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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, May 09, 1888, Image 7

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t Wants 011 this page will be inserted undet
classified headings according to the following
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dumber _, £ g \ 5 "eg
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Words. 5 § (j* 5 g £ g*
: 3 .« r : S
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-5 c r'es-;5.15 8.27 $.39'?. 51 $.03 $.87
16 words .10 .23 .40 . 52; .04 .70 .S3
17 words .17; .30 .43] .50 .691 .82 .95
18 words .18; .32 .40! .60 .74 881.01
19 words .19! .-5.1, .49 ( .04 ; .79 .94 1.09
go words! .21) .35 .50 .65 .so 1 .951.10
21 words .21! .37 .53 .09. .851.011.17
22 words! .22 .39 .50 .73! .90i1.071.24
£3 words .23! .41 .59 .77! .951.131.31
'24 words .24 .42 .00 .78' .961.141.32
25 words .25 .41 .63 .821.011.20:1.30
120 words .2;; .40 .60 .801.061.261.40
g' words .27 .48] .69 .90 1.111.32,1.5:1
128 words .28 l!): .70 .911.121.331.54
29 words' .29 .51 .73 .951.171.391.61
130 words .30 .53 .70 .991.221.451.05
131 words 3! .551 .79 1.03 .51 1.78
•32 words .32' .50 .801.0411.281.521.76
33 words .33 .58, .83J1 081.331.58 1.80
(34 words .311 .(jo, .86J1. 12 1.631.90
[35 words 35 .62 .891.161.431.701.97
{30 words .30 .03; .901.171.441.711.98
XL words .37! .(i.3; .931.211.491.77 2.05
88 words .38 .07 .961.251.541.832.12
»9 words] .391 .69: .991.291.591.89 2.19
(40 words .40! .70|1.00|1.30i1.60'1.90j2.26
£1 words .41! .72 1 .03 1 .34 1 .05 1 .90 2.27
rJ2 words .42 .74 1 .0i' 1 .38 1 .70 2.02 2.30
(_-■» words .43 .76 1.09 1.42 1.75 2.08 2.41
*4 words .4 1 .771.1()i1.431.76 2. 092 42
45 words .45 .79.1.13 1.47J1.81 2.152.49
40 words .40 1.16 1.5111. 86)2.21 2.50
4' words .47 19:1.5511.91,2.27 2.03
words] .4?' .8411. 20 1 561.922. 2812.64
49 words .49 2311. 6011.9712.34 2.71
50 words; .50 .-■- 1 .20 1.01 2.02 7^
Coinp,.i;i.d words count two words, and
every abbreviation counts the same as a full
In Every Case the Money Must Accom
pany th.3 Order.
_______________ OFffTEKEP.
sota and Dakota at big pay, for a large
Eastern life insurance company. Address C
71, Globe. 127-133
AGENTS— Permanent employment; an
extraordinary offer; illustrated circu
lars free. Address Renner Manufacturing
Company. Pittsburg, Pa. 127-130
ACUOijJIKAI, can De had for 15 cents
at foot of Jackson st , restaurant,
BAKIIEK— Wanted, a first-class white
barber. Apply to J. E. Parker, Owa-
'.:.:■. Minn. 129-135
1 BLACKSMITH— A general horseshocr
J and jobber wanted at 1005 West Seventh
Btreet, corner Randolph. 3
BOOKKEEPERS, salesmen, oflice clerks.
J collectors, bartenders, coachmen, host
lers, drivers, janitors, watchmen, engineers,
firemen, teamsters, etc., call and learn our
method of advertising your wants. The Ad
vertising Directory, 78 East Seventh St.,
Room 3. ' 129
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, a young man
possessing some knowledge of double
entry bookkeeping and well acquainted with
the streets .>!' the city. Address F S, Globe.
m 130-131
BOY— Wanted, boy fourteen or fifteen years
oil to clerk in a cigar store. Call at 303*,<s
Robert st. 3
BOY — Warned, boy or young man who will
make himself generally useful about
the house or grounds; one who can milk.
Apply P. 15. Clarke, corner Fourth and Ros
abel sts. 3
Boys -Wanted, three good boys, fifteen
to seventeen years old, for general
work. Apply at once at the California Wine
House, corner East Seventh and Cedar its. 3
BOY— Wanted, strong boy to work in spice
mill. Kent A. Brady, 459 Robert st.
BOY— Wanted, experienced, to run job
press : Room 33, Union block. 4
( (AKI-ETEAYER — Wanted, an expen
*«~ euccd earpetlayer at once; no other need
apply. Weidenborner Bros., 205 East Sev
enth st, 3
CiHOUE BOY— Wanted, a good, honest
J boy to do chores. 20 Fast Third st. 3
CLERK— An American gentleman in our
' retail order department; must be well
acquainted with the city; married man pre
ferred: references: apply after 10 o'clock.
J. Breutano, 272 East Seventh st., up stairs.
CLERK— Youngman to tend lunch counter
' nights at :i-" East Seventh st, 3
COAT.MAKERS— Wanted, two coatmak
ers and two pantmakers at once. 899
West Seventh st, 3
CIOATMAKKRS— At once, two coatmak
' ers and one pantsmaker. Call at 83 Da
kota ay. 3
CIOLLLCTOR— Wanted, boy for city col
*L/ lecting and general oflice work. Address
F 84, Globe. 4
CiOMl'OSl roiC— Wanted, compositor; ap-
J ply at once. Omcial Record Publishing
company, corner Third and Robert sts., over
Pease Bros. 4
COOK— a man who is a good
J cook and baker; single and German pre
ferred. Address A 90, (ilobe. 3
DECOKATOItS— Artistic decorators for
interior work. Apply at 24 East Third
st. Inquire for W. N. Coleman. 3
DRIVER— An experienced driver; good
wages 1 1 right party. French Laundry,
131 East Eleventh st. '3
DRUG CLERK— American or Norwegian
drug clerk. Address James Chambers,
Niagara, Dak. 127-131
itUG CLERK— Wanted, drug clerk; reg-
XJ istered and German. Address E 40.
Globe. 4
RUG CLERK— a registered
Scandinavian drug clerk. Apply at
once to W. A. llaslund. Ash by, Minn. 4
DRUG CLERK— Wanted, an assistant
drug clerk. Apply to L. Mussetter's,
corner Fourth and Wabasha sts. • 4
ENGINEER— a stationary engi
neer; good references. Address 449 East
(Seventh st. 3
I 7 ARM HANDS— Wanted, young man and
- boy for dairy farm. Apply Lux's grocery,
comer Jose tie and Carroll at 8 a. m. 4
FARM MANAGER— position as
farm manager, on stock or grain farm,
or any horse department; satisfaction guar
anteed. Address II 43, Globe. 4
1 FOREMAN — Wanted, a manager or fore
man in a foundry and machine shop,
with an established business; must have
money to take an interest. Apply Union
Iron Work - company. BH'Mll 4
Grocery TRAVELER- Wanted, ex
> per;, iee 1 , grocery traveler for Portland,
Or.; must be a rattling good salesman, with
a record. Address (before 12 o'clock to-day)
Wholesale Grocer, Globe. '4
r I OR compositor wanted immediately.
__ 12 Davidson Dlock. 4
LUantER SORTER— a man to
XJ sort lumber; tail end; good wages. Ap
ply at 7S East Seventh St.. Room S. 4
MAN with $250 can get a good steady po
sition on salary: oflice or outside sales
man. Address J 89, Globe. 130-32
MAN— Wanted, a young man to do light
work; will pay good wages. Call be
tween 10 and 11 a. m. at 131 East Fifth st.,
Room 5. 4
MEN— Ten active men of good address.
Good pay and good prospects. White
Sewing Macniue company. 394 Wabasha st.
