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CD vi ?* ". *J>
a: • . . OB
15 rle- 5.15 5-2715. 51 5.7. ..5.87
30 words .10] .28 .40 .52 .64 .7(5 .88
17 words .!. .30 .43 .50 .09 .82 .95
IP words! -18^ .32 .40 .60 .74' .881.01
119 words .IB .34 .49 .01 .791 1.03
20 words! -20 .35 .50 .051 .80 .951.10
21 words .21 .37 .53 ,<;:) .851.0111.17
22 words .22 .39 .50 .73 .9011.0711.2'
23 words .23 .41 .59 .77 .9.". 1 .13.1.31
24 words .21 .42 .60 .78] .961 14 1 3
-25 words .25 .41] .63 .82 1.01 1.201. 3fl
26 words] 26 .46 .00 .86 1.06 1.2(5 1. It!
27 words; .27 .48 ,69 901.11 1.321. 53
28 words, .28 .40, .701 .911.121.331.54
29 words .29 .51 .73 951.171.391.61
80 words .30 .53 .70 .99 1.2211.4511.65
31 words 31 .551 .79 1.03"! .27,1. 511. 78
32 words .32 .56! .80 1.0411. 2S 1.521.76
B3 words .33 .58' .83 I. OS 1.33 1. 58 1.80
[34 words) .'"4 l .00; .861; 121. 3-1 63)1.90
[35 words! .35 .621 .89 1.16 1.43:1.70 1.97
136 words .36 .63 .901.17 1.44 J .71 1.98
[37 words .37i .65 .931.211.49:1.772.05
138 words .38] .67 .96,1.2511 .5411.83
139 words .391 .69 .99 -59 1.89 2.19
"40 words .40, .701.00|1.30 1. 601.902. 26
Xl words .41 .72 1.0331. 341. 651.962. 27
words; .42! .74;1.00'1.38 1.702.022.30
(43 words 43 .76 ; 7512.08 2.41
4 words! .14 .771,10 1.43 1.70 2.09:2.42
I*s words . l."> .79,1.13 147 1 .81 2.15 2 .49
146wordM .46 .811.161.5111.86 2.212.56
«< words .47 .331. 191. 5511.912. 27 2.(53
}*8 words) .43' . 34:1.201. 922. 23,2. («4
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50 words/ .50; ,38;1 1 2.02|2. 4012.78
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In Every Case the Money Must Accom
pany the Order.
mi 8 aiio^s oi*rr,«i:i>.
' It! a I «>.
Agents— Wanted,' agents, male and ie
niale, to sell an easy-selling and good
article, for Ramsey, Hennepin, Carver, Da
kota and Scott counties. Inquire 712 East
•seventh st. 141-147
A I.l. persons wanting positions call and
learn our method of advertising your
wants, which places you in direct communi
cations with plovers. Advertising Direc
tory Com pan v. 78 Fast Seventh st., Room 9.
* 144
for positions leave your application: we
are the Old reliable. " 143-145
for all kinds jobs, jobs, jobs file your
application. 143-145
southwest corner Seventh aud Robert
St., St. Paul. 143-145
BAKER— Wanted, a good bread and cake
baker at 1). K. Cameron's, River Falls,
>. •> 138-144
n.-ilii>i'.K- Colored. 434 Wabasha st.
BLACKSMITH— blacksmith at
once: steady work and good wages. Ad
dress< F. Wagner. Grafton, Dak. 144-48
BOOKKEEPER— at once, a com
petent bookkeeper for insurance office;
none but competent parties need apply. Ad
dress, giving references, age and salary ex
pected, to Lock Box 1361, Eau Claire, Wis.
BOY— Wanted, a strong boy at corner of
Seventh and Cedar. 4
CIANVASSER— Wanteu, immediately, - at
' No 20 Fillmore ay. 113 144
CiLERK— Smart boy of fifteen years age,
' or more, German preferred, can find
steady employment in general store. Address
]'. M.'. Cottage Grove, .Minn. 143-145
CIOI.I.ECTOR— A well-bred, active man at
■' moderate progressive salary to collect,
take orders and, when necessary. to take short
trip in the country: none but industrious,
ambitious applicants considered apply after
10 o'clock. "Selmar Hess, 272 East Seventh
M., upstairs. 141
MAN— Wanted, a bright young man be
tween nineteen and twenty-live years
cf age; must be a good talker, of good ad
dress and give city references. Apply Royal
Museum; 398 Jackson St., 8:30 a. m. 144
M:.> — Ten active men of good address.
Good pay and good prospects. White
Sewing Macniuc company. 394 Wabasha st.
J>AINTKR— Wanted, sign painter; must
be first-class; also boy with at least two
years' experience in sign shop. Foriier, 353
Jackson. 4
OPPJCE WORK— Young man for office
work: some experience in architect's
office. Apply 73 East Seventh st,. Room 9.
PAINTERS— at once, two cabi
net painters at Luger Furniture com
pany, North St. Paul. 4
13 R I NT EKs— .Wanted, at 7 o'clock Wednes
day morning, four first-class job print
ers; book compositors also. Brown, Treacy
& Co., 142 Fast Third st. Good wages;
sieady employment to such men. 144-45
DRiNTEß— Wanted, printer who under-
JL stands job and newspaper work; must
be practically temperate; single man pre
ferred; state* wages asked. Address X 55, .
Globe. 144-5
PRINTER — Wanted, one good book
printer at Rich & turner's, 108 East
Fifth st. 4
STONEMASONS— Wanted, stonemasons
at Park place, between College and Sum
mil a\ -. Cameron & Son. 4
'TLYILOH, coat and pants maker wanted;
J- good one, immediately; good pay; con
tinual work throughout the year. Eugene
Rischard, Wahpeton, Dak. " 44-150
npiNNKß— One who speaks German. Ad
_L dress John McMullen, Shakopee, Minn.
fir ANTED— Man to take the agency out
» » side of St. Paul (traveling or local) of
our safes: size 28x18x18 inches: weight 500
lbs; retail price $35: other sizes in propor
tion: a rare chance and permanent business;
these safes meet a demand never before sup
plied by other safe companies, as we are not
governed by the safe pool. Alpine Safe Com
pany, Cincinnati, O. Lwea&.Sat-3mo-137
ACHILLES Intelligence office has re
moved to 11 Bast Seventh st. : wanted,
ten dining-room girls, one head waitress.
three hotel cooks, laundress, dishwasher and
houseworkers. 144
APPRENTICE— an apprentice
girl to learn dressmaking. 232 West
Seventh st. 4
experienced buttonhole maker at 510
Mississippi st. 4
CIANVASSK Its— three or four
i competent ladies to canvass the city for
Mme. Grisw old's skirt supporting corset at
45 West Third St.; hours from 9 to 11 a. m.
Ci — A competent COOk, woman pre
j ferred, for a family at Lake Miune tonka;
good wages. Apply at Regan Bros., 325
Nicollet ay. 144-40
COOK— Warned, one girl to cook and one
second girl, both to understand washing
and Ironing. 125 Fast Ninth st. 4
COOK— In a small family; a respectable
' girl as cook, washer and ironer; good
wages. 53 Summit ay. 143-45
CtOOK Wanted immediately, cook at St.
' Dennis hotel, 420 Minnesota st. 4
xl girls at Nicollet bouse, 260 East Sixth
st. 4
DRESSMAKERS— Wanted, one lirst-class
basque finisher; also one bine op
erator at Sire. E. Thompson's, Rooms 5 and
6, Maunheimer block. 4
RKSSMAKE.R — Wanted, a lirst-class
dressmaker and fitter at 146 College
aye. 4
G~IRLs WANTED— good places
T to fill to-day: good wages; call early.
52 West Tenth, Mrs. Bertram. 144
pIKL- At 018 Temperance st.
(" I RL- Wanted, one girl for chamber work
I or dishwasher at the Commercial hotel.
