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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, May 16, 1888, Image 7

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■classified headings according to the following '
' I'll.' OP KATKS.
C 1 — •-3 1 *fl *-** BO 0*
= "*• tr . o 3* "7 2
■"Number " | £ I g « » =. g
' of s*|g* a I - a g c
Words. 5 -§ " =• 3 5 £ 3
, I : I : j a I a: *"• : I "
orles i 1*j.15;?.27:5.305.51 $.1W*.75 $.87
10 words .10 .28 i<> .52 .64 .70 1 .88
17 words; .17! .90 .43 .50, .<>!) .82! !95
18 words .18 32 .46 .60 .74 .SSI.OI
119 words .1!' .34 .49! .64 .79' .04 1.09
20 words .29 .35 .50' .05 .SO 1.10
21 words .21 .37 .53 .69 .851.01'!. 17
22 words .22 .39! .56 .73 .90 ,1.2-1
23 words .23 .41 .59! .77 .95 1.13 1.31
124 word.- .24 .42 .60 .78 .90 1.14 1 .32
125 words .25 11 .03 .011.20 1.3!)
20 words .20 .40 .60 86 .00 1.20 1.40
,27 words! .27 .48 .00 .00 1.1 111. 32 1.53
£3 words .28 .49! .7«» .01 1 .12,1 .331.54
■29 words' .29; .51 73 .95 1.17*1.301.01
go words .30 .53 .70 99 1 .221 .45 1 .05
|S1 words' 31 .551 .70 1 03 1.27 1 .51 1.78
32 words) .32 .56 .SO 1.04 1.28*1 .52 1 .70
P3 words .33 58 —3 1 08.1.831.58'] SO
SM words .3-1 .60 .861.121.38:1.63,1.90
P5 words .35; .62 .S9 1.10 1.13 1 .70 1 .97
B6 words .36 .03 .90.1.171. 1.71 1.98
537 words .37 .65 .93 1.21 .49 1.772.05
-38 words .38 .67 .901 25 1 .541. 53 2. 12
139 words .391 .09 .99 1 29 1 591.89 2.19
(40 words .40j .701.0!)i1 30 1001. 20
HI words! .4]! .72 1.3-1 1.65)1. 2.27
(42 words] .42 .741.00 3J" 1 .702.02 2.30
W3 words] .43 .701.09 112 1 .75 2. 2.41
(44 words .441 .771.10:1.43 1.76-2.09 2.42
>45 words, .45', .79 1 13 1 47 LSI
j4owij-dsi .46 ! .811.161.511. 50 2. 21 2.50
X' words .471 .£31. 191 55 1.91 2.272.03
p*B words .1- .84,1. 20 1.50
49 words 19i .801. 2311. C0 1.97 2.34i2.71
50 words 50; 58|1.26|1.64;2.02;2.40i2.78
' Comix. iin<: words count two words, Bud
every abbreviation counts the si.rue a full
In Every Case the Money Must Accom
pany the Order.
AT THE Bee Hive Enterprise for work.
AT THE Bee Hive Enterprise for posi
tions. 137
A T THE Bee Hive Enterprise for jobs.
AT TIIE Bee Hive Enterprise, southwest
corner Seventh and Kohert. 137
A' GOOO'JIL'AL can be had for 15 cents
at foot of JacKson si. restaurant, one
block rrom union depot. 13-1-10
AGENT*-— Wanted in every town in Min
nesota, Dakota and Wisconsin resident
agents, ladies or gents, to lake orders for my
new weekly journal. For particulars address
P. I". Collier. Davidson block. 134-37
GENTS AMI souit'lTOßs in Minne
sota and Dakota at big pay, for a large
Eastern lite insurance company. Address C
71. ('lone. 13-1-10
AGENTS— Wanted, two Rood men to take
orders for a new business: big pay.
It 00m 3. 13 East Seventh st. 137
BAKHEG— A first class barber, 'tor. Sev
enth and Washington. 4
BOY— Wanted' boy to learn painter's trade
and assist in shop. No. 190 St. Peter st.
BOYS— At 100 East Fourth --!. St. Paul
District Telegraph company. 137-39
CAN YAssiTli— Wanted, subscription *>ook
man: special inducements to right
party; 323 Sr. Petf si. 137
CAKI'ENTEKS— Two first-class carpen
tors. Inquire at 634 St. Antnonyav. 4
CI.EKK— Young mi undo! tv.-'nty in re
tail grocery must ha\ experience in
the business and have good references, Itey
nolds<& Iteyiiold.-.eorner Third and Fifth sis.
(riOOK— Wanted, a first el-iss man cook ]
' (white); also good second cook. Apply
nt 150 East Fourth st. 4
I ?'EEOEns=Wjinted,*liwo] feeders-; Price]
. McGill it l <).. 35 1 - y -I. 4
HOSTI.EU— Wanted, a man v. ho tuor
oughly understands the handling
of stallions: must have good recommenda
tions. Address II 32, Globe. 133-30
l\/| AN— take charge of and .'.rive horses;
ii first-class only need apply: reference
required; Merriam" Park. A. I». Kobbins.
' 1:
MAN nan ted to t;k-' care of about two
and one-half j.cres of lawn on Dayton's
Muff for the season, li. 11. Fuller, room 111.
Globe building. I
MAN— Wauled middle-aged man. who can
furnish reference or security: steady
position : good pay. 323 St. Peter si. 137.
MEN— Ten active men ol good address.
Good ]ay and good prospects. White
Sewing Maciiiiie company. 394 Wabasha st
POKTEK— Wanted, a boy about fifteen
years old. for porter in barber shop, at
377 Robert st. 4
PAINTEUS— Wanted, good painters. 358
Jackson st,, up stair-, at 7 a. m., ready
for work. 4
HOEMAKERS— An opportunity for LOO
shoemakers to get employment at the
Minnesota Shoe company's. corner Fifth and
Rosabel sts.*. 50 hand-sewed and hand
turned workmen o-.. ladies' at 1 gentlemen's
fine hand-made sloes; x. B. — Chicago prices
paid; 1*» McKay tasters. 2 McKay operators,
2 edge trimmers, 2 hand trimmers. 3 edee
burnishers. 1 heel burnisher, 1 heel scourer.
2 McKay heelers. 2 bottom sanders, ltre»-r, 8
bottom finishers, 12 cutters, -1 sole leather
cutters. Apply at once Minnesota shoe com
pany, corner Fifth and i-.- .-^i\\.r] .-is. 136-137
TEAMS— Wanted, two teams a' Seven
Corners to haul rock: be on th( ground
nt 7 o'clock. 137
""-REAMS— Wanted, two teams, with one
JL dlow and two scrapers, St. Anthony
Hill, near Virginia. 137
yi"F7vNT'EO— Elevator b.iysT" heck room
»V boy and porter; references. The Clif
ton hotel.' 4
"ITJTANTED — energetic young man '
VV with a few hundred dollars to take
charge of branch office; good salary. Address
ll 100, Globe. ' 130
IT "Anted — Bookkeepers, salesmen, •■Mice
V V clerks, collectors, bartenders, coach
men, hostlers, drivers, janitors, watchmen,
engineers, firemen, teamsters, etc., to call
and learn our methods of advertising your
wants. Advertising Directory company, 78
East Seventh St., Room 9. 130-138
t"f7"ANTEO— Energetic agents for the
V* Union Endowment association: abso
lutely safe; some of our agents are averaging
$10 per day. Call on or address E. M.