13 'J A G MAUI ST— Registered pharmacist
in Minnesota wanted, with good recom
mendations from last employer. Apply to
tries Dawson, Noyes Bros. & Cutler. " 3
PIANO PLAYER wanted to play in a
saloon every night at No. 480 East Sev
enth st. 3
LUM HER— Wanted, a first-class plumb
er for Grand Forks, Dak. Apply to
Rogers & Ordway, 180 to 184 East Fourth
st., city. 3
130RTGR— porter at the St. James
hotel. Call after 9 o'clock this morn
h_ 3
SALESMAN wanted for a line of custom
clothing. Call at 143 East Fifth st., be
tween 8 and 10 a. m. 3
BAX.EBMAN— A bright young man (Ger-
IO man) who understands the clothing and
gents' furnishing business. Inquire 425
Wabasha st. 3
SALESMAN wanted for aline of custom
Clothing. Call at 143 East Fifth st. 4
fT* A 1 LOR wanted by the week at 178 Con
-l cord st. 3
TV" AN Agents to handle the new
>V Chemical Ink-Erasing Pencil ; greatest
novelty ever produced: erases ink in two
seconds, no abrasion of paper; 200 to 500
per cent profit ; one agent's sales amounted
to $020 in six days: another $32 in two
hours; territory absolutely free; salary to
good men; no ladies need answer; sample,
35 cents. For terms and full particulars ad
dress : ,b manufacturers, J. W. Skinner &
Co., Oualaska. Wis. 127-131
WANTED— Some person going to school
»* to do light bookkeeping for their
board or light pay. Address H 92, Globe. 4
ITTIRE WORKERS— Wanted, wire work
>* 1 ers; competent men. St. Paul Wire
works, 21 West Third st. , 3
Ol 'if, -.'*--* SIONTH-?5 starts you in
**"-«-«- / '-' business; county rights free; send
stump for catalogue to Patterson oil Burner
company, 207 Canal si., Chicago, 111.110-143
BOOKKEEPER— la.lv book
keeper and casher; must be we'll recom
mended. Call at once at "Simpson's," 338
East Seventh. .4
COOK— Wanted, family cook and second
girl at Henderson, Minn. Meet lady at
Douglass' Intelligence office, 35 Seventh st.
COOK— Wanted, cook, second girl and
dining-room girl at 77 Summit ay. • 4
C^OOK— Good girl to cook. Apply at 030
■> Cedar st. 3
COOK — First-class vegetable cook or meal
-' and second girl. 102 West Ninth st. 3
COOK— Wanted, a good cook, with refer
ences, at No. 145 College ay. 118*
Cook wanted in a private family; no
washing. Apply 365. Pleasant ay. . 4
COOK AND NURSE GlßL,— Wanted, a
cook and nurse girl to accompany an
officer's family to Fort. Shaw, Mont.. Apply
at 460 Portland ay. 129-131
D! 11 s HER and chamber maid
J-/ wanted at the Commercial hotel. Call
this morning. 4
*TJ_IRL wanted — Collins st.
eTjIKl — Wanted, girl at 544 Laurel ay. 3
GIRL— a girl about fourteen
years old to assist in the care of chil
dren and with second work; German pre
ferred: apply mornings between 9 and 12.
Mrs. C. R. Gruff, 311 Pleasant ay. 130-132
GIRL— Wanted, good girl to assist about
house and help with care of children;
colored preferred. Apply at 071 Wabasha. 1
HOUSE CLEANING— Wanted, a girl to
do house cleaning; call early. 195"Da
kota ay., West St. Paul. 3
O USE WORK — a* servant girl
in small private fnmilv for general
housework; must be a good cook, washer
and ironer ; must have a home to go at night
to Bleep, and work through the day; best, of
St. Paul cijy references required. Apply at
No. 28b East Tenth st.. near Broadway. 130
OUSEWORK-Wanted. a good girl for
general housework, in a small family;
gocd wages; none qnt experienced one need
opply. Mrs. H. E. Hullsiek, 327 Maple ay.,
Dayton's bluff. 130-31
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, good girl for
general housework; must be a good
cook, washer aud ironer. Apply at 779
Dayton ay. 4
OUSEWORK— GirI tor general house
work; small family. 053 Lincoln ay.
HOUSEWORK— Girl who understands
general housework; good wages; apply
at once. 227 Iglehart st. 3
HOUSEWORK— Competent girl for gen
eral housework. Call at '-"Go Iglehart.
HOUSEWORK— Girl fifteen years old for
light housework. 599 Selby ay. 3
HOUSEWORK— for general house
work in small family; good wages; ref
erence required. 377 Martin st. 3
OUSEWORK— A girl to do general
housework; must be a good cook and
laundress. 351 Grove st. 3
OUSEWORK-Wanted. at Macalester.
competent girl for general housework:
also nurse girl about twelve years old. In
quire 485 Marshall ay. Tuesday and Wednes
day afternoon. 129-130
H~~ OUSEWORK-Wanted. a good girl ror
general housework at 122 Iglehart st. 3
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a Gcrinal girl to
help in general housework in small
family. No. 385 Rice st. 4
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a German girl
to do general housework. Call at 317
Robert st. 3
OU.sEWOßK— Wanted, a good German
girl for general housework, Call I*. It.
McDonnell. 537 Ohio st. 3
OUSEWORK-Wanted, a good girl for
housework; S-0 per month. 70 East
Seventh, Boom 4. 130
OUSEWORK-Wanted. good girl for
general housework. 200 West Sixth
St.. corner Oak. I3u
OUSEWORK— GirI wanted for general
housewoak; family small. 105 Nelson
ay. 4
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework. 101i/.^Vest Third st. 3
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house
work; small family. Apply at 251
Iglehart st. " 3
OUSEWORK-Wanted, a girl for gen
eral housework in family of three;
wages, $12 per month. 033 Ashland ay.
OUSEWOKK— A good girl to do general
housework: German preferred. Atmlv
at 240 East Tenth st. " 3
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework; must be a good plain cook.
253 Louis st., near Summit ay. park. 129-131
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework; no washing. Call at 550
Holly. 4
OUSEWORK-Wanted, competent girl
for general housework. Call at 031
Olive st. 4
OUSEWOKK — A goon girl u7r
general housework ; one who can cook.
140 West Fifth st. 4
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, competent girl
for general housework: wages $17 per
month, (.'all with references at 520 Holly
ay. , 4
OUSEWOKK— Wanted.a good girl for
general housework ; small family. 533
Robert st. * 4
Housework— Wanted, a girl for gen
era! housework. Call at 207 Ramsey
st- 3
HOUSEWORK— Good girl for general
housework in small family. Apply at
once, 293 Western ay. 4
HOUSEWORK— Good girl for kitchen
work. 385 Washington st. 3
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a girl to do
general housework ; must be fairly good
cook and laundress. 241 East Fourteenth st.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework ; $15 par mouth paid if com
petent. 748 Burr st. 4
OUSEWOKK— for general house
work. Apply 314 East Eighth st. 3
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house
work. 324 Goodrich ay. ' 127-130
ITCH EN GlßL— Wanted, a capable girl
for the kitchen: also girl with refer
ence to assist with children and do plain
sewing. Mrs. James J. Hill, Ninth and Can
ada sts. 130-34
KITCHEN GlßL— Wanted, at 49 West
Fourth St., a good kitchen girl. 4
LADY AGENTS and canvassers send your
address to 415 South Front st., Man
kato, Minn. 122-130
LAUNDRESS wanted: steady place and
good wages. Apply 75 East Seventh St..
loom 8. 130
NURSE— Wanted, immediately, girl to
mind baby and help do housework in
family of three. Inquire Room 0, Davidson
block, corner Fourth and Jackson. 4
PAST COOK— Female pastry cook
wanted. Apply at Furlong's, 470 Jack-
EOn st. 13031
POLISHERS — Two first-class polishers
and starchers; $30 per month and
board Model laundry. Grafton, Dan.
SEAMSTRESS wanted immediately: must
be thoroughly competent to do cutting
and fitting. 85 Iglehart st. 4
HIRT POLISHER— one first-
Lj slass shirt polisher. Call to-day. Metro
politan laundry, southeast corner Third and
St. Peter, basement 4
TEACHER for private family; two or
-_- three lessons per week. Address T. M.
R.. 534 Westminster st. 129-132
WASHERWOMEN- Wanted at 543
Wabasha st. 3
AS OMAN— woman wanted for
VV washing; call Wednesday morning.
102 East Twelfth st. * 4
"TIT ASIIERWO.MAN— Wanted, a good
VV washerwoman every Monday; will
give steady work all summer. 192 East ,
Tenth st. 3
BOARD— First-class board and nicely fur
nished rooms, with use ot bath and gas,
at 342 East Eighth st. 127-133
BOARD— Room and board; 520 Robert st.
