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Dad-Bing- to Replace All the
Naughty Cuss
A Discovery That Saves Men
From Dying- of
To Use an Oath and Yet Be
Polite Now Pos
A Boon to Man and Woman
Alike When Occasion
S THE silent mastiff
steals upon the
dusky chicken thief,
so unexpectedly does
great good come to
the world. History
is full of instances
where the light of
reforms has come so
silently, so gradual
ly, vet so surely that
sleepy humanity has
not recognized the
dawn until the full light of morning
shone. Such a great social and moral
revolution the use of the ex
pletive Dad-bing is certainly
bringing about. Of all possible bene
fits to be derived from the general adop
tion of Volapuk none is of so much im
portance, none promises such early and
magnificent good to mankind as the
substitution of this innocuous oath for
all forms of profanity. In attempting a
pioneer essay upon the numberless
advantages likely to follow the uni
versal use of Dad-bing as the ultimate
expression of violent emotion,
the writer fully appreciates the
vastness of the literary field entered
upon. - No attempt can here be made to
cover this field, but the way can be
opened ' and some suggestions given
which may enable more" gifted pens to
deal with the subject as its magnitude
deserves. Nor can the relative im
portance of the several features of the
topic be now determined. We shall
discuss Ideas in the informal order in
which they present themselves.
First, then, the general use of Dad
bing in lieu of other oaths, will un
doubtedly be conducive to longevity.
Let us suppose a case likely to occur in
the house of any gentleman reader. As
you return lion; a day of toil in office,
warehouse or store, * your wife says
sweetly: '-William, I wish you would
put up another hook in the coat closet;
there is a darling." I assume that you
are not a brute and will, as a matter of
course, at once skirmish around and
find a hook, a hammer and some nails,
and, still un the assumption that you
are human, you will not make
many strokes with the hammer before
you will nearly pound off the end of a
thumb or finger. My well known posi
tion in Sunday-school will not allow me
to write down what you think, nor could
your thoughts be printed if written.
There stand- your wife; behind her. and
beaming over her shoulder, is her moth
er. Within plain hearing are your ten
derly-reared children, and the chil
dren of the rector are at play
with them. You can think till all the
world i. blue before your eyes, but you
do not dare say a word. " In fact the
more you think the tighter must you
keep your mouth shut. At such a crisis
speech is like the explosion of dyna
mite. It leave- scars which never heal.
A man can only save hi., fellow crea
tures at cost of bitter self-sacrifice. The
effort at self-repression is a terrible
strain on his whole nature. It leaves
him moody and irritable. It is con
ducive to indigestion, pains in the
chest blindness of vision, general
debility, paralysis, apoplexy and death.
Every man of proper self-respect can
look back upon crises when the forcible
repression of remarks he wanted to
make has nearly cost him ruptured
blood vessels. How much better had
he studied Volapuk and adopted its all
comprehensive, all sufficient explosive.
In your own case, as above supposed,
you could have Dad-hinged the hammer,
the nail, the hook, the closet, the
man who built the house and the real
estate agent who sold it to you. If your
thumb still ached and your wrath held
its heat, you might have gone on and
dad-binged creation generally, until
witli temper fully restored, pressure on
the brain relieved, stricture all gone
from around the heart, you could have
stepped smilingly from the closet to find
your wife overflowing with glee
and her mother laden with
mirth, sunk in the nearest chair.
It is to be specially noted that while or
dinary profanity has an unpleant effect
on the hearer, awakening sorrow in the
pious-minded and stirring the wrath of
the ungodly, no such evil consequences
follow the use of Dad-bing. Man was
for some wise purpose created without
clothes or natural safety valve for his
temper. Each is a necessity
to good health in this climate.
Dad-bing is a harmless and
perfect safely valve for passion.
As no good argument can be brought
why man should not be clothed, neither
is there any reason why he should not
be Dad-binged. So undeniable are the
health- preserving tendencies of the
Dad-bing habit that 1 am 'confident that
most of those indulging freely in the
Dad-bing now will, in years "to come,
when they reach hale and hearty old
age, be honorably known as Dad-binged
old men.
will wonderfully increase the descrip
tive power of newspaper literature,
which is the every-day pabulum of
nine-tenths of the civilized world. At
present the police reporter in the middle
of a thrilling case in municipal court
will jot down a. part of the evidence,
"Witness added that defendant called
her a old busy body."' Now,
this is painfully indefinite. The reader
is called on to fill the dashed places,
and even then, after being thus
as it were, forced to be profane,
cannot be sure that the right naughty
words have beep bit upon." This may
leave grave reflections on the justice of
the court' in the public mind. If the
defendant called witness a
busy body the punishment inflicted by
the court was amply deserved, but if
the defendant merely used the words
busy body it would seem no
great strain on justice to let him go
free. In truth means just such
wicked words as first came into the
mind of the reader, and no worse.
Dealing with English as she is spoken
the reporter has no recourse but .to fall
back on— . Much of. the most
eloquent and emphatic of every day
language cannot be printed, and utter
ances hot from the heart, indignant pro-
fests against wrong, strong expressions
of joy, or sorrow, or despair sink un
recorded to oblivion. How great the
change which must come with the gen
eral use of the new adjuration.
The newspaper proprietors will have
dashes to sell at half price. Church
people can read police reports and pro
ceedings without involuntary indulg
ence in misfit profanity. The witness
WW say; "Defendant called me a Dad
hinged busybody." There is nothing in
the expression to unfit it for the most
carefully edited news columns. The
reporter will take the evidence down
verbatim ; it will be so printed, and the
public will know just what evidence
the decision of the court was
founded on, aud have the satisfaction
of getting every detail of the news in
Dad-bing will be an important step
ping-stone toward equalizing the priv
ileges of the sexes. The man who dare
not relieve his feelings by swearing be
fore folks may still indulge in that sin
ful luxury iii private. Under present
lingual arrangements a lady will not
swear anywhere. She may dissolve
in tears, which must be a
living process, but where men
would evolve a damn, she can only
evolve damp. A handsome woman may
Dad-bing things, and at once give ex
pression to her feelings, and, if she has
learned to Dad-bing prettily, be it at the
same time more attractive. Very re
cently he writer heard a beautiful
young miss speaking of the Dad-binged
weather, and he was not surprised to
feel an instinctive longing to
hug her. This is not, However, ad
vanced as conclusive proof that
Dad-bing will increase feminine attrac
tions. The same feeling has been called
up by other pretty misses not addicted
to the use of Dad-bing. What Ido
argue is that when a woman may say,
"There, Did-bing it, 1 told you so; you
left the pantry door open last night and
that Dad-binged cat has her head in the
cream jug, and can't get it out," she
will have taken a great stride toward
equal privileges with her husband.
at command of the disciple of Dad-bing
must be found in the religious and
moral aspects of the reform. Neither
press nor pulpit, not even the ten com
mandments of Holy Writ, have any
threat of future punishment for the
Dad-bingor, or the Dad-bingee. Pro
fanity is often an expression of inhuman
hate. Dad-bing implies only tempo
rary vexation, to pass away with
the occasion which nave it birth like a
summer cloud. One may Dad-bing
an offending horse, or hen. hog or hood
lum, and the world recognizes only an
expression of present wrath, which will
leave the soul without stain, and the
temper mellow and serene. No future
evil consequences -are evoked on the
Dad-binged offender, and the offended
has not made himself liable to
repentabce. Habitual profanity unfits
man for the society of the
refined and good. Habitual Dad
bin .ism makes a man amusing, and
commands for him the respect due a
a genial, whole-hearted, big-natured
fellow. Dad-bing is the emotional cli
max of advanced and purer civiliza
tion. No profane man is fit for church
membership, but he who Dad-bings his
evil passion to shreds lias offended
neither against conscience nor the
strictest church discipline. Medical
scientists have discovered harmless
substitutes for opium and tobacco, and
let us off with varioloid in place of
small-pox and inoculated us with Pa
risian rabies in place of hydrophobia.
These were great discoveries, though
only guards agoinst fleshly ills. It has
been left to philologists to .provide a
harmless substitute for soul-destroying
profanity. One thousand and one other
advantages must force themselves on
the mind of the careful student.
Dad-bing will make possible strong
and eloquent expression of emotion on
great occasions in the domestic circle,
or in society, with no offense to pro
priety. Dad-bing will ease the friction
of elections and eliminate one great
element of wickedness from politics.
