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3verybofiy Wanted to Sell Wheat and
Corn and Consequently the Price
Was Forced Down. ■
&ater the Visible Supp^ Forced Wheat
Ahead and It Closed Strong
and Higher.
Transactions in the Financial Circles of
Wall Street— General
& pcelii] to the Globe.
{ Chicago, May 7.— The grain markets were
Bull around the opening: Anticipations of
break In both wheat cud corn were general,
»nd there was disposition to sell plainly
manifest in both pits. July wheat ranged
t v 3'ii!^.B3%c early, and July com 55%®55%C.
May corn sold at 57«*C. Receipts of corn
were 438 ears, of Which -07 cars graded No.
2. First return Indicated a decrease in the
visible supply of wheat of 75,000 bu, aud
this fact probably served to prevent the de
cline which was expected as much as any
thing, 'i 'he trade was strictly local and pro
fessional. Provisions were steady, and there
was a fair degree of activity ribs. Prices
near the o|<eniug were about the same as
Saturday's range, The changes In the vis
ible supply were as follows: Wheal. 1,140,
--:ih:j bu decrease; corn, 933,580 bu increase;
oats, 333,175 bu increase; rye. 40.150 bu de
crease; barky, 85.080 bu decrease. The
statement of exports from the Atlantic ports
last week shows the (shipments of wheat and
flour (reduced to bushels; to have been
1,059.200 bu, against 1,858,450 bu for Uie
Corresponding date last year. The visible
supply figures were a'surprise. Nobody ex
j, 1 en d j. larger decrease than 750, W0 bU In
wheat, and the increase iv corn was greater
than anticipated. The effect on the- market
was not felt at once, Indeed, wheat worked
hack fractionally, but later in the session
the market advanced strongly and the close
wus firm at %c improvement on the day.
Hutchinson made a heroic attempt to keep
the market down to tin call price. 83%&
83% c fur July, but it got away from him and
soured. Linn and other bulls were large
buyers of May and June, and the result of ,
their tactics was to diminish the premium in '
the later mouths. The bull leaders are so |
strongly confident of the merit of their posi
tion that they are going into the cash market j
With a view of getting position of the actual j
property. The continuous heavy rains the j
Northwest are retarding the seeding, already 1
dangerously late, and still further fortifying
the bulls in their faith thai this Is going lo be
a year cf short wheat crops all around, scant
stocks and high prices, They are banking
heavily on the correctness of tiieir positions.
There is now a very strong probability that
the visible supply will get down to the neigh
borhood of 15,000,000 bu, and if short crop
reports should be fully confirmed later on,
ihe bulls expect to have advanced to 84 Vic,
with May and June buoyant. The corn mar
ket! resting solid as a roe!-; on the shipping
demand, No. 3 yellow selling in the sample
market at 55% c, or about where No. 2 June
was quoted, and th<; demand exceeded the
supply. The speculative demand was nar
row, but the cash market was strong and
buoyant Corn cablet were strong. Pro
visions ruled rather weaker, with a light
trade. At the afternoon session interest cen
tered in wheat, which advanced W"'^>.< over
the 1 p. m. close, and closed lor the day le
higher. Oats were a bade higher, and corn
dull and steady, Provisions were loin and
steady, wilh short ribs Utile higher.
THE 801 JIM. l-.t.1-'.,-.i
Chicago! Way 7.-"rThe first iron 'change
was very dull. Opening prices ranged just a
trifle better than the closing figures ou Sat
urday. About ll o'clock me wheal pit
livened up and the market became very ac
tive. Shorts, who realized that they must
denend upon the tail end of the old crop to
fill contracts, bought June wheat. Then the
visible supply figures came, showing a de
crease of 1,140,000 bu tor the week, encour
aging more buying-- This was followed by
reports from Missouri, which have been
bearish recently, conceding that the damage
was more than expected. On these things
there was an active market from 11 a.m.
until be close, when the advance for the
day was about %<g%<*. June opened atß'_tyj
H'H2K't, sold up io-';:-r'-- July opened atS'JVm
and solo -;|i to - -ls-ie. Corn sold within nar
row range, and while the gem lal feeling was
strong, the large receipts and the large
Increase lv the visible supply, a
large percentage of which is No. 2,
prevented an) special advance. 'losing
prices were very near the outside for the da;. 1
and fractionally higher than on Saturday.
May opened at 07ViC, sold 57f4<&57%C, and
closed at 57%«*. July opened at 55 % c, sold
at 55<b&55%c, and closed at 55% c. The
speculative trade in oats continues active
and the market strong and advancing The
amount In store is small, and the holders do
1101 seem inclined to lei the price drop at all,
and consequently the shorts are covering at
a little higher figures every day. May oats
sold up to and closed at 34 tic July solo up
from 32% cto 33, closing at 32% c. Pro
visions were quiet mid steady, trading being
mostly professional. Short ' 1 lbs were tlie
most attractive, and were sold early by strong
parties who changed their minds later and
bought back tbeli purchases at higher prices
July ribs sold in :i7i,.'./,7.ii.,. and closed at
17.65 S-.-piembcr sold ut $7.72%<fj ( 7.H:i
Lard for July sold' at J"-. I [email protected]," and
closed utSß.'_.^. Pork, for July, at 814.22!A<a
14.35. and closed at $14.35.
1 ill. 01 01 .. 110 -.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat-- No. 2 Mi,-, opened ;.i 81% c, closing
in K_i/ c: inn . B'_','jC, closing utß3%c; July,
83% C, losing at Hi»i,c; Dei cml 8. r .a^c.
closing ' H«%c, Corn-No. 2 May opened
ai ■" '.■'• closing at „- %c; June, 55>Ac, clos
ing at Ooiftc; July," 55% c, closing at !io ; <,,-;
August,' ss%c. closing at 5 i«,'-. Oats No.
•_ June opened al :)2%C, dosing at :;:(.-, July,
32%c closing tt t 32% c; August, 28% c, clos
ingat2BUjc; September. 27% c, closing at
27% c. Me Pork, per bbl— June opened at
$] 4.20, closing at $14.25; July, $14.224.,
closing at $14.35; August, ii I 49, closing at
SI 4.45. 1.111,1, per 100 lbs— June opened at
c- 15 closing at $8.20: Julj $8.20, dosing
at $B.3o;, August, $8.25, closing at- $8.30,
September, $8.30, dosing at 88.35. Short
It lbs, 1 ,1 100 11 June opened at 47%
closing at $7.57iA; July, 17.57%, closing lit
17.06; August, $7.07%, closing at $7 .72> l '2\
September, 87.72%, closing at S7.hO.
Cash quotations were as follows: Plour
Quiet, linn and unchanged. Wheat-
No. 2 spring, H'J%'Jtt/im No. •_ red,
si,,-. Corn— 3no. 2, 57'A(8157%c. Oats
— No. 2. 31. Itye— No. 2. 03c. Barley
No. 2, 77(ii78c. Max seed No. 1, $1.42.
Timothy— Prime seed, $2.50. Mess pork,
per 1,1, 1 $14.25. Lard, per 100 lbs, $B.l7iM(ft
8/20. Short ribs, sides (loose). $7.50. Shoul
dels, dry sailed (boxed), Btk*Mi.2s; side-,
short clear (boxed), $H<5,8. 85. Whisky— Dls
tillers' finished goods, per gal, $1.16. sugar
—Cut loaf. 7%®Bc; granulated, 7c; stand
ard "A," u%c. itecelpU Flour. 23.000 hl.i ;
wheal 27,(MM)bu; corn, 176,006 hu; oaln,
100,000 bu; rye,' 2,000 bu; barley. 11,000!
Shipments— Flour, 20,000 bbls; wheat, in
000 hu ; corn," 43.090 hu ; oats. 174,000 bu;
rye, 7,000 bu; barley, 12.000 bu. <m the
produce exchange to-day the butter market
was stead) and finds quick sales; creamery,
2<k/h2sc; dairy,'l6®23. Eggs— Very firm at
Investment Bankera,
152, 153 and 154 Drake Block, St. Paul,
Iluy and Bell Slocks Ootids and Ileal Estate
Dnlutb Wheat,
Special to the (ilohe.
In ii in Minn., May 7.— Cash wheal sold
nlH'Jl^c. It closed nominally at 83c. for
fresh. May wheal was dull sales were
j, nidi- at &2%c, wiih close at BSc. June
opened at 83IA0, under good buying ad
v,,,,, 1 to 83%0, cased off to %c ami closed
firm ai 83% c. July "i cued at 84 Vic. sold oil'
loH|i,t,c, lldvanccd tO - I%C, eased oil' lo
i- It -, .01. i firmed up to dose a i s- l.^e. august
opened i.i -„ and lot ,i at botuc firm.
