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Hon. J. C. Oswald Secures
Another Good Animal
for Driving.
Some Account of the Well-
Bred Horses in Grant
County, Dakota.
W. L. McGrath Receives Three
Extra Good Patronage
Ku«_iy Angus Dead—San
Gabriel— More Minnesota
non. J. C. Oswald, of Minneapolis,
has traded to M. T. Grattah,of Isinours,
Minn., the bay three-year-old Lucille,
by Masterlode, Jr., dam Nelly S, by
Swigert, for the five-year-old chestnut
mare Talvi, by Trample, dam Little
Queen, by King Herod, paying $200 dif
ference. Mr. Oswald got Talvi to drive
with Flora Belle, 2:29%, and the two
are said to make an elegant pair. The
phenomenal speed of Nelly S is well
known to Minnesota horsemen, and it is
to be hoped that her owner may be
gratified by taking, in a race, the rec
ord sin- is capable of. Her wonderful
performance as a five-year-old indicated
that she would challenge Lulu, 2:15, for
supremacy in the Norman family. That
season, 1884, she worked as usual on
the farm of her breeder in the
spring. Later on a very little training
developed such speed as induced Mr.
Oswald to give 82,500 for her Aug. 24 in
the presence of some of the competent
timers in the state, she went a mile and
repeat over the Minneapolis track in
2:27 and 2.22 1 ..', apparently very easy
miles. Dr. Evans, Mr. Ensign, Mr.
Caldwell and her owner were among
the timers, and some of the best ones
had the last mile in 2:22. In company,
however, she manifested the temper
that eventually retired her famous re
lative Lulu, and Mr. Oswald put her to
breeding. Last season, hoping that the
duties of maternity had somewhat
modified her capricious spirit, she was
again entrusted to a trainer who worked
her over the Hamline track. Supt.
Cross, a conservative horseman and ex
perienced driver, tells the writer that
she _ was showing a rate of
speed that men careful of their
reputations preferred to let peo
ple see rather than hear about,
while others not so cautious stoutly as
serted that miles in 2:10 were within
her capacity. A rattling trial one day
of three heats, followed by incautious
cooling out, stiffened her. She recov
ered slowly from this, and now Mr.
Beech has coaxed her owner to let him
try his hand. But such a long succes
sion of ill luck has convinced Mr. Os
wald that a turf career is not to be
hoped for. A hint might be taken from
the fact that Green Mountain Maid, the
greatest trotting brood mare, phenom
enally fast, a born trotter, was too nerv
ous for a campaigner. This is true of
many other good brood mares.
A Brief Description of Some of
the Trotting Stock to Be Found
To the Editor of the Globe.
Mill. ink, Grant county. Dak , boasts
of some as fine bred horses as any sec
tion of the territory can produce, and
the example of the citizens of that
county is one that others would do well
to follow. In a trip through that point
a short time ago,- had the pleasure of
inspecting some of the horses and of
admiring the good points of breeding
that most of them show. Among the
gentlemen who have invested their time
and money in the improvement of stock
are a few that deserve mention. J. A.
Mcßride is the owner of two horses
that for beauty and pedigree, it is said,
cannot be surpassed in Dakota. Buck
ingham is a seal brown Hambletonian
stallion of fine form, and is the sire of a
family of trotters among whom is Jewel
with a record of 2::.4._. to his credit.
Mcßride is also the owner of Consterna
tion, a stallion of Hambletonian breed
ing, and while a heavier boned horse
than Buckingham, he is much admired
as a clean-limbed, well-bred horse.
James Gilbert owns a sorrel Hamble
tonian stallion, of which he is justly
proud. He is a clean, even trotter, anil
shows good speed.
Mr. (Mark, of Carona. is happy in the
possession of a good horse in
a bay Hambletonian pacer. He is quite
an addition to the well bred horses of the
county. Ex-Mayor A. W. Glenn and
William Shaw, at their stock farm near
Milbank, have a collection of registered
animals that are a credit to their enter
prise and faith in the territory. At the
head ot their stock stands a" beautiful
bay Clyde stallion, three years of age,
and weighing 1,800 pounds. Then comes
an English bay Shire horse, weighing
2,200 pounds. This horse was landed
from- London about six weeks ago, and
the last and least of the horses is a pet
of a Shetland stallion that attracts more
attention than the big ones.