GIRLS wanted at Room 10, Forepaugh
* block. seven corners. 143-44
oi's»K CLEANING -Wanted, two girls
for house cleaning at 150 East Fourth
st. Ramaley. 4
H~ Ol'SKMAlD— Wanted, a girl as house
. maid and waitress at 406 Portland ay.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, competent Ger
man or Swede girl, middle-aged, for
general housework in the country during the
season, immediately; highest wages paid, at
3>i7 Maria ay. 4
OUSWORK— Wanted, at 219 Spruce st„
near Sibley, a competent girl for general
housework; German or Scandinavian pre
ferred. 4
Hoi ••s-iWORK— girl for gen
eral housework at Merriam Park by
Mrs. N. <. Edwards; double house; fifth
house from the depot: references required. 4
Housework— Wonted, girl, Swede or
German preferred, to help with house
work and mind baby in family of three. In
quire Mrs. P. V. Daly. 94 South Robert st. 4
HOUSEWORK— Wanted] a girl for gen
ernl housework: small family. Apply
055 McLean st., between Hoffman and Maria
ays. 4
OUSEWORK— GirI for general house
work ; nuall lamily. Apply 251 Igle-
JuutSt. 4
Female— Continued.
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house
word; private family; Scandinavia
No. 370 North Exchange st. 144-40
HOUSEWORK— Wan t.d. a competent
girl for general housework. Apply 337
Somerset st. 4
HorsKWORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework; no washing, ironing or
baking. Apply 217 Pearl. " . 4
HOUSEWORK— A good honest girl to as
sist with general housework. So Eighth
St., corner Minnesota. 4
HOUSEWORK— Girl wanted for general
housework. Apply at 455 Rice st. 4
NI KSK GlßL— Wanted, an experienced
J-^ nurse girl at 549 Dayton ay. 4
TYfUßSK— Wanted, German girl to take
i* care of children. .432 Western ay. : 4
kTond GlßL— Wanted, good girl for
■second work at 155 Twelfth st., corner
Jackson. • . .- ■' 4
A— MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real estate security in St. Paul, Minne
apolis and Duluth at 6, 6*"t, 7, 7t l 2 per cent,
on shortest notice for any amount. B. M.
Newport & Son. investment bankers, 152.
153 and 151 Drake block, St. Paul. 73*
Company Loan from $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey,
manager. Room 14, First National bank build
in n. St. Paul, and Room 7, Mackey-Leirg
block, Minneapolis. 250*
I\ /I ONEY LOANED on improved or unim
-I*l proved city property, at lowest current
rates, without delay. Purchase money mort
gages bought and sold. Bargains in real es
tate. Billiard & Burton, 323 Jackson st.
141-147 •
MONEY LOANED on all kinds of per-
ILL soual property, household furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson st., J. E. Flanigan".
manager. 102*
ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per
sonal property, diamonds, jewelry.furnl
ture. horses, etc. ; commercial paper and
time checks purchased. E. W. Leonard &
Co., 120 East Third st. 201*
MONEY TO LOAN on real estate, and
good first mortgages bought and sold
by I). lit Michaud, real estate aiid loans. 333
Jackson st. 141-147
ONEY TO LOAN on short time in small
amounts on personal property security.
L. G. Kilborn, 51 East Fourth st. 129-59
1"I ONEY TO LOAN— In small or large
i»l sums; no delay. J. C. Stoat & Co., 324
Jackson st. 113*
TUi ONEY TO LOAN— By Hunt & Sever
-1»1 ance, 34 East Third st., room 1; in
large and small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc. ;
the same to remain in the owner's posses
sion: also on watches, jewelry, diamonds,
etc; business strictly confidential; a private
room for ladies. 292*
MONEY TO LOAN on improved and un
improved city property, at usual rates;
no delay. Paget & Smith, Boom 49, German-
American bank. 73*
|\/1 ONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, trom
l'l £1 up, on watches, diamonds and all
goods of value; special rates on sums of $50
and over. J. E. Ingham, 327 Jackson st.
MONEY TO LOAN on diamonds,
watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George B.
Holmes 141 and 1 13 East Seventh st. 82*
I WANT TO BORROW $1,000 for three
years on real estate: will pay 10 per cent
interest. Address E 46, Globe. 144
<**♦"! **«5, *50, *100 TO LOAN on tur
<P-!■>-" niture, pianos, carriages, horses, .'
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value ; cash advance-made on
goods in storage; promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable . .
rates and no outside fees. St. Paul Loan
company, No. 309"^ Jackson St., Rooms 1
and 2 . 05*
irOltM'S AJ*il> CAltlSf AGFS.
A GOOD saddle and buggy horse for sale
cheap. Inquire at 321 Wabasha st.,
Horst & lani-a 114-15
FAYORI, imported French coach stallion,
will make the season of 1888 at Balfour's
stable, on cable car line. 488 Selby ay.
Favori was four years old May 1: color," dark
seal brown, and is a model of his breed ;
terms made ou application; call and see
him. 141-17
FOR sale- Very fine six-year-old family
mare ; kind and handsome. 57 West
Third st. 143 145
FOR SALE A fine pair of horses 5 and
0 years old. Will sell one or both. Can
be seen at stable, 540 summit avenue. A. G.
Seney. room 53, Gilfillan block, 123-127*
old, kind, gentle and very stylish;" can
show close to three-minute gait; weight,
I,ooo pounds; $200 if taken at once. Can
be seen at John Archer's livery barn. 324
West Seventh st. 142-41
HORSE for sale; young, sound and good
roadster. 109 West Third st. . 141-44
HORSE, two-seated side-bar and har
ness. $150 cash: black Morgan colt,
two years old, $75 ; 1130 Ross st. 133-44
INSURE your horses and cattle in The
Sterling Live Stock Insurance company,
509 Lumber Exchange. Minneapolis. 130*
PONY— For sale, the nicest pony in the
city; harness 01 saddle. inquire 272
Jackson. 141-147
0 Be sure and see immediately the highly
bred lot of saddle, pacing and trotting horses
1 have for sale at Vaughn's Palace stables,
Minneapolis; in the lot will be found a hand
some 10-hand highly bred carriage team,
several ordinary roadsters, several tancv sad
dlers and combined horses, several "3:00
pacing and trotting roadsters, and one pac
ing mare, a beauty and the perfection of a
road mare, and can pace better than a 3:00
clip; these horses are just from Tennessee,
and will be guaranteed sound and straight.
F. G. Buford, Rockdale farm, Buford's,
Term. 141-47
TEAM, wagon and harness for sale cheap
Call at 271 West Seventh. 144-45
WAGON— For sale, a good strong de-
VV livery wagon, at No. 20 Fillmore ay.
143 140
ADVANCES made on goods In storage,
loans given on all articles of value, con
signments solicited; furniture, pianos, glass,
china, pictures, etc., bought, sold or ex
changed, packed, removed. stored or shipped;
auctions sales at mart; open daily to receive
general merchandise and household goods
for sale or storage; goods 10 any amount pur
chased for cash; auction sale's made at pri
vate residences in town or country; carpet
cleaning. Sansomes' Auction, Storage &
Forwarding Company. 232 East Sere nth St.
412-41 1 Sibley St.. St. Paul. Miun. 49*
DOG— Wanted, service of thoroughbred
Gordon setter dog. Address at once
Lock Box 0, Osceola. Minn. 143-45
TV OTK'K— Persons owning low property
1* along Marshall a v.. between Sneiling and
Cleveland ays., would do well to see the con
tractor on work. 141-147
PHYSICIAN of three years' experience
wishes partnership with retiring country
practitioner, or a good location. Address
giving particulars M 35, Globe, Minneapolis.
" 144 48 '
T\TK WRITING and shorthand work of
nil kinds done perfectly at the Anna C.
Drew office. Hale block ; experienced oper
ators; perfect wort ; low prices: work called
for and delivered: telephone 852-2. 103*
O KXCHANGE-Clear land for equity
in Minneapolis house and lot. Inquire
of A. H. Ranney, 422 Wacouta it. 144-143
rpo EXHANGE-Willexchange house and
J- barn on hill for unimproved Midway
properly. Address D 30. Globe. 144
TO EXCHANGE— Good house wanted to
exchange for vacant property, almost
clear. Address F 83, Globe. * 144
»T<o exchange— a good driving horse
x. in exchange for board at restaurant. Ad
dress B 48, Globe. 143-14
•po EXCHANGE— A good driving horse
J- wanted for board at restaurant. Ad
dress B 18. Globe. ' 143.45
T"o EXCHANGE— A nice large lot in
x. bite Bear as part payment on lot in
St. Paul. Call on or address E. Newstrom,
White Bear Lake. Minn. 143-144
A~ RUNDEL ST.. 220— Handsomely fur
nished front room, with board, witin one
block of the Cable line. 144-45
BOARD— Best weekly board in the city for
$3.25 at 459 Wabasha St., adjoining the
Young Men's Christian association. 144-1 13
AST EIGHTH ST., 275-First-class
rooms with board. 140-140
EXCHANGE ST., 383-Front room, en
suite, with board: cheap rent, 143*45
EIGHTH ST., 459. EAST— First-Class
-Li rooms, with board : suitable for fami
lies : large grounds and good neighborhood.
x. mitav. — Nicely furnished front rooms;
gas and bath; 6 o'clock dinner. , . .. 141
ASH I iTON ST., 385, near Rice
park— Two furnished front rooms,
with board ; also day boarders for $3.50 per
week. ' 144-47.'
ffr.fr. to let ads. in the Globe are seen by
" Ul " the most people.
