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Wants on this page will 1* inserted uudei
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dumber „ ° g " ■ ™ c: §
of a a -. — =• fi <-►
Words. 5 2 I S 2 » g*
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if. < rl. - c. 155. 27,5. 39,5.51 £.03 1 5.75*5.57
111 words .16 .28 .40 .52: .04 .70 .88
17 words .17| .30 .43 .56 .09 .82 .95
£8 words .18 .32 .40 • .OOj .74 .88 1.0 l
19 words .19 .34 .49 .04! .79 .941. 0^
20 words .20 .35 .50 ! .65 .so! .951.10
21 words', .21 -37 .53 .69 .851.01'!.
; 22 words .22 .39 .56 .73 .9011.071.24
g3 words, .23 .41 .59 .77 .951.131.31
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125 words .25 .4 1 .63 .821.011.201.39
•26 words .26 .46 .66 .861.061.26f1.46
,27 words. .27 .48 .69 .901.111.32:1.53
words .23 .49' .70 1 .911.121.331.54
•29 words .2:» .51 .73 .951.171.39,1.61
30 words .30 .53 .70 .991.2211.451.65
131 words 31! .55. .79 1.031. 27j1. 51 1.78
,'32 words .32 .50 .80 1 0411.28 1.521.76
•33 words .33 .58 .83j1'08!1.33|1.55|1.80
134 words .**-* .00' .80 1.12|1 .35i1.«3 1 .90
P5 words .35 .62 .89(1.16 i:4311.701 *.97
P6 words .36 .03 .90|l 17 1 .44 1.71 1 .98
■37 words .37 .65 -.93:1.2111.49,1.7712.05
38 words .38 .67 .901.25 1.54*1. 832.12
69 words .391 .09; .991.291.591.892.19
40 words .401 .70 1.00:1.30 1.001.902.20
•41 words .41 .72 1.031.31 1.05J1. 90 2.27
42 words . «■_ .71 1 .06 1 .3811.70,2.02 2.30
•43 words .43 .70 1 .09 1 .42 1.75 2.082.41
44 word: .44 .77(1:10(1.4311.76,2.09.2:42
45 words .45 .79 1.13 1 47 1.81 2.15 2:49
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49 words: .491 86 1 .23 1 .60 1.9712.34 2.71
50 words 50 .<* 1 .20;i.0i 40 2.78
t on:; <•:!!, <: nurds count two words, and
•cvciv abbreviation counts the same as a full
In Every Case the Money Must Accom
pany the Order.
gA. "
A. -!) SOLICITOUS in Minne
sota and Dakota at big pay, for a large
Eastern life insurance company. Address O
71, Globe. 127-133
A Permanent employment; an
extraordinary offer; illustrated circu
lars free. Address Renner Manufacturing
Company. Pittsburg, Pa. 127-130
A«a-.N i*s— the fastest selling little
article ever introduced; every house
must have from 25 to 100; over 100,000 sold
in Chicago the past month. J. E. Page &
Co., 1 ii< > «..*■. -i.-K-y St.. Chicago. 127-3
A GOOD MEAL can be had for 15 cents
at foot of Jackson st . restaurant
BLACKS.)! ITHS— Wanted,carriage black
miths and a trimmer to work on express
and delivery agon work. Wamnach Maun
facturinp company. Shakopee, Minn. 127-29
BOOKKEEPERS, salesmen, office clerks,
collectors, bartenders, coachmen, host
lers, drivers, janitors, watchmen, engineers,
firemen, teamsters, etc., wanted to call and
learn our method of advertising wants,
which places you in direct communication
with employers. The Advertising Directory.
78 Fast Seventh st.; Room 8. 127-128
man speaking German and Scandinavian
wants situation : can give best reference for
Fix years* experience in groceries and three
years' in double bookkeeping. Address J 34,
J; lobe. 127-29
BOY— Wanted, a boy as porter for the bar
ber shop comer "Third and Minnesota
sts 2
COMUOSITOKS— Two compositors. Ap
ply immediately to Free Press, Mankato.
Dili <; CLERK wanted, registered in Mm
nesota; good salary to right man. A 69,
Globe. 127-26
DKI'G CLERK — American or Norwegian
drug clerk. Address James Chambers.
Niagara. Dak. 127-131
FINISH Kits— and gear finishers
wanted at J. L. Spencer &. Co.'s car
riage factory. St. Paul Park. 123-129
MEN— Ten active men of good address.
Good pay and good prospects. White
Sewing Machine company. 394 Wabasha st
IANO UI.AYKK wanted to travel, one
who plays violin preferred. Apply or
address at once, Charles E. Dobson. Olympic
theater, St. Paul. 127-128
SITUATION— have a good position on
salary for an energetic young man with
a few hundred dollars. Call 130 East Fouith.
STEWARD— Wanted, a first-class hotel
steward of experience. Address, with
reference. X, Globe. 2
ry\ix k as UßlCK— Wanted, a young man to
J- act as treasurer, to travel with the
Wallace Sisters' Burlesque company; must
have some cash capital; no previous know
ledge of the business required; Dest of re
ferences. Address Charles E. Dobson,
Olympic Theater, St. Paul. ■ 123-129
WAITERS--- Two young men to wait on
»V table at noon. McVeigh Bros., 67
East Third st. 2
WANTED— to handle the new
Chemical Ink-Erasing Pencil: greatest
novelty ever produced; erases ink in two
seconds, no abrasion of paper; 200 to 500
cent profit ; one agent's sales amounted
10 8020 in six days; another $32 in two
hours; territory absolutely free; salary to
good men: no ladies need answer; sample,
35 cents. For ten. is and full particulars ad
dress the manufacturers, J. W. Skinner &
Co " Oualaska. Wis. 127-131
WANTED— person to take the
agency in their town for the best sell
ing article: sells to every family for 35 cents;
pays over 100 per cent profit "Address with
fctump, ii. C. Both, box 334, Minneapolis.
01^(\ I'KK MONTH— SS starts you in
C>J«vl/ business; county rights free: send
stamp for catalogue to Patterson Oil Burner
company. _ '■ (anal St.. Chicago. 111.110-143
A— MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real-estate security in St Paul, Minne
apolis and Duluth at 0, OV2, 7, 7t'> per cent,
on shortest notice for any amount. R. M.
Newport & Son. investment bankers, 152,
153 and 15 Drake block. St. Paul. 73*
J.*.! Company— Loan from $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mac.key,
manager. Room 14, First National bank build
ing. St PauL and Room 7. Mackey-Legg
block, .Minneapolis. 259*
LOANED on all kinds of per
sonal property, household furniture,
horses, etc. : also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson st., J. E. Flanigan,
manager. 102*
MONEY LOANED on all kinds ot per
sonal property, diamonds, jewelry.f.irni
lure, horses, etc.; commercial paper and
time checks purchased. E. W. Leonard &
Co., 126 liast Third st. 291*
|\/1 ONKY TO " LOAN— In small or large
X«X sums: no delay. J. C. Stout & Co., 324
Jackson si. 113*
MONEY TO LOAN— By -Hunt & Sever
ance, 31 Fast Third st, room 1; in
large and small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc.;
the samt; to remain in the owner's posses
sion; also on watches, jewelry, diamonds,
etc; business strictly confidential; a private
room for ladies. 292*
MONEY TO LOAN on good unimproved
city property in sums of $10,000 to
6100,000. Odin G. Clay & Co., Globe build
ing- 120-130
MONEY TO loan on improved and 1111-
J-TX improved city property, at Usual rates;
no delay. Paget .v Smith, Boom 49, German-
American bank. 73*
IVI ONKY TO LOAN, in sums to suit lrom
It L SI up, on watches, diamonds and all
poods of value; special rates on sums of 559
and over. J. E. Ingham. 327 Jackson st
5/1 ONKY TO LOAN oil diamonds,
i- watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George R.
llolmcs 141 and 143 East seventh st. 82*
C; 1(\ S«5. JS3O, »100 TO LOAN on lur
lP-»-v' niture, pianos, carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value; cash advance made on
goods in age: promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St. Paul Loan
company, No. 309% Jackson st. Rooms 1
and 2. _^________^_^_^^^ ts '*J*
BUSS— \\ a ten-passenger buss. Ad
dress, E. Elliott. Stillwater, Minn.
cash : quality or quantity no object; will
call. Address E 90. Globe. ' 127-131
1300 L TABLES— I want to boy a few see
- ond-hand pool tables for cash. Wm.
Marquaidt. 238 Carrol st. 122-128
All dealers and shippers of these goods
will find it to their advantage to call on or
write to J Firestone, wholesale dealer in pa
permakers supplies; reference, any respon
sible firm in the city. 202 Jackson m.. St.