French, secretary. Rooms 91, 92 and 93,
Union block, St. 'Paul. 132-137
UJ ANTED— Man to lake the agency out-
V\ side of St. Paul (traveling or local) of
our safes; size 28x18x18 inches: weight 500
lbs; retail price $35: other sizes in propor
tion; a rare chance and permanent business:
these safes meet a demand never before sup
plied by other safe companies, as v v are not
governed by liv safe pool. Alpine Safe Com
pany, Cincinnati, O. wed&sat-Smo-137
Sill h.(\ MONTH— SS starts you 111
*J\J business; county rights free; send
stamp for catalogue 10 Patterson oil Burner
company. 207 Canal st.. Chicago. 111.110-143
HfsTßrmoj^ .
practical course of study : most compe
tent aud experienced teachers; largest and
most suitable rooms; individual instruction
a special feature in all departments; lowest
rates of tuition. Our large patronage enables
i.- to give more and better instruction than is
given in any other school in the 'it.. or state.
Besides the commercial and shorthand de
partments, we have, during the summer,
classes in all the English branches. Address
corner Third and Wabasha sts. 120*
selected tor purchasers free of charge.
Malcolm E. Nil hols,so*" Grand Opera Block.
. 13.*
S~~ ciiooi.oe KTHANO, typewriting
aud telegraphy; first-class and exclusive;
lessons day or evening or by mail: send for
circulars. "The Anna C. Drew school, Hale
block, corner Third and Jackson st«. 103* \
Commercial course most complete and !
practical; shorthand and typewriting taught '
by experienced and thoroughly competent 1
teachers; a German class conducted by a
native teacher; English branches during the
summer term; rates of tuition very low. our
large patronage and die number of teachers
employed enables us to give more and better
instruction than can lie obtained elsewhere.
Address cor jer Seventh and Jackson. 102-73
Lessons day, evening, and by mail. Mal
colm E Nichols. 507 Grand Opera block.
■■ '* -.:'* •■ 131*
•tVA3i'TKi> TO K f". *s» T.
HOUSE— Wanted to rent, with three or
four rooms for light keeping;
■state location and rent. Address G H7,
Globe. 130-38
ROOMS— adjoining l»od rooms: not
over §20 per month ; block preferred. J
53, Globe. 137
ROOMS— Gentleman and wife want two
or three nice unfurnished rooms; give
description and price. Address Traveler,
Globe. 137
PIANO TUNING— For prompt, first-class"
work leave orders at Wnitney's music
I- tore East Third st. 340*
PIANO TUNING, $I— Satisfaction guar
anteed. Samuel Crutchett, 200 West
Sixth fib 110-140
1' fin ale.
Cook— a first-class cook; good references.
Call or address at the B. W. C. 21 West
Seventh st. 4
COOK— -Wanted, a good cook and laundress.
-> 451 St Peter St., in rear, 135-38
CtOARHf "iKJBt — Wanted, cigaimaker:
lady preferred ; state experience; mold
work. J. E. Levers. Newark. Dak. 13741
HOUSEWORK— anted immediately, a
girl to do general housework in a small
family. Apply to 570 Portland ay. 137-11
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework: neat and competent; one
who understands cooking: liberal wages will
be paid. Call immediately at 21 East Col
lege aye. * 4
OUSEWORK— GirI for general house
work in small family. Call at 130 Sum
mit ay. * 137-139
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house
work. 230 West Seventh st. 4
OI'SEWORK- Wanted, a good girl for
general housework, at "54 Ramsey st. I
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a competent
girl for general housework. 241 East
Fourteenth st. .:.-'.... 4
OI'SEWORK— A girl to do general
housework (German preferred). Call
at 021 Olive st. „ - - . 4
orSEWOKK-Wanled. girl for general
housework in small family; Scandi
navian preferred; Sl4 per mouth "if compe
tent. 377 Martin st. 130-138
HOUSEWORK- wanted, German
preferred. 37 East Ninth st. 4
HOUSEWORK— At 70 East Seventh st.,
Room -I. girls wanted for housework;
best places in the city: hotel cooks wanted.
Achilles. 137
oFsE\VORK— Wanted, girl to do gen
eral housework; three in family. 110
Iglehart st. 134-137
HOUSEWORK— A competent girl for
general housework; small family. 113
Summit aye.. near Rice st. 130-141
Ol'SEWOßK— Wanted, a girl fir gen
eral housework. Apply immediately at
68 East Eleventh st. in the morning 4
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework in small family. Call at 359
Maria ay. HLJHJ 4
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework. 331 Hondo st. 4
LADY— of fair education and business
knowledge, to take charge of our sub
scription department: middle-aged pre
ferred : apply from 10 to 12. J. Brentano,
272 East Seventh st., up stairs. 137
LAUNDRESS-Wanted.girl to lake charge
of wash room: German preferred, must
be competent; steady place, big wages. Ad
dress Elite Laundry. Minot, Dak. 137 141
SHIRT POLISHER wanTed at Metropol
itan i.atmdrv. corner Third and St. Peter
st- 4
OALESLADY— Wanted, a millinery sales-
M lady; none but experienced hands with
best of references need apply. The Parisian,
49 East Third st. 137-39
iu:sh\'jkss ciTaaus-:^
< Soqcli *V* I*;ii«»« .
First floor, 51 East Fourth st.
*si*?On TAKES « 12-room boarding
•y>*^\J\J house on Exchange st. ; this is a*
snap. ■;-. -.*.: ; ,:r -.;
C**^) ~\( \ EOK a confectionery and cigar
kjAskJvJ store; well located: good stock.
<£Af\A*=*MlLK DEPOT, delivering 125
'^>*JkJ\J gallons milk daily, with a nice
brick store; cheap rent.
C j r 7'"\ BARBER SHOP; located ou
01 / *J one of the principal streets in the
city. . ■_•-■ . ■-.■'. /. .-■:•-.
<£y] AM f]*, — WHOLESALE ('O3IM.IS
'y±)KJ\JU sion business, established six
years, doing $45,000 yearly: owner being
obliged to go East or the business could not
be bought for twice the price asked.
'-'IfJtJVJ business, store and restaurant
connected; just take a look at this* for an in
vestment: well located.
• *~i\J\J\ ' 20 to 30 percent; this is gilt
GROCERY STOCK— Established trade
for sale at invoice, or will take part
trade. y
GJROUND LEASE— years to run,
1 with buildings, on East Seventh, paving
$1.20!) yearly, for sale cheap.
E LEO ASi I' ItARROOM— One of the best
to be found in the city; five mirrors, wal
nut fixtures, etc.
TIRADES— House and lot for unimproved
J- property; 100 cows for St. Paul prop
erty: a lot for a cigar a tore; stone t'uarrv for
city property; registered fancy stock for city
property. We ha\e other trades on hand";
call and see us if you want to make a dollar.
