men can be accom
" modated wilh room ana board in a pri
vate family on Summit ay. ; references. A 2,
Globe. " 230-215
ROOM —Large furnished room for one gen
tleman not over half a mile from jtost
office. Address E. T.. 282 Jackson st. 243
ROOMS— We have a large list of very de
sirable rooms; those wishing rooms or
board will do well to call. Room 34. Gilfillan
block. 213-246
ROOMS— unfurnished rooms for
light housekeeping within twenty mm!
-! utes' walk of Ryan hotel; no children". Ad
dress A. 15. Globe. 213
ROOMS We have a great many applica
tions for rooms for light housekeeping,
us well as tor single rooms ami board: those
having such rooms will do well to list them
with us at once. • 243 244
EYENTH ST.. 423. EAST—Unfurnished
rooms for rent, for housekeeping. 243
SIiiLEY ST., near corner Jackson and
Tenth sts.—Large front room suitable for
two gentlemen; bath and closet in house:
bay window: elegantly furnished: rent $25
per month: references required. Call on F.
A. Cpham. 65 East Third st. 242-243
HERMAN ST., 341—For rent, two tur
nished rooms. 240*
HERMAN ST.. 3S6—Alcove loom.nicely
furnished,modern conveniences.24o-246
furnished rooms, single or en suite: suit
able for gentlemen: with board. 237-2-13
IXTH ST.. 157, WEST—Furnished room
with alcove; references required.
THE PARK PLACE, 75 and 77 Summit
ay—Furnished rooms; board in connec
tion; references required. 243
''pENTH ST.. 21. WEST, near the capitol,.
X —Two rooms: private family. 243
WELFTH ST.. 65—Two furnished
rooms, each suitable for two persons in
private family. 243
WACOI TA ST.. 551—Front alcove room
to proper parties with references; pri
vale family. 243-244
S REFor rent, store in Forepaugh
block, at Seven corners, suitable for dry
goods. Grot-Tv or clothing. J. W. Shepard,
7 Gilfillan block. 240 246
OTOKES-For rent three first class stores
STORES— For rent three first class stores
in handsome new Liock corner Tenth
and St. Peter sts.: steam heat: electric light:
excellent stand for grocery, dry goods or drug
store; will be ready for occupancy Sept. 15.
Apply to J. R. McMurran, room 17, Globe
building. 242-247
BUILDING building formerly occu
pied by the Globe; will make such
changes as may be desired by tenant. In
quire of C. A. Easterly, Room 3, Mannheimer
block. '_ 149*
FOR RENT—Fine offices, with and with
out vault, with passenger elevator and
steam heat: store. 25x130. with three lofts
and basement: well located in wholesale dis
trict: loft, with power, heated by steam and
supplied with freight elevator. ' Apply to A.
11. Wilder, 185 East Fourth st. 238-244
OFFICE— Office for rent, first floor tront,
corner Fourth and Robert sts. North
Star Seed store. De Con & Co. 243
OFFICES For rent, two line offices in my
new block, corner Seventh and Broad
way. Andrew Schoch. 230*
STUDENTS formedical and surgical nurs
ing: special inducements offered to pro
fessional nurses wishing diplomas; class
commences Friday. Sept. 2, at 2 p. m. Ap
ply or address, with stamp, Nurses Training
School. 404 Nicollet a v., Minneapolis. Prof.
Lonsdale. 243-245
signments solicited of all kinds of rem
chandise, implements, furniture and house
hold goods. We have the largest and best
warehouse in the city, connected by railroad
tracks for receiving, storing and transferring,
or if space is desired either in basement or
upper stories we can let same at very reason
able rates; warehouse and office, 359 and 389
East Third St., St. Paul, Minn. St. Paul
Storage, Forwarding and Implement Com
pany; William Hemminghouse, President and
Manager; telephone calf 293-2. 53*
Yi'EWRITING and shorthand work of
all kinds done perfectly by Anna C.
Drew, Hale block: no risk in bringing your
work here: experienced operators, perfect
work, low prices: work called for and de
livered; estimates given. Telephone, 852-2
hereby forbid any and all persons to
purchase, buy or traffic for any household
goods or personal property whatever from
mv wife, Bridget Conway. Michael Conway,
443 Cedar St., St. Paul, Minn. 243
TO LOAN— $50, $150 to loan on fur
niture, pianos, etc; property left in your
possession. St. Paul Loan Co., 22 West Sixth
St.. Panorama building. - ■ IS5*
AI, Adler, Rent Collecting
190 East Seventh st. :-; ft ■■>
HOUSE —For rent, house of nine rooms
suitable for one or two families, near
Mississippi st.
SIX-ROOM house, all modern improve
ments, on Hopkins st.
OTORES and offices in good location.
EW BRICK BLOCK in West St. Paul
for hotel. 242
Fallihee & Hollow ay, Auction
. . ■_,' - - eers. .. .'. ..- -,'
IMPORTANT to buyers of real estate in
St. Paul—We will sell at auction on the
premises, Saturday, Sept. 3, at 3 o'clock p.
m., forty-seven residence lots only twenty
minutes' walk from Merchants hotel, said
property being all of lots 13, 14, 15, 16, 25,
26, 29 and 30, in block 1; lots 1, 2. 56. 21,
22 and 23, in block 2; lots 10, 11, 25, 26, 29
and 30. iv block 3; lots 1, 2, 5, 6, 21, 22, 23
and 24, in block 4; lots 1, 5, 6, 7, 8. 17, 18,
19 and 20, in block 7; lots 9, 10, 11, 12.
20. 25, 26, 27 and 28, in block 8, of H. F.
Schwabe's addition to St. Paul: only five,
blocks east of Van Buren school and.fivA',
minutes' walk from Maria avenue street
car line; watch for this sale; wait for this
sale, as any one with a few dollars can. own
a lot as the terms are only one-fourth cash,
balance one and two years; free hacks and-)
'busses will leave our office, 101 East Fourth
St.. German-American Bank building, at 2:30
p. m. on day of sale. For further particulars
call on or address, Fallihee & Holloway, auc
tioneers, 101 East Fourth st. 240-246
tate and commission auctioneers, 101
East Fourth St., - buy and sell merchandise,
household goods of all kinds, or buy bank
rupt stocks for cash or. sell the same on com- .
mission on favorable terms. 204*'.