Dad-bing gives the saint equal advan
tage with the sinner in orations over
millinery bills and household ex
penses. The devotee of Dad-bing
need not peril his immortal
soul over the doughnuts at
the railway eating house. There is
hardly an end to the long list of benefits
pouring in on the world under the new
dispensation. I pause, not because ray
subject is exhausted, but for fear that
my article may be too Dad-binged long.
1 trust a grateful public will remember
me as first to recognize worth and mag
nitude in a reform which is about to
deluge with linguistic benefits a Dad
binged world. E. D. '-Taylor.
Says Gresham to Hiscock, "Well I'll switched
If I don't think that Sherman's bewitched."
Says Hiscock 10 Gresham, "Betwixt you and
If home in time comes J. G. 8.,
Do you know what we get, the whole of
us three?
Two lovely black eyes.
Two lovely black eyes.
Oh. what a surprise.
If Jimmy comes back, we'll be laid on our
With two lovely black eyes."
— Digley Bell.
Miscellaneous City List.
—515,000 for the best brick block on
West Seventh st., corner James st., opposite
the German Catholic church; all rented,
bringing nearly 51, 500 a year; no better built
block and no finer location for business and
increase in value. Inquire of A. R. Kiefer.
190 East Seventh st.. Kiefer block. Room 3.
111-150 ■
teen-room house in Suburban Hills ad
dition near the fish hatchery and a few min
utes'' walk from the Bnrliugton shops; rented
at present for $30 per month ; also ten lots in
same block: will be sold noon reasonable
terms; one-third cash down, remainder three
or four years* time. Inquire of William
Smith, 763 Jackson st. 148-149
COTTAGE— For sale or rent, furnished or
unfurnished, a commodious cottage on
the shores of Lake Pepin; house has wide
porches, Venetian shutters, surrounded by
large lawn and .erry. and commands aii
uninterrupted view of the lake and the his
toric Maiden Bock; fishing, bathing and
boating in perfection: just the place for a
summer house; within two and one-half
hours' ride of the Twin Cities. Address
-Marion Lee. Lake City, _ linn. 143
FA KM FOX S._T_K^*HKAI*^T2O acres;
CO acres broken ; railroad depot, lumber
yard and elevator within 10 rods of land;
snap for some one. 10 East Fourth st.,
Boom 1. •_; 148
of furnishing goods, 320 acres of land
in Southern Minnesota. Advertising Direc
tory com v. 78 East Seventh st., room 9.
FOX Handsome ten-room resi
' ,de_*ce,*_G3 Portland ay.. between Arun
del and Mackubin sts., with fifty, seventy or
eighty-Aye feet of ground as desired ; every
thing first-class: good large barn, and alley
paved with cedar blocks ; would exchange for
ni-ttkages.* - Merriam «£ Moore, 9 Gilfillan
Block. 143
FOX >"ALE- $3,000 buys a new eight
room house, lot 50x150, 20 minutes'
walk from postoffice; terms easy; Address A
90, Globe. * 148-149
I^OK SALE— Cottage at White Bear Lake,
seven rooms, near Cottage Park depot.
J. Quincy Haas, 328 Jackson st. 145-51
FOX SAUK— My residence, 235 Pleasant
ay.. brick house, ten rooms, all modern
improvements; beautiful grounds. J. Quincy
Haas. 145-51
FOX SALE— House and lot, Page st.. West
St.Paul; easy payments; price SI. 350.
J. Quincy Haas, 323 Jackson st. 145-5 1
poiKTKKX ACKKS of land fur sale
A eight miles from city beside J. J. Hills
farm, or will trade for city property; will
sell cheap. Apply 58 East Third st. * 148
HOUSE— For sale. S-room house, fur
nished; centrally located. Inquire of
Michaud it Michaud. 392 Robert st. 148
HOUSK— sale, a two-story, nine-room
house, with lot, on Western ay., No. 314.
. 14S-54
REAL ESTATE for sale cheap; nice acre
and five-acre lots fronting on lakes
three to five miles from St. Paul at §150 to
$200 per acre and lots and lots with houses
at all prices ou and near Rice st. on easy
terms. J. F. Eisenmenger, 472 Rice st.
SMALL SAVINGS invested in a §150 to
1290 lot in Midway Hills, between the
cities, will pay four times as much in five
years as the same amount at 6 per cent com
pound interest for same time; investigate
this. 147-143
/""-.(TV -j ACRES fertile land in Dakota
*JAi\J county, eight miles from St, Paul or
Minneapolis limits; £25 an acre; genuine
snap 392 Robert st. --•. .',_ 148
'£___'--__ BUYS an elegant south-facing
%/KJfJKJ lot on Ross st.; street graded; two
blocks from street cars. Inquire at 1111
Dawson st. 148
•21 O ()(\f\ FROM purchaser who wishes
%fL/<^^\J\)yJ to buy way below the mar
ket price, two of the finest inside pieces of
real estate. 392 Robert st. * . 148
______ ■___ °- '»'*'-'rs received from an ad in
IfIOPG Sunday's Globe than from all
other Sunday papers.
D. H. Dilettanti's List.
333 Jackson St. -
$*-_ nnn BIIVSa beautiful lot on Ash
'J^KJKJKJ land ay., near St, Albans st. ;
this is a bargain. .D. H. Michaud. ' "■ --
(£*_) r 7()(\ BUYS three beautiful lots,
'*•*'•-. # KJKJ corner Jenks and Agate sts. ;
these lots are well worth $3,000. D. 11.
_____"*_{_ KA<;H buys beautiful lots at
»IP T U_/V-/ Hamline, on easy terms; only a
few left. P. 11. Michaud. _
*__-_f-f_ Kvt ' H buys fine lots a short dis
. OUU tance from Bohn Manufacturing
company; terms, 850 cash, balance 810 per
month. D. 11. Michaud.
Of k ACRES in Dakota county, near Rose
<J\J mount, at ßll per acre; this is a big
bargain; it must be sold at once. D. H.
Michaud, 333 Jackson.
<£.*» (\f\C\ BUYS ft line south-facing lot
*P*J)\JKJKJ on Tilton St., near St. Peter st.
D. H. Michaud, 333 Jackson st. _^
0 A (\ ACKKs— The finest stock farm in
/w*_b KJ Dakota county, location and nat
ural advantages considered; 200 acres of
plow land and natural meadow; -forty acres
of splendid young timber and a mile of clear
spring water; building in good repair; only
forty-rive minutes by Minnesota & North
western railroad from St. Paul and eighty
rods to depot; will sell at very low figures if
sold soon. D. 11. Michaud.
Gil 9_ W I BUYS two beautiful lots cor
<?±)As\J\J ncr Earl and Suburban ay. .
<%*-) >~»f*jA BUYS a new seven-room
•Js 'J^wUv house and lot on Rondo st.,
east of Mackubin st. D. H. Michaud, 333
Jackson st.
FOR SALK-A beautiful piece of property
on Canada st., to be sold at a bargain if
sold soon; please look this up. D. H.
• Michaud. BB!S*__i
<filn HMO BUYS a beautiful piece of
<PL<J)\J\J\J "ground on Olive st., 100x150
feet, covered with fine shade trees, and also a
twelve-room cottage, with all modern im
provements; rented for $05 per month. D.
11. Michaud, 333 -lackson st.
**_ 1 OHO JJ UYS a beautiful lot, 50x150
W^xiKJKJKJ feet, on Park ay., near I'm
versity. D. H. Michaud.
SQO/*) BUYS a fine south-facing lot on
.v *_/ Fuller st., near Victoria st. D. 11.
***__«_ i) 00 BUYS two beautiful . south"
•4. 0--1-/ v. KJ facing lots on Marshall ay.,
near Western. D. 11. Michaud.
*•£*-_ *9n_ _ BUYS three beautiful lots,
<?O«^UU 50x150 feet each, facing on
\*» est St. Paul park; this is a snap; they must
be sold at once. D. H. Michaud, 333 Jack
sou st. 148
_ Eatvton Bros." last.
175 Dakota avenue aud 305 Jackson street.
Bear Beach on Saturday, June 2.
A_.I_.UTKD number of cottages and
houses for rent or for sale on very easy
IF JJ-KSIKKD will build one for you, but
you must speak quick.
OKK our bargains to-day.
$*4 300 ' VSa *' ; - lla P-" Look this up.