Gooch & Falde. 51 East Fourth st.
HORSES— span of matched horses
cheap; can be Beet at our office. 130-140
r s« 4-1 1 aiM-oiis BSiisinoss Clianees
AN ATTORNEY with a large and rapidly
increasing practice desires to leave the
territory and offers his business for sale
cheap; town In North Dakota, 1.200 popula
tion and rapidly growing. Address Lock
Box 20. Minot. Dak. 134-130
BIDING HOUSE— AIso furniture of
a fourtecn-room house; barber snop of
five chairs: milk dairy aud butter and egg
business. Advertising Directory company,
78 East Seventh St., Room 9. 130
- CHER SHOP for sale cheap if called
for at once. Address 102 Como aye.
DRESSMAKER— Wanted, a competent
J-7 dressmaker to go to Helena. Mont., and
open shop. Address G. A., Globe. 130-138
Paul (lightly encumbered) realty or
stock of goods, 320-acre farm, with stock and
farm machinery; good house and barns,
three-fourths of a mile river front: 145 acres
in crop, 05 acres summer-plowed, 30 acres in
pasture, cuts 50 tons of hay; rented for one
year, or possession may be "had al once (half
the crop to be delivered at elevator It* miles
from farm): four railroads within five miles
and a fifth &>$ miles; St. Paul, Minneapolis
<fc Manitoba station I*'> miles, Minneapolis
(so ') 3 miles, Duluth & Dakota 2% miles,
Fargo Southern 0 miles. Northern Pacific
<>li> miles. Can secure 040 acres adjoining
this farm that cuts 250 tons of hay. See or
address M. C. Tntile, 325 Jacksbu st., St.
Paul. 137
FOR SALE— Grocery and cigar business,
this city; location central: stock and
fixtures first-class: capital required, $5,000
to §10,000. Address Lock Box 2230, city.
I^OR SALE— The finest stock and dairy
farm in Wisconsin, contains 320 acres*,
brick house (of twenty-five rooms, stone
barn fifty-two box stalls",) thirty-five mites
from Milwaukee, ten minutes to "depot For
full particulars write or address E. V. Beales,
cornet Second and Cedar sts., St. Paul, Minn.
137 143 -
FOR SALE— Cheap, a legitimate business
established four years; news, confec
tionery, school supplies; cheap rent: living
rooms. 11l Martin st. 137-138
OK SALE— A good chance for any one
to buy a boot and shoe business" with
little money at North St. Paul. Address D
70, Globe. 130- 1
FOX sale— block of hardware in a Da
kota town; paying trade; owner has
other business. Address Lock Box 585,
Fargo. Dak. 123-142
sale, a good reliable manufacturing
business, established twelve years; has al
ways paid JO per cent on price asked; can be
made to pay more; would exchange for in
side clear real estate; best city references;
price, $6,000. Address II D. Giobe. 134-6
PARTNER— Wanted; good business
as partner in good paying manufactur
ing business; want good man at once. Ad
dress B 57. Globe. .- - •_•' ■ , . 137
Minneapolis, to rent for five or more
years, with railway siding, machine shops,
millwright shops, foundry and storage ware
house, with or without power. Apply to J.
P. Thomson, 101 and 103 Third ay. south.
Minneapolis. 9£? Si 01*
n>ESHOW FOR SALE— Tent 35x55;
used one month ; six paintings, lights,
Taylor organ, curtains etc. : outfit, §250. N.
Young, 15 South Sixth st. . Minneapolis. 137
S«iWl \( ) CASH buys least; and furniture of
•iI"OvJV7 a twelve-room boarding house;
everything in good order: rooms all full of
choice roomers; poor health reason for sell
ing; no agents need apply; best location in
city. Address I) 4*. Globe. 134-40
COW— For sale, a fresh Aldcrney cow, best
in the city. 335 Washington st.
136-138 __^
FOR SALE— Shoemakers: I have one
Bradbury sewing machine and general
outfit, suitable for a country shoe shop,
which I will sell very cheap; has been in use
only four months. Address K. F. Walters,
Brainerd. Minn. - 137-41
■jVriNE-KOOM NEW HOUSE, hot and
1~ cold water, bath, sewer, etc., one block
from cable line, in Nininger & Donnelly* »id
dition.can be bought cheap from the own
ers. Address A 87, Globe. " 133-141
OSTAGE STAMPS— A large collection
of postage stamps from all parts of the
globe, consisting of 800 or 900 varieties, for
sale by Emil Brandt, Strong-Hackett Hard
ware company, St. Paul. 130-138
cheap; cash or time. Wiite Bros., 411
and 413 Fifth ay. south. Minneapolis, JJMiun.
127-40 ,-;
STONE for sale from $3 per cord up. In
quire of the Fort Snelling stone quarry.
W. P. Guitteau, foreman. 131-137
OOKKEEPEK— Young : Scandinavian
with four years' experience in J real es
tate oflice as bookkeeper and general clerk
wishes position; writes shorthand. Address
W lowa, Globe. ; ■. . . . 137-40
BOOKKEEI'EK — Practical bookkeeper
ana general oflice man open for engage
ment 21st of May: good references. Address
Postoflice Box 250, Minneapolis. 133-45
BOOKS— Opened, closed, posted, expert
work. etc. F. Snrague, Room 25. Min
nesota Bank building, or Stillwater, Minn.
__ 122* *
CLEKK— Position as clerk, etc., by a young
J man speaking English, Bohemian and
German ; good writer; quick at figures. J. M.
P.. Globe. y ..■:;■■ 4
COA4 Ii.MAX — Situation wanted by young
man, iv private family; understands care
of horses and driving. E 40, Globe. 4
DRUG OL-KKK- German-speaking drug
clerk, with two years experience, wants
place in good city drug store. "X," JNoyes
Bros. & Cutler.* ■■■ - - 130-133
EMPLOYMENT— Wanted, a situation by
a > O'.ing-man in private family. Inquire
at 228 West Third st. " 4;
EMPLOYMENT— Good, penman, speaks
German and English fluently, is quick
at figures, and understands some bookkeep
ing, wants permanent position. Address .T
09. Globe. -130-130
EMPLOYMENT— man wishes em
ployment at olhee work, clerk or assist
ant bookkeeper; has had experience; can
furnish reference. D 53. Globe. 131-37
ENGINEEI"— wanted as engi
neer or fireman ; has license aud good
references. J 78, Globe. 8
PRESSMAN— situation wanted as press
man, book, job or newspaper. Address
S. G.. Globe. ' 4
A. M. JPolaerty. Auctioneer.
' erty at Auction— l will sell at auction on
the premises on Brewster avenue, between
Sherburne ay. and Viola St., on Monday, May
21. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, lots a and
9, in block <>. Brewster's addition to St. Paul;
tnis property is without doubt the most de
sirable site for residence purposes at present
attainable in St. Paul, handsomely situated
on an eminence overlooking the entire city
and in the immediate vicinity of some of the
finest residences in the country, among which
may be mentioned the elegant mansion of
lion. .John L. Merriam nearly opposite the
grounds to be sold, the fine homes of Hon. W.
ii. Merriam, Frank B. Bass, Uri Lamprey,
William Dawson, William Lindcke and others.
