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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, May 06, 1888, Image 17

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A SNA!*— _.; be sold at once: fine eight
room brick house, all modern Improve
ments: 60x150. uext to corner of Sixth st;
house No. 409 oak st. north: it is the cheap- I
est property in st. Paul, and must be sold
to meet other payments; it will jay you to
look this up. Oliver £• Murphy, 51 East
Fourth st. 127
GOOD CM ANCE-5*_..»!00 buys so
feet, or $< .000 buys 11.0x150 feet with
a twelve-room house, on Parkav., near Como
ay. Inquire at 125 Bianco st, near Rice st.
127 I
FARMS! PA R.MS :— Only 35 miles from j
St. Paul: $10 per acre up; terms to suit; j
timber lands .**_*. per acre. Address W. j
Borehsenius. Baldwin, Wis. 1*27
FIVE ACRES, with rood improvements, j
for sale near Hamline. on easy terms. I
By It. Shannon; Hamline, Minn. 127 I
ink lIAI.OVVOOO LAN I), :i.oo:j aces ;
cheap if - Id quick; well located; good
for farming. Address B 10, Globe. 124-130
FOR SALE— store. Carroll, near
Western ay.. *2*2x4-l. with six good
room . lrr.ro basement sewer, ciis water,
shed, carriage house and barn at a bargain.
Owner.' 3o3 Carroll st. 1*27
I^OR SALE CHEAP— Sherburne ay.. lot
. •2.->xl")ii feet two good four and five-room
cottages, barn.street paved. cedar blocks; easy
terms. Apply to owner, 363 Carroll st 1*27
I^OR SALE— IOO acres splendid Dakota
farmland in celebrated grain belt; on
line of railway and close to good markets;
mortgaged $500; will sell for $200; pressing
need of funds cause of sacrifice. A 40,
Globe. 157
FOR SALE— Handsome cottage,
St. Anthony ay., five rooms, bay win
dow, handsome porch, closets, cellar, well
end barn, Apply to I. I. Ward. 303 Carroll
tl. * 1*27
FOR SALE BY OWNER— A new 7 -room
house, with barn, twelve minutes' ride
.1. in Mercbouts" hotel; price, $3,000; cash
9300: balance $25 per month. Address J 17.
&lot>e. 127
FOR SALE or trade for good D niuth or
West Superior property, a good paying
hardware sioie. with tin shop, at Duluth.
For particular!! address J Hdw.care of Globe,
Duluth. Minn. 127
Ft»K sAI.E Several thousand dollars be- ;
low actual value, nine-room brick veneer
residence, with fine large grounds; to be sold
at once for non-resident. Inquire of Thomp- J
son .V Taylor. Attorneys at Law, Room 4, i
•German-American bank* block. 127-29
FOR SALE— A deeded farm of 100 acres; j
or will trade for property in St. Paul: 00
acres of it plowed: insurance. $300; worth. ]
§2.000. Address .1 51, Globe. 125-27
I_| oi'SE— sale, a splendid eight-room I
XX house and lot; good neighborhood; |
panic- going west Inquire 01S Hastings
ay.. Dayton's Bluff. 127
HOUSE— For sale, eight-room house very I
cheap in Union Park. Address A IS. i
Glob,-. 127 i
LOTs in Hum's addition to St Anthony j
Park. $800 and s9oo; acres, $4,000. By ;
I). H. Hunt, proprietor, on addition. 120-133
_ 2, block 1. Dun well & spencer's addi
tion; 50x125 feet to alley in rear. Apvlvto
J. M. Warner. 712 St. Peter st. 127-34
LAKE COMO— sale by owner cheap,
j one lot 40x125, well located. Address
S N. Globe. 127
]OT — A lot for sa!e cheap: will take horse
X-J and buggy as Dart payment C. Milsted,
339 East Seventh st ' 127-120
LOT— For sale, one of the most desirable
building lots on Iglchart st., near Epis
copal church, Merriam Park; seventy-live
feel front, and nicely above grade. Call or
address li. A. Douglass, room 251 Drake
block. St. Paul. 121-129
MUST SOLD— I have some very de
sirable lots in St. Paul, either for busi
ness or residence; if taken at once, can be
bought for $100 per lot cheaper than adjoin
ing property; also a decided bargain in a
block. Address It 4. Globe. 127
PORTLAND AVENUE, near Grotto: 53
feet for $3,300. John A. Wcide, 366
Jackson --. Room 2. 124-12$
T\7ANTH) TO BUY from two to five
»* acres of good garden land within four
miles of market bouse. I will do a job of
papering for the first or part payment. Ad
dress ■ hanger, ( ilobe. 127
"vPnirE REAR LAKE— The putting in
» » of a double steel rail track on the new
Bee line of he M.Paul .v Duluth railroad, be
tween St. I .ml and White Bear, whereby the
time of the run will be reduced
to twenty minutes, and the reduc
tion of the fare to 10 (ems. as will be done
this month, make the property in the village
of White Bear, at is present low prices, the
cheapest and most desirable, as it has always
been the 1110. beautiful suburban residence
property in the vicinity of the city of St.
Paul, end plate it within the means of the
laltorer and mechanic as well as the business
man. for permanent as well as summer resi
dences: peruiumnt trains are run during the
entire year at convenient hours for persons
doing biisine.-.s in the city. We are sole
agents for the sale of lots in Auerbach's re
arrangement of the village of White Bear;
nice 50-foot lots from 8200 to $375; lake
shore lots for $750: terms, one-third cash.
balance in one and two years, with interest
at - per cent. Daniel Getty, Village of white
Bear. Il.:i:\ o' Gorman, 83 East Sixth st.,
St. Paul. 1*27
SO Inn ! "°- : 00-foot lot. corner of
._•__. \J Griggs si. and Dayton aye. in
A. E. Ramsey's addition. This is $300
cheaper than any lot in the addition. Ad
dress E (".:>. Globe. 127-131
"inn FO ' !T ' !:< ,NT on East Fourth st.,
J- VJU between Maria and Bates ays., with
house and stables. W. F. Fifield, Room 1,
Schoch's Block, corner Seventh and Broad
way: 125-139
SOT!5 OT! ACRES fertile land, five miles back
«J._,'./ of Mendota, near railroad station,
only 825 per acre, worth ready double;
greatest bargain in Dakota county. D.
Michaud. 392 Robert st., St. Paul. 127
Q* _)/ \(\ WILL handle two fine lots on the
WJ\J\J West side, near the upper bridge.
Inquire at 422 Wabasha st. 127
Ci SJO( ) >'AXES handsome level south
.1. VJ vJ VJ facing lot on summit ay.. Merri
am Third addition. Apply to owner, 363
Carroll ... ' 127
-/ euth ... at $100 per acre: your own
terms; or will take city property in" part pay
ment. Dodge & Roe, 110 _: East Fourth st..
up stairs. 127
Cy*^ BUYS a lot adjoining North St.
'^(-> , f Paul, only $15 cash; It will pay yon
to look this up. Oliver .v Murphv, sl East
Fourth st. . ' i 25- 1 27
11« East Fourth St.. _Vext to
Robert St..
Ileal Estate Agents aud Auc
For Forty Years.
A. 11. Xicolaj-, Auctioneer.
WE OFFER at private sale the following
»* bargains on liberal terms of payments
to suit purchasers:
*__(. ( '•/ V- "OUSE of twelve rooms on
'~^x\j^\jv >\j Farrington ay.: all Improve
ments; large corner lot : easy terms.
<_!._ ( '(M „X , - u '«J^ AY., near
i?X -_*,' 'V_ V ; Kent st.: new house; all
modern improvements; a big bargain.
Sin (M\{ ,—^"l-ANB AVI nlk~r
»JPI _/, \J U. Arundel st: eight-room
housi in good order: lot 5 *143 to alley;
south-facing; cheap at $12,000.
C : 7 •").••/ i— HOLLY V., near Dale St.;
•..» / * «Jt >\l nine-room house; good, large
cellar: south- facing: easy terms.
C 2'"7 ~\i 1* \— on Marshall ay.. near St Al
•-■ » ••_'-' _/ hails st; newß-room house
and large attic: plate glass windows in even
room: easy terms.
<2i* {}{ .("I— On Marshall ay., near West
•Jtj,V./V./VJ cm; 10-room house; beauti
ful location; lot alone worth the price asked
without Improvements.
OIK list of property for Bale at private
sale is the largest in this city, embracing
only first-class business and residence prop
erty, both improved ami unimproved, some
paying from 10 to 1.3 per cent on the invest
ment and for wile at great bargains and
terms to suit all classes ot purchasers.
CI Ft? \(\ ONLY l.uvson Broadwavoo
"JI'Ci'JUV./ x 1.30 feet; Broadway "will
be one of the leading business streets, and
when the new bridge is built this lot will sell
for ; i .000 ft out foot: terms easy.