Afternoon hoard— Wheat hi lit up VhWAO
from lie- noon i lose, and slopped V/jiTi,;^;
above opening. Mas was nominal, 8314U
bid. June old ut Hie mid closed at Bi',i,c.
July mid and .1.1 Hoe.
111 I. HIM, .MINN.
U. S. Government Depository.
X,. Ml.Mii.Mi.ul., Pros. ii. A. Waiib, Cashier.
Milwaukee ProdllOO,
Milwaukee, May 7.— Flour quiet and un
changed. Wheat firm; June, 804ga; July
and August nominal, Corn steady and in
fair demand; No. 3, 55c. Oats scare and
higher; No, - while. 3l»c delivered, 38c on
track. live quiet but steadier; No. 1, 040 in
bin, 64Uc on truck, Barley steady and linn ;
No. -. 70c for May; 63U0 for September.
Provisions higher. Pork— -May, $14.15. Lard
—May, $8.15; June, $8.20. Butter firm;
dairy, lt>©3oc Eggs firm; fresh, l'_c.
Cheese steady for old, new quiet; Cheddars,
old, ll«%ll%o; new, y«,loc. Iteeeipts—
Flour, lO.yOO bbls; wheat, 23,000 bu ; bar
ley, 3,000 btt Shipments— 6.000
bbls; wheat, 55,000 bo; barley, 12,001 bu.
Paid Up Capital, 00,000.
R. M. Newport, President.
*- '-£'-:&* ■ •-*«-,. -r. W. B. Evans, Cashier
Michael DefieL Vice President.
C. A. liawkjj. Asst. Cashier
St. Louftj Produce.
St. Lone, May 7. Flour firm, but very
quiet. Wheat opened strong, eased ofl
slightly soon after the Opening, but later ad
vanced slightly until the close, final prices
being 1c higher than Saturday: No. 2 red,
cash. HOc; May, 85 %c: June, 85*^c, closing
at -'■'*< nominal; .July, 83%©84% C, closing
at K4%c; August. -• V"-i-'f-. closing at
*-i-r<-: December. H'<®BB%c,elosW at 88«ftC
Corn firm and unchanged; cash, 52c: May,
5 2&52VfeC, closing at 52c: June. 52®524c,
closing at 52c; July, 52%®52%C closing at
51',6C Oats firm; cash, 34% c; May, 34c;
June. 32% c. Rye nothing doing. * Barley
nominal. Bran. 6v. Afternoon Board-
Wheat strong and nigher; May, 86c; June,
B<>%c; July. 85c; December, 89c Corn
quiet: May, :>2< : Jane, 51% c; July, 52c
Oats steady: May. 332^c; June, 3ii%c: July,
28% c.
Paid Up Capital {600,000;
Surplus $100,000.
Win. Dawson, Pres. Robt. A. Smith, V.
Pits. Win. Dawson. Jr.. Cashier.
Toledo Grain.
Toledo, 0., May 7.— Wheat active and
higher; '•ash. 69% c; June. 90c; July, 89% c;
August. 88% C Com dull but firm; cash,
58c. Oats quiet; August. !29%C. Clover
seed active and higher: cash. $4.25 ; October,
14.52% Receipts— 2,000 bo: corn,
8,000 bu; oats. 2.< MM) bu: clover seed, 67
hi ;■•;"-. Shipments— WheaC s6,oo J bu; corn,
1,000 bu; oats, 1,000 bu; clover seed, 50
PAID UP CAPITAL. - $400,000.
Surplus and undivided profits. $55,000.
Al.i.j.. RaJUET, Willi/.* BICKKU
President Cashier.
New York Produce.
New Voi:k, May -Flour— Beceipta, 20.
--084 packages; exports, 100 bbls and 8.439
sucks: quid and rather firm: sales. 18,500;
patent Minnesota extra, good to prime. $4.60
®4.85; choiOe to fancy do, $4.90®5. Wheat
• Receipts, 30,500 bu; exports, none; sales,
1,448.000 bu futures. 12.000 bu spot: op
tions ruled easy early and declined [email protected]%C,
later ruled stronger on covering and ad
vamced %&%c, closing at the best. Bnecu
hition quiet:! ungraded red. 94®.95e; No. 2
d. 1 1 .'" '■>■><■ elevator, 96%@97J4c deliv
ered, 95% cI. 0. b.j So. 2 red .May, 93%®
94 % c; closing at 91% c; June, 92%@93%c,
closing at 93%ic; July, 92% c, closing at
93% c; August, closing at 93% c; September,
\>2T, '' I .*:■,• < ■ . closing at !)3-s<-: November,
94%fe95, closing at 95c; Decern be
9">i,4.(?/i>Oc, closing at 98c; May
j--:- 97%c^.51.00Vb, closing at $1.00%.
Corn— Receipts, 31,350 bu; exports none;
5a1e5,' 92,009 bu futures, 34,000 bu spot;
options dull and somewhat irregular, open
ing weak and tt<3%C lower, later advanced
i.,'</ 4c. closing firm; cash tots firm and quiet ;
ungraded, 05 4®07%c; No. 3, 05'A'^60%c
elevator; G6%<- delivered ; steamer, ele
valor, 67' Ac delivered: yellow, 66% c deliv
ered: No. 2 May, 03**®64c: May,63%®64c,
closing at 64c: June, 62%®63c, closing at
ii'.i<:: July. 63&63UC, closing at 03*4 c;
August, o:^M^63%, closing atO.'i%c; Sep
tember, 63%® 3%c. closing at63%c: Octo
ber, 63%^03%c closing at 63% c; Novem
ber, 62c, Stocks of grain in store May 5:
Wheat, 1,645,736 bu;corn. 124,723 bu;oata,
730,383 bu: rye. 20,772 bu ; malt, 282,546
bu. Oats Receipts, 64.000 ijii : exports,
none; sales, 220.000 bu, futures 112,000 bu;
'A&%C higher and more active: mixed West
ern, 37®39%c; white do, 42®46c. Hay
• juii-t. steadily held; shipping. 60®65c. Hops
In light demand. Coffee spot: fair Rio
quiet al Joe: options steady and rather quiet;
sales 43,500 bags; May, 12.05® 1 2. 15 c;
June, 11.65®11.75c; July, )0.90®11.10c;
August, I0.40®10.50c; September, 10Q
10.05 c; October, 9. 95® December, 9.90
(a 10c: January, 9.!10(^.9.95c; Pebruarv, 9.90
®10c; March, 10®10. 05c: April. 10®10.05c.
Sugar unchanged and dull; fair refining
quoted 4 1310 c; 110-test centrifugal, 5 %c;
molasses grades. 4(?a-J%c; refined strong,
fairly active; standard "A," 63-16®6Wc:
granulated, 6 11-16®6%c. Molasses firm:
50 test, 20% c. Pice steady. Petroleum
steady; crude, In barrels, 6%®6%c; United
slosed steady, 84 % C Cottonseed oil quiet,
bul steady. Tallow weaker; 4 13-16 c. Rosin
quiet, $1 1 5® 1.20. Turpentine steady ; 36®
36% c. \-.v)i\ firm, fair demand; Western,
134® 14; receipts, 4,340 packages. Pork
fairiy active and Arm, unchanged. Cut meats
firm: pickled shoulders, 7%c. Lard o^,B
points higher and moderately active; West
ern steam spot, $8.5<i®8.55; May, 88.43®
8.47; June.sß.3Bfeß.43: July, g8.3H®8.44;
August, «5j.4:j®«.47; September, $8.45®
*A'.r. October, $8.45®8.4 8; city steam, gS.IO.
Butter quiet, weak; Western, 18®26%c,
Cheese quiet and easy. Copper firm; lake,
10% c. Lead dull : domestic, 4%c. Tin quiet,
steady; straits, 21c. Other articles un-
Kaunas City Grain.
Kavs A Citt, May Wheat steady; No.
2 soft, 80<: bid, 82c asked. Corn steady; No.
2,47 c bid; June. 47% c bid, 48% c asked;
July. 483,ic Oats- No. 2, aO«Ac bid, 31<
Grain provisions bought and sold for
rash or future delivery. Commission one
elglitii. Orders for the purchase and sale of
Hocks on any stock exebange in the country
promptly executed. We have Uie only direct
private wire from M. Paul to Chicago and
Iv'cw Vort.