The property in question has a frontage on
Brewster ay. of 100 feet by a depth of 150
feel; and is consequently an admirable size
for an elegant home site. The owner of the
above property is obliged, on account of ex
treme ill health, to sell this handsome prop
erly, being advised by his physician to take a
trip across the ocean and spend a year or so
in the old world, thinking that a change of
air and scene will prove beneficial. Further
particulars will be given in next Sunday's pa
pers. For terms and conditions of sale call
on or address A. M. Dohertv, auctioneer, office
51 East Fourth st. " 135-142
\~ rALI'ABLE WEST seventh
Street and Tuscarora Street Property at
Auction— l will sell at auction on the prem
ises at the comer of West Sev
enth and View sts., on Thursday,
May 17. at 3 p. in., lots 39 and 40 in
block 7. Clarke's addition; this property has
a very desirable frontage on three streets,
West Seventh, View and Tuscarora, and is in
every way suitable for valuable business
property; to a capitalist who would improve.
an income of 15 per cent on the Investment
could be realized: Immediately after the sale
of the above 1 will sell a good cottage and lot
on Tuscarora St., within a very short distance
of Seventh st. : the lot is 40x120 and will be
sold without regard to value: there will also
be offered on the same day a very valuable
business property having a frontage of 200
feet on West Seventh St.; full particulars in
regard to the sale will be given in a few days.
For information call on or address A. M.
Doherty, Auctioneer. 51 East Fourth st.
1 35-138
A. 11. iMcolay, Auctioneer.
A 103 West Tenth St., opposite Fort st.,
and No. 7S College ay. ; property fronting on
two prominent streets, running through from
street to street, between St. Peter and Rice
sts.. at auction. A. 11. Nicolav will sell at
auction, on the premises, Monday afternoon,
May 28, 1888. at 3 o'clock, rain or shine, No.
103 West Tenth st., opposite Fort st., that
very valuable business property, fronting 00
feet on West Tenth st. and 51 feet on College
ay., by 140 feet deep, running through from
Tenth st. to College ay. This valuable prop
erty possesses ad vantages, owing to its double
frontage, not equaled in any other section in
the city of St. Paul for business or residence
purposes. This part of the city, the most
central, is rapidly being improved with the
most substantial improvements. In its im
mediate vicinity costly flats have been built;
many others of the most expensive character
arc contemplated, within one block, struct
ures that will cost over $100,000 each. They
will greatly enhance the value of this prop
city within a few months. A first-class apart
ment house, with • stores below, sim
ilar to the Blair flats, erected on this lot is
sure to pay from 15 to 25 per cent on the
cost of construction, owing to its close prox
imity to the best schools, churches, state
capitol; street cars and cable line, It is with
in walking distance of our leading business
thoroughfares and wholesale business dis
trict, including the custom house, postofliee,
IT. S. courts and all prominent hotels. The
present rental of the houses on this lot is $75
per mouth. The attention of capitalists' and
the most cautious investors is called to ibis
important sale, believing that for a profit
able, safe and permanent investment this
sale otters inducements second to no other
location in St. Paul. This sale will be abso
lute to the highest bidder. Terms liberal
only one-third cash required: balance can re
main on mortgage for three or five years at 7
per cent interest, at the option of " the pur
chaser. St. Anthony bill street cars pr.s* the
door. For maps, hand-bills and full particu
lars apply or write to A. 11. Nicola v. Auc
tioneer, No. 110 East Fourth St., or Handy &
Handy, 204 ('rand Block. 133-iSO
Fox & Korj*. Auctioneers.
FOX & KORY, auction and commission
house. 181 East Seventh st.. buy bank
rupt stocks of general merchandise lor cash,
make sales of real estate and household
goods: liberal advances made on consign
ments and prompt returns made. A. Korv,
auctioneer. v lOo*
Kirvaiiagh A* ]>:i3il, Auctioneers.
A LARGE bankrupt stock of household
furniture to be sold at public auction at
our mart. 107 East Seventh St., to-day at 10
a.m. Havana-.:!! <": Dahl, auctioneers. 137
splendid roadster, sixteen hands, 1,200
pounds, seveu years, sound and kind; also
nice matched learn. 2.100 pounds, good, styl
ish drivers; extension lop, two-seat carriage,
Hallowell build, in good order, cheap. .Ed
ward E. Scribner, Siblev and Sixth sts.
FOR SALE— horse: four and
one-half years old; good size; thoroughly
broken; a free driver; safe for ladies to drive.
H. B. Gates, Strong-Hackett Hardware com
pany. 130-137
FOR SALE — Good sound, six-year
old horse, $1,300. Inquire 378 Carroll
st • 137-135)
FOR SALE— flue pair of horses 5 and
0 years old. Will sell one or both. Can
be seen at stable, 540 summit avenue. A. G.
Seuey, room 53, Gilfillan block. 123-127*
HACK— For sale, five-glass carriage in
first-class condition; price, $500. An
drew Nippolt, 181 Eighth st. 131-140
OKSE FOR SALE— Only five years old
in June; drives well single or double.
.lames 11. Davidson, Union block, 51 East
Fourth st. 137
HOif-E, buggy and harness for sale cheap ;
can be seen" to-day at Overpeck's stable,
corner Jackson aud Eleventh. G. Hoyb. 137
HORSES, wagon, harness, etc., for sale
cheap; light driving team and single
horse; sound and gentle: can be seen at 380
Fort St. 135-141
TNSURE your horses and cattle in The
Sterling Live Stock Insurance company,
SOS Lumber Exchange. Minneapolis. 130*
A»*E— For sale, five-year old mare, line
driver; also buggy and harness. Call
between 12 and 1 o'clock, 537 Canada st.
PONIES— Shetland ponies for sale ate. S.
K-idclitt's, 300 Sclby ay. . -. 130-142
PONY— For-sale, the nicest pony in the
city: harness or saddle. Inquire 272
Jackson. *■ 134-140
ADVANCES made on goods iv storage,
loans given on all articles of value, cou
tignmeuts solicited; furniture, pianos, glass
china, pictures, etc., bought, sold or ex
changed, packed, removed.stored or shipped;
auctions sales at mart; open daily to receive
general merchandise and household goods
for sale or storage; goods to any amount pur
chased for cash; auction sales made at pri
vate residences in town or country; carpet
cleaning. . Sausomes' ' Auction, Storage &
Forwarding Company, 232 East Seventh st.
412-414 Sibley St.. St. Paul, Minn. 49*
ONTUACTORS— I want a bouse built
and will turn in lot in Anna E. Ram
sey's addition or. at Hamline, as part pay
ment. Address A 32, Globe. 130-38
YPEWKITING— for typewriting
taken, by experienced hands." at "B. W.
C." 21 West Fifth st. ' 137
"T" YPEWRITING and shorthand work of
-1. all kinds done perfectly at the Anna C.
Drew oflice. Hale block; experienced oper
ators; perfect work ; low prices; work called
fur aud delivered; telephone 852-2. . 103*
situations wastei*.