SrrtJATlO**¥S WAftT*F,l>.
Male. -"
ALL male help advertisements free: situa
tions advertised tor male and temale.
' Advertising Directory Company, 73 East
Seventh St.. Room 0. * * 144-40
BARBER— Youug man wants to learn the
barber trade: can furnish good refer
ence. Address I 70. Globe. 3
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, a position as
bookkeeper Dy a young mau who has
had experience and can furnish first-class
references. Address W D IS, Globe. 3
OOKKEEI'EK — practical bookkeeper
ana general office man open for engage
ment 21st of May; good references. Address
Postoffiee Box 250, Minneapolis. 133-45
B OOKKEEPER— Situation wanted by an
honest and trustworthy young man as
bookkeeper; can furnish "good references.
Address C. A. Schilling. New Ulm, Minn.
BOOKKEEPER wants situation; lirst
class references. Apply at George Beuz,
217 and 219 East Third st. * 4
BOOKS— Opened, closed, posted, expert
work, etc. F. Sprague, Boom 25, Min
nesota Bank building, or Stillwater, Minn.
. Kg*
BUTLER— wanted by a young
man as butler in private family: first
class references; no objection to going out
of town. Call or address H. Sanders, 440
University ay. ;;- '.:-*".-;-: 4
CiLERK— Young man of steady habits
<" desires a position with some wholesale
dry goods, grocery or commission house;
best of references; can control some out
side trad.c Address 037 Cedar st. 139-144
CLERK— Situation wanted by a married
'man in a clothing store; five years'ex
perience, with best of references; can speak
German. Address It 1 13, Globe. 141-147
COACHMAN— Situation wanted as such
> by a single young man with good rec
ommendations. Address c 30, Globe. 3
C COACHMAN— Having been away for a
-> time.l desire to get a position in a private
family; best city references. Address II 14.
Globe. 3
COOK— Situation wanted by a first-class
■> hotel cook. Address A B," Globe, Min
neapolis. 3
COOK— wanted by a first-class
' hotel cook with good references; only
for hotel. Address Bernb«Pd W. Wolf. 1501
First st north. Minneapolis. 4
COOK— situation wanted by first-class
cook and baker: No. 1 references. Ed
Tuglett, Second st. north, Minneapolis. 3
DAIRYMAN — young man wishing to
work on a dairy farm with two years'
experience in a creamery. Address* J S.
lobe. * 4
DRIVER— Situation wanted in a wholesale
xJ hardware store to drive team by voting
man aged 24; can speak German a'ud Bn
glis.li. Address A 20, Globe. 144
DRUGGIST— Situation wanted by married
man. registered in Minnesota and Da
kota, capable of taking charge; speaks Scan
dinavian. Address Box ISO, Mankato, Minn.
MPLOVMKNT— SingIe man, age twenty
four, wants position as coachman,
gardener, etc ; sober and ngood references.
Address Oscar Newstrom, 174 West Third
st. 3
EMPLOYMENT— Young man who can
speak German and English wishes
honorable employment: not particular at
what kind of work. Address B 92, Globe. 4
EMPLOYMENT wanted by a \oung man
twenty-three, in dry goods store or other
light employment ; five and four and a-half
years; references. Address E 42, Globe. 4
EMPLOYMKNT— A young man wants a
place to work iv grocery store or any
kind of inside work; can furnish references.
Address A 41, Globe. 4
EMPLOYMENT wanted by a young man
-Lj twenty years of age in office* or store;
good penman : best of references given. Ad
dress It C, Globe. 4
EMPLOYMENT— Boy 10 years old would
like to have a situation in a grocery store
or hardware store ; speaks German; J 72.
Globe. _^ *_ 3
EMPLOYMENT— Situation wanted by a
young, practical man, speaking German
and Scandinavian : best references. Prank
Wahlstrom, 232 West seventh st. 4
EMPLOYMENT— man that is too
honest to work ou farm would like po
sition. J. W. McGarn, 77 Robert St., South
•St. Paul, Minn. 4
JANITOR— First-class janitor wants post
lion. Address G 70, Globe. 3
ENGINEER— Wanted, situation by engin
eer; first-class reference and state li
cense: no objection to leaving city. Address
F 35, Globe. * 4
FIKKM Situation wanted by a mar
ried man as fireman or engineer. Ad
dress corner South Robert and Itobie, West
St. Paul. 4
PENMAN— A steady young man, who is a
good penman, desires a position good
references furnished. Address G 49. Globe. 4
PAINTER— Fresco and house painter is in
waiting for a job; seven years' experi
ence. Address 11. Smith. 274 lglehart st. 4
PRINTER would like situation in job
office; has had six years' experience:
competent to do any kind of commercial
work. Address X 59, Globe. 3
STENOGRAPHER-Wanted, position as
stenographer or amanuensis; can take 130
words per minute: notes transcribed in long
hand or on typewriter, as desired; thorough
ly experienced; will work all or part of day
•permanently; first-class references given. Ad
dress J 51", Globe. . 143-49
O tent stenographer and typewriter oper
ator, willing to do any kind of office work;
best of references given. Address G, 81,
Globe. 143-15
WATCHMAN— Situation as night watch
» » man ; best of references if required.
Address if. s.. Globe. ' 4
: v irVinsi l«.
OOKKKKPKR— as bookkeeper,
assistant bookkeeper or cashier by a
young lady who has had experience and can
furnish first-class references. Please address
M B 27. Globe. 4
COOK— Position wanted by a middle-aged
lady as cook or housekeeper: the latter
preferred. Address Mrs. P., St. Cloud. Minn.,
care Normal house. 136-140
COOK— iirst-class cook. German girl,
' wants place in private family or hotel.
Call 230 Western ay.. corner Nelson. 4
R Ess M A K I NO — A competent lady
wishes to go in houses to do sewing per
day, cheap. Address 933 Gait st , Mary
.lanson. 4
RKSSMAKER— Has had experience:
would like sewing in families; good fit
guaranteed. Address DO, Globe. 3
RKSSMAKER. experienced, would like
sewing in families; cutting and fitting
a specialty. Please address 662 John st. 4
DRESSMAKER— Competent dressmaker
wants sewing by the day in private fam
ily. Address Young Girls'" Home. 020 St.
Peter st. 4
DRIVER— one wanting a careful
driver, one understanding horses, (car
riage), address WS. Globe. " ' 3
OL'SKWOEK— Wanted, place to dogeu
eral housework, in small family: has
good experience. Call at 141 East Ninth st.,
to janitor. wHUfff 4
AUNDR V WORK-By a girl, who would
like to do wash and laundrvine for pri
vate family. Call at 290 Mississippi's!. 3
TVTURSE— Wanted, situation by a profes
1> sional nurse as such. Address C. Q
Campbell. 419 St. Anthony ay. 4
OF KICK WORK— A young lady writing a
good business hand would like perma
nent position in some office: can give refer?
ences. Address or call B W C, 21 West
Fifth st. 4
SECOND GIRL — German, English or
O American second girl can secure good
place at Douglass' Intelligence, 35 seventh
Bt 144
TEACHER— a position by young
lady as teacher in private family, writ
ing of any kind or clerk in office;" best of
references. Address B 47, Globe. 3
gence nffice will satisfy you; call aud
see. 52 West Tenth st. 138144
WASHING— Wanted, washing by the
> V day. Address Minnie Kirk, near 237
Mcßoal st., St. Paul. \±_L 144
WASHING— a lady to do washing.