: --.
f-f*7-f^ r Franklin & Clay. _/;
UCTJON SALE— Peter St.—Sept. 1,
1887, at 4 o'clock p. m., we will sell at
action (rain or shine) on' the premises that',
valuable piece of. property situated at the
northeast corner of St. Peter aud Tenth sts.,
being lots 7 and 8, Mock 2, Bazille & Guer
in's addition; said property has a St. Peter
st. frontage of 150 feet by 100 feet in depth
on Tenth st.; located in the very heart of the
city of St. Paul, at the intersection of two
main thoroughfares, the advantages of this
property are so well known that we deem it
unnecessary io say more to the intelligent
public of St. Paul than to announce the place
and date of sale—corner St. Peter and Tenth
sts., 4 o'clock p. m., Thursday. Sept. 1. 1887:
attend; terms of sale will be" very easy: one
third cash : balance on long time, with low
rate of interest. Franklin & Clay, agents.
Globe building. " 237-244
Charles J. Ztf <■«__!< ii<-. Auctioneer.
OI'SEHOLO effects, good family horse,
one top and one open buggy, one Port
land cutter, harness, robes, street contractor's.:
tools at auction. .' I , will sell at public auc
tion on Thursday morning, Sept. 1. com
mencing at 9:30 o'clock, sharp, all the per
sonal effects of Mr. George W. Reese at his
residence. No. 261 West Fifth st. The effects
in general consists of good parlor and fine
bedroom furniture, patent folding bedstead
in cherry, dining furniture ami china sets
complete, . healing stoves, one Peninsular,
range, as good as new; splendid carpets, one
good family horse, gentle driver and sound;
one leather top buggy, one open buggy, one ■
cutter and hand-made harness, wolf and
buffalo robes, street contractor's tools, 100
feet of garden hose, etc., etc. Note the time
of day and place, and come early, as the sale
will commence at 9:30 sharp. Charles J.
Meilicke, auctioneer, office 232 East Seventh
st; 240-244
STEIN WAY PIANO, parlor, bed room,
dining and kitchen furniture at auction.
I v. ill sell at public auction on Wednesday
morning, Aug. 31. at 10 o'clock sharp, the
entire contents of the residence No. 78 Bast
Eleventh street, consisting of one Steinway
piano, in good condition; two parlor suits,
complete, as good as new; good bed room
sets, complete; book case and secretary com
bined: extension dining table: healing and
cooking stoves : crockery and glassware: good
carpets, etc.. etc. : be on time if you are in
search of bargain*, Charles J. Meilicke. auc
tioneer; office. 2.'!,- > East Seventh st. 240-243
Vernon JBro.'s List.
12 Chamber of Commerce.
WE advertise only property which is be
low the market.
<£•) *-}_nn*- IjOT - * block 11, Summit
"TpAe^O-JU Park addition.
*Jlil'^)F\ BACH—Lots 22. 23. 24. block 2.
'T?\J^i*J and 19. block 6, Sylvan Park
<SQ7^-LOT 1. hlock 3, Forest Lawn ad-
S?Q / O dition. - ■.
<5/1 T^— lot 16, block 2, State Park t!*i-
V^t / O dition. plat 1. „
*C"-J^»n EACH—Lots 8 to 13, inclusive.'
ty-DUKJ block 1, Warner & McDowells
subdivision of block 4, Rogers & Hendricks"
acre lots. *■'*
C»)R[l EACH— I to 7, and 23 to 30,
>„-£i*_J\J inclusive, block 33, Spring Park .
addition. i-> ■
ALSO blocks 31. 40 and 41 at wholesale
prices. .V'
WE CAN give bargains in this South St.a
Paul property. We have the exclusive,.
Vernon Bros., 12 Chamber of Commerce. :'_:
Sargent, Meaeham A I'o's. List.
322 Robert Ist.
ITMFTKEN LOTS in Sylvan Park, §000
? each. : .■,." „- ._".'.
%7 ( — BLOCK 2. Hi*"*? Park.
OUR LOIS in block 4, Macalester View.
$1,100. : '
Ct'TAlfYr-FOUR lots, block 4, Rogers'ad
j? / is\J dition. "■■
'f\l FIVE lots on Arcade st. ".,-
% ¥7(\C\— L°T 12 ' bloc* 1 (comer), Oak
«g> / \JKJ ville Park. ;
Ca/ W WEIGHT lots on Earl st.
(jj'jrj \ TO 5400 for 10 lots, Como Villas.
<S1 F\f \l V- FIVE-ROOM house on Wells
f^l-tO-U-U st.; $500 cash; balance
QO Mi UI—SEVEN ROOM house on
■^.J^yJU\J Beach st.; one-third cash : bal
ance to suit. Sargent, Meacham & Co.. 322
Robert st 243-246
ISarringer Bros.* Ust,
110 East Fourth Street
UNIVERSITY AY. — §1.200 buys fine
south-facing corner on University ay.;
a snap; worth gI.OOO.
CJI ORA BUYS NICK house and lot on
tPl^Oc/U Aurora ay.; now is the time to
get you a home; easy terms.
(ft'J'T^ FOR FINE lot on Dale st., near
%pO I *J Coic.o and Phalen ay.-. ; $/5 cash.
balance ?10 per mouth.
ClilAl'Eltl'OOl buys 75 feet of the
k7*\_As*J finest piece of residence properly
on Laurel ay.. near Arundel st. - -
WE HAVE the exclusive on the above
VV list, and it is all A No. 1 property
where yon can make 25 per cent, in the next
ninety "days. Remember the place, Barring
ton 8r05..'146 East Fourth st.
BSTRACTS OF TITLE and alt otner
manuscripts copied perfectly by Anna
C. Brew. Hale block, opposite Merchants.
BARGAIN— Two. lots near Macalester;
only two blocks from Summit ay. boule
vard ; for sale cheap and on easy terms. Ad
dress 0 31, Globe. " 237-250
COTTAGE— cottage, with
ail modern conveniences and beautiful
large grounds on Olive st. Inquire of D. H.
Michaud, 333 Jackson st. - 240-246
GLADSTONE District—For sale, 10 acres
in section 9, bounded on the west for
fifty rods by tne quarter-section line, facing
and within" short distance of Spoon lake.
which needs but a change of name to make it
: one of the finest sheets of water near the
city; price 810.000, terms one-quarter cash,
; balance at 8 per cent, on long or short timer
By the owner, F. V. Hynerstaedt, (_>•_'."> St.;
Peter st. ' ' 242-244J
LOTS— Taylor'saddition, for sale or ex-;
change: free and clear. Inquire John;
T. Powers, 194 East Seventh st. . 242-243,
LOT For sale, at a big bargain, a business,
lot on West Seventh st., near Forbes, 93
feet on Seventh st. running back 60 feet,with*
neat cottage which rents for §17; I will sell
the property for $4,500; will; take in part
payment a lot (with or without cottage) at.