'■ ■;• ■ .7 - : J-'einalt-.
HAMHKKWORKJ— Situation wanted to
do ohamberwork ; would assist in sew
hig. D 58, Globe. 4
COPYIST— Girl wants a a position as copy
-Ist in office. Address A 78. Glodc. 7 4
COMPOSITOR— a voting lady would- like
position; has had about two years' ex
perieiice. Address 92 Sixth st east. Jjs£, *'•
COOK— Position wanted by a middle-i&ed,
lady as cook or housekeeper; the l-gfej?
preferred. Address Mrs. P., St. Cloud. MijS& i
care Normal house. ...:■.. • .136540* ]
DRESSMAKER would like work in sJßbpr
Address M. Cole. 561 Broadway, rear.
y : -.yy' ■ .-'. - 137 . _7-y .-.**
FOUR nurse girls; three good cooks. a ""da
few other good workers, waiting J foV
places at my oflice, 52 West Tenth. '.437 \ j
OUSEWOKK— A girl wants a situation
as houseworker, waitress or to take care ;
of children; can give references. .1. 33.
Globe.' .. ■ iiSaS
KITCHEN GIRL— A girl wants a plat* id
work in a kitchen. Please call at .26; ;
East Sixth st. .""**■?
STENOGRAPHER— Young lady who ;
has half the day at leisure wishes a.*bo- I
sition as stenographer and typewriter. 'Ad- i
dress Room 3, 131 East Fifth st. 133-1-37 I
WASHING— Wanted, washing to d^ in ;
private family. 229 Ellen st. < 4 !
I. St. Pierre & Co.'s List.
SO Of $30*:>cash only, balance $25
•vtJtjWXJ per month: a fine new house
of seven rooms near Concord Street Motor
CI 1(W1 EACH for two houses with lots:
V *)fw S2oi) cash, balance $15 per
V-V** HAVE a large list of houses for sale '
»» in all parts of the Sixth ward; also
some fine bargains in building lots in all
parts of the Sixth ward, and in South St.
Paul, ou line of the New Electric motor.*
Come in and see; 291 South Robert. 130-38
Miscellaneous Ciij- List.
six teen-room house near the fish hatch
ery, adjoining Fuller's Park, and three min
utes' walk from Dayton's Bluff station and
Burlington shops: rented at present f0r 930
per month, or will sell 394x132 feet for
$5,500. William Smith, 763 Jackson st.
FOR SALE- Lot 4, block 74, Virginia ay.,
between Laurel and Summit. Inquire
Room 4. custom house.
HOUSE for sale at Ramaley Park, or will
trade for St. Paul lot": eight rooms,
good well and Darn, or will rent four rooms
for the season. Apply to Louis Singer at
contractors' and builders' board • of trade
room. Hotel Ryan, between 11 and 12
o'clock. 137
HOUSE— sale, my residence, 144 Nina
ay. : 14 rooms; all modern improve
ments; good stable: lot 50x159 feet, with
alley. William G. Robertson, Drake block,
18t) East Third st 134138
HOUSE— For sale, my residence at St. An
thony Park: eight rooms, steam heated;
also some desirable lots near station. Apply
to C. A. Dunn, 591 East Fourth st. 136-141
I> EAL ESTATE for sale cheap: nice acre
U and five-acre lots fronting on lakes
three to five miles from St. Paul at $150 to
$200 per acre and lots and lots with houses
at all prices on and near Bice st on easy
terms. J. P. Eisenmen-rer, 472 Rice st
134-163 . r
T'VO splendid lots. Bald Eagle Lake, ad,
J- joining Benson's Hotel, for sale cheap
by owner, 11. 11. Herbst, 186 East Seventh
street . , 133-142
WASTED TO BUY— of eight
rooms for cash; must be a bargain
and rear English Parochial Catholic- school.
Address B 11, Globe. 37-3!)
1/ \i\ FOOT FRONT on East Fourth st.,;
1-'J\J between Maria and Bates ays., with
house and stables. W. F. Fifield. RooniT,',
Schoch's Block, corner Seventh and Broad-,
way. 125-J39
A— MONEY is loaned by us on improved 1
• real estate security In St Paul. Miiiue-"
apoiis and Duluth at 6, Oi'j, 7. 7!;> per cent,-'
on shortest notice for any amount. R.M.
Newport* Son. investment bankers. 15*2.
153 and 154 Drake block. St. Paul. "73*
1»X Company— Loan from $10 upward on'
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey, *
manager. Room 14, First National bank build
ing. St. Paul, and Room 7, JJMackey-Lesrg.
block, Minneapolis. . " 259*
■VI ONE V LOANED on all kinds * of per-'
-i-'-L sonal property, household "furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson St., J. E. Flanigan,
manager.' J -7 •";.'<"." 162*
ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per
sonal property, diamonds, jewelry.f.irui
ture, horses, etc. ; commercial paper and
time checks purchased. E. W. Leonard &
Co.. 126 East Third st. 291* .
MONEY TO LOAN onshort time in small
amounts on personal property security.
L. <;. Kilborn, 51 East Fourth st. " 129-59
MONEY TO LOAN— In small or large
sums; no delay. J. C. Stout & Co., 324
Jaeksou st. 113*
ONEY TO LOAN on real estate and
good first mortgages bought and sold
by 1). 11. Michaud, real estate and loans, 333
Jackson st. 134-110
MONEY TO LOAN— By Hunt & Sever
-1 ance, 34 East Third st, room 1 ; iv
large and small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc. ;
the same to remain in the owner's posses
sion; also on- watches, jewelry, diamonds,
etc ; business strictly confidential ; a private
room for ladies. 292*
MO TO LOAN on improved and un
improved city property, at usual rates;
no delay. Paget & Smith, Room 49, German-
American bank. ;".- 7;**
"i/I OM YTO LOAN, in sums to suit, Irom
iTI SI up, on watches, diamonds aud all
goods of value; special rates on sums of 350
and over. J. E. Ingham, 327 Jackson st
MONEY TO LOAN on diamonds,
iX watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George R.
Holmes 141 and 143 East Seventh st. 82* ■
Cjin SiS, «50, *100 TO LOAN on tur
-JP-lvy niture, pianos, carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value; cash advance made on
goods in storage ; promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable'
rates aud no outside fees. St Paul Loan
company, No. 309* '2 Jackson st. Rooms 1
and 2. Qs*
BOARD— location, central, ser
vice homelike, pleasant rooms, bath,
moderate prices; specially desirable for gen
tlemen rooming together. 639 Cedar, oppo
site Central park. ' 136-137
OARD AND ROOM— 49 West Fourth :
st., first-class board and room: per week. -
men, $5 : respectable ladies, $-1. 134 140
BOARD— Just opened, newly furnished
rooms with first-class board: also day.
board, for ladies or gentlemen; opposite cap
itol building. 519 Wabasha st 131-137
BOARD— First-class board and newly fur
nished rooms, with use of bath and gas. '
at 312 East Eighth st. 136-4 d
BROADWAY, 497-Fine front, alcove
room, with board. 134-137
ANAPA ST., 565— Two large furnished •
front rooms; first-class table board: G
o'clock dinner. 137-141'
nir-hed rooms with board, half a block*
from street car. 133- 1 39 :
ELEVENTH ST., 64, EAST-Elegaiith*'
furnished room and board: all modern
conveniences: electric lights, etc. 137-143
from capitol— Room and board for two:
references required. 136-137-
P LEASANT AY.. 270— T0 rent, furnished
, rooms and table board. 131-137
fTTASHMSGTOK ST., 385, Near Rice
»v Park— rent, two nicely furnished
front rooms, with board. US7-4 1
WASTED TO Bt\. ~, { -
PkOG— Wanted immediately,fine-bred black
JL' and tan, small male dog, for breeding.