\J — Desirable lots, some fine corners at
low figures and easy terms. Nicolay & Co.
HAMLINE— Hamline lots and blocks at
reasonable prices ami easy terms.
DAYTON*. BLUFF— Dayton's Bluff—
large variety of good business and resi
dence I : .- on East Seventh st. and adjoining
Streets, in the very best location, on high
ground, at reasonable figures and easy terms.
HOUSES on monthly payments; all parts
of ihe city.
Lots on monthly payments: all parts of
the city. '
J IST, your property exclusively with us,
-i if you desire to sell quick at fair prices;
our facilities for selling real estate are un
surpassed, being the oldest practical ex
perienced real state bouse in St.Paul; our
sales in forty years amount to nearly $50,
--000.0 we are making constant sales, and
have customers always ready to boy first
class business or resident property, .both fan
proved and unimproved: if you want to buy,
we can suit you. and shall be pleased to show
you our list, which is the most extensive list,
embracing the very best -property for sale
to be found in St. Paul. Nicolay A: Co.,
real estate agents and auctioneers, 1 16 East
Fourth st.. opposite National German-Ameri- i
can bank building. 127 i
Elliott, _Vliittic-r & Co.'s List.
154 East Third st.
CV nr)f*l BUYS fine nine-room house
k.' I 4 \J\J\J on Laurel, near Kent: house
cost about $5,000 to build. __.
* ."Ov- Ashland ay., near Mackubin
st. Woodland Park).
*_'_ ()(Wl FOR a new eight-room house
v't-/^ _/_/_/ on Dayton where it is finely
paved, west of Dale lots held at $4,000.
*_' _ *"V >() TO «4.000 for a fine home on
:J.Ji _/.._/ Fuller st.. near Western ay.
S.) 70(1- NEW seven-room home, on
„ **.) I \J\J Martin, near Dale.
CO (){)() TO * 2 . 500 for a couple of
V-«v, _/_/_/ newly-built houses on Iro
quois si., near West Seventh st. car line.
SO W( )l ) EOR a fine building lot on
'- "•v^O \J V. Grand ay. ; street cars at your
door. ESFTSK
C 1 f\(M) BUYS a beautiful building lot
-? __ _'U in Highland Park, near Dale.
*_'VOi_n WIL,,J buy you a pleasant
Ut/^JUU home ou Maria ay., near East
Seventh st.
*_*_ "_().} FOR a pleasant eight-room
%>*J^.J\J VJ house on Couwav, near Maria
ay. ; this is a bargain.
QO f_(){) FOX four beautiful lots next
%>^^\J\JyJ door to Hamline university.
V\. f- HAVE a number of fine building
»>' lots on Dayton's bluff.
FARMS— Have some of the finest stock
and dairy farms in Dakota county.
S* _ 9 fin BUYS fine building lot, forty
»- .-v>-'v six feet front, on Marshall
ay.. near Dale: a snap.
C*_> •_)/ )(t FOR a couple fine building
V..OUU lots Ashland ay., near Dale.
127 .
Pete* Srhouartli Jr.'s Eist.
03 East Third st.
.^ / SnD- FIXK , - OT on Mcßoal St.,
%><J.*J\J\J near Forbes.
CO ( \f~\l t— LOT in Palace addition.
<_9 Hi\i\—<lO<>lilllCll AY., Hear
W&n I VJ U Avon. >
_') H(M "l-z-HAGUE AY * near Chats
»^A>> _/VJVJ worth.
CO ."""if 'if}— 50-FOOT corner, Hague
_. U U and Lexington.
SI fjf)0 _I>AVTOX AY - nearDunlap.
CI /lAn— CORNER LOT near Macal
yL^VJtJVJ ester station.
SI $._*( i — FINK LOT on Carroll, near
Ci ~\i \— LOTS at Northern Pacific shops;
-d- _. <J $50 cash and $5 per month.
CI ('()( \~HOUSE AND LOT on Holly
-V ■_->_»■*___/ ay.. this side of Grotto st.
*t?^i\J\J\J on lrorjuois st.. near West Sev
enth st., on monthly paymenths.
CI ()(\i I— SEVEN LOTS on Albert St.,
'^•■^-.^VJVJIJ near University ay. : worth
$500 apiece. :-y- y
COy F. — LOT on Blair St., near St. Albans.
C Fit) ( I— LOT ou Carbon St., near Kite.
ST'_( \— THOMAS ST., near Victoria.
CJ^ Aft— LOTS on Dayton's bluff on
<**>t?«J<J monthly payments. 127
F. U. Elinor & Co.'s Eist.
91 East Fourth Street.
CO.VIE out to Merriam Park and look at the
new houses going up, the streets being
graded, the water wonts going in aud the new
bridge on .Marshall ay. in process of con
struction across the Mississippi river, con
necting the two cities; then call on us and
we will show you some of the choicest prop
erty at the Park.
CO £>/ lO~ NKW HOUSE eight rooms
•J*,OUU at Merriam Park: $150 cash,
balance monthly: street graded; all assess
ments paid; cistern, well and cellar; con
venient to schools and depot
CI 7 1 (|f*)— south-facing 50-foot
%?-i^^t'vJVJ lot on Marshall ay. at Merriam
CI r\i 50X150-FOOT lot on Carroll
.)J.«_/UVJ st., hear Prior ay.. at Merriam
Park. ;
yl^O _. iglehart st. at Merriam Park.
Ci-! O^-'i— CHOICE south-facing
U^_» _/ _/ lots on Marshall ay., at Mer
riam Park.
IF YOU WANT Merriam. I'niuii. Loveriug,
Quiuby, Excelsior and College Park
property come and see us.
>;ai:.-hai.i.'s ADDITION.
CHOICE State and Robertson st. front
ages ; call tor prices.
N'OTHER choice Marshall addition
. lot, $800 under the maiket; we have
these exclusive.
SO F\{\ (]— $350 CASH, balance month
-o__-^_/U_/ ly; new eight-room house on
Front st . near Pice: well, cistern, cellar.
C I *->/^l \-CHOICE LOT on Carroll St.,
'Dx^.jUU east of Victoria; holding for
$1,700 opposite.
C j 0 _ " BOUSE of seven rooms on St.
'..-t~~ Peter st. to rent ; modern improve
ments. 127
A. U. Wilgus A Co.'s Eist.
354 Jackson st.
THE BRIDGE from Broadway to State
has passed. We have some fine pieces
under contract at old prices. Come in be
fore they expire.
\ FINE PIECE. 25 feet, from State to
-i. Eobertson, wilh improvements on, only
ATTENTION— fine lots on St. An
_^ thony aye., near Victoria, must be sold
for $975 each *, easy terms.
ONLY $-1,100 for fine seven-room house,
east of Mackubin, on St. Anthony hill.
We have it under contract.
rpilE GREATEST bargain on St. An-
X. thony hill: finely shaded lot and good
residence. This is worth looking up if you
want a fine home. Near corner of western
avenue and Ashland at cost of lot only. only
seen by permission, and offered for a few
days only. A. B. Wilgus & Co.
MALI. CASH PAYMENT, balance in
O five years, for finely situated house ana
lot on St. Anthony hill: value, $3,300; first
class place and worth $4,000; near Kent st.
OBIE ST.. near State: fine house and lot
sit value of lot ; very good terms ; exclu
sive Bale.
C 1 I '< J/\— tiOOO HOUSE .1M) LOT
•J'itUuu on Fuller St., near Virginia
ay. ; all conveniences.
HE cm: At* EST LOT on Martin st.
near Wester n: very good terms.
Of *C/ _/ _/ and lot for the money in choice
location on St. Anthony hill; "very easy
O/-^ -_ "_/ \J monthly, for five-room house
on St Anthony bill.
SEE US before you buy; we have great
bargains in real estate. A. B. Wilgus &
Co.. 354 Jackson st. 1*27
St. I *aul Investment Company's
•_>l;^._/ vJVJ Portland : all modern im
QO^A^OKJ Portland ay.
g4,10U-gn_lJ?v?° M HOUSK ' Ash "
C*_> "inn— AGE on Goodrich ay.
«-J*J^ !"_/_/ near Seventh : lot alone worth
$3.000. '
Ql rU_f_ — corner MARSHALL
OxJJ\J\J ami Fairchild ays.
'J^^-I-VJVJ It's addition: easy terms.
C"l "inn— DAYTON'S BLUFF, Fre
•v-l .-IVJ(J mont St., near Forest st.;
monthly payments.
CO A("|— BEST lots "at North St. Paul;
O /_-_/_/ §_..> down, $10 per month.
"«_<_( )T\— FINK LOTS at Merriam Park
■prjUU Third add.
•_) -ACRE garden lots near city; terms to
•J suit. ,
WK HAVE two lots in .1. It. Weide's Sec
»V oud addition for sale at one-fourth
: these lots we will sell at $100 below
market, as they must be sold. 127
W. S. fircgory's Eist.
Keal Estate and Loans, 41 East Fourth st.