Guy Wood drives a handsome sorrel
gelding who has a trotting record of
2:40, and T. C. Drake has a nice gold
dust mare that promises well. W. B.
Sanders, one of the successful bankers
of Mil I bank, has recently purchased a
very smooth pair of strawberry roan
trotters. Charles King owns a black
mare that with a little handling will im
prove wonderfully.
A. W. Glenn's white mare has a rec
ord of 2:38 to her credit, and the genial
ex-mayor occasionally ties his hat on
and lets her trot.
William Shaw's bay mare is quite
handy, and in these local option times
Mr. Shaw has lime to exercise her.
Ira Bradford owns a Red Bird run
ning mare that cannot quite outrun a
Dakota blizzard, but she did run a mile
in 1:50 on a half-mile track.
J. A. Mcßride owns a couple of good
handy mares that are fair movers and
are a trifle averse to taking all the dust.
S. C. Brannen drives a Pioneer black
mare that comes of trotting stock.which
the very plainly indicates. This is only
a few of the good horses that Milbank
contains, but enough has been men
sioned to show that the Grant county
people are not behind in enterprise and
good judgment. B.
Minnesota Foals.
Midway Stables— Commodore Kilt
son's estate— Bay filly by Revenue, out
of Juliet by Western Chief.
Sherwood Stock Farm, Sheldon. lo.—
George W. Sherwood— Bay filly, May
24, by Woodford Wilkes (2528), dam
Margin, by Gov. Sprague, 2:20%; sec
ond dam Melissa, by Lakeland Abdal
lah (351); third dam Abigail, by Alex
ander Abdallab (15).
Fairview Farm— T. B. Marrett
—Bay filly, by NutwocdrMambrino,
dam by rail, thoroughbred. Filly, by
Nutwood-Mambrino, dam Abbie Thes
eus by Theseus.
W. L. McGrath— Black horse colt, by
Blackwood, Jr., out of So So, dam by
Yon Arniin; second dam by Blackwood,
Jr.; third dam by Bulletin; fourth dam
by Long Island Black Hawk.
Three More Good Ones. •
W. L. Met; rath was blooming yester
day, .arid his French mustache was
given an extra curl, for . the morning
train*- brought to St. Paul for him a
horse colt and two fillies, all by. Patron
age, the full brother to Patron, 2:l4J^,
by Pancoast.. Last year when Patron
trotted here in St. Paul, he did his work
so easy, and with so much courage and
stamina, that he made a very favorable
impression upon all horseman, and
especially upon Mr. McGrath. As soon
as the racing was over, Mr. McGrath
went down to lowa and bought these
three youngsters of the Pancoast family.
The horse colt is by Patronage out of
Fany Douglas. One of the fillies is
named Berrie, dam Berrie, by Captain
son of Billy Benton, by ; Ham
bletonian 10. The other filly is named
Kate Carmen. She is out of the sister
to Kirkwood, 2:24)£, by Green's Bashaw.
This trio may justly be classed among
the very best trotting stock ever brought
to the state of Minnesota. They are all
yearlings and are of good size, and as
promising as could be desired. The
horse colt will be an invaluable animal
to cross upon the stock that the proprie
tor now has on his farm just beyond
Lake Como, and is the only represent
ative in the state of Minnesota of the
Pencoast stock in the male line.
Majolica Against Belle Hamlin.
Turf, Field and Farm. -
Nathan Straus, who will sail for Eu
rope on Saturday and who will extend
his journey to the Bosphorusfor the pur
pose of visiting his brother, the United
States minister to Turkey, informs us
that he will trot Majolica against Belle
Hamlin on the terms offered by her
owner to Harry Wilkes, Prince Wilkes
and Oliver K. Mr. Straus says that the
Buffalo track is good enough for him
and that a mile and repeat contest is to
his liking. He wants Majolica to lower
his record and he believes that he can do
it on the Buffalo track in a race with a
mare as fast and steady as Belle Hamlin.