*-*_*? OHO S^'L'UKKS a residence lot in
W^iWyj the choicest residence portion
on the West Bide,
**_ 1 '-_«' )i ) BUYS a line lot on East Wini
*#ly_> UU fred st.
Si 100 TAKK!S a bar Saio. on Concord
S-^Of) BUYS nice lots near Concord
»4? I KJ KJ street motor station.
J£l P. 0 BUYS two lots on Oakdale ay.
<£t>f \l \ ONLY for lots in block 76, Ban
». OvU niug & Olivier* s.
•s**) I\l \(} I ' ol4 a good business lot on
*4J?>C.,UUU Dakota ay.
"***.' C _0( ) - , °** i acre lots near city.
WKUAVKa few five-acre lots left in
same locality; we will cheerfully show
you any of this property.
Wt: HAVE a tine stock farm upon which
a large amount of hay can be cut, for
sale cheap or for rent. Apply at either office,
175 Dakota ay.. or 305 Jackson st, ~l_S
Elliott. *%. hi (titer & Co.'s List.
1..» Kast Third st.
ST OHO BUYS tine nine-room hens-*
• -.» « i\J\J\J on Laurel, near Kent; house
cost about $5,000 to build.
ST /-Snn** m ** HOUSE AND LOT on
•**'■ iKf\J\J Ashland ay., near Mackubin
st. (Woodland Park).
S"_ Of M- 1 ' 011 ; * ,ie>v eight-room house
•4:" _/ I KJKJKJ 011 Dayton ay. where it is finely
paved, west of Dale: lots held at §4,000.
**•_'-_ Of in TO «*,OOO for a fine home on
•4. 'J't/UU Fuller st., near Western ay.
S"9 TOn - * seven-room home, on
V^*v-> I \J\J Martin, near Date.
Si-O Of ]() TO s °° for a couple of
V-****«'*)V'v. v/ newly-built houses on Iro
quois st., near West Seventh st. car line.
__9 .*.( _ FOX a fine building lot on
•..''ViUUU Grand ay. ; street cars at your
S J. O(M) BUYS a beautiful building lot
V-f *_**_**_* in Highland Park, near Dale.
•**_'_ _ _OH WILL buy yon a pleasant
%>*J»KJKJKJ home on Maria ay., near East
Seventh st.
S*-_ '--OO 1- OK a pleasant eight-room
KJKJKJ KJ house on Conwav, near Maria
ay. : this is a bargain.
•_> {<()_) * FOR four beautiful lots next
■**"■*'. KJKJKJ door to Hamline university.
WK HAVK a number of tine building
» t lots on Dayton's bluff.
FARMS — Have some of the finest stock
_ and dairy farms in Dakota county.
•**_*-_ 9 nO BUYS fine building lot, fort y-
V w-^UU six feet front, on Marshall
ay., near Dale ; a snap.
•^•-l *-_< WJKOK a couple fine building
*r,'*Ji»JKJ KJ lots on Ashland ay., near Dale.
, 14S ■
I*. I. Abbott's Listof~Bapgaius.
3*-.' Chamber of Commerce.
S*-_ *-^Of BUYS live-roomed house and
'tP'-Ji^KJKJ south-facing lot ou Marshall
ay., east of Victoria st. ; street graded and
side walked, water and sewer; the lot alone
is worth more money; call at once to secure
this bargain.
SI 7T)f)- OXK LOT left, south-facing,
V- 1 . ' VJVJ on University ay., between St.
Albans and Dale; you know they are worth
SI ( )^__ 1 tOK UINK LOT. 50x125 to
H>X)KJiJKJ alley, 011 Goodrich av.;§2oo
cash; balance J2O per month.
QO-FOOT COX.M.X on Ashland, near
*J^ Hamline ay.. with fine shade trees;
$2,200 buys it if sold in ten days.
GJ'T ) F °B finest lot in Syndicate No. 5:
*-' ' fJSJ it is a beauty, and you had better
buy it; terms easy.
A SNAP in acres between cities: very cen
tral; you cannot afford to pass thia'care
lessly by ; see me.
•ii ft'!.! I ' OKa tine lot in Summit Park;
J**-* .W KJ south face on Lincoln ay., near
Victoria; this is very, very cheap; must be
sold ; half cash.
RK_ IKMBKK— I am advertising bargains,
and dealers themselves purchase from
me, admitting that they are such. Recollect,
I have removed from 390 Jackson st. to Boom
32. Chamber of Commerce building. l __
A. B. YVilgns & Co.'s List.
35-1 Jackson St.
WE CONTROL more business property
than any other firm in the city. It will
pay you to see us before you buy. See our
partial list of exclusive bargains.
*••___ Vlf V B4 * , *' , *''* , on East Seventh st.
*}P KJ iV_A- V7 near Margaret.
♦♦.19 /-|nn- KRICK BLOCK. West
%4*A/^ s t- _/ _./ Seventh st. near Chestnut
st. ; pays 10 per cent.
<E*o O^O — ANOTHKR 20 - FOOT '
'JA*^As*J\J piece on State st., running
through to Robeitsou.
*259 r 7 ! Sl\~ ,to KKKT on Concord st.,
•y/v^ I *JKJ near state.
•**_ 1 Of ) n-'" 5 * FOOT CORNER on St.
'J±KJi\J\J\J Peter St., between Seventh
and Tenth sts.
Sf_ P\( U*t— CHEAPEST HOUSE on St.
tyKJfUKjKJ Authonv hill, Holly ay., near
Dale st.
W^KJ^KJKJKJ block; pays 10 per cent
'JO f)/Ut— near Seven cor
*J*J^\J\J\J ners; pays oyer 9 per cent.
ST )0 — HOUSE AND LOT on Port-.
»4. I )UkJkj land ay., near Kent st.
CO_IE direct to us for your inside business
property. •*
COME direct to us for your Concord st. :
property.* A. B. Wilgus & Co., 35-1
Jackson st. 14._
Burger & Buhl's List.
110*.; East Fourth st.
A BIG BARGAIN- Six lots In block 17 :
and four lots in block 4, Merriam Park
Third addition. .
BUSINESS LOTS at Gladstone, oppo
site shops. .:*'.,
-j f\ ACRES near Midway Hills. '■
POOD purchase money - mortgages for
1 VX gale. * 118
Host A: Cresej-'s Exchange ' List.
- 134 East Fourth st. . ".
• change for vacant- property, or unim
proved In all parts of the city to exchange
for improved; we do a general exchange
business. HESSE*
VIO^UUU exchange for good St.Paul or
Minneapolis real estate.
E ALSO HAVE a nice farm in Buffalo
county, Wis., to exchange for a good
house and lot; will pay balance in cash. "" '
LOOK THIS UP— We have a beautiful
residence, with lot 50x150 feet, on John
st., near Grove; will take a cheaper house
and unimproved property for the balance.
DEAD THIS— The best retail stationery
AY business in the city; stock about $3,000*
established for years; owner retiring fropj
business, will take good St. Paul real estate*
in exchange ; never offered for sale before^?
A FINE LOT at Gladstone or Lap
Phalen, lake front, to exchange for**
good team.
ALSO one of the best boarding-houses in
the city; will take part cash and bah*
ance in real estate. ciß
A BIG SNAP— Forty acres near Gladstone
on the White Bear road, to exchange
for improved city property, or sell at a bar
gain; owner in the East. ,
EMEMBER if you have anything to ex-'
change in St. Paul or outside, call and
see or write us, as we make this a specialty.
Host & Crescy, 134 East Fourth st.
CI O'.n WILL BUY a fine lot on
•VJ-^U* Charles st., near Dale: south
facing. ---■_* -„-:
CI Onf\ FOR A GOOD 7-room house
vprif^KJKJ on Fifth st., near Maria ay. ;
$500 cash : balance monthly.
<&"l f<{"in— AN ELEGANT corner on
•jjJLsULU,* Hudson ay., Dayton's bluff.
GIA Onfl— THE CHEAPEST house in
•&^l*J\JkJ Summit Park addition; nine
rooms; nearly new ; Owasco st.
CI 7f\( I— A FIVE-ROOM house and
*•. -l** / KJKJ lot on Charles st. ; south-fac
ing; you can't afford to miss it.
C*_> non* - A HANDSOME lot on Car
•l. *Jm\JKJ\J roll st., between Farringtou
and Virginia ays. ____t_J_K
CI Rn7_— , * OT on University ay.. near
■•ffl-jOVJvI/ Dale; snap; south-facing.