%?±iU\J\J Ross st.: one-third cash.
CI J (tn— ROOM HOUSE; four
!l____; lots; a snap.
S3 000 -D -" UUI * "OUSE: rents for
00, / VJU selby ay.
SSOO~ in fine - location - ~.
SSn ; _t ) F<> *? * mtlU stock grocery and
OCV- C. buil ding on Rice st.
.17 EST SI BE LOT to exchange for horse
> V and buggy. 1 27
it ' in plenty may be had
flGlp By inserting herean ad.
• i>. 11. Midland's List.
.'{..3 Jackson St.
*.*_ ffcf)n B,nf8 * beautiful lot on Ash
.-'•. !_/_/_/ laud ay., near St. Albans St.;
this is a bargain. D. H. Michaud.
(JO Hi \ BUYS three beautiful lots,
«p/s^ / \J\J corner Jenks and Agate sts. ;
these lots are well worth $3,000. D. 11.
Michaud. -
St Paul : a threat bargain ; they must be
sold at once. D. 11. Michaud.
Qi'AA EACH buys beautiful lots at
*j?U_/VJ Hemline, on easy terms; only a
few left. D. H. Michaud.
*_{_( I KA< " li buys line lots a short dis
.oUU tance from Bohn Manufacturing
company: terms, $50 cash, balance $10 per
month. 1). 11. Michaud.
(Jt \ ACRES in Dakota county, near Rose
*Jv mount, at $11 per acre; "this is a big
bargain: it must be sold at once. 1). H.
Midland. 333 Jackson.
*_ *_ (}(\Cl BUYS a fine south-facing lot
V «Jj VJ \JU on Tilton st., near St. Peter st.
1). H. Michaud. 333 Jackson st.
*_1 A{\l ) BUYS tive-room house and lot
y-a. _b \J on Case St.. near Mississippi st.
21/ ACRES— The finest stock farm in
z * _/ Dakota county, locatiou and nat
ural advantages considered; 200 acres of
plow land and natural meadow; forty acres
of splendid young timber and a mile of clear
spring water; budding in good repair; only
forty-five minutes by Minnesota & North
western railroad from St. Paul and eighty
rods to depot; will sell at very low figures if
sold soon. D. H. Michaud.
Q>_ 0/>/\BUYSa beautiful corner lot
'^O^A/\j\J 50x121 feet on Cedar st; this
is a bargain.
CI OHO BUYS two beautiful lots cor
<i?X)&\J\J ncr Earl and -Suburban ay.
*_*_ OHO BUYS beautiful south-facing
V»^ UUU lot on Lincoln ay., east of Vic
**___ ff_f_ ** I VSa Rood six-room house
«iP _rN U and lot on Holly ay., near St.
Albans. SOLJSS
S*J A\("Ji*l BUYS a new seven-room
- ->}_-_/*_- house and lot on Rondo st.,
cast of Mackubin st. D. 11. Michaud, 333
Jackson st.
FOR SALE — A beautiful piece of property
on Canada st., to be sold at a bargain if
sold Boon; please look this up. D. H.
; Michaud.
Cjl P\ nTYn BUYS a beautiful. piece of
Ol _/,VJVJVJ ground on Olive St., 100x130
feet, covered with fine shade trees, and also a
twelve-room cottage, with all modern im
provements: rented for $05 per month. D.
11. Michaud. 333 Jackson st.
*S 1 r 7(\C\ EACH buys three beautiful
*-*l^/ __ south-facing lots on Univer
sity avenue, near Dale st. ;a big bargain;
must be sold within a few days. D. H.
Michaud. " 127
J. Fairchild & Co.'s List.
DEARBORN PARK— We have a few
blocks left In this most beautiful addi
tion. J. Fairchild & Co.
OR TRADE— About 53.000 worth of
books and stationery; will take real es
tate in or near St. Paul. J. Fairchild & Co,
358 Jackson st.
AM LlNE— Three lots near Hamline at
less than ruling rates. J. Fairchild
PLEASANT AY.— slso per foot for a
beautiful lot at end of Forbes st. J.
Fairchild & Co., 3.33 Jackson st.
ifTnn PER FOOT for a south-facing lot
•|I"JU on Portland ay. : there is on this
lot a good barn that cost not less than $300.
J. Fairchild & Co.
IRVINE AY.— For sale. 120 feet on Irvine
ay.. including a twelve-room house that
cost $0,000, ah for $11,000. which is $1,000
less than the ground is worth : terms to suit.
J. Fairchild & Co.. 35S Jackson st.
FARM— We have a bargain in a 160-acre
farm near Lake Elmo; SIO per acre can
De saved in the purchase of this place. J.
Fairchild _ Co., 3.33 Jackson st.
THE CAPITOI The strong probabilities
are that in the near future the capitol
building will be erected at some point near
the center of the two cities. This seems to
be the growing conviction of residents of
both places. By refering to the map it will be
seen (bat Cleveland ay. is about the central
line. We have for sale on this beautiful ave
nue twenty acres, lying beautifully, and
from every point of which there is had a fine
view of Minneapolis. This can be had at
figures that the purchaser can reasonably
count on a profit of from 100 to 200 per cent
within one or two years. For price and terms,
call at our office. J. Fairchild & Co.
ICE STREET— Monthly payments— We
have some beautiful lots on Pice st. for
sale on monthly payments: call at our office
for prices. J. Fairchild & Co.. 353 Rice st.
"jVTORTH PARK— in North Park at
-Ll a most decided bargain; we mean this.
J. Fairchild & Co.
_9 .fl I>KK ACRE for forty acres near
_ .__._/ Little Canada. J. Fairchild &
WE II A YE fifteen acres in North Park,
which we are authorized to sell for
$200 per acre less than auy adjoining acres.
J. Fairchild & Co.. 353 Jackson st. 1*27
Edmund I*. Wilgus' Eist,
132 East Fourth st.
ST (](){) BUYS AN elegant new 10-
C / )\J\jyj room house on Marshal! ay. ;
I sewer, water and gas.
1 HAVE FOR sale a very fine 13-room
house on Iglchart near Arundel;
lot .30 feet frontage; large stable, stone
walks; everything first-class; can be bought
Cheap and on easy terms.
ST Tf .fl FOX 10-UOOM HOUSE in
V * « 1 _/ _/ Holeoinb's add. Lot has 51
feet frontage,
SO *)()( . BUYS a good seven-room
V *J *A*\J \J house, one block from street
OODLANI) PARK. liO teet frontage,
* V with an elegant house and large barn;
street paved; sewer, water and gas. One of
the finest homes on the hill; will be sold
Q 1 ACM 1 BUYS the corner of Rondo and
■ffl, _*UU fct. Albans sts.
STT., FOR LOT on Fuller st., Slater's
V? / / O add., if taken Monday.
C^ ()i)() FOX 100 feet on Fuller st.,
*~?*J) _/_/_/ near Farrington ay.
*_*_ (MMI BUI'S a tine south-facing lot
'3.J*\J\.'\J on Ashland ay. : Holcomb's
OO FEET and a southeast-facing corner
0/4' on Marshall ay., cheap: one of the fin
est residence corners on the avenue.
INE BUSINESS LOT at Seven corners,
cheap; will pay big interest on invest
ment by building on it.
CO HI FINE LOT on Ashland ay.,
'-'/_', 1 UVJ near St. Albans st. Edmund
P. Wiltrns. 132 Fa . Fourth st. 27
Abbott's Eist of Bargains,
32 Chamber of Commerce.
C? 1 OR!) BUYS south-face lot on Selby
•Jl^'-''-J\J aye.. only one block of Mil
waukee depot. This is a big bargain and I
am obliged to sell.
CI QOH FOX south-face lot on Uui
OJ^Oc/C/ versity aye.. next to Dale.
This is $500 below market. tall and see
this at once.
_•»-_. eluded to sell two tine lots between the
cities on Goodrich aye., on montblv pay
ments. They are 50x1*25 to alley, Call on
me at once.
C*./"Snf_ BELOW market. Lot in Summit
♦.. _/VJVJ Park, south-face on Lincoln aye.
Will give a man easy terms. Call Monday. *
<_' _ (MM \~ AS FINE lot as can be found
•_)}-/_/_/ on st. Anthony hill. South
face on Laurel near cable.
CI QOf 1 P»B.SO-foot south-facingcor
01,0\JU neron Forest st., both streets
graded and assessments paid.
CO F\f\(\ PER ACRE for a few choice
«4?»J.*JvJVJ acres inside of Snelling near
Summit aye. There is big money in this.
TH IS is a short but choice list. Even- one
is a bargain. Be sure and see me at
my new office, 32 Chamber of Commerce.
i Haguire Bros.* Bargains.