» » ironing and house cleaning in private
families. Address 112 Viola st. 4
*lost Aim Foinyp.
OWS LOST— One half-Jersey cow, light
yellow and round horns, and a dark red
cow, part Durham, heavy horns and dark
face. If found, return to 633 Randolph st.
and receive liberal reward. 144-140
Dot; LOST— Black and tan Gordon setter,
xJ marked with white on breast, nose and
tip of tail; plain leather strap around neck;
a liberal reward will be given for any infor
mation concerning him. Cook & Noble,
302 Rice st. 144
ARE LOST— Dark bay mare, mane on
left side, a rub-sore under the body
near the right leg: cable hue shoes: finder
greatly rewarded. Apply SG3 East Seventh
st. i .143-144
OCKETBOOK LOST — A pocketbook
) containing about §00 and a certificate
of deposit for §120, issued by the Peoples'
bauk of St. Paul, in favor of Miss Hannah
Guyer. A liberal reward will be given by
returning to Finch, Van Slyck & Co., Fourth
and Sibley sts. 144-45
UMBRELLA LOST— WiII the person who
took silk umbrella by mistake from third
row, parquette circle, Opera house, Saturday
matinee, kindly return to 397 East Tenth st, ;
reward. 143-14
.'. A. 11. jXicolaj'. Auctioneer.
x 103 West Tenth st., opposite Fort St.,
and No. 78 College ay. ; property fronting on
two prominent streets, running through from"
street to street, between St. Peter and Rice
sts., at auction.. A. 11. Nicolav will sell at
auction,. oh the premises, Monday afternoon,'.
May 28. .1883. at 3 o'clock, rain or shine, No.
103 West Tenth st., opposite Fort st., that
very valuable business property, fronting 60
feet on West Tenth st. and 51 feet on College
ay., by 140 feet deep, running through from-
Tenth st. to College . a v. This valuable prop
erty possesses advautages.owingto its doubte -
frontage, not equaled in any other section,fn
the city of St. Paul for business or residence
purposes. This part of the city, the most
central, is rapidly being improved with the l
most substantial improvements. In its im
mediate vicinity costly flats have been buiit,- -
many others of the most expensive character '
are contemplated, within one block, struct-' '
ures that will cost over $100,000 each. They
will greatly enhance the value of this prop-"
erty within a few months. A first-class apart
ment house, with stores below, sim
ilar to the Blair flats, erected on this lot is
sure to pay from 15 to 25 per cent on the
cost of construction, owing to its close prox
imity to ihe best schools, churches, staje
capitol, street cars and cable line, It is with:
in walking distance of our leading busings
thoroughfares and wholesale business dis
trict, including the custom house, postoffiee, -
U. S. courts and all prominent hotels. The:
present rental of the houses on this lot is $75 ;
per month. The attention of capitalists a;id
the most cautious investors is called to this'
important sale, believing that for" a profit
able, safe and permanent investment this
sale offers inducements second to no other
location in St. Paul. This sale will be abso
lute to the highest bidder. Terms liberal
only one-third cash required; balance can re
main on mortgage for three or five years at 7
per cent interest at the option of ' the pur
chaser. For maps, hand-bills and full par
ticulars apply or write to A. H. Nicolav, Auc
tioneer, No. 116 East Fourth St., or Handy &
Handy, 204 Grand Block. 133-150
E. Hollo-war* Auctioneer.
Carriages— l will sell at public auction
on the premises, No. 302 South Exchange st.
(late residence of Capt. E. V. llolcombe) on
Saturday, June 2, at 3 o'clock p. in., the fol
lowing property: One Rockawav coupe with
pole and shafts, good as new: cost S600; has
been used but little, in perfect order; one
two-seat extension top family carriage with
pole and shafts: been in. use one year, in
perfect order; original cost §300; also the
splendid coupe horse John L, one of the
finest in the city; dark bay. nine years old,
17 hands high, weight "about 1,200, very
stylish, has been used iii the city about two
years: also the elegant and stylish roadster,
Dandy Joe, dark bay or brown, nine years
old. 15ii> hands high. weighs about I.ooo. has
no record, but has shown 2:40 gait on the
ice last winter, is a fine driver and very styl
ish ; this property is offered for sale not from
any fault, but because the owner has no
further use for it; sale positive and terms
cash. For further particulars call on or ad
dress E. Hollowav, auctioneer, 101 East
Fourth st. " 141-144
.auction. I will sell at auction, on the
premises, Saturday, May 26, at 2:30 p.m.,
lot 1, block 84, Adam Gotzian's Subdivision
of Lyman Dayton's addition, being the cor
ner of East Third and Mendota sts., with im
provements very suitable for grocery store
ana butcher siiop; to capitalists I will say
this property can be rented on the day of
sale for $500 per year to good parties; look
this up; 1 will also sell at the same lime and
place the small grocery stock, furniture and
fixtures; also the following horses: One good
pony, two span of heavy work hoises weigh
ing from 2,500 to 2,700, grocery wagon,
open buggy, lumber wagon, sleigh, etc.;
terms easy; for further particulars call on or
address E. Holloway, auctioneer, 101 East
Fourth at. • 141146
Fox & Kory, Auctioneers.
FOX & KOKY, auction and commission
house, 181 East Seventh st., buy bank
rupt stocks of general merchandise for cash,
make, sales of real estate and household
goods; liberal advances made on consign
ments and prompt returns made. A. Korv,
auctioneer. 105*
C. P. Smith's List, 1 :.
61 East Ninth st.
EAL ESTATE direct from owner ; at
prices that cannot fail to close out in '
the next ten days. . ' . y; :■:.•■ > ; '- '<:'
1 2D LOTS near the stock yards.
SOUTH-FACING LOTS, Sargent's add..
St. Clair st. ,V
1 LOT at- terminus new bridge, West St.
Paul. . ; ;;
K-ACRK GARDEN LOTS, larger if de
-0 sired, at South St. Paul. ; '.--;
1 SIX-ROOM HOUSE; good location; in"
1 city. ■
I FARM near South St. Paul. ;; i( '
"C* AS V TERMS; no commissions. -..
fi P. SMITH, 61 East Ninth st.
v^» 144
Miscellaneous City List.
—515.000 for the best brick block on
West Seveuth St., corner James st., opposite
the German Catholic church; all rented,
bringing nearly $1,500 a year; no better built
block and no finer location for business and
increase in value. Inquire of A. R. Kiefer.
190 East Seventh St., Kiefer block. Room 3.
FOR SALE— in block 8, Merriam Park ;
horse and extension top buggy. Capt.
Stevens, Fort Sneiling. 141-147
HOUSE— For sale, a substantial, neat house
of four rooms cheap, 422 Ravoux st.,
corner Fuller st. ' 144-46
REAL ESTATE for sale cheap; nice acre
and five-acre lots fronting on lakes
three to five miles, from St. Paul at $150 to
S2OO per acre and lots and lots with houses
at all prices on and near Rice st. on easy
terms. J. F. Eisenmenger, 472 Rice st.
QOr^H BUYS a nice lot, well located, in
\J<JfJ\J West St.Paul, near school and
street cars; this is $200 below the market.
Address Owner, 608 First ay north, Minne
apolis. , ■ • 143-45
practical course of study; most compe
tent and experienced teachers; largest and
most suitable rooms ; individual instruction
a special feature in all departments; lowest
rates of tuition. Our large patronage enables
us to give more and better instruction than is -
given in any other school in the city or state.
Besides the* commercial and shorthand de
partments, we have, during the summer,
classes in all the English branches. Address
corner Third and Wabasha sts. 120*
UITAK INSTRUCTlON— lnstruments
selected for purchasers free of charge.
Malcolm E. Nichols, 507 Grand Opera Block.
and telegraphy; first-class and exclusive;
lessons day or evening or by mail: send for
circulars. "The Anna C. Drew school, Hale
block, comer Third and Jackson sts. 103*
Commercial course most complete and
practical; shorthand and typewriting taught
by experienced and thoroughly competent
teachers; a German class conducted by a
native teacher; English branches during the
summer term ; rates of tuition very low. Our
large patronage and the number of teachers
employed enables us to give more and better
instruction than can be obtained elsewhere..
Address comer Seventh and Jackson. 102-73
Lessons day, evening, and by mail. Mal
colm E Nichols, 507 Grand Opera block. • :
134* ,r.