130-3.1 -
BOARDING— Newly furnished rooms fo
gentleman and wife, or single gentle
man, together with board; also a few day
boarders; use of bath room. Apply at 519
Wabasha st. 127-30 .
BROADWAY, 497— front room,
with alcove, with board. 127-130
"OIGHTH ST., 314 EAST— Nicely . fur-
J-i nished rooms with board.: 129-130
ASHINGTON ST., 385, Opposite City
Hall— Two furnished front rooms with
board. . . 129-132
EXCHANGE— I want six good draft
horses and one pair small horses in ex
change for a cheap, but good. piece of im
proved property, or vacant lots. John A.
Weide, 306 Jackson St.. room 2. 127-130
TO EXCHANGE— A good business for
naif real estate and . half cash a rare
chance for the right party. Address G 40,
Globe. • . ■ ■-■ - 130-134
TO EXCHANGE— SSOO equity in two line
JL lots between the cities for horse and
buggy ; balance due on lots payable $20 per
month. II 72, Globe. " 130-131
A GERMAN BOY fifteen years of age
would like a place where he can learn
the English language. Is well educated in
German. F 37, Globe. . 1
BLACKSMITH— situation wanted by a
yonng man to learn the trade; had some
experience. Box 2 4, Globe. 1
BLACKSMITH— Wanted, a situation as
blacksmith and millwright. Address F.
00. Globe. • l
man speaking German and Scandinavian
wants situation: can give best reference for
six years' experience in groceries and three
years' in double bookkeeping. Address II 62,
Globe. 130-32
BOOKKEEPER— A young man, experi
enced bookkeeper, wants work in the
forenoon, to keep small set of books, or
otlice work; small pay; good references. Ad
dress G 61, Globe. 4
middle-aged man; fifteen years' experi
ence in lumber business as bookkeeper, sales
man and inspector. Address C. A. F., 350
Jackson st. 4
BOOKKEEP EH— man (Canadian)
wishes situation as assistant bookkeeper
or for other office work; references given.'
Address B 41. Clobe. 129-130
BOOKKEEPING— Want one or two sets
of books to keep evenings at home; ref
erences given. Address A 37, Globe. 1
BOOKS— Opened, closed, posted, expert
work, etc. F. Snrague. Room 25, Min
nesota Bank building, or Stillwater, Minn.
BUTCHER— Can give good reference:
guarantees satisfaction or no pay. 709
Minnehaha st. 3
CAKE BAKER— A good case baker and
/ ice cream maker would like to get a sit
uation. Address M. 131 East Seventh st. 3
COACHMAN— A single, young man, fully
J capable and Highly recommended, wants
a situation. Address C 30. Globe. 3
COACHMAN wants position as coach
manor work in wholesale house; ex
perienced ; first-class recommendation. Ad
dress ,1 13. Globe. - 3
COACHMAN* an experienced coach
man in private family. Address B 73.
Globe. " 3
(COACHMAN— a place as coach-
J man by a young man, sober and twenty
four years of age; can make myself useful in
private family- good references. E 59,
Globe. 3
COACHMAN— man wants position
as coachman; long experience with
horses; best of references. Address G 38,
Globe. 3
COACHMAN— Situation wanted by man
and wife in a private family to goto
the lakes: man as coachman and woman
housework; first-class references. Address
B 52, Globe. 3
CIOACHMAN A young man wants a situ
-* tion as coachman, and would make him
self generally useful about the house. Ad
dress O B, Globe. 4
CiOPYING— Young man who has time to
/ spare from work, desires" copying to do.
Address J 15, Globe. 127-132
COMPOSITOR — Compositor wants a
' place; have had experience in both
newspaper and job work. Address F 7,
Globe. i
COACHMAN— A place us coachman;
sober and twenty-four years of age, and
good references. Address F 97, Globe. 1
Competent camp cook wants situa
tion. 392 Cedar st. i
COOK— Cook wants situation as moat
cook, can give No. 1 reference, willing
to go anywhere in the city or country. Ad
dress COO, Globe. 1
position in drug store by young man ;
about two years' experience; sneaks English
and German; good references. C 93, Globe. 1
DRUG CLERK— situation by a
young man; two years' practical experi
ence in drug store: furnish best of refer
ences. Address F No. 6, Globe. 130-13G
DRIVER— experienged driver wants
a situation; has good references. Ad
dress A. J. Anderson, 65 Leech St., St. Paul.
EMPLOYMENT — Strong young man
would like work of some kind in whole
sa lehonse. Address F 23, Globe. 3
EMPLOYMENT— boy eighteen years
old, who cannot speak English, wants a
place to take care of horses or do chores.
Address August A. Aamodt, Post Siding
house, St. Paul. 3
MPLOVMENT— Young man of good ed
ucation wants position of any kind; ex
perience in bookkeeping; speaks English
and German; city references. Address E D.
302 East Seventh. 130-32
EMPLOYMENT— A young German, mer
chant, diligent seller, speaks English
and Italian, wants a place; best references.
G 97, Globe. 4
EMPLOYMENT wanted by young man
in some store, or will deliver; has had
six years' experience in grocery business. II
■M, Globe. 4
EMPLOYMENT — Wanted, situation by
young man in store, wholesale or retail;
can furnish best of references. B 63, Globe. 4
ENGINEER— a situation by a
first-class engineer to run a stationary
engine or to fire. Address T. Riches, 347
Sherman st. .1
("J.AROENER— Very good German gard
* ener wishes work; all kinds of gardens.
Apply to C. Voyt, 10 Exchange st. 3
OSTLER — Wanted, by a competent
young man. the care of two or three
horses; best of reference. Address C. J. W.,
Globe. 1
JANITOR of experience desires employ
ment in his line; references first-class.
Address E 12, Globe. 1
PENMAN— Good penman wants position :
German and English: understands book
keeping. Address A 39, Globe. 3
PHARMACIST— Situation wanted by a
registered pharmacist competent to take
charge, will furnish good references. Ad
dress C 58, Globe. 1
SALESMAN— In dry goods store by first
(lass salesman who thoroughly under
stands the business ; good in any department.
E 05, Globe. *_ 3
SITUATION— Young man of twenty years
would like a situation of any kind in
store or office; good penman; references
given if required. .Address C. S„ Globe. 4
TEAMSTER— Wanted, job to drive team;
young man; Norwegian: good hand
with horses. John A. Rendahl, 63*5 Jack
son st. ' 1
BAR COUNTERS, ice boxes, mirrors,
grocers' bins, shelving, store counters,
etc., at 217 First ay. north, Minneapolis.
BED ROOM SET— For sale, a very nice
bed room set; also sewing machine: very
cheap. Call at 332 Ellen st. 130-131
BICYCLES lor sale of all sizes and
prices; $12.50 will buy a 32-inch wheel
for children. O. W. Youngman, Real Estate
Dealer, 1 15 East Seventh st. 129-130
OICVCLE— For sale.a full nickeled Expert
JJ Columbia bicycle; full ball bearing; in
first-class condition; at a great bargain. J.
E. Strauss, rear of 172 East Fifth st. 130
<* — Black dirt for sale cheap: will deliver
if wanted; short haul. Apply 109 East
Sixth st. : 127-131
DOG— sale, a fine Newfoundland dog.
. seven months old : owner has no use for
him. 80x 486, Mankato. Minn. 128-130
per volume; we are reproducing from the
very latest volumes of the ninth edition, page
for page, plate for plate, map for map. and
volume for volume, and at about half the
price of the Scribuet or Stoddart editions;
we also have a number of the leading cyclo
pedias (taken in exchange) at about half
price; drop C. W. Dumont a card. 312
Maria ay., and he will call and show it to
you: good terms to agents; 300 sets already
placed in Twin Cities. C. W. Dumont,
Northwestern manager for the li. G. Allen
company. CO*
An A No. I solid mahogany suit; woolen
plush with silk plush lining; mirror, also
cook and parlor stoves, bookcase, extension
table, etc., etc., good. Second story, 141
West Third st. ; entrance on Franklin st.
OISTING ENGINE— One second-hand
Bxlo (double) elevator hoisting en
gine ; good as new ; will be sold cheap. Wm
Rodger & Co., 182 East Fifth st. ' 129-135
cheap; cash or time. Witte Bros., 411
and 413 Fifth ay. south. Minneapolis, Minn.