No. 147 West Sixth St., next Turner hall.
Cf: /WWtFOR corner lot 60x150, one
_-*"n \J\J\J block from Seven corners.
CO UR(I FOB south-facing .lot near
o_v,v. *J\J Miller st., in Nininger & Don
nelly's addition.
CQRrjFORIot in College Park; street
V .~)*J\J grade raid for; terms easy.
CUO^ WILL BUY a choice lot in Mil
-0«17.v _. ton's addition.
/".HEAP LOTS on monthly payments. »
WE ll AYE one-half cf new house to rent
» V just one block from Rice st. car line;
rent only $15 per month.
CALL AND SEE US at our new office,
next Turner hall, where we will be
pleased to meet you, Maguire Bros., 1 47
West Sixth st. . 127
! A. It. "Wilgus & Co.'s Wants. -
'-. ;"_::..:. : . 354 Jackson st. '.:%.'?.:
WE YVA_NT a piece of property 20, 40 or
50 feet, -improved or unimproved,
costing from $12,000 to $40,000; business
property on Seventh or Wabasha st. pre
ferred. A, B. Wilgus & Co. . .:■ . 127
BOARuINU— Newly furn shed rcoms fo
gentleman and wife, or single gentle
man, together with board; also a few day
boarders; use of bath room. Apply at 519
Wabasha st. 127-: O
BOARD— Room and board for two gentle
men. at 92 Park Place. 127
BOARD— First-class board and nicely ___•
nished rooms, with use of bath and Eras.
at 342 East Eighth st 127-133
BOARD— Room ".ml board, ss; twenty-one
meal tickets. 53. 75 : room, with break
fa. and supper, if desired. 178 College a t_^
BOARD— alcove room with board.
395 North Oak st 127-129
BOARD— A respec.ab_e young wonim:
working out uays can find a comforta
ble heme with a widow lady at .moderate
price ; one block from street cars. 24 West
Third st. 127
BOARD and large front alcove room on
second floor; all modern conveniences.'
594 Jackson st. l£7
BOARD— one vice front room for two
gentlemen, with board, at 385 Washing
ton, opposite city hall. 127-128
BOARD— Wanted, to get two gentlemen
to board in a private family of three,
where they could have plain home comforts
cheap; board, room, and plain washing
and ironing; §4.50 a week. Inquire of the.
engineer St Paul Carpet company, or ad
dress Mrs A B. Globe. St. Paul. 127
BOARD— summer home with
board in a new cottage at Lake Elmo;
terms moderate: use of bath, etc.; near
depot Address E5, Glob?. 127
BOARD— can find good board
at 57 East Twelfth st 127-129
BOARD— An elegantly- furnished front
room with alcove and use of bath, hot
and cold water. 21 East College ay. 120-1 29
BOARD Wanted, two young men to take
furnished room, or room and board.
Call at 231 East Fillmore ay., West side. 127
BOARD — First class rooms and board,
breakfast and 6 o'clock dinners; all
modern improvements. 459 East Eighth st.
BOARD — Pleasant home offered to a gen
tleman and wife or two gentlemen in
small private family ou St. Anthony hill.
Address C 100, Globe. 124-127
BOARDING— 49 West Fourth st.; good
board and rooms furnished by Mrs.
Scott. . 120-27
BOARDERS — A few more persons can be
accommodated with first-class board at
405 Franklin st. 127
ROADWAY", 497— Fine front room,
with alcove, with board. 127-130
C ANADA ST.. 565— For rent, two large
J furnished front rooms, suitable for four
or five gents, with first-class board, six
o'clock dinner. 127
IGHTH ST., 275, EAST— Fir.
rooms with good table board; gas and
use of piano. 123-123
IGHTH ST.. 417. EAST— Two rooms.
en suite, furnished, with board: nice ac
commodations for two or three gentlemen or
married people. 127
XCHANGE ST., Furnished rooms
and table board. 126-129
nished rooms, with board or without;
first-class board by we or day. 125-27
Fifth ST., 166, Gentleman and
wife or two gentlemen will find rooms
and board. 127-128
AY., 535— 0n St. Anthony Hill
a nice furnished or unfurnished room :
table board. ' 127
few gentlemen in private family; tent
ing grounds, with board, if desired. Address
G 43, Globe. 127
PLEASANT AYE., Nicely furnished
room and first-class table board for two:
on cable. 127
EARL ST., 219— Newly furnished front
room with board, use of bath. 127-129
EARL ST.. 211— Room and board for
two gentlemen at 54.50 per week.
PEARL ST., 211— young ladies can
get room and board at §3 per week. ,'.
127-123 |V
ROOMS— furnished suite of rooms,
modern conveniences, near business
center; private family; references required.
Address c 77. Globe. 127
R MS— Handsomely furnished room
■ with bath, five minutes' walk from
Ryan hotel or Globe budding, with board.
Address II 79. Globe building. 127
ABASHA ST.. 517— Furnished rooms
for rent with board, single or en suit.
W~ ABASHA ST.. Furnished rooms,
with board. 127-123
raS-TlttX-TIP-l. : -
APPRENTICES— Wanted, two young
ladies to learn shorthand from practical
stenographer: situation procured when com
petent. 358 East Eleventh st. 127
Shorthand and typewriting a special
feature; experienced reporters in charge;
graduates successful competitors; superior
.ruction by mail: reduced rates send for
circulars. Corner Third and Wabasha sts.
spring and summer months. St. Paul Busi
ness College, Seventh and Jackson. 102-173
YT telegraphy, shorthand, typewriting,
bookkeeping, German, etc.; chance to make
expenses while learning: send for circulars.
Address F. A. Marou. Globe Business col
lege, St. Paul. 127
UITAR INSTRUCTlON— lnstruments
* selected for purchasers free of charge.
Malcolm E. Nichols, 507 Grand Opera Block.
ham and Munson's principles taught:
full course, §10. William A. Sherjfer. 'J 42
East Third St., St Paul. 127-28
MUSIC LESSONS— I am prepared to take
scholars on the clarionet: for terms and
particulars call at Room 12, Court block.
Charles H. Hubbard, solo clarionet Seibert's
orchestra. 1*27
PUPILS— Wanted, pupils in shorthand
and typewriting; terms 50 cents an
hour. Address II -L Globe. 120-27
Typewriting— day. evening and
by mail. Malcolm E.Nichols, 507 Grand
Opera Block. 127-133
and telegraphy; first-class and exclusive;
lessons day or evening or by mail ; send for
circulars. The Anna C. Drew school, Hale
block, corner Third and Jackson sts. 103*
HORTHAND— A complete course of pri
vate instructions in best system for S3
L 11, Globe. 127
HORTHAND and Typewriting Institute.
W. K. Mulliken. proprietor, corner Sev
enth and Jackson sts. 102-173
rates for the spring term. Corner Sev- -
enth and Jackson sts. 102-173
"IT7" X MULLIKEN offers the best induce
»V . ments to those desiring a practical
education. Cor.Seventh and Jackson. 102- 1
DRESSMAKING— Fashionable dresses,
chil be. i's cloaks f.n 1 wraps made at very
low prices; we guarantee a perfect fit and
a neat finish at 384 Franklin st. 127
IIESSMAKING— Mrs. O'Connell, popu
lar dressmaker, gives lessons in cutting
and fitting by Deveraux's tailor system. 450
Minnesota st . 127
RESSMAKING— Smythe, misses'
and children's dress and cloak maker.
Room 29, Mannheimer block. 127
MRS. J. T. HEDINGER has re-opened
her dress-making parlors; will now
found at 447 St. Peter St.. where she is pre
pared to furnish the ladies with a perfect
tit and latest styles. 127
— Admiralty Seizure: »-.
Whereas, a libel has been filed in the Dis
trict Court of the United States of America
for the District of Minnesota, on the 13th
day of April, A. D. 1883, by Fayette Marsh,
proctor, in behalf of the Saint Croix Lumber
Company vs. The Steamboat "Sea Wing.''
her engines. machinery, tackle, apparel and
furniture, D. N. Wit'heru, as owner, ami
John Anderson, as contractor, in a cause'
of action civil and maritiue, and for cause
more fully set forth in said libel now on file
in said clerk's office of the United States '
District Court for the District of Minnesota,'
and praying the usual process and monition
of the court that all persons interested in said
steamboat, her engines, tackle, apparel and;
furniture, may be cited to answer the pren?
ises and all due proceedings being had, thai
the same may be decreed to be sold and the
proceeds thereof distributed according to
law. ' '»-; ■ '
Therefore, in pursuance of said monition,
under the seal of said court, to me directed
and delivered. Ido hereby give notice gen
erally to all persons having or pretending to
have any right title or interest therein, or
knowing or naving anything to say why the.
same should not be condemned and "sold
nursuaut to the prayer in said libel, to appear
before the said court to be held in ana for
said district of Minnesota, at St. Paul, in said
district, on the first Monday of May, A. D
1888, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of the
same day, if the same shall be a day of juris
diction, otherwise on the next day of juris
diction thereafter, then and there to. inter
pose a claim for the same and make their
allegations in that behalf.