White Bear or Bald Eagle lake: terms on bal
ance to suit. 11. H. Herbst, Gilfillan block. ,
233* Cl
PROPERTY— Handsome double property
in excellent neighborhood one blocK 1
from street cars that nets 8 per cent on pres-5
ent prices. Apply to owner, room 4. 104
East Third. . . .■ • 242-243/
REAL ESTATE—Ten lots at Merriaitf
park; subdivision .of lot one, block!
four; one minute from station; facing on the
park; for $7,000, only one-seventh cash, ba^.
ance long time. Mumford & Magoffin,
Pioneer Press building. . 243-246
REAL ESTATE for Sale— nave a greai
variety of lots and acres north of St.
Paul at great bargains and on easy terms. J.
F. Eisenmenger. 472 Rice st. 179*
Q»_)Q/ \ EACH for lots 50x125 to 20-foot
tj^ydOKJ alley §250 each for lots 40x125
to 20-foot alley; §140 and $160 for 25x125
to 20-foot alley; this property lies between
Lake Phalen and Gladstone; the Duluth and
Wisconsin Central railways passes" through
It; it is level and commands a fine view of
Lake Phalen. For terms and particulars
apply to H.F. Schwabc.l East Fourth st.
242 243 - ._ - ... —
CQ*-?K FOR two lots on Payne ay.; $236 -
<P«_7ov_) cash; tine residence on' St. An
thony hill cheap. 199 East Seventh st.. room
5. - 240 243 ;
DL. JAMIESON & CO.'S Steam Dye
• Works—Gents' clothing a specialty i
412 Wabasha St. mid 14 West Sixth, St. Paul
Mian. 134* I
• I*l estate security in St. Paul, Minneapolis
and Duluth at 6, 6Vj, 7, 7% per - cent., on
shortest notice, for any amount. \ K. M. New
port & Son, investment -bankers, S 152, 153
and 154 Drake block, St. Paul. - . 73*
Cl (\ »'JS, »50, SIOO TO LOAN on fur
'flJ-lv/ niture, pianos, carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value; cash advance made on
goods in storage: promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St, Paul Loan
company, No. 22 West Sixth st., Panorama
building. ■„■ _,'■•• .65*
MONEY TO LOAN—By the St.. Paul
Trust-Company. $100,000, in sums of
$1,000 to $20,000. ■- Purchase money mort
gages cashed. - . ■ v. . ','.
ONEY LOANED on- all kinds of per
_-L»X • sonal property,' household furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on diamonds and jeweiry;
commercial paper discounted. Security Loan
Co., 325 JacKson si., J. E. Flanigau, mana
ger. . ■- - ".- ■ ■ ■ --.- .-_ 162*
MONEY TO LOAN on mortgage at
lowest cost without delay.; Installment
mortgages made payable in- sums to suit Dor
rower. William N." Viguers, south-east cor
•ner Fourth and Robert streets. . 130*
MONEY TO LOAN on real * estate and
;1"L good first mortgages bought by S. H.
Dyer.real estate and 10an5,52 German-Ameri
can bank. : „...■.-■. .._.-■■ . . 106*
Company—Loan from. $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., i 'with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey,
manager, Room 7, First.National bank build
ing, St. Paul, and Room 7, Mackey-Legg
block. Minneapolis. - . j 250*
MONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, from
$1 up. on watches, diamonds and jill
goods of value; special .rates on sums of $50
and over. J. E. Ingham," 327 Jackson st.
> 240* -■■':-. - ■:■.-'■ • -"•■■'.'..
MONEY TO LOAN in . sums of $1,000 to
slo,ooo at 0 and 8 per cent, interest
without delay. St. Paul Trust company, cor
ner Jackson'and Fourth sts. '. 22*
ing and Telegraphy—First-class and ex-,
elusive; names of graduates now holding po
sitions sent on application; systems taught.
Eclectic, Pitman ami -Graham; lessons day
and evening or by mail; send for circulars.
Anna C. Drew, Hale block, corner Jackson
and Third sts„ St. Paul. . 332*
STUDENTS for medical and surgical nurs
ing; special inducement to professional
nurses requiring diplomas. Class commences
Thursday. Sept. Ist, at 2 o'clock. 3 Apply or
address, "with stamp. Nurses Training School,
401 Nicollet ay., Minneapolis: Prof. Lons
dale. . -„_,. „ .. . ; 242-244
THE Barnard School for boys and young
men. Modern languages, drawing, wood
work. Thorough preparation tor the colleges
and technical schools. West Point' and An
napolis: special attention to coaching for the
college examinations. The principal is at
the school, 114 Mackubin st., daily from 10
to 12. R. Arrowsniith. Ph. D. (formeilv of
Columbia College!. .-■ 240-259
TEACHER — Position as teacher, by a man
in district No.D) for German and English
language. Box 382 postotiice. city. 230-24!)
FOR SALE— good chance for an enter
. prising young man; stock of groceries
for SHOO, only one-half cash required and
rent cheap: iii good locality. Address B 19,
Globe. ' 212-243
FOR SALEOne firs', class soda aud Min
eral water establishment, ' one new
(Tuft's of Boston) generator ami two foun
tains and bottling benches; also over 1,000
boxes and bottles, and delivering wagons,
(one full outfit). Inquire John B. Mueller,
21 IS Fourth street south,Tweiiiv-second ay.,
Minneapolis. ' 242-2 IS
FOR SALE— Hoarding house in North St.
Paul. Address, I". 57, Globe office. 243
GROCERY business for sale with horses,
wagons and fixtures, on East Seventh
st. ; good location and first-class trade. Ad
dress!) 16, Globe. 221-250
HELLO you people looking for business;
now is your chance: the property in
•this advertisement must be sold regardless of
value. One boarding house; 1 saloon: 1
cigar and confectionery store; 2 grocery
stores; 2 restaurants; 1 tailor shop: furniture
: aud lease of ten-room house; furniture and
: lease of seven-room house full of roomers: 1
fiat of sixteen furnished rooms; 1 barter
shop. Office 11' West Fourth st., near Wa i
■ tmsha, McKenney, Tall & Fable. 213'
ARDWARE—Good clean stock of hard
ware for sale; long established busi
ness; good trade. Address Box 177, Fari
jb;tult,Miiin. ' - 242-248
HOTEL and saloon for sale: everything in
good order. Inquire at 223 East Sixth
Ist. ■- ' 220-258
HOTEL for Sale or Rem—Merchants hotel;
. a first-class hotel with twenty rooms or
j more. In good condition; but unfurnished.