Address I) 81, Globe. 196-137
HOUSEHOLD eiTects wanted for cash
Address D 65, Globe. 136-138
All dealers aud shippers of these goods
will find it to their advantage to call on or
write to J Firestone, wholesale dealer iv pa-'
permaker's supplies; reference, any respon
sible firm in the city. 262 Jackson st, Si
Paul. Minn. Telephone, 753. call 3. 3 lb*
O EXCHANGE— farm lands to ex
cliange for city property. Address lock
box 2439 St. Paul, Minn. y 137
O EXCHANGE— Wanted, to exchange
; 160 acres in Sully -county, Dakota: any
thing taken; also to sell splendid patent 111
Minnesota and Dakota or exchange for
goods: $300 and $500 ; unusual opportunity :
be quick. Box 48, Brownton. Minn. 132-136
<"-po EXCHANGE— An amateu 1 printing
X office for a typewriter. Box 340 Fergus
Fall*-. 133-1-30
i>«essiiakixc;. ~~~
(1/1 ADAM SERVIS will open fashionable
a.v± dressmaking parlors at 313 St. Peter st
in store, on Thursday, May 17; call and : see
her. 134-138
200,000 WANTS
Were printed in the Globe's Advertising
Columns in 1887. 'i his is the best evidence
that the Globe is the People's Pafek. -y*.'." --7
j LYONS & TICKNOE, Druggists, 707 East
1 Third street, corner Bates.
; CONGER BROS.. Druggists, 349 University
i avenue, corner Virginia. ■ •*/*■ •,-*> .•;
• MOUNTS & SAWYER, Grocers, corner Ash
laud avenue aud Dale street. ' J' " '.' '-,'
i A. P.-WILKES, Druggist, 759 and 761 West
i Seventh street. - *•-«••■ ■
BERKMAN & CO., 422 Dakota avenue.
j E. FOX, 432 Rice street
J O. P. WILLIAMS, 643 Reaney street
j PRANK L. OSBURG, 178 Western avenue,
J. H. HAVES, 441 West Seventh street
F. VAN DUYNE, Druggist, S2B East Sev
i enth street. * .v..-,:.: ..
j HIPPLER & COLLYER, Druggists, 199
• East Seventh street
470 Jackson street •"-■•■ .-.•'-.
_? -LEES' PHARMACY. Seven Comers.
M. D. MERRILL, books ana stationery, 442
__^^^^ ' Houses.
"OLAT— From June 1 to Oct. 1. the
J- comer flat, first story, eight rooms, of
562 st. Peter st, all furnished: use of piano,
bath, hot water, electric bell; all modern im
provements. Call at house or at 'J*-- East
fourth st. M.D.Miller. 131-160
HOUSE— rent, house of five rooms ou
"-,- 1 - , "-Voodbridge st Inquire of G. 11.
Thaden. Clifton hotel. 137
HOUSE— rent, five-room house and
barn on Bradley st. Inquire of G. H.
Thaden, Clifton hotel. 137
HOUSE— house until Septem-
f 1 ber, on Portland aye. : every conven
ience and beautifully shaded grounds. In
quire at 10 West Fourth st. 137-138
HOUSE -For rent, a house with 9 rooms;
all modem conveniences, hot and cold
water, laundry with stationary tubs in base
ment, gas ana gas fixtures and nice yard.
Apply at 27S West Seventh st. or W. E." Sol
oman, 386 Robert st. 136-139
Eleven-room house for rent, and
furniture for sale; centrally located; I
filled with good roomers. Address E 90,
"Globe. . , - 0133-139
HOUSE— rooms. 658 Broadway St.,
one block from Thirteenth st. car line,
between Fourteenth and Fifteenth sts.
HOUSE— For rent, dwelling of eight rooms,
No, 563 Lafayette ay.; modern im
provements. J. M. Bohrer, 354 Robert st.
_ 134-138
HOI SE— From June 1 until Sept. 1 to a
careful tenant, a very desirable fur
nished house ou St. Anthony hill. Address
J 87, Globe. 130-137
TlOl-SE— 6l6, Canada and Tenth sts.,
LJ with all modern improvements. Apply
300 Jackson. Charles A. B. Wcidc. 133-39
HOUSE— rent (or sale), small seven
room house, 548 St. Anthony nv.. $25
per month. Inquire of c. F. Lott. "at Nicols
& Dean's, corner Sibley and Fifth sts,l37-i::3
HOUSE— eight-room house, modern
improvements, centrally located. Ad
dress J '17. Globe. " 136-137
HOUSE— furnished six-room house, by
Ist of June, at 437 Oakland ay.
' 136-137
HOUSE— eight-room house at 344 Ram
sey st. Inquire at 437 Oakland ay.
■ 136-137 -.
HOISE — For rent, nine-room house on
Laurel ay.. near Western: modern im
provements. Sargent, Meacham & Co., 322
Robert st. y 137-39
HOUSE— For rent seven-room house, 649
Portland ay. Apply at E. W. Leonard
■fc Co.'**. 126 East Third st. 137 3!)
1 Rooms.
ROADWAY, 528— handsomely fur
nisbedfron rooms; all conveniences in
house; board if desired. 13-1-37
ROADWAY. 489— For rent, nicely fur
nished room in private family; refer
ences required. "131-137
CO L LEGE AY.. Three unfurnished
rooms for rent or, furnished if desired,
for housekeeping, one-half block from cable
line, . • -. 137
EXCH.iNGE .ST.. 388— One large room
suitable for two; rent cheap; use of
bath; with or without board. 130-138
fortably furnished room for single gen
tleman only: use of bath 138-138 j
EIGHTH ST.. 417. EAST— Single room
for gentlemen, suite for gents or mar
ried couple and small room for lady; board.
136133 •
EIGHTH ST., 459, EAST— First-class
furnished rooms and board if desired.
FIFTH ST., 409, EAST— Pleasant fur
nished rooms, with or without board ;
prices moderate. 131-137
OI'RTH ST., 123. WEST— Large, nicely
furnished front room, near Rice park,
on cable iiue. 130-137
block, finely furnished front rooms.
130 139
GOODRICH A Y., .236— Fine furnished
room, with use of bath, block from
West Seventh. $77 137
IGLEHART ST., 274— Three connecting
rooms: first floor; furnished for house
keeping or sleeping apartments. 1 23-54
JACKSON ST., 621— For rent, large and
nicely furnished front room in private
family; also one side room: use of bath.