Paul. Mi:. ii. Telephone, 753. call 3. . 310*
Saloon -FIXTURES- Wanted to buy
good second hand saloon fixtures. Call
at 59 East Fourth st. 120-1 28
' I' eiiiaic.
COOK— Wanted, woman cook: also girl
for general work, to go to White Bear
lake. Call at 150 East Fourth St., on Mon
day. Ramaley. - 127-28
COOK— Wanted, a good cook, with refer
ences, at No. 145 College ay. 118* .
GIRL — a good, girl fifteen or six
teen years old. in small family. Apply
922 Minnehaha st., city. ■ 127-129
GIRLS— The German Ladies' Intelligent
office will satisfy yon to-day. Call at 52
West Tenth, near St. Peter. " 123-129 -
HOUSEKEEPER— One able to do work
in small family. M. L. Parker, Pleasant
Valley. Wis. ' 128-129
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, good girl for
general housework; no children. 69
Central ay. - 2
USE WORK— Girl tor general house
work. 324 Goodrich ay. 127-130
HOUSEWORK— competent girl to do
general housework in small family at
574 Wabasha st. 2
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework. 520 Marshall ay. 126-128
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a girl for gen
eral housework; must understand cook
ing: Scandinavian preferred: private family.
Mrs. C. A. Moore, 370 North Exchange st
HOUSEWORK— a girl for gen
eral housework, small family. 90 Park
Place. 120-123
LADY AGENTS and canvassers send your
address to 415 South Front St.. Man
kttto, Minn. 122-130
T AUNDRESS— Wanted, a good, compe-
JLJ tent laundry woman to take charge of
laundry in hotel. Call at Clifton hotel, Filth
near \\ al nsha. 2
OLISHERS — Two first-class polishers
and starchers; $31) per month and
board Model laundry. Grafton, Dak.
TAILORESS wanted to work with bushel
man. Apply to J. L. Hudson, corner
Seventh and Robert sts. 122-128
A. 31. DolieHy. Auctioneer,
51 East Fourth st. St. Paul. Minn.
Street and Tuscarora Street Property at
Auction— l will sell at auction on the prem
ises at the corner of West Sev
enth and View sts. on Tues
day. May 15, at 3p. m.. lots 39 and 40 in
block 7. Clarke's addition; this property has
a very desirable frontage on three streets,
West seventh. View and Tuscarora, and is in
everyway suitable for profitable business
property to a capitalist who would improve,
an income of 15 per cent on the investment
could be realized: immediately after the sale
of the above I will sell a good cottage and lot
on Tuscaroru st., within a very short distance
of Seventh st. ; the lot is 40x120 and will be
sold without regard to value ; there will also
be offered on the same day a very valuable
. business property having a frontage of 200
feet on West Seventh st.; full particulars in
regard to the sale will be given in a few days.
For information call on or address A. M.
Doherty, Auctioneer, 51 East Fouith st
*_____ 127-128
Rugs at Auction— l will sell at auction,
at the store No. 3 West Third st, near the
corner of Wabasha st, commencing Wednes
day. May 9, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
one of the finest collections of Turkish,
Arabian and Persian rugs and carpets ever
seen in this country. The goods have just
been taken from the St Paul custom house,
to which they have been shipped direct from
Constantinople, and there is no question but
that there has never been a liner lot of goods
ever been placed on sale in the United
States. The collection is valued at about
§50,000, and consists in part of tine Bouk
hara, Djidjim. Mecca, Teheran, Daghistan,
Gheordez, Shirvan. Circassian, Camel Hair,
and other rare fine rugs, carpets, bric-a-brac,
etc., etc. There has been extra care ex
pended in the selection of these goods, and
every assurance is given that they supass in
excellence the goods of any oilier sale ever
made west of New York city. The entire
collection will be placed on exhibition at
the store, No. 3 West Third St., on Monday
and Tuesday of this week. Everybody is
cordially invited to see the goods. A.M.
Dohertv, Auctioneer, 51 East Fourth st.
Jciili.Jolmson & to.. Auctioneers
422 Wabasha st.
tion. We will sell at public auction, at
the residence, Mo. 348 East Ninth, on
Thursday. May 10, at 10 a. m. all the furni
tnic,consisliugof: Three bed room suites (one
very fine one), one elegant hall lamp,
rase lamp, a lot of carpets (body Brussels
and ingrains), stair carpets, one bed-lounge,
hall racks, all the heating stoves, extension
table, kitchen furniture, etc. This iurniture
is in first-class condition, and should bring
out a large attendances. Jebb Johnson & Co.,
Auctioneer. Office and salesroom 422
Wabasha st. 127-129
sell at public auction, commencing
Monday, May 7, at 10 a. m., the entire stock
of dry goods, notions, etc., at the store No.
250 East Seventh St.. consisting of dress
goods of all kinds, table linens, napkins, rib
bons lace curtains, sheetings, muslins, etc.
This stock is all new goods, -and must be sold
at public auction at whatever price the pub
lic see lit to pay. Parties looking for bar
gains in dry goods cannot afford to miss this
sale. Jebb. Johnson & Co., Auctioneers, -122
Wabasha st. 127-128
Welter A Fairriiiicl. Auctioneers
J- and Harness at Auction— We will tell at
auction. Tuesday, May 8, at 10 o'clock, all
the furniture in the residence No. 30 North
Forbes st., embracing in part three parlor
sets marble top sidebonrd, Brussels' and
other carpets, mirror, parlor tables, exten
sion table, walnut chamber sets, bureaus,
bedsteads, washstands, rockers, chairs, baby
carriage, rugs, cupboard, hanging lamps,
heating stoves and cook stove, curtains,
crockery and kitchen ware, etc. We will
also sell a pair of very fine iron-gray horses,
six years old, warranted sound and gentle;
one top buggy almost new, one phaeton,
sleigh, live sets of harness, robes, etc. Weber
A Fairchild. Auctioneers. 127-28
A Rain— We will sell at auction Monday
morning. May 7, at 10 o'clock, all the furni
ture in the residence No. 121 West Fifth st,
near Rice park, embracing in part one red
plush parlor set,a very line chiffounier. mar
ble top table, cherry tables, patent rocker,
curtains and shades, Crown Jewel heating
and cook stove combined, body Brussels and
ingrain carpets, pictures, hanging lamps, ex
tension table, sewing machine, walnut bed
room sets, two folding beds, bed lounge, bu
reaus, bedsteads, rockers and chairs, child's
bed, mattresses, pillows, quilts and blankets;
one large Fisher refrigerator, crockery, glass
and kitchen ware, etc. Weber & Fairchild.
■ 127-23 _^
Saiisomc Company, Auctioneers.
232 East Seventh st
IVjONDAY, MAY 7. will bo your last
±Y± chance for bargains in Oriental Rugs,
Carpets. Portieres, Bric-a-brac, etc., at Public '
Auction— The entire stock must go at once
at public auction, without any reserve what
ever, at 24 East Third st. ; a large invoice
of Dcband. Shirvan and Bokara rugs;
Persian, Teheran and Khiva carpets -.Oriental
portieres, curtains, draperies, bric-a-brac,
etc. : auction sales conducted at 10 o'clock a.
m. and 2p. m. ; parties in search of speci
mens of Oriental art will not only find it a
profitable, but also an interesting "pleasure to
attend the sales remember the place and
hours of sale; comfortable scats secured for
ladies in attendance. Sansomo Company.
Auctioneers. 127-28
Fox & Iftorj-. Auctioneers.
FOX & KORV, auction and commission
house, 181 East Seventh st. buy bank
rupt stocks of general merchandise for cash,
make sales of real estate and household
goods; liberal advances made on consign
ments and prompt returns made. A. Kory,
auctioneer. 105*
horses an» carriages;
CARRIAGES, buggies of every stvie at
lower prices than same can be bought of
any other dealer in St. Paul; two-seat car
riages, buggies, phaetons, surreys, rockawavs,
cabriolets, jumpscats. canopy tops, carts,
two-seated wagons, express and delivery
wagons and harness. Call, before purchas
ing, King's carriage rooms, Fourth and Min
nesota. .; .--.-,_ . <ji#
FOR SALE— good horse. Apply
Washington house, at Seven corners.
FOR SALE— A good buggy horse, also
buggy; cheap. Call 206 University
aye. 127-123
OR SALE— A fine pair, of horses 5 and
6 years old. Will sell one or both. Can
be seen at stable, 540 summit avenue. A. G.
Seney. room 53, Gilfillan block. 123-127*
JNSU RE your horses and cattle in Tne
Sterling Live Stock Insurance company,
509 Lumber Exchange Minneapolis. 34-2*
MARE— Wanted, a last saddle mare; must
also be useful in buggy; state color,
weight, price and where to be seen. P. O.