(gO OOn _ on Martin st., near
'■JjAi^AsKJKJ Arundel; south-facing.
IF YOU have anything to sell or exchange
don't fail to see or correspond with us.
Kost A Crescy. No. 134 Fast Fourth st. 148
Peter Schoiiarth Jr.. List.
63 East Third st.
SI £)()()— BAYTON AY., "ear Lexiug-
Cs/t — LOTS at Northern Pacific shops;
«4"*"* i. KJ $50 cash and $5 per month.
*t_/1 trCnn— HOUSE AND LOT on Holly
*£> -t.^UVJ'VJ ay., this side of Grotto st.
KP/4/^KjKj\J on Iroquois st., near West Sev
enth st., on monthly payments.
CO"*7 EOT 0U Blair st., near St. Albans.
(Si A F\( LOTS on Dayton's bluff on
tp**__<_*L> monthly payments.
CJj-Tnn— LOT ou Lafond st., near West
_> .Onn~ IVEW HOUSE; seven rooms;
*J^*DkJKJ on Dawson st., near Arcade.
CI in PER ACRE— Ten acres near Sun
£l __U fish lake, West St. Paul.
S_*_*_ \t I— HOUSE aud lot ou Rose St..
V / KJU near Cortland.
**•_{_ K/Wl-WK HAVE one of the finest
*tJK))iJkJKJ houses and lots in St. Anthony
Park to trade for city property. 148
IS. F. itlaryin-s List.
A FINE PIECE of improved property
on Summit avenue for the value of the
land only.
LOTS in North Heights and Peoria Park;
station on premises; $175 to $300: only
$10 down and $5 per month.
ItX each. *-.-". --.-•; J
OI'SE AND LOT, $150; on monthly
paymente. „
BRIGHTON PARK, $300 each; monthly
payments. v-
C OTTAGE AND LOT, Bald Eagle. $406;
- will rent this for season, $60.
for sale or trade for real estate. ' -
VI 7" .L TAKE a good pair of driving
V V horses in exchange for real estate. r
IV YOU WANT to buy. sell or exchange
real estate, call on R. F. Marvin, 45 East
Fourth- st. _ - .' . ■ ' 148
Merriam __ Moore's List. ;:
IDWAY HILLS-Only $150 to $2..0
each for lots between the cities; as near
the centers as Merriam Park; $25 cash, bal
ance $10 per month. Call for maps aud
YOUNG MEN and young women, invest
your small savings in a lot in Midway
Hills, between the cities; only $25 cash and
$10 each month. In a very few years it will
buy you a home or start you in business.
BOYS who are at worn and can save a lit
-L_» tle money, don't spend it. but buy a lot
in Midway Hills, between the cities. " Soon
it will be paid for, and before you are of age
it will bring enough to start you in business.
PARENTS, buy your child a lot iv Mid
way Hills: a small amount now and a
trifle each month will pay for it. Before
your child is of age this lot between the cities
will be very valuable.
MA SAVINGS invested in a $150 to
$250 lot in Midway Hills, between the
cities, will pay four times as much in five
years as the same amount at 6 per cent com
pound interest for same time; investigate
this. • 143
S. E. Mi<l<lleton*s last.
83 East Fourth st.
ci 9 / l. _- FIXJfc - LOTS in A. E. Ram
tpX^AjfJKJ sey's addition, on Hague aye.;
$500 cash. Here is a very cheap lot.
C*9 I'MA- ONE of the cheapest lots in
•4. <**■«•■•) KJ V. Holcombe'e addition, on Ash
land aye. ; worth $3,000 now.
CQf \f\— EOT iv Syndicate 5. This is be
'ii'OUU low market.
*•_._ £(\( \ 1 " OK a beautiful lot in Merriam
•i?I,UUU Park, fronting Marshall aye. ;
very* easy terms.
C.l L?nn- FINE LOT, ou Con-'
<i?-l-) KJKJ way. near Mendota.
"____( )( I— LOT fronting Rice st. ; fine place
CI *-_00 _ I,>K ]LOT on Maple ay..
'4PJL}<_il_*V_" near Hastings.
convenience, for rent; centrally located.
EVEN-ROOM HOUSE for rent, and
furniture for sale.
ANTED— To buy some small mortgages.
No delay in furnishing the money. 148
St.Paul Invest incut Company's
Room 8, 94 East Fourth st.
TO EXCHANGE for first mortgage, the
corner of Duluth and Minnehaha ; as
sessments paid and clear from all encum
■3-*9 P\(}( V— FINE lot in Niniuger &Dou
%>As)%JKJKJ nelly's addition. 3
CI m_ |— CORNER of Chatsworth anil :
■3-L.HJU Carroll sts. , * '
**£_ -_*-_-_■_- I " I3fE building lot on Aurora ;
%Ji-^KJtJKJ ay., near Kent st. "-_*
WE HAVE a nice house on the cornerof'
Bidwell and Susan sts. to exchange
for vacant property. j '
CI *A\ in—ONE-THIRD CASH, forlols' 1
*p±)tJ\J\J in A. E. Ramsey's addition. i [
CI nnn- aiAKs HALL AY., Oakland
•pI^ KJKJKJ Park addition. J j
**__ ( inn* - lotH on Da y ton a *»*-, near'
V?L<« \J KJKJ Macalester depot. ' |
CrO/^O— LOTS at North St. Paul; $*^>
*D^/*JKJ cash. $10 per month. 143'
J. Eagan A Co.'s List. __
CO 1 i FOR SIXTY FEET on Fuller
V/<_ XKJKJ st., near Kent; will take a rig
as part of first payment.
CO /*;nn XA * : for three lots on Rile*
•4. '**'♦) *J KJKJ hart St., near Kent: a $20,000 !
house being built within 300 feet of them.
_£•*_ .--"_-- a store and two te"e
*^>UmKJKJKJ ments, rented for $45 per
month : all on easy terms.
ANY property you want sold and list
with us cheap, we can sell it. J. Eagan
«_ Co., 20 West Sixth st. 148
J. J. W.i i- ,1 last.
363 Carroll st.
CO nnnHUYS handsomest five-room
<JAs^KJKJKJ cottage on the hill; full lot,
barn: must be sold, owner going East.
WO LOTS, southeast corner Magnolia
jj and Edgerton sts., 75 _;x125, at a sacri
fice. * -- . „ _.. ■ ... .- ;.
•iii 7nn— l"**-"** south-facing lot, 40x'
'*'*-« V/V/ 217, on Summit av.,"Merri
am's third add:' ' . - 148.
' Milliard A Burton. "
. 323 Jackson st.
TT USES for sale in all parts of the city.
A CANT LOTS for sale in all parts erf
the city. - .
ONEY TO LOAN on city property at
low rates ; no delay. ■ "148
M. A. Big-Tonl's List.
____^ ' 360 Jackson st. . .
Qn FEET on Marshall, south-facing, near
vgv Arundel, $8.000; one-third cash.
OUTHWEST corner of Marshall and
Grotto, .121x131.5, $10,0-0; one-third
, cash. * -.- •
OUTHWEST corner of Miller and Mar
shall, 40x131.5. $3,600; one-third cash.
NORTHWEST corner of Marshall and
Miller, 120x138.25, $10,000; $3,000
, C**\sh. , . -
LOTS 7 and 8, block 2, Anna E. Ramsey's
addition, $1,500 each: one-fourth cash,
balance one, two, three and four years.
OTS 13 and 21, block 16, Anna S. Ram
sey's addition, $1,350 each: one-half
j OTS 19 and 20, block 5, Rogers* addition,
-i-^ $2.050 each; ona-half cash.
LOT 8, block 19, Summit Park, $2,550;
one-half cash.
(CORNER Rice and Oliver, lots 9 and 10,
"*-' block 11, Auerbach & Hands, $3,250;
one-third cash.
EOTS 19 and 20. block 1, Oakland Park,
$2,500 for both: one-third cash.
.1 Qn FEET on corner of Grand and Dun.
m\J lap, south-facing, $8,250; terms easy
nLOTS, block 6, Ryan Syndicate, ' $350
each, one-third cash, or $50 cash
and monthly payments.
MLOTS in Auerbach & Hand's addition,
Seven corners; $300 each, $100 cash,
balance monthly payments.
Charles, near Western, south-facing,
three feet above grade; city water; $4,000.
$1,000 cash ; must be sold by June 1, and at
that price.