The Visible Supply.
Chicago, May 7.— The statement of risible
supply of grain on ay 5, as compiled by the
secretary of iiie Chicago board of trade, was
as. follows:
Bushels. No. Hu.
Wheal 31,317.077 1,140,383
corn 9,415,671 •1133.680
Oals 4.734,091 »338,175
Bye ... 250,059 40,150
Barley 819,345 85,985
On improved real estate at lowest current
rates, No delays.
Bcom 28, man American bank.
Pi ikii Bkiikkt, l'residout
CO. Johnson. General Manager.
New York.
New York, May -Clearings, $68,901,
--996; balance, $4,109,443. Money on call
easy at 1 4<>/ 2 per cent; last loan, 2; closed
atl%(9.'_; prime mercantile paper, s©o per
cent. Sterling exchange dull, but firm at
$4. 80 Ml for sixty-day bills, and $4.88 Vi for
demand. The slock market was only moder
ately active to-day. and while weak in the
forenoon, recovered somewhat later in the
day and closed firm, though at fractional
losses for the day in most of the active list
Loudon was a buyer at the opening, and this
gave a strong tone to the early trading, first
prices being from '» to % per cent above Sat
urday's filial quotations. The room was gen
erally in a bullish frame of mind, hut the
traders and professionals were seeking for a
further reaction, and the unfavorable state
incut of the Atchison was used against the
list in general, and special pressure brought
against the Gould stocks. which were found to
yieldlmore rapidly than the real of list. New
England was remarkably strong in die early
dealings, but af|er a rise of a point, gave
way with the remainder of the list.
Missouri Pacific led the decline, and before
it was stopped hud dropped tfo per cent. But
Union Pacific also became quite weak later,
the stories that the control of the Soo line
hud been bought by Canadian Pacific parties,
and that the latter road would demand a
larger differentia] in the transcontinental
pool were used against the stock with some
effect, A few of the dealings was Uie de
mand for Lackawanna in the loan crowd, as
high as 1-64 being hid for the use of the
slock to-day, while the short interest in all
ihe in-live stocks Is reported very large, one
operator having out 100.000 shares. There
is nn Impression that the market has been
weakened by parties interested In defeating
the placing of the Reading 4 percent loan In
London, and Heading was weak at oneUroe
to-day, though ft was never a lender lv the
'i' line Manhattan was next to Missouri
Paclfii as to weakness, but New England
after it once was started showed marked
weakness. Toward 2 o'clock tho lowest
prices of the day generally were reached,
and 1 in- shorts then started In to cover,
which rallied the list, though lillie progress
was made until during Ihu last hour, when
the advance gained force, end most of the
tin were brought un to the neighborhood of
opening figures. The close quiet but dull,
Wheeling ami Lake Brie preferred was ex
cepiit.nul Uilsu veiling, with gain of 1 per
cent, but most of tho list are fractionally
lower, and Missouri l „,; | iie Is down 2, Man
hattan 1%. Oregon Navigation 1%, and Port
Worth & Denver Ha. The' railroad bond
market was quiet inn firm to strong, hut the
only features of the dealings were the Port
Worth At Denver IMb and the Wheeling Ac
Lake Brio lsts, and this former fluctuated
over 11 comparatively narrow ranee ami
finally closed lower on sales of $254,000
while the latter was strong and rose 1% per
cent, though it reacted fractional]! at the
close, lis sales aggregating $100,000 out of a
total day's business of $1,429,000. Most of
the list are higher. Government bonds were
dull but firm. State bonds were dull and
fffiy^T^^fAtrt: iJAUy^GLOB^: TUESDAY JKSBOTTOTIIAT 8, 1888.
steady. The total sales of stocks to-day were
201,073 shares, including: ;
Can. Bouth'n.. 4.50". Ore. Taan5e'1.. 22,940
D.. L. A: W. ...14.840 Pacific Mail.... 2,930
Erie 5,900 Reading 04.1'»"
Lake Shore ... o,lsO|Bicb. &W. P.. 12.665
Louis. a- Nash. J 0.250 st. Paul 25. J 85
Missouri Pac..l2,o2o|Texas Pacific . 4.17"
Northwestern. 0,440 Union Pacific.. 26,060
! N. V. pfd....;. 9,785 Western U0i0n.15,680
_?£ Investment Banker*'. ?£.
152, 153, 154 brake Block Ixlan Money
on Improved Real Estate Security,
At 6, OK* 7, 7- . and 8 per cent.
On Shortest Notice for any. amount _
Quotations of Stocks aud Bonds.
New Yor.k, May Stocks and bonds
closed at the following prices bid:
U. S. 4s reg... .1205*1 Hocking Valley. 20%
do 4s c0up. ...120% Houston &Texas 13
do 412s reg....lOo%'llliuois Central.. l2l%
do4%s coup. . loo*4 B. &W.... 12
Pacific tis of '95.121 Kansas & Texas 13%
La. stamped 4s. 91 LakcErie W.. 14%
Missouri 6s 102 l do pfd 45%
Ten. new set. 05.105 Lake Shore i)2ty
dodo 5s 90 Louisville &N.. 57%
do do 3s 70% Louis. & N. A... 36
Canada bo 2ds.. 91% Memphis & <;.,. 55
Cen. Pacific lst.l 14% Mich. Central... 79%
Ken. K.G.lsts.l 18 Mil ., L. S. * W.. 57
do do 45.... 78% do pfd 88
JJ.&B.G. W.lstfc. 73 Mpls. & St. L... 7
Erie 24k 97% do pfd 15%
M. K. & T. G. 68 Missouri Pacific. 77?*
do do 55.... 55% Mobile & Ohio.. 8
Mutual Union 90% Nash. ii Cbatt.. 77
N. J. C. int. cert. 1024* ■ N. J. Central. . 62%
N. Pacific 1 sis.. 118 N. &W. pfd.... 47%
do do _d 5....100 Northern Pacific 25%
. N. W. con sols-... 140 do pfd 52%
do deb. 5s lo8»^ North western... 109%
Or. & Trans. Os. 90 do pfd 143
SI.L.AI.M.G.Ss. 98U N. Y. Central... 106%
St.L .& 5.F.G.M.116% N. Y. C & St. L. 15i*
St. Paul consols. 127 do pfd 00
St. P.C.iP.lEts.l22 Ohio i Miss 21%
T. P. L. Q. T. It. 40 do pfd 80
T. P. ii. O. T. R. 72 Out. & W 16%
Union Pac. Lsts.ll4% Oregon I. C 0.... 51
. West Shore 103 Oregon Nay 95
I Adams Express. 138 Oregon Transc'l. 20
Alton iiT. 11... 38 Pacific Mail 35%
do do pfd.... 74 Peoria. I). 6l P.. 20%
Arncr. Express. .lo9 Pittsburg 159
P.. C. H. 6: 5... 25 Pullman P. Car. l 44
Canada Pacific. 59 Heading 6'-i'fe
Can. Southern.. 50% Hock Island ...111
1 Central Pacific. 35% St. L. & 8. P.... 304
Ches. ii 0hi0.... 1% do pfd 67%
do late pfd... 0% do Ist pfd 113
do lids pfd.... 2% St. Paul 73%
Chi. & A1t0n,... 135 | do pfd 114
C, li. &<* 122% St. P. M. & M . . . 103%
C, St. L. & P.... 12 St. P. A Omaha. 39%
do j.fd 34 do pfd 108
On.. San. & C. 50% T. C. & 1 28
Cleveland & Col 49 j Texas Pacific... 26%
Del. ii Hudson.. 108*4 Tol.'& O. C. pfd 50
Lei., Lack. ii W. 128% Union Pacific... 54%
Den. a- H. <;.... 18% U.S. Express... 72%
East Tennessee 10 |\Vab..st. L. 4P. li%
dolus pfd.... 16% do pfd 27
do lids pfd.... 22% Wells-Fargo Ex. 136
Erie 25% Western Union.. 70%
do pfd 57% Am. Cotton Oil.. 31%
Fort Wayne 154 Colorado C0a1... 354
Ft. Worth & P.. 37 I
Railway and Mining Shares.
NEW yoitK.