Box 2-104, city. 1 127-29
ARE— For sale, six-year-old mare: sired
X by Magna Charts, dam by the re
nowned Lexington. Inquire O. S. Remmey,
King's stnble. 120-128
MULES— For sale cheap, span of heavy
mules. N. R. Frost, Room 10. Frost
block. - 124-123
PHAETON BUGGY— For sale, fine phae
ton buggy. Inquire of- A. Nippolt,
Eighth St.. near Jackson. 126-123
SULKY— sale cheap, perfectly new,
dog sulky. Inquire Burk's livery, Rob
ert st., between Seventh and Eighth. 127-129
Mate. ,
AGEKMAN BOY fifteen years of age
would like a place where he can learn
the English language. Is well educated in
German. F 37, Globe. . 1
BLACKSMITH— Situation: wanted by a
young man to learn the trade; had some
experience. - Box 24, Globe. " VI
LACRSMITII— Wanted, a situation as
blacksmith and millwright. Address F.
06. Globe. •.- 1
OOKKEEI'EK— A position as book
keeper wanted: can get off trial balance
every time and otherwise capable; no Sun
day work unless your calf is in a pit; no or
dinnry calf. E52 Globe. 127-129
BOOKKEEPING— Want one or two sets
of books to keep evenings at home ; ref
erences given. Address A 37, ( i lobe. 1
BOOKS— closed, posted, expert
work, etc. F. Snrague, Room 25, Min
nesota Bank building, or Stillwater, Minn.
CiOPYING— Young man who has time to
' spare from work, desires copying to do.
Address J 15, Globe. 127-132
COMI'OSITOK- Compositor wants a
place; have had experience in both
newspaper and job work. Address F 7,
Globe. 1
COACHMAN— A place as coachman;
sober and twenty-four years of age, and
good references. Address F 97, Globe. 1
COOK — Competent camp cook wants situa
tion. 392 Cedar st. 1
COOK— Cook wants situation as meat
cook, can give No. 1 reference, willing
to go anywhere in the city or country. Ad
dress C 90, Globe. * " 1
*-J position in drugstore by young man;
about two years' experience; speaks English
and German; good references. C 93, Globe. 1
EMPLOYMENT wanted, by young man
of steady habits, in some store: has had
experience in hardware. Address Charles L.,
272 East Seventh st., Room 24.. 1
EMPLOYMENT— A man would like em
ployment for himself and one horse.
Call or address 117 Forbes st., up stairs.
ENGINEER— Wanted a situation by a
first-class engineer to run » stationary
engine or to fire. Address T. Riches, 347
Sherman st. 1
ENGINEER— situation wanted by a man
as engineer. Address J 78, Globe. 1
OSTLER — Wanted, by a competent
young man, the care of two or three
horses: best of reference. Address C. J. W.,
Globe. l
JANITOR of experience desires employ
ment in his line; references first-class.
Address E 12, Globe. 1
PHARMACIST— situation wanted by a
registered pharmacist, competent to take
charge, will furnish good references. Ad
dress C 58, Globe. I
TEAMSTER— Wanted, job to drive team;
young man; Norwegian; good hand
with horses. John A. Reudahl, 0*33 Jack
son st. I
Fal«te & <. «><><■?«.
51 East Fourth St.. Union Block.
ness; long established; center of the
city. We have the best grocery business to
be found in this city for sale; three cigar and
confectionery stores, prices S-25, $300, §450:
boarding houses in the best parts of the city;
we have decided bargains; 1 akery and restau
rant, large trade, just the thing for man and
wife; milk depot selling 100 gallons milk
daily, price 5550, don't pass it; one hand
laundry for S300; large line of business
chances too numerous to mention; call at
our office and we will do our best to please
you. Falde & Gooch, 51 East Fourth St..
Union block. 127-128
JVBisccllaneous fiaisincss Chances
OAKDING HOUSE, cigar mid confec
-1 tionery store, barber shop of live chairs,
milk dairy; also, butter and egg business;
persons having business chances for sale
call and learn our method of producing buy
ers; no commissions. The Advertising Di
rectory, 78 East Seventh st. ; Room 8.
■ 127128
BOARDING HOUSE— rem, one of
the finest first-class boarding houses in
the city, and finest located in the city; full of
choice boarders, and roomers' rooms alone
would pay; can be had by buying furniture.
Address M. L. G.. (.lobe. ' 127-133
FOR SALE, CHE Al*— Carnage ana wagon
business; good stock; all new and satis
factory reasons given for selling. Address
Immediately, Box 135 Granite Falls. Minu.
' 126-29 »
FOR SALE— Grocery and cigar business,
this city; location central; stock and
fixtures first-class: capital required, $5,000
to $10,000. Address Lock Box 2230, city.
FOR SALE— Fine stock of gents' furnish
ing goods, with laundry attached, doing
good cash business (with lease and fixtures).
24 We-t Third st. 127-28
FOR SALE— Stock of hardware in a Da
kota town; paying trade; owner has
other business. Address Lock Box 585,
Fargo, Dak. 123-112
fOR SALE— Laundry in good running
order and doing steady cash business;
(six years established). 24 West Third st.
" 127-128
For SALE— An excellent retail business;
well established; best location on busiest
street in St. Paul; capital required, $3,000.
F 44. Globe. 127-129
FOR SALE A new stock of groceries;
new fixtures; good location and long
lease of a grocery store, for cash. Address
X. Y. 100, Globe. 122-135
HA Ess SHOP and dwelling combined,
and lot for $360; only shop i thriving
Dakota town; good chance for small capital;
cash business. 80 Globe, St. Paul. 110-131
LOT— For sale, lot 8, block 2, Sargent's
addition, for $700. Address Lee Hall,
53 East Third st. 120-132
PARTNER— Wanted, partner in general
store in Scandinavian settlement; Swede
preferred: only store: good paying business.
Address Champion, Globe, St. Paul. 120-32
Minneapolis, to rent for five or more
years, with railway siding, machine shops,
millwright shops, foundry and storage ware
house, with or without power. Apply to J.
P. Thomson, 101 and 103 Third ay. south.
Minneapolis. . 01*
cheap if sold quick; well located; good
for farming. Address B 10. Globe. 124-130
FOR SALE— Several thousand dollars be
low actual value, nine-room brick veneer
residence, with fine large grounds; to be sold
at once for nonresident. Inquire of Thomp
son & Taylor, Attorneys at Law, Room 4,
American bank block. 127-29
Lots in Hunt's addition to St. Anthony
Pari;. $800 and $900; seres. $4,000. By
D. 11. Hunt, proprietor, on addition. 120-133
2, block 1, Dunwell & Spencer's addi
tion: 50x125 feet to alley in rear. Apply to
J. M. Warner, 742 St. Peter st. 127-34
]OT— A lot for sale cheap : will take horse
-* and buggy as part payment. C. Milsted,
339 East Seventh st. 127-129
LOT— sale, one of the most desirable
building lots on Iglehart st., near Epis
copal church, Merriam Park; seventy-five
feet front, and nicely above grade. Call or
address E. A. Douglass, room 251 Drake
block. St. Paul. 121-129
FOR SALE— Lot very cheap in Ramalev's
Park, block 13, at White Bear lake," if
taken at once. .Address 1 si, Globe. 128-130
(JUTLAND AVENUE" near Grotto; 53
feet for $3,300. John A. Weide, 306
Jackson st. Room 2. 124-128
©9 I/Ml FOX « (, - foot lot. corner of
<$A*.\.\J\J Griggs st. and Dayton aye. in
A. E. Ramsey's addition. This is $300
cheaper than any lot in the addition. Ad
dress E 63. Globe. 127-131
~[(\l\ FOOT FRONT on East Fourth St.,
j-yJXJ between Maria and Bates ays., with
house and stables. W. F. Fitield. Room 1,
Schoch's Block, corner Seventh and Broad
way 125-139
C CERTIFICATE POUND— bank certifi-
V^ cate of deposit. Owner -can have
same by proving property and paying for
advertising by calling at Wilkes' drug store,
seven corners. . 127-123
COW LOST— A red and white cow, weight
about 1,200 pounds. Return to 751
Hague ay. and reward will be paid. 124-128
tJCKKTROOK LOST— A lady's pocket
book, containing about $3. Return to
Ilippler & Collyer's drug store and receive
reward. — - 128
Northwestern Renting Agency,
• 130 East Fourth.
FLATS, Laurel ay., seven rooms, $25;
. nine rooms. $30: Franklin st., rive
rooms. $35 : twelve-room house, suitable for
two families. East Fifth st., §40; hand
somely furnished and unfurnished rooms,
single and en suite, all parts of the city: call
ami see 11s; list your houses with us. 128-129
oldest and best clairvoyant fortune
teller, 402 Minnesota St., between Sixth and
Seventh. 127-33
: icniiiic.