BUSS— Wanted, a ten-passenger buss. Ad
dress J. E. Elliott, Stillwater, Minn.
127-130 _^
DRESSES— Wanted to buy. second-hand
dresses, at Room 52, fifth floor Union
block :'en trance to lower elevator. 130
cash; quality or quantity no object; will
call. Address E 90, Globe. . 127-131
All dealers and shippers of these goods
will find it to their advantage to call on or
write to J Firestone, wholesale deafer in pa
permaker's supplies; reference, any respon
sible firm in the city. 262 Jackson st,. St.
Paul. Minn. Telephone. 75:*. call 3. 31u*
DL. JAMIESON & CO.'S Steam Dye
• Works— Gents' clothing a specialty.
14 West Sixth st.,.SL Paul, Minn, 13i*
" A'~euiate.
BOOKKEEPER— A young lady who has
her afternoons at leisure, would like a
position as assistant bookkeeper or copyist
in an office. Address D 73, Globe. • 1
CiASHIER— Wanted, by a competent lady,
' position in an oflice or as cashier. Ad
dress 87, Globe. .. „I
COOK— desiring a female cook
for a few days only, in absence of regu
lar cook or for parties," can get an experi
enced one by addressing to 390 Rondo st. .
COOK— situation by a first-class cook. Ad
' dress CM, 230 East Ninth st. Paul. _____;
CLERK— Wanted, by a respectable young
lady, situation as clerk in a confection
ery store; references given. Address D 17,
Globe. ,3,
RESSMAKER— First-class; would like
work in families or at home: will also
work in shop. Address 770 York st. .1 1
EMPLOYMENT— Madames, several girls
and a few good German girls waiting
for places at my oflice, 52 West Tenth st.
Mrs. Bertram. 3,30,
EMPLOYMENT— By a young lad y to-do 1
work of any kind by the day. Address
416 Minnesota st " Z.- 3
EMPLOYMENT— Walther house; women
want day work ; any kind of work. ,In
quire Room 26. ' (1 ,3
EMPLOYMENT— a young lady to ido
work of any kind for private families."
Address, 4-10 Minnesota st. *, 1
EMPLOYMENT— wanted in a
dry goods store by a lady of refinement
and education wages no object while learn
ing. Address E 42. Globe. .1
HOUSEKEEPER— By a young lady in
small family: widower's family pre
ferred. Address 626 Temperance, cor. Tnir
tceuth st„ city. 3
HOUSEKEEPER— Lady of good address
would like employment as housekeeper
in hotel or widower's family. For par-ten
litrs address G 79, Globe. " 1
HOUSEKEEPER— An American widow
- with one child would like a situation as
housekeeper. B. W. C, 21 West Fifth. 1
HOUSEWORK— girl who speaks
good English would like situation for
general housework in small family with nice
American people in lower town. Address M.
8., Globe. 3
HOUSEWORK— wanted by a
girl for general housework in a small
family: lower town preferred. Address F
B 80. Globe. 4
NURSE— Situation wanted, by 11 young girl
■1* that understands the care of children,
as nurse. B 10, Globe. " :■;-••- 3;
SALESLADY— Wanted, situation by an
O experienced saleslady; speaks French,
English and German, and" can furnish good
reference. Address 1095 Farnuier st, St.
Paul. ' * 1
SEAMSTRESS— Woman would like sew-
O ing to do a! her home ; cuts by Taylor
system. 201 West Sixth st. 3 ■• 1 .
SEAMSTRESS— Sewing wanted in private
families by a middle-aged widow lady.
Address 852 Reaney st., St. Paul, Minn. • 1
SECOND Competent second girl
desires place immediately in private
family. Inquire afternoons, 253 Louist st. 4
SEWING — Wanted plain sewing to do by a
lady. Call or address M. J. Smith, 696
Oakland st. 1
SEWING— A lady would like to get sewing
to do at home, either for private fam
ilies or stores. Address Mrs. M.S., 184 East
Fairfield ay.. West St. Paul. 3
SITUATION wanted by a Norwegian lady
to wash dishes and scrub in hotel or pri
vate family. Address Mrs. Thielemann,
House of the Friendless, St. Paul. 3
\l/" ANTED— Places for first-class help to
»» go out of the city; help can be iur
nished at this oflice for hotels and restau
rants in or out of the city. 27 East Seventh
st. Mrs. Davenport. 130
WASHING, ironing or housecleaning
wanted, by an experienced woman;
230 Western, up stairs. 3
WASHING— Wanted, washing or house
cleaning or scouring by the day. Ad
dress B 27, Globe. " >y.l
KITING— Young lady would like a sit
» » uation to do writing in an office, can
use typewriter if wanted. Address B 50,
Globe. _1
A— MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real estate security in St. Paul, Minne
apolis and Duluth at 0, 0V2,7, 71,2 per cent,
on shortest notice for any amount R. •M.
Newport & Son. investment bankers, 152,
153 and 151 Drake block, St. Paul. 73*
Company— Loan from $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and sold watches. J. S. Mackey,
manager. Room 14, First National bank build-,
ing. St. Paul, and Koom 7, Mackey-Leerg
block, Minneapolis. 250*;
]\,| ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per-
ILL Bona! property, household furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper, discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson st., J. E. Flanigaii,
manager. 102*
ONEY LOANED on all kinds ot per
sonal property, diamonds, jewelry.furni
lure, horses, etc. ; commercial paper and
time checks purchased. E. W. Leonard it
Co., 126 East Third st. 291*
MONEY TO LOAN on short time in small
amounts on personal property security.
L. G. Kilborn, 51 East Fourth st. 129-59
ONEY TO LOAN— small or large
sums; no delay. J. C. Stout & Co.. 324
Jackson st 113*
MONEY TO LOAN— By Hunt & Sever
ance, 34 East Third st., room 1 ; in
large and small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc. ;
the same to remain in the owner's posses
sion; also on watches, jewelry, diamonds,
etc; business strictly confidential' a private
room for ladies. 292*
M~~ ONEY TO LOAN on good unimproved
city property in sums of §10,000 to
$100,000. Odin G. Clay & Co., Globe build
ing; 120-130
MONEY TO LOAN on improved and un
improved city property, at usual rates;
no delay. Paget & Smith, Room 49, German-
American bank. 73*
11/1 ONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, lrom
_.»__ §1 up, on watches, diamonds and all
goods of value; special rates on sums of SSO
and over. J. E. Ingham, 327 Jackson st
240* ■
MONEY TO LOAN on diamonds,
watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate oilice for consultation. George It,'
Holmes 141 and 143 East Seventh st. 82*
(gill Sis, !»50, 4*loo TO LOAN on tur
*n'-»-V/ niture, pianos, carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value ; cash advance made on
roods in storage; promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St Paul Loan
company, No. 3091& Jackson St., Rooms 1
and 2. (;->»
CARRIAGES, buggies of every style at
lower prices than same can ne bought of
any other dealer in St. Paul; two-seat car
riages, buggies, phaetons, surreys, roekaways,
cabriolets, jumpseats, canopy tops, carts,
two-seated wagons, express "and delivery
wagons and harness. Call, before purchas
ing, King's carriage rooms, Fourth and Min
nesota. 01*
OR SALE— one good, black riding
pony. Call Patterson Bros., 233 East
Seventh. - 129-30
FOR sale— horses for sale cheap at
648 Jackson. 129-130
FOR SALE— heavy work horses at
American express stables, 259 Grove st_
129-133 fsi
FOR SALE— good horse. Apply"
Washington house, at Seven corners.
128-134 "Ji-
FOR SALE— A fine pair of horses 5 and
0 years old. Will sell one or both. Can
be seen at stable, 540 Summit avenue. A. 5
Seney. room 53, Gilfillan block. 123-127*'
INSURE your horses and cattle in Tne
Sterling Live Stock Insurance company.
509 Lumber Exchange Minneapolis. 3^-!*
MARE— For sale, six-year-old mare: sired
by Magna Charta, dam by tbe re
nowned Lexington. Inquire O. S. Remmev,
King's stable. 129-130
LOCK— Wanted, a modern-built block of
from thirty-five to fifty rooms at reason
able terms. Address YX, Globe. 129-131
ROOMS— Wanted to rent, four or five un
furnished rooms in private house, good
locality, within fifteen minutes' walk Jack
son and Seventh sts. ; not to exceed §25 ; two
occupants; best references. F. Globe.