Address F. K. Yecker, Henderson, Minn.
ll' ' 24 < 1-240
STy OF GROCERIES—Agood chance
for an enterprising young man; stock of
! groceries for $200. only one-half cash re
quired: rent for store and two rooms $15. in
: good locality. Address B 19. Globe. 243
TO PARTY having j_2o.oOu or upward 1
will sell Davison County bank, Mt. Ver
non, Dak., and take $6,000 stock in said
bank. J. C. Tatman. 135*
WANTED— Good.live.energetic man with
$5,000: the above will secure interest
in good paying business or permanent posi
tion with good salary; investment secured.
Address N 4. Globe. " 212-243
ARRIVED— Gypsy clairvoyant, Mme.
I.aim. 313 East" Seventh st", between
Broadway and Pine; for ladies only: consult
her in love,marriage,divoree and business ;you
will be more than satisfied; causes the single
to marry with the best results: restores lost
love: brings the separated together; removes
evil influences, Jealousy gives the nervous
and depressed a better condition ; tells what
you are better fitted for and how to succeed
in business: she has all her Gypsy powers by
inheritance and tradition. • Hours from 9 a".
m. to 9 p. in. 240-246
CLARVOYANT-rMme. D. Groase, the re
liable life reader, clairvoyant and lady
phrenologist, also cures' rheumatism, gives
names and treats with electricity, 225 East
Seventh st. 242
J wonderful clairvoyant fortune-teller;
also mind and destiny reader; gives names.
402 Minnesota st. " 240-246
healer, cures rheumatism, kidney and
liver diseases. 380 Broadway, city. 240-211!
BOARD— First-class board for gentleman,
wife ami children for the fall and win
ter. Address, care Edward Corning, 317
Jackson st. . 243-245
BOARD— Wanted, furnished room and
board with use of bath for gentleman
and wife from Oct. Ist. Address, B. 29,
globe. - 242-244
BOARD AND ROOM wanted by a young
married couple in a private family. Ad
dress A C 62. Globe. ; .--- :■ ■-•■■■■ 4
D OOMS AND BOARD— 15, by gen-
XV tleinan and wife, two nicely furnished
rooms with board in private family; St.' An
thony hill preferred. Address C. Globe. 243
Court. Second Judicial District, County
of Ramsey. - ' -
Charles M. Ramsay vs. Charles J. Furlong. .
SIMMONS. '- -- - ' - ' "-•-
The State of Minnesota to the above named
defendant: ' ''-'''-' '
You are hereby summoned and required to
' answer the complaint in this action, which
has been filed with the Clerk of said Court,
. and to serve a copy of your answer to the
' said complaint on the subscriber at his office
iin room 23 Globe building, St. Paul, Minne
sota, within twenty days after the service of
. this summons upon you, exclusive of the day
of such service, and if you fail to answer the
said complaint within the time aforesaid, the
: plaintiff in this action will take: Judgment
! against you for the sum of fourteen thousand
i nine hundred fifty-one 'and 54-100 dollars,
with interest thereon from April 30/1887,
and costs. "--'-.' -.-."....■
! Dated St. Paul, June 14. A. D. 1887. '—
' t:. R. B. GALUSIIA.
s Plaintiff's Attorney, St. Paul, Minn.
a july2o-7w-wed . '• •. <
..Notice Is hereby- given that an action has
1 been commenced in the district court of tlie
state of Minnesota, and for the county of
Ramsey, in the • Second judicial district of
said state, wherein Frank J. Drew is plaintiff
and Nellie F. Stone and Herman -A. Stone,
her husband, are defendants. : . - -
The object of said action.is to obtain the
dissolution of the copartnership" heretofore
existing between the said Frank J. Drew and
said Nellie F. Stone under the firm name of
.Stone & Drew. - - ■ ./ . r
A writ of injunction has been - issued" from
said court, in said action, restraining and en
joining the said defenoants,or either of them,
from disposing of or interfering with . any
property belonging to said firm. --..... :
- Notice is also hereby given that I have
. been appointed by the district court aforesaid
receiver of all the money,. property- and ef
fects of the said firm, and that I am the only
person entitled to the I possession, - custody
and control thereof. Any money of the said
copartnership heretofore deposited in.' any
bank in the name and to the credit of . either.
Nellie F. Stone or Herman A. Stone is subject
only to the order and control of said receiver.
All persons having business relations .with
. said firm will govern themselves accordingly.
- JULES DENEGRE, Receiver. -
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 27, A. P. 1837, ; It
-'■"■ - FORSAIJS. -ZZ'T.ff.
.- counter with return and lifter.cupboards
- lined with zinc, all to match, handsome, for
sale or trade. Sansome's auction mart,Sibley
and Seventh. - 243
FOR SALE— No. 1 Jersey co; gives
sixteen quarts of milk a day. J. Fair
child. 35S Jackson st. 240-244
FOR SALE—A nobby outfit - including
canopy top t phaeton, horses, harness,"
etc; nothing nicer in the city: will be sold
cheap: owner. leaving city. Inquire at St.
- Paul Horse Exchange, corner of Fourth and
Minnesota sts. ' ; 242-244
Oil SALE—A carombolette table, good as
-T new, cost $60, will sell for 830. God
frey Kuster. Glencoe, Minn. . 243-249
IRSITI'RE- sale, fixtures in barber
shop, and bath tub and house furniture.
822 Payne ay. .. 242-244
FURNITURE of a seven-room house for
sale, complete for housekeeping: cheap
for cash. Address 358 East Ninth st. 240-246
OCSE FOR SALE—House six rooms.
• and lot, West Seventh st., cheap. Call
at 341 Sherman st. _ 240*
HOUSE for House at 27!) St. An
thony ay. with all modern improve
ments; nine rooms; neatly built; on easy
terms. - : . ■„. 242-247
HOUSE Eight-room house en Ashland
ay., furnace and barn, £5,500; one-third
cash. Address M. B. Liddell, owner, 102
East Fourth st. 242-243
HOUSE. 18x20. for sale, on corner James
and Bay sts. Apply to H.Thompson
Lumber company. . • " *,-'_' 240-246
HOUSE — buys tine house and lot on
Thomas st., near Dale ; street graded.