Mr. Straus will not return to New York
until in the fore part of August, and he
will not allow the son of Startle to trot
in public until then. When the horse
starts he wants to be on the ground. On
Tuesday Frank Van Ness went over to
Morristown and .rave Henry Wilkes his
work, and in the afternoon lie said to us
that he had advised the Messrs. Sire to
accept the proposition of Mr. Hamlin.
He likes the track, and he feels confi
dent that he will be treated as fairly at
Buffalo as on any park in the country.
The indications, therefore, are that
Belle Hamlin will have plenty of en
gagements before the season gets much
uither advanced.
Local Horse Noes.
San Gabriel, by Sultan, belonging to
W. K. Merriam, is still out to the driv
ing track, nominally undergoing train
ing. The weather, however, is so wet
that neither he nor any of the other
eighty horses out there get much track
exercise. He is reported, however, to
be in excellent condition, and that he is
showing great speed.
Hughy Angus, a horse that has been
for years well known in Minnesota, died
at Farmington, in this state, last week.
He was by Swigeit, and was owned by
John Roche, Jr.
The Midway stallions will be allowed
to serve mares from this date until the
26th of June at greatly reduced prices
from what have been advertised, but
owing to the sale of all the stock on the
27th of .'tine, return privileges cannot
be had alter that d ite.
George B. Clason has sold his saddle
horse Rex. lie is on co the best saddle
horses in the West.
Guy, the famous trotter owned by W.
J. * Gordon, of Cleveland— famous be
cause he can trot in 2:15 and has never
been able to win a race — to be given
another chance this year, and has been
entered in two of the events on the De
troit programme. The last attempt to
make some use of Guy's speed was in
1886, when Splan had charge of the
Gordon stable. The plan attempted at
that time was to try to make Guy steady
by giving him excessive work, and con
sequently he was driven forty or fifty
miles a day, but all to no purpose, as
after acting pretty well in the first heat
of his Detroit race he began his old-time
tantrums, and was distanced in the sec
ond heat. Tom Dunbar is the only man
that could make Guy go a good mile.
He drove the little black and Clingstone
a mile to pole in 2:17 once, and gave
them other good public trials.
Leonatus, a Kentucky Derby winner,
and that never lost a race in his three
year-old form, was sold at auction in
Kentucky the other day, he being now
but eight years old. Some of his get
have run well, although his oldest foals
were only two last season, and yet Leo
natus brought $5,300 at auction— about
one-third what a crack trotting stallion
would fetch.
J. 11 Sherman, proprietor of the
Sherman stock farm, Lexington, Ky.,
lost by pneumonia last week his five
year-old bay stallion, Hector Wilkes, by
George Wilkes, dam Carrie Clinch, by
Harold, second dam American Clay.
His owner had refused £15,000.
The trotting stallion Young Smuggler,
owned by John W. Hines, of Kent
county, Mil., died a few days since.
He was twelve years old, sired by
Smuggler, dam 1 '; Rosa, by Andrew
Jackson, and had a record of 2:25%
made in 1874. He was valued at $5,00..
A. J. Cassatt, owner of The Bard,
winner of the Brooklyn Handicap,
is now in England, and it is re
ported that before he returns he in
tends purchasing for his stud the best
two-year-old foreign-bred horse that
130,000 will buy.
Ed Bither, of Hickory Grove farm,
Racine, Wis., has purchased from D oan
& Brown. Kenosha, Wis., the promising
trotting filly Edith M, by Swigeit. dam
Algoda, by Alden Goldsmith, and she is
now in his string at Freeport, 111.
Lord Ifosebery, says London Truth,
has arranged to import into England a
team of the finest Vermont Black Hawk
trotters that can be purchased in the
United States'. Rosebery wants t_te
animals for roadsters.
It is now positively announced that
Frank Van Ness will this season drive
Barry Wilkes, Rosaline Wilkes, Gos
sip, Jr., and the others of Sire Bros.'
string. .