Cal.&Vs $12 50 Could & ; Curry. ..%A 50
Head wood 1 5018a vage. 1 25
Eureka 10 00 Mono 1 70
El Cristo 2 10 Sierra Nevada... 4 40
Aha SI 75 Mt. Diab10.... 83 00
Bulwer 85 Navajo 65
Best it Belcher 4 45 lOphir 775
BodieCon 300 PototJ 450
Con. Cal.A Va. 1 3 37% Savage 5 12%
Crown Point.. 600 hierra Nevada. 410
Eureka con... 975 Union con 800
Could <_ Curry 435 Utah 150
Hale A Nor... 8 27% I Yellow Jacket 0 60
Ex div. E. con 25 Com'onwealth 400
Ex-div. N. 8.1 60 Nov. Queen... 375
Mexican 550 North B. Die. 4 00
Mono 200 Grand Prize... 205
Chollar 4 70 j
A. AT. 1 sts 7s. .1201* Tamarack 150
do railroad.... 914 old colony 170
Bos. iV Albany. .l9B% Wis. Ceu.com.. 18%
Bos. ii Maine.. .'2lO do pfd 38%
<:.. If. cW 122% Al. M. Co. (new). 1%
Eastern It. it.. „I'_ 3 Cal. ii Hec1a.;..238
Flint 4tPereM... 42 Franklin 114
do pfd 106 Osceola 20%
L. a. & Ft. B. 78.108 Quincy 69
Mix. Cen. com.. 15% Bell Telephone. 224
do let m.'b'ds. 70 Water Power.... 'A
N. Y. ii .N. Eng.. 414 S. I). L. &C 0.... 38
115 East Fourth Street,
St. Paul.
Local trading in wheat was rather dull
yesterday and sales were at Saturday's fig
ures. Beoeipts were only moderate. Millers
both at borne and at outside points were tak
ing here and there a car when one was found
to suit, but altogether sales were very light.
Cora Is steady and firm. Oats very firm.
Barley and rye unchanged. Ground feed
and corn meal in fair demand. Hay is very
scarce and prices arc higher. Quick ship
ments will meet with steady sale. The call :
Wheat— No. 1 bard. 83c bid; No. 1 North
ern, 82c hid; No. 2 Northern. 80c hid.
Cor n-No. 2, 51c hid; May. 50c bid.
Oats- No. 2. mixed, 30%e bid: May, 30% C
bid.3l%c asked: June, 31c bid; No. 1
white, 33c bid; No. 2,32 c hid; No. 3,30 c
Parley— No. 2. 00c bid ; No. 3, 57c bid.
Bye— No. 2, s*c bid.
t'louud Peed— sl9 bid. 51 9.50 asked.
Com Meal Unbolted, $10.50 asked.
Bran— Hulk, $12.50 bid.
May— No. 1, $11 hid; No. I, upland prairie,
$12 bid; timothy, $14.50 bid.
Flux Seed— sl.3s bid.
Timothy Seed— bid.
Clover Seed— l3.6s cid.
Potatoes- 00<a05c bid, 70 @75c asked.
Eggs— lo%C bid, IIV2C asked.
104 B. 5 Hi Street, St. Paul,
Produce Exchange.
BeeeiptS of butter are fulr, and with a good
demand, prices are steady. Dealers are very
careful in buying, and all are trying to pro
tect themselves against a serious drop in
prices that now seems certain to Come.
Cheese quiet, onions have advanced. Cu
cumbers and spinach are lower. Apples are
unchanged. Berries arc steady generally,
though strawberries are gradually becoming
cheaper. Poultry is unchanged.
Butter— Extra creamery, [email protected]; extra
dairy, [email protected]; good to choice dairy, 16®
1 Bo : common dairy, [email protected], packing-stock,
l(Xai2c; roll and print choice, 18(_:2cftr, roll
ami print fair, [email protected] 17<-.
Cheese— Touna; Americas and fancy, I3fe
14 ; full cream, [email protected]; skim, 9c
Onions— In sacks, S'-'".2.25 per hu.
Minnesota Maple Sugar— ]2%<§)l2c; East
ern, 10®] le
Maple Syrup— Per gal, Si. 1.25.
Honey— Slow at quotations; line white new
Clover, 20c; old, 13(0,1-1; buckwheat, 10
Malt— Boc per hu.
Wool Unwashed, 17(^19c; washed, 22®
Apples-choice, $1©4.25; fancy choice,
$5©6; fancy, SO.
Cucumbers — 75®90c per do*.
(Strawberries— 2sc per yt.
Spinach— 7sc per nu.
Asparagus— sl.2s®l.so per doz bunches.
Florida Turnips— sl.2s® 1.50 for large
fancy slock.
. Radishes -85®c0c per doz.
Cranberries B. ii 11., $12; B. & c., $12 per
bbl; common lock, $1.60®i.75 perbu.
Pineapples— S3(?&3. per doz.
California Cabbage— per lb.
California Riverside, $3.75®4; '
California Navels, |6®6.50; Messina, $4.50
®5 ; Valencia, $7©B.
Lemons- Messinas, $1®4.25.
Nuts— Pecans, Texas polished, medium to
large, 10® ISO per lb; almonds, Terragonas,
18c; California soft shelled, 18c; filberts,
Sicily, 12c; walnuts, new California, Hi®
18cj COCOanuta, 96 per 100; hickory nuts,
51.7D®2.00 per hu; shellbarks. |2.25®2.30
perbu; Brazils, 12c; peanuts, Virginia hand
picked, 7c; roasted, 9c
Dales— Persians, B®9c; dates in mats,s%c;
figs, 14©18 c; new, 18c
Bananas— Yellow, per bunch, $2®2.50;
red. |1.50®2, as to size.
Cider— Choice Michigan, 10 gallon kegs,
S3 pel keg; choice refined 10 gallon kegs,
S3 per keg; choice refined 32 gallon bbls,
|5®5.50 per bbl; Ohio cider, $1 per half
bbls: $7 for full bbl.
Veal— sc for heavy; s®6cforllgSt,
Pieplant per lb.
New Qreen Onions— l bu boxes, |1.60®
Green Peas % bu. Bo<3 fsc.
Hiring lli-alis, $3.50©l per box.
Carrols— sli®7so per dos,
New Potatoes— s6,6o®7 per bbl.
Live Poultry— Sens, U®loc; hens and
roosters,' [email protected] roosters, U®7c; turkeys, 10
Wheat, Corn, OatH, Hurley, Baled liny,
14 Chuiubur of Commerce, tit. Paul.
AVlioloNiilo I'i-oiliici'.
Pork, Bacon, Lard, etc. — pork, muss,
$1-1,25: hums. |10% c; dry suit, long clear,
7%c; smoked long ulnars, hi*c; breakfast
paeon, ni4c:iU)ice lard. BfJkc;kei l*rd,B%e;
3-lbrJn pail. f«t«>c: 5-lb tin path 9c; 10-lbtin
pail, BT*c: 20-lb wood pail, Oc.
Flour— Patents. 54.2r*C54.40; straight, 84
<SA.lOj bates', 55.40fe3.00, rye, 53.00.- -.
Beans— Hand-picked navy, 12.80: me
dium, *'.'«•_' . ~- ;• --
.Dressed Beef— Fancy dressed steers, $4.25
f/LOO; choice steers. $4^4.25; cows and
heifers, 53.25&3^0; country dressed beet,
52.^053.50: hindquarters, 45.*) c: fore
quarters. 3®3e; real, sdße: extra heavy
mutton, 7c : mutton, ranging from 30 to 40
lbs. 7i,irfeßc; country dressed mutton, 41-15,
sc; pigs' feci and tripe, r Joc<^il perikit;
quarters. %2. - - T ■■■■■■■--.■■ ■■
Fish— Black bass. 12% c; smoked halibut,
i2ifcc; smoked salmon, 15c; stuigeon,l2i«c:
salt mackerel, 15c per lb: live and boiled
lobsters. 20c per lb: white fish and trout, 9C;
Lake Superior. A No. 1. Gc; wall-eyed pike,
Be; herring, salt and fresh water. tic: perch.
8c; pickerel, extra choice, tic: salmon!
Oregon, fresh, 15c; red snappers, 15c; extra
bloaters, imported, 50c per doz; lobsters. per
lb, 20c; mackerel, per kit, 75c; fresh
mackerel, 15<fj20c; white halibut, 15c;
smoked salmon. 20c.
Hops— Washington [email protected] ( new
German imported, 26®28c.