__ 137-138
JACKSON ST.. 607— Furnished room'
with or without board. 130-137
LAI' EEL AY., 535— rent, on St. An
thony Hill, a nice front alcove room;
furnished or uuf urnisned. 137
"|\*INTHST..27 EAST— Pleasant furnished
li room, suitable for two: $9. 137-138
I* Flat— nicely furnished room in pri
vate family, for ladies or gentlemen: use of
bath. 136-138
PLEASANT A Y., 280- Furnished front
rooms, suitable for two gentlemen or
gentleman and wife: board if desired. .
_^ 137-138
PLEASANT AY., First-class trout
room, with alcove, furnished and all
modern conveniences ; on cable line: board
next door. 129-140
LEASANT A Y., 183— For rent.ftirnished
front room; convenient to board and
cable cars. 137-39
ner Minnesota— Spacious rooms, com
pletely furnished and draped. Miss Seherer,
Room 21. 134-40
ROIiERT ST., 533- One well furnished
front room, with alcove; good bath
room ; rent reasonable. 129-139
OIJKKT ST., sGs— Handsomely fur
nished room with bath: three minutes'
walk from the Ryan; board if desired. 137
ROOMSp— suite of two furnished
rooms in new cottage at White Bear,
adjoining Williams house and Chateaugay.
[Address B 28. Globe. 137-142
ROOMS— For rent,. first floor in private
house; six rooms, good cellar, hot and
cold water; water paid. Call at 341 Sher
man st. 134*
I) OOM— Elegantly furnished room for rent
, V in private residence; to gentleman and
.wife, or two gentlemen. Address F 18.
j Globe. . ■ -. ' 134-140
SMITH ST., IGU— For rent, a well-fur
nished parlor, suitable for one or two
'.persons. - ■ . 137
SEVENTH ST., 232. WEST— fur
nished rooms with board; also use of
bath: terms moderate. 134-41
SPRUCE ST., 221— An alcove aid other
neatly furnished rooms: use of bath;
• modern conveniences. 136-142
, q T. PETER ST., 573— R00m for rent. -
!>£____ 134-140
OT. PETER ST., 315. Between Third and
O Fourth— Elegant furnished rooms for
rent. 137-39
Place— Rooms, single and en suite: 0
o'clock dinner. 134 37
Kent st— Seven rooms for rent. 136-138
•"TENTH ST., 39. WEST— Nicely fuT
X nished front room for gentlemen
137-138 J "
TILTON ST., 62— One furnished room in
a private family: nice location. 134-137
- Two or three rooms, furnished or un
furnished. -■.... 137-138
FFICK ROOMS— For rent, the most de
desirable office room in the city, No. 326
Robert st., between Third and Fourth sts. ;
basement and all conveniences. Stone &
Morton, 82 National German-Americau bank
building. . . ..- 127*
OFFICE— A desirable J corner office on the
second floor of the Globe building. In
quire of St Paul Real Estate Title Insurance
Company. . 136*
a n * so many "Warn"' ads Sunday's Globe
"Y 1 but they are all read. '
' St-ores. '
TORE for rent, at St Cloud, on St. Ger
maine st. Address Mrs. Webber, P. <>.
170, St. Cloud, Minn. 137-130
STORE— For rent, first-class store ou West
Seventh st, in third block above Seven
corners; splendid location for grocery, boots'
and shoes, dry goods or other retail business.
William G. Robertson, Drake block, ISO
East Third st. 131-139
STORE in Berkman block, corner West
Sixth and Franklin, near new People's
: theater; moderate rental to desirable party.
J Inquire same. 134-140
STORE for rent; the flue store 305 West
Seventh st 134*
; O TORES— rent, three-6tory brick build
tJ ing with basement, Nos. 337 and 339
"East Third street, with side track facilities,
! Address Russell & Co., 335 East Third st.
: 131-37
STORE Third and Wabasha sts.
0 L. and W. A. Mussetter. 127-140
BUILDING— For rent, corner Ninth and
' Rosabel; suitable for blacksmith, paint
: or carpenter shop: $30 per month. Apply
St. Paul Roofing and Cornice Works, corner
■ Sixth and Wacouta. 132-37
HALL for rent at 315 Robert st. between
Third and Fourth. : 186-141
LOST Ai*l> FOr Xl>.
COWS LOST— Lost two cows, one small,
red and one-half inch of horns cut oil.
other large and dark brown. If found please
return them both to 692 Armstrong st. and
receive liberal reward. 137-133
OG LOST— Luveline setter bitch, black,
with scattered white hair: answers to
name of Bessy: with chain collar on. marked
F. Novotny. Finder please return to 762
Pleasant ay. and receive reward. 137
POCKETJBOOK LOST— eslerdiu on Wa
basha, Robert or some adjacent street, a
pocketbook containing some notes and pa
pers of value only to the owner. George Lau
rent, No. 11 Court block. Fourth st. Asuit
able reward will be paid for it. 137
PUP LOST— Briudle bull pup, white legs
and one white eve; reward. Evans.
1 13 Isabel st. 137
FORTUNETELLER— Mrs. Ellis can be
consulted on all affairs of life through
the magic mirror; satisfaction guaranteed.
No. 513 Robert St.. Room 10. up stairs.
MME. D. GROASE. wonderful clairvoy
ant, gives correct reading at a distance
or personal : fee §1 on love, divorce and mar
riage. 4211* Robert st. '' 137-139
oldest and best clairvoyant fortune
teller, 402 Minnesota St., between Sixth and
Seventh. - 134-40
DL. JAMIESON & CO.'S Steam Dye
• Works— Gents' clothing a specialty.
14 West Sixth st. St Paul. Minn. 134*
DR. CHAS. GRISWOLD has removed to
223 Arundel st. : his office remains at
Room 5. odd Fellows' block. 131-137
U — Admiralty Seizure:
Whereas, a libel has been filed in the Dis
trict Court of the United States of America
for the District of Minnesota, on the 13th
day of April, A. D. 1888, by Fayette Marsh,
proctor, in behalf of the Saint Croix Lumber
Company vs. The Steamboat "Sea Wing."
her engines, machinery, tackle, apparel and
furniture. D. N. Witheru, as owner, and
John Anderson, as contractor, iv a cause
of action civil and maritino. and for cause
more fully set forth in said libel now on file
in said clerk's office of the United States
District Court for the District of Minnesota,
and praying the usual process and monition
of the court that all persons interested In said
steamboat, her engines, tackle, apparel and
furniture, may be cited to answer the prem
ises and all due proceedings being had. that
the same may be decreed to be sold and the
proceeds thereof distributed according to
Therefore, in pursuance of said monition,
under the seal of said court, to me directed
and delivered. Ido hereby give notice gen
orally to all persons having or pretending to
have any right, title or interest therein, or
knowing or having anything to say why the
same should not be condemned "and "sold
pursuant to the prayer in said libel, to appear
before the said court to be held in and for
said district of Minnesota, at St. Paul, in said
district, on the first Monday of May, A. 1).