Seven-room house; city water; $3,000,
one-half cash.
v-J KJ Western, with an elegant twelve-room
house, water, sewer, bath, etc.; $15,000;
terms to suit.
A. BIGFORD, 360 Jackson st.
11. F. Scliwabc*.. List.
110 .it East Fourth st.
located residence lots for $550, with
«50 down and $10 per month : only twenty
minutes' walk from the union depot; four
blocks from public school; streets graded
and sidewalked to within one block; free
from all incumbrance; title good; before an
other year is passed street cars will run with
in one block, as they are only a block from
the Earl street boulevard.
J —Fifty-foot lots for $225, on monthly
payment; $100 cheaper than auv others of
fered in this locality ; or a 25-foot lot for
$125; don't fail to get one of them; great
improvements in this locality. 148
BUGGY'— $55 buys a full leather top side
bar Brewster buggy for three days. 952
East Seventh st. 148
CARRIAGES, buggies of every style at
lower prices tnan can be bought of
any other dealer in St.Paul; two-seat car
riages, buggies, phaetons, surreys, rockawavs,
cabriolets, jumpseats, canopy tops, carts,
two-seated wagons, express" and deliver.*
wagons and harness. Call, before purchas
ing, King's carriage rooms. Fourth and Min
nesota. 145*
I DRIVING HORSE wanted for his keep-
XJ ing; will board in any first-class stable.
Address Horse, Globe. . 148
horse, harness and wagon. Call 327
George st. • ■ 1455
FOR SALE — Two-seated, second-hand
Surrey, nearly new; cheap. 15 West
Third st. * 143
FOR SALE— A pair of well matched rid
ing and driving ponies; cheap. Apply
at 59 Western ay. 148-151
FOR SALE— for cash, a good
: horse, kind and gentle: good roadster,
any lady can drive her. W. R. Ladd, 13
East Third st. .-.;." 148
FOR sale— black horse, good driver,
, at 567 Broadway. -=•— . . 147-14S
FOR SALE— A carriage team, bright bays
with black points, full brother and sis
ter, five and six years old. 16% hands high,
weight 2,600 lbs., sired by George W. Sher
wood's standard-bred stallion Bavmont; for
further particulars address Jay La Due &
Sous, Ln Verne, Minn., or inquire of George
W. Sherwood, St. Paul, or C. H. Matson.
Minneapolis. lis
FOR SALE — Fine driving horse, phae
ton and harness, cheap for cash. Call
at' 209 East Fourth st.; up stairs. 148
FOB SALE— A good, family horse; free
driver. Address Horace F. Gove, 175
Western ay., St. Paul, Minn. 143-149
OR SALE— Hay horse five years old,
sound and kind, suitable for "family or
general use: also buggy and harness; will
sell separate or together. 445 Goodhue st.
sound and gentle; six years old. Apply
at 137 Dale st. 148
ORSES AND PONIES— Three carloads
horses and ponies, just arrived, will be
found at 951 Fuller street, near Catholic
Orphan Asytum. 147-148
buggies cheap, at Balfour's, 488 Selby
ay. 146-49
HORSE for sale cheap tor cash; call and
sec him. 589 Wabasha st., between 12
and 1 o'clock. • 143
INSURK your horses and cattle in The
Sterling Live Stock Insurance company,
509 Lumber Exchange, Minneapolis. 136*
ILL mare with foal, weighing 1450. 202
West Seventh. 147-153
UST BE SOLD— A heavy team of
ILL draught horses, with wagon and har
ness; worth $400, will take $300; cash $200,
balance on time; call at once ; 321 Robert st.
OMNIBUS— For sale, a new omnibus at
202 West Seventh; the same pattern as
used by the Warrendale line, 147-153
RIG FOR SALE— Good two-seated family
rig cheap. Apply at Mitsch's Carriage
shop. 148
TEAM— One big team weighing 3000
JL five and six years old. 202 West Seventh
RUCKS— Wanted to buy, two or three
-L second-hand trucks, in good repair. In
quire foreman 0. G. Kolff's wood yard, Como
ay., near Elevator B. * 143
AGON— For sale, a good strong de
livery wagon, at No. 20 Fillmore ay.
WORK TEAM, seven and eight years
old, weight 2. 150, new wagon and
harness; will be sold separately if desired.
Call at 271 West Seventh. 143
i*WL'Sl€.A__. "^
PIANO FOR SALE— A square piano. G.
Siegenthaler. 6 West Third st. - 148
PIANO TUNING, $I— Satisfaction guar
anteed. Samuel Cmtchett, 205 West
Sixth st. 141-70
PIANO TUNING— For prompt, first-class
work leave orders at Whitney's music
store East Third st. 346*
ii 1 Barmour piano, $65.
.., 1 Gilbert piano, $75. ■••..
o 1 Phelps <_ Co. piauo, $100.
[X 1 Seibert »_ Co. piano, $125.
V -a;C •_ 1 Emerson piano," $150.
c .' 1 Hale piano, $150.
-A.ll In perfect order and tune in every way.
Payments $3 to $6 per month. Whitney's
Music Store. , 148
C'I'TA BUYS Ru elegant upright piano,
«4px / _/ nearly new; cost $400. Call on
or address S. W. Raudenbust. 148
BOARD AND ROOM wanted by two gen
tlemen in private family June 1 ; cen
tral location and state terms. • Address F S
N, Globe. 143
BOARD AND ROOM wanted in part nay
for new upright piano. Address B 9.'
Globe. 148
BOARD AND ROOM by two gentlemen,
$25 per month each. G, 74, Globe.
ar-- 147-148
ROOM AND BOARD wanted by young
gentleman in a private family within
two blocks from cable; references given.
Address G 73, Globe. 148
ROOMS— Wanted, alcove room or two con
necting rooms, for gentleman, wife and
daughter ten years old, with or without
board; hill preferred; 6 o'clock dinners. J •
M. 8.. 352 Drake block. 145-148
±V Minnesota, County of Ramsey— ss. Iv
Probate Court, General. Term, * May 12,
1888. • - .. • *•-.:.• : -■•
ln the matter of the estate of Springer
Harbaugh. deceased. _ '
Notice is hereby yon that the Judge of
Probate of the county of Ramsey will*: upon
the third Monday of the month or November,
A. D. 1888, at 10 o'clock .a. m., hear,
examine and adjust all claims and demands
of all persons : against, said- deceased;
and that six months from and after the date
hereof have been allowed -and ...limited for
creditors to present their claims against said
estate, at the expiration of which time all
claims not presented or not proven to its sat
isfaction shall be j forever barred,- unless for
good cause shown further time be allowed.
By the Court . *
.[_. s.l . E. S. GORMAN, Judge of Probate.
L. L. C. Brooks, Administrator.
H. -J. Uqbx, Attorney. ■
■-! .:7::BUSI__ESS CIIASCES. '. : S.' ':.:
. <-ooch -A Falde.
51 East Fourth st., first floor. iy-y
*-_*_**'__ i * OK HALF INTEREST in a
W&tJKJ nice grocery store; brick store;
low rent.
C*Onf\— RESTAURANT; center of the
Sl'dul. city; this is cheap. -
C/^^n— BOARDING HOUSE; owner
_*iPtJ*JKJ offers this at a sacrifice ; we**have
one for $850, one for $1,000; these are bar
gains.* : . - -/•-.-.
-**f_l *!(}(} TAKES an old-established
Vpl^»j\J\J commission business, owner
being obliged to go East on account of sick
neess: yearly sales $45,000; takes small cap
ital to run the business.
LjOAH — CIGAR and confectionery store,
.^pA^UKJ centrally located; low rent. Se
cure this quick or you lose it. . ■*.. „■ '
'% **_( H I>oo1 -* HOOM doing a good bus
tD*l QRI J— BAKERY and restaurant;
*pX)OOKJ long-established, trade.* Look
at this ; we know it will suit you. •
i&tJKJKj store, selling $15 to $25 daily;
living rooms connected. ■
C"| (\()(\ WILL place you in one of the
*pIi)KJKJKj best light grocery stores in the
WE HAVE a hand laundry, a steam
laundry, two hotels, millinery store,
milk route, liven* stable, half-interest in one
of the best ice companies in the city; cleared
$4,000 profit last season. --"-■•
A CARD— We would invite all parties
looking for a good business of any de
scription to call on us; you can depend on
what we tell you, whether you buy from us or
not; we are glad to show you. Gooch <_
Falde, 51 East Fourth st., first floor. 148-150
_>Icl£eniicy A Lach:incc'_ Busi
ness Chances.