Linseed Oil— Haw, single bbl, 55c; 5 bbl
lots, 54c; $0 bbl lots. 53c; boiled oil. 3c
more all around; improved oil meal St. Paul
Linseed Oil company, $21; single ton, 522;
any less qnantitv, [email protected]
Hides, Pelts "and Skins— Mink. 4O£">oc;
martin. $1<&2; otter. $€<_;8: beaver, per lb,
52.25<£3; fisher. *[email protected]; cross fox. $2&4;
silver grey fox, |15<_>0O: red fox. $1.40: kit
fox, 40c; wolverine, $3fcs; timber wolf. $2
S3: prairie wolf, $1; Ivnx, $1.50(^2.75;
wild cat, 50c; house cat. 10<&15c: skunk, 40
<Z£soc; mnskrat (fall). 7c; muskrftt 'winter).
9c: muskrat, (kits). 2Mzc; badger, 75c(^81 :
black bear, $20&25 : black cub bear, $4©6;
brown bear, $*&12; brown cub bear, $4&5;
grizzly bear, S10&12: grizzly cub bear. $3
<jis: raccoon, GOfeOOc; sheep pelt*. 25cS.$l;
green hides. 5«4C: green salt hides, tn*c;
green salt longhaired kip, Gc; green salt
veal kip. Gtic; dry flint hides. 8c: wool,
washed, 22&24 c; wool, unwashed, 17&17 c;
tallow, 3V4'-; ginseng, $1.75; seneca, 22Q,
2(jc; beeswax, 18c; dry deer skins (fall), per
lb. 22<^,24c; dry deer skins (winter), per lb,
3 8&20 c; dry antelope skins, per lb, 22&24 c;
dry elk skins, per lb, 25c; dressed buck skin,
per lb, [email protected]
Lite Stock Commission Merchants, Room 3
Exchange Bldg.. SIOUX CITY, lowa. Refer
ence—Ed. Haakmson, Sec.Union Stock Yards
Co. : A. S. Oarretson. Cashier Sioux National
Bank; F. T. Evans,!). T. Hedges, Sioux City:
Albert Scheffer, Pres. Commercial National
Bank, St. Paul. Minn.
Chamber of Commerce.
Local trading showed some improvement,
and prices started weak, but soon firmed up,
and some sales were made a shade better
than on Saturday. Receipts were 206 cars,
With 93 shipped out for the two days. Du
luth reported but 23 fresh arrivals oil track.
Local stocks decreased 105,540 bu and Du
luth increased 129,002 during the past week.
Following are the closing quotations: No. 1
hard, in store, cash, *2>j<-\ May, 82«& c; June
83% c; July, 8384 C: on track, 83% c; No. 1
northern. In store, cash, 81V_c; May, 81i'->c-
June. B'_iUc; July, feline; on track*, 82*4®
*'.ie; No. 2 northern, In store, cash, 79 %c;
May. 7.)i A i;: June, Ho4sc; July, SlSic; on
track. 80%fe81c.
Sales included: 1 car No. 1 hard, deliv
ered, 83% c; 1 car No. 1 hard, delivered,
83tyjc: 3 ears No. hard, delivered, 83"4 c;
1 car No. 1 hard. arrive,B3VtC ; 2 ears No. 1
bard, 83% c; 1 car No. 1 Northern, delivered,
82c; 3 cars No. 1 Northern, delivered, B2*&c:
2 cars No. 1 Northern, to arrive, B:Ji£c; 8
cars No. 1 Northern, 83cj 2 cars No. 1
Northern, 82c; 1 car No. 1 Northern, 81*ic;
1 car No. 2 Northern, o. t.. 80% c; 8 cars No
'_ Northern, delivered, 81 c; 3 cars No. 2
Northern, Bic; 1 car No. 2 Northern,
82c; 1 car No. 2 Northern, SOUic; I
1 car No. 2 Northern, 0. t., 79V2C; 3 cars re
jected. 79c; 5 cars rejected, 83c; 1 car re
jected. 74c: 3 curs rejected, o. t., 71c; 1 car
rejected, 78 Vic; 1 car no grade, delivered,
1 car mixed oats, o. t.. 32c; 1 car No. 2 oats
82cj 1 cur hay, $9.26; 1 car sample corn,
5 1 C
Flour— Market Record: The -conditions
are yet unfavorable to a free movement of
flour. About all reports from points east of I
Chicago are of a bearish tenor, and, while j
there is a great deal of bull feeling, it an- I
pears to be limited to the West, Flour buy
ers are in the bearish district and sellers in
the bullish, with the result as would naturally
be expected- -no trading.
Bran and Shorts— The market is weak with
a downward tendency, but. while there has
been and is a large production, the demand
has moved it forward to consumers as fast as
produced. Quoted bran, $12<j£12.75 ; shorts,
lorn— firmness in the May deal at ( hi
cago keeps prices firm here, though very Ut
tle stops here that would go into contract
grade there. Dealings are merely in sample
car lots on track at 50<_Uilc for good un
Oats— A quiet and fairly steady market ex
ists, with business all in sample lots at 30®
33c, O. i., for fair mixed to nice while.
Barley dull, at nominal figures; [email protected]
for ordinary samples.
Feed Mixed feed selling slowly at $19.50
&20 o. I. ; 5U01&20.50 f. O. b.
Hay— choice dry upland hay would bring
almost any price under $14, if there was any
to offer. The range is wide, owing to dam
age, in some Instances as low as $5 a ton.
The following are the receipts and ship
ments of wheat to-day. reported by Pressey,
Wheeler & Co., by private wire:
points. Rec'ts. Sbip'ts.
Minneapolis 151,020 53,010
Duluth 120,030 19,036
Chicago 18,396 176,058
St. Louis 5,000 28,<i(io
Toledo 1,913 55,804
Detroit 6,000 3,152
Philadelphia 60 6,419
lialiimcre 11,173
New York 80,250
Receipts— Wheat, 151,020 bu; corn, 600
bu; oats, 1,800 bu: millstuff, 60 tons: fruit,
41.000 lbs; merchandise, 1,507,570 lbs;
lumber, 12 cars; posts and piling, 3 ears;
barrel stock, 5 curs; machinery, 122,000 lbs;
coal, 451 tons; wood. 23 cords; brick, 121,
--coo: lime, (> curs: cement, 500 lbs; house
hold goods, 20,000 lbs; pig iron, 31 ears:
stone. 13 ears: live stock. 2 cars; dressed
meats, 65,070 lbs; bides, 70,500 lbs; sun
dries, 12 cars. Total, 525 cars.
shipments heat, 53,010 bu: c0m, 3,000
bu;; flour, 34,107 bbls; mlilstulT, 892 tons;
hay, 20 tons; merchandise. 1,231,990 lbs;
lumber, 56 ears; machinery, 132,000 lbs;
coal, 15 ions; lime, 6 ears; cement, 80 bbls;
household goods, 44,000 lbs: stone, 1 car;
hides. 40,000 lbs; railroad material, 2 cars;
sundries, 14 cars. Total, 501 cars.
Members New York Stock Exchange and Chi
cago Board of Trade.
Offices: New York, 44 Broadway; fit. Paul,
1 GilriUan Block; Chicago, 0 Pacific Ay.
Direct wires from our office In St, Paul, No.
1 (Jilfillan Block, to New York Stock Ex
change and Chicago Board of Trade.
■_■_ .Minnesota Transfer.
The market at Minnesota Transfer yester
day was fair. The arrivals consisted of one
car hogs and one car sheep. There was call
for more cuttle than there were on hand, the
yards being pretty well cleared up. Hogs
ami sheep are in good demand and prices
stead v. Sales were:
No. Ay. Wt. Price
5 cattle 1 400 $3 65
111 cattle 1,221 350
2 cuttle 1,187 350
beanie 080 330
16 cattle 980 200
7i-alllo 030 2 25
Scuttle. 1,102 300
0 cattle 575 175
3 bulls 1,075 175
1 hull 1,425 200
Sheep —
No. Ay. Wt. Price
53 natives shorn sheep 97 $5 00'
50 natives snoru sheep 11l 500
No. Ay. Wt. Price
38 ; 189 $5 35;
33 177 535
30 245 5 35'
7 2(>o 5 80
Tho Yards and Packing nouses Open for 1
Ready Cash fur Hogs.
St. Paul Union Stock Yards.
Receipts— 3 curs hogs— l6l; 14 cattle.