W. M. CAMPBELL, C. S. Marshal. '
By order of the court return day extended
to the first Monday of Juue, A. D. 1888, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of the same day,
if the same be a day of jurisdiction, other
wise on the next day of jurisdiction.
W. M. CAMPBELL, U. S. Marshal.
Fatette Jlaiish. Proctor for LibellanL
Dated St. Paul, Minn., May Ist, A. D. 1838.
BAR COUNTERS, ice boxes.- mirrors,
grocers' bins, shelving, store counters,
etc., at 217 First ay. north, Minneapolis.
':-----:• v. -■ ■"-■•■ 113-143 V V ;
good pillows. Call at 374 Winifred St..
West St. Paul. 127
BICYCLES— Forty-five bicycles and all
sizes, from a 52-inch to a 32-inch wheel.
It will pay to examine them, as I will sell
cheap. C. W. Youugman, Real Estate Dealer,
115 East Seventh st. 127
BICYCLE— For sale, fifty-two-inch Ameri
can Champion; ball bearings all over
half nickel; new last year: cost 5110; price
$75 ; a bargain. Apply at H. P. Rugg & Co.,
318 Sibley st. ; 127
BICYCLES— fifty-four-inch American
j*-"* Light Champion ; never been ridden ;
One second-hand fifty-six-inch, one fifty
four inch, cheap for cash. 80 West Central
»v- 127
American Light ChamDiori Standard
finish; good as new; at a "great bargain.
Address, or call at 265 Louis st. 127
BLACK AND TAN PUPS for sale. 140
East Twelfth st, city. 127
"D LUE STONE for sale ; SI per load, cash
AJ at quarry, corner of Dakota and
V* innifred st. 125-27
DUILDING STONE— From 100 to 1,000
XJ cords of building stone for sale at $7
Per cord. Apply to 273 Kentucky st., West
St. Paul. Also any size or dimension or foot
ing stone furnished upon application. John
Jeremy. 127-29
COUNTERS and shelving of best material.
Call at 11 East Third st. 127
"V —Black dirt for sale cheap; will deliver
if wanted; short haul. Apply 109 East
Sixth st. . ... : 127-131
"TJOG FOR SALE— A fine English water
J~J spaniel pup for sale at 132 East Ninth
st. : price $15. - . 127
"poos— SITTINGS of White and Black
xj Leghorns— the best layers on earth.
Jor particulars address R. W. Robinson.
5 , 4: Iglehart, city. 127
ELEVATOR, store counter, showcase and
x-i office railings for sale. C. W. Youne
man. joy
x-* per volume; we are reproducing from the
very latest volumes of the ninth edition, page
for page, plate for plate, map for map, and
volume for volume, and at about half the
price of the Scribnei or Stoddart editions;
we also have a number of the leading cvclo
pcdias (taken in exchange) at about 'half
price; drop C. W. Dumont a card. 312
Maria ay.. and he will call and show it to
you; good terms to agents; 300 sets already
placed in Twin Cities. C. W. Dumont,
Northwestern manager for the H. G. Allen
company. 60*
pOR SALE— Parlor table, chairs and bed-
X. stead in good order. Please call Mon
day at 263 Rico st. 127
pURNITURE— Very elegant new satin
x. brocade parlor suite of five pieces can
be had at a bargain; will sell pieces separate
if desired. Call at 02 Iglehart st. , near St.
Peter st. 127
cheap; cash or time. Witte Bros.. 411
and 413 Fifth ay. south. Minneapolis, Minn.
127-40 k______i
SADDLE— Per sale, a good saddle, very
cheap. Call on S. W. Raudenbush. 65
East Third st. 127
FOR SALE— Nine shooting gallery guns,
x. Stevens' make, in perfect order; also
targets. 24 West Third st. 127
P OR SALE— Three-quarter bedstead mat
x. „. tress and worm springs; nearly new.
24 West Third st. 127-123
OR SALE CHEAP-Counter, lard press,
forty-five- gallon kettle. G 90, Globe.
AY FOR SALE— IOO tons of early-cut
prime timothy in the barns of the Uni
versity farm the best offer will take the lot.
Address Prof. Edward D. Porter, Superin
tendent, St. Anthony Park, Minn. 123-128
An A No. 1 solid mahogany suit; woolen
plush with silk plush lining; mirror; also
cook and parlor stoves, bookcase, extension
table, etc.. etc., good. Second story, 141
est Third st. : entrance on Franklin st.
I_ 125-27
LAMPS— Four hanging lamps at half
price. Call at 556 Selby ay., Monday.
_^ 127 *^^__
ORGANS— Several more first-class organs
at your own price. Youugman, 115
East Seventh st '. ■■;"?•• .'.'■- 127
FFICE RAILING and office fixtures;
cheap. Call 309 Jackson st. 127-123
RINTiNG PRESS— Foot-power print
iug press, good condition; cheap. 131
College ay. 127-128
PUPS— For sale, fine male grayhound pups,
imported stock. P. o. Box 85, Menom
onie. Wis. y. *.- .v- • 126-23
RANGE— For sale cheap, fine wrought
AY iron range ; call Monday. 326 Wabasha
St., Room 10. 127
SHELVING— For sale, good shelving and
case for cigar and tobacco store. 333
Jackson st. '-•*.;. 127
STOVE — Who wants a good cook stove at
their own price: almost new; medium
size. Call at 159 Carroll St.. up stairs. 127
Y-Timkin spring, side bar.top buggy,
price §45: cost new, $250; see buggy.
No. 81 Delos St., Sixth ward. 127
BUGGY'— For sale, a top buggy at low
price. Call at 52 Prospect Terrace. 127
CARRIAGES, buggies of every style at
lower prices than same can De bought of
any other dealer in St. Paul : two-seat car
riages, buggies, phaetons, surreys, rockaways,
cabriolets, jumpseats, canopy tops, carts,
two-seated wagons, express and delivery
wagons and harness. Call, before purchas
ing. King's carriage rooms. Fourth and Min
nesota, til*
OR SALE— span of fine, well-bred
mares; young, sound and fine travelers;
bright bays, not a white hair on them. R. H.
Ccllum, corner Seventh and Wabasha.
. 126-27 .
FOR SALE— good buggy horse, also
buggy; cheap. Call 2.6 University
aye. 127-1
FOR SALE— horse, dog cart and har
ness at reasonable price. Apply to W.
F. Newell, Room 36, Chamber of Commerce.
OR SALE— Horse, buggy and harfiess.
Will trade for lot or small mortgage.
Call at 896 Rice st. 127
I JOB SALE— buggy and harness,
cheap. Inquire at 437 Ellen st. 127
FOR SALE— An excellent team of iron
gray horses six years old: perfectly
sound; a splendid team for a family carriage ;
work single or double: a bargain; to be seen
daily between 10 and 11 a. m. at No. 36
North Forbes st 125-127
FOR SALE— Two fine spans of matched
horses ; also, some fine single drivers.
C. M. Gorge, 305 Robert st. 127
OR SALE cheap, fine family and saddle
horse. Room 42, Globe building. 127
FOR SALE— One heavy team draft horses,
harnesses and wagon. Apply to owner.
915 Margaret st. " 127
FOR SALE— A fine pair of horses 5 and
6 years old. Will sell one or both. Can
be seen at stable. 540 Summit avenue. A. G.
Seney, room 53, Gilfillan block. 123-127*
H~~ ORSE FOR SALE— If you want a big
horse, cheap, or have a nice pony to ex
change for same, call on W. S. Gregory. 41
East Fourth st. " 127
for sale cheap; one light driving team
and single horse in good condition, also
[wagon, harness, sleighs, etc. Can be seen at
-380 Fort st. . . y ' 127
j__L sale, dirt cheap. Call at No. 561 Burr
st. at once. .. . 127
INSURE your horses and cattle in The
Sterling Live Stock Insurance company.
509 Lumber Exchange Minneapolis. 345*
! JVf A KES— Twenty young good breeding
L.-L mares and twenty yearling colts for
sale, C. W. Youugman', I*ls East Seventh
St. 127
MARE— Wanted, a fast saddle mare; must
1-1 also be useful in bugey ; state color,
weight, price and where to be seen. P. O.
.2404. city. 127-29
MARK— sound mare for sale, family
'.___ driver: eight years old; weight 1,050.
Inquire of W. C. Pfeiffer. 431 St. Peter st.
MARE— For sale, six-year-old mare: sired
by Magna Charta, dam by tbe re
nowned Lexington. Inquire O. S. Remme .