John Brartburn, of East Aurora, N.
V., has sold the pacing mare Ethel V,
2:29^, by Mohican ('.(is. dam by Dough
erty's Son of Koyal George, for 1.00.
Mr. Robert Bonner appeared on the
Fleetwood track last Friday behind
Maud S, and drove her a quarter in
thirty-six seconds.
Next Wednesday, May 30, the English
Derby will be decided.
Live Stock Insurance.
The American Live Stock Insurance
company, with .100,000 capital stock, is
a reliable home institution. Its directors
are S. S. Eaton, C. A. De Graff, George
W. Sherwood, J. B.Power, D.W.Wood
mansee, E. 0. Long, E. A. Jaggard, of
St. Paul ; A.G. Wilcox, of Minneapolis:
Samuel Matthews, of Stillwater; J. F.
Basset t, of McGregor, Io. ; S. S. Eaton,
resident ; George W. Corv, secretary.
ffice, 341 Robert street, St. Paul.
How Adrian IV. Used His Holy
Office to Crush the Irish.
New York Ilerald.
The following extracts from the bull
of Adrian IV., issued in 1156 to Henry
11., will be rendered interesting by the
late interference of his holiness with
regard to the plan of campaign. Adrian
IV. was the first and last Englishman
who occupied the chair of St.
Peter. Actuated, probably, by patriotic
motives, and from a desire to dra
closer the somewhat loose ties which
existed between Ireland and the papacy,
has made use of the power, which had
constantly been claimed by his prede
cessors, but never before exercised in so
important an instance, of dispos
ing of all islands in accordance
with his own discretion. It was this
bull of 1156 that first formally united
Ireland to England and gave to the
English king some show of "right divine
to govern wrong" the Irish people.
"Adrian, the bishop, the servant of
the servants of God, to his most dearly
beloved son in Christ, the illustrious
king of England, scudeth greeting, with
the Apostolic benediction. Your majesty
laudably and profitably considers how
you may best promote your glory on
earth, and lay up for yourself an eter
nal reward in heaven, when, as becomes
a Catholic prince, you labor to extend
the borders of the church, to teach the
truths of the Christian faith, to root out
the weeds of wickedness from the field
of the Lord; for this purpose you
crave tlje advice and assistance of the
apostolic see; and in so doing we are
persuaded that the higher are your
aims, and the more discreet your pro
ceedings, the greater, under God, will
be your success, It is beyond all doubt, i
as your highness acknowledge..., that
Ireland and all the other islands on
winch the light of the Gospel of Christ
has dawned, and which have received
the knowledge of the Christian faith, do
of right belong and appertain to St.
Peter and the Holy Roman Church.
"Yon have signified to us, our well
beloved son in Christ, that you propose
to enter the island of Ireland in order to
subdue the people and make them obe
dient to laws, and -to root out from
among them the weeds of sin; and that
you are willing to yield and pay yearly
from every house the pension of one
penny to St. Peter, and to keep and pre
serve the rights of the churches in that
land whole and inviolate. We there
fore, regarding your pious and
laudable designs with due favor,
do hereby declare our will and
pleasure that you do enter and take
possession of .that island, and execute
therein whatsoever shall be for God's
honor and the welfare of the same. *
* * If, therefore, you bring your
purpose to good effect, let it be your
study to improve the habits of that peo
ple, their lives, manners and conversa
tion, that the church may be adorned by
them and the Christian faith be planted
and increased, so that you may receive
at Cod's Jiand the blessed reward of
everlasting life, and may obtain on
earth a glorious name in ages to come."
Xo Wonder the Boys Love Her.
[Dodge County (Ga.), Journal.]
Mrs. Annie McCormick, one of
Hawkinsville's most charming young
ladies, was in town to-day, and made a
number of friends and many mashes
among our gay and festive youths. I
cannot blame the boys for "falling in
love with her, however, for any young
lady who can play two pieces on a piano
and sing a third song at the same time,
is competent to captivate the most fas
tidious of us. I have often heard of
fine performers on the piano, but have
never seen or heard any one who could
compete with her. She can sit with
her back to the instrument and play
most beautifully. It is said that she
can play three different instruments at
once, and I don't doubt it, for she of
fered to do so here if furnished the pro
per instruments.