Sales: ■ j
1 logs-
No. Ay. Wt. Price.lXo. Ay. Wt. Price
52 253 $5 50 til 201 $5 55
47 180 5 _7ty|
Chicago, May 7.— Cattle— Receipts. 8,500:
shipments, 3,000; market steudy with lower
tendency; steers, 13.80Q5; Blockers -and
feeders, $2.60(&3.9:t; cows, bulls and mixed,
f 2I&3.80; Texas steers, |3.so|_J 1.20, Hogs—
Receipts, 18,000; shipments, 8,000; market
steady; mixed, $5.45^5.70; heavy, $5.60Q
ft. HO; light, |5.4005.65; skips, $1®5.2<1.
sheep Receipts, 4.000; shipments. 1,000;
market strong and higher; wooled natives,
15.50(8)0.75: shorn, |4.75®6; Tcxans shorn,
$4(3)5.35 , Western, $1.75®6.00; lambs, $5.50
(0,7. v. :-.--.■.'•'
Kansas City.
Kansas City, May 7.— Receipts,
9*o; shipments, none: si >w and weak; good
to choice corn-fed,* f4.80A4.60; common to
medium, 13.25A4: stockers, |2.25(%2.90;
feeding steers, $3®3.60; cows, $1.5053.60;
Hogs— Receipts, 4,508; shipments, 1,890;
steady, closing weak aud fto lower; good to
choice, $5.30(_j.">. i.> , common to medium,
$4.75®5.25; skips and pigs, $2.25<£4.50-
Kheep— Receipts, 125: shipments, none:
strong for good to choice muttons:, $Lso®3 j
common to medium, - •
Cincinnati Whisky.
QKcaauat, 0.. May 7.— Whisky firm; sales.
1.1.- ''tis of finished goods on a basis of
For The Nervous
The Debilitated
The Aged.
'Medical and scientific skill has at last solved
the problem of the long-needed medicine for
the nervous, debilitated, and the aged, by
combining the best nerve tonics, Celery and
Coca, with other effective remedies, which,
acting gently but efficiently on the kidneys
liver and bowels, remove disease, restore
strength and renew vitality. This medicine is
It fills a place heretofore unoccupied, and
marks a new era in the treatment of nervous
troubles. Overwork, anxletv, disease, lav the
foundation of nervous prostration and weak
ness, and experience has shown that the
usual remedies do not mend the strain and
paralysis of the nervous system;
Recommended by professional and busi
ness men. Send for circulars.
Price $1-00. Sold by druggists.
WELLS, RICHARDSON & CO., Proprietors,
Offices Corner Fourth and Jackson Sts.,
Acts as Executor, Administrator, Guar
d.an, Trustee, Assignee, Receiver, Etc.
county. District Court, Second Judicial
In the matter of the assignment of Johan A.
Olson, insolvent.
Notice is hereby given that on the 2 i -th
day of April. A. I). 1888, Johan A. Olson, of
St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota, made a
general assignment of his real estate and per
sonal property for the benefit of his creditors
to the St. Paul Trust company; that said as
signment was filed in the office of the clerk
of said district court on the 30th day of
April, 1888. and that said The St. Paul Trust
company has accepted the said appointment.
Ail-creditors claiming to obtain the benefits of
said assignment are notified to file their
claims with said assignee within twenty days
after the publication of this notice.
By S. C. McCoxnell. Secretary.
Artists' Materials, Frames,
Albums and
Photographic Specialties !
< Nos. 371, 573 Sibley Street,
STi paux, ■ - gronfc
I HeyAretheQestmade.
Notice of Application for Liquor
City Clerk's Offick, I
St. Paul, April 30, 1888. \
To Whom It May Concern -
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named persons have applied for
a license to sell intoxicating liquors for
the year 1888, as the place or location
hereafter stated:
Amd& Bchumacker, 139 East Third
Now, therefore, notice is further given
that said application will be heard and
considered by the undersigned, at the
Council Chamber in the City Hall, on
Wednesday, May 10, A. D. 1888, at 10
o'clock a. m., where all persons inter
ested may appear and will be heard.
mayl-2t-tues City Clerk.
Sewer on Mound Street.
Offici; Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., May 4, 1888. J
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the Kith day of May, A. 1). 1888,
for constructing a sewer on Mound
street, from Hastings avenue to Burns
avenue, in said city, together with the
necessary catchbasins and manholes,
according to plans and specifications
on file in the office of said Board,
A bond with at least two (2) sureties In
a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent of
the gross amount bid must accompany
each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Krwin,
; i'2o-VM Clerk Board of Public Works.
Tax Judgment Sale.
1 .i-.-i-- ,
County Auditor's Office, 1
i """-* St. Paul, April 15, 1888. J
Pursuant to a real estate tax Judgment of
i tbe district court, in the county of Ramsey,
state of Minnesota, entered
The 21st Day of March, 1888,
in proceedings for enforcing payment of
j taxes ana penalties upon real estate in the
i county of Ramsey remaining delinquent on
the first Monday in January, IBS - , and of
■ the statutes in such cases made and provided
1 1 shall on
The 7th Day of May, 1888,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the County
Auditor's otlice, in the city of St. Paid and
county of Ramsey,
which are charged with luxes, penalties and
costs iii said judgment, and on which tuxes
shall not have been previously paid.
Auditor of Ramsey County.
Tft WFAK MCHUtTnlne from tlie
I il » ,t " r » In pWoireeU of youthful
I U " IUfc»ll ... ,'ariv de
, cay, Tost maahooil. etc 1 will semi a vnluaulu
to. ills,- (w-led) containing full particulara for
home cure, fn-i- of i-hnrw. Aildiv- <,
PROF. F. C. FOWLER. Moodus, Conn.
~ """"; ; —^ . j.. ■_, >•
Confirmation of Assessment for Opening. Widening <$</ Extend
ing [Gap /tier Street
Office of the Board of Public Works, 1
City of St. Paul, Minn., May 3, 18*88. j
The assessment of benefits, damages, costs and expenses arising from opening
widening and extending Gaultier street to a width of sixty-six feet, from Front
street to Atwater street, in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, having been com
pleted by the Board of Public Works in and for said city. said Board will meet
at their office in said city at 2 p. in. on the 2lst day of May, A. D. 1883. to hear
objections (if any) to said assessment, at which time and place, unless suf
ficient. cause is shown to the contrary, said assessment will be confirmed by
said Board.
The following is a list of the supposed owners' names, a description of the prop
erty benefited or damaged, and the amounts assessed against the same, to-wit:
Supposed owner and Balance Balance
r-„^ ser J pl,on * m. -»• Benefits. Damages, owner, to city.
GeoGroebner. The Ely 33 feet of N'ly J<of
§,«" 2- e , f „ lot 15 (except Front street) oi
W ilkin & Hayward's Out Lots, Si. Paul,
in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken
for Gaultier street « oon mi «
Same Northerly %of N'ly V of lot I*s, *' J
Wilkin & Hey ward's Out Lots, St. Paul ,1 -■ _j,'£*!