' 120133 '
-LOST A3il> FOiSD.
DOG LOST— Water spaniel dog. with
strap with ring around neck ; will nay
reward. Tierney & Co., 94 East Fifth st.i3("t '
PONY FOUND— One stray pony, dark
bay, with white star in forehead and
hind feet white. Oner can have same by
proving property and paying charges. 705
Courtland st. 13^
oldest and best clairvoyant fortune
teller, 402 Minnesota St., between sixth and
Seventh. . . 127-33
Finis t0 let ads - ill the Globe are seen by
* luto the most people.
200,000 WANTS
Were printed In the Globe's Advertising
Columns in 18.87.' This is the best evidence
that the Glob-T is the People's Papeß.
LYONS & TICKNOR, Druggists, 707 East
Third street corner Bates.
I CONGER BROS., Druggists, 349 University
. > avenue, corner Virginia.
MOUNTS & SAWYER, Grocers, corner Ash
land avenue and Dale street.
, i A. P. WILKES, Druggist, 759 and 761 West
' Seventh street :
BERKMAN & CO., 422 Dakota avenue.
. E. FOX, 482 Rice street.
[ O. P. WILLIAMS, 648 Reaney street
' FRANK L. OSBURG, 178 Western avenue,
•J. H. HAVES. 441 West Seventh street d
J , P. VAN DUYNE, Druggist, 828 East Sev
• i enth street. ,
BIPPLER & COLLYER, Druggists, 199
East Seventh street - -V
_ 470 Jackson street
.WILKES' PHARMACY. Seven Corners.
M. D. MERRILL, books and stationery, 442
Broadway. ' ; 4al__SSs_S
- Houses- : i '-:''' '■:•.
FLATS, handsomely furnished and un
-L furnished houses and rooms in all parts
of the city to rent; call and see us. North
western Renting Agency, 130 East Fourth.
' 130-133 -
FURNISHED HOUSE lo rent for six
months, commencing May 1, 1888. Ap
ply to John W. Willis, Room 41, National
German American Bank building. 124-133
HOUSES— For rent, 10-room dwelling on
Pleasant ay., 7-room dwelling on West
Seventh st. ; house, partly furnished, on
Pleasant ay. Inquire of St.* Paul Trust com
pany, corner Jackson and Fourth sts. D
Handsomely furnished ten-room
house on Summit ay., near St. Peter st.
Address Reed. Globe. 129130
HOUSE— Furnished house on Portland ay.
for the summer; all conveniences;
handsome lawn. Inquire 10 West Fourth st.
HOUSE— For rent, ten-room modern
house, No. 135 University ay. east. J.
H. Pomroy, 083 Jackson st, 129-130
HOUSE— Six-room house for rent by A. J.
Hoban, 702 East Sixth st., Dayton's
bluff; also house and lot tor sale. 127-30
HOUSE— House No. 545 Oakland aye to
rent for a term of years; all modern
conveniences. Apply to John W. Willis,
Room 41, National German-American Bank
building. 124- 133
HOUSE— I>sß Broadway, eight rooms: one
block from street cars ; between Four
teenth and Fifteenth sts. 127-130
HOUSE tor rent, 093 East Seventh St., 9
rooms: city water. J. P. Allen, drug
gist, 414 Jackson st. 124-130
HOUSE For rent: only Sls per month for
one-half of new house and barn on
Front st. ; located on corner lot, one block
west of Rice st. car line. Maguire Bros.. No.
147 West Sixth St.. next to Turner hall. 127*
HOUSE — For rent, a furnished house from
June 1 to Sept. 1. For information
call on F. G. Draper, 53 East Third st.
■ 126-132
HOUSE— Splendid ten-room house, corner
Oak and Walnut; all modern improve
ments. Esterley, 3. Mannheimer block.
127-131 •
HOUSE— A nine-room house for rent. 210
Martin st, near Rice. Apply Mrs.
Hartman, 222 Pleasant ay, 180-133
HOUSE— For rent, a House with four
rooms and barn. Inquire at 1114 Mis
sissippi st. 130-131
HOUSE— of the best ten-room modern
houses in tne ci'.T. Inquire at 586 st.
Peter St. . . 130-132
HOUSE of eight rooms to rent. 357 Frank
lin st. ; call after 10 o'clock in the
? morning. ■ 130-32
HOLSE— To rent, small house in good
locality; rent. Sls. Apply at Room 13,
.Gilfillan block. 130
' TT OUSE— Seven-room house for rent, 044
• Ll Dayton ay., near Dale st 131-31
. Rooms,
ROADWAY, 530— One large and one
small front room (with bath); two
blocks from Portland. block. 129-30
ROADWAY, 533 — Nicely furnished
front rooms to rent; use of bath. 4
ROADWAY 528— Handsomelyfurnished
front rooms. Board if desired. 127-130
CEDAR ST., s s o, directly opposite eapi
tolNice rooms, en suite or single; with
or without board; convenient to business.
CEDAR ST., 600*6— Nice furnished rooms
for rent from $5 to S'-O. 130-132
CEDAR ST., Furnished rooms to let.
DAKOTA AY.. 125— Five nice rooms for
§15; second floor; city water; would
prefer parties who could board three per
sons. 130
nished rooms with board or without;
board by the day or week. 129-131
EXCHANGE ST. 388— One large room
suitable for two, and one suite of rooms ;
use of bath. 128-130
ORT. 302, CORNER FIFTH— To rent,
unfurnished room with alcove, closet
and Phalen water; private house. 130-131
nished rooms, suitable for gentlemen.
Inquire between 9a. m. and op. m. 130-32
OURTH ST., 125, WEST— small
furnished room. lKr*f_*_ 130
RANKLIN ST., 378— Furnished room.
new house, two squares from Windsor
hotel; bath and gas. 130
lETH ST., 108, EAST— unfurnished
rooms for rent. Apply to 11. C. Hemen
way. 363 Robert st. 130-133
A Wabasha and St. Peter sis.— For rent, a
nicely furnished room; gas and bath. 129-30
IGLEHART ST., Three connecting
rooms; first floor; furnished for house
keeping or sleeping apartments. 1 23-54
JACKSON ST., 007— nicely furnished
room. 129»j30
ACKSON ST.. 410— Furnished rooms lor
rent, single or en suite. 127-33
LEASANT AYE.', 299— Large, nicely
furnished front room with large closet.
ROBERT ST., 533-One well furnished
front room, with alcove; good bath
room rent reasonable. 129-139
ROOMS— Want to rent four unfurnished
rooms, suitable for light housekeeping,
to parly without children; references re
quired; $10 per month: also, one nice fur
nished front room on grouud floor: S8 per
month. Address B, 801 Aurora ay. 127-131
ROOMS— suite of four rooms; Knauft
XV block; references required. B. F.
Knauft, 34(» East Seventh st. * 127-130
ROOM— neatly furnished, well ven
tilated room for rent cheap in private
house, corner Fifth and Exchange sts. ; use
of bath. 130
ROOMS Two elegant furnished rooms tor
rent; live minutes' walk from wholesale
district. Inquire 581 Robert st, oornor
Twelfth. 129-130
ROOM-MATE— young gentleman
room-mate. No. 10 East Fourth st.,
Room 1. 130
PLEASANT AY., Furnished room,
with bath; also unfurnished room.
-__ 130-30
Three large well furnished rooms, two
connecting; let singly or together; rent very
jmoderate. 129-131
SIXTH ST., 159, Gentleman and
wife or iwo gentlemen will find a very
pleasant tromt room, with use of bath, etc. ;
also a very nice room with all modern con
veniences at 405 Franklin st, with or with
out board. 130
OEVENTH ST., 279, WEST— Furnished
O and unfurnished rooms; two communi
cating rooms. 129-31
EVENTH ST.. 420, WEST— Small fur*
nished room for gentleman rent moder
ate; also two unfurnished large rooms. 130
SPRUCE ST. 221— An alcove and other
O neatly furnished rooms; use of bath;
modern conveniences: 120-132
T. CLAIR ST., 469— Four rooms with
closets, water and sewer; 810 per month
to parties without children. 469 St. Clair, cor.
Colborne, one block" north of where the Short
Line Railroad crosses West Seventh st.