-LOCAL _.IJ_._.TlO_¥ •
Delightful Office for Kent.
A splendid office on ground floor of
Globe building is for rent from May 1.
An excellent location for any impor
tant financial institution, it having a
large fire and burglar-proof vault in it.
Inquire at Globe counting room.
Pullman Vestibuled Trains.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
railway takes pleasure in announcing to
the traveling public that it is now run
ning daily complete vestibuled tiains
between Chicago, St. Paul and Minne
These trains are the perfection of the
car builder's art, and consist of baggage
cars, day coaches, Pullman's best sleep
ers and the finest dining cars in the
world. An inspection is invited and
comparison challenged, the • company
assuring its patrons that the samesplen
did record which has given it the bulk
of the business as against old and new
lines, and which has induced the United
States government to renew its fast mail
contract, and extend it east as well as
west-bound, will be maintained, and that
when they travel by this line they are
getting the very best accommodations
that money can buy.
Remember, This Afternoon
At 3 o'clock takes place that grand and
absolute auction sale of No. 103 West
Tenth street and 78 College avenue, on
the premises, rain or shine. This valu
able property has a double frontage
running through from street to street,
and is very desirable for business or res
idence purposes, being situated between
St. Peter and Kice streets. Terms very
liberal. For full particulars see the ad
vertisement in auction column. A. 11.
Nicolay, auctioneer.
Furniture and Carpets
At auction this morning at 10 o'clock at
201 West Fifth street. Weber & Fair
child, auctioneers. I_E__B
l>ll_J>. ■
IT CLUNG— In St. Paul, Minn., May 27,
18SS, John W. McCluug, aged sixty-one
years. Funeral from late residence, 100
Iglehart street, Tuesday, May 29, at 3 p. in.
Friends invited. Maysville, Ky., papers
please copy.
ANDERSON— In St. Paul, May 24, at 378
Rosabel street, at 9 p. m., Mr. Anderson,
aged thirty-seven years. Mr. Anderson
leaves a wife and four children. Funeral
took place Sunday, May 27, at 2 p. m., and
was attended by many of his friends.
DOYLE— In St. Paul, Daniel Charles, infant
son of D. D. and Margaret Doyle. Funeral
at 2 p. m., Monday, May 2b, from resi
dence, 43 Mt. Airy street.
FOR FUNERALS— Carriages for S2 and
hearse S3. E. W. Shirk's livery stable, 284
East Ninth street, corner Rosabel street.
Pf on vai b*kinq *""S"""|
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel
of purity, strength and wholesomeness.
More economical than the ordinary
kinds, and cannot be sold in competition
with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders.
Sold only in cans. Koyal Baking
Powdei: Co., 106 Wall street, New York.
***S3 *^^T^tPl^__f^^
Sh o _.<_ le not this the sth time I hare half-soled
these boots ?
Cuetomer— Yes! Since I have used WOLFF'S ACME'
BLACKING Ely boots . «fir longer than before and
are always blight end clean,
M EBlacking
Is the Blacking for Men, Women end
Making Leather Waterproof and Durable.
No Brush. A Shine Lasts a Week.
Can be washed with water, same as Oilcloth.
The Finest Dressing for Harness.
Sold by Shoe Stores, Grocers, Druggists,
and retailers generally.
Why Drag Out
A miserable existence/when a few bottles
ii Ayer's Sarsaparilla would certainly give
Uie strength and energy you need ? Thou
lands are proving its virtues daily. So may
you. Mrs. Alice West, of Jefferson, W. Va.
_ rites : " I was all run down before I began
» take Ayer's Sarsaparilla, but am now
gaining in strength every day."