Special Bargains.
'22 ROOM FLAT— Positively the softest
snap in the city; every room finely fur
nished and occupied by "first-class people;
choice location; look this up at once.
ONE CIGAR and confectionery store;
good location ; well stocked ; see this.
OOp/ _ WILL place you in one of the best
*#OUU located and finest furnished
boarding houses in the city; all full; part
down, balance monthly payments.
NOTHER on Wabasha st., always full
of best class of boarders. This is a
decided snap; you will say so when you
see it. "
WE WORK HARD to secure bargains
VV and easy terms for our customers;
we never list at one price and charge you
another; in every instance we protect our
customers. Any line of business you wish
for, examine our list and prices. McKenney
& Lachauce, 131 East Fifth St., Espy block.
F. C. Abbott's last of Bargains.
Room 32, Chamber of Commerce.
•S/lOn iil is neat little cigar and tobacco
»P__Ul-/ business; this is on principal
street, and is good for amount of money.
EST MILK ROUTE in city; is handling
' 1,500 - gallons daily, besides big store
trade; this is a splendid opening for man of
means; ill health only reason for selling.
EST STATIONERY and news stand on
East Seventh ; will invoice stock: sell
ing on account of other business; will give
some one good chance. _:_■'_■"■
FURNISHED ROOMS, twenty-three,
best corner in the city; all full; good
reputation; low rent; long lease; come quick.
SEVERAL good boarding houses; some
are worth looking up; come and see
me; I can help you find what you want and
save you time and money. F. C. Abbott, 32
Chamber of Commerce. 148
"Miscellaneous Business Chances
ONFECTIONERY, cigars, tobacco and
news: also ■ light stock groceries ; good
business; cheap rent; good living rooms:
this is an A No. 1 chance ; owner leaves
town. Address G 55, Globe. 143-49
RUG STOCK for sale in good town in
.Southern Minnesota; no competition;
fine business ; good reasons for selling; takes
about $2,000 to buy this: one of the best
possible openings for a druggist with small
capital. Address W, Noves Bros. & Cutler.
■ ■ 148-49 ■ . . •
DRESSMAKING— This must be closed
out on account ot sickness; A No. 1
dressmaking establishment on Third street:
old established place, and not much money
needed to buy it. Address Notserp, Globe. "
FLAT— For sale cheap; don't pay rent
when you can make your rent and $25
a month profit by buying a six-room furnished
flat on East Seventh st., at IBIV2, room 9. .
FOR SALE— A good paying hardware bus
iness. Address Box 177, Faribault.
Minn. 148-52
FOR SALE— Twenty-three furnished
rooms, all full of first-class patrons; a
bargain if taken soon. No. 44 East Seventh
st. ' 148
FOR SALE — A grocery store ; goods new;
good trade ; will sell whole or half of the
business ; need help ; good chance for the
right party. Call or address W, 602 Seven
teenth ay. north, Minneapolis. 148
FOR SALE— State, county and township
rights in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dakota
and Montana of a first-class burglar and fire
alarm system; indorsed by police and fire de
partments^ good opportunity for parties
with small capital to make big money; or
will sell the entire territory of above-named
states. Address M 48, Globe office, Minneap
olis; 148-154
plant of the Union Iron Works company.
Apply 591 East Fourth st. * 14S -5*2
FOR SALE— account of Mr. J. F.
Hamel's death, his store building and
stock of general merchandise at Adams,
Minn., is' hereby offered for sale; an active
man with some means can undoubtedly do
well here. Further information by Mrs. M.
A. Hamel, Adams, Minn. 148-54
FOR SALE— On account of sickness, a
merchant tailor business; good custom
ers: good location; city of 2,000 inhabitants.
Address E. Hesse. Glencoe, Minn. 147-53
and notion store; established trade";
main st. ; good lease; about $1,200. C 53.
Globe. 147-48
FOR SALE— office of the Red Wing
Printing company. Including the Daily
Republican and the Weekly Advance Sun";
complete jod office, with one Cranston No. 1
cylinder, one Babcock country cylinder
press, two "Peerless" presses and bindery,
office new; bought on the point system;
presses furnished with steam fixtures and
run by water motor; business now paying 15
per cent per annum on investment above all
expenses; good reasons for sale. Write to
Red Wing Printing company. Red Wing,
Minn. 146-43
one who wishes to buy a good barber
shop cheap call corner West Seventh and
Third, Seven Corners. 146-48
GRISTMILL— If you want a snap, and
one of the best little grist mills in the
Northwest, easy terms, inquire of B. F.
Brown, 96 Western ay., Minneapolis. 148
HOTEL— For rent from July 1, a furnished
hotel near depot iv good country town ;
a good chance for the ' right man. Address
Hotel, Globe, St. Paul, Minn. 143-48
IWILL sell my grocery at invoice and rent
or lease the property, which is my own ;
a trade of about $600 or $700 per . month,
which can be increased with capital to $1,000
or $1,200; part cash, if required, security on
balance. B 22. Globe. 148
LOT in Bryant's Park, near Ridgewood
station, will go cheap: all on five years'
time to party who will build. E. T. Slavton,
303 Jackson st., Room 10. 148
EAT MARKET with paying trade;"
buildings, tools and fixtures valued at
$1,500; will be sold if taken at once for $800
cash ; reason for selling, failing health of
proprietor. E. T. Slayton, 303 Jackson St.,
Room 10. * ■ 148
PARTNERSHIP — Young man, good
standing and address, wants a partner
ship in some good city business. State full
particulars. Address 841 Globe. 147-148
ARTNER— Wanted, partner with two or
three thousand dollars: can double mon
ey in less than one year. This will bear in
vestigation. J. A. Barclay, 371 Sibley. 143
PARTNER with $3,000; non believers i n
advertising need not apply, as I have
how everything necessary for a large busi
ness, except means to advertise. Address
"Ego," Globe. 148-52
PARTNER WANTED in general mer
chandise business by June 1 ; intelligent
and experienced Scandinavian or German
referred; $1,500 to $3,000 required; annual
business $20,000; must have best of recom
mendations. For particulars inquire First
National bank, Shakopee, Minn. 141-148
ESTAI'RANT— sale, well located
and doing a good business; cheap
rent. Address J 87, Globe. 148-50
a nice little butcher business, with horse
and wagon; trade $50 to $75 per day, aud
very low rent; the best * thing in St. Paul for
the money. Address Notserp, Globe. 147-48
WANTED to buy a book, stationery and
■ news stand. Address R 33, Globe. 148
WANTED to buy store counters and
show cases. Address R 33, Globe. 148
COnn CASH and $200 on easy payments
i|t/vUU buys a fine and one of the best
paying cigar and confectionery stores in _ the
city; : established four years; owner leaving
city; investigate this; a bargain never before
offered. 'Advertising Directory company, 78
East Seventh at., room 9. . 143
<R 1 F\(\ WILL BUY one-half interest in A
V?X*J\J No. l paying office: plenty work
for two men, and I am alone ; this is worth
looking up. Address Notserp, Globe.
" 147-148
<$*-)/) WILL buy an interest in an A No.
V'JUU 1 paying office business; more
business than I can attend to ; wih bear in
vestigation. Address R. J., Globe. 146-48
CO TAKES one of the oldest estab
tJPlJ'tVW lished laundries in the city. Ad
vertising Directory company, 78 East Seventh
St., room 9. : .-.. , • 148
CI Hon to "5 1 . 300 wdl buy a nice stock
liPXiKJKJKJ of notions and groceries in
Minnesota town of 1.400. Address Grocer,
Globe, St Paul. Minn. . .. 148-54
•*ss9 Ann oNI * Yfora fine lying lot on
<pA>i*JKj\J st. Anthony hill, near Ridge
wood station; this lot is 211 feet long and
will front on two streets: best bargain on the
hill. E. T. Slayton, 303 Jackson st, Room
10; ■ 148
ADVANCES made on goods in storage,
loans given on all articles of value, con
signments solicited; furniture, pianos, glass,
china, pictures, etc., bought, sold or ex-
Changed, packed, removed.stored or shipped;
auctions sales at mart; open daily to receive
general merchandise and household goods
for sale or storage; goods to any amount pur
chased for cash ; auction sales made at pri
vate residences in town or couutrv; carpet
cleaning. Sansomes' Auction, Storage <_
Forwarding Company, 232 East Seventh st
412-414 Sibley st. St. Paul, Minn. 49*
BOOKKEEPING— opened, closed,
posted, expert work, etc. F. Sprague,
room 252, Drake block, St. Paul. 122*
VX the Electric Carpet Cleaning Works';
fine work guaranteed. Office and works, 201
Eagle st, Thurston's warehouse. Call 544-3.