Koom 8, 146 East Fourth. - 243
INDIAN RELICS, consisting of scalps,
war shirts, war clubs, moccasins, Custer
battle relies, etc.; finest collection in
the .Northwest; must be sold complete. Can
be seen at 531 Broadway, between 2 and 4
o'clock p. m. 242-243
JX.-T ONEY TO LOAN—SIS and upwards on
J.VA personal property of any description;
property left in your possession. St. Paul
Loan Co., 22 West Sixth St., Panorama build
in?. 185*
PARLOR SET— fine parlor set and a
heavy body brussels carpet for sale 'at
181 Pleasant avenue. ,' 242-243
Carpenter's fobbing and repair
shop.established ten years.for sale cheap
or trade, on Seventh st. For particulars apply -
Sansonie's auction mart, Sibley and Seventh.y
___^_ 243 | ■■.-:
dPOABITSi! a good buggy at 17 Inglehart'
tyrCO st. Call to-day. 242 245 ;
$£) (*(\(\WlL.l, Djiy good paying prop-.
*V}Ul_/V_/ erty; new house, with ten
rooms. Inquire of owner, 418 Blair st. ~> -»?•
237-243 •• "^ „v •
OW FOUND—Red cow came to my in
closure at 254 Martin st. 242-243
OW LOST— red cow with a bunch on
the right side. Finder please return the
cow to 105 Dakota ay.. West St. Paul, and re
ceive 85 reward. , . - ' 239-245'
DOO LOST—lted Irish setter dog, seveV
months old. large head, long nose, thin
in flesh, name Ready, acts like a pup. Bring
him to 515 Kobert st. and get big reward.
DOG LOST OR STOLEN— reward will
be paid for the return to me of my dog
Sparkle, black and white color, Esquimaux
breed; supposed to have beer stolen. C. 11.
Slocum, Globe. 238-243
urday evening, a bay mare weighing
about 900 pounds, with light mane and short
black tail and a white spot on forehead, and
had on a leather halter, If found return to
Jack & Carmichael's grocery store, 548 Ohio
st., and receive reward. " 237-243
ORSE LOST— Bay horse, seventeen
hands high, weight 1,400 pounds: sore
on right side of neck and on right hind leg;
if found return to John Horrigon, 638 Mis
sissippi st. 237-243
(J«A (\(\ REWARD for return of a small
*&-*J» brown spaniel dog, wearing col
lar with my name on. He answers to name
of Curly. M. E. Ferrey, Evening Dispatch
office. 213 214
sota, Countyof Ramsey—ss. In Probate
Court. Special term, Aug. 29, 1887. ; .-v
In the matter of the estate of Ole Johansen.de
Notice is hereby given that the Judge
of Probate, of the county of Ramsey,
will, upon the i first Monday of the
month of March, 1888. at 10 o'clock
a. m.. hear.: examine and adjust all
claims and demands of all persons against
said deceased: and that six months from and
after the date hereof have been allowed and
limited for creditors to present their claims
against said estate,at the expiration of which
time all claims not presented or not proven,
to its satisfaction shall be forever barred, un
less for good cause shown further time be
allowed. By the court.
[l. s.] E. S. GORMAN, Judge of Probate.
Thorkild Wilson, Administrator. . : : '."^
Proposals for Lumber, Stallions
and Indian Houses, etc.
I*. S. Indian- Service, .
Chow Agency, Mont., Aug. 10, 1387. f
posals for lumber, stallions, or for erec
tion of Indian houses," etc., as the case may
be, and addressed to the undersigned, will be
received at this agency until 1 o'clock of
Thursday, Sept. 15, 1887, for furnishing for
and delivering at the agency about 300,000
feet of lumber, 100 doors, 100 windows,
0,000 pounds Blossburg coal, and 10 stall
ions, and for the erection of 50 Indian
houses on the Crow reservation.
The contractor for furnishing the lumber
will be permitted to cut logs on the reserva
tion, an abundance of which are in the im
mediate vicinity of the agency mill: the
use of the agency saw mill will also be al
lowed the contractor, with tne proviso that
it shall be returned to the agent in its origi
nal good order and condition.
The stallions must be of good graded stock,
not under thiee years nor over five years of
age, and must weigh not less than 1.000
pounds each, of good form, sound and per
fect in every particular, of gentle disposition,
and must be halter broken. >.t_z~.. -" „
The Indian houses are to be 16xlS feet,
and 8 feet clear inside, specifications for
which and complete list of sizes and kinds of
lumber and other materials required may De
obtained by application to the undersigned.
No Did for furnishing lumber or any other
building material will be accepted unless the
price of each article offered is specifically
stated in the bid.
Only bids for furnishing materials and
labor and the erection of the houses are re
All bidders are required to state the earliest
date when the articles will be delivered, or
houses completed, etc. .-. . ■,
The Indian houses must be completed by
June 1,1888. ■-.'■,.-..
The stallions are to be delivered between
March 20 and April 1. 18S8.
Each bid must be accompanied by a certi
fied check or draft upon some United States
depository, made payable to the undersigned
for at least 5 per cent, of the amount of the
proposal, which check or draft will be for
feited to the United States in case any bidder
or bidders receiving an award shall fail to
promptly execute a contract with good and
sufficient sureties, otherwise to be returned
to the bidder: the right is reserved to reject
any or all bids, or any part of any bid, if
deemed for the best interest of the service.
All information desired by any parties can
be obtained by application in person at the
agency office.
All proposals must be forwarded in quintu
225-245 U. S. Indian Agent.
Proposals for Lumber, I Brick,
Coal, Mare*, Cows, Etc., 11. 8.
Indian Service.
San-tee Agency, Neb,, Aug. 23, 1887.
Sealed proposals, indorsed "Proposals for
lumber, brick, coaL mares, cows, etc.," as
the case may be, and addressed to the under
signed, will be received at the Santee
Agency, Knox county. Neb., until 1 o'clock
S. m., Sept. 20, 1887, for furnishing for and
delivering at the Santee, Flandreau and
Ponca agencies, a variety of lumber and other
building materials, -schedules and a full de
scription of which may be obtained by appli
cation to the undersigned: 113 tons of. soft
soal, 4 tons coal, blacksmith, 32,000 bricks,
48 American mares, not under four nor over
seven years of age, sound, without blem
ishes, well broken and to weigh not less than
950 pounds; 25 cows of graded stock, in good
order and condition, natives of Nebraska or
adjacent territory, not under two nor over
five years of age, to weigh not less than 700
pounds. The price of each article must be
stated. . All animals offered for delivery
under a contract will be subject to a rigid in
spection by some person to be designated by.
the department.