King's stable. 126-12"3
MULES— For sale cheap, span of heavy
mules. N. R. Frost, Room 10, Frost
block. 124-128
PHAETON BUGGY— For sale, fine phae
ton buggy. Inquire of A. Nippon,
Eighth st.. near Jackson. . 126-123
SULKY— sale cheap, perfectly new.
dog sulky. Inquire Burk's livery. Rob
ert st„ between Seventh and Eighth. 127-129
BOARD AND ROOM— By a gentleman
in private family. Address Peter Faudei,
33 East Seventh st. 127
BOARD— Wanted," room and board; young
man desires room and board in private
family, near Bonn Manufacturing company;
state terms. D 6, Globe.- . 127
BOARD wanted, in part payment for new
upright piano. Address *G 23, Globe.
OOM AND BOARD— Young, lady de
. sires room and board in private family
convenient to railway offices. Address C,
334 East Sixth street. - 124-127
" A. M.' Doherty, Auctioneer,"
: -51 East Fourth St.. St. Paul, Minn. - -
Street and Tuscarora Street Properly at
Auction— l will sell at auction on ihe prem
ises at the corner of West Sev
enth and View sts. on Tues
day, May 15. at 3 p. m., lots 39 and 40 in
block 7. Clarke's addition: this property has
a very desirable frontage on three streets,
West Seventh. View and Tuscttrora, and is in
everyway suitable for profitable business
property; to a capitalist who would improve,
an income of 15 per cent on the investment
could be realized ; immediately after the sale
of the above I will sell a good cottage and lot
on Tuscarora st, within a very short distance
of Seventh st. ; the lot is 40x120 and will be
sold without regard to value ; there will also
be offered on the same day a very valuable
business property having a frontage of 200
feet on West Seventh st. ; full particulars in
regard to the sale will be given in a few days.
For information call on or address A. M.
Doherty, Auctioneer. 51 East Fouith st.
127-123 .
Rugs at Auction— l will sell at auction,
at the store No. 3 West Third st., near the
corner of Wabasha st, commencing Wednes
day, May 9, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
one of the finest collections of Turkish,
Arabian and Persian rugs and carpets ever
seen in this country. The goods have just
been taken from the St. Paul custom house,
to which they have been shipped direct from
Constantinople, and there is no question but
that there has never been a finer lot of goods
ever been placed on sale in the United
States. The collection is valued at about
550.000. and consists in part of fine Bouk
hara, Djidjim, Mecca, Teheran, Daghistan,
Gheordez, Shirvan. Circassian, Camel Hair,
and other rare fine rugs, carpets, bric-a-brac,
etc., etc. There has beeu extra care ex
pended in the selection of these goods, and
every assurance is given that they supass in
excellence the goods of any other sale ever
made west of New York city. The entire
collection will be placed on exhibition at
the store, No. 3 West Third st., on Monday
and Tuesday of this week. Everybody is
cordially invited to see the goods. A.'M.
Doherty, Auctioneer, 51 East Fourth st.
JeblnJoh & .Auctioneers
422 Wabasha st.
tion. We will sell at public auction, at
the residence, No. 343 East Ninth, on
Thursday. May 10. at 10 a. m, all the furni
tnre,consisting of: Three bed room suites (one
very fine one), one elegant hall lamp,
vase lamp, a lot of carpets (body Brussels
and ingrains), stair carpets, one bed-tounse,
hall racks, all the heating stoves, extension
table, kitchen furniture, etc. This iurniture
is iv first-class condition, and should bring
out a large attendances. Jebb Johnson & Co..
Auctioneer. Office and salesroom 422
Wabasha st. 127-129
We will sell at public auction on the prem
ises, corner Eaton and Fairfield avenues, in
West St. Paul, on Tuesday, May 15, at 2:30
p. m., the west ti_ of lots I*3 and 14, block 9,
Marshall addition to West St. Paul, including
the magnificent 3-story brick block and
frame building. This property is situated on
one of the best corners on the West side, being
only one block east of South Robert st., and
in one of the most thriving neighborhoods of
the city. This is without a doubt one of the
finest opportunities ever offered to secure
such a valuable business block at public
auction. Sale must positively be made, and
terms very easy. Jelb, Johnson & Co., real
estate commission auctioneers; office and
salesrooms, 422 Wabasha st. * 127
sell at public auction, commencing
Monday, May 7, at 10 a. m., the entire stock
of dry goods, notions, etc., at the store No.
256 East Seventh st, consisting of dress
goods of all kinds, table linens, napkins, rib
bons, lace curtains, sheetings, muslins, etc.
This stock is all new goods, and must be sold
at public auction at whatever price the pub
lic see fit to pay. Parties looking for bar
gains in dry goods cannot afford to miss this
sale. Jebb, Johnson & Co., Auctioneers. 422
Wabasha st 127-128
"Weber & Fairchild. Auctioneers
and Harness at Auction— We will --ell at
auction, Tuesday, May 8, at 10 o'clock, all
the furniture iv the residence No. 30 North
Forbes st., embracing in part three parlor
sets, marble top sidebonrd, Brussels and
other carpets, mirror, parlor tables, exten
sion table, walnut chamber sets, bureaus,
bedsteads, washstands, rockers, chairs, baby
carriage, rugs, cupboard, hanging lamps,
heating stoves and cook stove, curtains,
crockery and kitchen ware, etc. We will
also sell a pair of very fine iron-gray horses,
six years old, warranted sound and gentle;
one top buggy almost new, one phaeton,
sleigh, rive sets of harness, robes, etc. Weber
& Fairchild. Auctioneers. 127-28
Rain— We will sell at auction Monday
morning, May 7, at 10 o'clock, all the furni
ture in the residence No. 124 West Fifth st.,
near Rice park, embracing in part one red
plush parlor set.a very fine chiffonnier. mar
ble top table, cherry tables, patent rocker,
curtains and shades. Crown Jewel heating
and cook stove combined, body Brussels and
ingrain carpets, pictures, hanging lamps, ex
tension table, sewing machine, walnut bed
room sets, two folding beds, bed lounge, bu
reaus, bedsteads, rockers and chairs, child's
bed, mattresses, pillows, quilts and blankets;
one large Fisher refrigerator, crockery, glass
and kitchen ware, etc. Weber & Fairchild.
E. Hollo _ ay. Auctioneer.
<_ _ KC\ (MV) 5150.000— si 50.000 —
OJ-tJVJ^VJVJVJ Lage and important auctiou
sale of boots and shoes to the trade and in case
lots. I will sell at auction, at 172 East Third
street, second floor, commencing Thursday,
.May 10, at 10 o'clock a. m., $15,0000 worth
of boots and shoes, all first-class goods con
signed to me from a very large wholesale
boot and shoe house in the East, which they
wish to realize on at once ; the goods can be
seen any lime Tuesday or Wednesday before I
the sale ; shoe dealers, do not fail to attend
this sale, as you will have a chance to buy
such goods as you sell over your counters
every day. Catalogues will give you a com
plete description of goods to be sold. E.
Holloway. Auctioneer. 127
Sansome Company, Auctioneers.
232 East Seventh st '
MONDAY, MAY 7, will be your last
chance for bargains in Oriental Rugs,
Carpets, Portieres, Bric-a-brac, etc., at Public
Auction— entire stock must go at once
at public auction, without any reserve what
ever, at 24 East Third st. ; a large invoice
of Deband, Shirvan and Bokara rugs;
Persian, Teheran and Khiva carpets : Oriental
pottieres, curtains, draperies, bric-a-brac,
etc. : auction sales conducted at 10 o'clock a.
m. and 2p. m. : parties in search of speci
mens of Oriental art will not only find it a
profitable, but also an interesting pleasure to
attend the sales: remember the place and
hours of sale; comfortable scats secured for
ladies in attendance. Sausome Company,
Auctioneers. 127-28
AUCTION SALE— Horses, wagons, bug
gies and harness at auction Wednesday
morning. May 9, at 11 o'clock, at our sale
mart, on Sibley st„ between Sixth and Sev
enth sts., Sansome Co., Auctioneers. 127
UCTION SALES— lot of house
hold effects at auction . Wednesday
morning, May 9, at lo o'clock, at our mart,
on Sibley st. Sansome Co., Auctioneers. 127
Fox & Kory, Auctioneers.
FOX & KORY, auction and commission
house, 181 East Seventh st, buy bank
rupt stocks of general merchandise for cash,
make sales of real estate and household
goods; liberal advances made on consign
ments and prompt returns made. A. Kory,
auctioneer. 105*
~-liSCE__l__SEO VS.