OOKKEEPEK— young lady who has
her afternoons at leisure, would like a
position as assistant bookkeeper or copyist
in an office. Address D 73, Globe. 1
BOOKKEEPER— A situation wanted by
a yonng lady as an assistant bookkeeper ;
a good penman;- have had experience in
keeping books; can furnish good city refer
ences. Address A 5. Globe. : 122-123
CASHIER— Wanted, by a competent lady,
f position in an office or as cashier. Ad
dress B 7, Globe. 1
COOK— situation by a first-class cook. Ad- l;
dress C M, 230 East Ninth st. Paul. 1
DRESSMAKER— would like
work in families or at home: will also -
work in shop. Address 770 York st. 1 -*
EMPLOYMENT— By a young lady to do
work of any kind for private families.
Address, 440 Minnesota st. 1 •
MPLOVMENT— Situation wanted in a ''
dry goods store by a lady of refinement '.
and education; wages no object while learn- ■»
ing. Address E 42, Globe. __£__.- .
HOUSEKEEPER— of good address. \
would like employment as housekeeper ■ : *
in hotel or widower's family. Forpartrcti- i
lars address G 79, Globe. 1
HOUSEKEEPER— An American widow •
with one child would like a situation** -
housekeeper. B. W . C, 21 West Fifth. ,1 k
SALESLADY— Wanted, situation by 'an '
experienced saleslady; speaks French,
English and German, and" can furnish good' -
reference. Address 1095 Farquier St., St
Paul. _ __" '.
SEAMSTRESS— would like sew
ing to do a' her home ; cuts by . Taylor
system. 201 West Sixth st. 1
SEWING— Wanted plain sewing to do by a
lady. Call or address M. J. Smith, 696
Oakland st. 1
Seamstress— wanted in private
families by a middle-aged widow lady.
Address 852 Reaney st., St. Paul, Minn. 1
WASHING— Wanted, washing or house
cleaning or scouring by the day. Ad
dressß 27, Globe. 1
WRITING— lady would like a sit
uation to do writing in an office, can
use typewriter if wanted. Address B 50,
Globe. - 1
BAR COUNTERS, ice boxes, mirrors,
grocers' bins, shelving, store counters,
etc., at 217 First ay. north, Minneapolis.
BUILDING STONE— From 100 to 1,000
cords of building stone for sale at &7
per cord. Apply to 273 Kentucky St., West
St. Paul. Also any size or dimension or foot
ing stone furnished upon application. John
Jeremy. _ 127-29
* —Black dirt for sale cheap; will deliver
if wanted; short haul. Apply 109 East
Sixth st ■ 127-131
FOR SALE— Cook stove, with water back;
in good order. Call at 50 Central ay. .
|"\OG— For sale, a fine Newfoundland dog.
-L' seven months old ; owner has no use for
him. Box 480. Mankato, Minn. ■ 128-130
per volume ; we are reproducing from the
very latest volumes of the ninth edition, page
for page, plate for plate, map for map, and
volume for volume, and at about half the
price of the Scribnei or Stoddart editions;
we also have a number of the leading cyclo
pedias (taken in exchange) at about half
price; drop C. W. Dumont a card. 312
Maria ay., and he will call and show it to
you; good terms to agents; 300 sets already
placed in Twin Cities. C. W. Dumont,
Northwestern manager for the 11. G. Allen
company. -'.. — ■• 60*
ALOON FIXTURES — Elegant and
cheap: cash or time. Witte Bros.. 411
and 413 Fifth ay. south. Minneapolis, Minn.
FOR Three-quarter bedstead mat
tress and worm springs; nearly new.
24 West Third st. 127-123
HAY FOR SALE— IOO tons of early-cut
prime timothy in the barns of the I'ni- ■
versify farm; the best oiler will take the lot.
Address Prof. Edward D. Porter, Superin
tendent St. Anthony Park, Minn. 123-123
FFICE RAILING and office fixtures ;
cheap. Call 309 Jackson st. . 127-128 [
PRINTING PRESS— Foot-power print- ■;
ing press, good condition; cheap. 131 ;
College ay. 127-123
PUPS For sale, fine male greyhound pups,
imported stock. P. O. Box 85,.Menom
onie. Wis. 126-23
■> Shorthand "and typewriting a special
feature; experienced reporters in charge;
graduates successful competitors; superior
instruction by mail; reduced rates: send for
circulars. Corner Third and Wabasha, sts. ;
...-J-;' :-. 120* --
spring and summer months. St Paul Busi
ness College, Seventh and Jackson. 102-173
UITAR INSTRUCTlON— lnstruments
(~i I'ITAK INSTRUCTlON— lnstruments
X selected for purchasers free of charge.
Malcolm E. Nichols, 507 Grand Opera Block.
127-133 .
ham and Munson's principles taught;
full course, $10. William A. Shepfer, 212
East Third st, St. Paul. 127-28
Typewriting— Lessons day. evening and
by mail. Malcolm E. Nichols, 507 Grand
Opera Block. 127-133
and telegraphy; first-class and exclusive;
lessons day or evening or by mail send for
circulars. The Anna C. Drew school, Hale
block, corner Third and Jackson sts. • 103*
HORTIIAND and Typewriting Institute.
W. K. Mullikcu, proprietor, corner Sev
enth and Jackson sts. 102-173
rates for the spring term. Corner Sev
enth and Jackson sts. 102-173
X MULLIKEN offers the best induce
• ments to those desiring a practical
education. Cor.Seventh and Jackson. l(l2-173
HOUSE — Wanted to rent, neat house con
taining five or six rooms; no children.
Apply Room 40, Court block. 126-28
HOUSE A house of from nine to ten
rooms with all modern conveniences,
on St. Anthony hill; not to exceed $40 a
month. Address II M. Globe." 125-30
ROOMS — Wanted, two rooms, unrur
idshed, suitable for housekeeping, not
over SlO per month. Apply C 34, Globe.
ROOM— man and wife desire fur
nished room; central location; neat
and very moderate price. H 45, Globe.
ROOMS— Wanted, two or three unfur
nished down-stair rooms suitable for
housekeeping; rent must not exceed £10
per month. Address F 20. Globe. 128
ROOMS— Wanted to rent, four or live un
furnished rooms in private house, good
locality, within fifteen minutes' walk Jack
sou and Seventh sts.; not to exceed §25; two
occupants best references. F. Globe.
ADVANCES made on goods in storage,
loans given on all articles of value, con
signments solicited; furniture, pianos, glass,
china, pictures, etc., bought sold or ex
changed, packed, removed, stored or shipped;
auctions sate; at mart; open daily to receive
general merchandise and household goods
for sale or storage ; goods to any amount pur
chased for cash ; auction sales made at pri
vate residences in town or country; carpet
cleaning. Sansomes' Auction, Storage &
Forwarding Company, 232 East Seventh st
412-414 Sibley St.. St. Paul, Minn. 49*
pARPETs, CARPETS - Have thorn 1
V-> cleaned by The William Holps cleaning
process once and be convinced that it is the
best 580 Robert st .' > 127-30-'
YPEWRITINO and shorthand wort of
all kinds done perfectly at the Anna C.
Drew office. Hale block; experienced oper
ators; perfect wort ; low prices: work called
for and delivered: telephone 852-2. 103*
INDOW and elevator guards and fancy
wire works of ail kinds by R. G. Brit
ton. 290 Jackson st. 127-128
INSTRUCTION given on different in-
J- struments at 273",* West Fifth st ; terms
reasonable. 123-129
IANO TUNING— For prompt, first-class
work leave orders at Wnitney's music
store East Third st 340*
IANO TUNING, Sl— Satisfaction guar
anteed. Samuel Crutchett 205 West
Sixth st. 110-140
XCHANGE— want six good craft
J horses and one pair small horses in ex
change for a cheap, but good piece of im
proved property, or vacant lots. John A
eide, 300 Jackson St.. room 2. 127-130
P) L. JAMIESON & CO.'s steam Dye •
77 itr Works— Gents' clothing a specialty
14 Worn Sixth st. St. Paul. Minn. 13
LADIES' OLD HATS made over equal to I
new: dyed, reshaped ; I ostrich feathers
cleaned and dyed to match dress trimmings,
by the only expert in the Twin Cities. Haves
»Jj Hayes. 30Vi]W'est Third, up stairs. 127-23
WbNjJA^ kORNING, MAY 7, 1888.
200.000 WANTS
- v
Were plfefcSGS fn the Globe's Advertising
Columns to %ss7. B £fii>lß the best evidence
that the Gfeowf is the People's Paper.
LYONS & TICKNOR, Druggists, 707 East
Third street, corner Bates. > —'.".,:
CONGER BROS., Druggists, 349 University'
avenue, corner Virginia. -
MOUNTS & SAWYER, Grocers, corner Ash
laud avenue and Dale street ._. * . ; rj
A. P. WILKES, Druggist 759 and 761 West
: Seventh street • . -
BERKMAN & CO., 422 Dakota avenue.