ST. PETER ST., 315, between Third and
Fourth— Elegant • furnished rooms for
rent single or en suite. 129-130
UMMITAV., 75 AND 77— Handsomely
furnished rooms, en suite or single; 6
o'clock dinner. 129-130
rpiilßl) ST.. 151. WEST— For rent one
J. newly furnished front room with alcove.
_ -.■•-■■■■.. 124-130
TILTON ST., 28— Neat furnished. room
for ono or two gentlemen; central loca
tion use of bath, hot and cold water. Please
inquire upstairs. , 130
Tllton~st.7~49— room, good
accv.*amodations ; price, $10. 130-131 :
Rooms-— Continued.
TILTON ST., 02— For rent, one furnished
room, nice location, private family.
- > 129-132
WARASAA ST.," 574— A finely furnished
room, with gas and use of bath room.
WABASHA ST., Furnished ana
unfurnished rooms for rent 130
WABASHA ST., 009— finely fur
» » nished rooms and alcove; all connect
ing, south-facing, hath. 130-132
■ Stores.
STORE— of Kent st. and St. An
thony ay. Apply Room 57, National
German-American Bank Building. 129-135
TORE— Store in Knauft Block, from May
1; desirable locality. B. F. Knauft,
340 East Seventh st. . . 120-132
part of store and basement 110 East
Third st. ; apply at premises. 125-131
TORE— WeII located In the wholesale
district; four floors and basement; 25x
130 feet to an alley. Apply to A. 11. Wilder.
185 East Fourth st. " , 123-132
STORE For rent, store room, 22
x4O, on Dale st., near end of cable line;
No. 1 business stand. J. W. Crosson, 358
Jackson st. ■ 127-133
STORE ROOM— Third and Wabasha sts.
1., and W. A. Mussetter. 127-140
DESK ROOM in the handsome, well
lighted office, corner Third and Jackson,
room 5, Hale block. 120-132
FFICE ROOMS— For rent the two most
desirable office rooms in the city, Nos.
320 and 320 Robert st., between Third and
Feudists. ; basement and all conveniences.
Stone & Morton, 82 National German-Ameri
can bank building. 127*
OFFICES— First-class offices and desk
room for rent at reasonable prices in my
new building. 28 and 30 East Fourth st. N.
R. Frost, Room 10. Frost block. 124-138
BUSINESS chances.
McKenney «&- r.aclz:ince.
131 East Fifth st, Espy Block, between
Robert and Jackson.
Is there a hotel man who wants posi
tively one of the best $2 a day hotels in St.
Paul, with a bar trade of $50 "to SOO a day?
All apartments full by 9 o'clock every even
ing: a large transient trade, line location,
well established; you can see by the books
what business is done; sickness cause of
NE RESTAURANT, centrally located,
good trade: four living rooms attached ;
this is at a sacrifice if taken at once; owner
leaves for California May 15.
WE HAVE four strictly first-class board
,*.; tog houses, elegantly furnished: all
full of best class of boarders; location best
iv ihe city; come and look them over.
TWO NEAT cigar and confectionery
A. ' stores, locations good, at half value.
McKenney & Lachance, 131 East Fifth St.,
Espy block, between Robert and Jackson.
J. 11. Preston & Co.
Business Chances, Real Estate and Loans.
T, OR SALE. ~ ~
/~VNE neat boarding house, twelve rooms.
pJNE nice clean flat of eight rooms.
'THVO cigar and confectionery stores.
AXE livery stock.
YQQ 5-5W buggies.
I" OTS in all parts of the city.
IMPROVED and unimproved lands to
trade. -
WE WANT a partner in our office; not
much money required. 400 Waba
sha st. Iso
Miscellaneous .Business < '.unices
OARDING HOUSE, cigar and confec
tiouery store, barber shop of five chairs,
milk dairy; also butter and egg business;
persons having business chances for sale
call and learn our method of producing buy
ers; no commissions. The Advertising Di
_________ 78 East Seventh St.. Room 8. 129-30
BOARDING HOUSE— rent, one of
the finest first-class boarding houses in
the city, and finest located in the city; full of
choice boarders, and roomers' rooms alone
would pay; can be had by buying furniture.
Address M. L. P., Globe. 127-133
county seat; average daily cash sales
for past two years $22; stock about $1,500.
Address X, Globe. 129-131
OR SALE— One-third interest in sash,
door and planing mill: cheap if taken
at once. Address A 01. Globe. -129-131
fOR sALE— Grocery and cigar business,
this city; location central; stock and
fixtures first-class: capital required, $5,000
to $10,000. Address Lock Box 2230, city.
FOR SALE— Stock of hardware in a Da
kota town; paying trade; owner has
other business. Address Lock Box 585.
Fargo, Dak. 123-142
FOR SALE— a legitimate business
established four years; news, confec
tionery, school supplies; cheap rent: living
rooms. 11 1 Martin st. 130-131
FOR SALE— A new stock of groceries;
new fixtures; good location and long
lease of a grocery* store, for cash. Address
X. Y. 100, Globe. 122-135
FOR SALE— good business: established
ten years; good reasons for selling: cap
ital required, about $3,000. Call on or ad
dress C. R. Groff, 340 Sibley st. 130-134
HARNESS SHOP and dwelling combined,
and lot for $300; only shop in thriving
Dakota town; good chance for small capital;
cash business. 80 Globe, St. Paul. 110-134
LOT— For sale, lot 8, block 2, Sargent's
addition, for $700. Address Lee Hall,
53 East Third st. 126-132
PARTNER— Wanted, partner in general
store in Scandinavian settlement; Swede
preferred: only store; good paying business.
Address Champion, Globe, St. Paul. 120-32
PLANING MILL— For sale at a bargain
on account of leaving city, planing mill
in Minneapolis, completely equipped, in
good running order; trade established; good
location aud railroad facilities; 12,500 cash,
balance good real estate or easy payments
Address "Owner," Globe, Minneapolis.
- 129-135
Minneapolis, to rent for five or more
years, with railway siding, machine shops,
millwright shops, foundry and storage ware
house, with or without power. Apply to J.
P. Thomson, 101 and 103 Third ay. south.
Minneapolis. 01*
ANTED— Lady with small capital,
to engage in good paying business. Ad
dross J 02. Globe. 130-31
Shorthand and typewriting a special
feature; experienced reporters in charge;
graduates successful competitors; superior
instruction by mail; reduced rates: send for
circulars. Corner Third and Wabasha sts.
spring and summer months. St Paul Busi
ness College, Seventh and Jackson. 102-173
selected for purchasers free of charge.
Malcolm E. Nichols, 507 Grand Opera Block.
Typewriting— day. exiling and
by mail. Malcolm E. Nichols, 507 Grand
Opera Block. 127-133
and telegraphy; first-class and exclusive;
lessons day or evening or by mail ; send for
circulars. The Anna C. Drew school, Hale
block, corner Third and Jackson sts. 103*
SHORTHAND and Typewriting Institute.
W. K. Mulliken, proprietor, corner Sev
enth and Jackson sts. 102-173
rates for the spring term. Corner Sev
enth and Jackson sts. 102-173
WK. MULLIKEN offers the best induce
• ments to those desiring a practical
education. Cor.Seventh and Jackson. 102-173
mscE-_i_A_*fEo*cs. *
ADVANCES made on goods in storage,
loans given on all articles of value, con
signments solicited; furniture, pianos, glass,
china, pictures, etc., bought, sold or ex
changed, packed, removed, stored or shipped;
auctions sales at mart; open daily to receive
general merchandise and household goods
for sale or storage; goods to any amount pur
chased for cash; auction sales made at pri
vate residences in town or country; carpet
■cleaning. Sansomea' Auction, Storage &
Forwarding Company, 232 East Seventh st
412-414 Sibley st,. St. Paul, Minn. 49*
akpets, CARPETS — Have them
cleaned by The William Holps cleaning
process once and be convinced that it is the
best SSO Robert st. . J 127-30
YPEAVRITING and shorthand work of
all kinds done perfectly at the Anna C.
Drew office. Hale block; experienced oper
ators; perfect work; low prices: work called
for and delivered ; telephone 852-2. 103*
have blackened ceilings .send for H.
R., 295 Carroll st.; reference, C. Mathias on
Third 130
E. S. Norton's List.
T-- 335 Robert st
LACUKC AY., south-facing lot between
Mackubin and Kent sts.