"Being very weak and despondent after a
long illness,'!' l tried Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
.nd two bottles have restored me to my
former health."— Miss Blanche S. Brownell, *
1 Boylston Place, Boston. i
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aj _ & Co., Lowell. Mass,
sold by all Druggists. Price $1 ; six bottles, $5. ■
Worth $5 a bottle.
Three nights, commencing To-Night, Special'
Wednesday matinee, the Great
_ un makers.
Including America's greatest success, NEL
LIE McHENKY. in their latest New-
York craze,
Direct from the Bijou Opera House, New
York. Replete with exquisite musical selec
tions. The best performance the Trouba
dours have ever given.
Secure seats early to-day.
L. N.SCOTT Manager.
Three nights and Saturday Matinee,
Commencing Thursday, May 31,
The distinguished comedienne,
and an excellent company in two of the
strongest plays in her" repertoire. .
Thursday 1
Friday. )
and }■ KAJ>, as played by Miss Pixley
Evening. ) over 1,000 times.
Incidental to the plays, Miss Pixley will
sing several new, sparkling songs and med
ley s,and gems from the latest popular operas.
Sale opens Tuesday.
Corner Sixth and Franklin. Old Turner Hall
GRAND I On or* About ? GRAND
OPENING ___£02S*r__»__£_ "*£", OPENING
ME Look For jib
NOT Later Announcements! NOT.
KOHL, MIDDLETON & CO., Proprietors.
Opening of the Museum Star Opera Co. in
A great cast and pretty girls in the chorus.
BABY BUNTING and other novelties in
Curio hall.
Open from 1 to 5 and 7 to 10 daily. Hourly
Cor. Sixth and St. Peter Sts., St. Paul.
Elegant Side-Wheel Passen
ger Steamer
War Eagle
Will leave St, Paul Thursday, May 31,
at 10 o'clock a. m., arriving at St. Louis
Monday morning following. Leave St.
Louis on her return Wednesday even
Fare for round trip, including meals
and berths, both under way and at St.
Louis, $__. Parties can have privilege
of returning, by rail from St. Louis.
For securing stateroom and passage
apply to A. DELANEY,
340 Cedar street, Union Block.
Mares not proving" in foal can do
returned free ne?t year. Season
from March 1 to June 1. Terms
cash at time 0 service. Inquire o
State Fair Grounds, St. Paul, Minn.
Situated on the Afton road, 3 _ miles from
the center of the city.
MEMORY (1366),
Will make the season in the stud upon the
following terms of service, viz. : S'lO, payable
at the time of service. Pedigree— Sired by
Mambrino Gift (554): record 2:20. Dam,
Zephyr by Swigert (650). In offering the
service of this horse to the public, we would
at the same time invite an inspection of the
horse and his produce. At Oak Lawn Farm,
mares bred by the season have the usual priv
ilege of return. Mares kept at owners' risk
on grass at SI per week, or in barn at SlO per
month. FOX SALE— Standard-bred colts by
Memory C 1386), some fine drivers sired by
BaymouU 1027), Walter Ferris, Adrian Wilkes, -
and one three-year-old stallion colt by Black
wood, Jr. Telephone connection with farm.''"
SHERWOOD & KNIGHT. Prop - '-••
Office, 401 Drake Block, St. Paul, Minn. -_
B. Puin.irs, Manager at Farm. gj
B. 1 ... Foaled 1883, by Strathmore
(408), dam Young Winnie, by Wood
ford Mambrino (345) (Sire of Pan
cost, 2:21%, and Patron, 8-year-oldi
record 2:19. _.) G. dam Winnie, by"
Alexander's Abflallah (15) (Sire of
Goldsmith Maid, 2:14.) G. G. dam
by Coeur de Lion. r
Terms: $50 season, closing July 31,
ISBS. Money to be paid at time of first
service. Inquire of K. PRICE, V. S. f
167 West Fourth St., St. Paul.
A carriage team, bright bays,
with black points: full brother arid
sister, five and six years old, 16.
hands high, weight 2.(500 pounds;
sired by Geo. W. Sherwood's stand
ard-bred stallion Baymont. For
further particulars address.