RAVEL— Wanted. 400 or 500 yards of
gravel for paving, to be delivered in
June. Inquire at ISO West Seventh st. ,
• . 143-46 '':■:)■s
cash; quantity, quality, new or second
hand not objected to; will make calls at resi- ,'
dence. Address D 80. Globe. 143-47'
LOT— to buy for cash lot or house .
and lot in vicinity of Northern Pacfic
round house. Apply to Stone, 244 East Sev- .
enth st. 144-148 -
All dealers and shippers of these good??
will find it to their advantage to call on or..
write to J Firestone, wholesale dealer in pa
maker's supplies; reference, any respon
sible firm in the city. 262 Jackson st, St.
Paul. Minn. Telephone, 753. call 3. 310*
AP— Wanted to buy a second-hand real
estate map of St. Paul, late issue. II
42, Globe. 14446 •
HO WCASE— Wanted; second-hand for
cash. Address Calhoun & Tracy, 479
Ohio st. 144
WRlTEß— Wanted, a No. 2 Rem
ington typewriter, in good repair, for ;
one month. Address A 7, Globe. 144
music AE.
IANO TUNING, $I— Satisfaction guar
anteed. Samuel Crutchett 205 West
Sixth st. ■•-.-:■••-. . 141-70 .
IANO TUNING— For prompt, first-class
work leave orders at Wnitney's music
store East Third st. - - . 346*
DL. JAMIESON & CO.'S Steam Dye
• Works— Gents' clothing a specialty.
14 West Sixth st., St, Paul, Minn. •/:.-■•.. 134*
200,000 WANTS
Were printed in the 1 Globe's Advertising
Columns in 1887. ..This is the best evidence
that the Globe is the People's Papeb. . -••.'■
- " -- - •'■ i-
1 LYONS & TICKNOR, Druggists, 707 East
' j Third street, corner Bates.
' CONGER BROS., Druggists, 349 University
1 ! avenue, corner Virginia. ..*'■
' MOUNTS & SAWYER, Grocers, corner Ash*
■ ; land avenue and Dale street. .
JA. P. WILKES, Druggist, 759 and 761 Wert
1 ; Seventh street.
. BERKMAN & CO.. 422 Dakota avenue.
) E. FOX, 482 Rice street.
I G. P. WILLIAMS, 648 Reaney street.
FRANK L. OSBURG, 176 Western avenue.
- J. H. HAVES, 441 West Seventh street. ,
*. VAN DUYNJS, Druggist 828 East Se*M
, j enth street .
HIPPLER & COLXYER, Druggists, 199 I
t East Seventh street. , .
, j 470 Jackson street.
>*W I LEES' PHARMACY. Seven Corners.
M. D. MERRILL, books ana stationery, 442
- Broadway.
__^ Houses.
Tj"LAT— From June 1 to Oct. 1. the
x. corner flat, first story, eight rooms, of
002 St. Peter st., all furnished; use of piano,
bath, hot water, electric bell; all modern im
provements. Call at house or at 28 East
Fourth at. D. Miller. 131-100
HOUSE — One house and several tenements
for rent, from 520, 815, $10, §"-", SO; 254
Commercial st. 143*
HOUSE— For rent tenement of six rooms
and attic, near Irvine Park, for $25 a
month. No. 66, German-American Bank
building. 141-150
OUSE AND BARN-Nine-room house
xx and bam; all modern improvements;
1 143 Randolph st. Apply to James O'Meara,
303 Jackson. 138-144
HOUSES— For rent, by the St.Paul Trust
Company, No. 155 East Fourth st., ten
room dwelling on Pleasant ay.. partly fur
nished, and a seven-room dwelling on" West
Seventh st. ; city water, sewer, etc. 40-46
HOUSE— For rent, furnished house; eight
rooms: from June to September: low
rent to careful party. I. L. Mahan, Odd
fellows' block. . 138-144
HOUSE— For reut. eight-room house with
bath and all modern improvements;
one block from cable on Mackubin st. I. L.
Mahan, Odd Fellows' block. 138-144
HOUSE— Nice large house with modern
improvements. 585 John st., for rent at
»L> per mouth. Apply to Dr. Nabersberg. 67
East Third st., upstairs. ■ 144
HOUSE — Splendid, modern, 10-room
house; partly furnished 8-room house;
several flats. Esterlv, Mannheimerl Block.
■ 144 45 "
HOUSE— For rent, from June 1, well-fur
nished house on St. Anthony hill. Ad
dress D 44, Globe. " 144
HOUSE— No. 102!) Reanev street,new nine
room house, $22 per month; water up
and down stairs. Call at 110 East Fourth
sjj ' ■ ■-' " ■ -■ : 144 45
HOUSE— If you want to rent a neat house
111 good neighborhood call on Jellett, 14
Chamber of Commerce. 144
HOUSE— To rent, nine-room house. 307
Laurel ay. Inquire W. C. Riley, Room
28. Globe building. 144-146
pany. 78 East- Seventh st„ Room 9;
rooms recorded in the directory will bring
you many callers.- .'■ : ■ .', 144-146
TJIDWELL ST., 4-IS— For rent, four
-A_» rooms for light housekeeping; water on
floor; all new. 14345
EDAR ST., 506— Pleasant rooms, en
V-* suite or single; board if desired. Di
reclly opposite capitol. 143-44
pENTRAL AY., 17, EAST-One very
v- ' pleasant alcove front room; one single
room, only $0. 142-147
CENTRAL AY., (!H,, WEST-Furnished
v-" room, with use of bath; one block from
street cars ; terms moderate. 143-44
basha and St. Peter— Two very pleasant
furnished rooms, suitable for one or two gen
tlemen; modern conveniences. 144-145
IGHTU ST., 417. EAST— rooms
... for gentlemen or ladies employed dur
, ing day; board; private family. * 143-144
EIGHTH ST., 217, EAST-Two nicely
furnished rooms, one alcove, one small
room, with board. . 144
EIGHTH ST., 257, EAST-Nicely rur
nishcd room. 141-147
ELEVENTH ST., 127, EAST-Comer of
x-J Robert— The most desirable rooms in
the city, with or without board. 4
FOURTH ST., 88 WEST-Furnished and
J- unfurnished rooms lor rent. 143 144
"POURTH ST.. 51. EAST-Ullturnishcd
x. rooms, suitable for light housekeeping;
all modern conveniences. James 11. David
son. Union block. 142-147
-FOURTH ST., 123, WEST-Furnished
x rooms. 144-150
ORT ST., 362. corner Fifth— For rent,
three rooms, with alcove, closets, Phalen
water; convenient for housekeeping; private
house- 143-145
FLAT— rent, a four-room flat centrally
X, located; modern improvements: to re
sponsible .parties only; rent reasonable
Michaud & Michaud, Robert and Sixth sts.
144 ..'..'