E. FOX, 482 Rice street 1
O. P. WILLIAMS, 648 Reaney street
FRANK L. OSBU,RQ, 178 Western avenue.
J. H. HAVES, 441 West Seventh street ,
9. VAN DUYNE* Druggist, 828 East SeW
.: enth street -2 -v *7 ■
BIPPLER & COLLYEB, Druggists, 199
! East Seventh street h
470 Jackson street
WILKES' PHARMACY. Seven Corners.
M.D. MERRILL, books and stationery, 442
. Broadway.
for rent.
— !
LOCK— rent, in the center of this
city, new brick block of forty-one rooms
(thirty-five furnished) ; ground floor for res
taurant or store ; kitchen, cellar, etc. ; gas and
heating in the entire building; furniture can
be purchased reasonable : a good chance. In
quire at Kiefer block, 100 East Seventh st.
Room 3. 127-20
tKMSHKU HOUSE to rent for six
months, commencing May 1, 1888. An
ply to John W. Willis. Room 41, National
German American Bank building. 124-133
HOUSE— For rent during summer, fur
nished house on Davtou ay. Address
A 10. Globe. * 125-28
HOUSE— Six-room house for rent by A. J.
Hoban, 702 East Sixth st., Da'vtpn's
bluff; also house and lot tor sale. 127-30
HOUSE— Bouse No. 515 Oakland aye to
rent for a term of years: all modern
conveniences. Apply to John W. Willis.
Room 41, National German-American Bank
building. 124- 133
HOUSE— 058 Broadway, eight rooms: one
block from street cars; between Four
teenth and Fifteenth sts. 127-130
HOUSE rent, 693 East Seventh St., 9
rooms; city water. J. P. Allen, drug
gist, 414 Jackson st. 124-130
HOUSE— For rent house of 7 rooms: 470
Ashland ay. Apply 102 East Third st.
HOUSE A very desirable 8-room house
for rent Inquire or address 598 Carroll
St. 127-23
HOUSE— Four rooms ; 128 West Fillmore
ay.. West St Paul all conveniences.
Apply after to-day of T. Haskell, 144 East
Third st, third floor, between 12 and 1 p. m.
HOUSE For rent; only §15 per month for
one-half of new house and barn on
Front st. ; located on corner lot, one block
west of Rice st. car line. Maguire Bros., No.
147 West Sixth st. next to Turner hall. 127*
HOUSE— rent, cight-ioom house, mod
ern improvements: one block from
cable; cheap to first-class party; also fur
nished house for the summer. Inquire I. L.
Mahan, I. O. O. F. blocK. 127 128
HOUSE— Seven-room house for rent, 041
Dayton ay.; S3O per month: near Dale
st. 127-28
HOUSE— rent, a furnished house from
June 1 to Sept. 1. For information
call on F. G. Draper, 53 East Third st
HOUSE— Splendid ten-room house, corner
'Xa Oak and Walnut; all modem improve
ments. Esterley, 3. Mannheimer block.
_ 127-131
■;I_| OUSE— For rent during the summer
ill months, a commodious unfurnished
.house; centrally located; on the cable line;
•furnace, water and gas: rent very low; refer
ences required. DB, Globe. 127-28
HOUSE— very desirable eight-room
JLL house. Inquire or address 593 Carroll
st. 127-28
TGLKHAKTST., Down town, eight
J. rooms, half block from street cars. In
quire at 113 Summit ay., or at American Ex
press office. 124-129
• Rooms.
ROADWAY 528— Handsomely furnished
front rooms. Board if desired. 127-130
EDAK ST., 506, opposite Capitol— Nice
rooms, en suite or single; with or with
out board. 127-128
Wabasha and St. Peter— very pleas
ant furnished rooms with modern improve
ments, suitable for one or two gentlemen.
■ 1 27-128
from cable— A large, nicely furnished
front room, with or without board, for two
gentlemen; house modern improvements:
family private. 127-129
UCAs ST.. 695— rent, three rooms
for light housekeeping to family with
no children. '120-23
LEVENTH ST., 51, EAST— Pleasant
furnished room: good location. 127-129
LEVENTH ST., 62, EAST— fur
nished room, with or without board;
one-half block from capitol. 125-128-
XCHANGE ST. 383— large room
suitable for two, and one suite of rooms;
use of bath. 123-130
FIFTEENTH ST., 224, EAST —Furnished
room with alcove, in double house.
■ ' 127-128
FIFTH ST., 119 WEST — Furnished
rooms, $S to SlO per mouth; references
exchanged if required. ■ 120-123
LATS— For rent, desirable flats. R. J.
Lewis, 91 East Fourth st. 127-128
X; block— Finely furnished front rooms.
IGLEHART ST.. 274-For rent, three
J- nicely furnished connecting rooms for
light housekeeping. 127-128
IGLEHART ST.. 274— Three connecting
rooms; first floor; furnished for house
keeping or sleeping apartments. 1 23-54
JACKSON ST.. 370— Nicely furnished
rooms, front and back, for rent cheap.
JACKSON ST., 032-For rent, a flat of
four rooms, with modern improvements;
five minutes' walk from business center.
127-128 -
JACKSON ST., 410-Furnished rooms tor
rent, single or en suite. 127-33
ACKUBIN ST., 41— For rent, furnished
front room. 127-29
INTH 5T..133. EAST— Nicely furnished
room to permanent parties; hot and
cold water in room; bath same floor: private
family; references exchanged. 127-128
IV] INTH ST., 93 EAST-One nicely fur
1™ nishedroom on first floor; in private
family. 127-29
OAK ST.. 437— One nicely furnished tront
room and alcove, suitable for two gen
tlemen. . 127-129
LEASANT AYE., 299— Large, nicely
furnished front room with large closet.
& 126-132
PLEASANT AY.. 230— Nicely furnished
rooms, with use of bath. 127-128
OMEKT ST., 363, Corner Filth— Two
lv unfurnished rooms for rent suitable for
light housekeeping or offices. 127-129
OOMS— Want to rent four unfurnished
rooms, suitable for light housekeeping,
to party without children; references re
quired; $lo per month: also, one nice fur
nished front room on ground floor: $8 per
month. Address B, 861 Aurora ay. 127-131
ROOMS— Four rooms, bay window, bath,
modern conveniences, for light house
keeping; references. Call 646 Canada.
v 127-28
ROOMS— Cheaper than house rem; rooms
in Union block suitable for light house
keeping: all conveniences included. James
H. Davidson, 51 East Fourth st. 124-129
E OOMs— of four rooms; Knauft
block; references required. B. F
Knauft, 340 East Seventh st. 127-130
ONDO ST, 464— Three large nicely fur
-nished rooms and closets for light
housekeeping, or singly, reasonable. 127-129
SELBY AY., 405— Three rooms for rent,
suitable for housekeeping. 127-28
EVENT ST., 420, WEST— Two large
unfurnished rooms; bay window; suita
ble for gentleman and wife. . 128
SEVENTH ST., 217, WEST— Rooms, fur-
O nishedand unfurnished; two ■ communi
cating rooms. . ■■.-'■ 127-129
SHERMAN ST.. 345— rent, six rooms,
first floor ; also five rooms second floor;
or the eleven rooms; store, 305 West Seventh
st. Call at 341 Sherman st- .. /. 124*
SPRUCE ST., 231— Nicely furnished
rooms suitable for two; use of bath.
;-■-, -- -. -. ... ■ .127-23.- , ;.- -.
SPRUCE ST. 221— An alcove and other
neatly furnished rooms; use of bath;
modern conveniences: 120-132
UMMIT . AY., 75 AND 77— The Park
Place rooms single and en suite 6
o'clock dinners. . ' . - 127-128
SUMMIT PLACE, 254— For rent, a beau
tiful front chamber, for gentleman only;
references given and required. 127-128
'pHIED ST., 151, WEST— For rent, one
-I newly furnished front room with alcove.
: 124-130 .-:..■■
TILTON ST., 02— Two furnished rooms in
private family; nice location. 125-128
TWELFTH ST. 57 EAST— Furnished
rooms, with board, if desired. 127-29
TWELFTH ST., 155, corner Jackson— For
rent, furnished rooms with or without
board. . 122-129
HIRDST., 100, WEST— For rent fur
nished rooms. 127-12
WACOUTA, Furnished front room,
lower town; central; suitable two
gents, married couple. 127-129
TORE— Desirable store on East Fifth st,
with basement -and with or without
fourth floor. E. S. Norton, 335 Robert st.
STORE— Store in Knauft Block, from May
1 ; desirable locality. B. F. Knauft,
340 East Seventh st 120-132
part of store and basement 110 East
Third st. apply at premises. 125-131
STORE— rent, a good-sized store at
254 West Seventh st. • 127-129
OTORE— WeII located in the wholesale
O district; four floors and basement; 25x
130 feet to an alley. Apply to A. H. Wilder,
185 East Fourth st. " 123-132
STOREROOM— For rent store room, 22
x4O, on Dale st., near end of cable line;
No. 1 business stand. J. W. Crosson, 358
Jackson st. 127-133
STORE ROOM— Third and Wabasha sts.