ADVANCES made on goods in storage,
loans given on all articles of value, con
signments solicited; furniture, pianos, glass,
china, pictures etc., bought, sold or ex
changed, packed, removed,, or shipped;
• auctions sales at mart; open daily to receive
I general merchandise and household goods
j for sale or storage ; goods to any amount pur
; chased for cash: auction sales made at pri
vate residences in town or country; carpet
I cleaning. Sansomes' Auction, S.orage* <5_
i Forwarding Company, 232 East Seventh st.
j 412-414 Sibley st„ St. Paul, Minn. 49*
| CARPETS, CARPETS — Have them
j v_/ cleaned by The William Holps cleaning
: process once and be convinced that it is the
best. 5.0 Robert st. 1*27-30
CAMP Conveniences or a part v
J who wish to try the healthfnlness of
; camp life. Address B 56, Globe. 127
I SHE Only 10 cents a copy, at Sherwood
C- Hough's book store. 19 East Third st.
! : 127 _^^
STEAM POWER carpet , cleaning and
feather renovating, furniture repaired,
j upholstered, polished, moved or packed for
I shipment. J. D. Dnrie, 296 Rice st. 127
TYPEWRITING and shorthand work of
all kiuds done perfectly at the Anna C.
Drew office, Hale block ; experienced oper
ators; perfect work; low prices: work called
for and delivered ; telephone 852-2. 103*
WINDOW and elevator guards and fancy
wire works of all kinds by It G. Brit
ton, 290 Jackson st. - 127-128
WANTED— All suffering with baldness,
thin or poor hair, dandruff, etc.. to
know that Follicine is a" certain remedy;
| sold by druggists, or address Mrs. M. Alice
j Pontoon. 392 Jackson St.. St. Paul. Minn. 127
| Northwestern Renting Agency.
j 136 East Fourth Street.'
FLATS— Laurel ay., seven, rooms, §25;
nine rooms, $30. Franklin St., live rooms,
535; city water; bath. Twelve-room house,
suitable for two families. East Fifth St., $40.
Handsomely furnished- and unfurnished
. rooms, single and en suite, all parts of the )
city. Call aud see us. List your houses
.with us. ' 127-128
McKenney & En C'liauee.
' 131 East Fifth.
GIVE YOUR whole attention to this list of
business chances.
ONE centrally located restaurant feeding
75 to 100 daily; nice cigar trade: four
living rooms attached, nicely furnished. This
can be had at an awful sacrifice and terms to
suit. _-fflß3____j___j__a_j*__
TWENTY'-T WO-ROOM furnished flat
right on East Seventh st, the finest lo
cation in city. Rooms always full, §140
cleared monthly; furniture "all first-class.
We are authorized to sell furniture and lease
at a price that will astonish you and easy
terms. " yy-s.
\T7"E ARE leaders aud pioneers of St. Paul
j V busines chances.
1 Q ROOMS — Another handsomely fur-
XiJ nished flat on Wabasha st; this is very
handsomely furnished; rooms alway full";
nice profits; good reasons for selling"; easy
WE MAKE a specialty of looking up
A CIGAR, FRUIT and confectionery;
centrally located : good trade ; low rent;
stock new and first-class; this can be had
very cheap; don't miss it -
WE HAVE §500,000 worth of business
chances listed to select from.
ANOTHER neat little cigar and news
store good location; §200 ; this is a pic
2 STRICTLY first-class boarding houses
of twelve and fourteen rooms; location
finest in St. Paul: always full of choice
boarders: elegant furniture; come and look
them over.
OUR BEST customers are those whom
we have dealt with.
A GROCERY" store, doing fine business,
must be sold; invoice at 75 per cent: an
awful bargain. '.-'•- .. ;
\"f 7"E HAVE a private office for ladies.
(JIJ/""'.../') BUY'S a ten-room boarding house;
_/_/_/ fine location: nice class of board
ers; low rent; a profitable home; look this
op- :
POSITIVELY BEST second-class hotel
in city: convenient to all depots; large
business ; bar trade, §50 per day; this will
bear the closest investigation.
\T7E DO NOT LIST property at one price
» » and sell at another, but show you our
CO Aft WILL PLACE YOT In small but
y^' -/V. profitable business. See our list.
A MILK ROUTE, forty acres of land and
forty cows; will sell at a bargain, or
take in a partner; this is a safe investment
IV YOU HAVE not money enough, bring
along what you have to trade in.
WO FARMS to trade for merchandise.
McKenney & Lachance. 131 East Fifth
street. Espy Block, between Robert and
Jackson. .127-
J. 11. Preston A Co.
Loans, Business Chances and Real Estate.
furnished flat of eight rooms ou
Wabasha st
Wabasha st; full outfit for keeping
house ; everything new and clean ; for sale at
one-half value.
NE RESTAURANT doing a nice busi
ness ; must be sold: set your own price.
HAT have you to trade for a 200-acre
farm with fine buildings, plenty water
and timber.
TWO fine single horses to sell cheap.
WE HAVE some choice pieces of unim
proved land to trade; what have you
ONE full outfit of furniture: complete for
housekeeping; two beds, two stoves,
etc. ; parties going away; set your own price ;
everything new ; also piano. "
IN FACT we have a large list of all kinds
of property for sale or trade.
PARTNER wanted with small capital
in J. 11. Preston & Co.'<- Business Ex
change, 406 Wabasha st, St. Paul, Minn.
- 127
Abbott's List of Bargains.
32 Chamber of Commerce.
stand on principal street; this is a good
little business; look this up at once.
DO YOU WANT TO BUY an interest in
a thoroughly established aud paying
business in this city If you are a thorough
business man and have §5,000 or good real
estate for part payment you can get one-half
interest for above figure ; do not call unless
you mean business.
HOTEL, restaurant, lodging house, milli
nery, boarding house, grocery, manu
factory, etc., etc.; if you are looking for any
of these or others, come aud see me; if I can
be ofno help to you I shall be pleased to see
you anyway ; remember I have removed from
390 Jackson st. to Room 32, Chamber of
Commerce. F. C. Abbott. 127
Fal etc A CSooch,
51 East Fourth st. Union Block.
Pointers: POINTERS I pointers:
holes ALE commission BUSl
ness; long established: center of the
city. We have the best grocery business to
be found in this city for sale three cigar and
confectionery stores, prices §225, §300, §450:
boarding houses in the best parts of the city;
we have decided bargains : 1 and restau
rant, large trade, just the thing for man and
wife; milk depot selling 100 gallons milk
daily, price §550, don't pass it; one hand
laundry for §300: large line of business
chances too numerous to mention: call at
our office and we will do our best to please
you. Falde & Gooch, 51 East Fourth st.,
Union block. 127-128
Miscellaneous Business i nances
A GENTLEMAN wants partner with
small capital to engage in a business
already established. Address B 49, Globe.
money; fifty rooms with a five years'
lease, two blocks from Union depot Elliott,
Wintrier & Co.. 154 East Third. 127
LOCK— For rent, in the center of this
city, new brick block of forty-one r00m.3
(thirty-five furnished) ; ground floor for res
taurant or store : kitchen, cellar, etc. ; gas and
heating in the entire building; furniture can
be purchased reasonable ; a good chance. In
quire at Kiefer block, 190 East Seventh st.
Room 3. 127-29
OAKDING HOUSE, cigar mid confec
tionery store, barber shop of five chairs,
milk dairy; also, butter and egg business;
persons having business chances for sale
call and learn our method of producing buy
ers; no commissions. The Advertising Di
rectory, 78 East Seventh st; Room 8.
BOARDING HOUSE— rent, one of
the finest first-class boarding houses in
the city, and finest located in the city; full of
choice boarders, and roomers' rooms alone
would pay; cau be had by buying furniture.
Address M. L. G., Globe. 127-1
FLAT of six furnished rooms for sale
cheap; good locality; full of roomers;
furnished for housekeeping. Inquire IBIV2
East Seventh st, room 9. 127
OR SALE, CHEAP— ana wagon
business ; good stock : all new and satis
factory reasons given for selling. Address
immediateiv, Box 135 Granite Falls, Minn.
FOR SALE— WiII sell a well-stocked store
of cigars, fruits, news and confection
ery, doins a good business, centrally located,
if taken to-day tor §275. Address H*9, Globe.
FOR sALE — Grocery and cigar business,
this city; location central: stock and
fixtures first-class: capital required, §5.000
to §10,000. Address Lock Box 2236, city.
126-137 _
OR SALE— Fine stock of gents' furnish
ing goods, with laundry attached, doing
good cash business (with lease and fixtures).
*_'4 West Third st. 127-28
FOR SALE— Stock of hardware in a Da
kota town; paying trade: owner has
other business. Address Lock Box 585.
Fargo, Dak. . 123-142
FOR SALE— Great bargain. News, con
fectionery and school supply store. Old
stand; cheap rent living rooms. 11l Martin
st 127
FOR SALE — Laundry iv good running
order and doing steady cash business;
(six years established). 24 West Third st.
' 127-128
FOR SALE CHEAP— Furniture and lease :
of an eighteen-room boarding house;
going to Europe this summer. Address B.
Globe. . 127
FOR SALE— Au excellent retail business;
well established ; best location on busiest
street in St Paul; capital required, §3,000.