RANK LIN ST., 357, NORTH— Nicely
furnished rooms; best place in tbe city
within a few steps of cable and Seventh st
cars - . 144
x. furnished front alcove. room, gas and
bath; vine family. . ».'.-■ { 44.43
pORMAN AY., 013-Two good front
VJ rooms furnished or unfurnished, for
light housekeeping. - • , = . 14344
TGLEHART ST.. 274— Three connecting
x. rooms; first floor; furnished for house
keeping or sleeping apartments. 123-54
JACKSON ST., 607— One large, nicely
v furnished room ; also one good side room :
private family. -•,'.. 143-145
JACKSON ST., 007— One comfortable fur-
O nished room in private family. 143-45
LAUREL AV.,(G42— Furnished rooms to
rent, with or without board; one block
from cable line. ....,---, . r. 144
MARKET ST., 356— For rent, an elegant
furnished front alcove room for two
gentlemeu; also one side room; coll from 7
to 8 in the evening. 14345
MACKCBIN ST., 220— Have a nice trout
room to rent with conveniences ; bath
suitable for two; one block from cable road
Address H M. Globe. 130-146
AX ST., 387, NORTH-Furnished rooms,
single or en suite; modern conveniences
gentlemen preferred. ■ 14-1-50
OLIVE ST., 605— large, unfurnished
front room, with bay window and al
cove, for one or two gentl3men. 144
enth and Minnesota— rooms in
the city for gentlemen. Room 21. 141-48
OBERT ST., 539-Front parlor suitable
for gentleman and wife or two gentle
men ; also two very handsomely furnished
rooms, wilh or without board. 144
OOM-MATE— A respectable gentleman
of good habits wanted as room-mate
rent cheap. 376 Market st. 143-143
l> OOMS— To rent about June 1, gentie-
A» men's apartments in Laurel Terrace,
comer Laurel and Nina ays., one block from
cable line, overlooking Summit ay; finest
■private apartments in the city; steam heat
grates, baths and all modern conveniences
references required. For terms inquire of
W. C. Riley, Room 28, Globe building
,-> 141-150
ROOMS— Large front room, neatly fur
nished, for two gentlemen, or small
room for one; private family; three blocks
from Ramsey street barn." Apply 287
Prairie st. yi ' J44
ROOMS— Nice suite of two furnished
rooms in new cottage at White Bear,
Adjoining \\ llliams house aud Chateaugav
Address B 25, Globe. 144-1
OOM— Furnished room for one or two
ladies or man and wife ; In private fam
ily. Inquire room 6, No. 306 East Seventh
St. ' - .- . 4
ROOMS— For rent furnished rooms, with
or without board. Apply at 142 Ram
sey st. ■ : ' 144-145
ST. PETER ST., 651-One large frout
kJ room on first floor, two rooms on second
. floor for gentlemen. -■ 14446
SUMMIT AY.,77— Nicely furnished rooms
O single and en suite. . 144-145
ENTH ST., 57 EAST— For rent, double
parlors, completely furnished; also, an
alcove room, furnished: low rent. - 138-144
ILTON ST., 53— Four front rooms in
private family; gas, furnace, hot and
cold water baths; no ladles need apply.
'. - 144-48 , . '
WABAMIA ST., 505— Two line large
furnished rooms; also one small room ;
cheap;. private family. . - --, ,- : : .143-48
W~ AIJASHA ST., 574— A nice room for
VV two gentlemen; gas and bath room.
FOR. REST. ' •■■"■ VX 'J-
Rooms— Coulinncd." . ■
WABASHA' ST., 459— Furnished room
with board, $4.50 per week for gentle
men. 144
ABASHAST., Nicely furnished
room; all modern conveniences; op
posite capitol. ;•■ -s 144-45
'-..-" stores; m
STORE— For rent, part of store. - Call at
276 .Jackson. 144
TORE— For reut, a store 25x130 feet,
with three lofts and basement, situated
in the wholesale district. Apply to A. H.
AVilder, 135 East Fourth st. 143-149
STORE, corner ot Kent st. and St.
Anthony ay. . J. W. McClung & Son, 57
National German-American bank. 138-144
TORE for rent; the fine store 305 West
Seventh st. 134*
STOKE— For rent, store, good location for
drug store. R. J. Lewis, 91 East Fourth
st. 144-145
STORES— Three story brick building with
basement; has side track facilities; Nos.
337 and 339 East Third st. Address Russell
& Co., 335 Third st. 14147
Stores— For reut, two fine stores, with
large cellars; nice light offices: several
living rooms and a large hall, in new three
story brick building; centrally located ; will
rent cheap. Kennedy & Co., 98 East Fourth
st. . . 144-511
. Offices.
DESK-ROOM for rent, at 132 East Fourth
st. . 143-113
DESK 800 M —ss, $10 and $15 per
month. Inquire corner Third and Jack
son. Room 5, Hale block. 138-144
OFFICE— A desirable Corner office on the
second floor of the Globe building. In
quire of St. Paul Real Estate Title Insurance
Company. : 136*
ItlcKenney A. Liichauce. '
131 East Fifth street. tsv-- . '
NOTHING LIKE IT— A centrally located
1~ flat of twenty rooms, beautifully fur
nished, at present feeding thirty boarders;
always full ; $150 cleared every mouth : lease
and furniture for sale at a bargain; take the
time to look it over.
NE MEAT MARKET with horse,
wagon and outfit complete; doing nice
business: cheap ; see this before you buy.
WE HAA'E three of the finest boarding
houses 14 and 19-room— sale,
all filled with best clase of boarders, well lo
cated, at a sacrifice and easy terms.
ONE FIRST-CLASS paying restaurant,
good location, at a bargain; investi
PARTIES looking for anything in the
line of Business Chances would do well
to call and examine our mammoth list and
prices. McKenney & Lachauce, 131 East
Fifth St., between Robert aud Jackson.
WE WANT a partner in our office of bus
iness chauces; must be a good pen
man, strictly temperate and furnish first
class references; small capital required.
McKenney & Lachanee. 131 East Fifth st.,
Espy block. : 144
Goocli & 1 aide.
■■•■*->.• First floor, 51 East Fourth st. '
A GROCERY STORE, doing good busi
ness; capital required, 000.
TWO CIGAR and confectionery stores for
$275 each.
OARDING HOUSES in all parts of the
city, ranging in price from $750 to
$1.500. •-.•.-.V.:
OI -ROOM HOTEL, all furnished and full
Ax. of business, for $450: must sell in two
MILK DEPOT and route, selling 140
gallons of milk per day.
AN OLD established commission business
at a sacrifice if taken at once.
trade takes this. Falde & Gooch, 51
East Fourth. . 144
Miscellaneous Business Chances
« CONFECTIONERY, cigars, tobacco and
"O news: also light stock groceries; good
business: cheap rent; good living rooms;
this is an A No. 1 chance; owner leaves
town. Address C 55, Globe. 143-49
EXPRESS, furniture moving and general
trucking business for sale; none but
those intending business, aud- with refer
ences, need apply. Address D 100, Globe.
FOR SALE— best paying dressmaking
establishment in St. Paul; an old estab
lished place: very little money needed; sick
ness the cause ; must be sold "at once. J. 11.
Preston & Co., 406 Wabasha st. 144
FOR SALE A good paying hardware bus
iness. Address Box 177, Faribault,
Minn. 143-49
FOR SALE— A small, first class hotel,
cheap; reason for selling, owner has
other business. Address R. Clausen, Lam
berton. Minn. 141-47
HOTEL— rent from July 1. a furnished
hotel near depot iv good country town ;
a good chance for the right man. Address
Hotel. Globe, St, Paul, Minn. 14348
JF YOU WANT to sell your business, or
sell an interest to enlarge the same, ad
vertise with Advertising Directory company.
78 East Seventh st. 141-4*3
LAUNDRY for sale. 122 Dakota ay.. West
St.Paul, Minn. 144-146
PARTNER "WANTED in general mer
chandise busiuess by June 1 ; intelligent
and experienced Scandinavian or German
preferred: $1,500 to $3,000 required ; annual
business $20,000; must have best of- recom
mendations. For particulars inquire First
National bank, Shakopee, Minn. 141-148
Minneapolis, to rent for five or , more
years, with railway siding, machine shops,
millwright shops, foundry and storage ware
house, with or without power. Apply to J.
P. Thomson, 101 and 103 Third ay. south.
Minneapolis. 61*
ESTAI RANT— sale, half or the en
tire interest in a genteel restaurant;
cheap. Address C 26, Globe. 144
WANTED— with good references
and $100 to $200 cash to manage sale
to merchants in st. Paul of an article that
sells at sight; absolutely no risk. Address
X 75, Globe, Minneapolis. 144
<s?OiU*i TAKES half interest in restau
<pA\J\J rant, centrally located. This is a
bargain.' Call immediately, as it must be sold
this week. Advertising Directory Company,
78 East Seventh st,, Room 9. 14445
BRICK— 800,000 red common brick for
sale by A. J. Hoban, Contractors and
Builders' Board of Trade ; inquire of secre
tary. 144-147
FURNITURE— For sale very cheap, fur
niture of a seven-room house, and house
for rent; location central, and convenient to
street railway. S. E. Middleton, 83 East
Fourth st. 143-49
FURNITURE— Nice furniture, in good
house centrally located, will be sold
very cheap for cash; who needs it? 392
Robert st. 144-48
room flat with modern conveniences;
reasonable price. Address D 34, Globe.
139-45 -
X quantity at Wabasha st. hill. 143-147
EFRIGERATORS— For sale, Simmons
refrigerators at nearly half price; fam
ily and extra sizes. 10 East Fourth st. 144-50
ROCK for sale between Fourth and Fifth
on St. Peter, delivered or at the cellar.