(except Front street and part taken for ' >■ SO 00 $3 75 j
Gaulter street), in the city of St. Paul. I ,' iP - -
Minnesota $1,209 73 J f^i^jpf
Josßeis. The easterly 33 feet of N'lv 40 ft ' *"4^:> '"W
--of Sly 14 of N'ly H of lot 15 of Wilken & • ~"~
Heyward's Out Lots. St. Paul, in the city
of St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken for Gaul- .< •
tier street «oca 001 >'
Same. Northerly 40 feet of Sly yof N'ly "• I
yof lot 15 of Wilken & Hey ward's Out / _ A '£?,
Lots, St. Paul, except part taken for Gaul- ( «° °9 1 1 00
tier street, in the city of St. Paul, Miime- I " „
80la $25100 J "VV " : _
Jacob Beck. The easterly 33 feet of Sly ' --» \ <£
U~y ft of N'ly J. of lot 15 of Wilkin <fc . " -- '■
ward's Out Lots, St. Paul, in the city >'-••';•-"
of St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken for Gaul- ,
tier street • 82S no* \
Same. Southerly 117? i feet of N'ly 'y of *-~ >w \
lot 15 of Wilkin & Hey ward's Out Lots, I form «on
St. Paul, except part taken for Gaultier \ '" W *° °°
street, in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. $828 00 J
Geo Groebner. The easterly 33 feet of N'ly
% of s;iy -i of lot 15 of Wilkin & Hey
ward's Out Lots, St. Paul, in the city of
St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken for Gaul
tier street . «i qkq u\-\
Same. Northerly %of Sly of lot 15 of
Wilkin & Hey ward's Out Lots, St. Paul, *' in 00 ss oo
except part taken for Gaultier street in I
the city of St. Paul, Minnesota $1,053 00 J
Jacob Beck. The easterly 33 feet of N'ly
32.76k ft of Sly yof Sly V, of lot 15. of
\\ ilkin & Heyward's Out Lots, St. Paul,
in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken
for Gaultier street . $230 001
Same. Northerly 32.70'- i feet of Sly
of Sly Xof lot 15, of Wilkin & Hey
ward's Out Lots. St. Paul, except part ( *° 00 $1 00
taken for Gaultier street, in the city of
St. Paul. Minnesota $23100 J
Andrew P. Wicks. The easterly S3 feet of
Sly 40 ft of Sly y of S'lv y of lot 15 of
\\ ilkin & ward's Out Lots. St Paul,
in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken
for Gaultier street togo 001
Same. Southerly 40 feet of Sly yof Sly '
y of lot 15 of Wilkin & Heyward's i
Out Lots, St. Paul, except part taken for > $0 00 $1 00
Gaultier street, in the city of St. Paul, I
Minnesota $28100 J
Oleßley. The easterly 33 feet of N'ly 40
feet of Sly 72.7034 feet of lot 15 of Wilkin
and Heyward's Out Lots, St. Paul, in the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken for
Gaultier'street S°SO 001
Same. Northerly 40 feet of Sly 72.70)4 feet ""
of lot 15, Wilkinand Heyward's Out Lots, i toon t1 no
St. Paul, except part taken for Gaultier \
street, in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. $281 00 J
Jacob Beck. The easterly 33 feet of Sly
32.70.'- feet of lot 15. Wilkin and Hey
ward's Out Lots, St Paul, in the city of •
St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken lor Gaultier
street $°50 001
Same. Southerly 32.70)4 feet of lot 15 i
of Wilkin and Heyward's Out Lots. St. V JO on si m
PauLexcept part taken for Gaultier street | *
in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota * $251 00 J
D W Hand. Lot 16 of Wilkin and Hey
ward's Out Lots, St. Paul, in the city of
St. Paul, Minnesota. Taken for Gaultier
street «4 mr 001
Same. Lot 16 of Wilkin and Heyward's
Out Lots, St. Paul, except part taken for (. so on *«<■ no
. Gaultier street, in the city of St. Paul, f *° °° * i 600
Minnesota $4,64100 J
All objections to said assessment must be made In writing and filed with the
Offi I ot said Hoard at least one day prior to saUl meeting.
ft W. F. Ekwi.v. Clerk Board of Public Works. *' L ' - MAN ' ProSi(,(^ ] , j!(
Street Sprinkling.
Office Boabd of Public Works. )
City of St. Pali ., Minn., May 2, 1888. )
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in arid for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city until
12 m. on the 14th day of May, A. D.
1888, for the sprinkling of such streets,
avenues, levees, lanes, alleys, parks, or
other public grounds as may be ordered
sprinkled by the Common Council of
the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, for the
season ending Nov. 15, 1888, according to
plans and specifications on file in the
oflice of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of three thousand ($3,000)
dollars most accompany each bid.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids. .
R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. P. Erwin,
124-134 Clerk Board of Public Works.
Grading Clark Street.
Offick Boabd of Public Works, }
City of St. Paul, Minn., May 4,1888. )
Sealed bids will be received by Ihe
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the Kith day of May, A. I).
1888, for grading Clark street, from
Whitall street to Case street, in said city,
according to plans and specifications on
file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the gross amount bid must accompany
each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
It. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Kitwi.v,
126-136 Clerk Board Public Works.
Sewer on Valley Street.
OVfice Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul. Minn., May 4, 1888. 1
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Miv-
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the Kith -day of Way, A. D.
1888, for constructing a sewer on
Valley street.from Broadway to Canada
street, in said city, together with the
necessary catchbasins and manholes,
according to plans and specifications on
hie in the oflice of said Hoard.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid.
The said Hoard reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
R. L. OHM AN, President.
Official: W. F. Ekwin,
120-136 Clerk Hoard of Public Works.
The most delightful and effective Cough Bal
sam made. Elegant for children. Will burst
up an old and deop-seated Cough quicker
than any other rcmedv. A fine thing in Con
sumption and all dis- - X"fv.-_.
eases of the Throat and M. &c)Jf'fiP
1. tings. All genuine _r^_Ms*sE/Ay/ •
bears this signature: A^((^*/rt{t{(si\
I St. Paul, Bl in n.( / Druggist* Chemist
Paving and Sewering Brewster
Office Boabd of Public Works, )
Cl J. V of .St. Paul, Minn., May 4, 1888. f
healed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the 17th clay of May, A. 1). 1888,
. for paving Brewster avenue, from Viola
; street to Como avenue, with cedar
i blocks and curbing with granite, and
, constructing a sewer on said Brewster
I avenue, from Viola street to Como ave
nue, in ssld city; together with the nec
essary sewer connections to the prop
, erty lines, according to plans and spec
i ifications on file in the office of said
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
I!. L. GORMAN. President.
Official : W. F. Enwm,
120-138 Clerk Board of Public Works.
/no/ a,,cl found ads. in the Globe are seen i
-.WO I by the most people.
The Dining Car line to Fargo, Helena, Butte '
and the Pacific Northwest
Leave Arrive
Dining Cars on Pacific St. Paul St. Paul
Express Trains. Daily. Daily.
Portland Express (Liin
ited) for Fargo, Bis
marck, Miles City,
Heleua, Butte, Taco
ma, Portland, etc . . : . 4:00 p. m. 5:15 p. m.
Montana Express for
Saul- Centre. Morris,
Fargo.MilesClty, Hel
ena etc 8:00 a. m. 2:30 p. m.
Dakota Express for
Fargo, Grand Forks,
Grafton. Pembina.
Fergus Faljs, Wahpe
ton, Jamestown and
Miuiiewnnkoii. etc... *8 :00 p.m. 7:10 a.m. .
Limited Pacific Coast *
Express stops at principal points only. MON.
TANA EXPRESS makes all stops. DAKOTA
EXPIIESS mates all stops. *Saturday to
Fargo and Sunday from Fargo only. SEC- .
ONI) CLASS SLEEPERS only on tralu leav i
ins St. Paul at 8:00 a. m. Through Pullman
Sleepers daily between St. Paul and Grand 1
Forks, Fergus Falls and Wahpeton. Three 1
(3) Express Trains daily each way between
St Paul and M orhead, FarßO and James
town. C. E. STONE City Ticket Agent 173 '
EastThira Street St. Paul. B. N. AUSTIN, !
City Ticket Agent, l'J»Nicollet House, Minne
Chicago, St. Paul, TO
>^^T^B^V Minneapolis & Omaha^^s^^^v Chicago
Chicago & Northwestern and',
msJSr sLnm. J . P^ A,3TTOrSr ™™-, c^-y^i
tjMAM -"-TEAM .-. Kan Claire, Merrillan and Greenl^^ -Vsß-flrraSg
♦4ISPM „£ 8} -Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls SdBBfZZ: ISO\WI So S
IQ?n am a « *5J ST"---!! C , lalre snd5 nd ehi PPe*va Fa 115.... ... 10 SIS MO fisltf
t9lO AM 945 AMI New Richmond, Superior and Duluth ca- i>»i IS 55 ™?J
*SS« » Sfl New Richmond,' Superior and D r Ills I -ffl
- J" j! .-Madiaon. Waukesha and Milwaukee-Fast Line.... 7 80AM * 8 03AM:
-Bt^t-MiaalgE .i,.^™™*-""'--' M, -- a --™ Sr -?-, =^Plsll___:
fISS " « 2wr*^^s--»- Falls.- Mitchell and YankTofc"6^psi lfT_^£
I 7 MAM 2 o?AM tas * L w e ' ? loux City. Omaha and Kansas City .... 855 AM 4 a sglm
tjgaj sat Lake Crystal and Elmore .....J 6 gat 7in
«600 PM 640 PML^^^^Mankatn. Tracy and Pfarre I gSSAM i 9 %;$
„ <M . Chl " s ° Ka " U »J Swm arrires O'hlcaro at 7 "next mornloc Chic.™ i'».r vi.i.. „ WAJft
9.30 cext morolns. . Through Strepe: for MlK.ui" on r"«t 1 1ne MrirA th?™ .. ? A Expr *" ,rr,Te « Chicago it
SEEK Oar, "- «-}""-* C " V"' --S" '■ «*- -«^. 'n the" Ch,c.7<^ tJS_ " -•*° D *-* m# - Ui -«- 2
Bl«s«^Hl^rrl«sS^: ESS ZsJ£tiLtfttl3£ °-^-"' Ul - *-«« «* Al» „,___»
» J.W.TIUSpftT^" 1^^ 60 Elul Tl ' ,r ' 1 8lr "' " d l'»«<™ ""Pot, foot SIM.T Btr~.