TWO LOTS, corner Dale and Van Buren
x. sts. ; a bagain.
TWO south-facing lots in block 1, Palace
addition, on Ashland ay. .
TWO lots, corner Lafond and Dale sts. ; a
40 "1 _0 FEET on Mackubin st, between
tJ'J x~A/ Laurel and Ashland ays.
LOTS in Overbrook addition; the most
beautiful location, near Gladstone, on
east shore ef Lake Phalen.
TWO lots corner University and Lexington
ays. ; a bargain.
ACKKS a short r distance from city limits,
north of city and west of Dale at
F\f\ FEET on Sherburne ay., near Park ay.,
kJ\J very cheap.
Chute's addition; lots on University
ay.. Aurora ay. and Chute st. E. S. Norton.
335 Robert st 129-131
Miscellaneous City Eist .
cheap if sold quick; well located; good
for farming. Address B 10, Globe. 124-180
FOR. SALE— Lot very cheap in Ramaley's
Park, block 13, at White Bear lake, if
taken at once. Address I 81, Globe. 128-130
FOX SALE— owner, a fine lot and good
house in good location, on easy terms
and cheap if taken at once look this over.
Address A 59, Globe. 130
FOX SALE— §3,2oo— Good new house and
lot on Dayton's bluff, one block from
Seventh, Dsouth-facing; good location; seven
good rooms and closets. Call or address C,
141 West Fairfield ay. 130-134
LOTS in Hunt's addition to St Anthony
Park, SSOO and §900; acres, §4,000. By
D. 11. Hunt, proprietor, on addition. 120-133
2, block 1, Dunwell & Spencer's addi
tion; 50x125 feet lo alley in rear. Apply to
J. M. Warner, 742 St. Peter st. 127-34
ffijO "inn FOR 00-foot lot, corner of
djw<»-HJv/ Griggs st. and Dayton aye. in
A. E. Ramsey's addition. This is S3OO
cheaper than any lot in the addition. Ad
dress E 03, Globe. 127-131
inn FOOT FRONT on East Fourth st.,
x\J\J between Maria and Bates ays., with
house and stables. W. F. Fifield. Room 1,
Schoch's Block, corner Seventh and Broad
way; 125-139
- ifHJSI€!AI„
PIANO TUNING— For prompt, first-class
work leave orders at Wnitney's music
store East Third st 340*
IANO TUNING, Satisfaction guar
anteed. Samuel Crutchett, 205 West
Sixth st. 110-140
Proposals Tor Indian Supplies
and Transportation.
Office of Indian Affairs, Washington,
April 10, 1888.— proposals, indorsed
"Proposals for Beef" (bids for beef must be
submitted in separate envelopes), Bacon,
Flour, Clothing or Transportation, etc. (as the
case may be), and directed to the Commis
sioner of Indian Affairs, Nos. 05 and 07
Wooster street. New York, will be received
until 1 p. m, of Tuesday, May 22, 1888, for
furnishing for the Indian service about 900,
--000 pounds Bacon. 30,000,000 pounds Beef
on the hoof. 250,000 pounds Beans, 79,000
pounds Baking Powder, 1.000,000 pounds
Corn, 485,000 pounds Coffee, 9,000.000
pounds Flour, 50,000 pounds Feed, 108,000
pounds Hard Bread, 0/.000 pounds Hominy,
20,000 pounds Lard, 850 barrels mess pork.
11,000 pounds Oatmeal, 488,000 pounds
Oats, 122,000 pounds Rice. 9,000 pounds
Tea, 300,000 pounds Salt, 273,000 pounds
Soap, 940,000 pounds Sugar, and 42,000
pounds Wheat.
Also, Blankets, Woolen and Cotton Goods,
(consisting in part of Ticking, 15,000 yards ;
Standard Calico, 100,000 yards; Drilling.
11,000 yards; Duck, free from all sizing, 45,
--000 yards: Denims, 17,000 yards; Gingham,
280,000 yards; Kentucky Jeans, 17,000
yards; Cheviot 12,000 yards; Brown Sheet
ing, 240,000 yards; Bleached Sheetirg, 22,
--000 yards; Hickory Shirting, 10,000 yards;
Calico Shirting, 0,000 yards; Winsey, 0,000
yards) ; Clothing, Groceries, Notions, Hard
ware, Medical Supplies, School Books, etc.,
and a long list of miscellaneous artieles.sueh
as Harness, Plows, Rakes, Forks, etc.. and
for about 550 Wagons required for the serv
ice, to be delivered at Chicago, Kansas City,
and Sioux City. Also for such Wagons as
may be required, adapted to the climate of
the Pacific Coast, with California brakes, de
livered at San Francisco,
Also, transportation for such of the arti
cles, goods, and supplies that may not be
contracted for to be delivered at the
Schedules showing the kinds and quanti
ties of subsistence supplies required for each
agency and school, and the kinds and quan
tides in gross of all other goods and articles
together with blank proposals, conditions to
be observed by bidders, time and place of do
livery, terms of contract ami payment,
transportation routes, and all necessary in
structions, will be furnished upon application
to the Indian Office in Washington, or Nos.
65 and 07 Wooster street, New York; James
Lidgerwood, No. 835 Broadway, New York;
the Commissaries of Subsistence, U. S. A., at
Cheyenne. Chicago, Leavenworth. Omaha, St.
Louis, St. Paul and San Francisco; the Post
masters Sioux City and Yankton; and to the
Postmasters at the following named places in
Kansas: Arkansas City. Burlington, Cald
well. Dodge City, Emporia, Eureka, Great
Bend, Howard, Hutchinson, Lamed. Mcpher
son, Marion, Medicine Lodge, Newton, Osage
City. Sedan, Sterling, Topeka, Wellington,
Wichita and Winfield.
The right is reserved by the Government to
reject any and all bids, or any part ot any
bid, and these proposals are invited under
proviso that appropriation shall bo made "Tor
the supplies by congress.
Bids will be opened at the nour and day
above stated, and bidders are invited to be
present at the opening.
All bids must be accompanied by certi
fied checks or drafts upon some United States
depository, or the First National Bank of Los
Angeles, Cat, for at least 5 per cent of tho
amount of the proposal.
J. I). C. ATKINS, Commissioner.
— Admiralty Seizure :
Whereas, a libel liars been filed in the Dis
trict Court of the United States of America
for the District of Minnesota, on the 13tn
day of April, A. D. 1888, by Fayette Marsh,
proctor, in behalf of the Saint Croix Lumber
Company vs. The Steamboat '"Sea Wing."
her engines. machinery, tackle, apparel and
furniture, D. N. Withern, as owner, and
John Anderson, as contractor, in a cause
of action civil and maritine, and for cause
more fully set forth in said libel now on file
in said clerk's office of the United States
District Court for the District of Minnesota,
and praying the usual process and monition
of the court that all persons interested in said
steamboat, her engines, tackle, apparel and
furniture, may be cited to answer the prem
ises and all due proceedings being hau\ that
tlie same may be decreed to be sold and the
proceeds thereof distributed according to
, Therefore, in pursuance of said monition,
under the seal of said court, to me directed
and delivered. Ido hereby give notice gen
erally to all persons having or pretending to
have any right, title or interest therein, or
knowing or Having anything to say why the
same should not be condemned "and sold
pnrsuant to the prayer in said libel, to appear
before the Bald court to be held in ana for
said district of Minnesota, at St. Paul, in said
district, on the first Monday of May, A. D.
1888, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of the
same day, if the same shall bo a day of juris
diction, otherwise on the next day of juris
diction thereafter, then aud there to inter
pose a claim for the same and make their
allegations in that behalf.
W. M. CAMPBELL, L". S. Marshal.
By order of the court return day extended
to the first Monday of Juue, A. D. 1888, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of the same day,
if the same be a day of jurisdiction, other
wise on the next day of jurisdiction.
W. M. CAMPBELL. U. S. Marshal.
Fatette Marsh. Proctor for Libellaut
Dated St. Paul, Minn., May Ist, A. D. 18S8.
Ramsey— In Probate Court Special
Term. April 24. 1888.