SOME IKON FENCE, with double and
single gates, all complete. Inquire at
586 St. Peter st. 143-144
O cheap; cash or time. Witte Bros., 411
aud 413 Fifth ay. south, Minneapolis, Minn.
Ramsey— ss. In Probate Court, Special
Term, May 22, 1888.
In the matter of the guardianship of Annie,
Louisa and Katie Murray, minors.
On reading and filing the petition of Mary
Murray, guardian of the persons and prop
erty of said Annie, Louisa and Katie Murray,
minors, for license to sell the real estate of
her said wards, at private sale, aud it appear
ing from said petition that it is necessary
and would be beneficial to said wards that
said real estate, or a part thereof, should be
sold; . >
It is ordered, that the next of kin of the said
wards and all persons interested in the es
tate of said wards shall appear before said
Probate Court, at the Probate Office, in the
city of St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey
aforesaid, on the sth day of July, A.D.
1888, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause why a license should not be granted
for the sale of said real estate.
And it if* further ordered, that a copy
of this order be personally served on the next
of kin of said wards residing in said Ramsey
county, and on all persons interested in said
estate," at least fourteen days before the hear
ing of said petition as aforesaid, and by the
publication thereof for four successive weeks,
on Wednesday of each week, In the St. Paul j
Daily Globe, a daily newspaper printed and
published at the city of St. Paul, in said Ram
sep county, the last of which publications
shall be at least fourteen days before said
day of hearing. - - •• -•-.•
By the Court.
[l. ».] E. S. GORMAN, Judge of Probate.
. Attest: Frank Robert, Jr., Clerk.
R. B. Galcsha. Attorney for Guardian.
Fin /c to let • ads. in the Globe are seen by
ats the most people. .
: •'-•*•.■. rERSOSATLS.
FORTUNE TELLER— Mrs. Ellis can be
;■'. consulted on all affairs of life through
the magic mirror; satisfaction guaranteed.
No. 513 Robert St.. Room 10, upstairs. -
; 136-149 _^
MME. DE ■ GROASK, the only reliable
1""-L"- life reader and lady phrenologist that
ever visited this city, is now stopping at 430
Wabasha st., second flat, Room 21 ; lull his
tory SI, three questions 50 cents. 143-145
M ADA 51 : WORTH, St. Paul's
oldest - and best clairvoyant fortune
teller, 402 Minnesota St., between Sixth and
Seventh. . --iT- 1 .-:.<•.-: 141-47
OTICE— party who got Mr. C. F.
JLi Dunbar's saddle, bridle, etc.. from
Cullen's Fourth street stable is requested to
return them at once and save trouble. K. P.
Cullen. - . 138-144
THE PARTY who tiok C. T. Dunbar's
saddle, bridle, etc., from Cullen's livery,
25 West Fourth st., is requested to return
them at once aud save trouble. K. P. Cullen.
' 141-147
the Star Mercantile Company.— Know
all men by these presents that we, whose
names are hereto subscribed, have and do
hereby adopt and sign the following written
articles of incorporation with the intent and
for the purpose of being incorporated, and
constituted and created a corporation under
and by virtue of Title two (2), Chapter
thirty four (34). of the General statutes of
the State of Minnesota and the laws of said
state amendatory thereof and supplementary
Article I.— The name of this corporation
shall be The Star Mercantile Company.
The general nature of the business of this
corporatiou shall be buying, selling, and
trading in all lines and classes ot goods,
'wares, merchandise, and personal property
whatsoever at wholesale and retail, and in
barter and exchange, and also for others as
agent, and on commission, and as incident
to the business aforesaid, to buy, own, hold,
control, lease, mortgage, and sell all such
real estate and property as may be necessary
or convenient in the" prosecution of said
business, or to the interest of the corporation
in that behalf. .
That the principal place of transacting the
business of this corporation shall be in the
city of St. Paul. Ramsey county, Minnesota.
Art. This corporation shall commence
on the lirst (Ist) day of June, A. D. ISBB,
and continue thirty (30) years.
Art. 111.— amount of the capital stock
of this corporation shall be fifty thousand
dollars, and shall be fully paid when issued.
At least one fourth of the capital stock shall
be subscribed for and paid in at the com
mencement of business by the corporation.
Merchandise and personal property, other
than money, may be taken by the corporation
in payment for its stock, the value of such
merchandise and property having been first
fixed and determined by a resolution of the
board of directors, entered on the records of
the corporation.
Art. IV.— The highest amount of indebted
ness or liability to which this corporation
shall at any time be liable shall be thirty
thousand dollars.
Art. V.— The names and places of resi
dence of the persons forming this corpora
tion are Mcintosh Howes. James R. Cooper.
Henry E. Hullsiek, Edward 11. B. Bird and
Richard F. Nachtrieb, all residing iv said
city of St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota.
Art. Vl.— The above-named incorporators,
Mcintosh Howes, James R. Cooper, lieu ry E.
Hullsiek. Edward R. B. Bird and Richard P.
Nachtrieb shall constitute the first board of
directors of this corporation.
The officers of this corporation shall consist
of a president,' vice president, secretary,
treasurer aud general manager, and any two
of said offices may be held at the same" time
by one person. The above-named Mcintosh
Howes shall be the first president and gen
eral manager, and the said Henry E. Hullsiek
the first vice president and secre
tary, and said James R. Coopor
the first treasurer. Said officers and
directors hereinbefore named shall hold their
offices and exercise and discharge the duties
thereof until their successors are elected
and Qualified. The board of directors of
this corporation shall be composed and
constituted of five (5) members, in
cluding said officers. The term of office
of said officers and directors, after the
first herein named, shall bo one year,
and until their successors are elected
and qualified. The government of this cor
poration and the management of its affairs
shall be vested in its officers and board of
directors. The directors, after the first here
in named, shall be elected annually by the
.stockholders at a stockholders' " meeting,
which shall be held at said principal office of
the corporation at said city of St. Paul, at
three (3) o'clock In the afternoon of the
second (2d) Wednesday in February in
each and every year, and shall be so elected
for the year then next ensuing after their
election. The president, vice president,
secretary, treasurer and general manager,
after the first herein named, shall be elected
annually at a meeting of the directors, which
shall be held at said principal office of the
corporation at said St. Paul, on the second
(2d) Wednesday of February in each year,
and immediately after the stockholders'
meeting and election of directors on that
day. by the directors on that day elected,
and from their own members. The first
meeting of the directors herein named shall
be at said principal office of the coiporation
at said St. Paul, on the Sth day of June,
1883, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. The
board of directors shall have the power, and
they may call such special and general meet
ings of the stockholders and directors as in
their judgment the interests or business of
the . corporation may require, and
may at any such special or general meet
ing of the board of directors fill any
vacancies iv any of the offices herein named
of officers or directors, and may make and
enact by-laws for the corporation, and the
same alter or amend at any such special or
general meeting of the board of directors.
No person shall be an officer or director in
this corporation who is not a stockholder
• Article Vll.— The capital stock of this
corporatiou shall be divided into one thou
sand (1,000) shares-of Fifty Dollars each.
In witness whereof, we, the persons herein
before named as incorporators, have here
unto subscribed our names and affixed our
seals this 10th of May, A. D. 1833.
EDWARD R. B. BIRD, [Seal.]
Signed and sealed iv presence of
C. F. Dietz, I
W. Collins, Jr. f
Ramsey County. I"
I, Edward Sturley, a Notary Public within
and for said Ramsey county, do hereby cer
tify that on this 12ih day of May.A. D. 1883,
before me personally came Mcintosh Howes,
James R. Cooper, Henry E. Hullsiek, Edward
R. B. Bird and Richard F. Nachtrieb, to me
personally known to be the same persons
who signed and sealed the above and fore
foregoing articles of incorporation, and they
each acknowledged that they so executed
said articles of incorporation as their free act
Notary Public, Ramsey County, Minn.
[Notarial Seal.]
County of Ramsey. >ss.
Office of the Register of Deeds, )
This is to certify that the within instrument
was filed for record in this office, at St. Paul,
on the 15 th day of May, A. D. 1888, at
3 o'clock, p. m., and that the same was
duly recorded in Book D of Incorporations,
pages 432, 433, 434. M. J. BELL,
[Register's Seal.] Register of Deeds.