QenirautaferAseLU Clt, Tick.' Aj.nl, SL PauL 1 • CUy ": »• """Ll*. ■
Sumptuous Repasts, Luxuriously Apt
pointed Sleeping Apartments, Beau- j
tiful Scenery and Courteous .?~
Attendants. Ensure Pleas*
urabfe Emotions* ,
Fonrleen-hour trains, equipped with fwti
less Dining Cars, Pullman Soiling Palaces,
leave Minneapolis daily it 6:40 p. Ik. ; St.'-.
Paul, 7 :30 p. m. Arrive Chicago, 9 : W a, __. ' '
St. Louis, 5:20 p. m. - tiife ; 1 1
ileturning, leave Chicago daily. 4:50 p. xfiTj/
St Louis, 8:30 am. Arrive St. Paul, ¥;§_»,
a. m. ; Minneapolis, 7:25 a. m. - -r_fe«_cf
Local from La Crosse, Winona find lure*]
Points, daily, Sunday excepted, Mrivts St*}
Paul 1:00 p. m.; Minneapolis, 1:40 p. mi]
Departing, leaves Minneapolis, 4:15 P. l_*t.
St Paul, 5 :00 p.m. m T^f
Suburban Trainer "
v? a c J 0 . 1011 Depot, St. Paul, for Daytoß , v
Bluff .Oakland, Highwood, Newport and Bfc
«o U L Pa _! at *6:30, »7:55 and •10:80 a, ri.|
*2:00, ««:io and +6:40 p. m. Returning*
* .-™? + l :45 « »8:55 «■ m.i »l2:5o, «*;3o,f
*0 -30 and +7 :50 p. m. ♦Dftil v. >Excent Bun.'
rides, fi.so? fare > ioc; 10 ride '* 5 5*yffi
Connections are made in Tblon Ce'bowf'
At Chicago, corner Canal and Adams etreew«
St. Paul foot Sibley street; Miuneapalhfcl
Bridge Square. ~^^i
Ticket Offices: Chicago, corner Clark an*
Adams streets: St Paul, corner Third an<sl
Robert streets; Minneapolis, 5 Nicollet*
houae. x \
«J. C. HOWARD, Minneapolis. __d
W. C. KENTON, General Pafcj
cnuer Agent, St. Paul. Minn. 41
' 'A
ft m ST.'PAUL m
188 RAILWAY, - _f» m
Through Trains to Principal Points]
in Central and Northern Minne
sota. Dakota, Montana, Manitoba}'
and British Columbia. .£_*C§JB
1_ lrt» id.
Leave Arrive,.^
I St. Paul. St, PaujrtT
Morris aud Wahoeton :10 am• aO :5a dH_"'
Aberdeen and Ellen- I *•*.<•*
dale Express 8:10 am 6:s3Vri_l
SL Cloud. Faigo and ' fMi
Grand Forks I aß:2oam a 6:45 pin*
OsseoandSt Cloud. a 2:30 pm a 11:55 am. i
Excelsior and Hutch- i-^if<, |
hwon a 4:45 pm a9;47a*fj_.' '
Anoka, St. Cloud aud *"*<|M»|
Willmar ] a 3:45 p m all:10a"W !
Princeton and Milaca a 3:45 pm all :10 a
Watertown. Wahpe-I *-- T
ton,Casselton,Hope '■. >r,
andLarimore b7:3opm c7:2oaial
Crookston, Winnipeg '"^ir
find Victoria .'yl
Through Express. . 8 :30 p m 6:53 ami
Fergus '•alls, Fargo, .:£;.
Grand iorks,Neche 8:30 pm 6:55 am
Winot, Buford, Great * ""H
_j- alls and Helena.. d« : 30 m efi •■ss' am
All tiains daily except as follows: a til
Sundays: b Saturdays as far as Wahp.lori
only; c Mondays" from Wabpeton only d ex-1
eept Saturday ;e except Monday, - ; m
Through sleepers to Great Falls, Mont?
and points west of Grand Forks Monday an*
I Thursdays only. 3s;
TICKET OFFICES-St. Paul-Corner thj'rai
and Jackson; Union depot. ___!•
Chicago, St, Paul & Kansas City*
(Minnesota & North western, J T;
, Leave j Leave I Arrive I Arriba
Mp'lis. [at, Paul St. Paul Mp'lis/j
„, . r M - r. M. p. M. p. M. 'I
Chicago Mail 2:10 2:50 3:30 4:05
Chicago Ex- 7:00 7:35 ; a.m. a. _h-
St. Louis &i A -_ - A - M - 7:45 8.20
KansasCityl 7:3 ° 6:10 10:10 10:45.
Express.. P -. 3 '- p - M - r *• **• M. ';
1 t - a -- J 0:00 . A -)\ 0:40 10:1a
i.yle, Austin. Dod^e Center, Chatfleld*
Uamview, Kochester, Peoria. Indianapolis,
Columbus, and all points East, South, and
\\ est.:
Dining cars. Mann Boudoir ears and Com
pany's Sleepers on Chicago night trains.
Through Sleepers on Dcs .Moines night
City ticket offices 193 East Third street and
Union depot, foot of Sibley street, St PauL
City ticket office. No. 3 Nicollet House
Union Depot .Bridge square, Minneapolis.
Lv.st.Paul I ArSLIVm"
Chi. & Dcs Moines Ex. *8 :45 am *7:25 D m
St.Louis* Kan City Ex *S:4sam •T-o'-.nm
Watertown _ Pac.Dlv. **° * m '—> p m '
*n X VV"; *8:0O,i m *G:sopra
41£SI/X-V\ ( ?? m . *3:lspm *10i50an,
Excelsior & Winthrop #3:15 pm ♦Hi:soara
St. Louis 'lb rough Ex t6:2spm :00 am
Dcs Moines * Kansas
<fi- v Ex rcss .', do:2spm df>:Ooam
Chicago "FasClEx.Tr. do:2>pm d9:ooam
_i D **_7- f' cx ' Sundays, t. ex. Saturday.
ex Monday, p. Sunday only.
licket office, St Paul, corner Third and
Sloiey streets, and depot Broadway, foot of
iourth street.
102 East Third street,
Uniou A D?pot St PauL
Union Depot, St PauL
A means Daily. B except
Sunday. C except Monday.
D except Saturday.
Through Trains. L. St. Paul. I Ar. st Paul"
Mil., Chic. & Local. 87:30n. in. ll:'J*ip. ra ri
LaCros,',Dub.& Lo. !B 7-;-loii. m. 1 1 :20 p. in B
Ortonv.iFarco Xx B 7::''.» a. in. 0:30 p. in B
Pra.duC..M.<SiC.Ex|B 0:40 am. 5 :55 p. m.' B
Calmer & Day.Ex. 9:40 a. m. B:'J.-)a. in 0
Mil..Chi.&Atl. Ex. A 3:00 p. in. l:50p m a
Owntonua & Way. A 4:lo p. m. j 10:25 a. m A
Wabasha & Wa .-.. l:.0 ( . m. 0:5Oa m H
Fast Mail A 0:40 p. m. I 3:10p.m.A
Aberd'n&Mit. Ex. A 0:l.")o. M.i B:4oam A
MI1.,«& Chi. Fast Ll. A7:.'lop. m. 7:'Mn m ' A
Aus.,Dub.iChiE.\;D 7:40 p. m. , B:_s a. m. Q
r . a
MINNEAPOLIS. Ijjavr , viiiuviT
Chicago, Milwaukee, ' :
Chippewa Falls,Eau fal:lsrM( a 7:50 am
Claire, Neeuah, Osh-; I
kosh Fond dv Lac )
aud Waukesha ! (,a7:SOPMi a4:lopic
ST. PAUL. I leave. AitmvE. *.
Chicago, Milwaukee,
Chippewa Falls, Ban fa2:oopn :15 ax
Claire, Neenah. Odi- I
kosb. Fond dv Lac ]
and Waukesha I.aB:3OPM :40 pm
a Daily. ~ ~ \ "
Pullman Palacs Sleeping Cars and the Cen
tral's famous Dining Cars attached to all
through trains.
St. Paul— l 73 East Third street; a B.
Robb, City Ticket Agent
Union Depot— Brown & Enebel, Agents.
Minneapolis— Nicollet House Block;
1.11. Anson, Northwestern Passenger Agent.
Union Depot— ll. L. Martin, Audit.

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