L. and W. A. Mussctter. 127-140
STORE FOR RENT— 184 East Fifth
st., between Jackson and Sibley sts.,
with basement. Inquire up stairs in St Paul
Show Case manufactory. 127-29
Offices. -•-———
DESK KOOM in the handsome, well
lighted office, corner Third and Jackson,
room 5, Hale block. 126-132
OFFICE ROOM— Large office room on
Fourth st, in National German-Ameri
can Bank building. E. S. Norton, 335 Rob
ert st. 127-129
OFFICE ROOMS— For rent, the two most
desirable office rooms in the city, Nos.
320 and 3:20 Robert st, between Third and
Fouth sts. ; basement and. all conveniences.
Stone & Morton, 82 National German-Ameri
can bank building. 127*
OFFICES— First-class offices and desk
room for rent at reasonable prices in my
new building. 28 and 30 East Fourth st. N.
R. First, Room 10. Frost block. 124-138
Miscellaneous. v ' >
BARN— For rent, room for four horses.
Apply 254 Martin st. 127-128
BUILDING — For rent, second story of
brick building at corner of West Fifth
and Seventh sts.; first story occupied as
offices of John Martin Lumber company;
these rooms are very desirable for a dress
maker, or for an architect, civil engineer,
doctor or dentist, and would be rented cheap
for that purpose. Apply to Dickerman. 134
East Fourth st. 127-128
CARPENTER SHOP— A carpenter shop
for rent; also tools for sale. Inquire at
543 Wabasha st 127-128
STABLE— Good stable to let on Ashlanl
avenue. Will accommodate two horses
and two vehicles. H 05. Globe. 123-129
Northwestern Renting Agency.
130 East Fourth Street
FLATS— Laurel ay., seven" rooms, 825;
nine rooms, S3O. Franklin st.five rooms,
$35; city water; bath. Twelve-room house,
suitable for two families. East Fifth st, §10.
Handsomely furnished and unfurnished
rooms, single and en suite, all parts of the
city. Call and see us. List your houses
with us. 127-123
Proposals for Indian Supplies
and Transportation.
Office of Indian Affairs, Washington.
April 10, 1888.— Sealed proposals, indorsed
"Proposals for Beef (.bids for beef must be
submitted in separate envelopes). Bacon,
Flour, Clothing or Transportation, etc.(as the
case may be), and directed to the Commis
sioner of Indian Affairs, Nos. 05 and 07
Wooster street New York, will be received
until 1 p. m. of Tuesday, May 22, 1888, for
furnishing for the Indian service about 900,
--000 pounds Bacon. 30,000,000 pounds Beef
on the hoof. 250,000 pounds Beans, 79,000
pounds Baking Powder, 1,000,000 pounds
Corn, 485.000 pounds Coffee, 9,000.000
pounds Flour, 50,000 pounds Feed, 168,000
pounds Hard Bread, 6/, 000 pounds Hominy,
20,000 pounds Lard, 850 barreis mess pork.
11,000 pounds Oatmeal, 488.000 pounds
Oats, 122,000 pounds Rice. 9,000 pounds
Tea, 300,000 pounds Salt. 273,000 pounds
Soap, 940,000 pounds Sugar, and 42,000
pounds Wheat.
Also, Blankets, Woolen and Cotton Goods,
(consisting in part of Ticking, 15,000 yards;
Standard Calico, 100,000 yards; Drilling.
11,000 yards: Duck, free from all sizing, 45.
--000 yards: Denims. 17,000 yards; Gingham,
280,000 yards; Kentucky Jeans, 17.000
yards: Cheviot, 12,000 yards; Brown Sheet
ing, 240,000 yards; Bleached Sheetirg, 22,
--000 yards; Hickory Shirting, 10,000 yards;
Calico Shirting, 0.000 yards; Winsey, 6,000
yards) : Clothing, Groceries, Notions. Hard
wave. Medical Supplies, School Books, etc.,
and a long list of miscellaneous artieles.sueh
as Harness, Plows, Rakes, Forks, etc.. and
for aoout 550 Wagons required for the serv
ice, to be delivered at Chicago, Kansas City,
and Sioux City. Also for such Wagons as
may be required, adapted to the climate of
the Pacific Coast, with California brakes, de
livered at San Francisco,
Also, transportation for such of the arti
cles, goods, and supplies that may not be
contracted for to be delivered at the
Schedules showing the kinds and quanti
ties of subsistence supplies required for each
agency and school, and the kinds and quau
titles in gross of all other goods and articles
together with blank proposals, conditions to
be observed by bidders, time and place of de
livery, terms of contract and payment,
transportation routes, and all necessary in
structions, will be furnished upon application
to the Indian Office in Washington, or Nos.
65 and 07 Wooster street, New York ; James
Lidgerwood, No. 835 Broadway, New York ;
the Commissaries of Subsistence, U. S. A., at
Cheyenne. Chicago, Leavenworth, Omaha, St.
Louis, St. Paul and San Francisco; the Post
masters at Sioux City and Yankton; and to the
Postmasters at the following named places in
Kansas: Arkansas City. Burlington, Cald
well. Dodge City, Emporia, Eureka, Great
Bend. Howard, Hutchinson, Lamed, McPher
son, Marion, Medicine Lodge, Newton, Osage
City. Sedan, Sterling, Topcka, Wellington,
Wichita and Winfleld.
The right is reserved by the Government to
reject any and all bids, or any part ot any
bid, and these proposals arc invited under
proviso that appropriation shall be made for
the supplies by congress.
Bids will be opened at the hour and day
above stated, and bidders are invited to be
present at the opening.
. All bids must be accompanied by certi
fied checks or drafts upon some United States
depository, or the First National Bank of Los
Angeles, Cat, for at least 5 per cent of the
amount of the proposal.
J. D. C. ATKINS, Commissioner.
(12S06— 1500)
Ramsey— ss. District Court, Second
Judicial District.
In the matter of the assignment of Alfred
Davis, insolvent.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
now here and upon the records and files in
the above-entitled matter that George L.
Beardslee is the duly qualified and acting
receiver of said insolvent;
Now, on application of said George L.
Beardslee, receiver, it is ordered that all per
sons whomsoever having claims against the
said Alfred Davis, existing on the Bth day of
July, 18 6. present the same duly verified
with the proof thereof to said receiver for
allowance at his office. No. 185 East Third
street St. Paul, Minnesota, on or before May
10th, 1888, and that they file releases with the .
clerk of this court irt the manner provided
by law on or before said date.
Let a copy of this order be served on all the
creditors by publishing the same for two
weeks, once in each week, in the St. Paul
Daily Globe, a newspaper published at St.
Paul, in said county. Also let a copy of this
order be mailed to each of said creditors
whose place ot residence is known to said
receiver on or before April 20th, 1888.
April 14th. 18*3. "
District Court Summons.
Ramsey— District Court, Second Judicial
Frederick August Schneider vs. Minnie
Schneider. -jaas»^Bßßaßgtfa
summons. «
The State of Minneseta to the above-named
defendant: ■ ,- ; ■:, . '■-.
You, Minnie Schneider, are hereby sum
moned and required to answer the compaint
In the above-entitled action, which has been
filed in the office of the clerk of said court,
and to serve a copy of your answer to the
said complaint on the subscriber, at his
office in the city of St Paul, in the county of
Ramsey and state aforesaid, within (thirty)
30 days after the service of this summons on
you, exclusive of tne day of such service;
and if you fall to answer the said complaint
within "the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in
this action will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded therein.
■?;\\-r.i~r: Plaintiffs Attorney, St. Paul, Minn.
ffa^Plb Ifyoti want to hire a
■1 g '$: ? J» tenement read The Glob*
g|yriiumir . "Want Column*.
BOARDING— furnished rooms fo
gentleman aud wife, or single gentle
man, together with board; also a few day
boarders ; use of bath room. Apply at 519
Wabasha st . . 127-30
BOARD— First-class board and nicely tur
nished rooms, with use ot bath and gas,
at 342 East Eighth st 127-133
BOARD— alcove room with board.
305 North Oak st 127-129
BOARD— One nice front room for two
gentlemen, with board, at 385 Washing
ton, opposite city hall. 127-128
BOARD— Gentlemen can find good board
at 57 East Twelfth st. 127-129
BOARD— elegantly- furnished front
room with alcove and use of bath, hot
and cold water. 21 East College ay.126-129
BROADWAY, 497— Fine front room,
with alcove, with board. 127-130
EIGHTH ST., 275, EAST-First-class
rooms. with good table board; gas and
use of piano. 123-128
EXCHANGE ST.. 10— Furnished rooms
and table board. 126-120
FIFTH ST., 100, WEST— Gentleman and
wife or two gentlemen will find rooms
and board. -. -■;•- 127-128
EARL ST.. 209— Newly furnished front
room with board, use of bath. 127-129
EARL ST., 211— Room aud board for
two gentlemen at 54.50 per week.