Department op State, j
I hereby certify that the within Instrument
was filed for record in this office on the 14 th
day of May. A. D. 1888. at 12 o'clock m..
and was duly recorded in Book D of Incor
porations, on page 141. H. MATTSON,
" Secretary of State.
Ramsey— ss. Municipal Court, City of St.
F. V. Hevderstadt and A. V. Heyderstadt,
plaintiffs, against E. W. Gould, defendant.
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
You are hereby summoned to be and appear
before the Municipal Court of the city of St.
Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota, at a term
thereof to be holden on Tuesday, the 19th
day of June, A. D. 1888, at the opening of
the Court on that day. at 10 o'clock a. m. of
said last-mentioned day, and answer to F. V.
Heyderstadt aud A. V. Heyderstadt, whose
complaint is on file in said Court in a civil
action, and who demand judgment against
you therein for the sum of $105, besides the
costs and disbursements of this action.
Should you fail to aepTMi at the time and
place aforesaid, judgment will be rendered
against you for said sum of §105, together
with said costs and disbursements.
Witness the Honorable H. W. CORY,
Muncipal Judge.
[Seal of the Municpal Court.]
At the city of St. Paul, state and county
aforesaid, this 15th day of May, 1888.
John J. Ahem, Clerk of the Muncipal Court.
J. J. Mullen, Attorney for Plaintiff, St.
Paul, Minn.
Ramsey— ss. In Probate Court, Special
Term, May 21st. 1888. "^
In the matter of the guaraianshlp of Louis
C. Robert, minor. .
On reading • and filing the account of
John Clark, guardian of said Louis C. Robert
minor, and his petition for the examination
and allowance thereof, and for his discharge
as such guardian ;
t. It is ordered, that said account bo ex
amined and' petition heard by the judge of
this court, on Friday, the Bth day of June
A. D. 1888, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the probate
office in St. Paul, in said county.
And it is further ordered, that notice there
of be given to all persons interested, by pub
lishing a copy of this order for two success
ive weeks . prior to said day of hearing, on
Wednesday of each week, In the St. Paul
Daily Globe, a daily newspaper printed and
published at St. Paul, in said county.
By the Court.
[L.3.] E. S. GORMAN, Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert J a., Clerk.
7 ~ - — : — »■
OUSE— Wanted, small house or cottage
x.i within 15 minutes' walk from post
office; reference given. G 64, Globe. -'
■ ■ . .144-45 . ...■;
HOUSE— Wanted, six or seven-room house
in upper town about Aug. 15. Address
A 13. Globe. « .-:'•■;: 143147
DOAKD-By gentleman and wife, suite of
xj two rooms, or alcove room, with board;
must be front and nicely furnished; private
family preferred. D 76. Globe. 144-145
Cor. fourth and Jackson streets— acts as
executor, administrator, guardian, trustee,
assignee, receiver, etc. .
Minnesota. County of Ramsev— ss Iv
Probate Court, General Term, May 7, 1&88
In the matter of the estate of Thomas' Bower
deceased. '
Notice is hereby given that the Judge
of Probate of the county of Ramsey
will, upon the second Monday of the
month of November, A.D. 1888. at 10 o'clock
a. m.. hear, examine and adjust all
claims and demands of all persons against
said deceased: and that six months from and
after the date hereof have been allowed and
limited for creditors to present their claims
against said estate.at the expiration of which
time all claims not presented or not proven
to its satisfaction .shall be forever barred, un
less for good cause shown further time be
By the Court.
[ V" ] aE. S. GORMAN. Judge of Probate.
The St. Paul Trust Co., Executor.
tor. Fourth and Jackson streets— acts as
executor, administrator, guardian, trustee,
assignee, receiver, etc.
T^rm May" V 22; S 'IBKB. rr ° bate t '° Urt ' * pecial
in the matter of the estate of Man- II Steel?
v deceased: * *
Whereas, an instrument in writing pur
porting to be the last will and testament of
.Mary 11. Steele, deceased, late of said comity,
has been delivered to this com t ; -
And, Whereas, The St. Paul Trust Company
has hied therewith its petition, representing
among other things, that said Mary H. Steele
died in said county, on the Bth day of May.
1888, testate, and that said petitioner is the
sole executor named iv said last will and
testament, and praying that the said instru
ment may be admitted to probate, and that
letters testamentary be to it issued thereon;
It is ordered, that the proofs of said in
strument, and the said petition, be heard be
fore this court, at the probate office, in said
county, on Thursday, the Mm day of June.
A. D. 1888, at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon, when all concerned may appear and
contest the probate of said instrument.
And it is further ordered, that public no
tice of the time and place of said hearing be
given to all persons interested, by publica
tion of these orders three weeks successively
previous to said day of hearing, on Wednes
day, of each week, in the St. Paul Daily
Globe, adaily newspaper printed and pub
lished at St. Paul, iv said comity.
By the Court.
l\*J > E 'S' UORMAX. Judge of Probate
Attest: Frank Robert, Jr., Clerk.
J- *" Minnesota. County of Ramsey— ss.
["ss 0 c Court ' Special Term, May 1-4,
In the matter of the estate of Mary L. Wil
mot, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the Judge of
Probate of the County of Ramsey will upon
the third Monday of the month of No
vember. A. D. 1888, at 10 o'clock a,
m., hear, examine and adjust all claims
and demands of all persons against
said deceased; and that six months from
and after the date hereof have been al
owed and limited for creditors to present
their claims against said estate, at the expira
tion of which time all claims not presented
or not proven to its satisfaction shall be for
ever barred, unless for good cause shown
further time be allowed.
By the Court, , E. S. GORMAN,
t. 1 L - -I, , Judge of Probate.
David Saxfowd. Administrator.
Ramsey— ss. District Court.
Eliza Dumars, plaintiff, against George
Dumars, defendant,
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the
above-entitled action, which is on file in the
office of the clerk of the said court, at his office
at the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, and to serve
a copy of your answer to said complaint on
the subscriber, at his office in the city
of St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey.
Minnesota, within thirty days after the
service of this summons upon you, exclusive
of the day of such service: and, if you fail
to answer the said complaint within the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
will apply to the court for the relief de*
manded in the complaint.
DDated May 15th. A. D. 1888.
Plaintiff's Attorney. St. Paul. Minn.
For sale, '250 head large young Mules an*'
horses; 100 Studebaker three and one-half
skein wagons; 100 sets double harness and
four pile drivers, complete: will sell livestock
with or without wagons or horses.
Room 32, National ' German-American Bank
Building, ST. PAUL, MINN.
Office of the City Treasubeb I
St. Paul, Minn., May 81, 1888.' J
All persons interested in the assess
ments for
Opening.Widening and Extending of Chats*
worth street from Hubbard street A
Front street,
That on the 19th day of May, 1888, I did
receive different warrants from the CitJ
Comptroller of the city of St. Paul foi
the collection of the above-named as*
sessments. _-::';
The nature of these warrants is, that
if you fail to pay the assessment within
after the first publication of this notice,
I shall report you and your real estate'
so assessed as delinquent, and apply to
the district court of the county of Ram
sey, Minnesota, for judgment against
your lands, lots, blocks, or parcels
thereof so assessed, including interest,
costs and expenses, and for an order of
the Court to sell the same for the pay
ment thereof.
144-145 GEORGE RElS,.CityTreasurer.
' ■ i ii i ■■ i m
Vacation of a Triangular Strip
of Land on Cedar Street.
City Clerk's Office, I
St. Paul, Minn., May 22, 1888. J
Whereas, A petition has been filed
in this office, by order of the Com
mon Council, as required by law, ask
ing for the vacation of a triangular
strip of land on Cedar street, lying Im
mediately west of lots 4, 5,6 and 7, in
block 12, Robert & Randall's addition to
St. Paul ; and
Whereas, The petitioners state that
they are a majority of the owners of
property abutting upon and along the
line of said strip of land asked to be va
cated, and that the object and reason for
such vacation is, that said strip of land
is of no use or benefit to the public, is
outside of curb line, etc. ; - -
Now, therefore, notice is hereby
given that said petition will bo heard
and considered by the Common Council
of the city of St. Paul on Tuesday, the
3d day of July, A. D. 1888, at 7:3 1
o'clock p. m. at the Council Chamber i:i
the City Hall. .
By order of the Common Council.
City Clerk.
of /. ' : . .■ ,
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