In tne matter of the estate of Caroline M. Tor
bet, deceased:
On reading and filing the petition of
Andrew K.Torbet administratorof the estate
of Caroline M. Torbet. deceased, representing,
among other things, that he has fully ad
ministered said estate, and praying that a
time and place be fixed for examining and
allowing his final account of administration,
and for the assignment of the residue of
said estate to heirs;
It is ordered that said account be examined
and petition heard by the judge of this court
on Friday, the 18th day of May, A. D.
1888, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the Probate
office in St Paul, in said county.
And it is further ordered, that notice
thereof be given to all persons intei sted by
publishing a copy of this order iar three
successive weeks prior to said day of hear
ing, on Wednesday of each week, in the St
Paul Daii-t Globe, a daily newspaper printed
and published at St Paul, in said county.
By the Court,
[l. s.] E. S. GORMAN, Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr., Clerk.
n a is him SEND $•• $2,
fa ill I 1 *? i or ? 3 for a Eox of
GSSinUI MACK'S fine Home-
IS til I E 3# I °- ?3 for a Box of
61 Mil I I 1 I MACKS fine Home
y&a §»i a 1 1 I -»-de CANDY. 100
it 5S 9 B I . Ea:;t Seventh Street
llllU I Ist Paid.
Sansome Co., Auctioneers.
- Office 232 East Seventh st - - ■ -
tion to-day. We will sell at our mart
on Sibley st, between Sixth and Seventh, at
public auction this (Wednesday) morning
commencing at 11 o'clock, 5 head of good
work and drive horses, 2 farm wagons, 2
bnggics, harness, etc. Sansomo's Co., Auc
tioneers. J3O
URNITURE at auction this (Wednesday)
morning at 10 o'clock at our sales mart
on Sibley st, cetween Sixth and Seventh sts.
Sansome's Co., Auctioneers. 130
Jebl>.Jotinson A Co., Auctioneers
OALE POSTPONED— sale of furni
*-• ture that was to have been held at 348
East Ninth st, on Thursnay next, is post
poned until further notice. Jebb, Johnson
& Co. 130
Fox &> Kory, Auctioneers. .
FOX & KORY, auction and commission
house, 181 East Seventh st., buy bank
rupt stocks of general merchandise for cash,
make sales of real estate and household
goods; liberal - advances made on consign
ments and prompt returns made. A. Kory,
auctioneer. 105*
Offices Corner Fourth and Jackson Sts.,
Acts as Executor, Administrator, Guar
d.an, Trustee, Assignee, Receiver, Etc.
. .
►J county. District Court, Second Judicial
In the matter of the assignment of Johan A.
Olson, insolvent.
Notice is hereby given that on the 28th
day of April. A. D. 1888, Johan A. Olson, of
St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota, made a
general assignment of his real estate and per
sonal property for the benefit of his creditors
to the St. Paul Trust company; that said as
signment was filed in the office of the clerk
of said district court on the 30th day of
April, 1888, and that said The St. Paul Trust
company has accepted the said appointment.
All creditors claiming to obtain the benefits of
said assignment are notified to file their
claims with said assignee within twenty days
after the publication of this notice.
By S. C. McConxell. Secretary.
Cor. Fourth and Jackson streets— acts as
executor, administrator, guardian, trustee,
assignee, receiver, etc.
Minnesota, County of Ramsev— ss. In
Probate Court, General Term, May 7, 1«88.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas Bower,
Notice is hereby given that the Judgo
of Probate of the county of Ramsey
will, upon the second Monday of the
mouth of November, A.D. 1888. at 10 o'clock
a. m., hear, examine and adjust all
claims and demands of all persons against
said deceased; and that six months from and
after the date hereof have been allowed and
limited for creditors to present their claims
against said estate,at the expiration of which
time all claims not presented or not proven
to its satisfaction shall be forever barred un
less for good cause shown further time be
By the Court.
[l. s.] E. S. GORMAN. Judge of Probate.
Tue St. Paul Trust Co., Executor.
Ramsey— Court Second Judicial
Marrion A. Bowen, plaintiff, vs. William E.
Bo .yen, defendant
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
You, William E. Bowen, are hereby sum
moned and required to answer the complaint
in the above-entitled action, which is
on file in tlie oilico of the Clerk of
said court, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint on
the subscriber at his oflice in St. Paul, in
the county of Ramsey and state aforesaid,
within twenty days after the service of this
summons on you, exclusive of the day of
such service; aud if yon fail to answer the
said complaint within the time aforesaid, the
plaintiff in this action will apply to the
court for the relief therein demanded.
Dated April 10, 1888.
Plaintiff's Attorney, Room 25, Union Block.
St. Paul. Minn. ■.
The present townsite is a fine, dry,
high and level tract of 1.200 acres, lo
cated on the Mississippi river, East from
St. Paul, adjoining the city limits and
on the Kiver Divisions of both the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and ".Bur
lington" Railways. The "Burlington"
runs hourly motor trains between St.
Paul Union Depot and St. Paul Park;
fare 6c. See time table in daily papers.
The most desirable section, a tract
consisting of about 400 acres and located
over half a mile remote from the manu*
factnring district, *is reserved exclu*
slvely for the liner class of suburban
residences, where no residence is al
lowed to be built costing less than sl,2oo:
in this section there will be completed
in 1888 over 40 residences, costing from
§2,500 to £5,000 each these lots range irji
price from 1250 to §400 each on easy
terms, are all '^-acre lots, with 80-foot
A cash bonus of £100 for each workman
continuously employed, and land on side
tracks necessary for factory buildings,
will be donated to reputable manufact
urin concerns to locate at St. Paul Park.
The following are now in operation:
-"' r Capacity, Workmen,
J. L. Spencer & Co., Carriages..... 200
St. Paul Knitting Works 300
Henry A. Muckle, Sleighs 75
W. It. Church Cart Co., Carts 50
St. Paul Park Silk Co., Silk Goods.. 25
St. Paul Park Broom Co., Brooms.. 50
Globe Engine and Boiler Works.. .. 25
H. A. Peterson, Agr'l Implements. 25
John Dudley Lumber Co 25
— -
Total 775
Lots in this section, §200 to §300-each.
Terms ?25 cash and $10 per month.
For price list, maps and other infor
mation call on or address
28 East Fourth Street, St. Paul, Minn.
Branch Office on the grounds opposite depot
in charge of C. A. Parker.
Maiii.ox D. Miller, President.
Fr.KD. S. Bryant, Secretary.
Assessment for Sewer on War*
saw Street.

Office Board of Public Works, I
City of St. Paul. Minn., May 7, 1558. »
The Board of Public Works in and
for the corporation of the city of St.
Paul, Minnesota, will meet at their office
in said city at 2 p. m. on the 17th day of
May, A. D. 1888, to make an assess
ment of benefits, costs and expenses
arising from constructing a sewer on
Warsaw street, from Randolph street to
Grace street, in said city, on the prop
erty on the line of said improvement,
and deemed benefited thereby amount
ing in the aggregate to $5,513.75.
All persons interested are hereby noti
fied to be present at said time ana place
of making said assessment, and will be
" R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Ekwin,
130-131 Clerk Board of Public Works.
A positive cure lor Old Ulcers and Sores of
every name and description, no matter how
many years standing. This is the heavy
artillery of salves for Sores of long standin;:.
Curis, also, Chilblains, Burns, Cuts, Felons,
Scalds, Frost Bites, &c. «_■ /r\ 2- _. ■-
All genuine bears this /-*» HQIJf ftR
signature. A^^7T^rltf//f
ST. PAUL, ™.^-^ rt&c _^
__*j£sl_s___K. B * Prescribe and frilly e-.-
F^^^^ss t ssW dorse Big U as the on:..-
BB^^ , . c *J n^o , BM specific for the certain ci.
i-fc 1 TO _DAT3.*«**a of this disease.
__f*____-_E____L IG. H. ING AHA M, M. D. ,
a* <BtMt> ******* . ■ .; . . Amsterdam, N. Y.
3 _trdoiii7b-t_« We have sold Big Gf.~r
i»nuC__a_s_lCe. ma . years, and It has
>?*---* •_"*""«•* iS— jf-glveD the best of satis
tm Ctoclim»_t^a»*a_3 faction.
__ Ohio._f_ D. K. DYCHE & CO..
-itr-K- 1 Chicago, ; >.
a«^ s **Si_s____»''**_fcu4ll SI. OO. BoM by Druiig-it-i,

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