. 127128
EARL ST.. 211— Two young ladies can
get room and board at S3 per week.
WABASHA ST., 483-Furnishcd rooms,
with board. 127-128
tion—Ofhce of Chief Quartermaster, De
partment of Dakota. St. Paul, Minn., MAY
sth, 1888: SEALED PROPOSALS, in trip
licate, for the transportation by wagon of
military supplies within the limits of the city
of St Paul, Minn., and between that city and
Fort Snelling, Minn., during the fiscal" year
commencing July I, 18SS, and ending June
30. 1889, will be received at this office un
til 12 m.. MONDAY. June 4th, 1888. and
.opened immediately afterwards in presence
of bidders. Blank forms of proposals and
full instructions to bidders will be furnished
on application to this office. Envelopes con
taining proposals should be marked "Propos
als for Transportation," and addressed to
the undersigned. A. F. ROCKWELL. Quar
termaster. I. S. Army. Chief Quartermaster.
1" Minnesota. County of Ramsey.— ss.
In Probate Court, Special Term, April 21.
1888. - „V- "--.
hi the matter of the estate of Philip H.
Greene, deceased :
Notice IB hereby given that the Judge of
Probate of the County of Ramsey will upon
the first Monday of the mouth of" November,
1888, at 10 o'clock a. m., hear, examine and
adjust all claims and demands of all persons
against said deceased; and that six months
from and after the date hereof have been al
lowed and limited for creditors to present
their claims against said estate, at the expira
tion of which time all claims not presented
or not proven to its satisfaction shall be for
ever barred, unless for good cause shown
further time be allowed.
By the Court, E. S. GORMAN,
[l. s.] Judge of Probate.
George S. ____ Administrator.
Ramsey— In Probate Court, Special
Term, May 1, 1888.
In the matter of the estate of John W. Hope,
On reading and filing the petition of T. J.
Swartz, special administrator of the estate
of John W. Hope, deceased, and praying tha
a time and place be fixed for examining and
allowing his account of administration, and
that he may be discharged;
It is ordered, that said account be exam
ined, and petition heard, by the Judge of
this Court, on Thursday, the 24th day of
May, A. D. 1883, at 10 o'clock a. m., at
the Probate office in St. Paul, in said county.
And it is further ordered, that notice
thereof be given to all persons interested, by
publishing a copy of this order for two suc
cessive weeks prior to said day of hearing, on
Monday of each week, in the St Paul Daily
Globe, a daily newspaper printed and pub
lished at St Paul, in said county.
By the Court.
[l. s.] E. S. GORMAN, Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert. Jr., Clerk.
— Admiralty Seizure:
Whereas, a libel has been filed in the Dis
trict Court of the United States of America
for the District of Minnesota, on the 13th
day of April, A. D. 1888, by Favette Marsh,
proctor, in behalf of the Saint Croix Lumber
Company vs. The Steamboat "Sea Wing."
her engines. machinery, tackle, apparel and
furniture, D. N. Wlthern, as owner, and
John Anderson, as contractor, in a caise
of action civil and maritine, and for cause
more fully set forth in said libel now on file
in said clerk's office of the United States
District Court for the District of Minnesota,
and praying the usual process and monition
of the court that all persons interested in said
steamboat, her engines, tackle, apparel and
• furniture, may be cited to answer the prem
ises and all due proceedings being had, that
the same may be decreed to be sold and the
proceeds thereof distributed according to
Therefore, in pursuance of said monition,
under the seal of said court, to me directed
and delivered. Ido hereby give notice gen
erally to all nersons having or pretending to
have any right, title or interest therein, or
knowing or Having anything to say why the
same should not be condemned and sold
pursuant to the prayer in said libel, to appear
before the said court to be held in and for
said district of Minnesota, at St. Paul, in said
district, on the first Monday of May, A. D.
1848, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of the
same day, if the same shall be a day of juris
diction, otherwise on the next day of juris
diction thereafter, then and there to inter
pose a claim for the same and make their
allegations in that behalf.
W. M. CAMPBELL, U. S. Marshal.
By order of the court return day extended
to the first Monday of Juue, A. D. 1888, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of the same day,
if the same be a day of jurisdiction, other
wise on the next day of jurisdiction.
W. M. CAMPBELL, U. S. Marshal.
Fayette Marsh. Proctor for Libellant
Dated St. Paul, Minn., May Ist A. D. 1838.
Ramsey— District Court. Second Judi
cial District.
Elizabeth Schaefer, Andreas Faltermann,
Phillpp Faltermann, Konrad Faltermann.
Heinrich Faltermann. Franciska Schnall,
Gabriel Faltermann. Katherine Sitt, Mar
garetha Scherdt, Barbara Faltermann,
Plaintiffs, vs. Mary S. Seltzer, Allen B.
Seltzer, Michael A. Faltermann, Mary X. ;
Faltermann, William A. Faltermann, De
fendants. •'.'-. . -• .
The State of Minnesota to tho above-named
You, and each of you, are hereby sum
moned and required to answer the com
plaint in the above-entitled action, which
is now on file in the office of the clerk of
the above court, at the city of St.Paul, county
of Ramsey and state of Minnesota,and to serve
a copy of your answer to said complaint on
the subscribers, at their office In the city of
St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey, within
twenty days after the service of this sum
mons upon yon, exclusive of the day of
such service; and if you fail to answer the
said complaint within the time aforesaid, the
plaintiff in this action will apply to the
court for the relief asked in said complaint
That the above action is for the partition of
the following described real estate, situate In
said county, viz. : The western half (wMf)
of lot numbered ten (10), in block numbered
eleven (11), of Winslow's addition to the
city of St. Paul, according to the plat thereof
on file and of record in the office of the Reg
ter of Deeds of Ramsev county, Minnesota.
Dated this sth day of May, A. D. ISBB.
Pl:' tiffs' Attorneys. St. Paul. Minn.
List of Unclaimed Letters Re
maining in the Postoffice, St.
Paul, Minn., May 7, 1888.
Free delivery of letters by carriers at the
residence of owners may be secured by ob
serving the following rules:
First— Direct plainly to the street and num
ber of the house.
Second— Head letters with the writer's full
address, including street and number, and
request answers to be directed accordingly.
Third— Letters to strangers or transient vis
itors in the city, whose special address may
be unknown, should be marked in the left
hand corner, "Transient." This will pre
vent their being delivered to persons of the
same or similar names.
Fourth— Place the postage stamp on the
upper right hand corner and leave space be
tween the stamp and directions for post
marking without defacing the writing.
Persons calling for letters in this list will
please say they are advertised; otherwise
they will not receive them.
WILLIAM LEE, Postmaster.
dam Miss Minnie Allen Miss Mollie
dams Bros Amon Geo W
Adams Chas T Anderson CE
Albrog O M Anderson Bertrand
Alberts C Anderson Carrie
Anderson J Anderson Charlotte
Alexander Wm T Antelier Trimbly
Alexander Miss Mary Anthony Fred it
Alexander Wm T Antoine Mrs
Alley E M - Anton Aloise
Althous E Arensdorf Maj Gen
aier J P Blusk Alexander
aker Albra Booker Monon N
Bands Geo Bolton John
Banister Howard Bowers AT
Banks W S Boyle Miss Maggie
Bard Charlie Bracken C A .--"rr-
Barker Lewis Bradbury W C
Bay Mathew Brandon Wm W
Belmur J A Brausch Peter
BellWm - Breed WP
Belf Mrs Georgie - Brehan Miss Lou
Belmer M iss Amalie Brenner Miss Alice
Berg Geo W Brown J W
— — : ... . . . ==3
Berglund nelen E Brown F S
Berrg Miss Hattie Brown Arthur W
Bertel Jacob " Brown Allen II
Blackman Miss Let- Burnes Charles
tie Burt Elmer -
Blackwell Maud - Burwell A
Blair John Buttler Miss
Blanckel Josephat Buttler C B
Blatz Miss Clara Buxuft Hattie L
Blegen Johanna L Byron J A
Blomquist O
amp bell W W Christenson John *"
ampbell M Clark Chapman S
Campbell Mrs SNA Clark A A
Can Miss Hannah Classen M S
Cansou Juo M Clasou John
Canson C Cochron R
Carroll J Cohen B
Casey Miss Johanah Cole C B
Cecchim D Collins D B
CnaffeW 112 Conway Miss Allice
Chapman Esq : _ Cooper'ei John
Chase George Curran T S
Nixlsen A Dowues Miss Nellie "
avis Mrs Driscoll O C ---.':"
Davis Mrs James Drullard Mrs Martha
Dangerer Saml Dugan J M '
Demary Madge . Dunham Frank
Dickinson Miss Anna Durgee Mrs Lillian
Dorman G A Dyson Thos C . - : .