F 44, Globe. 127-129
FOR SALE— Confectionery, cigars, to
bacco and news stand; also light stock
of groceries; cheap rent: this is an" A No. 1
chance; owner leaves town. Address C 15,
Globe. - 127
FOR SALE — A . new stock of groceries :
_. new fixtures; good location and long
lease of a grocery store, for cash. Address
X. Y. 100, Globe. 122-135
ROGER STORK— sale, grocery
store : very good location; very chean
■if taken at once ; small stock. Address H 49,
Globe. _-. 127
j —A chance for a man witn a small cap
ital; good location: long lease; boarders pay
all expenses; good reasons for selling. F.
58, Globe. 127
Miscellaneous— -Continue-!.
HARNESS SHOP and dwelling combined,
and lot for §360; only shop in thriving
Dakota town; good chance for small capital;
cash business. 86 Globe. St. Paul. 116-134
HOUSE eleven rooms; first-class; centrally
located. House now filled with first
class roomers. . Furniture for sale cheap.- B
26, Globe. 127
XJ lease and furniture of a well furnished
twenty-four-room house in one of the best
locations for boarders in St Paul; is doing a
good business; this is a double house with
modern improvements and the rooms are in
first-class condition; will sell the whole at a
bargain to the right part or will sell one
side, twelve rooms. Address H 13, Globe.
.127 - .
LOT— For sale, lot 8, block 2, Sargent's
addition, for §700. Address Lee Hall,
53 East Third st. 126-132
PARTNER— Wanted, partner in well-es
tablished commercial business in St Paul ;
amount required, from §1,000 to 1.500; in
vestigate at once if you mean business. Ad
dress F 46. Globe. 127
PARTNER— Wanted, partner in general
store in Scandinavian settlement; Swede
preferred; only store: good paying business.
Address Champion, Globe, St Paul. 26-32
ARTNER, with §1,000; business pays
100 to 500 per cent Address **Capi
tal," Box 2530, city. 127
ARTNER— A young man with §150 can
get a good chance to go into hotel busi
ness. Address A, Globe. 127
Minneapolis, to rent for five or more
years, with railway siding, machine shops,
millwright shops, foundry and storage ware
house, with or without power. Apply to J.
P. Thomson. 101 and 103 Third ay. south.
Minneapolis. -S-. 61*
SALOON— One of the finest saloons in Da
kota for sale at Pierre: these fixtures
will be sold at a sacrifice ; part cash, balance
on time. Address A 95, Globe. 125-127
WANTED— First-class drug store in good
»» location, either in St. Paul or Minne
apolis; part cash, and vacant lot in Minne
apolis; from owner only. Address C 16.
Globe. 127
Q") ")r\ WILL BUY a nice light business.
-.'_v>i/_. Central location. Cheap rent.
Address 685 Wabasha st. 127
*_'_(_ (MM) TO LOAN on real estate in
*~>»JyJI\JVJ\J sums to suit, at low rates.
Robertson Howard. Attorney, southeast
corner Third end Robert sis. " 127
<_ 1 9 .OH STOCK of general mer-
V XA*)\J\J chandise tor cash, with
proper discounts; business has been estab
lished in 1871; good paving trade; for rent,
two-story brick store and 10,000-bushel ele
vator at a low rate for three years ; proper
reasons for selling given. Apply to Paul
Seeger. Windom. Minn. 127
MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real estate security in St. Paul, Minne
apolis and Duluth at 6, 6i 2. 7, 7-2 per cent,
on shortest notice for any amount. R. M.
Newport & Son. investment bankers, 152,
153 and 154 Drake block, St. Paul. 73*
Company— Loan from §10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey.
manager. Room 14, First National bank build
ing. St Paul, and Room 7, Mackey-Leeg
block, Minneapolis. 250*
[11 ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per
-L»A sonal property, household furniture,
horses, etc. : also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson st, J. E. Flauigan,
manager. 102*
JVJ ONE Y LOANED on all kinds ot per
J.T-L sonal property, diamonds, jewelry, furni
ture, horses, etc.; commercial paper and
time checks purchased. E. W. Leonard &
Co., 126 East Third st. 291*
11 ONEY TO LOAN— In small or large
-L»_- sums; no delay. J. C. Stout & Co.. 324
Jackson st. 1 3*
[t/T ONEY TO LOAN— By Hunt & Sever-
J-'A ance, 31 East Third st, room 1; in
large and small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc.
the same to remain in the owner's posses
sion; also on watches, jewelry, diamonds,
etc; business strictly confidential; a private
room for ladies. 292*
[\ j - NEY TO LOAN on good unimproved
_»-_ city property In sums of § 10,000 to
§100,000. Odin G. Clay & Co., Globe build
ing; 120-130
MONEY LOANED without delay on im
proved or vacant property not suburban.
H. Caldwell, Room 19, Chamber of Com
merce. 127
ONEY TO LOAN on improved and ua
improved city property, at usual rates;
no delay. Paget & Smith, Room 49, German-
American bank. 73*
ONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, from
SI up, on watches, diamonds aud all
goods of value; special rates ou sums of §50
and over. J. E. Ingham. 327 Jackson st
ONEY TO LOAN on diamonds,
watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George it.
Holmes 141 and 143 East Seventh st. 82*
LOAN— Wauted, May 24. for five years, a
loan of §1,000, 7 percent interest, gilt
edge security; no commission. Address C
62, Globe. 127
"ANT TO BORROW §500 on good
real estate security for three or five
years, and pay no commission. Address N,
106 East Seventh st. 127
ANTED— borrow §500 on real estate
worth 51 .500 cash; will pay 8 per
cent interest: no commission. Call or ad
dress S., 75 East Third st. 125-127
three or five years, secured by first
mortgage on lot and nine-room new house iii
St Paul, valued at §3,000: interest at 8 per
cent payable semi-annually; no commiss
ion. Address GV C, Globe. 127
eill S'4s, #50, ISIOO TO LOAN on tur
%>x _/ niture, pianos, carriages, horsey
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value; cash advance made on
goods in storage: promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St Paid Loan
company, No. 309% Jackson st, Rooms X
and 2. 05*
pERTIFICATE FOUND— bank certifi.
v.- eate of deposit Owner can have
same by proving property and paying for
advertising by calling at Wilkes' drug store,
seven corners. 127-128
OW LOST— A red and white cow, weight
about 1,200 pounds. Return to 751
Hague ay. aud reward will be paid. 121-128
GOLD-PIECES LOST— Five §5 gold
pieces between Merchants" National
bank and corner of Sixth and Jackson sts.
A liberal reward for return of money to S.,
Globe. 127
LOST— Left his home at St. Anthony Park
Friday about 2 p. m., Daniel Saunders,
aged 79 years; about 6 feet high ; wore black
frock coat grey pants and felt boots; please
treat him kindly and send word either to po
lice station. Union Park, or St. Paul Medical
& Dental Institute, 78 and 80 East Seventh
St. G. A. Adams. St. Anthony Park. 127
POCKET-BOOK LOST — Containing a
small amount of money last Tuesday
afternoon, either at the matinee of "School"
or on cable car. Finder please return to 35 .
Summit ay. , 127
ULKY' CUSHION LOST— A black cush
ion to sulky. Finder will receive re
ward by leaving at 321 Robert st 127
ATCH LOST— Lost at Minneapolis,
Milwaukee or Short Line depot lady's
gold watch. Address 312 Walnut st, St.
Paul, Minn. Finder receive reward. 127
WILL THE PARTY who borrowed
knives, forks and spoons from 160
West Third st last Saturday please return
.the same. 127
JNSTRUCTION given on different in
struments at 273 _ West Fifth st : terms
reasonable. 123-129
TVTEW PIANOS for rent and rent applied
1 . on purchase. Whitney's music store.
ORGAN— It is a fact that §25 wtll buy a
fine organ at Youngmau's 115 East
Seventh st 127
PIANO— sale cheap, a good piano, at
363 Carroll st. 127
PIANO— Elegant upright piano, nearly
new, for §225, worth §-100 ; must be
sold at once. S. W. Raudenbush, 65 East
Third st. 127
PIANO— First-class upright piano for sale
at a great sacrifice must be sold. Ad
dress D 77, Globe. 127
PIANO TUNING— For prompt -Class*
work leave orders at Whitney's music
store East Third st 346*
IANO TUNING §I— Satisfaction guar
anteed. Samuel Crutchett, 205 West
Sixth st. - 110-1 »
1 Gilbert piano, §60.
1 Barmour piano, §75.
I Chase & Co. piano, §100.
1 Diamond piano. §125.
1 Hale & piano, §150.
1 Kimball piano, §175.
Warranted to be in perfect order and lima
payments; §3 to §16 a mouth. Whitney "a
music store. East Third st 127
I / n ~j. and found ads. in the Close are _ee_t
j LW * by the most people.

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