• 148
OO KIA & CO., dealers in Chinese
and Japanese fancy goods, silk hand
kerchiefs, Chinese and Japanese teas. Chi
nese glassware; prices low. 497 St Peter
st, corner Exchange, St. Paul. 148-5 2
TV URSE— Mrs. M. K. Bavlor, medical and
-t-V surgical nurse; trained Royal intir
mary, Glasgow; special attention to invalids
ordered abroad. Residence 531 Broadway:
P. O. Box 2463, St. Paul. 147-53
PHYSICIAN of three years' experience
wishes partnership with retiring country
practitioner, or a good location. Address
giving particulars M 35, Globe, Minneapolis.
■ 144-43
FAD KOST & CRESCY'S sale and ex
change list and see the bargains offered,
134 East Fourth st. 148
ting them cleaned on the floor; wall pa
per cleaned equal to new. Office and works,
201 Eagle st. Call 544-3. 148
Mattresses and feather beds renovated ;
furniture repaired, upholstered or packed
for shipment J. D. Durie, 296 Rice st. 148
ENNIS NETS, hammocks: all sizes made
to order very cheap. Address 350 East
Ninth st -"■'.- \ lig
TYPEWRITING and shorthand work of
all kinds done perfectly at the Anna C.
Drew office. i Hale block ; experienced oper
ators; perfect work; low prices; work called
for and delivered ; telephone 852-2. 103*
his shoe shop from corner Third and
Eagle to 254 West Seventh. I invite all un
friends and work will be ueatly done, espec
ially custom work. 148-149
WANTED, TOURISTS to know that the
Longmont Place is the best place for
enjoyment and rest; great fishing. Address
J. F. Fuller, Clearwater. Minn. 146-43
WET CELLARS or lots beyond sewers
may be cheaply and permanently
drained with tile made by S. F. Alberger.
Office and yard 197 Eagle st. ; send for price
list 148
WM. HELPS, steam carpet cleaning
works, 580 Robert st; mail orders
promptly attended to: telephone, 405.
■ 118-5 1
— MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real estate security in St. Paul, Minne
apolis and Duluth at 6, 6^, 7, 7<_ per cent
on shortest notice for any amount It. M.
Newport & Son, investment bankers, 152,
153 and 154 Drake block, St Paul. 73*
A FEW A 1 8 per cent purchase money
mortgages on St. Anthony Hill properly
for sale; money to loan; mortgages bought
Rothschild <_ Thurston, 131 East Fifth st.
■ ■ 148
Company— from $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey,
manager. Room 14, First National bank build
ing. St. Paul, and Room 7, Mackey-Leeg
block, Minneapolis. 250*
jl/| ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per
l"i- sonal property, household furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on "diamonds and jeweiry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson st, J. E. Flanigan,
manager. 162*
ONEY LOANED on all kinds ot per
sonal property, diamonds, jewelry.furui
ture, horses, etc.; commercial paper and
time checks purchased. E. W. Leonard &
Co., 126 East Third St. 291*
MONEY TO LOAN on short time in small
amounts on personal property security.
L. G. Kilborn, 51 East Fourth st. 129-59
ONEY TO LOAN— In small or large
sums; no delay. J. C. Stout <_ Co., 324
Jackson st. 113*
ONEY TO LOAN— By Hunt & Sever
ance, 34 East Third st, room 1 ; in
large aud small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc. ;
the same to remain in the owner's posses
sion; also on watches, jewelry, diamonds,
etc; business strictly couhdeutial; a private
room for ladies. 292*
ONEY TO LOAN on improved and un
improved city property, at usual rates;
no delay. Paget & Smith, Room 49, German-
American bank. 73*
]\/I ONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, from
1» X $1 up, on watches, diamonds and all
goods of value ; special rates on sums of $50
and over. J. E. Ingham, 327 Jackson st
MONEY TO LOAN on diamonds,
watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George R,
Holmes 141 and 143 East Seventh st 82*
<3? 1 (\ 835, «50, JSIOO TO LOAN on tur
«4?'Xl_' niture, pianos, carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value ; cash advance made on
goods in storage; promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St Paul Loan
company, No. 309"/ a Jackson st, Rooms 1
and 2. 05*
EOST A_D FOU_il- .
DOG LOST— English mastiff female, three
months old; yellow with black stripe
on back, nearly black head; liberal reward
will be paid for any information concerning
her. R. SchneU, 386 Banfil st. 148
OG LOST— On Third street, small Mexf
can dog, answers to the name of Max.
Whoever will return him to 90 Washington
st. will be rewarded. •*-"'.•"., 148
OG LOST— Reward. I will give the ;
XJ above reward for the name and address
of the party who stole my dog, or $10 for the
return of the dog and no questions, asked;
large black and tan - Gordon setter, marked
with white .on breast, nose and tip of tail ;
long hair on legs; when last seen had plain
leather strap around neck. F. S. Cook, 302
Rice st. . 148
DOG LOST— A black and white pointer
dog with collar and my name on, C. M.
Leibrock; a re ward will be given for his re
turn at 207 East Fourth. 140-152
ORSES FOUND— Taken up on Stees
farm at Lake Phalen, six head of
horses, with a mare and colt 146-48
Forbes st, one sorrel horse; weighs 85<"
pounds, with figure "3" branded on left
shoulder and white stripe on forehead. Lib
eral reward will be given on return of same
to Merrill's laundry, 51 W. Third st "
TICKET LOST— One thousand-mile tick
et, No. 2270. made out to G. H. Frisbie,
St. Paul. Minn. Leave at Globe. 148
DRESSMAKING— Mrs. L. A. Beach, for
merly or St. Paul and lately from the
East, has opened dressmaking parlors at 272
East Seventh st. (Scnnrmeier block), be
tween Wacouta and Rosabel sts.; will be
pleased to meet her old customers, with as
many new ones. . 148
RESSMAK ING— Lady's French basque
pattern cut and fitted in cloth, war
ranted to fit perfect for 75 cents; set of
model basques cut for dressmakers, consists
of eight sizes, with French and English
sleeve furnished with each pattern ; every
lady and dressmaker should have one. Please
call at 175 St Anthony ay., one block from
Rice st. ; attention given to mail orders.
■ ' ,-.;.-■-.•• .147-48 .
Waba-:ha st, up one flight (over Allen's
confectionery store), where she would be
pleased to see her old customers and all
others who wish first-class work at reason
able prices. "; 148
is now taking the lead. Its simplicity,
its beautiful lines and curves, ■■ its absolute
correctness, command the admiration of all
who have used it. Agent wanted. Patterns
cut to measure at Mrs. Elliott" 24 Mann
heimer Block. . • . - ■ 149-178
fJa/n wanted ads. in the Globe are seeu by
"•''/'the most people. ; •_:__. •
A. 11. -ticolay. Auctioneer.
103 West Tenth St., opposite Fort St.,
and No. 78 College ay. ; property fronting ou
two prominent streets, running through from
street to street, between St. Peter and Rice
sts., at auction. A. H. Nicolav will sell at
auction, on the premises, Monday afternoon,
May 28, 1838. at 3 o'clock, rain or shine, No.
103 West Tenth st, opposite Fort st., that
very valuable business property, fronting 60
feet on West Tenth st. and 51 feet on College
ay., by 140 feet deep, running through from
Tenth st to College ay. This valuable prop
erty possesses advantages,owiug to its double
frontage, not equaled in any other section in
the city of St Paul for business or residence
purposes. This part of the city, the most
central, is rapidly being improved with tho
most substantial improvements. In its im
mediate vicinity costly fiats have been built;
many others of the most expensive character
are contemplated, within one block, struct
ures that will cost over $100,000 each. They
will greatly enhance the value of this prop
erty within a few months. A first-class apart
ment house, with stores below, sim
ilar to the Blair flats, erected on this lot is
sure to pay from 15 ■to 25 per cent on the
cost of construction, owing to its close prox
imity to the best schools, churches, state
capitol, street cars and cable line. It is with
in walking distance of our leading business
thoroughfares and wholesale business dis
trict, including the custom house, postoffice,
U. S. courts and all prominent hotels, i The
present rental of the houses on this lot is $75
per month. The attention of capitalists and
the most cautious investors is called to this
important sale, believing that for a profit
able, safe and permanent investment this
sale offers inducements second to no other
location in St. Paul. This sale will be abso
lute to the highest bidder. Terms liberal
only one-third cash required ; balance can re
main on mortgage for three or five years at 7
per cent interest, at the option of " the pur
chaser. For maps, hand-bills and full par
ticulars apply or write to A. 11. Nicolav, Auc
tioneer, No. 116 East Fourth St., or Handy &
Handy, 204 Grand Block. 133-150
tiful Private Residence and Stable, No.