Eaminster Lewis D Enright Hannah -
der George Erickson Mrs Anna
Edwards E J Erickson Matt
Edworthy W H Erlanson Miss Hattie
Bgel Miss Nellie Ernft Helena
Eggendorfer Geo Ernst J II
I under John Erwing Mrs Sarah
E lief son G Evcnson A
Femesch Fleming Mrs John
egnen Marie Foley Miss Mary 2
Picket Anton Foslin Miss Bertha
Finch D S Fox Mr
Finnel Mrs Sophia Frances R '--'!>.
Fitch Allen Fulwiler Geo W
Fleck M F
allegher P Glennon Nicolas *
ardnerMrs Fred Gotland Martha
Gardner Fred A Golden Miss (iraco
Gartner Ernest Grant Andrew
Gavin Peter , . Graham Mrs Josie
GeddyMrsM Grant I N
Geihsler Theresa Green David
Gertzenham Robert GrosverncrC E
Gilchrist John Grondland Caroline
Gilbert Gust Grttdell Mr
Glass Miss Nellie Guilford (has
Glenn Oliver F Ginning Capt D
Gunter Miss Mary
aley Ed Hibbard Al ""*
aniline Mrs Liz- Hills Miss Grace
zie V - Hinckley Mrs II L
Hamilton W II Hinton G A 2
Hancock Mr Hins Conrad
Hanson Christ Hull' Math
Hanson ST Hulberg A O
Hardy W 2 Hultquist John
Harper & Johnson Huser Chas
Harris T R Hoberg Miss Maggie
Hastings Lyda Hoduett Thomas »
Hattie Miss Hoff John
Hayes Capt. John Hohman S X
Hayn Q W Holman Miss Sallie B
Hayward George Holtidav Mrs Chas
Deafer Geo Horr B"F
Helland S J Howell Miss Jessie
Helpiu Thotie Houts J Q
Hemerson Ralph -Hoyt s P
Henderson Miss Net- Hoyt G L
Jaensson Annie Johnson P O
ohuson Miss Elina Johnson W
Janson Frank Johnson Nettle
Jardin Robert Johnson Miss Bessie
Jensen Alveda Johnson Ed
Johnson Miss Alma Johnson Fred
Johnson Adam Jarstod Sv ere
Johnson Lue Jost John
Johnson J M
Karen A n Kling August *
Brine Miss Anna Klavonsky Sava
Kaupa Miss Mollie Knudson Mrs X
Khristofle Katie Nick Kvernorden JnoP
King Paul ; .. Korn Mrs Augusta
Kingston Ama S Korn Augusta
Kinsley Morgan Krouse Mary
Kiss Martin
Larger Alfred Lee John r
ambGeo Lee Mai tie
Landers Mary Leisen Mary
Lange Deitrich Lesieske Bernhard
Larkin Rebeca Lester W J
Larson Hilmau Levi Delphiue
Larson N N Lhcurmax luac
Larson August • Liles M'llie
Larson Josephine Linde Herman
Lausch Chas Liudsley Francis 2
Lawrence & Co Liiidgren Chas
Laye II W Long F B
Leary Miss Maggie Luce Pary
Le Due Wm G Luckfield Chas
cArthur J B MedskerJC . *
ccarthv John McllerJL
McDonald J P Mill Mrs
McDonald Neil Miller CF
McFarland Geo Miner TW
Mclver Mrs E T Molloy Mrs Thos
McManamon Mrs Monahan Mrs
Mc River Wm Montford Miss May
Magnusson August Moore Mr
Malette Mis Fulggi Moore Mrs Wn
Malmberg Oskar Mulharm Miss Cora
Malston Ona Musser C F
Manssou Chas Myers P M 2
Morton Mrs A S
ealy Miss Agncss Nic kson II "*
clson Thos O Niedermeyer Geo
Nelson Miss Carrie Northwestern Mfg Cf
Nickaw Friedchen Nugent Mike
O 'Donald JM . Olson Olof T *
gden Edwd Olson Mary S '-"'-
Olson Mr Omlid Ole A
Olson Torbijorn Osborn Miss Julia
Olson Simon
aimer H C Phersou Gustuf r
arker Geo C Pearson Mrs D A
Pattern C F Poestman C M 2
Pei son Miss Mary Pratt S II
Peterson Miss Annie Pugsley EH,M D '
Petterson Miss Mathilda ':■■-
Raison John Robinson W A
omleyMrsCM Rochford J S
Rattry Mrs Clement Rose J Sidney
Rcidout Joshua Rous Lugs
Reis ( ' Rugurt Mrs A
Ridley Alfred Rumney Mrs Wm T
Roberts Mrs Alllan Russel John
Roberts Miss Clara Russell Minnie
Roberts (has Ryan G F
St Clair Miss Frankie Schiffhaus Thersa
aedell Bernhard Schinkoth Aline
Saderling Fred Schinkoth Robert C
Sadler Jno ,-...- Schlader Martin
Sadler Thos Schlader Mrs Theresa
Sailright Samuel SchlaegerGco
Salamon Jno Schlestine Mary
Salewski Fred Schlichtlng Jno
Sally Nits O Schmale Louisa
Salvas Louis Schmidel Jacob 3
Salvas Jos Schmidt Christian
Salvas Frank Schmidt Annie
Salvas Wm Schmidt Jus
Samson Katie Schmidt Henry >
Samuel Rev F Schmidt Chas F
Sanberg Jno G Schnyder Miss Gusta
Sanbroc Miss Rebecca Schroeder Margaretft
Sandell J Schulp Jno
Sander Mrs Augusta Schwab Juo N
Sandstrom Manson Schwab Chas
Sandberg August Schwan Herman
Sanderson Ole '• Schwlckert Jno
Sandell Richard Scott Miss Margaret f
Sanders Edward Scaver Murdock" anc
SandquislGusiaf <- Gilbert
Sandell FW SecgerFP
Sanford Harper Sever Jas
St Antoine Jno Shaberg N O
Sartosi Jos Shank Mrs Phcbe
Sassor Adam Shaver A \V
Satterbee Robert H Shaw Bros
Saul Jos • Shed J
Saunders Miss Louise Shepard Jerry
Saunders L B Sherwood Miss Clara
Savvil David Shultz H J
Sexton Albert H Scastrom Fred
Savior Harry S Sgvertson G S
Sawyer Jon Smith Mrs Juliet.
Schaeffer Henry Sorenson Miss Karen
Schanz Fred Stenc Hanna Peterson
Schanz John Stiles Walter
Schechtman Lazer Strand Albert
Schelen II O Stuten Johny
Schelen Mrs Ingri Sturgeon Clarence
Sehell Louis Svansson Mary
Schenk Annie Swain Emery
Scher Herman Rwally Abraham
Schrovil Annie SpoelitraMrs J Knappe
Schiess Ferd ,
Talbott C C Thompson Wm B '
aylor John Thurston II G
Tcnhant Hugh Thomson Miss Ida
Thomson II Torus Miss Mary L
Thoreson Thorie Turcotte Frank
Thutt Chas Twin City Granite Co
F Tlrich J C ~ ~~ l
an Geo ! Volkert FN. ~™
idmark August ■'.■■'"-.':■'-'•
addle Wm Williams A '
aIdJW- Wilse Anders
Walker A P Wilson Mrs M
Warren Alice Stombs Wilson Mrs Klttte
Walson Allen Winchell Cbas
Webly Martin Windolf Mrs Nellie
Welden John Wisconsin Bridge &
Wellington It R Iron Co
Westload Mary Witmer Will L
Westman John Woodward & Co
Whitcome Cedar Co Worden T T
White J L Wright Ginevra M
WilUinsPN Wright John
Williams G S , • ,- .
ale Mrs Ellen P Young Jeffie "*
oung Thomas
Bengtsson J E Johnson A B
Curtis Henry J Johanson J A
Dahlqvist Miss Chris- Johanson Alfrled
-tine Karlson Miss Jennie
Erickson Miss Lena Kolanczik Konrad
Erickson Johan Krtecius Adolph
Fredrickson Oskar Larson S
Hall L G Saudelle J R
Herman August Swanson Gust
Hjalmar Anna Swanson Amanda •;]' - ■ i
Janson E Raynier John A
Janson Miss Caroline
. newly •' finished and ready for occu
paney; three or four double offices on- diff
erent lloors,and a large office with vault on
ground floor of new Globe building, are lor
rent. -Unequaled in the city. Inquire tit'
Globe counting room of

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