Contracts will be awarded to- the '
lowest responsible bidder or bidders, subject
to the approval of the department of the in
terior. . Proposals must be accompanied by a
certified check upon some United States de
pository, payable to the order of the under
signed for at least 5 per cent, of the amount
of the . proposal, which check shall' be for
feited to the United States in case any bidder
receiving -the - award shall fail to execute
promptly a contract with good and sufficient
sureties according to the terms of his bid,"
otherwise to be returned to the bidder. . The
right to reject any or all bids, or any part of
any -bid, is hereby reserved. Proposals will
be received ■ for supplies and material sepa
rately, and must have a copy of this adver
tisement attached to each and addressed
to the undersigned. -. ~ - : ■ *-~i*^-- >.*■•';
Bidders are notified that their bids mnst be
for the goods delivered at the agency. Fur
ther information maybe obtained by address
ing the undersigned at Santee Agency, Neb.
, CkirJes ttUVV. 8. fctOiw agent.-,,.:^3;SQd
Through Trains am n. T" ST.PAUL, m Northern Mia.
Principal Points H||- -*^ .-^ -^ Jl Manitoba
Central* North- A IV I 1 \J ES MM and
crn Dakota. |b| -a*- RAILWAY. A I British Col'in b'-
: Willmar. Morris, Brown's Vallev.Wahpeton.... !
St." Cloud. . Fergus Falls, Moorhead, Fargo, j
: Grand Forks.
Osseo. Monticello, Clearwater, St. Cloud ....
Excelsior. Lester Prairie. Hutchinson '.....
Anoka, St. Cloud and Wi11mar......
Elk River. Princeton. Milaca ...".' ~
Willmar, Morris Lidgerwood. Rutland Aber
Wahpetou. Casselton. Hope. Larrimore. Devil's
Lake. Minot.. .....:....
Crookston. St Vincent, Winnipeg. Calgary,
Fergus Falls. Fargo, Grand F0rk5..........:.
• All trains daily except as follows: a Excepi
only c Mondays, from Wahpeton only; d Satun
' c Monday from Neche and Grand Forks only.
TICKET OFFICES— Paul, corner Third and
■.■'.-•--.'■■ . Minneapolis, 19 Nicolle
' ■. '/Sss^; THE "
/^^^. FAST MAIL '
/MnmuKm I.INK. .
if. Atln c**. _.«*■»>/ Pullman Sleep '
STZPAUI* ll en, with smoking !
: n looms and the |
If finest dining cars »
_^^^Bjy» in the world, are "
'.. Ti*. * . runonMainLine f
Trains to and from Chicago and Milwaukee, f
; . - ■-.-.-■.■ ... Leave Leave .*•
: departing trains. Minneap'lis St. PauL >.
Milwaukee, Chicago L
and Local:.; B7:00 a.m. B 7:25 a.m. *
La Crosse, Dubuque, ,
Sabula & Local B 7:00 a.m. B 7:25 a.m. »
Prairie dv Chien, ' -:- H
Milwaukee & Chi- j
; cag0............'... B 9:25 a.m. 89:40a.m I
Calmar and Daven- "•.':-*" i
i port Express.:.;.. B 9:25 a.m. B 9:40 a.m. I
Ortonville & Fargo L
• Express. 810 :20 a.m B 9:25 a.m. g
Milwaukee, Chicago 'A
> & Ati. Ex ;.. A 1:20 p.m. A 2.-00 p.m. 9
Owatonna & Way... | A 4:30 p.m. A 4:35 p.m. Jl
La Crosse & Way.... B 4:30 p.m. 6 5 p.m. fi
Milwaukee and Chi- C
J ctigo Fast Line.... A 6:50 p.m. A7:3op.m. £
:Aberdeen & Mitch- T
•ell Express _. A 7:00 p.m. A 6:20 p.m. jjj
Austin, Dubuque <$:
: Chicago Express.. A 8 p.m. A 8:35 p.m.
• ... .' . v '. ' , [ Arrive Arrive *
arriving trains. St. Paul. Minneap'lis ,
: Chicago, Dubuque'& "■
j Austin Ex .... A 7:40 a.m. A 8:25 a.m.
Davenport and Cal- l
mar Express....:. C 7:30 a.m. C 8 :25 a.m.
Chicago and Mil- _
Tfaukefc Fast Line.! A 9:30 a.m. A 10:10 a.m
Mitchell and Aber
deen ExDess.;.... IA 8:10 a.m. A 7 a.m. -
Owatonna & Way.. A9:soa.m. Al0:00a.m (
Chicago and Mil
waukee Pac. Ex.. A 1:50 p.m. A 2 p.m.
j Fast Mail and La, (
; Crosse B 3:15 p.m. B 3:50 p.m.
'■ Chicago. Milwaukee ■.: _.£*_■£
and Prairie dv; S
: Chien IB 5:55 p.m. B 6:00 p.m.
Fargo & Ortonville |
Express B 6:55 p.m. B 6:20 p.m. £
Dubuque. La Crosse
and Local :810 :45 81l :15 p.m
Milwaukee, Chicago! ■"--•- "
and Local 810:45p.m Bll:15p.m
A means daily, B except Sunday. C except <;
Monday. D except Saturday. >
. Additional trains between St. Paul and
Minneapolis via "Short Line" leave both a
cities hourly; for particulars see Short Line s
timetables. ■ _ *•'. „,"■ __ 'i £
ST. PAUL—George B. Clason, City Ticket
Ageno62 East Third street. Brown &Kue- t
bel,' Ticket Agents, Union Depot. 8
MINNEAPOLIS—W. B. Chandler, City __,
Ticket Agent No. 7, Nicollet House. A. ii -
Chamberlain. Ticket Agent, Depot.
j^^l. Chicago, St. Paul;
■ Minneapolis
& Omaha
y. AND
Chicago & Northwestern Ry's.
The Best Equipped Route to Chicago.
Dining cars the finest in the world, and
luxurious Smoking room Sleepers on all
regular express trains to Chicago.
Through sleeper to Milwaukee on Night
Express. _'■"«_."__ _„
Through Pullman Buifet Sleepers on
Omaha and Kansas City Express. '
Dcs Moines and Kansas City Express has
Combination Chairs and Sleeping Car through
to Kansas City without change.
Through sleeper, St. Paul to Mitchell. Dak
• -■_ , „ Leave j Leave
•, Departing Trains. Minne'olis St.Paul.