18iS, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of the
same day, if the same shall be a day of juris
diction, otherwise on the next day of juris
diction thereafter, then and there to inter
pose a claim for the same and make their
allegations in that behalf.
W. M. CAMPBELL. U. S. Marshal.
By order of the court return day extended
to the first Monday of Juue, A. D. 1888. at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of the same day.
if the same be a day of jurisdiction, other
wise on the next day of jurisdiction.
W. M. CAMPBELL. U. S. Marshal.
Fayette MAnsu. Proctor for Libellant.
Dated St. Paul, Minn., May Ist, A. D. 1888.
Cor. Fourth and Jackson streets— as
executor, administrator, guardian, trustee,
assignee, receiver, etc.
Minnesota. County of Ramsey — ss. In
Probate Court, General Term. May 7, 1»88.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas Bower,
deceased. *
Notice is hereby given that the Judge
of Probate of the county of Ramsey
will, upon the second Monday of the
month of November, A.D. 1888. at 10 o'clock
a. m.. hear, examine and adjust all
claims and demands of all persons against
said deceased; and that six months from and
after the. date hereof have been allowed and
limited for creditors to present their claims
against said estate. at the expiration of which
time all claims not presented or not proven
to its satisfaction shall be forever barred, un
less for good cause shown further time be
By the Court
[1.. s.] E. S. GORMAN. Judge of Probate.
The St. Paul Tiust Co., Executor.
1* Minnesota. County of Ramsey ss.
In Probate Court, Special Term, May 14,
In the matter of the estate of Mary L. Wil
mot. deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the Judge of
Probate of the County of Ramsey will upon
the third Monday of the month of No
vember, A. D. 1888, at 10 o'clock a.
in., hear, examine and adjust all claims
and demands of all persons against
said deceased; aud that six months from
and after the dale hereof have been al
lowed and limited for creditors to "present
their claims against said estate, altheexpira
tion of which time all claims not presented
or not proven to its satisfaction shall be for
ever barred, unless for good cause shown
further time be allowed.
By the Court, E. S. GORMAN.
[l. *>.] Judge of Probate.
David Saxfokd, Administrator.
Ramsey— ss. District Court.
Eliza Dumars, plaintiff, against George
Dumars, defendant.
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the
above-entitled action, which is on file in the
office of the clerk of the said court, at his office
at the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, and to serve
a copy of your answer to said complaint on
the subscriber, at his office in the city
of St. Paul, in the county of Ramsev.
Minnesota, within thirty days after trie
service of this summons upon you, exclusive
of the day of such service and, if you fail
to answer the said complaint within the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
will apply to the court for the relief de
manded in the complaint.
DDated May 15th. A. 1). 1883.
Plaintiffs Attorney, St. Paul, Minn.
Ramsey— ss. Municipal Court, City of St.
F. V. Heyderstadt and A. Y. Heyderstadt.
plaintiffs, against E. W. Gould, defendant.
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
You are hereby summoned to be and appear
before the Municipal Court of the city of St.
Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota, at "a term
thereof to be holden on Tuesday, the 19th
day of June, A. I). 1 888, at the opening of
the Court on that day, at 10 o'clock a. m. of
said last-mentioned day, and answer to F. V.
Heyderstadc and A. V. Heyderstadt, whose
complaint is ou file in said Court in a civil
action, and who demand judgment against
you therein for the sum of $105, besides the
costs and disbursements of this action
Should you fail to appear at the time and
place aforesaid, judgment will be rendered
against you for said sum of $165, together
with said costs aud disbursements.
Witness the Honorable 11. W. CORY,
Muncipal Judge.
[Seal of the Municpal Court.]
. At the city of St. Paul, state and county
aforesaid, this 15th day of May, 1888. "
John J. auerx, Clerk of the Muncipal Court
J. J. Mullen, Attorney for Plaintiff, St
Paul, Minn.
DEAFNESS leTi'ever.'Aleaslesi
Gatherings, Catarrh, Old Age, Etc., Etc., en- .
tirely relieved by a device which is pos
itively invisible, and which has been recom
mended by every physician who has exam
ined it. It is successful in cases where every
other device or remedy has failed . It may be
worn six months at a time without removal,
causing no pain or inconvenience. For sale
only by the inventor,
li. "A," WALES, • Bridgeport, Conn,
The Firms whose Cards Appear Below are Among the Most Reliable Dea
- ers.iiiJSt. Paul.
4 East Fourth Street, St. Panl, Minn. GEO. C, FUTVOYE. Gan'l Manager
WE HAVE I To 105 East 4-th St.,
I National German-American Bank. '
Real Estate 1 Insurance,
103 East Fourth. Street, St. Paul, Minn.,
National German-American Bank Building. Ground Floor,
A Beautiful Site for Suburban Residences.
The Midway property at Merriam Park is the coming location for desirable
homes. Easily reached. We have a beautifully wooded tract of land upon easy
METCALF & McCLANAHAN, 126 East Sixth St.
358 Jackson Street, St. Paul, Mian.
South St. Paul Property a Specialty. Lots on monthly payments. Mill
Property in good Dakota town.
W. H. PRITZ & CO.,
Real Estate and Loans,
Real Estate,
103 East Fourth Street, American Bank
Main Entrance, Natl. Ger. American Bank Building.
Several good business chances; want a good business man, ten to fifty thousand
dollars, to manage office for well organized company.
103 East Fourth Street. German-American^ Bank Building.
jsamasmaammammmm7MxWßa~m MsasMxmaaa^nnawaMnmmmmmßK^ ■*■
Shirts To Order. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
153 East Third Street, four doors above Merchants Hotel,
* ■*■ naamaßßamaßamtatßiamm&massxsßi^mxawmamaaa^aaaaanaß^mamßjaaxsxniß
Engraves Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Visiting Cards, Monograms
Crests, Seals. Dies, etc. Stationery Stamped and Illuminated. Call and see th*
aovelties in Staple and Fancy Stationery. Seaside Libraries.
feEnNDISPENSABLE.SOLDBYALLDRUSG!STs!%^^5 R inclose 4= (stamps) i-saSn ■ ■ m*.
nil 1 1 1 1 i 1 WALL PAPER, FURNITURE and all sorts
%S U I U UU of Household Goods will be sold at a
7 large discount in order to quit busi
ness. Fixtures for sale and store for rent, at 221 East
Seventh Street A. H. LOHLKER.
Architectural Iron Work.
Founders, Machinists, Blacksmiths and !
Pattern Makers. Send for cuts of col- j
umns. Works on St. P., M. &M. R. R.,
near Como avenue. Office 102 E. Fourth i
street, St. Paul. C. M. POWER, Secre- i
Jar j- aud Treasurer. .■-■ ■■■ •- -t-;-.
7 '
The World Type Writer,
■ Pit WE fcS.OO.
Rapid and durable, can be operated after
10 minutes* practice. Will do the work tut
one costing ten times m much. Price, with
black walnut case, $10.00. Nickel-Plated
Writer in plush-lined B. W. case, $16.00.
For descriptive circular, gap) pies of
work, address G. W. Duffus & Co., 100 l>eaj*»
born street, Chicago.

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