Luverne, Minn. Or inquire of
GEO. W. SHERWOOD, St. Paul, or
r;J C. H. MASTON, Minneapolis.
The Firms whose Cards Appear Below are Among: the Most Reliable Dea
erg in St. Paul.
Main Entrance, Natl. Ger. American Bank Building.
Several good business chances; want a good business man, ten to fifty thousand
: dollars, to manage office for well organized company.
- 103 East Fourth Street. German-American Bank Building.
4. East Fourth Street, St. Paul, Minn. GEO. C, FUTVOYE, Gen' Manager
WE HAVE ITo 105 East 4th St.,
i National German-American Bank.
Real Estate 1 Insurance,
103 East Fourth Street, St. Paul, Minn.,
National German-American Bank Building. Ground Floor.
A Beautiful Site for Suburban Residences.
The Midway property at Merriam Park is the coming: location for desirable
homes. Easily reached. .We have a beautifully wooded tract of land upon easy
METCALF & McCLANAHAN, 126 East Sixth st.
358 Jackson Street, St. Paul, Minn.
South St. Paul Property a Specialty. Lots on monthly payments. Mill
Property in good Dakota town.
W. H. PRITZ & CO.,
Real Estate ah ci Loans,
Keal Estate,
103 East Fourth. Street* American Bank.
Architectural Iron Work. Artifica! Limbs '
Founders, Machinists, Blacksmiths and /.i.Sfi.ijl! FUPQS
Pattern Makers. Send for cuts of col- HIIIIIUIIM L ; jui
umns. Works on St. P., M. &M. R. R.,
near Como avenue. Office 102 E. Fourth -. ..-,. ..„-„.„,.. .
street, St. Paul. C. M. POWER, Secre- ELASTIC STOCKINGS !
tary and Treasurer.
===========-^ ! ' Galvanic Batteries and Beits!
15* TOOT BOAT, $25! uaßia,,,u uailo,,o *™u»«iioj
Wbeel and Invalid Chairs!
Joseph dingle, - boat builder, Archer Barber Chairs}
Co r. Isabel and Clinton. West St. Paul,
One block from street cars. i The Largest Exclusive Dental and Sur
- cal Depot in the Northwest.
■88-MII-fflj lambie & bethune
A. positive .ufe for Old Ulcers and Sores of
every name and description, no matter how 3U Wabasha St.. St. Paul.
many years standing This is the heavy tt »ua_i_i ou. ou _ra.ui.
artillery of salves lor Sores of long standing. '
Cur os, also, Chilblains, Burns. Cuts, Felons, ____. -
Office-386 St. Peter St „_,„ . .. M . . . ,
NOW is the time to attend
YARD— On St. P. M. & 11. R. B, to any alteration or
Como and Western Avenues. "D "-**% "IP"*'* AJIS Q
office-3i7 Minnesota street. St _. _.__ On Furs. You get better work
Factory— South Park, St. Paul, Minn. „ , a ,„ ,
Steam Heating, Brass and Iron Fittings, __?5 m * We make a
FOR STEAM, WATER AND GAS. bpebldlty ul
hew rußf.iCATio_\s. Insuring you against damage
— '- 1 — - by moth or loss by fire. Call
aft ' and leave your address and
fH * • t_ihAfi^* " Se&. we will send for yOUF urs «
O0h:' Kennan's ransomT&~horton,
OoP>^t 'ii^tea RANSOM & HORTON,
papep in the May Century 99 gj |Q| £ JJiird St., St. Paul, _£..
if^HE' Monday, May 28, 1888.
Clothing House*
!_^lNs_^_i^i^ '^M%
/Mi /c^te /^r /^_k /v% /^ _^3 V-^T
The procession has started for the Plymouth Hat Depart
ment. All sorts and conditions of Men and Boys, a whole
army of them, can be fitted out without breaking our stock.
To deal directly with hat manufacturers is only possible to
the largest retailers, as necessary purchases have to be so
large. As we buy large and cheap, so we sell, and we know,
and most of you know, no one Retailer, or all of them put
together, can approach us.