Green Bay & Wis. Ex. +7:30 a m +7:57 am
Shakopee & Mer'm J'n. *8:00 am , *8:50 am
Lake Superior Ex..... +!):o>am +9:45 am -
Prentice* Rhiiiel'nd'r; +9:05 am +9:4;>am
Mankato and Elmore, *9:15 am *8:40 a m »
Dcs Moines <fc , *9:15 am* :40 am -
Su. C, Su. F. & Pip'ne +9:15 a m :40 m T
Stillwater & River F'ls :05 am! 19 a m
Chicago Day Express.; *2:20 pm | *3:0 Op m #
Shakonee & Mer'm J'u *4:30 pm| *a:oapm
River F'lls & Ellsw'th 1 +4:30 pm! to:15 p m
Eau Claire & Chip-!
pewa Fa 115.... | +4:30 pm! +o:lapm
MankatOiLakeCrystalj+s:4o pm! +s:ospm 2
Mil. & Chicago Ex.... *»> :50 p m */ :30 p m
Omaha & Kan. City... *7:35 pm *7:00 pm a
Mitchell &Su.Falls Ex *7:35 pm *, :00 pm -
Duluth Night Ex...... : *9:00 pm *9:40 m
Ashland, Washburn & \ . n
Bayfield.... i*9:oopm; «9:4opm -
7~. ™ '■ I Arrive i Arrive
Arriving Trains. St Paul. Minne'olis.
——— — ■ +
Duluth Night Ex | *5:50 am ♦6:30 am
Ashland. Washburn; I
ABavfield ! *s:soam !*6 am -
Chicago Day Express. *, :00 am. *7:3oam _
Omahai Kan City....! *B:3oam *7:55 am
MilchelUSu.Fal'.sEx *3:3oam *7:soam
Ellsworth&Riv.Falls +9:loam t9:ssam
Eau Claire <& Chip- '■'■t.~~'. V-':^' ~ '
pewa Falls ! +10:25 a m +10:40 am £
Lake Crystal & Man- I f^'.L $
kato +11:05am+10:40am 1
: Mer'm.T'n&Shnkopee;*l2:oo m*l2:sspm E
Chicago Night Ex.... *l:50 pm *2:3opm
Su. C. Su. F. & Pip'ne *5:00 pm! *4:.« m C
Kan. C. & Dcs Moines *5:00 p m *4:3 ap m
Lake Superior Ex....! +6 p m t7:20 p m a
- Prentice jtßhinel'nd'r +6:40 pm| +7:20 m
Green Bay& Wis. Ex. +7:20 pm +8:00 pm a
Mer'mJ'liofcahakopeej *8:30 pm *9:10 p m
♦Daily. +Except Sundays. Eight trains to
Stillwater.. j
Tickets, sleeping car accommodations and
nil information can be secured at
'' No. 13 Nicollet House Block, Minneapolis.
W. B. Wheeler, Ticket Agent
; ': h. L. Martin. Agent. Minneapolis Depot J
No. 159 East Third street, opposite Mer
chants hotel, St. PauL „.„,,,. -
• " Chas. H. Petsch, City Ticket Agent
: Brown & Knebel, Agents, St Paul Union ,j
Depot. - ' * I
Through Sleepers and Superb Dining t
j- * Cars to '
Leave. • Minneapolis. St. Paul. i
Milwaukee Day „ ■>- ■ t
Express >....-- \ 6:30 a.m. 7:lo a.m. T
Chicago and Mil- i *-jf, -• ;
waukee After- ■ - __
noon Express.. 1:40 p.m. 2:2 a p.m. i
Prentice and^Ash- 1 ■ ■ ■ _ _ -
land Express... | 6:40 p.m. 7:li» p.m. I
Chicago and Mil
. aukee fast line! 6:40 p.m. 7:1;> p.m.
Arrive. ~ Minneapolis. I St. PauL j
Chicago Fast Line :r
Express." 7:50 a.m. 7:15 a.m. j
Prentice and Ash- " _
land Express... 750 a.m. 7:15 a.m.
Chicago Day Ex- „. £
press ! 3:15 p.m. 2:23 p.m. ■
Milwaukee' Day _.«.._« *
Express ' 10:55 p.m. • 10:10 p.m. v
! CITY OFFICES. " ~~~. C
St Paid— East Third street; C. E. -
i Robb, City Ticket Agent, , .
i .Union Depot— & Knehel, Agents.
Minneapolis—l 9 Nicollet House. Block: -
F. H. Anson, Northwestern Passenger Agent. *
; Union Depot—H. L. Martin, Agent »
W. S. Mellen, Jas. Barker, „
r General Manager, Gen. Pass'r Agent, °
. .;. Milwaukee. _
■• • Lv.St.Paul Lv.M'npls S
; s' -" - ; —-—1 : ' — P
Chicago & St. Louis Ex ■ *3:20 am *9:05 am
Dcs Moines Express...'*B:2o a m *9:05 am .
Chicago'-Fast'Exp.. d6:3opm d 7:15 p m h
StLouis Fast Express. +6:30 pm +7 p m
Dcs Moines Passenger. d 6:30 m d 7:15 p m _
Excelsior AWatertown *3:00 am *8:55 am -
Excelsior & Arlington *4:lspm *4:55 pm
Mankato Express..... *3:lspm *4:00 J
Short Line trains leave St. Paul for Mmne
. apolisat *7:15, d 3:00 a. m.. d 9:15, sl0:15,
a. m., 1:15 p. m.,*3:15. d 4:15. *5:15 d 6:15,
■ d 6:30 leave Minneapolis for St. Paul at ■
•6:15, 57:15, d8:0O. d 8:15, d 9:15, *10:15 I
a.' m. d 3:15, *5:15, d6:lsp. m. I
- Lake Minnetonka trains leave St. Paul for .
: Excelsior and Lake Park at d 4:15, *8:00
andd9:ls a. ,m.. dl:15, d 4:15 and *5:15
' p.m. - Leave Lake Park d 7:10 and *8:10 a.' £
m., dll:20 a; m,, *4:15, d 4:45 anddlo:3o
i p' m. - '■'•»"* -■"•'*-.*":.'
• *Bx. Sunday, ■■ tEx. Saturday, d Daily. =
! Sunday. >.- —_-, - ;
i Ticket Offices—Minneapolis, No. 1 Wash- >
'ingtonavenue-(under Nicolett house) and ■ \
- depot corner. Third street and Fourth avenue \ r
• North; St/ Pawl, 199 East Third street (cor- j £
'ncr Sibley), and" depot, Broadway, foot of. c
Fourth street S.F.BOYD, . c
fcsiuwiai Ticket and Passenger Agent : I
I Leave I Leave - j Arrive at I v.-./j '
St. Paul. .'Minne'lis.- St. Paul. Minne'olis.
..-a7:30 a maß:os a m a 7:00 pm a6:2spm
;o, ....