144 Nina Ay., Between Selby and Laurel
Ays. at Auction— A. H. Nicolay will sell at
auction absolutely without reserve to the
highest bidder, Wednesday afternoou, June
13, 1888, at 3 o'clock, rain or shine, on the
premises No. 144 Nina ay. near Selby ay.
and cable line, that delightful and beautiful
private residence, containing fourteen rooms
two parlors, library, dining room, china
closet, butteries, pantry, large kitchen, laun
dry and storeroom on first Moor; six pleasant
bedrooms, with clothes closets in every room ;
also large bathroom with marble-top wash
basin, bath, closet, etc. on second floor; attic,
two bedrooms and extra storerooms, gas. gas
fixtures, furnace, hot and cold water and all
modern conveniences ; back stairs lor serv
ants, cemented cellar under whole house
with closet for servants; good barn with two
box stalls, can be arranged for three or more
horses; large and beautiful grounds; shade
trees, lot 50x159 feet with alley on side,
storm windows and wire screens for every
window; the house is in perfect order, loca
tion the very best, surrounded by elegant res
idences of our most prominent and wealthy
citizens; is very convenient of access owing
to its close proximity to the cable line,
churches and schools; in fact this house
with ail its appointments is suitable for the
home of any business gentleman of refine
ment and culture ; terms of sale liberal. For
full particulars call on or address A. 11. Nic
olav. Real Estate Auctioneer, at the Nicolay
Real Estate Exchange, No. 11.. "East Fourth
St., next to Robert st. ; our Real Estate Auc
tion Sale No. 12,742. - 148
A. M. Poherty, Auctioneer.
deuce Lots at Auction— l will sell .at
auction the premises ou. the corner of Daw
son and English streets, on Saturday, June
2, at 3:30 o'clock p. m., twenty- four fine
lots, being the whole of block 2of Berg
manu"s subdivision. This property is situ
ated within ten minutes' walk of-the St Paul
harvester works, the extensive plant of , the
Bohn Manufacturing company, and many
other important business enterprises, and is
especially desirable for residence purposes.
The block is bounded by Dawson, English,
Frances aud Clarence streets; the grounds
are comparatively level, and will require
much less grading than any of the surround
ing lots. The street railway will soon be ex
tended on Margaret street to within one
block of these lots, and values will increaso
at once. Very easy terms will be given.
Further particulars will be given in next
Tuesday's issue. For any information in re
gard to the property, call on or address A. M.
Doherty, auctioneer, 51 East Fourth st.
at Auction— l will sell at auction at the
residence, No. 1057 Hastings ay., at the cor
ner of Ross st, on Friday, June 1, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, a lot of household
furniture, a good horse, buggy and cutter.
The furniture Is all in good condition, aud
should call out a large attendance. Do not
fail to attend. A. M. Doherty, auctioneer, 51
East Fourth st. 148-149
niture at Auction— l will sell at auction
at the residence, No. 10 South ForDes st.,
corner of Oak, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
of Thursday, May 31, a very good Stein way
square piano, 7>/2 octaves and in good condi
tion, good parlor, dining room, bed room and
kitchen furntture, fine cooking stove.heating
stoves, carpets, black walnut bedroom suits,
etc. The furniture is in good condition, and
should command the attention of those wno
are in search of household goods. A. M.
Doherty, auctioneer, 51 East Fourth st.
148-149 -— . :!,
Weber A Fairchild, Auctioneers
at auction— Tuesday, May 29, at 10
o'clock, we will sell at auction at our sales
room, No. 31 East Seventh st., a large stock
of men's, youths' and boys' clothing. This
stock is as free as water. It will bo sold, no
matter what it brings, even if it is not 50
cents on the dollar. Come to this sale and
secure bargains in clothing. Weber & Fair
child, auctioneers, No. 31 East Seventh st.
sell, Monday, May 28. at 10 o'clock, all
the furniture and carpets in the residence
No. 261 West Fifth st, embracing, in part,
one parlor set, easy chair, settee, pictures,
center tables and stands; one nickel-plated
Peninsular heating stove (cost $65), lounge,
Brussels and ingrain carpets, matting, rugs,
four bedroom sets, springs, mattresses,
blankets, comforters, quilts, tables, bed
steads, bureaus and wash "stands, curtains,
one Peninsular range in good order, refrig
erator, cupboard, hanging lamps, chairs,
rockers, kitchen furniture, etc. The house
is on Fifth street near the Junction of Third.
Weber & Fairchild, Auctioneers. 148-149
Auction— We will sell at auction,
commencing Thursday, May 31, at 10
o'clock, all the house-furnishing goods
contained in the store No. 79 West
Third street, consisting in part of
over one hundred clocks of different kinds,
hanging lamps, hall lamps, draperies, rugs,
lace curtains, lace bed sets. Keystone clothes
wringers, photo albums, several fine large
family Bibles, other' books such as
Our Homes, family atlases, Cottage
Physicians, 'etc. ; bed springs— in the
market, Rogers Bros.' cutlery and spoons,
carpet sweepers, dusters, flat irons, etc.. The
proprietor of this store has made arrange
ments to go to California, so ciosesout his
entire stock at auction sale without limit or
reserve. Goods sold in lots to suit pur
chasers. We also sell the store fixtures, con
sisting of safe, two office desks, office railing,
stove, awning, tools, etc. Weber <_ Fairchild,
Auctioneers. 148
.E. Hollo-Hay, Auctioneer.
Carriages— will sell at public auction
on the. premises, No. 302 South Exchange st.
(late residence of Capt E. V. Holcombe) on
Saturday, June 2, at 3 o'clock p. m., the fol
lowing property: One rockaway coupe with
pole and shafts, good as new: cost $600; has
been used but little, in perfect order; one
two-seat extension top family carriage with
pole and shafts; been in use one year, in
perfect order; original cost $300; also the
splendid coupe horse John L, one of the
finest in the city; dark bay, nine years old,
17 hands high, weight about 1,200, very
stylish, has been used iv the city about two
years; also the elegant and stylish roadster.
Dandy Joe, dark bay or brown, nine years
old, 151.2 hands high. weighs about l,ooo,has
no record, but has shown 2:40 gait on the
ice last winter, is a fine driver and very styl
ish; this property is offered for sale not from
any fault, but because the owner has no
further use for it; sale positive and terms
cash. For further particulars call on or ad
dress E. Holloway, auctioneer, 101 East
Fourth st 148-149
day, June 2, 1 will sell all the house
hold furniture in nine-room house, 137 East
Fourth st, at 10 o'clock a. m., consisting of
bed room sets, parlor, dining room and
kitchen furniture, carpets, stoves, etc. E.
Holloway, Auctioneer. 148
San Mime's Co., Auctioneers.
. : Office, 232 East Seventh st.
tion Monday morning, May 28, at 10
o'clock at our new salesroom, 232 East Sev
enth st, between Sibley and Wacouta sts.; as
a partial list read the following: One up
holstered silk and plush settee, cost new
$125 ; silk-trimmed rocker, chairs, divans;
fine marble top bed room sets in walnut, oak
and other woods, fine sideboards, chiffon
niers, couches, ■ lounges, elegant .carpets,
cook ranges, stoves, chairs, crockery, glass
ware; everybody should take advantage of
this sale to secure bargains ln a far superior
class to what ever has been offered at outside
auction marts. Saiisome's Co., auctioneers.
■--v.--:' • ", 143-49 -. * .._■■
Fox A Hory, Auctioneers.' .
FOX & KORY, auction and commission
.house, 181 East Seventh st, buy bank
rupt stocks of general merchandise for cash,
make sales of real estate and . household
goods; liberal advances made on consign
ments and prompt returns made. A. Kory,
I auctioneer. 105*

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