A Bargain Friday man advertised genuine Mackinaw
Hats for men, 30 cents, this day only; less than cost. He
probably told the truth, but The Plymouth's price is 25 cents
for genuine Mackinaw Hats every day in the week but Sunday,
and we DON'T sell at cost.
"or. Seventy 0 Robert Sts. j 10-14 U/as^l-Q^tor^ /We. J..
Railroad Men, Attention!
We have in stock some of the GENEVA NON-MAGNETIC
WATCH MOVEMENTS, adjusted to heat, cold and position,
and quite accurate as timepieces. We have also, the cele
brated Appleton, Tracy & Co. Waltham Movement, Non-Mag-,
netic, that we can put you up in a filled case for $35. These,
watches are warranted for 20 years. Price them elsewhere
before coming to our store. \
GEO. R. HOLMES, Jeweler:
141 and 143 E. Seventh St., Opposite Hotel Ryan, St. Paul, Minn. 1
Adjusting Fine Watches and Repairing a Specialty. Diamond Set-.'
ting and Engraving. Job Work promptly done. Goods sent C. 0. 1). 011
selection to parties out of the city. »
. „__■___■__—■— l — — M mi, i^.m-uh .._■■■' mi »y
.... -jM.
I Shirts To Order. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
153 East Third Street, four doors above Merchants Hotel,
4 J_\ SCHLIEK & CO !
\^^». 85 and 89 East Third St., St. Paul. :
Novelties in Ladies' and Gents'
BiffiH OffUtd I
Hi H«lf^_i^ , '^* i _^^ Also Ladies ' patent Leather Tip Snoe *
___i^^^^_f^i^-§s_^l____ •• dust received a large stock of our
«^^^^^^^^^^^^|^ Great $3.50 Shoes for gentlemen. De~\
-v -ff^^l-ll "' W^^SSSml' Vered free to an address upon receipt'
__T ____i ~ "^^*^B WSeof price.
=^rr^ m^rWm¥^ m *^^ Write for our new illustrated cat alguo'
THIS "WOPtID """"".-I
■^_7-i. "V .-*&&«_ '--V--'-*-*-. • , . ■-*■-;. .■■: >.?>•.-•■- - *'■ . fes a»sa__a
i..^*: 1 .t:-'l_ ll __&■ __■&_!*•_- _fe_i__*«
j |-r .■'■'_-■■■■-■■ .-•■••. l-y.-sr. '■■• _>•■■■■!.■' •-.:■-;■ ••-._.■- - ■■■_■.- ..-.> -.-^-.yay -^ -;-.v/^gS.?Af-^i
Means from us much more than it usually does. By It we mean that we offer yoii
you* choice item one of the largest and best selected etoets of Furniture, Carpets
aria Stoves In St. Paul, on easy terms and very close prices. We trust you will
call find give us an opportunity to prove to you that we mean Just what we hava
said. SMITH & FARWELL, 330, 341 & 313 E, Seventh Street. •
- i
Henry E. Wedelstaedt & Co.,
Engraves Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Visiting Cards, Monograms,
Crests, Seals, Dies, etc. Stationery Stamped and Illuminated. Call and see tha
novelties in Staple and Fancy Stationery. Seaside Libraries.
1 ______________ ** *~~— — *— *^* — — *— — ~~—^
111 11 HIS WALL PAPER, FURNITURE and all sorts
%3 U _IJ U U of Household Goods will be sold at a
" large discount in order to quit busi
ness. Fixtures for sale and store for rent, at 221 East
Seventh Street. A. H. LOHLKER.
■■ — ■ .. i
"We Send
or Freight. Send Two Dollars for our package of ten rolls elegant white back
paper— enough for ordinary rooms— with 20 yards 6 -inch border to match ; as dark
or light as you please, for side walls or ceilings and all new designs. 50 samples
of all Papers
Upon receipt of 15 cents to pay postage. OLIVER BAKER, Leading Carpet,
Drapery and Wall Paper House, 417 and 419 Wabasha Street, St. Paul.
__m G&sEMmm
1. L.n. v i. ibL v. l. U* y.L.i

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