..'aS:2oa maß:ss a m a6:4Bp m a6:2opm
.. a 2:30 pm'a3:os pm a 11:55 amall:2oam
.. a 3:30 ni'a4:co m all -55 pm lall:25 am
.. a 4:10 p m!a4:4o p m all.lo a m'alo:43 a m
'.. a 4:10 p ____. a 4:40 p m all:10am a10:43a m
r- I ■ • '.': ■ -• j
. 7:30 m! 8:05 pm 7:3oam 6:o._>am
I's b7:3op m b8:05 pm c7:3oam c6:ssam
y. 3:30 9:lopm 7:ooam 6:25 am
.. b9:3op md9:lopm e7:ooam e6 am
ept Sunday; b Saturdays, as far as Wahpeton.
unlays as far as Grand Forks and Neche only;.
id Jackson streets Union depot. -'.«
llet House Block: Union depot, Bridge square.
The Dubuque Route. - '
f mason SjßifeSSK* "'*"*"«*_.
; *"MOHo/i&__£__tt^<s\l,> , »\<*
■,t. oooo^ i£q%«SH*^<^^o£&^^
L M__hoarnt^^Ajir,SH._._.-rowf!,*tti^Sy <__" 0.4
Lips?3tr^^(sS x /
w iVKirki.-_i.i7 rtumA\^<ffJl
T.JOSEPH sWa»onO». I LYJ I*-/ 1
jlxC H|,°"owTt«jM«ong»\y '.. &A j__eec«y« J
-• KAN S A o^¥>^~3^^XikMuis__V-
Two daily trains between Minneapolis. St.
Paul and Chicago. St. Louis and Kanaas City.
Short and Direct Line to Dcs Moines and all
Illinois Central, Central lowa, Wabash and
Chicago. St. Paul and Kansas City points.
Parlor Chair Cars on all through daily trains
to Chicago. ::.'. • -*
Mann Boudoir cars and M. &N. W. sleep
ers on Chicago night trains.
Leave Leave Arrive Arrive
Miups St. Pal St.Pal Mp'lis
Chicago & Dv- • • " = - I-"?: .■
I buque.limited a. m. a. m. a. m. a. m.
daily 7:05 7:40 9:35 10:15
Chicago & Dv
- buque.limited p. ______ p. sr. p. m. p. St.
daily 7:00 7:35 10:00 10:40
St.Louis & Kan
sas City ex- p. si. p. St. a. sr. A. St.
press, daily... j 7:45 8:30 8:50 9:35
St.Louis & Kan
sas-City ex- A. M. A. M. P. M. P. St.
press, daily... 7:10 7:50 7:10 7:50
Lyle. Austin, Dodge Center, Chatfield,
Plainview, Rochester, Peoria, Indianapolis,
Columbus, and all points East, South and
Further information cheerfully furnished
at the city ticket offices, 193 East Third
street and Union depot, foot Sibley street,
St. Paul.
City ticket office, No. 3 Nicollet Ilousa
block. Union depot, Bridge Square, Minne
Peerless Dining Cam
on all through trains between
+6:45 a.m. +7:25 a. m. No. 2. Winona, Li
Crosse. Dubuque^
Chicago. St. Louis.
*4:15 p. m. 1*5:25 p. m. No. 4. Winona, Li
I Crosse, Dubuque,
I Chicago, St. Louis,
No. 2 arrives Chicago 12:25 p. m,, Peorii
2:15, St. Louis 6:50 next a. m.
No. 4 arrives Chicago 7:30, Peoria 10:5<
a. m. and St. Louis 5 :05 next afternoon.
*9:25 a. m. *10:05 a.m No. 3. St. Louis Chi
cago, Dubuque, Li
Crosse, Winona.
+11:15 p.m+11:55 p.m No. 1. Chicago, St
-_-.' Louis, Galena, Du
■/'-■ buque, .La Crosse.
♦Daily. .. .. - . +Ex. Sun.
Leave Union Depot, St. Paul, daily foi
Highivood, Newport, and St. Paul Park, aj
6:25, 8:00, 10:00 a.m.; 12:01. 3:05 and
0:00 p. m. Returning arrive 7:45, 9:05,
11:30 a. m.: 1:45, 4:30 and 7:05 p. m.
Single fare 10c; 10 rides 80c; 25 rides, $1.50.
Connections made in Union Depots at
Chicago, corner Canal and Adams sts.
St. Paul, foot Sibley st., Brown & Knebel,
Minneapolis, Bridge Square, 11. L. Martin
agent. Y;,-'.'t—
Hotel Ryan. St. Paul.
C. HOWARD, City Ticket Agent, 5 Nio
ollet liouse, Minneapolis.
W. J. C. KENYON, General Passenger
Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
New" Overland Route!"
— TO —
Portland, Or., & tbe Pacific Northwest
__; The "Pioneer Line " between St. Paul.
Minneapolis, Moorhead and Fargo, and
ihe Only Line running Dining Cars and
Pullman Sleepers between Those Points.
Leave 1 Leave
departing trains. St. Paul. .Minneapolis.
. : —j— __,
Pacific Express for
Grand Forks, Far
Portland (Daily).. 4:00 p. m. 4:35 p. m.
Fargo Exp., (Daily
except Sunday).. 8:15 a.m. 8:45 a. m.
Dakota Ex. (Daily). 8.00 p. m. 8:35 p. m.
Dining Cars, Pullman Sleepers, elegant day
coaches, second-class coaches and emigrant
sleeping cars between St. Paul, Minneapolis,:
Fargo, Dak., and all points in Montana and
Washington territorios. Emigrants are car
ried out of St. Paul and Minneapolis on Pa
cific express, leaving daily at 4p. m. ,
Arrive Arrive
arriving trains. Minneapolis St. PauL"
Atlantic Ex. (Daily) j 11:50 a.m. 12:25 p.m.
St. Paul and Mm.
fast Ex. (Daily).. 7:15 a.m. 7:50 a.m.
St. Paul ana M. ace.
(Daily ex.Sunday) 6:10 p.m. 6:45 p.m.
Through Pullman Sleepers daily between.
St. Paul and Grand Forks, Dak.
Through Pullman Sleepers daily between
St. Paul and Wahpeton, Dak., on Dakota ex-.
press. • ■'•--*.'.: ■'■'.- *',-i
City office, St. PauL 169 East Third st. '...
- City office, Minneapolis, No. 19 Nicollet
house. .CHAS. S. FEE,
General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
— 1
Importers and
68 and 70 Sibley street, corner Fifth, •
ST. PAUL. . ;.-.#::- MINN
Patent Laws-Jas. F. Williamson,
Room, 15, Collora.Block, Minneapolis
Solicitor of Patents, Counsellor, in Pal?
ent cases. .Two years an Examiner U.
U. S. Patent Office.

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